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High speed planer head
Cement compositions comprising strength-enhancing lost circulation materials and methods of cementin...
Synthetic aggregates comprising sewage sludge and other waste materials and methods for producing su...
Pasty dental alginate impression material composition
Hydraulic cement compositions and methods of making and using the same
Siding and overhang attachment and alignment system
Apparatus and method for ownership verification
System and method for acquiring on-line content via wireless communication device
Methods for accurate use of finite dynamic range measurement data in radio path loss propagation mod...
Automatic cleaning system
Implantable medical stimulation apparatus with intra-conductor capacitive energy storage
Multi-modality ablation device
Electronic endoscope apparatus
Portable radio, and method for conveying information
Wireless communication system
Base station equipment and baseband signal processing module
Method for activating recordings of events concerning terminals and equipment therefor
Method for implementing a RF module on a motherboard
Method and system for system discovery and user selection
Secure digital wireless communication system
Radio communication system
Communications power control
Method of and apparatus for multi-channel management, multi-channel interference management method, ...
Method and Device for Controlling Combined UMTS/GSM/EDGE Radio Systems
Synchronized beacon for network having multiple radios
Access point
Location-based services that choose location algorithms based on number of detected access points wi...
Compositions and method for modulation of plant cell division
Alteration of embryo/endosperm size during seed development
Gene silencing
Method for altering the isoflavonoid profile in the plant parts of an isoflavonoid-producing plant
Compositions and methods for production of sialylated glyoproteins in plants
-4Desaturases from euglena gracilis, expressing plants, and oils containing pufa
Plant-produced recombinant aprotinin and aprotinin variants
Nucleotide sequences encoding anthonomous toxic polypeptides from bacillus thuringiensis
Anti-microbial peptide known as halocyntin, gene coding for said peptide, vector, transformed organi...
Novel glyphosate-N-acetyltranferase (GAT) genes
Cis-acting regulatory elements from tripsacum dactyloides
Novel selection method
Transgenic mice containing mGluR7 metabotropic glutamate receptor gene disruptions
Transgenic mice expressing human cd20 and/or cd16
System and method for generating a taxonomy from a plurality of documents
System and method for providing dynamic multiple language support for application programs
Prediction of molecular polar surface area and bioabsorption
Method for modeling signal transduction in cells
Methods and apparatus for maintaining a map of node relationships for a network
Systems and methods for obtaining, storing, processing and utilizing immunologic information of indi...
Compensated electronic consults
Method and device for grinding concave parts, notably for manufacturing prostheses
Modular prosthetic head having a flat portion to be implanted into a constrained liner
Hip prostheses
Facial implant
Method of anchoring an implant in an intervertebral disc
Artifical lumbar disc
Intervertebral disc replacement device
Multi-part implant for open wedge knee osteotomies
Spinal device including lateral approach
Spinal system and method including lateral approach
Treatment of bioprosthetic tissues to mitigate post implantation calcification
Treatment of bioprosthetic tissues to mitigate post implantation calcification
Methods and Devices for Contributing to Improved Stent Graft Fixation and/or Seal
Method of using laser induced injury to activate topical prodrugs
Method and system for cortical stimulation to provide adjunct (ADD-ON) therapy for stroke, tinnitus ...
Systems and methods for replicating virtual memory on a host computer and debugging using replicated...
Storage system, method of controlling storage system, and storage device
Virtual-to-physical address conversion in a secure system
Semiconductor memory device, a sector-address conversion circuit, an address-conversion method, and ...
Method for partitioning memory mass storage device
Adaptive remote copy in a heterogeneous environment
Storage system, backup system, and backup method
Detecting and correcting errors in data
Method to provide atomic update primitives in an asymmetric heterogeneous multiprocessor environment
AMBA modular memory controller
Default locality selection for memory objects based on determining the type of a particular memory o...
Method, system and medium for assessing the impact of various ailments on health related quality of ...
Collapsible freestanding drawing board
Interactive speech enabled flash card method and system
Study reference book allowing easy confirmation of correct answers
Interactive system for building, organising, and sharing one's own databank of questions and answers...
Teaching clock
Method and system for characterization of knee joint morphology
Selection of relationship improvement content for users in a relationship
Method and apparatus for timing reading
Method for improving vocabulary, concept knowledge, and decoding skills using semantic and linguisti...
Child's writing implement package
Educational apparatus for children
Indicating instrument with a gear indicator
Flight simulator
Trusted infrastructure support systems, methods and techniques for secure electronic commerce, elect...
Vision-based measurement of bulk and discrete food products
Method of rapidly informing a passerby about a food-and-beverage establishment
Methods, systems, and computer program products for ordering food/beverage items at a food/beverage ...
Enhanced fast food restaurant and method of operation
Device and method of weight control via indirect abdominal cavity volume reduction
Device and method of weight control via indirect abdominal cavity volume reduction
Polyester resin composition
Synergisitic stimulation of the immune system using immunostimulatory oligonucleotides and/or immuno...
Diluent for norovirus or sapovirus specimen and method for detecting virus
Packaging laminates and articles made therefrom
Process for producing a carbohydrate composition
Use of a phosphate mixture for the production of concentrated solutions and brine for the food indus...
Frozen food and method for producing the same
Dehydrated potato flakes
Method to form an animal feed and biodiesel feedstock from Pima cottonseed
Corn fiber hulls as a food additive or animal feed
Food additives, foods and methods
Method and compositions to decrease serum cholesterol levels
Inulin infused vegetable and method of preparation
Adjustable cage feeder
Sector drive unit for camera
Light quantity adjusting device
Foldable eyepiece cup
AF driving mechanism of camera
One-way rotational transfer mechanism, and a lens barrel incorporating the same
Lens barrel, photographic apparatus, and optical apparatus
Focus detecting apparatus
Photoelectric conversion device, focus detection device, method of controlling these devices, and st...
Rotation type camera apparatus
Automatic pan and tilt compensation system for a camera support structure
Lens barrel incorporating a one-way rotational transfer mechanism
Asymmetrical sail fabric
Hybridhull boat system
Reduced visibility rotorcraft and method of controlling flight of reduced visibility rotorcraft
Toy vehicles having interchangeable body styles
Control system for a flying vehicle
Toy gun having dual actuating manners
Simulative animal toy for training and exercise
Loop assemblies having a central link
Injection molded noise making device
Mobile device with color discrimination
Self powered fire alarm
Water gun with adjustable force pressure chamber
Animal umbrella
Pet toys incorporating multiple hardness sections
Data processing system
Method and device for reconstruction of a dynamic three-dimensional image of an object covered by a ...
Methods and systems for helical overscan reduction
X-ray CT apparatus
Liquid cooled bearing housing with greased lubricated rotating anode bearings for an x-ray tube
X-ray sensor signal processor and X-ray computed tomography system using the same
Powder handling device for analytical instruments
Charge transfer system and method
Scintillator panel and radiation image sensor
Radiological image pickup apparatus
X-ray detector with a plurality of detector units
Tailorable CT-detector assembly
Scintillator having integrated collimator and method of manufacturing same
Method to prepare TEM samples
Autostereoscopic vision system
Numerical a posteriori dispersion compensation in PCI measurement signals and OCT A-scan signals wit...
Pet food supplement
Directional image display
Energy absorbing sports helmet
Book cover
Mailing machine
Sputtering target
Radio and compact disc player
Balance scale
Carton for bottles
Deep fryer
Fitting escutcheon
Data reproducing controller
Semiconductor device, and the method of testing or making of the semiconductor device
Method for transferring process control models between plasma processing chambers
Narrow band high power fibre lasers with extended wavelength coverage
Apparatus and method for improved analysis of liquids by continuous wave-cavity ring down spectrosco...
Multimode reader
Apparatus and method for measuring color
System and method of aerosolized agent capture and detection
Method for detection of pathogenic microorganisms
CAM device having multiple index generators
Automated error checking system and method
Method for document comparison and selection
Personalized recommendations of items represented within a database
Document expansion in speech retrieval
Time diversity searcher and scheduling method
Archery bow case
Firearm case
Method of mass spectrometry and a mass spectrometer
Liposome composition for delivery of nucleic acid
Smart radio incorporating Parascan.RTM. varactors embodied within an intelligent adaptive RF front e...
Co-channel interference rejection in a digital receiver
Supporting multiple wireless protocols in a wireless device
Co-channel interference receiver
Line quality monitoring apparatus and method
Equalizer system including a comb filter in an HDTV system
Phase sampling techniques using amplitude bits for digital receivers
Method for the maintenance of a textile machine
Tool with inserted blade members
Photographic processing composition and image-forming method using the same
Molecular memory cell
Device for pushing away a dental element, and method for filling dental elements
Printing plate, circuit board and method of printing circuit board
Temperature detection method and apparatus for inverter-driven machines
Isotropic zero CTE reinforced composite materials
Boom for a load handling machine
Versatile processes for preparing and using novel composite particles in powder coating compositions
Printing machine
Bifurcated axially flexible stent
Method and system for single-chip camera
System and method for estimating motor temperature for motor overuse protection
Motor control device and motor control method
Method for increasing durability of organic light emitting diode panel
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Vehicle fuel cell power plant warm-up control
Socket used to house female plugs and micro-relays
Sun visor for the interior of a motor vehicle
Latch with uni-directional power release mechanism
Air intake device of internal combustion engine
Recyclable electric junction box applicable to automotive vehicles
Internal combustion engine control apparatus
Road white line recognition apparatus and method
Vehicle room lamp control device and vehicle room lamp control method
Generator control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Vehicle drive apparatus
Vehicle seat having a moveable head restraint
Gallium nitride based semiconductor laser and image exposure device
Pulsed CO.sub.2 laser including an optical damage resistant electro-optical switching arrangement
Semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor micro-resonator for monitoring an optical device
Methods and apparatus for sensing multiple wavelengths simultaneously in a single wavelength sensing...
Fault forwarding in an optical network
Laser display device and method for controlling the same
Semiconductor laser device
Optical information recording apparatus for stable recording
Asymmetric waveguide GaInAs laser diode
Optical pickup device with a plurality of laser couplers
Technique for handling server session requests in a system having a plurality of servers
Leptin as an inhibitor of tumor cell proliferation
Substituted diamine derivatives useful as motilin antagonists
Pyrimidine derivatives as corticotropin releasing factor inhibitors
Gastro-occlusive device
Satiation devices and methods
Pyrotechnic detonator with an igniter support of plastic with an integrated metal insert
Rotary head having an airflow adjustment magnetic head and a magnetic recording/reproducing apparatu...
Low-profile flexible disk drive simple in structure
HGA plateau gimbal design
Suspension design for attenuation of disk flutter induced track mis-registration of a hard disk driv...
Slanted mounting for preload flat suspension
Head slider, head gimbal assembly, and hard disk drive
Recording and reproducing apparatus for preventing erroneous erasure
FeNiRe soft magnetic film and thin film magnetic head using the same for simultaneous adjustment of ...
Double-nosed inductive transducer with reduced off-track writing
Disk drive comprising a spindle motor having a windings shield for reduced disk voltage coupling
Storage apparatus casing with interchangeable disk drive and control boxes
Seek error retry method of a disk device and disk device
Servo writing a disk drive by processing spiral tracks in an interleaved manner
Retract method to reduce head friction with the disk for a hard disk drive
Manufacture of concentric patterns from spiral source
Impedance-controlled write driver for low power preamp
Constrained implementation of variable data TPI
Semiconductor device and a disk drive apparatus employing such a semiconductor device
Method for checking the quality of servo gray codes
System and method for detecting head instability
Media noise low-fly height test for a disc drive
Disk drive employing a multi-phase rotational position optimization (RPO) algorithm
Methods for fabricating redeposition free thin film CPP read sensors
Method and apparatus for content based switching
Symmetric tags
Method and apparatus for generating data for use in memory leak detection
Methods for providing cardless payment
Methods and systems for providing life management and enhancement applications and services for tele...
Frequency and resolution analyzed biometric authentication method and device
Multiple function electronic cards
ADSL filter
Integrated telephone set with an xDSL-modem
System and method for recognition of and automatic connection using spoken address information recei...
Communication system, communication management system and method
Method and dial plan for packet based voice communications functionality
Network facsimile apparatus
Damped, mechanically driven lid for a handheld device
Preparation of enzymatically active sponges or foams for detoxification of hazardous compounds
Method and apparatus for facilitating more uniform vapor distribution in mass transfer and heat exch...
Device and method for detecting high voltage
Purified hepatitis C virus envelope proteins for diagnostic and therapeutic use
Nanoparticulate megestrol formulations
Embolization protection system for vascular procedures
Mobile-power system with solar-powered hydrogen liberator, fuel cell, turbine, and capacitors
Method for the isolation of trimethylolpropane from a reaction mixture
Stop ring and a hydraulic/pneumatic device equipped with a stop ring
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving signals using multi-antennas
Outdoor storage compartment
Method for free radical reduction of dithiocarbonylated or dithiophosphorylated functions borne by a...
Position sensor comprising elastomeric material
Nostril support device for horses and other animals
Input-output balanced filter
Polyelectrolyte complex films for analytical and membrane separation of chiral compounds
Method for the dynamic control of the channel use of a transmission channel and a load generator for...
Retentate chromatography and protein chip arrays with applications in biology and medicine
Respiration signal measurement apparatus, systems, and methods
Performance prediction program and performance prediction system for ground source heat pump system
Method and system for presenting item information using a portable data terminal
Method and system for controlling an application displayed in an inactive window
Spacer for delivery of medications from an inhaler to children and breathing impaired patients
Apparatus for delivering humidified gases
Memory card having first modular component with host interface wherein the first modular is replacea...
Integrated nitride-based acoustic wave devices and methods of fabricating integrated nitride-based a...
Hockey stick
AC surface discharge type plasma display panel
Taste masked aqueous liquid pharmaceutical composition
Probiotic/prebiotic composition and delivery method
In situ maturation of cultured pancreatic stem cells having a specified, intermediate stage of devel...
Method for using human intervertebral disc cells
Molded or extruded articles comprising polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer and an environmentally degrada...
Block copolymers and preparation thereof
Composition and method to homogeneously modify or cross-link chitosan under neutral conditions
Polymeric material with antistatic properties and method for obtaining it
Nitric oxide-releasing imidate and thioimidate diazeniumdiolates
Hemostatic compositions and methods for controlling bleeding
Ultra high pressure homogenization process for making a stable protein based acid beverage
Susceptor for hybrid microwave sintering system, hybrid microwave sintering system including same an...
Method for measuring gate dielectric properties for three dimensional transistors
Electronic lighting ballast
Multi-zone reflecting device for use in flash lamp processes
Reversible binding of molecules to metal substrates through affinity interactions
Electrical generator having an oscillator containing a freely moving internal element to improve gen...
Method for making nitrile compounds from ethylenically unsaturated compounds
Tricyclic protein kinase inhibitors
Sound absorbing/sound blocking automotive trim products
System and method for measuring electric current in a pipeline
Optical element for efficient sensing at large angles of incidence
Method and apparatus for automated, in situ material detection using filtered fluoresced, reflected,...
Fluorescent lamp post-production heating structure and fluorescent lamp produced therefrom
Dried honey enriched with volatile honey compounds
Methods and kits useful for the simplification of complex peptide mixtures
A.beta.-Peptide screening assay
Compositions and methods for cryopreservation of peripheral blood lymphocytes
Substituted arylketones
Use of stabilized oligonucleotides for preparing a medicament with antitumor activity
Apparatus and method for watermark embedding and detection using linear prediction analysis
Watermark embedder and reader
Watermark information detection method
Apparatus for embedding and reproducing watermark into and from contents data
System for handling compressed video data and method thereof
System and method for automatically learning flexible sprites in video layers
Methods of temporarily providing digital content to a customer
Telephone line use enablement of lottery participation
Lottery system
Distributed publishing network
Advertising method for dynamic billboards
Business method for billboard advertising
Therapeutic uses of inhibitors of RTP801
Dual display interactive video
System and method for leveraging independent innovation in entertainment content and graphics hardwa...
Method of operating a money game means
Oral or intranasal vaccines using hydrophobic complexes having proteosomes and lipopolysaccharides
Methods for obtaining paclitaxel from taxus plants
Method for transmitting emergency call of mobile phone
Home theater
Mobile phone
Portable telephone
Light-emitting diode
Light-emitting diode
Storage drawer device
Semiconductor test system and method for effectively testing a semiconductor device having many pins
Intelligent data storage manager
Apparatus for preventing developer wraparound in wet electrophotographic printer
Tandem color image forming device
Fusing apparatus for an image photographing apparatus and method thereof
Apparatus for creating and managing navigation information in rewritable recording medium and method...
Method and system for processing geophysical survey data
Passive mixer with improved linearity
Passive mixer with improved linearity
Portion of chandelier
Headlight bezel of a truck vehicle
Desk lamp
Vase-shaped light
Tulip shaped ornamental lamp
Solar address light
Flower light device
Ceiling fan light kit
Safety light for attachment to a safety helmet
System and method for connecting security systems to a wireless device
Mobile station location
Implantable medical device system with minimization of energy employed for processing data
Rotatable wireless transceiver device
System for transmitting and receiving short message service (SMS) messages
In-situ oxide capping after CVD low k deposition
Method for forming conductive material in opening and structure regarding same
Method for forming a device having multiple silicide types
Algorithm for real-time process control of electro-polishing
Etching process to avoid polysilicon notching
Optical ready substrates
Selective implementation of barrier layers to achieve threshold voltage control in CMOS device fabri...
Liquid crystal display with domain-defining members and separate opening in the common electrode ove...
Nitrogen-free dielectric anti-reflective coating and hardmask
Display input device and display input system
HDP-CVD seasoning process for high power HDP-CVD gapfil to improve particle performance
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Phase change memory with a select device having a breakdown layer
Relevance maximizing, iteration minimizing, relevance-feedback, content-based image retrieval (CBIR)...
Relative range camera calibration
Method to fabricate passive components using conductive polymer
Method of making non-volatile field effect devices and arrays of same
Devices having vertically-disposed nanofabric articles and methods of making the same
Method of forming a negative differential resistance device
Apparatus and methods for multi-gate silicon-on-insulator transistors
MEMS based current sensor using magnetic-to-mechanical conversion and reference components
Carbon nanotube sensor and method of producing the same
Patterned substrate with hydrophilic/hydrophobic contrast, and method of use
Method for the assembly of nanowire interconnects
Method for making a porous calcium phosphate article
Method and device for neutralizing, by controlled gas injection, the formation of liquid slugs at th...
Nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of RNA-dependent RNA viral polymerase
Use of activation and recovery times and dispersions to monitor heart failure status and arrhythmia ...
Minimally invasive valve replacement system
Carrying device
Process for producing high speed transmitting dielectric material
Self-adhesive purge dam for retaining purge gas around a weld zone
Energy absorbing assembly utilizing reversibly expandable mechanical structures for impact managemen...
Base station and method for receiving and processing signal in the base station
Compounds substituted with bicyclic amino groups
In vivo screening methods using enriched neural stem cells
Compositions based on radiation-curable functionalized silicones and anti-adhesive coatings obtained...
Piston arrangement
Cross-point switch for a fiber channel arbitrated loop
Multiprocessor-scalable streaming data server arrangement
Compact carrier
State recovery and failover of intelligent network adapters
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of o...
Medical testing internet server system and method
Data analyzing apparatus, data analyzing program, and mobile terminal
Expander for the lower part of the body
Method for controlling the temperature of an emission control device
Self-contained system and method for remotely monitoring machines
1,2-disubstituted 1,4-dihydro-4-oxoquinoline compounds
Suspension aerosol formulations
Delivery of muscle relaxants through an inhalation route
Graded composition metal oxide tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
Single crystal GaN substrate semiconductor device
Process for preparing purified fractions of hemicellulose and cellulose-hemicellulose complexes from...
Deicer mixing apparatus and method
Database access mechanisms for a computer user interface
Method and system for adaptive prefetching
Recording apparatus and method and storage medium
System and method for data transformation of device databases for forward compatibility
Efficient determination of homogeneous rectangles in a binary matrix
Enhanced ad-hoc query aggregation
Method and system for detecting tables to be modified
Media device
Clamping device for an optical disk player
Controller of internal combustion engine
Actuating device for securing a camshaft of an engine of a motor vehicle in a start position
Variable valve timing control device of internal combustion engine
Device for variable activation of valves for internal combustion engines
Engine system and vehicle
Valve train of internal combustion engine
Drive of variable valve lift mechanism
Variable valve timing system
Engine with variable cam timing and control advantageously using humidity sensor
Cylinder and valve mode control for an engine with valves that may be deactivated
Variable valve timing controller
Torque sensor-based engine and powertrain control system
Valve timing controller
Valve-driving system of internal combustion engine and valve-driving apparatus
Controller for controlling valve operating characteristic in an internal combustion engine
Pivoting actuator system for controlling the stroke of a gas exchange valve in the cylinder head of ...
Control system and method for variable valve actuation system
Method of operating internal combustion engine including electromagnetically driven intake valves
Valve train device for an engine
Openable ring with cooperating locking means
Molding process for manufacturing a tubular molded article
System for a sliding door with a camber
Artificial miniature, landscape model with three dimensionally variable colored LEDS
Method and apparatus for eliminating television commercial messages
Electronic device holder
Perceptual coding of audio signals using separated irrelevancy reduction and redundancy reduction
Electronic music marker device delayed notification
Method and system for playing an audible alert
Method and apparatus for playing back a multisession disc
System of multiple players generating outputs of different formats from identical discs
Disc player and method of playing back disc
Music player applicable to portable telephone terminal
Internal combustion engine control system
Road surface friction sensor and road surface friction coefficient detector, and vehicle antilock br...
System and method for generating vehicle history information
Outside rear view mirror for commercial vehicles
Integrated dual function circuitry and antenna system
Emergency vehicle control system traffic loop preemption
Magnetic crash sensing method
System and method for detecting obstacles to vehicle motion and determining time to contact therewit...
Method for locating tire condition sensing apparatuses
Passive keyless entry device for monitoring tire pneumatic pressure by bidirectional communication
1g(.alpha.)-amino-N-hydroxy-acetamide derivatives
Methods of treating undesired angiogenesis with 2-methyl-EM-138
Cycloalkyl heterocycles for treating hepatitis C virus
Therapies using hemoproteins
Systems and methods for actuating lens assemblies
Lens barrel and optical device
Decentering optical system and optical system using the same
Variable magnification optical system
Zoom lens, and electronic imaging system using the same
Optical combining device
Composite structure for light diffusion
Spatial light modulator and projector
Dynamic optical interconnect
Near field optical head and information recording and reproducing apparatus mounted with the near fi...
Annular or penannular prism
Laser pumped compact acoustic sensor system
Rotational power transmitting drive component with improved acoustic and assembly characteristics
Sampling system for moving fluid
Semiconductor optical devices and method for forming
Portion of a face of a solar cell module
Apparatus and methods for pattern recognition based on transform aggregation
Electronic timepiece
Multiplexing rotary spectrometer
Portable position determining device
Bio-imaging and information system for scanning, detecting, diagnosing and optimizing plant health
Power source for sensors
Energy-protective composition comprising adenosine phosphates
Write once read only memory employing charge trapping in insulators
Novel sesquiterpene synthase gene and protein
Novel molecular variant and uses thereof
Intermediate and process for preparing of beta- anomer enriched 21-deoxy,21,21-difluoro-D-ribofurano...
3-Deoxypentopyranosyl nucleic acid, its production and its use
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding SRF-type transcription factor proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding thioredoxin proteins
Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding RNA polymerase proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding homeobox domain proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding glutamine amidotransferase proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding AP2 domain proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding AP2 domain proteins
Hemipteran muscarinic receptor
Ligand (ACT-4-L) to a receptor on the surface of activated CD4+ T-cells
C2,8-disubstituted adenosine derivatives and their different uses
Transformation and regeneration of Allium plants
Uncoupling of DNA insert propagation and expression of protein for phage display
Vector system for selection of genes encoding secreted proteins and membrane-bound proteins
Developing and delivering audio or audiovisual presentations including rehearsals
Display device with a cavity structure for resonating light
Organic electro luminescence device incorporating a power supplying part for selectively supplying a...
Display unit, drive circuit, amorphous silicon thin-film transistor, and method of driving OLED
Organic electroluminescent display device
Image display
Apparatus and method for driving electro-luminescence panel
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Providing driving current arrangement for OLED device
Doping of source-drain contacts
Memory elements using organic active layer
Driver device for driving capacitive light emitting elements
Electrode substrate, thin film transistor, display device and their production
Scintillation tolerant optical field sensing system and associated method
Electrical power tool having a motor control circuit for providing control over the torque output of...
Ion implantation ion source, system and method
Nucleic acids encoding BAFF receptor, chimeric proteins and methods and compositions related thereto
Method for atmospheric pressure analyte ionization
HIP manufacture of a hollow component
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Method and system for using eddy current transducers in pressure measurements
Apparatus and method for the analysis of atomic and molecular elements by wavelength dispersive x-ra...
Electric-steam propulsion system
Non-space weather prediction and notification system and method
Wireless sensor system
Wireless sensor monitoring unit
Organic semiconductor structure, process for producing the same, and organic semiconductor device
Overmolding insert for heat exchanger, process for manufacturing a heat exchanger, and heat exchange...
Plating apparatus and method
High flux LED lighting device
Substituted thieno[3,4-B]thiophene polymers, method of making, and use thereof
Dichotomy-based method of tracing a route between two nodes of a data network
Gigabit switch supporting multiple stacking configurations
Network switching architecture with multiple table synchronization, and forwarding of both IP and IP...
Position measuring device, position measurement method, exposure apparatus, exposure method, and sup...
Exposure system and method for manufacturing device
Functional pathway configuration at a system/IC interface
Lithographic apparatus
Bleeder powered gating amplifier
Method for software driven generation of multiple simultaneous high speed pulse width modulated sign...
Burst/pipelined edo memory device
Transmission with miniature motor for control to oil flow
Dental implant system
Torque wrench for dental implants
High spatial resolution X-ray computed tomography (CT) system
Steroidal compounds for inhibiting steroid sulphatase
Bioactive agent release coating and controlled humidity method
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
Dental implant
Selectively dynamic exercise platform
Abdominal exercise routines using a flexible elongated device
Exercise machine
Stands for supporting exercise dumbbells
MR fluid for increasing the output of a magnetorheological fluid device
Exercise stretch bench for back pain treatment
Control circuit using toggled activation to reduce inrush currents
Frame for exercise equipment
Exercise apparatus
Devices and methods for performing avascular anastomosis
Thrombin inhibitors
Evaporative cooler water distribution system
Apparatus for servicing a plasma processing system with a robot
Method of managing web sites registered in search engine and a system thereof
Group robot system, and sensing robot and base station used therefor
Network opening method in manufacturing
Robot controller and robot control method
Autonomous mobile robot
Robot device, movement method of robot device, and program
Carrying apparatus and carrying control method for sheet-like substrate
Cartridge drop detection device in magnetic tape library apparatus
Control system and related method for multi-limbed, multi-legged robot
Abnormality detector of moving robot
Emergency-stop device
Welding method and welding equipment
Agricultural robot system and method
Robot controller
Robot hand with weighting device
Robot for surgical applications
Managing device for an umbilical member of a robot and a robot having the managing device
Mobile robot having body sensor
Information providing device,method, and information providing system
Robot locus control method and apparatus and program of robot locus control method
Method and apparatus for spectrum deconvolution and reshaping
Optical filtering by using an add-drop node
Enhancing resolution of X-ray measurements by sample motion
Advanced voice communication feature transparency in a telecommunications network
Organometallic transition metal compound, biscyclopentadienyl ligand system, catalyst system and pre...
Variable wall thickness for delivery sheath housing
Method for achieving tissue changes in bone or bone-derived tissue
Weight lifting bar apparatus
Processes for preparation of 9,11-epoxy steroids and intermediates useful therein
Exercise machine
Fuel filter having double layer structure
Retrieval device
Polarization inversion method for ferroelectric substances
Moveable side step for a vehicle
Electro-cauterizing cannula assembly for use with power-assisted liposuction instruments
Disposable diaper backsheet comprising composite having an elastic layer, inelastic layer and bondin...
Sling assembly with secure and convenient attachment
Exercise apparatus
Intake air control device having strain absorbing structure
Acceleration sensor
Lithographic projection apparatus, gas purging method, device manufacturing method, and purge gas su...
System for integrating an airborne wireless cellular network with terrestrial wireless cellular netw...
Rotation sensing
Apparatus and method for single die backside probing of semiconductor devices
Circuit based testing apparatus and method for testing a circuit board
Electronic energy switch for particle accelerator
Resonator piece, resonator, oscillator and electronic device
Flow restrictors in fuel cell flow-field
Production of bisphenol-A with reduced sulfur content
Solids supporting mass transfer for fuel cells and other applications and solutions and methods for ...
Quality control methods for gas diffusion media
PROX catalyst for oxidizing carbon monoxide
Method for forming thin film
Catalytic material, electrode, and fuel cell using the same
Fluid cell system reactant supply and effluent storage cartridges
Fuel cell power generation equipment and a device using the same
Control of polymer surface distribution on diffusion media improved fuel cell performance
Method of forming a gasket assembly for a PEM fuel cell assembly
Multi-pass heat exchanger
Control device used for a gas sensor
Methods and compositions for optimization of oxygen transport by cell-free systems
Polymeric electrolytes based on hydrosilyation reactions
Combined toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash device
Device for and method of rapid noninvasive measurement of parameters of diastolic function of left v...
Method of adjusting axial direction of monitoring apparatus
Directional acoustic alerting system
Single photon emission computed tomography system
Bicycle saddle with vibrating massager
Exercise device
Four bar exercise machine
Universal system for securing an equipment carrier to a vehicle-mounted support
Liquid dispensing valve assembly having a unitarily formed base and a vacuum release feature
Article support rack for vehicle
Lamp for a bicycle
Hybrid skateboard, scooter and bicycle frame
Bicycle stem
Connecting rod for an internal combustion engine
Hydrocarbon desulfurization process
Pyrolysis machine
Method for providing controlled heat to a process
Mono-bloc brake caliper and evaporable pattern for casting same
Lithium-aluminosilicate glass ceramic with high keatite content and structural member made thereof
Hybrid process for depositing electrochromic coating
Process for producing a fluorine atom-containing sulfonyl fluoride compound
Monoclonal antibodies specific for crack cocaine metabolites, a cell line producing the same, and cr...
Preheating of chemical vapor deposition precursors
Method of forming dielectric film
Antenna adaptation to manage the active set to manipulate soft hand-off regions
Compounds for the preparation of carbapenem-type antibacterial agents
Hemocompatible polymer systems & related methods
Process for separating liquid hydrocarbons from a particulate fisher-tropsch catalyst
Electrically conductive oil-based mud
Pesticidal indazole or benzotriazole derivatives
Porous or non-porous substrate coated with a polymeric composition having hydrophilic functional gro...
Disposable vaginal cleaning device
Joint compound sander
Razor having thermo-electric shaving aid ejection system and method of ejecting shaving aid
Method for making an insulating paperboard
Honeycomb filter and ceramic filter assembly
Electrodeless ultraviolet discharge fluid remediation
Gas porous polymer filter and methods of use
Liquid and gas porous plastic filter and methods of use
Hydroxyphenylundecane, a process for their production and their use
Allosteric adenosine receptor modulators
Process for the preparation of Atorvastatin and intermediates
Target for calibrating a non-contact sensor
Method of assay of target nucleic acid
Power amplifier
Class-D power amplifier capable of eliminating excessive response phenomenon when returning to a ste...
DA converter circuit provided with DA converter of segment switched capacitor type
Signal-processing device with real-time and reprocessing operating modes
Adaptive digital voltage regulator
DC-DC converter and method for controlling DC-DC converter
Buck-boost circuit with normally off JFET
Boost converter with series switch
Arrangement and method for collecting oil
Control device of hydrogen engine
Waterless urinals which can be flushed
Controlled dosing of chlorine dioxide of other sanitizing agents into pressurized water systems
Post-production drain inlet filter system
Volumetric fluid balance control for extracorporeal blood treatment
Specimen centrifuge apparatus
Thermobondable filter medium and border frame and method of making same
Oxygen scavenger and the method for oxygen reduction treatment
Medical imaging station with a function of extracting a path within a ramified object
Method of analyzing a data set comprising a tubular structure
Character recognition method and apparatus
Image reading device and image forming apparatus including the image reading device
Contrast enhancement of digital images
Reducing texture details in images
Method of seamless processing for merging 3D color images
Apparatus and method for displaying virtual endoscopy display
Fat/water separation and fat minimization magnetic resonance imaging systems and methods
Automatically balanced exposure time and gain in an image sensor
Electronic camera apparatus
Integration of visual information, anatomic constraints and prior shape knowledge for medical segmen...
Apparatus for detecting average picture level
Method for the examination of cells in a culture medium
Nucleic acid sequencing
Balancing areas of varying density in a digital image
Calculating noise estimates of a digital image using gradient analysis
Fluid moving device with a radiation module
Heat dissipating device with a combination bearing assembly having magnetic bearing rings and a slee...
Peristaltic pump and method with parking position
Peristaltic micropump
Diaphragm pump for medical applications
Hybrid compressor system
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Method for discriminating between operating conditions in medical pump
Electric compressor
Valveless pump
Hydraulic balancing magnetically driven centrifugal pump
Cooling arrangement for an electromotor
Method and apparatus for controlling a pumping unit
Vacuum pumping system and method of controlling the same
Sump liner
Unitary control for air conditioner and/or heat pump
Vehicle air compressor device
Restorable sand or pellet pile device
Insert trap comprising a tapered bag attachment
Memory device for use with cellular telephones
Carrying case
Port independent data transaction interface for multi-port devices
Multi-section land vehicle cover
Active voltage positioning implementation for microprocessor power supplies or the like
Method and apparatus for packing and bi-directional cooling of produce
Memory device with multiple memory layers of local charge storage
Nucleic acid amplification using nicking agents
Lymphoma associated molecules and uses therefor
Compositions and methods for enhancing oligonucleotide-mediated gene alteration
Process for high throughput DNA methylation analysis
Refresh methods for RAM cells featuring high speed access
Morphology-based optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy
System and method for providing cardioversion therapy and overdrive pacing using an implantable card...
Optical transmission system and optical transmission device
Method and apparatus for receiving data based on tracking zero crossings
Data communication system, controller device and data communication method
Enhanced conversion of wideband signals to narrowband signals
Method and system for communicating control information via out-of-band symbols
Mesh architecture for synchronous cross-connects
Downstream channel change technique implemented in an access network
Solid phase dispersion of quinolone or naphthyridonecarboxylic acids
Allergy inhibition
T cell epitopes of ryegrass pollen allergen
Vaccines against varicella zoster virus gene 63 product
T cell epitope peptide
Composition for targeted cell treatment
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Antibodies to calcium independent cytosolic phospholipase A.sub.2/B enzymes
Magnetic resonance device with a high frequency shield having a high frequency short circuit to the ...
Diagnostic imaging apparatus and method for limbs, particularly the hand by means of nuclear magneti...
Deflection yoke
NMR probe for material analysis
Pulsed quantum dot laser system with low jitter
Housing for an unsolicited call blocking device
Extension mount for a flat panel monitor
Frame for use with an electrical connector and electrical card
IC card type circuit module
Tape cartridge
Memory card adapter
Racing stripe on mouse
Mouse with media control features
Monitor for displaying moving images, pictures or scenes
Housing for displaying moving pictures or scenes
Computer system having data store protected from internet contamination by virus or malicious code a...
Quick change extension contoured mask frame
Electric shaver
Hair clip
Hair dryer
Combined cigar lighter and cutter
Combination key holder and cigarette lighter
Biluminal endovascular graft system
Stent with tapered flexibility
Methods for protecting a patient from embolic material during surgery
Intra-aortic balloon catheter having a dual sensor pressure sensing system
Nitinol frame heating and setting mandrel
Gasket and method of manufacturing the gasket
Method and apparatus for preventing leakage of bodily fluids and other fluids during embalming to pr...
Minimally invasive mitral valve repair method and apparatus
Electrosurgical instrument and method of use
Radio-frequency heating balloon catheter
Multi-element array for acoustic ablation
Needle safety device for an intravenous catheter apparatus and method of use
RF telemetry link for establishment and maintenance of communications with an implantable device
Lawn tractor lift
System for scheduling and monitoring a project
Method and system for providing insurance protection against loss of retirement accumulations in a t...
Systems and methods for providing an interactive graphical representation of a market for an electro...
Composition and method for electrodeposition of metal on a work piece
Electrostatically driven lithography
Polyvalent cation-sensing receptor in Atlantic salmon
Composition and method for inhibiting platelet aggregation
Enzyme-based regeneration of surface-attached nucleic acids
Air filter assembly for low temperature catalytic processes
Anode tailgas oxidizer
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor
Binding peptides specific for the extracellular domain of ErbB2 and uses therefor
Encapsulating Fibre Channel signals for transmission over non-Fibre Channel networks
Exercise device
System and method for authenticating a mailpiece sender
Method and apparatus for product regionalization
Rectifier utilizing a grounded antenna
Electronic article surveillance marker deactivator using an expanded detection zone
Object carriers and lighted tags for an object control and tracking system
Circuit arrangement for signal detection having current mirror with cascode coupled transistors
Tire and method of securing an object thereto
Proximity validation system and method
Device and method for animal tracking
Radio frequency tagging for indicia printing and product information
Optical card based system for individualized tracking and record keeping
Single RF oscillator single-side band modulation for RFID readers using tone insertion during reader...
Method, system and computer program product for personalizing the functionality of a personal commun...
Tuned antenna ID reader
Method and sensor for detecting the binding of biomolecules by shear stress measurement
Electromagnetic interference shielding of electrical cables and connectors
Polymers for use in optical devices
3,4-alkylenedioxy-thiophene copolymers
Tear resistant gels, composites, and articles
Universal data management interface
Virtual storage device that uses volatile memory
System and method for efficiently writing data from an in-memory database to a disk database
Document processing method and system, and computer-readable recording medium having document proces...
Intramyocardial injection of autologous bone marrow
Apparatus and method to remotely change IP address of server
Device control system, network constructed by the system, and program executed on device constructin...
Peptides for gene delivery
Electrical analysis of biological membranes
3-dimensional klinostat for culture of cells
Method of increasing the relative number of CD45 low cells in a cell population
Methods of culturing embryonic stem cells and controlled differentiation
Polynucleotides and polypeptides coded by said polynucleotides involved in the synthesis of diketopi...
Adaptive feedback channel for radio frequency power amplifiers
Variable impedance load for a variable gain radio frequency amplifier
Method and arrangement for calibrating an active filter
Coaxial radio frequency adapter and method
Systems and methods for provisioning and tracking a communication platform with a radio-frequency ta...
Reflective mask for short wavelength lithography
Method for purification of lens gases used in photolithography and metrology
Scintillator arrays for radiation detectors and methods of manufacture
Monolithic structure for x-ray CT collimator
Hydrogenation of biochemical derived 1,3 -propanediol
Guard bed containing lead compounds upstream of a bed of copper-containing catalyst to prevent its c...
Method for treating soot-containing exhaust
Process for fabricating a micro-optical lens
CMP method for noble metals
Elastic drainage pavement comprising waste polyurethane chips for use on existing roads and a paving...
Methods and apparatuses for mixing cosmetic preparations at a point of sale
Homogeneous cellulose solution and high tenacity lyocell multifilament using the same
Chemical-mechanical polishing slurry and method
Field emitter cathode backplate structures for display panels
Methods of forming printed circuit boards having embedded thick film capacitors
Stretch break method and product
Thermally cross-linked fluoropolymer
Polymer-supported phosphorus ligands for catalysis
Methods for producing full-color organic electroluminescent devices
Nucleic acid sequences encoding isoflavone synthase
Natural promoters for gene expression in C1 metabolizing bacteria
Method for production of C30-aldehyde carotenoids
Fluid flow-fields for electrochemical devices
Ink receptor sheet and it's process of use
System and process for allocating flow capacity in a network
Method and system for restricting PXE servers
Method and system for restricting PXE servers
Selectively deferring instructions issued in program order utilizing a checkpoint and multiple defer...
Accelerated Galois data integrity crosscheck system and method
Method and apparatus for customizing and monitoring multiple interfaces and implementing enhanced fa...
Apparatus and methods for switching hardware operation configurations
Process for producing a metallic honeycomb body with a receptacle for a sensor
Lightwave circuit device
Hitless tunable optical add drop multiplexer with vernier gratings
Multiple data layer optical discs for detecting analytes
Apparatus and method for carrying out analysis of samples using radiation detector output ratios
Liquid crystal dial having polarizing plate with cutout corresponding to transparent section of the ...
Optical scanner and imaging apparatus using the same
Combined optical and electromagnetic communication system and method
Process for racemization
Process for producing optically active amino acid derivatives
Method and apparatus for optical transmission
Security system for network address translation systems
Systems, methods, and computer program products to improve performance of ported applications, such ...
Optimizer improved statistics collection
Method for making an integrated circuit comprising a waveguide having an energy band engineered supe...
Light modulation apparatus, image pickup apparatus, and drive methods therefor
Optical filter having filter layer containing infrared absorbing dye and ultraviolet absorbing agent
Image display device and light emission device
Anti-reflection film and process for the preparation of the same
Correction characteristic determining device, correction characteristic determining method, and disp...
Electric circuit, latch circuit, display apparatus and electronic equipment
Electroluminescence light emitting display system
Tiled flat panel lighting system
Electroluminescence device
Method for manufacturing display device
Sensor based on surface components with capacitative coupling of the high frequency connections
Word key
Tactile pin holding apparatus, tactile pin display apparatus and braille display member
Method and device for playing a game using remainder values