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Rotationally stabilized contact lenses
Microstructure fiber optical parametric oscillator
Raman amplifier, raman amplifier control method, and optical communication system
Optical fiber component for Raman amplification, Raman amplifier and optical communications system
Measuring the position of passively aligned optical components
Method and apparatus for combining optical beams
Image pickup system
Structures and methods for reducing polarization aberration in integrated circuit fabrication system...
Zoom lens system
Motion-free tracking solar concentrator
Electronic ballast for a high intensity discharge lamp
High-intensity discharge lamp operating device and method for controlling the high-intensity dischar...
Lamp current control circuit
AC voltage control circuit
Unique identification of SQL cursor occurrences in a repetitive, nested environment
Thin film magnetic memory device with memory cell having magnetic tunnel junction
Spray on bandage and drug delivery system
One-to-M wavelength routing element
Non-flammable, non-ozone depleting refrigerant mixtures suitable for use in mineral oil (GHGX9)
Connector copper alloys and a process for producing the same
Agropolymer containing a carbohydrate and silica matrix from plants
Bird feeder with releasably removable base
Cell flow apparatus and method for real-time measurements of patient cellular responses
Mobile gas separator system and method for treating dirty gas at the well site of a stimulated well
Image forming apparatus
Lamp driving apparatus and method for driving lamp
Multi-resonant ultrasonic catheter
Microspheres with sacrificial coatings for vaso-occlusive systems
Guanidine mimics factor Xa inhibitors
Contact print methods
Linkage of agents to body tissue using microparticles and transglutaminase
Polyimides from 2,3,3′,4′-biphenyltetracarboxylic dianhydride and aromatic diamines
Polymer-encapsulated titanium zeolites for oxidation reactions
Controlled non-normal alignment of catalytically grown nanostructures in a large-scale synthesis pro...
Flame-retardant resin composition
Method of automatically cropping and adjusting scanned images
Systems and methods for efficiently displaying graphics on a display device regardless of physical o...
Digital audio signal filtering mechanism and method
Methods and systems for synchronizing data streams
Display device having island-shaped conductor for repairing line disconnection
Vehicle control apparatus
Transmission and torque converter cooling control
Optical modulator, method of achieving velocity matching and impedance matching of optical modulator...
Method for scanning microscopy; and scanning microscope
Flux pump with a superconductor and superconducting electromagnet to be operated therewith
Multi-layered unit including electrode and dielectric layer
Data writing method for semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device
Apparatus and methods for synthesis of internal combustion engine vehicle sounds
Thermal microvalves
Method of formation of semiconductor resistant to hot carrier injection stress
Guard ring structure for a Schottky diode
Anchors for microelectromechanical systems having an SOI substrate, and method of fabricating same
Manufacturing method of a field emission display having porous silicon dioxide insulating layer
Single step pendeo-and lateral epitaxial overgrowth of group III-nitride epitaxial layers with group...
Low-temperature polysilicon thin film transistor having buried LDD structure and process for produci...
Encapsulants for protecting MEMS devices during post-packaging release etch
Methods and systems for high-aspect-ratio gapfill using atomic-oxygen generation
Process for deposition of semiconductor films
Spatial light modulators with light absorbing areas
Semiconductor device simulation method, semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof, circuit...
Method and apparatus for storing mobile station physical measurements and MAC performance statistics...
Method and apparatus for aggregation of wireless resources of proximal wireless units to facilitate ...
Wireless communication system with enhanced time slot allocation and interference avoidance/mitigati...
DECT-like system and method of transceiving information over the industrial-scientific-medical spect...
Controlling transmit duty cycle by position of cover
Address acquisition
Vending machine system and method
Wireless computer peripheral interface with the capability of identification
Method and system for reporting outside temperature
Telephone equipment
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Swivel-base sunlight reflector and kit for assembling same
Diagnosis and repair system and method
Illumination apparatus having a light-converting lens for increasing visual contrast between differe...
Controlling specularity of luminaire and other reflectors to optimize their optical performance
Floor or wall covering from ceramics, wood, plastic, natural or artificial stone, and a tile or pane...
Vehicle passenger authorization system
Multipurpose vision sensor system
Multi-angle viewable indicator apparatus
Transportation monitoring system for detecting the approach of a specific vehicle
Emergency vehicle alert system
Universal display media exposure measurement
Variants of Erwinia-type creatinase
High density 3-D integrated circuit package
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory with X8/X16 operation mode using address control
Semiconductor memory device with internal voltage generators for testing a memory array and peripher...
Apparatus for reproducing data from an optical disc inducing vibration and method thereof
Optical head with GRIN lens
Apparatus for compensating for phase difference attendant upon time division multiplexing and method...
Data recovery apparatus and method for minimizing errors due to clock skew
Jitter reducing apparatus using digital modulation technique
Method for testing subscriber line of private automatic branch exchange using dual-tone multi-freque...
Method of creating and recording presentation order information management information for a rewrita...
Method for transmitting short message to called subscribers
Electron source
Transfer function system for determining an identifier on a surface acoustic wave identification tag...
Optimized adjacent channel search and timeslot assignment for multiple timeslot mobile stations
Method and radio station for data transmission
Method and system for fast acquisition of pulsed signals
Optimizing link quality by space and time interleaving
Method and apparatus for providing multiple output channels in a microphone
Communications receivers and methods therefor
Communications terminal
Down/up-conversion mixer for direct conversion radios
Multicast signal transmission power control method and base station using the same
Method of switching from a first mobile radio mode to a second mobile radio mode and an associated m...
Portable communication device used as an accessory for a mobile communication system
Data communication system, connector cable and communication adapter medium used in the data communi...
Foldable portable radio terminal
Night light with sparkle and glitter
Winker for a motorcycle
USB light head with fan
Solar lighted flower lamp
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Liquid and lotion applicator structure
Hair fastener
Heater for hair curler
Razor handle
Sport helmet
Tent for pets
Animal grooming glove
Pet toy
Dog chew toy
Truck/cab window cleaning apparatus
Silene dioica plant named 'Valley High'
Verbena plant named 'USBENAS4'
Hibiscus plant named 'Cashmere Wind'
Agastache plant named 'Kiegapur'
Peach tree 'Sweet Henry'
Clematis plant named 'Evipo019'
Strawberry plant named 'Driscoll Malibu'
Apricot tree, 'F168 cv'
Clematis plant named 'Evipo011'
Clematis plant named 'Evipo034'
Petunia plant named 'Wespeking'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Lexy'
Phlox plant named 'Junior Dance'
Diascia plant named 'Codiusre'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'DekLacetti'
Hosta plant named 'Fireworks'
Secure user identification based on ring homomorphisms
Secure document design with machine readable, variable message encoded in a visible registration pat...
Cryptographic key management scheme
Method of judging digital watermark information
Method and apparatus for transmitting encryption-resultant information and decrypting information
Data processing apparatus and method for encryption or decryption of communication data
Method and apparatus for secure transmission of data
Cryptography private key storage and recovery method and apparatus
Detection of herpes simplex virus
Methods of assessing HIV integrase inhibitor therapy
Single-stranded polynucleotide tags
Thiazolopyrimidines and their use as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Pyrimidine compounds and their use as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
2-hydroxymethylcyclopropylidene methylpurines and -pyrimidines as antiviral agents
System and method for operating a client network computer in a disconnected mode by establishing a c...
Technique for content delivery over the internet
Networked system for assuring synchronous access to critical facilities
Generating data set of the first file system by determining a set of changes between data stored in ...
Data logging method, apparatus, system and computer program
Fast provisioning of storage in a network of production computers for minimizing inter-customer dela...
Realtime service system using the interactive data communication and method thereof
Microprocessor controlled ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device
System and method for arrhythmia discrimination
Implantable device with digital waveform telemetry
Organic pigments coated with metal phosphate complexes and amines
Production of bodies of refractory borides
Electrode regeneration
Reducing or avoiding surface irregularities in electrophoretic painting of phosphated metal surfaces
Concrete mix water
Group IVB metal blowing catalyst compositions for the production of polyurethane foams
Catalyst composition for the preparation of polyesters, and related processes
Composition and method for treating the surface of aluminiferous metals
Metal halide lamp with improved red rendition and CRI
Correction device for correcting acceleration data, method therefor, program therefor, recording med...
Sensor compensation for environmental variations for magnetic random access memory
Method of fabricating data tracks for use in a magnetic shift register memory device
Steam iron
Aerosol can cap
Technique for handling a universal image format on the internet
Clematis plant named 'Evipo033'
Cosmetic compositions comprising at least one polysiloxane based polyamide
Dynamically reconfigurable add/drop multiplexer with low coherent cross-talk for optical communicati...
System and method to measure and report on effectiveness of software program testing
Methods for accumulating selenium in edible brassica
Synthesis of pentafluorosulfuranyl arylenes
Inhibitors of proteasomal activity for stimulating hair growth
Process for the preparation of pharmaceutically acceptable salts of (R,S)-S-adenosyl-L-methionine
Transmission communications management
NMDA NR2B antagonists for treatment
Optical semiconductor component package and optical pickup device
Water tray drinker for pigs
Noise-level adaptive residual echo suppressor
High pressure and high temperature reaction system
Switchable omni-directional antennas for wireless device
Lens layout setting apparatus for lens grinding process and display apparatus for the same
Movable body feeding apparatus
Method of selectively synthesizing triethylenediamine
Text-to-speech conversion system on an integrated circuit
Electrographic image developing apparatus and process
Electrochemical sensor compensated for relative humidity
Optical device, particularly a liquid-crystal imaging device, and mirror therefor
Valproyltaurinamide derivatives as anticonvulsant amd CNS active agents
Composite electronic component
Manufacture of data storage device
Method and apparatus providing a self-vaccine for a disk drive
Leak detection system of hard disk drives with lubricant reservoir
Brushless motor and disk drive apparatus
Forced backhitch for speed matching in a multi-speed tape drive
Method and apparatus reducing off track head motion due to disk vibration in a hard disk drive using...
Disc drive actuator parking detector
Disk drive control system having a servo processing accelerator circuit
Shock control for rotational recording apparatus
Apparatus for reading and writing cards having rotating memory
Disk drive having an acoustic damping shield assembly with an acoustic barrier layer
Insulation layer structure for inductive write heads and method of fabrication
Perpendicular magnetic recording head having main magnetic pole layer formed on high-flatness surfac...
Recording media cartridge having a memory accessible from multiple directions
Slider of thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Slider with a compliant transducer interface
Head stack assembly including laminated nut plate with damping layer interposed between metal layers
Magnetoresistive sensor with a thin antiferromagnetic layer for pinning antiparallel coupled tabs
Magneto-optical reading device for multi-track magnetic tapes
Intelligent error checking method and mechanism
Dual balloon valve control with pressure indicator
Protected activators for use in leuco dye compositions
Method of proxy-assisted predictive pre-fetching with transcoding
Client-side performance optimization system for streamed applications
Basic command representation of quality of service policies
Platform independent business to business messenger in an enterprise computer system
Digital signature service
Error correction coding utilizing numerical base conversion for modulation coding
System and method for displaying an enabled image associated with a predetermined image in an iframe...
Immune modulation device for use in animals
Pharmaceutical gel composition
Self forming, thermodynamically stable liposomes and their applications
Antioxidants in clusters of structured water
Modified release coated drug preparation
Conjugate addition reactions for the controlled delivery of pharmaceutically active compounds
Packaging cells comprising codon-optimized gagpol sequences and lacking lentiviral accessory protein...
Vanadium compounds as anti-angiogenic agents
Attractant pheromone for the Colorado potato beetle
Fuel for use in a fuel cell system
Aromatics transalkylation to ethylbenzene and xylenes
LED light source mimicking a filamented lamp
Imager with improved sensitivity
Light-emitting diode encapsulation material and manufacturing process
Microbolometer detector with high fill factor and transducers having enhanced thermal isolation
Thin film transistor structure for a field emission display and the method for making the same
Light emitting diodes with current spreading layer
Mirror assembly with multi-color illumination
Semiconductor device having low resistivity source and drain electrodes
High-dielectric constant insulators for feol capacitors
Floating-gate memory cell having trench structure with ballistic-charge injector, and the array of m...
Semiconductor device having at least one source/drain region formed on an isolation region and a met...
Semiconductor apparatus which comprises at least two kinds of semiconductor devices operable by volt...
Method to fabricate passive components using conductive polymer
Use of a lenslet array with a vertically stacked pixel array
Electro-optical device
Electronic chip component
Training-based channel estimation for multiple-antennas
Method and apparatus for routing nets in an integrated circuit layout
Method and apparatus for generating topological routes for IC layouts using perturbations
Method and apparatus for searching for a pre-defined code in a bit stream
Advertising extracting system
Product catalog for use in a collaborative engineering environment and method for using same
System and method for providing news updates
System and process for searching within a data stream using a pointer matrix and a trap matrix
Information presentation apparatus with meta-information management function
Slew rate controlling method and system for output data
System and method for magnetizing blocks on a magnet assembly of an MRI device
Reagent-less whole-blood glucose meter
Methods for characterizing gems or precious stones using a probe having a plurality of light receive...
Method for the detection of dyes in fluorescence microscopy
Apparatus and method for measuring a property of a layer in a multilayered structure
Method and apparatus for performing quantitative analysis and imaging surfaces and subsurfaces of tu...
Capsules, materials for use therein and electrophoretic media and displays containing such capsules
Magnetically enhanced radiation source
Grating device with high diffraction efficiency
Microlicensing particles and applications
DRAM cells with repressed floating gate memory, low tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
Uplink scrambling code assignment for a random access channel
X-ray imaging method and a 3D-rotational X-ray apparatus for applying this method
Computed tomography apparatus
Method for increasing the signal-to-noise in IR-based eye gaze trackers
Method of evaluating cosmetic products on a consumer with future predictive transformation
Photoreceptor for highlight color printing machine
High print rate merging and finishing system for printing
Electronic muscle pump
System for manufacturing a customized meter
Carbonate permeability
Method and apparatus for factoring finite state transducers with unknown symbols
System and method for dispatching and scheduling network transmissions with feedback
Method and apparatus for verifying secure document timestamping
Architecture for software for remote maintenance of a machine such as a copier
Display device and process for production thereof
Voided polymer film containing layered particulates
Noise reduction panel arrangement and method of calibrating such a panel arrangement
Method and apparatus for detecting low contrast object in a diagnostic image
Planar optical waveguide
Method for using applications in a mobile station, a mobile station, and a system for effecting paym...
Implantable medical device for measuring mechanical heart function
Heater with simultaneous hot spot and mechanical intrusion protection
Thermal conductive substrate and semiconductor module using the same
Image display device
Apparatus for imaging the inner part of a body, particularly for diagnostic imaging thereof
Nuclear magnetic resonance equipment
Capacitance type sensor and method for manufacturing same
Patient care and communication system
Electrical device for sensing a surface
Photographic apparatus
Puff pastry biscuit for refrigerated or frozen food product
Frying apparatus with closed loop combustion control and method
Method for applying an air suspension of minute solid particles of CIPC
Baking rack assembly and method for automatic bread making machine
Production of feed using a denitrifying methanotrophic bacterial strain
Chewing gum composition for effectively eliminating nicotine accumulated in a human body
Cooking implement with handle storage feature
Dispenser with sealed chamber and one-way valve for providing metered amounts of substances
Alginate or low-methoxy pectate gel
No-whey process for production of low fat hard cheese
Soups comprising emulsified liquid shortening compositions comprising dietary fiber gel, water and l...
Sauces comprising emulsified liquid shortening compositions comprising dietary fiber gel, water and ...
Low-calorie beverages with improved flavor
Process for manufacturing dehydrated precooked flaked pinto beans
Shelf-stable flavored oil encapsulated salt
Post-coupling synthetic approach for polymeric antioxidants
Acidic soy protein gel foods and process for producing the same
Low carbohydrate coating system for breaded foods
Edible film compositions for processing of meat products
Surface-roughened resin film, metal sheet coated with surface-roughened resin film, process for prod...
Method of detecting and quantifying hemolysin-producing bacteria by overwhelmingly detecting and qua...
Multiplex systems, methods, and kits for detecting and identifying nucleic acids
Method for high throughput screening of antioxidants at near ambient temperatures
Method and apparatus for transferring a stick with a food product such as a sausage suspended theref...
Concentrated, non-foaming solution of quaternary ammonium compounds and methods of use
Metal phosphonates and related nanocomposites
Product history management method, apparatus, and program, label issuing method, apparatus, and prog...
Method and system for adaptive rule-based content scanners for desktop computers
Handling of a multi-access instruction in a data processing apparatus
Cache memory operation
Distributed content addressable memory
Partially inclusive snoop filter
Software prefetch system and method for concurrently overriding data prefetched into multiple levels...
Microcomputer including a flash memory and a flash memory rewrite program stored therein
Data storage system and method of hierarchical control thereof
Device control method, data transfer apparatus and recording medium
Distributed caching mechanism for pending memory operations within a memory controller
System having read-modify-write unit
Method and apparatus for duplicating computer backup data
Dynamic access control of a function to a collective resource
Processor cluster architecture and associated parallel processing methods
Dynamic and variable length extents
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
Method of handling unreadable blocks during rebuilding of a RAID device
Resilient intervertebral disc implant
Cervical disc replacement
Cervical disc replacement
Cervical disc replacement
Total disc implant
Arrangement for increasing the stress resistance of implants, and one such implant
Cannulated femoral hip implant apparatus
Universal liner
Gastrointestinal sleeve device and methods for treatment of morbid obesity
Fiber-reinforced, porous, biodegradable implant device
Vacuum pump with shock absorption and controlled rotation for prosthetic devices
Tube sock-shaped covering
User-centric event reporting with follow-up information
Method, system, and software for embedding metadata objects concomitantly wit linguistic content
System and method of implementing multi-level marketing of weight management products
System and methods for producing medical information reports
System and method of individualized mass diagnosis and treatment of obesity
Coupled two-way clustering analysis of data.
Human antibodies derived from immunized xenomice
Multigene profiling in the kidney to tailor drug therapy
Nutritionally enhanced plants
Convertible roof bow tensioning apparatus
Acetolactate synthase gene promoter
Transgenic plants expressing assembled secretory antibodies
Transgenic plant-based vaccines
Soybean containing high levels of free amino acids
Providing and communicating data message alerts stored on medical devices
Mango plant named "TFE 02"
'Haas Cherry' cultivar prunus avium Haas
Nectarine tree named "Nectariane"
Nectarine tree named "Nectareine"
Nectarine tree named "Nectaprima"
Nectarine tree named "Nectaroyal"
Nectarine tree named "Nectagala"
Nectarine tree named "Nectalady"
Nectarine tree named "Nectarperle"
Nectarine tree named "Nectarmagie"
Nectarine tree named "NECTAPINK"
Removable shoe coverings
Shoe with built in micro-fan
Structure of wound-healing insole
Cord and strap combination shoe closure
Arch support reinforcement device
Soccer shoe component or insert made of one material and/or a composite and/or laminate of one or mo...
Illuminating heel for a shoe
Silica-calcium carbonate composite particles
Solid pigment preparations containing anionic and non-ionic surface-active additives
Joint compounds using thickeners prepared from raw cotton linters
Liquid composition additive to reduce drying time of surface coatings
Liquid composition additive to reduce curing time of surface coatings
Sprayable machinable media
Fiber cement composite materials using cellulose fibers loaded with inorganic and/or organic substan...
Process for production of paper
Process for well fluids base oil via metathesis of alpha-olefins
Compositions, devices, and methods for use in environmental remediation
Modular assembly of wall-mounted accessories
Method for producing dielectric ceramic powder and method for producing composite dielectric materia...
Electronic controls for pollutant removal
Method for the production of phosphoric acid and/or a salt thereof and products thus obtained
Cpg formulations and related methods
Decorative materials having geometric patterns and process for preparing the same
Non-woven glass mat with dissolvable binder system for fiber-reinforced gypsum board
Inhibitive water-based drilling fluid system and method for drilling sands and other water-sensitive...
Method for manufacturing an active component of surfactant, surfactant and a method for using the su...
High molecular weight additives for calcined gypsum and cementitious compositions
Wood graining process and kit
Lightweight joint compound containing stable air pockets
Method of making foam coated mat online
Adjoining surface device for working viscous materials
Antimicrobial sheeting article
Hanger bar assembly
Water-repellent wallboard
Temperature monitor for gypsum board manufacturing
Process monitor for gypsum board manufacturing
Process of well cementing in cold environment
Corrosion-inhibited system and method for providing a utility service to a plurality of consumers
Functional coated product and process for producing the same and the use thereof
Aperture edging member and method
Wallboard rasp
Coated molded article, method of recycling the same and apparatus therefor
Herbal composition for treating allergic disorders and method for making the same
Antifouling coating composition and novel resin
Decorative coating composition for solid substrates
Aqueous dispersion, process for production thereof and coated substances
Caching based on access rights in connection with a content management server system or the like
Content Protection scheme for a digital recording device
Process and system for a client object to perform a remote method invocation of a method in a server...
Method of operating a flat CRT display
Radio VOD system
Process for separating C5 cuts obtained from a petroleum cracking process
Group III nitride based light emitting diode structures with a quantum well and superlattice, group ...
Contact-making structure for a ferroelectric storage capacitor and method for fabricating the struct...
Bioactive peptides, uses thereof and process for the production of same
Load following algorithm for a fuel cell based system
Designing and testing the interconnection of addressable devices of integrated circuits
Stackable pallet
System for simulating metabolic consumption of oxygen
Dispenser for an aerosol can
Method, system, and program for gathering indexable metadata on content at a data repository
System and method for secure message-oriented network communications
Recording liquid container, ink jet recording apparatus, and cartirdge collecting apparatus
Systems and methods for providing a media located on a spool and/or a cartridge where the media incl...
Television receiver with isolated inputs
Systems, methods and computer program products for providing sponsored proactive searches for sponso...
Radio communication system, terminal apparatus and base station apparatus
Use of orthogonal or near orthogonal codes in reverse link
Method of transmitting information related to a multicast service in a mobile telecommunications net...
Method for transmission power control of a multicast signal
Multiple-radio mission critical wireless mesh networks
Transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) packet-centric wireless point to multi-poin...
Wideband intercom and secure packet radio (WISPR)
Radio frequency local area network
Information transmission method, mobile communications system, base station and mobile station in wh...
Use of signaling for auto-configuration of modulators and repeaters
Method for listenting to on-line radio station through webphone
Method and apparatus for push-to-talk communications
Transmission efficiency for broadcast/multicast services in cellular networks
Distributed voting system and method for land mobile radio system
Network combining wired and non-wired segments
Apparatus and method for automatic performance control in a digital radio
Audio apparatus
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named 'Schrenat'
Solid state light source
Isoflavone derivatives
Method and apparatus for monitoring integrated circuit fabrication
DNA-bridged carbon nanotube arrays
Method for photoresist strip, sidewall polymer removal and passivation for aluminum metallization
Digital one-time-use camera system
Torenia plant named 'Sunrenilapa'
Symmetric voltage follower buffer
Method and apparatus for reducing three-dimensional shape data
Sound reproduction system
Encoding method and apparatus of deformation information of 3D object
Compiler-directed speculative approach to resolve performance-degrading long latency events in an ap...
Method for producing homo-and co-polymers of ethylene
Microrheology methods and systems using low-coherence dynamic light scattering
Process and system for developing mathematically validated object-oriented software
Human phospholipase C delta 5
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Toothpaste dispensing automatic toothbrush
Method for the hydrogenation of maleic anhydride and related compounds in a fluid bed reactor
Method and system for predictive physiological gating of radiation therapy
Developing device featuring three magnetic poles for generating three magnetic forces
Polycyclic α-amino-ε-caprolactams and related compounds
18 Norsteroids as selectively active estrogens
Actuator loading/unloading device for disc drive
Implantable venous valve
Reduction of adipose tissue
Antithrombotic agents
Polymorphic kinase anchor proteins and nucleic acids encoding the same
Pyrazolopyrimidines as CRF antagonists
4-heteroaryl-tetrahydroquinolines and their use as inhibitors of the cholesterin-ester transfer prot...
Aminophenanthridinone and aminophenanthridine as NPY-5 antagonists
Compounds for inhibiting insulin secretion and methods related thereto
3-(imidazolyl)-2-alkoxypropanoic acids
High pressure pump piston
Dovetail vise jaw plate assembly
Donor element for adjusting the focus of an imaging laser
Image recording material and lithographic printing plate precursor
Method and apparatus for forming image
Sample desorption/ionization from mesoporous silica
Method for fabricating semiconductor light emitting device
Filling an area of an image marked on a material with a laser
Apparatus and method for aligning holographic ROM system
Enhanced lithographic displacement measurement system
Method for producing picture element groups by means of laser rays in space and on a plane
Laser scanning unit
High efficiency stokes-seeding dual-cell raman shifter
Illumination optical system, exposure device using the illumination optical system, and exposure met...
Disk drive device
Raman fiber laser
Laser with reflective etalon tuning element
Laser Tuning by spectrally dependent spatial filtering
Surface-emitting laser diode having reduced device resistance and capable of performing high output ...
Semiconductor laser element and process for producing the same
External cavity, widely tunable lasers and methods of tuning the same
Printed board unit for optical transmission and mounting method
Automatic microbial air sampling system and method
Compositions and kits for herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 nucleic acid detection
Recombinant protein containing a C-terminal fragment of plasmodium MSP-1
Transgenic mice overexpressing aspartyl protease 2 (ASP2)
Control of gene expression in plants
Soybean variety SE90346
Highly infectious rubella virus DNA constructs and methods of production
Soybean variety 91M10
Isolated dishevelled associated kinases, polynucleotides encoding the kinases, and methods of use th...
Inbred corn line PHACE
Three component chimeric antisense oligonucleotides
Inhibition of major groove DNA binding proteins by modified polyamides
Therapeutic liposome composition and method
Organic reactions with CO generating materials
Isolation, characterization, cloning and use of a mushroom lectin
Factor X analog with an improved ability to be activated
Human serpin polypeptides
Interferon gamma polypeptide variants
Methods for treating essential tremor
System and method of analyzing operational source data
Method of inspecting a heat exchanger and computer program product for facilitating same
Systems and methods of choosing multi-component packages using an expert system
Querying database system to execute stored procedures using abstract data type attributes, retrievin...
Snapshots of file systems in data storage systems
Method and apparatus for adding data attributes to e-mail messages to enhance the analysis of delive...
Method and system for improving email traffic using a digital imaging device
Abnormality detection method and system having sleep mode check function
Method and apparatus for positioning pulses in time
Document image processing device, document image processing method, and memory medium
Method and system for assisting in the reconstruction of an image database over a communication netw...
Design for test of analog module systems
Systems and methods for determining signal coverage
System for GSM interference cancelling
System and method for updating stored information portable electronic devices based on geographic lo...
Device for capturing thermal spectra from tissue
Theft tracking system and method
Internet facsimile apparatus
Differentiated services in packet-switched networks
Synchronized web scrolling
Method and system for optimal routing of calls in a base station system
Radio data communication system and method thereof
Router with automatic protocol configuration and methods of use
Backup logical port service
Method of provisioning a route in a connectionless communications network such that a guaranteed qua...
Question and answer generator
Method and system for protecting internet users' privacy by evaluating web site platform for privacy...
Stateful ad hoc check box selection
System and method for managing a scalable list of items for display
Specialized heaps for creation of objects in object-oriented environments
Data processing system, method, and program for automatically testing software applications
Intercepting system API calls
System and method for migrating data between memories
System including a memory controller configured to perform pre-fetch operations including dynamic pr...
Method and system for managing registers
Seamless computer system remote control
Data processing system and method for maintaining secure user private keys in non-secure storage
Universal asynchronous boundary module
Selective automated power cycling of faulty disk in intelligent disk array enclosure for error recov...
Recovery guarantees for software components
Methods and apparatus for parsing Extensible Markup Language (XML) data streams
Exposure control in electromechanical imaging devices
Iris control method and apparatus for television camera for controlling iris of lens according to vi...
Digital camera
Image displaying and controlling apparatus and method
Mapping arrangement for digital communication system
Frequency converter
Adaptive non-linear noise reduction techniques
Video signal processing apparatus using multi-conversion stages
Method and apparatus for determining and correcting for illumination variations in a digital project...
Monitor having ribs for fixing a CRT
Imaging apparatus with selectable subsets of photosensors
Power supply for electrochromic mirrors in high voltage automotive power systems
Color wheel with balancing groove for securely holding a balancing medium
Frame bundling and payload switching
Dynamic GOP system and method for digital video encoding
Reduced cost decoder using bitstream editing for image cropping
System and method for scanning a region using a low discrepancy sequence
Image based defect detection system
Rebinning methods and arrangements for use in compressing image-based rendering (IBR) data
Hull having minimized wave-making characteristics
Self-generating air cushion vessel
Guide for assisting sails over stanchions
Magnetic pen holder with stationary holder
Fast-acting clamp for a musical instrument
Dobro capo
Adjust device for adjusting a tension of a snare of a snare drum
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions
Web page display system
Optical sight system for use with weapon simulation system
Two-wheeled vehicle simulation apparatus
Method and system for training traders
Accessible computer system
Synchronized formative learning system, method, and computer program
Interactive patient education system
Lock-in training system utilizing selection objects
Computer system configured to sequence multi-day training utilizing a database
Computer system configured to store questions, answers, and keywords in a database that is utilized ...
Standardized tracking of attendance and automated detection of truancy
Performance assessment system
Method and system for online teaching using Web pages
Remote communication apparatus
Share-memory networked motion simulation system
Bicycle simulation apparatus
Cement compositions with improved mechanical properties and methods of cementing in a subterranean f...
Fire-resistant sheetlike molding, fire-resistant laminate for covering steel, fire-resistant structu...
Multi-phase converter with balanced currents
Temperature compensated battery charger current
Battery charging safety circuit for simultaneous startup and rapid surge current clamping
Adaptive delay control circuit for switched mode power supply
Power supply apparatus
Switched noise filter circuit for a DC-DC converter
Step-up/step-down DC-DC converter and portable device employing it
Compensation sample and hold for voltage regulator amplifier
Voltage generating apparatus with a fine-tune current module
Folded cascode bandgap reference voltage circuit
Switching power converter and method of controlling output voltage thereof using predictive sensing ...
Multi-mode crystal oscillator system selectively configurable to minimize power consumption or noise...
Systems and methods for authenticating and protecting the integrity of data streams and other data
Water-absorbing polymers with supramolecular hollow molecules, method for producing them and use of ...
Archiving and retrieval method and apparatus
Inlet distribution device for upflow polymerization reactors
Electroluminescence display device
Method for catalytic dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons using carbon dioxide as a soft oxidant
Optimized contact design for flip-chip LED
Memory cell strings
Bit line control and sense amplification for TCCT-based memory cells
System and method for simultaneously accessing video data and internet page data
System for developing data collection software applications
Security box
Medicament delivery system
Method, system, program, and data structures for managing structured documents in a database
Electric houseboat
Transportable basketball system having a wind-transmissive mesh backboard structure and sand-anchora...
Manikin having a bio-simulating material and a method of making the same
Universal container for chemical transportation
Heuchera plant named 'Starry Night'
System and methods for determining performance data
Method and system for accessing travel services
Optical device
Chromium support-agglomerate-transition metal polymerization catalysts and processes utilizing same
Apparatus and methods for intelligently providing applications and data on a mobile device system
Retractable photographing lens
Miniature rose plant named 'SAVadouble'
Chest compression apparatus
Transmission and display of video data
Method and apparatus for fixing a graft in a bone tunnel
System interface abstraction layer
Method, system, and program for data backup
Dynamic microtunable MIDI interface process and device
Method and instruments for non-invasive analyte measurement
Systems and methods for blood glucose sensing
Nordihydroguaiartic derivatives for use in treatment of tumors
Activated catalyst systems from substituted dialuminoxane complexes
Bioartificial intervertebral disc
Real-time detection method and system for identifying individual aerosol particles
Reversible pedal for an exercise apparatus
Method and apparatus for interconnecting analog and digital sections of A/D and D/A converters
SAR ADC providing digital codes with high accuracy and high throughput performance
Lifting arrangement for aircraft fuselages
Color-linked miniature game apparatus
Gripping device with electromagnetic actuating means
Kaleidoscopic wind machine
Method and apparatus kit for demonstrating archimedes' principle
Toy car kit
Movable gaming machine tray
Portable swing assembly
Interactive toy
Pressure-actuated toy rocket system
Robot system
Portable ice skating rink
Golf putter with improved miss-hit performance, aim and feel
Golf shoe outsole
Polyurea and polyurethane compositions for golf equipment
Information browsing apparatus having communicating function
Inhibitors of cruzipain and other cysteine proteases
Hitch assembly
Dynamic removal of a driver stack when a parent driver uses a child driver
Optical information recording medium
Injector providing drive member advancement and engagement with syringe plunger, and method of conne...
Triiodomethane thickener conjugates, a method for their production and their use as disinfectant cle...
Mobile body-supported computer with battery
Secure entry of a user-identifier in a publicly positioned device
Polyisobutenyl ethers and thioethers
Cationic polysaccharide compositions
Hydrodynamic axial slide bearing for a generator
Method for detecting metallic foreign matter and system for detecting metallic foreign matter
Optical information recording medium, optical information recording/reproduction method, and optical...
Liquid crystal display
Analyzing images to determine third party product materials corresponding to the analyzed images
Optical film having low chromaticity variation and quarter wavelength plate, and liquid crystal disp...
Preparation of at least one organic compound by heterogeneously catalyzed partial gas-phase oxidatio...
Methods and apparatuses for drug delivery to an intravascular occlusion
Method, system, and storage medium for integrating vehicle management, transportation and communicat...
Signal bus arrangement
Substrate for electro-optical device, electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Process for dissolving salts in 1,2-dichloroethane using ultrasound and a device for carrying out sa...
Method of providing and enabling a dynamic and scaleable system architecture for a computer system
Self-calibrating, multi-camera machine vision measuring system
Method for modeling the transport of ions in hydrated cement systems
Apparatus for cleaning a pressure roll in a fusing station
Device for programmable frequency divider
Method of determining the syntactic correctness of expressions
System and method for judging paper-jam conditions of an image forming apparatus
Interface and related methods for dynamically generating a filter graph in a development system
Tunable upconverter mixer with image rejection
Materials and methods for the treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, and ather...
Pyrazole compounds as transforming growth factor (TGF) inhibitors
Chemical compounds
Deposition of dispersed metal particles onto substrates using supercritical fluids
Method and apparatus for regulating the operating temperature of electronic devices
Method and apparatus for extracting non-condensable gases in a cooling system
Heat exchanger arrangement particularly for motor vehicle
Apparatus for thermal treatment of substrates
Sealing structure of a heat-dissipating tube
Isothermal reactor for exothermic or endothermic heterogeneous reactions
Heat-dissipating device
Method and apparatus for cooling a modular computer system with dual path airflow
Heat exchanger thermal indicator
Optical data link
Core structure of integral heat-exchanger
Electronic apparatus
Heat exchanger housing and seals
Cooling apparatus for electronic apparatus
Combination radiant and forced air climate control system
Low momentum loss fluid manifold system
Personal cooling or warming system using closed loop fluid flow
Enhanced heat exchanger
Heatsink mounting unit
Interlocking heat sink
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Sensor for measuring shear forces
Gliding sports equipment, such as a skate, a frame for such sports equipment, and a line of such fra...
Portion of a shoe upper
Magnetically operable studs for footwear
Footwear with surrounding ornamentation
Method for manufacturing colloid aluminum silica gels
Footwear snow melting device using heated air
Array cytometry
Probe for NMR apparatus using magnesium diboride
Method for producing multiple MR images with different contrast from a single image acquistion
MR imaging method and MRI coil
Method and magnetic resonance system for homogenizing the B1 field
Active/passive distributed absorber for vibration and sound radiation control
Acoustically intelligent windows
Speaker and speaker diaphragm
Garden speaker
Closed compressor
Phone-call apparatus, phone-call method, communication control apparatus, communication control meth...
Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing voice message in exchange system having internet gate...
Apparatus and method for transmission and receipt of conference call roster information via the inte...
Replay of conference audio
Methods and systems for providing triggerless intelligent network (IN) screening services based on c...
System and method for re-routing incoming calls
Apparatus and method for monitoring and adapting to environmental factors within a contact center
Telephone call monitoring system
Method selecting actions or phases for an agent by analyzing conversation content and emotional infl...
Expert hold queue management
Method and system for automatic gain control with adaptive table lookup
Loop current monitor circuitry and method for a communication system
Network interface unit shelf assembly with multi-positionable customer interface module
Docking station for enabling landline telephones to send/receive calls via a docked mobile telephone
Methods, systems and computer program products for collecting telemetry data from a mobile terminal
Operations method for providing wireless communication services and network and system for deliverin...
Portable terminal
Including the category of environmental noise when processing speech signals
Voice feature extraction device
System and method for generating configurations used for accessing electronic mailboxes
Tandem drive axle assembly
Mounting structure for vehicle's upper radiator
Robot cleaner, system employing the same and method for re-connecting to external recharging device
Steering angle detection device for electric power steering apparatus
Tension sensing assembly
Automotive grille
Front body structure for vehicle
Truck with picker crane and sleeper unit for extended duty
Braking force control apparatus for a vehicle
Hybrid transmission
Apparatus and method for measuring weight of an occupying item of a seat
Hybrid type driving apparatus
Torque distribution for multiple propulsion system vehicles
Transmitter device having means for automatically transmitting data remaining therein upon its re-ac...
Active material for rechargeable batteries
Method of manufacturing a light filament from carbon nanotubes
High performance immobilized liquid membrane for carbon dioxide separations
Flue gas desulfurization process and apparatus for removing nitrogen oxides
Process for the treatment of waste streams
Preparation of composite silica membranes with thermal stability by a soaking-rolling method
Supported metal catalyst, preparation and applications for directly making hydrogen peroxide
Graphical user interface for allocating multi-function resources in semiconductor wafer fabrication ...
Method of protecting against a change in value of intellectual property, and product providing such ...
Digital computer system and methods for conducting a poll to produce a demographic profile correspon...
Charging device for transferring information relating to the collection of a toll on a moving body
Automated cafeteria
Containerized liquid coating product supply business method
Method and a system for computer software distribution using networked software dispensing vending m...
Method and system for searching a dynamically updated database of UPN/TM/PD and URL data links
Method and system for conducting a target audit in a high volume transaction environment
Digital content preparation system
Digital rights framework
Method and apparatus for tracking states of digital works
Management of a concurrent use license in a logically-partitioned computer
Method and system for providing value-added services
Dynamically configurable processor
System and method for automatically personalizing web portals and web services based upon usage hist...
Central key authority (CKA) database for user accounts in ABDS system
Image processor and image processing method
Method for generating many-time restrictive blind signatures
Splitting knowledge of a password
Method and system for concurrent error identification in resource scheduling
Portable floodwater barrier system
Single and dual reel flying lead deployment apparatus
Apparatus to form columns of granular material
Roof bolt bearing plate and method for an underground mine
Benthic screen for controlling aquatic plant growth
UTP based video conferencing
Package for activatable point of sale cards
Serialized original print
Lottery-style on-demand ticket system and method
Hologram carrier
Fingerprint identification device equipped with a user recording unit
System and method for pose-angle estimation
Method and device for automatic visual perception
Context-based help engine and dynamic help
Methods for dynamically accessing, processing, and presenting data acquired from disparate data sour...
Interface between programming languages and method therefor
Internet-based submission of cable network content
8-[3-amino-piperidin-1-yl]-xanthines, their preparation and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Aryl-containing 5-acylindolinones, the preparation thereof and their use as medicaments
Long chain unsaturated oxygenated compounds and their use in the therapeutical, cosmetic and nutrace...
Polyphosphazenes including ionic or ionizable moieties and fluorine-containing moieties
2-Amino-imidazo[4,5-d]pyridazin-4-ones, their preparation and their use as pharmaceutical compositio...
Estrogen receptor modulators
Method and apparatus for determining the proximity of a TMS coil to a subject's head
Methods and apparatus for obtaining endoluminal access
Diagnostic support system for diabetes and storage medium
System and method for correlating sleep apnea and sudden cardiac death
System and method for sudden cardiac death prediction
Endoscopic anchoring device and associated method
Renal nerve stimulation method and apparatus for treatment of patients
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
RNA interference mediated inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase 13 (MMP13) gene expression using sh...
RNA interference mediated inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor and vascular endothelial ...
Drug delivery to the back of the eye
Compositions comprising one or more policosanols and/or policosanoic acids combined with sterol and/...
Oral pharmaceutical products containing 17beta-estradiol-3-lower alkanoate, method of administering ...
Protease inhibitors
Secondary amino-and cycloamino-cycloalkanol derivatives and methods of their use
Pyrrolotriazine kinase inhibitors
Dibenzo chromene derivatives and their use as ERbeta selective ligands
Methods of optimizing drug therapeutic efficacy for treatment of immune-mediated gastrointestinal di...
Novel crystalline form of 5-[4-[[3-methyl-4-oxo-3,4-dihydroquinazolin-2-yl- ]methoxy] benzyl]thiazol...
Triazaspiro compounds useful for treating or preventing pain
Indazoles, benzothiazoles, benzoisothiazoles, benzisoxazoles, and preparation and uses thereof
Cycloalkyl inhibitors of potassium channel function
Antioxidant and radical scavenging activity of synthetic analogs of desferrithiocin
Vdac regulator
Novel ligand antagonists of RAR receptors and pharmaceutical/cosmetic applications thereof
Persephin and related growth factors
Electric stimulation for treating neuropathy using asymmetric biphasic signals
Battery powered hydraulic tool
Redundant array control system for water rides
Gaming device having an accumulating award symbol
Voice over IP method for developing interactive voice response system
Projector/printer for displaying or printing of documents
Information processor, method for processing information and memory medium for storing program reada...
Valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine
System for variably actuating valves in internal combustion engines
Diagnostic system for internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for determining image correction values for printing an image acquired with a d...
Capsid-modified recombinant adenovirus and methods of use
Kits employing oligonucleotide-binding e-tag probes
Apparatus and method for remotely controlling household appliances
Apparatus for threshing legumes
Environmental air sterilization system
Non-tacky mascara composition
Sustained release formulations of guaifenesin and additional drug ingredients
Microphase separated superabsorbent compositions and method for making
Emulsion composition for film formation, a film prepared therefrom, a method for producing the same,...
Scanning probe based lithographic alignment
Preparation of efficient REPO and LAPO catalysts
Alcohol and glycol modified aluminum tri-alkoxide complexes
Hot electron emission array for e-beam photolithography and display screens
Apparatus and method for aligning microarray printing head
Liaison technology to connect plural end user devices to an interface for a computing resource havin...
Guaranteed admission and incremental bandwidth allocation in a packet network
Data packet length indication for mobile telecommunications systems
Method and apparatus for coupling a multimode laser to a multimode fiber
Method and apparatus for dense motion field based coding
Planar lightwave wavelength blocker devices using micromachines
System and method for reducing multipath interference in packetized wireless communication systems
Multi composition stick product and a process and system for manufacturing the same
Photoprotective compositions comprising sulfonic/hydrophobic amphiphilic polymers
Use of T1R hetero-oligomeric taste receptor to screen for compounds that modulate taste signaling
Vehicle information processing method, apparatus therefor and vehicle therewith
Desk calendar leaf
Method, apparatus and system for a secondary personal computer display
Navigating through a menu of a handheld computer using a keyboard
Radiation therapy planning device
Information handling system including power supply self diagnostics
Method and apparatus for load rate monitoring
System and method for monitoring and controlling gaseous fuel storage systems
Method and apparatus for performing priority-based flow control
Bus system having improved control process
Method and arrangement for providing security through network address translations using tunneling a...
Multi-dimensional associative search engine
Ink jet apparatus
Flexibind books
Systems and methods for fabricating an electro-optical device used for image sensing
Image display device
Methods and systems for providing halftone screens
Test cartridge for evaluating blood platelet functionality
Signal supply apparatus and method for examining the same, and semiconductor device, electro-optical...
LCD driver
Semiconductor laser device including light receiving element for receiving monitoring laser beam
Compositions and methods for high sorption of skin materials and delivery of sulfur
Method for manufacturing ferroelectric thin film device, ink jet recording head and ink jet printer
Method of finishing using abrasion resistant coatings
Surface cleanliness measurement with infrared spectroscopy
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
Network structure using high dispersion volume holography
Capacitor element and production thereof