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Container for preparing a comestible article in microwave oven, and a self-contained comestible arti...
Express card interface adapter
Viewing device
Systems and methods for improved spell checking
AlCuMg alloys with high damage tolerance suitable for use as structural members in aircrafts
Powder inhaler
Article to hold and remotely spray an aerosol spray container
Apparatus and method for managing and inferencing contextural relationships accessed by the context ...
Repair system and method for fiberglass boats
Structural protein of adeno-associated virus with modified antigenicity, its production and its use
Compositions and methods for detecting and treating diseases and conditions related to chemokine rec...
Surfactant preparations comprising .alpha.-hydroxy acids
Peptides based on the sequence of human lactoferrin and their use
Gene delivery vehicle expressing the aptosis-inducing proteins VP2 and/or apoptin
Ester-terminated poly(ester-amide) in personal care products
Interferon-like protein Zcyto21
Cysteine variants of interleukin-11
Composition for cleaning contained bodies of water
Facial pack and bathing compositions based on Hwangto (Korean loess) and preparation thereof
Synergistic compositions containing aromatic compounds and terpenoids present in Alpinia galanga
Topical composition and method for the treatment and prophylaxis of dermal irritations
Assays for diagnosis of thrombophilic disease
Competitive immunoassay using complexed analyte derivatives
Interferon-like protein Zcyto21
System and methods for adaptive control of robotic devices
Implantable medical device including a hermetic connector block extension
Atraumatic sensor lead assemblies
Semiconductor bonding pad structure
Firewall control for secure private networks with public VoIP access
Acylated aminopropanediols and analogues and therapeutic uses thereof
Update system and method for updating a scanning subsystem in a mobile communication framework
Error recovery in a client/server application using two independent sockets for communication
Method and apparatus for monitoring glucose levels in a biological tissue
Multiple-network system and method for loading, transferring and redeeming value through stored valu...
Apparatus and process for conditioning mammalian blood
Manipulative user interface systems and methods
Method and apparatus for managing intelligent assets in a distributed environment
Heat laminating a cover foil to a base foil
Apparatus and method for machining with cryogenically cooled oxide-containing ceramic cutting tools
Distributed input/output control systems and methods
Method for regulating the temperature of strip metal
Method for inhibiting polymerization of (METH) acrylic acid and its esters using an inhibitor and a ...
Chloride channel opener
Compounds and methods for modulating cell-adhesion mediated drug resistance
Catalyst for polymerization or copolymerization of olefins, preparation and use of the same
Magnesium-containing carrier components and application thereof to olefin polymerization
Oxidation-resistant and wear-resistant polyethylenes for human joint replacements and methods for ma...
Method and circuit for headset listening of an audio recording
Method and device for non-invasive measurements of blood parameters
Musk odorant compounds
Method and apparatus for conveying a security context in addressing information
Methods and apparatus for managing plug-in services
Apparatus and method for engine performance evaluation
Cradle for digital camera
Service processing system and method
Circular polarization spin semiconductor laser using magnetic semiconductor and laser beam generatin...
Filter housing arrangement with cartridge guides
Touch panel system and method for distinguishing multiple touch inputs
Coupling solenoid valve
Method and system for image compression using image symmetry
Requirement-centric extensible multilingual instruction language with anti-task actions for computer...
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Particles with light-polarizing codes
Tool position referencing for CNC machines
Method and apparatus for resource allocation in a raid system
Process for producing carboxylic acids
Electrically conductive polymeric biomaterials, the process for their preparation and the use thereo...
Chip-based speciation and phenotypic characterization of microorganisms
Sets of digital antibodies directed against short epitopes, and methods using same
Antibodies to human Ependymin
Glutamate transporter associated proteins and methods of use thereof
Method for production of high titer virus and high efficiency retroviral mediated transduction of ma...
Plasmids encoding therapeutic agents
Human DR4 antibodies and uses thereof
Human gene with immunoregulatory and anti-proliferative properties
Genes of IL-12P40 subunit mutated for improving the activity of IL-12 and use thereof for DNA vaccin...
6-phenyl-7H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine compounds that induce neuronal differentiation in embryonic ste...
Tricyclic-heteroaryl compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Pyrazole-amine compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
N-heterocyclic inhibitors of TNF-.alpha. expression
Immunosuppressive effects of 8-substituted xanthine derivatives
Pre-organized tricyclic integrase inhibitor compounds
Heterocyclic inhibitors of ERK2 and uses thereof
Imidazole compounds
Polynucleotide encoding a mutated HIV gp41 polypeptide
Support roller of crawler type traveling apparatus
Antenna diversity based on packet errors
Reworkable thermal interface material
Thermoplastic compositions with enhanced melt flow and compatibility
Method and apparatus for forming an underfill adhesive layer
Gene BRCC-2 and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Method for the production of benzophenones
Protein solution preparation and method of stabilizing the same
Muteins of human neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin and related proteins
Fuel cell
Retardation element, display element comprising the same, and process of producing retardation eleme...
Apparatus and method for storing and distributing encrypted digital content
Overdischarge preventing circuit apparatus for a nonawueous electrolyte secondary battery, overdisch...
High pressure discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Organosilicon compounds and method of manufacturing the same
Multiple input data receiver for cable television systems
Polymer/WUCS mat for use in sheet molding compounds
Strand oscillator assembly for choppers and method
Method and apparatus for reducing x-ray dosage in CT imaging prescription
Method for testing non-componented circuit boards
Fuel rail
MR imaging providing tissue/blood contrast image
Pharmaceutical drug candidates and methods for preparation thereof
.beta.-secretase enzyme compositions and methods
Method for specifying and parsing expressions
Depeptidized inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
Optical measuring device
Switchable multi-transmitter combiner and method
Functionalized polymers for medical applications
Tricyclic modulators of the glucocorticoid receptor, AP-1, and/or NF-.kappa.B activity and use there...
Inhibitors of histone deacetylase
Method for manufacturing surface acoustic wave element, as well as surface acoustic wave element man...
Secured access using a coordinate system
Rapid setting calcium phosphate cements
Manufacture of a heat transfer system
Gas turbine installation
Heated sub-freezing airflow diverter
Air conditioning unit and air conditioning system for a vehicle
Flow through tube plug
Method and system for cooling electronic components
Apparatus and method for enhanced heat transfer
Mechanical seal having a single-piece, perforated mating ring
Carbon monoxide conversion process and reactor
High voltage circuit breaker with cooling
Heat dissipation module for hinged mobile computer
Fan assembly for a power supply
Electronic system having a fan duct
Heat dissipation assembly
Cooling apparatus and method
Heat dissipation device with heat pipe
Heat dissipating device with back plate for electronic assembly
Method and apparatus for heat dissipation
Thermal management for shielded circuit packs
High density memory module using stacked printed circuit boards
Environmental cell for a scanning probe microscope
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Boot scrubber
Three-dimensional surface/contour processing based on electromagnetic radiation interrogation
Retroreflective article having at least one valve and method of making same
Multi-sensor monitoring of athletic performance
Optoelectronic component with curved waveguide with inwardly sloped sides
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively regulating a toner layer, developing m...
Fixing device, image forming apparatus using the fixing device, and heat insulating member
Cleaning blade for an image forming apparatus featuring a supporting portion and a cleaning portion ...
Method and system of transmission power control
Future capture of block matching clip
Detection of lightning
Apparatus and method for determining a level of confidence in a risk assessment and/or determining a...
System and method for creation and maintenance of a rich content or content-centric electronic catal...
Method and arrangement for performing atomic updates using a logical flash memory device
Reliable communication mechanism with "at most once" delivery guarantee
Method and apparatus for identifying slow links and for providing application-based responses to slo...
Analysis of causal relations between intercommunicating nodes
System and method for managing system events by creating virtual events in an information handling s...
Protecting database records against a failed write operation
Built-in self test for memory arrays using error correction coding
User-driven menu generation system with multiple submenus
Method for formatting text by hand drawn inputs
Dustcover device for data storage devices
Jet nozzle mixer
Downhole seismic-sonic receiver
Speaker apparatus and manufacturing method of speaker apparatus
Reflex-ported folded horn enclosure
Exhaust system for engine
Acoustic fluid machine
Sound damping compositions and methods for applying and baking same onto substrates
Ocean bottom seismometer package with distributed geophones
Methods of simultaneously cleaning and disinfecting industrial water systems
Process and reactor module for quick start hydrogen production
Direct contact liquid air contaminant control system
Mesoporous glass as nucleant for macromolecule crystallisation
Hydrous zirconium oxide, hydrous hafnium oxide and method of making same
Method for producing an essentially chlorite-free, stable aqueous chlorine-oxygen solution, the chlo...
Low temperature synthesis of silicon fibers
Process for condensation of sulphuric acid vapours to produce sulphuric acid
System and method for abating the simultaneous flow of silane and arsine
Rare earth garmet sintered compact
Method for making transparent continuous zeolite film and structure of the zeolite film
Silicon carbide-based catalytic body and process for producing the same
Method for producing flanged molding
Elastin stabilization of connective tissue
Induced phase transition method for the production of microparticles containing hydrophilic active a...
Tape and wrapping materials with edge-finding feature
Coated particles
In Vitro sorting method
Isolated carotenoid biosynthesis gene cluster involved in canthaxanthin production and applications ...
Thermal development apparatus
System for analysis and selection of encapsulated cellular materials
Methods and compositions for immunomodulation using CD1 antigens
Synthesis and antimalarial activity of pyrrolo[3,2-f]quinazoline-1,3-diamine derivatives
Azole derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Microencapsulated pigment, production process therefor, and aqueous dispersion and ink jet recording...
Polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid underexpressed in esophageal tumor and melanoma
Polypeptides encoded by a nucleic acid are expressed in esophageal and kidney tumor
Main magnet perforated eddy current shield for a magnetic resonance imaging device
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, coil system for a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and mag...
Video-on-demand system
Gaming device and method
Dragon-name game
Game method and apparatus
Easy big game field dressing apparatus
Sport video game machine and play control method of sport video game
Gaming device having symbols with transformation probabilities
Target apparatus for a sport goal
Articulated football goal including sacrificial crossbar
Anchor fitting for a hollow ball
Methods and apparatus for controlling devices in a networked lighting system
Text input device and adapter mechanism
Apparatus and method for representing visual information for embedded handheld devices
Method and appliance for providing broadband internet services in a retracting drawer mounted enclos...
Deer rattle
Guitar gripping apparatus
Engineers piano with bisymmetrical manuals and accompanying musical notation system
Vibration source driving device
Performance data transmission controlling apparatus, and electronic musical instrument capable of ac...
Music playing/processing device and method for playing music file according to playing order of tone...
System for and method of determining the period of recurring events within a recorded signal
Accessing audio processing components in an audio generation system
System and methods for automatic DSP processing
Communication method and system for transmission and reception of packets collecting sporadically in...
Sensor alignment detection method for an infrared blind-zone sensing system
Vehicle-presence notifying apparatus and vehicle-presence notifying method
Method and system for contactless evaluation of fatigue of an operator
Multi-network control system for a vehicle
Transfer case having selectable driving modes suited to motor vehicle load and road conditions
Flow rate control device for power steering
Hybrid electric vehicle
Industrial truck with an electrical drive and a fuel cell system and method for the operation of an ...
Electrical apparatus, cooling system therefor, and electric vehicle
Modular type motor-driven vehicle
Windrower rear axle suspension system
Structure for disposing fuel tank for straddle-type vehicle
Contoured rear fender storage container for a motorcycle
Saddle-ride type vehicle
Differential gear for a vehicle
Work vehicle cab screen
Frame mount latch assembly for subsurface aircraft servicing pit
Design methods and configurations for supersonic aircraft
Flying sailboat
Microaircraft and cellular phone equipped with microaircraft
Landing assist apparatus eccentric bushing
Aircraft archway architecture
Interior configuration for an aircraft cabin
Asymmetrical low-profile bulkhead
System and method for launching a missile from a flying aircraft
Spoiler for vehicles and manufacturing method thereof
Dried blood factor composition comprising trehalose
Complementarity determining region-grafted antibody against ganglioside GD3 and derivative of antibo...
Methods for cloning non-human mammals using reprogrammed donor chromatin or donor cells
Immunoglobulin fusion proteins, their production and use
Fructan biosynthetic enzymes
Polypeptides of FGF-CX
Gene regulatory region that promotes early seed-specific transcription
Light-driven energy generation using proteorhodopsin
Plant photoperiod sensitivity gene Hd1 and use of the same
BSND nucleic acids and proteins
Floral organ tissue-specific expression of isopentenyl transferase
Stem-regulated, plant defense promoter and uses thereof in tissue-specific expression in monocots
Denaturant stable and/or protease resistant, chaperone-like oligomeric proteins, polynucleotides enc...
Increased wax production in plants
AXMI-003, a delta-endotoxin gene and methods for its use
Soybean cultivar 4189010
Cotton variety 450001G
Plants and seeds of variety I116412
Rice cultivar designated `Trenasse`
Methods for determining therapeutic index from gene expression profiles
Wave-forming apparatus for boats
Channel installation device
Mitred grate and drain cover
Method and device for positioning a branch connection on a pipeline
Process for the biodegradation of hydrocarbons and ethers in subsurface soil by introduction of a so...
Dynamically targeting online advertising messages to users
System and method for the administration of financial accounts using profiles
Real-time addresses for direct mail using online directories
Interactive symptomatic recording system and method utilizing symptomatic memory
Machine element selection support system
Notification service for assisting users in selecting items from an electronic catalog
Builders on-line assistant
Accounting system and method for processing transaction data
System for invoice record management and asset-backed commercial paper program management
System and method for paying down debt using an equity loan revolving line of credit
Financial services payment vehicle and method
Method and system for prioritizing debt collections
System and method for collection, distribution, and use of information in connection with commercial...
Method and apparatus for an integrated identity security and payment system
Method and device for performing electronic transactions
Rule-based packet selection, storage, and access method and system
Method and arrangement for automatically ordering supplies which are consumed during usage of a devi...
System and method for creating a searchable electronic catalog
Method of modulating the transmission frequency in a real time opinion research network
Multi-hub connectivity in a system for collaborative planning
Recordation and organization of problem solving data
Wrestler headgear ear cup
Vivarium top cover
Dual animal carrier
Disc-shaped pet toy
Portion of a laundry appliance
Robot vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner grip
Cleaning implement
Portion of a squeegee
Dishwand holder
Paint tray cover with support means for a paint can
Iron and stand therefor
Container cover
Golf cart
Shopping cart
Slope adjustable head for pedestal jack
Drum lid
Drum lid
Drum lid
Time domain radio transmission system
Encryption/decryption instruction set enhancement
Method and system for selecting encryption keys from a plurality of encryption keys
Fast encryption and authentication for data processing systems
Method and apparatus for encrypting and decrypting information
Receiving mixed-media data
Method and system for handling two CA systems in a same receiver
System and method for establishing a secure connection
Optical fiber interferometer with relaxed loop tolerance and QKD system using the same
System and method for improved security in handset reprovisioning and reprogramming
System and method for compressing secure e-mail for exchange with a mobile data communication device
Security supervisor governing allowed transactions on a system bus
Precise exit logic for removal of security overlay of instruction space
Protected media path and refusal response enabler
Copy protection method and system for digital media
Lavandula plant named `Grace Leigh`
Phlox plant named `USPHLO419`
Phlox plant named `USPHLO322`
Petunia plant named `USTUNI8902`
Sutera plant named `Danova900`
Sutera plant named `Bushy White`
Petunia plant named `USTUNI6504`
Phlox plant named `USPHL304`
Bidens plant named `Sumbid 03`
Geranium plant named `Luscious Linda`
Lobelia plant named `Grulo 02`
Verbena plant named `Duefarpur`
Verbena plant named `KLEVE04340`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `KLEI04077`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `KLEI04075`
Euryops plant named `ATN CS5`
Climbing miniature rose plant named `SPRolife`
Angelonia plant named `Balanglader`
Impatiens plant named `Balolepeac`
Peach tree--named `White Rock` cultivar
Penstemon plant named `Pheni Pinka`
Control of a wireless conference telephone system
Fault characterization using information indicative of echo
Method and apparatus to permit interjected messaging in a multimedia messaging system
Method and system for online call management
Methods and apparatus for obtaining and distributing voice mail information
Methods, systems, and products for providing communications services
Method and apparatus for implementing a pre-paid card service
Method and apparatus for improved personal communication devices and systems
System and method of triggering services for call control
Call programming apparatus and method
Call waiting priority alert
Signal-based session management for telephonic applications
Method and system for effective utilizing the switching capacity of local exchanges
Method and apparatus for an active impedance feedback
Subscriber line interface circuitry
Multi-modal messaging
System for MS-assisted location trigger, and service methods thereof
Apparatus and method for generating a calling tone of wire/wireless telephone
Mobile telephone station
System and method for identifying alternate contact information in a database related to entity, que...
Digital multimedia contact center with tier escalation and deescalation in response to changed crite...
Method for producing laser-writable data carriers and data carrier produced according to this method
Using endpoint references in a pub-sub system
Method and apparatus for system management using codebook correlation with symptom exclusion
Neural network based predication and optimization for groundwater/surface water system
Method and circuits to virtually increase the number of prototypes in artificial neural networks
System and method for medical diagnosis
Dielectric fluids and processes for making same
Production of biodegradable middle distillates
Viscosity modification of heavy hydrocarbons
Preparation of components for refinery blending of transportation fuels
Selective hydrogenation of cyclododecatriene to cyclododecene
Oligomerization process
Molecular sieve catalyst composition, its making and use in conversion processes
System and method for providing individually tailored health-promoting information
Method for monitoring body fluids
Patches, systems, and methods for non-invasive glucose measurement
Tissue harvesting device and method
Gastrointestinal methods and apparatus for use in treating disorders
Controlling neuromodulation using stimulus modalities
Multipolar stimulation electrode
Tetrahydronaphthyridine Derivative
Beta2-adrenergic receptor agonists
Modulators of the glucocorticoid receptor, AP-1, and/or NF-kB activity and use thereof
Method for the treatment of diabetes
Methods for the synthesis of arginine-containing peptides
Process for preparing thiazole derivative and the intermediate compounds for preparing the same
Methods and compositions for the treatment and diagnosis of pain disorders using 9805, 2047, 46566, ...
GM-CSF gene therapy for Crohn's disease using an improved regulated expression system
Method of treating pediatric patients with corticosteroids
Methods and compositions for treating diseases associated with pathogenic proteins
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Amido compounds and their use as pharmaceuticals
Compounds for modulating TRPV3 function
Cyclic compounds
Treatment of inflammatory disorders and pain using beta-aminoalcohols
Device and method for recording and representing images of a test object
Muscle stimulation method and system to improve walking
Treatment of vision disorders using electrical, light, and/or sound energy
Apparatus, system, and method for capturing an image with a scanned beam of light
Method and system for printer optimization
Automated Print Rendering Verification
Smart display printer
Content communication system and methods
Wireless Mobile Pen Communications Device With Optional Holographic Data Transmission And Interactio...
Combined interface for specifying separate characteristics for multiple copies of an electronic docu...
Print Processing System, Information Processing Apparatus and Computer Usable Medium
Printer, printing method and printing program
Printing user-created custom header/footer/separator pages from the printer driver
Telescoping camera crane
Focusing system using light source and image sensor
Industrial optical shutter
Vehicle periphery visual recognition system, camera and vehicle periphery monitoring apparatus and v...
Optical assembly with a lens magnification-adjusting function
Optical apparatus
Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, and computer program
Drive controller of a lens apparatus
Illumination optical system, illumination device and image-taking apparatus
Systems and methods for film processing quality control
Triangular nanoframes and method of making same
Method for patterning metal using nanoparticle containing precursors
Deposition method for nanostructure materials
High-yield method of endohedrally encapsulating species inside fluorinated fullerene nanocages
Preparation of nanoparticles
Carbon nanotube reinforced porous carbon having three-dimensionally ordered porosity and method of f...
Chemical sensors from nanoparticle/dendrimer composite materials
Self-aligned nanotube field effect transistor and method of fabricating same
Passivated nanoparticles, method of fabrication thereof, and devices incorporating nanoparticles
Tractable silica sols and nanocomposites therefrom
Nanoparticle polyanion conjugates and methods of use thereof in detecting analytes
Active cantilever for nanomachining and metrology
Electrochemical nano-patterning using ionic conductors
Method and apparatus for solution processed doping of carbon nanotube
Suspended carbon nanotube field effect transistor
Thermal interface material with carbon nanotubes
Blue light emitting semiconductor nanocrystal materials
Nanoporous and nanocrystalline film and electrochromic device
Nanoscale coherent optical components
Method for allocating resources in heterogeneous nanowire crossbars having defective nanowire juncti...
Window pane capable of bonding with tear-away cord
Opening and closing member control system
Method for locating sensors mounted each on a vehicle wheel
Handheld tire sensor communication device
Child carseat alert system
Subway movie/entertainment medium
Parts procurement system and method
On-vehicle electronic control device
System, navigation method, medium, and information set
Automotive cable holding system
Control device
Electronic vehicle theft preventive device
Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and transmission medium
Enhanced permanent magnet electromagnetic actuator for an electronic valve actuation system of an en...
Speed control method
Method for auto-ignition operation and computer readable storage device for use with an internal com...
Method for prioritizing content
Product extractor for valve bags
Methods and systems for selling products in a home improvements or commercial construction retail st...
Computer kiosk with face shape
Differentially cured materials and process for forming same
Virtual media tray
Limited return messaging
Apparatus for reproducing information data from magneto-optical recording medium using linear polari...
Isomaltulose synthases, polynucleotides encoding them and uses therefor
Arsenic methyltransferase sequence variants
Compositions and methods for the acceleration of protein secretion dynamics
Anti-bacterial and anti-cancer spiro beta-lactone/gamma-lactams
Purified linear polypeptide epitope from walnuts and associated methods
Method and apparatus for managing subscriptions
Method and apparatus for utilization of partially gasified coal for mercury removal
Ink jet recording apparatus
Alloy type semiconductor nanocrystals and method for preparing the same
Method of detecting un-annealed ion implants
Filter system
Method for removing horn substances from animal skin
Multi-capillary array electrophoresis device
Method and system for detecting and recording submicron sized particles
Molecular plasma deposition of colloidal materials
Tobacco smoke filter elements
Self-adhesive labels, their production and use
Microcapsule for electrophoretic display device, process for manufacturing the same and use thereof
On-chip sampling circuit and method
Boundary scan testing system
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for testing a semiconductor integrated circuit
Test method and test circuit for electronic device
Beacon to visually locate memory module
Methods to generate state space models by closed forms and transfer functions by recursive algorithm...
Net list creating method, net list creating device, and computer program thereof
Predicting defect future effects in integrated circuit technology development to facilitate semicond...
Method and apparatus for automated circuit design
Method of designing circuit board
Method and system for deciding a wiring route
Structures and methods of overcoming localized defects in programmable integrated circuits by routin...
Methods of genetic analysis of mouse
Yttrium-doped bismuth titanate thin film and preparation thereof
Method and apparatus for etching material layers with high uniformity of a lateral etch rate across ...
Device for filling toner container
System and method for treating tissue
Enzyme electrodes and method of manufacture
Toner, developer, container containing toner, process, cartridge, image forming apparatus and proces...
Process and apparatus for producing inhalable medicaments
Community site constructing method and system, central apparatus and computer memory product
Transient control in optical transmission systems
Method for cell switching in wireless communication systems
Frequency reuse scheme for downlink power channels in a sectorized network
Process to thwart denial of service attacks on the internet
Water-disintegratable sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Fabric treatment compositions and methods for treating fabric in a dryer
Absorbent resin composition
Silicone modified acrylics and epoxies
Systems and methods for recycling of cell phones at the end of life
Markdown management
Toners and processes thereof
Yellow toner for flash fixation, and electrophotographic developer and image forming method using th...
Recording sheet and image recording method using the same
Image processing device, image processing method and image processing system
System for distinguishing line patterns from halftone screens in image data
Surface emitting semiconductor laser and communication system using the same
Color image forming apparatus
Shield for charging device in xerographic printing device having reduced rate of contamination
Cleaning blade control apparatus and method
Tape printing apparatus and tape printing method
Composite construction and manufacturing method thereof
High-speed, low-power input buffer for integrated circuit devices
Liquid crystal display device having particular orientation control window
Image printing method and apparatus
Radiation-hardened programmable device
Efficient register for additive latency in DDR2 mode of operation
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Digital camera
Single-lens reflex digital camera body
Device environment configuration system and method, and data storage therefor
Procedures for merging the mediation device protocol with a network layer protocol
Cross-reactive sensors
Methods of making energy conversion devices with a substantially contiguous depletion regions
Method for producing aromatic amino compound
Light-emitting device having grating for aligning light-emissive layer
Color filter layer comprising a transmissive non-color filter region and the transflective display d...
Wrist-worn communications apparatus
Soldering a flexible circuit
Ink jet break-off length controlled dynamically by individual jet stimulation
Method of providing a marking on a substrate
Multilayered article and a process for its preparation
Oxide thin film for bolometer and infrared detector using the oxide thin film
Polymer sustained microelectrodes
Wavelength multiplexing on-chip optical interconnection circuit, electro-optical device, and electro...
Sprayable noble metal coating for high temperature use directly on aircraft engine alloys
Movable objects in a database
Bladder for a shoe sole
Composite antenna for a tire
Wetness monitoring system
Absorbent article with temperature change member disposed on the outer cover and between absorbent a...
Microwave hyperthermia treatment apparatus and treatment system
Autonomic predictive load balancing of output transfers for two peer computers for data storage appl...
Radiation image conversion panel
Optical detection alignment coupling apparatus
Container based crossconnect
Micro-cavity laser having increased sensitivity
Photo-detector filter having a cascaded low noise amplifier
System for on-line assessment of the condition of a thermal coating on a turbine vane
Transponder and a sensing system using the transponder
Storage rack for a vehicle
Sliding guide apparatus
Friction bearing composite material with a metal base layer
Bearing device with sensor and rolling bearing with sensor
Rolling bearing
Rolling bearing and rod end bearing
Turbine generator vibration damper system
Fume hood with air directing member
Apparatus and method for maintaining data integrity following parity error detection
Electronic devices having a layer overlying an edge of a different layer and a process for forming t...
Reinforced nonwoven fire blocking fabric having ridges and grooves and articles fire blocked therewi...
Nonwoven material for low friction bearing surfaces
Melt-fabricable tetrafluoroethylene/fluorinated vinyl ether copolymer prepared by suspension polymer...
Polymerization with living characteristics
Non-destructive method of determining the refractive index of clear coats
High conductivity polyaniline compositions and uses therefor
Privacy screen for a display
Process for the manufacture of organosilicon compound-treated pigments
Nonmagnetic one-component toner for electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Making and using compacted pellets for OLED displays
Cleaning methods for silicon electrode assembly surface contamination removal
Method for cleaning a porous printing surface by extruding liquid through surface
Method for measuring acute stress in a mammal
Household management systems and methods
Beverage container
Package with a transparent window
Cream jar
Process for preparing Cinacalcet hydrochloride
Dispenser with sensor
Diaminopyrazole derivatives and their use for oxidation dyeing of keratinous fibres
Skin lightening agents, compositions and methods
Dye composition comprising at least one fluorescent dye and a non-associative thickening polymer for...
Skin lightening agents, compositions and methods
Recording sheets for ink jet printing
Pagewidth printing mechanism incorporating a capping mechanism
Identification based operational modification of a portable electronic device
Heating method for tissue contraction
Semiconductor memory device
Methods and apparatus for controlling signals
Skewed sense AMP for variable resistance memory sensing
Method and apparatus for predistortion training in an amplifier utilizing predistortion
Location based diagnostics method and apparatus
Route-setting device, map display device and navigation system
Apparatus diagnostic device and diagnosed device
Diagnostic mechanisms within multi processing systems
Optical signal converter and method of controlling amplification gain according to rotating speed of...
Technique and apparatus for low power wireless communication
Digital pre-distortion for the linearization of power amplifiers with asymmetrical characteristics
Optical integrated circuit and method for fabricating the same
Printer having output tray
Woven face PVC floor covering
Water well casing
Decorative automotive interior trim articles with cast integral light stable covering and process fo...
Organic thiol metal-free stabilizers and plasticizers for halogen-containing polymers
Garment hanger with central support rib
Muzzleloader tool
Device a use and a method for tracer stream simulation
Solar-powered lighting system
Portable lamp with detachable stand
Combination fluorescent and LED lighting system
Sealed lighting fixture having mechanisms for venting and equalizing interior air pressure
Lamp housing with interior cooling by a thermoelectric device
Light emitting device
Light fixture having a housing with a channel for receiving a front element
Vertical adjuster for suspending lamp
Method and system for displaying lighting fixtures
Adjustable light beam device for aimable vehicle lamp assembly and method
Vehicular lighting arrangement with infinity effect
Off-road accessory light rack
Lamp holder for high intensity discharge lamp
Led lamp bulb assembly and reflector system
Multi-layer illuminated package
Venting chassis for a containerized candle
Attachment for a light string
Measuring and adjustment device for an alignment optical system and adjustment method thereof
Optical router
Optical isolator with tilted optical isolator element
Encoder/decoder for optical CDMA
Integrated active photonic device and photodetector
Cable strain relief design for limited space through-hole applications
Backlight modules using diffraction optical elements
Signal receiver having light guide for guiding light transmitted from remote control
Automatic saturation adjustment
Color image processing apparatus
System and method for recognizing word patterns based on a virtual keyboard layout
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of image...
Multi-point predictive foveation for bandwidth reduction of moving images
Tile boundary artifact removal for arbitrary wavelet filters
Data compression engines and real-time wideband compressor for multi-dimensional data
Cell library that can automatically avoid forbidden pitches
Method for detecting image interpolation
Adjustment method of a machine-readable form model and a filled form scanned image thereof in the pr...
Image processing method, image processing system and storage medium therefor
Scalable stroke font system and method
System and program for providing medical support
Method and device of imaging with an imager having a fiber plate cover
Method of measuring biological information using light and apparatus of measuring biological informa...
Treatment of glial tumors with glutamate antagonists
Radio-opaque polymeric biomaterials
Anionic copolymers prepared in an inverse emulsion matrix and their use in preparing cellulosic fibe...
Distributed paint manufacturing system
Multimodal polyolefin pipe
Multi-functional polymers
Pre-mounted nets on discharging devices and a method of manufacture
Device for holding a bucket of frozen chum
Horse training assembly
Materials for polishing liquid for metal, polishing liquid for metal, method for preparation thereof...
Peptides and derivatives thereof showing cell attachment, spreading and detachment activity
Layered product
Radio frequency identification device with movable antenna
Automated identification of anomalous conditions in supply chain processes
Dynamic display of RFID and sensor data
Reading/writing apparatus of tag unit
Object tracking system with non-contact object detection and identification
Theft preventative mailbox having remote unlocking activation mechanism
Apparatus and methods of detecting relative position of RF signature on print media
Apparatus for and method of reading and erasing radiation image information
Programming presets in a vending machine
Radio frequency identification tag antenna assembly
Thrust-out type container for a rod-like article
Solid photoprotective compositions comprising octenylsuccinic anhydride-esterified starch salts
Compositions comprising at least one ester of at least one hydroxylated aliphatic compound
Method for monitoring end of life for battery
Power tool with additional function
Inkjet recording ink and inkjet recording method
Crystallization of polypropylene using a semi-crystalline, branched or coupled nucleating agent
Memory circuit having memory cells which have a resistance memory element
Method and apparatus for tissue ablation
Tissue puncture closure device with automatic torque sensing tamping system
Radiopaque intraluminal stent
Method of treatment with anti-CD2 antibody LO-CD2b
Antagonist peptides to VEGF receptor Flt-1
Diphenylmethyl compounds useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Spinal cord stimulation as treatment for functional bowel disorders
Managing storage resources in decentralized networks
Methods for injecting avian eggs
Sanitary undergarment
Wall mounted medical device holder
Handle for a medical instrument
Medical hook
Tip for a crutch
Electrosurgical bipolar cutting/coagulating instrument
Behavior observation counter
Surgical instrument handle
Nipple of feeding bottle
Dental handpiece
Baby bottle
Triangular curvilinear spa shell
Triangular curvilinear spa shell with steps
Massage tool
Pregnancy test device
Probe coil for detecting NQR-responsive materials in large volumes
Shielded dome resonator for MR scanning of a cerebrum
Magnetic resonance device with attachment means for attaching a gradient coil, attachment means
Gradient coil apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging system
Method for introducing a liquid sample into an NMR spectrometer
Drive mechanism and movable table unit provided with the same
Recycled rubber processing and performance enhancement
Method for the production of trimeric ketone peroxide solutions
Materials and methods for the conversion of hydrofluorocarbons
Cooking device with luminous display
Process for manufacturing fluoroolefins
Heat treatment apparatus
Stealth foam and production method
Mass spectrometer method and apparatus for analyzing a sample in a solution
Aluminum nitride sintered body containing carbon fibers and method of manufacturing the same
Laptop lock
Method and apparatus for locking a container
One-hand fastener-starting hammer attachment
Apparatus for the control of brakes in bicycles and the like
Wall hanging garage shelf and rack storage system
Convertible stroller/tricycle
Eyewear with an image projected off of an unassisted eyewear lens to the user
Diene rubber composition for tire comprising a specific silica as reinforcing filler
Mobile body surrounding surveillance apparatus, mobile body surrounding surveillance method, control...
Athletic performance monitoring system and method
Folding bicycle
Catheter for modification of agent formulation
Acrylic composition and a curable coating composition including the same
Transparent composite composition
Fuel system for an internal combustion engine and method for controlling same
Depositing metal particles on carbon nanotubes
Procedure for starting up a fuel cell system having an anode exhaust recycle loop
Auxiliary fuel cell system
Method of forming a via in a microfabricated elastomer structure
Method for production of .DELTA..sup.1-pyrrolines
Method for fabricating a structure for a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device
Packaging of a micro-magnetic switch with a patterned permanent magnet
Back draft alarm assembly for combustion heating device
Physical methods of dispersing characteristic use particles and compositions thereof
Method of driving flat display apparatus and driving system
Printer with multi-pass media transport
Lithographic apparatus having a debris-mitigation system, a source for producing EUV radiation havin...
Electronic component inspection apparatus
Method and arrangement for the plasma-based generation of intensive short-wavelength radiation
Electro-mechanical micro-switch device
G protein-coupled receptor protein and DNA thereof
Clad glass composition for graded-index rod lens, graded-index rod lens, and method for manufacturin...
Catalyst and method for preparation thereof
Circuit board inspection device
Semiconductor integrated circuit
System and method visible surface determination in computer graphics using interval analysis
Method for generating customized ink/media transforms
Method for determining the amplification factors of a data channel and of a control channel of a dat...
Image encoding method, image decoding method, image encoder, image decoder, program, computer data s...
Method and system for scheduling distribution routes and timeslots
Shapes and numbers game
Air conditioner for electric panels
Portable insulin auto-syringe
Subscription-based payment
Human pyruvate dehydrogenese phosphatase
Increasing the hydrophilicity of carbon fiber paper by electropolymerization
Planar waveguide device
Systems and methods for a continuously variable optical delay line
Fiber coating processing and slitting for non-confined light leakage
Light scattering structures formed in silicon waveguides
Optical waveguide termination with vertical and horizontal mode shaping
Doping profiles in PN diode optical modulators
Method and apparatus for optimization of dispersion-managed return-to-zero transmission by employing...
Image forming apparatus with an energy storage that can be discharged, and with a display of residua...
System and method for computing inorganic particle suspensions by wave and current action
Method and system for implementing dynamic cache of database cursors
Providing mappings between logical time values and real time values in a multinode system
Antenna apparatus utilizing minute loop antenna and radio communication apparatus using the same ant...
Medical image diagnosis apparatus having a plurality of monitors
Modifying digital images utilizing auto focus information
Multilayer capacitor
Single end planar magnetic speaker
Device for tailoring the chromatic dispersion of a light signal
Dynamic vibrational control
Development apparatus and image formation apparatus
Methods and apparatus for sampling and analyzing body fluid
Reducing working fluid dilution in liquid systems
Diagnostic meter
Chemistry system for a clinical analyzer
Multipurpose tool including holder for replaceable tool blades
Simulation system, method and computer-readable medium for human augmentation devices
Systems and methods for a transformer configuration with a tree topology for current balancing in ga...
Method of manufacturing austenitic stainless steel having less susceptibility to cracking during for...
System and method for determining a best round trip delay indicator
Fiber optic cable breakout configuration with "Y" block
Effective surface resistivity through image analysis
Method for designing mold, mold, and molded product
Method of making densely packed light guide ribbon
Print controller operation verification system
Optical scanning apparatus
Image protection
Color measurement profile with embedded characterization
Image processing apparatus and method that use sample spectral distribution data selected based on c...
Look-up table generation method, computer program, and imaging apparatus
Method and device for compressing and/or indexing digital images
Method and apparatus for timing image formation in an image-forming apparatus
Image fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus and conveying roller for use therein
Method and device for analyzing a wave signal and method and apparatus for pitch detection
Voice browser system
Card type LED illumination source
TFT mask ROM and method for making same
Copper-containing C4 ball-limiting metallurgy stack for enhanced reliability of packaged structures ...
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Probe card for semiconductor wafers having mounting plate and socket
Liquid crystal display device having particular semiconductor layer
Substrate transfer apparatus
Monolithic ceramic electronic component and method for making the same
Optical medium having grooves along recording tracks, and an associated master disc and apparatus
Embedded on-die laser source and optical interconnect
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image formation apparatus having a body to be charged with specified properties and including the us...
Sealed actuator
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Interface for access to non-volatile memory on an integrated circuit
Very small swing high performance asynchronous CMOS static memory (multi-port register file) with po...
Pseudo-dual port memory where ratio of first to second memory access is clock duty cycle independent
Methods and systems for configuring voice over internet protocol network quality of service
Devices, softwares and methods for predicting reconstruction of encoded frames and for adjusting pla...
PPP terminating equipment, network equipment and method of responding to LCP echo requirement
Synchronization of asynchronous networks using media access control (MAC) layer synchronization symb...
Phase detector
Method, system, and program for transmitting input/output requests from a primary controller to a se...
Method and apparatus to compare pointers associated with asynchronous clock domains
Radiantly heated cathode for an electron gun and heating assembly
Disk transfer device
Accessing a private network
Domain manager for plural domains and method of use
Dimmer switch
Vehicle entertainment system
Audio/video apparatus
Method to detect magnetic pole defects in perpendicular recording heads at wafer level
Continuously variable transmission
Workshop surge protector with dust covers
Combined ceiling fan motor housing and blade holders unit
Fuel compositions containing propoxylate
Use of dye to distinguish salt and protein crystals under microcrystallization conditions
Method and apparatus for structured streaming of an XML document
Method and apparatus for simplified audio authentication
Apparatus coupling two circuits having different supply voltage sources
Conditional link pointer register sets marking the beginning and end of a conditional instruction bl...
FCC reactor
Execution time modification of instruction emulation parameters
Hydraulic gravitational load energy recuperation
Dual capacity compressor
Hermetic electric compressor and refrigeration unit including non-resonating support structure for t...
Linear compressor
Rear casing arrangement for magnetic drive pump
Energy filter image generator for electrically charged particles and the use thereof
Lancet-integrated mounter and method of making the same
Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
Blood optode
Birefringence measurement apparatus, strain remover, polarimeter and exposure apparatus
Beam splitter/combiner for optical metrology tool
Microscopy imaging system and method
Microscopic image capture apparatus and microscopic image capturing method
Identification of facial image with high accuracy
Light-emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and display unit
Substrate processing method and material for electronic device
Method for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit device
Multi-layered structure forming method, method of manufacturing wiring substrate, and method of manu...
Method of depositing a silicon dioxide-comprising layer in the fabrication of integrated circuitry
Method of depositing a silicon dioxide-comprising layer in the fabrication of integrated circuitry
Electronic device and method for designing the same
Non-volatile memory device
Integrated circuit device packaging structure and packaging method
Process to reduce substrate effects by forming channels under inductor devices and around analog blo...
Semiconductor structure and fabricating method thereof
Lead frame and method for manufacturing semiconductor package with the same
Circular wire-bond pad, package made therewith, and method of assembling same
Etched leadframe flipchip package system
Systems for degating packaged semiconductor devices with tape substrates
Method of spark-processing silicon and resulting materials
Wafer test apparatus including optical elements and method of using the test apparatus
Light emitting system with high extraction efficency
Linear generator apparatus
Image forming apparatus with heating rotatable member and reset control means for interrupting a cur...
Self-contained, eye-safe hair-regrowth-inhibition apparatus and method
Apparatus for producing a diesel-oil/water microemulsion and for injecting the emulsion into a diese...
Hydrogen augmented diesel crankcase ventilation
Gas and odour treatment
Water outlet control mechanism for fuel cell system operation in variable gravity environments
Method for measuring the local hydraulic permeability of a sub-group of hollow fibre of a bundle of ...
Back-wash filter
Electro-kinetic water conditioning
Potable water delivery system with disinfection and residual discharge unit and method
Porous inorganic/organic hybrid monolith materials for chromatographic separations and process for t...
UV light disinfection device
Digital-to-analog converter with secondary resistor string
Active transient voltage compensator for improving converter fast transient response
Direct-current converter having active clamp circuit
Analog-to-digital converters employing cascaded phase-reversing switches
Energy efficient switching converter
Class D amplifier
System for displaying a notification window from completely transparent to intermediate level of opa...
Intravascular stent with extendible end rings
Method for making a spiral array ultrasound transducer
Therapeutic use of soluble CD39L3
Trisubstituted triazolopyrimidines for use in platelet aggregation inhibition
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Tissue factor targeted thrombomodulin fusion proteins as anticoagulants
Anti-angiogenesis methods, compositions and uses therefor
Functional assay of high-density lipoprotein
Antiarrhythmic peptides
Imaging device and an imaging method
Method and apparatus for optically measuring the heating value of a multi-component fuel gas using n...
Common-aperture multispectral objective
Internal connection dental implant
Purified polypeptides from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Method of forming a photosensor
Nanotipped device and method
Carbon nanotubes with controlled diameter, length, and metallic contacts
Apparatus and method for circuit analysis using magnetic and electromagnetic stimulation of the circ...
Information recording device implementing an electronic zoom having a limiting section
Processing an electronic document for information extraction
Method and system for dynamically adapting the layout of a document to an output device
Method and system for mapping between logical data and physical data
Project-based configuration management method and apparatus
Optimized expression of HPV 45 L1 in yeast
Method for advertising on digital cellular telephones and reducing costs to the end user
Methods and systems for enabling address book selection and communication with a wireless device
Wireless LAN terminal device, portable data terminal system, mobile phone, wireless LAN communicatio...
System and method for assigning a network address
Method and apparatus to track count of broadcast content recipients in a wireless telephone network
Method and system for coordinating services in integrated WLAN-cellular systems
Wireless base station neighbor discovery in a communication system, such as a system employing a sho...
System of and method for using position, velocity, or direction of motion estimates to support hando...
Mobile terminals and methods for determining a location based on acceleration information