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Linguistic disambiguation system and method using string-based pattern training learn to resolve amb...
Method for decision and risk analysis in probabilistic and multiple criteria situations
Data organization in a fast query system
Identifying solutions to computer problems in client/server system
Inflatable spherical integrating source for spaceflight applications having a reflective interior su...
System and method for fire detection
Methods of producing plane-parallel structures of silicon suboxide, silicon dioxide and/or silicon c...
Organic light active devices with particulated light active material in a carrier matrix
Shaft mounted energy harvesting for wireless sensor operation and data transmission
Wind farm
Method and apparatus for determining a maximum power point of photovoltaic cells
Electric-field meter having current compensation
Multiple sensitivity stud sensing device
Anti-tamper apparatus
Gas supply pressure alarm device
Method and system for real time navigation using satellite transmitted three-carrier radio signals a...
Spot beam antenna boresight calibration using GPS receivers
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
Wireless methods and systems for three-dimensional non-contact shape sensing
Interferometric modulators with thin film transistors
Nanocrystal write once read only memory for archival storage
Testing device and software
Rapid user acquisition by a ground-based beamformer
Exhaust gas diagnosis system and vehicle control system
Method, apparatus and system for selecting, ordering and purchasing glass products
Stringed instrument and associated fret mapping method
Combination guitar pick and shoulder strap lock
Musical instrument bracket assembly
Predator recordings
Compressed data structure and apparatus and method related thereto
Methods and systems for per persona processing media content-associated metadata
Sound pickup device for percussion instrument
Interchangable pre amp module for an electronic string instrument
Key operation detection unit of an electronic keyboard instrument
Lysyl oxidase-like 1 (LOXL1) and elastogenesis
Lysyl oxidase-like 1 (LOXL1) and elastogenesis
Methods for treating post-surgical pain by administering an anti-nerve growth factor antagonist anti...
Enkephalinase inhibitor and GABA precursor loading as anti-anxiety compositions
Composition for treatment of asthma
Use of Bowman Birk inhibitor for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases
Compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of epizootic catarrhal enteritis in ferrets
Nucleic acid sequences encoding melanoma associated antigen molecules, aminotransferase molecules, A...
Methods for screening compounds that modulate lipid metabolism
PRO4405 nucleic acids
Method for treating or preventing inflammatory diseases
Treatment of aging disorders in humans
Method and composition for potentiating an oplate analgesic
Polypeptides encoded by a nucleic acid over expressed in normal stomach normal skin and kidney tumor
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Receptor for IL-17 homologous polypeptides and uses thereof
Polynucleotide encoding a novel human serpin secreted from lymphoid cells, LSI-01
Humanized antibodies that recognize beta amyloid peptide
Phenyl-aza-benzimidazole compounds for modulating IgE and inhibiting cellular proliferation
Process and machine for water proofing semimanufactured footwear, clothing items and accessories, an...
Method for producing made-to-measure orthopaedic shoes
Multi-part last for manufacturing shoes
Shoe tree having expansible side pieces
Method for manufacturing shoe sole cushions with thermally pressed material
Shoe tree supporting shoe exactly
Shoe tree
Device for suspending a foot within a shoe and shoes incorporating such devices
Contoured insole construction and method of manufacturing same
Method for producing waterproof seams
Custom fit system with adjustable last and method for custom fitting athletic shoes
Method of retrofitting a finished shoe to provide additional cushioning material
Method of retrofitting a finished shoe to provide additional cushioning material
Shoe having improved Opanka stitching
Orthopedic Insoles for Protecting the Metatarsal Heads of the Forefoot
Shoe sole having fabric and method for adhering fabric to shoe sole
Footwear measurement and footwear manufacture systems and methods
Applicator apparatus of a shoe
Digit pad and method for treating trigger finger and trigger thumb
Ankle brace
Apparatus for spinal positioning
Methods and devices for tensioning a wrap around a blood vessel
Compression apparatus and method for stimulating hair growth
Multilayer wound dressing
Knee Brace and Methods of Use and Modification Thereof
Skin lesion protector
Spacer element for prosthetic and orthotic devices
Biocompatible wound dressing
Adhesive bandage with reduced pain during removal
Compression bandage with H-anchor tightening means
Integrated package
Adjustable buckle with dual tensioning and releasable closure for joining opposite ends of an articl...
Elastic bandage segment
Daneshvar wrapping means and methods
Method for making foamed products
Shoe upper and footwear constructed therewith and process for its production
Orthopedic device for distributing pressure
Waterproofed and breathable sole for shoes and manufacturing method thereof
Parking lot management system using wireless LAN system
Lamp which is closed on two sides
Pillar cell flash memory technology
Directing optical channels using a reflective device
Clamp for joining tubular bodies
Proline rich acidic protein and uses thereof
Quantitative RT-PCR to AC133 to diagnose cancer and monitor angiogenic activity in a cell sample
Modified cDNA of rat bcl-x gene and modified protein
Vehicular light assembly and related method
Autonomic configuration of port speeds of components connected to an interconnection cable
Substance inhalation system
Phase shifting device
Multi-piece composite hub assembly for a bicycle
On demand morphable automotive body moldings and surfaces
Flexible method for the joint production of (i) formic acid, (ii) a carboxylic acid comprising at le...
Protective films containing compatible plasticizer compounds useful in polarizing plates for display...
Method and apparatus for designing integrated circuit layouts
On-chip receiver sensitivity test mechanism
Solar tracking system
Low-visual noise, jitterized pulse width modulation brightness control circuit
Phenyl derivatives comprising an acetylene group
Fabrication of light emitting film coated fullerenes and their application for in-vivo light emissio...
Methods of forming particle-containing materials
Method to improve mechanical strength of low-k dielectric film using modulated UV exposure
Combinations for the treatment of immunoinflammatory disorders
Substituted benzodioxepines
Median filter for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry data
Method of making adaptive negative differential resistance device
Storage device including a probe having an electrically conductive tip portion for electrical contac...
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for transverse waveguided display system
Toolholder assembly
Automated banking machine with improved resistance to fraud
Air cooling configuration for gaming machine
Coin-validation arrangement
Method of playing a slot machine ("re-spin & re-pay")
Flat model software compensated crystal oscillator for GPS receiver
Integrated GPS and SDARS antenna
Method of delivering geometric stress relief element to high voltage cable terminations
Environmental control unit for hospital room
Connector device for the sterile connection of tubes
Apparatus and method for applying double-coated pressure sensitive adhesive tape, and method for pro...
Treatment of fluorocarbon feedstocks
Method and apparatus for making an adhesive cleaning sheet
Explosion-free process for the production of polytetrafluoroethylene
Fluorochemical containing low adhesion backsize
Frontlit illuminated touch panel
Self-ligating orthodontic appliance with post for connection to a latch
Arch member for an orthodontic brace
Remote controllable endoscope system
Confocal probe having scanning mirrors mounted to a transparent substrate in an optical path of the ...
Ablation of stomach lining to reduce stomach acid secretion
Method of differential-phase/absolute-amplitude QAM
Method and apparatus for a programmable filter
System and method for providing slicer level adaption
Efficient reduced complexity windowed optimal time domain equalizer for discrete multitone-based DSL...
System and method for selectively searching partitions of a database
Method and apparatus for determining relative relevance between portions of large electronic documen...
Image description system and method
Apparatus and method for determining compatibility of web sites with designated requirements based o...
Optical measurements apparatus and blood sugar level measuring apparatus using the same
Method and magnetic resonance apparatus for calibrating coil sensitivities
Dynamic magnetic resonance angiography
Secondary process controller for supplementing a primary process controller
Moving object detection system
Testing of wire systems and end devices installed in industrial processes
System and method for generating and retrieving different document layouts from a given content
Multicast enabled web content distribution
Method for channel congestion management
Sensor apparatus and monitoring method of control system using detected data from sensor apparatus
Systems and methods for visually representing the aging and/or expiration of electronic documents
Method and apparatus for generating special-purpose image analysis algorithms
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling commercial power supply to fusing means
Touch screen system and display device using the same
Apparatus and method for "LEPARS" interval-based fusion pacing
Light adjuster and laminated glass
Exposure method and exposure system
Method and apparatus for measuring a characteristic of a plastic container
Contrast improving sheet and rear projection screen provided with the same
Method and system for swimmer denial
Iterative CT reconstruction method using multi-modal edge information
Systems and methods for transforming video images using fast visual interpolation
Signal processing apparatus
Method of producing biologically active human acidic fibroblast growth factor and its use in promoti...
Positive resist composition and method of pattern formation using the same
Crystallization of MvaS (HMG-CoA Synthase)
Methods for the detection, analysis and isolation of nascent proteins
Buried, fully depletable, high fill factor photodiodes
Phenalenone derivatives, processes for preparation and use thereof
Radiation detector and detection method, and medical diagnostic apparatus employing same
Device and method for the examination of samples in a non vacuum environment using a scanning electr...
Radiation image conversion panel and manufacturing method thereof
Radiological imagery method and device
X-ray imaging device
Systems and methods for reducing radiation dosage
Methods and apparatus for filtering a radiation beam and CT imaging systems using same
Methods and apparatus for truncation compensation
Signal-adaptive noise reduction in digital radiographic images
Multimodality medical imaging system and method with intervening patient access area
Intelligent autofill
Battery cooling system
Paint filling system and safety device for preparing a pressurized container of pigmented paint
Tooth templates for bracket positioning and other uses
Injector/ejector and shelf structure grounded to card frame ground
Universal broadband server system and method
Wearable phone and method of using the same
Antenna-headset combination for a mobile terminal
Efficiently storing indented threads in a threaded discussion application
Memory system having memory modules with different memory device loads
Power management system
Method for processing error of received packet in ethernet MAC layer
Flash memory test system and method capable of test time reduction
System and method for controlling the recording functionality of an appliance using a program guide
Short message reception method for mobile communication terminal
System, method, apparatus, control method thereof and computer program for wireless communications
Recombinant A2-specific TNF.alpha.-specific antibodies
Vegetable dough, a process for its production and vegetable bakery products made therewith
Genetic markers of food allergy
Square dough products and method of making the same
Method for the identification of a metabolic pathway family by means of positive selection
Method for preparing an intermediate food product based on potatoes and/or cereals and/or legumes an...
Microwavable construct with thermally responsive indicator
Non-hygroscopic flavor particles
Methods of making and using nutritional compositions
Compositions and methods for improving the efficiency of preservatives in foods
Frozen or fresh batter mix and cake
Preservation of flavanols or antioxidants in food products
Low-carbohydrate milk with original calcium
Food Products Comprising a Slowly Digestible or Digestion Resistant Carbohydrate Composition
System and method of providing television program recommendations
Methods and Systems For Sub-Pixel Rendering With Gamma Adjustment
Electrical nerve stimulation device
Method of verifying corrected photomask-pattern results and device for the same
System and method for stimulus calibration for an implantable pulse generator
Systems and methods for providing power to one or more implantable devices
Systems and methods for metrology recipe and model generation
Probe designing method and information processing apparatus
Methods for genetic diversification in gene conversion active cells
Transgenic mouse capable of over-expressing VE-PTP
Genes that confer regeneration ability to plants, and uses thereof
Soybean cultivar 5608398
Soybean cultivar 5138236
Hydrangea macrophylla plant named 'HYMMAD III'
Hydrangea plant named 'Hopcorn'
Variety of calla lily named 'Vermeer'
Breakable active odor control additive for animal litter
Method for masking and removing stains from rugged solid surfaces
Use of calcuim carbonate particles in papermaking
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of o...
Multi-walled, sack-type packaging
Method of operating a sewage system and such a sewage system
Affinity particle and affinity separation method
Bi-tapered reinforcing fibers
Method of bonding adherend
Production of cementitious ash products with reduced carbon emissions
Method and system for process gas entrainment and mixing in a kiln system
Dental restoration piece and a method for producing a dental restoration piece
Fused heterocyclic compounds and their use as metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists
Poly-heterocyclic compounds and their use as metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists
Triazole compounds and their use as metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists
Use of structured water-soluble polymers obtained by controlled radical polymerization as a dispersa...
Aqueous treatment compositions and polymers for use therein
Method for maintaining project standards in computer-aided design projects
Laminate wall structure
Abrasive article and methods of making same
Heat-sensitive stencil, method of preparing stencil printing master and stencil printer
Curing resin composition and sealants and end-sealing materials for displays
Liquid injection needle and liquid injection device
Method of making a paper web containing refined long fiber using a charge controlled headbox and a s...
Use of cerium salts to inhibit manganese deposition in water systems
Multifunctional calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate scale inhibitor
Test kit for intracellular introduction of protein and/or peptide and method of intracellular introd...
Tungsten plug corrosion prevention method using water
Optical isolator element, a method for producing such an element, and an optical isolator using such...
Ro membrane cleaning method
Method and a system for purifying water from a basin, in particular a swimming pool
Antistatic agent, antistatic film and articles coated with antistatic film
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Total organic carbon analysis
Antimicrobial ice compositions, methods of preparation, and methods of use
Process for drying high-lactose aqueous fluids
Process for drying high-lactose aqueous fluids
Process for drying high-lactose aqueous fluids
Use of microfluidic systems in the detection of target analytes using microsphere arrays
Microbial production of l-ascorbic acid
Corn fractionation method
Pharmaceutical formulations
Polymeric composite separation membrane
Oligomers and polymers containing sulfinate groups and method for the production thereof
Anhydrous silver dihydrogen citrate compositions
Formulation and method of use for animal ear treatment and homeopathic animal ear treatment
Herbal composition for treating CD33+ acute and chronic myeloid leukemia and a method thereof
Methods of treating canine osteosarcoma
Compositions that treat or inhibit pathological conditions associated with inflammatory response
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic composition against skin aging
Morinda citrifolia-based formulation 5-LOX and 15-LOX
Methods of using pomegranate extracts for treating diabetes related atherosclerotic complications in...
Morinda Citrifolia L. Based Formulations for Inhibiting Matrix Metalloproteinase Enzymes
Method of preparing a cosmetic composition, and an apparatus for implementing such a method
Method for preventing mold formation by using hydrophobic materials, and mold-controlling agent for ...
Use of secretin in treatments of disorders associated with the amygdala
Compositions and methods for treating bacteria
Pharmaceutical formulations for sustained drug delivery
Pharmaceutical formulations for sustained drug delivery
Compositions and Methods for Preventing or Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Surgical wound dressing
Shaft cone metrology system and method
Electrostatic discharge apparatus for hub and spindle assemblies
Reference point teaching using an end effector to form a witness mark
Automated support member installation station
Object-based data storage device
Methods and systems to communicate information
Underwater rock boring apparatus having differential global positioning system receiver and boring m...
Method and apparatus for mitigating multipath effects at a satellite signal receiver using a sequent...
Decoding and error correction method
Manufacturing process control methods and systems
Method and apparatus of providing wavefront color therapy
Metal halide lamp
Optical head and optical recording and reproducing apparatus
Semiconductor memory device and various systems mounting them
Flash memory device having a graded composition, high dielectric constant gate insulator
Device for inhalation therapy
Extension for a dust cap of a metered dose inhaler
Use of simple amino acids to form porous particles
Tunable micro-lens arrays
Conversion of raw carbonaceous fuels
System and method for downloading of files to a secure terminal
Human IL-18 crystal structure
Method for detecting artifacts in data
Memory command unit throttle and error recovery
Chemical compounds
Fencing off instruction buffer until re-circulation of rejected preceding and branch instructions to...
Enhanced STCX design to improve subsequent load efficiency
Neck motion detector and method for bark control device
Phosphorescence compound and electro field light emitting device having the same
Cushion pin, wear plate, load supporting device, die cushion, press machine and pressing method
Toothbrush and toothpaste holder
Dielectric resonator antenna
Method for preparing a fabric substantially consisting of carbon fibers
Digital video system
Reducing damage to ulk dielectric during cross-linked polymer removal
Combination fuel cell and ion pump, and methods and infrastructure systems employing same
POSH nucleic acids, polypeptides and related methods
Electrostatic discharge device and method for media devices
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Marking system and method
Compounds for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Imaging optical system and image reading apparatus using the same
Method and system for patient optical fixation
Materials and methods for treating coagulation disorders
Use of vibration with orthopedic cements
Method for removing noise from nuclear magnetic resonance signals and images
Low cost multiple pattern antenna for use with multiple receiver systems
Efficient room-temperature source of polarized single photons
Refractive index sensor utilizing gold island surface plasmon resonance on optical fiber
Multi-stage raman amplifier
Magneto-optical resonant waveguide sensors
System and method to minimize modulation instability
Wavelength routing optical switch
Apparatus for improved fiber optic coupling efficiency
Optical module and mounting component
Optical module
Low attenuation large effective area optical fiber
Method and system for multi-initiator support to streaming devices in a fibre channel network
Single fiber passive optical network wavelength division multiplex overlay
Method of seamless migration from scaleable OADM to a network switching node
Passive optical network using loop back of multi-wavelength light generated at central office
Method for transacting for a perishable object having an uncertain availability
Method for ordering goods, services, and content over an internetwork using a virtual payment accoun...
Systems, methods and computer program products for determining parameters for chemical synthesis
Method for providing additional service based on dual UICC
Antenna with near-field radiation control
System and method for deploying application programs having a browser
Apparatus and method for wireless device set-up and authentication using audio authentication.sub.--...
Switching interfaces in external disk drives
Method of fabricating a write element with a reduced yoke length
Instruction prefetch caching for remote memory
Disk drive with Morse code patterned sleeve
Information storage system, and a method of operating it
Use of an optical interface for removable magnetic media
Servo writing a disk drive from spiral tracks by shifting a demodulation window an integer number of...
Data storage device, motor control device, and motor control method
Disk drive estimating angular position of spindle motor during spin-up by computing differences in w...
Methods and apparatus determining and/or using overshoot control of write current for optimized head...
Method and device for data read/write, recording medium, and program product
Technique for recording bias current glitches in magnetoresistive heads
Disc drive with reduced write latency
Dynamic shock detection in disk drive using hair trigger timer
Variable media tape-based storage system
Disk drive that generates a position error signal and a fly height signal from a servo burst pattern
Delay clock track read back data to compensate time variance due to disk thermal expansion in spiral...
System and method for deconvolution of multiple data tracks
Disturbance signal reduction in servo systems
Recording/reproducing method of magnetic tape
Disk drive compensation of bias imparted by a flex circuit cable utilizing a dual bias curve estimat...
Bottom pole structure with recessed section
Planar perpendicular recording head
Single-pole recording head having trapezoidal main pole and bevel angle promotion layer and methods ...
Head slider with precise positioning actuator and manufacturing method of the head slider
Magnetic head, head suspension assembly and magnetic disk apparatus
Magnetic head and magnetic recording/reproducing device
Recording medium drive unit
Valved catheters including high flow rate catheters
Protein and processes for producing the same
Human dectin proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Polyarylcarboxamides useful as lipid lowering agents
Substituted 1-benzyl-4-substituted piperazine analogues
Carboxylic acids
Fused heterocyclic compounds
.beta..sub.3 adrenergic agonists
Aminobenzamide derivative
Aminothiazole derivatives
Methylene-bridged selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Anti-obesity 1,2,3,4,10,10a-hexahydropyrazino[1,2-a]indoles
Benzyloxy derivatives as MAOB inhibitors
Integral thermo-press molding complex brassiere cup structure
Electrochemical synthesis and processing of conducting polymers in supercritical media
Method for making silicate/aluminate sorbent
Method of hydrogenating phenol
Method of removing contaminants from plastic resins
Apparatus and method for the temporal profiling of short laser pulses with thick Bragg gratings
Holographic recording apparatus and method for recording holograms
Laser scanning unit
Laser scanning apparatus
Scanning laser microscope
Thin film magnetic memory device provided with program element
Optical disc apparatus
Continuous wavelength tuning of DBR laser
Laser control method, laser apparatus, laser treatment method used for the same, laser treatment app...
Laser light generating device and method of fabricating the same
Optically pumped active mirror with improved performance and reduced parasitics
Optically pumped semiconductor ring laser
DFB laser with a distributed reflector and photonic band gap
High power single mode vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Line-narrowed dye laser
Wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network system
Bending process estimation apparatus, bending process estimation program, and bending process estima...
Disposable absorbent article with containment structure
Method of making an electronic package
Composite metal material and method of producing the same
Wheel assembly for a tracked vehicle
Electrical connector
Multiple material golf club head
Absorbent composite product and process and apparatus for manufacture thereof
Method and apparatus for electrostatic spray deposition for a solid oxide fuel cell
Ceramics comprising AI.sub.2O.sub.3, Y.sub.2O.sub.3, ZrO.sub.2 and/or HfO.sub.2, and Nb.sub.2O.sub.5...
Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices and systems
Multi channel multiplexed inspection system and method
Method and device for evaluating and/or adjusting the cleaning performance of a cleaning liquid
Silica-based particulates
Screening small molecule drugs using neural cells differentiated from human embryonic stem cells
Fusion implant and method of making same
Methods for sterilizing preparations containing albumin
In vivo production of cyclic peptides for inhibiting protein--protein interaction
Tissue engineering enhanced by the transfer of a growth factor gene
Polypeptide variants with increased heparin-binding capacity
Semiconductor integrated circuit and data processing system
Cache victim sector tag buffer
Selective file and folder snapshot image creation
Speculative data mirroring apparatus method and system
Switching between mirrored and non-mirrored volumes
Memory controller that tracks queue operations to detect race conditions
Data processing apparatus that shares a single semiconductor memory circuit among multiple data proc...
Decompression of block-sorted data
Queuing and aligning data
Testing for operating life of a memory device with address cycling using a gray code sequence
Method and arrangement for protecting information
Data processing system with block control circuits using self-synchronization handshaking and local ...
Material for aneurysm curing
Facet Joint Replacement
Modular intervertebral disc replacements
Artificial intervertebral disk
Methods and Devices for Resurfacing the Wrist Joint
Joint prosthesis, use of such and a method for the application of a joint prosthesis
Implant Scaffold Combined With Autologous Tissue, Allogenic Tissue, Cultured Tissue, or combinations...
Computer systems and methods for identifying surrogate markers
Novel systems and methods for performing contextual information retrieval
Diagnostic and therapeutic use of the human hif3alpha gene and proteins for neurodegenerative diseas...
Rat embryonic stem cell
TAT-030 and methods of assessing and treating cancer
TAT-036 and methods of assessing and treating cancer
Knockout mouse for the tumor suppressor gene ANX7
Mutant BDNF gene introducing knockin mouse
Stress-related polynucleotides and polypeptides in plants
Collagen producing plants and methods of generating and using same
Mobile communication system for performing hand-off based on communication resources in base station...
Uplink radio access network with uplink scheduling
Optical distributed network system using multi input multi output
Apparatus, method, and computer program product providing persistent uplink and downlink resource al...
Self surveying radio location method
Method for controlling the weighting of a data signal in the at least two antenna elements of a radi...
Radio base station apparatus and transmission power control method
Dual-mode phone and power management method thereof
Multimedia client/server system, client module, multimedia server, radio receiver and methods for us...
Headset terminal with speech functionality
Virtual bowling with a bowling ball having an RFID tag
Systems and methods for managing inventory of aggregated post-consumer goods
RFID product identification and tracking system
Automated in-vehicle paging system
Shopping pattern analysis system and method based on rfid
Data communication control system, communication system, service providing method, and computer prog...
Method of conveying geographically conditioned information to vehicle or individuals
Secure traffic redirection in a mobile communication system
System and method for controlling an intergrated circuit to enter a predetermined performance state ...
Method and devices for error tolerant data transmission, wherein retransmission of erroneous data is...
Discrete multi-tone (DMT) system and method that communicates a data pump data stream between a gene...
Optimizing long-path and short-path timing and accounting for manufacturing and operating condition ...
Method and device with DVD and HTML control environments
Broadcast apparatus and reception apparatus that enable additional data to be used without a waiting...
Insertion of messages in digital data
System and method for tracking annotations of data sources
Method and apparatus for process design
Method and apparatus for storage and retrieval of very large databases using a direct pipe
Efficient computer file backup system and method
Lock-free implementation of dynamic-sized shared data structure
Apparatus for outputting individual authentication information connectable to a plurality of termina...
Apparatus and method for pattern matching in text based protocol
Method and apparatus for transparent distributed network-attached storage with web cache communicati...
Data duplication control method
Method for maintaining high performance while preserving relative write I/O ordering for a semi-sync...
System and method for complex schedule generation
Set-oriented real-time data processing based on transaction boundaries
Light source module
High performance MOS device with graded silicide
Lanthanide batteries
Power transmission shaft
Lung reduction system
Document management and access control by document's attributes for document query system
System for fishing
Methods for making integrated-circuit wiring from copper, silver, gold, and other metals
Apparatus and method for measuring differences in the transmission of light through a lens of an eye
System and methods to overcome gravity-induced dysfunction in extremity paresis
Input device of 3-D translation and rotation and its method and recording medium
Force feedback interface device with sensor
Prevention of denial of service attacks
Systems for transferring various data types across an ATM network
Methods and systems for 2D/3D image conversion and optimization
Method of shutting down virtual machines in an orderly manner
Pots extender for voice fallback in a subscriber line
Network management system with validation of policies
Method to offload a network stack
Wireless spread spectrum communication platform using dynamically reconfigurable logic
Scheduler for a direct memory access device having multiple channels
Methods, circuits, and computer program products for variable bus arbitration
Computer system for data processing and method for the transfer of an array segment of an affine-ind...
Coprocessor processing instructions in turn from multiple instruction ports coupled to respective pr...
Method and apparatus for dynamic modification of microprocessor instruction group at dispatch
Method of distributed recording whereby the need to transition to a second recording device from a f...
Method and apparatus for a user to interface with a mobile computing device
Systems and method providing input/output fencing in shared storage environments
Customizable presentation environment
Detecting reordered side-effects
Hot dairy-based beverage dispenser
Rotor blades for food processing machines
Food wrap cutter
Food processor lid
Food preparation implement
Food impressing roller device
Apparatus and method for cleaning, neutralizing and recirculating exhaust air in a confined environm...
Food and feed compositions including resistant starch
Perfume composition and process for producing the same
High protein and high fiber food products
Thermoplastic film for a disposable container made of expandable thermoplastic particles
Method of production of .beta.-carotene by fermentation in mixed culture using (+) and (-) strains o...
Production of DHA in microalgae in low pH medium
Microbially-expressed thermotolerant phytase for animal feed
Dynamic coordination and control of network connected devices for large-scale network site testing a...
Managing distribution of content using mobile agents in peer-topeer networks
Managing web tier session state objects in a content delivery network (CDN)
System for providing fault tolerant data warehousing environment by temporary transmitting data to a...
Multifunction hexadecimal instructions
Navigation satellite acquisition in satellite positioning system receiver
Low non-linear error displacement measuring interferometer
Distributed system time synchronization including a timing signal path
Delay line based multiple frequency generator circuits for CDMA processing
Latching mechanism and method of operation thereof
Method and apparatus for displaying a current configuration of test instruments to a user
Method and apparatus for equalizing a speech signal generated within a pressurized air delivery syst...
Ad hoc telecommunications network management and routing
Method of VMEbus split-read transaction
Wireless module simulator
Finding random jitter in an arbitrary non-repeating data signal
Methods and devices for producing a polymer at a location of a substrate
Framework that maximizes the usage of testhead resources in in-circuit test system
Radio frequency cavity resonatory with heat transport apparatus
3U payload module configurations
Flavored oil-in-water emulsions for food applications
Sustained-release drug formulations for implantation
Delivery system and a manufacturing process of a delivery system
Inkjet recording ink set
Inhibitors of 11-.beta.-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase type 1
Platform and method for remote attestation of a platform
Disposable absorbent articles with wings having corrugated regions and methods of manufacturing ther...
Sanitary napkin
Absorbent article with visual color
Dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment of diabetes
Cement admixture and cement composition
Compositions for golf equipment
Tribological applications of polyelectrolyte multilayers
Methods for preparing slurries of coated particulates
Trusted platform motherboard having physical presence detection based on activation of power-on-swit...
Laser beam power modulation pattern decision method, device for recording data onto optical recordin...
Food dispenser
Quinones as disease therapies
1,1,1,2,2,4,5,5,5-nonafluoro-4-(trifluoromethyl)-3-pentanone refrigerant and heat transfer compositi...
Moisturizing compositions
Topical treatment of ingrown hairs
Multi-processor task scheduling
Process for preparing nitrile compounds from ethylenically unsaturated compounds
Method of generating neurons from stem cells and medium for culturing stem cells
Polysaccharide vaccine for staphylococcal infections
Crawler, crawler pin, crawler bush, and crawler manufacturing method
Wireless communication using multi-transmit multi-receive antenna arrays
Aqueous elastomer coating composition and objects coated with the same
Image forming apparatus
Systems and methods for treating vertebral bodies
Method for producing ethyldimethylamine and triethylamine
High-temperature resistant seal
Assays for detecting modulators of cytoskeletal function
Composite proton exchange membrane and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for detecting and viewing similar programs within a video system
One-step process for the preparation of halide-free hydrophobic salts
Washwater neutralization system for glass forming line
Spectrum searching method that uses non-chemical qualities of the measurement
Hydroxyethylamine derivatives for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Optical pickup device, optical information recording and reproducing apparatus and objective lens
Optimizing light path uniformity in inspection systems
Current fault detector and circuit interrupter and packaging thereof
System, apparatus, and method for measuring an oxygen concentration of a gas
Apparatus for measuring parameters of a fluid in a lined pipe
Low-power remotely readable sensor
Coplanar mounting member for a MEM sensor
Integrated anti-differential current sensing system
Vehicle pre-impact sensing and control system with driver response feedback
Passive optical detection of underwater sound
Automated system to monitor multiple sources of water leaks in residential and commercial buildings
Method and apparatus for measuring parameters of a fluid flowing within a pipe using a configurable ...
Method for the temporal synchronisation of a plurality of vehicle sensors
Display apparatus and method
Hexafluoroisopropanol substituted cyclohexane derivatives
Mobile gas separator system and method for treating dirty gas at the well site of a stimulated gas w...
Toner for electrophotography and developer for electrophotography using the same, process cartridge,...
Catalyst sampling system
Rubber composition for a tire tread
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Athermal optical devices employing negative expansion substrates
Differential nulling avalanche (DNA) clamp circuit and method of use
Apparatus and method for generating pilot beacon signal in base stations of CDMA system
Method for checking whether a mobile station supports a location service (LCS) in a packet switched ...
Method for synchronizing a start value for security in a wireless communications network
Radio receiver
Method for frequency offset estimation in a direct sequence spread spectrum communications receiver
Narrow band chaotic bi-phase shift keying
System and method for real-time spectrum analysis in a radio device
Method and system for transmitting, receiving, and collecting information related to a plurality of ...
Receiver system for decoding data embedded in an electromagnetic signal
Low flicker noise current-folded mixer
Method and apparatus for effecting a detection of mobile devices that are proximate and exhibit comm...
Multicast service providing system, multicast service providing method, information distributor, rad...
Data transmission method and radio system
Hands-free device
Multiprogrammable tissue stimulator and method
Calcium phosphate cements comprising an osteoclastogenic agent
Optical tube assembly having a dry insert and methods of making the same
Process for the preparation of polyamines of the diphenylmethane series at a low degree of protonati...
Fixing apparatus and image-forming device
Image-forming process and image-forming apparatus using flash fusing
Implantable lead including sensor
Method for constructing a layer structure on a substrate
Closure with wrapped cable
Amphibious vehicle suspension
Air assist adaptation for leaf spring suspension systems
Power tool
Ink cartridges
Tandem gauge wheel assembly for planting unit
Tandem gauge wheel assembly for planting unit
Inspection system by charged particle beam and method of manufacturing devices using the system
Air pressure proportional damper
Vehicle onboard brake pad/lining wear estimators with temperature estimations
Pivot bearing
Air spring and hanging label assembly and method of assembling same
Method of processing web edge
Seat having suspension system
Self-levelling foot arrangement for an appliance
Wearable article with multi-level alert system
Package for segregating and mixing substances
Method and apparatus for applying an elastic member
Nonwovens having reduced Poisson ratio
Estimation circuit for time-interleaved ADC and method thereof
Switching between lower and higher power modes in an ADC for lower/higher precision operations
Method and apparatus for use of high sampling frequency A/D converters for low frequency sampling
Polymer sheet for projection screen
Integrated capacitive microfluidic sensors method and apparatus
Low profile expansion card for a system
Energy consumption analysis for use with a storage system
Modular broadcast receiver system & method
Method and apparatus for managing current consumption
Selection interface system
Power converters having output capacitor resonant with autotransformer leakage inductance
Apparatus for optically pre-programming electrically-programmable phase-change memory devices
Noise and channel estimation using low spreading factors
Architecture for a digital subscriber line analog front end
Spectrally constrained impulse shortening filter for a discrete multi-tone receiver
Location-estimating, null steering (LENS) algorithm for adaptive array processing
Method and apparatus for compressing image signals
Image fixing apparatus, and, image forming apparatus having the same, and image forming process
Process and device for estimating the speed of movement of a mobile terminal of a wireless communica...
Method of operating an implantable medical device telemetry processor
Detection systems and methods
Soil and topography surveying
Temperature control system to independently maintain separate molten polymer streams at selected tem...
Flavored extruded food product
Astaxanthin esters
Method for manufacturing inkjet printing head
Method and device for manufacturing pellets of hot-melt ink
Lock-up capacity control apparatus and method for torque converter
Vehicular dialogue interface with centralized commander
Vehicle seat having an electronic control system
Magnetic beverage holder
Method of producing forged part and method of producing suspension arm for automotive vehicles
Vehicle body
Vehicle underbody structure
Braking force control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Angle selective reflection sheet
Control of vehicle drive system
Vehicle storage assembly with adjustable door
Distributed information collecting system
Exhaust gas purifying system
Assembled camshaft for engine and production method thereof
Limited slip differential device
Head-protecting airbag device
Weather strip
Weather strip
Light-emitting device
Animal food distributor
Play apparatus
Detachable remote controller for an electronic entertainment device and method for using the same
Virtual human interface for conducting surveys
Forming mold
Putter alignment device
Resonant muscle stimulator
Method of computing energy loss generated in viscoelastic material and method for evaluating energy ...
Molding technique for fabrication of optoelectronic devices
Structures and methods for coupling energy from an electromagnetic wave
Field programmable structured arrays
Floating gate with unique profile by means of undercutting for split-gate flash memory device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with cavity and method of manufacture thereof
Structure and fabrication method of electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Field plate transistor with reduced field plate resistance
Piezo-TFT cantilever MEMS
Integrated circuit package with air gap
III-V group nitride system semiconductor self-standing substrate, method of making the same and III-...
Micro lead frame package
Ball grid array package construction with raised solder ball pads
Semiconductor multipackage module including die and inverted land grid array package stacked over ba...
Method and apparatus for combining multiple integrated circuits
Copper interconnects
Trace design to minimize electromigration damage to solder bumps
Method for producing chip stacks
Electrical or electronic component and method of producing same
RFID tags and processes for producing RFID tags
Multi-domain liquid crystal display and a thin film transistor substrate of the same
Laser-based cleaning device for film analysis tool
Integrated optics units and methods of manufacturing integrated optics units for use with microelect...
Smart component-based management techniques in a substrate processing system
Network-based method and system for determining a location of user equipment in CDMA networks
GPS satellite signal acquisition assistance system and method in a wireless communications network
System and method for providing location information to applications
Efficient delivery of information services information
System for generating a session configuration file for a computing system having attributes that are...
System and method for delivering information at inaccessible locations
Selectively prohibiting speculative execution of conditional branch type based on instruction bit
Functional-level instruction-set computer architecture for processing application-layer content-serv...
Aligning load/store data using rotate, mask, zero/sign-extend and or operation
Error correcting content addressable memory
Methods of providing error correction in configuration bitstreams for programmable logic devices
Synthesis aware placement: a novel approach that combines knowledge of possible resynthesis
Apparatus and method for determining geographical location relative to a designated geographical loc...
Action support method and apparatus
Monitoring and representing complex signals
Method and system for testing a memory of a microprocessor
Diagnostic probe management in data processing systems
Method and apparatus for using a fault tolerant memory in processor testing and design
System and method for storage of operational parameters on components
System and method for persisting error information in a command line environment
Raid 3+3
System and method browsing a network topology using a character driven interface
System for transmitting and displaying icon resources group associated with remote application to a ...
Timing convergence, efficient algorithm to automate swapping of standard devices with low threshold-...
Compilation of unified parallel C-language programs
Apparatus and method for using database knowledge to optimize a computer program
Method and apparatus for implementing distributed event management in an embedded support processor ...
Device driver conversion and creation
Apparatus and methods for integrating APIs for program execution management
Sharing a sign-in among software applications having secured features
Active-pixel image sensors
Gimbal optical system for document image capture
Electronic camera
Remote control method of tile display
Locking display pixel clock to input frame rate
Dual mode signal processing apparatus and method using a picture-in-picture (PIP) mode
Image retrieving method and apparatuses therefor
Method and arrangement for synchronising on-screen display functions during analog signal reception
Color non-uniformity correction for LCOS
Spherical and nearly spherical view imaging assembly
Monolithic color wheel and process for fabrication of the same
Method for recovering a digital data content in a communication system and apparatus for performing ...
System and process for robust sound source localization
Apparatus and method for defect detection and program thereof
Encoder for volume data
Object extraction
Method and apparatus for electronic image processing
Safe air-pressure-launched toy rocket system and method of entertaining
Pop up collapsible structures
Figurines having interactive communication
Infant support structure with an entertainment device
Storage device for items such as marine lines
Apparatus for deploying and recovering a towed acoustic line array from an unmanned undersea vehicle
Pivoting apparatus of industrial robot
Entertainment device and method of using the same
Printer with embedded retrieval and publishing interface
Clock-slaving in a programmable video recorder
Apparatus and method for producing and managing data for optimizing the delivery of multimedia conte...
System and method for providing multi-media services to communication devices over a communications ...
Apparatus and method for constrained selection of favorite channels
Beacon protocol for internet connection sharing devices
SIP2 Mobile gateway
Transparent, look-up-free packet forwarding method for optimizing global network throughput based on...
Wireless terminal-interoperable home network system
System and method for locating and presenting electronic documents to a user
Mailbox profile portion copying among voicemail system components of networks
Method and system for optimizing performance and availability of a dynamic host configuration protoc...
Probabilistic packet marking
Method and apparatus for local IP address translation
Automated spell analysis
System, device and method for controlling display presentation order
Remote imaging system
Wall surfacing template
Variable angle corner tool
Flexible fastener
Laser level with adjustable laser projection line
Lighter-weight reinforced decorative composite material
Method and apparatus for supporting tools in a door jamb
Drywall tool
Mounting bracket, and method therefor
Lateral force resisting system
Shelf support bracket
Gaming system having a gaming machine display and at least one spacer display
Gaming device having varying risk player selections
Gaming device having symbol stacks
Voice over IP based biometric authentication
Thermionic vacuum diode device with adjustable electrodes
Apparatus for supplying power, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the sa...
Power source for a hybrid vehicle
Isolated high voltage battery charger and integrated battery pack
Battery pack
Intelligent multiple battery charging station
Method for prediction of electrical characteristics of an electrochemical storage battery
Dual-source CMOS battery charger
Output control device of generation device
Electric power generation control apparatus
DC voltage converter and method for converting a DC voltage
DC-DC converter and error amplifier thereof
Reducing power/area requirements to support sleep mode operation when regulators are turned off
Low drop-out voltage regulator
Power supply apparatus capable of supplying a stable converted voltage
Curvature corrected bandgap reference circuit and method
Bandgap reference designs with stacked diodes, integrated current source and integrated sub-bandgap ...
Bandgap reference circuit
Over voltage protection scheme for synchronous buck converter
Current limit circuit and power supply including same
Method of fabricating semiconductor device employing selectivity poly deposition
EL device having improved power distribution
Image sensor with improved light sensitivity
Finding images with multiple people or objects
Encoding optimization techniques for encoding program grid section of server-centric interactive pro...
Complex system diagnostic service model selection method and apparatus
DOS attack mitigation using upstream router suggested remedies
Method and apparatus for synchronous updating of multiple language web content
Facilitating IP-based multicasting control connections
Apparatus and method for measuring electrochemical and viscoelastic properties of a liquid
Display apparatus having heat dissipating structure for driver integrated circuit
Method for sensing an electric field
Method of measuring test coverage of backend verification runsets and automatically identifying ways...
Ingress monitoring system and method
System and method for multiple bit optical data transmission in memory systems
Pipelined semiconductor memories and systems
High performance metallization cap layer
Manufacturing method for organic electroluminescence device, and electronic device therewith
Mobile entertainment and communication device