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Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Inflatable packers
Heat dissipation device
Mounting device for heat dissipating apparatus
Memory module assembly including a clip for mounting a heat sink thereon
Electric junction box
Heat radiating apparatus
Liquid cooling system and electronic equipment using the same
Locking device for heat sink
Heatsink thermal module with noise improvement
Power unit device and power converter device
Heat exchanger and process for devolatilizing polymers using same
Ventilating system
Shore power system including a HVAC system
Heat exchanger and a method of manufacturing a heat exchanger manifold
Hybrid heat exchangers
Radial flow micro-channel heat sink with impingement cooling
Heat dissipation device with heat pipe
Microchannel heat sink
Diamond foam spray cooling system
Stackable energy transfer core spacer
Refrigerant distribution device and method
Intelligent thermostat system for monitoring a refrigerant-cycle apparatus
Duplicating handles of target processes without having debug privileges
Coating composition and optical recording medium
Photonic bandgap materials based on silicon
Device for contacting patterned electrodes on porous substrates
Method for determining a qualitative characteristic of an interferometric component
Disposable absorbent article system employing sensor for detecting non-nutritive sucking events
Disposable absorbent articles having printed wetness indicators
Compositions containing, methods involving, and uses of non-natural amino acids and polypeptides
Functional monomers for molecular recognition and catalysis
Partially fluorinated naphthyl-based borates
Stabilization of transition metal complexes for catalysis in diverse environments
Ring-opened azlactone telechelic polymer
Polyolefin composition for rotomolding
Proton-conducting polymer membrane comprising a polymer with sulphonic acid groups and use thereof i...
Thiazole-based nitric oxide donors having acyl substituent(s) and uses thereof
Methods of using sodium channel blockers
Method for scale inhibition in oil wells
Ceramics, and methods of making and using the same
Air gap interconnect structure and method
Acoustic transducer with mechanical balancing
System and method for controlling a power generating system
Antibodies to human ErbB4
Amino substituted dibenzothiophene derivatives for the treatment of disorders mediated by NP Y5 rece...
Oxidation catalyst on a substrate utilized for the purification of exhaust gases
Process and materials for production of glucosamine and N-acetylglucosamine
Polynucleotides encoding leukocyte adhesion inhibitor-1 (LAI-1)
Electrode for electrochemical devices and battery using the same
Cleaning article containing hydrophilic polymers
Process for manufacturing sound absorbing cement tile
Devices and methods for the production of particles
Method of preparing a thin ceramic composition with two materials, the composition thus obtained and...
System and method for biological purification of water
Method and apparatus for separation of moisture from fluids
Ceramic structure, method of manufacturing ceramic structure, and device for manufacturing ceramic s...
Insert for a conduit
Method for treating bacterial infection with novel 7-substituted-9-substituted amino 6-demethyl-6-de...
DRI nasal sprays
Compositions and methods comprising prostaglandin-related compounds and trefoil factor family peptid...
Method of treatment of prostate cancer and composition for treatment thereof
Adamantyl acetamides as 11-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitors
TNP-470 polymer conjugates and use thereof
Liver function protecting or ameliorating agent
Fused indoles as dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of diabetes
Spirocyclic cyclohexane compounds
Wrist band holding a proximity payment device
Led lamp including a resist bonded to a copper film
Thin composite laminate and use thereof in making sports articles, especially boots
Method, circuit and power amplifier for detecting a fault, and method of protecting a circuit in a p...
Power supply apparatus and actuator control apparatus
DC-DC converter
Antibody purification
Polymerization catalyst for polyester, method for producing it and process for producing polyester u...
Integrated microfluidic disc
Clarifying tank
Blood filter assembly having multiple filtration regions
Wet oxidation
Irradiation system and methods of treating fluids in hydrocarbon industry applications
Method for water purification
Method of separating E and Z isomers of an alkene alcohol and derivatives thereof
Process for treating storm water
Process for the removal of mercury from solutions contaminated with mercury
Method of extracting metal ions from an aqueous solution utilizing an antimony silicate sorbent
Method of water purification
Flow sensing apparatus used to monitor/provide feedback to a split flow pumping system
Method for preparing a separation medium
Method for the purification of an .alpha.-hydroxy acid on an industrial scale
Process for biological treatment of organic wastewater and apparatus therefor
Process and device for biological treatment of a suspension in a bioreactor
Filter device for the clarification of contaminated liquids
Apparatus for salt free water softening
Storage system and data backup method for the same
Method for acquiring snapshot
System and method for optimizing frame routing in a network
Fabric membership monitoring
Radio communication apparatus and method having automatic frequency control function
System/method for receiving ASK and FSK signals using a single RF receiver
Hearing aid device and operating method for automatically switching voltage supply to a connected ex...
Method of predicting CMP removal rate for CMP process in a CMP process tool in order to determine a ...
Compressible films surrounding solder connectors
Stacked die in die BGA package
Memory card with connecting portions for connection to an adapter
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Devices and methods of preventing plasma charging damage in semiconductor devices
Dielectric passivation for semiconductor devices
Semiconductor power device with charge compensation structure and monolithic integrated circuit, and...
Structure for realizing integrated circuit having schottky biode and method of fabricating the same
Protruding spacers for self-aligned contacts
Vertical device 4F.sup.2 EEPROM memory
MOSFET package
Damascene gate structure with a resistive device
Junction-gate type static induction thyristor and high-voltage pulse generator using such junction-g...
Dual-mode CMOS imaging sensor with supporting LED
Method for forming dual damascenes with supercritical fluid treatments
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor manufacturing device
Method of forming a contact
Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlevel insulat...
Porous low dielectric constant compositions and methods for making and using same
Best-focus estimation by lateral scanning
Visualization of medical images
Method of compensating colors in image display device for users with color vision deficiency and dev...
Method for independently adjusting six color classes with the consideration of boundary colors on a ...
Magnetic resonance method and apparatus for classifying an atheroma
Image position matching apparatus and image processing apparatus
Fluorescent color scanning method for use in a scanner
Image processing apparatus, method of setting tonal gradation conversion characteristics, and comput...
[Automatic contrast limiting circuit and method thereof with spatial domain infinite impulse respons...
Overlay metrology method and apparatus using more than one grating per measurement direction
Sample orientation system and method
Analysis apparatus irradiating detection light and reading state of analysis object
Spectroscopic diagnostic methods and system
Method and device for measuring biological information
Methods for the diagnosis of hemodialysis patients and utilization of such methods to improve the ad...
Vertical parallel transportation of caps
Electronic image acquisition for gaming systems
Motor-fan assembly and combustion-type power tool employing the same
Water circulation systems for ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water
Pump provided with exhaust valve device and hemodynamometer incorporating the same
Method and apparatus for attaching a transmission filter to a pump
Disposable two-stage pump
Pumping system
Pump with gauge
Method of stepless capacity control of a reciprocating piston compressor and piston compressor with ...
Gas drive fluid lifting system
Method and apparatus to measure hardware cost of adding complex instruction extensions to a processo...
Computer system including a bus bridge for connection to a security services processor
Decoupled scalar/vector computer architecture system and method
System, method, and computer program product for transferring contact information using a cellular p...
System and method for capturing and rerouting an individual local security system
Queue design supporting dependency checking and issue for SIMD instructions within a general purpose...
Cyclone system for disengaging solid and gaseous particles in FCC systems with reduced coke formatio...
Stripping apparatus and process
Apparatus and method for achieving a desireable feed/catalyst contacting condition in fluid catalyti...
Process for improving aromatic and naphtheno-aromatic gas oil fractions
Liquid pavement marking compositions
Video encoding and decoding apparatus
Configuration file download enforcement
Business-to-business security integration
Method and apparatus for detection and classification of impairments on an RF modulated network
Management of television advertising
Method for scoped services
Methods and apparatus for dependency-based impact simulation and vulnerability analysis
Method and system for object level software testing
Method and apparatus for automatic generation of information system user interfaces
Method for designing a CMOS sensor using parameters
Low-error fixed-width modified booth multiplier
Interactive video tour system editor
System and method for generating HTML based on common XSLT
Electronic form aggregation
Domain-specific concatenative audio
Method and system for tracking sequence numbers
Insulin-like growth factor binding protein
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Power-saving remote locator system and method
Engine control unit
Arrangement in a router of a mobile network for generating a local router prefix for anonymous route...
Process for the output of information in a vehicle
Secure personal RFID documents and method of use
Optimizing critical dimension uniformity utilizing a resist bake plate simulator
Method and apparatus for the addition and removal of nodes from a common interconnect
Recognizing text in a multicolor image
Clock data recovery circuitry associated with programmable logic device circuitry
Handheld computer
Apparatus and method for sealing boxes
Multiple plane weigh platter for multiple plane scanning systems
Downhole equipment tools and assembly procedures for the drilling, tie-in and completion of vertical...
Method for quickly booting a computer system
Video camera
Device and method for processing meat
Video monitor support arm bracket
Fast signal transforms with lifting steps
Vehicle front fender
Method and apparatus for data files used in the transmission of information
Computer virus generation detection apparatus and method
Quality assurance/quality control for high throughput bioassay process
Quality assurance for high-throughput bioassay methods
Unified probabilistic framework for predicting and detecting seizure onsets in the brain and multith...
System and method for facilitating cardiac intervention
Reverse division process
Signal processing apparatus and a data recording and reproducing apparatus including local memory pr...
Method for controlling an image processing apparatus based on a power supply status
Flexible and scalable architecture for transport processing
Method, system, apparatus, and program product for temporary personalization of a computer terminal
Architecture and apparatus for atomic multi-volume operations
Writable clone of read-only volume
Rapid cable modem re-provisioning in a cable network
Modeling reflexive inverse associations using unified modeling language
Helpset build system and method
Application server blade for embedded storage appliance
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for facilitating modeling of a combinatorial logic g...
Multiple burst protocol device controller
Orthostatic cardiac output response pacer for heart failure patients and diabetic patients
Structure and method for mounting LSI package onto photoelectric wiring board, information processin...
Magnetic recording head and method for manufacturing
Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording including pole-layer-encasing layer that opens in...
Manufacturing method of color wheel, and color wheel fabricated thereby and incorporated in color wh...
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit device and method of producing the same
Semiconductor module and method of manufacturing the same
Thin, thermally enhanced molded package with leadframe having protruding region
Package for semiconductor light emitting element and semiconductor light emitting device
Electronic device
Semiconductor device
Non-contact ID card and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with a photoelectric converting portion and a light-shading means
Metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor and method of fabricating the same
Rear-illuminated-type photodiode array
Light-emitting apparatus
Methods and systems for monitoring a parameter of a measurement device during polishing, damage to a...
Silicide structure for ultra-shallow junction for MOS devices
Method for manufacturing wiring, thin film transistor, light emitting device and liquid crystal disp...
Offline programming device
Systems and methods for providing electronic quality control in a process for applying a polyurethan...
Parallel robot
Communications spooler for a mobile robot
Device for the assembly of standard elements intended for the creation of precision mechanical struc...
Method and device for positioning components to be joined together
Property entrance and exit notification, inventory control system
Floatation process for removal of heavy metal waste and associated apparatus
Water disinfection system using simultaneous multiple disinfectants
Deaerator, liquid ejecting device, and inkjet recording apparatus
Magneto-optical head support structures
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Evaluation apparatus and evaluation method
Positioning apparatus and exposure apparatus using the same
Image display device
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, and process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus w...
Image pickup apparatus capable of recording object information
Image forming apparatus with switched-potential responsive to attenuation of a remaining voltage
Organic luminescence device with anti-reflection layer and organic luminescence device package
Optical encoder
Method for inspecting semiconductor device
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Ophthalmic photography apparatus and ophthalmic photography method
Ink jet recording head and method of manufacturing the same
Sheet treating apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus that charges a photosensitive member by superimposing an alternate current b...
Splice holder device
Enclosure and organizer for telecommunication lines and splices
Injection moldable conductive aromatic thermoplastic liquid crystalline polymeric compositions
Optical disc device having fixing parts for directly fixing a frame of the optical disk device to an...
Method and system to change a power state of a hard drive
Fire sensing method and fire sensing system using wireless chip for sensing fire
Fluid flow rate sensor and method of operation
Apparatus and method for easing use of a spectrophotometric based noninvasive analyzer
Optical transmission structural body, optical waveguide, optical waveguide formation method, and opt...
Optical waveguide assembled with an optical subunit having a diffractive element set and an optical ...
Variable optical attenuator systems
Photoelectric composite interconnection assembly and electronics device using same
Light guide for image sensor
Process for preparing Tamsulosin
Process for producing 1-benzyl-4-[(5,6-dimethoxy-1-indanon)-2-yl]methylpiperidine or hydrochloride t...
Amorphous and crystalline forms of losartan potassium and process for their preparation
Polyester based fiber and artificial hair using the same
Low sulfur coal additive for improved furnace operation
Method for refining and homogeneously distributing alloying partners and for removing undesirable re...
Methods for sampling a liquid flow
Multiplexed temperature sensing circuit for HID lamp ballast
Ambient noise sound level compensation
HCV core protein sequences
Expression editor
Blood analyte meter
Compounds for chemiluminescense procedures
Transgenic animal model for degenerative diseases of cartilage
Photothermographic material
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material, and image-forming method
Method and apparatus for analysing gestures produced in free space, e.g. for commanding apparatus by...
Maternal-fetal monitoring system
Transfer media transport guide mechanism for image forming device
Vertical field neurovascular array coil
Method and system for evaluating vertebrobasilar disease
Method for evaluation of tissue adhesion level
Method and apparatus for functional magnetic resonance imaging
Non-invasive imaging for determination of global tissue characteristics
Virtual spherical anode computed tomography
Self driven synchronous rectifier shutdown circuit and method
Magnetic head actuator and magnetic disk drive using the same
Perpendicular writer with reduced side track writing
Relaying apparatus and communication system
Reconfigurable, multi-user communications network, with low latency time
Two-dimensional photonic crystal having air-bridge structure and method for manufacturing such a cry...
Feature quantification from multidimensional image data
Systems and method for generating an image
Watershed segmentation to improve detection of spherical and ellipsoidal objects using cutting plane...
Fire resistant and smoke suppressing coatings
Program circuit
Permanently linked, rigid, magnetic chains
Vane integration into motor hub to enhance CD cooling
Method for interlayer and yield based optical proximity correction
Method and system for providing short block length low density parity check (LDPC) codes
Optimization of integrated circuit device I/O bus timing
Methods, systems, and storage mediums for providing information storage services
Techniques for generating rules for a dynamic rule-based system that responds to requests for a reso...
Integration of legacy mainframe systems through data stream objectification into finite state machin...
Off-line support for cumulative backups
Consistent read in a distributed database environment
Network-based system
Computer implemented management domain and method
Optical proximity correction
Housings for underfloor raceways
Targeting display for a rangefinder, riflescope, or other aimed optical device
Efficient white-light OLED display with filters
Distal protection device
Breathing device
Naphthopyrans annelated in C5-C6, their preparation and compositions and (CO)polymer matrices contai...
Film-reinforced glasses
Apparatus for supporting injection mixing work
Fixing apparatus having a pressurizing mechanism
Image forming apparatus
Digital map shape vector encoding method and position information transfer method
Adaptive code-tracking receiver for direct-sequence code-division multiple access (CDMA) communicati...
Light deflecting method and apparatus efficiently using a floating mirror
Discharge lamp lighting device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Heterologous alpha amylase expression in Aspergillus
Mutant of homoserine dehydrogenase from Corynebacterium and DNA encoding thereof
Therapeutic human albumin solutions with low prekallikrein activator (PKA) activity and process for ...
Heterocyclic antiviral compounds
Sulfonyl substituted n-(biarylmethyl) aminocyclopropanecarboxamides
Apparatus and method for concentrating and collecting analytes from a flowing liquid stream
Methods of identifying modulators of ligand binding to ChemerinR polypeptides
Methods for detecting methylated nucleotides
Treatment of disease with antibodies against high molecular weight kininogen domain 5
Light emitting device
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Device and method for imaging a multiple particle beam on a substrate
Quadrupole mass spectrometer and vacuum device using the same
Connection arrangement for superconductor cable shields
Fiber Bragg grating sensor system
Process and apparatus for detecting the approximate location of a color shift in a textile material
Matrix display through thermal treatment
Thin film integrated circuit device
Twin spark ignition coil with provisions to balance load capacitance
Vacuum circuit interrupter including circuit monitoring leakage or loss of vacuum and method of moni...
Autonomous robot auto-docking and energy management systems and methods
Motor drive device that combined charge controller
Heat-curable fluoropolyether rubber compositions and rubber articles
Method for smoothing areas in structures by utilizing the surface tension
Method for detecting photosynthesis inhibition
Fuel cell system including an ion filter
Hydrocarbon fuel processing for hydrogen generation
Conductive curable resin composition and separator for fuel cell
Perovskite catalyst for the partial oxidation of natural gas
Cathode layer structure for a solid polymer fuel cell and fuel cell incorporating such structure
Method and apparatus for controlling a combined heat and power fuel cell system
Method of making a brazed metal article and the article formed thereby
Multivariable control for an engine
Methods and intermediates for the synthesis of dipyrrin-substituted porphyrinic macrocycles
Semiconductor wafers including one or more reinforcement structures and methods of forming the same
Ocular wavefront-correction profiling
Active material based lockout mechanisms
Motorized front derailleur mounting member
Fork mount bicycle carrier
Wheel gripping bicycle carrier
Inkjet recording method and inkjet recording apparatus
Inkjet recording method and inkjet recording apparatus
Vehicular brake control apparatus and control method therefor
Bicycle rim
Spoked wheel for a bicycle
Child bicycle seat
Auxiliary bicycle seat for stand-up uphill pedaling support
Front wheel suspension system for vehicles having a single front wheel
Bike carrying rack for wheeled vehicle
Hair accessory and method of styling hair
Engine starting apparatus and method
Precision inflation control device
Hexagonal paving panel
Spatially varying diffusion media and devices incorporating the same
Carbon heating element and method of producing same
Processes for purifying chlorofluorinated compounds
Polymer compositions based on alkoxysilane-terminated polymers with adjustable cure rate
Process for preparing bleach activator cogranulates
Methods to manufacture contaminant-gettering materials in the surface of EUV optics
Photo-definable self-assembled materials
Phthalocyanine compound, process for preparing the same, and optical recording medium containing the...
Boron carbide composite bodies, and methods for making same
Composite comprising heat-resistant fiber and siloxane polymer
Multi-layer forming fabric with stitching yarn pairs integrated into papermaking surface
Arc fault detector with circuit interrupter
Organic EL display device
Display device and electronic apparatus
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Peptides and related compounds having thrombopoietic activity
Apparatus for pulling a sleeve on and off
Devices for storing a blanket to be exchanged on a cylinder of a printing machine
Modular sheet-fed rotary printing press
Phosphor blends for wavelength conversion and white light emitting device using the same
Method for correcting inhomogeneities of the static magnetic field, particularly of the static magne...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Frequency detection system comprising circuitry for adjusting the resonance frequency of a high temp...
Modulators (inhibitors/activators) of histone acetyltransferases
Process for the synthesis of CXCR4 antagonist
Derivatives of hydantoins, thiohydantoins, pyrimidinediones and thioxopyrimidinones, their preparati...
Pyrazolopyrimidines as therapeutic agents
Nitrogen-containing 5-membered ring compound
Hematopoietic stem cells treated by in vitro fucosylation and methods of use
Host cells containing multiple integrating vectors
Antibacterial therapy with bacteriophage physico-chemically altered by pegylation to delay inactivat...
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain r...
Classification of patients having diffuse large B-cell lymphoma based upon gene expression
Titanium crash survivable memory unit
Process for the preparation of silicone oils carrying a group comprising at least one hydrocarbon-co...
Blood pressure monitor
Ultrasound case
Dental prosthesis abutment
Prosthetic dental implant
Microtiter plate
Prosthetic dental abutment
Laryngoscope blade
Removable tip of a handpiece for a dermatological optical delivery system
Orthopedic bench
Medical instrument
Behind the ear sound processor
Catheter information clip
Emesis basin
Portion of a syringe
Portion of an adjustable forehead support dial for a respiratory mask
Forehead support for mask
Portion of a frame for a mask
Venous access port
Housing for a communication device
Spindle unit of machine tool
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Mobile device with coupling arrangement
Flow control valve
Reducing power consumption in a logically partitioned data processing system with operating system c...
Methods and apparatus for identifying and diagnosing live eggs using heart rate and embryo motion
System and method for managing the memory in a computer system
Method and device for ejecting disc
Implantable medical device having a controlled diagnostic function
Tacking method and apparatus
Method for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia
Cross-linked glycopeptide-cephalosporin antibiotics
Constitutively translocating cell line
Methods for detection of genetic disorders
Non-volatile lubricant system for medical devices
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences of hemoglobin-response genes in Candida albicans and the use o...
Cradle unit having a cover assembly with ink refill port
Hard disk system having a hard disk unit and a conversion unit for connection to a host device
Lithium-based battery having extensible, ion-impermeable polymer covering on the battery container
Manufacturing method with self-aligned arrangement of solid body electrolyte memory cells of minimum...
Aluminum support for planographic printing plate, its manufacturing process, and planographic printi...
Polymers comprising thieno [3,4-b]thiophene and methods of making and using the same
Surfactant-containing cosmetic, dermatological and pharmaceutical agents
Bio-barcodes based on oligonucleotide-modified particles
Nitrided valve metal material and method of making same
Image sequence enhancement system and method
Polymerizable compositions in non-flowable forms
Methods of blocking stains on a substrate to be painted, and composites suitable for use in such met...
System for transmission of voice and data over the same communications line
Speech based status and control user interface customisable by the user
Mobile communication terminal
Universal hands-free unit for mobile telephones
Data terminal having a telephone function
Network support for voice-to-text memo service
Wireless telephone service
Latching assembly for a removabable cover of a wireless communication device
Coordination of cellular telephones in a residential area to obviate need for wired residential serv...
Replaceable panel device for a handset
Splitter architecture for a telecommunications system
Acoustic echo cancellation with adaptive step size and stability control
Adaptive notification of an incoming call in a mobile phone
System and method for adapting an analog echo canceller in a transceiver front end
Information entry system
Telephone-receiving call center system
Interactive electronic ordering for telecommunications products and services
Process for the preparation of optically active cyclohexenones
Biometric identity check
Notifying users of device events in a networked environment
Medical implant device with RFID tag and method of identification of device
Vehicle monitoring and control using radio frequency identification
Automatically tracking mobilized equipment and nurse call priority assignment system and method
Light management system having networked intelligent luminaire managers with enhanced diagnostics ca...
Passive structural assessment and monitoring system and associated method
Interchangeable receive inputs for band and system swappability in communication systems and related...
Minutiae fingerprint transactions
RFID system with packetized data storage in a mobile environment: methods, systems and program produ...
Shape-limitless optical media
RFID device and method of making
Planar antenna
Adapter for tag and docking station
Asset location system with enhanced accuracy
Semiconductor device
Process for the preparation of docetaxel trihydrate
Polymerizable compound, polymer, positive-resist composition, and patterning process using the same
Biodegradable linear random copolyester and process for preparing it and use of the same
Polymers with new sequence distributions
Polymers with new sequence distributions
Composition for forming anti-reflective coating for use in lithography
Process for production of a polyester product from alkylene oxide and carboxylic acid
Aromatic-acrylate tackifier resins
Catalyst component and catalyst for olefin polymerization as well as use thereof
Secondary battery devices
Fluid bed oxygenates to olefins reactor apparatus and process of controlling same
Insulating glazing and the production method thereof
Demand regulator protective bellows
Animal chew containing fermented soyfood
Glycosylated specificity exchangers
Living specimen induction chamber
Abrasion resistant omnidirectionally reflective rope
Domestic animal training method
Clumping animal litter composition and method of producing the same
Fish produced by nuclear transfer from cultured cells
Collapsible fishing pole holder
Rod holder
Method and device for using compressed gas as a weapon
Surgical instrument coupling mechanism
Microporous high density polyethylene film
Viral fibers
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Negative-working radiation-sensitive compositions and imageable materials
Adhesive articles with improved air egress
Multi-layer golf ball having velocity gradient from slower center to faster cover
Capillary bridge viscometer and method for measuring specific viscosity
Vasoocclusive device for treatment of aneurysms
Polymer having unique optical property and polymerizable monomer therefor
Process for macroporous acrylic resins
High performance P(VDF-TrFE) copolymer for pyroelectric conversion
Intervertebral spacer
Autonomic auto-configuration using prior installation configuration relationships
Noise reduced food waste disposer
Systems for organizing and carrying food preparation items
Connectible pizza spacer
System for a gas grill that allows it to cook fatty and slow cooking meats
Food warming or cooling package thermometer assembly
8-tetradecenal as fragrance and flavoring substance
Permeabilizing biofilms
Soy protein isolate
Compositions containing toasted soybean flakes and potato flakes
Device and method for dough production
Process and apparatus for forming a wave chip product
Food product comprising individual portions in a segmented structure
Method of making centerfilled gum product with candy shell
Composition for managing diabetes, obesity, and hyperlipidemia and associated methods
Wet waste compostable bag and method and apparatus for manufacturing same
Belt and roller flattening apparatus
Food embossing stamper device
Personal entertainment device (PED) with double-opening flap
Web camera and method for sending moving image
Toy water balloon launcher
Aquatic gliding board
Device for mounting boat apparatus to boat deck
Windshield system including tower frame
Floating power plant
Quick close security door system
Linear ablation assembly
Method and device for determining the mechanical axis of a femur
Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue
Biopsy/access tool
Method for the spectroscopic determination of the oxygen saturation of blood in the presence of opti...
Method and device for calculating a biological component density of a subject
Method and apparatus for transforming coordinate systems in a telemanipulation system
Image alignment method, comparative inspection method, and comparative inspection device for compara...
Method and apparatus for recognizing text in an image sequence of scene imagery
Method and device for extracting a subset of data from a set of data
Selecting an image processing path to provide desired noise
Suppression of ringing artifacts during image resizing
Image data compressing apparatus and image data extracting apparatus
Method and apparatus for image detail enhancement without zigzagged edge artifact
Image encoding apparatus and image encoding method
Image processing system/network which performs recognition process only upon regions having higher h...
Image processing method to improve image sharpness
Optimal filter-bank wavelet modulation
Image compression method capable of reducing tile boundary distortion
Method and apparatus for efficient entropy coding of images
Fiber optics transmission line
Neutron detection
Scanning apparatus and endoscope
Ultra-high density connector
Optical scanning device
Dielectric optical fiber cable having improved installation features
Tape-shaped optical fiber cable
Singulated dies in a parallel optics module
Optical tap module
Display including a light source for illuminating input/output terminals
Multi-port optical connection terminal
Optical fiber distribution frame with outside plant enclosure
Multichannel optical path changing device and its production method
Low loss tunable ring resonator allpass filter
Evanescent waveguide couplers
Optical element and lighting device provided therewith
Image reading device
Liquid-crystal display apparatus and electronic device
Flat display module
Optical touch screen
Opening/closing apparatus for vehicle door
Electric candle flame simulator
Light-emitting structures
Computer cooler with light emitting arrangement
Gradient dot pattern for reducing visible step lines on the face of an applique
High intensity utility light
Light source unit
Illumination device and medical imaging and examination device having an illumination device
LED lighting system with helical fiber filament
Method and apparatus for mounting a task light
Visible light-reflecting member
Illuminating unit and projection type image display apparatus using the same
Light beam projector with filter set rotating on its own axis
Light emitting diode light source with heat transfer means
Automatic highlighting of new electronic message address
Delivering messages to message servers
Shared services management
Volume migration
RaceCheck: a race logic analyzer program for digital integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for secure remote access to an internal web server
Point in time remote copy for multiple sites
Method and system for managing image files
Method for controlling storage device controller, storage device controller, and program
Method and apparatus for full and partial storage of data records in an electronic device
Library system, virtual library apparatus, cache restoring method, and computer readable recording m...
Method and apparatus for smart memory pass-through communication
File input/output control device and method for the same background
Systems and methods for site access
Controllable deployment of software updates
Rifled slug
Marker projectile
Venting system for explosive warheads
Internally asymmetrical bolt carrier
Thermoplastic molding compositions having reduced water absorption
Coated polyester preforms and articles
Strain of Sphingomonas pituitosa and method of exopolysaccharide production therefrom
Electrosurgical apparatus and methods for laparoscopy
Methods and apparatus for treating back pain
Image forming apparatus
Optical receiver
Method and system for controlling steering devices using infrared signals
Disk drive unit having a loading mechanism
Optical disc apparatus
Disc drive apparatus
Method, system, and apparatus for providing and utilizing server-side entry points for use in diagno...
Method and apparatus for managing a distributed x-ray system
Tiered multi-source software support using automated diagnostic-data transfers
Low-noise block controller within a set-top box
Power correction loop for a power amplifier
System and method for current-mode amplitude modulation
Printer controller for controlling operation of a pagewidth printhead
Method and composition for inhibiting reperfusion injury in the brain
Portable oxygen concentrator
Deodorant cosmetic composition comprising a combination of zinc gluconate and an antiperspirant alum...
Cosmetic composition
Dynamic distribution of test execution
Breakpoint logic unit, debug logic and breakpoint method for a data processing apparatus
Device boot loader for processing one or more requests from a host computer system concurrently with...
Scalable architecture for context execution
Method and apparatus for multiple slaves to receive data from multiple masters in a data processing ...
Apparatus and method for automatically migrating client server applications to other architectures a...
Data driven test automation of web sites and web services
Software development support program, recording medium having the program stored thereon and softwar...
Displaying method in information processing apparatus that permits execution of either object or tas...
Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of pipe, thickness deviation information derivation...
System and methods for characterization of chemical arrays for quality control
Organometallic precursor compounds
Polypeptide variants with altered effector function
Method of purifying protein
Diagnosis of disease state using mRNA profiles in peripheral leukocytes
Coated refractory metal plate having oxide surface layer, and setter which uses the same and which i...
Blister card
Hydrophilically modified polyols for improved hydrophobic soil cleaning
Papermachine clothing having reduced void spaces
Cosmetic compositions
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
Floor cleaning and gloss enhancing compositions
Hydroentangled textile and use in a personal cleansing implement
Sensor arrangement for recording a radiation, computer tomograph comprising said sensor arrangement ...
Method for fabricating group-III nitride devices and devices fabricated using method
Method of manufacturing dental posts, obturators and restorations
Manufacturing method for a ceramic to metal seal
Backlight module and its back plate
Process for the manufacture of tocyl and tocopheryl acylates
Catalyst system for the reduction of NOx and NH.sub.3 emissions
Cathodic corrosion protection powder coating composition and method
Method for filling and sealing a root canal
Plant sugar transport proteins
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic sizing of particles in suspensions
Method for online information sharing for completing electronic forms
Randomized self-checking test system
Firmware emulation environment for developing, debugging, and testing firmware components including ...
Multi-client virtual address translation system with translation units of variable-range size
Set of icons for a portion of a display screen
Set of icons for a portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Acoustic rack door for a computer server system
Product package
Mug with handle
Operating system application programming interfaces and methods of using operating systems
Method and apparatus for transferring data to virtual devices behind a bus expander
Resource allocation in a NUMA architecture based on separate application specified resource and stre...
Runtime-resource management
Data transfer scheme for reducing network load using general purpose browser on client side
Learning support method that updates and transmits learner understanding levels
Method for the regeneration of a particle filter, and a vehicle in which such a method is utilized
Pultruded non-metallic damage-tolerant hard ballistic laminate and method of manufacture thereof
Information system having a mode of operation in which queries form one or more clients are serviced...
Method for the mapping of colour values of a colour image in the colour values of a highlight-colour...
Print control system and computer program stored in a computer readable medium
System and method for spatially diverse radar signal processing
Power fault handling method, apparatus, and system
System and method for a re-configurable optical channel dropping de-multiplexer
Yarn sensor
Method and device for generating ultra-high pressure
Optically functional layer, method of forming optically functional layer, and liquid crystal display...
Fiber-optic dissolution systems devices, and methods
Process for preparation of optically active allenes
Electro-optical scanner having exit window with light collecting optics
Method and device for monitoring the alignment of a measuring instrument, and measuring instrument
Image forming apparatus with an air supplying unit having an air opening provided in a receiving uni...
Process for preparing optically active nitro compounds and cyano compounds
Hollow core multi-mode interference optical device
Method tuning optical components integrated in a monolithic photonic integrated circuit (PIC)
Optical information processing circuit assembly
Optical beam steering and switching by optically controlled liquid crystal spatial light modulator w...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
OLEDs utilizing multidentate ligand systems
Iridium compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Method and apparatus for destroying dividing cells
Aryl-substituted acyclic enediyne compounds
Hydrophilic analogs of 4,8-dihydrobenzodithiophene-4,8-diones as anticancer agents
CCI-779 derivatives and methods of making same
Solenopsis invicta viruses
Perturbation detection
Methods and systems for operating an aerosol generator
Infant CPAP nasal cannula seal
Automated design and execution of experiments with integrated model creation for semiconductor manuf...
Self-testing RAM system and method
System and method for breaking a feedback loop using a voltage controlled voltage source terminated ...
External electronic control type electrodeless lamp
Method for spatially interpreting electromagnetic data using multiple frequencies
Article of jewelry
Method for connection acceptance control and optimal multi-media content delivery over networks
Voice authenticated financial transaction
Method and Apparatus for Providing Three-Dimensional Views of Printer Outputs
Network printing tracking system
Image source apparatus and method of acquiring information from printer
Method of providing image data to a panel with a delta arrangement of pixels and apparatus using the...
Switch for power factor correction circuits
Single-stage buck-boost inverter
Constant current circuit
Method and apparatus to reduce maximum power from a power supply with transition region regulation
Circuit arrangement for monitoring a voltage supply, and for reliable locking of signal levels when ...
Double-edge, stackable PWM with built-in feedforward
Regulator for eliminating noises generated by automotive power generator
Power generation apparatus using AC energization synchronous generator and method of controlling the...
Method for predicting the voltage of a battery
Abnormality diagnosis device and method for battery pack
Battery charger
Loss and noise reduction in power converters
Maximum and minimum power limit calculator for batteries and battery subpacks
AC drive system for electrically operated vehicle
Control method and device for a power-converting module that drives a light-emitting component
Method for controlling a power-grid connected wind turbine generator during grid faults and apparatu...
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information including total call cont...
Method and system for providing calling name identification requery
Universal button module
Method for accelerating TCP flows in communication networks with dynamic control
Clasp for a wearable article
Apparatus for recovering energy from turbulence created within an aerobic biological reactor
Fluid flask
Physical rehabilitation and fitness exercise device
Gaming device having display with concentrically rotating and translating indicator therefore
High-density orthogonal connector
Electrical connector key
Shieldless, high-speed electrical connectors
Rheological treatment methods and related apheresis systems
Methods for modulating chondrocyte proliferation using pulsing electric fields
Compositions, and kits comprising targeted aldehyde or acetal protease inhibitor compounds for treat...
Calixarenes as Inhibitors of Protein Kinase B
Methoxypolyethylene glycol thioester chelate and uses thereof
Use Of A Hydroximic Acid Halide Derivative In The Treatment Of Neurodegenerative Diseases
8-Phenyl-5,6,7,8-Hydroquinoline Tachykinin Receptor Antagonists
Quinazolinedione Derivatives as Parp Inhibitors
Bicycloheteroaryl Compounds as P2X7 Modulators and Uses Thereof
Pyrazolopyrimidines, a process for their preparation and their use as medicine
Compositions and methods for increasing blood platelet levels in humans
2-(3-Substituted-Aryl) Amino-4-Aryl-Thiazoles As Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
Methods and Compositions
Compounds having 5-HT6 receptor affinity
Substituted pyrazolopyrimidines, a process for their preparation and their use as medicine
Implantable devices with photocatalytic surfaces for treating hydrocephalus
Apparatus and method for assessing body composition
Method and Apparatus for Treatment of Vaginal Anterior Repairs
Chromane and chromene derivatives and uses thereof
Compounds for the Treatment of Dyslipidemia and Other Lipid Disorders
Aminoalcohol Derivatives
Lead set for nerve stimulator and method of operation thereof
Minimally invasive gastric restriction methods
Implantabel Medical Site
Devices with Photocatalytic Surfaces and Uses Thereof
Dimmer switch module
Drywall backing apparatus and method of installing same
Communication Device, Communication System, Communication Method, Communication Service Method, Prog...
Apparatus and method for sound storage and retrieval
System and method for evaluating a person's information technology skills
Map (profile) of the earth's continents and methods of manufacturing world maps
Method and system for checking the attainability status of a mobile terminal device
System and method for creation of video annotations
Block programmable priority encoder in a CAM
Status display for parallel activities
Broadband service control network
Collaborative remote operation of computer programs
Microprocessor with random number generator and instruction for storing random data
System and method for global positioning system enhanced presence rules
System and method for identifying the position of mobile terminals
Method and apparatus for utilizing historical network information for mitigating excessive network u...
Apparatus and method for limiting accidental roaming activity in border areas
Air purifier
Electronic spinning apparatus, and a process of preparing nonwoven fabric using the same
Process of manufacturing a seed/AFM combination for a CPP GMR device
Method and apparatus supporting a slider having multiple deflection rails in a negative pressure poc...
Programmable interconnect structures
Flip chip system with organic/inorganic hybrid underfill composition
Method of manufacturing a phase change RAM device utilizing reduced phase change current
Integrated putter system
Attachable sensor for putting stroke path and plane detection
Method and apparatus for initializing operation of a disk drive
Geometric ladder circuit with linear-in-dB transfer function
Amplifiers with compensation
Optical elements, related manufacturing methods and assemblies incorporating optical elements
Smart airbag for vehicular applications
Light-emitting semiconductor device using group III nitrogen compound
Head-protecting airbag
Boot for constant velocity universal joint
Head-protecting airbag device
Occupant protection apparatus
Head-protecting airbag
Intake duct
Electrical splice assembly
Crystalline polymers of propylene having improved processability in the molten state and process for...
Securement of head rest support into automobile seat frame
Clock distribution architecture with spread spectrum
Method of saving energy in an information handling system by controlling a main converter based on t...
Aggregation of distributed energy resources
Developer collecting apparatus and an image forming apparatus having the same
Structure of floor slab bridge
System and method for CT scanning of baggage
Method for coding and decoding an information symbol
EMI reduction using tunable delay lines
Amplitude correction for seismic recordings
Ground surface cover type reflectivity variation correction in a differential absorption LIDAR syste...
Marking replaceable resource units within printing devices
Flash ADC with sparse codes matched to input noise
Self-indexing spacer for air spring assembly
Overhead travelling carriage
Method of manufacturing display device
Air spring assembly and method
Method for making a rolling-lobe air spring and apparatus therefor and a rolling-lobe air spring hav...
Beverage bottling plant for filling bottles with a liquid beverage material having a bottle closing ...
Dunnage sheet removal apparatus
Steerable and liftable independent suspension system
Air spring assembly
Scalable high-performance bouncing apparatus
Spinning nut basketball elevator system
Belt height adjustment device
Compressed air processing apparatus for compressed air systems of motor vehicles
Trailing beam suspension with alignment adjustment assembly
Integrated solenoid valve and air spring assembly
Power tool housing
Vibration reduction apparatus for power tool and power tool incorporating such apparatus
Ride height control system for walking beam suspension
Method of preparing amine stereoisomers
Image capturing apparatus
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Nonlinear distortion compensating circuit
Fixing device with temperature control
Method of multi-level storage in DRAM and apparatus thereof
Battery module
Tape-shaped insulating material, insulated product and aqueous dispersion type acrylic pressure-sens...
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in a mobile communication system using spac...
Compositions and methods for the treatment of wounds and the reduction of scar formation
Organic electroluminescent device using mixture of phosphorescent material as light-emitting substan...
Housing for a communication device
System and method for pre-encryption of transmitted content
Window-based polling scheme for a wireless communications protocol
Calcium-independent phospholipases A.sub.2, genes thereof and promoter of the same
Method and apparatus for measuring the absorption coefficient and the reduced scattering coefficient...
Ocular lens
Method and system for monitoring and recording voice from circuit-switched via a packet-switched net...
Antireflective coatings for high-resolution photolithographic synthesis of DNA arrays
Biosensor and sensing cell array using the same
Method and apparatus for free-space optical switching
Method and system for data collection for alert delivery
Retainer for laryngeal mask
Multiple-gate MOS transistor and a method of manufacturing the same
Test mode control device using nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Arc tube and low-pressure mercury lamp that can be reduced in size
Firewall proxy system and method
System for creating, pricing and managing and electronic trading and distribution of credit risk tra...
Article of jewelry
System and method for modular sorting stations
Feedthrough capacitor filter assemblies with laminar flow delaminations for helium leak detection
Systems and Methods for Remotely Maintaining Virtual Private Networks
Wireless Perimeter Security Device and Network Using Same
Wireless Perimeter Security Device and Network Using Same
iWiTTY TV Concept, TV-program- and radio-TV program production method / system
Wireless Perimeter Security Device and Network Using Same
Wireless Communication Network for an Implantable Medical Device System
System and Method of Drug Identification Through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Transmit power control
Radio base station
Method and Apparatus for Providing Service-Based Cell Reselection
Method and Apparatus for Maximizing Resource Utilization of Base Stations in a Communication Network
Radio base station apparatus
Method for Allocating Channel Processing Resources and Centralized Base Stations for Implementing th...
Method of treating handover in a bridge-based radio access station backbone network
Wireless Network Control System, Wireless Network Control Apparatus, and Base Station
Radio base station equipment