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Pipelined processor for examining packet header information
Cylindrical catalytic heater
Emergency supply system to supplant interrupted public and private utilities
Situ thermal processing of a coal formation using pressure and/or temperature control
Apparatus for thermal swing adsorption and thermally-enhanced pressure swing adsorption
Method of and apparatus for a multi-stage boundary layer engine and process cell
Chemical mechanical polishing process
Sorting of single-walled carbon nanotubes using optical dipole traps
Radiation detector
Multi-level and multi-resolution bus arbitration
Pointing device reporting utilizing scaling
Applying multiple texture maps to objects in three-dimensional imaging processes
Method and system for accurately calculating latency variation on an end-to-end path in a network
Common visual and functional architecture for presenting and controlling arbitrary telephone line fe...
System and method for face recognition using synthesized training images
Device control using job ticket scoring
Distributing limited storage among a collection of media objects
System and method for providing user defined types in a database system
Method and system for dynamically configuring a server computer
Systems and methods for negotiating transactions between nodes
Automatic and transparent synchronization of server-side state information with a client application
Arbitrating and servicing polychronous data requests in direct memory access
Semiconductor device tester
Process for circumferential magnetization of magnetoelastic shafts
Oscillating shear valve for mud pulse telemetry and associated methods of use
Electronic device and method of applying voltage to capacitor
Chip type solid electrolytic capacitor having plated fillet surface and method of manufacturing the ...
Ferroelectric memory with read-only memory cells, and fabrication method thereof
Method and apparatus facilitating mechanical beam steering for optical integrated circuits
Refractive index grating, and mode coupler having a refractive index grating
Processing device, measuring device, and correcting device for the manufacture of products
Forecasting an energy output of a wind farm
Residual signal alert generation for condition monitoring using approximated SPRT distribution
Emissions management and policy making system
Automatically configuring a communication interface of a device for connection with a wireless commu...
Wireless telemetering access
System and method for selecting a wireless serving node
Method and apparatus for IS-95B reverse link supplemental code channel frame validation and fundamen...
System and method for synchronizing clock dividers in a wireless network
Wireless local area network vehicular adapter
Methods and apparatus for process, factory-floor, environmental, computer aided manufacturing-based ...
Multi-band wireless communication device and method
Cooperative smart items
Multi-mode in-vehicle control unit with network selectivity for transmitting vehicle data for fleet ...
System and method for protected messaging
Method and apparatus for time-frequency domain forward error correction for digital communication sy...
Networked peripheral for visitor greeting, identification, biographical lookup and tracking
LED lighting assembly
Prismatic structures having shaped surfaces
Illuminating apparatus
Protective structure for a portable work light
Compound optical and electrical conductors, and connectors therefor
Light-guiding plate, lighting device and display device
Engaging structure of backlight module
Bulb assembly
Master control panel for loading dock equipment
Entity catastrophic security system and method
Image display
Driving plan producing device and method, and navigation apparatus
Method for performing handoff between asynchronous base station and synchronous base station
Clock synchronization of HFC telephone equipment
Flash memory devices that support efficient memory locking operations and methods of operating flash...
Memory device having redundant memory cell
Servo method for optical recording medium
Method and apparatus for copying/moving data on optical recording medium
Voice over internet protocol gateway system and method therefor
Image formation device using an I2C bus and a control method thereof
Wet electrophotographic printer
Backup method for user data in mobile terminal
Electronic product/service manual
System on a chip having a system bus, an external bus, and a bus arbiter with programmable prioritie...
Methods, systems and computer program products for rule based firmware updates utilizing certificate...
Method and apparatus for testing a memory device with compressed data using a single output
Method for synthesis of metal nanoparticles
Method for synthesis of metal nanoparticles
Metal coordination compound, luminescence device and display apparatus
Adhesion of carbon doped oxides by silanization
Semiconductor device
Circuit for detecting ambient light on a display
Light-emitting device and light-emitting device manufacturing method
Active matrix type display apparatus, active matrix type organic electroluminescence display apparat...
Method for generating uniform luminosity for area color organic light emitting diode
Method and apparatus for uniquely identifying a golf ball at a target
System and method for automatically generating networked service installation based on subscription ...
Method and apparatus for delivering product to a cutting device
Animal feeding and watering apparatus
Tamper evident closure with integrated venting and method of manufacturing
Culinary press with scraper
Method of enhancing salty taste, salty taste enhancer, salty taste seasoning agent and salty taste-e...
Method of cooling a beverage
Method of controlling salmonella in shell eggs
Laminated packaging material for paper container
Vacuum system communication
Natural IgM antibodies and inhibitors thereof
Modularized light processing of body components
Compositions containing mixtures of tetrapeptides and tripeptides
Method and apparatus for disassociating power consumed within a processing system with instructions ...
Electronic shopping system utilizing a program downloadable wireless telephone
Production cell information system based on activity costs and an architecture therefor
Electron emitter comprising emitter section made of dielectric material
Heterojunction bipolar transistor
Thin film magnetic memory device having a highly integrated memory array
Fuel cell fluid distribution layer having integral sealing capability
Database and method for storing a searchable set of keywords
Multiple-protocol communication subsystem controller
Heat treatment method and heat treatment device
Catalyst ligands, catalytic metal complexes and processes using same
Skin substitutes with improved barrier function
Pipeline processing type shaping apparatus and its method
Tazarotene and corticosteroid treatment for psoriasis
Corrugated cardboard crib
Computer user interface system and method
Breastpump with compliant feature
High performance wide bore electrophoresis
Phosphatases with improved phytase activity
Toothbrush having a movable upstanding cleaning element
Hydrophobic composition and use on a substrate for preventing ice formation and corrosion
Image forming apparatus
Automated hair isolation and processing system
Process for the manufacture of (poly-)isocyanates in the gas phase
Device and method to lift magnetizable carrier particles from a mixture of toner particles and magne...
High intensity discharge lamp ballast apparatus
Wide band erbium-doped fiber amplifier with gain enhancement
Variable polarization-dependent-loss source
Apparatus and method for multi-channel communications system
Optical switch having combined input/output fiber array
Fiber-channel arbitrated-loop split loop operation
Rate adaptive payload transmission for local area networks
Method and apparatus for coupling light into a waveguide using a slit
Alignment apparatus and method for optical fiber blocks
Fused silica-based optical waveguide and method for its manufacture
Dispersion compensating fiber for low slope transmission fiber and optical transmission line utilizi...
Disk subsystem
Data marker having record keeping ability
Diamines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Methods of inducing an HIV specific response using a Vpr-specific epitope
Mycobacterial sulfation pathway proteins and methods of use thereof
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) test measurement instrument of unitary design and method of usi...
Treatment of viral infections using prodrugs of 2′,3-dideoxy,3′-fluoroguanosine
Serial ATA disk drive having a parallel ATA test interface and method
Method and apparatus for calibrating piezoelectric driver in dual actuator disk drive
Method and apparatus for high fly write detection in a disk drive
Method to accurately predict hard error rates resulting from encroachment
Disk drive employing commutation phase modulation and current modulation of a spindle motor
Disk drive employing wedge spindle speed control with eccentricity compensation
Data readers
Data recording medium with servo pattern having pseudo-random binary sequences
Head with heating element and control regime therefor
Power efficient overshoot protection during an operating mode transition
Method and apparatus for read error recovery in a disk drive with a GMR read head
Methods and apparatus determining and/or using overshoot control of write current for optimized head...
Disk drives and host devices including a resetable shock sensor
Micro actuator DC gain calibration scheme for HDD dual-stage actuator systems
Method for calibrating disk drive servo control system gain values during manufacturing
Magnetic disc storage apparatus
Method for determining repeatable runout cancellation values in a magnetic disk drive using filterin...
Driver systems and methods for an actuator of a hard disk drive
Settle control systems and methods for the second stage of a dual stage actuator
Disk recording device for manufacturing hard disk drives
Selectively stiff FDB bearing for better servo write
Thin film magnetic recording inductive write head with laminated write gap
Thin film write head having a laminated, flat top pole with bottom shaper and method of fabrication
Magnetic head having pads provided on the medium-facing surface for minimizing influences of air cha...
Suspension interconnect with controlled noise
Video tape recorder
Method and apparatus for web-site-independent personalization from multiple sites having user-determ...
Apparatus and method for error logging on a memory module
Computer system with remote key press events directed to a first application program and local key p...
Translating tabular data formatted for one display device to a format for display on other display d...
Cross platform administrative framework
Method and system for developing source code and displaying linked elements found within the source ...
Application server facilitating with client's computer for applets along with various formats
Method for embedding object codes in source codes
Method for extracting data from a relational database using a reduced query
Signal folding coherent acquisition for weak global positioning system (GPS) C/A coded signal
Distance detection system
Outdoor weatherable photopolymerizable coatings
Transflective layer for displays
Process for preparing pentacene derivatives
Method and apparatus for controlling the strategy of compounding pharmaceutical admixtures
Illumination control system and illumination control method for endoscope systems
Driveable catheter system
Wastewater treatment apparatus including dosing and recirculation chambers within a single tank
Diffuser/emulsifier for aquaculture applications
Methods of forming power semiconductor devices using boule-grown silicon carbide drift layers and po...
Portable solar powered unit
Agglomeration elimination for metal sputter deposition of chalcogenides
Method and apparatus for fabricating self-aligned contacts in an integrated circuit
Matrix array devices with flexible substrates
Apparatus for determining temperature of an active pixel imager and correcting temperature induced v...
Solid-state imaging device, method for driving solid-state imaging device, and method for processing...
Semiconductor device having a non-straight line pattern with plural interconnected arched lines
Field effect transistor with corner diffusions for reduced leakage
Method of forming a recessed buried-diffusion device
Semiconductor component with optimized current density
Semiconductor device with modified channel compressive stress
Semiconductor device including a polysilicon, barrier structure, and tungsten layer electrode
Optoelectronic semiconductor component having multiple external connections
Semiconductor radiation detector having voltage application means comprises InxCdyTez on CdTe semico...
Diode and method for manufacturing the same
Filter circuit
System and method for mixed mode equalization of signals
Timing loop and method filter for a digital communications system
Approximating signal power and noise power in a system
Apparatus, and associated method, for estimating frequency offset using filtered, down-sampled likel...
Method and circuit to reduce intermodulation distortion
Reservoir and a series of related reservoirs for use in an electrotransport drug delivery device and...
Method and apparatus to search for information
Phonetic self-improving search engine
Circular vias and interconnect-line ends
Apparatus for ethernet PHY/MAC communication
Characteristic adjustment method of multistage Mach-Zehnder interferometer type optical circuit and ...
Raman spectroscopic system with integrating cavity
Fiducial markers for MRI
Medical imaging, diagnosis, and therapy using a scanning single optical fiber system
Multi-modal optical tissue diagnostic system
Method and apparatus for monitoring materials used in electronics
System, method and apparatus for capturing and processing call processing failures occurring at a te...
Rate-distortion optimization system and method for image compression
Method and apparatus for reconstruction of non-uniformly sampled data
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern inspection
Method and system to adjust for image errors induced by a lens array
Printer module with on-board intelligence
Planification of localization areas (LAC)
Full width array scanning spectrophotometer
Method and system for determining and monitoring the dispensing efficiency of a fuel dispensing poin...
Analysis of an object data set on a multi-dimensional space
Resource flow computing device
Method and apparatus for the construction and use of table-like visualizations of hierarchic materia...
Method and system to establish dedicated interfaces for the manipulation of segmented images
Perimetric detection system
Rate adaptive pacemaker using impedance measurements and stroke volume calculations
Vehicular header console system
Internet based security, fire and emergency identification and communication system
Reinforcing aluminum-based filler and rubber composition comprising such a filler
Method, system, and program for using look-up tables to filter raster data
Multilayer electrically conductive anti-reflective coating
Multilayer ceramic capacitor
Component built-in module and method for producing the same
Processing packets based on deadline intervals
X-ray foreign material detecting apparatus simultaneously detecting a plurality of X-rays having dif...
Devices for patient comfort in mammography and methods of use
Notched transmission target for a multiple focal spot X-ray source
Imaging system including detector framing node
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program for implementing said method, and stora...
Optically variable form birefringent structure and method and system and method for reading same
Modified X-ray tube for use in the presence of magnetic fields
Short/long axis cardiac display protocol
Systems and methods for determining a surface geometry
Connection between X-ray sensor and holder
Methods for critical dimension and focus mapping using critical dimension test marks
Compositions, systems, and methods for imaging
Radiation imaging apparatus and radiographing method for radiation imaging apparatus
Radiation detection device and system, and scintillator panel provided to the same
Apparatus and method for "seeing" foot inside of shoe to determine the proper fit of the shoe
X-ray generator and slip ring for a CT system
X-ray sensor signal processor and X-ray computed tomography system using the same
Stitch and turn footwear construction
Thermal foot cover
Apparatus and method for lacing
Soccer shoe having independently supported lateral and medial sides
Recombinant tryptophan mutants of influenza
Gaming machine with visual and audio indicia changed over time
Method of manufacturing a ferritic-martensitic, Oxide Dispersion Strengthened alloy
Damage tolerant microstructure for lamellar alloys
Nickel base superalloy turbine disk
Radio communication system
Forward link power control of multiple data streams transmitted to a mobile station using a common p...
Data transmission method and mobile telephone system
Dual-radio communication apparatus, and an operating method thereof
Radio frequency burst interference mitigation
Hearing aid with a radio frequency receiver
Waterproof acoustic structure applicable in conjunction with speaker
Charge pump for an integrated circuit receiver
Tuner receiving system, control unit for receiving radio waves by using tuner, storage medium from w...
Method and apparatus for DC offset removal in a radio frequency communication channel
Method for customizing a car radio to individual requirements
Personal identification device for mobile telephone
Method and apparatus for reducing signalling load in mobile telecommunications networks
Method for channel configuration of cellular radio network, and cellular radio network
Method and apparatus for selecting parameters in a cellular radio communication network
Mobile communication terminal
Mobile communications terminal with position determination
Method and a system for controlling a macrodiversity connection through at least two radio network c...
Cooking apparatus
Method for producing fat and/or solids from beans and compositions containing polyphenols
Method for formulating pasta
Apparatus and method for manufacturing molded processed food
Formulation providing a low carbohydrate cereal based system including a novel dough and a pizza cru...
Ultra-dry calcium carbonate
Aerated creamers and processes
Process for concentrating fruit and vegetable juices, and concentrates thereby obtained
Trans free non-hydrogenated hard structural fat and non-hydrogenated hard palm oil fraction componen...
Assay and method for quantifying the levels of steryl esters and free sterols in starch-containing f...
Method for producing cooked rice having egg flavor
Method and apparatus for meat product manufacturing
Method of deflavoring whey protein using membrane electrodialysis
Roller shaft for a vegetable peeler
Immunity generation
Compositions and methods of use of dimer digallates
Nuclease resistant external guide sequences for treating inflammatory and viral related respiratory ...
Apparatus for treating obesity by extracting food
Gastric bypass band and surgical method
Nutritional informative vending machine providing a remote nutrition informing system
Internet television program guide system
Computer system and a method of replication
Pipelined multi-access memory apparatus and method
Systems and methods for controlling communication with nonvolatile memory devices
Method and apparatus for automatically configuring data storage subsystems
Semiconductor device for data communication control and radio communication apparatus
System and method for emulating block appended checksums on storage devices by sector stealing
Stride-based prefetch mechanism using a prediction confidence value
Method and apparatus for communicating between processing entities in a multi-processor
Repeat instruction with interrupt
Method and apparatus for enabling a low power mode for a processor
Asymmetric data mirroring
Rebuilding redundant disk arrays using distributed hot spare space
Method of automatically generating specifications and providing online services for same
Database management system
Method and systems for DLL/COM redirection
Method and apparatus for real time creation and modification of a change log for multi-server synchr...
Method and system for processing backup data associated with application, querying metadata files de...
System and method of data-management and data-management program
Recording medium recorded with program for detecting database operation timing, method of detecting ...
Method for using agents to create a computer index corresponding to the contents of networked comput...
Method and apparatus for automatic information filtering using URL hierarchical structure and automa...
Web server content replication
Mechanism for handling I/O transactions with known transaction length to coherent memory in a cache ...
Reversing a communication path between storage devices
Methods and apparatus for digital data processing with mutable inheritance
Classification method and apparatus
Deep brain stimulation of the zona incerta
System and method for nerve stimulation
Biodegradable vascular device with buffering agent
Stent designed for the delivery of therapeutic substance or other agents
Overlapped stents for scaffolding, flexibility and MRI compatibility
Overlapped stents for scaffolding, flexibility and MRI compatibility
Medical device
Coated medical device
Method and apparatus for filling a cavity
Meniscus prosthesis
Expandable intervertebral implant with wedged expansion member
Annulus fibrosus stent
Expandable helical cage
Intervertebral disc nucleus implants and methods
Modular knee prosthesis
Posterior stabilized mobile bearing knee
Method for restoration of human or animal bone anatomy, and expansible prosthetic implant allowing i...
Hucklebone supporting-type artificial leg
Subscriber identities
Liquid crystal display device and driving method for the same
Increasing gamma accuracy in quantized systems
Removable data storage medium and associated marketing interface
Code, system, and method for generating documents
Methodology for scheduling, partitioning and mapping computational tasks onto scalable, high perform...
Method for using statistical analysis to monitor and analyze performance of new network infrastructu...
Method and assembly for processing, viewing and installing command information transmitted by a devi...
System for selective disablement and locking out of computer system objects
Stearoyl-CoA desaturase 4 gene
FIAT nucleic acids and proteins and uses thereof
Method of breeding laboratory animals to optimize tumor suppression and tissue repair functions in v...
Compositions and methods for the modification of gene expression
Methods for tissue culturing and transforming elite inbreds of Zea mays L.
Compositions and methods for altering the disulfide status of proteins
Methods for coupling resistance alleles in tomato
Method of increasing seed oil content in plants
Regulation of gene expression using chromatin remodelling factors
Inbred corn line PH5WA
Inbred corn line PHC5H
Canola line 45H72
Hybrid tea rose plant named 'Meivility'
Zantedeschia plant named 'Captain Reno'
Article of footwear with temperature regulation means
Slipper vamp embedded with ornaments
Color changeable sandles
System for removably placing a pad on a shoe
Transparent sole saver with tread
Skateboard shoe with sole of varying hardness
Athletic footwear and the like with integral supinator device
Fracture walker with horseshoe heel pad beneath insole
Electric tool
Method and apparatus for drying wet bio-solids using excess heat from a cement clinker cooler
Method and apparatus for drying wet bio-solids using excess heat from a cement clinker cooler
Bio-solid materials as alternate fuels in cement kiln, riser duct and calciner
Plant and mushroom growth medium
Biodegradable dispersants for cement compositions and methods of cementing in subterranean formation...
Method and apparatus for drying wet bio-solids using excess heat recovered from cement manufacturing...
Electro-active adhesive systems
Methods, cement compositions and suspending agents therefor
Joint coupling for prosthetic brace
Mineralization of alkali metals, sulfur, and halogens
Topical use of bis-arylimidazo[1,2-a]thiolane derivatives
Multi-phased personal care composition
Thermally vanishing material, transfer sheet using the same, and method for forming pattern
Laminate assembly and method of manufacture
Occludator, face bow, occlusion-confirming system and temporomandibular joint-reproducing system
2-Pyridinyl[7-(substituted-pyridin-4-yl)pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidin-3-yl]meth- anones
Pravastatin pharmaceutical formulations and methods of their use
Coating chamber and templates to produce decorative mouldings
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Wireless soil moisture meter network
Media for cold image transfer
Technique for processing customer service transactions at customer site using mobile computing devic...
Variable alarm for communication devices
Handheld optical channel performance monitor and optical spectrum analyzer
Field emission display
Waiter calling apparatus combined with a receptacle for holding various table utensils and combined ...
Nested bipolar plate for fuel cell and method
Aluminum base alloys
Implementing geographical taxonomy within network-accessible service registries using spatial extens...
Neutral-cationic lipid for nucleic acid and drug delivery
Method and apparatus for tracking carcasses
Method of fabricating a damage tolerant shaft
3-isoquinolinone derivatives as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Preservation of memory associated with a hypervisor partition
Apparatus and methods for the volumetric and dimensional measurement of livestock
Automatic scrolling
Information processing method
Information processing method
Method for reduction of possible renderable graphics primitive shapes for rasterization
System for producing an artificial sound environment
Technique for maintaining a separation between a vehicle and a detectable object
Personal electronics device
Paste filled with metal powder and metal products obtained with same
Inhibitors of interleukin 1-β converting enzyme
Side supports with adjustable center of gravity
Optical fiber end face cleaner
Chlorella composition having high molecular weight polysaccharides and polysaccharide complexes
Low permeation high density polyethylene tube with aluminum barrier layer
Image forming apparatus
Cosmetic composition
Method for control of temperature-sensitivity of polymers in solution
Dynamic idle counter threshold value for use in memory paging policy
Underground utility detection system and method
Device for fixing an image on a sheet medium
Transdermal patch for delivering volatile liquid drugs
Dimming-control lighting apparatus for incandescent electric lamp
Systems and methods to facilitate a distribution of information via a dynamically loadable component
Differentiated content and application delivery via internet
Labeled macrophage scavenger receptor antagonists for imaging atherosclerosis and vulnerable plaque
Compositions comprising sibutramine metabolites in combination with phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Isolated stromal cells and methods of using the same
Therapeutic agents
Pet anti-aging wellness supplement
Therapeutic polypeptides, nucleic acids encoding same, and methods of use
4,5-Dihydro-1H-pyrazole derivatives having potent CB1-antagonistic activity
Neuropharmacological treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders
2-pyridinyl-6,7,8,9-tetrahydropyrimido{1,2-a}pyrimidin-4-one and 7-pyridinyl-2,3-dihydoimidazo{1,2-a...
Kappa opioid receptor ligands
Imidazolidinedione derivatives for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases
NR1H4 nuclear receptor binding compounds
Deflection angle measuring device, optical signal switching system, information recording and replay...
Tunable light source for use in photoacoustic spectrometers
Scanning optical system
Multi-beam pattern generator
Method and apparatus for transformation of a gaussian laser beam to a far field diffraction pattern
Method and apparatus for use of beam control prisms with diode laser arrays
Switch control with light beams
Fiber laser pumping device
Method and apparatus for fabricating a waveguide Bragg grating using pulsed light
Optical disc apparatus with regulation of recording velocity and laser power
Device and method for controlling tilt servo
Data storage media and methods utilizing a layer adjacent the storage layer
Optical head device and disk drive system having first and second light sources for emitting light b...
Laser diode array, laser device, wave-coupling laser source, and exposure device
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser including indium and antimony in the active region
Method and apparatus for producing VCSELS with dielectric mirrors and self-aligned gain guide
Cylindrical straight slab type gas laser
Surface-emission laser diode operable in the wavelength band of 1.1-7μm and optical telecommun...
Simplified articulating cup holder
Trim component with mounted light source for indirectly lighting the interior of a vehicle
Storage pocket assembly for a vehicle door trim panel
Air duct outlets for inclined surfaces
System for transporting vehicle seats and floor mats
Fuel cell system
Regeneration of diesel particulate filter
Fuel properties estimation for internal combustion engine
Regeneration control of diesel particulate filter
Cylinder block for internal-combustion engine
Slide out trunk space storage system
Measuring apparatus
Interbody spinal implant with trailing end adapted to receive bone screws
Expandable threaded arcuate interbody spinal fusion implant with cylindrical configuration during in...
Gene expression profiles in liver cancer
Nucleic acid encoding PRO211 polypeptides
PRO853 nucleic acids
Lateral needle injection apparatus and method
Anterior cervical plating system and bone screw
Kernal-mode audio processing modules
Music synthesizer and a method of generating a synthesizer output with a constant beat
Keyboard attachment for disabled persons
Device for providing speech driven control of a media presentation
Methods for delivering biologically active molecules into cells
Kit for use in predicting refractory periodontal disease
Electro-optical devices and methods for hybridization and detection
Mass spectrometric immunoassay
Application of biosensors for diagnosis and treatment of disease
Alpha 1-antitrypsin preparation as well as a method for producing the same
Process for preparing enantiomerically enriched (1S,4R) 1-acetoxy-4-hydroxycyclopent-2-ene
Target recognizing binding agents
Antibody for 4-1BB
Retrovirus from the HIV type O and its use (MVP-2901/94)
Isoform of castor oleate hydroxylase
Plant Starch Composition
Transgenic legume plants modified to produce resveratrol glucoside and uses thereof
Trace element phytoremediation
Soybean cultivar 70876922
Hybrid maize plant and seed 31N27
Inbred corn line PH5WA
Shielded structure for radiation treatment equipment and method of assembly
Thermo-structural base for construction on unstable soils
Method, system, and computer-program product for providing selective access to certain child nodes o...
Method, system, and program for enhancing text composition in a text editor program
User interface design
Dynamic indication of field status
Signal via impedance verification tool
Region-based voltage drop budgets for low-power design
Method, system, and product for storage of attribute data in an object oriented environment
Finite state model-based testing user interface
Systems and methods for driver installation
Method and apparatus for configuring a mobile device
Storage isolation employing secured subspace facility
Context based execution prioritization in Workflow-Management-Systems
Method and apparatus for serializing a message queue in a multiprocessing environment
Method and apparatus for fast, local CORBA object references
Methods and apparatus for efficiently accessing periodically broadcast data
Process and component for inquiring about security relationships
Dual channel imaging device
Method and system for motion and edge-adaptive signal frame rate up-conversion
Image detector method and apparatus including plural detector regions and image illuminators
Imaging system, two-dimensional photographing device and three-dimensional measuring device
Video signal converter for converting non-interlaced to composite video
Methods and systems for independently controlling the presentation speed of digital video frames and...
Digital display system using pulsed lasers
Method, apparatus and recording medium for color correction
Digital modulation signal receiver with adaptive channel equalization employing discrete fourier tra...
Television system with digital sound
Robust and stealthy video watermarking into regions of successive frames
Methods and computer-readable medium for navigating between a plurality of discrete images
Traffic density analysis method based on encoded video
Image processing method and apparatus
Method for modifying the image size of video images
Method of recording video image and a video image recording apparatus
Orientation and navigation for a mobile device using inertial sensors
Method for producing a controlled-release preparation
Encapsulated agglomeration of microcapsules and method for the preparation thereof
Insoluble drug delivery
Method of preparing biological materials and preparations produced using same
Pharmaceutical compositions based on Diclofenae
Interleukin-4 production inhibitors
Development of method for screening physiologically active pyrrole imidazole derivative
Methods for indentifying compounds that modulate gluconeogenesis through the binding of CREB to the ...
Support with collagen base for tissue engineering and manufacture of biomaterials
Virulence genes, proteins, and their use
Pharmaceuticals and assays using enzyme subunits
Therapeutic compositions for treatment of a damaged tissue
Treatment of balance impairments
Pharmaceutical combination
Combination for the treatment of endothelial damage
Compositions and methods for treating neoplastic disease using chemotherapy and radiation sensitizer...
Gyroscopic roll stabilizer for boats
Self-adaptive system for an apparatus which inhibits fouling of an underwater surface
Dual seal self-closing boat drain plug apparatus
Quick release coupler for an inflatable towable vehicle
Submarine guidance system
System and method for performing simultaneous precision die bond of photonic components onto a singl...
Industrial robot
Electronic subpoena service
Package delivery notification system and method
Methods and systems for managing business representative distributions
Method and system for researching product dynamics in market baskets in conjunction with aggregate m...
System and method of determining a knowledge management solution
Advertising, compensation and service host apparatus, method and system
Methods, systems, and computer program products for dynamically bidding in and conducting multiple s...
Method and apparatus for presenting price comparison to prospective buyers
Method and system for multi-carrier package tracking
Method and apparatus for assigning consequential rights to documents and documents having such right...
Process for making remote payments for the purchase of goods and/or a service through a mobile radio...
Apparatus and method for company representatives to monitor and establish live contact with visitors...
Technique for handling subsequent user identification and password requests with identity change wit...
Structural elements for a collaborative e-learning system
Dynamic pointing accuracy evaluation system and method used with a gun that fires a projectile under...
Adaptable device for delimiting and organizing spaces and volumes
Astrological charts and plotting devices
Method of and an apparatus for measuring a person's ability to perform a motor control task
Double imputation scale
Container covering apparatus
Recording material processing apparatus for processing recording material
Gas turbine combustor, gas turbine, and jet engine
Method for reduction of scale during oil and gas production and apparatus for practicing same
Methods and apparatus of suppressing tube waves within a bore hole and seismic surveying systems inc...
Apparatus for increasing the quality of sound from an acoustic source
Air conditioner for vehicle with noise-reduction means
System and method for remote diagnostics for an in-flight entertainment system
Solid-state imaging pickup device with vertical and horizontal driving means for a unit pixel
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Semipermeable liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Image-reproducing apparatus and image-reproducing method
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Circuit structure and semiconductor integrated circuit
Switching power supply apparatus
Optical recording medium with grooves, optical recording medium master with grooves, apparatus for m...
Memory system, computer system, processing unit and method
Rights information processing apparatus and method, and program storing medium using a display objec...
Method and apparatus for controlling connections between devices
Audio signal reproducing apparatus
Image compression and decompression with predictor selection based on embedding data
Coding device and method using a strong correlation noted pixel selection
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and recording apparatus
Encrypted response smart battery
Battery saver
Method and device for charging several electrochemical cells
Remaining battery capacity computation system
Method and apparatus for regulating charging of electrochemical cells
Unitary magnetic coupler and switch mode power supply
Factorized power architecture with point of load sine amplitude converters
Efficient frequency compensation for linear voltage regulators
Circuit arrangement for regulating the duty cycle of electrical signal
Band-gap reference circuit with high power supply ripple rejection ratio
Constant current driving circuit
Method and device for generating constant voltage
Power circuit for display driver, display device, and camera
Method and apparatus for providing wideband power regulation to a microelectronic device
Method for reducing particles from an electrostatic chuck and an equipment for manufacturing a semic...
Device and method for inhibiting power fluctuation
Power factor control device
Reactive power optimization with adaptive excitation control
Power saving apparatus in an appliance
Power management in mobile computer for allocating power to peripheral device when version of expans...
Approval test method and an approval test system for a software-defined radio terminal, a software-d...
Registration messaging in an unlicensed mobile access telecommunications system
Handover control equipment, radio resource management equipment, network resource management equipme...
Data acquisition system and mobile terminal
Mobile localization in gsm networks
GPS microphone for communication system
Messaging in an unlicensed mobile access telecommunications system
Radio network controller capable of handling over ciphering information from one to another
Handling transmissions via a radio link
Communication system, communication method and communication apparatus
Radio module
Control apparatus for changing a downtilt angle for antennas, in particular for a mobile radio anten...
On-vehicle radio communication apparatus
Magnetic resonance apparatus and operating method for generating a homogenous RF field in the examin...
System for, and method of, heating a biological site in a patient's body
Method and apparatus for shrinking tissue
Method of treating herniated intervertebral discs using cooled ablation
Tubal sterilization device having sesquipolar electrodes and method for performing sterilization usi...
System for obtaining vehicular information
Dynamic data delivery apparatus and method for same
Method, device, and network for providing secure communication environments
Virtual private networks
System for the control of multiple transmissions in a multi-combination vehicle
Motor structure of an electric vehicle
Structural part for the front of a motor vehicle, said part being provided with a converging portion...
Snow vehicle
Battery-powered vehicle
Battery retainer assembly for children's ride-on vehicles
Long track mountain snowmobile and a track therefor
Steer-by-wire steering system with road feel
Electronic control power steering device
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Electronically controlled suspension for motor vehicles
Vehicle cockpit assemblies having integrated dash insulators, instrument panels and floor coverings,...
Hub motor mechanism
Transfer case with a tri-mode bi-directional clutch assembly
Power window controller
Lane based automatic turn signal deactivation
Vehicle occupant sensing system having circuit carrier tray
Collision avoidance using limited range gated video
Rate limiting control system
Jewelry setting
Profile based method for deriving a temperature setpoint using a 'delta' based on cross-indexing a r...
Method and system for navigating a history list
Activemark mechanism in a live parsing editor
Plasma color display screen with pixel matrix array
Process for preparing silicon and optionally aluminum and silumin (aluminum-silicon alloy)
Identification card and identification procedure
Article comprising a two-dimensional photonic crystal coupler and method of making the same
Magnetic random access memory using memory cells with rotated magnetic storage elements
Preparation of iodixanol
Apparatus and method for conducting a transfer of a conference call
Interactive kitchen control system and method
Automatic vehicle speed control apparatus
Bio-barcodes based on oligonucleotide-modified nanoparticles
Protective coating
Tank retaining device
Ionization device for aerosol mass spectrometer and method of ionization
Web-based enterprise management with multiple repository capability
Gas offloading system
System and method for automatically generating a narrative report of an event, such as a sporting ev...
Sublingual buccal effervescent
Autonomous vehicle guidance on or near airports
Method and system for conferencing
Mass transport limited in vivo analyte sensor
Filter system with bulk wave resonator having a reflection layer composition that varies with the la...
Method and system for retrieving an anti-virus signature from one or a plurality of virus-free certi...
Focal point detection device and camera
Method of delaying ejaculation
Decoding an instruction portion and forwarding part of the portion to a first destination, re-encodi...
Prostheses, systems and methods for replacement of natural facet joints with artificial facet joint ...
Inter-method control transfer for execution engines with memory constraints
Clone-array pooled shotgun strategy for nucleic acid sequencing
Remote target control system
Method for preparing intermediates useful in synthesis of retroviral protease inhibitors
Hierarchical trusted code for content protection in computers
Phenyl substituted 4-hydroxy tetrahydroxypyridone
Digital topological analysis of trabecular bone MR images and prediction of osteoporosis fractures
High density fibrous polymers suitable for implant
Methods for non-invasive analyte measurement from the conjunctiva
Hydantoin derivative compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of using same
Cradle for portable terminal for printing image based on print information previously reserved with ...
Diplexer, and high-frequency switch and antenna duplexer using the same
Front loading injector system with pressure jacket assembly and syringe
Antibody production in farm animals
Method and apparatus for intelligent acquisition of position information
Valve controlled fluidic actuator system
Integrating digital watermarks in multimedia content
Photo album with provision for media playback
System and method for receiving multi-media messages
Progressive adaptive time stamp resolution in multimedia authoring
Point-of-transaction workstation for electro-optically reading one-dimensional indicia, including im...
Recording/reproducing apparatus having plural memories and method for controlling an equipment conne...
Tool clamping device
High side NFET gate driving circuit
Fourier transform mass spectrometry of complex biological samples
C3′ -methylene hydrogen phosphonate oligomers and related compounds
Interchangeable cover for a mobile communications device
Prevention of dental caries
Halogen- and sulfur-free shaped articles containing peroxide curable compounds of butyl rubber
Power control unit of fuel cell hybrid vehicle
Distal protection device and method
Organic electroluminescent device and encapsulation method
Error detecting method and device, information storing and reproducing device and magnetic disk driv...
Image forming apparatus, process cartridge, and waste toner recovery device
Succinoyl aminopyrazoles and related compounds
Maximizing expected generalization for learning complex query concepts
Sequences of hepatitis C virus genotypes and their use as prophylactic, therapeutic and diagnostic a...
Method for abstract state transitions without requiring state machine knowledge
IQ modulation systems and methods that use separate phase and amplitude signal paths
Piperizinones as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Methods of treating or preventing pain using sibutramine metabolites
Process for production of piperidine derivatives
Metallization of carbon nanotubes for field emission applications
Continuous-time delta-sigma ADC with programmable input range
Cooling system and method employing a closed loop coolant path and micro-scaled cooling structure wi...
Duplex-type heat exchanger and refrigeration system equipped with said heat exchanger
Layered heat exchanger, layered evaporator for motor vehicle air conditioners and refrigeration syst...
Heat transfer apparatus having anti-oxidization device
Heat exchanger for cooling a motor vehicle exhaust gases
Flat plate heat exchanger and flat plate therefor
Plate-type heat exchanger with single-walled and double-walled heat transfer plates
Radiator with airflow guiding structure
Adsorber generator for use in sorption heat pump processes
End surface structure of heat pipe for contact with a heat source
Heat-exchanger assembly with wedge-shaped tubes with balanced coolant flow
Online bakeout of regenerative oxidizers
Computing apparatus with cooling fan
Ruggedized electronic module cooling system
Thermally enhanced heat sink BGA package
Actuator with a duct opening sealed during extrusion coating against the ingress of plastic
Shock and vibration dampening grip
Method of manufacturing printhead
Method for manufacturing an ink jet recording head
Method for manufacturing an ink-jet head
Propellant supply device
High performance VTOL convertiplanes
V/STOL biplane
Thrust reverser system actuator having an integral torque limiter
Lower bearing for aircraft landing gear
Apparatus for sealing and restraining the flexible pressure boundary of an inflatable spacecraft
Method and apparatus for converting electrostatic potential energy
Asonic aerospike engine
Deployment system for a moveable wing surface
Amphibious robot devices and related methods
Sound collecting device minimizing electrical noise
Sail for a swing
Golf club head
Whistle with light emitting device
Manipulable puzzle cube
Board game incorporating feast preparation
Sequence lighting system for footwear
Method of play and game surface for a dice game having a progressive jackpot
Novelty with solar light
Method and apparatus for inspecting distorted patterns
Golf ball and method of making the same
Electronic dart golf game
Putter head
Golf club and ball marking and alignment device
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Combination of an improved golf glove with a golf tee
Gold shoe insole insert
Athletic shoe having an improved cleat arrangement
Multiple epitaxial region wafers with optical connectivity
P-type quantum-well-base bipolar transistor device employing interdigitated base and emitter formed ...
Thin-film solar cells
Isolation structures for imposing stress patterns
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Method to sputter deposit metal on a ferroelectric polymer
Structure and method for protecting memory cells from UV radiation damage and UV radiation-induced c...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Dual-wafer tunneling gyroscope and an assembly for making same
Wafer bonding using a flexible bladder press and thinned wafers for three-dimensional (3D) wafer-to-...
Carrier for substrate film
Board for manufacturing a BGA and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using thereof
Package for mounting semiconductor device
Flip-chip semiconductor device utilizing an elongated tip bump
Fabricating semiconductor chips
Adjusting the frequency of film bulk acoustic resonators
Structure of organic light-emitting TFT LCD and method of making the same
Integrated VCSELs on traditional VLSI packaging
Method for evaluating wafer configuration, wafer, and wafer sorting method
Method and apparatus for fault simulation of semiconductor integrated circuit
Mapping patterns of movement based on the aggregation of spatial information contained in wireless t...
Network and method for implementing network platform services for a computing device
Systems, functional data, and methods for generating a route
Automated web browser synchronization by using session initiation protocol during a real-time sessio...
System and method for indication of fuse defects based upon analysis of fuse test data
Method and system for providing a location of a data interface
Device for error recognition in a digital signal evaluation unit
Method and apparatus for predicting hot spots in cache memories
Sequential-data synchronization at real-time on an analog and a digital medium
Flash memory protection scheme for secured shared BIOS implementation in personal computers with an ...
Method for efficient vehicle allocation in vehicle sharing system
Method and system to provide simultaneous access by multiple pipelines to a table
Method and apparatus suitable for demand forecasting
Acceleration of input/output (I/O) communication through improved address translation
Mapping technique for computing addresses in a memory of an intermediate network node
Graphical program node for accessing capabilities of a software object
Method of transmitting data including a structured linear database
Automated software upgrade utility
Method of controlling a person's weight
Personal communication device with bar code reader for obtaining product information from multiple d...
Adaptive interactive preceptored teaching system
Reusable self contained electronic device providing in-transit cargo visibility
Radio television and frequency modulation monitor transmitting receiving control apparatus
Communication control system and method using communication network
Dual interface wireless IP communication device
Layer-coded data transmitting apparatus
Modulation frequency tunable optical oscillator
Method and apparatus for an interactive Web Radio system that broadcasts a digital markup language
System having digital weighing scale device and method for outputting diet information transmitted t...
Network based music playing/song accompanying service system and method
Internet billing method
Computer card for storing bootable images and providing remote management functions
Detecting if a secure link is alive
System uses communication interface for configuring a simplified single header packet received from ...
Graphical user interface comprising intersecting scroll bar for selection of content
Intelligent update agent
Internet co-location facility security system
Door edge with cover strip
Curved ceiling panel
Halogen bulb
Fluorescent lamp
Vehicle light
Lighting fixture
Lamp support arm
Liquid and lotion applicator
One-piece shaving razor
Hair clipper
Protective face shield lens
Toggle for container
Pet home
Moated pet-food bowl
Dish-washing machine
Vacuum cleaner
Mail collection device
Wooden piggy bank
Video and graphics system with a video transport processor
Method for standardizing the use of ISO 7816 smart cards in conditional access systems
Data transmission system
Dynamic security credential generation system and method
Hierarchical key management
Method and apparatus for facilitating use of a pre-shared secret key with identity hiding
Method and apparatus for contents information
Method for syndicating online content
System and method for secure storage, transfer and retrieval of content addressable information
Method and apparatus for partial encryption of content
System and method for adaptive cryptographically synchronized authentication
Ionocidium orchid plant named 'Haruri'
Osteospermum plant named 'Sekiin47'
Verbena plant named 'Pulena'
Portulaca plant named 'Kakegawa CY4'
Angelonia plant named 'Cart White'
Climbing rose plant named 'WEKwesflut'
Hibiscus plant 'Bahlibred'
Verbascum plant named 'Plum Smokey'
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named 'Miss Amber'
×Heucherella plant named 'Birthday Cake'
Geranium plant named 'Maestro Pink'
Apricot tree 'H 1995 cv'
Lily plant named 'Tiny Ghost'
Andropogon plant named 'Big Daddy'
Heat transfer fluid compositions for low temperature applications
Process for preparing organic hydroperoxide containing product
Providing multiple line functionality using alternative network telephony
Automated route plan generation
Method and apparatus for defeating predictive telemarketing systems by simulating facsimile machines...
Integrated chat client with called party choice
System and method for reporting the addition and deletion of TAPI line and phone devices in absence ...
Method of processing an inbound call in a call center
Global directory service with intelligent dialing
Dual echo canceller with fast reflector identification
Architecture for minimum loop current during ringing and caller ID
Folder type mobile communication terminal
Mobile phone with battery latch
Distributed wireless online access system
Paging system
Device for protecting the initial utilization of a processor /chip card
Mobile phone
Electronic mail method and system using associated audio and visual techniques
Method and apparatus for context based querying
Multi-site network monitor for measuring performance over an internet
Method and apparatus for integrating phone and PDA user interface on a single processor
Selective processing of calls using alternative network telephony
Printed pamphlet with folded pocket for key card
Peel-off coupon redemption card
Indexing system package and display system
Antifalsification paper provided with applied coding consisting of luminescent mottled fibers
Optically variable surface pattern
Media content creating and publishing system and process
Method for designing an interactive system
Method and apparatus of using a neural network to train a neural network
Body sensing system
Method and apparatus for removing foaming contaminants from hydrocarbon processing solvents
Ion exchange materials for the separation of 90Y from 90SR
Method for the removal of mercury from a gas stream
System and process for removal of pollutants from a gas stream
Fine carbon fiber mixture and composition thereof
Cogeneration of organic compounds with synthesis gas by catalytic partial oxidation
Processes for manufacture of molecular sieves
Methods and apparatus for a title transaction network
Substituted cyclohexane derivatives
Inhibitors of proteins that bind phosphorylated molecules
Indoles having anti-diabetic activity
Pyrazole compounds and uses related thereto
Pyrazole derivatives, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
NK1 antagonists
Injectable formulations of taxanes for cad treatment
Medicine for prevention or treatment of diabetes
Venlafaxine hydrochloride monohydrate and methods for the preparation thereof
Crystals of free (2R, 4R)-monatin and use thereof
Obesity treatment and device