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System and method for simulation and modeling of manufacturing facilities using process time lines
Use of platinum group metals in vascular devices and method of texturing platinum group metals
Medical device having surface modification with superoxide dismutase mimic
Video display
User interface for an electronic trading system for a computer screen
Video camera
Video camera
Petunia plant named `KLEPH04063`
Heliconia plant named `Lars`
Geranium plant named `Alicelo`
Method and apparatus for interactively manipulating and displaying presumptive relationships between...
Communication terminal apparatus and control method thereof
Recording apparatus and method, and reproducing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for controlling power consumption in a tilt correcting coil
Combination bulk and tote loading harvesting apparatus and method
Aseptic eyedropper with collecting trough and convex release surface
Layout verification based on probability of printing fault
Patterning using wax printing and lift off
Interlayer dielectric and pre-applied die attach adhesive materials
Energy concentrator system and method
Managing periodic communications
Testing device
Multicast routing in ad-hoc networks
Valve assembly
In-vehicle application selecting system and in-vehicle application selecting device
Display system for operating a device with reduced out-the-window visibility
Method and apparatus for providing virtual processing effects for wide-angle video images
Locomotive engine start method
Instrument panel with active display
Method and apparatus for time synchronizing an in-vehicle network
Software and protocol structure for an automated user notification system
Flow control and operation monitoring system for individual spray nozzles
System and method of using telematics units for locking and unlocking vehicle functions
Vehicle tracker including input/output features and related methods
Method and device for the three-dimensional measurement of objects
Lactic acid producing bacteria for use as probiotic organisms in the human vagina
Insulin-secreting immortalized liver cell line modified by glucose sensitivity
Peptide derivatives having .beta.-secretase inhibitory activity
Calcium phosphopeptide complexes
Cyclised conotoxin peptides
Formulations for amylin agonist peptides
Optimizing an integrated circuit layout by taking into consideration layout interactions as well as ...
Systems, methods, and media for block-based assertion generation, qualification and analysis
Language independent code assist user preferences configuration method, system, article of manufactu...
Methods and apparatus for preserving precise exceptions in code reordering by using control speculat...
Method and apparatus for channel surfing through multiple sources based on user-definable preference...
Optical conversion device
Application level security
Apparatus and method for coding/decoding block low density parity check code in a mobile communicati...
Voice recording/reproducing apparatus
Automobile on-board and/or portable telephone system
Multiple encoder output buffer apparatus for differential coding of video information
System and method for dynamic clock generation
System and method for mobile data collection
Attrition resistant MTO catalyst
Plasma-assisted joining
Processing apparatus, processing method and compiler
Fine grained multi-thread dispatch block mechanism
Method and system for instruction tracing with enhanced interrupt avoidance
Method for preparing a getter structure and getter structure
Apparatus for flushing fluids from a tube
Pump control and management system
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Fuel pump with a guided tappet assembly and methods for guiding and assembly
Scroll compressor with bifurcated flow pattern
Method for using a hydraulic amplifier pump in ultrahigh pressure liquid chromatography
Micromachined fluidic device and method for making same
Suspension system for planting unit
Sealing and guiding packet
Swivel bearing and a steering axle equipped therewith
Centrifugal separator having a structure for facilitating opening and closing a door
Toilet seat cover
Toilet seat cover
Toilet seat cover
Toilet seat cover
Paper dispenser
Distance determination in a scanned beam image capture device
Diagnosis of body metabolic emergency state
Apparatus for determining concentrations of light absorbing substances in blood
Phase discrimination for detection of vulnerable-plaque
Polarimetry of three-dimensional optical fields
Generating one or more linear blends
Method for robust scale-space analysis of 3D local structures in medical images
Constructing extended color gamut digital images from limited color gamut digital images
Hearing aid device, and operating and adjustment methods therefor, with microphone disposed outside ...
GPS receiver having RF front end power management and simultaneous baseband searching of frequency a...
Filtration element and method of constructing a filtration assembly
Method for treating water by ballasted flocculation and decantation
Lignocellulose-based anion-adsorbing medium (LAM) and process for making and using same for the sele...
Bio degradation of oxyanions such as perchlorate on ion exchange resins
Method of treating stormwater runoff and domestic waste with coal ash
Adsorbing material for blood and plasma cleaning method and for albumin purification
Apparatus and method for separating ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles suspended in a liquid
System and method for point-of-use filtration and purification of fluids used in substrate processin...
Separation apparatus
Control device for the separate collection of blood components in output from a blood centrifugation...
Method and apparatus for producing synergistic biocide
Adsorption membranes, method of producing same and equipment, including the adsorption membranes
Zero excess sludge membrane bioreactor
Method for supplying oxygen to a water purification process
Process for producing amino acid or salt thereof by column technique and production apparatus thereo...
Method for the extraction and analysis of contents made from organic material
Switching controller for resonant power converter
Converter circuit for producing low harmonics
Switching power supply circuit
Multi-wavelength optical packet switch system with shared output buffer
Buck converter
Class D amplifier
Resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor device
Conformationally constrained paclitaxel analogs and their use as anticancer and anti-Alzheimers agen...
Use of parthenolide derivatives as antileukemic and cytotoxic agents
Materials and methods for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Polyamine analog-amino acid conjugates useful as anticancer agents
Diamine derivatives, process for producing the diamine derivatives, and fungicides containing the di...
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Control of parasites in animals by the use of novel trifluoromethanesulfonanilide oxime ether deriva...
Fluorine-substituted alkyl phenol compounds and their uses
Bioabsorbabl, biobeneficial polyester polymers for stent coatings
P2Y4 antibodies
Internalizing anti-CD74 antibodies and methods of use
Breathing assistance apparatus
Device and method for increasing mass transport at liquid-solid diffusion boundary layer
Removal of biological pathogens using surfactant-modified zeolite
Method for manufacturing microporous CMP materials having controlled pore size
Method of rapid mold development for swimming pools, spas and ponds
Compositions comprising at least one silicone, at least one compound comprising at least one ester g...
Padded corner covers
Bicycloheteroarylamine compounds as ion channel ligands and uses thereof
Method of producing an HIV-1 immune response
Strong, high density foam glass tile having a small pore size
Lithium polymer battery with a crosslinked electrolyte
Lithium secondary cell
Devices, systems, and methods for reducing levels of pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory stimulato...
Screening assay for improvement of epithelial barrier function
Lawsonia intracellularis of European origin and vaccines, diagnostic agents and methods of use there...
Microfluidic particle-analysis systems
Interconnect structure with polygon cell structures
Optical analysis of molecules
Multiple redundant services with reputation
Pharmaceutical compositions of fibrinolytic agent
Methods for inhibiting angiogenesis
Methods of treating thrombotic diseases with von Willebrand factor specific antibodies
Herbal preparation for joints
Polyactive/polylactic acid coatings for an implantable device
Pharmaceutical compositions of apolipoprotein A-I agonists and their use to treat dyslipidemic disor...
Quaternary ammonium compounds
Antibody to human enzymes of the metalloprotease family
1, 1-disubstituted cycloalkyl derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
Dimeric isoflavones
N-phenyl-2-pyrimidine-amine derivatives
Sulfonylaminovalerolactams and derivatives thereof as factor Xa inhibitors
Benzamide inhibitors of factor Xa
Substituted heterocyclic acyl-tripeptides useful as thrombin receptor modulators
Variable resolution A/D converter
Nipple selection apparatus and method
Topical steroid cream formulations
Cryogenic system
Transcritical heat pump water heater with drainage
Heat exchange apparatus and hybrid vehicle including heat exchange apparatus
LNG system employing optimized heat exchangers to provide liquid reflux stream
Cooling system for computer electronics
Heat transfer tube including enhanced heat transfer surfaces
Heat sink for memory strips
Stacking-type, multi-flow, heat exchangers and methods for manufacturing such heat exchangers
Heat-dissipation device with elastic member and heat-dissipation method thereof
Heat exchanger
Heat radiating apparatus in electronic device and heat radiating method
Heat sink assembly with overmolded carbon matrix
Method and device for the process regulation or control of thermal load changes of an obstruction-cu...
Air passage switching device
Cooler of notebook personal computer and fabrication method thereof
Cooling device for an electronic apparatus
Adaptable thin plate modular heat exchanger blade for cooling electronic equipment
Electrical enclosure including accessible fan tray assembly
Finger identification apparatus
Apparatus and method for determining optical retardation and birefringence
Biochemical assay detection in a liquid receptacle using a fiber optic exciter
Method and device for determination of moisture content and solid state phase of solids using moistu...
Eye optical characteristic measuring instrument
Determination of dough development using near infrared radiation
Bone-tendon- bone assembly with cancellous allograft bone block
Carboxylic acid derivatives as IP antagonists
Multiple local probe measuring device and method
Systems and methods for sharing information between a user group and associated document
Method for deferred deletion of entries for a directory service backing store
Method and apparatus for localizing Web applications
System and method for synchronizing unstructured documents
Web site management in a world wide web communication network through periodic reassignment of the s...
Operations and maintenace architecture for multiprotocol distributed system
Corruption tolerant method and system for deploying and modifying data in flash memory
Systems and methods for dynamic threat assessment
Automatic authentication method and system in print process
Technique for increasing the number of persistent consistency point images in a file system
Replacement restoration disk drive and method
Method and system for logging and accessing diagnostic result messages
Generic management software application for all industries and method thereof
Apparatus and method for analysis of conversational patterns to position information and autonomic a...
Switching system
System and method for TCP/IP offload independent of bandwidth delay product
Extended trusted computing base
Positioning apparatus
Ion channel assay methods
Universal single-ended parallel bus
Protecting against spoofed DNS messages
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Automated establishment of addressability of a network device for a target network environment
Rewritable optical recording medium and optical recording method
Computer controlled hydraulic resistance device for a prosthesis and other apparatus
Trunking in a matrix
High power Q-switched laser for soft tissue ablation
Multi-story water distribution system
High resistivity aluminum antimonide radiation detector
Protective sheet for solar battery module, method of fabricating the same and solar battery module
Block-ramming machine
Aluminum phosphate coatings
Method of making coated articles and coated articles made thereby
Photodynamic stimulation device and methods
Biocomposite materials and methods for making the same
Templated monolayer polymerization and replication
Process for the production of hydrocarbon fluids
Apparatus for and method of transforming useful material into molded or extruded articles
Honeycomb forming die
Filter, method of manufacturing the same, and exhaust gas purification device
Process of preparation of block copolymers and the block copolymers prepared therefrom
Heat dissipation device with a heat pipe
Tissue matrices comprising placental stem cells, and methods of making the same
Embryonic-like stem cells derived from post-partum mammalian placenta, and uses and methods of treat...
Adaptive recovery from system failure for application instances that govern message transactions
Media timeline sorting
Schema editor extensions
Contact picker
Method and system for servicing software
Portion of a connector
Portion of an element of an electronic device
Docking station
Docking station
Docking station
User interface for a display screen on the top of a portable computer
User interface for a display screen on the top of a portable computer
Image for a portion of a display screen
Portion of a display screen with a user interface
Graphical user interface for a display screen
Animated tuner for a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Magnetic sensor having antiferromagnetic layers and free magnetic layer and method for manufacturing...
Magnetic head and method of manufacturing same, head suspension assembly and magnetic disk apparatus
Heterogeneous electrochemical supercapacitor and method of manufacture
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Semiconductor device
Information recording medium and its production method, and optical information recording reproducin...
Information recording medium
Information system using eyewear for communication
Apparatus for visualization of process chamber conditions
Optical component using optical transmission element joining metal holder
Cleaning device, process cartridge, image forming apparatus and toner
One-component type developing apparatus
Fixing unit with heat-resisting resin base member and image forming toner for use in the fixing unit
Apparatus and method for producing member having hidden information, image formation apparatus, prin...
Medical lead with flexible distal guidewire extension
Conductive polymer compositions containing N-N-M-phenylenedimaleimide and devices
Integrated tool with automated calibration system and interchangeable wet processing components for ...
Automatic transmission for motor vehicles
System and method for managing energy generation equipment
Method of estimating oxidation progression in coated turbine components
Continuously variable transmission
Inorganic ion exchangers for removing contaminant metal ions from liquid streams
Compositions for use in identification of viral hemorrhagic fever viruses
Cathode ray tube having an electron gun
Expediting release procedure of cargo container at border crossing or at customs entry point by trac...
Computerized tomography using radar
System for administering a restricted flight zone using radar and lasers
Method and system for calibration of a radio direction finder
Programmable pulse capture device with automatic gain control
System and method of collecting imaging subject positioning information for x-ray flux control
Radiographic equipment
Laser beam transformation and combination using tapered waveguides
Method for distributing, integrating, and hosting a software platform
Toy water gun
Effective monitoring system for anthrax smallpox, or other pathogens
Methods for production of plants resistant to HPPD herbicides
Laparoscopic tumor therapy using high energy electron irradiation
Microelectromechanical systems contact stress sensor
Anti-theft/anti-fraud system utilizing specialized merchandise tag/label and unique identification c...
Cap for palletised loads
Portion of a shoe upper
Airbag device for front passenger's seat
Compound semiconductor element based on Group III element nitride
Method of fabricating thin film transistor substrate for display device
Reduced hydrogen sidewall spacer oxide
Methods of manufacturing diamond capsules
Electron beam modification of CVD deposited films, forming low dielectric constant materials
Conductive polishing article for electrochemical mechanical polishing
Methods for depositing metal films on diffusion barrier layers by CVD or ALD processes
Dual stressed SOI substrates
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Semiconductor device interconnect fabricating techniques
Copper barrier reflow process employing high speed optical annealing
Low temperature plasma deposition process for carbon layer deposition
Vertical memory device and method
Topical compositions containing tea tree oil for treatment of viral lesions
Photocleavable bioreactive agents
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain r...
Methods of diagnosing cervical cancer
Lactobacilli expressing biologically active polypeptides and uses thereof
Engine incorporating a V-belt type continuously variable transmission
Method and apparatus for determining golf ball performance versus golf club configuration in accorda...
Systems for the control and use of fluids and particles
Card reader with a translucent cover
Image forming apparatus, method of controlling same, machine-readable medium and process cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Management of digital wireless connections
Portable telecommunication device
Mobile station apparatus capable of displaying better communication locations for power saving and m...
Method and apparatus for transmit power control during beam switching
Service management
Simple engine fuel controller
Model definition schema
Method and system for file server direct connection
Register renaming for dynamic multi-threading
Systems and methods for configuring ports
High quality and high performance three-dimensional graphics architecture for portable handheld devi...
Link power saving state
System and method for presenting time related data on a small screen device
Uniprocessor operating system design facilitating fast context switching
System, method and computer program product for correlating information from a plurality of sensors
Barbecue grill cleaning tool
Golf ball indicator device
Super low melt and ultra low melt toners containing crystalline sulfonated polyester
Microcapsule biosensors and methods of using the same
Acylated thiosemicarbazides as herbicides
Anti-PRO4980 antibodies
PRO1056 polypeptides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
PRO6015 polypeptides
Anti-PRO1309 antibodies
Antibody that binds a pro1693 polypeptide
PRO16090 antibodies
Neutralizing antibodies and methods of use thereof
Substituted hydroxyethylamines
Apparatus for displaying drawings
Heteroaromatic inhibitors of fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase
Filtration membrane and method of making same
Memory cell structure
Side-emission type semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
CMOS fabrication process utilizing special transistor orientation
Stripe board dummy metal for reducing coupling capacitance
Three dimensional integrated circuit
Memory cell having bar-shaped storage node contact plugs and methods of fabricating same
Lanthanide oxide / hafnium oxide dielectric layers
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory cell and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor storage device and manufacturing method therefor, semiconductor device, portable elect...
Transistor for memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Antifuse circuit with well bias transistor
High-permittivity insulation film, thin film capacity element, thin film multilayer capacitor, and p...
Miniaturized multi-chip module and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with holding member
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
Low temperature phase change thermal interface material dam
Structure and method for producing multiple size interconnections
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Electronic component with flexible contacting pads and method for producing the electronic component
Circuit for generating a centered reference voltage for a 1T/1C ferroelectric memory
Substrate transfer controlling apparatus and substrate transferring method
Method of making semiconductor package with heat spreader
Process for purifying off-gases of a melamine plant
Top-emitting OLED device with improved-off axis viewing performance
Display apparatus
Pixel circuit for an active matrix organic light-emitting diode display
Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
Electronic apparatus, electronic system, and driving method for electronic apparatus
Organic electroluminescent device with pixel regions and dummy pixel regions and method or fabricati...
Luminescent polymers
Organic electroluminescent device and fabricating method thereof
Device with small molecular thiophene compound
Organic electro luminescence device having TFT with protrusions
Organic electroluminescent device including layer having uneven patterns
Power saving display mode for organic electroluminescent displays
Location positioning in wireless networks
Vehicular navigation based on site specific sensor quality data
Laser diode optical transducer assembly for non-invasive spectrophotometric blood oxygenation
Data connectivity with a robotic device
Method and system for controlling a valuable movable item
Method and system for determining the location of a potential defect in a device based on a temperat...
Portable extender for data transmission within a medical device communication system
DNS updating in communication network
Techniques for importing compressed content packages into a network portal
Conflict avoidance in data store replication
System and method of improving memory yield in frame buffer memory using failing memory location
Method and apparatus for associating an error in a layout with a cell
Method and apparatus for routing an integrated circuit
Method for forking or migrating a virtual machine
Data security system and method for portable device
Disclosing method, disclosing system, central apparatus, and computer memory product
Network storage system and handover method between plurality of network storage devices
Personalized interface with adaptive content presentation
Device and method for controlling the display of electronic information
Method of timing hand washing
System and method assessing student achievement
Method for editing and enhancing readability of authored documents
Methods for incorporating area ruled surfaces in a supersonic aircraft
Aircraft wing structure and a method for decreasing flight speed of the aircraft
Neurotrophic factor (NT-4) immunoassay systems
Maize cellulose synthase encoding nucleic acids and uses thereof
Soybean cultivar S050217
Soybean cultivar S06-SJ143606
Soybean cultivar S050221
Acala ULTIMA EF cultivar plant and seed
Inbred maize line PH6JM
Inbred corn line PHCPR
Sterol derivatives, liposomes comprising sterol derivatives and method for loading liposomes with ac...
Compositions for the detection of enzyme activity in biological samples and methods of use thereof
Selection of target sites for antisense attack of RNA
Mechanized unit for protectively encasing a utility in a trench with processed excavated trench mate...
Lateral pipe lining material and lateral pipe lining method
Lining material for rehabilitating an existing pipe and a manhole, and barrier liner and method for ...
Wale and retaining wall system
Recovery composition and method
Process for the disposal of sulfur
Intrusion detection and secure remote alarm communication for a security system for the inactive sto...
Communication device, communication system, and algorithm selection method
Device and method of applying a parity to encrypt data for protection
Method for authentication of JPEG image data
Method for issuing identification information
Method for protecting a microcomputer system against manipulation of data stored in a storage assemb...
Method and system for relating cryptographic keys
Method and system for data encryption/decryption key generation and distribution
Sim based authentication as payment method in public ISP access networks
Secure proxy mobile apparatus, systems, and methods
Clematis plant named `Ice Crystal`
Euonymus plant named `Hooij`
Eupatorium plant named `Phantom`
Begonia plant named `Berseko Light Pink`
Limonium plant named `Esm Salm`
Limonium plant named `Esm Quetzal`
Angelonia plant named `Fairy Queen`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Letitia Time Improved`
Nemesia plant named `KLENE04146`
Daphne plant named `Blafra`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dark Bronze Cherie`
Poinsettia plant named `PER11403`
Petunia plant named `KLEC04065`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomarquette`
Phygelius plant named `CROSNOQUE`
Monarda plant named `Pink Lace`
Daphne plant named `HEWREB`
Nectarine tree named: `Cascade`
Apricot tree named `GA 10F`
Hosta plant named `Beckoning`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Sweet Roberta`
Apparatus and a method for cooking garlic
Programmable slow-cooker appliance
Cooking apparatus
Disposable brew basket for electric coffee maker
Filter material
Process for the continuous recovery of free tartaric acid from raw materials containing potassium hy...
Packaging material for inhibiting microbial growth
Method of inhibiting the growth of Clostridium perfringens in meat products
Carboxypeptidase of cocoa
Lipolytic enzyme variants
Process for the production of (-)-epigallocatechin gallate
Food coating substance containing a softener-free aqueous copolymer poly(vinyl ester) dispersion, pr...
Single finger golf glove
Pet carrier
Dog shoe
Pet step riser
Dishwasher door
Wet and dry vacuum cleaner appliance
Upright vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner lower handle portion
Vacuum cleaner handle portion
Single bucket washer unit
Scrubber mitt
Interior vehicle window cleaner
Soap dispenser
Cleaning apparatus for an aquarium
Combined pail, lid and handle assembly
Gravity feed paint tray system
Recycle bin
Dairy recycling bin
Golf cart
Head guard for working vehicles
Bank equipment
Cloth for loudspeaker diaphragm, loudspeaker diaphragm, and loudspeaker
Acoustic liner with bypass cooling
Intracanal cap for canal hearing devices
Device for reducing the jet noise of a turbomachine
Exhaust passage control valve
Methods and compositions for inhibiting tumor growth
Acridone inhibitors of IMPDH enzyme
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Heterocyclic piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Compositions useful as inhibitors of JAK and other protein kinases
21-Heterocyclic-4-azasteroid derivatives as androgen receptor modulators
Tocopherols, tocotrienols, other chroman and side chain derivatives and uses thereof
Chemokine receptor binding heterocyclic compounds
Nonsedating .alpha.-2 agonists
Diphenylethylene compounds and uses thereof
Proteomimetic compounds and methods
Somatostatin agonists
Tumor cytotoxicity induced by modulators of the CXCR4 receptor
Retroviral protease inhibitors
6-aryl-imidazo[1,2-a] pyrazin-8-ylamines, method of making, and method of use thereof
Method for typing and detecting HBV
Distillation sequence for the purification and recovery of hydrocarbons
Hydrocarbon products and methods of preparing hydrocarbon products
Stable cyclic (alkyl)(amino) carbenes as ligands for transition metal catalysts
Attrition resistant molecular sieve catalyst, method of making and process for using
FCC process with improved yield of light olefins
Steam cracking of hydrocarbon feedstocks containing non-volatile components and/or coke precursors
Inventory record reconciliation
Method and apparatus for protecting software against unauthorized use
Method and system for reserving future purchases of goods or services
Electronic communication system and method for facilitating financial transaction bidding and report...
System and method for estimating conduit liquidity requirements in asset backed commercial paper
System and method for processing retrieval requests
System and method for dividing a remittance and distributing a portion of the funds to multiple inve...
System and method for restricting over-limit accounts
Manager level device/service arbitrator and methods
Remote materials management system
Online system and method for dynamic segmentation and content presentation
Method and apparatus for private messaging among users supported by independent and interoperating c...
Method, system and service for the authentication of a public key certificate
Method for authentication
Robust efficient distributed RSA-key generation
Broadcast program transmission/reception system, method for transmitting/receiving broadcast program...
Communication scheme with operations to supplement limitations of portable terminal device
Methods and apparatus for reestablishing a data connection with a wireless communication network
Method and apparatus for receiving a CDMA signal
Follow-me broadcast reception method and system
DC offset correction for a wireless communication system
Tracking automatic gain control
Cognition models for wireless communication systems and method and apparatus for optimal utilization...
Cellular network acquisition method and apparatus
Radio communication device and method thereof
Radio communication system, mobile terminal and radio communication method
Radio frequency receiving apparatus and method of mobile communication terminal
Method and system for mobile receiver antenna architecture for European cellular and broadcasting se...
Split-can dipole antenna for an implantable medical device
Adaptive link adaptation
Dynamic data delivery apparatus and method for same
Dynamic data delivery apparatus and method for same
Dynamic data delivery apparatus and method for same
Radio communications unit
Method for manufacturing a percussion instrument
Method and system providing a fundamental musical interval for heart rate variability synchronizatio...
Pick attachment device
Musical instrument plectrum
Guitar pick stickers which provide a highly-plasticized formulation of material to synthetic guitar ...
Snare strainer
Automatic music playing apparatus and computer program therefor
System and methods for the automatic transmission of new, high affinity media using user profiles an...
Auto playlist generator
Discoloration-resistant timepiece or jewelry part
Image display apparatus and method
Program product, image generation method and image generation system
System and method for currency selectable stored value instrument
Methods and systems for real-time storyboarding with a web page and graphical user interface for aut...
In situ patterning of electrolyte for molecular information storage devices
Method and system for time/motion compensation for head mounted displays
Process for the production of fluorinated organic compounds and fluorinating agents
Process for the recovery of sulfur from Claus tail gas streams
Heterodiamondoid-containing field emission devices
Electrostatic air filter
Hydrofluoric acid wastewater treatment method and device
Hybrid wet and dry electrostatic precipitator ammonia scrubber
Annealed wafer and method for manufacturing the same
Instant-win lottery ticket allowing keyless validation and method for validating same
Gaming machine having manufacturer-limited gaming parameter values selectable by an operator during ...
Online game invitations using friends list
Method and device for operating an electronic communication network game
Time-sliced still image generation
Attachment of additional information to stored or streamed image
Solid-state image pick-up apparatus and video camera loaded with the apparatus
Image-capturing apparatus, image processing apparatus and image recording apparatus
Solid-state image pick device having a timing pulse generator, and method for replacing signals from...
Digital camera apparatus with high speed imaging and energy saving features
Graphical displays
Method of determining a device spectral response
Decoding information for interlaced to progressive scan conversion
Re-inserting VBI data using OSD apparatus and method
Sub-picture image decoder
Channel equalizing apparatus and method for digital television receiver
Image processor, semiconductor integrated circuit, and method for processing an image
Projection type display apparatus
Television display cover
Electrochromic display device and electrodeposition-type display device
Pre-equalization for low-cost DTV translators
Sound pickup method and system with sound source tracking
Method and system for improving video metadata through the use of frame-to-frame correspondences
Method and apparatus for measuring coaxial relation between two mechanical parts
Hospital bed having a drive wheel unit
Apparatus and method for traversing compound curved and other surfaces
Regeneration and brake management system
Illuminated scooter
Snowmobile ski
Snowmobile ski
Swingable vehicle
Rear wheel support structure of motorcycle or three-wheeled vehicle
Door system for automotive vehicle
All terrain vehicle
Vehicular suspension installation structure
Straddle carrier with power steering
Reaction control system for obtaining preferable steering feeling
Clutch/brake assembly with electrical generation system
Wheel assembly for irrigation system
Snowmobile runner and method of manufacture
Anti-tip wheel for a wheelchair
Drive arrangement for the drive of attached implements for a vehicle
Fuel cell system
Method for supplementing and calculating energy consumed by a vehicle
Vehicle torque monitoring system
Communication system endpoint device with integrated call synthesis capability
Methods and apparatus for secure and adaptive delivery of multimedia content
Audio/video synchronization with no clean points
Method and apparatus for providing user specific web-based help in a distributed system environment
Browsing continuous multimedia content
Multimedia information transmission and distribution system
Scalable, error resilient DRM for scalable media
Systems and methods for mobile activity monitoring
Ear associated machine-human interface
Facsimile machine and transmission method of scanned image
Modified branch metrics for processing soft decisions to account for phase noise impact on cluster v...
Methods and systems for providing variable rates of service for accessing networks, methods and syst...
Designing layout for internet datacenter cooling
Transaction tax settlement in personal communication devices
Locally executing software agent for retrieving remote content and method for creation and use of th...
Method of providing preprocessed media objects for a plurality of internet web sites
Apparatus for converting internet protocal address, and communication method using the same
Internet site authentication service
Method and system for authenticating a message sender using domain keys
Method and system for cross-platform form creation and deployment
System for operating an astronomical observatory in real time using http
Content navigator graphical user interface system and method
Method and apparatus for providing and maintaining a user-interactive portal system accessible via i...
Connected support entitlement system method of operation
Internet print protocol print dispatch server
Apparatus, method and program for communication
Method of operating a virtual private wireless network implementing message delivery preferences of ...
Animated/digitally depicted interactive voice session services over an IP network
Dynamic call processing control
System and method for delayed or repeated message delivery
General charging method
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for routing phone calls to a PSTN or a packet switc...
Monitoring for operator services
Tone clamping and replacement
Communication system for redirecting communication with radio frequency devices
Method for automatic wireless replenishment using DTMF
Method for operating a telecommunication system and telecommunication arrangement
Mobile phone and battery-releasing device thereof
Method and system for speech quality prediction of an audio transmission system
Voice synthesis system and method that performs voice synthesis of text data provided by a portable ...
System and method for detecting fraudulent calls
Data carrier with a printed security element and gravure production method thereof
Capillary pins for high-efficiency microarray printing device
.beta.-catenin oligonucleotide microchip and method for detecting .beta.-catenin mutations employing...
Trap vectors and gene trapping by using the same
Variants of FAM3C
Plant resistance to insect pests mediated by viral proteins
Crystal structure of G-quadruplex containing a potassium ion
Delivery systems
9-ketospinosyn derivatives
Tetracyclic bicyclolides
Rationally designed and chemically synthesized promoter for genetic vaccine and gene therapy
PRO6017 polypeptides
PRO6242 polypeptides
PRO9742 antibodies
Genetic sequences encoding steroid and juvenile hormone receptor polypeptides and insecticidal modal...
Enzymes and polynucleotides encoding the same
Regulatory elements for delivery to the liver
RNA aptamers and methods for identifying the same
Fluorescent labeled nucleotide derivatives
Plant reproduction polynucleotides and methods of use
Regulatory regions from Papaveraceae
Nucleic acids encoding heat stable mutants of plant ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase
Methods and Compositions for Treating Hyperglycemic, Hyperlipidemic, or Hyperinsulinemic Disorders
Novel Nucleoside Transport Inhibitors
Stable Elsamitrucin Salts Suitable for Pharmaceutical Formulations
Compositions comprising C-13 alkoxyether macrolide compounds and phenylpyrazole compounds
Regulation ao ApoB by Hsp110 proteins and related compositions and methods
Method for the synthesis of 3-substituted indolizine and benzoindolizine compounds
Method for purifying granulocyte-colony stimulating factor
Dye-labeled ribonucleotide triphosphates
Catalyst and Method for Production of Polyols by Hydrogenolysis of Carbohydrates
Fructan Biosynthetic Enzymes
Antidiabetic agent for control of diabetic hyperglycemia and diabetic complications
Combinations of vanadium with antidiabetics for glucose metabolism disorders
Hydroxycitric Acid Derivatives And Skin External Preparations Using The Same
Cathepsin Cysteine Protease Inhibitors
Process for Production of Azulene Derivatives and Intermediates for the Synthesis of the Same
Portable body fat measurement device and optical sensor module of the device
Prostate BPH and tumor detector also useable on other tissues
Agents, compositions and methods for treating pathologies in which regulating an ache-associated bio...
Prevention of nuclear, solar, and other radiation-induced tissue damage
Compounds for enzyme inhibition
Alpha-Keto Carbonyl Calpain Inhibitors
Quinoline Tachykinin Receptor Antagonists
1,3-Disubstituted Heteroaryl Nmda/Nr2b Antagonists
Tetrasubstituted ureas as modulators of 11-beta hydroxyl steroid dehydrogenase type 1
Nuclear Transfer Promoter for Ddc42 Protein and Method of Screening the Dame
Compliant blood vessel graft
Methods for the treatment of synucleinopathies
Non-peptide inhibition of T-lymphocyte activation and therapies related thereto
Compounds and compositions
Pharmaceutical Methods, Dosing Regimes And Dosage Forms For The Treatment Of Alzheimer's Disease
Use of low-dose ladostigil for neuroprotection
siRNA targeting minichromosome maintenance deficient 5 (MCM5)
System and method for travel carrier contract management and optimization
Performance of artificial neural network models in the presence of instrumental noise and measuremen...
Processing device and method for an automatic perception system
Boolean network rule engine
System and method for dynamically evaluating latent concepts in unstructured documents
Stationery assembly
Liquid-filled display device
Game apparatus with multiple moving elements
Roulette device and game control method
Extendable cylindrical jigsaw puzzle
Illuminated snowboard railway track
Riding toy
Block set for assembling a solid creation and apparatus for fabricating block for assembling solid c...
Visual display and method of providing a visual display
Inflatable ferris wheel
Current collecting device for a track guided sport vehicle
Decision support system and method of operation thereof
Game based upon fluctuations of an objective environment
Symbol-displaying device for a game machine
Electronic amusement device and method for operating a game offering continuous reels
Miniature spooling apparatus
Play facility
Training device for ball games
Model railroad velocity controller
Voice recognition based on a growth state of a robot
Adaptive power management in portable entertainment device
Sensitizing dye solar cell
Output suppressing method of a plurality of dispersed power sources and dispersed power source manag...
EL display device, driving method thereof, and electronic equipment provided with the EL display dev...
Traveler safety notification system
Methods for driving electro-optic displays, and apparatus for use therein
Dispersion-managed soliton transmission system with guiding filters
Electrophoretic media containing specularly reflective particles
Protective enclosure and watertight adapter for an interactive flat-panel controlled device
Electronics equipment cabinet
Handheld optical diagnostic device having image system array
Methods and apparatus for a discrete vapor-dispensing device
High altitude airborne craft used as radio relay and method for placing said airborne craft on stati...
Positioning system using packet radio to determine position and to obtain information relative to a ...
Temporary expanding integrated monitoring network
System and method for in-vehicle communications
Method and system for extending the life of a vehicle
Interlocked plug and play with power management for operating systems
Disk centering system
Triangular solar cell design
Solar powered garden light with fluted glass enclosure
Communication system
Connector for high-speed communications
Method and apparatus for conducting a video poker game
Gaming system having multiple gaming devices that share a multi-outcome display
Gaming system having multiple gaming devices that share a multi-outcome display
Player tracking assembly for complete patron tracking for both gaming and non-gaming casino activity
Three dimensional image display systems and methods for gaming machines
Passivation of sulfidic iron-containing rock
Illuminated wearable ornament
Adaptable rack mountable power distribution apparatus
Radio frequency communications systems and methods employing single and multiple sinewave modulation...
Rhetorical content management system and methods
System and method for flexible data transfer
Container cover
Thermostat housing
Thermostat housing
Thermostat housing
Universal button module
Polynucleotides encoding dendritic enriched secreted lymphocyte activation molecule
Methods of diagnosing colon adenocarcinoma using the human g-protein coupled receptor hgprbmy23
Protein compositions for promoting wound healing and skin regeneration
Vitamin D analogues
Method and System for Printing From Web Applications, a Corresponding Computer Program and a Corresp...
System and method for automated processing of consecutively scanned document processing jobs
Telescoping camera crane
Lens tube and mounting base thereof
Method of capturing and processing sensed images
Digital image-capturing device
Camera system with a photometering device and an external operating device
Process for manufacturing a nanocarbon-metal composite material
Molecular decomposition processes for the synthesis of nanosize metallic powders
Method and use of nanoparticles to bind biocides in paints
Shaped nanocrystal particles and methods for working the same
Localized synthesis and self-assembly of nanostructures
Method to produce nanocrystalline powders of oxide-based phosphors for lighting applications
Carbon nanotubes, process for their production, and catalyst for production of carbon nanotubes
Method of screening compounds using a nanoporous silicon support containing macrowells for cells
Modification of selectivity for sensing for nanostructure sensing device arrays
Nanotube semiconductor structures with varying electrical properties
Forming self-aligned nano-electrodes
Nanoparticulate anionic clays
Support vessel
High volume liquid containment system for ships
Vessel with deep water transfer system
Pontoon float towable behind a watercraft
Surface effect craft
Automated trim tab adjustment system method and apparatus
Watercraft hull with entrapment tunnel
Soft shelter extensions for recreational vehicles and the like
Substantially neutrally buoyant and positively buoyant electrically heated flowlines for production ...
Floating lowering and lifting device
Amphibious vehicle
Adjustable watercraft fin apparatus and method having three degrees of freedom
Apparatus and method for reduction, correction and/or reversal of aberrant cervical, cervico-thoraci...
Versatile orthopaedic leg mounted walker
Nano-silver wound dressing
Antimicrobial site dressings
Adhesive dressing
Simultaneous Aspirate & Irrigate & Scaffold
Tub arrangement
Cutting attachment having an adjustable foot for rotary hand tools
Footwear for use in shower
Shoe with sensors, controller and active-response elements and method for use thereof
Retractable spurs
Hydrostatic transmission controls with alternative operating modes
Quick-pin blade tensioning device
Bow construction including a telescoping bow riser and ground support
Method for treating obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
High heel shoe envelope holder
Infant surround support
Two axis independent driven single hinged gimbaled mirror beam steerer
Ergonomic size leaching chamber
Secure tie-down anchor with tension-holding capability
Abdominal exercise machine
Massage device
Manual switch-off device of a permanent magnet switch operating mechanism
Magnetic tape cartridge storage apparatus with lock and release device
Apparatus for the treatment of particulate biodegradable organic waste
Hand-held spraying apparatus having a multi-compartment liquid-holding reservoir
Fluorinated polymers useful as photoresists, and processes for microlithography
Wavelength-converting LED
Semiconductor device card methods of initializing checking the authenticity and the identity thereof
Method and apparatus for efficiently processing queries in a streaming transaction processing system
Injectable pharmaceutical composition for systematic administration of pharmacologically active ingr...
Sutera plant named `DANCOP18`
Multifunctional control of cooling systems for computers
Port adapter for high-bandwidth bus
Perlecan transgenic animals and methods of identifying compounds for the treatment of amyloidoses
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive porcelain composition, piezoelectric/electrostrictive ceramic and pie...
Service providing system, service providing apparatus, service providing method, and program for imp...
Twist up pen type dispenser with brush applicator
Flexible composite guidewire for intravascular catheter
Releasable fastener systems and processes
Packaging for a kit, and related methods of use
Process for the preparation of moisture-curable, polyether urethanes with terminal cyclic urea react...
Fuel cell stack
Protection control circuit for discharge lamps
4-phenyl substituted tetrahydroisoquinolines and therapeutic use thereof
Molecular self-assembly in substrate processing
Substrate with a photocatalytic coating
Cosmic ray detectors for integrated circuit chips
Motion actuator
Storage device having a probe to form structures for representing data states
On-chip programmable optical crossbar switch
Rubber crawler
Hermetically sealed, weldable connectors
Golf club
Method and apparatus for estimating tire/wheel performance by simulation
Method and apparatus for speech recognition using a dynamic vocabulary
Pneumatic radial tire
Rubber composition for breaker and pneumatic tire using the same
Systems for recording position information in a magnetic layer on a piston rod
Golf club head
Golf club head
Rubber composition and tire using the same
Two piece tire with improved tire tread belt
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
High tear interwoven belt fabric
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire for motorcycle
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire sidewall
Dual antenna diversity method to detect GPS signal tampering
Ring millimeter-wave filter having an embedded microstrip structure
Dielectric resonators and circuits made therefrom
Multipath ghost eliminating equalizer with optimum noise enhancement
Receiver and the compensation method therefor
Multichannel filter-based handheld ultra wideband communications
Binarizing circuit, wireless communication device, and binarizing method
Interface and method for extending a target application over an instant message link of a communicat...
Unified, configurable, adaptive, network architecture
Method, apparatus and system for handling unreliable feedback information in a wireless network
Radio communication method, radio communication system, wide area radio communication base station, ...
Communication device selecting its own unique name by comparing with other names from other communic...
Serving roaming mobiles with incorrectly programmed identifiers
Method and system for triggering handoff of a call between networks
Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in a wireless device
Communication on multiple beams between stations
Voice-controlled wireless communications system and method
Methods and systems for reducing acoustic noise in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system
Method of magnetic resonance perfusion imaging
Wireless RF coil power supply
Bulk material analyzer system
Gas analysis method and ionisation detector for carrying out said method
Integrated circuit testing module including command driver
Providing low-coherence light
System and method for verifying the dimensions of airfoils
Record management and retrieval computer program and method
System and method for proofing individual documents of variable information document runs using docu...
Spoon rest
Dual position end connector attachment tool
Wallboard cutter
Gelato container
Garment clasp
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and electronic camera
Multi-unit glossing subsystem for a printing device
Piezoelectric transducer including a plurality of piezoelectric members
Color filter substrate, method of manufacturing the color filter and display device
Interferometric optical apparatus and method using wavefront division
Electrochemical capacitor
Target reconstruction
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional tracking of infra-red beacons
Variable attenuation signal acquisition probing and voltage measurement systems using an electro-opt...
Method of fabricating optical waveguide
Fluorescent fiberoptic probe for tissue health discrimination
Preventing interference between tooth models
Crystallization of protein kinase B.alpha./AKT1
Radiation image conversion panel and manufacturing method thereof
Method, computer program product, and device for projecting an exfoliated picture
Mark position measuring method and apparatus
Extraction of tool independent line-edge-roughness (LER) measurements using in-line programmed LER a...
High-Z cast reflector compositions and method of manufacture
Inspection method and system for and method of producing component mounting substrate
Nuclear medical imaging device
Single-leaf X-ray collimator
Method and apparatus for extracting multi-dimensional structures using dynamic constraints
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, and computer-readable ...
Mutations of the MDR1 P-glycoprotein that improves its ability to confer resistance to chemotherapeu...
Nucleic acid assays
Self-referencing biodetection method and patterned bioassays
Developing unit for an image forming apparatus