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Address information detecting apparatus and address information detecting method
Method and system for switching between windows in a multiwindow computer environment
Feedback mechanism for use with visual selection methods
Pipeline architecture for maximum a posteriori (MAP) decoders
Systems and methods for spectral corrected lightning detection
Method, system, and program for defining asset classes in a digital library
Automatic switching network points based on configuration profiles
Method for expansion and integration of option ROM support utilities for run-time/boot-time usage
System and method for analyzing and optimizing computer system performance utilizing observed time p...
Synchronous content addressable memory
Free memory manager scheme and cache
Method and apparatus for protecting data in computer system in the event of unauthorized data modifi...
Recording test information to identify memory cell errors
System for displaying a hierarchical directory
Method for interlayer and yield based optical proximity correction
Method of detecting zombie breakpoints
Displaying variable usage while debugging
Lossless, context-free compression system and method
Co-ordinate internal timers with debugger stoppage
Mechanism for automatic synchronization of scripting variables
Efficient, transparent and flexible latency sampling
Semantics mapping between different object hierarchies
Representation of Java data types in virtual machines
Apparatus and method for controlling stored jobs
Registry service for use in a distributed processing framework system and methods for implementing t...
Techniques for transmission of message fragments between object request brokers
Dynamically adapting events to capabilities of a management system
Image-signal processing apparatus and method
Digital display jitter correction apparatus and method
Apparatus for and method of converting location information, and computer program product that is us...
Image processing apparatus
TV encoder with a function of adjusting hue
Imaging apparatus having multiple linear photosensor arrays with different spatial resolutions
Photosensor assembly with shared structures
Portable video system
Sweep method using digital signals
Occupant sensor
Time and object based masking for video watermarking
Image processing warning system
Method and device for media editing
Image monitoring method, image monitoring apparatus and storage media
Three-dimensional data processing device, three-dimensional data processing method, and program prov...
Method and apparatus for adaptive local image quantification verification
Subtitle management method for digital video disk
System and method for communicating images to a removable media device
Apparatus and method for an enhanced PCS communication system
Echinocandin pharmaceutical formulations containing micelle-forming surfactants
Hepatitis C virus non-structural NS3/4A fusion gene
Methods and compositions for administration of iron for the treatment of restless leg syndrome
Composition comprising camptothecin or a comptothecin derivative and a platin derivative for the tre...
Treatment of neurotic disorders
Intracellular delivery of biological effectors
TANGO 332 polypeptides
Mosaic protein and restriction endonuclease assisted ligation method for making the same
Interleukin-4 production inhibitors
Efficient method for producing compositions enriched in total phenols
Process for producing a vascularized bioartificial tissue and an experimental reactor for carrying o...
Antigen activating method and antigen activator
Enzyme-mediated modification of fibrin for tissue engineering: incorporation of proteins
Methods for lyophilizing competent cells
Adenoviral vectors encoding an antibody fused to a CD4 extracellular domain
Iron chelator delivery system
Spontaneous emulsions containing cyclosporine
Articulated sailing watercraft
Personal watercraft and access opening seal
Steering device for personal watercraft
Shank slide anchor
Control system
Apparatus and process for identification of characters inscribed on a semiconductor wafer containing...
Intra-device communications architecture for managing electrical power distribution and consumption
Method, system and article of manufacture for identifying regularly traveled routes
Yard performance model based on task flow modeling
Probability model selection using information-theoretic optimization criterion
Interactive self-storage rental system and method
Input/output buffer managed by sorted breakpoint hardware/software
External interface for requesting data from remote systems in a generic fashion
Network usage analysis system and method for determining excess usage
System and method of managing inventory
Method for billing for advertisements printed on check-out receipts
Method and system for facilitating delivery and pickup of goods
Swim training apparatus and method
NMR teaching method and apparatus
Method for evaluating standardized test results
Strobe light emitting apparatus and camera
Electromagnetic drive device and light quantity adjustment device using the same
Two zone automatic lens focusing system for digital still cameras
Lens barrel having a built-in cam mechanism
Air intake apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
Air intake device for internal combustion engine
Tuned exhaust system for small engines
Adaptive filtering apparatus and method for seismic data acquisition
Source array for use in marine seismic exploration
Loudspeaker system having wide-directional characteristics
Apparatus and method for measurement, encoding and displaying of object color for digital imaging
Radio handset
Method for causing a communication link to be established
Method and system of remote position reporting device
Consumer product information request (CPIR) enabling servlets and web-based consumer product informa...
Method of quantifying royalty owner rights
Innovation management network
Method for extracting personalization information from web activity
System and method for managing application service providers
Architecture for multiple channel access to applications
Method frame storage using multiple memory circuits
Authenticating endpoints of a voice over internet protocol call connection
Method and apparatus for synchronization of text and audio data
System for prioritizing of document presented on constrained receiving station interfaces to users o...
System and method for improving the efficiency, comfort, and/or reliability in Operating Systems, su...
Electrical apparatus with cover for retractably housing an electrical cable connected thereto
Apparatus for discharging a combination battery consisting of a plurality of secondary batteries
Method and apparatus for starting a gas turbine using a polyphase electric power generator
Bi-directional DC/DC power converter having a neutral terminal
Conversion circuit for discriminating sourcing current and sinking current
Trouble determining apparatus for DC boosting circuit
Switching power supply controller and switching power supply
Time-sharing current sense circuit for a multi-phase converter
Switching power supply
Efficient low dropout linear regulator
Planar resonator for wireless power transfer
Power converter with shunt resistor
Chromium-free water reducible rust inhibitive paint for metals
Methods for removing organic compounds from nano-composite materials
Amorphous nano-scale carbon tube and production method therefor
Electron emission devices
OLED display and touch screen
Methods and systems for encoding and protecting data using digital signature and watermarking techni...
DNS server access control system and method
Frictionally driven belted work machine
Bipedal humanoid
High voltage energy regulated conversion circuit
Transfer case having electromagnetic synchronizer and brake
Belt force sensor
Vibration damping system for an engine mounted on a vehicle
Rotational torque detection mechanism and power steering apparatus
Transmission mount structure for vehicles
Steering triangle
Front seatbelt system for vehicle
Belt tensioner for electric power steering unit
Passenger detection system and detection method
Telematics vehicle security system and method
Method for managing directories of large-scale file system
Handling TCP protocol for connections transmitted in parallel over radio link
System and method for navigating graphical images
Method of preparing group 14 bridged biscyclopentadienyl ligands
Method of producing and accelerating an ion beam
System and method for allocating multi-function resources for a wetdeck process in semiconductor waf...
Method and system for data detection in a global positioning system satellite receiver
Optical devices with engineered nonlinear nanocomposite materials
Magnetic non-volatile memory coil layout architecture and process integration scheme
System and method for supporting legacy operating system booting in a legacy-free system
Simplified digital settop box
Method and system for modifying an image on a web page
Fuel cell
Processor state reintegration using bridge direct memory access controller
Tungsten alloys for penetrator application and method of making the same
Method for co-application of gases and drugs to potentiate their action in relieving headaches, angi...
Metered dose inhaler
Management interface between a core telecommunication system and a local service provider
Protection barrier apparatus
Digital image viewing—I
Activated charcoal based composition and method for reducing hangover symptoms associated with the c...
Motion control for a legged robot
Configurable photonic device
Composite membrane containing a cross-linked enzyme matrix for a biosensor
Pore structure for programmable device
Self-timered device for activating a camera shutter release mechanism
Vitamin D3 derivative and treating agent for inflammatory respiratory disease using same
Bluetooth TDI and winsock interface
Modular drill guide
Method and system for accessing operating system resources
Identifying or measuring selected substances or toxins in a subject using resonant raman signals
Electro-acoustic system
Method of promoting skin care products
System and method for broadcasting advertisements
Perforated cylindrical fuel cells
Naphthyl benzoxazoles and benzisoxazoles as estrogenic agents
Methods for adjusting melt properties of metallocene catalyzed olefin copolymers
Catalyst composition and process for producing copolymer
Artificial intervertebral disc
Transbronchial reflectance oximetric measurement of mixed venous oxygen saturation, and device there...
Methods of populating data structures for use in evolutionary simulations
Spherical tungsten disulfide powder
Method for assessing myocardial angiogenesis
Portable computer with integrated PDA I/O docking cradle
Method and apparatus for defining operations to be performed during automated data processing
Animal nail trimmer
System for interacting with participants at a web site through an interactive visual proxy
Multiprocessor computer architecture incorporating a plurality of memory algorithm processors in the...
Solenoid valve having manually-operated device
Optimal gateway discovery while roaming
Interactive access, manipulation, sharing and exchange of multimedia data
Multimedia processing system parsing multimedia content from a single source to minimize instances o...
Automated segmentation, information extraction, summarization, and presentation of broadcast news
Terminal for reading machine-readable indicia and for executing a program
Automated electronic dictionary
Hole forming system with ganged spindle set
Manufacture of water-soluble β-hydroxynitriles
Atraumatic approximal space dilator
Articles having an odor control system comprising a cationic polysaccharide and an odor controlling ...
Phosphatidylcholine biosynthetic enzymes
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Radiation-curing coating compositions
Collapsible microwave popcorn box
Optical information recording medium
Fluorescent maleimides and uses thereof
Composition and process for indicating the presence of soluble fluoride ion in oral care composition...
Microlens array
Water-soluble block copolymer and production method therefor
Composition for optical material
Methods of forming medical devices
Image forming devices and image forming methods
Sensor system for measuring biopotentials
Reducing the effects of shorts in pixels of an active matrix organic electroluminescent device
Method for the hydroformylation of olefins
Apparatus and method for reproducing character information recorded on a recording medium
Interventional MR imaging with detection and display of device position
Image forming apparatus
CPR sensitive ECG analysis in an automatic external defibrillator
Process of making a compound by forming a polymer from a template drug
Dependency specification using target patterns
Therapeutic compositions and methods for treating viral infection
Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption of LCD backlight lamp
Method and apparatus for adapting and hosting legacy user interface controls
Aza hydroxylated ethyl amine compounds
Salt forms of poorly soluble probucol esters and ethers
Use of compounds for the elevation of pyruvate dehydrogenase activity
Tubular microstructures via controlled nanoparticle assembly
Tetracalcium phosphate (TTCP) having calcium phosphate whisker on surface
Spica cast gurney
Exercise apparatus
Exercise device and method
Braking assembly with manageable self-generating power energy
Aquatic exercise device
Resistive exercise device
Plate type heat exchanger and method of manufacturing the heat exchanger
Passive gas-gap heat switch for adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator
Automotive air conditioner
Construction of phase change material embedded electronic circuit boards and electronic circuit boar...
Air conditioning system for a vehicle
Tube-style radiator structure for computer
Device for cooling a bearing; flywheel energy storage system using such a bearing cooling device and...
Black layer coated heat exchanger
Serpentine tube, cross flow heat exchanger construction
Humidity controller
High performance heat exchangers
System fan management based on system loading options for a system having replaceable electronics mo...
CPU heatsink fastener
Towellettes impregnated with a paint and nail polish remover formulation
Expandable packer with anchoring feature
Gas generating propellant compositions adapted for co-extrusion with a plastic sheath
Structure comprising a binder layer non-delaminable with respect to a metallized substrate and peela...
Expanded porous thermoplastic polymer membranes
Fluoropolymer-carbon dioxide compositions and methods of processing fluoropolymers
Ink cartridge and printer using the same
Apparatus for manufacturing stacked type electronic part
Method of manufacturing a droplet deposition apparatus
Method for reducing H2S contamination
Apparatus and method for putting on a protective suit
Systems and methods for designing threads of turbine engine connectors
Breakaway lacing for emergency evacuation slide
Torso harness
Light fighter lethality seeker projectile
Impact resistant structure for the helicopter and energy absorber used for the same
Dual wing-pair air vehicle
Passive aerodynamic sonic boom suppression for supersonic aircraft
Low cost parachute
Optical positioning system and method, transceiver, and reflector
Gaze-actuated information system
System and method for gyro enhanced vertical flight information
Euchre scorekeeper
Automatic card shuffler
Game board having a base for uneven surfaces
Multiple dealers blackjack
Poker-type card game method
Pattern testing board and system
Payout distributions for games of chance
Method to graphically represent weapon effectiveness footprint
Method and apparatus for automatically switching between analog and digital input signals
Vehicle body business methods
Golf club head and golf club
Method for producing integrated microsystems
Incorporation of nitrogen into high k dielectric film
Composite dielectric forming methods and composite dielectrics
Substrate for electronic devices, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic device
Film formation method, semiconductor element and method thereof, and method of manufacturing a disk-...
Process for fabrication of a semiconductor component having a tungsten oxide layer
Method for manufacturing a photovoltaic element
Photosensor arrays with encoded permanent information
Fault detection and control methodologies for ion implantation processes, and system for performing ...
Erasing and programming an organic memory device and method of fabricating
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Performing passive voltage contrast on a silicon on insulator semiconductor device
Flash memory cell and method of manufacturing the same, and programming/erasing/reading method in th...
System and method for one-time programmed memory through direct-tunneling oxide breakdown
Multi-chip package and manufacturing method thereof
Method for producing a semiconductor wafer, semiconductor chip, and intermediate semiconductor produ...
Semiconductor device having multilevel copper wiring layers and its manufacture method
Stress-relief layer for semiconductor applications
Light emitting diode, optical semiconductor element and epoxy resin composition suitable for optical...
Method and apparatus for tuning a plasma reactor chamber
Cascaded stream cipher
Methods and apparatus for keystream generation
Method of videotext information encryption and security transmission in a network
Method and device for guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of a set of data
Method and apparatus for background caching of encrypted programming data for later playback
Analog privacy scrambler and scrambling method
Method and apparatus for enhancing security in a wireless network using distance measurement techniq...
Method and receiver for receiving a radio broadcast signal having encoded contents
Remote monitoring of factory automation users
Selective data encryption using style sheet processing for decryption by a group clerk
Digital watermarks
Method and system to secure content for distribution via a network
Thuja plant named 'Steeplechase'
Miniature rose plant 'POULra016'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Fisnics Lil'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Nighthawk Yellow'
Leucocoryne plant named 'Paulina'
Antirrhinum plant named 'YACOY'
Portulaca plant named 'Pink Panther'
Aster plant named 'Kiestrbl'
Apple tree named 'UEB 3375/2'
Dahlia plant named 'Bahamas'
Dahlia plant named 'Bounty'
Calibrachoa plant named 'KLEC03085'
Kalanchoe plant named 'KJ 2002 0521'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Espinal'
Lily plant named 'Tarragona'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Fisupnic Flame'
Clematis plant named 'Evipo003'
Clematis plant named 'Evipo036'
Method for stabilizing vinyl aromatic monomers using selected polymerization inhibitors and polymers...
Adsorbent beds for removal of hydrides from hydrocarbons
Attachment assembly for personal digital assistant
Method and system for remotely managing persistent state data
Electronic acoustic music engine
Inventive structure of spring driving musical movement reduction device
Polymeric drumsticks
Portable telephone
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions
Music instrument system and methods
Scan circuit and method for keyboard
Extensible kernel-mode audio processing architecture
Precast concrete bridge unit
Wall base with angled top, groove and toe
Wall frame extrusion
Fence panel
Trellis post
Aerodynamic truck light cover bezel and lens
Holder for a safety razor
Ventilated batter's helmet
Protective face shield support
Protective face shield molded lens
Dog chew toy
Dog chew toy
Attachment for cleaning appliance
Steam iron with brush
Cleaning mitt
Heat shield for an iron
Surburban mail box with checkered race car flag
Toy water gun with distributor wheel
Airfoil blade with cushioned edge for powered toy aircraft
Inflatable plush toy
Infant eye trainer
Residential telephone system and method
Telephone network-based method and system for automatic insertion of enhanced personal address book ...
Method and system for facilitating telecommunications service provisioning and service assurance
Internet-enabled conferencing system and method accommodating PSTN and IP traffic
System and method for real-time provisioning of central office services
Telephone appointment processing system
Contact center data integration with enterprise applications
Apparatus and method for recording incoming call information
Echo analysis for identification of hybrid induced echo in a communication link
Gain control method for acoustic echo cancellation and suppression
Method and apparatus for performing adaptive filtering
Protected mechanism for DTMF relay
Socket/plug in DTMF tone dialer
Information processing system and camera system
Electronic service providing system
Generic activation and registration framework for wireless devices
Method, device, and database for providing communication addresses for communication devices
Battery protection circuit
Telescopic telephone
System for automatic collection and transport of readings from water, gas and electricity meters
Software application error severity notification to users
Watermarking a carrier on which an image will be placed or projected
Method of correlation of images in biometric applications
Method for positioning an indicium for printing on a substrate and a system for carrying out such me...
System and method for performing compound computational experiments
Vector estimation system, method and associated encoder
Hybrid neural network and support vector machine method for optimization
System and method for automatic task prioritization
Method and system of remote monitoring and support of devices, extracting data from different types ...
Composition for lowering internal lipid content
Phenoxyalkycarboxylic acid derivatives in the treatment of inflammatory diseases
Polycosanols from Ericerus pela wax
Method for preparing indan-1,3-dicarboxylic acid
Balanced care product customization
Closed-loop feedback-driven neuromodulation
Intracorporeal impedance and leak monitoring device
Method and system for improving health status of members of an entity
Devices, systems and methods for diagnosing and treating sinusitus and other disorders of the ears, ...
System and method for automated extraction and display of past health care use to aid in predicting ...
Surgically implantable injection port having a centered catheter connection tube
Method of implanting a fluid injection port
Methods and apparatus for testing disruption of a vagal nerve
Method and system for gastric ablation and gastric pacing to provide therapy for obesity, motility d...
Bicyclic heterocycles as kinase inhibitors
Compositions and methods for modulating interaction between polypeptides
Melanocortin receptor ligands
Combination of proton pump inhibitor, buffering agent, and prokinetic agent
Substituted benzoxazoles as estrogenic agents
2-(3-aminoaryl)amino-4-aryl-thiazoles and their use as c-kit inhibitors
Body weight gain inhibitors
Indazole compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods for mediating or inhibiting cell prolif...
Novel maxi-k channel blockers, methods of use and process for making the same
1,5-distributed pyrrolid-2-one derivatives for use as ep4 receptor agonists in the teatment of eye d...
2 Methoxy antimycin a derivatives and methods of use
Pharmaceutical compositions useful in prevention and treatment of beta-amyloid protien-induced disea...
Use of citrulline within the framework of intestinal insufficiency
Therapeutic avenathramide compounds
Tetrafluorobenzyl derivatives and pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating acute and c...
Treatment of conditions through modulation of the autonomic nervous system
Frog prince, a transposon vector for gene transfer in vertebrates
Transgenic models of Alzheimer's disease and uses therefor in the treatment of a variety of neurodeg...
Cleaning tool
Trash bin system
Gaming device having an offer and acceptance game with a termination limit wherein the offer is pick...
Slot machine game having a plurality of ways for a user to obtain payouts based on selection of one ...
Alternative bonus games associated with slot machine
Method of and apparatus for producing power from a heat source
Waveguide and backplane systems with at least one mode suppression gap
Inspection fixture
Acquiring values of back electromotive force for an electric motor
Reinforcement of electrical connections in electronic devices
Monitoring a voltage level of a power supply for a disk drive
Insulator with pocket features
Head load/unload ramp mechanism for a disk drive
Computer and RFID-based input devices
Systems and methods for forming composite images with digital graphic elements
Print data transfer system, method of transferring print data, and computer program product to effec...
Printer input device having intelligent and non-intelligent modes
Printer, print processing program product, and print processing method
Communication method between a badge and a motor vehicle
RF tire pressure signal sensor antenna and method of packaging
Asynchronous localization signals for tire pressure monitoring system
Downloading server and mobile station using local-area wireless communication
Process for monitoring the condition of motor vehicle wheels
Electric drive system, especially for vehicles
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Diagnostic remote control for electrical components on vehicle
Vehicle remote controller
Valve timing control for marine engine
Computer system control via interface surface
Interactive printer account
Method and system for accessing data
Method and system for determining image transformation
Use of VEGF-C to prevent restenosis
Reflected fluorescence microscope with multiple laser and excitation light sources
Radio frequency resonator system with optimized current distribution in the conducting elements
Image generating method and MRI apparatus
Movement-corrected multi-shot method for diffusion-weighted imaging in magnetic resonance tomography
Method of quantifying magnetic resonance spectrum
Method and apparatus for suppression of artifacts in MRT imaging
Variable flip angle, sar-reduced state free precession mri acquisition
Inter-subject coherence in DT-MRI
System for secure, identity authenticated, and immediate financial transactions as well as activatio...
Method and apparatus for controlling child's internet use
Mobile monolithic polymer elements for flow control in microfluidic devices
Compositions of transition metal species in dense phase carbon dioxide and methods of use thereof
Engine antifreeze composition
Polyamide moulding material with improved properties
Ligands with at least a fluorosilcone substituent useful for preparing metal-locenes
Asymmetric shunt for deflection yoke for reducing diagonal symmetric defects
System and method for facilitating editing of codes such as HTML and XML codes by scripts
Quick click icons for workspace flow between views for major subsystems and views within a design to...
Cost-effective scan architecture and a test application scheme for scan testing with non-scan test p...
Programmable skew clock signal generator selecting one of a plurality of delayed reference clock sig...
Extended dynamic range watchdog timer
IC with serial scan path, protocol memory, and event circuit
Method for the screening of α2δ-1 subunit binding ligands
Chimeric protein α BNAC crystallin with extraordinarily high chaperone-like activity and a met...
Nucleotide sequence which code for the metH gene
Uses of α-conotoxin peptides
MUM-1 protein expressed by multiple myeloma-related gene
Bradykinin receptor antagonists
Heteroaryl alkylamide derivatives useful as bradykinin receptor modulators
Method and system for labeling syringe bodies
Adjustable head for a wrench
Sheet finisher with two processing trays
Gas separator fixing structure and gas separating device using the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing integrated circuit
Process for producing phenyl ester, and catalyst
Method of reaction with soluble metallic catalyst and anion-exchange resin, method of recovering the...
Structure of rotors in stepping motors
Method and apparatus for automatic face blurring
Polarization scrambler and optical network using the same
Fault localization and health indication for a controller area network
System and method for providing real-time motion correction by utilizing internal navigators
Pointing angle control of electrostatic micro mirrors with modified sliding mode control algorithm f...
Digital tracking and focus servo system with TES to FES crosstalk calibration
Antenna device and radio communication equipment including the same
Compact and efficient three dimensional antennas
System to measure density, specific gravity, and flow rate of fluids, meter, and related methods
Magnetic absolute angular position sensor for valves controlled by electric part-turn actuators
Contact unit
Electronically controllable pen device
Device for machining by electroerosion
Foldable, refillable, sustained-release fluid delivery system
Method for removing a sacrificial material with a compressed fluid
Simultaneous determination of forward and reverse ABO blood group
Method for cloning and expression of SbfI restriction endonuclease and SbfI methylase in E. coli
Sample processing system
Device for guiding flexible elements along movable machine parts
Method and device for the robot-controlled cutting of workpieces to be assembled by means of laser r...
Apparatus for handling of a disklike member, especially for handling of a wafer
Robotic retail facility
Automated robot alignment system and method using kinematic pins and end effector sensor
Gait generation device for legged mobile robot
Robot device , legged locomotion robot operation control device and operation control method, legged...
Method and device for controlling walking of legged robot
Method and device for influencing a multiaxial manipulator
Medical tele-robotic system
Parking lot attendant robot system
Robot behavior control system and method, and robot apparatus
Information recording and reproducing apparatus
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
Beam rotation angle detecting apparatus, rotation detecting apparatus and beam rotation angle detect...
Diffraction grating interference system encoder for detecting displacement information
Method and apparatus for adjusting characteristics of multi electron source
Variable gain amplifier circuit using variable impedance circuit
Encoding method and encoding apparatus, and computer program and computer readable storage medium
Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Image sensing apparatus and image processing method therefor
Image processing apparatus and method therefor
Image reading apparatus and method and storage medium
Image reading device, image reading apparatus, and method therefor
Control method for document scanning device
Shading correction method for a sensor, and color image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Form editing method and apparatus, and storage medium storing computer-readable program
Use of Fischer-Tropsch condensate as a lean oil for heavy ends recovery from Fischer-Tropsch tail ga...
Method of electroplating copper over a patterned dielectric layer to enhance process uniformity of a...
Semiconductor device
Method for dual-layer polyimide processing on bumping technology
Liquid crystal display
Hydrogen gettering system
Mounting structure of semiconductor device and mounting method thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of forming metal line in semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for improving adhesion between layers in integrated devices
Interconnect with composite barrier layers and method for fabricating the same
Discriminative SOI with oxide holes underneath DC source/drain
Wiring board having interconnect pattern with land, and semiconductor device, circuit board, and ele...
Microelectronic packages having rail along portion of lid periphery
Method and apparatus for adjusting the timing of signals over fine and coarse ranges
Synchronizing system using IEEE 1394 serial bus standard
Method and apparatus for an X-DSL modem supporting multiple X-DSL line codes
Method and apparatus for reducing clock skew in an integrated circuit
Variable delay line
Apparatus and method to test high speed devices with a low speed tester
Self-timed digital processing circuits
Method for in vitro molecular evolution of protein function
Sel-12 related methods
Surface treatment of medical device
Apparatus for changing optical disks
Methods of whitening teeth
Plume detector
Car alarm with automatic dialer
Security terminal, security management method, monitor device, monitor method, and security system
Receiver and method for determining an intermediate frequency in a wireless communication device
Vehicle air conditioner with ventilating function while parking
Integrated circuit containing multiple digital signal processors
Context save and restore using test scan chains
Protection of the core part of computer against external manipulation
Method and system for the controlled application of fluid pressure to a load, especially for pressur...
Axial-piston drive system with a continuously adjustable piston stroke
Compressor with compact screw connected housing and adjustable mounting means
Fiber optic system for detecting pump cycles
Methods and devices for pumping fluid and performing surgical procedures
Methods and compositions for inhibition of RNA splicing
Insulating layer having graded densification
Electronic structures with reduced capacitance
Leads under chip IC package
Acceleration sensor and method of manufacture thereof
Semiconductor storage device
Metal bump with an insulating sidewall and method of fabricating thereof
Semiconductor equipment with lateral and vertical MOS regions
Interconnect structures containing conductive electrolessly deposited etch stop layers, liner layers...
Apparatus for performing anastomosis
Method for analyzing in-line QC test parameters
Nonvolatile magnetic memory device
Integrated semiconductor product comprising a metal-insulator-metal capacitor
Flash memory device and method of fabrication thereof including a bottom oxide layer with two region...
Behind the ear hearing aid with front plate
Method and system for calibrating SCSI expanders
Centrifugal separator with one or more internal contaminant barriers
Compact liquid converter assembly
Power converter controller having event generator for detection of events and generation of digital ...
Pulse width modulation amplifier
Imidazole derivatives or salts thereof and drugs containing the derivatives or the salts
Streptogramin derivatives, preparation method and compositions containing same
8-{4-[3-(5-fluoro-1H-indol-3-YL)-Propyl]-Piperazin-1-YL}-2-methyl-4H-Benzo[1,4]oxazin-3-one mesylate...
Compounds capable of activating cholinergic receptors
Process for preparing vanillylamine hydrochloride
SS7 network planning tool
Multiple-roller corner painting tool
Method for producing a light-alloy bearing bush with a rough external surface
High-speed inkjet printing for vibrant and crockfast graphics on web materials or end-products
Polishing apparatus
Automated fabrication of an integral fiber reinforced composite structural component using a positio...
Repair of larynx, trachea, and other fibrocartilaginous tissues
Catalyst and method of steam reforming
Manufacturing process for open celled microcellular foam
Hermetic high frequency module and method for producing the same
Motor vehicle U-turn signal
Method of interferometry with modulated optical path-length difference and interferometer
Controller for a printer module
Protection device with a contact breaker mechanism
Method for forming a date indicator actuated by a clock movement and mechanism for implementing this...
Multi-stage automatic gain control for spread-spectrum receivers
Methods and structure for IC temperature self-monitoring
Miniprotein ligands and other polypeptides and methods for making and using same
Reservoir for use with sampling interface for a vehicle
Electromagnetic radiation collector and transport system
Spring drive system and window cover
Irrigation spray nozzle with two-piece color identifier and radially shaped orifice
Method for producing large area antireflective microtextured surfaces
Method to produce germanium layers
Low power thermoelectric generator
Transparent board with conductive multi-layer antireflection films, transparent touch panel using th...
Cavity wall measurement apparatus and method
Low temperature refining and formation of refractory metals
Method and system for detecting targets known up to a simplex from multi-spectral and hyper-spectral...
Light emitting diode based products
Vehicular lamp
High-efficient ion source with improved magnetic field
Light emitting display device and drive control method thereof
Display apparatus and its control method
Circuit having clamped global feedback for linear load current
Method for operating a high-pressure discharge lamp
Electronic light generating element light bulb
Light emitting apparatus
Circuit having EMI and current leakage to ground control circuit
Driving unit of fluorescent lamp and method for driving the same
Architecture of power supply system for LCD apparatus
Method of sealing a container
Supernucleophilic 4-substituted-pyridine catalysts, and processes useful for preparing same
Air cycle water producing machine
Bottle crushing system
Liquid discharge recording head
Aerodynamic surface geometry for a golf ball
Method of producing a fiber product having a strength suitable for printing paper and packaging mate...
Recyclable image-recording medium
Method and apparatus for inspecting leakage of container
Active inductor
Phased array metamaterial antenna system
Configuration management of a hybrid DCS-SONET ring network
Method for determining the security status of transmissions in a telecommunications network
Scalable atomic multicast
Container assembly for food items
Detection of oil in turbine engine bleed air
Compositions for dyeing keratinous fiber
Compounds to affect insect behavior and to enhance insecticides
Complexity management of genomic DNA
Method for producing highly unsaturated fatty acids and lipid containing same
Standardized recreational vehicle sanitary system
Top bridge for a community communication hub kiosk
Colorant compounds
Method and apparatus for detecting photocopier tracking signatures
Single crystal cutting method
Dual loop feedforward power amplifier
Data processing circuit for temporarily suspending data recording onto a disk
Skin penetration enhancing components
Light modulation information display device and illumination control device
Gray-scale image display device that can reduce power consumption when writing data
Apparatus and method for in-situ measurement of polymer quantities output from an extractor
Active matrix display device using a printing method
Flat panel display device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Data processing circuit, display device, and mobile terminal
Optical sensor and optical process for the characterization of a chemical and/or bio-chemical substa...
Systems and methods for forming metal oxides using metal organo-amines and metal organo-oxides
Semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing the same
Low dielectric constant film material, film and semiconductor device using such material
Passive wireless piezoelectric smart tire sensor with reduced size
Efficient searching techniques
Method and apparatus for representing multidimensional data
Inhibitors of Akt activity
3-glyoxylamideindoles for treating cancer
Substituted benzimidazoles, processes for their preparation, their use as medicaments, and medicamen...
Method for synthesizing epothilones and epothilone analogs
Distribution strip for absorbent products
Disposable absorbent article
Video pipe inspection system employing non-rotating cable storage drum
Light emitting device
Polyurethane ionomers and methods for their preparation and formation
Procedure for the preparation of racemic and enantiomerically pure derivatives of 1,5 diaryl-3-trifl...
Detector for a bipolar time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Electronically modulated prism
Cure accelerators for anaerobic curable compositions
Electrophoretic display with improved temperature latitude and switching performance
Material for rail of linear guide, rail for linear guide, process of manufacturing rail of linear gu...
Starter having helical ventilation groove in tube
Constant contact side bearing assembly for a railcar
Linear guide apparatus and method for assembling the same
Axle shaft assembly
Double-row angular contact ball bearing
Dynamic network allocation for mobile router
System and method for allowing non-trusted processors to interrupt a processor safely
Reconfigurable processing system and method
Metallurgically bonded layered article having a curved surface
Polymer buffer layers and their use in light-emitting diodes
Process for repairing coated substrate surfaces
Transformation of polymers to useful chemicals oxidation
High modulus polyimide compositions useful as dielectric substrates for electronics applications, an...
Hydrothermal pretreatment for increasing average pore size in a catalyst support
Storage-reduction type NOx purifying catalyst
Topsheet pattern for a sanitary napkin
Tampon applicator arrangement
Highly concentrated fabric softener compositions and articles containing such compositions
Disposable absorbent article comprising expandable fibers and being capable of self-shaping in use
Sensor device and methods for using same
Textured film devices
Dyeing composition, method for obtaining the same and use for coloring the skin and/or keratinous fi...
Cosmetic compositions based on partly neutralized organic silicon compounds
Steam generator for a PEM fuel cell power plant
Decorative automotive interior trim articles with cast integral light stable covering and process fo...
Ink for a polycarbonate substrate
Method of making blends of poly(vinyl alcohol) and poly(ethylene oxide)
Hospital bed
Safety mechanism for bolt-action firearm
Mechanical release or trigger device
Optical coupler for use with light-transmissive above-counter sinks
Flashlight with light emitting diode source
Adhesive type LED lead frame
Light emitting diodes for high AC voltage operation and general lighting
Glass reflector for projector and manufacturing method for the same
Backlighting device including lens
Vehicle lamp with a shield having a double directional illumination structure
Tail lamp for vehicle
Illumination device utilizing displaced radiation patterns
Liquid crystal-based electro-optical device forming, in particular, a switch
Multipurpose testing system for optical cross connect devices
Coupler-based optical cross-connect having a regeneration module
Bidirectional multiplexer and demultiplexer based on a single echelle waveguide grating
Optical beam scanning system for compact image display or image acquisition
Multi-clad optical fiber lasers and their manufacture
Optical coupling module and method for forming the same
SBS suppressed nonlinear optical fiber
Optical fiber and optical transmission line
Large-effective-area inverse dispersion compensating fiber, and a transmission line incorporating th...
Optical fiber management system and method and fiber bender thereof
Light path
Method and apparatus for deblurring and re-blurring image segments
Method and system for the estimation and compensation of brightness changes for optical flow calcula...
Multi-mode texture compression algorithm
Computer color-matching apparatus and paint color-matching method using the apparatus
Method for finding a pattern which may fall partially outside an image
Method and device for incorporating additional information into main information through electronic ...
Arbitrary-shape image-processing device and arbitrary-shape image-reproducing device
Hiding encrypted messages in information carriers
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
Largest magnitude indices selection for (run, level) encoding of a block coded picture
Ultrasonic array sensor, ultrasonic inspection instrument and ultrasonic inspection method
Self propelled device
Medical device sheath apparatus and method of making and using same
Endoscopic manual control knob, and a method for manufacturing same
Wound retraction apparatus and method
Multipositional ratchet device for surgical retractor
Ultrasonic imaging device
Ultrasonic transmission/reception method, ultrasonic transmission/reception apparatus, ultrasonic im...
Apparatus and method for displacing the partition between the middle ear and the inner ear using a m...
Methods and apparatus for securing medical instruments to desired locations in a patient's body
Gait detection system, gait detection apparatus, device, and gait detection method
Recombinant bacterial cells for delivery of PNP to tumor cells
Multilayer synthetic wood component
Methods for producing extracellular matrix proteins
Bromination process
Centrifugal braking device for bait casting reel
Sound generating mechanism for a fishing reel
Gapped-plate capacitor
Magnetic element utilizing spin-transfer and half-metals and an MRAM device using the magnetic eleme...
High-power coherent arrays of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Radiation image processing apparatus and cassette for storing radiation image
Modulators incorporating multi-layer dispersion-engineered waveguides
Achromatic fiber-optic power splitter and related methods
Polishing pad
Method for ensuring that coating compositions have correct color
Surface-treated pigments
Lens with stain resistant surface layer
Zeolite catalyst and use for hydrocarbon conversion
RFID-keyed mailbox, and RFID-based system and method for securing a mailbox
RFID control system
Label to be attached on a plastic product formed in a mold and identifiable by a detecting device
Electronic identification system with forward error correction system
Core insert and method of use
Inosine compounds and their use for treating or preventing an inflamation or a reperfusion disease
Rhenium and technetium complexes containing a hypoxia-localizing moiety
Control system for sodium-sulfur battery
Image forming material and ammonium compound
Arylindenopyridines and related therapeutic and prophylactic methods
Biarylurea derivatives
Non-aqueous electrochemical apparatus
Systems and methods for performing simultaneous ablation
Embolic coil hydraulic deployment system
Method and system for stent retention using an adhesive
Releasable and retrievable vascular filter system
Device and method for treatment of tissue adjacent a bodily conduit by thermocompression
Nasal spray formulation and method
Esophageal balloon catheter
Intravenous catheter device
Retractable needle syringe including a sheath and an intravenous adapter
Method and device for the improved milking of an animal, in particular of a cow
System and method for device co-location discrimination
Diagnostic monitor for use with an operating system and methods therefor
Method and system for generating an ATPG model of a memory from behavioral descriptions
Sync-time read only memory image binding for limited resource devices
System and method for installing printer driver software
Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis of multiple samples
NMR excitation method
Assymetric radio frequency transmission line array
Systems and methods for multiple raster image processing
Systems and methods for comparing documents containing graphic elements
Printer for printing corrugated cardboard
Lightsensitive material package
Concentrated fluoropolymer dispersions
Method for producing a fluorine-containing compound
Heat-shrinkable polyester film roll
Hydrogen use in a GTL plant
Carbon-containing materials
Pyrolysis process
Image forming apparatus
Control unit for motor-assisted bicycle
Magnet mounting structure
Method and apparatus for forming an electrical contact with a semiconductor substrate
Segmented sheeting and methods of making and using same
Automatic tracking apparatus for reflector
Reach adjustment mechanism for a master cylinder lever of a hydraulic disc brake
Adjusting apparatus for a bicycle brake control device
Self-lubrication cable assemblies
Contact support for a cycle safety device
Lock assembly
Seat for a bicycle
Bicycle seat post
Shell construction for a bicycle seat
Double sided adhesive tape
Point-to-point bus bridging without a bridge controller
GPU rendering to system memory
Porous electrode, solid oxide fuel cell, and method of producing the same
Systems and methods for analyzing particle systems of surface facets using polarized scattered light
System and methods for protecting printer consumables through positioning non-use zones
Integrated circuit defect analysis using liquid crystal
Dental hand tool with ratchet mechanism
Permanent downhole, wireless, two-way telemetry backbone using redundant repeaters
Display device, method for driving the same, and portable terminal apparatus using the same
Magnetoelectronic device with variable magnetic write field
Network packet tracking
Traffic management in packet-based networks
High speed network protocol stack in silicon
Communication network
Thermal gas compression engine
Air conditioner with control of compressor
Atomic layer deposited Zr-Sn-Ti-O films using TiI4
Systems and methods for generating electrical power from solar energy
Road marking removal system
Coating glass
Screening method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for stimulation of multiple formation intervals
Cane with pepper spray dispenser
Process for coating drawn metal parts
Rapid assay, method and system for detecting biowarfare agents
Process for the non-incineration decontamination of materials containing hazardous agents
Play enhancement system for a pneumatic projectile launcher and method for enhancing play
Triode field emission device having mesh gate and field emission display using the same
Organic EL light emitting device and electronic apparatus
Light-emitting apparatus
Display device
Home printing from internet sources
Alkylated alkyl polyglucoside non-ionic surfactants
Amphoteric surfactants based upon alkyl polyglucoside
Formulation of boronic acid compounds
Cyclodextrin-drospirenone inclusion complexes
Tetraphenylbacteriochlorin derivatives and compositions containing the same
Method for purifying 5′-protected 2′-deoxypurine nucleosides
Methods for the isolation of nucleic acids and for quantitative DNA extraction and detection for leu...
Cellulose derivatives having gel-like rheological properties and process for the preparation thereof
Cellulose ester film
Method for producing water-soluble saccharide conjugates and saccharide mimetics by Diels-Alder reac...
OsCc1 promoter and methods of transforming monocot plants using the same
Immunostimulatory nucleic acid molecules
Sequence requirements for inhibitory oligonucleotides
C-class oligonucleotide analogs with enhanced immunostimulatory potency
Immunomodulatory oligonucleotides
Identification of molecular interaction sites in RNA for novel drug discovery
Conjugates and compositions for cellular delivery
Novel synthetic ganglioside derivatives and compositions thereof
Method of producing microcrystalline cellulose-containing compositions
Pharmaceutical salts of 3-O-(3',3'-dimethylsuccinyl) betulinic acid
Indole compounds useful for the treatment of cancer
Novel protein, dna thereof and process for producing the same
Process for the physical depolymerization of glycosaminogylcanes and products obtained thereform
Connective tissue growth factor homologs
Solution phase synthesis of oligonucleotides
Process for the production of methylhydroxyalkyl cellulose
Method for functional mapping of an alzheimer's disease gene network and for identifying therapeutic...
Plant centromere compositions
Plant centromere compositions
Vented trap
Microbiological water filter
Carbon separation and collection device used for high performance dust collector
Self-cleaning water filtration system and method
Mobile phase gradient generation microfluidic device
Membrane module
Aerobic digester for bodily waste material
Magnetic, silanised polyvinylalcohol-based carrier materials