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Advanced voice and data operations in a mobile data communication device
System and method for emulating a telephony driver
Number portability service in a telecommunication system
Call origination control
Portable communication terminal apparatus
Casino card game
Baseball-like game device and method of playing
Gaming device having a free spin game
Pro-aggressive roulette
Virtual space control method
Amusement ride vehicle with pneumatically actuated cabin and motion base
Golf putting practice device
Trajectory detection and feedback system
Multi-sided die with authenticating characteristics and method for authenticating same
Compressed audio information
Method of treating nausea, vomiting, retching or any combination thereof
Method of using clock cycle-time in determining loop schedules during circuit design
Data definition language
Systems and methods for message threat management
Method and system for representing and accessing data for computer software applications
System, method and computer program product for equipping wireless devices with malware scanning cap...
Method and apparatus for providing dynamically scoped variables within a statically scoped computer ...
Network-based risk-assessment tool for remotely detecting local computer vulnerabilities
Promotion of features in reusable software component types
Method and apparatus to create and compare debug scenarios of a computer process
Methods and apparatus for root cause identification and problem determination in distributed systems
Method and apparatus for digital signal processing and method of providing extension function
System and apparatus for dynamically upgrading concentrated executable computer software code
Loading attribute for partial loading of class files into virtual machines
Mobile multimedia Java framework application program interface
Runlets as application execution units
Apparatus and method for combining realtime and non-realtime encoded content
Method and system for detecting fraud in a credit card transaction over a computer network
Facilitating commerce among consumers and service providers by matching ready-to-act consumers and p...
Dynamic determination of ownership interest based on contribution
Method for enhancing the equity of a business entity
Negotiation protocol with compromise that is guaranteed to terminate
Methods and apparatus for simulating competitive bidding yield
Internet web site program for the purchase, issue and dispensing of debit cards
System for remotely controlling an aspect of a function of apparatus
System and method for evaluating and enhancing source anonymity for encrypted web traffic
Copyright management apparatus, copyrighted-work distribution apparatus, and copyrighted-work distri...
Consumer distribution license system and method
Method and apparatus for dynamic renewability of content
Electronic commerce system
Systems and methods for enrolling consumers in goods and services
Authentication scheme for ad hoc and sensor wireless networks
Person identification certificate link system, information processing apparatus, information process...
Portable electronic device with a security function and a nonvolatile memory
Mobile code security architecture in an application service provider environment
Cryptographic system and method for electronic transactions
Distribution system, semiconductor memory card, receiving apparatus, computer-readable recording med...
Acid gas disposal
Holding apparatus for a dam unit of a dam installation and a method for holding and raising or lower...
Bracket assembly for lifting and supporting a foundation
Method for sealing an annular space
Overflow chamber
System for applying a makeup and/or beauty care formulation
Topical composition
Diaminopyrazole derivatives and their use for oxidation dyeing of keratinous fibres
Cosmetic compositions containing Rooibus tea extract
Use of locally applied DNA fragments
Chalcone derivatives and their use to treat diseases
Composition containing a silicone copolymer and an AMPS-like polymer and/or organic powder
Textile laundering composition comprising a self-crosslinking cationic polymer
Spray pack
Base material for wiping sheet
Stable solid block detergent composition
DNA molecules encoding BMP receptor proteins
Processes for manufacturing polymeric microspheres
Crosslinkable macromers
Process and catalyst for treatment of synthesis gas
Process for the preparation of a synthesis gas
Volatile organic compound abatement through a fuel cell
Purge system for a fuel cell enclosure
Solid composition, hydrogen generating method, and proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Carbon monoxide selective oxidizing catalyst and manufacturing method for the same
Method for obtaining transgenic plants expressing a protein with activity producing hydrogen peroxid...
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same by dicing
Positively charged membrane
Human cDNAs and proteins and uses thereof
Basketball training device
P-polarizer with large z-axis refractive index difference
Foam and method of making
Thermal-dye-transfer media for labels comprising poly(lactic acid) and method of making the same
Centrifugal heat transfer engine and heat transfer systems embodying the same
Ebullition cooling device for heat generating component
Heat pipe cooling device and method for manufacturing the same
Flat heat exchanger plate and bulk material heat exchanger using the same
Heat conduction pipe externally covered with fin member
Earth loop installed with sonic apparatus
Method and system for cooling heat-generating component in a closed-loop system
Device and method for mechanical cleaning of grooves
Housing for a passively cooled computer
Watertight plate and power supply device including the same
Electronic module assembly
Reformulated diesel fuel and method
Automatic design and sale of complex multi-vendor electronic and mechanical systems
Heuristic method of classification
Accelerated learning in machine vision using artificially implanted defects
Large margin perceptrons for document categorization
Generalized segmentation method for estimation/optimization problem
Trainable, extensible, automated data-to-knowledge translator
Apparatus and method for image/position display
Method and device for aiming a weapon barrel and use of the device
Low lethality projectile
Connector assembly
Cosmetic applicator
Massage soap bar
Device having a non-shaving head
Baseball glove
Golf glove thumb
Washing machine
Laundry dryer
Vacuum cleaner
Steam iron
Waste receptacle
Garbage can
Easy vehicle turnaround
Cache memory managing method for computer system
Registry monitoring system and method
Better placement of objects promoted into a generation managed by the train algorithm
System and method for managing data associated with copying and replication procedures in a data sto...
Information processing system and management device
Storage system and data relocation control device
Flexible LUN/LBA interface for content addressable reference storage
Central key authority database in an ABDS system
Encrypting file system
System and methods for caching in connection with authorization in a computer system
Recovery of file system data in file servers mirrored file system volumes
Method and system for automated, no downtime, real-time, continuous data protection
Methods and apparatuses for synchronizing mixed-media data files
System and method for comparing hashed XML files
Automatic adaptive document printing help system
Systems and methods for providing a spatially indexed panoramic video
Device search apparatus
Macro design techniques to accommodate chip level wiring and circuit placement across the macro
Methods and systems for automatic verification of specification document to hardware design
Initialization of Java classes in Java virtual machine environments
System and method for assessing the security posture of a network
Electro-optical device encased in mounting case, projection display apparatus, and mounting case
Lantern with imitation flame source
Light emitting device and method of using same
Light axis adjusting apparatus for vehicle headlamp
Compact, low-level vehicle interior lamp assembly
Automotive lighting assembly with decreased operating temperature
Vehicle headlamp
Backlight module
Light guide plate and LGP-based FFP
Wire fixing mechanism in displays and back light module using the same
Backlight unit, liquid crystal display device using the same, and method of fabricating the same
Backlight unit for changing lamps therein conveniently
Optical element, polarization illumination device, and projector
Lamp including a replaceable light emitting diode (LED)
LED strobe light
Enhanced vehicle advisory system to advise drivers of other vehicles and passengers in the vehicle o...
Road traffic weather-monitoring system and self-luminous road sign system
Liquid crystal display device comprising a pad in contact with a light guide and maintaining a dista...
Ultraviolet ray emitting apparatus and electronic apparatus using ultraviolet ray emitting elements
Advanced compact head up display
Special effect image generating apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating a display signal
Image processing system, projector, information storage medium and black and white extension process...
Clamp circuit for clamping a digital video signal
Television tuning system
Broadband single conversion tuner integrated circuits
Method for automatically adjusting the sound and visual parameters of a home theatre system
Field extensible controllee sourced universal remote control method and apparatus
Communication apparatus for communication with communication network, image pickup apparatus for int...
LCD television with detachable backlight module
Videoconferencing bandwidth management for a handheld computer system and method
Zoom lens unit and image pickup apparatus
Wirelessly communicating digital photograph image files
Method and apparatus for streaming scalable video
Process for the stabilization of the images of a scene correcting offsets in grey levels, detection ...
Method and apparatus for circuit pattern inspection
Method for measuring registration of overlapping material layers of an integrated circuit
Optical distributor and optical distributing system
Surface-mounted photodetector for an optical waveguide
Cable gels for optical fibre cables
Groove cable
Microstructuring optical wave guide devices with femtosecond optical pulses
Chromatic dispersion compensating optical fiber
Systems and methods for designing and fabricating multi-layer structures having thermal expansion pr...
Optical waveguide manufacturing method
Method for forming optical waveguide
Polysilicon and silicon dioxide light scatterers for silicon waveguides
Multi-level waveguide
Vertical integration of active devices within passive semiconductor waveguides
Bending an optical fiber into a backplane
Optical fiber, method for manufacturing same and optical transmission channel
Fused optical fiber optical device system
Planar light device
Multifunctional optical assembly
Distance measuring device and method for determining a distance
Optical time division multiplexing/demultiplexing system
Optical transmission system
System and method for determining an image decimation range for use in a machine vision system
Method and computer program product for recognizing italicized text
Semiconductor integrated circuit for realizing coding circuit
Image encoding method and image decoding method
Zero length or run length coding decision
Image processing apparatus
System and method for progressively transforming and coding digital data
Method and apparatus for performing scalar quantization with a power of two step size
Apparatus and method for adjusting focus position in iris recognition system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program product
Method and apparatus for visual lossless image syntactic encoding
Method and apparatus for determining best focus using dark-field imaging
Merging images to form a panoramic image
Apparatus and method for alpha blending of digital images
Content and display device dependent creation of smaller representation of images
Method and system for information handling system custom image manufacture
Light pen system and method
Data transfer device and method for multidimensional memory
Write anywhere tool
Method and device for checking lithography data
Methods and apparatus for facilitating network splicing
High-resolution 3D ultrasonic transmission imaging
System for measuring respiratory function
System and method for diagnosing and tracking congestive heart failure based on the periodicity of c...
Method for introducer replacement
Injection system having a pressure isolation mechanism and/or a handheld controller
Hollow surgical probe
System and method for non intrusive monitoring of "at risk" individuals
Optical probe including predetermined emission wavelength based on patient type
Internal biochemical sensing device
Low noise optical housing
Method to control delivery of radiation therapy
Functional magnetic resonance imaging using steady state free precession
Method and apparatus for intracorporeal medical imaging using a self-tuned coil
Laser blood-flow meter and system for monitoring bio-data
Device and method for electrocardiography on freely moving animals
Method and system for detection of heart sounds
Apparatus for monitoring CHF patients using bio-impedance technique
Medical implant device for electrostimulation using discrete micro-electrodes
System and method for recording medication delivery to a patient
Magnetic tracking system
Method of treating breast cancer using a combination of vitamin D analogues and other agents
System and method for genetically treating cardiac conduction disturbances
Sealed container filled with water for making ice and package comprising same
Conversation generator
Folding bench
Rotary cutter assembly
Process of manufacturing and using highly refined fiber mass
Composite particles for beverage mixes imparting optical effect in beverages and methods of making s...
Method for treating meat products with carbon monoxide
Frozen product of raw or boiled noodles of Japanese buckwheat (soba)
Reduced-calorie freezable beverage
Frozen concentrated liquid whole egg and method of making same
Method of deflavoring whey protein
Transglutaminase from oomycetes
High beta-conglycinin products and their use
Organ fibrosis inhibitor
Compositions comprising low molecular weight polyhydroxyalkanoates and methods employing same
Production of glycolaldehyde by hydrous thermolysis of sugars
Breeding and milking cows for milk free of .beta.-casein A.sup.1
Oven system with automated customer messages
Heating cooker
Chocolate fountain apparatus with output port
Food information management system
Docking system
Inflatable self-righting kayak safety device
Fastener cover
Convertible boat top
Method of lighting for protecting sea turtles
Method of observing sea ice
Barge construction and freight hauling system
Freshwater supply system
Electrically pressurized torpedo launch system
Super high speed multi-hull watercraft
Easy access power supply underwater motive device
Accelerator pedal device for a vehicle
Drive train assembly for use in powered vehicles or trailers
Multi-combination vehicle incorporating a power trailer
All-terrain vehicle
Mounting configuration and method for a motorcycle seat
Utility vehicle having hydrostatic drive
Cruise control device for vehicles
Angle sensor, angle-torque sensor and electric power steering unit using same
Golf cart trunk
Traction control method for slipping wheels of at least one driving axle
Device for manoeuvring a tension wheel of a tracked vehicle
Air cleaner and air intake structures for low-deck vehicle
Radar sensor platform
Traction chain for a series hybrid vehicle
Controller with motor output torque limiter for hybrid vehicle
Adaptive cruise control system
Rouse display systems
Steering device for toy and running toy
Toy kitchen set with repositionable island
System and method for securely upgrading firmware
Methods of improving shrink-resistance of natural fibers, synthetic fibers, or mixtures thereof, or ...
Method for increasing the strength of a cellulosic product
Coating process for producing products in web form having at least two layers by application of elec...
3-hydroxycarboxylic acid production and use in branched polymers
Analytical instruments for monitoring photopolymerization
Radiation-curable composition with simultaneous color formation during cure
Bridged bi-aromatic catalysts, complexes, and methods of using the same
Polyurethane PSA for sensitive surfaces
Process for the preparation of polycarbonate
Process for the manufacture of temperature-sensitive polymers
Time-reversed photoacoustic system and uses thereof
Flexible instrument
Method and apparatus for charging efflorescent material utilizing ultra violet light
Fly fishing rod having a detachable reel seat and waist holder therefore
Shock suppression system for a fishing rod
Automatic system-based animal training device
Methods for manipulating air cells within avian eggs
Pet drinking fountain
Wall mounted aquarium system
Sound generating device for a dual bearing reel
Dog waste catcher and holder
R-Fe-B sintered magnet
Separation agent for separating optical isomer and method for preparation thereof
Flame retardant epoxy resin composition, semiconductor encapsulating material using same, and resin ...
Liquid crystal aligning agent for vertical alignment, alignment layer for liquid crystal, and liquid...
Dielectric films and materials therefor
Photo acid generator, chemical amplification resist material and pattern formation method
Composition for blood serum or plasma separation and vessel for blood examination containing the sam...
Solvent composition for washing
Stabilization of amrubicin hydrochloride
Curable fluoropolyether rubber compositions and rubber articles
Composition for optical material
Catalyst comprising cyclic acylurea compounds and processes for production organic compounds with th...
Production method for biarylalanine
Depth of interaction detector with uniform pulse-height
Data recording or erasing method for an optical recording medium
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Sample container with radiofrequency identifier tag
Low power wireless display tag systems and methods
Systems and method for enhancing teleconferencing collaboration
Method of manufacturing of diffraction grating-based optical identification element
System and method for verifying connection of correct fluid supply to an infusion pump
Communications control in a security system
Interrogators, methods of operating a coherent interrogator, backscatter communication methods, inte...
Tire pressure detection system and a wheel used therein
Tire electronics assembly having a multi-frequency antenna
Package-integrated RF relay
Multi-frequency identification device
RF identification tag for communicating condition information associated with an item
System and method for tracking the movement and location of an object in a predefined area
Apparatus and methods for electrochemical processing of microelectronic workpieces
Polymerizable composition and planographic printing plate precursor using the same
Method for assisting in differential diagnosis and treatment of autistic syndromes
Benzopyranone compounds, compositions thereof, and methods for treating or preventing cancer
Drugs for spinal anesthesia
Protein induced by homogeneous blood transfusion and DNA encoding the same
Method and means for reducing electromagnetic noise induced in X-ray detectors
Piezoelectric ceramic thick film element, array of elements, and devices
Rate-adaptive therapy with sensor cross-checking
Method of optimizing cardiac resynchronization therapy using sensor signals of septal wall motion
Non-sheath based medical device delivery system
Transparent mobile IPv6 agent
Pet's dressing cart
Method of performing speech recognition across a network
Element for aiding in the cementation of fixed dental prosthesis
Method and composition for inhibiting cholesterol esterase
Phased array local coil for MRI imaging having non-overlapping regions of sensitivity
Sample holder with intense magnetic field
Device for stabilizing sheet guidance in a sheet-processing machine
Utilization of a printing ink in a printing group and printing group of a rotary printing press
Traveling-wave combining array antenna apparatus
Hydrodesulfurization of gasoline fractions
Method of preparing a solid oxide fuel cell
Alcoxy cross-linking, single-component, moisture-hardening materials
Optical recording and reproducing method and apparatus having multiple recording layers
Bicycle information processing apparatus with memory protection
Rear derailleur with a shock absorber disposed between a base member and a mounting member
Power transmission device
Two-wheeled vehicle simulation apparatus
Exercise device grips and accessories for exercise devices
Method for making figures/stripes on an article and the article made by the method
Half-jacket eyewear with removable dust shield
Multi-layered, impact absorbing, modular helmet
Motion control of a transporter
Vehicle hitch support for tables and other accessories
Insulating wire separator apparatus for piping systems
Gimbaled and adjustable beverage holder
Bicycle with cover
Inline wheel with softer tire and internal support structure
Bicycle rim
Axle assembly for mounting a wheel to a vehicle
Assisting apparatus for changing speeds in a bicycle transmission
Methods and compositions for the treatment of diseases associated with signal transduction aberratio...
Flexible traction system for common shoes
Athletic shoe with inclined wall configuration and non-ground-engaging member
Material having compressible projections and footwear incorporating the material
Technique for decorating a shoe and a shoe decorated using the technique
Portion of a shoe upper
Method of forming a nanocluster charge storage device
Method of forming a nanocluster charge storage device
Forming method and a forming apparatus of nanocrystalline silicon structure
Nanocomposite based on a bridged clay, and a cable comprising said composite
Method and apparatus for the analysis and optimization of variability in nanometer technologies
Surgical correction of human eye refractive errors by active composite artificial muscle implants
Sustained release ophthalmological device and method of making and using the same
Electronic device, production method thereof, and plasma process apparatus
Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern
Apparatus for creating a multi-dimensional data signal
Copolymers of amino acids and methods of their production
Polyimide resin for electrical insulating material
Method for the production of 2=-keto-l-gulonic acid C.sub.4C.sub.10 alkyl esters
Articulating mechanism for remote manipulation of a surgical or diagnostic tool
Magnetic field generator for mri and method of covering magnetic field generator for mri
RF coil for a highly uniform B1 amplitude for high field MRI
RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and its control method
Systems and methods for automatically configuring and managing network devices and virtual private n...
Focused acoustic energy in the preparation of peptide arrays
System for detection of a functional interaction between a compound and a cellular signal transducti...
Method of assaying pyrrole-containing biological compounds
Apparatus and method for ion production enhancement
Carotenoid hydroxylase enzymes
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device by gettering using a anti-diffusion layer
Process for the preparation of thiazolidinedione derivatives
Apparatus and method for estimating reflected radiance under complex distant illumination
Image capturing apparatus and method therefor
Evaluation of dot interference moire
Method and apparatus for recording a hologram from a mask pattern by the use of total internal refle...
Image signal decoder for determining interframe motion
Three-dimensional information acquisition apparatus and three-dimensional information acquisition me...
Reproducing/recording apparatus
Case for holding a music player
Portion of a cookie cutter
Receiver for electronic fence system
Magnetic recording method, apparatus therefor, and device for determining coercive force of magnetic...
Niobium solid electrolytic capacitor
Catalyst composition comprising a heteropoly acid, zinc, and a support component and processes there...
Fabrication management systems and methods
System and method for improved compression of DCT compressed images
Method and system for four disk fault tolerance in a disk array
Method and apparatus for aligning items relatively within an electronic document
Hierarchically structured logging for computer work processing
Method and apparatus for deploying configuration instructions to security devices in order to implem...
Moving mirror optical scanner and associated methods
Characteristic measurement of an actuation drive coil and associated damping mechanism
Adaptive compensation for measurement distortions in spectroscopy
System for transducer compensation based on ambient conditions
Method for determination and representation of adjustment steps for an apparatus requiring adjustmen...
Automated optimization of medical 3D visualizations
Dynamically tunable photonic bandgap microcavity waveguides via mechanical lattice control
Electronic circuit, modulation method, information processing device, and information processing met...
Switchless multi-resonant, multi-band power amplifier
Calibration of focus error signal offset in a focus servo system
Liquid electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a liquid carrier depositing unit
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus having cholesteric liquid crystal reflective ...
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same wherein the substrate having part...
Method and a device for signaling a call or a message to its addressee
Loop menu navigation apparatus and method
Computer-implemented automatic classification of product description information
Method and system for determining a location using a plurality of selected initial location estimate...
Waste compactor
Robot wrist comprising a drive unit incorporated in a tilt
Robot head comprising spindle drive
Industrial robot
Parallel manipulator having backlash-free gearnings
Method for electrostatic spraying of conductive coating materials
Apparatus for manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Method for sequencing substrates
Manipulator and end effector for catheter manufacture
Calibration cassette pod for robot teaching and method of using
Robot controller
Robot device, Behavior control method thereof, and program
Autonomously moving robot
Robot simulation device, and robot simulation program
Gait generating device of legged mobile robot and legged mobile robot controller
Enhancements to mechanical robot
Robot movement control method
Article handling system and method and article management system and method
Gripping device for manipulating device and method for operation thereof
Autonomous surface cleaning robot for wet cleaning
Arc maintenance device for high density discharge lamps including an adaptive wave form monitor
Glycol proportioning panel
Packaging for optoelectronic devices
Fused loop of filamentous material and apparatus for making same
Radiation image taking apparatus, radiation image taking system, and radiation image taking method
Communication apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus method and storage device storing a program for controlling image forming op...
Image forming apparatus that executes image forming jobs having priority levels
Developing apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Image communication apparatus, method and storage medium for transmitting or receiving a color image
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Data processing method, data processing apparatus and image printing apparatus
Driving force transmission mechanism, image forming apparatus equipped with such a mechanism, and pr...
Speech synthesis using multi-mode coding with a speech segment dictionary
Exposure apparatus and method, and device fabricating method using the same
Bactericide for use in water treatment, method for water treatment and apparatus for water treatment
Document with integrated coating
Mosquito misting system
Single use container
Use of nanoparticles to adjust refractive index of dental compositions
Aminoacetonitrile derivatives and their use for controlling parasites
Opioid agonist in a fast dispersing dosage form
Active substance combinations comprising insecticidal and acaricidal properties
Method and apparatus to achieve accurate fan tachometer with programmable look-up table
Tunable channel spacing for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transport system
Method and system for wirelessly autodialing a telephone number from a record stored on a personal i...
Ultra-wide band wireless / power-line communication system for delivering audio/video content
System and method of cardiac pacing during sleep apnea
Storage system with method of minimizing redundant transmissions over a plurality of communication p...
Generalized queue and specialized register configuration for coordinating communications between tig...
Microcomputer and data processing device
Integrated circuit memory devices having clock signal arbitration circuits therein and methods of pe...
Integrated circuit memory devices having asynchronous flow-through capability
System and method for determining on-chip bit error rate (BER) in a communication system
Synchronous flash memory with test code input
Transgenic fiber producing plants with increased expression of sucrose phosphate synthase
Divided paint storage apparatus
Metering and dispensing closure
Grooving pattern for grooved fluid bearing
Methods and apparatus for delivery of ocular implants
Peptides and compounds that bind to a receptor
Strobe lighting system for digital images
System and methodology for providing a mobile device with a network-based intelligent resource fork
Charge pocket for communications headset
Nucleic acid sequences relating to Bacteroides fragilis for diagnostics and therapeutics
Liquid detergents
Modular vehicle system having engine unit and mower unit for communication therewith
Device and method for calibrating a sensor
Electronic circuit device
Geolocation system-enabled speaker-microphone accessory for radio communication devices
Emergency response personnel automated accountability system
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Coding apparatus and decoding apparatus for transmission/storage of information
Apparatus connectable to a computer network for circuit design verification, computer implemented me...
Mechanism for automatically configuring integrated access device for use in voice over digital subsc...
Variable code rate and signal constellation turbo trellis coded modulation codec
System for projecting a handling instruction onto a moving item or parcel
Memory address prediction under emulation
Method and apparatus for determining availability of a queue to which a program step is issued out o...
Methods and computer program products for protecting source code of an interpreted programming langu...
Recreational vehicle low temperature water supply warming system
Turbomolecular pump
Apparatus and method for preventing a piston and valve collision in a linear compressor
Integrated electrostatic peristaltic pump method and apparatus
Pump or motor with interconnected chambers in the rotor
Multiple stage pump with multiple external control valves
Diaphragm pump with overfill limiter
Hydraulic control circuit for a hydraulic engine with at least two speeds
Modular end bell construction for a submersible motor unit
Flow cytometer for classifying leukocytes and method for determining detection angle range of the sa...
Polarization bearing detection type two-dimensional light reception timing detecting device and surf...
Coordinated polarization for shiny surface measurement
Method and apparatus for observing and inspecting defects
Optical scatterometry method of sidewall spacer analysis
Method and apparatus for imaging three-dimensional structure
Chromaticity conversion device and chromaticity conversion method
System and method for automatic determination of a region of interest within an image
Device for image processing with recognition and selection of light sources
Semiconductor photodetection device
Method of fabricating silicon nitride nanodots
Semiconductor device using low dielectric constant material film and method of fabricating the same
Ferroelectric memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Four-bit FinFET NVRAM memory device
High voltage drain-extended transistor
Method and structure to decrease area capacitance within a buried insulator device
Integrated circuit package and process for fabricating the same
Process for manufacturing semiconductor device
Multiple stacked-chip packaging structure
Semiconductor device obtained by dividing semiconductor wafer by use of laser dicing technique and m...
Optimized model and parameter selection for optical metrology
Low voltage non-volatile memory transistor
In situ processing of hydrocarbon-bearing formations with variable frequency automated capacitive ra...
Method and apparatus for plasma generation
Electronic device including dielectric layer, and a process for forming the electronic device
Rotary fluid machine
Adaptive feedback canceller
Information storage medium and information recording/playback apparatus
Charge pump having sampling point adjustment
System and method for computer storage security
Power-mode control circuitry for power converters
Electronic ballast with rail voltage switching
Active clamp DC/DC converter with resonant transition system
Imaging arrangement and barcode imager for imaging an optical code or target at a plurality of focal...
Methods of screening for introduction of DNA into a target cell
Method for producing target substance by fermentation
Method and system for chemical or biochemical analysis of a target analyte in a target environment
Monitoring a sensor's output using a target window that is based on a longitudinal offset's position...
Data transmission system
Permanent magnet keeper-shield assembly
Method for treatment of mitral insufficiency
Biased vascular temperature measuring device
N-terminally chemically modified protein compositions and methods
Babesia canis vaccine
Protein for blocking platelet adhesion
Fibrinogen-based tissue adhesive
Kunitz domain polypeptide zkun6
Bicyclic pyridine and pyrimidine p38 kinase inhibitors
12-Aryl prostaglandin analogs
Replenishable stent and delivery system
Portal design for stent for treating bifurcated vessels
Cooling milk in an automatic milking system
Method of improving the antioxidant status of an infant
Dental implant system
Implant for use in aesthetic regions of the mouth with colored contoured edge portion
Dental implant screw and post system
Endosseous implant
Quinazolone derivatives as alpha 1A/B adrenergic receptor antagonists
Method and sealant for joints
Metallic glasses with crystalline dispersions formed by electric currents
Coaxial via structure for optimizing signal transmission in multiple layer electronic device carrier...
Positron emission tomography wrist detector
Power supply device
Fast ring-out digital storage circuit
Circuit for translating voltage signal levels
Acoustic detection of machinery malfunction
Multi-purpose source synchronous interface circuitry
Communication protocol for spread sprectrum wireless communication system
Computer implemented communication apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for suppressing insignificant variations in measured sample composition data, i...
Method and apparatus for calibrating a multi-level current mode driver having a plurality of source ...
Electrically programmable memory element with reduced area of contact
High temperature resonant transmission line sensor and methods
Semiconductor memory device and portable electronic apparatus including the same
Optical interconnection circuit between chips, electrooptical device and electronic equipment
Thin film filter with waveguide substrate
Optical waveguide device, and method of manufacturing optical waveguide device
Monophasic waveform for anti-bradycardia pacing for a subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibril...
Minute ventilation sensor with dynamically adjusted excitation current
Active fixation lead with multiple density
Systems and methods for forming an object
Flow monitoring system for a flow control apparatus
Hybrid transmission
Wide ratio transmissions with three interconnected planetary gear sets
Semiconductor thin film, semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Multilevel copper interconnects with low-k dielectrics and air gaps
Inverter unit
Subterranean two-wire power and communications network
Electronic control system used in security system for cargo trailers
System and method for monitoring contamination
Automated telescope alignment and orientation method
Semiconductor wafer inspection system
Environmental noise monitoring system
Multicrystalline laser-crystallized silicon thin layer solar cell deposited on a glass substrate and...
Measuring system for recording angular and linear absolute values
Control arrangement
Bus sampling on one edge of a clock signal and driving on another edge
Data transfer device, semiconductor integrated circuit, and microcomputer
Activating mechanism for an intercept valve for a spray gun used in water cleaner apparatus
Method of removing a stun gun dart
Universal heavy-duty front bumper and mounting bracket system for HUMMER H1 A1/A2
Stacked assembly of roofing caps
Method of centerless grinding
Optoelectronic sensor
Meta-surface waveguide for uniform microwave heating
Threat identification in time of flight mass spectrometry using maximum likelihood
Field emission tips, arrays, and devices
Multiple-input multiple-output wireless sensor networks communications
Monitoring access via a passage
System for determining the configuration of obscured structure by employing phase profilometry and m...
Hard copy color matching
Direct conversion energy discriminating CT detector
X-ray inspection system for detecting explosives and other contraband
Pneumatic tire having tread portion formed of two layers
Golf ball and method of manufacturing the same
Golf club head
Golf ball
Process for producing golf ball
Head for golf club
Head for golf club
Head for golf club
Method of analyzing physical property of golf ball
Golf club head
Tires with high strength reinforcement
Tires with non-black tread grooves
Pneumatic tire with annular reinforcing strip layer
Calcium-based catalyst system
Preparation of components and articles with directed high frequency energy heated silica-rich rubber...
Synthetic polyisoprene rubber
Pneumatic tire having a rubber component containing a tin/amino functionalized rubber and an inversi...
Wakefulness estimating apparatus and method
Wakefulness estimating apparatus and method
Binuclear compounds
Metallic complexes covalently bound to conjugated polymers and electronic devices containing such co...
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Photoactive lanthanide complexes with phosphine oxides, phosphine oxide-sulfides, pyridine N-oxides,...
Optoelectronic devices
Patterned functionalized silicon surfaces
Organic EL display device
Polymer organic light emitting diode
Color display device
Display device
Display device
Color OLED display with improved power efficiency
Enzyme gene and its expression product
Synergistic inhibition of viral replication by long-chain hydrocarbons and nucleoside analogs
Substituted 2-aminoacetamides and the use thereof
Cyclopentyl modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Chemokine receptor binding heterocyclic compounds
Bis-sulfonamide hydroxyethyl-amino retroviral protease inhibitors
Cancer treatment with epothilones
Benzothiazole derivatives
Methods and compositions comprising Renilla GFP
Network address translation gateway for local area networks using local IP addresses and non-transla...
mmFP encoding nucleic acids, polypeptides, antibodies and methods of use thereof
Nucleic acid molecules and polypeptides encoding baboon TAFI
Method for large-scale production of di(uridine 5')-tetraphosphate and salts thereof
Lyophilized powder of lentinan and the process of preparation thereof
Process for the physical depolymerization of glycosaminoglycanes and products obtained therefrom
Linear cyclodextrin copolymers
Therapeutic formulations
Novel therapeutic molecules
Chlamydia oligosaccharides
Peptide interacting with anti-apoptotic proteins of the bcl-2 family
3-Alpha-glycosyl alpha, alpha-trehalose compound, process for producing the same, and use
Use of immune cell specific conjugates for treatment of inflammatory diseases of gastrointestinal tr...
Sulfated fucoglucuronomannan
Cgrp binding nucleic acids
Isopropanolate of azithromycin and method of manufacturing
Aptamers to von Willebrand factor and their use as thrombotic disease therapeutics
Delta 4,5 glycuronidase nucleic acid compositions
2-Beta-modified-6-substituted adenosine analogs and their use as antiviral agents
DNA for encoding D-hydantoin hydrolases, DNA for encoding N-carbamyl-D-amino acid hydrolases, recomb...
Production method of 2'-deoxyguanosine compound
Nucleic acids for apoptosis of cancer cells
Synthetic DNA encoding an orange seapen-derived green fluorescent protein with codon preference of m...
Materials and methods for the modification of plant lignin content
Cytochrome P450 reductases from poppy plants
Plant cellulose synthases
Optically active quaternary ammonium salt, process for producing the same, and process for producing...
Inverting data on result bus to prepare for instruction in the next cycle for high frequency executi...
Lens array and image display apparatus of projection type
Microlens sheets having multiple interspersed anamorphic microlens arrays
Projection optical system and projection exposure apparatus
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
Lens barrel with lock mechanism
Imaging optical system and electronic apparatus using the same
Objective lens drive device, optical pickup device, and disk drive device
Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus and method for forming image pickup lens
Contact lens transfer device and associated method
Electronic signal transmission and switching jack
Optical module
Filter system for radiological imaging
Method and device for selectively targeting cells within a three-dimensional specimen
Repetitive waveform generator recirculating delay line
Optical network employing erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
Optical transmission apparatus and bias voltage control method for the optical modulator
Liquid dosage formulations of donepezil
L-aspartic acid for the treatment of assorted health problems
Responding to situations using knowledge representation and inference
IC design density checking method, system and program product
System and method for selling protected information in an oem context
Thin film transistor array, display panel, method for inspecting the thin film transistor array, and...
MRAM with magnetic via for storage of information and field sensor
Aryl substituted Imidazoquinolines
Packet filtering in a NIC to control antidote loading
Method of manufacturing a high-frequency switch, a high-frequency switch and an electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for minimizing intermodulation with an asymmetric resonator
Resonator tuning assembly and method
Superconductive filter module, superconductive filter assembly and heat insulating type coaxial cabl...
High temperature superconductor tunable filter having a movable substrate controlled by a magnetic a...
High-frequency device
Band pass filter
Superconducting filter apparatus and wireless receiving amplifier having an abnormality discriminati...
Fuel cell stack and a method of supplying reactant gases to the fuel cell stack
Balanced valve device and breathing apparatus comprising such valve device
External skin preparations and process for producing the same
MEMS based acoustic array
Techniques for quantization of spectral data in transcoding
Method for generic object oriented description of structured data (GDL)
Testing distributed applications
Process for measuring coding productivity
Local queue creation security
User and content aware object-based data stream transmission methods and arrangements
Specifying extended configuration descriptor information in a USB device
Method and apparatus for input management having a plurality of input provider types wherein staging...
Method and apparatus for providing quality-of-service delivery facilities over a bus
Methods, systems, computer program products, and data structures for limiting the dissemination of e...
Persistent stateful component-based applications via automatic recovery
Establishing and displaying dynamic grids
Method and system for automatic invocation of secure sockets layer encryption on a parallel array of...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Three Luca`
Efficient timing chart creation and manipulation
Software mechanism for efficient compiling and loading of java server pages (JSPs)
String template pages for generating HTML document
Method and apparatus for continuous casting
Delta transfers in distributed file systems
Halogenated organic particles for catalyst supports
Idle mode handling in a hybrid GSM/CDMA network
Dynamic creation of channels in a simulcast wireless communication system
Radio-communication control method and equipment
Data array having redundancy messaging between array controllers over the host bus
Navigation of interactive voice response application using a wireless communications device graphica...
Mobile communication terminal and display control method
Method and apparatus to reply to call
Telemetry wand with display and control for implantable medical devices
Process-linked data management system
Unified messaging system configured for converting short message service messages to audible message...
Lock and release mechanism for a wireless device
Telescoping comb for lice removal
Polysaccharide-based superabsorbent film
Surgical prep solution applicator system and methods
Receiver, transmitter, communication system, and method of communication
Ankle-foot orthosis
Diaphragm for electroacoustic transducer and method of making the same
Total skin management system and total skin management method using the same
Multimetal oxide materials
Olefin polymerization with pyridine moiety-containing single-site catalysts
CATV trunk amplifier, upward signal amplifier, and bi-directional CATV system
Method of evaluating the capillary pressure curve of an underground deposit rocks based on rock cutt...
Image forming apparatus
Common-mode choke coil
Amplification of nucleic acids with electronic detection
DNA encoding a DNA repair protein
Phosphorus-containing compounds and uses thereof
Core shell nanocomposite optical plastic article
Shape memory polymers based on semicrystalline thermoplastic polyurethanes bearing nanostructured ha...
Scanning probe microscope assembly
Rectifying antenna and method of manufacture
Mechanical memory
Non-invasive gene targeting to ocular cells
Contact center system capable of handling multiple media types of contacts and method for using the ...
Light collimating and diffusing film and system for making the film
Photoelectrochemical molecular comb
Thermosetting resin composition for high performance laminates
Optically addressed spatial light modulator (OASLM) with dielectric mirror comprising layers of amor...
Modem having flexible architecture for connecting to multiple channel interfaces
Memory system having two-way ring topology and memory device and memory module for ring-topology mem...
Apparatus and method for generating codes in communication system
Apparatus and method for generating codes in communications system
Method of remotely upgrading firmware in field-deployed devices
Oven range
Front portion of microwave oven
DVD player
DVD player
Mobile phone
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Wireless earphone
MP3 player
Digital camcorder
Microcomputer supporting plurality of systems utilizing a single keyboard BIOS
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in a CDMA mobile communication system
Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving error detection information in a communication syste...
Apparatus and method for generating codes in a communication system
Method for fabricating nanostructured solid oxide fuel cells and cell components
Aqueous polymeric composition containing polymeric nanoparticles and treatments prepared therefrom
Compounds, compositions and methods for treatment of inflammatory diseases and conditions
Isoindole-imide compounds, compositions, and uses thereof
Methods of use of fibroblast growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor and related proteins ...
Customized calendar and calendar generation software and method
Adhesive coated label having tactile feel
Security strips
Methods of altering the resonance of waveguide micro-resonators
Fabrication of flat-panel display having spacer with rough face for inhibiting secondary electron es...
Variety denomination `Poulcas018`
Method and apparatus for lowering bus clock frequency in a complex integrated data processing system
Single catalyst low, medium and high density polyethylenes
Oil soluble hyperbranched polyesteramides
Leukocyte stimulating peptides
System and method for cleaning semiconductor fabrication equipment parts
Apparatus and method for water purification using solar energy
Electroionic Flow Cell Electrode Configuration
Separation method and apparatus incorporating materials having a negative poisson ratio
Liquid depletion in solid phase separation processes
Polymer electrolyte material, polymer electrolyte part, membrane electrode composite and polymer ele...
Organo-silsesquioxane polymers for forming low-k dielectrics
Ink jet recording apparatus
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Methods for preparing low molecular weight heparin with modified heparinase III
Antisolvent solidification process
Compositions of low molecular weight heparin produced with modified heparinase III
Method for producing methane gas
Method of washing a contaminant from a surface via a robotic arm
Process of forming multilayered structures
Process of forming multilayered structures
Printed circuit board with embedded capacitors therein, and process for manufacturing the same
Pet stroller assembly
Data collection device having visual display of feedback indicators and messages
Antigenic preparations
Frequency-domain method for joint equalization and decoding of space-time block codes
Data communication apparatus for computer intelligent network interface card which transfers data be...
Wiring circuit board
Method for the production of amines
Composition containing ethylene/propylene/diene copolymer and polyalkylene/olefin copolymer
Methods and apparatuses for filtering water
Pneumatically operated power tool having mechanism for changing compressed air pressure
RFID applications
Universal bathroom accessory system
Pre-cast concrete panels for construction of a building
Method of using environmentally benign anti-icing or deicing fluids employing industrial streams com...
Fire resistant file cabinets and safes, and method of manufacture thereof
Combining NMR, density, and dielectric measurements for determining downhole reservoir fluid volumes
Open lattice mirror structure and method of making same
Draw-wedge fasteners
Methods for indication of at least one subsurface barrier characteristic and methods of use
Wall anchor
Blocky hydroxyethylcellulose, derivatives thereof, process of making, and uses thereof
Skin or wound pad containing encapsulated substances which promote the healing of wounds and/or are ...
Ink-jet recording sheet
Fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite including mineral fillers
Composite board
Coagulant, process for producing the same, and method of coagulation with the coagulation
Cement admixture and method for producing the same
Self-crosslinking high-molecular polyurethane dispersion
Process for producing a naphthalenesulfonate formaldehyde condensate
Wall paneling assembly and system
Fire resistant safety glass
Vehicle exterior material clamping apparatus with scissors-like closure motion
Production of aluminum compounds and silica from ores
Silicious clay slurry
Flame retardant composition