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Methods and structure for rapid background initialization of a RAID logical unit
Image processing apparatus and method using image information and additional information or an addit...
Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
System and method for controlling the multicast traffic of a data packet switch
Method and system for digitally signing MPEG streams
Radio frequency check-in
Osteospermum plant named `Balserwibli`
Argyranthemum plant named `OHMADSAVI`
Gaillardia plant named `Baltoredem`
Geranium plant named `Fishimred`
Plant variety of Vinca minor named `Giant Steps`
Red Maple tree named `RT4`
Hydrangea plant named `RIE 04`
Apple tree named `MC38`
Angelonia plant named `Cartbas Depink`
Campsis plant named `Huitan`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoleamington`
Shrub rose plant named `BAIine`
Nerium oleander plant - Turner's 7-678
Shrub rose plant named `BAIkye`
Geranium plant named `Filun`
Geranium plant named `Grapink`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoottawa`
Nemesia plant named `Balarimdep`
Polysaccharide structure and sequence determination
Active ingredient combinations comprising insecticidal and acaricidal properties
Method and apparatus for tracing components of a production chain
Screening assays for agonists and antagonists of the hedgehog signaling pathway
Recombinant proteins containing repeating units
Decellularized vascular prostheses resistant to thrombus occlusion and immunological rejection
EGVI endoglucanase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Sulfotransferase SULT2A1 sequence variants
Methods for manufacturing frets for stringed instruments
Multi-contact pick and method of converting a standard pick into a multi-contact pick
Compact keyboard apparatus with accurate detection of key pressing speed
String stretcher for stringed instruments
Music reproduction system, music editing system, music editing apparatus, music editing terminal uni...
Music playback unit and method for correcting musical score data
Virtual instrument
Movable stringed instrument pickup system
Strap amplifier
Keyboard musical instrument structure
Artificial ambiance processing system
Automated generation of dynamic data entry user interface for relational database management systems
Creating ensembles of oblique decision trees with evolutionary algorithms and sampling
Techniques for forming electronic documents comprising multiple information types
Imaging system having preset processing parameters adapted to user preferences
Method and system for implementing current user links
Systems and methods for an e-mail clearing house
Intelligent network streaming and execution system for conventionally coded applications
Load balancing method in a communication network
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Electric generator having a magnetohydrodynamic effect
Amalgam-doped low mercury low-pressure UV irradiator
Manufacturing method of semiconductor substrate and method and apparatus for inspecting defects of p...
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Non-contact apparatus and method for measuring surface profile
Rare-gas low-pressure discharge lamp, method of manufacturing a rare-gas low-pressure discharge lamp...
Bulb-shaped fluorescent lamp and illumination device
Method for electrochemical analyses
Metal halide lamp with improved lumen value maintenance
Thruster apparatus and method
Sorbent re-circulation system for mercury control
Comfortable tampon
Method for predicting grain size distribution from the shape of a sedimentary body
Artificial bone and tissue engineering carrier
Particles for inhalation having sustained release properties
Composition for weight reduction comprising water-soluble low-molecular weight chitosan and Hibiscus...
Food composition and weight loss method for treating obesity
Chitosan-thio-amidine conjugates and their cosmetic as well as pharmaceutic use
Carotenoid formulations, comprising a mixture of .beta.-carotene, lycopene and lutein
Swallowing-assistive drink
Dispersions for the formulation of slightly or poorly soluble agents
Tissue augmentation material and method
Biodegradable microparticles that stabilize and control the release of proteins
Polycationic water soluble copolymer and method for transferring polyanionic macromolecules across b...
Method for isolating proteins or protein and nucleic acid associations, or particle and protein comp...
Multistage reaction system with interstage sparger systems
Toluene methylation process
Recovery of C4 olefins from a product stream comprising C4 olefins, dimethyl ether and C5+ hydrocarb...
Anti-inflammatory compounds derived from Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae
Method and compositions for bleaching hair
Hair dyeing agents containing indigo derivatives
Hydrolysable hydrogels for controlled release
Preparation of aqueous styrene-butadiene polymer dispersions
Modified silane compounds
Hydrophobe associative polymers and compositions and methods employing them
Aqueous dispersions of carboxylated cellulose esters, and methods of making them
Compositions and methods of crop protection
Functionalized halogenated polymers for microencapsulation
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Process for producing microfluidic articles
Evaluating binding affinities by force stratification and force panning
Polymer grafting by polysaccharide synthases
Polypeptides and coagulation therapy
Electronic and optoelectronic devices and methods for preparing same
Wafer level methods for fabricating multi-dice chip scale semiconductor components
Imprint stamp
Method of forming low dielectric constant porous films
Compositions and methods for use of bioactive agents derived from sulfated and sulfonated amino acid...
Prepolymer material, polymer material, imprinting process and their use
Diamondoid-containing capacitors
Addressing technique for an active backplane device
Methods for making colorant compounds
Junction structure and junction method for conductive projection
System and method for focused navigation using filters
Method for producing vattable organic pigments
High performance adhesive
Cushioning devices, gelatinous elastomer materials, and devices made therefrom
Light-receiving member, image-forming apparatus, and image-forming method
Waterborne acrylate-functionalized alkyd coating compositions
Charging device, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus including the charging device
Reciprocating engine type electric generator
Liquid crystal display and the method of its fabrication
Liquid crystal display device using cholesteric liquid crystal color filter and fabricating method t...
Backlight module having light-shielding layer under two adjacent fluorescent layers and a liquid cry...
Sequence analysis method and apparatus
Method and system for interprocedural side effect analysis
Slurry and method for producing refractory boride bodies and coatings for use in aluminium electrowi...
Method for timber harvesting and system for forestry
Combination level, plumb tool with single-hand engagement
Austenitic nickel alloy
High pressure separation of dimethyl ether from an olefin stream
Method of noise analysis and correction of noise violations for an integrated circuit design
Semiconductor device, method of generating pattern for semiconductor device, method of manufacturing...
Timing constraint generator
Method of automated repair of crosstalk violations and timing violations in an integrated circuit de...
Flash memory compiler with flexible configurations
Gate reuse methodology for diffused cell-based IP blocks in platform-based silicon products
System and method for reducing design cycle time for designing input/output cells
Wire bond padring bond pad checker program
Routing structure for transceiver core
Floorplan evaluation, global routing, and buffer insertion for integrated circuits
Emulation solution for programmable instruction DSP
Method and apparatus for prepareing patterns used for manufacture of semiconductor device
System and method of correcting mask rule violations after optical proximity correction
Object-oriented processor design and design methodologies
Fluorescence observing apparatus
Functionated photoacid generator and functionated polymer system for biological microarray synthesis
Methods and compositions for multiplex amplification of nucleic acids
Analysis of surface immobilized polymers utilizing microfluorescence detection
Methods for the electronic, homogeneous assembly and fabrication of devices
Methods for testing oligonucleotide arrays
System, method, and computer software product for gain adjustment in biological microarray scanner
Method and system for installing program in multiple system
Semiconductor storage device
Self-aligned V0-contact for cell size reduction
Protection against ischemia and reperfusion injury
Circularly permuted fluorescent protein indicators
Wound care compositions
Antibody directed against purified .beta. 1,2-xylosyltransferase
Composition and method for treating lupus nephritis
Antibodies to human growth factor huXAG-3 and methods of use
Methods for isolating tissue factor inhibitor
Method for displaying menu of TV
Convergence control apparatus and method for compensating for angular error of reference pattern
Digital camera having imaging portion, first terminal, and second terminal for outputting signals ba...
Arrangement for processing video signals
Method and apparatus to perform automatic digital convergence
Flexible processing hardware architecture
Color wheel
Data communication system, data receiving terminal and data sending terminal
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processi...
Methods of producing images of underground formations surrounding a borehole
Image management system, image management method and image display device
Interactive display system having a scaled virtual target zone
Filter device
Method for storage of a channel for a consumer electronics appliance
Color wheel index aligning device and alignment method thereof
Multi-layer printed circuit board fabrication system and method
System and method for measuring syntax coverage percentage
Multi-layered inside lining piece
Modulators on Nod2 signaling
Method for reconstituting a recombinant protein to its biologically active form
Nod2 nucleic acids and proteins
Inhibitors of IMPDH enzyme
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire using the same
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Process cartridge remanufacturing method
Spectroscopy illuminator with improved delivery efficiency for high optical density and reduced ther...
Elastic fastener
Jet singulation
Method and apparatus for recycling wash chemicals
Aluminum conductor composite core reinforced cable and method of manufacture
Infill material for synthetic-grass structures, corresponding synthetic-grass structure and process ...
Image removing method, image removing device, and image forming apparatus
Method of increasing speed of silver halide color photosensitive material
Process and apparatus for abatement of by products generated from deposition processes and cleaning ...
Method for processing perfluorocompounds exhaust
Process for removing volatile organic compounds
Synthesis of metal phosphates
Coatings comprising carbon nanotubes and methods for forming same
Method for treating waste materials containing halogen
Method for directly obtaining hydrogen peroxide
Process and apparatus for the continuous refining of litharge
Magnesium hydroxide particles, method of the production thereof, and resin composition containing th...
Polycrystalline silicon rod and method of processing the same
Carbon nanotube-based device and method for making carbon nanotube-based device
Lithium ion battery comprising nanomaterials
Method for manufacturing zeolite and method for manufacturing .epsilon.-caprolactam
Fluoride single crystal for detecting radiation, scintillator and radiation detector using the singl...
Harmonic damper to dampen firearm vibration
Electrical arcing protection circuit
Aerosol spray nozzle
Unmanned aerial vehicle for logistical delivery
Small weapons shield for helicopters
Panel for a vehicle
Method for aerial rearmament of aircraft
Aerial delivery device
Deployable spacecraft mount for electric propulsion
Airflow control devices based on active materials
Refinement of spacecraft angular velocity and attitude estimates using star data
Electronic non-linear aircraft dynamic parameter display
Fairing access door with reinforcement and method of manufacture
System for determining the target range for a laser guided weapon
Deployment device for a fin
Vertical lift flying craft
Systems, apparatuses, and methods for moving aircraft control surfaces
Methods and apparatuses for capturing and recovering unmanned aircraft, including a cleat for captur...
Aircraft frame hole patterns and brackets, and associated methods
Degradable chemiluminescent process and product
Polarizing electrode for electric double layer capacitor and electric double layer capacitor therewi...
Method and apparatus for utilizing the social usage learned from multi-user feedback to improve reso...
Method, system, and storage medium for determining trivial keyboard sequences of proposed passwords
Expert system for protocols analysis
Method and system for generically reporting events occurring within a computer system
Adeno-associated viral vector-based methods and compositions for introducing an expression cassette ...
Antagonists of HMG1 for treating inflammatory conditions
Antibacterial rockwool growth medium for hydroponics
Cyclosporin analog formulations
Device for treating diabetes and methods thereof
Live vaccines for allergy treatment
Products and methods for controlling the suppression of the neoplastic phenotype
Chelated 8-hydroxyquinoline and use thereof in a method of treating epithelial lesions
Antibiotic/benzoyl peroxide dispenser
Methods for treating pancreatitis with curcumin compounds and inhibitors of reactive oxygen species
Ricin-like toxins for treatment of cancer
Peptides and nucleic acids derived from Eisenia foetida and the use thereof
Autoimmune disease model animal
Combination and method including a visual marker for determining compliance with a medication regime...
Active boresight drift measurement and calibration apparatus
Dynamic power control for a TDMA based air interface
Internet protocol (IP)-based wireless infrastructure network
Method for making a call in a multiple bit-rate transmission channel bit-rate switching method, corr...
System and method for providing lifeline power service to digital subscriber line customers
Optical device having a waveguide lens with multimode interference
Design method for WDM optical networks including alternate routes for fault recovery
Method for processing emergency calls initiated by wireless phones
Nonlinear phase-shift compensation method and apparatus
Dynamic path gain compensation for radios in wireless communication systems
Network supported new feature notification and trial
Architecture to support service features for wireless calls in a wireless telecommunication system
Adaptive scheduling of data delivery in a central server
Optical digital-to-analog converter
Wavelength-tracking dispersion compensator
Method and a device for controlling source specific data flow
Coupler assembly for an optical backplane system
Wing in ground effect vehicle with endplates
Steering control by means of selected segmented drag reduction
Wastewater ballast system and method
Method of and apparatus for offshore mooring
Gravity installed anchor
Water craft safety signal system
Content management system for the telecommunications industry
Extracts derived from Pueraria mirifica, Butea superba and/or Mucuna collettii and extraction thereo...
Skin formulation
Methods for the detection, identification, and/or enumeration of yeast, particularly in wine
Nucleic acid accessible hybridization sites
Inhibition of sulfate-reducing-bacteria-mediated degradation using bacteria which secrete antimicrob...
Organic compounds
Whipped cleanser and method of dispensing the same
2,3, 5, 5-tetramethylhexanal derivatives
Use of antimicrobial proteins and peptides for the treatment of otitis media and paranasal sinusitis
Antibacterial agent
Polyisocyanate compound, process for producing the compound, polyaddition composition and powder coa...
Cationic azo dye compound
Method for producing alkyl aryl sulphonates
Techniques and systems for analyte detection
Cellular communications system using baseband carrier injection and related methods
Method of plant occupancy planning in the process industry
Host organizer with removably attached article
Flattened helical tire cord
Multi-media communication downloading
Folding keyboard for an electronic communications device
Device for recording events and measuring growth in an individual's life
Sales promotional writing instrument
Fair share scheduling of multiple service classes with prioritized shaping
Lilac plant named `Bailina`
System for designing and rendering personalities for autonomous synthetic characters
Image processing device, image processing system, output device, computer readable recording medium ...
LED print head and production method of LED print head and method of producing LED substrate and met...
System architecture and method for verifying process correctness in a document processing system
Production monitor controller apparatus and method for assembler/finisher systems
System for selecting a compression method for image data
Systems and methods for single wire communication and interaction with a customer replaceable unit m...
Recording media identifier and recording device
Image formation device and sheet material selection device
Image forming apparatus
Peeling device and fixing device and image forming apparatus using the peeling device
Image formation device
Quad-roll decurler
Toner cartridge
Systems and methods for determining printhead in a standby position
Resin composition, process for producing the same and electrophotographic fixing member
Membrane structures for micro-devices, micro-devices including same and methods for making same
On-line PIN verification using polynomials
Universal modulator/demodulator
Method of elliptic curve digital signature using coefficient splitting
Method of elliptic curve cryptographic key agreement using coefficient splitting
Media protection system and method
Method and system for tracing an analog copy of a digital work to a unique digital copy and a partic...
Signal reproducing/recording/transmitting method and apparatus and signal recording medium
Apparatus and method for single encryption with multiple authorization of distributed content data
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and program
Semiconductor memory card, data reading apparatus and data reading/reproducing apparatus
Positioning control method, positioning control device, and electronic component mounting apparatus ...
Palm mechanism for robot hand
Method of controlling biped walking robot
Electrical charging system, electrical charging controlling method, robot apparatus, electrical char...
Ceramic sintered product and process for producing the same
Low voltage differential amplifier circuit and bias control technique enabling accommodation of an i...
Catheter for radiation therapy
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Magnetoresistive (MR) sensor temperature compensation and magnetic cross-term reduction techniques u...
Semiconductor memory device providing redundancy
Limited output address register technique providing selectively variable write latency in DDR2 (doub...
System and method for redundant array network storage
System and method for allocating the supply of critical material components and manufacturing capaci...
Laser anneal method of a semiconductor layer
Fusion proteins for prodrug activation
Method for performing site-specific backside particle and contamination removal
Nonwoven fabric
Paper towel
Surface pattern for a paper product
Paper towel
Nonwoven fabric
Nonwoven fabric
Membrane electrode for non-ionic species
Diamine compound polymer having condensed aromatic group
Electroluminescent devices comprising diketopyrrolopyrroles
EL display device and electronic apparatus
Image displaying system of environment-adaptive type, image processing method and program
Terahertz frequency band wavelength selector
Display device
Guest-host liquid crystal element with removable polarizer
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Tellurium-containing nanocrystalline materials
Fermentative process for making inorganic nanoparticles
Slurry for CMP, polishing method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic flowmeter
Composition for forming piezoelectric, method for producing piezoelectric film, piezoelectric elemen...
Integrated optical chip
Dielectric film structure, piezoelectric actuator using dielectric element film structure and ink je...
Microring resonator and method for manufacturing
Method for manufacturing white light source
Low-loss optical waveguide crossovers using an out-of-plane waveguide
Bridges, elements and junctions for electroosmotic flow systems
Organosilicate materials with mesoscopic structures
Method of preparing an eyeglass lens with a controller
Non-aqueous borate routes to boron nitride
Sol-gel process for the manufacture of nanocomposite photoluminescent materials and materials thus p...
Functionalized encapsulated fluorescent nanocrystals
Transparent conductive film for transparent touch panel, transparent touch panel using transparent c...
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, method for manufacturing the electrophotographic photoreceptor an...
Supercapacitor having electrode material comprising single-wall carbon nanotubes and process for mak...
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Operating load control for fuel cell power system in fuel cell vehicle
Wheel provided with driving means
ATV with an improved transmission and air intake
Exhaust gas arrangement for a motor vehicle
Mount frame for an electric motor-driven wheeled vehicle
Drive assembly for four-wheel drive vehicles
Motor-cooling structure of front-and-rear-wheel-drive vehicle
Seat belt device and seat belt device control method
Seat belt device for automobile
Frame-based bladder apparatus for seat occupant weight estimation
Automotive vehicle steering system having an electric motor powered linear actuator shaft for turnin...
Hydraulic clutch actuation system
Single wheel steering and suspension system
Electrically variable transmission
Power transfer assembly for four-wheel drive vehicle
Method of determining transition from starter to alternator function by monitoring starter/alternato...
Legged mobile robot and actuator device applicable to join shaft of the robot
Method and device for determination of a wheel brake parameter
Method and arrangement for controlling the drive unit of a vehicle
Method for producing organic peroxides and their use in the radical polymerization of monomers
Method and system for smellprint recognition biometrics on a fob
Geranium plant named `Grasalm`
Optically variable security device
System and method for processing identification codes
Construction project submittal management
System and method for the synchronization of a file in a cache
Method and apparatus for storage pooling and provisioning for journal based storage and recovery
Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for implementing a runtime logging service storage inf...
Method and apparatus for controlling the performance of a file system mount operation by a user lack...
Method and apparatus for centralized computer management
Method for capturing core dump of a service module
Efficiently supporting the existence of long trains in a generation managed by the train algorithm
User interface and method for providing search query syntax help
Incremental scanning of enormous objects to improve scheduling and pause-time behavior of garbage co...
Individual XML message processing platform
Substituted pyridines as selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors
Integrated access device controller
Method for transporting data, a related data transmitting element and a data receiving element
Interactive wireless devices to on-line system
Data management system having remote terminal access utilizing security management by table profilin...
Server that obtains information from multiple sources, filters using client indentities, and dispatc...
System and method for using virtual local area network tags with a virtual private network
Method and system to determine the geographic location of a network user
Overlay network for tracking denial-of-service floods in unreliable datagram delivery networks
Internet-enabled conferencing system and method accommodating PSTN and IP traffic
Artificial intelligence system for genetic analysis
Remote maintenance system
Navigation terminal and method of processing data for a navigation system
Apparatus and method for tracking and managing physical assets
Method of incorporating brominated compounds as additives to expanded polystyrene molded patterns fo...
Computer systems and methods for interaction with exercise device
Methods for providing an improved exercise device with access to motivational programming over telep...
Device for determining the position and/or orientation of a creature relative to an environment
Force feedback device including single-phase, fixed-coil actuators
Force feedback device with microprocessor receiving low level commands
Method of data input into a computer
Automatic scrolling
Method and system for producing a model from optical images
Using messaging to manage scene-based rendering
Text improvement
High density molecular memory device
Clamp avoidance cutter path regeneration
Previewing system and method
Measuring device
Lottery-type ticket having a winner indication
Portable game hoist
Gun shooting game device, method of controlling computer and program
Pitched battle type of rally game program and game machine
Networked multiple bingo game system
Gaming device having a multi-characteristic matching game
Golf putter with ball and marker retrieving features
Robot apparatus, control method for robot apparatus, and toy for robot apparatus
Ultrasound phantom
Method and tools for teaching reading for test-taking
Math manipulative educational learning game
Hitting trainer
Game and exercise device and method
Protein fragment complementation assays for high-throughput and high-content screening
Automated, computer-based reading tutoring systems and methods
Methods for cleaning wafer containers
Apparatus and method for high-throughput preparation and spectroscopic classification and characteri...
Protein that enhances expression of potassium channels on cell surfaces and nucleic acids that encod...
Antibodies binding the TNF related protein, TNF-X
Tumor-associated marker
5-aminoalkyl-pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidines with a phosphodiesterase v-inhibiting effect
Pyrrolotriazolopyrimidinone derivatives
Liposomal camptothecins and uses thereof
(3Z)-3-(2,3-dihydro-1H-inden-1-ylidene)-1,3-dihydro-2H-indol-2-ones as kinase inhibitors
Polymorphic form of N-[(R)-2,3-dihydroxy-propoxy]-3,4-difluoro-2-(2-fluoro-4-iodophenylamino)- -benz...
Absorbent article with a body facing liner having discretely placed lotion deposits
Apparatus and method for calibration of spectrophotometers
Electrical stimulation adjunct (Add-ON) therapy for urinary incontinence and urological disorders us...
Methods for classifying high-dimensional biological data
System and method for an efficient dynamic multi-unit auction
Central portion of a badminton racquet
Ultrasonic transmitter and receiver systems and products using the same
Apparatus for automatically adjusting angle of image device for information processing equipment
Unified XML voice and data media converging switch and application delivery system
Method for controlling a power supply in an external terminal connection of a personal data assistan...
Method of curing composition by metathesis reaction using reaction control agent
Metathesis-curable composition with a reaction control agent
Espresso coffee machine
Brewing device for a coffee maker
Mixing and frothing device and method
Restarting translated instructions
System for transferring individual coffee packages from a container to the extraction chamber of a m...
Using hole- or electron-blocking layers in color OLEDS
Oxadiazole tetramers
Organic electroluminescent device using a mixture of high and low molecular light-emitting substance...
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Plastic substrate, fabrication method thereof and device using the same
Organic EL element and organic EL display
Mechanoluminescence material, producing method thereof, and usage thereof
Efficiency transparent cathode
Electroluminescent device having a thin-film layer, and electronic device having the electroluminesc...
Increased emission efficiency in organic light-emitting devices on high-index substrates
Light emitting device and driving method thereof
Use of boron and aluminum compounds in electronic components
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device by transferring a layer to a support with curvature
Light emitting device and electronic device
Calculation engine for use in OLAP environments
Method for measuring the optical and physical thickness of optically transparent objects
Projection apparatus with light source to output light into an integrating tunnel through a first an...
Optical brighteners their composition their production and their use
Stereoselective chemoenzymatic process for the preparation of optically enriched phenylglycidates as...
Integrated optical devices and methods of making such devices
Image display
System for creating a patterned polarization compensator
Optical method and system for extended depth of focus
Master disk device for transferring magnetic patterns to both sides of a magnetic recording medium, ...
Optical recording medium and recording method for the same
Optical module and optical device control circuit
External cavity laser having a set atmosphere
Scanner densitometer and data evaluation method
Enhanced photonics sensor array
System for higher-order dispersion compensation
Optical coupling for whispering-gallery-mode resonators via waveguide gratings
Discharge ducts for pumping water from a supply reservoir to a delivery reservoir
Set of components for a floor standing lamp
Fly-tying lamp
Methods and systems for electronic transactions
Techniques for defining, using and manipulating rights management data structures
Method for producing plants having modified canopy size or seedless fruit
Method for producing a plant with a high-growth rate
Method and apparatus for material processing
RFID system and method for ensuring safety of hazardous or dangerous substances
Image recording body and image forming apparatus by use of the same
Mortar projectile inspection apparatus and method
Projection lens, producing method of projection lens and projector having projection lens
Writing guide for a free-form document editor
Hydrophobic materials for waveguides, optical devices, and other applications
Classifier, developer, and image forming apparatus
Intelligent electro-optical nucleic acid-based sensor array and method for detecting volatile compou...
Temperature-independent propellant powder
Gas operated particle feed apparatus
Backpack hunting blind for a tree stand
System and method for combat simulation
Hydrogen generation cartridge and portable hydrogen generator
Recoil reducing accessories for firearms
Reduced recoil anti-armor gun
Electrical initiation system
Micro-scale firetrain for ultra-miniature electro-mechanical safety and arming device
System and method for a flameless tracer/marker utilizing heat marking chemicals
Support unit for pickup truck
Light weight transportable chair
Bushing repair apparatus for use in repairing a machine gun feeder housing
Utility pants for law enforcement personnel
Cylinder retaining mechanism
Heavy duty magazine loader
Tungsten-containing articles and methods for forming the same
Ammunition articles and method of making ammunition articles
Adjustable muzzle stabilizer for repeating firearm
Transverse plasma injector ignitor
Service control apparatus, forwarding switching equipment, service control system, and service contr...
Method and apparatus for routing calls based on the identification of the calling party or calling l...
Method and apparatus for communicating information about a called party to a calling party
Method and system for handling calls in a communication network
Call processing system
Virtual work environment for remote users
DTMF signal transmission method and communication apparatus
International call prefix identification and formatting
Community dialing circuit apparatus for pots phone and IP phone
Telephone call information delivery system
Generic line impedance matching circuit using decomposed configurable transfer functions
System and method of using two coefficient banks in an adaptive echo canceller
Methods and apparatus for improving adaptive filter performance by inclusion of inaudible informatio...
Suppression of echo signals and the like
Device and method for carrying out multichannel acoustic echo cancellation with a variable number of...
Combination exterior telephone service terminal and splicing chamber
Radio communication terminal having variable data transmission speed responsive to built-in battery ...
Network testing systems
Cellular phone holder with charger mounted to vehicle dashboard
Audio renderings for expressing non-audio nuances
Provisioning of locally-generated prompts from a central source
Seal and bearing assembly
Through hub oil fill and vent for a fluid dynamic bearing motor
Foil bearing
Bearing for a rotatable shaft subject to thermal expansion
Combination seal ring with encoder
Bearing device
Pivot bearing for a swing arm of a hard disk drive device
Traction drive shaft seal
Positioning apparatus
Bicycle hub
Guide rail for a linear bearing
Motors with oil dynamic pressure bearing, oil dynamic pressure bearing devices and method for manufa...
Hydrodynamic bearing, spindle motor using the same and disc drive apparatus provided with spindle mo...
Hydrodynamic bearing, spindle motor and hard disk drive
Plain bearing bush
Roller device with instrumented ball bearing
Synthetic resin retainer and angular ball bearing
Assembly for ball bearing with double raceway and method of manufacturing ball bearing with double r...
Supporting device of rotor
Gas engine
Automated language assessment using speech recognition modeling
Temporary surveillance system
Method of orientating a template with respect to a substrate in response to a force exerted on the t...
Water-resistant case for electronic devices
Finder optical system and camera provided with the same
Image taking apparatus capable of optically and electrically changing magnification of taken images
Cam mechanism of a photographing lens
Ball fetch toy
Pet toy
Litter mat
Pressure washer
Body of vacuum cleaner
Body of vacuum cleaner
Vacuum bag mounting collar
Floor cleaner foot
Grill scraper
Bucket wringer
Garbage can
Utility cart
Bucket carrier
Multi-functional dolly
Gas bottle transporter
Gas bottle transporter
Plastic child seat for shopping cart
Packing machine
Block becket for use in a wellbore derrick
Carriageable multimedia receiver
HDMI plug connector
Telephone communication system and method for controlling the telephone communication system
Computational graceful degradation method using priority information in multiple objects case
Techniques for generating a distributed low-resolution digital image capable of viewing in any resol...
Track access management for large playlists in a vehicular multimedia player
Technique for preconditioning climate control in a vehicle
Multimedia communications resource management control system and method
Recording medium and image-forming method employing the same
Adhesive security tape for detecting unauthorized broaching of a package
Indexing profile for efficient and scalable XML based publish and subscribe system
Concurrently programmable dynamic memory built-in self-test (BIST)
Efficient parity operations
Storage array employing scrubbing operations using multiple levels of checksums
Computer aided design systems and methods with reduced memory utilization
Method and system for obtaining a feasible integer solution from a half-integer solution in hierarch...
Clock edge value calculation in hardware simulation
Accessing remote stores of source and symbol data for use by computing tools
Method and apparatus for remote software code update
System and method for manipulating offline software
Recycling components after self-deactivation
System and method for providing graphical user interface control enhancers
Instruction segment filtering scheme
Generic interface and framework to publish and monitor platform configuration
System and method for verifying integrity of system with multiple components
Bus management based on bus status
Two-phase root cause analysis
Early detection of false start-of-packet triggers in a wireless network node
Method and apparatus for caching VoiceXML documents
Supplying notifications related to supply and consumption of user context data
Network-linked interactive three-dimensional composition and display of saleable objects in situ in ...
Method, system and program product for specifying and using a dial having a default value to configu...
Method, system and program product that utilize a configuration database to configure a hardware dig...
Optical disk
Granular access control of inter-process communications in a compartment mode workstation labeled en...
Method and apparatus for selecting transfer types
Methods and apparatus for cache intervention
Privacy screen for a display
Shaped articles comprising poly[(trimethylene-co-dianhydrosugar ester) dicarboxylate] or poly(trimet...
Process for thick film circuit patterning
Method to accelerate biodegradation of aliphatic-aromatic co-polyesters by enzymatic treatment
Colored thermoplastic resin compositions for laser welding, colorants therefor of mixtures of amine ...
Productivity catalysts and microstructure control
Stable aqueous solutions comprising titanium and zinc and process therewith
Multiple compartment pouch and beverage container with smooth curve frangible seal
Packaging and containers made of water-soluble polyamides and processes for their manufacture
Isolation and expression of a gene for a nitrilase from Acidovorax faclilis 72W
Genes involved in isoprenoid compound production
Polymers having attached luminescent metal complexes and devices made with such polymers
Honeycomb structural body and assembly thereof
Reduced striae extreme ultraviolet elements
Durable silver thin film coating for diffraction gratings
Selfemulsifiable formulation having enhanced bioabsorption and immunosuppression activities
Plain bearing composite material
Low surface energy CMP pad
Process for the simultaneous removal of sulfur and mercury
Patterned hydrophilic-oleophilic metal oxide coating and method of forming
Photo-functional powder and applications thereof
Roofing granules
Moisture-curable, polyether urethanes and their use in sealant, adhesive and coating compositions
Process for making caprolactam
Assembly having a component enclosed by a housing, and device and method used in its manufacture
Magnetoresistive head using multilayered varistor material
Fischer-tropsch catalysts using multiple precursors
Attrition resistant bulk metal catalysts and methods of making and using same
Method for selecting RACH in a CDMA mobile communication system
Information notification method, mobile communications system, base station, and mobile station
Wireless label switched packet transfer network
Methods and apparatus for remote metering
Repeating radio frequency transmission system for extending the effective operational range of an in...
Mobile transceiver and electronic module for controlling the transceiver
Method and arrangement for search and recording of media signals
Communication device, image-pickup device, storage medium and communication method
Radio frequency selection method and system for audio channel output
Method for operating a playback unit in a vehicle, for playing back data stored on a data medium
Radio resources management method for WLL system
Mobile communication terminal apparatus having an array antenna for communication to at least one ba...
Method and arrangement for allocation of resources in a radio communication system
Method and apparatus for frequency synchronization in a digital transmission system
Method for controlling the transmission power in a radio communication system
Radio communication system and scheduling method
Wireless control of operating characteristics of microphone-including arrangement for users of power...
Location identifying apparatus and method of identifying the location of a user
Remote physiological monitoring with the reticulum of livestock
Probing method using ion trap mass spectrometer and probing device
Bear derived isolate and method
In situ mono-or diester dicarboxylate compositions
Caralluma extract products and processes for making the same
Method for vacuum treatment of meat containing sodium bicarbonate to reduce the appearance of holes ...
Method for packaging a composite food portion
Methods and apparatus for processing vegetables
Citrus peel processing system and method
Method of and apparatus for producing endless rolls of a resilient foodstuff
Aroma-containing components
Oil or fat composition
Thermostable xylanases
Electric oven
Method for baking a dessert using steam
Cooking apparatus and method therefor
Cooking apparatus having heaters
Automatic cooking system and microwave oven
Method and apparatus for controlling power consumption
Body fluid management device used with absorbent article
Bottle cap
Cosmetic container
Cosmetic container
Fabric article treating method and apparatus
Method for providing more vibrant, natural and long-lasting color to hair
Nonwoven fabrics with advantageous properties
Dehydrated potato flakes
Dehydrated potato flakes
Cap for bottle
Electrostatic levitation furnance
Transgenic mice over-expressing ABAD and mutant APP in brain as model of Alzheimer's disease and use...
High power nuclear photon pumped laser
Humanized anti-EGF receptor monoclonal antibody
LNA compositions and uses thereof
Regulation of human eosinophil serine protease 1-like enzyme
PRO1312 nucleic acids
Plant RNA-directed RNA polymerase proteins
Probe for constructing probe-polymer method of constructing probe-polymer and utilization thereof
Isolated and purified nucleic acids comprising a gene and a regulatory region for the gene expressio...
Detection of fungal pathogens using the polymerase chain reaction
Fluorescent protein sensors for detection of analytes
Use of exogenous .beta.-adrenergic receptor and .beta.-adrenergic receptor kinase gene constructs to...
Bioengineering cotton fiber properties
Methods for delaying leaf senescence using the ORE7 gene
Method for transforming monocotyledons
Soybean cultivar 0491713
Soybean cultivar SO22207
Soybean variety XB13T05
Inbred corn line G1704
Temperature control method and apparatus for driving polymerase chain reaction (PCR) chip
Laser desorption ionization mass spectrometric method and sample plate used in such a method
PTH functional domain conjugate peptides, derivatives thereof and novel tethered ligand-receptor mol...
Regulation of endocrine and exocrine glands by means of neuro-electrical coded signals
Protein formulation
Receptor specific transepithelial transport of therapeutics
Use of protein biomolecular targets in the treatment and visualization of brain tumors
Bv8 nucleic acids and polypeptides with mitogenic activity
Regulation of human protein phosphatase IIc-like enzyme
Full-length human cDNAs encoding potentially secreted proteins
Fusion peptide of human parathyroid hormone derived peptide and tat peptide, preparation thereof, an...
WWOX: a tumor suppressor gene mutated in multiple cancers
Osteoclast differentiation inhibitors
Method for magnetic field tracking in a NMR check weighing system
Metal-ligand complexes and related methods of chemical CO2 fixation
Motion sickness treatment apparatus and method
Safety eyewear assembly with prescription insert
Method and apparatus for defibrillating patients of all ages
Coils for electrical machines
Point-to-point protocol flow control extension
AMBA slave modular bus interfaces
Logic arrangement, system and method for configuration and control in fieldbus applications
Selecting a queue for service in a queuing system
Embedded system with interrupt handler for multiple operating systems
Integrated gigabit ethernet PCI-X controller
Method for coordinating information flow between components
Bypass custom array and related method for implementing ROM fixes in a data processor
Dynamic load-distributed computer system using estimated expansion ratios and load-distributing meth...
Multi-threaded embedded processor using deterministic instruction memory to guarantee execution of p...
Television control interface with electronic guide
Storage system and method for backup
Method for managing volume groups considering storage tiers
Ordering scheme with architectural operation decomposed into result producing speculative micro-oper...
DSP operations with permutation of vector complex data type operands
Method and apparatus for performing predicate prediction
Policy based provisioning of network device resources
Partitioning symmetric nodes efficiently in a split register file architecture
Compounds for the treatment of tobacco dependence and withdrawal
Pyrimidine derivatives as selective inhibitors of COX-2
Delivery of antidepressants through an inhalation route
Methods and compositions of monoclonal antibodies specific for beta-amyloid proteins
Chemical compounds
Lactams as tachykinin antagonists
Monopolar and bipolar current application for transdermal drug delivery and analyte extraction
Wire rod cutting apparatus of spring manufacturing machine
Method and apparatus for populating a form with data
System and method of providing multiple items of index information for a single data object
Tree construction for XML to XML document transformation
Binding interactive multichannel digital document system
System and method for enhancing the readability of a graphical program
Method and device for navigating functional display regions of a graphical display
Configuration diagram which graphically displays program relationship
Graphically defining a route through one or more switch devices
Method and system for processing wait window information
Systems, methods and apparatus for magnifying portions of a display
Test masks for lithographic and etch processes
Method, system and program product for multi-profile operations and expansive profile operation
Method and apparatus for automated software unit testing
Recovering from compilation errors in a dynamic compilation environment
Dynamic object usage pattern learning and efficient caching
Dynamic arrays and overlays with bounds policies
System and method for updating information via a network
Method and apparatus for generating a decentralized model on a computer network
System and method for providing an interface for scripting programs to communicate with embedded sys...
Methods and apparatus for accessing synchronized broadcast data
Comprehensive enterprise network analyzer, scanner and intrusion detection framework
Automated banking machine and system
Methods and apparatus for providing agent controlled synchronized browsing at a terminal
Method and system for operating online classified advertisements
Information distributing method and system
Licensed digital material distribution system and method
System and method for public wireless network access subsidized by dynamic display advertising
Transaction signature
Electronic rights information processing system, method and apparatus for carrying out same and reco...
Electronic contracts with primary and sponsored roles
Method and process for providing postal discounting
Interactive process for applying or printing information on letters or parcels
System and method for caching and utilizing flight availability data
Method and system for tracing the identity of an agricultural product using data handoff
System and method for automatic selection of service provider for efficient use of bandwidth and res...
Network printer registration protocol
Secure digital appliance and method for protecting digital content
Measuring, monitoring and tracking enterprise communications and processes
Decision management system which is cross-function, cross-industry and cross-platform
Method for communicating information, a receiver and a transmitter for use in that method and a syst...
Method for providing simultaneous parallel secure command execution on multiple remote hosts
Prevention of disk piracy
Kit and method for playing a golf and soccer-like game
Entertainment kit and associated method of entertainment
Card shuffler with staging area for collecting groups of cards
Wagering game
Method of conducting a multiple hand card game
Heeling/heading roping practicing system
Game playing methods and game piece stack formations for playing same
Toy vehicles having interchangeable body styles
Toy for producing bubbles
Reduced visibility rotorcraft and method of controlling flight of reduced visibility rotorcraft
Spinning toy
Ultrasonic signaling interactive toy
Games grid board
Poker game with a rank advancing ladder
Trampoline system
Horizontal rope pulling apparatus
Animated toy utilizing artificial intelligence and facial image recognition
System and method for reminding users of upcoming scheduled recordings
Vehicle actuator remote control system
Method and system for entertainment production financing
Buoyancy can for offshore oil and gas riser
Powered boatlift with electronic controls
Drainage device
Process for environmental pacification of drill cuttings
Hole former for an invert
Elongated structural members for use in forming barrier walls
Split key segmental retaining wall system
Device for generation of electrical power
Hydrogen absorbing alloy powder and hydrogen storing tank for mounting in a vehicle
High strength aluminum alloy composition
Quasicrystalline alloys and their use as coatings
Composition and method for treating skin
Cosmetic or dermatological light-protective formulation comprising a water-soluble UV filter substan...
Water-soluble silk proteins in compositions for skin care, hair care or hair coloring
Use of purslane to treat facial wrinkles
Labels and labeling process
Fire-retardant resin composition and molded part using the same
Carbohydrate oxidase and use thereof in baking
Agent containing quinonimine derivatives and used to color keratin fibres, and associated method
Fabric conditioning composition
High Level production of arbutin in green plants
Sheet for ink jet recording, ink for ink jet recording, manufacturing method of ink for ink jet reco...
Topical formulations and delivery systems
Increased peroxide content tooth bleaching gel
External preparation for skin containing oleaginous substances extracted from Ganoderma lucidum
Skin whitening compositions containing black cohosh extract
Process for producing a kneaded meat
Dental floss having low density and method of making same
Drum type washing machine
Drain cleaner strip
Hand-held pool cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Drum washing machine
Filter portion of an upright vacuum cleaner
Brush roll for a vacuum cleaner
Vacuum attachment
Cleaning head for a cleaning tool
Squeegee water blade holder
Paint tray for a mini-roller
Paint and paintbrush carrier
Liquid container with lid
Trash can assembly
Surface configuration of a forklift, toy and/or other replicas
Methods of use for inhibiting bone loss and lowering serum cholesterol
Controlled comonomer distribution along a reactor for copolymer production
Photothermographic material
Process for preparing branched polycarbonate
Light-emitting organic oligomer compositions
Polymercaptopolyphenyl and process for preparation thereof
Implantable medical devices incorporating chemically conjugated polymers and oligomers of L-arginine
Method of producing polyhydroxyalkanoate from alkane having residue containing aromatic ring in its ...
Medical diagnostic system
Apparatus and method for volumetric reconstruction of a cyclically moving object
Apparatus for automatically setting measurement reference element and measuring geometric feature of...
Reel unit and cover member for a spinning reel
Animal feed dispenser
Reel unit for spinning reel
Small animal litter tray
Feeder apparatus
Pet registration, search and retrieval system
System and method for cleaning a feed dispenser
Trip mode selector switch for spinning reel
Egg weighing apparatus
Mouse models of human prostate cancer progression
Fishing bait delivery system
Combination rope and clip for culling fish
Method and composition for treatment of aquatic animals
Stable oil in water emulsion
Hydropneumatic system for recovering braking energy for urban vehicles
Flexible wall material for use in an inflatable structure
Gas generator for multi-stage air bag
Liquid benzoate ester compositions and aqueous polymer compositions containing same as plasticizers
Toughened epoxy-anhydride no-flow underfill encapsulant
Catalyst composition and olefin polymerization using same
Epoxidation catalyst
Curable compounds containing reactive groups: triazine/isocyanurates, cyanate esters and blocked iso...
Semiconductor device and process for fabrication thereof
Adhesive film for semiconductor, lead frame and semiconductor device using the same, and method of p...
Color card, color book comprising the same, and color card with picture sample
Container having oxygen-scavenging core layer
Prepreg and laminate
Sulfonydiazomethanes, photoacid generators, resist compositions, and patterning process
Method for sealing semiconductor component
Genetically encoded fluorescent reporters of kinase, methyltransferase, and acetyl-transferase activ...
Pressure equalizer for an integrated circuit chip interconnected to circuitry on a thin film membran...
Manual stretcher
Systems and methods for amplifying a transmit signal in a RFID interrogator
RFID device with patterned antenna, and method of making
System for merchandize transactions
System for the presentation of animals to be milked and method
Device and method for encoding data in multiple media
RFID device tester and method
Self-compensating antennas for substrates having differing dielectric constant values
Deposition fabrication using inkjet technology
System for ensuring correct placement of printed matter on a tangible print medium
Advanced data controlled cleaning system
Enabling/enhancing a feature of an electronic device using radio frequency identification technology
RF transmission--reception device
Antenna on a wireless untethered device such as a chip or printed circuit board for harvesting energ...
Method of estimating the spatial variation of magnetic resonance imaging radiofrequency (RF) signal ...
Photosensitive composition
Aqueous silica dispersion
Metal oxide-organopolysiloxane hybrid powder and a method for the preparation thereof and a cosmetic...
Makeup mirror apparatus and makeup method using the same
Magnetic hinge
Composition containing stimuli-responsive polymer, ink composition containing it, and image-forming ...
Anode thin film for lithium secondary battery and preparation method thereof
Automated manufacturing system of lithium secondary battery
Cyclohexylphenyl vasopressin agonists
Colored particle aqueous dispersion, water-based ink, and image forming method
Compositions containing copolymers based on acryloyldimethyl aminoethylsulfonic acid and synergistic...
Electric double layer capacitor and electrolyte battery
Method of the electrochemical detection of nucleic acid oligomer hybrids
Leadless semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing a battery
Binder for battery, slurry for battery electrode, electrode for lithium secondary battery, and lithi...