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Devices and methods for anchoring tissue
System and method of evaluating preoperative medical care and determining recommended tests based on...
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Gene expression with covalently modified polynucleotides
Method for increasing therapeutic gain in radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Conjoint administration of morphogens and ACE inhibitors in treatment of chronic renal failure
Methods of using IL-1 antagonists to treat autoinflammatory disease
Polypeptide derivatives of parathyroid hormone (PTH)
Acrylonitrile derivatives for inflammation and immune-related uses
Pharmaceutical composition
Methods for the treatment of synucleinopathies
1H-indazoles, benzothiazoles, 1,2-benzoisoxazoles, 1,2-benzoisothiazoles, and chromones and preparat...
7-azaindoles as inhibitors of c-jun n-terminal kinases for the treatment of neurodegenerative disord...
Method for treating myolytic disease and method for screening antimyolytic agent
Compositions and treatments for inhibiting kinase and/or HMG-CoA reductase
Small molecule inhibitors of rotamase enzyme activity
Naphthyl benzoxazoles and benzisoxazoles as estrogenic agents
Galenic formulations of organic compounds
Fused Heterocyclic succinimide compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor...
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
Methods for the inhibition of atrophy or for treatment or prevention of atrophy-related symptoms in ...
Collective brain measurement system and method
Shoulder stabilizing restraint
Non-invasive real-time in vivo bioluminescence imaging of local Ca+ dynamics in living organisms
Method and system for forecasting telephony traffic trends using local number portability databases
Method and system for providing calling name identification requery
Method of and apparatus for producing power in remote locations
Gaming device having display with concentrically rotating and translating indicator therefore
Electrical connector and contact for use therein
High-density multi-port-module patch panel system
Method for producing mixed metal oxides and metal oxide compounds
Tamper-evident use-indicating odometer and engine-timer
On-vehicle breakdown-warning report system
Device mounted on vehicles with pneumatic-tired wheels, for use in a tire pressure monitoring system
Air pressure detecting device for wheel
In-vehicle control device communicatable with external communication system and in-vehicle LAN
Lighting device for vehicle
Navigation and device for motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for remotely monitoring a site
Self-correcting mobile antenna control system and method
Landscape and agricultural sprayer foam marking attachment
Electrohydraulic valve actuator assembly
Engine valve actuation control and method for steady state and transient operation
Variable valve control system for internal combustion engine
Valve timing adjusting device
Device for the relative angular adjustment of a camshaft with respect to a drive wheel
Camshaft adjustment control device
Kiosk for 3D display
Method and system for delivery of mail using sensor with identifier
Method for embedding electronic watermark and method for decoding the same
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Inflatable stuffing for footwear
Mechanism for performing energy-based routing in wireless networks
Using direct cluster member to cluster member links to improve performance in mobile communication s...
Method and apparatus for determining a data rate in a high rate packet data wireless communications ...
Dynamic extension of frequency hopping patterns in wireless communications
Method of chemical decontamination and system therefor
Methods and apparatus for determining device integrity
Method of sending advertising messages
Scheme for constructing database for user system from structured documents using tags
Method and apparatus for selecting cache ways available for replacement
Pressure activated driver for magnetic resonance elastography
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of judging presence or absence of resonance in magne...
Antenna Amplifier, in particular for a magnetic resonance antenna
Method for parallel image reconstruction using automatic regularization
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging data processing method
Method for determining the content of at least one component of a sample by means of a nuclear magne...
Magnetic resonance imaging system and method
Decoupling high temperature superconductor sensor arrays in nuclear quadrupole resonance detection s...
Method and apparatus for simplified e-commerce shopping via home shopping terminals
Internet scale
Printing device for printing machines of various kind
Optical systems for reflective LCDs
Intravascular filter with bioabsorbable centering element
Microorganism producing frutosyl transferase and method for producing fructooligosaccharides and neo...
Apparatus for the location and concentration of polar analytes using an alternating electric field
Microfluidic array devices and methods of manufacturing and uses thereof
Rosin amine anti-fouling agents
Image display device comprising a plurality of silent gas discharge lamps
On-chip emulator communication for debugging
Partially distributed control mechanism for scanout incorporating flexible debug triggering
Fault tolerant operation of field programmable gate arrays
Scan cell circuit and scan chain consisting of same for test purpose
Interleaved coder and method
Familial correction with non-familial double bit error detection for directory storage
Circuit arrangement
Method and apparatus to estimate delay for logic circuit optimization
Method of defining forbidden pitches for a lithography exposure tool
Method of transferring devices, method of arranging devices using the same, and method of manufactur...
Reference current distribution in MRAM devices
Aerosol dispenser
Method for frequency hopping in a TDMA wireless communication system
Resampler for a bit pump and method of resampling a signal associated therewith
Actuation inhibitor for metered dose inhalers
Packaging container for candles and informational literature
Containment vessel
Dispenser of single-use portions of preparations for beverages, particularly coffee or the like
Watermarking with separate application of the grid and payload signals
Scratch-resistant coating for a semiconductor component
Sliding screen emerging keyboard
Housing for a user interface of an image processing office machine
Fabrication of embedded vertical spiral inductor for multichip module (MCM) package
Controlled motor coast in media handling system
Method and apparatus for reducing the visibility of streaks in images generated using scanning techn...
Method and apparatus for controlling consumable use in an image-rendering device
Encoding of requests for sample copy output in document assembly trees
Detecting process neutral colors
Patch codes for color calibration job identification encoding
Color image forming device and method
Image forming apparatus and method
Vehicle disk brake
Digital camera
Synchronous semiconductor memory device of fast random cycle system and test method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit comprising sense amplifier activating circuit for activating sense ...
System and method for handling microcomponent parts for performing assembly of micro-devices
Biosensor and measuring apparatus for biosensor
Image display method
Color display device and color display method
Drive circuit and display unit for driving a display device and portable equipment
Image displaying apparatus
Image display apparatus
Touch panel, display device provided with touch panel and electronic equipment provided with display...
Composite flexible wiring board, method of manufacturing the same, electro-optical device, and elect...
Piezoelectric element, ink jet head, angular velocity sensor, method for manufacturing the same, and...
Substrate processing apparatus
Semiconductor package production method and semiconductor package
Acoustic matching layer and ultrasonic transducer
Electronic assemblies and systems comprising interposer with embedded capacitors
Three-dimensional optical memory with fluorescent photosensitive material
Method of creating a field electron emission material
Method for fabricating a diamond film having low surface roughness
Method of fabricating trench isolated cross-point memory array
Array of ultrasound transducers
Integrated guardianship information system
Replication architecture for a directory server
Establishing an operating mode in a processor
Markers for prostate cancer
Antisense oligonucleotide preparation method
Method of diagnosing and monitoring malignant breast carcinomas
Selectively configurable probe structures, e.g., for testing microelectronic components
Position encoder
Mems electrostatically actuated optical display device and associated arrays
Optical filter device having molded, single-index collimating lens
Seismic isolation bearing
Linear guide apparatus
Linear motion guide unit with means for keeping cage against wobbling
Gas dynamic pressure bearing unit, spindle motor, hard disk drive and polygon scanner utilizing gas ...
Rolling bearing unit
Rollers for a zero clearance bearing
Bearing unit
Bearing preload cage assembly
Distributed fault detection for data storage networks
Semiconductor diode capable of detecting hydrogen at high temperatures
Photopump-enhanced electroluminescent devices
Nucleic acids encoding G protein-coupled receptors
Personal respirator
Cellulosic/polymer composite material
Conveyor belt with advertising, method and apparatus for making same
Pipe heating apparatus
Mapping color to colorant amounts when colorants have similar hue
Handling device for acetabular bearing liner
Fluorescent polymeric articles fabricated from U.V. light absorbing polymer
Compact lightweight ramjet engines incorporating swirl augmented combustion with improved performanc...
Function controllable decorative lighting equipment
Redundant aperture lamp system
Lighting element and lighting fixture fitted with said element
Decorative lighting system
Lighting apparatus
Luminaire globes having internal light control elements
Adjustable lamp harp
Insertion structure for inserting lamp rod to wire winding box
Light module for interior rearview mirror assembly
Vehicle lamp
Method of producing optical fiber grating and production device therefor
Optical switch and optical communication system
Optical semiconductor module equipped with a light monitor for monitoring signal light emitted from ...
Reduction of truncation loss of a tapered active waveguide
Apparatus useful for guiding fiber optic ribbons into ferrules
Cable with crevice corrosion protection
Optical fiber cables
Planar optical component, and a coupling device for coupling light between a planar optical componen...
Optical fiber trough for an optical interconnection system
Method of and apparatus for managing a length of optical fibre
Large capacity automatic distributor, particularly for optic fibers; device and method for automatic...
Article for cleaving and polishing optical fiber ends
Optical waveguide devices and methods of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for inspection by pattern comparison
System and method of cropping an image
Method for extracting feature of binary image
Ink display for multi-stroke hand entered characters
Image coding apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for sending additional sideband information in a codestream
Dynamic range compression
Method and apparatus for reducing block related artifacts in video
Noninvasive, intrauterine fetal ECG strip electrode
EMG electrode apparatus and positioning system
Local cardiac motion control using applied electrical signals and mechanical force
Apparatuses for securing medical devices to humans and methods for facilitating the manipulation of ...
Endoscopic tissue removal apparatus and method
Propulsion mechanism for endoscopic systems
Apparatus for multimodal plane wave ultrasound imaging
Ultrasonic imaging method and apparatus
Cure system for polyisoprene rubber
N-halamine siloxanes for use in biocidal coatings and materials
Spring loaded fishing rod
Method of and an apparatus for somatic cell count
Water dispensing device, kit and method
Spinning reel rotor braking device
Oscillation mechanism for fishing reel
Spinning reel sound producing mechanism
Vertical taper waveguide
Preparation of quinacridonequinones and substituted derivatives of same
Epoxidation catalyst
Method of producing pure 1,1-bis-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexane
Test tube carrier
Card printing devices
Connector adapter with memory function unit
Method for connecting microchips to an antenna arranged on a support strip for producing a transpond...
RFID (radio frequency identification) and IC card
Magnetic hinge
Polyesters having improved water affinity
Sound emitting dispenser
Carry bag
Lithium secondary battery for use in electric vehicle
Catalytic powder and electrode made therewith
Method of preparing positive active material for rechargeable lithium batteries
Device for administering a product in doses
System related to intravenous anaesthesia
Open system heat exchange catheters and methods of use
Cryosurgical fluid supply
Helically shaped electrophysiology catheter
Polypectomy snare having ability to actuate through tortuous path
Apparatus and method for transcervical sterilization by application of ultrasound
Skin-marking device
Method of treating vulnerable plaque
Method of cooling an organ
Exterior stent and its use
Draining bodily fluid
Electrochemical device for moving particles covered with protein
Process for imagewise opening and filling color display components and color displays manufactured t...
Variable camshaft timing system with remotely located control system
Variable lift and duration device for poppet valves
Image collection enhancement method and apparatus
Gradient coil and method for construction
Device for packing flat articles in transport containers, in particular folded-flat folding boxes in...
Module for temporarily storing flat printed products and printed product further processing device
Cam mechanism on a folding cylinder
Web-fed rotary press
Doctor blade device
One-dimensional and two-dimensional electronically scanned slotted waveguide antennas using tunable ...
Apparatus and method for suppressing internal combustion ignition engine emissions
Device and method for reducing fireplace particulate emissions
Method for modifying the surface of a substrate
Combination particulate and acid-neutralizing filter
Process for producing fluorinated ketone
Method and apparatus for treating waste
Lost foam casting pattern
Optical disk, method for recording and reproducing additional information to and from optical disk, ...
Beverage transporting and dispensing systems and methods
Portable folding bicycle
Lock fixing device for bicycle
Securing device for bicycle racks on vehicles
Bicycle stem
Stretching bicycle
Motorcycle seat saddle
Multifunction hydration container accessory
Engine control unit
Custom content delivery for networked exercise equipment
Quick-release tube clamp for modular lower limb prosthetic systems and method thereof
Rotating electrical machine having high-voltage stator winding and elongated support devices support...
System and method for detecting a structure failure
Intraocular lens implant
Accommodating intraocular lens assembly with multi-functional capsular bag ring
Intraocular lens system
Dual damascene patterned conductor layer formation method without etch stop layer
Photovoltaic power generating apparatus, method of producing same and photovoltaic power generating ...
Apparatus for producing a hydrogen-rich and low carbon monoxide gas
Electrostatic spray coating apparatus and method
Fuel cell ambient environment monitoring and control apparatus and method
Fuel cell stack
Apparatus and method for processing hydrogen, oxygen and other gases
Waveguide mode stripper for integrated optical components
Mechanism for implementing server-side pluglets
High count optical fiber cable
Method and device for controlling the refractive index in an optical fiber
Autoprotected optical communication ring network
Radially-compact NMR flow cell assemblies and methods
Wafer integrated plasma probe assembly array
Method for homogenizing a super-conducting NMR magnet
Differential inductor design for high self-resonance frequency
Broadband/multi-band circular array antenna
MEMS mirror device and optical disk apparatus
Method for integrated high Q inductors in FCGBA packages
Image forming device
Machine for testing wear, wear-preventative and friction properties of lubricants and other material...
Wiring harness
Tool evaluation system and method
Method of adjusting a fluxgate magnetometer apparatus
Electronic fuel conditioning device
Variable transconductance variable gain amplifier utilizing a degenerated differential pair
System and method of printing on thermochromic film
Planar laser illumination and imaging module (PLIIN) based semiconductor chips
Rotating surface of revolution reactor with enhanced surface features
Body fluid sampling device
Optical spectrometer
Method and apparatus for minimizing the amount of data necessary to signal code and timeslot assignm...
Robot hand member and method of producing the same
Sign based human-machine interaction
Analytical biochemistry system with robotically carried bioarray
Automatic empty carrier storage, retrieval and distribution system
Method and system for controlling a robot
Robot system
Process for protecting a robot from collisions
Method and device for improving the positioning accuracy of a manipulator
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with improved heat dissipation, and manufacturing method t...
System for direct electrowinning of copper
Battery electrode and manufacturing method and apparatus for the same
Recording control apparatus and recording control method
Decoding apparatus, decoding method, decoding processing program and computer-readable storage mediu...
X-ray-tomographic imaging apparatus, X-ray-tomographic imaging method, and program
Image forming apparatus and method having trial copy mode
Microprocessing apparatus, semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus, and device manufacturing me...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, job processing method, program, and storage med...
Position detecting system and exposure apparatus using the same
Discharge sheet stacking apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Method and apparatus for measuring the shape of an optical surface using an interferometer
Alignment method and parameter selection method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Querying of copyright host, printing of copyright information and host registration of copyright dat...
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Differential diagnosis of cancer and other conditions based on expression of p63
High-power double throw lever zip socket
Chip-scaled package having a sealed connection wire
Method for fabricating a semiconductor package with multi layered leadframe
Linear motor, stage apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Fabrication of semiconductor dies with micro-pins and structures produced therewith
Filter circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating copper damascene structures in porous dielectric materials
Method for forming dielectric barrier layer in damascene structure
Method and apparatus for forming thin film of metal
Radiation image taking apparatus
Dual metal Schottky diode
Circuit device with conductive patterns separated by insulating resin-filled grooves
Semiconductor package with improved thermal emission property
Circuit structure integrating the power distribution functions of circuits and leadframes into the c...
Semiconductor device in which a semiconductor chip mounted on a printed circuit is sealed with a mol...
Semiconductor device including multi-layered interconnection and method of manufacturing the device
Compliant package with conductive elastomeric posts
Error detection/correction code which detects and corrects component failure and which provides sing...
System of and method for decoding trellis codes
Diagnosis of atrial fusion, atrial pseudofusion and/or native atrial activity
Programmable controller for controlling an output state
Programmable interactive verification agent
Digital circuit simulation
Method and apparatus for modeling and circuits with asynchronous behavior
Disk drive and method of manufacturing same including a network address and server-contacting progra...
Method of making a cutting instrument having integrated sensors
Sphincter treatment method
Method for fabricating fine features by jet-printing and surface treatment
Low-voltage high dynamic range variable-gain amplifier
Combination field programmable gate array allowing dynamic reprogrammability and non-votatile progra...
Biometrically secured memory IC
Testing of termination circuits in SCSI bus controllers
Method of providing error protection for a data bit flow
Scan insertion with bypass login in an IC design
Stringed musical instrument
Guitar headstock
Compressor valve plate
Plunger for well casings and other tubulars
Fuel injection pump
Anti-lock brake system pump housing
Diaphragm unit
Compressor unit housing
High speed unloader for gas compressor
Monitoring alignment between pulse carvers and phase modulators in optical systems
Morphing patient features using an offset
Segmentation driven image noise reduction filter
Semiconductor component having a first earlier structure differing from a second earlier structure
Ferroelectric memory having a hydrogen barrier film which continuously covers a plurality of capacit...
Method and structure to form capacitor in copper damascene process for integrated circuit devices
Trench capacitor in a substrate with two floating electrodes independent from the substrate
Electrical critical dimension measurement and defect detection for reticle fabrication
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device capable of etching a multi-layer of organic films at ...
Method of manufacturing IPS-LCD using 4-mask process
Flash memory structure and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display having passivation layer partially exposing gate insulating layer
Channel MOSFET with strained silicon channel on strained SiGe
Semiconductor fabricating apparatus with function of determining etching processing state
Quasi self-aligned single polysilicon bipolar active device with intentional emitter window undercut
Methods of calibrating and controlling stepper exposure processes and tools, and system for accompli...
Printed wiring board design aiding system, printed wiring board CAD system, and record medium
Head portion of a ratchet wrench
Compact ratchet wrench with adjustable jaws
Method of amplifying optical signals using doped materials with extremely broad bandwidths
Extreme ultraviolet light source
Image reading apparatus
Printed wiring board having impedance-matched differential pair signal traces
Apparatus for centrifuging a slurry
Method and apparatus for start-up of analog-to-digital converters
Phase-shifted resonant converter having reduced output ripple
Modulated transistor gate driver with planar pulse transformer
Apparatus and method for converting analog signal to pulse-width-modulated signal
Electronic device package
Composite structural material and method of making same
Method of inhibiting amyloid protein aggregation and imaging amyloid deposits
Method of treating or inhibiting neutrophil chemotaxis by administering a MEK inhibitor
4-amino-quinazoline and quinoline derivatives having an inhibitory effect on signal transduction med...
Phenylethynyl and styryl derivatives of imidazole and fused ring heterocycles
Cell division inhibitor and a production method thereof
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Certain substituted polyketides, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in treati...
Multi-axis cervical and lumber traction table
Nucleotide sequences which code for the cstA gene
Method of preparing a concentrated solution of a polyglucosamine
Ligation method and reagents to form an amide bond
Non-aggregating non-quenching oligomer comprising nucelotide analogs, method of synthesis and use th...
Method for detecting single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP's) and point mutations
Drug screening using a proline-rich nuclear receptor co-regulatory protein/nuclear receptor co-expre...
Methods for producing carotenoid compounds and specialty oils in plant seeds
BMP-6 estrogen responsive element and methods of use thereof
Modified polynucleotides and uses thereof
Modulation of diacylglycerol acyltransferase 2 expression
Ribosome structure and protein synthesis inhibitors
SiRNA targeting PI3K signal transduction pathway and siRNA-based therapy
Antisense oligonucleotides against thymidylate synthase
Breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP) and the DNA which encodes it
Fast dissolving dried hyaluronic acid product
Skrp, astray, string, vacm associated with metabolic control
Process for producing glycoside
Mature microRNA prediction method using bidirectional hidden markov model and medium recording compu...
Cold shock inducible expression and production of heterologous polypeptides
Crosslinked cellulosic membrane
Non-crystalline cellulose and production thereof
Polypeptides having oxaloacetate hydrolase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Plastidic phosphoglucomutase genes
Antimicrobial whirlpool bathtub
Cleaner with high pressure cleaning jets
Hydrodynamic-force-responsive baffle for liquid treatment basin
Method and apparatus for the treatment of fluids
Centrifuge with combinations of multiple features
Filter cloth connector
Disposable oil filter cover
Dialysis coupler assembly with joint members and hemodialysis system using same
Transmission sump filter with bypass valve
Pivotal gate for a catch basin of a storm drain system
Aircraft hydraulic fluid purification system and method
Ion exchange resin plant
Regeneration of chromatography material
Fluid treatment system with UV sensor and intelligent driver
System and method for providing a breathing gas
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Roof module for a motor vehicle
Slurried suspension ejector and related systems and methods of forming same
Apparatus for collecting and converting radiant energy
Method for manufacturing an oriented crystalline semiconductor using a pulsed laser
Monitoring system
Monitoring and tracking of assets by utilizing wireless communications
Information display system
Transflective film and display
Unit dose compliance monitoring and reporting device and system
Flotation swimsuit and method for construction thereof
Collapsible flotation device having support member
Method for the surface treatment of a fluorine resin, method for making a laminate, and a laminate
Method and device for producing continuous plastic films, webs and sheets capable of forming optical...
Platform-independent scanning subsystem API for use in a mobile communication framework
Information processing terminal
Method and configuration system for producing an application-specific functional module for a progra...
System and method for monitoring and modeling system performance
Method and system for simulating execution of a target program in a simulated target system
Automatic program generation technology using data structure resolution unit
Multi-dimensional programming device and multi-dimensional programming method
Structure having holes and method for producing the same
Three-group zoom lens including cemented lens component
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Lens centering mechanism, lens apparatus and imaging apparatus
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Two axis tip-tilt platform
Optical lens holder
Bi-directional optical transmission using dual channel bands
Microscope, particularly a stereomicroscope
Telescope system having auto-tracking altitude-azimuthal mount and methods for calibrating same
Visual aid
Pointable optical transceivers for free space optical communication
Non-positive-definite optical filtering from positive-definite transfer functions
Space-variant subwavelength polarization grating and applications thereof
Tunable laser modules incorporating micromachined pellicle splitters
Position identifier management apparatus and method, mobile computer, and position identifier proces...
Interface for bus independent core
Method and apparatus for testing electronic components
Corrosion prevention of cold rolled steel using water dispersible lignosulfonic acid doped polyanili...
Bathophenathroline compound and process for preparing same
Electrochromic windows and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for document processing
Correction widget
Accessing web pages in the background
Legibility of selected content
Method and apparatus for mapping a data model to a user interface model
Reliability contracts
Object-oriented creation breakpoints
Application program caching
Methods and systems of testing software, and methods and systems of modeling user behavior
Method of and system for providing path based object to XML mapping
Framework for generating mixed-mode operations in loop-level simdization
System and method for SIMD code generation for loops with mixed data lengths
Resolvable semantic type and resolvable semantic type resolution
Efficient construction of pruned SSA form
Program flow control: contexts in environments not supporting direct modification of the CPU state
System and related methods for reducing source filter invocation in a development project
Strategies for configuring media processing functionality using a hierarchical ordering of control p...
Delivering consumer service information to a user via the user's television service carriers
Methods and systems of protecting digital content
Protective assembly
Glial mitogenic factors, their preparation and use
Histogranin-like peptides and non-peptides, processes for their preparation and uses thereof
Electrical connector with steady mating frame
Electric connector
Connection structure for a striking plate of a golf club head
Sling delivery system and method of use
Thin film formation use sputtering target material, thin film formed using same, and optical recordi...
Continuous coking refinery methods and apparatus
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with improved tolerance to wet cleaning process
Method and apparatus for etching Si
Semiconductor device having a fuse and a low heat conductive section for blowout of fuse
Panel inspection apparatus
Thermal head
Magnetic head cleaning disk for use in magneto-optical recording and reproducing device
System and method for maintaining a communication session over gatekeeper failure
Exercise load measuring instrument with body fat measuring function
Defect influence degree evaluation method and design support system
Electronic map display declutter
System analyzer for a data storage system
Image forming apparatus
Contact coating of prostheses
Dental implant tool with attachment feature
Method and apparatus for measuring internet router traffic
Multi-protocol data communication system supporting wireless telephony and content delivery
Methods and systems for processing a device, methods and systems for modeling same and the device
Clock signal regeneration circuitry
Lithography alignment
Image communicating apparatus
Method for routing information over a network employing centralized control
Reflection routing method in optical packet switching network and optical packet switch for reflecti...
Gas operated action for auto-loading firearms
Countermass weapon
Reloadable concentric canister launcher
Munitions mines
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto, analogues and uses thereof
Reduced-contaminant deformable bullet, preferably for small arms
Mass spectrometry
Fastener clip and fastener dispensing tool
Method of and system for automatically producing digital images of a moving object, with pixels havi...
Liquid spray gun with manually rotatable frictionally retained air cap
Tubular gas generator
Apparatus and method for mixing and dispensing components of a composition
Ultra-thin absorbing sheet body, disposable absorbent article provided with ultra-thin absorbing she...
Cement paint
Process and device for high-speed flame spraying
Organic electro luminescent display device with contact hole within insulating layer
Organic EL display device and driving circuits
Method of current balancing in visual display devices
Organic electroluminescent module
System and method utilizing internet protocol (IP) sequencing to identify components of a passenger ...
Enhanced delivery of naked DNA to skin by non-invasive in vivo electroporation
Radiation image radiographing system
Mechanism for migrating a file sequence with versioning information from one workspace to another
Method and apparatus for provisioning and monitoring internet protocol quality of service
Method and system for scrollable cursors
Method of removing contaminants from a double-ended arc discharge tube
Method for manufacturing a light emitting diode having a transparent substrate
Thin film magnetic memory device suppressing internal magnetic noises
Ferro-electric memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Dry powder inhaler devices, multi-dose dry powder drug packages, control systems, and associated met...
Pressurized aerosol dispenser
Process for preparing powder formulations
Microprocessor including return prediction unit configured to determine whether a stored return addr...
Personal tracking device
Method for production of geranylgeraniol and analogous compounds thereof by microorganisms
Bit error rate tester
Optical device, optical system, method of production of same, and mold for production of same
Adjustable animal kennel
Program interpreter
Series feeding system and method for interleaved antennas sharing the same aperture centerline
Recording medium, method and apparatus for reproducing, and method and apparatus for recording
Plastic object for use in personal hygiene
Carboxylic acid derivatives that inhibit the binding of integrins to their receptors
System and method for automatic optimization of optical communication systems
Metal halide lamp control device with linear control power transducer
Prodrugs of GABA analogs, compositions and uses thereof
Methods for mechanical treatment of materials such as catalysts
Apparatus and methods for the production of powders
Gradient fabrication to direct transport on a surface
KVLQT1—a long QT syndrome gene
Method of forming an element of a microelectronic circuit
Field effect transistor fabrication including formation of a channel in a pore
Ultra high mass range mass spectrometer systems
Near-field magneto-optical microscope
Micro-mirror device with light angle amplification
Method for adding phonetic descriptions to a speech recognition lexicon
Local queue creation security
Framework for applying operations to nodes of an object model
Filtering image data to obtain samples mapped to pixel sub-components of a display device
Method and mechanism to reduce handwriting recognizer errors using multiple decision trees
Remote assistance
Timing synchronization for M-DPSK channels
Soft-normalizer for a channel decoder
Soft decision gain compensation for receive filter attenuation
Communication system with floating call anchor
Method and system of identifying cells in which to apply a carrier frequency
System and related methods for clustering multi-point communication targets
Intelligent wireless terminal with virtual memory
Method and system for sharing over-allocated bandwidth between different classes of service in a wir...
Modification of portable communications device operation in vehicles
System and method for communicating data via a wireless high speed link
Code division multiple access modem interface
Automotive lamp unit incorporating a pivot element supported on the housing
Headlight for Vehicles
Fiber optic and led fountain and method
Liquid crystal display device having a noise shielding member
Remote source lighting
Illumination device and liquid crystal display device
Curing light
Rear light for a motor boat propeller to facilitate safe trailer transport of the motor boat
Method of manufacturing annular oblique light illumination apparatus and flexible wiring substrate
Structure for LED lighting chain
Vehicle tracker including input/output features and related methods
Portable sign system
Vehicle security inspection system
Display system for airplane cockpit or other vehicle
Lane keep control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Heteroaryl fused aminoalkyl-imidazole derivatives: selective modulators of GABAa receptors
Chemical synthesis of methoxy nucleosides
Method for modem element switchover using multicast groups
Optical filter
Variable blazed grating
Long-wavelength optical fiber amplifier
Long-band erbium doped fiber amplifier
Wide band optical fiber amplifier
Wide band erbium-doped fiber amplifier with gain enhancement
Computer system and control method thereof
Optical recording medium having recording capacity information and method for indicating recording c...
Device for selecting normal circuit in communication system
Method for controlling call access of terminal in mobile communication system
Switching with multiple time references
Apparatus for detecting data transmission rate and change thereof, and method therefor
Base station transmitter having digital predistorter and predistortion method thereof
Methods for evaluating chemical components based on their proposed function in the product they are ...
Method for reducing current consumption in a mobile communication terminal
Process of forming magnetic nanocomposites via nanoparticle self-assembly
Memory element having islands
Isolation chamber
Interactive television receiver unit browser that waits to send requests
Revolving door
Triglyceride/wax replacement for conventional slack and emulsified waxes used in forest products bas...
Method for manufacturing a wood cement board
Width expandable modular erosion control tile system and roadway boundary marker
Method and an apparatus for processing flue gas scrubber material flows
Production of a fermentation product
Heat-sensitive recording material
Additional heteropolycyclic compounds and their use as metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists
Composite materials
Organopolysiloxanes and the use thereof in substances that can be cross-linked at room temperature
System and method for voice recognition password reset
Audio signal output device in which optical signals are not output when a plug is not connected to a...
Customization in a content distribution system
Image displaying apparatus and image displaying method and program medium
Reconfigurable communication interface and method therefor
Alternate server system
System and method for bi-directional mapping between customer identity and network elements
Method for resolution services of special domain names
Data storage device providing communication between processing units
Apparatus and method to export and then import a logical volume with assigned storage attributes
Detection of a digital data fingerprint
System and method for dynamically detecting computer viruses through associative behavioral analysis...
System and method for reference-modeling a processor
Method, system and program products for managing identifiers of components of a clustered environmen...
Project-based configuration management method and apparatus
Low-pressure gas discharge lamp having a mercury-free gas filling with an indium compound
AlGaInN light emitting diode
Tunneling magnetoresistive random access memory with a multilayer fixed layer
Semiconductor device including storage capacitor
Dry powder inhaler
Friction resistant time delay actuator assembly for aerosol containers
Biocompatible hydrogel
Caching of lithography and etch simulation results
Surface pattern for an embossed paper product
Inexpensive secure on-line certification authority system and method
Protective helmet
Table lamp
Robot lamp
Nest pad
Lamp housing
Combined storage and step platform for animals
Cleaning device for an electric shaver
Feed hopper
Electric razor
Animal feeding dish
Electric hair clipper
Animal grooming glove
Dog chew toy
Surrounding housing for a cat litter box
Dish-washing machine
Door for dishwasher
File server system providing direct data sharing between clients with a server acting as an arbiter ...
Intelligent replication method
System for securely communicating amongst client computer systems
Autonomous local assistant for managing business processes
System and method for automatic dynamic address switching
Method and apparatus for disabling a computer system bus upon detection of a power fault
Associating annotations with a content source
Compiler, operation processing system and operation processing method
Method for utilizing resource characterizations to optimize performance in an electronic device
Method and apparatus for detecting and viewing similar programs within a video system
Bearer identification tags and method of using same
Partition formation using microprocessors in a multiprocessor computer system
Method of drilling lateral wellbores from a slant well without utilizing a whipstock
Method for protecting an electronic system with modular exponentiation-based cryptography against at...
System and method for generating symmetric keys within a personal security device having minimal tru...
Block encryption method and schemes for data confidentiality and integrity protection
Software modem with privileged mode oversight of control parameters
Analog scrambler
Apparatus and method for implementing spoofing-and replay-attack-resistant virtual zones on storage ...
Integrated circuit comprising encryption circuitry selectively enabled by verifying a device
Website display emulating a display of an application program
System and method for client refresh mode selection
Method, system and program for handling errors occurring in function calls
Preferable modes of software package deployment
Utilizing programming object visual representation for state reflection
Method and system for managing subsystem processes in a DMD system
Method and device for increasing effective radiated power from a subscriber device
Sigma-delta modulator with PWM output
Optically-augmented microwave imaging system and method
Location determination system and method therefor
Scrolling method using screen pointing device
Hybrid power save delivery method in a wireless local area network for real time communication
Method and apparatus for sorting packets in a communication system
Method and system for quality based fingerprint matching
Method for improving reception of messages in a communication network
Apparatus and method for downloading journey-related information
Method and apparatus for locating a remote unit within a communication system
Method of enabling the transmission of data in a wireless communication network
Temporary block flow allocation method
Apparatus and method for forming compound words
Method and apparatus for administering inversion property in a memory tester
Electrical circuit for a bus interface and/or a bus bridge for performing a function
Adaptive segmentation of shared cache
Method of and system for constructing valid data for memory-based tests
Polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase and gene encoding the same enzyme
Method and system for providing time-shifted delivery of live media programs
Materials and methods for nerve grafting, selection of nerve grafts, and in vitro nerve tissue cultu...
Work cell
Foaming clean and polish emulsions comprising bisquaternary organomodified silicone
Laundry detergent gel with suspended particles
Reclosable fitment for connecting a reservoir to a dispensing appliance
Absorbent article comprising an agent able to convey a perception to the wearer, without the need to...
Incorporation of gilsonite into asphalt compositions
Spot-on formulations for combating parasites
Ink compositions containing quaternary-substituted lightfastness agents
Aqueous ink compositions
Method, compositions, and kits for coloring hair
Glycine-free antiperspirant salts with Betaine for enhanced cosmetic products
Detergent-free scouring composition
Process for making amine compounds
Silicone polymers for lipophilic fluid systems
Planographic printing plate
Page function architectural framework
Electro-fluidic device and interconnect and related methods
Stretchable dog leash
Self-venting valve end cap and method
Dental care device
OFDM interference cancellation based on training symbol interference
Surface finishing compression molding with multi-layer extrusion
Pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide (PACAP)receptor 3 (R3) agonists and their pharmacolog...
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell unit
System and method for assured built in self repair of memories
Developing apparatus with two developing chamber-rotatable member pairs
Control of post-transcriptional gene silencing in plants
Switch mode power supply for a gas discharge lamp
Composite chromatographic sorbent of mineral oxide beads with hydroxyapatite-filled pores
Method of recovering fluorochemical surfactant
Method and system for providing articles with rigid foamed cementitious cores
Methods and compositions using coiled binding partners
Multilayer organic photodetectors with improved performance
Fastening device
Toner, process for producing a toner, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Rubber composition containing nanoscaled zinc oxide particles
Methods and apparatus for packaging integrated circuit devices
Wireless-based system and method for hull-based sensing
Ultra-broadband antenna incorporated into a garment
Optical laminated bodies, lighting equipment and area luminescence equipment
Authentic document and method of making
Authentic document and method of making
Image forming apparatus and liquid developer drying device
Lasso for pulmonary vein mapping and ablation
Flexible bio-probe assembly
Dispenser for rolled sheet material
Absorbent structures with selectively placed flexible absorbent binder
Apparatus and method for controlling concentration gradients
Palletizing system for storing and transporting materials
Mechanical fastening system for an absorbent article
Biaxial stretch garment
Method and apparatus for producing laminated articles
Reach-in wipes with enhanced dispensibility
Method and apparatus for making interlabial pads
Pant-like disposable absorbent articles
Meltblown die having a reduced size
Glove having improved donning characteristics
Aircraft air conditioning system mixer with corrugations
Integrated transport system and method for overhead stowage and retrieval
Asymmetric passenger arrangement
Dampened vehicle emergency brake valve
Magnetic disk memory system
Miniaturized video cassette camera including a rotatable grip member
Increasing head-disk interface reliability using controlled heating
Disk drive having disk drive housing including airflow suppressor portion
Method and apparatus for preventing adjacent track erase in HDD
Flanged breather filter cartridge with an integrated diffusion path
Isotropic deposition for trench narrowing of features to be created by reactive ion etch processing
Coil conductor with trace conductors for a thin-film magnetic head
ESD-protected slider and head gimbal assembly
Write/read head assembly with wear parts
High-efficiency single-turn write head for high-speed recording
Head suspension assembly
Synthetic anti-parallel spin valve with thin AFM layer for very high density application
Current-in-plane magnetoresistive sensor with longitudinal biasing layer having a nonmagnetic oxide ...
Method for indexing and searching moving picture using motion activity description method
Medium content identification
Disk drive having internal data structures for efficiently storing repeatable runout cancellation in...
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
Disk drive attenuating excitation of arm vibration mode by simultaneously driving secondary actuator...
Thermal donor
Heat-sensitive recording material
Fault tolerant and combinatorial software environment system, method and medium
Method for generating display control information and computer
Method for creating browser-based user interface applications using a framework
Automatically generating graphical user interface elements at a client system according to a current...
Execution of extended activity diagrams by code generation
System and method for computer code generation
Signature hash for checking versions of abstract data types
System, method and computer program product for process-based selection of virus detection actions
On-chip emulator communication
Contrast enhancement agent for magnetic resonance imaging
Polymeric castor polyester quaternary compounds based upon dimer acid
Precursor of N-acetylgalactosamine-4-sulfatase, methods of treatment using said enzyme and methods f...
Humanized immunoglobulin reactive with B7-2 and methods of treatment therewith
Methods for using resonance energy transfer-based assay of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein-mediated memb...
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Use of human prostrate cell lines in prostate cancer treatment
Method for producing cosmetics
System for release in lower digestive tract
Fungal degradation and bioremediation system for CCA-treated wood
Method for the detection of prion diseases
RRP sequences and knockout mice and uses thereof
Enzyme-catalyzed polycondensations
Antibodies specific for CD44v6
GPS e-marker
GPS receiver with electronic warfare receiver front end
System and method for a GPS enabled antenna
Fuel oil composition for diesel engine
Onboard fuel separation apparatus for an automobile
Method for converting aromatic hydrocarbons
Substrate for display, method of manufacturing the same and display having the same
Camera having display device utilizing TFT
High voltage, high temperature capacitor and interconnection structures
Enhanced T-gate structure for modulation doped field effect transistors
Silicon germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor with step-up carbon profile
Efficiently fabricated bipolar transistor
Structure and method of forming a bipolar transistor having a self-aligned raised extrinsic base usi...
Sub-lithographics opening for back contact or back gate
Device and method for protecting against oxidation of a conductive layer in said device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof