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Super long range crash-bang round
Mechanism for reducing the vulnerability of high explosive loaded munitions to unplanned thermal sti...
Wound body for use as an ammunition shell
Gun stock pivot
Solventless method for preparation of carboxylic polymers
Method for dicing semiconductor chips and corresponding semiconductor chip system
Composition and method to whiten skin
Compositions and methods for darkening the skin
Ink for ink jet recording and ink jet recording process
Ink, recording method, recording unit, ink cartridge, and recording apparatus
Ink composition containing a particular type of dye, and corresponding ink-jet printing process
Imaged articles comprising a substrate having a primed surface
Nail polish composition comprising a polymer
Skin tanning and light therapy incorporating light emitting diodes
Comparison sample for simulating the color of keratinous elements, and related methods
Methods of treating obsessive-compulsive disorder
Pyrimidine derivatives useful as selective COX-2 inhibitors
Polynucleotides encoding GFRα3
Container for consumer products with concealed stretch release adhesive structure
Heat-shrinkable polyester film
Coating composition
Electronic device manufacture
Use of organofunctionally modified polysiloxanes containing phenyl derivatives as dispersants and we...
Transmission line phase shifter with controllable high permittivity dielectric element
Low temperature polyimide adhesive compositions and methods relating thereto
Labeling paint for use with metallic stencils on oriented strandboard finishing line
Polyamide resin composition and molded article thereof
Stabilizer mixtures
Use of indium to define work function of p-type doped polysilicon
Polyimide based compositions useful as electronic substrates, derived in part from (micro-powder) fl...
Cationic mixed-oxide dispersion, coating pigment and ink-absorbing medium
Process for forming molded articles, particular by blow molding, utilizing compositions that include...
Optical head with lens holder supported by suspension wires at central and end portions
Bearing system for high-speed rotating machinery
Removable mortar mixer bearing and seal assembly
Fluid bearing device
Non-permeable pipe connector structure
Replacement method and assembly for paper pick rollers
Quick release implement holder
System and method for optical heterodyne detection of an optical signal including optical pre-select...
Unequal pulse spacer
Tunable optical filter based on a physically-deformable diffractive element
Optical data storage medium and methods for reading and writing such a medium
Resonant coupling of optical signals for out-of-plane transmission that includes output beam modific...
Double substrate reflective spatial light modulator with self-limiting micro-mechanical elements
Multiple design database layer inspection
Optical technique for detecting buried defects in opaque films
Probe mark reading device and probe mark reading method
Optically active amine derivatives and preparation process therefor
Resolution of 3-amino alkylnitriles
Electron multiplier with enhanced ion conversion
Plasma deposited selective wetting material
Optical proximity correction method utilizing phase-edges as sub-resolution assist features
Reactive materials for limited play optical devices and methods of making same
Apparatus and process for calculating an option
Display device and method of driving a display device
Amorphous organic 1,3,2-dioxaborine luminophores, method for the production and use thereof
Method and apparatus for dynamically constructing customized advertisements
Tricyclic androgen receptor modulator compounds and methods
Method for dividing a coordinate system into a plurality of intervals based on the distribution of o...
Article dispensing system and method of dispensing articles
Method of forming a selectively converted inter-layer dielectric using a porogen material
Cascaded deflectors for multi-channel optical switches, and optical switching modules and methods ha...
Thin film capacitive element, method for producing same and electronic device
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for forming optical materials and devices
Highly-sensitive, pyroelectric infrared sensing method and apparatus
Hydrolytic condensation coating composition, hard coat film and method of preparing the same
Calibration-free optical chemical sensors
Method of entering prescription information
Methods for surface-biaxially-texturing amorphous films
Power line arrangement for electroluminescence display devices
Display device and driving method thereof
Semiconductor light emitting devices including current spreading layers
Method of irradiating a laser beam, and method of fabricating semiconductor devices
Method for producing metal mask and metal mask
Pressure measuring method and device
Organic light-emitting diode drive circuit for a display application
Device environment configuration systems, device environment configuration methods, and data storage...
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Optical head device and objective lens
Semiconductor storage device
Internet facsimile machine, communication method of internet facsimile machine, recording medium cap...
Surface-mount type antenna and antenna apparatus
Logical operation circuit and logical operation method
Semiconductor light emitting diode
Insulation-film etching system
Electrically enhanced air filtration with improved efficacy
Method for maintaining a constant level of fluid in a liquid vapor delivery system
Photosensor apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image display apparatus
Heat roller
Photosensitive member having deletion control additive
Image forming apparatus
Magnet picture pals
Cleaning mat with a plurality of disposable sheets
Capacitor heat reduction apparatus and method
Use of 3-(methoxymethyl)-2-pentylcyclopenta derivatives in perfume compositions
Method and apparatus for extending optical communication
Optical routers based on surface plasmons
Dynamic allocation of overhead voltage to support simultaneous transmission of signals on a telecomm...
Method and apparatus for assigning telephone numbers
Method and system for reconstructing 3D interactive walkthroughs of real-world environments
Low-loss coupler
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing transmit diversity system for frequency-selective fading ...
Methods and apparatus for wireless communication using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Adapter clamp for aerosol can
Hot mirroring in a computer system with redundant memory subsystems
Power adapter identification
Method and apparatus that enable a computer user to verify whether they have correctly input their p...
Array controller ROM cloning in redundant controllers
Processing architecture having a compare capability
System and method for performing matrix operations
Core parallel execution with different optimization characteristics to decrease dynamic execution pa...
Method for stretching polymer film, polarizing film and method for producing the same, polarizer, bi...
Method of cutting rare-earth alloy
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Method of making adhesive-free bonded porous thermoplastic nibs for markers and highlighter applicat...
Image heating device having excessive temperature rise prevention function
Apparatus and method for auto channel searching of video display apparatus
Receiving device used in high-definition television
Digital/analog broadcast receiver receiving digital/analog broadcast in range of read carrier freque...
Method and apparatus for changing brightness of image
Video signal processing
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Software decoding of composite video without a phase-locked loop
Method and apparatus for deinterlacing digital video images
Picture-signal processing apparatus and method using weighting for black-level control
Image pickup control device for controlling an exposure time and a method of driving an image sensor...
Apparatus and method for the exposure control of a photographing device
Method of transferring electric charge from image sensing device and image sensing device
Image capture and storage device
Detection of color filter array alignment in image sensors
Image input device
Image sensor with defective pixel address storage
LV V-Haemorphin-7 neuroactive peptide and methods of use
Adenovirus packaging cell lines
Hyaluronate synthase gene and uses thereof
Nucleotide sequences which code for the mikE17 gene
Polynucleotides encoding polypeptides involved in the stress response to environmental changes in
DAP-kinase related protein
Methods for enzymatic conversion of GDP-mannose to GDP-fucose
Serum paraoxonase
Canine IL-13 nucleic acid molecules and fragments thereof
Allergenic proteins and peptides from dog dander and uses therefor
EPIR device and semiconductor devices utilizing the same
Signal processing apparatus and a data recording and reproducing apparatus including local memory pr...
Circuit and method for generating a local clock signal synchronized to an externally generated refer...
Information processing system and information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for adaptive power management of memory subsystem
Trusted authorization device
Instruction fetch apparatus for wide issue processors and method of operation
Configurable processing block capable of interacting with external hardware
Multiple-delayed released antibiotic product, use and formulation thereof
Phytoestrogens and probiotic for women's health
Dietary supplement for medical patients
Dietary compounds useful for the reduction of pathological conditions and the promotion of good heal...
Pharmaceutical formulations
Iontophoresis system
Solder pastes for providing high elasticity, low rigidity solder joints
Automatically generating embroidery designs from a scanned image
Automatically generating embroidery designs from a scanned image
Sulphonated dehydrogenated sylvate, the preparation and use
Preparing method of IC card and IC card
Synthetic rubber that exhibits low hysteresis
Resin composition for primer
Polymer compositions comprising telomers and articles or parts using these compositions
Thermally developable materials with improved backside layers
Printing plate material and image formation method employing the same
Multilayer imageable element
Homogenizing and/or dispersing device comprising endless screws
Selective catalytic oxybromination of hydroxyaromatic compounds
Method for producing sphere-based crystals
(Meth)acrylic acid type polymer and unsaturated polyalkylene glycol type copolymer, and methods for ...
Method and apparatus for resolving an entity identifier into an internet address using a domain name...
Hand-held electric hair dryer
Hair dryer
Capsule containing detergents
Liquid and lotion applicator structure
Liquid and lotion applicator
Lighting fixture
Combined frosted and clear seedy shade outdoor lantern
Wall lamp
Positano lamp
Big bang lighting fixture
Rechargeable halogen search light with AM/FM radio
USB memory with laser pointer
Round penlight
Rear combination lamp for an automobile
Front combination lamp for an automobile
Roof tile
Trim element for a ceiling system
Extrusion or similar article
Pair of attachment brackets
Vectors derived from baculovirus and use for transferring nucleic acids into nerve cells of vertebra...
Radiation therapy by accumulation of therapeutic radionuclides in tumor-targeting bacteria
Use of marrow-derived glial progenitor cells as gene delivery vehicles into the central nervous syst...
Process for producing viral RNA polymerase
Pesticidal fusions
Metabolically engineered microbial cell with an altered metabolite production
Particles for gene therapy
4-trifluoromethylpyrazolyl-substituted pyridines and pyrimidines
Increasing plant growth with luminol
Enhanced anti-tumor immunity
Waste disposal plant for wet garbage, especially for refuse from large-scale kitchens
Heated fluid dispenser
Multi-component drain and serving tray assembly
Folding serving tray
Absorbent pad with controlled rate of wicking
Refrigeration/rethermalization food delivery system
Baking assembly for battered food items
Method of managing a refrigeration system
Network planning traffic measurement program
System, method and apparatus for supporting E911 emergency services in a data communications network
Apparatus and method for finding the longest matching prefix in a router
Method and system for dynamic service profile integration by a service controller
Disaster recovery virtual roll call and recovery management system
Derivation and quantization of robust non-local characteristics for blind watermarking
System and method for distributing media assets to user devices via a portal synchronized by said us...
Halftone watermarking and related applications
Feature-based watermarks and watermark detection strategies
Voice gateway with downstream voice synchronization
Perceptual encryption and decryption of movies
Switch queue predictive protocol (SQPP) based packet switching method
Region encoding using a plurality of tags
Estimating base sales volume using a low-pass filter approach
Method and system for operating a personnel workflow tool
Computerized knowledge brokerage system
Computerized knowledge brokerage system
Method and system of providing a service to a subscriber
Method and system for controlling messages printed by an in store label printer and related label st...
Filter control method, and filter controlled by the method
Spatial data mining method, spatial data mining apparatus and storage medium
Method and system for determining a directory entry's class of service based on the value of a speci...
Methods and apparatus for indexing content
Similarity search engine for use with relational databases
System and method for incrementally maintaining non-distributive aggregate functions in a relational...
Escalation tracking system
Piste-maintenance tracklaying vehicle
Pallet truck tiller arm with angle detector for speed select
Method of inactivating enveloped viruses in a viral preparation of non-enveloped viruses
Operating system abstraction and protection layer
Radio frequency identifiers in game tickets
Vehicle door driving system
Keyless entry device having tire pressure monitoring function
Vehicle signalization retrofit kit
Method and apparatus for automatically identifying the location of pressure sensors in a tire pressu...
Device and method for the surface treatment of workpieces
Engine temperature monitoring device
Method for changing the clutch torque in a clutch in the power train of a vehicle having an automate...
Closed-loop hydraulic adjustable slip differential
Aerodynamic suction ventilator
Nanocircuit and self-correcting etching method for fabricating same
Crossbar integrated circuit with parallel channels for a communication device
Methods and systems for imaging device credential submission
Methods and systems for imaging device credential receipt and authentication
System and method for driverless printers
Information processing system
Method for compensating for a magnetic field disturbance affecting a magnetic resonance device, and ...
Method for the acquisition of moving objects through nuclear magnetic resonance tomography
Method and apparatus for discrete shielding of volume RFcoil arrays
Hetaryl substituted homotetramic and homotetronic acids and their use thereof as pesticides
Anti-plasmodium composition and methods of use
Techniques to monitor transition density of an input signal
Method and system for diagnostics and prognostics of a mechanical system
Linear carboxy-functional organosiloxanyl derivatives and the use thereof for the treatment of the s...
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear outsole
Dance footwear
Electronic power module
Compact electronics plenum
Electronics assembly with arrangement for air cooling
Heat sink for chip package and bonding method thereof
Adhesive to attach a cooling device to a thermal interface
Compound type heat exchanger
Baffled surface cooled heat exchanger
Conduit assembly for fluid transfer
Heat dissipating device with heat pipe
Supporting structure for planar heat pipe
Fluid distribution system for thermal transfer rollers
Heat sink element coupling structure (2)
Rapid thermal cycling device
Heat exchanger, a method for producing the same and a dehumidifier containing the same
Cleaning system for refrigerator condenser
Strategy for minimizing noise perception in a vehicle
System and method for multi-tiered rule filtering
Light detector
Synthesis of N-vinylformamide
Syndiotactic styrene polymers and process for the production thereof
Sodium channel blockers
Preparation of unsaturated carboxylic acids and unsaturated carboxylic acid esters from alkanes and/...
Treating sickle cell disease
Absorbent product containing absorbent structure and bacillus coagulans
Multilayer approach to producing homofilament crimp spunbond
Delivery of pitch/thermoplastic/thermoset resins in RTM systems
Compounds used to treat alcoholism
Quaternary ammonium salts of omega-aminoalkylamides of r-2-aryl-propionic acids and pharmaceutical c...
Forms of cabergoline
Monotonic precise current DAC
Analog-to-digital converting apparatus for processing a plurality of analog input signals at high ra...
Method for calibrating a digital-to-analog converter and a digital-to-analog converter
Fluid receptacle and filter system
Fluid filter
Processing set for processing and treating a biological fluid
Sample processing device and sample processing method
Dual stage centrifugal liquid-solids separator
Ship ballast water sterilization method and system
Floating decanter
Water filtration using immersed membranes
Method and apparatus for treatment of a fluid system
Filter arrangement for the separation of blood into plasma and cellular components and device for ap...
Rotary-cutting disk for a centrifuge for a centrifuge with a duct wall contoured in a wave shape
Method and apparatus for determining the triacetin content in filter plugs
Non-coherent FSK demodulator
Behind the ear hearing aid system
Hearing aid with adaptive microphone matching
System and method for locating on a physical document items referenced in another physical document
Extended thin film capacitor (TFC)
Storage capacitor with high memory capacity and low surface area
Method of improving copper pad adhesion
Flip-chip mounted integrated circuit card element
Fill pattern generation for spin-on glass and related self-planarization deposition
Low profile chip scale stacking system and method
Method and packaging structure for optimizing warpage of flip chip organic packages
Method and apparatus to reduce parasitic forces in electro-mechanical systems
Low voltage non-volatile memory transistor
Non-volatile memory device with enlarged trapping layer
Flash memory device and fabrication process thereof, method of forming a dielectric film
Magnetoresistive element, magnetic memory cell, and magnetic memory device, and method for manufactu...
Stress assisted current driven switching for magnetic memory applications
Semiconductor device having a photon absorption layer to prevent plasma damage
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of extracting locations of nucleic acid array features
Automated microscopic image acquisition, compositing, and display
Method of monitoring the effect of Cathepsin S inhibitors
Microarray dispensing with real-time verification and inspection
Sensor utilizing evanescent wave
Beam splitter/combiner for optical meterology tool
Tracking temperature change in birefringent materials
Method for hydroforming a hollow profile
Pump having air valve with integral pilot
Enclosed-configuration electrically powered compressor having electric motor with stator coil thereo...
Pump with axial conduit
Reciprocating compressor with vibration reducing plate
Process for assembly of an electric pump, and a vibration damper for such a pump
Storage container for air compressor
Compressor with integral control unit
Apparatus and method for controlling a reciprocating compressor
Low power integrated pumping and valving arrays for microfluidic systems
Surface pulse system for injection wells
Connecting rod apparatus of hermetic compressor
Variable geometry turbocharger with sliding piston
Self-loading peristaltic pump for extracorporeal blood circuit
Swashplate pump
Vacuum preventing device of scroll compressor
Capacity control valve for variable displacement compressor
Variable displacement pump and control therefore for supplying lubricant to an engine
Information capture and processing
Obtaining tert-butanol
Apparatus and process for regenerating catalyst
Use of cationic layered materials, compositions, comprising these materials, and the preparation of ...
Firewall providing enhanced network security and user transparency
Method of formatting navigation information with varying levels of detail
Global positioning system receiver
Intelligent utilization of resources in mobile devices
System and method of identifying an object in a laser beam illuminated scene based on material types
Electronic device compass operable irrespective of localized magnetic field
Reagent for determination of leucocytes and measurement of haemoglobin in a sample of blood
Device and method for determining an illumination intensity profile of an illuminator for a lithogra...
Structure and method to compensate for thermal edge loss in thin film heaters
Endovascular graft with pressure, temperature, flow and voltage sensors
Optical disc device having an inclined guided member to control the direction of light
Antimycotic gel having high active compound release
Allergen absorbent, blocking, and deactivating compositions and method
Generation of therapeutic microfoam
Methods for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of dandelion
Integrated information communication system for detecting and discarding external data packets that ...
Method and apparatus for a DFT/IDFT engine supporting multiple X-DSL protocols
Sequence scheduling control for a fuel injected engine
Multiple-chip probe and universal tester contact assemblage
Apparatus for preventing cross talk and interference in semiconductor devices during test
Molded package for micromechanical devices and method of fabrication
Windowed package having embedded frame
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Functional device, method of manufacturing therefor and driver circuit
DC-DC converter implemented in a land grid array package
Radiation image conversion panel and preparation method thereof
Apparatus for removing particulates from a gas stream
Scaled image generating apparatus and method, image feature calculating apparatus and method, comput...
Method of verifying a system in which a plurality of master devices share a storage region
Network-device management apparatus and method, recording medium, and transmission apparatus
Testing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and program for implementing the method
Image heating apparatus having flexible rotatable member
Process cartridge and assemblying method therefor
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including a plurality of developing devices with a toner density detecting f...
Optical modulation element and projection apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus and method, and image forming apparatus
UTR tag assay for gene function discovery
Ultrasonic apparatus with non-rotating horn and rotating anvil for welding plastic parts
Air bag and method for making an air bag
Enhanced sensitivity differential refractometer incorporating a photodetector array
Ultraviolet sterilization device with autocleaning structure
Roll retainer and fiber chopper
Process for encapsulating glass fiber insulation
Adhesive film for underfill and semiconductor device using the same
Toner composition
Antenna mast and device for adjusting the orientation of an antenna
Toothbrush incorporating dentifrice dispenser
Methods for evaluating stroke or cardiac ischemia by nucleic acid detection
Process for preparing thermoplastic transparent resin
Online sales risk management system
Bifunctional molecules
Aerosol charge altering device
Spray device and method
Safe handle
Method and system for distributed network address translation with network security features
Cellular phone/PDA communication system
Collision type identifying device
Fuel efficient airspeed trim
Music similarity function based on signal analysis
Automatic republication of data
Funds having investment results related to occurrence of external events to investor-selected invest...
Method and system for myocardial infarction repair
High density chip carrier with integrated passive devices
Multifunctional linker molecules for tuning electronic charge transport through organic-inorganic co...
Magnetic shift register with shiftable magnetic domains between two regions, and method of using the...
Data transfer system capable of transferring data at high transfer speed
Objective lens, optical system and optical pickup apparatus
Method for producing 1-octene
Dynamic automatic retransmission request in wireless access networks
Connectorized silicon bench for passively aligning optical fibers
Method and apparatus for retaining model structural members
Floating visible indicator for an instrument cluster
Virtual RPM sensor
Automatically adding proper names to a database
Petunia plant named 'Sunrovein'
System and method for selecting and processing information in an electronic document
Monitoring unit for optical burst mode signals
Peer-to-peer automated anonymous asynchronous file sharing
Electronic commerce system and method for providing commercial information in electronic commerce sy...
Dirhodium catalyst compositions and methods for using same
Method, system, and computer software for the presentation and storage of analysis results
Combination oven illumination in microwave only cooking mode
Identifying potential intruders on a server
Information processing apparatus and method
Multimedia system for processing program guides and associated multimedia objects
Image processing based on direction of gravity
Image processing based on direction of gravity
System for controlling an OLED display
Method for compensating an OLED device for aging
Method for fabricating a self-aligned nanocolumnar airbridge and structure produced thereby
Clear glass composition
System and method of detecting phase body diode using a comparator in a synchronous rectified FET dr...
DC-to-DC converter with improved transient response
Method for driving a switch in a power factor correction circuit and drive circuit
Constant voltage circuit with phase compensation
Frequency compensation scheme for low drop out voltage regulators using adaptive bias
Low dropout voltage regulator
Photovoltaic-type charger
Methods and circuits for programmable automatic burst mode control using average output current
Voltage regulator having an inverse adaptive controller
Pulse width modulator and loading system thereof
Multiple path variable speed constant frequency device having automatic power path selection capabil...
Battery charger amusement device
Integrated circuit implementing protection switch for battery charging and discharging with enhanced...
Apparatus for refreshing batteries
Phase-control power controller with digital RMS load voltage regulation
Direct current power supply for a washing appliance
Switching voltage regulator circuit
Mobile photovoltaic battery charging station
Articulated high density fiber optic splice and termination shelf
Gaming device having odds of winning which increase as a player's wager increases
Angled optical connector adapter mounting assembly
Method and system of programming at least one appliance to change state upon the occurrence of a tri...
Intelligently routing customer communications
Home gateway system with telephony functions and method
Overmolded Electrical connector
Covered bubbler head for a drinking fountain
Externally-applied patient interface system and method
Substituted compounds derived from N-(benzyl)phenylacetamide, preparation and uses
Derivatives of [2-(8,9-dioxo-2,6-diazabicyclo[5.2.0]non-1(7)-en-2-yl)alkyl]phosphonic acid and metho...
Combinations of valsartan with cox-2 inhibitors
Pharmaceutical formulations of amyloid inhibiting compounds
Heterocyclic aromatic compounds useful as growth hormone secretagogues
S-isomer of 2-{2[N-(2-indanyl)-N-phenylamino]ethyl}piperidine and other dermal anesthetics
R-isomer of 2-{2[N-(2-indanyl)-N-phenylamino]ethyl}piperidine and other dermal anesthetics
Inhibitors of monomine uptake
Treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer of the brain using histone deacetylase inhibitors
Heterocyclic aromatic compounds useful as growth hormone secretagogues
Thienopyridinone compounds and methods of treatment
Pde4 and pde3/4 inhibitors for use in the treatment of cachexia
Anti-cytokine heterocyclic compounds
Novel tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Reverse-turn mimetics and methods relating thereto
Diagnosis and treatment system for "reward deficiency syndrome" (RDS) and related behaviors
Modular microprocessor-based appliance system
Healthcare guidance support system
Device and method for treating obesity
Urine collection assembly
Apparatus and method for measuring fat
Sensors for detecting substances indicative of stroke, ischemia, or myocardial infarction
Novel salt forms of poorly soluble probucol esters and ethers
Process for the preparation of 1,3-substituted indenes and aryl-fused azapolycyclic compounds
Arylthiobenzylpiperidine derivatives
Memantine for the treatment of childhood behavioral disorders
Antidepressant oral liquid compositions
Inhibition of atherosclerosis by diindolylmethane analogs
Tricyclic heteroaryl piperazines, pyrrolidines and azetidines as serotonin receptor modulators
N-sulfonylpiperidine cannabinoid receptor 1 antagonists
Quinoline derivatives as glucokinase ligands
System and method for access control
Methods and systems for accessing networks, methods and systems for accessing the internet
System for creating on a computer display screen composite images from diverse sources
Method and system for ensuring the security of service supplies broadcast on a computer network of t...
Wireless browser
Message publishing system and method
Method and apparatus for an active standby control system on a network
PPPOA spoofing in point-to-point protocol over ATM using an XDSL modem
Distributed active knowledge and process base allowing system elements to be shared within a collabo...
System for handling information and information transfers in a computer network
Systems and methods for automatically managing workflow based on optimization of job step scheduling
Providing a directory of frequently used hyperlinks on a remote server
System and method for searching and recommending objects from a categorically organized information ...
Expert system adapted dedicated internet access guidance engine
Internet protocol multimedia subsystem component providing of packet-switched switching functions to...
Internet protocol (IP) multimedia subsystem (IMS) availability detection
Communicating forwarding information for a communications device based on detected physical location
Wireless local loop antenna
Apparatus and method for processing multimedia audio signal for a voice call in a mobile terminal ca...
System and method for providing rapid rerouting of real-time multi-media flows
Communication management system and method
Distributed monitoring and analysis system for network traffic
Radio link protocol (RLP)/point-to-point protocol (PPP) design that passes corrupted data and error ...
System for digitized audio stream synchronization and method thereof
Digital enhancement of streaming video and multimedia system
Auxiliary display unit for a computer system
System and method for delivering a multimedia presentation to a user and to allow the user to play a...
Method for correcting seismic data for receiver movement during data acquisition
Hermetic compressor with one-quarter wavelength tuner
Non-explosive acoustic source
Acoustic isolator for downhole applications
Knowledge filter
Method and apparatus for providing a virtual age estimation for remaining lifetime prediction of a s...
Method and apparatus for generating input signals in a physical system
Regulation of hierarchic decisions in intelligent systems
Method and apparatus for estimating state parameter in nonlinear discrete time system
Method and apparatus for measuring accuracies of fixed-point computations
System and method of matching teachers with students to facilitate conducting online private instruc...
Compound classifier for pattern recognition applications
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Device and method for securing apparatuses with parts freely movable in space
Motion controller and motion control method for legged walking robot, and robot apparatus
Robot cleaner system having external recharging apparatus and method for docking robot cleaner with ...
Semi-autonomous operation of a robotic device
Event management systems and methods for the distribution of motion control commands
Safety device for automatic machine system
Wrist driving mechanism for robot
Device for fitting a substrate with a flip chip
Method for fabricating encapsulated semiconductor components having conductive vias
Sectionalized surfboard
Shock-proof electric marine engine, e.g. engine or generator
Reel type pipeline laying ship and method
Cable handling system
Stowable ramp for a pontoon boat
Gliding submersible transport system
Boat docking stabilizer
Self-sealing port light assembly
Side mirror structure of small watercraft
Submersible vehicle launch and recovery system
Geometric craft and educational kit
Adjustable steering mechanism for radio frequency toy controller
Game attractant
Finger puppets with sounds
Bobble head fluid container
Throwing disc toy
Electronic educational toy
Self-balancing hunting decoy
Colored transparent or translucent cosmetic composition
Modified Cry3A toxins and nucleic acid sequences coding therefor
Method for producing a population of homozygous stem cells having a pre-selected immunotype and/or g...
Non-M, non-O HIV-1 strains, fragments and uses
Antibodies to JTT-1 protein, cells secreting such antibodies, and methods of making such antibodies
B7-DC, Dendritic cell co-stimulatory molecules
Antigenic peptides derived from telomerase
Water-in-oil emulsions with ethylene oxide groups, compositions, and methods
Treatment of migraine headache
Emulsion vehicle for poorly soluble drugs
Combinations comprising an antidiarrheal agent and an epothilone or an epothilone derivative
Composition and medical devices utilizing bioabsorbable polymeric waxes
1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexahydroazepino[4,5-b]indoles containing arylsulfones at the 9-position
Sterol absorption inhibitor compositions
Method of synthesis of β-thiolato cobalamin compounds
Topical oestroprogestational compositions with a systemic effect
Highly bioavailable coenzyme Q-10 cyclodextrin complex
Compositions of β-glucans and specific antibodies
Tumor specific promoters of the midkine gene that allow for selective expression in P53-inactivated ...
DNA vaccination for treatment of autoimmune disease
Control system and process for several actuators
Multichannel hall effect thruster
Clock lock
Microfabricated translational stages for control of aerodynamic loading
Two-sided deployable thermal radiator system and method
Rotation stabilizing device in a microgravitational rotating apparatus
Parachute reefing system
Load bearing window
Landing assist probe mounting system
Apparatus for increase of aircraft lift and maneuverability
Self-powered tethered decoy for heat-seeking transport aircraft missile defense
Modular patient support system
Network architecture for secure communications between two console-based gaming systems
Method of authenticating information, disk playback apparatus, and entertainment apparatus
System for controlling the distribution and use of rendered digital works through watermarking
Protection of data on media recording disks
Optimized enveloping via key reuse
Speed enhanced cryptographic method and apparatus
Optical intensity modulation method and system, and optical state modulation apparatus
Account authority digital signature (AADS) system using transactional account information
Method for optimizing of data transmission
Edge adapter apparatus and method
Green ice printout sorting and delivery program
Coin sorter
Frame for trolley
Compacting lid for a refuse container
Electric steam iron
Shoe dryer insert
Portion of a floor cleaner foot
Vacuum system cover
Washing machine control
Combination wet and dry vacuum appliance
Upright vacuum cleaner
Steam cleaner
Drum type washing machine
Drum type washing machine
Retractable animal leash
Supplemental hair piece
Total body shaver with stand
Electric shaver
Hair dryer
Cosmetic block
Combination of cosmetic blocks
Alkylation process
Method and reactor system for converting oxygenate contaminants in an MTO reactor system product eff...
Method and equipment for continuous and selective inclusion separation
Microporous crystalline material (ITQ-19) with laminar characteristics, preparation method and use t...
Process for producing high RON gasoline using ATS zeolite
Noise reduction apparatus, noise reduction method, program and medium
Image restoration apparatus
System, method and program for improved color image signal quantization
Image processing apparatus capable of interpolating error data
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
Hole inspection apparatus and method
Method for computing optical flow under the epipolar constraint
Combined feedforward filter for a decision feedback equalizer
B picture mode determining method and apparatus in video coding system
Method and apparatus for detecting scene change of a compressed moving-picture, and program recordin...
Apparatus for generating motion control signal from image signal
Apparatus and method of splicing digital video streams
Tuner that suppresses outside radiation of inside oscillated signal
Television tuner unit with reduced area for mounting on mother board
Tuner and receiver apparatus
Simplified TV tuner intermediate frequency circuit
Pedestal level control circuit and method for controlling pedestal level
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Video system for combining multiple video signals on a single display
Methods and devices for enhancing fluency in persons who stutter employing visual speech gestures
Method and system for identifying multiple questionnaire pages
E.I.Q. tests (Emotional Intelligence Quotient Tests)
Educational card game and method of play
E-learning course editor
Sound producing crayon
Braille input device
Calendar kit and apparatus for behavior modification and a method for using the same
Smoking reduction method
System and method for a group-based network access control for computer
Efficient virtual function calls for compiled/interpreted environments
Object-oriented framework for document routing service in a content management system
Method and system for determining resource allocation to users by granting request based on user ass...
Mapping a stack in a stack machine environment
Method and apparatus for saving install properties in a fileset object and/or system registry for us...
Native compilation and safe deployment of virtual machine code
Performance markers to measure performance of features in a program
Fixing incompatible applications using a light debugger
Method and system for generating program source code of a computer application from an information m...
System and method for iteratively traversing a hierarchical circuit design
Low threshold voltage transistor displacement in a semiconductor device
Pen-based interface for a notepad computer
Graphical method and system for accessing information on a communications network
Dynamic site browser
Dual container assembly
Method and apparatus for identifying defective areas on a disk surface of a disk drive based on defe...
Method of automatically correcting broken links to files stored on a computer
Memory management system and method using a hash table
Method of controlling flash memory
Multiple cache coherency
Method of regulating usage and/or concession eligibility via distributed list management in a smart ...
System for on-line financial services using distributed objects
Database system with backup and recovery mechanisms
Method and system for using real-time traffic broadcasts with navigation systems
Method to support the coordination of distributed production-printing
On-line device for predicting at least one fluid flow parameter in a process
Graphical user interface adapted to allow scene content annotation of groups of pictures in a pictur...
Apparatus for reallocating communication resources to establish a priority call in a fixed wireless ...
Methods and systems for concurrent paging of mobile users in cellular networks
Method and system for minimizing storage and processing of ionospheric grid point correction informa...
Method of location using signals of unknown origin
Radiation damage reduction
Processing apparatus and information storage apparatus and method
Method and system for a reject management protocol within a back-end integrated circuit manufacturin...
Method and apparatus for correcting inclination of IC on semiconductor wafer
Long wavelength VCSEL device processing
Electronic device having a plastic housing and components of a height-structured metallic leadframe ...
Extreme ultraviolet reticle protection using gas flow thermophoresis
Inspection for alignment between IC die and package substrate
Substrate for semiconductor package and wire bonding method using thereof
Resin-sealed-type semiconductor device, and production process for producing such semiconductor devi...
Semiconductor device and switching element
Semiconductor constructions
Semiconductor package having built-in micro electric mechanical system and manufacturing method ther...
Multi-chip module having bonding wires and method of fabricating the same
High density integrated circuit package architecture
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Heterojunction bipolar transistor having specified lattice constants
Three-dimensional memory structure and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having capacitor element
Space process to prevent the reverse tunneling in split gate flash
Single poly-si process for DRAM by deep N-well (NW) plate
Silicon nitride powder, silicon nitride sintered body, sintered silicon nitride substrate, and circu...
High frequency electric motor or generator including magnetic cores formed from thin film soft magne...
Nanoporous structures produced from self-assembling molecules
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of making a multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf putter and putter head
Golf swing practice device
Ergonomic handgrip with separate ulnar and radial support means
Putting practice golf cup
Pelvic extension frame
Interactive water attraction and quest game
Gaming machine with mystery pay feature
Vehicular lighting arrangement with infinity effect
Method of and apparatus for playing a card game
Game of donuts
Playing card dealing shoe with automated internal card feeding and card reading
Method and apparatus for the production of energy
Polymer electrolyte fuel cells, methods of manufacturing electrodes therefor , and apparatuses for m...
Aligned cholesteric liquid crystal inks
Medical device balloons with improved strength properties and processes for producing same
Method for extruding a continuous molded body
Apparatus and method of fabricating fiber reinforced plastic parts
Medical diagnostic instrument
High surface area heat sink
Windshield wiper having reduced friction characteristics
Switched-capacitor circuit and pipelined A/D converter
A/D conversion device having input level shift and output correction function
Inexpensive compact grappling hook
Vehicle suspension system and height control valve therefor
Seismically restrained vibration isolating mounting device
Laminated diffractive optical element
Duplexer having two surface acoustic wave filters on one substrate
Device for separate injection and homogeneous distribution of two fluids
Cycloproply β-amino acid derivatives
C-nitroso compounds and use thereof
Selective inhibition of aggrecanase in osteoarthritis treatment
Piperidinylamino-thieno[2,3-d] pyrimidine compounds
Portable telephone
Method and apparatus for displaying gene expression patterns
Compounds to treat Alzheimer's disease
Computer methods and systems for displaying information relating to gene expression data
Image forming apparatus and copier
Reproduction test service apparatus for medical systems, maintenance support information management ...
Pre-cut fibrous insulation for custom fitting wall cavities of different widths
Glass fiber insulation product
Apparatus for curing fibrous insulation
Configurable amplifier array incorporating programmable EHF transmission lines
Defect inspection apparatus
Light emitting device and electronic device
27411, a novel human PGP synthase
Distal protection filter and method of manufacture
Dynamic current sharing dc-dc switching power supply
Process for the production of carbodiimide modified organic isocyanates
Dichroic polarizer and material
Compounds with physiological cooling effect
Membrane type serine protease 1 (MT-SP1) and uses thereof
Cartridge and drive unit for preventing erroneous insertions of the cartridge
Use of coated pigment granules in electrophotographic toners and developers, powder coatings and ink...
Shapable antenna beams for cellular networks
Expression of trehalose 6-phosphate synthase and trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase in plant plastids
Ultra-high fiber supplement and method of reducing weight cardiovascular risks and ingested toxins.
Monomer compound comprising several cationic groups, process for making the same, and polymers compr...
Hydraulic valve system
Biocidal composition
Method and system for distributed coordination of multiple modalities of computer-user interaction
Site-hosting, mobile terminal for wireless connection to computer network
Method and apparatus for diagnosing leakage in a fluid power system
Method for making a multiply absorbent paper sheet and resulting product
Keyboard storage device for a computer system
Stabilization of milk from transgenic animals
Injector system including a powered loading device for connecting a syringe to an injector
Spectral filter for green and shorter wavelengths
System and method for a cradle-to-grave solution for investigation and cleanup of hazardous waste im...
Memory storage disk handling system
Method of producing a processed kava product having an altered kavalactone distribution and processe...
Film feeding device and image reading apparatus having same
Lens barrel incorporating the linear guide mechanism
Lens barrel
Monitoring apparatus and method particularly useful in photolithographically processing substrates
Photosensitive coating material for a substrate and process for exposing the coated substrate
Image forming apparatus, image forming apparatus setup system, and image forming apparatus setup met...
Portable authorization device for authorizing use of protected information and associated method
Method and apparatus for generating website links
Address matching
Method and apparatus for continuing play with cart-based navigation/information system display
Information recording medium, noncontact IC tag, access device, access system, life cycle management...
System and method for reallocating and/or upgrading and/or rewarding tickets, other event admittance...
Distributed processing system, method of the same
Digital license agreement
Information signal reproducing apparatus, information signal outputting apparatus, information signa...
Method and system for managing configuration of mechanical equipment
Charge collecting system and program for controlling the same
Systems and methods for implementing person-to-person money exchange
Method and apparatus for tax efficient investment management
Methods and systems for automated inferred valuation of credit scoring
Method and system for computing path dependent probabilities of attaining financial goals
Optimized user interface for small screen devices
Systems and methods for making noninvasive assessments of cardiac tissue and parameters
Filtering face mask that uses an exhalation valve that has a multi-layered flexible flap
Real-time autoleveling system
Suspended chrome catalyst containing titanium and the use thereof for producing ethylene homopolymer...
Catalysts for olefin polymerization
CYT28 serpentine receptor disruptions, compositions and methods relating thereto
Imageable seamed belts with lignin sulfonic acid doped polyaniline
Measuring blood pressure
Computer-aided method for determining desired values for controlling elements of profile and surface...
Method and system for providing remote access to previously transmitted enterprise messages
Process for producing 1,1-difluorovinyl cycloaliphatic compounds
Insulation film, powder for magnetic core and powder magnetic core and processes for producing the s...
Network enabled application software system and method
Ring relay control unit for foreign exchange station
System and methods for changing a musical performance
Spinal stabilization method
Dahlia plant named 'Baldelemz'
FeRAM capacitor stack etch
Biosensor and sensing cell array using the same
Method and system for dispersion control of electromagnetic signals in communication networks
Fail-over support for legacy voice mail systems in New World IP PBXs
Automatic tracking of user progress in a software application
Information converting system
Apparatus for rapid measurement of aerosol bulk chemical composition
Delivery of antidepressants through an inhalation route
Method for producing a polycrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and solar cell
Method and apparatus for decomposing a region of an integrated circuit layout
Polymer electrolyte and proton-conducting membrane
Portable wireless device and print device print by reference protocol
Occupant protection apparatus for vehicle
Method for producing security marks and security marks
Method of forming a semiconductor package and structure thereof
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Data storage device and method of forming the same
Semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method thereof
Federated multiprotocol communication
Construction layout stripping having a plurality of pairs of uprights thereon
Low-pressure discharge lamp
Communication traffic control system on LAN, communication traffic control method and recording medi...
Nectarine tree named 'Western Bright'
System and method for remote access to a telephone
Combining external and intragenerational reference-processing in a garbage collector based on the tr...
Process for setting and storing ordering preferences and profile data locally
Steerable three-dimensional magnetic field sensor system for detection and classification of metal t...
Manufacturing method of positive active material for alkaline storage battery, nickel electrode usin...
Method for determining biological expression levels by linear programming
Microwave oven with mode stirrer
Electric steering control device
Motor/generator transient response system
Integrated drive motor/differential/inverter unit with improved housing for a vehicle
Soft hybrid-electric vehicle power supply circuit
Ergonomics safety warning device and method to prevent clutch burning
Hub assembly with speed change
Method for actuating a reversible belt pretensioner
Airbag apparatus
Vehicle steering control device for controlling steering assist torque
Steering angle neutral position detection error protecting method and detection error protecting app...
Electromechanical steering system for a vehicle
Seatbelt apparatus for vehicle
Multi-wheel-drive vehicle with a front transaxle device
Seat attachment structure for a scooter-type vehicle
Structure of a frame of an electric cart for a person to ride on
Device for opening the bonnet of a motor vehicle
Tear-off debris guard
Four-wheel drive apparatus using motor, and method thereof
Moving object with fuel cells incorporated therein and method of controlling the same
Dynamic power control in integrated circuits
Celery named ADS-3
Celery named ADS-2
System and method for configuring a device using remote controller
System and method for relicensing content
System and method for caching data
Customer interaction with inventory via RFID
Dedicated communications network for the dissemination of information linked to themed events and a ...
Performance monitor for a photovoltaic supply
Tram with gravity driven vehicles and method for controlling the operation of the tram
Method of validating manufacturing configurations during hardware assembly
Mobile communication systems, mobile communication methods, base stations, mobile stations, and sign...
Adaptive power control mode apparatus and method for increased radio frequency link capacity
Radio communication terminal device and radio communication method for forming radio communication t...
Mobile station with a plurality of interfaces
Method of controlling sharing of radio resources in mobile communication system
Means and method for measuring the status of a core interface between two core subnetworks in a tele...
Apparatus and method for limiting communication range of fixed wireless terminal
Mobile terminal for real-time audio file downloading and method thereof
Systems and methods for increasing bandwidth of wireless communications
Radio frequency power amplifier
Method and apparatus for predictively optimizing efficiency of a radio frequency (RF) power amplifie...
Smart tuning AM transmitter
Method and apparatus for providing limiting power adjustment in a wireless communication system
Transgenic mice containing GPCR-like gene disruptions
Real time location system and method
Error correction apparatus and method
Remote command center for patient monitoring relationship to other applications
System and method for patient-worn monitoring of patients in geographically dispersed health care lo...
Information notification sample processing system and methods of biological slide processing
System, method, and computer program product for extraction, gathering, manipulation, and analysis o...
Implants and methods for treating bone
Medical device comprising a bio-compatible polymeric product with a layered structure
Mobile bearing unicondylar knee prosthesis
Intervertebral implant and associated method
Posterior spinal arthroplasty-development of a new posteriorly inserted artificial disc and an artif...
Polymeric joint complex and methods of use
Medical device systems for the spine
Medical device systems for the spine
Implantable orthopedic device component selection instrument and methods
Intervertebral implant
Systems and methods for posterior dynamic stabilization of the spine
Spine microsurgery techniques, training aids and implants
Intervertebral implant
Medical devices for delivering a therapeutic agent and method of preparation
Speech recognition apparatus using distance based acoustic models
Recording apparatus, recording method and recording medium
Radio signal receiving apparatus and demodulating circuit
Terminal unit, position display method, information providing system, and information providing meth...
Wireless communication circuit, wireless communication terminal and method, recording medium, and pr...
Recording apparatus and reproducing apparatus
Digital video reproduction method, digital video reproducing apparatus and digital video recording a...
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus for detecting and displaying audio signal levels of input and...
Semiconductor apparatus for fingerprint recognition
Automation of signal processing apparatus
Data communication system and receiving apparatus to be used for such system
Parallel processor, parallel processing method, and storing medium
Semiconductor laser driving apparatus
Transmission apparatus and transmission method
Optical disc, optical disc reproducing method and apparatus, and recording method
Methods and apparatus for managing a buffer of events in the background
Transport convergence sub-system with shared resources for multiport xDSL system
Updating method of firmware of hard disk unit mounted on disk array device and disk array device wit...