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Nail ripper and cuticle implement
Measuring system
Non self-inactivating, expression targeted retroviral vectors
Interferon-alpha polypeptides and conjugates
Screening of agents for activity against ischemic myocardial insults
Methods of diagnosing Crohn's disease by measuring expression level of RNA encoding human G-protein ...
Gp120 specific antigens and uses thereof
Chimeric alphavirus replicon particles
Herpes simplex virus vector
Transcobalamin receptor binding conjugates useful for treating abnormal cellular proliferation
Practical lock-free doubly-linked list
Investment database application
Context hierarchies for address searching
User interface for an electronic trading system
Supplier synchronization system and method
Method and system for creating universal location referencing objects
Method and system for analyzing interaction among software artifacts
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and control program
Memory controller and method for handling DMA operations during a page copy
Resuming a computing session when rebooting a computing device
Method and apparatus for accessing a remote location with an optical reader having a programmable me...
Electronic mail sending device, information processor, image processing system, and computer product
Antenna For Picking up Magnetic Resonance Signals and Provided With Its Own Communication Unit
Dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced nuclear magnetic resonance of water under ambient conditions
Fibrosis Markers
NMR resonator configured as an insulated foil, conductively coated on both sides
Three dimensional RF coil structures for field profiling
Electroluminescent device comprising a cross-linked hole transporting and electron blocking material
Fluorinated arylethers and methods for use thereof
Optical device
Organic electroluminescent device
Gas barrier laminate film and production method therefor as well as substrate and image display devi...
Display apparatus
Electronic circuit, electro-optical device, method of driving electro-optical device, and electronic...
Electron beam excited fluorescence emitting device
Semiconductor device
Visible and invisible image display
Organic EL element and organic EL panel having microresonator and color filter
Display apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
OLED device with improved efficiency and robustness
Light emitting device having organic light-emitting element
Increased mobility from organic semiconducting polymers field-effect transistors
Organic electroluminescent display device with improved interface between anode and luminescent orga...
Organic electro luminescence device and fabrication method thereof
Light-emitting transistor
System and method for single action initiation of a video conference
Video conference recorder
Chemical sensor
Set of key buttons for a handset
Digital audio system
Handheld electronic communication device
Communication device
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Television monitor
Apparatus and method for recording and/or reproducing data on an information storage medium using pa...
Apparatus and method for modular dynamically power managed power supply and cooling system for compu...
System and method for fetching a boot code
Performing operations on IP telephony devices from a remote client
Image processing
Photonic crystal sensors with integrated fluid containment structure
Wraparound package
Phenylalanine enamide derivatives
Peptidic compounds selectively binding to P-selectin
Production of supported olefin polymerisation catalysts
Fibroblast growth factor-like molecules and uses thereof
Automatic crown and gingiva detection from the three-dimensional virtual model of teeth
Method and apparatus for preparing an acellular red blood cell substitute
Method for regenerating etching solutions containing iron for the use in etching or pickling copper ...
Computing system and method to perform run-time extension for world wide web application
Method of providing a web page with additional content inserted in an intermediate network entity (I...
System and method for pestware detection and removal
System and method for implementing privacy preferences and rules within an e-business data warehouse
Method and apparatus for analysing a dataset of spectra
Method and apparatus for generating a technologist quality assurance scorecard
Method and apparatus for generating handwriting recognition template
Methods and apparatus for selecting and/or labeling vessel branches
Imaging apparatus, imaging system, imaging method, and computer program
Energy discriminating detector with direct conversion layer and indirect conversion layer
Method and system for performing CT image reconstruction with motion artifact correction
Method and apparatus for AD conversion, semiconductor device for detecting distribution of physical ...
Management of erasure intervals for storage medium of a radiography cassette
Gamma ray detector modules
Geological tomography using cosmic rays
Bead based assays using a liquid crystal reporter
Silver halide color photosensitive material
Organic anti-reflective coating polymer, organic anti-reflective coating composition and method for ...
Positive type resist composition for use in liquid immersion exposure and a method of forming the pa...
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Method for manufacturing a microstructure
Trusted computing platform for restricting use of data
Pet chew
System and process for manufacturing custom electronics by combining traditional electronics with pr...
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Monitoring user specific information on websites
Apparatus and method for detecting a fetal heart rate
System and method for translating medical imaging system patient tables
Guidewire with optical fiber
Method and apparatus for timing correction in communications systems
Process cartridge, image forming apparatus and method of assembling process cartridges
Light guide unit
Method for combining two images based on eliminating background pixels from one of the images
Systems and methods for localizing a target for radiotherapy based on digital tomosynthesis
Object detection using acoustic imaging
Al/AlN joint material, base plate for power module, power module, and manufacturing method of Al/AlN...
Method for making an electrode, resulting electrode and supercapacitor including same
Bridge faucet
Bridge faucet
Office machine
Voice synthesizer
Charm belt with removable decorative buttons
Letter opener with stacker
Barbecue grill
Personal golf accessory pouch
Disposable boxer shorts with absorbent liner
Object oriented based methodology for modeling business functionality for enabling implementation in...
System, method and apparatus for FEC encoding and decoding
Testing memories using algorithm selection
Virtual communication interfaces for a micro-controller
Policy driven automation - specifying equivalent resources
Coordinating the monitoring, management, and prediction of unintended changes within a grid environm...
Object-driven visualization mechanism for zoning information on a storage area network
Image processing apparatus and method, program, and image processing system
Optical cavity for coherent superposition of optical pulses
Memory module with a circuit providing load isolation and memory domain translation
Method and apparatus for measuring the wettability of geological formations
Intraluminal electrode assembly
Micro lens, micro lens array, and method of manufacturing the same
Measuring tissue oxygenation
Electrophoretic media and processes for the production thereof
Method of coupling light into microresonators
Multiple-label fluorescence imaging using excitation-emission matrices
Optical interference display panel and manufacturing method thereof
Laser irradiation apparatus, method of laser irradiation, and method for manufacturing semiconductor...
Manufacturing method of a liquid crystal display device using a photo resist having regions with dif...
Multi-layered metal line of semiconductor device having excellent diffusion barrier and method for f...
Metal interconnection of semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Ball grid array package
Process for sealing and connecting parts of electromechanical, fluid and optical microsystems and de...
Method of electrically connecting a microelectronic component
Semiconductor device
Spin transfer magnetic element with free layers having high perpendicular anisotropy and in-plane eq...
Method and resultant structure for floating body memory on bulk wafer
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Electronic unit with a substrate where an electronic circuit is fabricated
Electronic device with reduced interface charge between epitaxially grown layers and a method for ma...
Semiconductor light emitting device
Method for etching a tapered bore in a silicon substrate, and a semiconductor wafer comprising the s...
Imager with image-taking portions optimized to detect separated wavelength components
Build-in-place method of manufacturing thermoelectric modules
System and method for securely adding redundancy to an electronic message
Wireless transmit/receive unit having a turbo decoder with circular redundancy code signature compar...
System and method for testing of electronic circuits
Wireless device detection
Method and system for order fulfillment in a distribution center
Method and system for content driven electronic messaging
Leadless cardiac stimulation systems
Mobile device having extensible software for presenting server-side applications, software and metho...
Transceiver and method for combining RFID amplitude-modulated data with wireless phase-modulated dat...
Method of providing multiple data paths using a mobile terminal and related devices
Mobile electronic device and methods for providing information to a mobile electronic device using a...
Method and apparatus for cell search in wireless communication system
Apparatus and systems for providing location-based services within a wireless network
Location caching and extrapolation based on speed
Detecting system abuse
System and method for multiplatform implementation of abstract software modules in peer-to-peer netw...
System and method for unique naming of resources in networked environments
Method and system for collaborative ontology modeling
Associating documents with classifications and ranking documents based on classification weights
Method and system for determining similarity of items based on similarity objects and their features
Link-based spam detection
Method for searching deep web services
Soliciting information based on a computer user's context
Systems, methods and apparatus to determine relevance of search results in whole/part search
Device and method for processing situated information
Predictive modeling of consumer financial behavior using supervised segmentation and nearest-neighbo...
Machine translation techniques
Composition useful in manufacturing automotive components
Method and system for interference cancellation for high spectral efficiency satellite communication...
High speed line equalizer and method thereof
Antibodies to murine zcytor17 ligand
.beta. netrin and uses thereof
pH sensitive polymer and process for preparation thereof
Orally administered peptides synergize statin activity
Analysis of the headspace proximate a substrate surface containing fragrance-containing microcapsule...
Compositions of prokaryotic phenylalanine ammonia-lyase and methods of using compositions thereof
Particles for display media and information display panel using the particles
Information management system and information management method
Fluorinated silicon phthalocyanines and naphthalocyanines for electrophoretic display
Modulation of .beta.-catenin/TCF-activated transcription
Methods of detecting or diagnosing inflammatory bowel disease using prokineticin polynucleotides
Methods and apparatuses for fluidic self assembly
Method for downmodulating immune response in type I diabetes
Parallel replication mechanism for state information produced by serialized processing
Item queue management
Cleaning brush
Method for obtaining photo property release
Multiple operating system quick boot utility
Creating a graphical user interface for selected parameters of a graphical program
System and method of producing user interface information messages
Apparatus for transmitting accessibility requirements to a server
Adaptive archival format
Multithreaded processor including a functional unit shared between multiple requestors and arbitrati...
Software compatible parallel interface with bidirectional handshaking for serial peripherals
Peer-to-peer name resolution wire protocol and message format data structure for use therein
Apparatus, system, and method for data access management
Method and apparatus for accommodating quality review in an automated account statement generation p...
Ball implement for practicing golf putting
Auxiliary drive mounted to reel mower cutting unit
Vehicle cargo storage system
Generating and dynamically updating databases of WIFI hotspots locations and performance metrics via...
Method and vibrating device for conditioning, air-conditioning, cooling and decontaminating, disinfe...
Integrated automatic blood processing unit
Process for the aerobic-thermophilic stabilization and disinfection of sludge
Endoscopic suturing system
Transgastric method for carrying out a partial fundoplication
Compact endoscope
Endoscope and method for assembling components of an optical system
Cap for telecommunications cross connect block
Tuning-fork-type scanning apparatus with a counterweight
Multimodal method for identifying hazardous agents
Baselining techniques in force-based touch panel systems
Thermal insulating material and pollution control device using the same
Sealing apparatus
Release coating containing thermoplastic silicone-containing polymer
Coating die with expansible chamber device
Human Papilloma Virus detection with DNA microarray
IL-1.beta. binding antibodies and fragments thereof
Dosimetry using optical emission spectroscopy/residual gas analyzer in conjunction with ion current
System and method for forming a gate dielectric
Strained metal silicon nitride films and method of forming
Liquid crystal display panel and method of fabricating the same
SOI semiconductor components and methods for their fabrication
Capacitor assembly with shielded connections and method for forming the same
Method of forming CMOS imager with capacitor structures
Process of forming electronic device including a densified nitride layer adjacent to an opening with...
Semiconductor device having a reductant layer and manufacturing method thereof
Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating liquid crystal display panel
CMOS imager pixel designs
Active matrix display devices and the manufacture thereof
Diffusion barrier layers and processes for depositing metal films thereupon by CVD or ALD processes
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display
Array substrate of liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
Protein purification
Method for fostering bone formation and preservation
Neuronal progenitors from feeder-free human embryonic stem cell culture
Porous ceramic structure containing biologics
Pliable conformable bone restorative
Console-sliding structure
Airbag device for front passenger's seat
Airbag apparatus
Rear seat side airbag device
Assist grip
Vehicle air vent mounting device for supporting a GPS unit
Wireless network assisted GPS system
Functionalized polyurethane
Coating line and process for forming a multilayer composite coating on a substrate
Machine for production of non-woven material, adjustment procedure for the same and non-woven materi...
Heat sink made from diamond-copper composite material containing boron, and method of producing a he...
Heat-removing device and heat-removing method of vehicle interior part
Method and system for noninvasive mastopexy
Multilayer module and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetoresistive sensor based on spin accumulation effect with terminal connection at back end of se...
Composite insulator for fuse cutout
Luminous containers and those for high pressure discharge lamps
Piezoelectric element and driving apparatus
Organic electroluminescent device, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic devices therewith
Methods of forming a layer comprising epitaxial silicon, and methods of forming field effect transis...
Method of manufacturing athermally conductive drive belt
Fullerene-based secondary cell electrodes
Gluten biopolymers
C-shaped golf club head
Transparent window with non-transparent contact surface for a soldering bonding
Compact utility knife
Radiator grille for vehicle
Vehicle driving force control apparatus
Vehicle obstacle verification system
Apparatus and method for controlling a motor
Infrared detection element
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Coordinated pivoting and extending vehicle mirror
Transmission and synchronizer
Apparatus and method for measuring coherence sampling quality-factor
Ultrafast laser machining system and method for forming diffractive structures in optical fibers
Laser oscillator incorporating transverse mode rotation in the laser resonator
All-silicon raman amplifiers and lasers based on micro ring resonators
Semiconductor light emitting device and method of producing the same
Laser diode
Laser turn-on accelerator independent of bias control loop bandwidth
Laser thermal management systems and methods
Illumination system for optical modulators
Unstable monoblock laser cavity
Optical path for a thermal-assisted magnetic recording head
Long-distance quantum communication
Optical amplification module and laser light source designed to suppress photodarkening
System for manufacturing a flat panel display
Method for setting laser power in optical disc drive
Rearview mirror assembly encompassing a radar detector and/or laser detector
System and method for forming serial numbers on HDD wafers
Apparatus for translational displacement of a lens in a laser focussing optical system
Method and apparatus for laser perforating printed circuit board
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Decorative piece for footwear
Treated textile fabric
Fold-over thermal laminate for footwear
Molded gasket for footwear
Protective footwear
Multi-tiered network for gathering detected condition information
Method of analyzing a remotely-located object utilizing an optical technique to detect terahertz rad...
Method and apparatus for preparing specimen
Wire feeder pinch force mechanism
Splice variant of the human pituitary growth hormone
Catalytically active coating and method of depositing on a substrate
Particle detection using fluorescence
Standoff bioagent-detection apparatus and method using multi-wavelength differential laser-induced f...
Coated screen adsorption unit for controlling evaporative hydrocarbon emissions
System and method for measuring temperature using electromagnetic transmissions within a well
Temporary hold mechanism for a buckle assembly
Mm-wave terrestrial imager
Method of drilling using pulsed electric drilling
Transfer glue system and method for a right angle gluing machine
Control apparatus of electric vehicle
Method of optimizing the performance envelope of a turbine engine
Gas turbine speed detection
Light activated optical switch that includes a piezoelectric element with layers of piezoelectric ma...
Phase change memory device and method for manufacturing phase change memory device
Remote enclosure systems and methods of production thereof
Moveable platform for a laptop computer
Fused electrolytic capacitor assembly
Method and apparatus for a partially etched capacitor layer including a connection member
Built-in capacitor type wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Perpendicular magnetic recording system with medium having thin soft underlayer and recording head h...
Light pipe and polarized-light source
Automatic selection of encoding parameters for transmission of media objects
Display element
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Method of repairing gate line on TFT array substrate
Engine control apparatus
Method for producing alignment layer for liquid crystal panel
Cross language migration
User interface for facilitating performance analysis for processing
Behavior architecture for component designers
Method and apparatus for providing context menus on a hand-held device
Dragging and dropping objects between local and remote modules
Gaming machine
Texture-based packing, such as for packing 16-bit pixels into four bits
Active nonlinear transmission line
Field emission cathode with field emitters on curved carrier and field emission device using the sam...
Focused ion beam apparatus and sample section forming and thin-piece sample preparing methods
Methods for treating neural disorders and conditions, and compounds useful therefor
Diagnostic conjugate useful for intracellular imaging and for differentiating between tumor- and non...
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Substrate containing a deodorizing ink
Intervertebral disc with monitoring and adjusting capabilities
Method, apparatus, and program for dynamic expansion and overlay of controls
Framework for managing visibility of GUI components
Web page to cellular phone--contact information messaging system
Platform independent zero footprint decompression
System for automatically forming a program guide from information derived from multiple sources
Methods for incremental application deployment
Dynamic linking in constrained environment
Method for prevention of system execution malfunction
Security features in on-line and off-line delivery of applications
Development system with methodology for run-time restoration of UML model from program code
Allocating hardware resources for high-level language code sequences
Heat pump, heat pump system, method of pumping refrigerant, and rankine cycle system
Thermal management devices, systems, and methods
System for heat refinement
Retroreflective display devices
Display device having driver TFTs and pixel TFTs formed on the same substrate
Energy storage system
Energy storage system
Fluorine-containing polymer composition and cured body
Method and system for router misconfiguration autodetection
Method and system for enabling connections into networks with local address realms
Exposure apparatus and method, and device manufacturing method using the same
Image processing apparatus, image playing method, image pick-up apparatus, and program and storage m...
Regenerative jammer with multiple jamming algorithms
Low voltage CMOS differential amplifier
Resilient packet ring device
Network system, spanning tree configuration method and configuration program, and spanning tree conf...
Methods, devices and software for merging multicast groups in a packet switched network
Use of identifier of remote unit for downstream signals
Displaying image mechanism wheel assembly
Rate matching method in mobile communication system
Diaminopyrimidines as P2X.sub.3 and P2X.sub.2/3 modulators
Arrangement, device, method, product and use in connection with a blank made preferably of titanium ...
Dental fixture implantation system and associated method
Method and apparatus for elemental analysis of a fluid downhole
Radiator heat-dissipation simulation system
Plasma display module
Memory module and heat sink arrangement
Flow solutions for microelectronic cooling
Semiconductor chip assembly with flexible metal cantilevers
Apparatus for dissipating heat from electronic components in an enclosed housing
Cooling apparatus with electromagnetic interference shielding function
Heat dissipation device
Heat sink having high heat dissipation efficiency
Reactor for thermally cracking monofunctional and polyfunctional carbamates
Gas temperature control for a plasma process
Deaeration device and method of use
Heat exchanging mechanism for a cylinder of an extruder
Method and apparatus for a cold flow subsea hydrocarbon production system
Air conditioner for a motor vehicle
Heat exchanger and evaporator
Heat sink
Heat exchangers
Rotary-type total heat exchanger
1-[[1-[(2-amino-6-methyl-4-pyridinyl)methyl]-4-fluoro-4-piperidinyl]carbon- yl]-4-[2-(2-pyridinyl)-3...
Lactam-containing compounds and derivatives thereof as factor Xa inhibitors
Diaryl ethers as opioid receptor antagonists
Heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
Spiro-substituted pyrrolo[2,3-D]pyrimidines as cathepsin inhibitors
Xanthine phosphodiesterase V inhibitors
Phenylpiperazine cycloalkanol derivatives and methods of their use
Selective neurostimulation for treating mood disorders
Dihydroisoindolones as allosteric modulators of glucokinase
2-arylcarboxamide-nitrogenous heterocycle compound
Clarification of transgenic milk using depth filtration
Device for and a method of automatically supplying feed to animals
Printing roll having a controllable heat absorbing internal surface
Light processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus having adjustable communication with toner container
Installation tool for enterprise management systems based on building blocks
Method software program for creating an image product having predefined criteria
Network system, element thereof and context management method
Waste sorting system for rendering drugs non-recoverable
Waste sorting method for rendering drugs non-recoverable
Medical generator with error logic
Excavation teaching apparatus for construction machine
Driver seat system and awakening device
Hybrid energy off highway vehicle electric power management system and method
Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of wheel electronics associated with a vehicle wh...
Device for detecting voltage and analog-to-digital converter (ADC) using the same
Method for transferring a dye sublimation ink image onto an elastomeric substrate
Infusion and/or withdrawal fitting for biomedical fluid circuits
Wireless flexure with curved trace geometry against pitch and roll adjustment springback
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic memory device for high density recording
Recessed write pole for perpendicular recording
Thin film perpendicular magnetic recording head, their fabrication process and magnetic disk drive u...
Single elevator system and method for a tape automation system with a base unit and one or more add-...
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Write-head positioning method and disk drive
Soft touch clamp actuation mechanism
TMR/GMR amplifier with input current compensation
Method for erase process on recording surface of disk and disk drive apparatus
Reproducing method, reproducing apparatus, recording and reproducing apparatus, and magnetic recordi...
Magnetoresistive (MR) elements having pinning layers formed from permanent magnetic material
Method of writing pattern on media and data storage device
MR read head with first and second gap layers
Magnetic recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and stamper
Hard disk drive actuator latch apparatus having an inclined surface
Method and system for distinguishing spatial and thermal defects on perpendicular media
Method of error correction in a multi-bit-per-cell flash memory
Non-volatile storage with current sensing of negative threshold voltages
Non-volatile memory and method with bit line to bit line coupled compensation
Flash EEPROM system with simultaneous multiple data sector programming and storage of physical block...
Nucleic acid sequences and methods of use for the production of plants with modified polyunsaturated...
High throughput assay of Lp-PLA2 activity
Benzooxazole and benzothiazole antagonists of gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor
Immunoadhesin comprising a glycoprotein VI domain
Benzofuran derivative
Method, computer product, and apparatus for facilitating the provision of opinions to a shopper from...
Single chip wireless communication integrated circuit
Methods and apparatus for reducing power consumption in CDMA communication device
Session control in a communication system
Apparatus and method for operating a communications device in a mobile communications network
Method and system for providing alarm reporting in a managed network services environment
Device and methods for secure transactions
System for providing location-based services in a wireless network, such as locating sets of desired...
Distributed image storage architecture
System and method for user creation and direction of a rich-content life-cycle
Method for enabling associated portlets of a web portlet to collaborate for synchronized content dis...
Integration of computer applications and e-business capability
Systems and methods for transaction messaging brokering
Method, system and program product for determining a file format for use in a translation operation
Framework to enable integration of anti-spam technologies
Content-based notification and user-transparent pull operation for simulated push transmission of wi...
Systems and methods for sharing compression histories between multiple devices
In vitro uptake of SPAM 1 (PH-20) by mammalian sperm
Wound irrigation device
Mediated electrochemical oxidation of inorganic materials
Mediated electrochemical oxidation for decontamination
Process for preparation of solid tris (2,3-dibromopropyl) isocyanurate
Providing freezing and thawing resistance to cementitious compositions
Radiation curable phase change inks containing curable epoxy-polyamide composite gellants
Array for rapid detection of a microorganism
Method of diagnosing breast cancer
Multi-layer photoreceptor
Brachyspira pilosicoli 72 kDa outer-membrane protein and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Articles from plasticized polyolefin compositions
Method for inducing angiogenesis or vascular perfusion in the myocardium comprising administering FG...
Rapid diagnostic assay
Organic photoreceptor, image forming apparatus, image forming method and process cartridge
Fuel cell
Honeycomb structure
Stimuli-responsive systems for controlled drug delivery
Air conditioning system with modular electrically stimulated air filter apparatus
Flashlamp drive circuit
Multi-bit pipeline analog-to-digital converter having merged capacitor switching structure
Water-in-oil polymer emulsion containing microparticles
Method of dechlorination treatment of flowing water, in particular upstream of a biological pollutio...
Oxidation reactor
System for production of fresh water and removal of carbon dioxide from exhaust gases
Use of nitric oxide gas in an extracorporeal circuitry to treat blood plasma
Water surge interface slot for three phase separator
Method and apparatus for aeration of liquid medium
Hollow fiber membrane filter with a supporting structure
Fluid filter element
Drain trap with strainer and cup
System for treating wastewater
Device for purifying anaerobic biological wastewater
Method and apparatus for generating a high purity eluant
Method and apparatus for encryption of data on storage units using devices inside a storage area net...
FSK demodulator circuit
Shape index weighted voting for detection of objects
Method and system of remote monitoring of image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for the separation of fluoroscence and elastic scattering produced by broadband...
Transcutaneous analyte sensor
Tethered capsule endoscope for Barrett's Esophagus screening
Dual scored easy open film
Cross-machine direction embossing of absorbent paper products having an undulatory structure includi...
Tray and bundle pack
Multiple ply tissue products having enhanced interply liquid capacity
Conductive hook and loop printed circuit board attachment
Hands-free electronic towel dispenser with power saving feature
Packaging component for personal care articles
One-step enzymatic and amine detection technique
Disposable absorbent article having a color gradation feature
Dispenser having dual dispensing modes
Apparatus, seaming assembly and method for placing seams in a continuously moving web
Dispenser for rolled sheet material
Protective tube for a medicated tampon
Applicator with discrete pockets of a composition to be delivered with use of the applicator
Air spring distance indicating system and method
Produce trailer cage
Pin box assembly for trailer
Rear suspension structure for large vehicles
Air suspense system for a vehicle
Fuel filler nozzle for automotive vehicle
Aircraft cabin pressure controls: duty cycle offset to compensate for asymmetric motor loading in an...
Rotary drivehead for downhole apparatus
Long-stroke deep-well pumping unit
Multistage compressor for compressing gases
Variable displacement compressor
Fluid control mechanism
Vehicular brake device
Seal section for electrical submersible pump
Supercharger with electric motor
Integrated turbocharger lubricant filter system
Gas pressure driven pump having dual pump mechanisms
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of compressor
Pump module for fuel tank
Oil separator for a fluid displacement apparatus
Method of achieving high reliability of network boot computer system
Computer-readable medium and method for configuring a digital versatile disc re-writeable device
Magnetic recording medium and method of producing the same
Multifunctional entry device for a downward flow tube reactor
High conversion hydroprocessing using multiple pressure and reaction zones
Voice recording/reproducing device
Method, system and computer program for generating messages
Communication device
Systems and methods for performing protocol conversions in a machine
Anti-theft system for vehicle
Power supply control system
Display over gage instrument cluster
Method and apparatus for performing relational speech recognition
Kit for caring for a fabric article
Detergent composition comprising calcium gluconate and a mixture of calcium ion sequestering agents
Process for the reduction of endotoxins in a plasmid preparation using a carbohydrate non-ionic dete...
Detergent composition containing branched alcohol alkoxylate and compatibilizing surfactant, and met...
Cleaning system for cylinder surfaces of a printing machine
Method for washing sportswear
Light emitting diode driving circuit and optical transmitter for use in optical fiber link
Fiber optic link protection apparatus
Fiber optic telecommunications cable assembly
Optical fiber
Fiber optic ribbons having one or more predetermined fracture regions
Method and apparatus for locating subterranean optical fiber
Optical coupler, a method of its fabrication and use
Photonic interconnects for computer system devices
Flexible optical circuit apparatus and method
Fiber-optic mat sensor
Optical waveguide modulator equipped with an output light monitor
Optical functional devices
Nuclear facility and method for operating a nuclear facility
Systems and methods of predicting a critical effective k for a nuclear reactor
System for recovering input polarization state of optical beam at proportional intensity
Method and system for determining hydrocarbon properties
.pi.-Phase shift device for light
Methods and apparatus providing improved visual capabilities of optical instruments
Reflective life jacket and associated method
Indexed feed dispensing mechanism
Low power digital audio decoding/playing system for computing devices
Method and apparatus for a data-dependent noise predictive viterbi
Method and device for controlling ionization
Method and system for partially reconfigurable switch
Bicycle fork assembly
Piezoactuator and drive circuit therefor
Video camera
Printed material and icon for computer display, electronic screen
Controller for digital video disk player
Method and apparatus for controlling traffic in a computer network
Processor secured against traps
Methods and systems for firewalling virtual private networks
Nozzle and method for use in coating a stent
Modulation of cytokinin activity in plants
Data source integration system and method
Programmable switching device for implantable device
Snoring detection system and method
Method and apparatus for skin absorption enhancement and transdermal drug delivery
Synchronizing link delay measurement over serial links
Dual-port SRAM memory using single-port memory cell
Microprocessor with improved data stream prefetching
Cross-bar switching in an emulation environment
Data structures and circuit for multi-channel data transfers using a serial peripheral interface
Apparatus and method for compensating for distortion caused by a phase slew of a frame reference sig...
Method and system for bluetooth decoding
Flip chip packaging using recessed interposer terminals
Non-Circular via holes for bumping pads and related structures
Power semiconductor devices having integrated inductor
Multi-chip package (MCP) with a conductive bar and method for manufacturing the same
Information recording medium, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
Semiconductor device having power semiconductor elements
Lateral SOI semiconductor device
High value inductor with conductor surrounded by high permeability polymer formed on a semiconductor...
Circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
IC card and semiconductor integrated circuit device package
Fabrication of semiconductor interconnect structure
Microelectronic devices and methods for forming interconnects in microelectronic devices
Method and system for fabricating semiconductor components with through interconnects and back side ...
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Active fixation medical lead
Barrier layers for coating conductive polymers on liquid crystals
Optical resin film and polarizing film and liquid crystal display device using the same
Wound dressing and method for manufacturing the same
Printer, processing method, program, and storage medium
Communication apparatus
Managing a data file with an access code
Printing apparatus, printing system, and prediction method of usage of printing agent
Image forming apparatus and developer remaining amount detecting method
Reproducing apparatus
Method of estimating an affine relation between images
Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
Image processing apparatus, control method for the image processing apparatus, and storage medium st...
Zoom lens having image stabilizing function
Image forming system, apparatus, and method
Image forming apparatus, information processing method, and network system
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, storage medium, program, and color image formin...
Image input/output control method and image input/output apparatus
Information collecting apparatus, rebooting method, program, and remote maintenance system
Information processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Image capture device with shift adjustment
Method for the purification of a molten metal
Double-sided turning film
Continuous process for producing poly(trimethylene terephthalate)
Process for the preparation of 1-butene/propylene copolymers
Process for producing polyolefin resin composition and polypropylene composition
Method of making and using sorbent and filtering material from secondary waste rubber
Laser-decomposable resin composition and laser-decomposable pattern-forming material and flexographi...
Multilayer containers and preforms having barrier properties utilizing recycled material
Image forming apparatus
Treating transport mechanism in a printing press
Measuring apparatuses and methods of using them
Image forming substance engaging device
Optical waveguide
Radiation-curable liquid resin composition
Memory device, circuits and methods for reading a memory device
Synthesis of gatifloxacin
Continuous process for the cyanation of hydrogenated .beta.-ketoesters
Fuel rail
Method for stabilization of heavy metals in incinerator bottom ash and odor control with dicalcium p...
Efficient lidar with flexible target interrogation pattern
Sensor apparatus power transfer, communication and maintenance methods and apparatus
Methods and systems for automatic body-contouring imaging
Process and system for etching doped silicon using SF.sub.6-based chemistry
Systems and methods for providing diagnostic information using EDC transceivers
Continuous optical null tracking method for optical switch
Use of copolymers, containing alkylene oxide units, as deposit inhibitor additives in the rinsing pr...
Multipurpose tool including holder for replaceable tool blades
Heterocyclic antiviral compounds
Methods for producing recombinant histidine-tagged inosine nonophosphate dehydrogenase polypeptides
Needle device and method thereof
Toner for developing a latent image and an image forming method employing the same
Color image forming method and color toner forming method
Toner cartridge
Techniques to time vary pilot locations in wireless networks
Method for discriminating operation type of a disk device
DC converter
Method and apparatus for measuring electron density of plasma and plasma processing apparatus
Efficient implementation of multiple work areas in a file system like repository that supports file ...
Systems and methods for the propagation of conflict resolution to enforce item convergence (i.e., da...
Apparatus and method for merging MPEG streams in a headend system
Method and apparatus for restricting address resolution protocol table updates
Method for efficiently extracting status information related to a device coupled to a network in a m...
Distal protection device for filtering and occlusion
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Grinding wheel
Method of managing voicemails from a mobile telephone
Method and apparatus for improved priority based connection establishment within a PNNI ATM network
Master disk for magnetic transfer, magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording apparatus
Liquid crystal display and display
Three-dimensional image display device
Display apparatus and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and its drive method
Plasma display panel with insulation layer having projections
Stacked piezoelectric element, manufacturing method thereof and vibration wave driving apparatus
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pick-up system using the photoelectric conversion appar...
Structure of AC light-emitting diode dies
Carbon fiber composite muffle
Methods of treating diseases with a VEGF antagonist
Method of torque control for an engine with valves that may be deactivated
Method for filling vials in an automated prescription filling apparatus
Method and apparatus for securing originals to cover via electrostatic charge for duplex copying and...
Method and system for using a pulsed field to assist spin transfer induced switching of magnetic mem...
Magnetic recording element, magnetic recording apparatus and recording method of information
Method and apparatus for storing data and method for reading data
Highly temperature-stable capacitor for taking measurements on a high-voltage line
Circuit-pattern inspection apparatus
Image display apparatus
Head-up display device
Display device and folding portable terminal
Millimeter wave electronically scanned antenna
Fuel-cell power generation system and control method therefor
Salt suitable for an acid generator and a chemically amplified resist composition containing the sam...
Copolymers of tetrafluoroethylene
Lens sheet for screen
Apparatus, systems and methods for producing coherent symbols in a single frequency network
Movable micro-electromechanical device
Capacitive ultrasonic transducers with isolation posts
Method of making a fuel cell component using an easily removed mask
Mediated electrochemical oxidation used for sterilization/disinfection
Chemical reaction apparatus and power supply system
Fuel formulation for direct methanol fuel cell
Hydrogen generator
Coloration agent for carbonyl sulfide, detecting means and fuel cell system
Fuel cell
Fuel cell stack with even distributing gas manifolds
High-volume-manufacture fuel cell arrangement and method for production thereof
Thermal treatment apparatus and power generation module
In transit desulfurization of widely available fuels
Automated generation of theoretical performance analysis based upon workload and design configuratio...
Formulation comprising an ionic compound, a polyionic polymer, and a block copolymer
Wheeled vehicle for amusement purposes
Method and apparatus for adjusting a lever actuated hydraulic disc brake master cylinder
Vehicle monitoring apparatus
Analog voltage latch
Arc lamp improvements
Resistance generating device for a training bicycle
Upper-body exercise cycle
Pendulum striding exercise devices
Light redirecting film having discontinuous coating
Bicycle wheel securing structure
Pickup truck accessory
Quick torque coupling
Disc cartridge
Wafer alkaline cell
Method for constructing patterns in a layered manner
RF MEMS series switch using piezoelectric actuation and method of fabrication
Rubber composition containing antidegradant and MIBK adsorbing activated carbon, and pneumatic tire ...
Delivery of diphenhydramine through an inhalation route
Compositions and methods for selective inhibition of nicotine acetylcholine receptors
Device for storing at least two dressings that are drawn off from the same cylinder of a printing ma...
Crushing apparatus
Method and magnetic resonance apparatus for monitoring apparatus interaction with magnetically-attra...
Material having magnetic permeability at R.F. frequency
Sorbent additive and composition
Semiconductor radiation source
Method for making nitrile compounds from ethylenically unsaturated compounds
Crucible holder
Foot spa basin
Spa jet
Neck brace
Blood glucose meter
Disposable dental handpiece
Laryngoscope blade
Body fat remover
Medical instrument
Catheter information clip
Integrated catheter device
Humidifier tub
Speckled pool treatment tablet
Communication device with different geometrical ends
Media player
Audio processor
Display panel with a computer-generated icon
Set of key buttons for a handset
Drill, such as a twist drill
Method and apparatus for dynamic modification of command weights in a natural language understanding...
50 amp electrical connector head replacement receptacle
Artificial inner ear and thermoelectric generator therefor
Robotics for a data storage system
Position tracking device
Large conductance calcium-activated K channel opener
Driven mechanism with an air compressor for a printer cradle unit
Carboxymethyl cellulose-based binder material and lithium battery using the same
Textured electrolyte sheet for solid oxide fuel cell
Method of use of peptide antagonists of zonulin to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes
Method and apparatus for uniform electropolishing of damascene IC structures by selective agitation
Composite powders and cosmetics containing the same
Applicator device for applying a substance
Wireless node location mechanism using antenna pattern diversity to enhance accuracy of location est...
Automatically powering on an electronic device such as a camcorder or camera by determining the real...
System and method for differentiating between pointers used to contact touch surface
Distributed sensing techniques for mobile devices
System and method for worker supervision
Systems and methods for verifying the identities of RFID tags
Radio frequency identification devices, remote communication devices, identification systems, commun...
RFID power from handset transmissions
Direct epoxidation process using improved catalyst composition
Process for producing propylene oxide
Process for producing substituted aniline compound
Food container
Polyester process using a pipe reactor
Light emitting device and phosphor for the same
Method for operating a gas phase polymerization reactor
Permanent magnet rotating machine
Polyactic acid resin composition
Additive system for lubricant
Sulfonate salts and derivatives, photoacid generators, resist compositions, and patterning process
Fluorinated monomer having cyclic structure, manufacturing method, polymer, photoresist composition ...
Coating agent
Capillary cassette and method of manufacturing the same
Process for purification of 2-chloro-5-chloromethyl-1,3-thiazole
Single crystal heat treatment method
Tubeless tire
Blanket assembly for pet bed
P450 gene regulation
Fishing component
Shock absorber for attachment to a dog leash
Livestock restraining gate
Window-mounted litter enclosure with interior and exterior housing sections
Detachable assembly for holding foodstuff therein
Rotating motorized fish hook creating sound waves
Automated medical image visualization using volume rendering with local histograms
Multiple room radiation treatment system
Integrated half-beam profile measurement and polar profile for circular radiation field symmetry ass...
Acrylic based paint for polymeric surfaces
Multi-layer golf ball having velocity gradient from faster center to slower cover
Method of drawing a glass clad multi core lead telluride wire
Two-photon absorption dye-containing material, three-dimensional refractive index modulation materia...
Cross-linkable highly fluorinated poly(arylene ethers) for optical waveguide applications
Interpolymers suitable for use in hot melt adhesives and processes to prepare same
Energized fluids and methods of use thereof
Card sheet construction
Electron beam inter-curing of plastic and elastomer blends
Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization, catalyst for olefin polymerization and process f...
PTH2 receptor selective compounds
Tailored speaker-independent voice recognition system
Fairness method for supplemental channel resources
Method and apparatus to facilitate handover
Method and apparatus for performing anonymous source routing
Circular polarized antenna
Microstrip coupler
Reduced-noise frequency divider system
Microwave spectroscopy probe
Scanning microscopy using resonant quantum tunneling
Interrogating multi-featured arrays
In situ cleaning process for field effect device spacers
Vacuum pump cabinet
Method and apparatus for managing paging related delays
Electronic device and slide mechanism
High impedance electromagnetic surface and method
Radio frequency identification tag-based task effectuation method and apparatus
Rapid tooling system and methods for manufacturing abrasive articles
Rapid prototyping and manufacturing system and method
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic imaging in mmode
Remote homecare monitoring system and method thereof
Device and method to control volume of a ventricle
Implantable medical device and associated method for reducing an affect of a vibratory alert on a vi...
Endocardial splint and method therefor
Apparatus and method of evaluating degree of work comfort
Porous multiple sample sleeve and blood drawing device for flash detection
Cardiac rhythm management system with exercise test interface
Systems, methods and products for diagnostic hearing assessments distributed via the use of a comput...
Measuring electrode system
Daytime/nighttime respiration rate monitoring
Method and system for providing insurance services
Method and device for processing and for searching for an object by signals corresponding to images
Interpolation pixel generation circuit
Directional interpolation method and device for increasing resolution of an image
Image processing system for digital collage
Image processing device, image processing method and image processing program
Removing ringing and blocking artifacts from JPEG compressed document images
Run length encoded digital image
Method and a device for processing bit symbols generated by a data source; a computer readable mediu...
Image coding/decoding method, image coding apparatus and image decoding apparatus for obtaining deco...
System and method for optimizing data recovery for a partially destroyed document
Method, system and computer software product for selecting elements of a digital image
Imaging device illumination system
Segmented waveguide coupler
Process tolerant planar ring resonator dispersion compensator
Contactless connector
Integrated vertical wavelength (de)multiplexer
Method and system for integrated DWDM receivers
Light emitting lamp, backlight unit having the same, and for manufacturing the same
Spread illuminating apparatus
Illumination device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Spread illuminating apparatus
Device for homogenizing light
Rotatable remote controlled porch light
Flexible emitter using high molecular compound and method for fabricating the same
Backlight unit and display apparatus having the same
Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
Light source device and light deflection element
Lamp for vehicle
Recessed light can height adjustment
Light guide plate with reflective/refractive depressions, and backlight module using the same
Light fixture
Port closure system for intravenous fluid container
Weapon and weapon system employing the same
Firearm muzzle brake
Apparatus and method for indicating tilt
Semi-automatic handgun, magazine, and follower
Thermally stable polycarbonates, thermoplastic compositions thereof, and articles formed therefrom
Biodegradable composite material for tissue repair
Clarification and sorptive-filtration system for the capture of constituents and particulate matter ...
Implantable cardiac device for monitoring diastolic heart failure and method of operation and use th...
Fuel cell system programmed to control reactant gas flow in a gas circulation path
Fluid bed reactor having a pulse combustor-type heat transfer module separated from the compartment ...
Apparatus for optical clock extraction
Portable electrical appliance with diagnostic system
System and method for locating and accessing a blood vessel
Method for testing an appliance comprising an audio port, and a respective appliance
Hybrid polar/cartesian digital modulator
Weighted open loop power control transmitter cross reference to related applications
Method, apparatus and system for supporting multiple collaborative sessions in a bi-directional comm...
Speech coder and speech decoder
Method of using feedback from consumer terminals to adaptively control a satellite system
Image forming apparatus for attaching a cutting guide to image data
Optical demultiplexer and receiver assembly
Signal processing circuit for optical disc drivers and the related method
Fabric treatment composition with a fabric substantive dye
Mask composition containing emulsified liquid composition
Composition and probe for detection of hydrocarbon mixtures
Binary dental bleaching using switch-closable double barrel syringe
Network-on-chip dataflow architecture
Processor for executing highly efficient VLIW
Nonlinear broadcast system
Method and system for performing system-level correction of memory errors
Method for optimizing the transmission of logging data in a multi-computer environment and a system ...
Establishment of security context
Reconfigurable integrated circuit, circuit reconfiguration method and circuit reconfiguration appara...
Integrated management system and method for controlling multi-type air conditioners
Transport pumper
Hydrogen transport membrane fabrication method
2-Propylidene-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Process and apparatus for preparing a molded, textured, spunlaced, nonwoven web
Dynamic status tree facility
Photomask assembly and method for protecting the same from contaminants generated during a lithograp...
Silicone-coated architectural glass
High refraction film, high refraction film-forming coating composition, anti-reflection film, protec...
Process for producing detachable dirt- and water-repellent surface coatings
Aqueous dispersion of poly(acetal-polyether) and its use in protective coatings
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Process for the ammoxidation of propane and isobutane