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EMI reduction of oscillating signals by way of controlled randomized modulation
Antenna radiator assembly and radio communications device
Apparatus for detecting cross-talk and method therefor
Active control of two orthogonal polarizations for heterodyne interferometry
Latching apparatus for mounting a computer module
Adaptive scheduling window management for a quality of service enabled local area network
Identifying and synchronizing permuted channels in a parallel channel bit error rate tester
Dynamic Internet protocol address management method
Signal processor used for symbol recovery and methods therein
Bidirectional distributed amplifier
Filter for injecting data dependent jitter and level noise
Self-extracting re-configurable interface used in modular electronic architecture
Method for the treatment of a condition remediable by administration of a selective androgen recepto...
Compositions structured with at least one polymer and methods of using the same
System and method for identifying and accessing streaming data in a locked portion of a cache
Sterilization of fire sprinkler systems
Organophotoreceptor with charge transport material with two N,N,N-trisubstituted-amino groups
Carbamide peroxide compositions for the treatment of dermatological disorders and methods for their ...
Absorbent article having a pair of fringes
Labial pad having a tab
Process for automating the attachment of a clip to a product
Windowless tissue carton
Center-feed roll and method of making thereof
Dispenser for multiple rolls of sheet material
Water-dispersible, cationic polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Nonwoven fabric laminate with meltblown web having a gradient fiber size structure
Coating for treating substrates for ink jet printing including imbibing solution for enhanced image ...
Ellipitcal applicator system
Three dimensional profiling of an elastic hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive to provide areas of d...
System and method for replacing web folding boards
Mechanical fastening system for an absorbent article
Entangled fabrics containing staple fibers
Naphtha desulfurization method
Intelligence engine
Methods and apparatus for switching packets
Data transmission apparatus and method for transmitting data between physical layer side device and ...
On-chip dynamic buffer level indicators for digital video encoder
Context model access to memory based on run and skip counts and context model skipping
Method and apparatus for processing the output of a speech recognition engine
Level detector for storage tanks for fluids
Benzimidazoles that are useful in treating sexual dysfunction
Microfluidic devices for liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry
Radio-frequency coil apparatus
RF probe apparatus for NMR check weighing system
Magnetic resonance tomograph
Method for magnetic field tracking in a NMR check weighing system
Low-impact noise acquisition magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic gradient field projection
System, method and apparatus for selecting, displaying, managing, tracking and transferring access t...
Stereo holding refrigerator
Digital audio signal player having a simulated analogue record
Engine valve actuator assembly with dual automatic regulation
Valve operating device for an internal combustion engine
Valve system for internal combustion engine
Engine expansion braking with adjustable valve timing
Computer controlled engine valve operation
Interleaved processing system for processing frames within a network router
Forward link repeater frequency watermarking scheme
Method and apparatus for steganographic embedding of meta-data
Split-pan for panning apparatus
Methods of detecting prostate stem cell antigen in cancer
Identifying image content
Guaranteed air connection
Method for the prevention and treatment of skin and nail infections
Medical applications using microcombustion
Electronic messenger
Method and structure for a pusher-mode piezoelectrically actuated liquid metal optical switch
Waveguide plate and process for its production and microtitre plate
Microporous filter media, filtration systems containing same, and methods of making and using
Nucleic acid amplification utilizing microfluidic devices
Contact printing using a magnified mask image
Plasma display device and manufacturing method thereof
Mesoporous permeation layers for use on active electronic matrix devices
Method of a data range search with plural pre-set rules
Symbol synchronizer for impulse noise channels
Dynamic reassignment of code space among multiple modes of operation
TDM-based fixed wireless loop system
In-band-on-channel (IBOC) system and methods of operation using orthogonal frequency division multip...
Touch base user interface service selection icon for a portion of an image processing office machine
Touch base user interface service selection icon for a portion of an image processing office machine
Touch base user interface service selection icon for a portion of an image processing office machine
Touch base user interface service selection icon for a portion of an image processing office machine
Touch base user interface service selection icon for a portion of an image processing office machine
Door handle indicator for an image producing machine
System and method for scan-to-print architecture
System and method for the reproduction of oversize documents
Image inputting apparatus, image inputting system and control method of image inputting apparatus
System and method for writing analysis using the linguistic discourse model
Production method for bonded substrates
Disposable sanitary seat cover
Balloon catheter
Preparation and purification of antiviral disulfonic acid disodium salt
Facsimile machine with copying function and input device for operational instructions
High frequency module
Software hardening utilizing recoverable, correctable, and unrecoverable fault protocols
Non-blocking mechanical fiber optic matrix switch
Web based process capability data collection and reporting system
Apparatus and method to maintain information by assigning one or more storage attributes to each of ...
Method and a bridge for coupling a server and a client of different object types
Compact color feature vector representation
Semiconductor processing system with wafer container docking and loading station
Charge transporting material, organic electroluminescent element, and light emitting panel
Apparatus and method having an optical fiber disposed circumferentially around the pipe for measurin...
2-Dimensional code pattern, 2-dimensional code pattern supporting medium, 2-dimensional code pattern...
Lighted switch sheet and lighted switch unit using the same
Image forming system, method for storing image data and memory media
Digital image reading apparatus
Optical servo track identification on tape storage media
Apparatus and methods for optically-coupled memory systems
Limited play optical devices with interstitial reactive layer and methods of making same
Ammunition cartridge
Method of detecting a source strobe event using change detection
Method for improving processor performance
Transforming data automatically between communications parties in a computing network
System and method for partitioning a computer system into domains
Method and system for multimode garbage collection
Pre-moistened wipe with lotion to improve dispensing
Bottle containing recycled polymers
Disposable absorbent article employing odor reduction layer containing metalphthalocyanine material
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Combination therapy for treatment of refractory depression
Treatment of aqueous media containing electrically charged compounds
Heat-treated pressurized plastic containers and method of making
Package for removable device tips
Quick change infinitely adjustable barrel nut assembly
Cartridge for a firearm
Pigtail fastener
Insect and microorganism control for buildings
Device for portioned delivery of milk, particularly for cappuccino machines
Limited flow feeding tube
Tackle container with nesting space
Bait casting reel
Spool for dual-bearing reel
Tempering apparatus
Optical parametric amplifier and method for implementing same
Polyester containers having a reduced coefficient of friction
Photosensitive resin composition, process for forming relief pattern, and electronic component
Esterase gene and its use
Water-soluble cellulose ether having improved filtering characteristics and selection method
Process for direct oxidation of propylene to propylene oxide and large particle size titanium silica...
Preparation of silyl ketene acetal and disilyl ketene acetal
Oxidation reaction process catalyzed by phase-transfer catalyst controlling reaction
Processes for preparing β-hydroxy-ketones and α,β-unsaturated ketones
System and method of producing bisphenol-A (BPA)
Method for treating tar
Grain production method for maize starch with novel functionality
Cyclic bisamides useful in formulating inks for phase-change printing
Drug delivery management system
Fluorinated polythiophenes and devices thereof
Multi-function customer satisfaction survey device
Smart tag data encoding method
Brake rotor and wheel bearing assembly having maximum acceptable runout variation
Tire with silica-rich tread cap layer and carbon black-rich supporting transition zone of intermedia...
Tire with rubber tread of diverse zoned rubber compositions
Planographic printing plate precursor
Proteolytic fermenter
Isotactic propylene copolymers, their preparation and use
Electrolyte comprising non-ionic surfactant and lithium ion battery using the same
Device for detecting tachycardiac rhythm disturbances
Methods and apparatus for improving the function of biological passages
Apparatus and methods for assisting ablation of tissue using magnetic beads
Apparatus and method for local application of polymeric material to tissue
Screening methods for compounds useful in the regulation of cell proliferation
Linguistic prosodic model-based text to speech
Phosphor for vacuum ultraviolet ray-excited light-emitting element
Intimate physical mixtures containing macrocyclic polyester oligomer and filler
Portable wash basin device
Intraocular lens system
Single valve fuel cell stack gas flow and containment
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation with a selected ratio of heat sources to production w...
Chemical microreactor and method thereof
Bonded polyimide fuel cell package and method thereof
System for vibration control
Liquid ink and recording apparatus
Method for laminating and patterning carbon nanotubes using chemical self-assembly process
Dielectric composite materials including an electronically tunable dielectric phase and a calcium an...
Sulfonyl-containing 2,3-diarylindole compounds, methods for making same, and methods of use thereof
Polymers based on fluoranthene and their use
Electrode utilizing fluorinated carbon
Nitrogenous heterocyclic substituted quinoline compounds
Apparatus for indicating distance to empty of a vehicle, and a method thereof
Disc carrier having a clamping device for use in an optical disc drive
Ink set
Liquid crystal display device having a low-voltage driving circuit
Digital camera that displays a previously captured image on an LCD when a half-mirror is in motion
Image reading-out apparatus, copying machine and facsimile device utilizing the same, and method of ...
Switching power supply
Power-up circuit in semiconductor memory device
Coupling device for the alignment of an optical waveguide
Evaporative cooled fuel cell
Optical module including an optically lossy component and an erbium-doped waveguide for insertion be...
Variable attenuation of free-space light beams
Quantitative titration of the autonomic nervous system
Universal diagnostic platform for specimen analysis
Class quantization for distributed speech recognition
System and method for storing and accessing data in an interlocking trees datastore
Techniques for resuming a transaction after an error
Adaptation of the transmission power of an electromagnetic transponder reader
Electrical apparatus comprising a monitoring device, support and monitoring device for such an appar...
Data storage device having acceleration sensor attached to circuit board for detecting vibrations in...
Magnetic disk apparatus
Acoustically improved disc drive cover made of porous metal matrix with ceramic constrained within p...
Switching power supply
Method and system for displaying an image on a screen
Device for recording the angle of rotation between two components
Cordless, powered surgical tool
Systems and methods for head pressure control
Method and apparatus for real time monitoring of metallic cation concentrations in a solution
Manual purge system for instrumentation flow element tubing
Portable messaging and scheduling device with homebase station
Seatbelt apparatus for vehicle
Pixel border for improved viewability of a display device
Adaptive antenna optimization network
Method for removing build-up on measurement gauges
Planar LED-based illumination array (PLIA) chips
Wireless communication for fume hood control
Vacuum regulator and method
Variable output single constant source light fixture
Transflective liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Folding blade knife with spring assisted pivoting feature
Method and apparatus for base-initiated, CDMA-dispatch soft handoff
Industrial robot
Robot controller and robot controlling method
Method for controlling a machine, particularly an industrial robot
Robot for participating in a joint performance with a human partner
Method for detecting position errors using a motion detector
Volumetric sensor for mobile robotics
Surface roughening treatment method of object being treated, and apparatus therefor
Method and installation for the indirect reduction of particulate oxide-containing ores
Remelting of rare earth magnet scrap and/or sludge, magnet-forming alloy, and sintered rare earth ma...
Cementitious compositions and their use in corrosion protection
Cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Moving apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Linear pulse motor, stage apparatus, and exposure apparatus
Control apparatus for vibration type actuator and electronic apparatus using it
Color liquid crystal display device
Reducing the number of compositing operations performed in a pixel sequential rendering system
Portable electronic apparatus, image processing method, photographic apparatus, and computer readabl...
Area sensor, image input apparatus having the same, and method of driving the area sensor
Interference system and semiconductor exposure apparatus having the same
Print preview display method of displaying pages in an electronic document
System and method for efficient determination of recognition initial conditions
Image-based selection of gamut mapping
Receiving apparatus and control method therefor
Carrier-attached copper foil and printed board using the copper foil
Pb-free solder-connected structure and electronic device
Preparation of gravure and intaglio printing elements using direct thermally imageable media
Method and resulting structure for manufacturing semiconductor substrates
Buildup substrate pad pre-solder bump manufacturing
Interconnect structure improvements
Method and apparatus for polishing metal and dielectric substrates
Ceramic substrate for semiconductor manufacturing, and method of manufacturing the ceramic substrate
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Structure and method for fabrication of a leadless chip carrier
Semiconductor device having radiation structure
Electronic structures including conductive shunt layers
Electrical contact
Display device and method of producing same
Master information carrier, method for producing the carrier, method and apparatus for writing infor...
Low latency handling of transmission control protocol messages in a broadband satellite communicatio...
Method and system for providing antenna diversity
Two-wire field-mounted process device
On demand adaptive control system
Non-synchronized multiplex data transport across synchronous systems
Systems and methods for predicting fields in a data packet
System and method for providing multi-initiator capability to an ATA drive
Techniques for facilitating conversion between asynchronous and synchronous domains
Semiconductor device
Cutinase variants
Tribonectin polypeptides and uses thereof
Vagal nerve stimulation techniques for treatment of epileptic seizures
Portable thread environment
Multi-processor system executing a plurality of threads simultaneously and an execution method there...
System and method for providing video services
Car cover having multiple snap-on sections
Programmable image transform processor
Single rank memory module for use in a two-rank memory module system
Method and apparatus for controlling a trailer and an automotive vehicle with a yaw stability contro...
Dual haptic vehicle control and display system
System and method for desensitizing the activation criteria of a rollover control system
Bottle for olive oil
Electronic measuring, sensing and/or leveling tool
Process for manufacturing a multi-layer film-type laminate for packaging materials
Process and apparatus for adding particulate solid material to molten metal
Ratchet wrench having exact limit effect
Cocktail table
Rooster novelty
Surface configuration of a side mirror for a vehicle
Apparatus, and associated method, for communication system exhibiting time-varying communication con...
Signal demodulating method of a two-phase frequency shift keying (FSK) digital demodulator
Fine-stage automatic frequency compensation in post-detection short-range wireless applications
System and method for suppressing noise in a phase-locked loop circuit
Base station identification in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based spread spectrum mult...
Automatic frequency correction apparatus and method of operation
Method and system for processing non-data frames in host bus adapters
System and method for in-line error correction for storage systems
Light source device, image reading apparatus and image reading method
Method and system for prepaid communications credit
Hoop design for occlusion device
Compositions and methods for treatment of cancer
Laminated sheets for use in a fully retrievable occlusion device
Apparatus for relieving the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis
Device and method for modifying the shape of a body organ
Compositions and methods for producing vascular occlusion using a solid-phase platelet binding agent
Separation of fibrinogen from plasma proteases
Multiplex flow assays with magnetic particles as solid phase
5-6 to 5-7 Heterobicycles as factor Xa inhibitors
Subcutaneous access port
Tube and syringe holding device for blood collection and for producing vacuum into the tube
Calibration camera device
Pixel sensor cell for use in an imaging device
Bed guard assembly
Bi-directional wireless detection system
Automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system employing planar laser illumination and imaging (PLIIM...
Triboelectric sprayer
Secure life jacket container
Method and apparatus for the transdermal administration of a substance
Method for performing automated microfracture
Method for forming moldings from dimer fatty acid free polyamides
Polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide having heparanase activity and expression of same in genetical...
Neutralization of vesicants and related compounds
Apparatus for measuring features of a semiconductor device
Measuring discontinuity in seismic data
Human N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor subunits nucleic acids encoding same and uses therefor
Method for distributing and geographically load balancing location aware communication device client...
Functional and hyperfunctional siRNA directed against Bcl-2
Immunomodulatory oligonucleotides
Method of producing teicoplanin
Chitosan and method of preparing chitosan
DNA encoding tumor necrosis factor inhibitory protein and its use
Repressor-mediated regulation system for control of gene expression in plants
Process for the reduction of endotoxins in a plasmid preparation using a carbohydrate non-ionic dete...
Process and method for the preparation of asymetric monfunctionalised indocyanine labelling reagents...
Neutral glycosphingolipids and glycosyl-sphingosines and methods for isolating the same
Low molecular weight oversulfated polysaccharide
Anomeric derivatives of monosaccharides
Phytases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Plant starch composition
Root-specific expansin gene regulating root growth and obstacle-touching stress resistance in the pl...
Apparatus and method for mixed-bed lectin chromatography
Kappa agonist compounds, pharmaceutical formulations and method of prevention and treatment of pruri...
Imaging device
Personal identification method, electronic identification system and apparatus for personal biometri...
Method for determining the durability of a composite structure
Support system using data carrier system
Touch screen display circuit and voltage measurement circuit
Color translating UV microscope
Apparatus, method and device for attaching hydroformed handle to an appliance
Combustion chamber
Sheet metal bending brake
Press brake and ram movement method for press brake
Hand tool having a retractable handle structure
Screwdriver with dual cam slot for collated screws
Power tools
Cutting guide arrangement for power saw machine
Cutting system
Device for die cutting a stack consisting of sheet-type materials
Easy loading dispenser and cutting mechanism therefor
Produce slicer
Vacuum brake booster
Rotary hydraulic machine
Hydraulic booster brake system
Device for magnetically treating materials and associated methods
Method for securing a mounting bar at one end of a printing blanket and resulting printing blanket
Fireproof protection integrating fabrication system for composite structures
2,4-dinitrophenol and environmentally friendly methods for making the same
Polyurethane electrostriction
Strips for imparting low nonlinearity to high temperature superconductor microwave filters
Streamlined LASAR-to-L200 post-processing for CASS
Controller and driver architecture for double-ended circuitry for powering cold cathode fluorescent ...
Flat rare gas discharge lamp with variable output light color, illumination instrument comprising it...
Control system to automatically control vehicle headlamps
Image display
Light emitting diode based light system with a redundant light source
Light emitting panel and light emitting display
Current-driven OLED pixel
Organic light emitting diode display device and fabricating method thereof
Display device
Method and device for driving an organic EL display device
Flat panel display and semiconductor device for use therein
Circuitry and methods for improving the performance of a light emitting element
Inverter circuit with a power factor corrector
Inverter circuit with a power factor corrector
Staggering switching signals for multiple cold cathode fluorescent lamp backlighting system to reduc...
Automatic and manual wall switch device
Projection display apparatus and magnetic shield device
Focus voltage control arrangement with ultor voltage tracking
Liquid crystal display device, and light source driving circuit and method to be used in same
Apparatus for supplying power, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the sa...
Web development and deployment using SMS and USSD
Memory cell isolation
High density single transistor ferroelectric non-volatile memory
Dynamic offset and feedback threshold
Rearing of aquatic species with DHA-rich prey organisms
Fuel cell power generation system and control method thereof
Skids, modules, and modular system for monitoring hydrogen-cooled generators
Underfill detection system for a test sensor
Parallelism performance analysis based on execution trace information
Ultra low power plasma reactor system for automotive NOx emission control
CO2 recovery process for supercritical extraction
Device for locating trapped victims and a method of operating such a device
Noninvasive characterization of a flowing multiphase fluid using ultrasonic interferometry
Anti-pick mogul deadlock
Ergonomically designed walker
Method of detecting life of image bearing member, image forming apparatus and cartridge
Unitary multi-electrode biopotential signal sensor and method for making same
Tube-filling machine and a filling method in such a machine
Glass crack prevention film-like layer and plasma display device
Reversible immobilization of arginine-tagged moieties on a silicate surface
Method and system for minimizing pirating and/or unauthorized copying and/or unauthorized access of/...
Image forming apparatus which performs image formation control based on the image after fixing
Fixture for holding metals parts for bending or twist correction
Electrodeless discharge lamp excited using microwave energy coupled through a coaxial waveguide
Method of making a smoking composition
Electrokinetically pumped high pressure sprays
Method and apparatus for the controlled formation of cavitation bubbles
Composition based on N-cholesteryloxycarbonyl-4-para-aminophenol and hydroquinone or one of its deri...
Method of forming a nanotip array in a substrate by forming masks on portions of the substrate and e...
Shallow trench isolation process
Space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state
Macrostructure modeling with microstructure reflectance slices
Adaptive bandwidth throttling for network services
Server-side control objects for processing client-side user interface elements
System and method providing virtual applications architecture
Method and apparatus for reducing latency in speech-based applications
Method and apparatus to facilitate separation of a mask and a mask platform
Method for examining a specimen, and scanning microscope system
Optical modulation device holding body, optical device, and projector
Durable electrooptic devices comprising ionic liquids
Fresnel lens sheet, rear projection screen and rear projection display
Method of refreshing a PCRAM memory device
Metal holder, optical component composite body and manufacturing method
Image heat apparatus with first and second rotatable members forming nip together with external heat...
Catheter having multiple spines each having electrical mapping and location sensing capabilities
Automatic transmission control system with direct electronic swap-shift control
Method of scattering fine particles, method of manufacturing liquid crystal display, apparatus for s...
Exposure method and apparatus
Power transmission for a vehicle
Pilot phase measurement error estimator for position location
Distributed network voice messaging for wireless centrex telephony
Enhancing/limiting use of mobile electronic devices
System and method for routing communications based on wireless communication link quality
Control system and method for a wireless communications terminal
Wireless communication system and method of maximizing the use of communication signal resource
Tiered wireless, multi-modal access system and method
System and method for performing hand-offs between internet protocol (IP) core networks in the wirel...
Micro-power unit
Passive temperature compensation technique for MEMS devices
Laser modification of complex objects
Self-aligned body tie for a partially depleted SOI device structure
Apparatus and method for preventing noise of touch screen
Liquid crystal display and driving device thereof
Copper alloy, array substrate of liquid crystal display using the same and method of fabricating the...
Zoom lens system
Color lighting apparatus and method and image projection apparatus and method using the same
Time error compensating apparatus and method in a terminal
Apparatus generating a seek direction detecting signal for an optical pickup using track cross and t...
Apparatus and method for transmitting variable-length data according to a radio link protocol in a m...
Moving picture experts group decoding apparatus and method for caption display
Apparatus and method for coding/decoding optimal (11,5) codeword in a mobile communication system
Phase locked loop including control circuit for reducing lock-time
Optical switch and method of producing the same
Apparatus and method for dampening disk vibration in storage devices
Optical power splitter having a stabilizing waveguide
Gyro sphere desk ornament
Petunia×Calibrachoa plant named 'Dancalipet'
Stirling refrigeration system
Baffled air flow system for peg bar refrigerated merchandiser
Circularly knitted fabric for fashioning clothes
Method and system for setting document-linked timed reminders
System and method for interactive electronic media extraction for web page generation
IP base LSI designing system and designing method
Detecting duplicate records in database
Method and apparatus for image retrieval
System and methods for highly distributed wide-area data management of a network of data sources thr...
Processing in parallel units of work that perform DML operations on the same spanning rows
Mapping database file class to operating system file class in a computer schema
Information servicing method, recording medium recording with programs for realizing the method, and...
Automation system for controlling and monitoring devices and sensors
Integral digital asset management and delivery system and network based DVD delivery system
System and method for evaluating risk of mortality due to congestive heart failure using physiologic...
Method and apparatus to backup, update and share data among implantable cardiac stimulation device p...
Barbecue cooking utensil
Method and assembly for filling a box
Lid member for food container
Automated system and method for handling food containers
System and method for authenticating software using hidden intermediate keys
Serving signals
IP gateway apparatus
Flash lamp device and flash emitting device
Memory device with a thermally assisted write
Memory device in which memory cells having complementary data are arranged
Stabilized aroma-providing components and foodstuffs containing same
Fuel cell purging method and apparatus
Orally administered drug delivery system providing temporal and spatial control
Tunable dispersion compensator
Electrochemical cell
Method for preparing efficient low voltage multilayer phosphor films
Twin line skates
Interactive system for and method of automating the generation of legal documents
Image heating apparatus
Maintaining cleanliness of birdbaths and other liquid containers
Ultrasonic detection of porous medium characteristics
Method for isolating cells expressing flk-2
CMP pad with composite transparent window
Branched polyethylene oxide terminated biomedical polymers and their use in biomedical devices
Package assembly with applicator and container for adhesive materials
Prevention of neutrophil recruitment
Polarizing film, optical film and liquid crystal display using polarizing film
Method of making block copolymers by solid state polymerization
Hydrogels having enhanced elasticity and mechanical strength properties
Method and apparatus for terminating clock signals upon disconnection of clock trace from ground
Recovered toner classifier capable of effectively removing foreign substance and crushing aggregatio...
High-pressure metal-vapor discharge lamp lighting apparatus and headlight device for automobile
Derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions of n-hydroxyalkyl tetramethylcyclopropane-carboxamide, h...
Use of imine-forming polysaccharides as adjuvants and immunostimulants
Oral vaccinia formulation
Assays for the detection of human defensin polypeptide (Def-X)
Nucleosides and related processes, pharmaceutical compositions and methods
Indolinones and uses thereof
Amino-substituted tetracyclic compounds useful as anti-inflammatory agents and pharmaceutical compos...
6,7-dihydro-5H-pyrazolo[1,2a]pyrazol-1-ones which control inflammatory cytokines
Azole or triazole derivatives, method for preparing the same and use thereof as antifungal medicamen...
Piperidine derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptors
Adamantyl Thiazole Thioureas
Bicyclic and tricyclic amines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Data storage device with a low profile spindle motor
Electronic device
Disk drive apparatus having an annular straightening portion
Workshelf for a computer rack
Shock isolation bearings and travel limit gaps in a spindle motor and disk drive using the same
Method and apparatus for channel equalization
Disk drive spindle motor having hydrodynamic bearing working surface with low friction layer formed ...
Reproducing device with automatic change-over between trick-play speeds
Refinement of spindle motor bearing gap
Disk drive clamp for clamping disks to spindle motor with elastic portion and coated contact portion
Hard disk drive with disk clamp inner wall engaging bearing sleeve outer wall
Head slider and disk drive employing same head slider, and method for providing water repellent trea...
Disk drive actuator arm assembly having one or more slotted actuator arms
Piezoelectric microactuators with substantially fixed axis of rotation and magnified stroke
Flux guide type device, head having the same, and drive
Spin-valve thin-film magnetic element without sensing current shunt and thin-film magnetic head incl...
GMR enhancing seed layer for self pinned spin valves
Magnetoresistance sensor having an antiferromagnetic pinning layer with both surfaces pinning ferrom...
Heat-sensitive recording material
Method, apparatus, and program for measuring server performance using multiple clients
Notification of modifications to a trusted computing base
Rendering data according to a present schema from an origin response message
System and method for distributed debugging and recording medium on which control programs are recor...
Management of multiple network devices using unsigned Java applets
Apparatus for providing anti-jamming capability to legacy GPS receivers
Method and apparatus for reducing GPS receiver jamming during transmission in a wireless receiver
Solar cell module, method of connecting solar cell module, method of installing solar cell module an...
Adjustable solar panel
Photoelectric conversion device
Photon source and method of operating a photon source
Resonant controlled qubit system
Display device
Fingerprint detection device and method of its manufacture, and apparatus for forming a protective f...
Bi-directional silicon controlled rectifier structure with high holding voltage for latchup preventi...
Drain extend MOS transistor with improved breakdown robustness
Semiconductor device having a lower parasitic capacitance
Solid-state imaging device
Bipolar transistor self-alignment with raised extrinsic base extension and methods of forming same
Illumination systems utilizing light emitting diodes and light recycling to enhance output radiance
Method for structuring an OFET
Systems and methods for non-casual channel equalization in an asymmetrical noise environment
Time variant filter implementation
Formulations for the transdermal administration of fenoldopam
Method for recording an audio broadcast by user preference
Method and apparatus for acquiring, processing, using and brokering location information associated ...
System and method for determining relevancy of query responses in a distributed network search mecha...
Apparatus and method for organizing and/or presenting data
Uniform network access
Method and apparatus for implementing and using multiple virtual portions of physical associative me...
Automatic coil selection of multi-receiver MR data using fast prescan data analysis
System for archiving electronic images of test question responses
Pulse and active pulse spectraphotometry
Driving device
Semiconductor memory device with driving circuits for screening defective wordlines and related meth...
Spatially-spectrally swept optical memories and addressing methods
Method and system for providing power to circuit breakers
Waveform independent high frequency power system
Drive circuits for synchronous rectifiers
Random access memory having an adaptable latency
System and method for segmenting the left ventricle in a cardiac MR image
Rotating flicker bar for cleaning a rotating cleaner roll and for transmitting power to the cleaner ...
Trending of conduction time for optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy in cardiac rhythm ...
Method and apparatus for factoring ambiguous finite state transducers
Perimeter monitoring alarm method and system
Sonic detection system and method of using the same
Wave-transmitting cover, and method for producing it
Image recording body and image forming apparatus by use of the same
Reactive dye printing process
Retardation optical element having the function of reflecting ultraviolet light, and liquid crystal ...
Liquid crystal display viewable under all lighting conditions
Screen, its manufacturing method and image display system
Bulk lens, light emitting body, lighting device and optical information system
Disk drive head positioner with thin-film air-flow adjusting mechanism, thin film member and method ...
Capacitor, capacitor equipped semiconductor device assembly, capacitor equipped circuit substrate as...
Method and apparatus for target position verification
Charging device using a charge roller and image forming apparatus including the same
Apparatus and method for stabilizing an implantable lead
Automated transcription system and method using two speech converting instances and computer-assiste...
Pocket implant for complementary bit disturb improvement and charging improvement of SONOS memory ce...
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Method and system for reconstructing an image from projection data acquired by a cone beam computed ...
X-ray diagnostic apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
Multimodality medical imaging system and method with separable detector devices
Image positioning method and system for tomosynthesis in a digital X-ray radiography system
Mask carrier
Radiation image information reading recording apparatus
Two-dimensional monochrome bit face display
Lithography system
Method for manufacturing microstructure, method for manufacturing liquid discharge head, and liquid ...
Elastomeric, energy management cushion
Gaming machine with visual and audio indicia changed over time
Sound control method and device for expressing game presence
Aluminum automotive drive shaft
Radio receiver that changes function according to the output of an internal voice-only detector
Dual speed squelch circuit and method
LNA gain adjustment for intermodulation interference reduction
System and apparatus for connecting a wireless device to a remote location on a network
Ad Hoc peer-to-peer mobile radio access system interfaced to the PSTN and cellular networks
Radio communication system for reducing interferences with respect to other communication system usi...
Network device of mobile communications system, and method of power management therefor
Wireless network system selection mechanism within a mobile station
Mobile communications system and communications control method and mobile terminal device used there...
Modular RF antenna and filter system for dual radio WLAN access points
Wireless controller and application interface for an MRI system
Method for a radiotelephone to scan for higher priority public land mobile network
Handling of a wireless device re-entering a service area
Relocation of serving radio network controller with signaling of linking of dedicated transport chan...
Method of manufacturing raw material beans drinks and solid fermented food
Reciprocating head press
Carvone acetals used as flavourings
Native starch-based thickened food composition
Oxidative stabilization of omega-3 fatty acids in low linoleic acid-containing peanut butter
Edible emulsion with reduced fat and cholesterol
Egg boiling device
Method for production of peptides/amino acids produced by said method and use of the same
Artificial fruit
Novel epitopes for celiac disease and autoimmune diseases, methods for detecting those and novel non...
Methods for determining glycemic responses of foods
Cell concentration and pathogen recovery
Lubricating oil and its use
Method of utilizing physiological activity of rare saccharide and composition containing rare saccha...
Methods to treat one or all of the defined etiologies of female sexual dysfunction
Mesh-type feeder
Biasing stretch receptors in stomach wall to treat obesity
Partial esophageal obstruction to limit food intake for treatment of obesity
Data collection, processing and analysis systems, such as for use in a food service environment
Method, system, reverse vending machine and use thereof for handling empty packaging
Method and system for sharing video over a network
Reconfigurable cache controller for nonuniform memory access computer systems
Stream-down prefetching cache
Deterministic setting of replacement policy in a cache
Cache coherency mechanism using arbitration masks
Victim invalidation
Cluster system, memory access control method, and recording medium
Data carrier comprising memory means for storing information significant for intermediate operating ...
Semiconductor memory device with fast masking process in burst write mode
Techniques for increasing bandwidth in port-per-module memory systems having mismatched memory modul...
Method and system for backing up data of data processing devices including fixed length block format...
Method and apparatus for scheduling of requests to dynamic random access memory device
System and method for autonomically reallocating memory among buffer pools
Method and apparatus for mapping storage partitions of storage elements to host systems
Method and apparatus for address translation pre-fetch
Generating updated virtual disks using distributed mapping tables accessible by mapping agents and m...
Generation of native code to enable page table access
Method and apparatus for managing a dynamic alias page table
Globally clocked interfaces having reduced data path length
Compressed porous materials suitable for implant
Artificial intervertebral disc having a universal joint
Disc shunt for treating back pain
Fracture repair system utilizing custom modulus
Modular orthopaedic implant apparatus
Tibial prosthesis convertible in vivo to a modular prosthesis
Prosthetic knee
Modular implant with a micro-motion damper
Line assembly for prosthetic components
Bone and tissue implants and method of making
Hip joint prosthesis with shaft inserted into femur
Implantable mechanical device with adjustable geometry
Plasticized bone and soft tissue grafts and methods of making and using same
Method and system for monitoring of fluid-filled domains in a medium based on interface waves propag...
Distributed storage cluster architecture
Transgenic production in saliva
Animal feed with low phytic acid, oil burdened and protein laden grain
Transgenic aves producing human polyclonal antibodies
Method for identifying herbicidally active substances
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Globulin-1 regulatory region and method of using same
Polypeptide having larvae growth inhibiting or insecticidal effect on scarabaeidae insects
Regeneration system for grape and uses thereof
Functional and hyperfunctional siRNA
Dominant gene suppression transgenes and methods of using same
Gene participating in the synthesis of brassinosteroid
Novel glyphosate-N-acetyltransferase (GAT) genes
Receptors for hypersensitive response elicitors and uses thereof
Method of labelling soya varieties
Cotton cultivar DP 455 BG/RR
Miniature rose plant named 'Savadiana'
Carnation plant called 'CFPC Yukata'
Carnation plant called "CFPC Ruby"
Method for manufacturing breathable shoe
Shoe with breathable shell
Sole for shoes including transpiration side valves formed by moulding
Inner sole assembly for slipper or sandal
Shoe with slip-resistant, shape-retaining fabric outsole
Shoe sole structures
Shock resistant shoe
Shoe insert
Thermoplastic printed film innersole for shoes
Sole-mounted footwear stability system
Canine footwear
Mid-kiln injection of waste-derived materials
Methods of making cement compositions using liquid additives containing lightweight beads
Tile cement mortars using water retention agents
Cement-based plasters using water retention agents prepared from raw cotton linters
Gypsum-based mortars using water retention agents prepared from raw cotton linters
Cement-based systems using water retention agents prepared from raw cotton linters
Cement-based systems using plastification/extrusion auxiliaries prepared from raw cotton linters
Methods of extending the shelf life of and revitalizing lightweight beads for use in cement composit...
Pegboard with through peg-hole mounting
Method of producing a hydraulic binder or thermoplastic containing product
Method and apparatus to produce starter strips and decorative mouldings
Method and device for separating gaseous pollutants from hot process gases by absorption and a mixer...
Air pollution control
Formulation and delivery of Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis and Bacillus sphaericus in...
Recovery of inorganic salt during processing of lignocellulosic feedstocks
Backup shoe for microfinishing and methods
Glass composition with low visible and IR transmission
2-pyridinyl[7-(substituted-pyridin-4-yl) pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidin-3-yl]met- hanones
Process to produce silica-filled elastomeric compounds
Peroxide curable butyl formulations
Magnesium ammonium phosphate cement composition
Cement-based thin-set mortar
System and method of panelized construction
System for making wallboard or backerboard sheets including aerated concrete
Sealing fastener with multiple threads
Dispersant and foaming agent combination
Back blocking device
Low dust wall repair compound
Fire stop and its use
Apparatus and method for reducing wallboard waste during manufacture
Pivoting storage organizer bracket system
Reinforced wallboard
Coating material which can be thermally cured and hardened by actinic radiation and use thereof
Back immobilizing, dynamically self-adjusting, customizable frame
Masses which may be cross-linked to give elastomers with cleavage of alcohols from alkoxysilyl end g...
Panel mounting system for constructing a wall
Oven top section and method of construction
Mounting system
Building structures
Polyphenylene sulfide resin composition
Method and apparatus for providing communications security using a remote server
Field assessments using handheld data management devices
Information processing device and information processing method using fingerprint identification
Call waiting feature for a telephone line connected to the internet
"Append" extension to cut and copy commands for a clipboard function in a computer system
Device for operating a short arc discharge mercury lamp
Submarine launched expendable radio navigation buoy system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
System and method for peer-to-peer handset communication
Hybrid polymer film
Detectable heavy duty needle
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for providing enhanced bookmarking features for a hete...
Method and system for using cooperative game theory to resolve statistical and other joint effects
Capacitor apparatus of the capacity variable type
Electronic circuit device
Switching power supply using controlled negative feedback in series with a switching device and resp...
Demultiplexer for handling different multiplexed data formats
Radio transmission method and radio transmission apparatus
Picture coding device and method, picture transmitting device and method and recording medium
Dual mode digital picture signal processing
Method for creating a database such as a dictionary used for a word conversion system
Electronic apparatus and correction method
Audio signal processing method, audio signal processing apparatus, Hi-Fi video apparatus, digital vi...
Wireless communication method, wireless communication system, and wireless communication apparatus
Portable wireless communication apparatus with the varied hold tone
Hand held telephone set and audio processing method
Voice recognition apparatus and method, and recording medium
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Dual conversion receiver with programmable intermediate frequency and channel selection
Mobile communication network
Method for controlling data transmission in a radio communication system with a hierarchical network...
Communication terminal device, base station device, and transmission power control method
Method and radio terminal equipment arrangement of indicating incoming connection
Method and arrangement for transferring positioning information between controlling units in a mobil...
Method and apparatus for interfacing synchronous core network with asynchronous radio network
Multi-carrier communication method and multi-carrier communication method
Power control system using acknowledgments
Reception device and mobile telephone terminal with such a reception device
Eyewear with a mounted radio frequency transceiver
Wireless telecommunication terminal with at least two different communication interfaces and method ...
Systems and methods that provide enhanced state machine power management
MRI imageable medical device
Medical system having multiple ultrasound transducers or an ultrasound transducer and an RF electrod...
Invasive ablation probe with non-coring distal tip
System and method for RF transceiver duty cycling in an implantable medical device
Method and system to calibrate an oscillator within an RFID circuit utilizing a test signal supplied...
Method and system to calibrate an oscillator within an RFID circuit by selecting a calibration value...
Portal system for a controlled space
Product verification and activation system, method and apparatus
Hard-hat flip-up safety glasses
Chemical delivery device
Rigid porous carbon structures, methods of making, methods of using and products containing same
Computer configuration for resource management in systems including a virtual machine
System and method for optimizing computer software and hardware
Methods and apparatus for constructing virtual environments
Virtual space control data receiving apparatus,virtual space control data transmission and reception...
Automatic color adjustment for digital images
Method and apparatus for producing spatialized audio signals
Information processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Silanol enzyme inhibitors
Piezoelectric electro-acoustic transducer and manufacturing method of the same
Placement method for integrated circuit design using topo-clustering
Subcutaneously implantable power supply
Corner joint particularly for modular cages
Fibre channel diagnostics in a storage enclosure
Process for arylating or vinylating or alkynating a nucleophilic compound
Method of forming glycosidic bonds from thioglycosides using an N,N-dialkylsulfinamide
Variable thickness stamper for creation of flat molded substrates
Implantable biocompatible immunoisolatory vehicle for delivery of selected therapeutic products
Image processing system for predicting ovulation
Contact metathesis polymerization
Apparatus and method for counting error rates in an optical compact disc storage system
Refillable print cartridge and method of refilling
Direct-type back light device
System for intellectual property reuse in integrated circuit design
Speculum having ultrasound probe
Methods and compositions for treating benign gynecological disorders
Toll/interleukin-1 receptor adapter protein (TIRAP)
Identification, monitoring and treatment of disease and characterization of biological condition usi...
Antagonists of RF-amide neuropeptides
Glucocorticoid mimetics, methods of making them, pharmaceutical formulations, and uses thereof
Guanidino compounds
Pyrazolotriazines as CRF antagonists
Preparation and use of imidazole derivatives for treatment of obesity
Thyroid receptor ligands
Fused indazoles and indoles and their use for the treatment of glaucoma
Use of glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors for treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Cyclic peptides as potent and selective melanocortin-4 receptors agonists
Large area alumina ceramic heater
Optical semiconductor apparatus
Method and apparatus for cutting devices from substrates
Multibeam light source
Method for putting color to glass
Heterodyne beam delivery with active control of two orthogonal polarizations
Image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Phase conjugate relay mirror apparatus for high energy laser system and method
Laser irradiation apparatus
Laser welded head drum for VCR
Optical information recording apparatus for controlling a power level of recording
Optical head device having a plurality of optical elements with various transmission efficiencies
Optical recording medium having first and second super-resolution layers
Variable power pulsed secondary beam laser
Semiconductor laser module
Semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser device
Pumped laser and optimized lasing medium
Laser irradiation apparatus
Optical fiber, optical amplification/oscillation device, laser light generating device, laser displa...
Apparatus and method for operating a fuel reformer to regenerate a DPNR device
Multi-faceted gasifier and related methods
Clean room
Inhomogeneous silicas as carrier material
Framework assisted crystal growth
Radiation shielding materials and containers incorporating same
Method of separating uranium from irradiated nuclear fuel
Method and apparatus for removing mercury species from hot flue gas
Methods of making lithium metal cathode active materials
Process for purifying aqueous buffer solutions
Nanostructured and layered lithium manganese oxide and method of manufacturing the same
Method of producing low soda alumina, low soda alumina produced by the method and method of producin...
Method for regenerating used absorbents derived from treatment of thermal generator fumes
Decompositionally treating agent and decompositionally treating method for fluorocarbons
Dental bur
Tactical detachable anatomic containment device and therapeutic treatment system
Vehicles for delivery of biologically active substances
Endothermic heat shield composition and method for the preparation thereof
Zirconium phosphate and method of making same
Method of screening for anti-obesity agents using ciliary neutrophic factor receptor
Synthesis of ion imprinted polymer particles
Human potassium channel polynucleotides and polypeptides and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for modifying toxic effects of proteinaceous compounds
Method and kit for detecting, or determining the quantity of, beta-lactam penicillins
Nucleic acid encoding DS-CAM proteins and products related thereto
Human coagulation factor VII polypeptides
Maspin transcriptional regulatory sequences and uses thereof
Nucleic acid encoding a hypersensitive response elicitor from Xanthomonas campestris
Inbred cantaloupe line 442
Soybean cultivar S010364
Soybean variety 92M72
Method for altering the nutritional content of plant seed
Modular segmented retaining wall
Device for surface stimulation of acupuncture points