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Mathematical expression recognizing device, mathematical expression recognizing method, character re...
Liquid crystal display device
Demagnetizing a head in a disk drive by increasing the frequency of an AC write signal while maintai...
Dynamically adjustable head disk spacing slider using thermal expansion
Method of using a magnetic write head having an internal heater
Enhanced airflow conditioning system for removable data storage cartridge
Vibration isolating disk drive receiving stations and chassis used in the manufacture and/or testing...
Magnetic transducers with reduced thermal pole-tip protrusion/recession
Method and system for providing enhanced editing capabilities
Longitudinal magnetic recording using magnetic media with a soft underlayer
Magnetic recording and reproduction method
Method for fabricating a thin film magnetic head and wafer structure
Multiple level surface configuration for a sub-ambient pressure air bearing slider
Wireless suspension design to accommodate multiple drive designs
Disc drive suspension including a wired flexure with conductors arranged to reduce crosstalk
Disk drives and actuator assemblies having a pair of bonded voice coil supporting arms
Magnetoresistive head
Magnetic head comprising magnetic domain control layer formed on ABS-side of magnetic flux guide for...
Method for fabricating seed layer for spin valve sensor for magnetic heads for hard disk drives
Apparatus for enhancing thermal stability, improving biasing and reducing damage from electrostatic ...
Top CPP GMR/TV with back end of stripe pinned by insulating AFM
Exchange coupled film having improved current-carrying reliability and improved rate of change in re...
Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane structure magnetoresistive element and method of making same
Magnetic tunnel effect type magnetic head, and method of producing same
Magnetic tunnel effect type magnetic head, and method of producing same
Asynchronous servo RRO detection employing interpolation
Tracker architecture for GPS systems
Image recording element comprising extrudable polyester-containing image-receiving layer
Intrusion detection system for use on an optical fiber using a translator of transmitted data for op...
Security system for networks and the method thereof
Method and system for detecting and preventing an intrusion in multiple platform computing environme...
Lock management thread pools for distributed data systems
Component stager
Method for eliminating redundant method calls in an object oriented program
Dynamic class interposition
System and method for synchronizing execution of a test sequence
Methods, systems and computer program products for monitoring interrelated tasks executing on a comp...
Method and system for managing distribution of computer-executable program threads between central p...
System, method and computer program product for monitoring hacker activities
Design environment to facilitate accessible software
Micromechanical resonator having a metal layer surrounding a cylinder formed in a base layer
Telecommunications transmission systems
Communication receiver with an adaptive equalizer length
Characterization of supraventricular rhythm using collected cardiac beats
On-press development of high speed laser sensitive lithographic printing plates
Process for forming an ultra fine pattern using a bottom anti-reflective coating film containing an ...
Positive resist composition, and patterning process using the same
Method to remove unwanted, unexposed, positive-working, IR radiation sensitive layer
System and method for optimized dietary menu planning
Transglutaminase has intrinsic kinase activity
Rating parties according to party identities
Method and apparatus for identifying objects depicted in a videostream
Large group interactions via mass communication network
System and method for managing a textual archive using semantic units
Interactive streaming ticker
Apparatus and methods for intellectual property database navigation
Digital asset server and asset management system
Diaper bag
Deduplication system
Processor state aware interrupts from peripherals
Database method and structure for a finishing system
Decompressor/PRPG for applying pseudo-random and deterministic test patterns
Method and system for interpreting imprecise object selection paths
Umbrella parasol for patio or beach use
Carrying bag
Frame with two impressions and a picture space
Beverage bottle
Article of jewelry
Racing helmet hitch ball cover
Icon for a job submission software application for a document-jobs system user interface
Portions of a table saw
Gun sight
Tape cleaner having a weft arranged perpendicular to a running direction of a tape
Signal profiling for medical imaging systems
Method and device for extracting specified image subjects
Image forming apparatus and image forming system
Discharge methods and systems in electrophotography
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
System and method for the tomography of the primary electric current of the brain and of the heart
System and method for adapting the behavior of a diagnostic medical ultrasound system based on anato...
Customer-specific merchandising program
Method, apparatus, and program for processing signature, and storage medium therefor
Video conferencing system with physical cues
Conveyor type oven
System and method for extracting materials from biomass
Methods for splitting pistachio nuts
Apparatus and process for forming a decorative impression in a previously-cooked edible product and ...
Method and an apparatus for producing ice confection
Device for partially sectioning baked products and method of using the same
Method for simultaneously toasting bread and steaming
Process for producing carotenoid emulsions
Cookies comprising dietary fiber gel
Ultra low fat, dry fry process of making donuts
Homogenising mixer
Gelled food product with a liquid centre
Dairy product
Food products containing rice bran oil
Emulsifier, process for producing the same and emulsified composition using the emulsifier
High protein foodstuff
High protein foodstuff
Device comprising a micro-rough coating
Microbially-expressed thermotolerant phytase for animal feed
Novel exendin agonist formulations and methods of administration thereof
Preparation of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid as a food supplement
Adjustable stomach band
Method and system of integrating third party authentication into internet browser code
Random access memory controller with out of order execution
Double data rate scheme for data output
Optimised management method for allocating memory workspace of an onboard system and corresponding o...
Dynamic self-tuning memory management method and system
Multi-drive virtual mass storage device and method of operating same
Translation look aside buffer (TLB) with increased translational capacity for multi-threaded compute...
Code sequence for vector gather and scatter
Method for referring to address of vector data and vector processor
Microcontroller Operable in normal and low speed modes utilizing control signals for executing comma...
Tiered secondary memory architecture to reduce power consumption in a portable computer system
Data redundancy in a hot pluggable, large symmetric multi-processor system
Data redundancy methods and apparatus
Systems and methods for providing cavities in interior body regions
Implantable generating system
Device for brain stimulation using RF energy harvesting
Explantation of implantable medical device
Method of routing electrical current to bodily tissues via implanted passive conductors
Low intensity light therapy for treatment of retinal, macular, and visual pathway disorders
Explantation of implantable medical device
Delivery system for self-expanding stent, a method of using the delivery system, and a method of pro...
Delayed memory device
Method of incorporating a drug-eluting external body in a medical appliance and a self-expanding ste...
Non-soft tissue repair
Percutaneous spinal implants and methods
Percutaneous spinal implants and methods
Ball and shaft of a joint prosthesis
Cement-less type artificial joint stem with the use of composite material
Coated medical devices and methods of making and using
Methods, architecture, and apparatus for implementing machine intelligence and hierarchical memory s...
Human artificial chromosome (hac) vector
Atypical protein kinase c isoforms in disorders of the nervous system and cancer
Systems and methods for identifying miRNA targets and for altering miRNA and target expression
Transgenic mice containing SOCS-5 cytokine signalling suppressor gene disruptions
Avians that produce eggs containing exogenous proteins
Cytokinin response regulators and uses thereof
Soybean cultivar S040133
Doubled haploid cells, embryos and plants
Capsicum variety exhibiting a hyper-accumulation of zeaxanthin and products derived therefrom
Transgenic plants containing ligninase and cellulase which degrade lignin and cellulose to fermentab...
Transgenic plants containing ligninase and cellulase which degrade lignin and cellulose to fermentab...
Hybrid maize X0842K
Apple tree named 'Fuji Fubrax'
Raspberry cultivar cascade bounty
Raspberry cultivar cascade dawn
Dianella revoluta plant named 'DTN03'
Dianella tasmanica plant named 'DT23'
Lomandra confertifolia plant named 'SIR5'
Angle of arrival estimation in a wireless telecommunications network
Method and system for remotely inventorying electronic modules installed in a vehicle
Device for inclination determination and arrangement for the setting of a driver command
Method and system for controlling braking equipment
Traffic control systems for vehicle spacing to dissipate traffic gridlock
System and method for reducing the amount of repetitive data sent by a server to a client for vehicl...
Instantaneous wire interruption detection system for vehicle electrical system
Method for determining the absolute position of a movable component
Systems and methods for determining performance data
Remote monitoring, configuring, programming and diagnostic system and method for vehicles and vehicl...
Method and apparatus for providing refill or bleed alerts in a tire pressure monitoring system
Race game system and method of entry
Dice game and gaming system
Point management system and server
Use of multiple player real-time voice communications on a gaming device
Apparatus for combined game of bowling and billiards
Dictionary dazzle
Method of evaluating the performance of a relief pitcher in the late innings of a baseball game
Use of small electronic circuit cards with different interfaces in an electronic system
System and method for detecting and controlling a drone implanted in a network attached device such ...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Three Pyel`
Floating drive for vehicle
Generating syngas for NOx regeneration combined with fuel cell auxiliary power generation
Electrical apparatus, cooling system therefor, and electric vehicle
Four wheel-drive vehicle
Pedal retraction amount control apparatus
Three-wheel vehicle with swinging mechanism
Structure for mounting front fender
Mounting for a radiator casing in a motor vehicle
Vehicle hood
Tractor hitch transmission
Method of providing electric motor torque reserve in a hybrid electric vehicle
Occupant weight detection system having linked weight detection means with maintained positional rel...
Controller for a power train
Electric power steering apparatus
Remote starting control apparatus and starting control apparatus
Theft preventive device
Steering apparatus for steerable vehicle
Activation system for passenger protection apparatus
Integrated sensing system for an automotive system
Electromechanical valve actuator assembly
Device for controlling gas exchange valves
Electrically driven camshaft adjuster
Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine
Method, an arrangement, and a computer readable storage device for controlling homogeneous charge co...
Compression ignition internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for controlling radio wave transmission from a portable information processing ...
Radio quality estimation system, base station, mobile station, and radio quality estimation method
Method for reducing the effect of impulse noise in a motor vehicle radio
Sytem and method for standby mode in directional signal receiver
Mobile millimeter wave communication link
Monitoring for radio frequency activity violations in a licensed frequency band
Assembly, and associated method, for facilitating frequency allocations in a radio communication sys...
Method of and apparatuses for cell selection in a mobile communications system
Signal transmission system and signal transmission method
Method and apparatus for power control in an ultra wideband radio system
Vehicle communicating
Portable multi-function cooler with AM/FM radio
Auxiliary method for setting vehicle satellite navigating destinations
Receiver content saving system
Communication device, communicate method for communication device, and communication program for com...
Interactive processing method for selecting network information for a user terminal in a wireless lo...
Systems and methods for providing product information over a carrier wave
Method and apparatus for representing, managing and problem reporting in RFID networks
Stock information broadcast device
Process and system for the description and execution of automated tests
System, method and program for evaluating environmental load
System and method for search and recommendation based on usage mining
Vehicle diagnostic knowledge delivery
Universal search management over one or more networks
Automation of complex user-level command sequences for computing arrangements
Method for dynamic profiling
System and method of operating a database
Supporting user-defined datatypes
Method and apparatus for associating information with an object in a file
Process for the manufacture of 2-keto-L-gulonic acid
Infrared chromophores
Remote color characterization for delivery of high fidelity images
Information processing apparatus, print data forming method, print control program, and memory mediu...
Apparatus and method for embedding and extracting a digital watermark based on a wavelet
Digital watermarking technique
Limiting storage or transmission of visual information using optical character recognition
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Hop acids as a replacement for antibiotics in animal feed
Process for the preparation of high arginine peptides
Method for increasing the production of propionate in the gastrointestinal tract
Method for increasing the bioavailability of glycopyrrolate
Process for preparing fat or oil containing unsaturated fatty acid
Cottony bean curds and method of manufacturing the cottony bean curd
Nutritional formula containing select carotenoid combinations
Beverage container
Antimicrobial salt solutions for food safety applications
Method and composition for producing french fry potato products
Low isoflavones, high saponins soy protein product and process for producing the same
Oilseed processing
Shrub rose plant named `BAIoon`
Rose plant named `Evera 102`
Rose plant named `Evera 129`
Saururus chinensis plant named `Flaming Dragon`
Verbena plant named `Sunmarisakura`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoidea`
Torenia plant named `Sunrenicopalave`
Gaura plant named `Passionate Rainbow`
Coleus plant named `Kakegawa CE10`
Coleus plant named `Kakegawa CE9`
Geranium plant named `Beky`
Geranium plant named `Dueceline`
Boxwood plant named `Wee Willie`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yobarbie`
Torenia plant named `Dantomoon10`
Clematis plant named `Center Star`
Verbena plant named `Sunmaribagadi`
Vector for expressing .alpha.-L-iduronidase and method of treating MPS I by stereotactic injection i...
Pyrophosphorolysis and incorporation of nucleotide method for nucleic acid detection
Compositions and methods for tissue specific targeting of lentivirus vectors
NP95: methods of assaying for cell cycle modulators
Mitogen activated kinase
Enzyme PDE XVI
Product derived from milk substantially free of beta casein from non-human mammals and relative use
Parallel high speed backup for a storage area network (SAN) file system
System and apparatus for upgrading concentrated executable computer software code without reconcentr...
Display and display panel driving method
Apparatus for refilling inkjet cartridges and methods thereof
Light emitting device
Systems and methods for storing data on computer systems
Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having a capacitor with a hydrogen barrier spacer on a...
Magnetic card
System and method for sensing a characteristic of a fluid and related apparatus
Method and system for reducing acceleration-based wheel slip utilizing pedal-to-throttle progression...
Regulating the communication of power to components of a fuel cell system
Method of treatment of human immunodeficiency diseases
Method for producing preparation containing bioactive substance
Ligand for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor
Oil/fat composition
PGC-1.beta., a novel PGC-1 homologue and uses therefor
FAP48-interacting proteins and use thereof
Specific antagonists for glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP)
Method of treating myocardial infarction with PDE-5 inhibitors
Chiral dinapsoline
Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyridines and medicines containing the same
Substituted furo[2,3-b]pyridine derivatives
Substituted oxazoles and thiazoles as hPPAR alpha agonists
Preparation and use of aryl alkyl acid derivatives for the treatment of obesity
2-aryloxy-2-arylalkanoic acids for diabetes and lipid disorders
4-(substituted cycloalkylmethyl) imidazole-2-thiones, 4-(substituted cycloalkenylmethyl) imidazole-2...
Furan and thiophene derivatives that activate human peroxisome proliferator activated receptors
Compounds, their preparation and use
Biphenyl compound
Radiation protection system
Laryngeal mask
Pharmaceutical aerosol formulation
Method software program for creating an image product having predefined criteria
Clematis plant named `Cleminov 51`
Wavelength selector switch
Bifunctional heterocyclic compounds and methods of making and using same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Sutera plant named `Dancopink`
Skins for mobile communication devices
Cell phone/personal digital assistant built into handbag
High density information presentation using space-constrained display device
Substituted alkanohydroxamic acids and method of reducing TNF.alpha. levels
Protein 68075 and its use for regenerating nerve cell processes
High throughput screen for identifying polymerization catalysts from potential catalysts
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for specimen analysis
Recombinant anti-CD30 antibodies and uses thereof
Cooling agents, pharmaceutical compositions having cooling agents and processes for making and using...
Freezerless wall hydrant for delivery of hot or cold water through a single discharge conduit
Drug delivery and monitoring system
Polyimide optical materials, polyimide precursor solutions and optical waveguide elements
Method for producing a fermented dairy product
Controlled release delivery device for pharmaceutical agents incorporating microbial polysaccharide ...
Method for improving capacity of a reverse link channel in a wireless network
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatu...
Artificial endonuclease
Panel performance testing system
Positive photoresist compositions having enhanced processing time
Low-cure powder coatings and methods for using the same
Chain extended dendritic polyether
Replaceable liner for metal lined composite risers in offshore applications
Modular helical anchor
Boat lift brake apparatus
Block with multifaceted bottom surface
Retaining wall construction element for railway installations
Method and device for stabilizing slopes
Spill response system
Underground cable laying apparatus
Caisson removal process
Method and apparatus for raising, leveling, and supporting displaced foundation allowing for readjus...
Process to prepare in-situ pilings in clay soil
Solid catalyst component for polymerization of ethylene, preparation thereof and a catalyst containi...
Electronic apparatus having security function
Microlens arrays having high focusing efficiency
Optical system providing four beams from a single source
Method of manufacturing a fluid dynamic bearing applicable to a disk drive that includes welding a c...
Method and apparatus for controlling laser beam power in an optical recording system
Photodetector and optical pickup device
Laser machining apparatus
Method for characterization of laser pulses using pulse quality factor
Laser optical apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating phase-correlation
Compact laser package with integrated temperature control
Wavelength agile laser
Submount of semiconductor laser diode, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor laser dio...
Unipolar, intraband optoelectronic transducers with micro-cavity resonators
Self-pulsation type semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser device, optical disk apparatus and optical integrated unit
EUV, XUV, and X-ray wavelength sources created from laser plasma produced from liquid metal solution...
Method of tuning integrated laser sources with integrated wavelength tuning elements on the same sub...
Chip-scale WDM system using grating-outcoupled surface-emitting lasers
System for providing high connectivity communications over a packet-switched optical ring network us...
Digital printing or copying machine
Methods and systems for database statement execution plan optimization
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Bendable low voltage contact rail for track lighting systems
Low loss diversity antenna T/R switch
Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Security for uniquely generated electronic seals of certification
Electronic identifier payment system and methods
Computer system, message monitoring method and associated message transmission method
Apparatus for merchandise price optimization
Method and a system related to determining the price of a combination contract
Customizable filter interface
Method of collecting market research information
Methods and apparatus for management of data storage resources
Application model for dynamic computing environments in software sales cycle
Method and apparatus for protecting ongoing system integrity of a software product using digital sig...
Casual access application with context sensitive pin authentication
Surround sound positioning tower system and method
Method and apparatus for exhaust sound attenuation on engines with cylinder deactivation
Methods of using a marine vessel countermeasure system
Bumper system
Gliding board for sports activities on water, snow, sand lawn and the like
Mounting system, sail, steering mechanism and frame for a landsailer
Method of using a linear propulsor array for propulsion and navigation
System to propel an air powered boat
Standoff mooring bar
Aquatic ladder adapted for marine applications
Method and apparatus for identifying a page of a plurality of pages, and relaying the identity of th...
System and method for real time tracking of student performance based on state educational standards
Systems and methods for computerized interactive training
Method and system for detecting off-topic essays without topic-specific training
Crossfade sample playback engine with digital signal processing for vehicle engine sound simulator
Airplane pilot aid
Methods and devices for treating non-stuttering speech-language disorders using delayed auditory fee...
Edible Educational Aids
Cassidy code
Audio conversation device, method, and robot device
System and method for training distribution management
Firefighting training fluid and method for making same
Method for enhancing memory and cognition in aging adults
Apparatus for praying the rosary and method of use
Putting stroke analyzer and putter for use therein
Apparatus for ability evaluation, method of evaluating ability, and computer program product for abi...
Searching game
Method of teaching tennis
Golf swing training device
Audio amplification apparatus with howling canceler
Three-phase three-wire active power filter
Switching power supply unit and electronic apparatus having display
Voltage regulator and method of regulating voltage
Method and apparatus for controlling power drawn from an energy converter
Apparatus and method for fixed-frequency control in a switching power supply
Constant voltage power supply circuit
Low dropout voltage regulator providing adaptive compensation
Switching power supply device and switching power supply system
Circuit for performing voltage regulation
Method and circuit for generating a higher order compensated bandgap voltage
System and method for detecting an operational fault condition in a power supply
Circuit arrangement for voltage regulation
Controlled power source for underground line location
Remote control transmitter
System and method for pre-charging the DC bus of a utility connected power converter
Switching power converter controller
Multi-mode band-gap current reference
Turbine apparatus and governor for turbine
Method for estimating long term end-of-life characteristics using short-term data for lithium/silver...
Method, apparatus and program for user-determined operational state of a portable computer prior to ...
Semiconductor integrated circuit
System and method for a transparent color image display utilizing fluorescence conversion of nano pa...
Method of forming semiconductor compound film for fabrication of electronic device and film produced...
Mobile device-based printing system and method
Method for calibration of a laser thermal halftone printer
Cropping a digital image and preserving reserves
System and method of producing user interface information messages
Method and apparatus for measuring stream availability, quality and performance
Method of detecting acid-fast bacteria using ribosomal RNA as target
Recombinant human SM-11044-binding receptor proteins exhibiting ligand-binding activities, and their...
Human Jak2 kinase
Inactive variants of the human telomerase catalytic subunit
Method for directed packaging of molecular substances in protein shells
High titer recombinant AAV production
Composition for the preservation of viruses
P450/acetaminophen genetically directed enzyme prodrug therapy (GDEPT)
Micellar systems
Methods for treating arthritis pain
Hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate based hydrolyzed collagen type II and method of making same
Method of inhibition of pain and inflammation during surgery comprising administration of soluble TN...
DNA polymerase inhibitors, mikanolide and dihydromikanolide
Enhancing the circulating half-life of antibody-based fusion proteins
Human TIMP-1 antibodies
Fibrin/fibrinogen-binding conjugate
JRT harmonica holder
Music feature extraction using wavelet coefficient histograms
Apparatus and computer program for providing arpeggio patterns
Planar parallel robot mechanism with two translational degrees of freedom
Method, apparatus, and system for processing information by attaching information to digital data, a...
Methods and systems for coordinating sessions on one or more systems
Methods, systems, and devices using reprogrammable hardware for high-speed processing of streaming d...
Graphical editor for defining and creating a computer system
Location-based placement algorithms for set associative cache memory
Method and apparatus for identifying false cache line sharing
Cache management system
Native lookup instruction for file-access processor searching a three-level lookup cache for variabl...
Network processor which makes thread execution control decisions based on latency event lengths
Method and coding means for error-correction utilizing concatenated parity and turbo codes
Instance browser for ontology
Combined light source for projection display
External addition of pulses to fluid channels of body to release or suppress endothelial mediators a...
Purification of 4,4'(5')- di-t-butylcyclohexano-18-crown-6
Method of fabricating an apparatus including a sealed cavity
Antiseptic tampon and method of preparing it
Imaging probes
Edible compositions and methods of making edible compositions
Bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuit devices and methods for detecting estrogen
Methods and compositions for reducing subterranean formation permeabilities
Delivery systems for functional ingredients
Foamable formulation and foam
Coated particles containing an active
Process and formulation for producing a multipurpose, multi-functional apple base
Cellulose-containing polishing compositions and methods relating thereto
Fast dissolving orally consumable solid film containing a taste masking agent and pharmaceutically a...
Process for the preparation of 1,3-substituted indenes and aryl-fused azapolycyclic compounds
Acylation using molecular sieve SSZ-71
Hydrocarbon conversion processes using catalysts comprising UZM-8 and UZM-8HS compositions
Methane to olefins
Process for cracking hydrocarbon feed with water substitution
Process for ultra low sulfur gasoline
Selective catalytic reduction of nox enabled by sidestream urea decomposition
Method of reducing NOx in diesel engine exhaust
Phase transfer catalysis scrubber
Method of synthesizing silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Nanometer engineering of metal-support catalysts
Low-delta P purifier for nitrogen, methane, and argon removal from syngas
Process for the preparation of hydroxylammonium
Carbon disulfide process
Gas-phase process for purifying single-wall carbon nanotubes and compositions thereof
Potassium monopersulfate triple salt with increased active oxygen content and substantially no K2S2O...
Metal oxide powder for high precision polishing and method of preparation thereof
Cathode electroactive material, production method therefor and secondary cell
Method for preparing a gel containing nanometer titanium dioxide powders for visible light photocata...
Mesostructured transition aluminas
Alumina agglomerates and preparation method thereof
Monolith based catalytic partial oxidation process for syngas production
Process for immobilizing metallic sodium in glass form
Activated carbon for use in electric double layer capacitors
Air filtration arrangements having fluted media construction and methods
Polymer, polymer microfiber, polymer nanofiber and applications including filter structures
Single phase fluid imprint lithography method
Acid-reactive dental fillers, compositions, and methods
Lithography-based patterning of layer-by-layer nano-assembled thin films
Nanoporous composites of polymerized lyotropic liquid-crystalline monomers, and hydrophobic polymers
Materials and methods for drug delivery and uptake
Ink jet recording material
Enhanced diffraction-based biosensor devices
Method for patterning a semiconductor region
Ultra-high capacitance device based on nanostructures
Method of fabricating carbon nanotube field-effect transistors through controlled electrochemical mo...
Fabric-care agent
Guanylate-binding protein
Bone cement mixture and x-ray contrast medium as well as method for their preparation
Nanopore forming material for forming insulating film for semiconductors and low dielectric insulati...
Binder for powder metallurgy, mixed powder for powder metallurgy and method for producing same
Security device with specular reflective layer
Laundry detergents and laundry treatment compositions comprising dye-transfer-inhibiting dye fixativ...
Process for preparing a polymer dispersion
Image forming apparatus
Lead solder indicator and method
Printing plate material, process of folding the same, and printing process
Antistatic properties for thermally developable materials
Method for producing cyclic chlorophosphazene oligomers
Apparatus and method for prolonging lamp lifetime
Modular vinyl fencing system
Method of transferring signals between a TTL microcontroller and a RS232 device
Dehydrogenation process for olefins
Techniques for modeling current spreading uniformity in light emitting diodes
Capillary array electrophoresis scanner
Processing modules for computer architecture for broadband networks
Apparatus and method for detecting the authenticity of secured documents
Poker chip lighter
Lighter clip
Scrunchie covered claw clip
Surface configuration of a helmet
Chin cup
Aquarium with provision for cascading waterfall
Litter pan
Cover for a retractable leash
Bowser washer
Vacuum cleaner
Electric vacuum cleaner
Mesh laundry bin
Paint tester roller kit
Garbage can
Controller for a materials handling vehicle
Internally-threaded flange for a drum head
Flexible pouch device
Dynamic image search information recording apparatus and dynamic image searching device
I.sup.2C bus control for isolating selected IC's for fast I.sup.2C bus communication
Broadcasting receiver
Fully integrated tuner architecture
Digital broadcasting receiver
Projection-type display apparatus
Image reading apparatus and image input/output system
Polyphase receivers
Model-assisted reconstruction of volumetric data
Systems and methods for multi-dimensional enhancement using fictional border data
Registration of separations
Backup device in case of power failure in image recording apparatus
Video-voicemail solution for wireless communication devices
Vehicle website audio/video communication link
Synchronizing services across open cable and packet cable
Interpolation method for binary image
Vehicle speed control system
PDA password management tool
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce heated fluids
Scaffold plank with end connector and method of making the same
Free wire reclaimer system for scrap tire processors
Selectively removing undesirably sized catalyst particles from a reaction system
Module for screening or diverting particulate material and method of producing the module
Apparatus and method for mixing by agitation in a multichambered mixing apparatus including a pre-ag...
Pressure vessel prestressing technique
Techniques for labeling of plastic, glass or metal containers or surfaces with polymeric labels
Extrusion molding process
Method of continuous production of dried, ground meat reconstituted as thin slabs
Opaque, white UV-stabilized low-flammability film with low transparency made from a crystallizable t...
Polyethylene films
Pentabromobenzyl alkyl ethers and their use as fire retardants
Adducts of mid-range vinylidene content polyisobutylene polymer products and methods for making the ...
Phosphor based light sources having a non-planar long pass reflector
Phosphor based light sources having a reflective polarizer
Camera for printing on media provided on print roll
Electric double layer capacitor with improved activated carbon electrodes
Home-use fuel cell system
Process of making sheet having indicia registered with lines of termination
Mineral fortified water
Laundry system having unitized dosing
Method of controlling tension in a web
Sprayer cartridge
Image-taking apparatus
Self leveling camera support apparatus
Using eye detection for providing control and power management of electronic devices
Video camera adapter for providing decreased depth of focus
TV lens system and apparatus and method for zoom control
Image pickup apparatus with prism optical system
Optical device
Camera with cold neon display areas
Camera with an exposure control function
Placement of light-emitting section in image sensing apparatus
Shooting system and silver-salt camera
Automated updates of software and systems
Installation of a data processing solution
Self-submitting job for testing a job scheduling/submitting software
Method, computer program product, and system for a self-throttled computing task
Scheduling tasks quickly in a sequential order
Allocation of potentially needed resources prior to complete transaction receipt
Method, system, and program for saving a state of a task and executing the task by a processor in a ...
System and methodology for supporting a platform independent object format for a run-time environmen...
Stream class driver for computer operating system
Hosting controls in a window via an interface for controlling the window
System for authenticating digital data
Housing for a memory device
Method, system, and storage medium for preventing recurrence of a system outage in a computer networ...
Using packet filters and network virtualization to restrict network communications
Method and apparatus for monitoring a network data processing system
Trigger transition filter for a paintball marker
Non-Lethal cartridges with dense powder ballast
Small arms projectile
High-mechanical strength copper alloy
Drug condensation aerosols and kits
Dry power inhaler excipient, process for its preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing ...
Loadable units for lazy manifestation of XML documents
Additive for producing a positive active material for lead-acid storage batteries, a method for its ...
Device for laterally steering streamer cables
Information processing apparatus and memory cartridge system
Apple tree named `Burkitt Gala`
Robot system and machining method with robot system
Wavelength manipulation system and method
Squid sensor using auxiliary sensor
Air gap autogenesis method
Apparatus and method for security object enhancement and management
Photography systems and methods utilizing filter-encoded images
Shrub rose plant named `BAIing`
Method and apparatus for scheduling real-time and non-real-time access to a shared resource
Protective case for a power tool
Method and apparatus for interference rejection
Surround sound loudspeaker system
One-size-fits-all uni-ear hearing instrument
Method, system and article of manufacture for identifying regularly traveled routes
Method and system for secure remote distributed rendering
System and method for multi-vendor authentication to remotely activate a software-based option
Methods and apparatus for securely requesting and receiving a print job via a printer polling device...
FIFO module, deskew circuit and rate matching circuit having the same
Programming suspend status indicator for flash memory
Device and method for minimizing puncturing-caused output delay
Selectable block protection for non-volatile memory
Methods and apparatus for data storage and retrieval
Apparatus and method for efficiently incorporating instruction set information with instruction addr...
Software recovery method for flash media with defective formatting
System and method for handling parity errors in a data processing system
System and method for providing an intelligent database access searching
Location based data
Optimizing an equi-join operation using a bitmap index structure
Computerized national online parcel-level map data portal
Seamless wireless phone access service
IOTA software download via auxiliary device
Method and apparatus for connecting to HVAC device
Communication system and method for sustaining the environment by using the internet
System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network...
Automated system for designing and testing a probe card
Systems and methods for the processing of financial transactions
System for inexpensively executing online purchases
Browser on test equipment
Method and system for changing a collaborating client behavior according to context
Data broadcast network for congestion-free internet access
Identifying a physical device's avatar using a unique, substantially non-removable communication ide...
System and method for enhancing crawling by extracting requests for webpages in an information flow
Method and system for providing accessibility to electronic mail
System and method for delivering and examining digital tickets
Processing takeover method in multiple computer system
Method, system, and program for diagnosing a computer in a network system
Chemokine analogs for the treatment of human disease
Transgenic pathogen-resistant organism
Biocidal protein
Fluorescent proteins
IL-3 variant hematopoiesis fusion protein
Human endometrial specific steroid-binding factor I, II, and III
Fusion protein having enhanced in vivo erythropoietin activity
Cloning and characterization of a CD2 binding protein (CD2BP2)
Antisense IAP nucleobase oligomers and uses thereof
Animals, cells and methods for production of detectably-labeled antibodies
Nucleic acid molecules encoding polypeptides having the enzymatic activity of an RNA-directed RNA po...
Isolated sucrose sythase polynucleotides and uses thereof
Transgenic plants expressing insecticidal proteins and methods of producing the same
Expression of epidermal growth factor in plant seeds
Soybean cultivar 4441080
Soybean cultivar CL821418
Inbred corn line G4803
Inbred corn line PH8WD
Inbred corn line PH907
Imaging apparatus associated with an image database
Protein engineering
Supplier portal for global procurement e-business applications
Magnetically shielded assembly
Cationic substituted hydrazone dyes
Holder for assembling coins into paper rolls
High refractive index polymeric siloxysilane compositions
Method and apparatus for spine joint replacement
Process for making composition for conversion to lyocell fiber from sawdust
Methods and systems for static multimode multiplex spectroscopy
Personalized behavior of computer controlled avatars in a virtual reality environment
Computer display system using multiple screens
Design of force sensations for haptic feedback computer interfaces
Force feedback device including non-rigid coupling
Frontier advancing polygonization
Image generation of shadows utilizing a modifier volume gap region
3D stereo browser for the internet
3-D imaging arrangements
Scene capturing and view rendering based on a longitudinally aligned camera array
Position/orientation measurement method, and position/orientation measurement apparatus
Temperature-controlled gas microscope
Method and apparatus for regional image quantification verification
Method and apparatus for global image quantification verification
Computer-implemented method and system for designing a workcell layout
Control system architecture for a multi-component armament system
Methods for matching, selecting, narrowcasting, and/or classifying based on rights management and/or...
Management of source and derivative image data
Direct sequence modulation using time, frequency, and/or on-off keying
Radiofrequency signal receiver with means for improving the reception dynamic of said signals
Method and system for telephone wait user interface selection
Electro optical microwave communications system
Reporting cell measurement results in a cellular communication system
Apparatus and method for supporting differentiated packet data services within a wireless network
Apparatus and methods for generating radio frequencies in communication circuitry using multiple con...
Mobile radio communication apparatus capable to plurality of radio communication systems
Shared functional block multi-mode multi-band communication transceivers
Radio communication system
High output power radio frequency integrated circuit
Method for tuning a radio filter and a system for tuning a radio filter
Method for directly indicating the strength of a signal and the device thereof
Accounting method and apparatus for communications network
Download of user interface elements into a mobile phone
System and method for checking parameter settings of radio networks
Apparatus and method for signal strength compensation of highly time-variant mobile radio channels a...
Method of and equipment for performing radio communication in a plurality of radio communication env...
Method for characterizing base station capabilities in a wireless communication system and for avoid...
Reducing delay in setting up calls
Catalytic system for aldol reactions
Drug delivery device
Marine vessel lifting system with variable level detection
Fixing apparatus having an exfoliating member and a restricting member
Treatment of staphylococcus infections
Heating external application material
Selectively embossed surface coverings and processes of manufacture
Method for detecting communication impulses of a fan motor and circuit arrangement for carrying out ...
Method for packaging small size memory cards
System and method of customizing animated entities for use in a multi-media communication applicatio...
Method and apparatus for processing information signals based on content
Method of upgrading a data stream of multimedia data
Methods and systems for adaptive delivery of multimedia contents
Console chip and single memory bus system
Television and multimedia viewing paradigm
System and method for improved multi-stream multimedia transmission and processing
High density multimedia interface connector
Communications network with wireless gateways for mobile terminal access
Knowledge information management toolkit and method
Tool holder assembly
System and method for dynamically extending a DRM system using authenticated external DPR modules
Catalyst and a method for the trimerization of isocyanates
Method for producing dental restoration and apparatus therefor
Cell culturing and storage systems, devices and methods
Derivatized reduced malto-oligosaccharides
MIMO systems with rate feedback and space time transmit diversity
A/D converter, digital PLL circuit using the same, and information recording apparatus using the sam...
Method for forming grooves on torsion wrench
Cat litter
Method and apparatus for molding ceramic sheet
Outer ring member for constant velocity joint and method of manufacturing the member
Extrusion method and extrusion device
Universal point of contact identifier system calling device and method
Firefighting bomblets and a precision aerial firefighting method utilizing the same
Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles
Method for producing a lift and a horizontal thrust
Aeroengine nacelle
Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for trans...
Method and apparatus for liquid containment, such as for aircraft fuel vessels
Catenary girt arrangement for emergency evacuation slides
Retaining clamp for alignment of risers when packing a parachute
In-orbit satellite sensor alignment determination
Momentum stabilized launch vehicle upper stage
Process for countering the vibrations induced in an aircraft by the windmilling of a fan and system ...
Load assist mechanism for an overhead bin
Golf swing training device
Golf bag
Baseball batting stance training assembly
Broadcast receiving apparatus and method for providing multilateral video communication
Rapid cooking oven with broadband communication capability to increase ease of use
DSP-3 dual-specificity phosphatase
Periodic antimicrobial peptides
Compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Ultraviolet irradiating method and an apparatus using the same
Protein phosphates stress-related polypeptides and methods of use in plants
Method for preparing homo-and co-polymers of cyclic olefin compounds using an organic boron compound...
Face mask support
Electrode for fuel cell, method of manufacturing same, and fuel cell with such electrode
Dihydroquinazolinones as 5HT modulators
Novel acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC) inhibitors and their use in diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndr...
Melanin-concentrating hormone receptor antagonists and compositions and methods related thereto
Substituted 3-carbonyl-1h-indol-1-yl acetic acid derivatives as ibhibitors of plasminogen activator ...
Serotonin and catecholamine system segment optimization technology
2-Ethoxy-3-phenylpropionic acid derivatives for the treatment of lipid disorders
Butenoic acid derivatives processes for the preparation thereof pharmaceutical compositions comprisi...
Muscarinic agonists
PYY agonists and use thereof
New morpholine derivatives as 5HT2C receptor agonists for the treatment of obesity
Tetrahydroisoquinolyl acetamide derivatives for use as orexin receptor antagonists
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase inhibitors
Remote health monitoring and maintenance system
Multi-user medical robotic system for collaboration or training in minimally invasive surgical proce...
Endoluminal tool deployment system
Apparatus and methods for obtaining endoluminal access with a steerable guide having a variable pivo...
System and method for isolating effects of basal autonomic nervous system activity on heart rate var...
Method and apparatus for monitoring bariatric parameters and sleep disordered breathing
Non-human animal models for diabetic complications and their uses
Polynucleotide encoding a novel human G-protein coupled receptor variant of HM74, HGPRBMY74
Common marmoset embryonic stem cell lines
Therapeutic epitopes and uses thereof
Amyloid beta protein (globular assembly and uses thereof)
Modulation of the neuroendoctrine system as a therapy for motor neuron disease
Imines as ion channel modulators
Use of a polypeptide for treatment of pruritus in animals
Use of androgens to reduce the likelihood of acquiring or to treat skin aging
Devices, systems and methods for improving memory and/or cognitive function through brain delivery o...
Methods and compositions for the treatment of chronic pain using dhea and derivatives thereof
Cytoprotective compounds, pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations, and methods
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Methods of treating patients suffering from movement disorders
Phenyl-substituted pyrimidine compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
1H-imidazo[4,5-d]thieno[3,2-b]pyridine based tricyclic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions com...
Gaming device including a game having a wild symbol related award
Semiconductive coating and application process for shielded elastomeric electrical cable accessories
Method and apparatus for providing prepaid local telephone services
Fiber optic cable with composite polymeric/metallic armor
System and methods for providing a driving circuit for active matrix type displays
Olefin polymerization process
Fuser and intermediate transfer drums
ECG signal detection device
Conotoxins I
Prevention and treatment of HCV infection employing antibodies directed against conformational epito...
Device and method for controlling the turn-on time of plural heater lamps
Icon image for a portion of a display screen
Protein HDPBQ71
Methods for treating early morning pathologies
N-biphenylmethyl aminocycloalkanecarboxamide derivatives
Tricyclic lactam and sultam derivatives and their use as histone deacetylase inhibitors
Modified hyaluronic acid for use in musculoskeletal tissue repair
System and process for producing nanowire composites and electronic substrates therefrom
Multiphoton photosensitization system
Intelligent agent system and method for evaluating data integrity in process information databases
Neural network for computer-aided knowledge management
Model predictive control (MPC) system using DOE based model
Cost reactive scheduler and method
Method and apparatus for determining one or more statistical estimators of customer behavior
Artificial associative neuron synapse
Adaptive learning enhancement to automated model maintenance
Synapse element with learning function and semiconductor integrated circuit device including the syn...
Method and system for assigning observations
Intelligent portable communications device and operation method for the same according to user's sch...
Method and apparatus for identifying unique client users from user behavioral data
Conflict assessment system tool
Intelligent portal engine
Method and apparatus for planning analysis
Toy vehicle for guided motor-racing circuits
Ornamental display using wind motion
Raffle assembly
Activity surfaces
Sport training and game device
Method and apparatus for waypoint services navigational system
System and method for grouping and selling products or services
Method and system for generating a brick model
Method and apparatus for selecting from among multiple upgraded media features for transmitted enter...
Erectable structure
Rotating motorcycle exhaust pipe
Floating electronic platform for swimming pools and spas
Component craps stick
Strategic board game
Audio input jack assembly in a vehicle
Techniques for storing data based upon storage policies
Space-efficient, depth-first parallel copying collection technique making use of work--stealing on t...
Internet-based lubricant evaluation and reporting system
Web page filtering including substitution of user-entered email address
Transmitting apparatus, transmitting method, receiving apparatus, receiving method, transmitting and...
Using execution statistics to select tasks for redundant assignment in a distributed computing platf...
Access method and system with restricted number of address indentifiers in domain areas for identify...
Method for controlling storage device controller, storage device controller, and program
Method and apparatus for undoing a data migration in a computer system
Method for creating a virtual data copy of a volume being restored
Dynamic data structures for tracking file system free space in a flash memory device
Video cataloger system with synchronized encoders
Data access system
Standards-based formatting of flat files into markup language representations
Data analysis flow engine
Grammer for regular expressions
Computer immune system and method for detecting unwanted code in a computer system
Priority scheduler for database access
Message integration framework for multi-application systems
Method and system for building dynamic firewall rules, based on content of downloaded documents
Information authenticating apparatus and authenticating station
Method and apparatus for signing and sealing objects
Database management apparatus and encrypting/decrypting system
Unauthorized modification of values stored in flash memory
Apparatus for solving system of equations on finite field and apparatus for inverting element of ext...
Method for supporting dynamic password
Method and apparatus for minimizing differential power attacks on processors
Method and system for exchanging sensitive information in a wireless communication system
Device for and method of cryptographically wrapping information
Method and device for protecting digital data by double re-encryption
Cryptographic system with enhanced encryption function and cipher key for data encryption standard
Method and system for performing subword permutation instructions for use in two-dimensional multime...
Method, system and program product for managing a size of a key management block during content dist...
Method and apparatus for broadcasting and receiving entitlement management messages
Information processing apparatus and method, and distribution medium
Architecture and method to secure database records from tampering in devices such as postage value d...
Control device for printing digital image and printer incorporating the same
Printer voice portal
Network interfacing system for PictBridge.RTM. printer
System, method and article of manufacture for facilitating user interface roaming in an interface ro...
Apparatus for producing a display unit
Folded integral composite image product and method of making
Educational game with demonstrated task achievement
System for facilitating teaching and learning
Hardware simulation systems and methods for vision inspection systems
Telephone for retrieving memory content through simple operation
Call control device and call control method
Limiting maximum gain in duplex communications devices including telephone sets
Audibility enhancement
VC-to-DTMF interfacing system and method
Echo processor generating pseudo background noise with high naturalness
Apparatus and method for regulating an SLIC supply voltage
Cordless telephone outlet device
Communication terminal having exchangeable parts
Fixed base assembly of mobile phone
Emergency phone with alternate number calling capability
Method and system for reduced-latency prepaid mobile messaging
Portable telephone system containing portable telephone terminal
Service impact analysis and alert handling in telecommunications systems
Portable electronics device with variable sound output
Unsupervised training in natural language call routing
Method and system for customizing e-mail transmissions based on content detection
Software architecture for wireless data and method of operation thereof
Uploading personal agents to personalize network services
Secured encrypted communications in a voice browser
Covering component for protecting outer surfaces of buildings from atmospheric agents, incorporating...
Cooling system for a farm machine
Multi-zone cooling/warming garment
Decorative radiator
Heat exchanger using water liquid and vapor phases transformation to enhance heat exchange performan...
Resiliently bonded heat exchanger
Hood retaining structure for heat-dissipating device
Heat recovery ventilator
Optimized multiple heat pipe blocks for electronics cooling
Deformable end cap for heat pipe
Method and apparatus for temperature control of a microfluidic device
Freeze tolerant fuel cell power plant with a direct contact heat exchanger
Cooling system for electronic devices utilizing fluid flow and agitation
Thermal management system and method for electronic equipment mounted on coldplates
Method and apparatus for controlling a bias voltage of a Mach-Zehnder modulator
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data packets to avoid stall during re-sequencing...
Method and system for enhanced packet transmission in cellular networks
Method and apparatus for hierarchical bandwidth distribution in a packet network
Preamble detector for a CDMA receiver
Optical pulse generator for return-to-zero signaling
Precision two dimensional optical array
Message access for radio telecommunications system