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Method and control device for controlling the temperature of a detector system inside a computed tom...
Method of hydroaminating N-alkenoylcarbamates with primary aromatic amines
Method to recover the exposure sensitivity of chemically amplified resins from post coat delay effec...
Lithographic semiconductor manufacturing using a multi-layered process
Ceramic scintillator, and radiation detector and radiographic examination apparatus using same
Radiation image storage panel
Radiation image recording and read-out system and program for the same
Precise x-ray inspection system utilizing multiple linear sensors
Multiple mode flat panel X-ray imaging system
Lobster eye X-ray imaging system and method of fabrication thereof
Capping member, cleaning member, piping member, ink tank member, and UV curable ink jet recording ap...
Intraoral radiographic dental x-ray packets having non-lead radiation shielding
Method of determining crystallization
Method and apparatus for performing dithering
Method for measuring confusion rate of a common packet channel in a CDMA communication system
Apparatus for transmitting/receiving wireless data and method thereof
Method for performing contention-based access for real-time application and medium access control hi...
Method of determining a motion vector for deriving motion vectors of bi-predictive block
Toner cartridge and method of attached guide member therein
Method for managing extended neighbor cells of mobile terminal
Ground fault detection system and method for inverter
Computer system having interchangeable LCDs
Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording management information on write-once...
Method and system of sewer scanning for water conservation
Hand-held wireless control unit
Display controller, image display and method for transferring control data
Display device, drive circuit, testing device, and recording medium
Videophone housing assembly having a foldable display support
Communication apparatus and method
Differential imaging method and system
Display controller, three dimensional display, and method of reducing crosstalk
Test method
Video timing display indicator
Image sensor with interleaved image output
Method for high resolution incremental imaging
Method and apparatus for color non-uniformity correction in a digital camera
Image sensor having boosted reset
Digital camera that adjusts resolution for low light conditions
Imaging apparatus utilizing image pickup devices used for an interlaced scanning
Digital camera and image editing system
Waxy corn starch and whole grain cereals
Bottle beverage
Composition enriched in diglyceride with conjugated linoleic acid
Composition with health and nutrition promoting characteristics, containing interestified lipids and...
Method for Reducing Acrylamide Formation
Method for Reducing Acrylamide Formation in Thermally Processed Foods
Substantially sodium nitrate/nitrite free pork products and method for producing same
Homestyle salsa
Glassy film suitableto the method surface coatings and coated articles obtained thereby
Recipe generating methods and systems
Aggregate of eyeballs of crustaceans, method for using the same, food containing the same and proces...
Microbiological Control in Poultry Processing
Fish protein hydrolyzate
Food scented personal hygiene products
Food product slicer with automatic indication of when to sharpen knife
Method of preventing leakage of personal information of user using server registration information a...
Display device with dynamic color gamut
Computerized method for generating a schedule for implementing examination with an x-ray apparatus
Secure and efficacious therapy delivery for an extra-systolic stimulation pacing engine
Impedance measurement in implanted device
Cry1F and Cry1Ac transgenic cotton lines and event-specific identification thereof
Plant virus vector
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with the tocopherol pathway
Methods for Introducing Into a Plant a Polynucleotide of Interest
Methods and Compositions for Improving the Efficiency of Site-Specific Polynucleotide Exchange
Blueberry named 'Carteret'
Interspecific tree named: 'Bella Cerise'
Apricot tree named 'GA 10F'
Blueberry named 'Beaufort'
Blueberry named 'Robeson'
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named 'Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Purple'
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named 'Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Red'
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named 'Sweet Caroline Green Yellow'
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named 'Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Light Green'
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named 'Sweet Caroline Bewitched Purple'
Cortaderia plant named 'Evita'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Achilles'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Tatoi'
Chrysanthemum plant named Mylos
Chrysanthemum plant named Libra
Drywall taping tool
Cyanoacrylate composite forming system
Methods of cementing using cationic cellulose ethers as fluid loss control additives
Acoustical component for enhancing sound absorption properties while preserving barrier performance ...
Multi-composite acoustic panel
Method for selectively separating used fragmented organic materials by means of dense aqueous suspen...
Perforated board formed from cementitious material and process and system for producing same
Tri-extruded WUCS glass fiber reinforced plastic composite articles and methods for making such arti...
Carbon foam structural insulated panel
Cross-directional elastic films with machine direction stiffness
Triazole-containing fluorocarbon-grafted polysiloxanes
Curable polyester having an oxetanyl group at end and process for preparing the same, resist composi...
Faced board material having a smooth aesthetically pleasing outer surface and good adhesion of facer...
Cement admixture
Dry-Erase Surface Composition and Method of Applying
Cosmetic compositions having in-situ hydrosilylation cross-linking
Crosslinkable composition based on organosilicon compounds
Cosmetic compositions having in-situ silicone condensation cross-linking
Model based optimization of a single or multiple power generating units
Spin cleaning apparatus and wafer cleaning method
Method for the removal of airborne molecular contaminants using extra clean dry air
Method and apparatus for simultaneous heat and mass transfer utilizing a carrier-gas
Spacer For Filled Cell Electrodialysis
Portable Water Purification and Decontamination System
Filtration assembly and methods for making and using same
Composite membranes for liquid filtration having improved uniformity and adhesion of substrate to me...
Treating acidic water
Device for cleaning and drying of wafers
Diuretic Aerosols and Methods of Making and Using Them
Method for Reducing Acrylamide Formation in Thermally Processed Foods
Recovery of peptones
Method of Making a Newly Installed Plumbling System Renewable
Silver halide emulsion and silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Methods and systems for molecular fingerprinting
Alleles of the mqo gene from coryneform bacteria
Isoquinoline compounds
Succulent plant water
Use of anabolic agents, anti-catabolic agents, antioxidant agents, and analgesics for protection, tr...
Combination of multiple nonteroidal antiinflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants for local treatment ...
Curcuminoid compositions exhibiting synergistic inhibition of the expression and/or activity of cycl...
Composition for oral administration containing capsaicinoids
Oral microemulsion composition comprising biphenydimethyldicarboxylate and silybin
Nopal extract
Compositions for protection against superficial vasodilator flush syndrome, and methods of use
Modulators of tissue regeneration
Protease inhibitor conjugates and antibodies useful in immunoassay
D-amino acid peptides
Modulation of cell fates and activities by phthalazinediones
Antigen delivery system
Immunostimulatory oligoribonucleotides
Treatment of a condition in a mammal with administration of aminosugar and uses thereof
Naphthyridine integrase inhibitors
Azabicyclooctan-3-one derivatives and use thereof
Fungicidal composition comprising a pyridylethylbenzamide derivative and a compound capable of inhib...
Laser cut intraluminal medical devices
Method for processing data using external and internal identifiers to provide reliable access to the...
Rating billing events in real time according to account usage information
Gas discharge lamp
Gallium nitride material devices and methods of forming the same
SRAM device having high aspect ratio cell boundary
Pressure venting circuit for respiratory humidification apparatus
Integrated circuit designing support apparatus and method for the same
Method and apparatus for selecting references for prefetching in an optimizing compiler
Intelligent docking station for a handheld personal computer
Bioassay and biomolecular identification, sorting, and collection methods using magnetic microsphere...
Preamble design for multiple input--multiple output (MIMO), orthogonal frequency division multiplexi...
Foldable booster car seat
Method of manufacturing an anisotropic conductive film
Pyridine derivatives
Method and apparatus for performing power routing on a voltage island within an integrated circuit c...
Fixing apparatus with a temperature levelling member for an image forming apparatus
System and method for detecting liquid flow from a nozzle in a semiconductor processing device
Computer with an embedded antenna
Multiple-beam antenna with photonic bandgap material
Switched channel-band network
Method for searching pilot signals to synchronize a CDMA receiver with an associated transmitter
Temperature-controlled flexible optical circuit for use in an erbium-doped fiber amplifier and metho...
Biometric multi-purpose terminal, payroll and work management system and related methods
Acoustic encoding of dynamic identification codes
Portable device, IC module, IC card, and method for using services
Data protection for applications on a mobile electronic device
Coordination architecture for wireless communication devices using multiple protocols
Stabilization structure for CPP GMR/TV
Method for emptying recording buffer can be made empty by at most one access operation and at most t...
Method of verifying preamplifier circuit functions, and magnetic record regeneration apparatus using...
Servo track writing device and method thereof
Floppy disk control circuit and floppy disk apparatus
Method for eliminating the need for a dedicated landing zone at the outer diameter of a storage syst...
High magnetic moment Co-Fe-O-N films with soft magnetic properties
Integral wear-pad for slider-disk interference detection
Ultra-low flying height slider design
Enclosure with cam action snap release
Multicolored thermally recording medium
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1525 Daltons
Human GABA transporter protein and polynucleotides encoding the same
Systems and methods for preparing and analyzing low volume analyte array elements
Heteroaryl substituted 2-pyridinyl and 2-pyrimidinyl-6,7,8,9-tetrahydropyrimido[1,2-a]pyrimidin-4-on...
Filling small dimension vias using supercritical carbon dioxide
Multifunctional metallic bonding
Frequency-stabilized laser source adapted for use as a frequency standard, in particular in the fiel...
Wafer dividing method
Method and related apparatus for feedback control of laser power of optical disk drive
Nitride based semiconductor laser diode device with a bar mask
Diode-pumped solid-state laser device and manufacturing method of the same
Crystallization apparatus, crystallization method, method of manufacturing thin film transistor, thi...
Steering assembly with electromagnetic actuators
Laser-scanning microscope
Method for adjusting optical axis of optical disc drive
Optical disk apparatus
Transfer case with dual chain transfer mechanism
Fluid filled vibration damping device
Side opening cargo rack
Step tailgate and mounting hardware
Head restraint guide system
Wear plate locking system for casting and molding processes
Brake force sensor
Collapsible luggage system
Golf club head
Method of producing a golf ball
Rubber composition for tire treads and a pneumatic tire having a tread made of such composition
Conductive elastomer composition, conductive member using conductive elastomer composition, image-fo...
Side-reinforcing rubber composition and run flat tire using the same
Golf ball manufacturing apparatus
Method of designing golf club head and golf club head
Floatable golf ball for driving range
Golf ball
Method of producing a golf ball
Tire air-pressure alarming device, tire monitored thereby and control method for properties of tire
Tire for automobile
Head for golf club
Shaping nozzle and method for attaching an annular transponder unit to a tire
Tire with a tread comprising a rubbery polymer of a functionalized monomer
Tire sidewall
Tire sidewall
Tire sidewall
Tire sidewall
Tire sidewall
Tire tread
Tire sidewall
Tire tread
Method of making curved hose
Tire with chafer
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Providing SIP signaling data for third party surveillance
Microprocessor with repeat prefetch instruction
Instructions for test & set with selectively enabled cache invalidate
Method for managing memory space during system initialization
Table-based scheduler for FIFOs and the like
Data synchronization of multiple remote storage facilities
Self-clocking memory device
Method and apparatus for resolving physical blocks associated with a common logical block
Page mapping cookies
Adaptive Method and Apparatus for Forecasting and Controlling Neurological Disturbances under a mult...
Multiple-symptom medical treatment with roving-based neurostimulation.
Stimulation of the sphenopalatine ganglion for treating depression
Light delivery apparatus
Method and Apparatus for Micro-Needle Array Electrode Treatment of Tissue
Therapeutic device that provides stimulation to an immobilized extremity
Embolic coils
Medical devices to treat or inhibit restenosis
Laser-produced porous surface
Systems and methods for posterior dynamic stabilization of the spine
Bone graft composition, method and implant
Sigmoid notch implant
Metatarsal implant
Acetabular cup with rigid fasteners
Modular hip cup assembly, fastener assembly & fastener
Methods of screening agents for activity using teleosts
Endotoxin-nonresponsive model animal
SPC7 Serine Protease Gene Disruptions, Compositions and Methods Related Thereto
Non-human transgenic animal models for hepatocellular carcinoma
Method and system for handover in cellular wireless using route programming and training processes
Method, mobile device and computer program product for automatically fetching local area radio chann...
Method and apparatus for determining the location of a node in a wireless network
Communication system
Two way radio
Method for controlling transmission power on a radio channel
Techniques to generate context information
Electronic device with a retractable antenna assembly
Electronic game tracking system
Noninvasive measurement of chemical substances
Methods and apparatuses for treating an esophageal disorder such as gastroesophageal reflux disease
Interactive Sound Reproducing
Method for controlling a vehicle's lighting functionality
Navigation device
Transaction verification system
Electronic clipboard module with remote unit
Mobile terminal and method for connecting to a web site and managing connection information
Displaying dynamic graphical content in graphical user interface (GUI) controls
Method and apparatus for identificaton of broadcast source
Vertical liquid level measuring device
Device transfer method and panel
Computer architecture and software cells for broadband networks
Integrated circuit and associated packaged integrated circuit having an integrated marking apparatus
Method of forming inside rough and outside smooth HSG electrodes and capacitor structure
Particle dispersion device for nasal delivery
Aerosol system having lockable cap
Substituted azetidine compounds, their preparation and use as medicaments
Generalized addressing scheme for remote direct memory access enabled devices
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Maximum likelihood decoding
Echogenic coatings with overcoat
Base material for pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet, pressure-sensitive tape or sheet using ...
Process for the preparation of 2-aminomethylpyridine derivative
Alkaline dry battery
Optical pickup device
System and method for utility metering and leak detection
Wireless sensor system
Hybrid impact sensor
Chemical sensor for wellbore applications
Instrument and method to measure available light energy for photosynthesis
System and method for receiving a signal to trigger a pyroelectric activation system
Wide dynamic range sensor signal processing method & circuitry for analog and digital information si...
Apparatus for driving lamp of liquid crystal display device
Methods for synthesis of acyloxyalkyl derivatives of GABA analogs
Receiver capable of correcting mismatch of time-interleaved parallel ADC and method thereof
Optical disk control device for time-division-multiplexing and A/D conversion
Spectral imaging device with tunable light source
Method and apparatus for digital control of a switching regulator
High efficiency flyback converter with primary, secondary, and tertiary windings
Method of fabricating an integrated circuit to improve soft error performance
Wireless communication method
Method and apparatus for controlling transmission power in a CDMA communication system
Field device configured for wireless data communication
Transfer and positioning apparatus for automated conveyor system
Plasma display device and production method therefor
Knee protection airbag apparatus
All digital implementation of clock spectrum spreading (dither) for low power/die area
System for custom fitting a golf club to a player
Golf putter
Three-piece solid golf ball
Super resolution optical disc
Method and device for detecting and isolating pharmacological compounds being contained in substance...
Locomotive remote control system with diagnostic display
Apparatus and method to compensate for unsynchronized transmission of synchrous data using a sorted ...
Method and system for compositing three-dimensional graphics images using associative decision mecha...
Method and apparatus to facilitate direct transfer of data between a data device and a network conne...
Method, system, and apparatus for determining the physical memory address of an allocated and locked...
Program-directed cache prefetching for media processors
Generating XML pages from project data from an automation component and storing them in a run-time s...
Content-based authorization method and apparatus
General-purpose language-learning system
Progressions in HiFi assessments
Assessment in cognitive training exercises
Assessment in cognitive training exercises
Medical simulation device with motion detector
Simulation process with user-defined factors for interactive user training
Interactive language learning advertisement
Personalized content delivery
Answer totalizer/anayzer
3D learning environment
Variable specification functional blocks integrated circuit system suitable for detecting resistor i...
Method for assessing models of vehicle driving style or vehicle usage model detector
System for entertaining children while in a healthcare environment
Lay out line
Organic compounds
Agent for Preventing Metabolic Syndrome
Use of cyclic bioisosters of purine system derivatives for treating diseases produced by disorders o...
Methods for synthesis of 3-amino-1-arylpropyl indoles
Compression sleeve having air conduit
Compression apparatus
Methods and devices for anchoring to tissue
Intra-gastric balloon coated in parylene, a method of fabricating such a balloon and of using paryle...
Pyloric valve corking device
Vagal obesity treatment
Bulimia treatment
GI inflammatory disease treatment
Pancreatitis treatment
Novel Compounds and Compositions as Cathepsin Inhibitors
Use of stellate ganglion block for the treatment of psychiatric and behavioral disorders
2-Phenyl-1-[4-(2-Aminoethoxy)-Benzyl]-Indole and estrogen formulations
Acne and skin defect treatment via non-radiofrequency electrical current controlled power delivery d...
2-Phenyl-1-[4-(2-Aminoethoxy)-Benzyl]-Indole and estrogen formulations
Database for Use with a Wireless Information Device
Tachykinin Antagonists
1H-indazoles, benzothiazoles, 1,2-benzoisoxazoles, 1,2-benzoisothiazoles,and chromones and preparati...
Modulation of neurodegenerative diseases
Nitrogen-containing fused heterocyclic compounds
Heteroaryl substituted pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridines and pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyrimidines as janus kinase inhibit...
Benzimidazole derivatives and their use as protein kinases inhibitors
Compositions and methods of treating retinal disease
Use of low-dose ladostigil for neuroprotection
Modulation of synaptic maintenance
Method for treating hearing loss
Wall plate assembly
Battery pack having an electronic storage device
Battery management system and method
Calculation of state of charge offset using a closed integral method
Generator with utility fault ride-through capability
Active ripple reduction switched mode power supplies
Circuit and method for implementing a multi-function pin on a PWM controller chip in a voltage conve...
High-efficiency two-step DC-to-DC converter
DC-to-DC converter with fast load transient response and method thereof
Ripple converter
Power supply system
Voltage regulator having overcurrent protection circuit
Components having actively controlled circuit elements
Non dissipative snubber circuit with saturable reactor
Adaptive radio transceiver with filtering
Surface treating method for golf club head
Speaker device
Method and system for guiding a vehicle with vision-based adjustment
Lane-change assistant for motor vehicles
Automobile communication courtesy display
Driving assist apparatus and method for vehicle
Multiple mode operational system for work vehicle braking
Apparatus and method for comparing the fuel consumption of an alternative fuel vehicle with that of ...
System and method of agent self-repair within an intelligent agent system
Invention of folding chair with portable stereo system
Music information system for obtaining information on a second music program while a first music pro...
Music search device
AGC circuit, AGC circuit gain control method, and program for the AGC circuit gain control method
Data providing service system
Control method for vehicle having an engine
Control system and method for a valve actuator
Continuously variable valve timing device
Valve timing control device for internal combustion engine
Camshaft and oil-controlled camshaft phaser for automotive engine
Internal combustion engine with translatable camshaft
Rocker system for an internal combustion engine
NOx emission control for a controlled auto-ignition four-stroke internal combustion engine
Method for operating a camshaft adjusting device
Search engine for large-width data
Navigation tool for exploring a knowledge base
Method, system, and program for positioning a cursor on rows of a result table
Apparatus, method, and program for retrieving structured documents
Process for performing logical combinations
Similar document retrieving method and system
Information retrieval server and system including the server
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, electronic information apparatus, image process...
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Computer system interface surface with reference points
Semiconductor integrated circuit with voltage generation circuit, liquid crystal display controller ...
Mutations affecting carotenoid production
Streptogramin derivatives and compositions thereof
Modulation of secondary metabolite production by zinc binuclear cluster proteins
Methods for the synthesis of lactic acid using crabtree-negative yeast transformed with the lactate ...
2,5-diketo-D-gluconic acid (2,5-DKG) permeases
Method and apparatus for vending a combination of products
Metal halide lamp and lighting device
Labeling apparatus and method employing radiation curable adhesive
Light recovery for projection displays
Method and device for producing products in web form
Method and compositions for providing natural appearing hair color
Water-based polymers for use as friction reducers in aqueous treatment fluids
Microelectronic devices and methods for forming interconnects in microelectronic devices
Method of forming amorphous silica-based coating film with low dielectric constant and thus obtained...
Method and apparatus for spectral-beam combining of high-power fiber lasers
Electrostatic valves for microfluidic devices
Laser-based display with position sensitive detector
E38N interferon gamma polypeptide variants
Modified carbon black carbon black dispersion liquid and water base ink
Color toners and image forming method using the color toners
Radiation hardenable adhesive composition containing dispersed natural rubber fine particles
Hockey stick
Apparatus and method for storing analog information in EEPROM memory
Computer program product and computer system
Collapsible pallet system and methods
Flexible radiation source and compact storage and shielding container
Front hood assembly
Diverter and chopper valve for an air conveyed continuous strip of material
Liquid-filled golf ball with preferential internal structures
Method for inerting mineral residues
Method for making a road base material using treated oil and gas waste material
Medicament dispenser
Storage systems and methods for aerosol accessories
Lightpath segmentation system and method in a generalized multi-protocol label switching network
Method in internal sizing of liquid packaging board and internal size
Utilization absorber, cosmetic and method for enhancing stability of ultraviolet-absorbing substance...
Corrugated polyamide tube
Derivatives of decahydro-cycloprop[e]indene compounds and their use in perfume compositions
Method and system for tracking time and attendance
Bichromal element spinner
Image forming apparatus mounted with replaceable unit, image forming system, and method of controlli...
Imaging member
Analog actuation allocation structure with many actuators
Document production system for capturing web page content
Communication terminal device
Enhanced planarization technique for an integrated circuit
Oxygen monitoring device
Ink jet head
Electrolytic electrode and process of producing the same
Planar electrochemical device assembly
Semiconductor device fabrication method
Semiconductor device contains a Pb.sub.xSr.sub.(1-x)[Zr, Ti].sub.xRu.sub.(1-x)O.sub.3 film in a capa...
Method of and apparatus for forecasting item availability
Photosensitive resin composition and coating film cured product thereof
System and method for controlling user authorities to access one or more databases
Method for improving functionality of the binary representation of MPEG-7 and of other XML-based con...
Preparation and use of diols
Mutant IGFBP-3 molecules that do not bind to IGFS, but retain their ability to functionally bind IGF...
Anti-human luteinizing hormone-related antibodies and uses thereof
Process for the preparation of a taxane derivative
Steerable radial line slot antenna
Tamper resistant end cap for a bat
Machine for the preparation of beverages
Information record medium having two phase pit areas of mutually different depths and groove track a...
Sphingomyelin analogues and a process for preparation thereof
Process for producing (4E)-5-chloro-2-isopropyl-4-pentenoate and optically active form thereof
Radiation system and lithographic apparatus
Optically self-compensated birefringence liquid crystal display comprising slits formed in the pixel...
Measurement device for optical measurement of a property of a measurement object
Self-reference locking of optical coherence by single-detector electronic-frequency tagging
Method and apparatus for transferring multiple toner images and image forming apparatus
System and method for the measurement of the velocity and acceleration of objects
Orientation independent differential interference contrast microscopy technique and device
Microphone system for a communication device
Firearm modification assembly
Valve for air tank
Arrangement for transferring large-calibre ammunition from an ammunition magazine to loading positio...
AIN call queuing
Hydrostatic bearing and stage apparatus using same
Passive bearing clearance control using a pre-swirler
Seal device and method for operating the same and substrate processing apparatus comprising a vacuum...
Wheel bearing device
Press-in exciter ring assembly
Swivel joint with stepped bearing races
Diffusion bonded metallic catalyst carrier and production thereof
Power/performance optimized cache using memory write prevention through write snarfing
Method and apparatus for booting from a selection of multiple boot images
Method and system for making an application highly available
Vector control agent applicator frame assembly
Preheating cold blast air of a blast furnace for tempering the hot blast temperature
Nozzle for a spray device
Brewing device
Beverage container
Methods and compositions employing a novel stearoyl-CoA desaturase-hSCD5
Column system and process for producing same
Insertion Control
Method of forming an electret condenser microphone
Feedback control of an interferometer
Planning and scheduling reconfigurable systems with regular and diagnostic jobs
Semiconductor optical amplifier based Raman pump
Input protection circuit
Data erasing device using permanent magnet
Sense amplifier circuit
System and method for over erase reduction of nitride read only memory
Semiconductor memory device having memory cells to store cell data and reference data
Thin film magnetic memory device provided with a dummy cell for data read reference
Pulsed light sources
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for performing DC offset cancellation in a receiver
Disk player
Disk player
Apparatus, system and method for treating dry eye conditions and promoting healthy eyes
Dispenser bottle for at least two active fluids
Multilayer card
Reciprocating barrel firearm apparatus
Deployable bullets having a tranquilizer
Projectiles possessing high penetration and lateral effect with integrated disintegration arrangemen...
Assisted trigger mechanism
System and method for determining the location of an acoustic event
Illuminated container holder
Renewable energy flashlight
Ergonomic ceiling mounted lamp
Extended source laser illuminator
Illumination system, projector, and method for manufacturing illumination system
Lamp holder for lamp with a single base and lighting apparatus using the same
Sporting apparatus
Vehicle safety warning signal devices and system for use on a bicycle, motorcycle or like vehicle
Interior illumination lamp
Illuminated panel portion for vehicles and vehicular accessories
Vehicle lamp
Backlight unit and display device
Back light module
Prism sheet
Light holder for motor vehicles
Lighting apparatus using microwave
Illumination device
Systems and methods for controlling programmable lighting systems
Low loss spectrally periodic all-fiber filters
Optoelectronic assembly with coupling features for alignment
Long period bragg grating optical signal attenuation
1.times.N fanout waveguide photodetector
Compact phase-conjugate mirror and other optic devices
Optical fiber and optical device using the same
Dispersion compensating optical fiber
Method for guiding an electromagnetic radiation, in particular in an integrated optical device
Telecommunications connection cabinet
Wall mount chassis
Method and system for finding evolving regions in graphs without persistent node identity
Optical bit stream reader system
Optical switch and optical switch system
Optical switch
Reflective optical switch
Optical device and method of manufacturing the same
Dispersion slope compensator
Devices based on optical waveguides with adjustable Bragg gratings
Methods and systems for computer analysis of skin image
Scan color conversion method
Apparatus and method for characterizing digital images using a two axis image sorting technique
Character recognition device and a method therefor
Apparatus and methods for converting raster illustrated parts images into intelligent vector-layered...
Pattern matching using multiple techniques
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processi...
Image data compression apparatus for compressing both binary image data and multiple value image dat...
Computation-reduced IDCT method for video coding
Encoding and decoding method and apparatus using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Method and apparatus for reducing inaccuracies when processing color data with a tone map
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Systems and methods for indexing and retrieving images
Inspection window guard banding
Method for improving the critical dimension uniformity of patterned features on wafers
Radiolucent retractor and related components
Blood pressure measuring apparatus
Pulse wave measuring apparatus
System and method for capturing body tissue samples
System and method for noninvasively evaluating a limb suspected of compartment syndrome
Method and device for determining the anatomical condition of a human being or an animal and a stren...
Medical diagnostic ultrasound catheter with dielectric isolation
Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue
Combination of electrogram and intra-cardiac pressure to discriminate between fibrillation and tachy...
Apparatus for measuring body composition
Base for food containers
Food seasoning quantitative dispenser
Rubber composition, vulcanizate, and air intake hose
Heart rate monitor
Tire with raised indicia
Cloning ungulates from a quiescent donor cell
Disposable absorbent pet transport cushion
Method of filling a bird feeder
Spinning-reel oscillating device
Spinning reel drag mechanism
Pet waste collection and disposal device
Resist composition and patterning process
Polymerizable compound, polymer, positive-resist composition, and patterning process using the same
Chemically amplified positive resist composition, a haloester derivative and a process for producing...
Synthetic quartz glass ingot, synthetic quartz glass, and methods of manufacture thereof
Propylene oxide catalyst and use
Catalyst for preparation of pentafluoroethane and preparation method thereof
Lithographic energy curable inks
Process for producing vinyl chloride polymer
Methods of delivering catalyst systems for propylene polymerization
Polymerization processes
Preparation of comb-branched polymers
Stabilization method of cycloalkanone oxime
Hydrogenation of oxo aldehydes to oxo alcohols in the presence of a nickel-molybdenum catalyst
Registering multiple similar items with flickers
Methods and apparatus for disabling, enabling or setting the range of radio frequency identification...
Sensor with improved gain-setting capability
Alerting system
Low stock alert system
Hard cover product with spine-disposed concealed security device
Multi-bit encoded glass-coated microwire and articles composed thereof
Radio frequency identification device with visual indicator
Electronic toll collection system
Peripheral devices for portable computer
Medium having data storage and communication capabilities and method for forming same
Application and service management for industrial control devices
Apparatus and methods for performing operations on an object
Parcel or service delivery with partially scheduled time windows
File processing using mapping between web presences
Method and system for enabling recovery of data stored in a computer network; a method and a system ...
Machine for the manufacture of flexible moulds, in particular for the obtainment of lipsticks or the...
Thermoplastic hydrophilic adhesive compositions for attachment on dry and wet surfaces and with incr...
Electric double layer capacitor and electrolyte solution therefor
Polymerizable composition and negative-working planographic printing plate precursor using the same
Endovascular device for entrapment of particulate matter and method for use
Apparatus and methods for cooling a region within the body
Thoracic aortic aneurysm stent graft
Neck covering device for an aneurysm
Self centering delivery catheter
Bi-ventricular and single-ventricle pacing
Delivery of a sympatholytic cardiovascular agent to the central nervous system to counter heart fail...
Horticulture light reflector
Combined code reader and digital camera
Control mechanism for cam phaser
Accelerometer based tilt sensor and method for using same
Methods for reducing cholesterol using Bacillus coagulans spores, systems and compositions
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging incorporating a spiral coil
Sheath wave barrier unit
Transformer winding
Shaft for roller wheel
Apparatus for conveying sheets through a printing machine
Device for collating laminar workpieces
Method of determining a color profile for printing with N printing inks
Washing compositions comprising at least one amphiphilic block copolymer and at least one cationic o...
Functional addition polymers and a method for their preparation
Bifocal multiorder diffractive lenses for vision correction
System for vision examination utilizing telemedicine
Method for the passivation of an intraocular lens
Quinazoline derivatives as medicaments
Colorant for ocular lenses and material for colored ocular lenses using the colorant
Hydrogen permeable protective coating for a catalytic surface
Fuel cell, power supply method using fuel cell, function card, fuel supply mechanism for fuel cell, ...
Semiconductor device having enhanced photo sensitivity and method for manufacture thereof
Process for producing a semiconductor device
Method for the production of sulphamic acid halogenides
Monitoring system for fuel cell stack
Droplet ejection apparatus and method of detecting and judging ejection failure in droplet ejection ...
Grout guide attachment
Infusion pump system, an infusion pump unit and an infusion pump
System and method for feedforward control in thin film coating processes
Charged droplet sprayers
Renewable energy electric power generating system
Flat panel display and method of manufacturing the same
Time and voltage gradation driven display device
Information device and display control method
Process for dispersing a reinforcing layer in a layered article
Polarizer and liquid crystal display element
(2-((2-alkoxy)-phenyl) -cyclopent-1enyl) aromatic carbo and heterocyclic acid and derivatives
Apparatus for automatically locking the ship container
Method for forming a resist pattern of magnetic device
System for pneumatically conveying bulk materials with improved discharge arrangement
Pneumatic radial tire
Folding bicycle assembly
Image forming method, image forming apparatus, and processing cartridge
Method for forming dual damascene interconnection in semiconductor device
Peptide containing Ser-Ser-Ser-Arg
Illuminated in-line controller
Medium detection apparatus and medium detection method
Electronic part and surface treatment method of the same
Semiconductor device
Circuit for outputting stable reference voltage against variation of background temperature or varia...
Method and system for encapsulating time division multiplex data into individual packets of a packet...
Sensor system
Method and apparatus for transmitting wideband speech signals
Assessment of lesion transmurality
Device to create proximal stasis
Platinum compounds
Electrode for solid polymer fuel cell
Stereoscopic display
Catalyst composition for olefin polymerization
Method and apparatus for providing reduced memory low density parity check (LDPC) codes
Binocular housing and user interface
Systems and methods of optimizing database queries for efficient delivery of query data subsets
Determining query cost based on subquery filtering factor
Optical error simulation system
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element using the same, method for producing resist...
Electromagnetic transducer with eccentrically mounted voice coil former
Method for actively controlling electric potential at the head/disk interface of a magnetic recordin...
Parallel operating system of DC-AC converters and controller IC therefor
Storage apparatus and its focus control method
Monomer having fluorine-containing acetal or ketal structure, polymer thereof, and chemical-amplific...
Indazole compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods for mediating or inhibiting cell prolif...
Thiadiazole-amine compounds for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Cutlery set
Method for stabilizing brightness of a cold cathode fluorescent lamp and related apparatus
Apparatus for continuous slag treatment of silicon
Yttria containing high-density chrome based refractory composites
Process for stereoselective reduction of .beta.-ketoesters
Amide derivatives of 2,2,3,3-tetramethylcyclopropane carboxylic acid
Optical recording medium
Radiation window and method of manufacture
Integrated base and electret condenser microphone using the same
Electro-absorption modulator
Polymer based electro-optic scanner for image acquisition and display
Adaptive cache algorithm for temperature sensitive memory
Planar optical waveguide circuit type variable attenuator
Fixing device in image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus with fixing device
End stop for slide fastener and slide fastener having the same
Recording apparatus
Recording medium, image-forming method employing the same, process for producing the same
Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, pattern generator and maintenance method to check f...
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Print control method and apparatus
Printer control apparatus and method of controlling the same, printer and method of controlling the ...
Information processing apparatus, print data generating method, print control program, and computer-...
Image capturing apparatus and method, computer program, and computer-readable recording medium there...
Image forming apparatus with control of transfer charge
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including gravity-operated opening and closing member for discharging excess...
Heating apparatus, sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Document processing apparatus
Information processing apparatus, distributed printing controlling method, program for causing infor...
Multilayer piezoelectric element and vibration-wave drive device
Fluid cooler with evaporative heat exchanger and intermediate distribution
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and fabrication method for semiconductor integrated circuit ...
Interferometer for measuring virtual contact surfaces
Method for producing semiconductor device, polishing apparatus, and polishing method
Method and system for estimating a state of an uninitialized advanced process controller by using se...
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Utilization of a Ta-containing cap over copper to facilitate concurrent formation of copper vias and...
High temperature and chemical resistant process for wafer thinning and backside processing
Memory card with an adaptor
Semiconductor BGA package having a segmented voltage plane and method of making
Manufacturing a bump electrode with roughened face
Semiconductor device with read out prevention and method of producing same
Piezoelectric device comprising ultrahighly-oriented aluminum nitride thin film and its manufacturin...
Capacity load type probe, and test jig using the same
Miniature pulsed fiber laser source
Technique for oversampling to reduce jitter
Systems and methods for controlling an X-ray source
File interval lock generation interface system and method
Method for automatic monitoring of managed server health
Method, apparatus and program product for low latency I/O adapter queuing in a computer system
Computer system architecture for a processor connected to a high speed bus transceiver
Method and apparatus for reducing memory latency in a cache coherent multi-node architecture
Memory mapped Input/Output operations
System and method for using a learning sequence to establish communications on a high-speed nonsynch...
High reliability memory module with a fault tolerant address and command bus
Lentil plants having increased resistance to imidazolinone herbicides
Haptic feedback devices and methods for simulating an orifice
Disk apparatus having a support member
Method and apparatus for controlling a disk drive
Information carrier, apparatus, substrate, and system
Remote authentication caching on a trusted client or gateway system
Method and apparatus for controlling evaluation of protected intellectual property in hardware
Method and apparatus for deflecting flooding attacks
Communication apparatus and communication method
Method and system for blocking execution of malicious code
Event sequence detection
Media storage case
Audio cable connector with plated tip
Apparatus for a video game system
Video game controller
Continuously variable transmission
Method and apparatus for setting parameters in a system
Multimode hybrid energy railway vehicle system and method
Collision air bag and flotation system
Airbag electrical control unit
System and method for monitoring children using school and daycare transportation
Digital display apparatus for vehicle and method of displaying information
System and method for emergency notification content delivery
Communication system for vehicle management
Portable memory automobile ignition system
Prediction of vehicle operator destinations
Information center for communications-type navigation device
Hydrofining process using bulk group VIII/Group VIB catalysts
Identification bit at a predetermined instruction location that indicates whether the instruction is...
Combined guitar-shaped bottle opener and pick holder
Method for setting the feed rate of a fuel pump unit, which sucks up fuel from a fuel tank, and fuel...
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Integrated motorized pump
Manual hydraulic pump
Compressor having a discharge valve mechanism including a valve retainer having a specially-designed...
Tempering method for a screw-type vacuum pump
Optimum non-uniformity correction for imaging sensors
Liquid drop jetting apparatus using charged beam and method for manufacturing a pattern using the ap...
Low power silicon thermal sensors and microfluidic devices based on the use of porous sealed air cav...
Multibit phase change memory device and method of driving the same
Thin film transistor including a polysilicon film
Dual work function gate electrodes using doped polysilicon and a metal silicon germanium compound
Double-junction filterless CMOS color imager cell
Triple-diffused trench MOSFET
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
MEMS device trench plating process and apparatus for through hole vias
Integrated semiconductor product with metal-insulator-metal capacitor
Phase change material and non-volatile memory device using the same
Interposer for impedance matching
Interconnection substrate and fabrication method thereof
Short detection circuit and short detection method
Etched-facet semiconductor optical component with integrated end-coupled waveguide and methods of fa...
3D photonic bandgap device in SOI method
Seam-welded air hardenable steel constructions
Plate type steam reformer
Current sensing in multiple coupled inductors by time constant matching to leakage inductance
Group TDMA frame allocation method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for downloading executable code in a non-disruptive manner
Method and system for providing data integrity in storage systems
Fault notification based on volume access control information
Nonwoven fibrous media especially useful for the separation of blood constituents
Self-leaving in-situ device and method for passively removing oil from water wells
Oil filter
Liquid filter with directional fluid insert
Waste collection system for separating liquid waste from solid waste
Tilted and stepped diaphragm for control valves
Control valve having a filter screen mounted flush with a valve closure member surface
Support element, an integrated module for extracorporeal blood treatment comprising the support elem...
Apparatus for scum removal
Method of regenerating an aqueous glycol solution containing salts
Passive freestanding portable liquid filtration device
Filter device
Fish tank powerhead magnetic holder
Ion exchange porous resins for solid phase extraction and chromatography
Environmentally friendly acid neutralizing cartridge
Self locking bowl retainer for a filter can
Pool leaf removal net
Automatic tank cleaning system
Tetrahydro-.beta.-carboline compounds and use thereof
Antibacterial agents
4-substituted quinoline derivatives, method and intermediates for their preparation and pharmaceutic...
Quinolylpropylpiperidine derivatives, intermediates and compositions containing them, and preparatio...
3,6-Disubstituted azabicyclo derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Stereoisomers with high affinity for adrenergic receptors
Benzoisothiazolone compositions
M.sub.3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antagonists
Kinase inhibitors and associated pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use
Compositions containing C-substituted diindolylmethane compounds
Insect repellent compounds
Amines as anti-alcoholism agents
4-hydroxymethyl-1-aryl-cyclohexylamine compounds
Method for recycling used-up plastic products and washing process of crushed plastic and apparatus t...
Time indicator and method of manufacturing same
Method and apparatus for forming tow-based absorbent structures with a single casing sheet
Method of coloring porous material
Support for lithographic printing plate and presensitized plate
Multiplex analysis for high throughput discrimination of GPCR agonists and antagonists
Method and composition for polishing a substrate
Method of synthesizing molecular sieves
Dishwashing wipe
Propylene ethylene polymers and production process
AIB1, a novel steroid receptor co-activator
Optical device integrated with well
Radiation-curable coatings for plastic substrates from multifunctional acrylate oligomers
Combination room freshener and oil candle and method for making the same
Hybrid natural-fiber composites with cellular skeletal structures
Sealant for high strength carbon foam
Methods and apparatus for persistent control and protection of content
Hypoestoxides, derivatives and agonists thereof for use as stent-coating agents
Pyridoxal analogues and methods of treatment
Particle-removing medical device and method
Components, systems and methods for forming anastomoses using magnetism or other coupling means
Tissue treatment method
Cannabinoid receptor ligands and uses thereof
Phenylaminopyrimidine derivatives and methods of use
Night light with fiber optics
Condiment dispenser
Pharmaceutical formulation
Teat cup carrier
Milking installation
Method for forming end surface of heat pipe and structure thereof
Air-conditioning system for a motor vehicle
Reinforced sealing element
Vehicle energy management system
Cooler for cooling both sides of semiconductor device
Low-profile thermosyphon-based cooling system for computers and other electronic devices
Heat exchanger
Heat dissipation device with interlocking fin plates
Cooling appliance for hot beverages
Heat exchanger and heat transferring member with symmetrical angle portions
Evaporator for refrigerating cycle
Air-distribution system for the dashboard of a motor vehicle and the dashboard of a motor vehicle co...
Fluid warming cassette with a tensioning rod
Hydrogen generator and fuel cell system comprising the same
Frame-level thermal interface component for transfer of heat from an electronic component of a compu...
Cooling systems and methods for same
Cooling apparatus, cooled electronic module and methods of fabrication thereof employing an integrat...
Circuit configuration member and method of fabricating the same
Surface mount heat sink
Methods for marking a biopsy site
Surgical instrument with adjustable rotary cutting tool and method of cutting
Interproximal squirt brush
System and method for nucleic acid sequencing by polymerase synthesis
Apparatus and method for testing and continuously reading low-volume samples
Memory array buried digit line
Curved spring structure with elongated section located under cantilevered section
Image compression and decompression
High sensitivity scanning probe system
Programmable dual drive strength output buffer with a shared boot circuit
Image and audio reproducing apparatus and method
Low voltage CMOS differential amplifier
Routing scheme based on virtual space representation
Round robin selection logic improves area efficiency and circuit speed