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Enhancements for TCP performance enhancing proxies
System and method for providing host geographic location information in a packet data network
Digital multilevel non-volatile memory system
Hybrid semiconductor—magnetic spin based memory with low transmission barrier
Oxidized zirconium on a porous structure for bone implant use
Method for producing adherent coatings of calcium phosphate phases on titanium and titanium alloy su...
Implantable orthopedic prosthesis with textured polymeric surfaces
Method for automated production of ceramic dental restorations and prostheses
Implant-supported dental prosthesis and a process for its production
Shaving lotion kit and method of preparing skin and unwanted hair for shaving
Methods of preparing and using electrostatically treated fluids
Apparatus for expressing milk
Apparatus for supporting milk extraction devices
Microwave milk jug and method to boil milk or similar drinks in microwave jugs
Adapter for human breast pumps
Method of using an ice cream machine
Mutant tyrosine repressor proteins
Methods for treating vascular disorders
Multiple-sided intraluminal medical device
Function-enhanced thrombolytic AV fistula and method
Catheter pump, catheter and method for supporting organ perfusion
Injectable microfoam containing a sclerosing agent
Distal anastomosis system
Benzamide inhibitors of the P2X7 Ereceptor
Formulations comprising an inhibitor of carboxypeptidase U and A thrombin inhibitor
Surface acoustic wave filter and surface acoustic wave duplexer having the same
Charge pump circuit to operate control circuit
Adenoviruses for control of gene expression
Developing apparatus including first and second magnets with poles arranged to supply developer with...
Reduction of monomer content and stabilization of polyaziridines
Light channel communication system
Sanitary toothbrush cleaning flask
Spa control system
Method for running diagnostic utilities in a multi-threaded operating system environment
Configuration of glycosaminoglycans
System, controller and method of detecting a hazardous condition within an enclosure having a ventil...
Alkylphenol ethoxylate-free surfactant package for polymer emulsions
Continuous casting mold, a shorter side thereof and method of exchanging the shorter side frame
Process for preparing single enantiomers of 5,5,5,5′,5′,5′-hexafluoroleucine an...
Supporting non-hotswap 64-bit CPCI cards in a HA system
Dextran-coated surface
Intraruminal device
Releasable fastening system based on ionic polymer metal composites and method of use
Transmission stacked photodetector
Multi-phase gas discharge lamps
AC LSSD/LBIST test coverage enhancement
Disk apparatus
Method and system of launching applications from a button of a browser
Method for inactivating cancer cells in a human body and apparatus
Geophysical method and apparatus
Method for suspect identification using scanning of surveillance media
Remote control for interactive television
Fire suppression system and method
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized use of equipment
Ion plasma beam generating device
Multi-layer articles and methods of making same
Optical bonding structure
Nail gun with safety portion mechanism for preventing misfires
Valve device for faucet or spray gun
Monolithic high incapacitation small arms projectile
Power source apparatus and vehicular lamp
Human MEKK proteins, corresponding nucleic acid molecules, and uses therefor
Tire laminate bonded by contact metathesis
Emulsifier system for aqueous emulsion polymerization
Apparatus and method for vending products having various dimensions
Dispensing means
System and method for flexible software linking
Method and apparatus for monitoring and logging the operation of a distributed processing system
1,2,5-thiadiazol-3-YL-piperazine therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Cross-linked glycopeptide-cephalosporin antibiotics
Treatment for cough
Methods for forming an optical window for an intracorporeal device and for joining parts
Percutaneous aortic valve
Angioplasty stent
Flexible self-expandable stent using shape memory alloy and method and apparatus for fabricating the...
N-[(substituted five-membered di-or triaza diunsaturated ring) carbonyl] guanidine derivatives for t...
Method of preparing positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Methods of synthesizing an oxidant and applications thereof
Method for electroplating on resistive substrates
Air filtration arrangements having fluted media constructions and methods
Secure multiprotocol interface
Secured dispensing cabinet and methods
System and method for acquisition management of subject position information
Dual mode RFID device
Method for communication between central terminal and multiple transponders
Cart return credit system
Non-contacting crack sensor
Reticle tracking and cleaning
Electronic circuit construction method, as for a wireless RF tag
Method and apparatus for making devices
Process for producing dihydroxydiphenylsulfone
Titanium oxide dispersion composition, and method and container for preserving the same
Gas generator for an air belt apparatus and air belt apparatus
Decorative eyeglasses
Waveguides assembled for transverse-transfer of optical power
Optical switching with ferroelectric liquid crystal SLMs
Apparatus and method for establishing a correction characteristic curve for a reduction of artefacts...
Method of controlling the operation of a power converter having first and second series connected tr...
Double substrate reflective spatial light modulator with self-limiting micro-mechanical elements
Complementing cell lines
Adjustable fishing rod holder and mounting track assembly
Magnetic brake for braking a line spool of a fishing reel
Bird-feed catcher
Fishing rod and butt grip for such rods
Electromagnetic-acoustic imaging
Time-reversed photoacoustic system and uses thereof
Reducing concentration of organic materials with substituted cyclodextrin compound in polyester pack...
Shampoos providing a superior combination anti-dandruff efficacy and condition
Medical system control apparatus, and method for dealing with trouble with the medical system contro...
Modification of evoked response detection algorithm based on orientation and activity of patient
Anesthetic-state determing
Method of calculating optical path distribution inside scattering absorber
Multipoint nanoprobe
Method and apparatus for multiple field of view gradient coils
Surgical anchor implantation device
Ablation catheter
Palatometer and nasometer apparatus
Needle assembly
Method for watermarking data
Method and system for determining the best integral process path to process semiconductor products t...
Architectures for discrete wavelet transforms
Apparatus and method of block noise detection and reduction
Predicting human vision perception and perceptual difference
Stray light correction method for imaging light and color measurement system
Quantifying perceptual information and entropy
Parameter selection in data compression and decompression
Image processing apparatus with free addressing control
Optimized data transfer and storage architecture for MPEG-4 motion estimation on multi-media process...
Video coding and video decoding apparatus
Optical communication device
Damascene optical waveguides
Wavelength router
Single and multiple wavelength reflection and transmission filter arrangements
Non-linear method for micro-mirror control
Fluorescent lighting fixture assemblies
Compact lighting system with improved light transmission and color filters
Adjuster and bracket assembly
Low-profile overhead industrial light fixture
Devices for creating brightness profiles
Supporting structure for Christmas light decoration
Magnetically attachable light assembly for glasses
Magnum bullet darts
Equipment for testing a small-calibre weapon on a test bench
Laser welding methods and structures and control therefor including welded inkjet printheads
Method of making a transcutaneous electrochemical sensor
Methods for treating neuropsychiatric disorders
Method for making homogeneous spray-dried solid amorphous drug dispersions utilizing modified spray-...
Method for treating primary hyperparathyroid disorders
Cell culture performance with vanadate
Integrated pump and cannula system and related methods
Detergent tablet
Toothpick and interdental brush combination
System that using transport protocol objects located at agent location to generate session ID and to...
Method and apparatus for calculating TCP and UDP checksums while preserving CPU resources
SMTP method and system for simultaneously configuring a plurality of remote management appliances
Reducing latency of a snoop tenure
Method and apparatus for shared cache coherency for a chip multiprocessor or multiprocessor system
Snoopy virtual level 1 cache tag
Adaptive spin latches
Method and apparatus for speculative response arbitration to improve system latency
Bearing device for vehicle
Limited swivel self-aligning bearing assembly
Dynamic pressure bearing
Adaptor for firing blank ammunition
Reflection scale and displacement measurement apparatus using the same
Polarization state conversion in optically active spectroscopy
Color filter and liquid crystal display device using it, and manufacturing method thereof
Computer system control with user data via interface surface with coded marks
Flat storage element for an X-ray image
Method and system for optically sorting and/or manipulating carbon nanotubes
Apparatus and method for measuring characteristics of dynamic electrical signals in integrated circu...
Thermal apparatus for engaging electronic device
Absorbent structure
Absorbent structure in an absorbent article, comprising a partially neutralized superabsorbent mater...
Dequalinium analogs
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods using natriuretic peptides
Methods for decreasing cell proliferation based on (3r,4r)-Δ8-tetrahydrocannabinol-11-oic acid...
Synergistic compositions comprising ascobate and lysine for states related to extra cellular matrix ...
Compounds with analgesic effect
Methods for treating urinary incontinence and other disorders using trospium
Hexahydro-benzimidazolone compounds useful as anti-inflammatory agents
Semiconductor device including ferroelectric capacitors and fabricating method thereof
Coupled capillary fiber based waveguide biosensor
Servo pattern formation via transfer of sol-gel layer and magnetic media obtained thereby
Protective coating for turbine engine component
Low-emissivity, soil-resistant coating for glass surfaces
Hierarchical materials
Flexible thin film capacitor and method for producing the same
Supported lattice for cell cultivation
Semiconductor device manufactured with auxillary mask and method for producing the same
Engine for a vehicle
Spa jet mounting assembly and method of installation
Pan lifter
Image input/output control apparatus and image input/output system
Recycle developer bearing body, inspection method and inspection device thereof, method of recycling...
Method for providing information for a customer replaceable unit
Dynamic addition of programming conflicts for programming conflict checking
Image forming apparatus and sheet supply unit for use in the same
Apparatus and method for capturing a composite digital image with regions of varied focus and magnif...
Method and system for efficient interpolation using programmable node spacing
Sheet registration deskew with plural arcuate independently repositionable baffles
Method and apparatus for deriving and implementing one or more motion profiles
System and method for mobile printing
Sanitary napkin
Cleaning compositions in the form of a tablet
Surface treatment with dormant bacteria and adhering agent to control odor
High production method of prenyl alcohol using saccharomyces cells
Pyrans as liquid crystals
Methods for protecting substrates from graffiti and for removing graffiti
Durable multi-component antibiotic formulation for topical use
Pantethinesulphonic acid and/or a salt thereof as a free-radical scavenger
Method and apparatus for transport of control information over a data link
Coupling of splitter with subset of plurality of lines on one-to-one basis
Method and device for MAC layer feedback in a packet communication system
System and method for providing controlled broadband access bandwidth
Portable aerosol contaminant extractor
Method of stacking and wrapping protectors for sheet metal coils
Windowpane attaching structure and windowpane removing method
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Image quality detecting apparatus, image forming apparatus and method, and image quality controlling...
Method and apparatus for efficient package delivery and storage
Zeolite Y alkylation catalysts
Cleanout cover system for unloading particulate material from reciprocating floor assemblies
Coupling device for connecting a replaceable filter element to a conduit
Method and apparatus for sorting recyclable products
Method of fabricating a surface-type optical apparatus
Light-emitting panel and a method for making
Efficient power transfer in electronic ballast
Polymer composition crosslinkable with ultraviolet
Micro array for high throughout screening
Duplex coatings and bulk materials, and methods of manufacture thereof
Membrane filtration
Plastic microfluidics enabling two-dimensional protein separations in proteome analysis
L-ascorbic acid and pectin composition
Inactivated bovine scours vaccines, processes and method of preventing bovine scours
UV water disinfector
Osmotic membrane and vacuum system for artificial limb
Software composition using graph types, graph, and agents
Gene amplification in cancer
Methods of attack on a content screening algorithm based on adulteration of marked content
Method for communication with real-time remote devices over wide-area communications networks
Color-image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Synchronizing watermark detectors in geometrically distorted signals
Detection of multiple watermarks and improved watermark calibration signals
Watermarking of digital images using wavelet and discrete cosine transforms
Information recording medium and information processing apparatus
Smart book
Mediate software tool applicable to server for access to a SQL database
Valve lash adjustment apparatus and method
Variable valve control apparatus and method in internal combustion engine
System and method for providing software upgrades to a vehicle
Optoelectronic monitoring device for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for acquiring and displaying images
Device for position determination by means of radio waves
Data recording apparatus, data recording method, program for data recording and information recordin...
Vehicle communication system capable of transmitting and receiving a data-carrying voice signal
Vehicle fuel mileage meter
Query-based electronic program guide
Video insertion when content is not available
Method for time-sensitive delivery of on-screen television programming information
Recording/playback tools for UI-based applications
Method and system for validating access to a group of related elements
Method for scoped services
Service protection
System for correct distribution of hypervisor work
System and method for using security levels to simplify security policy management
System, method, and computer program product for logging diagnostic information
System for dynamic network reconfiguration and quarantine in response to threat conditions
Modeling language and method for address translation design mechanisms in test generation
Thread protection
Methods and apparatus for cost minimization of multi-tiered infrastructure with end-to-end delay gua...
Efficient routing of real-time multimedia information
Method, system and program product for specifying and using register entities to configure a simulat...
Downloadable watch faces
Movies channel
Magnetic-energy-releasing molecular rearranging structure
Telecommunication terminal and a method for communicating with a server by means of a telecommunicat...
Communication controller and method for maintaining a communication connection during a cell reselec...
Optical deflector using electrooptic effect to create small prisms
Electro-optical component
Image-based photo hulls
Liquid discharge recording head, liquid discharge recording apparatus, and method for manufacturing ...
Diaphragm device for light source light adjustment
Zoom lens, and electronic imaging system using the same
Zoom lens system
Projection lens apparatus and projection type image display apparatus
Micro-actuated adaptive diffractive composites
Three-dimensional imaging system
Illumination apparatus with polarizing elements for beam shaping
Reduced size dielectric loaded spiral antenna
Processor for executing instructions in units that are unrelated to the units in which instructions ...
Generating an executable file
Organizational information processing and operational system designing method
System and method for creating a customized power on self test (POST) program for use in a computing...
Circuits, systems and methods for performing branch predictions by selectively accessing bimodal and...
System and method for upgrading software in a distributed computer system
System and method to provide applets using a server based virtual machine
Screening method for cancer therapeutics and stable antitumor drug
System and method for updating devices using limited amounts of random access memory
Dual mode satellite/cellular terminal
Dynamic optical switching ensemble
Digital picture display frame
Efficient radome structures of variable geometry
Asset tracking apparatus and method
Pressurized gas to electrical energy conversion for low-power field devices
Grinding water tank unit for eyeglass lens processing and eyeglass lens processing apparatus having ...
Method for treating a work material
Plant raffinose saccharide biosynthetic enzymes
Nucleic acid molecules encoding enzymes having fructosyltransferase activity, and their use
Plastid transit peptides
Hydrophobic starch derivatives
Novel human nuclear transporters and polynucleotides encoding the same
Udp-glucose aglycon-glucosytransferase
Cytotoxic cyplasin of the sea hare, aplysia punctata, cdna cloning and expression of bioreactive rec...
Cationic cardiolipin analoges and its use thereof
RNA interference mediated inhibtion of vitamin D receptor gene expression using short interfering nu...
Superior molecular vaccine based on self-replicating rna, suicidal dna or naked dna vector, that lin...
Anticancer biangeloyl saponins
Pentose derivatives as anti-hyperglycemic drugs
CD7 as biomarker and therapeutic target for psoriasis
Therapeutic compositions and methods for treating diseases that involve angiogenesis
Human and mouse beta-defensins, antimicrobial peptides
Truncated ADAMTS molecules
Inhibitors and methods of use thereof
β1,3-galactosyltransferase and DNA encoding the enzyme
Nucleic acid encoding androgen receptor complex-associated protein
Soluble interleukin-1 receptor accessory molecule
Javascript Calendar Application Delivered to a Web Browser
High fidelity, high power switched amplifier
Method and control device for operating a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus to select appropri...
Transceive surface coil array for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
Block copolymers having polymer segment derived from oxazoline
Lipid-rich plaque inhibitors
Human smooth muscle myosin heavy chain
Method and apparatus for controlling display of content signals
Providing quality of service guarantees to virtual hosts
Wearable display system with indicators of speakers
Method and system for the automatic amendment of speech recognition vocabularies
Multiple sweep point testing of circuit devices
Always-on method for reinforcing existing mobile station E911-based location detection services appl...
Insert for footwear
Footwear sole
Undeniable digital signature scheme based on quadratic field
System and method for performing throttle control in a SMPP gateway
Print system, print control apparatus, printing method, and control program for processing print dat...
Solid-oxide fuel cell assembly having an electronic control unit within a structural enclosure
Tibial trial system
Heat-generative, steam generation sheet for face
Tire core package for use in manufacturing a tire with belts, plies and beads and process of tire ma...
Fuel supply control system for engine
Illuminated pushbutton switch
Light energy delivery head
Substituted 3-amino-thieno [2,3-b]pyridine-2-carboxylic acid amide compounds and processes for prepa...
sPLA2 inhibitors
Noise-reducing a color filter array image
Wide gamut film system for motion image capture
Display device using vertical cavity laser arrays
Adaptive universal symbol driver interface
User definable interface system and method
Host device to display independent menu groups of driver registration information
Auto sense and encode printer system for multiple classes of RFID tags
Apparatus and methods for network interface and spectrum management
Method and apparatus for displaying user interface embedded applications on a mobile terminal or dev...
Broadcast monitoring system and method
Method of developing patient referrals using the internet
Precision of localization estimates
Method and system for dynamic collection of flight test data
Vehicle services manager
Topical administration of amifostine and related compounds
Car stereo for communicating with portable music player using wired connection
Solar-Powered Mobile Telephone
Card model radio-communication terminal device
Synchronization of terminals in a radio link system
Apparatus and method for giving notification of a multimedia broadcast/multicast service while consi...
FM based radio data system information data messaging
Control arrangement for point-to-multipoint user services in a mobile radio network
System for and method of providing priority access service and cell load redistribution
Method and system for improving mobile radio communications
Wireless network with a cipher key change procedure
Radio frequency tuner
System, apparatus, method and computer program for producing signals for testing radio frequency com...
FM stereo modulator
Method and apparatus for synchronizing data between a watch and external digital device
Keyboard of a personal digital assistant
Recombinant vectors for use in position-independent transgene expression within chromatin
Multipotent adult stem cells, sources thereof, methods of obtaining and maintaining same, methods of...
Mipp1 homologous nucleic acids and proteins involved in the regulation of energy homeostatis
Inhibition of protein kinase C-related kinase (PRK) as a treatment for cardiac hypertrophy and heart...
Client-server based interactive television program guide with server recording
System for problem statement reformulation
System for providing an interactive anatomical graphical representation of a body for use in a healt...
Method and apparatus for matching multiple displays in a multi-display environment
Systems and methods of generating integrated garment-model simulations
Collagen device and method of preparing the same
Tissue-derived mesh for orthopedic regeneration
Modular prosthetic component with improved body shape
Knee arthroplasty prosthesis and method
Knee arthroplasty prosthesis and method
Knee arthroplasty prosthesis and method
Knee arthroplasty prosthesis and method
Systems and processes for determining proper superior-inferior joint line positioning
Expandable intervertebral implant with spacer
Expandable articulating intervertebral implant with limited articulation
Method and apparatus for the treatment of the intervertebral disc annulus
Method of insertion of an expandable intervertebral implant using a tool
Method and apparatus for regulating current for programmable logic controllers
Power supply apparatus
DC-DC converter applied to semiconductor device
Power system having a phase locked loop with a notch filter
Voltage regulator using a transimpedance block to measure output
Current detection circuit of bidirectional switch
Output regulator
Current limiting voltage regulation circuit
Compensation for low drop out voltage regulator
Multiphase converter controller using single gain resistor
DC-DC converter
Vehicular alternator failure determination apparatus using commutating device voltage
Apparatus for charging battery of mobile communication terminal
Battery charging and/or DC power supply circuitry
Battery pack malfunction detection apparatus and method for detecting a disconnection at a connectin...
Selector circuit for power management in multiple battery systems
Heavy-duty audio equipment
Power supply unit, distributed power supply system and electric vehicle loaded therewith
Portable cell phone battery charger using solar energy as the primary source of power
Method and apparatus for regulating multiple outputs of a single inductor DC to DC converter
Method and apparatus for storing digital video content provided from a plurality of cameras
Gaming device display with simulated halftones
Cross talk reduction and impedance-matching for high speed electrical connectors
Method and apparatus for performing cache segment flush and cache segment invalidation operations
System to support dynamically flexible data definitions and storage requirements
Cache memory transfer during a requested data retrieval operation
Method for creating a virtual data copy of a volume being restored
Low overhead snapshot in a storage array using a tree-of-slabs metadata
Memory controller emulator for controlling memory devices in a memory system
Method and system to improve prefetching operations
Methods and apparatus for improving throughput of cache-based embedded processors
Adaptive cache memory management
Multimedia data storage system and method for operating a media server as a cache device and control...
Method and apparatus for re-synchronizing paired volumes via communication line
Apparatus for redundant interconnection between multiple hosts and raid
Self-mirroring high performance disk drive
Shift register control of a circular elasticity buffer
Error-correcting content addressable memory
Moving sectors within a block of information in a flash memory mass storage architecture
Method and structure for allocating sites in an expanded SCB array
Shared resource access via declarations that contain a sequence number of a packet
Transferring data in virtual tape server, involves determining availability of small chain of data, ...
Method and apparatus for controlling read and write accesses to a logical entity
Method and apparatus for managing session information in a data processing system
Reverberation processor for interactive audio applications
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions
Method of writing keyboard music
Remote hi-hat apparatus operated by the foot pedal of the first hi-hat apparatus
Anchoring structure for telescopic tubes of drum sets
Saxophone windpipe structure
Finger ring and pick in combination for playing a musical instrument
Apparatus and methods for increasing the tonal complexity and quality of live and recorded musical i...
Integrated portable entertainment, information and communication system linked to a wireless helmet
Carousel devices
Electronic poker style game
All terrain vehicle
System for providing feedback to evaluators
Amusement device completing composite image by reflection
Convertible gaming steering wheel with internal retractable supports
Game apparatus
Compartmented piggy bank
Fuzzy logic reasoning for inferring user location preferences
Method and apparatus for organizing warning messages
System and method for dynamically evaluating latent concepts in unstructured documents
Automated system adaptation technique particularly for data storage systems
Electrode arrangement for use in a medical instrument
Methods of treating neurological conditions by neuromodulation of interhemispheric fibers
Methods of treating medical conditions by neuromodulation of the cerebellar pathways
Intramedullary osteosynthesis implant
Evaluation of a treatment to decrease the risk of a progressive brain disorder or to slow brain agin...
Methods of cardioprotection using dichloroacetate in combination with an inotrope
Histone deacetylase inhibitors based on alpha-ketoepoxide compounds
Lactam tachykinin receptor antagonists
Compositions and treatments for inhibiting kinase and/or HMG-CoA reductase
Novel thyroid receptor ligands and method II
3-(3,5-Disubstituted-4-hydroxyphenyl)propionamide derivatives as cathepsin b inhibitors
Novel-N substituted dihydrobenzothiepino, dihydrobenzoxepino and tetrahydro benzocyclohepta indoles ...
Amido compounds and their use as pharmaceuticals
Isoquinoline derivatives and methods of use thereof
Methods of modulating neurotrophin-mediated activity
Vaginal health products
Pharmacological treatment of psoriasis
Selective antagonists of A2A adenosine receptors
Characterizing biological stimuli by response curves
Heteroaryl-hydrazone compounds
Individualized healthcare management system
System and method for assisting a care partner in monitoring a patient with chronic disease
Apparatus and method for processing information concerning biological condition, system, program and...
Method of insertion of an expandable intervertebral implant
Methods and apparatus for treating body tissue sphincters and the like
Implantable chamber for biological induction or enhancement of muscle contraction
Transcutaneous implant
Systems and methods for soft tissue reconstruction
Fluid adjustable band
Method of assembling an adjustable band
Method for treating obesity by extracting food
Medical implant
Methods for physiological monitoring, training, exercise and regulation
N-acylamino benzyl ether derivatives
Glucocorticoid mimetics, methods of making them, pharmaceutical compositions, and uses thereof
Method in connection with a wristop computer and a wristop-computer system
Soap dispenser base system
Scenario workflow based assessment system and method
Process of relaying a story having a unique plot
No Glue Puzzle Frame
Computer-based data processing system and method for assessing the effectiveness of knowledge transf...
System and method using visual or audio-visual programming for life science educational and research...
Computer-implemented method, system and program product for providing an educational program
Lock-in training method utilizing the entry of a portion of a keyword
System and method for training sales personnel in new business prospecting
System and method for facilitating computer-based testing using traceable test items
Test pacing wristwatch with vibration reminder
Method for experiment using scientific phenomenon evaluation apparatus, and scientific phenomenon ev...
Scientific phenomena evaluation device and scientific phenomena evaluation method using the device
Apparatus and system for roping practice
Self-coaching method and system
Individualized retention plans for students
Sine of the time
Universal numeration system
Method and system for providing networked physical security
Tamper-resistant authentication techniques for identification documents
System and method for printing images on labels and forms in a printing device
Postal mailer with calling card
System and method for ensuring the proper dispensation of pharmaceuticals
Data hiding in digital multimedia
Multimedia search system
Multimedia customer care center having a layered control architecture
Multimedia signal processing apparatus
Method and system for the manufacture of pharmaceutical water
Multimedia work table for multiple personal computers
Combination wet suit and flotation device
Method of preventing frost heave stress concentrations in chilled buried pipelines
Catch basin filtration system will disposable silt/contaminant collector
Portable breakwater
Boatlift and movable canopy assembly
Method of repairing damaged concrete slabs
Method of fitting a cable into a pipe
Variable range apparatus for watercraft lift
Computerized dietetic scale
Method for inhibition of angiogenesis and vasculogenesis
Health food processing process using germinated rice to make health food containing natural eatable ...
Process for producing acids-enriched juice and acids-reduced juice
Froth showering
Method for preserving the natural appearance of fresh and minimally processed fruits and vegetables
Pet food containing Perna canaliculus for maintenance of joint health and alleviation of arthritic s...
Low profile adaptor for use with a medical catheter
Foldable insulated food box
Cooking appliance
Portable food cooling container
Spiral freezer, refrigeration delivery, enclosure and drive
Method and apparatus for controlling refrigeration
Surface pasteurization method
Food stuffs for animals
Microperforated polymeric film for sound absorption and sound absorber using same
Compressor discharge chamber with baffle plate
System and method for measuring and pricing midrange computer server outsourcing services
Method and apparatus for selling digital contents, processing program thereof and recording medium f...
Method for protecting a device against operation with unallowed consumables and arrangement for the ...
Income tax preparation system for traveling taxpayers
Systems and methods for transacting business over a global communications network such as the intern...
Method and system for transacting with network traffic
POS registering system capable of changing a sales item to another sales item with simple operation
System and method for automated electronic scrip transactions
Profile-based product demand forecasting
System and method for mailing list testing service
Context based view design to support client side multi-threading
Enhancement to a system for automated generation of file access control system commands
System and method for secure authentication of a subscriber of network services
Copy protection using detailed copy control information
Person-centric account-based digital signature system
Selective data encryption using style sheet processing for decryption by a client proxy
Method for correlating job-step or execution-process information with corresponding software licensi...
Handheld medication dosage calculator
System and method for personalized information retrieval based on user expertise
System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network...
Cu-ZN-A1(6%) shape memory alloy with low martensitic temperature and a process for its manufacture
Method and system for transporting generic data messages over the public switched telephone network ...
System and method for managing information for a plurality of computer systems in a distributed netw...
Personal massaging apparatus and method
Binaural signal processing using multiple acoustic sensors and digital filtering
Non-binding fully retractable latching apparatus
Method and system for connecting wireless handsets with wireline switches
Call routing
Mobile station origination when serving mobile switching center is not wireless intelligent network ...
System for controlled provisioning of telecommunications services
Hand-ear user interface for hand-held device
Electronic device with housing supplement
Helmet headset mounting assembly and method
Method and apparatus for cooperative diagnosis of impairments and mitigation of disturbers in commun...
Apparatus for providing power to line drivers in a communication system
Device for establishing a galvanically separate connection between a telephone line and a signal pro...
Echo cancellation using a variable offset comparator
Enhanced low pass filter
Ambient noise cancellation for voice communication device
Microprocessor-controlled full-duplex speakerphone using automatic gain control
Zero crossing detection circuit
Communications systems
Apparatus, system and method of securing perimeters of security zones from suspect vehicles
Shift control system for hybrid vehicles
Seal structure for inner-shaft bearing of a front-wheel drive vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus
Motor vehicle steering system
Mounting device for a V-configured engine
Multimodal vehicle traction system
Removable motorcycle armrest assembly
Power-assist system and method for bicycles
Front suspension for recreational vehicle
Accelerated vehicle development process
Retractable lens system and method of retracting a retractable lens system
Optical element retracting mechanism for a retractable lens
Camera having display device
Image-taking apparatus
Suspension walker
Molded orthotic insert
Adjustable air cushion insole with additional upper chamber
Method and apparatus for improved shoe construction
Footwear construction
Programmatic universal policy based software component system for software component framework
Distributing data items to corresponding buckets for use in parallel operations
Method and system increasing performance substituting finite state machine control with hardware-imp...
Rating apparatus and method for evaluating bugs
Method and apparatus for placement of vias
Hierarchical document cross-reference system and method
Method and system for processing replicated transactions parallel in secondary server
Messaging system and method with transcoder filtering of baseline message representations
Method and apparatus to facilitate access and propagation of messages in communication queues using ...
System and method for configuring a network device
Methods and apparatus for concurrent enumeration of an object reference root set
System and method for designating and deleting expired files
System for acquiring and processing broadcast programs and program guide data
File system defragmentation technique via write allocation
Process for isolation of eupalitin from Boerhavia diffusa
Inhibition of Bcl-2 protein expression by liposomal antisense oligodeoxynucleotides
Method for making stable aqueous foaming surfactant
Suturable adhesion-preventing membrane
Detoxification and decontamination using nanotechnology therapy
Sensor protein and use thereof
Flow cytometry reagent and system
Direct adsorption scintillation assay for measuring enzyme activity and assaying biochemical process...
Decal body art method and means
Methods of using pomegranate extracts for causing regression in lesions due to arteriosclerosis in h...
Method for pest control and for producing low-concentration phosphine air mixtures and device for ca...
Aerodynamically light particles for pulmonary drug delivery
Pharmaceutical formulation comprising amoxycillin and clavulanate
Method for preparing submicron suspensions with polymorph control
Bioadhesive tablet containing testosterone/testosterone ester mixtures and method for producing a pr...
High efficacy antibacterial compositions having enhanced esthetic and skin care properties
Facial cream composition containing allantoin
Intrapericardial botulinum toxin treatment for bradycardia
Avian pneumovirus vaccine
Positioning data calculating procedure, positioning data calculating apparatus and articulated manip...
End-effectors and transfer devices for handling microelectronic workpieces
Device for the translatory positioning of a platform
Offset rotary joint unit equipped with rotation correction mechanism
Wastewater treatment station in shipping-container
Underwater sound and bubbles for powered watercraft
Marine vessel propulsion and tubular rudder system
Crude oil transportation system
Device and method of determining location of signal ingress
Information providing device and method
Versatile user interface device and associated system
Media-on-demand catalog viewing preference system
Image pickup system with separable/attachable image pickup device and display device
Continuous looping feature in transmission of HDTV signals
System and method for capturing adjacent images by utilizing a panorama mode
Electronic image color plane reconstruction
Review work supporting system
Scene change detection method using two-dimensional DP matching, and image processing apparatus for ...
Method and apparatus for decoding and coding images with scene change detection function
Lens module and assembling method thereof
Device-initiated image processing transaction system and method
Printer and control program product therefor
Networked video projector apparatus and method of projecting a video frame on a video projector
Alternative video sync detector
System for nonlinear viewing of television show segments
Data reproduction apparatus and data reproduction method
Method for timing data processing and implementing device
Auxiliary power supply unit and portable electronic system
Apparatus and method for controlling a focus position for a digital still camera
Method and system for training in an adaptive manner
Method for assuring safety during firing exercises with live ammunition
Telecommunications virtual simulator
Method of selecting grout color and related selection cards
System and method for accessing functionality of a backend system from an application server
Methods and apparatus for numeric constant value inlining in virtual machines
Method and system for optimizing compilation time of a program by selectively reusing object code
Method and apparatus for rewriting bytecodes to minimize runtime checks
System and method for protecting against leakage of sensitive information from compromising electrom...
Computer-implemented method and system for automatically invoking a predetermined debugger command a...
Auditing data using observable and observer objects
System and method for developing test cases using a test object library
Cross-platform software development with a software development peripheral
Dynamic-adaptive client-side image map
Method and system for subsetting rich media in a peer-to-peer model
Error correction with low latency for bus structures
Method and apparatus for protecting against errors occurring in data storage device buffers
Generating array bit-fail maps without a tester using on-chip trace arrays
Software application test coverage analyzer
Method, apparatus and computer program for reducing the amount of data checkpointed
Debug thread termination control points
Method and apparatus for exchange of information in a communication network
System and method for provisioning broadband service in a PPPoE network using a random username
Site-to-site dynamic virtual local area network
Method and apparatus for message-based overload control in a distributed call-processor communicatio...
Method and apparatus for internet TV
Null-packet transmission from inside a firewall to open a communication window for an outside transm...
System and method for nesting virtual private networking connections with coincident endpoints
Method of remotely monitoring an internet session
Method for registering a terminal with an internet service provider
System and method for capturing and storing operational data concerning an internet service provider...
Automatic planning apparatus and computer product
Programmable logic controller with programmable high-speed digital processing
Apparatus, system, method and computer program product for implementing an automatic identification ...
Mobile IP for mobile ad hoc networks
Method of activating an inactive terminal of a data network, particularly of an IP network
Apparatus for utility outlet control
Using discrete message-oriented services to deliver short audio communications
Method and apparatus for health and disease management combining patient data monitoring with wirele...
Information security architecture for encrypting documents for remote access while maintaining acces...
Serial bus data control device
Systems, methods, and computer program products for redirecting the display of information from a co...
System and method for locating devices on a local area network
Multi-tier video delivery network
Network management apparatus and method for identifying causal events on a network
Print driver apparatus and methods for forwarding a print job over a network
Method and system for detaching files to a specified location
Combined feature dimensional parameter analysis
System for portable sensing
Off-resonance mid-IR laser desorption ionization
Soybean variety XB55K04
Soybean cultivar SO22206
Plant promoter sequences and methods of use for same
Methods and means for modification of glucosinolates in plants
Locked nucleic acid hybrids and methods of use
Chimeric polypeptides
Pharmaceutical preparations for the inhibition of herpes simplex virus 1 entry
Semiconductor nanoparticles, method for producing the same, and fluorescence reagent comprising semi...
System and method for transgenic and targeted mutagenesis screening
Plasmid maintenance system for antigen delivery
Nucleic acids encoding lin-37 and uses thereof
Circular DNA molecule with conditional origin of replication, method for preparing the same and use ...
Apparatus and method for analyte detection
Method and apparatus for targeting localized electroporation
Isolated human hepsin/46 proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human hepsin/46 proteins, and use...
Methods and compositions for treating neoplasms
Matching data related to multiple metrology tools
Fiber incorporating quantum dots as programmable dopants
Capacitor element, semiconductor integrated circuit and method of manufacturing those
Solid-state image pickup apparatus limiting adhesive intrusion
Methods and apparatus for improving high frequency input/output performance
Stacked packages
Multi function package
Semiconductor device adapted to remove noise from a signal
Electronic component having stacked semiconductor chips in parallel, and a method for producing the ...
Semiconductor device including high speed transistors and high voltage transistors disposed on a sin...
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
High-performance non-volatile memory device and fabrication process
Semiconductor memory with memory cells comprising a vertical selection transistor and method for fab...
Magnetic memory device having magnetic shield layer, and manufacturing method thereof
Layer configuration comprising an electron-blocking element
Methods of removing material from a semiconductor substrate
Manufacturing method for semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device using damascene technique and manufacturing method therefor
Method of etching bottle trench and fabricating capacitor with same
Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Chemical vapor deposition of titanium from titanium tetrachloride and hydrocarbon reactants
Arrays of biological membranes and methods and use thereof
Footwear system with readily interchangeable components
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Shoe sole
Golf ball
Cockpit door of aircraft
Method for controlling the flight of an aircraft
Mounting arrangement
Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
VTOL micro-aircraft
Toggle interlocked thrust reverser
Selective removal of olefins from hydrocarbon feed streams
Method for producing chlorine
Precipitated silicas
Treatment process for industrial waste stream
Reducing oxides of nitrogen using reformate generated from engine fuel, water and/or air
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Compound apex for vehicle tire
Lubrication for tread supporting ring for use with a rim for a tire having two beads
Pneumatic tire including steeply slanted grooves, rib having sipes and blocks having sipes
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Precision alignment of tire building drum to automated tire building system working axis
Oil extended rubber and composition containing low PCA oil
Tire bead configuration
Tire tread
Tire antenna containment system and method
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Head for golf club
Sealing apparatus
Installation for producing a nonwoven web with very uniform weight
Disc protector
Drum assembly having helical gear and spur gear spaced therebetween for use in printer
Compact optical fiber amplifier module
Optical waveguide and a method for providing an optical waveguide
Semiconductor laser apparatus and optical pickup apparatus using same
Control circuit for constantly setting optical output of semiconductor laser
Method and apparatus for adjusting angular position of magnetic head unit
Scanning optical system
Image exposure device and laser exposure device applied thereto
Method and apparatus for crystallizing semiconductor with laser beams
Free-space optical isolator with integrated quarter-wave plate
Aircraft protection system and method
Silicon germanium CMOS channel
Method and apparatus for generating a membrane target for laser produced plasma
Welding wire positioning system
Stereovision guided laser drilling system
Direct writing of optical devices in silica-based glass using femtosecond pulse lasers
Light energy delivery head
Sports ball spotting apparatus
Light weight apparatus for screeding and vibrating uncured concrete surfaces
Dimensionally stable balloons
Skinned hollow fiber membrane and method of manufacture
Pelletizing die with even heat distribution and with polymer channel to orifice transition zone, pro...
Dual-chamber container, and method and apparatus for its manufacture
Developing the texture of a material
Method for fast compilation of preverified JAVA bytecode to high quality native machine code
Method and system for efficiently interpreting a computer program
Methods and apparatus for displaying managed resource information
System and method for testing memory arrays
Configuring computer systems
Secure file transfer system
System and method for stimulation of a person's brain stem
A2B adenosine receptor antagonists
Substituted piperidines and methods of use
SH2 domain binding inhibitors
Methods of using the OB receptor antibodies to treat bodyweight disorders
Rapid analysis of variations in a genome
Determination of testosterone by mass spectrometry
Computer architecture and process of patient generation, evolution, and simulation for computer base...
Dummy delay line based DLL and method for clocking in pipeline ADC
Low power current input delta-sigma ADC using injection FET reference
Non-contact information recording medium for ink-jet recording and image forming process
Media servowriting system
Design scheme to increase the gain of strain based sensors in hard disk drive actuators
Disk drive for circular self servo writing and spiral self servo writing using prewritten reference ...
Video switcher
Digital clock recovery PPL
Data reproducing apparatus and method for improving detection performance by adjusting decision leve...
Magnetoresistive device with exchange-coupled structure having half-metallic ferromagnetic Heusler a...
Magnetic read head with dual layer lead
Magnetic head comprising a multilayer magnetoresistive device and a yoke for introducing magnetic fl...
Stiffened suspension for a storage device having a layer of composite material
Cartridge having a recording mode switching member
Wiring pattern and method of manufacturing the same and thin film magnetic head and method of manufa...
Protection of electronic apparatus against static electricity by grounding
Asymmetric seek velocity profile to improve power failure reliability for rigid disk drive with ramp
Read processing method of storage medium, storage apparatus, data reproduction method, data reproduc...
Magnetic recording disk drive with dual-stage actuator and control system with multiple controllers
Information recording method using a vertical magnetic system
Method and apparatus for runout correction by proper positioning of servo data while self-servo writ...
Magnetic pattern transferring method for performing a magnetic pattern transfer while correcting a m...
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive...
Microstructured filter
Apparatus for manufacturing deionized water and using method thereof
Integrated filter housing with associated cleaning system and method
Fluid filter apparatus and method
Cold spray mass spectrometric device
Proton conducting membrane for fuel cells
Apparatus for the controlled optimized addition of reactants in continuous flow reaction systems
Method of recycling water contaminated oil based drilling fluid
Bed adsorption system
Process for the fractionation of polymers
Filter for selectively removing leukocytes
Apparatus for use in reclaiming coolant used in cutting machines
Method for electrolytic copper plating
Keyed system for connection of filter cartridge to filter holder
Vapor-liquid separator
Method for adjusting a radial level of an interface in a centrifugal separator
Centrifugal extractor of non-contact journaled construction
Semiconductor integrated circuit device operating at high speed and low power consumption
Method and apparatus for implementing low latency crossbar switches with integrated storage signals
Method and system for storing and reporting network performance metrics using histograms
Interconnection architecture for managing multiple low bandwidth connections over a high bandwidth l...
Fitting-setup for hearing device
Process for generating a computer image of a coated three-dimensional object
System and method implementing non-physical pointers for computer devices
Methods and apparatus for implementing transmissive display devices
Heat dissipating device for an integrated circuit chip
Heat sink mounting assembly
Power adapter with heat sink device
Dual material heat sink core assembly
Disk array system
Smart power control technique to reduce power and heat consumption
Anisotropic thermal applications of composites of ceramics and carbon nanotubes
Heat exchanger, method of forming a sleeve which may be used in the heat exchanger, and a sleeve for...
Exhaust heat exchanger
High-V plate fin for a heat exchanger and method of manufacturing
Spray cooling system for extreme environments
MEMS microcapillary pumped loop for chip-level temperature control
Heat transport device and electronic device