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Caching permissions information
Coffee lounge
Feedback circuit for minimizing VCO sensitivity
Method and apparatus to provide an interface to obtain data from a real-time monitor
System and method for using uniform resource locators to map application layer content names to netw...
Bismuth oxide glasses containing germanium oxide
Method and apparatus for generating an electrical arc
System for the measurement and data acquisition for optical fiber sensors
Method and apparatus for one directional communications in bidirectional communications channel
Diagnostic scanning microscope for information-enriched qualitative histopathology
Photonic interconnect system
Optical module
Optical fibers with improved resistance to ingressing molecules
Fiber optic drop wire splice kit
Protected bidirectional WDM network
Method and apparatus for in-service upgrading of OADM to wavelength selective switch of higher degre...
Fiber optic phased array and associated method for accommodating atmospheric perturbations with phas...
Fusion temperature calibration
Manufacturing method of processed food containing konnyaku material, and the processed food manufact...
Pressure cleaner brush for washing surfaces
Synthetic jet fuel and diesel fuel compositions and processes
Method for assaying whole blood
Interface for detection and control of multiple test probes
Tire inflation pressure monitoring device and vehicle having the same
Shipping container monitoring and tracking system
Automated consumer to business electronic marketplace system
Fleet tracking system with reporting feature
Electronic security system
Method for contacting stolen vehicles
Surveillance system control unit
Modification of portable communications device operation in vehicles
Fully automated vehicle dispatching, monitoring and billing
4'-C-substituted-2-haloadenosine derivative
Polynucleotides encoding SREB1 receptor
Supplying halt signal to data processing unit from integer unit upon single unit format instruction ...
Method and apparatus for message display
Graduated visual and manipulative translucency for windows
Technology to create/edit/run an executable file on a host via a web browser connected thereto
System and method for communicating between software applications, particularly MES (manufacturing e...
Program delivery system for VOD
Voice controlled television
Layout system, layout program, and layout method
Dielectric media
Lactam-containing compounds and derivatives thereof as factor Xa inhibitors
Continuous oxidation and distillation process of heavier hydrocarbon materials
Process for reducing sulfur and olefin contents in gasoline
Medical use for tachykinin antagonists
Method for preparing a lactic acid ester composition and use thereof as solvent
Subject estimating method, device, and program
Memory product controller, memory product control method, and memory product
Extending the number of instruction bits in processors with fixed length instructions, in a manner c...
Branch based activity monitoring
Bow guide for stringed instruments
Plate for the sound hole of a guitar
Fluid dispensing apparatus
Open face cooling system for submersible motor
Two stage grease gun
Air bearing and motor cooling
System and method for controlling current provided to a stepping motor
Hybrid compressor
Downhole compressor
Screw pump and method of operating the same
Low profile inlet for an implantable blood pump
Circulating fluid regulated braking device for air and land vehicles
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of reciprocating compressor
Cutting insert and tool and wrench for using the same
Regulatory device comprising a threshold valve control valve
Fluid end
Weather shield for underneath a dock leveler
Nozzle cap, head cap unit, and liquid ejection head
Locally reinforced hollow structural assembly
Reconfigurable gaming machine
Process for making a splice for a stabilized absorbent
System for transferring an advancing web from a dryer across a draw to a reel section
Activatable fastening system and web having elevated regions and functional material members
System and method for providing absorbent paper products and packaging therefor having coordinated c...
Apparatus for making pre-fastened absorbent undergarments
Apparatus for applying discrete parts to a moving web
Medicated tampon
Method for applying an exothermic coating to a substrate
Nanogripper device having length measuring function and method for length measurement executed with ...
Tongue lock for stackable containers
Disposable servingware containers with flange tabs
Method of managing the cleaning of heat transfer elements of a boiler within a furnace
Gravity-feed napkin dispenser with internal blocking assembly
Apparatus and methods usable in connection with dispensing flexible sheet material from a roll
Method and system for organ positioning and stabilization
Detection of pleural effusion using transthoracic impedance
Devices and methods for accessing and analyzing physiological fluid
Contamination monitoring and control techniques for use with an optical metrology instrument
Biomedical optical device and biomedical optical measuring method
Method for noise improvement in ellipsometers
Optical analyzing unit and optical analyzing device
Using statistical process control (SPC) to demonstrate solution convergence in a technician guided s...
Method and medical imaging apparatus for determining a slice in an examination volume for data acqui...
Method and system for atherosclerosis risk scoring
Method for adjusting image contrast
Luminescent intensity analysis method and apparatus
Correction parameter determining method, correction parameter determining apparatus, computer progra...
Image processing apparatus and method, and image-capturing apparatus
Shadow-free 3D and 2D measurement system and method
Automated statistical self-calibrating detection and removal of blemishes in digital images dependen...
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus and method for operating same for image generation
Method and apparatus for providing an infrared image
Method and apparatus for improving picture sharpness
Exposure correction method for digital images
Method and system for mesh-to-image registration using raycasting
Profile adjustment method, apparatus, and program
Reconstruction of the current flow in a vessel system
Sound reproduction method and apparatus for assessing real-world performance of hearing and hearing ...
Signal processing in a hearing aid
Hearing aid and operating method with switching among different directional characteristics
Antenna system configuration for mobile phones
Optimum solution method, hearing aid fitting apparatus utilizing the optimum solution method, and sy...
Spectral enhancement using digital frequency warping
Fibre channel transparent switch for mixed switch fabrics
Arrangement and method for maintaining a minimum flow velocity in the coolant return of a machine to...
Poly-.beta.-carboxyacrylamide polymer, use thereof and process for preparing the same
Filter canister, system containing filter canister, and their use
Process for reduction of inorganic contaminants from waste streams
Solid-liquid separation of oil-based muds
Filter aid and method of using same for reclaiming water-based fluids used in metal working processe...
Process for preparing a flocculant for water treatment
Filter methods to capture a desired amount of material from a sample suspension for monolayer deposi...
Membranes for selective gas separation
Method of controlling the growth of microorganisms
Piggable separation system
Method and device for determining blood volume during an extracorporeal blood treatment
Rinsing liquid treatment device
Unitary three stage wastewater treatment system
Distribution and collection headers for a filter bed
Spiral-wound liquid membrane module for separation of fluids and gases
Method for forming an in situ groundwater filter
Process for the treatment of contaminated water based on the use of apolar zeolites having different...
Circuit and method for reducing electromagnetic interference
Circuit arrangement for the control of at least one electric machine
Apparatus and method for controlling a power converter device
Switching converter and method for driving a switch in a switching converter
Switching power supply circuit
DC-DC converter
Apparatus and method for controlling temperature of electronic apparatus
Class-D audio amplifier with half-swing pulse-width-modulation
Enhanced ore comminution process and apparatus
Use of riluzole for the treatment of multiple sclerosis
Process for preparing zolmitriptan compounds
Isoxazole derivatives and process for producing the same
Anti-inflammatory medicaments
5-fluorooxindole-3-carboxylic acid ester
Medicinal compositions improving brain function and method for improving brain function
Preservative blends containing quaternary ammonium compounds
Gossypol co-crystals and the use thereof
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method
Traction device for physical therapy
Vector interface to shared memory in simulating a circuit design
Automated fabric layup system and method
Dental material container with porous flow through applicator
Ostomy appliance with multiple openings for preventing filter input blockage
Compact cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner
Use of a low binder fiber mat with a support mat for fabricating a fiber reinforced polymeric foam c...
Mediated hydrohalic acid electrolysis
Clarification and sorptive-filtration system for the capture of constituents and particulate matter ...
Battery having carbon foam current collector
Water absorbing hydrogels and methods of making and use thereof
Method for modelling the production of hydrocarbons by a subsurface deposit which are subject to dep...
Protective foam with skin
Well treatment method
Antimicrobial compositions including carboxylic acids and alkoxylated amines
Inhibitors of amyloid precursor protein processing
1,2,5-Thiadiazol-3-yl-piperazine therapeutic agents useful for treating pain, depression and anxiety
3,4-(cyclopentyl)-fused proline compounds as inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 serine protease
Polymerization process and reactor system
CMOS imager with Cu wiring and method of eliminating high reflectivity interfaces therefrom
Battery with increased electrode interfacial surface area and increased active materials
Soluble analyte detection and amplification
Exponential priors for maximum entropy models
Methods and systems for processing playlists
Managing infectious messages as identified by an attachment
Methods, systems, and products for selective broadcast enhancement
Methods and apparatus for providing consistency in SMS message timestamp formatting for mobile commu...
Method and apparatus for product display
System and method of transaction settlement using trade credit
Method, system, and program for accessing calendar information for shadowed users from a database
Medium access control (MAC) protocol for a wireless communication system
Mobile terminal, display switching method of mobile terminal, and recording medium for recording dis...
System and methods for mail security
Method of providing a dynamic cellular cardiac support
Lectin-like domain of thrombomodulin and its therapeutic use
Treatment of vascular occlusions using ultrasonic energy and microbubbles
Device and method to limit filling of the heart
Stent with protruding branch portion for bifurcated vessels
Methods for identification and uses of anti-inflammatory receptors for eicosapentaenoic acid analogs
Inhibitors of .alpha..sub.L.beta..sub.2 mediated cell adhesion
Benzamides and related inhibitors of factor Xa
Diamine derivatives
Urokinase inhibitors and uses thereof
Crystal forms of atorvastatin hemi-calcium and processes for their preparation as well as novel proc...
Compositions and methods for treating diabetes
Method for manufacturing a shielded pole magnetic head for perpendicular recording
Thermal dissipation from a flip chip through an aperture in a flex cable
Method for wedge time shift calibration in a disk drive
Method of writing patterns onto a recording disk, and data storage device
In-stack biasing of the free layer of a magnetoresistive read element
Disc cartridge having disc taking-out history detecting portion
Disc cartridge having disc access opening
Positioning head assembly for data storage system with multiple degrees of freedom
Method, medium, and apparatus compensating for torque variations based on temperature
In-situ compensation method of microactuator stroke sensitivity subject to temperature variation
Disk drive with variable track density
Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
Shock-absorbing member, shock-absorbing method of electronic device employing the member, and electr...
Disk recording and/or reproducing apparatus having eject lever contact portion movable from an inser...
Cartridge carrier
Disk drive including a balancing ring with a balancing weight attached to a lower end of a spindle m...
Recording disk cartridge
System with matrix array of write heads and matrix array of magnetoresistive (MR) read heads
Method of removing lead-free solder from slider pad and magnetic disk drive
Method for providing electrical crossover in a laminated structure
Magnetoresistive effect having multiple base layers between an electrode and an antiferromagnetic la...
External catheter access to vacuum bandage
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium and device, and image processing method and apparatus us...
Predistortion circuit and method for compensating A/D and other distortion in a digital RF communica...
Resin infused acrylic shell
Deflection sensing system
Automated sniffer apparatus and method for monitoring computer systems for unauthorized access
System and method for wireless local area network monitoring and intrusion detection
Method of milking an animal and device for this purpose
Nursing aid system
Device for keeping and serving ice cream
Pharmaceutical composition based on a polymorphic form I of idazoxan
Chrysanthemum plant named Libra
Heuchera plant named `Midnight Rose`
Heuchera plant named `Raspberry Ripple`
Methods for treating mastitis in a milk producing animal
Selectorized dumbbell weight with weight plates formed by a pair of welded weight subplates and meth...
Adjustable laptop holder for exercise equipment
Method and apparatus for on-line prescription ordering
Removable exercise pole
Bar supports for a weight bench
Lateral leg stretching apparatus
Universal approach for simulating, emulating, and testing a variety of serial bus types
Adjustable bench
Abdominal bench with constant gap torso cushion
Muscle stretching device and method for using the same
Incremental weight system
Exercise apparatus
Exercise device with gyroscope reaction features
Assembly for stabilizing seated individuals while exercising
Human LXR.alpha. variants
5, 6-diaryl-pyrazine-2-amide derivatives as CB.sub.1 antagonists
Fused heterocyclic compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor function
.alpha.-form or .beta.-form crystal of acetanilide derivative
Substituted anilide ligands for the thyroid receptor
Gastrointestinal motility control
Liquid delivery devices and methods
Heat sink module for dissipating heat from a heat source on a motherboard
Cooling unit and flow distributing element for use in such unit
Modular, scalable thermal solution
Graphics card apparatus with improved heat dissipating assemblies
Interposable heat sink for adjacent memory modules
Anti-condensation control system
Charge air cooler having refrigerant coils and method for cooling charge air
Coolant sensor and bleed valve
Heat exchanger and method of producing
Metal plate for producing flat tube, flat tube and process for producing the flat tube
Portable computer with docking station
Cooling device incorporating boiling chamber
Air duct with airtight seal
Chassis structure for plasma display module and plasma display module including the chassis structur...
Integrated circuit cooling apparatus and method
Heat sink with integral card guide
RF power amplifier assembly with heat pipe enhanced pallet
Heat sink assembly
Method and apparatus for cooling an equipment enclosure through closed-loop, liquid-assisted air coo...
Captive shoulder nut assembly
Flat display device
Copper foil having blackened surface or layer
Implants, device and method for joining tissue parts
tRNA synthetase
Methods for easing pain and anxiety from atrial or ventricular defibrillation
Dental implant system
Metal artifact correction in computed tomography
Dental implant method and apparatus
Thioether sulphamate steroids as steroid inhibitors and anti-cancer compounds
Attachment mechanism for dental implants
Proportioned surgically implantable knee prosthesis
Saving and restoring an interlocking trees datastore
Oscillator and method of making for atomic force microscope and other applications
Method and apparatus for a monodiameter wellbore, monodiameter casing, monobore, and/or monowell
Method of manufacturing optical fiber probe and for finishing micro material
Transistor device containing carbon doped silicon in a recess next to MDD to create strain in channe...
FinFET structure with contacts
Small scale wires with microelectromechanical devices
Topographically indexed support substrates
Synchronous permanent magnet planar motor
Nanotube-based switching elements with multiple controls
Image compression and decompression
System and method for controlling routing in a virtual router system
Addressing scheme supporting fixed local addressing and variable global addressing
System and methodology for providing community-based security policies
Large scale integrated circuit with sense amplifier circuits for low voltage operation
Low voltage differential signal receiver
Pre-aligning a substrate in a lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufa...
Resettable circuit protection apparatus
Method and system for providing a loop-free ring topology
Network verification tool
Multi-service segmentation and reassembly device that maintains only one reassembly context per acti...
Apparatus and process for altering timing in an electrographic printer
Load-linked/store conditional mechanism in a CC-NUMA system
Time stamping events for fractions of a clock cycle
Wireless communication system for telephonic calls
Telecommunications routing
Linked network switch configuration
Active daylighting and active solar heating system and method
Evaporation apparatus
Steam generator system
Solar-thermal powered generator
Solar power generation system
Precipitation measurement device
Animal housing structure and apparatus
Turbines and methods of generating power
Gas barrier clear film, and display substrate and display using the same
Polymer composition containing organic modified layered silicate, film and gas barrier film as well ...
Polythiophenes having alkyleneoxythia thiophene units in electrolyte capacitors
Scalable communication within a distributed system using dynamic communication trees
Web-based analysis of defective computer programs
System and method for providing on-line services for multiple entities
Systems and methods for freeform annotations
Mechanisms for supporting back button function of web browser as web service server in interaction w...
Computer-readable recorded medium on which image file is recorded, device for producing the recorded...
Method of generating and utilizing debug history
Benchmark synthesis using workload statistics
Software-to-hardware compiler with symbol set inference analysis
Methods and apparatus for communication between an application and a device
Trusted flow and operation control method
System, method and computer program product for automated interaction with and data extraction from ...
Systems and methods for harvesting and integrating nanowires
Biothermal power source for implantable devices
Coated implants and methods of coating
Wavelength-converted semiconductor light emitting device
Solution deposition of chalcogenide films containing transition metals
3-substituted-6-aryl pyridines
Rifamycin analogs and uses thereof
Programmable crossbar signal processor with input/output tip interconnection
Radio frequency identification static discharge protection
Configurable arrays for steerable antennas and wireless network incorporating the steerable antennas
Antenna systems for reliable satellite television reception in moisture conditions
Display element and display device
Method and system for device-independent determination of coordinates of a point displayed by means ...
Cable termination
Extrusion head having a rotating die
Electrical connectors (II)
Methods and apparatus for preventing the migration of intradiscal devices
Homogeneously branched ethylene polymer carpet, carpet backing and method for making same
Rheology-modified thermoplastic elastomer compositions for extruded profiles
Engine piston and manufacture
Laminated film
Polyester-polycarbonate blends useful for extrusion blow-molding
Ray tracing in discontinuous multimode channel waveguides
Ink-jet printhead and manufacturing method thereof
Transfer paper for printing with an inkjet printer
Lighting fixture
Reading and writing apparatus for IC coins
Interactive "21" gaming system and method
Gaming machine, server, and program
Interactive poker gaming system and method
Gaming device having an accumulated award selection bonus scheme
Method, system, and program product for grouping game players by class
Gaming device having an accumulating award symbol
Gaming device having a graduated multiplier payout in a secondary game
System and method for providing dynamic user information in an interactive display
Advanced valve metal anodes with complex interior and surface features and methods for processing sa...
Fluted anode with minimal density gradients and capacitor comprising same
Printed wiring board with enhanced structural integrity
Ball grid array resistor capacitor network
Magnetic memory device, write current driver circuit and write current driving method
Tunneling magnetoresistance device with high magnetoimpedance (MI) effect
Neutron tubes
Method for evaluating contamination on surface of object and imaging box used for the method
Low bias drift modulator with buffer layer
Light transmission and reception module, sub-mount, and method of manufacturing the sub-mount
Optical component and a method of fabricating an optical component
Image forming apparatus including a transfer belt having image forming units disposed thereabout
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge including sealable lubricating device
Measurement of respiratory sinus arrhythmia using respiratory and electrogram sensors in an implanta...
Miniature implantable connectors
Electronic control system
Methods and systems for managing supply chain processes
Two mode electrically variable transmission with equal forward and reverse input-split modal and fix...
Pneumatic nail gun
Position detection system, game system, and control method for position detection system
Adjustable sand blasting gun
IL-8 like protein
Torch for arc welding
Detection of coincident radiations in a single transducer by pulse shape analysis
Universal fleet electrical system
Wireless short range communication system
Multiple illumination source exposure apparatus
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper portion
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Mass spectrometer for biological samples
Method and apparatus for measurement of aerosols and imaging
Optical scanner for scanning a laser beam in accordance with an image signal
Image forming device
Compact laser altimeter system
Time modulated doublet coherent laser radar
Three-dimensional shape measuring method and its device
Light scanning unit and image forming apparatus having the same
Multi-band hybrid SOA-raman amplifier for CWDM
Optical disc system and method for managing shock during data record/play
Method and apparatus for recording data on an optical recording medium
Optical disc system and control method thereof
Dark fiber laser array coupler
Blower used for laser oscillator
Laser scanning device
Tunable laser source with integrated optical modulator
Laser diode with a frequency converter
Free space optical (FSO) laser communication system employing fade mitigation measures based on lase...
Fiber optic module
Compact evaporator for chiller application
Actuating lever
Torque transfer mechanisms with power-operated clutch actuator
Method of actuating a clutch
Rear-axle suspension for motor vehicles involving the use of longitudinal and transverse links
Method and structure for positioning headlamp on vehicle body
Motor belt tensioning construction for an air handling unit
Torque coupling with power-operated clutch actuator
Fuel cell collector structure and solid oxide fuel cell stack using the same
Friction material composition and friction material using the same
Battery pack malfunction detection apparatus and battery pack malfunction detection method
Surface configuration of a vehicle body, toy, and/or replica
Diesel engine comprising DPM filter and DPM filter regeneration method
Seating arrangement for a vehicle
Vane wheel for torque converter and manufacturing method
Differential ripple detection method and system
Ultrasonic array probe apparatus, system, and method for traveling over holes and off edges of a str...
Multilayer composite and method of making same
System and process for automated microcontact printing
Methods of restoring elasticity after stiffening treatments
Metallic-polymeric composite materials
Method for etching and for forming a contact hole using thereof
Wiring board providing impedance matching
Evaluation support apparatus and method for evaluation of recyclability/environmental load
MIS-based sensors with hydrogen selectivity
Apparatus for mechanically bonding and cutting an article
Aircraft interior wireless communications system
Aerogel/PTFE composite insulating material
Motor vehicle rear floor
Coating composition having fluorescent colorants
Photochromic compounds
GPS publication application server
Constant velocity joint boot
Resin member and method of manufacturing the same
Light source
Differentially coated medical devices, system for differentially coating medical devices, and coatin...
Transdermal delivery system for dried particulate or lyophilized medications
Hinged anterior thoracic/lumbar plate
Woven orthopedic implants
Catheter for endoluminal delivery of therapeutic agents that minimizes loss of therapeutic
Tissue scaffold having aligned fibrils and artificial tissue comprising the same
Gene therapy using TGF-.beta.
Injectable microspheres for tissue construction
Pyridine compounds
MIS capacitor and method of formation
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a toroidal-like junction
Function line and transistor array using the same
Tensile-stressed microelectromechanical apparatus and microelectromechanical relay formed therefrom
Semiconductor, electrooptic apparatus and electronic apparatus
Organic EL display device, electronic equipment, and method for manufacturing the same
Human procalcitonin and the preparation and use thereof
Bioreactive agents
Multiplexed electrochemical detection system and method
Compact fluorescence endoscopy video system
Ink set and ink jet recording method
Marking device
Stain resistant protective film and adhesive sheet having the same thereon
Processor for endoscope
Anode compositions having an elastomeric binder and an adhesion promoter
Pavement marking comprising modified isocyanate
Aqueous dispersions of polytetrafluoroethylene particles
Polymerizable compositions, methods of making the same, and composite articles therefrom
Fluoropolymer compositions, coated articles, and method of making the same
Soluble polymers as amine capture agents and methods
Lettuce cultivar 50-0401001-B
Organic electroluminescent device having protective structure with boron oxide layer and inorganic b...
Projection lens and portable display device for gaming and other applications
Imaging method for a capsule-type endoscope unit
Multi-axis resistance exercise device
Golf bag coupling system
Golf assisting device
Soil aerator assembly
Golf putter having alignment aid for aligning a golfer's head in at least four axes
Golf putter with multiple striking-surfaces, reversible face plate
Sole construction for energy storage and rebound
Interpenetrating polymer networks using blocked polyurethane/polyurea prepolymers for golf ball laye...
Pocket shoe horn with telescopic handle
Processing of multi-channel signals
Jet cleaning machine
Method and system for recording carious lesions
Event scheduling with optimization
Networked product selection system and method for its use
System and method for an efficient dynamic multi-unit auction
Method and apparatus for delivering multiple fuel injections to the cylinder of an internal combusti...
Support for real-time queries concerning current state, data and history of a process
Support for real-time queries concerning current state, data and history of a process
System and method for rating media information
Message based global distributed locks with automatic expiration for indicating that said locks is e...
Dual active bank memory controller
Configuring both a programmable logic device and its embedded logic with a single serialized configu...
Method and apparatus for detecting and recovering from errors in a source synchronous bus
Guided data entry using indicator and interactive step symbols
Grill cleaning appliance
Jet cleaning machine
Diamino-pyrimidines and their use as angiogenesis inhibitors
Substituted oxindole derivatives as tyrosine kinase inhibitors
PRO1772 polypeptides
PRO6246 polypeptides
Self-healing coatings using microcapsules to suppress lead dust
Compounds that inhibit Hsp90 protein-protein interactions with IAP proteins
PRO1305 antibodies
Glycosylation-resistant cyanovirins and related conjugates, compositions, nucleic acids, vectors, ho...
Processes for the production of electrophoretic displays
Methods and systems for planarizing workpieces, e.g., microelectronic workpieces
Manufacturing method for electric device
Coating for inspection of cracking in structure
Substituted indole oximes
Air cavity module for planar type filter operating in millimeter-wave frequency bands
Circuit board microwave filters
Systems and methods for blocking microwave propagation in parallel plate structures
Techniques for blood pressure measurement by implantable device
Viterbi decoder
Channel monitoring and identification and performance monitoring in a flexible high speed signal pro...
Equalizers for multi-branch receiver
Programmable filter
Coding system for minimizing digital data bandwidth
Method and apparatus for tracking invalid signals through a digital system
Expandable osmotic composition and coating suspension
System for releasing encapsulated active ingredients
Temperature-stabilized sensor coil and current sensor
Light emitting device processes
Phonon-blocking, electron-transmitting low-dimensional structures
Magnetoresistive read head having a bias structure with at least one dusting layer
High energy capacitor and charging procedures
System and method for maintaining a distributed database of hyperlinks
Providing peer groups in a peer-to-peer environment
System and method for creating web pages with word processing templates
Operating system program launch menu search
Method and apparatus for managing individual traffic flows
Method and system for accessing a peer-to-peer network
System and process for generating representations of objects using a directional histogram model and...
Method of recognizing an object in an image using multi-sensor integration through conditionally opt...
System and method for emergency response
System and method for providing product recommendations
Propagation of filter expressions across multi-layered systems
Direct navigation for information retrieval
Methods to browse database query information
Computation of page authority weights using personalized bookmarks
Display of software notes indicating that content from a content provider site is available for disp...
System and method for servicing communications using both fixed and mobile wireless networks
Wireless communication method, wireless communication apparatus, and wireless communication system
System and method for controlling an operational mode of a MAC layer in a broadband wireless access ...
Asynchronous messaging based system for publishing and accessing content and accessing applications ...
System and method for allowing nodes in a wireless communication network to access multiple channels
Tiered wireless, multi-modal access system and method
Peak current control in wireless network interface devices
Modular ear-piece/microphone (headset) operable to service voice activated commands
System and method for previewing and purchasing ring tones for a mobile device
Portable wireless unit
Method and system for providing a financial analysis of an enhanced wireless communications service
System and method for wireless data terminal management using telecommunication signaling network
Method, system and apparatus for transmitting interleaved data between stations
Inbred maize line PHB18
Inbred corn line PHD90
Regulated antigen delivery system (RADS)
PRO1309 polypeptides
PRO1154 polypeptide
Antibodies against the PRO4320 polypeptide
Inbred maize line PH7BW
Recombinant Bacillus phytases and uses thereof
Plants and seeds of corn variety I210096
Plants and seeds of corn variety I249526
Plants and seeds of corn variety I282610
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH578335
Phytases and methods for producing these phytases
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH461538
Plants and seeds of corn variety I286375
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH390
Interferon-.beta. variants and conjugates
Resin composition, adhesive film using the same and multilayer printed circuit board
Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Spintronic transistor
Thin film transistor array substrate and fabricating method thereof
Optical element
Split-gate power module for suppressing oscillation therein
MOSFET package
Semiconductor MOS transistor device and method for making the same
Electrical node of transistor and method of forming the same
Semiconductor metal contamination reduction for ultra-thin gate dielectrics
Wafer street buffer layer
Integrated circuit incorporating wire bond inductance
Connection device with actuating element for changing a conductive state of a via
Method to increase mechanical fracture robustness of porous low k dielectric materials
Cross-fill pattern for metal fill levels, power supply filtering, and analog circuit shielding
Low coefficient of thermal expansion build-up layer packaging and method thereof
Liquid crystal display for enhancing reflection and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Electro-optical device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing substrate devi...
Mems switch and method of fabricating the same
Optical waveguide environmental sensor and method of manufacture
Measurement of body compounds
Blind source separation of pulse oximetry signals
MRI system
Background suppression method for time-resolved magnetic resonance angiography
Method and apparatus for performing neuroimaging
System and method for insertion of a device into the brain
Scanner for a magnetic resonance tomography diagnosis apparatus
Computerized simultaneous laser marking and targeting system
Incorporation of a phase map into fast model-based optical proximity correction simulation kernels t...
Method and system for identifying subrogation potential and valuing a subrogation file
Multi-tier pricing of individual products based on volume discounts
Methods to maintain triangle ordering of coherence messages
Tool kit box
Cutting board with snap-in pop strainer
Container cover
Foot switch
Icon or label for display on cartridges for office equipment or electronic displays
Variable Information Suite postscript converter application icon for a display screen
360 degree geospatial view telescope
Snare drum throw off
Vertical arc trainer
Razor with laterally moving head
Light adjuster and laminated glass
Method of producing maps and other objects configured for presentation of spatially-related layers o...
Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing printed circuit board
System for playback of pre-encoded signals through a parametric loudspeaker system
Vehicle audio system with directional sound and reflected audio imaging for creating a personal soun...
Operation recognition system enabling operator to give instruction without device operation
Dynamic tumor treatment system
Method of tracking position and velocity of objects' borders in two or three dimensional digital ima...
Mark forming method for moving body and moving body having mark
Method and device for placing a patient repeatedly into the same relative position
System and method for assessing fetal abnormality based on landmarks
Cardiac CT system and method for planning and treatment of biventricular pacing using epicardial lea...
Method for modeling asphaltenes flocculation conditions in hydrocarbon-containing fluids related to ...
Technique for processing and generating messages in multiple languages
Animal bed
Pet feeding bowl insert
Surface protective member for transmission screen
Norbornene-type monomers and polymers containing pendent lactone or sultone groups
Terahertz imaging system and associated method
Method and arrangement relating to x-ray imaging
Systems, control subsystems, and methods for projecting an electron beam onto a specimen
Method and apparatus for estimating photomultiplier sensitivity change
Object monitoring, locating, and tracking system employing RFID devices
Multilayer film reflector for soft X-rays and manufacturing method thereof
X-ray apparatus provided with a positionally adjustable X-ray detector
System for dynamic low dose x-ray imaging
Apparatus for estimating specific polymer crystal
X-ray means for determining the location of malignant neoplasm and its radiotherapy
X-ray detector quick-connect connection system
Method and apparatus for generation of a digital x-ray image of an examination subject
Imaging apparatus and imaging system
Bearing assembly
X-ray diaphragm, X-ray irradiator, and X-ray imaging apparatus
Methods and devices for responding to request for unregistered domain name to indicate a predefined ...
Method and apparatus for bar code data interchange
System and method for directory services and e-commerce across multi-provider networks
Method and system for providing information on industrial wastes, server and terminal for providing ...
Account reconciliation methods and systems
Method and apparatus for managing and enforcing user privacy
Portable electronic authorization system and method
Card settlement system
Business transaction system and method
Systems and method for managing and processing of telecommunications invoices
Method and system for query-based management of multiple network resources
Methods and systems for coordinating the termination of sessions on one or more systems
Method and system for controlling a complementary user interface on a display surface
Unified rendering
Nonlinear pulse oscillator methods and apparatus
Golf tee
Methods for treating a patient undergoing chemotherapy
Sphingosine kinase inhibitors
Method and system for evaluating wireless applications
Frequency locking of multisection laser diodes
Production of olefin polymerization catalysts
Voltage-controlled oscillator with stable gain over a wide frequency range
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Housing for a communication device
Video display for telephone
Television display with image
Image for television display
Long knitting loom
Washing machine
Washing machine
Enhanced nanocomposite combustion accelerant and methods for making the same
Biochemical labeling materials and manufacturing method thereof
Structure for optical device and method of fabricating the same
Electronic device and method for producing the same
Methods of treating osteoarthritis using IL-17 receptor proteins in combination with TNF-receptor pr...
Conference link between a speakerphone and a video conference unit
Television conference system with displays
Organic electroluminescent element
Phenyl and fluorenyl substituted phenyl-pyrazole complexes of Ir
Dual panel-type organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Full color organic light-emitting device having color modulation layer
Organic light-emitting devices and displays including a polarization separator, a phase plate, and a...
Light-emitting device having triplet and singlet compound in light-emitting layers
Time division sampling digital to analog converter for driving flat panel display, method of impleme...
Color electroluminescence display device
OLED pixel
Organic semiconductor device
Light-emitting element and display device and lighting device using same
Organic semiconductor transistor with banks confining the semiconductor
Light emitting device having organic light emitting material with mixed layer
Demultiplexer using current sample/hold circuit, and display device using the same
Voltage current conversion device and light emitting device
Probe for NMR Apparatus and NMR Apparatus Using the Same
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Apparatus
System of Electric Coils for Transmitting and Receiving Radio-Frequency Magnetic Fileds in a Magneti...
Resonator with adjustable capacitor for medical device
Radiofrequency magnetic field resonator and a method of designing the same
Passively damped magnetic resonance (MR) detection configuration
Floating probe for ultrasonic transducers
Method for aligning multiple MR images acquired with alternating readout gradient
Generalized Method for MRI Chemical Species Separation Using Arbitrary k-space Trajectories
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Multidimensional Nmr Spectroscopy of A Hyperpolarized Sample
RF Coil and MRI System
Automatic part feedback compensation for laser plastics welding
System and method for audio/video speaker detection
Location-based vehicle risk assessment system
Stream based compressed file download with interruption recovery
Real-time wireless e-coupon (promotion) definition based on available segment
Methods and apparatus for requesting and receiving a print job via a polling device associated with ...
Electronic payment system using accounting function in a mobile communication network
Processor having a finite field arithmetic unit utilizing an array of multipliers and adders
Systems and methods for displaying location-based maps on communication devices
Handheld device graphical user interfaces for displaying patient medical records
Area array routing masks for improved escape of devices on PCB
Control mechanism for clamper guider in slot-in drive
Switched connections diagnostics in a signalling network
Control panel for a laundry appliance
Stick vacuum handle
Foot of an upright vacuum cleaner
Canister vacuum
Nozzle for electric vacuum cleaner
Scrubbing pad
Mop device
Mop with a receptacle
Cleaning implement
Stowable laundry caddy
Iron with steam generator
Ironing board holder
Trash container
Trash bin
Garbage bin
Container for household waste materials
Shopping cart
Ornamental head for a cleaning cart
Forklift truck
Control device for an automated warehousing system
Infant playard with a reconfigurable entertainment device
Three dimensional maze game
Hoop-type amusement device
Toy figure with interchangeable brain having associated voice responses
Dancing toy
Omnidirectional toy manipulator
Integrated voice and data communication for laser tag systems
Method of treatment
PRO1879 polypeptide
cDNA encoding a gene BOG (B5T over-expressed gene) and its protein product
Antibody and use thereof
Soybean cultivar 00977706
Soybean cultivar S060291
Plants and seeds on corn variety I900420
Hybrid corn line G3601
Plants and seeds of corn variety I703277
Wheat variety XW03R
System and method for behavioural modelling
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and providing medium
Method and system of copy protection of information
System for downloading program to general-purpose subscriber identification module
User-configurable terminal for displaying, retrieving, inputting and processing data
Efficient revocation of receivers
System and method for secure download of waveforms to signal generators
Digital certificates
Method and apparatus for ensuring the copy protection of digital data
Secure telecommunications system for wireless local area networks
Recording and playback apparatus for stream data and transmission method for stream data
Composite session-based encryption of video on demand content
Method for sharing the authorization to use specific resources
Removable modules with external I/O flexibility via an integral second-level removable slot
Datacast distribution system
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating authentication of a mobile station with a core ne...
Method to protect software against unwanted use with a "renaming" principle
Parallel kinematics mechanism with a concentric spherical joint
Control system of floating mobile body
Control system and related method for multi-limbed, multi-legged robot
Surgical camera robot
Rubbing apparatus for liquid crystal display panel and method thereof
Industrial robot with controlled flexibility and simulated force for automated assembly
Control system of a robot cleaner
System, method and apparatus for organizing groups of self-configurable mobile robotic agents in a m...
Robot apparatus and load sensor
Method of operating an automated land maintenance vehicle
Telemetry signal collection, process and provision equipment
Method and apparatus for marketing products over the internet
Computer-based method and system for aiding transactions
Electronic media player with metadata based control and method of operating the same
Franking machine having a retrofittable weighing device
System for performing real-estate transactions over a computer network using participant templates
Exchange, scheduling and control system for electrical power
System and method for secure data and funds transfer
Apparatus for market dispatch for resolving energy imbalance requirements in real-time
System and method for interactive messaging and/or allocating and/or upgrading and/or rewarding tick...
Apparatus and method for computation of a pricing index
Methods and apparatus for conducting electronic transactions
Proactive call and contact center system
Method and system for assessing the quality and cost of inspection
Data contents distribution system
Method to turn off machines during-turn down period while achieving minimum cost and required cycle ...
Information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus, and information distribution sys...
Method for determining demand and pricing of advertising time in the media industry
Calculating price elasticity
Systems and methods for storage modeling and costing
System and method for printing multiple postage indicia
Article box for a beach buggy
Pedestrian airbag system
Working machine
Device for the removal of coverings laid on flat surfaces
Construction machine
Electrically variable hybrid transmission and powertrain
Hybrid electric heavy-duty vehicle drive system
Shock and energy dissipating assembly
Structural support member for stator retention and method of assembling an electromechanical transmi...
Controller for brushless motor
Theft prevention system for an automobile having a power door
Method and system for preventing erroneous starting of a vehicle having a manual transmission
Method and apparatus for detecting cargo state in a delivery vehicle
Safety device for a vehicle
Security software layer protection for engine start
Vehicle with improved turning
Actuator for a working element, particularly a walking robot and the method of controlling said actu...
Running wheel arrangement for a wheelchair
Driving operation device
Electric power steering apparatus
Diesel exhaust system variable backpressure muffler
Lightweight speaker enclosure
Suction apparatus with noise reduction means
Variable geometry resonator for acoustic control
Seismic acquisition system
Exhaust gas diffuser and filter system for a pneumatic nail gun
Air seal system for loudspeaker
System of sound transducers with controllable directional properties
Crude extracts from Andrographis paniculata
Crosslinkable hydrophilic materials from reactive oligomers having pendent unsaturated groups
Flavopereirine and alstonine combinations in the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer
Bioabsorbable pharmaceutical formulation
Compound isolated from Ginkgo biloba bark, isolation method thereof and antiplatelet composition con...
Cyclic peptides for treatment for cachexia
Eggplant extract for medical treatments
Soluble cyclic analogues of .beta. amyloid peptide
Antibacterial treatment and composition
In situ growth, freezing and testing of cultured cells
Genes involved in neuropsychiatric disorders
Botulinum toxin A peptides and methods of predicting and reducing immunoresistance to botulinum tox...
Method for determination of platelets quality
Conus californicus neurotoxins
Povidone-containing carriers for polypeptide growth factors
Stabilized ascorbic acid solutions; use thereof; process for their obtention; and formulations compr...
Digital integrated motion system
Handheld computing device incorporating a pagewidth inkjet printer
Plant mangrove-associated fungus Curvularia lunata and a simple and efficient method of obtaining hi...
Systems and methods for searching for and delivering solutions to specific problems and problem type...
Toy grenade
Firefighting training fluid and method for making same
Braille type device, system, and method
Limited placement joystick control system
System and method for communicating with students in an education environment
Apparatus and method for transmitting reverse packet data in mobile communication system
System and method for determining transmission power in a packet data transmission system
Method and apparatus for orthogonally overlaying variable chip rate spread spectrum signals
Radio communication method and device
Selection of user-specific transmission parameters for optimization of transmit performance in wirel...
Prevention of spoofing in telecommunications systems
Packet delivery method for packet radio networks
Radio base station and method of controlling radio communications
System and method to extract uplink status flag bits in a cellular wireless network
Radio receiver with operation state setting unit
Radio control system for models
Single chip LNA and VCO having similar resonant circuit topology and using same calibration signal t...
Adaptive channel access scheme
Cellular communications system employing wireless optical links
HSDPA CQI, ACK, NACK power offset known in node B and in SRNC
Node B scheduling method for mobile communication system
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus for body composition analysis
Ultra-thin flexible durable radio frequency identification devices and hot or cold lamination proces...
Voice clip identification method
Adjustable tension analog stick for a video game pad
Video game distribution network
Token with built-in IC chip
Virtual strike zone
Thiazole derivatives having CB.sub.1-antagonistic, agonistic or partial agonistic activity
Portable game support
Gaming terminal having an element moveable along a nonlinear path for indicating a game outcome
Cashless slot machine and/or amusement device with special features
Method and device for drilling a channel
Irrigation method and system using variable orifices
Boat hoist
Method for installing a screw pile
Soil nail and method of installing a subsurface support
Rock bolt
Apparatus for controlling movement of flowable particulate material
Sustainable surface water disposal system
Subsurface drainage system and drain structure therefor
Barrier panel
Method of constructing information correspondence pipe, constructed structure, and construction memb...
Dual capstan puller and method
In-situ pilings with consistent properties from top to bottom and minimal voids
Method for treating wastewater
Device for arresting the propagation of a buckle in a double-walled pipe
Ultra-thin backlight
Method and apparatus for computerized surgery
Haptic devices using electroactive polymers
Multi-layer touch display device comprising electromagnetic actuators
Method and system for digital watermarking
System and method for enhancing real-time data feeds
Gesture recognition system using depth perceptive sensors
Method to visualize three dimensional log data on two dimensional media
System and method for generating, capturing, and managing customer lead information over a computer ...
Value-added network switching and object routing
Systems and methods for creating an interactive 3D visualization of indexed media
Electronic unit integrated into a flexible polymer body
Composite dual LCD panel display suitable for three dimensional imaging
Systems and methods for transferring various data types across an ATM network
Method for calculating an image interpolated between two images of a video sequence
Method and system for modifying a digital image taking into account it's noise
Multimedia controller
Method of billing a communication session conducted over a computer network
Remote deactivation of decoders for accessing multimedia digital data
Short-range wireless system and method for multimedia tags
Meta-descriptor for multimedia information
Multimedia player
Responding to request for data
Game system with gaming machine interconnected to a cellular phone
Method and system for ordering printing of a digital image via a home server
Transaction card information access web service
Method and apparatus for providing internet call waiting with voice over internet protocol
Identification of video storage media
Multi-scale analysis and representation of physiological and health data
Multi-channel marketing database development methodology
Method and system for generating insurance premium quotes by multiple insurance vendors in response ...