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Method for automatically relating components of a storage area network in a volume container
Monitoring fluid in a subject using an electrode configuration providing negative sensitivity region...
Method and system for detecting bluetooth signals utilizing a wideband receiver
Method of integrated proton beam and therapeutic magnetic resonance therapy
Data generation and transmission system in agricultural working machines
Determining location and survivability of a captive person under a disaster situation by use of a mo...
Image forming apparatus and method with charge switching to effect power supply control
Means and method for detecting three-way call attempts
Vertical water heater
X-ray CT apparatus and method of generating an image portable electric space heater
Serial data link with automatic power down
Determining scalar quantizers for a signal based on a target distortion
Image decoder and image decoding method and program
Extracting video regions of interest
Efficient channel shortening in communication systems
Enhanced upstream data traffic management for EPON
A/D converter circuit and A/D conversion method
Main rotor blade calibration gauge for remote-controlled toy helicopter
Pan spray formulation and delivery system
Cake making method
Flexible package having a re-closable zipper
Grain compositions containing pre-biotic isomalto-oligosaccharides and methods of making and using s...
Process for preparing concentrate thickener compositions
Methods of sterilizing polycarbonate articles and methods of manufacture
Food processing effluent refurbishing system and method
Vacuum system for a highchair
Pair of serving tongs which can be locked in a closed position
Multiple purposes cutting board
Method and device for cooking with steam
Food cutting device
2,6-quinolinyl and 2,6-naphthyl derivatives, processes for preparing them and their uses as VLA-4 in...
Baby bowl
Method for increasing the bioavailability of glycopyrrolate
Rotating egg container
Trisubstituted thiophenes as progesterone receptor modulators
Pressure relief valve with stiff support
Assay and method for quantifying the levels of steryl esters and free sterols in starch-containing f...
Product table lock for a food slicer
Thermal transfer receiving sheet
Printing method using thermal diffusion transfer, and image formed object
Compound for color-producing composition, and recording material
Heat-sensitive recording material
Thermal imaging system
Catheter with snap on feature
Inbred maize line PHCA5
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH944969
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH120555
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH538026
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH569011
Plants and seeds of corn variety I285290
Plants and seeds of corn variety I877879
Maize hybrid variety X5M895
Auxin transport proteins
Method of organizing and presenting data in a table using stutter peak rule
Tolerance and chronic hepatitis C virus
Method of diagnosis of cancer based on gene expression profiles in cells
SiRNA targeting intercellular adhesion molecule 1 (ICAM1)
siRNA targeting insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R)
Antisense IAP nucleobase oligomers and uses thereof
Variable region gene of heavy/light chain of anti-human hepatoma monoclonal antibody HAb 18 and use ...
Nucleic acids encoding a hirudin and pro-insulin as superscretable peptides and for parallel improve...
Enzymatic production of glycolic acid
Method and apparatus for dynamic channel access within wireless networks
Biosynthetic polypeptides utilizing non-naturally encoded amino acids
High tenacity polyethylene yarn
Methods and compositions for the introduction of molecules into cells
Table tennis game having a playing surface divided into multiple independent playing stations by int...
Anti-icing system for wind turbines
Air pump
Gas cylinder components for use with firearms
Indirect fire weapon aiming device
Weapon with breach mechanism
System and method for detecting objects and substances
Set defence means
Method and device for dismantling explosives-containing bodies
Bullet sizing and lubricator apparatus and method
Stretch woven fabrics
Multiple function handheld device
Unified control and memory for a combined DVD/HDD system
Unified control and memory for a combined DVD/HDD system
Storage control device
Three terminal magnetic sensor having an in-stack longitudinal biasing layer structure
System and method for pre-stressing a read head for improving performance thereof
Magnetic sensor with underlayers promoting high-coercivity, in-plane bias layers
Double mill process for patterning current perpendicular to plane (CPP) magnetoresistive devices to ...
Head suspension and method of processing head suspension
Perpendicular magnetic recording head comprising gap shield
Perpendicular magnetic write head with shunt structure to prevent read sensor interference
Magnetic head for perpendicular recording and fabrication process
Thin-film magnetic head, head gimbal assembly, and hard disk system
Flux shunt structure for reducing return pole corner fields in a perpendicular magnetic recording he...
Passive fly height adjustment to compensate for ambient pressure changes in a disk drive
Differential timing based servo pattern for magnetic-based storage media
Servo track squeeze compensation in a disk drive
Disk drive device and servo write method
Disk drive device and head positioning control method
Real-time channel adaptation
Magnetic disk controller and method
Initialization of flash storage via an embedded controller
Starting program voltage shift with cycling of non-volatile memory
Flash memories with adaptive reference voltages
Behavior based programming of non-volatile memory
Flash memory cell arrays having dual control gates per memory cell charge storage element
Non-real time reprogramming of non-volatile memory to achieve tighter distribution of threshold volt...
Method combining lower-endurance/performance and higher-endurance/performance information storage to...
Method for operating non-volatile storage with individually controllable shield plates between stora...
Photomask features with interior nonprinting window using alternating phase shifting
In-line cache using nonvolatile memory between host and disk device
Compositions and methods relating to novel benzodiazepine compounds and derivatives
Mitotic kinesin inhibitors
2-Acylaminothiazole derivative or salt thereof
Methods of upmodulating an immune response with non-activating forms of B7-4
Use of osteoprotegerin for the treatment and/or prevention of fibrotic disease
Polynucleotide encoding an IL-28A polypeptide
Generation and use of vasculogenic tumors and products derived from same
Nucleic acids and corresponding proteins entitled 254P1D6B useful in treatment and detection of canc...
Liquid masking for selective coating of a stent
Drug release from antithrombogenic multi-layer coated stent
Methods of treating diseases with activated protein C
Device and method for treatment of mitral insufficiency
Endothelial cell binding coatings for rapid encapsulation of bioerodable stents
Method and apparatus for facilitating the healing of bone fractures
Calf compression devices
Memory isolation and virtualization among virtual machines
System and method for collection, distribution, and use of information in connection with commercial...
Distributed electronic commerce system with centralized virtual shopping carts
Method and system for voice activating web pages
Mobile communication terminal capable of determining position and method of determining position in ...
Method and apparatus for operating AC powered appliances via video interphones, two way IR drivers a...
Authoring tools using a mixed media environment
Converting account data associated with a radio frequency device
Requesting assistance using a registration mode
Registering a biometric for radio frequency transactions
Systems and methods that facilitate maximizing revenue for multi-unit auctions with private budgets
Apparatus and methods for enforcing purchase agreements
Method and system for finding an alternative grouping of selected items
Management of a trusted cryptographic processor
Method for probabilistic analysis of most frequently occurring electronic message addresses within p...
Method and architecture for blocking email spams
Presentation of network source and executable characteristics
Identification of undesirable content in responses sent in reply to a user request for content
Supervising user interaction with online services
Systems and methods for producing, managing, delivering, retrieving, and/or tracking permission base...
Adaptive junk message filtering system
Reconfiguring an electronic message to effect an enhanced notification
Filtering of data
SMPP message processing for SMS spam filtering
System and method for providing e-mail address information using mobile phone number
Method and system for detecting blocking and removing spyware
Plasma-disc article of manufacture
Triazole-containing fluorocarbon-grafted polysiloxanes
Olefin polymerization process
Olefin polymerization process
Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator protein inhibitors and uses thereof
Compositions for treatment of inflammatory diseases
Process for preparing a textile treatment auxiliary composition and a process for preparing a compos...
Layered composition and processes for preparing and using the composition
Wiring substrate of a semiconductor component comprising rubber-elastic pads embedded in said wiring...
Activation and expansion of T-cells using an engineered multivalent signaling platform
Activation and expansion of T-cells using an engineered multivalent signaling platform
Ink receptive particles, material for recording, recording apparatus and ink receptive particle stor...
Internal proton exchange membrane humidification and cooling with automotive coolant
Fuel cell stack
Fuel cell without Z-like connection plates and the method producing the same
Non-circulating coolant PEM fuel cell power plant assembly with low thermal mass
Vacuum heat insulator and hot insulation/cold insulation apparatus incorporating the vacuum insulato...
Streptococcus pyogene antigens
Stat3 antagonists and their use as vaccines against cancer
Flow control structure and related media filtration system
Probe tip plating
Tissue marking implant
Plaster device
Systems and methods for automated diagnosis and decision support for breast imaging
Container closure
Sulfopolyester recovery
Method for differentiating mesenchymal stem cell into neural cell and pharmaceutical composition con...
Method and system for switching between absolute and relative pointing with direct input devices
Method and apparatus for limiting denial of service attack by limiting traffic for hosts
Mechanisms to support use of software running on platform hardware employing different endianness
Method and system for identifying active devices on network
Variable graph minimization for improved model-checking performance
Method and apparatus for automated synthesis of multi-channel circuits
Ultraviolet ray sterilization device
Stormwater treatment apparatus and method
Process and device for coupling hollow fibers to a microfluidic network
Method and system for disinfecting irrigation water in agricultural irrigation systems
Cogeneration system for grease separation and power production
Methods for replenishing a charge of oxidizing gas within an oxidation tank
Ultra compact cyclonic flotation system
Coolant fluid cleaning method, system, and apparatus
Process for removing contaminants from silicone-based solvents
Method for stable oxygen isotope separation and its apparatus using membrane distillation
Fluid storage and purification method and system
Method of treating water using petroleum coke
Treatment of sewage sludge
Sludge quality
Periphyton filtration systems and associated methods
Poly(meth)acrylate membranes for separation of hydrocarbon mixtures
Polysulfone-based hollow-fiber membrane with selective permeability
Filter apparatus
Rotatable water treatment device
System and method for achieving machine authentication without maintaining additional credentials
Dedicated application interface for network systems
Diagnostic method of selecting appropriate cancer treatments and screening method of measuring reage...
Cotton cultivar PM 3535 BG/RR
Cotton cultivar DP 174 RF
Cotton cultivar DP 141 B2RF
Cotton cultivar 06W650F
Cotton cultivar DP 121 RF
Soybean cultivar HFPR-5
Fluid motion and composition analysis device and method
Information recording carrier
Low-radiation electromagnetic earpiece
Method of programming a hearing aid by a programming device
Process for generating travel plans on the internet
System and method for analyzing and displaying computed tomography data
Systems and methods for controlling a resonant device for generating vibrotactile haptic effects
Compact optical see-through head-mounted display with occlusion support
System and method for disambiguating the phase of a field received from a transmitter in an electrom...
Hybrid tracker
Substrate processing apparatus, control method for the apparatus, and program for implementing the m...
Thermal shunt for active devices on silicon-on-insulator wafers
Multi-segment parallel wire capacitor
Method of testing circuit elements on a semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor chip mounting substrate, semiconductor chip mounting body, semiconductor chip stacked ...
Semiconductor device and semiconductor chip
Fabric type semiconductor device package and methods of installing and manufacturing same
Thin semiconductor device package
Flip-chip package and method of forming thereof
Semiconductor package and fabrication method thereof
Microelectronic package including temperature sensor connected to the package substrate and method o...
Packaging for high speed integrated circuits
Stacked packaging designs offering inherent anti-tamper protection
Chip package, method of making same and digital camera module using the package
Semiconductor package and method therefor
Semiconductor device, display module, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Solid state imaging device, method for fabricating the same, and camera
Method of making wafer structure for backside illuminated color image sensor
Manufacturing method of semiconductor-on-insulator region structures
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Molecular memory and method for making same
Methods for discriminating moving objects in motion image sequences
Method for eliminating color shift phenomenon that produces due to high or lower brightness in an im...
Method of radiographic imaging for three-dimensional reconstruction, and a computer program and appa...
Imaging apparatus, control method thereof, and program
Method and system for processing data relating to a radiation therapy treatment plan
Method of and system for predicting dose delivery
Method for associating data with medical image datasets
Relative calibration for dosimetric devices
Apparatus and method for analyzing component using microscopic regions
Methods, apparatus, and devices for noise reduction
Lesion marking and characterization quality assurance method and system
Coronary artery tree imaging system and method
Image scanner and image scanning method
Color signal matrix adjustment
Fast filtered YUV to RGB conversion
Camera-based system for calibrating color displays
Realistic video color display
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
Filter device, filtering method and filtering program product
Method and apparatus for quantifying pigment dispersion quality by paint drawdown
Photonic crystal sensor
Examining device and examining method
Device having a field mirror for optically testing a surface
Microchip testing device
Back surface reflection reduction systems and methodology
Cell counting board
Non-invasive blood glucose sensors using a magneto-resonance absorption method and measurement metho...
Space saving toilet cleaning system
Method for treating kraft pulp with optical brighteners after chlorine bleaching to increase brightn...
Stackable paperboard container
Operation control of fuel cell system
Vehicle height adjustment system
Vehicle suspension system
Apparatus for monitoring a mobile object including a partitionable strap
Large pallet machine for forming molded products
Nebulizer apparatus and method
Cavitation detection device and method
Vacuum suction apparatus having negative pressure actuated vacuum generator switching mechanism
High pressure fuel pump with a gasket
Apparatus and method for pumping a fluid from a storage vessel and detecting when the storage vessel...
Image display device having an ion pump with reduced leakage
High pressure pump having plunger
Housing for an electric machine with auxiliary ventilation
Long piston hydraulic machines
Mobile pump
Digital pressure controller for pump assembly
Pumping system
Fuel tank for a motor vehicle
Guitar-shaped controller body
Method and apparatus for forwarding store data to loads in a pipelined processor
Data migration method
Structured approach to software specification
Recording medium having a file sharing program recorded thereon and file sharing apparatus
Substituted cyclohexanones
Antisense IAP nucleobase oligomers and uses thereof
Fusion proteins and methods of producing same
Human cytokine receptor
ErbB interface peptidomimetics and methods of use thereof
Use of indazole derivatives for the treatment of neuropathic pain
Compositions and methods for targeting cancer cells
Salt of 4-[[4-[[4-(2-cyanoethenyl)-2,6-dimethylphenyl]amino]-2-pyrimidinyl- ]amino] benzonitrile
Method for determining co-receptor selectivity of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1
Treatment of EBV and KHSV infection and associated abnormal cellular proliferation
Sample processing for nucleic acid amplification
Nucleoside analogs with carboxamidine modified monocyclic base
Method and device for detecting position of mobile object, and computer product
Map information display apparatus and method thereof
Map information display apparatus and method thereof
Map information display apparatus and method thereof
Schema for location awareness
Vehicle navigation system and method for displaying waypoint information
Multi sensor detection, stall to stop and lock disabling system
Self-powered mobile electrical power hub
System and method for distributively displaying terminal procedure data
Roll stability control using four-wheel drive
Repositioning assist for an excavating operation
Natural laundry detergent compositions
Warewashing composition for use in automatic dishwashing machines, and methods for manufacturing and...
Reagent and process for the identification and counting of biological cells
Air jet pressurized clothes washing machine
Liquid laundry detergent with an alkoxylated ester surfactant and urea
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium with exchange-coupled magnetic layers and improved coupling ...
Controlled deposition of silicon-containing coatings adhered by an oxide layer
Process for cathodic protection of electrode materials
Echinacea plant named `Conevin`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Mang`
Accelerating the boosting approach to training classifiers
State machine enabling auto-recovery of short-circuited class D audio amplifiers
Sulfonylquinoxalone derivatives and related compounds as bradykinin antagonists
Alkynl and azido-substituted 4-anilinoquinazolines
Optical layer multicasting using a multiple sub-carrier header and multicast switch with active head...
Image projection system
Support head for video or photographic apparatuses
Image display device
User-controlled management of TPM identities
Detection and minimization of false positives in anti-malware processing
Reducing HTTP malware scanner latency using HTTP range queries for random access
Method and system for providing secure, centralized access to remote elements
Method and apparatus for accessing a computer behind a firewall
Web material with an ultrathin coating varnish allowing rapid sustained spreading and/or very rapid,...
Apparatus and method for selectively coating a medical article
Apparatus and method for making X-ray anti-scatter grid
Low frequency oscillator providing phase-staggered multi-channel midi-output control-signals
Method and system for navigating a catheter probe
Camera connectible to CCTV network
Virtual threads in business process programs
Non-relay initialization for modems
On-board FIFO memory module for high speed digital sourcing and capture to/from DUT (device under te...
Method and apparatus for an embedded time domain reflectometry test
Digital PWM controller with programmable safe state in presence of fault
Methods and apparatus to change a configuration of a processor system
Detection circuit for mixed asynchronous and synchronous memory operation
Systems and methods for providing memory modules with multiple hub devices
System method for I/O pads in mobile multimedia processor (MMP) that has bypass mode wherein data is...
Method, system and computer program product for facilitating the design and assignment of ethernet V...
Supplemental queue sampling technique for packet scheduling
System and method of managing access to web services
Methods and apparatus for issuing updates to multiple management entities
Integrated internet camera
Agent-equipped controller having data table interface between agent-type programming and non-agent-t...
Method and system for controlling steering deadband in a mobile machine
Motorcycle lower fork tube cover
Running object and method of controlling the same
Mounting structure of a rear suspension cross member of a vehicle
Method and system for adaptively controlling a hybrid vehicle
Automatic lighting device and method for controlling light
Seat belt warning system
Electric power steering apparatus equipped with tension adjusting mechanism
Electric power steering apparatus equipped with steering angle sensor
Axle driving unit for a lawn tractor
Frame of motorcycle and engine bracket
Pedestrian protecting apparatus of vehicle hood
Small-sized vehicle
Vehicle drive assist system
Straddle type vehicle
Vehicle-trailer stability and handling performance improvement using rear-wheel steering control
Occupant detection system
Apparatus for promoting traction of a motorcycle rear wheel
Interconnection pattern inspection method, manufacturing method of semiconductor device and inspecti...
Color image forming apparatus with pre-secondary transfer charge eliminating section
Circularly polarized antenna and radar device using the same
RF step attenuator
Structure for monitoring stress-induced degradation of conductive interconnects
Flip chip mounting method and bump forming method
Chip package
Bumpless semiconductor device
Microelectronic package
Die attach paddle for mounting integrated circuit die
Interconnects with harmonized stress and methods for fabricating the same
Capacitor of dynamic random access memory and method of manufacturing the capacitor
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing said solid-state imaging device
Soldering method for semiconductor optical device, and semiconductor optical device
Surgical instruments
Relating to well head separators
Packing for column
Apparatus for dispensing photo-resist in semiconductor device fabrication equipment
Editing objects contained in different pages of a business form via a "position adjustment" operatio...
Power-saving control method for a network device
Multi-function apparatus and control method thereof
Communication apparatus
Image processor and image processing method
Image processing system and image processing method
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Image forming apparatus including two development devices and transfer members
Image forming apparatus with manual setting of an operating condition of at least one image heating ...
Image forming apparatus including movable belt unit and movable detecting member
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
Image forming apparatus, cartridge, and storing device mounted to the cartridge
File management system of image data
Video reproducing system using definition information to acquire sub information stored in network s...
Pyrrolic derivatives with histone deacetylase inhibitory activity
Battery pack including ultrasonic welding surfaces
Method for detection of selected chemicals in an open environment
Image forming apparatus with developer supply roller
Optical device having optical waveguide including organic Bragg grating sheet
Flexible optical device
Optical fiber cable having a deformable coupling element
Optical device
Detection apparatus for detecting an amount of an object of analysis in a fluid present in an eye or...
Lead-free niobium-bismuth-phosphate optical glass with a high index of refraction
Piperidines and related compounds for treatment of alzheimer's disease
Method and a device for detecting slag
Adjustable feed chute and associated method of feeding and melting
Poisson matting for images
Multi-functional charger with power generating and illumination functions
Robot Confinement
Power plate for driving at least one robot
Industrial Robot With Tubular Member For A Cable Harness
Walking robot and method of controlling the same
Robot joint driving apparatus and robot having the same
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Interferometer system for monitoring an object
Modular interface for damping mechanical vibrations
Command inflatable boat stopping barrier
Interferometer system for monitoring an object
Fault-tolerant timeout communication protocol with sensor integration
Sensor system including multiple radio frequency identification tags
Integrated bio-reactor monitor and control system
Contour follower
Humidity sensor formed on a ceramic substrate in association with heating components
Method of flip chip mounting pressure sensor dies to substrates and pressure sensors formed thereby
Tool for cutting structural materials
Saute tongs
Multipurpose folding tool with tool bit holder and blade lock
Folding knife with finger guard
Objective lens actuator
Processes and intermediates for preparing benzyl epoxides
Optical laminate film and method for producing same
Glass substrate having primer layer formed thereon and anti-fogging article
Static dissipative textile and method producing the same
Toner cartridge
Method and system for gainsharing of physician services
Method and system for evaluating a physician's economic performance and gainsharing of physician ser...
Asset communication format within a computer network
System and method for determination of object location for calibration using patient data
Multimodal image registration using compound mutual information
Registering ultrasound image data and second image data of an object
Decoding and error correction in 2-D arrays
Group information generating system and group information generating method
Medical image generating apparatus and method, and program
Medical image processing apparatus, and medical image processing method
Apparatus for acoustic loading of a diaphragm
Method for producing fiberglass materials and compositions resulting from the same
Method and apparatus for efficient application of prime background shingle granules
Method and system for inserting POST data into the GET request to apply normal caching rules
System and method for determining configuration of one or more data storage systems
Techniques for dynamic host configuration using overlapping network addresses
Method and system for controlling recovery downtime
Systems and methods for generating prediction queries
Light weight locking model in the database for supporting long duration transactions
Auditing and reconciling custodial accounts
Method for charging on-line directory assistance services
Method and system for modeling spot welds in a finite element analysis
System and method of determining software maturity using Bayesian design of experiments
Meta-data driven test-data generation with controllable combinatorial coverage
Interleaver and de-interleaver
Queued locks using monitor-memory wait
Hydroformylation process
Electrically conductive polymer actuator and method for manufacturing the same
Roll-out touch screen support system (ROTS3)
Method of achieving high productivity fault tolerant photovoltaic factory with batch array transfer ...
Buckle phone
Adaptive equalization using correlation of edge samples with data patterns
Simultaneous full-duplex communication over a single electrical conductor
Mounting apparatus for storage device
Display device
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Liquid blocking apparatus and system equipped with an alarm or wireless calling device and a storing...
Automated configuration of a power monitoring system using hierarchical context
Case battery with storage device
Paper holder
Paper holder
Pull tab for a slide fastener
Multiple wire reel support stand
Retractable utility knife
System for performing interactive dialog
Building material anchor
Membrane encapsulated fiber and method for producing same
Tent ground cloth with drainage
Trencher boot and methods of laying underground cable
Underwater trenching apparatus
Heavy duty trench frame and grate assembly
Adjustable drain for stone decking
Boom support arm and use thereof
Sealed well cellar
Multiple layer wall water storage chambers
Programmable boatlift system with boat position sensor
Membrane module for immersed operation
Carbon dioxide experiment device
Crystalline compounds
Methods of treating pain and inflammation in neuronal tissue using antagonists of IL-31, IL31Ra and/...
Surgical tools and techniques for stimulation
Pyrimidine derivatives and their use as CB2 modulators
Methods of administering a material into a patient for dermal enhancement
Golf club head
Golf club head
Battery pack
Portable electric grinder
Navigation methods, systems, and computer program products for virtual three-dimensional books
Information delivery apparatus, information delivery method and program product therefor
Matched filtering
Demand planning using exchange balances
Ink ribbon cartridge having a particular spool and spindle arrangement
Safety razor
Lamp for projector
Golf club head
Vehicle drive assist system
Switching apparatus and method for varying an impedance of a phase line of a segment of an electrica...
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method for evaluating color picture tubes and device for the same and method for making color pictur...
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Multi-depth displays
Controlling a power amplifier to transition among amplifier operational classes according to at leas...
Method and arrangement for monitoring the mercury condensation in an arc tube
Apparatus and method for performing in-vitro DNP-NMR measurements
Controller of doubly-fed induction generator
Single drive betatron
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Laminated wafer sensor system for UV dose measurement
UV cure equipment with combined light path
Compact scanned electron-beam x-ray source
Aromatic and aromatic/heteroaromatic molecular structures with controllable electron conducting prop...
Variants of beta-glucosidase
Fuel cell voltage measurement device
Liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display apparatus
Oscillator and method of manufacture
Device and method for managing radiation
Method of fabricating semiconductor by nitrogen doping of silicon film
Method for fabricating large dimension bonds using reactive multilayer joining
Fuel cell apparatus and associated method
Method of controlling delivery of fuel to a direct oxidation fuel cell
Fuel cells
Multi-stage rapid vaporization apparatus and method
Surface treating agent, fluorine-containing monomer and fluorine-containing polymer
Enzyme immobilization for use in biofuel cells and sensors
Fuel cell having stack structure
Apparatus and method for controlling kinetic rates for internal reforming of fuel in solid oxide fue...
Cathode for a direct methanol fuel cell and method for operating the same
Fuel cell electrolyte, membrane electrode assembly, and method of manufacturing fuel cell electrolyt...
Polymeric laminates, processes for producing the same, and use thereof
Trifluorovinyloxy monomers and polymers
Electrically conductive polymer compositions
System and method for providing residual stress test structures
Laminated solar concentrating photovoltaic device
Accommodating intraocular lens system having spherical aberration compensation and method
Phosphonium and imidazolium salts and methods of their preparation
Yellow pigments and non-aqueous pigment dispersions
Port aggregation for network connections that are offloaded to network interface devices
Systems and methods for tuning an antenna configuration in a mobile communication device
Benzimidazole derivatives
Naphthalenone compounds exhibiting prolyl hydroxylase inhibitory activity, compositions, and uses th...
Antiinflammation agents
Method of preadjusting a web-machining and/or web-processing machine, method for selecting a leg dir...
Optical system for forming an illuminated pattern on a material in motion and which illuminated patt...
Method for dosing the quantity of ink in the inking system of a printing machine
Method and device for separating printing plates from a stack
Stitching apparatus and gathering and stitching machine having the stitching apparatus
Register sensor
Multistage press
Methods and systems for stabilizing an amplifier
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
Thermal controlling method, magnetic field generator and MRI apparatus
Coil apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using the same
Field distribution correction element and method for generating a magnetic resonance exposure therew...
Magnetic resonance apparatus and control method for the same
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
MRI apparatus and an MRI bed apparatus
Methods for accelerating wound healing by administration of adipokines
Sight glass applied in refrigeration system
Mobile phone
Method and apparatus for generation of datamatrix barcodes utilizing numerical control drilling patt...
Amplified signal in binding assays
System and method of speech recognition for non-native speakers of a language
Housing of a computing device
Trusted multimedia communications
Method of searching for broadcasting channel of specific program in a DMB receiving terminal
Optimal test patch selection for multi-media printing systems using low rank approximation
Wall plate assembly
Optical connector
System and method for protected content rendering
Methods and systems for presentation of media obtained from a media stream
Method of, and system for, webcasting with just-in-time resource provisioning, automated telephone s...
Method and system for providing content
Pilot controlled pulse valve
Golf swing alignment device
Aquarium filter housing with rounded bottom
Digital content decrypting apparatus and operating method thereof
Cash box drawer
Trash receptacle
Laundry composition component
Liner for a paint tray
Bagless upright vacuum cleaner
Mop housing
Upright vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Feline play structure
Feline play structure
Pet toy
Body blade
Conjugates of membrane translocating agents and pharmaceutically active agents
Dimeric small molecule potentiators of apoptosis
Cardiac constraint/therapeutic stimulation device
Self fixing spinal cord stimulation lead and delivery system
Implantable satellite effectors
Catheterization method and system for controlling tip displacement
Methods and apparatuses for localizing myocardial infarction during catheterization
Substituted pyrrolidine and related compounds
Compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods for the treatment of cardiovascular disease
Combined select view television remote control, arm band, and charge cradle
Organic/inorganic composite separator having morphology gradient, manufacturing method thereof and e...
Lithium ion secondary battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Nickel electrode material, and production method therefor, and nickel electrode and alkaline battery
Stabilized nonaqueous electrolytes for rechargeable batteries
Glucocorticoid mimetics, methods of making them, pharmaceutical compositions, and uses thereof
Polyhydroxyalkanoate having amide, sulfonic acid or sulfonate ester group, charge control agent and ...
Method of transferring strained semiconductor structure
Positive electrode for lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery using same
Lithium secondary battery of electrolyte containing ammonium compounds
Dye mixtures of fiber-reactive azo dyes, their preparation and their use
Ink for ink jet-recording curable through irradiation with a radioactive ray and method for preparin...
Expandable wellbore junction
Floribunda rose plant having large flowers and named `TAN01360`
Calibrachoa plant named `SAKCAL096`
Calibrachoa plant named `Sakcal097`
Ipomoea plant named `Seki Lim`
Oak tree named `Adeline`
Hydrangea plant named `Magical Pearl`
Heuchera plant named `Blackout`
Hosta plant named `Clovelly`
Peach tree named `Juliepretty`
Polyacetal resin composition
Fragranced cast applicant and method of application
Writing implement and chopstick combination
Dispenser and process
Container and valve assembly for storing and dispensing substances, and related method
Lipstick case
Reconfigurable, modular, two-in-one walking support system
Method and apparatus for in-room glass washing
Wireless handheld communicator in a process control environment
RF power transmission network and method
System and method for associating handwritten information with one or more objects
Identification documents and authentication of such documents
Wireless hearing system and method for monitoring the same
Fingerprinting digital devices using electromagnetic characteristics of their communications
Method and apparatus for an arbitration scheme for radio frequency identification devices
Device, system, and method of bit line selection of a flash memory
System for maintaining patient medical records for participating patients
Content-information management system, content-information management apparatus, content-information...
Inventory controls with radio frequency identification
Systems and methods for providing a digital image and disposition of a good damaged during transit
Marking system and method with location and/or time tracking
Low-profile frequency selective surface based device and methods of making the same
Method of processing noninvasive spectra
Method for producting 4-(methylthio)butane-1,2-diol
Method for producing fluoroamine
Method for preparing (E3,Z5)-3,5-alkadienyl acetate
Crystallizer temperature control via fluid control
Butyl nanocomposite via low Mw elastomer pre-blend
Fire retardant coating composition
Low dielectric loss tangent-resin varnish, prepreg, laminated sheet, and printed wiring board using ...
Methods of preparing a polymerization catalyst
Rework process for photoresist film
Positive resist compositions and patterning process
Polyimide resin soluble in aqueous alkaline solution, composition comprising the resin and cured coa...
Fluorinated cyclic structure-bearing silicon compounds and silicone resins, resist compositions usin...
Positive photosensitive resin composition, method for forming pattern, and electronic part
Automotive vehicle seating insert
Animal halter
Honda device
Breakable odor control additive for animal litter having gypsum composition barrier coating
Adjustable trolling device
Fishing lure
Job information managing system, job information managing method, program for implementing the metho...
Adjustable air flow ventilation device and system
Waste collection apparatus
Bird feeder
Non-round spinneret plate hole
Fly-fishing reel
Purifications of pomegranate ellagitannins and their uses thereof
Methods and systems for automatic patient table positioning
Volumetric induction phase shift detection system for determining tissue water content properties
Trajectory guide with instrument immobilizer
Spinal midline indicator
Organ access device and method
Apparatus to measure noise in image signal and method thereof
Fluoroalkyl surfactants
Thermoplastic and polymer foams and method of preparation thereof
Magnetic recording medium
Kickoff plugs comprising a self-degrading cement in subterranean well bores
Article and method for sealing fluid-containing cables
Methods and devices for nucleic acid sequence determination
Patches and uses thereof
Apparatus and method for micron and submicron particle formation
Catheter with multilayer tube
Multi-layer golf ball having velocity gradient from faster center to slower cover
Catalyst flow
Apparatus and method for detecting step in a personal navigator
Method and apparatus for determining an optimal sharing mix in a shared prescription savings plan
Self-adaptive system for the analysis of biomedical signals of a patient
Device to make expert knowledge accessible for the operation of medical examination devices
Automated template generation algorithm for implantable device
Physiological measurement strip with display
Test instrument, attachment, and concentration measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for digital watermarking
Image forming apparatus including a document storing section
System and method for capturing and processing business data
Digital pictorial book system, a pictorial book searching method, and a machine readable medium stor...
Method and system for approving documents based on image similarity
Method and apparatus for composing a panoramic photograph
Histogram adjustment for high dynamic range image mapping
Adaptive image improvement
Corner sharpening using look-up table edge pixel identification
Automatic significant image generation based on image characteristics
Method of notifying users regarding motion artifacts based on image analysis
Photonic band gap router
Compact systems for generating polarization-entangled photons
Manifold-type lightguide with reduced thickness
Activation tool for a fiber optic connector
Liquid crystal display panel with dual-TFTs pixel units having different TFT channel width/length ra...
Apparatus and method for subterranean distribution of optical signals
Optical module and method of packaging the same
Broadcasting arrayed waveguide
Tunable optical communication system
Channel switching system and method of IPTV service in passive optical network
Daisy chain optical interconnect
Microwave photonic frequency domain reflectometer
Apparatus and method for calibration of DLP/DMD projection image systems
Electronic switch for TV signal booster
Transferring objects within an ongoing file transfer operation
Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
Systems and methods of identifying and manipulating objects
Hinge unit and mobile terminal having the same
Method and apparatus for initiating subsequent exposures based on determination of motion blurring a...
Shadow detection in images
Display device having particular light emitting diodes
Backlight unit of liquid crystal display device
Display device with backlight having a frame with first and second hook-like members and a blocking ...
Port marker
Process and device for regulating the luminous intensity of indicator lights of a piece of monitorin...
Search light with remote charger
Light emitting diode drive apparatus
Lighting control
Lamp with multi-colored OLED elements
System and method for stabilizing wavelength of LED radiation in backlight module
Method and system for controlling a lighting system
Candle assembly with light emitting system
Retention member for ball socket joint
Reversible lamp
Portable display device
Back light module
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
Prism sheet and backlight module using the same
Universal pistol magazine loader
Display device
Medical device having anti-microbial properties and a false lumen and method of making the same
System and method for process automation and enforcement
Active sampling collaborative prediction method for end-to-end performance prediction
Rules base systems and methods with circumstance translation
Plan and candidate plan based system for achieving one or more goals and sub-goals
Optimal taxonomy layer selection method
Efficient methods for temporal event clustering of digital photographs
Identifying exceptional managed systems
Automated learning of model classifications
Allocating processing resources for multiple instances of a software component
Procedure for regulating a combustion process
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor chip and dicing method of a semiconductor wafer
Method for efficient transfer of human blastocyst-derived stem cells (hBS cells) from a feeder-suppo...
Method and apparatus for forming porous metal implants
Architecture for an image-forming device
Communications system
On-chip receiver eye finder circuit for high-speed serial link
Automated error reporting and diagnosis in distributed computing environment
Radio communication apparatus and transmission power control method
RF amplifier
RF receiver utilizing dynamic power management
System and method for reducing peak-to-average power ratio for multi-carrier communication systems
Radio communication system
White dot out detecting device
Wireless communications device
Playback apparatus
Bit line sense amplifier of semiconductor memory device having open bit line structure
Data bus sense amplifier circuit
Sense amplifiers operated under hamming distance methodology
Computer panel for protecting optical disc drive
Spirocyclic heterocyclic derivatives and methods of their use
Pyrone-indole derivatives and process for their preparation
Devices and methods for collection, storage and transportation of biological specimens
Cold gas spray gun
Compositions for nasal administration of pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical compositions directed to Erb-B1 receptors
Antibodies to cytokine receptor zalpha11
Parathyroid hormone receptor activation and stem and progenitor cell expansion
Power toothbrush
Sanitary towel
Toothbrush head
Toothbrush head
Toothbrush head
Pet food supplement
Toothbrush head
Toothbrush head
Continuous casting apparatus, continuous casting method and aluminum alloy cast bar
Apparatus and methods for broadcast monitoring
Failover processing in a storage system
System and method for asynchronous reporting of printer maintenance data for a printer
System, method, and apparatus for securely providing content viewable on a secure device
Apparatus, system, and method for presenting scripts to a contact
System and method for secure electronic communication in a partially keyless environment
Performing computer application trace with other operations
Instruction length decoder
Software self-repair toolkit for electronic devices
Virtual media systems, methods and devices
Laminated multi-layer card with an inlaid security element in the form of relief structures
Method of producing scratch print product
System and method for determining a security encoding to be applied to outgoing messages
Fluid entrainment apparatus
Thrust roller bearing
Roller bearing with rolling bodies of a shape memory alloy
Taper bore bearing assembly
Bearing assembly for a steering assembly
Shaft bearing
Bearing assembly and resilient seal element
Composite roll bearing
Fluid bearing with a variable depth groove
Rolling guide unit
Bearing apparatus for a wheel of vehicle
Positive displacement lubrication device
Method of adjusting backlash in a down hole bearing assembly
Linear guide device with separate circulatory units
Bearing assembly and method of monitoring same
Structure to prevent scraping damage to foldable portable electric device when upper and lower units...
Method and apparatus for auto-configuring layer three intermediate computer network devices
Mobile originated interactive menus via short messaging services
Systems and methods for transaction and information management
Tools, methods and systems of storing remotely and retrieving detail records given a specific call o...
Hinge device and method for wireless communication device
Service use device
Method and apparatus for reconfiguring network routes
System and method for location management and emergency support for a voice over internet protocol d...
Method and apparatus for providing an audible calling party identification for a call waiting servic...
Contacting identity sharing
Relaying of message waiting indications to support distributed telephony networks
Voice over IP method of determining caller identification
Apparatus and method for setting up a conference call
High speed multiple loop DSL system
Technique for connecting fax machines with advanced capabilities over a network which is not adapted...
Method for controlling error of internet fax data
Wireless telemetry methods and systems for communicating with or controlling intelligent devices
Automatic rifle
Methods and apparatus for real-time business visibility using persistent schema-less data storage
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display and electronic apparatus having a quasi-isotropic liquid crystal material
Device and method for optical scanning
Access control system with energy-saving optical token presence sensor system
Methods of fabrication for flip-chip image sensor packages
Complexes of ruthenium with 2-(aminomethyl)pyridines and phosphines, their preparation and use as ca...
Three dimensional format biochips
Microstructure array, mold for forming a microstructure array, and method of fabricating the same
Optical fiber management in a chassis-based network system
Beamsplitter display
Method and apparatus for optical level sensing of agitated fluid surfaces
System and method for optically imaging objects on a detection device by a pinhole aperture
Resin and article molded therefrom
Display device and electronic device
Organic light emitting device
Organic electro-luminescence display having protective films
Glass ceramic plate providing a cooking surface for a cooking apparatus and having a coating on an u...
OLED device with improved efficiency and lifetime
Bifunctional compounds and OLED using the same
Method and apparatus for mobile broadband wireless communications
Method and apparatus for analyzing source internet protocol activity in a network
Systems and methods for providing secure access to household terminals
Gateway shared by multiple virtual private networks
System and method for distributing video conference data over an internet protocol television system
Method, system and apparatus for messaging between wireless mobile terminals and networked computers
Method for retrieving data from first and second storage medium
Systems and methods for reselling electronic merchandise
Distributed network voting system
Method and computer program product for enabling customers to adjust the level of service provided b...
Mobile unit having internet protocol functionality
System and method for capturing and processing business data
Method and apparatus for multicast forwarding
System and method for a distributed server for peer-to-peer networks
Method and apparatus for editing performance data with modifications of icons of musical symbols
System and method for providing secure communication between computer systems
Sound emitting device with an expandable earpiece
Geophone securement mechanism
Method of preparation of (R)-(-)-5-(2-aminopropyl)-2-methoxybenzenesulfonamide
Compounds having selective cytochrome P450RAI-1 or selective cytochrome P450RAI-2 inhibitory activit...
Process of preparing imatinib and imatinib prepared thereby
Ever-decreasing network QOS requirements for stored video streaming in a mobile wireless interworkin...
Method for performing inter-system handovers in a mobile communication system
Localization of radio-frequency transceivers
Location tracking using directional antennas combined with signal strength measurements
System and method for server farm resource allocation
Method and apparatus for radio resource allocation in a wireless communication system
Dynamic reallocation of bandwidth and modulation protocols
Method, system and computer program product for determining the cell area of a base station by takin...
Mobile station and method for controlling mobile station side communication, base station and method...
Method and apparatus for selecting systems, mode, and function in an adaptive terminal
Mobile phone for controlling diversity
Wireless communication method and apparatus for minimizing overhead signaling and optimizing radio r...
Method and apparatus for modifying a radio frequency response
Method and system for automatic planning of transmission time delays of transmitters in a time and f...
Wireless communication system
Point-to-multipoint digital radio frequency transport
Scalable differential compression of network data
Method and system for managing digital content, including streaming media
Method and apparatus for publishing documents over a network
Gaming machine including a feature gamble
Injection molding process for the preparation of an oral delivery device for a pharmaceutically acti...
Pivotable board provided with legs
Substrate of emitting device and emitting device using the same
Protective coating for ceramic components
Artificial finger print liquid, testing method for optical information medium using it, and optical ...
Semiconductor and semiconductor manufacturing arrangements having a chalcogenide layer formed of col...
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
Method of manufacturing silicon nanowires and device comprising silicon nanowires formed by the same
Phosphor element and display device
Method and device for measuring multiple physiological properties of cells
Packaging structure
Recording medium
Image sensor structure with recessed separator layer
Magnesium alloy and thin workpiece made of the same
Straddle type vehicle
Belt nip type fixing device for image forming apparatus that varies a winding amount of a belt aroun...
System and method for preparing an optimized fuel mixture
Image forming apparatus that performs charge elimination after secondary transfer to prevent winding...
Valve timing controller for engine
Charger, image forming apparatus, and charge control method
Layer-thickness restriction member, developing device, method for manufacturing restriction blade, a...
Image forming apparatus with exposure units using oscillation mirrors and method for controlling dri...
Terminal, camera unit, and terminal camera unit system
Systems and methods for order-picking
Print mask and method of manufacturing electronic components using the same
Belt-type continuously variable transmission and straddle-type vehicle including the same
Cutting insert and milling tool
Small-scale secured computer network group without centralized management
System and methods for quantum key distribution over WDM links
Personalized markup for protecting numerical audiovisual streams