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Fishing reel
Automated carrier-based pest control system
Method and device for scrubbing ammonia from air exhausted from animal rearing facilities
Inducing sterility in fish by disrupting the development of the GnRH system
Decomposition of multi-energy scan projections using multi-step fitting
Apparatus and method using it for detecting and displaying form of insertion part of endoscope inser...
Metallized conducting polymer-grafted carbon material and method for making
Filter cake degradation compositions and methods of use in subterranean operations
Method for radical polymerisation in the presence of a chain transfer agent
Method and system for administering devices including an action log
Cardiac lead with anodic electrode assembly having dual support hulls
Identifying infants at risk for sudden infant death syndrome
Portable electrocardiograph
Device for determining acoustically evoked brainstem potentials
Magnetic resonance method which automatically forms water/fat separated images with different echo t...
Dual-chamber liquid receiving and containing device
Color-matched digital playback
Quick method for color-based selection of objects in a raster image
Network system for radiographing radiation-images
Method and apparatus for using clustering method to analyze semiconductor devices
Video horizontal and vertical variable scaling filter
Image transformation apparatus and method
Image coding apparatus, image coding method, image decoding apparatus and image decoding method
Reduction of data with limited distortion of image formed of the data
Detecting arbitrarily oriented objects in images
Implicit page breaks for digitally represented handwriting
ZhuYin symbol and tone mark input method, and electronic device
Optical switch, optical amplifier and optical power controller as well as optical add-drop multiplex...
Assembly structure of optical film and frame
Optical ferrule
Glass fiber monitoring module
Optical waveguide film, and light transmission and reception module
Optical waveguide device and fabricating method thereof
Chromatic dispersion compensation module
Light pipe with molded optical surfaces
Method of making a fiberoptic light guide
Fiber optic cables with easy access features
System and method for controlling deflection of optical beams
Optical waveguide and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, optical module, and optical t...
Variable wavelength dispersion compensator
Method and device for determining and compensating for the tilting of the spectrum in an optical fib...
Optical distribution system for sensors
Wavelength tunable light sources and methods of operating the same
Interior illumination lamp
Light emitting assembly with heat dissipating support
Composition for opaque coating, lamp with coating, and method of manufacture
Backlight module with an impact damping design
Backlight module with light guide plate having concave light input surface
Backlight system and light guide plate used therein
Light emitting panel assemblies
Light source device and projector apparatus having same
Device and method for emitting light with increased brightness using diffractive grating pattern
Light guiding member, illumination apparatus, and projector
Vehicle light for a vehicle, preferably a motor vehicle
Adjusting device for head light system
Headlights for vehicles
Vehicle mirror with secondary lighting lens for ground illuminator
Vehicle lighting apparatus
Worklight support with stand
Lamp for general lighting purposes
Compact, high-efficiency, energy-recycling illumination system
Method for detecting projectile impact location and velocity vector
Non-lethal projectiles for delivering an inhibiting substance to a living target
Projectile firing apparatus
Ignition arrangement for stacked projectiles
Reticle for telescopic gunsight and method of using
Gun attachment method and apparatus
Firearm operating mechanism and cartridge cylinder assembly
Microfiber-entangled products and related methods
Determination of sample volume adequacy in biosensor devices
Apparatus, mechanism and process for warming-up fuel cell
Reformate cooling system and method for use in a fuel processing subsystem
Process, control system and apparatus for the distribution of air in a fuel cell/fuel processor syst...
Anti calculus and plaque toothpaste composition
Composition for dyeing human keratin materials, comprising a fluorescent dye and a particular seques...
Dental bleaching devices having a protective adhesive region
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material and aqueous coating composition
Cosmetic composition for dyeing human keratin materials, comprising at least one fluorescent dye and...
Mixed absorber layer for displays
Process for dyeing, with a lightening effect, human keratin fibers that have been permanently reshap...
Dye-forming coupler, silver halide photographic light-sensitive material and azomethine dye compound
Mattifying oil-in-water emulsion
Encapsulated fragrance chemicals
Cranberry amido amines and betaines as a delivery system for natural antioxidants
Sprayable beautifying composition
Androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Product package
Fabric care systems for providing anti-wrinkle benefits to fabric
Method for combustion of pulverized coal with reduced emissions
Disposable garment comprising meltblown nonwoven backsheet
Pressurized dispensing package and method for using the same
Optical element, lithographic apparatus including such an optical element, device manufacturing meth...
High-solids binder combinations for scratch-resistant topcoats
Electrochemical element or cell and a cathode for same
CMP porous pad with component-filled pores
Hydrogen-oxygen mixer-sparger
Method and apparatus for forming and using planarizing pads for mechanical and chemical-mechanical p...
Poly(trimethylene terephthalate) fibers useful in high-UV exposure end uses
Rice 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate synthase and DNA encoding thereof
Electronic devices with edge connectors and methods of using the same
Mortierella alpina glycerol-3-phosphate o-acyltransferase for alteration of polyunsaturated fatty ac...
Polynucleotides encoding phosphoribosylanthranilate isomerase
Electrically conductive polymer films and process for making same
Inkjet ink composition
Method and apparatus for managing low power processor states
Apparatus for retrieving information using reference reason of document
Online specification of a system which compares determined devices and installed devices
Sliding device, fluid dynamic pressure bearing, and motor using the same
Multi-layer sliding part and a method for its manufacture
Wheelend assembly with detachable outboard joint
Two-component bearing shell for an injection-molded ball-and-socket joint
Oil spattering prevention apparatus for tape recorder
Portable observation tower
Firearm magazine grip
Firing mechanism for semi-automatic pistols
Methods for planarization of dielectric layer around metal patterns for optical efficiency enhanceme...
Optical devices and methods to construct the same
Embedding information in images using two-layer conjugate screening
Optical alignment method and apparatus
Optical semiconductor apparatus
Light-receiving unit and measuring apparatus including the same
Method for manufacturing optical access units, an optical access unit and an optical fiber ferrule m...
Display device and display system using the same
Asymmetrical linear organic oligomers
Virtual component having a detachable verification-supporting circuit, a method of verifying the sam...
Water-absorbent resin composition
Method, system, and program for managing data updates
Systems, methods, and computer program products to display and select hierarchical database segments...
Method and system for an overlay filesystem
Shrub rose plant named `FRAntasia`
Methods for assaying homocysteine
Compositions and methods of treatment to alleviate or prevent migrainous headaches and their associa...
Identification of Free-B-Ring flavonoids as potent COX-2 inhibitors
TPV cylindrical generator for home cogeneration using low NOx radiant tube burner
Plasma CVD apparatus, and method for forming film and method for forming semiconductor device using ...
Endpoint detection system for wafer polishing
Self-locking wire termination clip
Chemically resistant radiation attenuation barrier
Semiconductor etching paste and the use thereof for localized etching of semiconductor substrates
Saddle type vehicle having a remote control type trunk
Access control system, access control method and devices suitable therefor
Gain-controlled amplifier, receiver circuit and radio communication device
Tandem time of flight mass spectrometer and method of use
Method and arrangement for fast frequency searching in broadband mobile radio receivers
Endoscope image pick-up apparatus
Method and apparatus to detect and decode information
Closed user group service in a mobile communication system
Method and system for RLP optimization
Radio communication system and base station
Time division protocol for an ad-hoc, peer-to-peer radio network having coordinating channel access ...
Portable radio communication apparatus provided with a part of a housing operating as an antenna
Combined global positioning system receiver and radio
Integrated radio tower light controller and alarm reporting device
Class D amplifier
Current control method and application thereof
Electronic ballast having a protective circuit for a switching transistor of a converter
Power transmission device having a torque converter with a lockup clutch and lockup control method f...
Switching power supply circuit
Display apparatus with power saving capability
Switching arrangement and DAC mismatch shaper using the same
Electronic ballast with voltage converter having improved damping arrangement
Resonant converter with phase controlled switching
Device for solid phase extraction and method for purifying samples prior to analysis
Methods for treating agricultural waste and producing plant growth-enhancing material
Filtering device incorporating a circulation loop
Filter having a media retaining plate
Magnetic device for attachment on an exterior wall of a filter canister
Devices and methods for localized heating
Liquid circuit
Method of preparing a purified purple corn coloring agent
Air-cooled centrifuge
Filter element carrier, filter, ink pen
Filter insert with variable length center tube
Method of regulating an internal combustion engine
Solid-liquid separator
Self cleaning shield
Extracorporeal blood circuit priming system and method
Centrifuge adapter
Storage system having a plurality of interfaces
Velocimeter, displacement meter, vibrometer and electronic device
Method and system for frequency offset estimation
Method and apparatus for performing signal correlation
Method for PECVD deposition of selected material films
Method of removing spacers and fabricating MOS transistor
Method for etching smooth sidewalls in III-V based compounds for electro-optical devices
Fabrication process for preparing recording head sliders made from silicon substrates with SiO.sub.2...
Pattern forming method and electric device fabricating method using the same
System and method for plasma induced modification and improvement of critical dimension uniformity
Capping layer for a semiconductor device and a method of fabrication
Apparatus and method for treating substrates
Slurry for chemical mechanical polishing process and method of manufacturing semiconductor device us...
Resonant cavity enhanced multi-quantum well light modulator and detector
Lapping carrier, apparatus for lapping a wafer and method of fabricating a lapping carrier
Ultra-thin sample preparation for transmission electron microscopy
Aluminum oxide as liner or cover layer to spacers in memory device
Method and resistive bridge circuit for the detection of solder-joint failures in a digital electron...
Systems and methods of forming refractory metal nitride layers using disilazanes
HDP-CVD deposition process for filling high aspect ratio gaps
Manufacturing method for microelectronic device
Process and catalysts for upgrading of hydrocarbons boiling in the naphtha range
Cylinder-by-cylinder air-fuel ratio controller for internal combustion engine
Manifold array processor
Information distribution system and information management method
Method for securely using a single password for multiple purposes
Authentication in a communication system
Transfer of images to a mobile computing tool
Electronic mail apparatus
Management of hierarchies
Performing lookup operations in a content addressable memory based on hashed values of particular us...
Network wide debugging including node debugging information in the GAT IE of a PNNI Signaling Messag...
Bad-sector search method, data recording device, and program
Metalloprotease-disintegrin ADAM23 (SVPH3-17)
Compounds and compositions as cathepsin inhibitors
Compounds that modulate neuronal growth and their uses
Fusion proteins for insect control
Semiconductor memory
Method and apparatus for data capture on a bi-directional bus
Integrated circuit having a programmable input structure with optional fanout capability
High-speed interconnection adapter having automated lane de-skew
Direct conversion receiver with direct current offset correction circuitry
Multi-pair gigabit ethernet transceiver having adaptive disabling of circuit elements
Method and apparatus for transferring data between IP network devices and SCSI and fibre channel dev...
Systems and methods for combined protocol processing protocols
Cell-based switch fabric with cell-to-line-card control for regulating injection of packets
System and method for developing and executing a wireless application gateway
Method and circuit for at-speed testing of scan circuits
Keep alive buffers (KABs)
Network router failover mechanism
System and method for synchronizing multiple synchronizer controllers
Device and process for producing metal foam
Thermal rock fragmentation application in narrow vein extraction
Reduced visibility insect screen
Method for assessing the operation of a conveying apparatus
Method of manufacturing an intralevel decoupling capacitor
Method for making a negative working, heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Solid oxide electrolyte with ion conductivity enhancement by dislocation
Material for forming insulation film and film-forming method with the use of the material
Method and mold for fabricating article having fine surface structure
Compositions for ceramic igniters
Fuel additive
Two-wire layered heater system
UV curable coating composition
Catalyst carrier and method of producing same
Bis(aminostyryl) anthracene compound, synthesis intermediate thereof, and process for production the...
Microfluidic device with controlled substrate conductivity
Thin film transistor, manufacturing method thereof, and circuit and liquid crystal display device us...
Cold cathode field emission device and process for the production thereof, and cold cathode field em...
Active element substrate with simplified signal line arrangement having active elements and pixel el...
Input device provided with windable display and foldable keyboard, and personal computer provided wi...
Driving method of image display device, driving device of image display device, and image display de...
Multi-picture simultaneous display device, multi-picture simultaneous display method, video signal g...
Data line driver capable of generating fixed gradation voltage without switches
Charge-transfer material and process for producing the same, electron-transfer agent, photoreceptor ...
Medium universal adaptor for flat panel displays
Extra-large cantilever mount for a flat panel display
Tiltable universal mount for a large flat panel display
Large universal adaptor for flat panel displays
Medium cantilever mount for a flat panel display
Apparatus for preparing a hot beverage
Non-volatile semiconductor storage device performing ROM read operation upon power-on
Printing system
Driving apparatus for display device
Surface-mount type antenna and antenna apparatus employing the same, and wireless communication appa...
Selective packaging of tested semiconductor devices
Semiconductor light emitting device
Network device and method for managing installation position of network device
Process for arylamine production
Structure and method for electrical isolation of optoelectronic integrated circuits
Multi-color cholesteric liquid crystal display
Image processing device having compression judgement
Method for determining an adjustment amount to an input chroma
Electronic trapping implementation in imager with laser driver
Card printer in a card information management system
Printing system using printing plan
Litigation management system and method
Process for producing phosphate
Carboxylic esters based on limonene alcohol [3-(4'-methylcyclohexyl)butanol] and having a low meltin...
Polyester block copolymer composition and process for the preparation thereof
Wide-bandwidth, high-dynamic-range linear amplifier for a CDMA transmitter in a wireless base statio...
Method and apparatus for calculating the remainder of a modulo division
System and method for optimally configuring border gateway selection for transit traffic flows in a ...
Switch architecture using multiple crossbars
Method for paging a device in a wireless network
Telecommunications system having layered protocol with delimiter of payload
Amplifier memory effect compensator
Systems and methods for reducing intracranial pressure
Shredder with separate waste opening
Method of crushing silicon blocks
Systems and methods for storing and handling drill cuttings
Method of filling dispensing cartridges having collapsible packages
Golf ball covers and mantles comprising glass particles
Environmental protection ink cartridge control
Ink compatibility assurance program
Lid assembly and method of use
Reducing time to design integrated circuits including performing electro-migration check
Method for setting design margin for LSI
Interconnect speed sensing circuitry
Modeling a logic design
Software module for integration
Techniques for placing dummy features in an integrated circuit based on dielectric pattern density
Floorplan visualization method using gate count and gate density estimations
Layout-driven, area-constrained design optimization
Weight compression/decompression system
Graphic processing apparatus utilizing improved data transfer to reduce memory size
Can-shaped computer memory device
Accelerated scan circuitry and method for reducing scan test data volume and execution time
High-softening-point copolymer, process for producing the same, and product of hydrogenation thereof
Ink jet ink, method for producing ink jet ink, ink jet recording method and ink cartridge
Method of alignment of liquid crystals comprising exposing an alignment material to an interference ...
Wafer packaging and singulation method
Device and method in connection with the production of structures
Method for producing aqueous styrene-butadiene polymer dispersions II
Paperboard with improved wet tear strength
Biodegradable saturated/unsaturated thermoplastic polyesters
Hard surface cleaner comprising a suspension of alginate beads
Arc tube with shortened total length, manufacturing method for arc tube, and low-pressure mercury la...
Isoreticular metal-organic frameworks, process for forming the same, and systematic design of pore s...
Process for producing a photoelectric conversion device that includes using a gettering process
Rear projection type image display device
System for improving the fuel efficiency of an engine
Windscreen wiper device with life span indicator
Key exchange proxy network system
Hybrid machine/human computing arrangement
Mass spectrometry method for analyzing mixtures of substances
Measurement and use of molecular interactions
Non-ribosomal peptide synthetases and associated biosynthetic genes
Humanized antibodies that sequester abeta peptide
Computer arrangement using non-refreshed DRAM
Audio watermarking with dual watermarks
Watermark embedding method based on DCT subband image characters
Method and apparatus for embedding auxiliary information within original data
Compact MPEG data processing circuit and method of controlling the same
Information recording medium, information recording apparatus and information reproduction apparatus...
Information recording apparatus, information recording method, program storage medium and computer d...
Data processing system for converting content relative to a space used as an advertising medium into...
Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine
Electro-hydraulic engine valve actuation
Near infra-red composite polymer-nanocrystal materials and electro-optical devices produced therefro...
Photosensitive semiconductor nanocrystals, photosensitive composition comprising semiconductor nanoc...
Metal phosphonates and related nanocomposites
Selective deposition of ZnO nanostructures on a silicon substrate using a nickel catalyst and either...
Method for modifying existing micro-and nano-structures using a near-field scanning optical microsco...
In vitro methods for evaluating the in vivo effectiveness of dosage forms of microparticulate of nan...
Synthesis of ZnO nano-structured materials and its apparatus
Polymeric and carbon compositions with metal nanoparticles
Method of making copper and carbon nanotube thermal conductor
Method of processing a roll of exposed photographic film containing photographic images into corresp...
Integral lens attachment, sunshade and camera lens cover
Portable communicator
Handheld printer alert system
Apparatus and method for displaying set driver options
System and method for enhanced situation awareness and visualization of environments
Imaging system with haptic interface
Controlled and Monitored Remote Advertising and Information Display System
Multimedia player
Apparatus and method for intelligent multimedia compression and distribution
Method and apparatus of multiplexing a plurality of channels in a multimedia system
Mobile device expansion system
Method, apparatus and system for providing multimedia messages to incompatible terminals
Proxy internet browsing
Continuously tunable, graphic internet navigation tool
Purchasing aid logistics appliance and method for use
Multimedia data decoder
Methods and apparatus for accessing and processing multimedia messages stored in a unified multimedi...
Fragmented delivery of multimedia
Power drive unit with unit load device sensor
Fastenerless internal support for hollow structures
Method and apparatus for modulating flow separation
Reusable orbital vehicle with interchangeable cargo modules
Optimal speed management for reaction wheel control system and method
Method of applying ablative insulation coatings and articles obtained therefrom
Method and system for maximizing satellite constellation coverage
In-flight refueling system, damping device and method for damping oscillations in in-flight refuelin...
Aircraft cabin crew complex
Aircraft cargo locating system
Landing assist apparatus retention strap spool
Aircraft control system
Energy absorbing airframe for a vertical lift vehicle
Ultralight coaxial rotor aircraft
Fluid control valve
Tail variants of redox-active therapeutics for treatment of mitochondrial diseases and other conditi...
Statin derivatives
Use of quinol derivatives thereof for cosmetic, dietary supplement or pharmaceutical compositions an...
Substituted propylamine derivatives and methods of their use
Benzothiadiazolylphenylalkylamine derivatives and methods of their use
Phenylaminopropanol derivatives and methods of their use
Inhibitors of c-Jun N-terminal kinases for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders relating to ...
System and method for flexible correction of bony motion segment
Irradiation device and method for the treatment of acne and acne scars
Methods, compositions and apparatus for delivering heterologous molecules to cells
Magnetic apparatus for the treatment of cataracts and other eye conditions
Cyclic amine derivatives, processes for their preparation, and pharmaceutical compositions containin...
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Fused tricyclic mGIuR1 antagonists as therapeutic agents
Fused tricyclic mGluR1 antagonists as therapeutic agents
Pharmaceutical compounds
Heterocyclic aspartyl protease inhibitors
TAAR1 knock out animal
Neural blocking therapy
Method of remodelling stretch marks
Dynamic metabolism monitoring system
Method and apparatus for adjusting body lumens
Fused pyrazole derivatives and methods of treatment of metabolic-related disorders thereof
4-Substituted Pyrazoline Compounds, their Preparation and Use as Medicaments
Use of tyrosine kinase inhibitor to treat diabetes
Tetrazole derivatives and methods of treatment of metabolic-related disorders thereof
N-(pyridin-2-yl)-sulfonamide derivatives
Heterocyclic compounds
Use of a pyrazole derivative for preparing medicinal products that are useful in the prevention and ...
PPAR active compounds
Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyridine derivatives or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Networked information indexing and search apparatus and method
System for synchronizing of user's affinity to knowledge
Time series pattern extraction apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for attribute selection
Configuration model consistency checking using flexible rule space subsets
Modular instruction using cognitive constructs
System and method for run-time data reduction
System and method for simulating computer network devices for competency training and testing simula...
Method and arrangement for determining nuclear reactor core designs
Device and method for monitoring an electric power station
Dual information system for contact center users
Mobile terminal and hinge device thereof
Method and apparatus for reformatting caller identification from different communication networks
Group specific simplified cellular telephones
Communications system having pre-defined calling group
Methods and system for enhanced directory assistance using wireless messaging protocols
Selective blocking in a communication network
Subscriber authentication for unlicensed mobile access signaling
Method and system for multi-channel RF digitization with analog selectivity
Hinge device for portable wireless terminal
Electronic circuit to reduce noise in digital subscriber loop and communications over unshielded twi...
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having variable adaptive gain settings
Methods and systems for providing multi-path echo cancellation
Portable telephone maintenance service system and maintenance service method
Dynamically allocating server resources to competing classes of work based upon achievement of servi...
Method and apparatus for extending PBX features via the public network
SAS service architecture
Call distribution
Time based regulation of access to callees
Method and system for participant control of privacy during multiparty communication sessions
Rotation angle sensor
GPS receiver with autopilot and integrated lightbar display
Driving assist system for vehicle
Optimal selection of input torque considering battery utilization for a hybrid electric vehicle
Methods and devices for identifying the type of occupancy of a supporting surface
Vehicle occupant protection apparatus
Control device and method for fuel cell powered vehicle
Motor driving system
Power steering device
System and method for controlling engine idle in a vehicle
Method and system for controlling regenerative braking of a four wheel drive electric vehicle
Vehicle support system
Tiller for a pedestrian-controlled fork-lift truck
Mounting bracket
V-drive motor arrangement
Translucent body panel for a motorcycle
Snowmobile four-cycle engine arrangement
Front suspension for recreational vehicle
Cab support system for an agricultural vehicle
Vehicle and energy producing and storage system for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for pricing a commodity
Computerized auction system for use with multiple purchasing media
Multi-attribute auction methodology and system
Intelligent apparatus, system and method for financial data computation and analysis
Customized customer portal
Systems and methods for universal password control
Base cryptographic service provider (CSP) methods and apparatuses
Method and system for using electronic communications for an electronic contract
Method and system for providing automatic notification of end of lease of computers and their locati...
processing data for interpretation
Method and apparatus for determining prices that maximize revenue
Method and system for anonymizing purchase data
Method and apparatus for secure online transactions
Secure online transactions using a captcha image as a watermark
Managing access to digital content
Method and system for local wireless commerce
System for controlling the distribution and use digital works using digital tickets
System and method for promoting the use of a selected software product having an adaptation module
System and method for providing warranties in electronic commerce
Systems and methods for dynamic pricing events in collaborative design, construction, and maintenanc...
Conversion of oxygenates to olefins
Pretreating a catalyst containing molecular sieve and active metal oxide
Controlling the ratio of ethylene to propylene produced in an oxygenate to olefin conversion process
Feed pretreating
Preparation of substituted indenes
Selective hydrogenation of alkynes and/or diolefins
Method for removing volatile components from polymer compositions
Organometallic complexes that comprise bidentate chelating ligands that combine a nitrogen-containin...
Catalytic cracking processing using an MCM-68 catalyst
Kalanchoe plant named `Don Juan`
Variety of Begonia plant named `Solenia Super Red Orange`
Calathea plant named `TWYCA0018`
Papaver plant named `Little Candyfloss`
Calibrachoa plant named `Sunbelore`
Hibiscus plant name `Carafe Yogrenache`
Hibiscus plant named `Splash Yopinot Grigio`
Hibiscus plant named `Maui Wind`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomelanie`
Eurphorbia plant named `Inneuphdia`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisco Litorch`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisco Lipink`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yooceanna`
Hibiscus plant named `Splash Yopinot Noir`
Carnation plant named `Yoder Charm`
Miniature rose plant named `Meideinis`
Carnation plant named `Yoder Ice`
Carnation plant named `Yoder Show`
Oxalis plant named `Jroxfroja`
Oxalis plant named `Jroxburwi`
Oxalis plant named `Jroxblavel`
Apparatus for encryption key management
Threshold cryptography scheme for message authentication systems
Watermark system
Time stamp generating system
In a data storage server, for each subsets which does not contain compressed data after the compress...
Restricted content viewing methods and arrangements for use in a DVD player
Image processing apparatus and method, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
Error-checking and correcting decryption-key memory for programmable logic devices
Fingerprint, control signal for new encryption key
System and method for fast data encryption/decryption using time slot numbering
Method and apparatus for symmetric-key decryption
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and computer-readable recording med...
System and method for controlling and enforcing access rights to encrypted media
Modular communication platform
Method and apparatus for facilitating efficient authenticated encryption
Cipher block chaining decryption
Elliptic curve point ambiguity resolution apparatus and method
Mailbox top adornment
Automated teller machine
Cart handle
Robotic canister
Self closing bag hanger
Combined debris collection and dump container
Cleaning implement
Robotic vacuum cleaner
Washing machine
Dishwasher door
Dispensing container
Combined dish washing machine and drying machine
Bird feeder
Pet bed
Bed frame for pets
Welding helmet visor
Face shield
Helmet with visor and binoculars
Lipstick container
Continuous chamber environment resistant retaining wall block and methods of use thereof
Full-displacement pressure grouted pile system and method
Landfill design and method for improved landfill gas capture
Water resource recycling system
Irrigation system and associated methods
Reformation of soft soil and system therefor
Spar disconnect system
Interleukin-5 specific recombinant antibodies
Viral obesity methods and compositions
Method for screening crystallization or amorphous stage conditions for molecules
Hybrid maize plant and seed 32H20
Hybrid maize plant and seed 38M59
Inbred corn line PHB6R
Plants and seeds of corn variety I136799
Plants and seeds of corn variety I090372
Inbred maize line PH7AB
Soybean cultivar 4N0S63222
Plant-derived novel pathogen and SAR-induction chemical induced promoters, and fragments thereof
Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthases
Homologous recombination in mismatch repair inactivated eukaryotic cells
Recombinant promoters in avian cells
Plant promoters
Regulatory segments of the human gene for telomerase reverse transcriptase
Artificial promoter libraries for selected organisms and promoters derived from such libraries
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding a bacterial uracil transport protein and a bacterial uracil...
Isolated nucleic acid molecules coding for tumor rejection antigen precursor MAGE-4 and 41 and uses ...
Summary-based routing for content-based event distribution networks
Optical structure
Verification method of goods using IC tags and equipment using the method
Self-adhesive data carrier
Card-shaped data carrier and method for producing same
Performance information edit and playback apparatus
Transducer and method for forming a transducer
Freely specifiable real-time control
Information search apparatus, information search method, and information recording medium on which i...
Apparatus and computer program for displaying a musical score
Apparatus, method and computer program for controlling music score display to meet user's musical sk...
Cymbal system and method of making
Snare drum device
Guitar pick holder made of a flexible synthetic layer of material which is sufficiently plasticized ...
Pedal assembly for musical instruments
Method and apparatus for information labeling and control
Picture processing device, picture processing method, and game device and storage medium using the s...
Motor stop control device utilizable for gaming machine and gaming machine using the same
Room key based in-room player tracking
Gaming device having a bonus award wheel with a terminator
Gaming device with optimal auto-hold tables
Game machine and game program for changing the movement of one character based on the movement of an...
Portable net device
Tossing game system and method
Method of offering insurance in a gambling game
Combined educational tool for imparting thematic knowledge and reinforcing related core principles
Kinematically compatible parallelpipedal cells
Convertible single-turn to multi-turn gaming steering wheel
Shimming structure and method for a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Assembly for generating magnetic fields in a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Parallel mr imaging method
Configuration for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with an MRI phantom
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and radio frequency coil unit
Mri system with rf receiver coils fixed to the housing
Use of aromatic aldehydes as insecticides and for killing arachnids
Preparation of agarose coated, solid agarose-collagen beads containing secretory cells
Use of reactive polymeric surfactants in the formation of emulsions
Substituted anthranilamides for controlling invertebrate pests
Hydroxamic acid compounds and methods of use thereof
Pharmaceutically active compounds and methods of use thereof
Orally administered peptides synergize statin activity
Human protein kinase, phosphatase, and protease family members and uses thereof
14790, a novel protein kinase molecule and uses therefor
Systems and methods related to degradation of uremic toxins
Optical contrast agents for optically modifying incident radiation
Foamable coupling for lamp assembly and methods for using the coupling
Stent mandrel fixture and method for selectively coating surfaces of a stent
Method of making fused silica by decomposing siloxanes
Vehicle sulfur oxide trap and related method
Process for preparing a low-sulfur reformate gas for use in a fuel cell system
Method of manufacturing carbonate film, carbonate composite material, and method of manufacturing th...
Methods and catalysts for the manufacture of carbon fibrils
Process for producing nickel carbonyl, nickel powder and use thereof
Multi-stage process for SCR of NOx
Anti-degradation mechanisms for protecting aminated surfaces
Method for treating fluids on bulk material
Cesium-lithium-borate crystal and its application to frequency conversion of laser light
Calcium carbonate granulation
Ear coupler
Intake noise suppressor
System and method for monitoring eye movement
Method and system for substantially registerless processing
Servicing multiple hot-plug events utilizing a common event signal in providing hot-plug attention b...
System to automate schema creation for table restore
Data de-duplication
Searching system, searching unit, searching method, displaying method for search results, terminal u...
Method and device for identifying an object
Method of predicting wear of a die surface
Device for automated fishing information acquistion
System and method for maintaining data synchronization
Method and apparatus for power management control of a cooling system in a consumer accessible appli...
System and method for visually categorizing electronic notes
Radio transmitting/receiving apparatus
Method of encoding and decoding
System and method for generating trace data in a computing system
Cleaning and polishing household appliance
System and method for protecting domain data against unauthorized modification
Display table
Decorative disc
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear sole
Graphic search initiation
Monitoring activity of a user in locomotion on foot
Compositions and methods
Ice bag cover with apertures
Footwear and related method of manufacture
Electric heating device, in particular for a vehicle heating and/or air-conditioning apparatus
Power stack
Dual feedback control system for maintaining the temperature of an IC-chip near a set-point
Angled ribs for heat exchanger tanks
Stacked low profile cooling system and method for making same
Heat exchanger, especially a heat exchanging module, for a motor vehicle
Finned device for removing heat from an electronic component
Compliant heat exchange panel
Bypass for exhaust gas cooler
Method and plate apparatus for dew point evaporative cooler
Condensing-type dryer
Reductive alkylation of saturated cyclic amines
Human extracellular matrix-1
Pseudopeptide, synthesis method, reagent and applications
Succinoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonyl urea derivatives useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Acetylenic aryl sulfonate hydroxamic acid TACE and matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Broadspectrum substituted oxindole sulfonamide HIV protease inhibitors
Derivatives of hydantoins, thiohydantoins, pyrimidinediones and thioxopyrimidinones, their preparati...
JNK inhibitor
Pyrazolo-pyridine derivatives as antiherpes agents
Use of phospholipid arachidonic acids for increasing muscle mass in humans
Peptide fragments having cell death inhibitory activity
Adeno-associated virus (AAV) serotype 9 sequences, vectors containing same, and uses therefor
Methods and compositions relating to restricted expression lentiviral vectors and their applications
Recombinant MVA virus, and the use thereof
Methods and compositions for synthesis of nucleic acid molecules using multiple recognition sites
HER-2/neu fusion proteins
Compounds, compositions and methods for the treatment of diseases characterized by A-33 related anti...
Nucleic acids encoding a tumor necrosis factor homolog
Polynucleotides encoding a human G-protein coupled receptor, HGPRBMY39
Device and method for hydrating and rehydrating orthopedic graft materials
Method and apparatus for copying data that resides in a database
Surface acoustic wave arrangement with a junction region between surface acoustic wave structures ha...
Polynucleotides encoding human histone deacetylase HDAC9c
Process for the preparation of gabapentin
Amide derivative of amlodipine
DHA-pharmaceutical agent conjugates of taxanes
Thyroid receptor ligands, pharmaceutical compositions comprising them and their use in the treatment...
Constant gain digital predistortion controller for linearization of non-linear amplifiers
Seatbelt use indicating apparatus and method
Method for the preparation of purified HCV RNA by exosome separation
Attribute based resource allocation
Compositions and treatments for inhibiting kinase and/or HMG-CoA reductase
Implantable blood flow monitoring system
Discharge roller device
Composite piston
Test probe for finger tester and corresponding finger tester
Method for rejecting component during a placement cycle
Method and apparatus for monitoring host to tool communications
Non-woven laminate composite
Ceramic fiber insulation impregnated with an infra-red retardant coating and method for production t...
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Light emitting device and electronic apparatus using the same
Electrochemical generation, storage and reaction of hydrogen and oxygen
Recognition of oligiosaccaride molecular targets by polycationic small molecule inhibitors and treat...
Fuel cell system package
Compositions suitable for elastomeric membranes
Method for preparing para-(2-hydroxyalkyloxy) styrene monomers and oligomers
Sealer holding member for membrane element and membrane element using the same
Oligonucleotide compositions and their use to induce apoptosis
Artificial curbstone
Compositions for the relief of xerostomia and the treatment of associated disorders
Vacuum chamber with two-stage longitudinal translation for circuit board testing
Asymmetric electrochemical supercapacitor and method of manufacture thereof
System for producing high-resolution, real-time synthetic meteorological conditions for a specified ...
Fuel injection system for diesel engines
Device with quantum dot layer spaced from delta doped layer
Silicone composition useful especially for the production of anti-friction varnish, process for the ...
Valve arrangement
Dust and debris extraction apparatus for power tool
Method using super absorbent polymers for dehydration of oil
Image projection screen with reduced speckle noise
Electric linear actuator
Method and apparatus for a multi-use body fluid sampling device with analyte sensing
Composite high frequency component and mobile communication device including the same
Inkjet printer cradle with cartridge stabilizing mechanism
Keyed cable assembly to restrain cable under multiaxis stress
Organosilicon compound, making method, and rubber compounding agent
Electronic information content distribution processing system, information distribution apparatus, i...
Automotive vehicle seat insert
Low-solvent, OH-functional dispersions
Composition and method to treat solid tumors
Glycoprotein synthesis
High count telecommunication optical cable with controlled fiber length method and apparatus for man...
Dual transmission emergency communication system
Magnetic resonance measuring system determining the mass of samples in a production line with monito...
Method and plant utilizing fine coal in a melter gasifier
Polyester film for forming
Methods and devices for reconstructing visual stimuli observed through browser-based interfaces over...
Low emissions compression ignited engine technology
Energy saving driving circuit for piezoelectric motor
Methodology of quantification of transmission probability for minority carrier collection in a semic...
Webcrawl internet security analysis and process
Cellular telephony searcher
Nitric oxide releasing prodrugs of diaryl-2-(5h)-furanones as cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors
Image recording media and image recording method
Electronic design for integrated circuits based process related variations
Teaching model generating device
Method for producing humic acid salts
Fin attachment system
Remote control system, server-client system, server for controlling terminal device, terminal device...
System and method for viewing search results
Assembling aerosol container packages
Liquid bag, liquid bag mouth member, and method of producing the same
Migrating processes using data representation language representations of the processes in a distrib...
Artificial eye for doll or the like
Graphical program execution on a personal digital assistant
Method and system for delivering large amounts of data with interactivity in an on-demand system
Connecting interchangeable connectors with pins shared by different cable types
Semiconductor device
Dynamic interface software for wireless communication devices
User installation of imaging device control system
Power supply device and single photo-coupler control circuit thereof
Rich media information portals
Systems for selectively disabling timing violations in hardware description language models of integ...
Method for producing feed material for molten metal production and method for producing molten metal
Display device and methods of manufacturing and control
Applicator device for suppositories and the like
Integration of filters using on-chip transformers for RF and wireless applications
Systems and methods for point of ingress traceback of a network attack
Semiconductor integrated circuit wiring design method and semiconductor integrated circuit
Golf club handle grip
Method or apparatus for processing performance data from a communications network
Micro-mechanically strained semiconductor film
Method and device for clock calibration
Determining parameters of an equivalent circuit representing a transmission section of an electrical...
Modulator for digital amplifier
High PSRR, high accuracy, low power supply bandgap circuit
Bias circuit having transistors that selectively provide current that controls generation of bias vo...
Switching power supply unit
DC power supply and integrated circuit device
Voltage regulator output stage with low voltage MOS devices
Voltage regulator
Low-dropout voltage regulator with a voltage slew rate efficient transient response boost circuit
Alternating current converter
DC-DC converter
Line frequency switching regulator
DC-DC converter and converter device
Switch-mode power supply voltage regulator and methodology
Electric power generating system for vehicle
AC-DC adapter interface and battery charger having high speed battery charger current foldback when ...
Apparatus, methods and computer program products for estimation of battery reserve life using adapti...
Method for extending power duration for lithium ion batteries
Portable emergency vehicle battery charger with microprocessor
Desktop charger for bar-type portable wireless terminal
Carrier for multiple splice trays
Modular wiring harnesses
Method and system for generating a call processing control record
Low voltage electricity distribution circuit
Vent cover bracket and process therewith
Slatwall extrusion and assembly
Communications system providing asynchronous communications over the internet and related methods
System and method for serving content over a wide area network
Object-oriented instruction set for resource-constrained devices
Web address converter for dynamic web pages
Network geo-location system
Smart messenger
Method of constructing and managing overlay multicast tree on Internet
Instant messaging account system
Method and system for serving software applications to client computers
Automated bill payment system
Mobile electronic apparatus, and battery pack for the apparatus
System and method for bypassing data from egress facilities
Internet facsimile gateway device
System, method and terminal for acquiring content information for printing
Methods and systems for networked camera control
Assembly and method for cryo-preservation of specimens in a cryogen-free environment
Alpine ski training apparatus
Apparatus and method for training using a human interaction simulator
Locking assembly for firearm simulators
Mobile floor cleaner data communication
Robot for surgical applications
Recreational watercraft with hydrofoil
Changing the temperature of offshore produced water
Underwater inspection measurement survey
Shock limited hydrofoil system
Apparatus for supporting and pulling a tow rope
End portions for flexible fluid containment vessel and a method of making the same
Seat board for board kiting
T-top outrigger holder apparatus
Inflatable figure assembly
Genderless construction system
Water disc toy
Pool decorating system
Process for the production of dendritic trimesic acid triamides
ICBP90 polypeptide and its fragments and polynucleotides coding for said polypeptides and applicatio...
Antiobestic agents and health foods
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences of infectious salmon anaemia virus and their use as vaccines
Compositions of plant carbohydrates as dietary supplements
Gelling agent for oil
Cyclic peptides, method for preparing and use as angiogenesis inhibitors or activator
Copolymer-1 improvements in compositions of copolymers
Infectious pestivirus pseudo-particles containing functional Erns, E1, E2 envelope proteins
Phosphorylated glyoxalase I and its use
Hepatitis-C virus type 4, 5 and 6
Process for extracting compounds from plants
Inhibition of P. acnes using botanical extracts
Composition and method for treatment and prevention of pruritis
Controller and controlling method thereof
Test system and method for portable electronic apparatus
Lane departure prevention apparatus
Method and system for image chroma suppression
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and medium recording ...
White point estimation using color by convolution
Parallax image capturing apparatus and parallax image processing apparatus
Robot device and face identifying method, and image identifying device and image identifying method
Eye image pickup apparatus and entry/leave management system
Image processing device and method, and distribution medium
Object detection
Gapless microlens array and method of fabrication
Image-sensing method and apparatus, control method and apparatus therefor, and storage medium
Quadratic nyquist slope filter
Spectral translation for VSB compensation
Television system
Apparatus for automatically generating video highlights and method thereof
Dynamic gray scale range adjustment apparatus and method
Color signal processing device for multi-primary color display and method thereof
Motion adaptive noise reduction apparatus and method for video signals
Document feeder
Eyeglass frame
Eyeglass frame
Electronic mouse
Securing uniform resource identifier namespaces
Urgent replication facility
System and method for high availability firmware load
Method and apparatus for enabling access to global data by a plurality of codes in an integrated exe...
Debugging transactions across multiple processors
Enhanced electrically-aligned proximity communication
I/O circuit power routing system and method
Method and system for secure network service
Reproduction apparatus
Reducing inventory after media access in an automated data storage library
Buffer device and method of operation in a buffer device
System and method for distributed management of shared computers
Apparatus and methods for storing data which self-compensate for erase performance degradation
System and method for automated platform generation
Determining the geographic location of a network device
Alignment accessory for portable drills and the like
Universal naming scheme for peer-to-peer resources
System for remediating cross contamination in semiconductor manufacturing processes
Systems and methods for restricting the use and movement of telephony devices
Portable information terminal and communication system
Sonos device and methods of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor package
Thin film transistor, thin film transistor substrate, and methods for manufacturing the same
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device having electrode electrically separated into at least tw...
Method of process control
Optically enabled hybrid semiconductor package
Chip package structure and process for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for reducing capacitive coupling between lines in an integrated circuit
Semiconductor package and fabrication method thereof
Growing [110] silicon on [001]-oriented substrate with rare-earth oxide buffer film
Wafer backside removal to complete through-holes and provide wafer singulation during the formation ...
Schottky diode structure to reduce capacitance and switching losses and method of making same
Semiconductor devices containing on-chip current sensor and methods for making such devices
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device having capacitor element
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Non-volatile memory technology compatible with 1T-RAM process
Optical energy conversion apparatus
Method for forming a resist film on a substrate having non-uniform topography
Golf shoe saddle
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe outsole
Golf ball comprising UV-cured non-surface layer