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Method and apparatus for electronically generating an outline indicating the size of an energy zone ...
Video game terminal
Video screen with user interface using hand image
Digital video disk player
Device for testing video signals
Device for testing video signals
Navigation device
Secure document-data-handling system and methodology
Authentication query strategizer and results compiler
Multi-level secure multi-processor computer architecture
Method and apparatus for providing iSCSI target stealth operation
Pharmaceutical formulation
Use of sub (partial) cycles, nested cluster cycles, and lot cycles for determining equipment capacit...
Method for affecting urinary function with electrode implantation in adipose tissue
Levodopa prodrugs, and compositions and uses thereof
Apparatus and method for reset distribution
Micro controller unit (MCU) with RTC
Memory channel with unidirectional links
Method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for disabling BIOS-provided console redirection capa...
Method and system for optimizing a network by independently scaling control segments and data flow
Recording media including code for estimating IC power consumption
Coriolis mode processing techniques
Multilayer wiring board for an electronic device
Hologram recording medium
System for testing semiconductor components
Circuit device
Method of probing a device using captured image of probe structure in which probe tips comprise alig...
Method of manufacturing an electro-optical device
Piezoelectric actuator array and manufacturing method
Semiconductor device and interposer
Semiconductor package free of substrate and fabrication method thereof
Heater and heating device
High performance reworkable heatsink and packaging structure with solder release layer
Circuitized substrate with sintered paste connections, multilayered substrate assembly, electrical a...
Semiconductor device having RF shielding and method therefor
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Photoelectric conversion device, and process for its fabrication
Electrophotographic printer having developer and transfer bias control
Polarization light splitting film, backlight system and liquid crystal display
Integrated photovoltaic roofing component and panel
3(4),7(8)-Bis(aminomethyl)bicyclo[4.3.0]nonane and a process for its preparation
High CoR golf ball using zinc dimethacrylate
Bimodal compounds having an elastomeric moiety
Acoustooptic filter
Process for recycling paint flush solution
Cleaning brush and image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus and fixing apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Electronic apparatus having a plurality of circuit substrates
Image forming apparatus using hypochromatic toner and hyperchromatic toner
Image processing apparatus and method, computer program, and computer readable storage medium
Image processing method and apparatus
Incremental color transform creation
Image printing apparatus and method for deleting print job files based on an abnormality
Information processing apparatus, data processing method, print driver program forming method, infor...
Stage control apparatus and method, stage apparatus and exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus and method
Substrate, manufacturing method therefor, and semiconductor device
Mechanism for sealing
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling image forming apparatus
Process for producing modified diene polymer rubber
Separation of contaminants from polyester materials
Method for reducing off-grade product production during reaction transitions
Recyclable dry particle based adhesive electrode and methods of making same
Optical element and liquid crystal display device using the same
Process for regeneration of an elastomer from scrap
Controlling clock rates of an integrated circuit including generating a clock rate control parameter...
Integrated electro-optic module for high speed data transmission
Method to detect a hydrogen leak in a fuel cell
Distributed database for analytical instruments
Optical switch and optical add/drop multiplexer
Image forming apparatus for preventing worm-shaped image irregularities
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus for forming toner images onto different types of recordi...
Recording and/or playback device
Optical sensor and system
Variable magnification optical system
Variable refractive surface
Image segmentation by means of temporal parallax difference induction
Semiconductor package and method for forming the same
Constant gain digital predistortion controller for linearization of non-linear amplifiers
Indicators and illuminators using a semiconductor radiation emitter package
Method and system of using odd harmonics for phase generated carrier homodyne
Low-cost on-line and in-line spectral sensors based on solid-state source and detectors combinations...
System to monitor the health of a structure, sensor nodes, program product, and related methods
Aircraft flat panel display system
Methods and apparatus for target radial extent determination using deconvolution
Implantable cardiac physical motion mapping device
Cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Probe head for a coordinate measuring machine
Cutlery set
Transition metal compound, ligand system, catalyst system and the use of the latter for polymerisati...
Folding knives
Method and reagent system having a non-regenerative enzyme-coenzyme complex
Viewable specimen packaging system and method
Miniature optical readhead for optical diagnostic device
Automated clinical analyzer reagent formulation
System and method for analyte measurement
Quinolinone derivatives
3,4-disubstituted, 3,5-disubstituted and 3,4,5-substituted piperidines
Imidazole compounds for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Cyclohexenone compounds from Antrodia camphorata and application thereof
Monoazo metal complex compound containing composition and production method thereof
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic member, process cartridge and image forming a...
Retinal imaging system
Magnetic heat generation
System, software, and method for detection of sleep-disordered breathing using an electrocardiogram
Integratable optical isolator in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer configuration
Multi-pass variable bitrate media encoding
Nozzle assembly for spray-on dry fibrous insulation
Spatial profiling of proteins using hydrophobic moments
Optical vend-sensing system for control of vending machine
Embedded testing capability for integrated serializer/deserializers
Network analysis omniscent loop state machine
Method and system of remote monitoring and support of devices, including handling Email messages hav...
Thermoplastic resin compositions
Tapered light guide plate for surface light source device and method of making by injection molding ...
Conductive lithium storage electrode
Liquid crystal display device having a plurality of electrode units, each electrode unit including a...
Driving method and drive control circuit of liquid crystal display device, and liquid crystal displa...
Plasma display panel
File cabinet
Method for processing noise interference
Automated complaint resolution system
Applying foliage and terrain features to architectural scaled physical models
Die-level traceability mechanism for semiconductor assembly and test facility
Light deflecting method and apparatus efficiently using a floating mirror
Aliphatic polyester polyether copolymer, process for producing the same and aliphatic polyester comp...
Image reading device
Conjugated diolefin (co)polymer rubber, process for producing (co)polymer rubber, rubber composition...
Polypeptides related to natriuretic peptides and methods of their identification and use
Method for immuno-detection of epitopes
Therapeutic targets for treatment of HCV infections, methods of treating HCV infections and compound...
Apparatus and methods for treating congestive heart disease
Peptides used as angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor and preparation process thereof
Gene delivery to tumors
Anti-hypertensive molecules and process for preparation thereof
Composition and method for maintaining healthy mobile joints and cartilage
Anti-arthritic herbal composition and method thereof
Nutrient compositions for the treatment and prevention of inflammation and disorders associated ther...
Combinations for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
Apparatus and methods for treating congestive heart disease
Methods and systems for lithographic beam generation
RF-enabled pallet
Method and apparatus for reducing cantilever stress in magnetically actuated relays
Automatic storm shutter control
Plasma source
Pharmaceutical compounding systems and methods and information management system for same
Electronic control systems and methods
Bypass circuit to prevent arcing in a switching device
Method of preparing polycarbonate resin
Container closure
Fresnel lens sheet and rear projection screen using it
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet, and method for producing it
Methods for producing low-k CDO films
Bremsstrahlung laser ("blaser")
Low cost microwave over components manufactured from conductively doped resin-based materials
Benzofurans and indols
Composite structure body and method for manufacturing thereof
Method of synthesising and growing nanorods from a metal carbide on a substrate, substrates thus obt...
Heterodyne receiver array using resonant structures
Methods for controlling mass flow rates and pressures in passageways coupled to reaction chambers an...
Gas detection apparatus and method for controlling gas sensor
Fuel cell
Separator from a fuel cell having first and second portions of different materials
Reforming and hydrogen purification system
Toroidal probe unit for nuclear magnetic resonance
Gas diffusion substrate and electrode
Conductive curable resin composition and separator for fuel cell
Method of operating a fuel cell to provide a heated and humidified oxidant
Microporous PVDF films
Fuel processor
Integrated membrane shift methanation reactor for carbon monoxide clean-up
Electrochemical process for oxidation of alkanes to alkenes
Gas mixing apparatus
Multiple capillary fuel injector for an internal combustion engine
Catalyst for fuel electrode of solid polymer fuel cell
Low profile light panel
Color display and solar cell device
Bright white protective laminates
Intraocular lens for correcting presbyopia
Ocular wavefront-correction profiling
Optical accommodative compensation system
Extended depth of field using a multi-focal length lens with a controlled range of spherical aberrat...
Plunger needle for an intraocular lens injector
Method and system for vision enhancement
Acrylic composition and a method of forming the same via free-radical polymerization
Polymers and curable compositions
Carbamate functional addition polymers and method for their preparation
Sulfine control agents for synthesizing polymers
Minimal address state in a fine grain multithreaded processor
Bicycle electric power unit
Apparatus for shifting weight from a runner to a wheeled frame
Bicycle cable seal fitting
Electric derailleur motor unit
Bicycle control apparatus with a position setting idler member
Equipment storage lift system
Over-bed support structure
Bicycle hub assembly
Bicycle saddle
Wrap for bundling objects
Rear carrier rack for a folding bicycle
Bicycle headset structure
Foldable bicycle
Reversible ratchet mechanism
Frame structure for foldable baby trailer
Fiber reinforced concrete products and method of preparation
High temperature-stabile silicon boron carbide nitride ceramics comprised of silylalkyl borazines, m...
Method of making a semiconductor structure with a plating enhancement layer
Single mask via method and device
Process and installation for recovery and purification of ethylene produced by pyrolysis of hydrocar...
Plate for a plasma panel with reinforced porous barriers
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Apparatus and method for reducing oscillations in a web-fed rotary press
Device for defining participants of a control system for a printing machine
Folding and threading station of a folding box gluing machine and method of moving the threading sta...
Stitching apparatus
Raster generation system and method of processing raster data
Apparatus for conveying sheets through a rotary press
Printing press and device for the inline monitoring of printing quality in sheet-fed offset printing...
Link and producing method of the same
Radio frequency identification tags on consumable items used in printers and related equipment
MRI/MRS gradient coil with integrated cooling circuits
Active decoupling of MRI RF transmit coils
Method and system of determining in-plane motion in propeller data
Tumor vaccines for MUC1-positive carcinomas
Tooth shade scan system and method
Ventilation interface
Ventilation interface
Portion of a port plug for a respiratory mask
Drug delivery pump
Recording medium
Electroporation vessel
Network attached storage
Pedicure spa
Behind-the-ear hearing aid unit
Bushing for bone fixation assembly
Interbody fusion device
Handle for catheter device
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Valve for fluids, especially for the medical technique
Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
Injector head
Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
Optoelectronic device based on an antiwaveguiding cavity
Tool holder structure
Powder coating precursors and the use thereof in powder coating compositions
Multiplexed assays of cell migration
Queries-and-responses processing method, queries-and-responses processing program, queries-and-respo...
System and method of switching between dialog systems with separate dedicated communication units
RFID tire label
Electromagnetic valve
Articles of composite structure having appearance of wood
Method and apparatus for interaction with hyperlinks in a television broadcast
Cross-linked glycopeptide--cephalosporin antibiotics
Occlusive composition
Compositions for labeling .beta.-amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles
Support cradle
Bale processing apparatus
Copper termination inks containing lead free and cadmium free glasses for capacitors
Lithium-containing complex oxide, non-aqueous secondary battery using the lithium-containing complex...
Positive electrode active material for a secondary battery, secondary battery and process of manufac...
Solid electrolytic capacitor and a method for manufacturing a solid electrolytic capacitor
Methods for the electrochemical deposition of copper onto a barrier layer of a work piece
Vibratingly stirring apparatus, and device and method for processing using the stirring apparatus
Polymerizable composition and planographic printing plate precursor
Designed cellular coal
Lithographic printing plate precursor and lithographic printing method
Droplet ejecting apparatuses and methods for cleaning droplet ejecting face and wiping member
Lithographic printing plate precursor and lithographic printing method
Airbags with internal valves
Non-nucleotide composition and method for inhibiting platelet aggregation
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium-sulfur battery comprising the same
Manganese/oxygen compound with arsenic adsorption
Rechargeable battery charging method and apparatus
Nemesia plant named `Nemhorfla`
Magnetic hinge
Color cosmetic compositions
Lipstick case
Packaging and cover for packaging for cosmetic or pharmaceutical compositions
Method and apparatus for packaging panel products
Lactams and uses thereof
Fingerprint verification method and apparatus based on global ridgeline
Method and circuit arrangement for wireless data transmission
Rugged, metal-enclosed antenna
Displaying information on a gate system
System and method for providing visual and physiological cues in a matching system
Closure and package with induction seal and RFID tag
Compact microstrip transponder antenna
Multi-band RFID encoder
Radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and manufacturing method thereof
ExpressCard power switch device with enhanced communications paths and security functions
Material handling system with dynamic source tagging
Component tagging with maintenance related information in open and closed formats
Process to prepare a premium formulated fried egg
Olefin waxes having improved hardness or viscosity
Delivering manganese from a lubricant source into a fuel combustion system
Anti-glare optical film and process for preparing the same
Systems and methods for processing waste materials
Process for producing aromatic aldehyde
Method for oxidizing a slurry composition in a post oxidation zone in the presence of added steam
Process for producing heterocyclic aldehyde
Method for precipitation of polyphenylene ether
Process for manufacture of pentaerythritol diphosphites
Charge-transporting varnish
Dilatant fluid composition
Thiadiazole compound and use thereof
Method for producing organic compounds containing poly-DOPO, and the use of the same
Veterinary goniometer for testing of animal leg joints
Animal deterrent device
Washable absorbent article and uses therefor
Stackable play house for feline animals
Fishing reel having a one-piece side plate and bridge
Apparatus, method and business methods for processing animal waste in a farm building
Rodent euthanasia machine
Waterfall aquarium
Submersible farm
Slip-on hydrodynamic symmetrical fishing sinker
Small animal feeding station
Climbing rose plant named `Meigrappo`
Fishing lure
Microinjection devices and methods of use
Planer board lighting device
Transgenic animal expressing HLA-A24 and utilization thereof
Attachable fishing pole strike indicator
Method for medical imaging and image processing, computed tomography machine, workstation and comput...
Positioning system for an applicator and positioning method for an applicator
Aqueous polyurethane dispersion and method for making and using same
Compositions and methods for the treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
Packaging of electronic chips with air-bridge structures
S-(.alpha., .alpha.'-disubstituted-.alpha.''-acetic acid) substituted dithiocarbonate derivatives fo...
Nematode PAN and ZP receptor-like sequences
System and method for forming a cardiac muscle construct
Cucurbit [n] uril compounds and analogs, and methods of making and using the same
Method and apparatus for scheduling a meeting
Method and apparatus for coding a noise-suppressed audio signal
System and method for metadata verification during measurement processing
Method and system for interrupting a dispatch call
Apparatus and method for mobile communication device transmission
Method and apparatus for predictively providing an uplink communication resource
Electronic device to receive radio frequency signals
Radio frequency power amplifier circuit and method
System and method for distributing media
User interface
Housing for a headset
Housing for a communication device
Housing for a communication device
Method for providing enhanced dynamic system simulation capability outside the original modeling env...
Two way radio
Housing for a charging device
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding data
Laser scanning and power control in a rapid prototyping system
Multi-wavelength physiological monitor
Human body monitoring system
System for processing objects for storage in a document or other storage system
Transform table for ink sizing and compression
Image synthesizing apparatus, image synthesizing method and a computer readable recording medium hav...
Method and apparatus for performing optical character recognition (OCR) and text stitching
Edge based alignment algorithm
Systems and methods for organizing image data into regions
Image information compression device
Interpolation image generating method and apparatus
Method and system for identifying a paper form using a digital pen
Handwritten word recognition using nearest neighbor techniques that allow adaptive learning
Optical communications based on optical polarization multiplexing and demultiplexing
Alignment apparatus for use in testing optical modules
Light modulator package having inclined light transmissive lid
Optical splitter with tapered multimode interference waveguide
Optical element and system using the same
Precise and permanent modification of the resonant frequency of a dielectric microcavity and correct...
Reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer
Optical signal amplifying triode and optical signal transfer method, optical signal relay device, an...
Backlight device comprising a printing portion made of colorless ink for preventing a bright line an...
LED light assembly with LED connecting device
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Isotropic illumination
Vehicle headlamp
Projector type vehicle headlamp unit
LED unit for a vehicle lamp assembly
Tail lamp structure for vehicles
Photoactivation device and method
Auxiliary light source for self-contained breathing masks
Decorating with a lighted device
Lighting device using cold cathode fluorescent lamp
Illumination apparatus
Illuminating pouring spout
Method of manufacturing LED light string
Halogen lamps with mains-to-low voltage drivers
Magnetic anomaly sensing-based system for tracking a moving magnetic target
Medical injector and medicament loading system for use therewith
Apparatus and method for fire suppression
Projectile firing device using liquified gas propellant
Non-lethal ammunition projectile
Frame for a firearm
Integrated firearm security lock
Electrically-conductive resin compositions and moldings
Method of forming a blister package including a fluoropolymer layer
Combination ID/tag holder
Dyed olefin yarn and textile fabrics using such yarns
Method and device for temporary emergency vessel anastomoses
Method for attachment of artificial nail
PVC graft copolymer methods and compositions
Method for the application of anti-fouling agents
Chlorinated vinyl chloride resin composition
Less irritant or inflammatory glove and method for producing the same
Flame retardant fiber optic cables
Method and apparatus for oversubscription of permanent virtual circuits
Electromagnetic surveying for hydrocarbon reservoirs
Compositions of active Wnt protein
Integrated photonic amplifier and detector
Method and apparatus for automatic and dynamic vessel detection
Single transistor sensing and double transistor sensing for flash memory
Memory cell access circuit
Methods for generating a reference voltage and for reading a memory cell and circuit configurations ...
Mounting apparatus for motherboard
Fixing mechanism for printed circuit board
Electronic appliance and enclosure thereof
Advanced and breakthrough net interest revenue implementation for financial processing in a relation...
Optical transmission system with automatic signal level adjustment and startup functions
Fabric wrinkle control composition and method
Modulation and analysis of cerebral perfusion in epilepsy and other neurological disorders
Method and system for improved internet color
Automated drill bit re-sharpening and verification system
Particle analyzing system and methodology
Image processing method for execution externally and internally to a printer
Binding agent for solid block functional material
Disposable container for use in a waste sorting system
Kit, device and method for controlled delivery of oxidizing agent into the skin
Support-fixed bleaching catalyst complex compounds suitable as catalysts for peroxygen compounds
Skin-smoothing cosmetic based on plant extracts
Plug-and-socket hub arrangement for mounting light pipe to receive light
Imprinting device for a cosmetic product and method of using same
Spirocyclic heterocyclic derivatives and methods of their use
Remedies for depression containing EP1 antagonist as the active ingredient
Program subgraph identification
Method and apparatus for implementing two architectures in a chip
Efficient read after write bypass
Intelligent SMT thread hang detect taking into account shared resource contention/blocking
Method, apparatus and computer program for executing a program by incorporating threads
System and method for delivery of documents over a computer network
Hierarchical systems and methods for providing a unified view of storage information
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Portable tool carrier for a gas can
Belt clip with breakaway safety feature
Substituted tricyclic compounds as protein kinase inhibitors
4-Oxo-1-3-substituted phenyl-1,4-dihydro-1,8-naphthyridine-3-carboxamide phosphodiesterase-4 inhibit...
Organic anion transporting (oat)-like protein UST3-LIKE1 and uses thereof
Method for universal enzymatic production of bioactive peptides
Assays for sensory modulators using a sensory cell specific G-protein alpha subunit
Transdermal pharmaceutical formulation for minimizing skin residues
Surface indicia
Cosmetic container
Paper product
Process of making long chain internal fatty tertiary amines
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
2-(Amino or substituted amino)-5, 6-substituted phenol compounds, dyeing compositions containing the...
Multi-motion toothbrush
Universal dispenser for dispensing of laundry additives during automatic machine laundering of fabri...
Rear surface of a cleaning article
Disposable non-woven cleaning wipe
Pattern for a paper product package
2-(amino or substituted amino)-3-5-6-substituted phenol compounds, dyeing compositions containing th...
Cleaning concentrate consisting of extra virgin olive oil and isopropyl alcohol
Method for making a metal oxide semiconductor device
Photosensitive member having two layer undercoat
Fireproof glazing unit
Capacitors having doped aluminum oxide dielectrics
Catalytic method of producing alkyl mercaptans by adding hydrogen sulphide to an olefin
Method and apparatus for producing an aqueous paint composition from a plurality of premixed composi...
Polyolefin compositions
2-substituted-1-deaza purine derivatives with adenosine receptor modulating activity
Catalyst having a silver-vanadium oxide phase and a promoter phase
EMI-absorbing air filter
Method and apparatus to preserve trace data
Method for verifying thermal and power compatibility of components in a computer system
Updated package generation based on analysis of bank dependency
Disc cartridge
System for creating, managing and executing computer testing and task management applications
Method and system for generating dynamic images
Method for manufacturing manganese oxide nanostructure and oxygen reduction electrode using said man...
Extendable vehicle steering shaft
High speed coupling shear spacer
Barrel-shaped bearing
Wheel supporting rolling bearing unit
Motor structure
Wheel bearing assemblies incorporating sensing arrangements
Linear rolling bearing for the transmission of torques
Pressure balanced bearing
Installation layout for two coaxial shaft lines
Sensor assembly, sealing device, and roller bearing apparatus for vehicles having integrated connect...
Pivot assembly for hard disk drive use
Differential support structure, differential's component, method of manufacturing differential suppo...
Linear motion guide unit
Dual seal assembly for bearing
Rotation detecting device and anti-skid braking system using the same
Roller bearing and pump including same
Integrated sensor-seal module for detecting angular position of a crankshaft
Device for reduction of axial movement of the main shaft gears in a transmission with at least two c...
Linear guide apparatus
Conversion platform for a .45 ACP pistol
Ammunition container
Illumination device for product examination
Combustible propellant charge casing
Method and apparatus for predicting and evaluating projectile performance
Fibonacci heap for use with internet routing protocols
Fuel system safety device for run-dry conditions
Light emitting diode, optical semiconductor device, epoxy resin composition suited for optical semic...
Method and contrivance for applying a Raman amplification in a transmission and/or fibre device
Light-emitting device having a diffractive film on its light-output face and manufacturing method th...
System and method for optically labeled packet transmission
Semiconductor Raman variable optical attenuator/amplifier and equalizer
Optical switch using rare earth doped glass
Monolithic transmitter photonic integrated circuit (TxPIC) with integrated optical components in cir...
Optical and electrical interconnect
Inspection method and device
Method and apparatus for recording optical information including dummy data, and optical disk having...
Polarization recovery system for projection displays
Optical fiber light source based on third-harmonic generation
Chroma compensated backlit display
Process for the preparation of aminoalcohol derivatives and their further conversion to (1R, 4S)-4(2...
Method for determining activity of cell cycle regulatory factor and method for diagnosing cancer usi...
Light-emitting device
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Vehicle, display device and manufacturing method for a semiconductor device
Light emitting diode
Method and system for reduction of XOR/XNOR subexpressions in structural design representations
Single serve beverage maker with coordinated heating and pumping periods
Preformed lacrosse pocket and packaging for same
Basting brush
Podophyllotoxin derivatives
Peptidomimetic inhibitors of STAT activity and uses thereof
Sonic energy process chamber
End-effectors for handling microelectronic wafers
Techniques supporting collaborative product development
Index structure for TV-Anytime Forum metadata having location information for defining a multi-key
Cross platform locale data name mapping interfaces and methods of use thereof
Amended recombinant cells for the production and delivery of gamma interferon as an antiviral agent,...
Method for biometric security using a smartcard
Method for defining a relationship between an account and a group
Claim assessment model
System and method for detecting purchasing card fraud
Systems and methods for acquisition, evaluation, inventory, distribution, and/or re-sale of pre-owne...
System and method for supporting a security-trade financing service
System for marketing leisure activity services through prepaid tickets
Micro displacement mechanism and magnetic disk apparatus
Method and apparatus utilizing monocrystalline insulator
Coating for the breakdown of corona effluents
Tailored heat transfer layered heater system
Superconductor wires for back end interconnects
Stabilized boehmite-derived catalyst supports, catalysts, methods of making and using
Solid base catalyst and use thereof in base catalysis
Method for transferring a semiconductor body from a growth substrate to a support material
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Electrophotographic photoconductor, preparation method thereof, electrophotographic apparatus and pr...
Electrophotographic photoreceptor method of manufacturing electrophotographic photoreceptor, and ele...
Toner fuser member with release layer formed from silsesquioxane-phenolic resin composition
Image display and manufacturing method of the same
Display device and method of manufacturing same
Light emitting device
Wiring board, electro-optical device and electronic instrument
Manufacturing method of silicate-containing phosphor and silicate-containing phosphor precursor
Droplet ejection apparatus and method of detecting ejection failure in droplet ejection heads
Manufacturing method for electrooptic device, electrooptic device, and electronic device
Image capturing apparatus, main subject position determination method, and computer-readable medium ...
Organic electroluminescence pixel circuit
Method of measuring glucose concentration and glucose sensor with the use of glucose dehydrogenase
Textile pattern
System and method for auto baud rate detection in asynchronous serial communication
Chemical-mechanical polishing method
Inhibitors of angiogenesis and tumor growth
Icon for a digital camera
Shift prefix instruction decoder for modifying register information necessary for decoding the targe...
Method and apparatus for URL forwarding
DC-AC converter and controller IC therefor
Strained silicon with elastic edge relaxation
Probe card having groups of probe needles in a probing test apparatus for testing semiconductor inte...
Plasma gun anode
Information processing system using IC tags
Surface acoustic wave apparatus and communications equipment
Method for processing semiconductor wafer and semiconductor wafer
Systems and methods for integration of heterogeneous circuit devices
Computational moire compensation
Method and apparatus for normalizing quoting styles in electronic mail messages
Image forming device
System for associating images produced by an image forming apparatus with users of the apparatus
Additive model for efficient representation of digital documents
Method for standardizing input CMYK values for clustered printing environments
Method for darkness correction of trapped pixels
Processor for a requested print job
Dual dielectric structure for suppressing lateral leakage current in high fill factor arrays
Crosslinked siloxane composite overcoat for photoreceptors
Magnetic substrates with high magnetic loading
Power failure detection and correction in a flash memory device
Pharmaceutical treatment blister card
Scheduling ahead for various processes
Method of shrinking a film
Computer system architecture for automatic context associations
Networked software and service dispensing vending machine
Print order reception system
Arrangement for closing roll nips
Spathiphyllum plant named `98286-29`
Spathiphyllum plant named `98216-59`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Omega Time Orange`
Mandarin tree named `Top mandarin seedless`
Gas purifying apparatus, image forming apparatus having the same, and method of purifying gas of the...
Method and apparatus for performing predictive caching of DNS requests by correlating IP addresses
Network support for credit card notification
Apparatus and method for receiving a quadrature differential phase shift key modulated optical pulse...
Array processing using an aggregate channel matrix generated using a block code structure
System and method for enhancing throughput in an additive gaussian noise channel with a predetermine...
Efficient architectures for protection against network failures
Detection apparatus for biological materials and methods of making and using the same
Uplink power control algorithm
Mobile phone combined with satellite radio capability
IP-based distributed wireless access network architecture for CDMA networks
Optical WDM-TDM network
Signaling protocol and architecture for protection rings
Low-overhead secure information processing for mobile gaming and other lightweight device applicatio...
Feedback to calling communication device on call connected with intelligent network signaling
Distributed shared memory packet switch
Dynamic queue allocation and de-allocation
Micro-mobility network routing system and method
Single-path electrical device and methods for conveying electrical charge
Fish attractants
System, method and apparatus for attracting and stimulating aquatic animals
Detection system and method for aerosol delivery
Tracheostomy system
Devices and methodologies useful in body aesthetics
Fe-Cr alloy structure with excellent corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion, and manufacturing ...
Biaxially oriented saturated polyester film, method of making the same, laminate of biaxially orient...
Apparatus for electroprocessing a workpiece surface
Systems and methods for sorting, collecting data pertaining to and certifying recyclables at a mater...
Reluctance machine having a non-uniform air gap
Hpr6 mutants and uses thereof
Cancer antigen peptide formulations
Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition system and method
Methods of analysis of alternative splicing in mouse
Polymorphisms in human mitochondrial DNA
Portable game chip holder
Real-time data exchange on demand
System and method for increasing OS idle loop performance in a simulator
Methods for creating primitive constructed standard cells
Phase abstraction for formal verification
Method and system for enhanced verification through binary decision diagram-based target decompositi...
Methods, systems, and media to improve manufacturability of semiconductor devices
Graphical user interface
Configurable automatic-test-equipment system
Automatic clock based power-down circuit
Liquid crystal display device using OCB mode and cholesteric liquid crystal color filter and fabrica...
Device for powering a variable speed drive
Rubber composition for tire tread
Caries preventive desensitizing and fluoridizing dental varnishes
High refractive index pressure-sensitive adhesives
Ionomer laminates and articles formed from ionomer laminates
System and method for real-time, personalized, dynamic, interactive voice services for corporate-ana...
Aqueous inkjet ink composition
Optical information recording medium
Methods of forming metal-containing films over surfaces of semiconductor substrates
Methods of packaging and testing microelectronic imaging devices
Liquid crystal display device
Materials having predefined morphologies and methods of formation thereof
Coating composition having improved release properties and the process for making the same
Aqueous coating material, method of producing the same and use thereof
Pearlescent hair care compositions
Highly affine cosmetic agent
Encapsulated perfume compositions in hair and skin products which release a burst of fragrance after...
Gel compositions and utilization thereof
Biocidal siloxane coating material containing N-halogenated amine and amide functional groups
Topical medicants for aquatic animals
Confocal microscope
Lubricant compositions and methods
Indium-containing wafer and method of its manufacture
Illumination device
Method and apparatus for removing heat
Light source module and optical projection system
Diesel particulate matter reduction system
Display apparatus using LCD Panel
Use of SARP-1 for the treatment and/or prevention of scleroderma
Methods and uses of leukotriene B.sub.4 hydroxylases to treat diseases
Molecule transferring device, auxiliary for molecule transferring device, and molecule transferring ...
Method for glycosylating hydroxylysine residues
Modified cyclic nucleotide gated ion channels
Genes encoding genetic stability, gene expression and folding proteins
Lactams as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Cyclic derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Method for decreasing the foam formation during cultivation of a microorganism
Use of specific T2R taste receptors to identify compounds that block bitter taste
System and method for creating, vaulting, transferring and controlling transferable electronic recor...
Systems and methods for authenticating and protecting the integrity of data streams and other data
Method and apparatus for maintaining consistency of a shared space across multiple endpoints in a pe...
Method and system for generating a bitstream view of a design
Method of administering licensing of use of copyright works
Interactive digital medium and system
Method for embedding and extracting digital watermark on lowest wavelet subband
Location identification of machine-readable data embedded in data carriers
Digital camera valet gate
Internet-based system for enabling information-related transactions over the internet
Methods and apparatuses for purchasing telephone calling card minutes using an electronic commerce k...
Process for exposing solder bumps on an underfill coated semiconductor
Method and apparatus for tenderizing meat
Plan generation in database query optimizers through specification of plan patterns
Method and apparatus for predicting selectivity of database query join conditions using hypothetical...
Group-By result size estimation
Optimisation of network configuration
System, method, apparatus and program for collecting and providing information
Retrieving and providing contextual information
Topic identification and use thereof in information retrieval systems
Active messaging system and method
Client-based generation of music playlists from a server-provided subset of music similarity vectors
Processing index action requests for search engines
Microeconomic mechanism for distributed indexing
Parallel single cursor model on multiple-server configurations
Dynamic taxonomy process for browsing and retrieving information in large heterogeneous data bases
Data search system and data search method using a global unique identifier
Method of controlling server apparatus which stores image data received via network in memory, progr...
Audio interface
Video content transmitting system and method
Optical disk playback apparatus and data playback method therefor
Programmable multi-function module for automatic test equipment systems
Information retrieval method and apparatus
Television proximity sensor
Recording medium accommodation apparatus
Driving mechanism of electronic instrument
Earphone portion
Dynamic camshaft apparatus
Valve timing controller
Valve timing controller
Adjusting device for a camshaft
Engine valve actuation for combustion enhancement
Fuel adaptation in a homogeneous charge compression ignition engine
Multi-stroke cylinder operation in an internal combustion engine
Interchangeable ornament ring
Shrub rose plant named `Radsunny`
Shrub rose plant named `Meiggili`
Daylily plant named `Stephanie Returns`
Parrot decorative tower
Symphoricarpos plant named `Brain De Soleil`
Display apparatus and method capable of rotating an image
Streaming system for distributing encrypted data, and streaming method therefor
Digital audio player and playing method thereof
Automatic detection and segmentation of music videos in an audio/video stream
Collapsible music book stand
Method and apparatus for generating sounds in a video game
High low series gambling game
Traffic status detection with a threshold method
Program rewriting system and program rewriting method
Vehicle control unit and vehicle control system having the same
System and method for analyzing and communicating transmission assembly failure information
Method of estimating along-track displacement of an underwater vehicle
Delivery System
Pharmaceutical Compositions
Delivery Systems For Delivering Functional Compounds to Substrates and Processes of Using the Same
Pharmaceutical Compositions Having an Effect on the Proliferation of Nk Cells and a Method Using the...
Compositions for Encapsulation and Controlled Release
Particulate form of a pharmaceutical composition which is easy to swallow
Stabilized controlled release substrate having a coating derived from an aqueous dispersion of hydro...
Controlled Release Nisoldipine Compositions
Rapidly Disintegrating Tablet and Production Method Thereof
Pharmaceutical Compositions of Amorphous Dispersions of Drugs and Lipophilic Microphase-Forming Mate...
Methods and Medicaments for Administration of Ibuprofen
Solid Pharmaceutical Composition Comprising Donepezil Hydrochloride
Stable gabapentin compositions
Active Drug Delivery in the Gastrointestinal Tract
Support Accumulating In Injured Part In Vascular Channel
Hydrophilic Membranes
Skin external preparation
Pharmaceutical Compositions
Tissue preservation solution
Microporous membrane, battery separator and battery
Multi-layer, microporous membrane, battery separator and battery
Process for Making Tea Extracts
Exopolysaccharide-Enriched Yoghurt and Other Fermented Milk Products
Methods and systems for modulating acoustic energy delivery
Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, cleaning method, and cleaning member
Offshore Wastewater Treatment
Method for separation of substances using mesoporous or combined mesoporous/microporous materials
Novel method and system of Network Integrity via Digital Authorization (NIDA) for enhanced internet ...
High amylose dog chew formulation
Multiple mutation variants of serine protease
Heat exchanger unit
Assembly and molding method adapted to mold food with complex profile
Automated fry vat and method
Automated device for erecting individual French fry containers and method
Protein and calcium fortification system for clear and opaque beverages
Method Of Producing Milk Drink
Processed Flour Food Containing Added Bilberries and Method of Coloring The Food
Packaging System for Storage and Microwave Heating of Food Products
Packaging Method for Storage and Microwave Heating of Food Products
Microwavable Food Products
Polarization means and its position holding mechanism
Communication system, communication device, seating-order determination device, communication method...
System and method for transforming an ordinary computer monitor into a touch screen
Optical mouse and image capture chip thereof
Monitoring display device for use on construction machines
Exterior vehicle mirror assembly with sensors
CMOS APS shared amplifier pixel with symmetrical field effect transistor placement
Analog vertical sub-sampling in an active pixel sensor (APS) image sensor
Camera apparatus, image server and image server system
System and method for controlling a digital camera provided with a WWW server function
Wireless communication unit
Methods and apparatus for displaying textual data embedded in broadcast media signals
Picture filing device, digital camera and frame-picture managing method
Image output test system and method and device thereof
Portable transcription device and method of the same priority
Programmable scrambler and De-scrambler for digital telephony equipment
Method and apparatus for distributing authorization to provision mobile devices on a wireless networ...
Memory card and data distribution system using it
Information processing method, decrypting method, information processing apparatus, and computer pro...
Cipher strength estimating device
Financial trading game
Big game storage and transportation bag
Portable target rack
Ball pitching game and method
Multiple tetrahedron picture display system
Card shuffler with user game selection input
Ball identifying device
Osteospermum plant named `Kleoe05116`
Acer palmatum plant named `Garnet Tower`
Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Ojai`
Coreopsis plant named `Snowberry`
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named `Sweet Caroline Bewitched Purple`
Interspecific Prunus tree named `Crimson Royale`
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named `Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Purple`
Floribunda rose plant named `HARgrace`
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named `Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Light Green`
Impatiens plant named `Imtrasamto`
Argyranthemum plant named `Bonmadepi`
Calathea plant named `HGV05`
Geranium plant named `Balfanimvio`
Food waste disposer grinding mechanism
Twist-open closure having inclined frangible membrane
Process for the preparation of D-pantothenic acid and/or salts thereof
Pressure/moisture release cooking container
Cook-in patch bag and process for using same
Mobile gastronomic table for serving out food
Method for producing a coagulate food comprising raw material of KONNYAKU and bean curd ground produ...
Composition for treating groundwater contamination
Methods for manufacturing coated confectionary products
Household food preparation appliance for preparing liquid products
Insulated ice compartment for bottom mount refrigerator
Food slicing device
Food dispensing device and method
Mobile telephone
PDP television receiver
Navigation device for vehicle
Car navigation terminal
Car navigation terminal
Gas range with 4 burners and griddle
Simulation model for a semiconductor device describing a quasi-static density of a carrier as a non-...
Scan based automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) test circuit, test method using the test circuit...
Hub for testing memory and methods thereof
Turbo decoder and turbo interleaver
Method and apparatus of detecting error of access wait signal
Method and apparatus for controlling amount of buffer data in a receiver of a data communication sys...
Matching program and system for corporate meeting planners and hospitality providers
Analytical instruments using a pseudorandom array of sources, such as a micro-machined mass spectrom...
X-ray conversion method
Radiation detector
Optical encoding and reconstruction
X-ray tube cathode overvoltage transient supression apparatus
Image photographing apparatus and method
X-ray unit having an automatically adjustable collimator
Method for aligning radiographic inspection system
System for dynamic low dose x-ray imaging and tomosynthesis
X-ray diagnosis apparatus
Preview function in a digital data preservation system
Asymmetric cone beam
Image evaluation method and microscope
X-ray computed tomography apparatus for fast image acquisition
Positive resist composition
Method of fabricating a phase shift mask
Radiological imaging apparatus and cooling method of same
Device and method for digitizing pet radiation events
System and method for providing home awareness
Motor vehicle roof with a control means for electrical motor vehicle components and process for oper...
System and method for control of paint thickness
System for logarithmically controlling multiple variable gain amplifiers
Inspecting apparatus and method for foreign matter
Handheld device having ultrasonic transducer for axial transmission of acoustic signals
Electrical appliance
Piezomotor with a guide
Timing synchronization using dirty templates in ultra wideband (UWB) communications
Method and apparatus for implementing a backpressure mechanism in an asynchronous data transfer and ...
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Display device
Scanning double-beam interferometer
Programmable spectral imaging system
Cross-differential amplifier
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Non-inverting cross-gain modulation-based wavelength converter
Device for controlling on die termination
Method, device and magnetic resonance tomography system for monitoring emitted RF energy
Magnetic resonance imaging method
Spectroscopic signal processing methodology
Method and apparatus for downhole spectroscopy processing
Apparatus and method for chemical imaging of a biological sample
Incremental redundancy support in a cellular wireless terminal having IR processing module
Network reconfiguration method, node and link change method, network reconfiguration program, link c...
Method and system for peer-to-peer wireless communication over unlicensed communication spectrum
Interference mitigation and adaptive routing in wireless ad-hoc packet-switched networks
Media access control method and system in wireless network
Distributed wireless network security system
Information sensing and sharing system for supporting rescue operations from burning buildings
Column antenna apparatus and a manufacturing method thereof
Maximum ratio combining of channel estimation for joint detection in TD-SCDMA systems
Antenna in a wireless system
Automatic detector selection by study type
Wideband loop antenna
Impedance measurement apparatus for assessment of biomedical electrode interface quality
Fuel cell block including a water separator
Cardiac lesions with continuity testing
Method for the production of polyetherols
Protective tape applying and separating method
TRP8, a transient receptor potential channel expressed in taste receptor cells
Differential OFDM using multiple receiver antennas
Fuel balancing system
Pneumatic transport tube system
Interface and process for enhanced transmission of non-circular ion beams between stages at unequal ...
Ventilated seat
Diene-modified propylene copolymers
Real-time trading system
Carrier-free composition for the treatment of onychomycosis
Aerosol spray resistant to discoloration
Neonatal valved manifold
Portable safety barrier system
Payment model for an enterprise resource planning system
Portable Storage Device With Updatable Access Permission
Device for prioritized erasure of flash memory
Method of Mask Making to Prevent Phase Edge and Overlay Shift For Chrome-Less Phase Shifting Mask
Method for prioritized erasure of flash memory
System For Synchronous Code Retrieval From An Asynchronous Source
Logical super block mapping for NAND flash memory
NAND flash memory controller exporting a logical sector-based interface
NAND flash memory controller exporting a logical sector-based interface
Method For Sharing Credentials
System For Sharing Credentials
Method of avoiding errors in flash memory
Inverted Pyramid Multi-Die Package Reducing Wire Sweep And Weakening Torques
USB flash disk device and method
Hybrid charge pump regulation
High-Performance Flash Memory Data Transfer
Lactobacillus Fermentum N-Desoxyribosyl Transferases and the Use Thereof for Enzymatic Synthesis of ...
Non-Natural Sphingolipid Analogs and Uses Thereof
Osteogenic Growth Peptide Fusion Proteins
Cassette for Nucleic Acid Expression in Plants
Method For Producing Recombinant Trypsin
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
C-terminal modification of polypeptides