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Methods of cementing using cement compositions comprising basalt fibers
Flat panel display TV stand
Flame-retardant resin composition and flame retardant resin molded item
X-ray instrument
Cleaning unit, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and toner
Organosilane-modified polysiloxanes and their use for surface modification
Pitch modulating laminate with an apertured acoustic layer
Dental modeling and articulating system and method
Polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam composition
Sheath composition and cable using the same
Flame-retardant epoxy resin composition, and electronic device, laminated circuit board, multilayere...
Lightweight concrete compositions
(Meth)acrylic resin emulsion and process for producing the same
Polyester resin composition for profile extrusion molding and molded article comprising the same
Subterranean fluids having improved environmental characteristics and methods of using these fluids ...
Formulations and methods for preventing and treating substance abuse and addiction
Light-shielding image-carrying substrate, method of forming light-shielding image, transfer material...
Silver halide photosensitive material
Method for the production of resveratrol in cell cultures
Photoelectrochemical determination of chemical oxygen demand
Material for purification of semiconductor polishing slurry, module for purification of semiconducto...
Composition for photoresist stripping solution and process of photoresist stripping
Water-soluble iron-carbohydrate complexes, production thereof, and medicaments containing said compl...
Method for treating pain or pruritis by administering opinoid receptor agonist comprising 2-phenylbe...
Pigment dispersed liquid, ink composition for inkjet recording, and ink cartridge, recording method,...
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation using a pattern of heat sources
Water purification filter easily replaced by connector and water purification system using the same
Filter device including pleated filter incorporated in a housing
Detection of antibacterial activity in excretory secretory product of adult trichuris suis
Optical compensation film, method for producing optical compensation film, polarization plate and li...
Organic-inorganic nanocomposite coatings for implant materials and methods of preparation thereof
Laminate and method of forming the same, insulating film, and semiconductor device
Silver halide photosensitive material
Biocidal compounds and their preparation
Preparation of organisms with faster growth and/or higher yield
Interspecific hybrid of Lobelia and method of producing the same
Method of producing euphorbia interspecific hybrid plants by cutting and then culturing the hybrid e...
Device approximating a shunt capacitor for strip-line-type circuits
High-temperature superconductor low-pass filter for suppressing broadband harmonics
Filter circuit and a superconducting filter circuit
Superconducting microstrip filter
Phase shift device in superconductor logic
Transmission line single flux quantum chip-to -chip communication with flip-chip bump transitions
Method for tuning the response of RF and microwave devices
Use-adaptive fuel gauging for battery powered electronic devices
Current sensing analog to digital converter and method of use
Peak current sharing in a multi-phase buck converter power system
Control circuit with tracking turn on/off delay for a single-ended forward converter with synchronou...
Contactless power transmitting device
Data controlled programmable power supply
Flashlight and connectible recharger
Power system with load matrix
Capacitor and switch components cooperation to maintain input voltage to target circuit at or above ...
Current sensor using mirror MOSFET and PWM inverter incorporating the same
Enabling circuit for avoiding negative voltage transients
Electrical power system for multi-use power conditioning and engine start
Engine driven converter with feedback control
Transformer with selectable input to output phase angle relationship
Bandgap reference current source
Voltage source circuit with selectable temperature independent and temperature dependent voltage out...
Current mirror circuit
Low-voltage bandgap voltage reference circuit
Modular inductor for use in power electronic circuits
Silicic acid ester mixtures
E2,E4,Z8-undecatrienoic acid and ester and carboxamide derivatives thereof, organoleptic uses thereo...
Methods for the production of multimeric immunoglobulins, and related compositions
Thickener-rheology modifier system for personal care compositions
Aqueous hyperbranched macromolecule coating compositions
Gel electrolyte, process for producing the same, and use thereof
Automatic opening device for solid material package, preparation device for photographic-processing ...
Aqueous polymer dispersion
Inkjet, inkjet cartridge containing the inkjet ink, inkjet recording apparatus using the inkjet ink,...
Polymer composition for use as aqueous floor adhesive
Preparation of alkylated N- or amino, ammonium or spirobicyclic ammonium group-containing, crosslink...
Reflective arrayed waveguide grating
Methods of fabricating a composite carbon nanotube thermal interface device
Microlens including wire-grid polarizer and methods of manufacture
Method of forming contact hole
Methods and apparatus for electrical, mechanical and/or chemical removal of conductive material from...
Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
Polymer composition
Ink-jet systems and methods using visible and invisible ink
Perylene-derivative based crystallization modifiers
Polishing cloth, polishing apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
System and method for focused navigation within a user interface
System and method for focused navigation within a user interface
Controller in a voltage mode buck converter for implementing a mode-switch function and an over-curr...
Contact process and structure for a semiconductor device
Dye type polarizing plate
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
Polarizer for a multi-domain vertical alignment liquid crystal display
Diffusively reflective circular polarizer formed by thermo phase separation
Liquid crystal display device
Lamp assembly with a retainer connecting a stem to a lamp capsule
Multiple bit screwdriver
Electric stringed musical instrument having detachable frame
String instrument
Effects of flow improvement in tapered design
Musical wind instrument, valves therefor, and methods of manufacturing same
Electronic musical instrument
System and method for providing a haptic effect to a musical instrument
Electronic musical instrument
Combination of golf club head body and striking plate
Manufacturing method for a golf club head
Weight member for a golf club head
Iron clud head
Method of making a golf club head having a brazed striking plate
Shoe nail set
Golf club head having a brazed striking plate
Non-woody fiber mulching mat and production method thereof
Retinoid-containing sustained release intraocular drug delivery system and related methods
Ceiling fan blade
Coating for golf club head
Connecting structure for striking plate and body of golf club head
Bag for cleaning oil film on windshield of vehicle
Intensified structure for connecting a golf club head body with a striking plate
Killer applications of golh, golfishing, golfrisbee, golfball, basedisc, golfrisbee basket
Adjusting block for golf club head
Single panel golf club grip
Single panel golf club grip
Intermediate layer for joining two portions of a golf club head
Decorative planter
Remote control for a toilet seat with bidet
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Network adaptive baseline monitoring system and method
Wallpaper display stand
Display table
Wood treatment center display
Traffic noise barrier system
Fowl retention and territory compression system
Formatting denormal numbers for processing in a pipelined floating point unit
Memory card and memory controller
Mask pattern inspecting method, inspection apparatus, inspecting data used therein and inspecting da...
System and method for providing adjustable read margins in a semiconductor memory
Device, system, server, client, and method for supporting component layout design on circuit board, ...
Automatic circuit design method with a cell library providing transistor size information
Method of analyzing semiconductor LSI circuit electrostatic discharge
Device and method for floorplanning semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device, semiconductor device design method, semiconductor device design method recordi...
Method and apparatus for decomposing a design layout
Methods of analysis of allelic imbalance
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Techniques for identifying confirming mapping and categorizing nucleic acids
Apparatus for active programmable matrix devices
Addressable biologic electrode array
Cartridge loader and methods
Methods for detecting and diagnosing oral cancer
Complexity management of genomic DNA by locus specific amplification
Methods for the identification of genetic features for complex genetics classifiers
Thin channel MOSFET with source/drain stressors
Genetically engineered plant cells and plants exhibiting resistance to glutamine synthetase inhibito...
Transgenic manipulation of sn-glycerol-3-phosphate and glycerol production with a feedback defective...
Orphanin FQ receptor polypeptides
Printhead controller integrated circuit
Cartridge for replenishing developer including a memory device and a control system featuring the ca...
Abnormality determining method, and abnormality determining apparatus and image forming apparatus us...
Portable flushing apparatus for motor vehicles
Laminate production apparatus
Quick-action rolling shutter door
Fountain solution recycling system for commercial printers
Surface protecting film for painted surfaces, comprising polyurethane-based pressure-sensitive compo...
Device and method for automatically inspecting objects traveling in an essentially monolayer flow
WLAN device positioning
Location information recovery and management for mobile networks
System, method and program product for scheduling meetings
Method and device for determining vehicle lane changes using a vehicle heading and a road heading
Method and apparatus for determining unbounded dependencies during syntactic parsing
Method and system for presenting network-infrastructure information
System and method for grouping recipients of streaming data
Method and system for efficient fragment caching
Garbage collection with a dynamic window
Autonomic method to resume multi-threaded preload imaging process
Optimizing locations of pins for blocks in a hierarchical physical design by using physical design i...
Method, apparatus, and program to forward and verify multiple digital signatures in electronic mail
Delivering electronic content
System, computer program product and method for scanning and managing documents
Space-efficient mail storing and archiving based on communication structure
Image communication method and apparatus
Compiler, system and method for defining, assigning, executing and monitoring processes and tasks in...
Apparatus and Method for Affecting Correspondent-Centric Electronic Mail
Identity kit
Communication apparatus and communication method
Apparatus, method, and program for communication
Method and System for Providing Visual Notification in a Unified Messaging System
Remote cholesteric display
Method and computer-readable medium for providing access to policy information associated with elect...
E-mail communication apparatus, e-mail communication method and program
E-mail communication apparatus and data processing method and program
E-mail transfer method and device
Broadcast receiving terminal and information processing apparatus
Reliability and availablity of distributed servers
Volume and failure management method on a network having a storage device
Display device and driving method thereof
Medium storage device and write path diagnosis method
Dynamic speed control method for storage device
Calculation processing device, calculation processing device design method, and logic circuit design...
Electronic device capable of displaying an instruction manual
Method, program and device for displaying menu
Method, program and device for displaying menu
Antistatic structure for optical disc device
Device and method for displaying broadcasting information in digital broadcasting receiver
Moving picture processing device, information processing device, and program thereof
Method and device for distributing video information
Remote control system, controllable device, and remote control method
Broadcast reception terminal and broadcast device
System and method for storage device emulation in a multimedia processing system
Method and device for printing sensitive data
Electronic device, registration method thereof, and storage medium
Content distribution system and distribution method, and content processing device and processing me...
Carbon nanotube device and manufacturing method of the same
Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Process for preparing molecular sieves via continuous addition of nutrients
Fragmented taggant coding system and method with application to ammunition tagging
Method for administering phototherapy as a cellulite firming treatment
Aniline-derived ligands for the thyroid receptor
Equine inhalation mask
Powder inhaler
Employment of established telephone number of mobile device supported by serving mobile switching ce...
Reconnection of wireless calls to mobile units in border cells
Methods and apparatus for providing privacy-preserving global customization
In networks of interconnected router nodes for routing data traffic, a method of and system for impe...
Translator for enabling logical partitioning of a network switch
Higher radix Log MAP processor
Wireless LAN with dynamic channel selection
Variable rate message coding
Remembrance-promoted number receipt for call allowance
Network support for enhanced dialing capability
Tunable microfluidic optical fiber devices and systems
Optical fiber having enhanced separation of higher-order modes
Installation of processing units into a stored program controlled system wherein the component proce...
Wireless communication network including an adaptive wireless communication device and a method of o...
Atomic force microscope
Electromagnetic shield assembly with opposed hook flanges
Space-time processing for wireless systems with multiple transmit and receive antennas
Wireless priority service for intersystem call delivery
System and method of messaging using MIN escape codes
Method of manufacturing seamless capsule
Efficient and economic asymmetric synthesis of nootkatone, tetrahydronootkatone, their precursors an...
Image system, solid-state imaging semiconductor integrated circuit device used in the image system, ...
.kappa. opioid receptor agonist comprising 2-phenylbenzothiazoline derivative
Beaded black
Shear-extrusion method
Boat windshield canvas attachment apparatus
Double wall cooking vessel
Screw with heat exchange function, mixer and extruder
Annular co-extrusion die
Gasket seal with positioning stops for a fixed window glued to flanges of an opening
Extrusion die for making a double-skin honeycomb substrate
Coating method and apparatus
Binder for electrodes
Method for manufacturing a group III nitride compound semiconductor device
Weather strip
Method for manufacturing Group-III nitride compound semiconductor device
Method for producing Group III nitride compound semiconductor
Light-emitting semiconductor device using group III nitride compound
Encasement for handheld computer
Fluorinated surfactants for aqueous acid etch solutions
Double-sided adhesive tape and its use
QoS scheduler and method for implementing quality of service with aging time stamps
Method and system for access point roaming
System and method for personalized and customized time management
System for performing context-sensitive decisions about ideal communication modalities considering i...
Communications system providing enhanced client-server communications and related methods
Apparatus and method for use in a data/conference call system for automatically collecting participa...
Communications system providing shared client-server communications interface and related methods
Wireless communication portfolio system and device
Method, apparatus, and system for distributed meeting scheduling based on autonomous multi-agent
Configurable hardware scheduler calendar search algorithm
Apparatus and a method for providing information to a user
Heat plate, heating element, belt type fixing device and image forming apparatus
Methods and systems for undercolor reduction
Systems and methods for sensing marking substrate area coverage using a spectrophotometer
Accurate printing of proprietary mark patterns and colors
System and method of performing halftone gamma correction in a printing environment
Assist channel coding using a rewrite model
Xerographic charging device having two pin arrays
Image forming device
Mechanism for adapting cassette guide movement for size detection
Pressure pump system
Thermosetting toner compositions, thermosetting developer compositions and methods for making and us...
Printing system, printing method and apparatus
System, method and article of manufacture for enhancing electronic messages
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Image forming device
Image forming apparatus and method having multiple print modes
Set of kitchen utensils on a support
Operation panel
Developer fixing unit
System and method for providing distributed database services
Icon for a digital camera
Paper feed cassette
Piezoelectric ink jet head
Controlling a tape processing apparatus for embossing on a tape to be processed a recognizable brail...
Air intake system for engine
Biodegradable glucosaminemuramyl peptides for apoptosis modulation
Polyimide film excellent in alkali etching processability and punchability
One-chip compass implemented using magnetoresistive (MR) sensor temperature compensation and magneti...
Image signal processor
Device and method of managing life of toner cartridge, and image forming apparatus using the same
System and method for filtering output in mass flow controllers and mass flow meters
Lower fluence boundary laser shock peening
Surface pattern for leather goods
Nonwoven fabric
Paper product
Paper product
Digital micromirror device and method of driving digital micromirror device
Self-light-emitting apparatus and semiconductor device used in the apparatus
Organic electroluminescent device based on 2,5-diaminoterephthalic acid derivatives
Laser annealer and laser thin-film forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for recording and reading out radiation images
Electronic appliance including transistor having LDD region
Method of mending breakage of line in display device
Semiconductor film transistor
Driver circuit of display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid discharge method and apparatus and display device panel manufacturing method and apparatus
Touch-sensitive display with tactile feedback
Electro-optical device comprising a precharge circuit
Accelerated test method for ferroelectric memory device
Microreactor and substance production method therewith
Apparatus for pressing and other mechanical treatment of materials such as catalysts
Composite porous media
Magnetic recording medium
Systems and methods for forming zirconium and/or hafnium-containing layers
Thin-film structure and method for producing the same
Jet nozzle mixer
Air induction system having an environmentally resistant acoustic membrane
Enclosure and audio-visual apparatus comprising same
Sound attenuation apparatus and method
Electronic circuit with a sigma delta A/D converter
Compact actuator
Three-axis attitude control propulsion device and flying object comprising the same
Man/machine interface for control of the automatic pilot for piloted aerodyne provided with an ATN t...
Engine loader and transporter apparatus and methods
Cast unitized primary truss structure and method
Damping structure and applications
Methods and apparatuses for launching, capturing, and storing unmanned aircraft, including a contain...
Method of synchronizing fin fold-out on a fin-stabilized artillery shell, and an artillery shell des...
Channel-wing system for thrust deflection and force/moment generation
Rechargeable compressed air system and method for supplemental aircraft thrust
Thrust reverser with sliding pivot joints
Blade member for airplane
Ice detector for improved ice detection at near freezing condition
Aircraft loading apparatus
Cable actuated adjustable pedal
Putting practice and training device
Method for chipping and club
Method and apparatus for golf instruction
Graphical messaging system
Indicator wheel system
Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for semi-automatic extraction and monitoring of diode ideality in a manufacturi...
Semiconductor device with low resistance region
Thin film transistors on plastic substrates with reflective coatings for radiation protection
Method of preventing semiconductor layers from bending and semiconductor device formed thereby
Non-volatile memory device with a polarizable layer
Stepped tip junction with spacer layer
Magnetic tunnel junction cap structure and method for forming the same
Light emitting and/or detecting device and method of manufacturing the same
Method to form a cross network of air gaps within IMD layer
Apparatuses and methods for forming assemblies
Micro defects in semi-conductors
Semiconductor capacitor with praseodymium oxide as dielectric
Integrated circuit die and an electronic assembly having a three-dimensional interconnection scheme
Method and apparatus for laser irradiation and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Tunable alignment geometry
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Box finishing machine with cleaning apparatus and method
High density connector
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting with verification and name change service
Method and apparatus for enhanced call routing in a telecommunication system
Method of and apparatus for producing pellets from heavy hydrocarbon liquid
Adjustable routing device and method for routing fiber optic jumpers from fiber optic jumper raceway...
Device and methods for the acquisition and automatic processing of data obtained from optical codes
Call transfer service using service control point and service node
Network-based services for misplaced cellular mobile stations
Battery powered hydraulic tool
Method for correcting call detail record files
Method and apparatus for molding plastic materials with a metallic appearance
Row hash match scan join using summary contexts for a partitioned database system
Search on and search for functions in applications with varying data types
Sulfonyl-containing 3,4-diaryl-3-pyrrolin-2-ones, preparation method, and medical use thereof
Angular rate sensor
Angular rate sensor
Head-mounted image display device and data processing apparatus including the same
Architecture to enable search gateways as part of federated search
Real time physical system modelling with predetermined outcomes
Gaming machine with sorting feature
Slot machine with reel symbol matching feature
Gaming machine with ambient noise attenuation
Recording medium storing 3D model deformation program, 3D model deformation program, 3D model deform...
Method for color transition detection
Virtual sound source positioning
Data transmitting and receiving using recording medium ID
Server device for net games, method for controlling progress of net game and program for executing n...
Bat carrier and protector
Method and system for illustrating sound and text
Image display system with body position compensation
Voice synthesizing method and voice synthesizer performing the same
Methods and apparatus for processing microelectronic workpieces using metrology
Coating compositions for modifying surfaces
Pyrimido compounds having antiproliferative activity
Heterocyclic hydrazones for use as anti-cancer agents
Labeled resiniferatoxin derivatives
4-(c2-6alkoxy)-substituted chalcones as therapeutic agents
Disposable modular hearing aid
Non-symmetric tripyrranes in the synthesis of novel macrocycles
Bat having a flexible handle
Ball glove having openings and improved weight balance
Hitting training aid
Electronic percussion instrument
Machine for the preparation of beverages
Intelligent polymerized crystalline colloidal array carbohydrate sensors
Organic light emitting element and light emitting device using the element
Compounds for use in organic EL devices and organic EL devices
Organic EL device
Polymeric fluorescent substance, process for producing the same, and organic electroluminescent elem...
Organic electroluminescent device having a thin film formed by plasma on a surface of a hole injecti...
Cyclocondensed polycyclic hydrocarbon compound and light-emitting device using the same
Method of evaluating whiteness, method of evaluating comparative whiteness, light source and luminai...
Electroluminescent material containing a conjugated polymer or metal complexes inside zeolites and p...
Photo-luminescence layer in the optical spectral region and in adjacent spectral regions
Oxygen substituted barium thioaluminate phosphor materials
Diarylamino group-containing copolymer, organic electroluminescent device, and method of producing h...
EL display device utilizing light-emitting organic compounds and method for forming the same
Light emitting device and a method of manufacturing the same
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Switching element, display device using the switching element, and light emitting device
Light emitting device, driving method for the same and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor imaging system and related methodology
Light emitting device and driving method thereof
Electronic device
Compact, omni-directional scan pattern generator and method in a reader for electro-optically readin...
Wide field display using a scanned linear light modulator array
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
Chlorohydrin and hydroxycarboxylic ester asymmetric hydrolase gene
5-substituted hydantoin racemase, DNA coding for the racemase, and processes for producing optically...
Detector unit
Coordinate inputting/detecting apparatus and method designed to avoid a trailing phenomenon
Image taking apparatus capable of optically and electrically changing magnification of taken images
Autotiller control system for aircraft utilizing camera sensing
Determination of an orientation parameter of an elongate object with a scan beam apparatus
GLV based fiber optic transmitter
Optical logical circuits based on lasing semiconductor optical amplifiers
Optical head including an active polymer film for switching voltage during recording and reproducing...
Imaging apparatus and method employing a large linear aperture
Deluxe magnifier
Method and apparatus for generating 3D face models from one camera
Method for isolating a polynucleotide of interest from the genome of a mycobacterium using a BAC-bas...
Large 1D texture map representation with a 2D texture map
Pistol with magazine disconnect
Sub-lethal, wireless projectile and accessories
Bird launcher for hunt training
Attachment converting semi-automatic weapons to rapid fire
Bolt assembly with locking system
Cargo support device
Ammunition pouch
Multi-thickness film layer bearing cartridge and housing
Dustproof structure for a sleeve bearing
Bearing apparatus for camshaft in engine
Bearing assembly and lubricating grease
Asymmetric hub assembly
Method of guiding a blade having a variable pitch angle
Bearing device
Bearing part and fabrication method therefor
Thrust bearing for down-hole tool
Thrust bearing and method of making same
Horizontal centrifugal pumping system
Screw compressor
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Bearing vibration measuring apparatus, bearing vibration measuring method, and radial type bearing
Guide unit
Wheel end with rotation sensor
Axle assembly with bearing adjustment mechanism
Damper support assembly for a supercritical drive shaft
Linear roller bearing
NO.sub.x adsorber diagnostics and automotive exhaust control system utilizing the same
Stereo camera arrangement in a motor vehicle
Temporary surveillance system
Adjustable camera with belt tensioning apparatus
Lens holder used in digital camera
CMOS stereo imaging system and method
Image sensing apparatus, control method of image sensing apparatus, and computer program product
Electronic camera with internal temperature increase controlled
Method, apparatus and computer product for substrate processing
Displacement detection device and lens barrel
Fingerprint verifying apparatus of small size and method of operating the same
Address hopping of packet-based communications
Methods, systems, and computer program products for communication of non-keyboard related data via a...
Employing local data stores to maintain data during workflows
Systems and methods for increasing transaction entries in a hardware queue
System and method of fault detection in a Unix environment
Toilet stool
Liquid crystalline polymers, processes for their manufacture, and articles thereof
Genes encoding Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases
Methods for the production of tyrosine, cinnamic acid and para-hydroxycinnamic acid
Lamination of organic semiconductor
Screen printable hydrogel for medical applications
Fluorometer with low heat-generating light source
Soluble poly(aryl-oxadiazole) conjugated polymers
Poly(dioxythiophene)/poly(acrylamidoalkyslufonic acid) complexes
Genetic constructs encoding carotenoid biosynthetic enzymes
Genes for microsomal delta-12 fatty acid desaturases and hydroxylases from plants
Transparent article having protective silicon nitride film
Peroxide-curable fluoroelastomers
Process for the selective oxidation of organic compounds
Thermal protective coating
Acylated uridine and cytidine and uses thereof
Composition for providing an abrasion resistant coating on a substrate with a matched refractive ind...
Adhesive resin with high damping properties and method of manufacture thereof
Process for the preparation of an alkoxylated alcohol composition
Laser array for generating stable multi-wavelength laser outputs
Magnetic disc medium
Sol-gel processes for photoreceptor layers
Surface-modified inorganic oxide powder, process for producing the same, and use thereof
Pigmented panel assembly
Method and device for manufacturing metallic particulates, and manufactured metallic particulates
Lubricant for improved surface quality of cast aluminum and method
Portion of a bottle
Package for dispensing a pressurized fluid
Products comprising an isothiocyanate preservative system and methods of their use
Use of a BMP protein receptor complex for screening bone metabolism actives and cells co-transfected...
Induction furnace for melting granular materials
Combined methods and compositions for tumor vasculature targeting and tumor treatment
26,27-Homologated-20-EPI-2-alkyl-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Oxazolidin-2-one and thiazolidin-2-one derivatives for use as EP.sub.4 receptor agonists in the trea...
Calcilytic compounds
Protective goggles
Removable lens mounted to an eyewear platform
Method of stopping a stolen car without a high-speed chase, utilizing a bar code
Method and system for designing an electric machine stator including keybars
Illuminated LED street sign
Page-aware descriptor management
Method and apparatus for forming and dispatching instruction groups based on priority comparisons
System and method for accessing an advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI) namespace nodal...
Consolidated technique for authenticating a user to two or more applications
Object-oriented framework for hyperlink navigation
Method and system for reporting XML data based on precomputed context and a document object model
Code conversion method and apparatus
(+)-1-(3,4-Dichlorophenyl)-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane, compositions and uses thereof
(-)-1-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane, compositions thereof, and uses as a dopamine-r...
Phenylalkyl and pyridylalkyl piperazine derivatives
Piperazine derivatives, their preparation and uses in therapy
Identification, diagnosis, and treatment of neuropathologies, neurotoxicities, tumors, and brain and...
Roll stand for hot-rolling or cold-rolling metallic strips
Solders with surfactant-refined grain sizes, solder bumps made thereof, and methods of making same
Tricyclic quinoxaline and quinoline derivatives as a UV filter
Color photographic element with UV absorber
Lipase inhibiting composition
Granules obtained by drying a multiple emulsion
Polymeric urethane ester quats and their use in personal care compositions
Cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations comprising ascorbic acid derivatives
Sulfur dye protection systems and compositions and methods employing same
Particulate metal oxide
Method of bleaching cereal grains
Compositions for golf equipment
Thermal transfer printing
Crystalline modification of a manganese complex
Silver halide color photographic photosensitive material and image forming method
Adjustable keyboard support assembly
Sense amplifier systems and a matrix-addressable memory device provided therewith
Semiconductor memory device and connecting method of sense amplifier
Circuit for tracking error signal detection on an optical storage medium
Method of and apparatus for detecting type of disc
Fault detection and isolation in an optical network
Redundant WDM transmission system optical receiver with reduced variable optical attenuators and/or ...
High frequency signal power detector
Automatic gain controller
Direct conversion receiver for amplitude modulated signals using linear/log filtering
Method, system, and apparatus for utilizing device-specific diagnostic settings within a standard ma...
Disc cartridge
Transmitter with limited spectral regrowth and method therefor
Apparatus for adjustable positioning of virtual sound source
Support for a method for determining an analyte and a method for producing the support
Screening methods based on isolating a collection of polynucleotides corresponding to accessible reg...
Method and apparatus for tissue connection
Methods and compositions for treating solid tumors
Secondary sprouting for isolation and expansion of endothelial sprout cells and endothelial precurso...
Two-stage culture protocol for isolating mesenchymal stem cells from amniotic fluid
Crosslinkable biological material and medical uses
Porous structures useful for growing living tissue, and methods of manufacture
Coumarin endcapped absorbable polymers
Methods of isolating hepatic progenitors
Tissue engineered blood vessels and apparatus for their manufacture
Compositions for controlled release of a biologically active agent, and the preparation thereof
Process and device for producing hydrogen
Supported rhodium-spinel catalysts and process for producing synthesis gas
Utilization of micro-channel gas distributor to distribute unreacted feed gas into reactors
Hydrogen generating apparatus
Apparatus for generating hydrogen gas
Method for obtaining synthesis gas by partial catalytic oxidation
Methanol-tolerant cathode catalyst composite for direct methanol fuel cells
Fuel cell system
Use of nonmicroporous support for syngas catalyst
Supported nickel catalyst for synthesis gas preparation
Three-dimensional well system for accessing subterranean zones
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation with heat sources located at an edge of a coal layer
Multi-purpose well bores and method for accessing a subterranean zone from the surface
Process for producing pulp
ATM switching system and cell control method
Method and apparatus for providing a transition connector to introduce outside air and vent flue for...
Implantable cardiac stimulation device having autocapture/autothreshold capability
Watercraft mooring device
Yoga socks
Tape for tying electric wire
Cable bush securely fixed to a cable
Molding material for use with carbon dioxide
Process for preparing halogenated alkanes
Watercraft dry storage and storage method
Box girder structure for bridge provided with outer cable and method of building the box girder
Environmentally improved rearview mirror assembly
Method and system for secure delivery and printing of documents
Method and device for loading input data into a program when performing an authentication
Systems and methods for identity-based encryption and related cryptographic techniques
Generation of a random number that is non-divisible by a set of prime numbers
Embedding information related to a subject of an identification document in the identification docum...
System and method for protection of video signals
Location-independent packet routing and secure access in a short-range wireless networking environme...
Base transceiver station automatic encryption handling
Method and apparatus for performing secure communications
System and method for identifying coverage holes in a wireless network
Composite digital works having usage rights and method for creating the same
Method and apparatus for reporting unauthorized attempts to access nodes in a network computing syst...
Method and system for controlling encoded image production using image signatures
Data security for digital data storage
Apparatus for dicing a deformable product
Method for preparing optical device by dicing
Chip dicing
Coffee espresso machine
Dry separation of contaminants from polyester materials
Separation of contaminants from polyester materials
Rotatable coin display
Elements for embossing and adhesive application
Dispenser package arrangement; and, methods
Piezoelectric incapacitation projectile
Pressure sleeve assembly
Matrix storage and dispensing system
Method and apparatus for smokeless pyrotechnic display
Active protection device and associated apparatus, system, and method
Composite glove structure
Sling shot blow gun combination device
Method and device for determining an angular error and use of the device
Artillery gun with a heavy weapon arranged on a support vehicle
Mobile electrical device for disabling a moving vehicle
Range finder
User controllable data grouping in structural document translation
Navigation links in generated documentation
Programmable controller
Software component model for time sensitive embedded applications
Identifying malware containing computer files using embedded text
Runtime services for network software platform
Apparatus and method for dynamic instrumenting of code to minimize system perturbation
Method, apparatus, and program to determine the mutability of an object at loading time
System and method for processing multiple work flow requests from multiple users in a queuing system
Processing resource for use in a distributed processing framework system and methods for implementin...
System and related methods for reducing memory requirements of a media processing system
System and methods for generating and managing filter strings in a filter graph
Systems and methods for injecting an exception into a target thread
Image for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Portion of a display screen with an animated image
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Inkjet cartridge
Calculating pen
Method and system for automatically updating content stored on servers connected by a network
Optimized database technique to enable faster data synchronization
Method and apparatus for archiving data in a relational database system
Computer network system including an information collector computer
Exactly once JMS communication
System and method for downloading content files using a communication network and for automatically ...
Command line interface processor
System and method of proxy authentication in a secured network
Method, computer readable media and apparatus for the selection and rendering of audio files in a ne...
Predictive networking
Premium messaging exchange
Content addressable data storage and compression for computer memory
Method and system for accessing spatially organized geographic data in blocks
Power supply critical state monitoring system
Process yield learning
Light source with heat transfer arrangement
LED package
Lamp clamp
Light box coupling bracket including rotatable gripping device
Hub light
Systems and components for enhancing rear vision from a vehicle
Vehicle lamp
Indicating or lighting device with a screen or covering having a diffusive or reflective focus
LED lamp with insertable axial wireways and method of making the lamp
LED lamp with central optical light guide
Light directing structure for a connector
Spread illuminating apparatus adapted to allow light to exit out from both surfaces of light conduct...
Light emitting diode based light source emitting collimated light
Lamp base and a lamp having a lamp base with multiple sets of contacts
Vehicle headlamp system and dimming-type vehicle headlamp
System and method for providing a display utilizing a fast photon indicator
Indicator for straddle type vehicle
Display window and assembly
System and method for discovering and categorizing attributes of a digital image
Receiving apparatus
Modular control panel for video apparatus
Digital crystal video receiver
Method and apparatus for deriving a channel map for a digital television receiver
Dot-sequential color display system
Image display apparatus
Screen having micro-lens array and projector
Method of fixing color wheel to motor
Data processing device and data recording method
Data multiplexing device, program distribution system, program transmission system, pay broadcast sy...
Portable virtual reality
Pattern inspecting apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for shot detection
Method for recognizing objects in digitized images
Method for generating a representation of a particular signal among a plurality of signals represent...
Gradation correcting apparatus gradation correcting method and video display apparatus
Method and device to improve backlight uniformity
Optical coupling device, fabricating method thereof, optical coupling device assembly, and lensed fi...
Wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) coupler and method for making the same
High-index contrast distributed Bragg reflector
Method of manufacturing a fiber-type optical coupler with slanting bragg diffraction gratings
Optical fiber tip diffuser and method of making the same
Planar waveguide optical isolator in thin silicon-on-isolator (SOI) structure
Optical modulator, optical waveguide device and acousto-optic tunable filter apparatus
Detector detecting transmission performance of optical composite cable
Cable trough cover
Optical circuit enclosure
Carrier for multiple splice trays
Base, payload and connecting structure and methods of making the same
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) variable optical attenuator
Anti-counterfeit method and system by using a nano metal grating
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image data
Image coding apparatus and image coding method
Image decompression apparatus and method
Decoding of predicted AC coefficient without division
System and method for using normalized gray scale pattern find
Removal of background noise of image data by an image processing device or image reading apparatus
Registration correction method in image processing, and vegetation state display method using the re...
Image processing apparatus for correcting contrast of image
Computationally efficient modeling of imagery using scaled, extracted principal components
Enhancing the tonal characteristics of digital images
Image processing apparatus
Real-time wide-angle image correction system and method for computer image viewing
Labeling system and methodology
Video testing via pixel comparison to known image
System and method for capturing dimensions from a graphic file of an object
Digital contents generating apparatus and digital contents reproducing apparatus
Tele-diagnostic device
Compensation method for thermodilution catheter having an injectate induced thermal effect in a bloo...
Apparatus for monitoring intra-abdominal pressure
Surgical device with pressure monitoring ability
Surgical instrument and method for treating female urinary incontinence
Devices and methods for heart valve treatment
System and method to delay activation of a powered device
Vehicle tiredness alleviating system
Wearable electronic device with multiple display functionality
Method and apparatus for monitoring the condition of a fetus
Atrial arrhythmia detection for an active implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for rapid prototyping of monolithic microwave integrated circuits
Electronics devices with spring biased hinges and methods therefor
Devices and methods for separating constituents
Methods and systems for separating constituents of a highly aqueous fluid
Automation-optimized microarray package
Coherent imaging that utilizes orthogonal transverse mode diversity
Atmospheric pressure ion source high pass ion filter
Ion trap mass spectrometer and method for analyzing ions
Dome-shaped apparatus for inspecting a component or a printed circuit board device
Apparatus and method for implementing a packet based teleconference bridge
RF power device with on-chip digital control and optical interface
Method and apparatus for network formation
Communication device and method of operation therefore
Using vector network analyzer for aligning of time domain data
Multi-port scattering parameter calibration system and method
Method and device for providing more accurate subscriber billing
Reconfigurable processing circuit including a delay locked loop multiple frequency generator for gen...
Wireless communication device
Programmable scheduler for digital signal processor
Protocol sleuthing system and method for load-testing a network server
Pyrimidine derivatives for the treatment of abnormal cell growth
Method of utilizing neurotrophins to manipulate reproductive capacity
Formulations comprising antisense nucleotides to connexins
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods of using secreted frizzled related protein
Therapeutic agents comprising pro-apoptotic proteins
Thienopyrimidine-based inhibitors of the SRC family
Individual propelled water craft
Dynamic surface element for bodies moving through a fluid
Arrangement in a marine vessel
Hook seat tightening structure for ship covers
Device and method for mooring a watercraft
Telescoping outrigger boom with tube locking mechanisms
Anchor with smaller second fluke
Electromagnetic wave propagation scheme
Watercraft cover
Apparatus comprising a ship-to-shore interface
Water craft
Propulsion system for ships, in particular for cruise vessels
Closed loop buoyancy system
Underwater device with transmitter
Object locator standing alone or embedded in the existing device
Method and system for on screen text correction via pen interface
Lighter case
Roll forming apparatus and system
Process for producing biodiesel fuel using triglyceride-rich oleagineous seed directly in a transest...
Intracellular proteinacious antimicrobial agents from lactic acid bacteria derived from fermented fo...
Multi-Phase sheeted chewing gum and method and apparatus for making
Method of inducing malolactic fermentation in wine or fruit juice by direct inoculation with a non-a...
Sandwich package and method of packaging
Thermal tolerant mannanase from acidothermus cellulolyticus
Soybean oil process
Disposable liner for cookware
Food cooking container with monitoring means for monitoring the operating temperature thereof
Salad spinner with improved drive assembly
Sanitary, vented and disposable dispensing assembly for post mix beverage dispenser
Tilt-out and pick-off basket assembly for a refrigerator door
Acid catalyzed copolymerization of water, tetrahydrofuran and multifunctional epoxides and uses ther...
Mixed matrix membranes
Catalytic polymerization process
Efficient and convenient procedure for the synthesis of B-alkylated oxazaborolidines derived from ep...
Process for the preparation of low branch content polybutadiene
Nano-sized polymer-metal composites
High throughput permeability testing of materials libraries
Two-photon absorbing polymerizable composition and polymerization process thereof
Apparatus and methods of cortical surface registration and deformation tracking for patient-to-image...
Artifact elimination in time-gated anatomical imaging
Multi-view imaging apparatus
Method for processing raw magnetic resonance data, magnetic resonance tomography unit and magnetic r...
Method for reducing X-ray noise
Automated planning volume contouring algorithm for adjuvant brachytherapy treatment planning in sarc...
Multiple bone tracking
System and method using thermal image analysis and slope threshold classification for polygraph test...
Method and system for measuring table sag
Method and system for automatic identification and quantification of abnormal anatomical structures ...
Methods and apparatus for determining component alignment
Fishing reel, fishing information display device, and fishing information display system
Drag control member attachment structure
Illuminable fishing rod
Device for winding and unwinding the lower part of fishing line
Lobster trap
Pet feeder
Port attachment system for bird feeders and the like
Birdcage perch
Paw cleaning device
Intensity variation device for training animals
Immobilization device
Method for securing an animal to an object
Energy-absorption system
Modular mounting arrangement and method for light emitting diodes
Apparatus and method for removing gasses from a liquid
Implantable, refillable infusion device and septum replacement kit
Method of making a modified unbleached pulp for lyocell products
Non-volatile RAM cell and array using nanotube switch position for information state
Nor flash memory cell with high storage density
Metropolitan area network switching system and method of operation thereof
Multi-wavelength grating-outcoupled surface emitting laser system
Device for generating terahertz radiation, and a semiconductor component
X-ray imaging apparatus and method with an X-ray interferometer
Recursive cryptoaccelerator and recursive VHDL design of logic circuits
Methods and systems for high-data-rate quantum cryptography
Multi-spectral miniature microscope array
Three-dimensional display of document set
Phosphorus-containing hydroquinone derivatives, process for their production, phosphorus-containing ...
Process for producing vinyl chloride polymer
Modified polyoxyalkylene polyamine
Inside plug
Purification method for organometallic compounds and organometallic compounds obtained therefrom
Polymer transfer within a polymerization system
Method of improving the operation of combustion particulate filters
Preparation of silyl ketene acetal and disilyl ketene acetal
Sulfonyldiazomethanes, photoacid generators, resist compositions, and patterning process
Process for the preparation of optically active amines or salts thereof
Malonic acid monomethyl derivatives and production process thereof
Etchants containing filterable surfactant
Image forming composition and photosensitive lithographic plate using same
Lubricant composition containing phosphorous, molybdenum, and hydroxy-substituted dithiocarbamates
Ethylene alkyl acrylate copolymers with improved heat resistance
Dual expression vector system for antibody expression in bacterial and mammalian cells
Buckslip lead generation system
Systems and methods for providing security in a voting machine
System for providing indexed machine utilization metrics
Municipal water delivery control systems
Method and apparatus for associating on demand certain selected media and value-adding elements
Prize management system of game machine
Composite container with RFID device and high-barrier liner
Multilayer, oriented film capable of structuring by means of electromagnetic radiation and composed ...
Method for making devices using ink jet printing
Polythiophenes and devices thereof
Inspection system, inspection method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
RFID activated information kiosk
Portable motion detector and alarm system and method
Applications for radio frequency identification systems
Trackable files and systems for using the same
Antifouling paint composition
Probiotics in primary prevention of atopic diseases
Phenylcarboxamide beta-secretase inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Compositions of and method for preparing stable particles in a frozen aqueous matrix
Process for producing cis-3-hydroxy-L-proline
Pyrrolotriazine inhibitors of kinases
Divider for CD rack
Polypeptide having .alpha.-isomaltosyl-transferase activity
Cotton active, dirt removing urethane-based polymers
Antibacterial agent
Nail polish color selection system
UV-protection formulations
Process of treating a carpet with a composition comprising an absorbent gelling material
Polymeric thickeners for oil-containing compositions
Stationery storage container
Nicotine replacement applique
Production of solid preparations of water-soluble, sparingly water-soluble or water-insoluble active...
Antimicrobial method using a hydroxydiphenyl ether compound
Augmented reality display integrated with self-contained breathing apparatus
Lipstick mechanism or the like with frictional braking
Upright extraction cleaning machine
Rechargeable lithium battery for tolerating discharge to zero volts
Batteries including improved fine fiber separators
Negative electrode material and battery using the same
Fluoride copolymer, polymer electrolyte comprising the same and lithium battery employing the polyme...
UV-cured multi-component polymer blend electrolyte, lithium secondary battery and their fabrication ...
Lithium primary battery
Methods and apparatus for vacuum thin film deposition
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and image forming method, image forming apparatus and process car...
Image recording material
Methods for applying small volumes of reagents
Detection of biomolecules by sensitizer-linked substrates
Benzimidazole derivatives
Substituted alkyl amido piperidines
Production process for niobium capacitor
Electrophoretic deposition process for making quartz glass products
Active material having surface treatment layer for battery and method of preparing the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Separator for lithium ion secondary battery
High temperature fuel cell power plant
Solid electrolytic secondary battery
Primary lithium electrochemical cell
Ion channel modulating compounds and uses thereof
Highly reliable and durable battery and process for fabrication thereof
Nonaqueous electrolytic solution with improved safety and lithium battery employing the same
Imidazo[1,2-.alpha.]pyridine ether compounds as ion channel modulators
Nickel powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Automating time sequenced tasks
Method and system for automatically displaying an image and a product in a page based on contextual ...
Electronic inventory movement and control device
System and method of managing an office of programs
System and method for electronic spread trading in real and synthetically generated markets
Electronic check
Franking machine and operating method thereof
System for voucher or token verification
Conducting transactions
Method and system for automated generation of a requested report in a computer system
Computer-implemented process of reporting injured worker information
System and method for configuring products over a communications network
Hot contact adapter for portable computing device
Lung assist apparatus and methods for use
Male urethral stent device
Method for forming a medical device with polymer coated inner lumen
Adeno-associated virus-mediated delivery of GDNF to skeletal muscles
CD 19.times.CD3 specific polypeptides and uses thereof
Cationic liposome delivery of taxanes to angiogenic blood vessels
Medical devices comprising a multilayer construction
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for insulin treatment
Multivalent metal salts of boronic acids
Isoflavone and triterpene glycosides from soybeans
Methods and compositions of novel triazine compounds
Indane acetic acid derivatives and their use as pharmaceutical agents, intermediates, and method of ...
Apparatus and method for treating ventricular tachyarrhythmias
Transmural ablation device
Reworkable compositions incorporating episulfide resins
Wafer applied fluxing and underfill material, and layered electronic assemblies manufactured therewi...
Tampon with an overwrap or overwraps having both masking and wicking properties
Package with a transparent window