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Piezoelectric thin film resonator and frequency variable resonator using the resonator
Diverter for catalytic converter
Exhaust system structure for motorcycle
Loudspeaker drive unit
Intermediate release nicotinic acid compositions for treating hyperlipidemia having unique biopharma...
Automated vending
Citrus plant named `Mosquito`
Clear paint compositions and multi-layered coating formed by using same
Method and system for locking multiple resources in a distributed environment
Personal speech assistant supporting a dialog manager
Method and apparatus for processing wafers under pressure
Semiconductor processor with wafer face protection
Apparatus and method for processing a microelectronic workpiece using metrology
Plasma thawing system
Method and apparatus for induction heat treatment of structural members
Apparatus and method for verifying proper data entry and detecting common typing errors
Pyramid pebble football
Batting helmet
Tent with a pet entrance
System for polarization mode dispersion compensation
Optical waveguide devices and methods of fabricating the same
Use of minor borehole obstructions as seismic sources
Light reflecting layer having thin metal film directly or via a primer coating on individual particl...
Liquid crystal display with reflective support member and heating device
Distributed scheduling architecture with efficient reservation protocol and dynamic priority scheme ...
Image heating apparatus having metallic rotary member contacting with heater
Protective garment for game of paintball
Method and apparatus for defeating ballistic projectiles
Lead-free bearing
Bearing device
Ceramic ball bearings and assembly
Retainer and rolling bearing having the same
Scroll compressor with vented oil pump
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Dual stiffness bearing damping system
Pipette with improved pipette tip and mounting shaft
Method and apparatus for effecting secure document format conversion
User-computer interaction method for use by a population of flexibly connectable computer systems
Method and apparatus for default factory image restoration of a system
Heat exchanger barrier ribbon with polymeric tubes
Treatment of filtrates from peroxide bleaching of pulp
Thermoset volatile monomer molding compositions and method for molding
Polymerization process with living characteristics and polymers made therefrom
Sulfonated aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters
Insecticidal anthranilamides
Enamel coated binding surface
Photovoltaic module
Apparatus and method for coating photoreceptor substrates
Process and catalysts for upgrading of hydrocarbons boiling in the naphtha range
Multilayer pearl lustre pigment
Disposable absorbent article having improved side features
Method of drying fibrous structures
Fabric treatment composition and method
Bodies of polymeric material comprising linear, isotactic polymers
Thin until wet structures for acquiring aqueous fluids
Process for making solid cleaning components
Cytostatin II
Heteroaryl nitriles
Compact optical system and packaging for head mounted display
Topical composition comprising olive leaf extract
Acyl deoxyribonucleoside derivatives and uses thereof
Micropigment mixture
Blow molding appurtenances to a container
Plastic container having a carbon-treated internal surface
Control for variable buoyancy floating dock
Three dimensional thin film devices and methods of fabrication
Compositions capable of forming hydrogels in the eye
Compact solid source of hydrogen gas
Synthesis gas production by steam reforming using catalyzed hardware
Catalytic humidifier and heater for the fuel stream of a fuel cell
Power system including heat removal unit for providing backup power to one or more loads
Organic thiol metal-free stabilizers and plasticizers for halogen-containing polymers
High temperature investment material and method for making solid investment molds
Coextrusion binder, its use for a multilayer structure and the structure thus obtained
Method and system for accelerating noise
Aliphatic polyester compounds having highly branched structure as a plasticizer of polyvinylchloride...
Semiconductor wafer with a dicing line overlapping a defect
Method and apparatus for reducing deformation of encapsulant in semiconductor device encapsulation b...
Container for dispensing spill-resistant formulations
Removable conformal liners for centrifuge containers
Projectile jacket having frangible closed end
Scanning tunneling microscope light emitting/condensing device
Detachable lamp assembly device with detachable elements
Universal lamp holder assembly for an appliance
Heat distorting support clip for air handling luminaire
Junction box and ballast module assembly
EL element lighting unit employing the same EL element
Object and object feature detector system and method
Method for classifying and searching video databases based on 3-D camera motion
Moving picture encoding method and moving picture encoding apparatus
Optical module access tray
Fiber management drawer and sliding cable slack limiter
Sled-guide-assembly in particular for optical attenuators
Optical transmission system and optical transmission apparatus used therefor
Optical transmission line
Method and apparatus for pulse template matching
Method and apparatus for rapidly evaluating digital data processing parameters
Information providing system
Method and apparatus for protecting the legitimacy of an article
Monitoring electrical activity
Vestibular stimulation system and method
Algorithm for discrimination of 1:1 tachycardias
Manufacturing method of steel ball for rolling bearing
Threaded joint for steel pipes having improved galling resistance and rust-preventing properties
Stainless-steel floor and method of constructing the stainless-steel floor
Princess cut diamond
Gemstone marking system and method
Automated dock removal and replacement system and methods of constructing and operating the system
Underwater propelling apparatus which stably carries out a propelling operation and a steering opera...
Bottom fin for a watersports board
Multicomponent fibers comprising starch and polymers
Floating platform harvesting sea wave energy for electric power generation
Polymerization of olefins
Alkyl glycidyl ether-capped diamine foam controlling agent
Polyoxypropylene/polyoxyethylene copolymers with improved biological activity
Brachytherapy seed
Arborescent thermoplastic elastomers and products therefrom
Azlactone photoiniferters for radical polymerization
Apparatus and method for implementing an existing object-oriented class in an object management syst...
Electrode apparatus and method for the delivery of drugs and genes into tissue
Algebraic reconstruction of images from non-equidistant data
Detection of ribcage boundary from digital chest image
Pet foot washer
Collar ball system
Food compositions fortified with anti-oxidants
Honey packaging and method
Method for optical detection of an illuminated specimen in a plurality of detection channels
Inbred tetraploid watermelon line 90-4194
Electronic semiconductor control of light in optical waveguide
WDM optical network with passive pass-through at each node
Design method for nuclear reactor fuel management
Dynamic insertion and updating of hypertext links for internet servers
Cranial drill with sterile barrier
Programmable serial port architecture and system
N-heterocyclic derivatives
Alpha-keratose as a blood plasma expander and use thereof
Benzanilides as potassium channel openers
Hydrogen fuel transporting hose for fuel-cell powered vehicle
Thermal runaway inhibitors
Rectangular and sealed battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery
Decomposition method for producing submicron particles in a liquid bath
Airbag neutralizing crash rescue system
Patient-shielding and coil system
Fiber-coupled multiplexed confocal microscope
Atrial interval based heart rate variability diagnostic for cardiac rhythm management system
Neuromodulation therapy system
High power amplifier and chassis
Control device for kite
Scramble/descramble method and apparatus for data broadcasting
Advanced notification systems and methods utilizing a computer network
Scan stream sequencing for testing integrated circuits
Hydrotherapy apparatus
Culture medium for in vitro culture of in vitro-produced porcine embryo and method for in vitro prod...
1-alkyl or 1-cycloalkyltriazolo[4,3-a]quinazolin-5-ones as phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Magnetized card holder
Polymers with biocidal action, process for their preparation and their use
Optical recording medium and disc cartridge
Pet tooth care preparation
Process for the preparation of meso-zeaxanthin
Fuel cell separator composition, fuel cell separator and method of manufacture, and solid polymer fu...
Method and apparatus for buffering in multi-node, data distribution architectures
Image forming apparatus with conveyance and exposure control
Apparatus and method for building metadata using a heartbeat of a clustered system
Navigation system
Method for retrieving data from a database
High-voltage discharge lamp device
Receiver for wireless telecommunication stations and method
Windup spring drive unit
Technique for permitting collaboration between web browsers and adding content to HTTP messages boun...
Methods and apparatus for providing shared access to an application
High performance internet storage access scheme
Method for immediately placing a non-occlusive dental implant prosthesis
Mesh material to repair hernias
Bioabsorbable, biocompatible polymers for tissue engineering
Sulfonamide derivatives as inhibitors of bone resorption and as inhibitors of cell adhesion
Guided self-assembly of block copolymer films on interferometrically nanopatterned substrates
Electrospraying apparatus and method for coating particles
Method of routing asynchronously transferred message cells with 100% line utilization
Method for optimizing the use of connecting sections in VBR traffic
Method for determining interactions between a number of optical channels in a wavelength division mu...
Method for measuring the signal quality of an optical data signal
Process for detecting cyclical fluctuations in combustion in an internal combustion engine
Adjustable earth boring device
Method and apparatus for providing efficient management of resources in a multi-protocol over ATM (M...
System and method for automated construction of URL, cookie, and database query mapping
System having interfaces and switch that separates coherent and packet traffic
Random generator
Integrated circuit
Photographing system and photographic information transmission system
System and method of detecting movement of an item
Knockout mouse for the tumor suppressor gene ANX7
Off-axis illumination direct-to-digital holography
Optical modulator/detector based on reconfigurable diffraction grating
Streamlined IC mask layout optical and process correction through correction reuse
Devices and methods for determining the inner pressure of an eye
Poker dice casino game method of play
Multiplier per selected indicia
Game apparatus and method for playing a plurality of game segments displayed using a three-dimension...
Demonstration control adjunct device for printers
Streaming information appliance with circular buffer for receiving and selectively reading blocks of...
Server architecture with detection and recovery of failed out-of-process application
Method and apparatus for finding shape deformations in objects having smooth surfaces
Body fat analyzer with integral analog measurement electrodes
Method and device for machinery diagnostics and prognostics
Method of analyzing crystalline texture
Generalized fluid system simulation program
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmission mechanisms having a stationary gear member and one br...
Planetary transmissions with three interconnected gear sets and six selectable torque transmitting d...
Transmission mechanisms with clutched input and a stationary planetary gear member
Planetary transmissions with three gear sets and a stationary interconnecting member
Six speed planetary transmission mechanisms with two fixed interconnections
Fast response heater for a glue gun
System and method for optical alignment of a color imaging system
Objective lens for a charged particle beam device
Method for producing motion and force by controlling the twin structure orientation of a material an...
Bodily worn device for digital storage and retrieval of medical records and personal identification
Method and system for deghosting
Stack-type DRAM memory structure and its manufacturing method
Method for opening a semiconductor region for fabricating an HBT
Pitcher-shaped active area for field effect transistor and method of forming same
Apparatuses for heat-treatment of semiconductor films under low temperature
LDD structure of thin film transistor and process for producing same
Thin-film capacitor device
Method and system for effecting financial transactions over a public network without submission of s...
Method and apparatus for maintaining data coherency in a shared memory system
System and method to control sending of unsolicited communications relating to a plurality of listin...
Method and apparatus for heat pipe cooling of an excimer lamp
Method and system for creating anaglyphs
Circuit for non-destructive, self-normalizing reading-out of MRAM memory cells
Method for forming a multilayer electrode for a ferroelectric capacitor
Self-aligned alloy capping layers for copper interconnect structures
Multi-layer flexible package with removable section
Mediating conflicts in computer user's context data
Flexible toy figure with wire armature
Electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery
Anesthetic container with metering elements
Aerosol container overcap
Intention achievement information processing apparatus
Keel joint arrangements for floating platforms
Regulation of wound healing by nitric oxide
Semiconductor run-to-run control system with state and model parameter estimation
Optical switch and using method therefor
Assay for detecting, measuring and monitoring the activities and concentrations of proteins and meth...
Surface barriers for copper and silver interconnects produced by a damascene process
Lens-barrel and camera system having the lens-barrel
Veronica plant named `Eveline`
Multiplex coherent raman spectroscopy detector and method
Monitoring execution of an hierarchical visual program such as for debugging a message flow
Multi-mode radiator panels
Relevance maximizing, iteration minimizing, relevance-feedback, content-based image retrieval (CBIR)
Plasma display panel without transparent electrode
Apparatus for spray coating a continuously advancing article
Time keeping and expense tracking server that interfaces with a user based upon a user's atomic abil...
Bouncing and dancing toy figure
Process for recycling side dams for the continuous casting of thin steel strip
Method and composition for scavenging sulphide in drilling fluids and composition
Platform for drilling oil and gas wells in arctic, inaccessible, or environmentally sensitive locati...
Roofmates TM roofing accessories
Bis-Schiff base ligand-containing mono-metallocene olefin polymerization catalyst, its preparation p...
Soybean 11508-73
pH sensitive MRI contrast agents
Interleavers and de-interleavers
Child car seat
Flying car
Biological control of horn flies
Make break contact material comprising ag-ni based alloy having ni metal particles dispersed and rel...
Dental composition based on silicone crosslinkable by cation process
Use of an adsorbent gel for eliminating and purifying biomolecules
Phosphated fluoro alkyl dimethicone copolyol esters
Laser welding method
Two sided image product
Tooth whitening hydrogels
Non-zero complex weighted space-time code for multiple antenna transmission
Alkoxy aryl .beta.2 adrenergic receptor agonists
Nonaqueous organic electrolytes for low temperature discharge of rechargeable electrochemical cells
Porous silica coating with low dielectric constant, semiconductor device and coating composition
Optical recording medium
Composition containing Heliopsis longipes root extract and oral carrier
Low profile non-electrically-conductive component cover for encasing circuit board components to pre...
Nucleic acids encoding for endostatin protein
Photosensitive resin composition and circuit board
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Method of using neutral event specification file for manufacturing line analysis
Feature based assembly
Specialty gas analysis system
Cable position information management system, facility information management system, cable core wir...
Random early demotion and promotion marker
Certification apparatus and method
Cyclopentadienyl-containing low-valent early transition metal olefin polymerization catalysts
High-pressure discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for a low latency source-synchronous address receiver for a host system bus in ...
Method of sound synthesis
System and method for segmented evaluation of database queries
Advance notification systems and methods utilizing a computer network
Circuit configuration to operate a gas discharge lamp
Correlator/FIR filter unit for dual-mode transceiver
Method and devices for heart treatment
Process for the production of a panel of composite material with stiffening strips
Dolly having multiple supports hingedly joined together
Preparation of factor XIIIa by gene manipulation
Modifying starch with cationic polymers and use of the modified starches as dry-strength agent
Graphical user interface for relational database
Method and system for improving a placement of cells using energetic placement units alternating con...
Game machine and game parlor
Game machine
Chaotic character evaluating apparatus and method of the same and processing apparatus of resulting ...
Feedback control method for chaos system using adaptive tracking
Arc fault detector comparing integrated interval to interval filtered load current and circuit break...
Apparatus for preparing and disseminating novel fire extinguishing agents
Semiconductor laser device and optical pickup device using the same
Lensed optical fiber
Multi-channel light source generator in a WDM optical communication system
Stacked adhesive optical sensor
Method and arrangement for attaching at least one shaped part together with a wear part onto a suppo...
Impregnated bodies made of expanded graphite, process for producing such bodies and sealing elements...
Lithium phosphate composite positive electrode and non-aqueous electrolyte cell
Color image forming method using silver halide color photosensitive material
High tenacity, high modulus filament
Exposed die molding apparatus
Observing techniques and its evaluation equipments of filler packing-structure for resin polymer com...
Generic satellite positioning system receivers with programmable inputs
Spread spectrum receiver with multi-bit correlator
Method, apparatus and system for synchronizing a cellular communication system to GPS time
High impact thermoplastic resin composition
Golf ball
Conductive hardening resin for a semiconductor device and semiconductor device using the same
High contrast screen material
Optical transceiver module and optical communications system using the same
Optical transmission system
Redundancy shift register circuit for driver circuit in active matrix type liquid crystal display de...
Adhesion type area sensor and display device having adhesion type area sensor
High strength fiber optic cable
Apparatus and method for managing dispersion within an optical add/drop module
Method of making exposure apparatus with dynamically isolated reaction frame
Optically functional device, single crystal substrate for the device and method for its use
Jitter buffer adjustment algorithm
Optical fiber array and optical light-wave device, and connecting the same
Method for managing power supply to a cellular radiotelephone station
Automated closure system and method
High pressure pump having bearing assembly pre-load apparatus
Turret mounted nozzles for pressure washer wand
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Air compressor
Method for reduced methanation
Rhodium cloth catalyst for partial oxidation of hydrocarbons
Ultrastable porous aluminosilicate structures
Process for the production of ultra-fine zeolite crystals and their aggregates
Thermal interface material
Method and system for reliably defining and determining timeout values in unreliable datagrams
Proprietary core permission structure and method
Designing a cache using an LRU-LFU array
Color organic light emitting diode display with improved lifetime
Lens barrel
Semiconductor laser device providing laser light of two wavelengths and method of fabricating the sa...
Thin film magnetic memory device for selectively supplying a desired data write current to a plurali...
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
Information carrier with a hologram
Method and system for providing multiple classes of services in dense wavelength division multiplexi...
Method and system for automated property valuation
Remote-control toy car set
Composite bodies used as separators in electrochemical cells
Method and apparatus for scalable distribution of information in a distributed network
High storage capacity, fast kinetics, long cycle-life, hydrogen storage alloys
Anesthetic filter arrangement with variable retention of gas by the filter
Pool cue alignment and training apparatus
Shoring device with outer ratcheting collar
Optical grating fabrication
Camera with auxiliary light emission and auto-focus
Unenforced allocation of disk and CPU bandwidth for streaming I/O
Hearing aid with a tightening ring
Method and system for dynamically managing hash pool data structures
Driving method of plasma display panel and display devices
Data I/O management system and method
Toy top
Disposable undergarment with urination indicator
Methods and apparatus for improved energy efficient control of an electric arc furnace fume extracti...
Method and apparatus for improving fault isolation
Block and a riparian improvement structure inhabitable for aquatic life
Human kinase protein and polynucleotides encoding the same
Antibody immunologically reactive with serine protease EOS
Electrodes with multilayer membranes and methods of making the electrodes
Intumescent fire sealing composition
Method for transmitting acoustic signals from a memory or chip card, and card for implementing said ...
Particulate group 4 metallocene-aluminoxane catalyst compositions devoid of preformed support, and t...
Method and system for conveying video messages
Stable, spray-dried composition in a carbohydrate substrate and process for obtaining said compositi...
Method for avoiding over-convolutions in the phase coding direction in nuclear magnetic resonance to...
Ensuring proper acceptance of data at a receiver in wireless multiple access communications systems
Methods and compositions for regulating Fas-associated apoptosis
Pharmaceutical preparations of bioactive substances extracted from natural sources
Power distributing and synthesizing device and mobile communication equipment using same
Aerodynamic stabilization of a projectile
Apparatus for entitling remote client devices
Method and apparatus for detecting mastitis by using visual light and/or near infrared lights
Water recycling system and method
YW35 steel and a low temperature fishplate made of the same
Method for stabilising silicone elastomer moulds
Triterpene compositions and methods for use thereof
Storage of phosphonium phenolate catalysts and their use as interesterification catalysts
Stealth tied label laminate
Hair used as a biologic disk, replacement, and/or structure and method
Stable composition for inhalation therapy comprising delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and semiaqueous so...
Polypropylene molding composition for the production of molding having a decorative surface
Ferroelectric active matrix displays with wide operating temperature range
System and method for coupling and redirecting optical energy between two optical waveguides oriente...
Printing up to edges of printing paper without platen soiling
System and method for producing high purity colloidal silica and potassium hydroxide
Antitumor drugs and methods
Polarizing plate with optical compensation film and liquid crystal display
Distributed computing environment using real-time scheduling logic and time deterministic architectu...
Porous carbon body for a fuel cell having an electronically conductive hydrophilic agent
Electrochemical device such as an electrically controlled system with variable optical and/or energy...
Silica supported transition metal catalyst
High voltage interrupter
Programmable vendor identification circuitry and associated method
Fixing unit having a separator plate for separating a print medium from a roller
Activity-based remote control device
Hand-held surface ECG and RF apparatus incorporated with a medical device
System for detecting air
Fluid sample testing system
Transparent updates to partitioned views in a federated database system
Remote controlled electronic apparatus and remote control method thereof
Local positioning system
Oxazole derivatives
EP4 receptor selective agonists in the treatment of osteoporosis
Compositions and methods for non-parenteral delivery of oligonucleotides
Methods for the synthesis of a modified hemoglobin solution
Glucamine salts for treating hepatitis virus infections
Object connectivity through loosely coupled publish and subscribe events with filtering
Spin dependent tunneling barriers formed with a magnetic alloy
Disk drive comprising an integrator for controlling a VCM actuator and transformer for controlling a...
High performance suspension with reduced flow-induced vibration
Merged magnetic head with a first pole piece notching layer
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Magnetoresistance sensors with Pt-Mn transverse and longitudinal pinning layers and a decoupling ins...
Magneto-resistance effect element, magneto-resistance effect head, magneto-resistance transducer sys...
Multi-channel magnetic head with magnetoresistive elements
Device for two-way transfer of a liquid between a bottle and a cartridge
Image-forming medium coated with microcapsule layer for forming image
Heat-sensitive recording material
Painted metal sheet for printing with a sublimation dye
Error correction architecture to increase speed and relax current drive requirements of SAR ADC
Channeled heat dissipation device and a method of fabrication
Method of manufacturing structural body and structural body
Spinnerette assembly for forming multicomponent hollow fibers
Method for producing cellulosic forms
Block copolymers of lactone and lactam, compatibilizing agents, and compatiblized polymer blends
Modified polytetrafluoroethylene fine powder and process for preparing the same
Light emitting device
Ink cartridge
Micro array and analyzing method using the same
Bio-molecular chip and manufacturing process thereof
Methods of screening novel agents for use in cancer therapy and prevention
Mammalian mesoderm induction early response (MIER) gene family
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
High-heeled jazz dancing and character dancing shoe
Shoe sole having a resilient insert
Heeling apparatus and method
Stabilized metallocene polypropylene
Play structure with active targeting system
Rapid-winding winch power plant and associated amusement rides
Alternate command signal decoding option for a remotely controlled apparatus
Cabin communication system without acoustic echo cancellation
Hybrid inflatable and rigid shoreline riding toy
Oscillating middle axle for a utility vehicle
Bi-directional overrunning clutch for a primary drive axle
Head gear including a data augmentation unit for detecting head motion and providing feedback relati...
Apparatus and method for presenting navigation information based on instructions described in a scri...
Protective winter turf cover
Portable golf ball and club cleaning device
Angularly adjustable putting practice apparatus
Putting practice device and practice method using said device
Golf divot practice mat
Putter head with cavities
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf shoe upper
Synthetic grass with resilient granular top surface layer
Weight shift training apparatus for golfers
Synthetic turf
Object-based software management
Flexible interprocess communication via redirection
Hybrid maize plant and seed 32H58
Inbred corn line RAA1
Inbred corn line VMM1
Inbred maize line PH3RC
Method and apparatus for analyzing mass spectrum
Computer assisted identification of filamentous bacteria
Spathiphyllum plant named `Raymond P. Oglesby`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Annecy Dark Yellow`
Lantana plant named `Robmornvan`
Astilbe plant named `Jump and Jive`
Dianthus plant named `Devon Winnie`
Miniature rose plant named `BENminn`
Optical scanning device and optical player comprising such a scanning device
Communication system with broadband and telephone network interfaces
Delayed delivery of web pages via e-mail or push techniques from an overloaded or partially function...
Methods, systems, and computer program products for establishing secured SSL communication sessions
System and method for selecting internet service providers from a workstation that is connected to a...
Communication method and apparatus with modification of routing path by intermediate relay apparatus
System and method for partitioned distributed scanning of a large dataset for viruses and other malw...
XML server pages language
Deferred copy-on-write of a snapshot
Constructing database representing manifold array architecture instruction set for use in support to...
Scalable multiprocessor system and cache coherence method implementing store-conditional memory tran...
Integrated keypad interface for a personal digital assistant device
Diaphragm device and shutter device for camera
MOSFET amplifier with dynamically biased cascode output
Injection laser
Storing data in non-volatile memory devices
System and method for facilitating unmanaged code participation in garbage collection
Integrated removable functional faceplate for portable computer system
Integrated cellular network structure that is programmable for solving differential equations
Variable whistle pitch control for model train layouts
Diffusion barrier coatings, and related articles and processes
Arrangement for preventing overfill of anesthetic liquid
Aerosol collector
Visual display system for multi-user application
Underwater battery powered lighted fishing lure
Remotely activated buoy
Intelligent interpolation methods for automatic generation of an accurate digital elevation model
Method and apparatus for providing non-photorealistic cartoon outlining within a 3D videographics sy...
Multi-arrayed vacuum recovery method and system for groundwater wells
Dianthus plant named `Devon Xera`
In-car hydration systems
Pumping device for viscous slurry material
Apparatus and method for detecting an end point of a cleaning process
Super thin/super thermal ball grid array package
Cleaning sheet
Paper product
Embossed, non-woven fabric
Embossed, non-woven fabric
Pore structure for programmable device
System and method for allocating overhead voltage in the transmission of pots and XDSL signals
Headset with multiple connections
Method of transmission for radio monitoring via digital mobile communication network and apparatus t...
Method and apparatus for automatically terminating to a voice mail an incoming call made to a radio ...
Apparatus, and associated method, for providing a digital image generated at a mobile station to an ...
Methods and systems for communicating service codes over a PSTN using single stage dialing
Timed disconnect switch for data and telephone circuits
Image capture apparatus having multi-function rotary device and protective cover
Respiratory syncytial virus replication inhibitors
Task chair
Method and system for recording data on and reading data from an optical medium
Quick drying plaster
Method and apparatus for composing a song
Choreographed athletic movement to music
Body weight supports and teaching aid
Educational system for teaching shoe-tying skills
Hand exercise apparatus
Implant insertion tool
Method and system of monitoring a patient
Method and apparatus for providing quality control in an instrument for medical analysis
Method and apparatus for a user extensible event structure
Glass-coated amorphous magnetic mircowire marker for article surveillance
Image display device and image display method
Virtual patient hot spots
Universal trash bin lid
Dolly wheel fender
Bumper for an electric vehicle lift
Wire rope traction hoist
Surface ornamentation for caskets
Infant-operable remote controlled entertainment and education device and system
Bulb type speaker structure
Method for controlling screen printer
Sending a view event, and a request event having a class name and a method name
Method of and apparatus for determining an optimal solution to a uniform-density layout problem, and...
Programmatic access to the widest mode floating-point arithmetic supported by a processor
Method for increasing the speed of speculative execution
Method and apparatus for protectively operating a data/information processing device
Apparatus and method for starvation load balancing using a global run queue in a multiple run queue ...
Upgradable aircraft in-flight entertainment system and associated upgrading methods
Sewer drain receptacle with hose resting seat
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation to form a substantially uniform, relatively high perm...
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using heat transfer from a heat tra...
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation by controlling a pressure of the fo...
Situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to control product composition
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using a controlled heating rate
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation using repeating triangular patterns of heat sources
Maize glycine rich protein promoter compositions and methods for use thereof
Systems and methods for monitoring network exchanges between a client and a server
Method and device for introducing a service key into a terminal
Method and apparatus for free-space quantum key distribution in daylight
Data access control system and method thereof
Integrity scanner
Substituted purine derivatives as inhibitors of cell adhesion
Methods for polymer synthesis
Oxygen-absorbing multi-layer film
Method for cultivation of filamentous fungi
Composition for, and methods of, anti-platelet therapy
White ink for marking candy substrates
Counter-top electric oven
Nucleic acid sequences relating to Candida albicans for diagnostics and therapeutics
Selectively accessible container for gratuities
Method and apparatus for creating software tools using a JTML interface
Task list window for use in an integrated development environment
Method for generating instruction sequences for integer multiplication
Electrochromic organic polymer synthesis and devices utilizing electrochromic organic polymers
Device and method for transmitting a message from a client device to a service center
Method and apparatus for updating announcement group information
Method and apparatus for controlling power during a dispatch group call
Method for determining location information
Performance monitor system and method suitable for use in an integrated circuit
Memory tester omits programming of addresses in detected bad columns
Utility lighter
LED cross-linkable phospor coating
Method and system for preparing a polycarbonate, copolymerization reagent and polycarbonate
Low-emission adhesives based on an aqueous, protective-colloid-free dispersion of vinyl acetate-ethy...
Poly(L-lactide-co-glycolide) copolymers, methods for making and using same, and devices containing s...
Microprocessor with instruction for saturating and packing data
Optical imaging of induced signals in vivo under ambient light conditions
Nucleic acid encoding human thyrotropin receptor
Decoupling circuit for magnetic resonance imaging local coils
Boronic ester and acid compounds, synthesis and uses
Selective removal of oxygen from syngas
Ball spinner and polish apparatus
Dishwasher cage
Device for dispensing a product, particularly product samples, as a spray
Dispenser endpiece comprising two assembled-together parts and a coating of flocking
Device for selectively immobilizing a container on a surface, container including the device, and me...
Device for applying a hair product to sections of hair and method of hair treatment
Device for packaging and distributing a substance
Viscosity index improver and lube oil containing the same
2-phenyl-substituted heterocyclic 1,3-ketoenols as herbicides and pesticides
Method, system, program, and data structures for loading programs into a runtime environment
Integrated system for designing product packaging
Quantum cryptography system for a secure transmission of random keys using a polarization setting me...
Robot cleaner system having external charging apparatus and method for docking with the charging app...
Array of coils for use in imaging the vasculature of a patient
Bit search device and bit search method
Surface treated embossing catalyst and the use thereof
Piezoelectric flexural transducer and use thereof
Electromagnetic valve
Nut runner
Method and arrangement for transmitting multimedia-related information in a packet-switched cellular...
Multimedia emergency services
Process, system, and apparatus for embedding data in compressed audio, image video and other media f...
Method and system for extracting melodic patterns in a musical piece and computer-readable storage m...
Portable multipurpose recording terminal and portable network server
Flexible keyword searching
Edge protection device for hole saw
Chlorination of an aniline in a hydrofluoric medium
Substance applying apparatus
Object mechanism and method for retrieving attribute values in a object oriented framework
Xyloglucan fucosyltransferase plants transformed with a DNA encoding arabidopsis
Reflective microfluidics display particularly suited for large format applications
Combination therapy for treatment of erectile dysfunction
Microwave oven with increased usable space
Use of transition metal complexes having oxime ligands as bleach catalysts
System of sharing objects having a plurality of contents
Process for working up emulsion polymers
Method for separating adhered paper from paper-covered gypsum board
Method for limiting the force action of a robot part
Unit for making beverages by brewing and machine incorporating same
Material handling method using autonomous mobile drive units and movable inventory trays
N-substituted dithiocarbamates for the treatment of biological disorders
Optical film and liquid-crystal display device
Nucleic acid binding proteins
Transmission system of short time lag
Bi-directional floating gate nonvolatile memory
Luminescent display and a method producing the same
Magnetic homogenization of superconducitng RF coils for the reception of NMR signals
Methods and apparatus for requesting and receiving a print job via a printer polling device associat...
Program guide system for recording television programs
Key security system for vehicle-based information node
Method and apparatus for generating and displaying location-specific diagnostic information using an...
Small-scale mill and method thereof
Computer programming language pronouns
Image reading system
One-pass greedy-pattern-matching finite-state-machine code generation
Tissue kallikrein gene promoter polymorphisms
Method of treating neurological diseases and etiologically related symptomology using carbonyl trapp...
Pyridine-based thyroid receptor ligands
Authoring language translator
Apparatus and method for power control in a radio communication system
System and method for energy-efficient transmission power control, routing and transmission scheduli...
System for using a GSM mobile telephone in a dect mobile communication network
System and method of handling dormancy in wireless networks
Safe distance algorithm for adaptive cruise control
Modular covert remote electronic warfare simulator
Discrete, background determination of the adequacy of security features of a computer system
Methods for diagnosing lung cancer
Data protection on an optical disk
Unirradiated nuclear fuel component transport system
Communication cable having a soft housing
Optical fiber ribbons having a non-uniform thickness and/or preferential tear portions
Apparatus and method for replenishing a developing device with toner while suppressing toner remaini...
Basket catheter with multiple location sensors
Medical catheter/lead body design and means of manufacture thereof
Water-decomposable absorbent article
Power distribution control apparatus for four-wheel drive vehicle and a method for controlling the a...
Control panel for a vehicle
Pedestrian protecting device for a vehicle
Control system and control method for a hybrid electric vehicle powertrain
Portable labor-saving battery device for electric vehicle
Ventilation system for a motor vehicle
Electric brake system
File structure for preventing edition and deletion in internet, a variety of computers and computer ...
Performance-based expert witnessing
Autonomous network service configuration
Creating an opinion oriented Web page with hyperlinked opinions
Recording medium, recording apparatus and recording/reproducing system for tracking use and transfer...
System and method for controlling the use and duplication of digital content distributed on removabl...
System and method for securely checking in and checking out digitized content
Supported noble metal nanometer catalyst particles containing controlled (111) crystal face exposure
Process for preparing (branched-alkyl) arylsulfonates and a (branched-alkyl) arylsulfonate compositi...
Carbon dioxide-soluble polymers and swellable polymers for carbon dioxide applications
Metal catalysts
Process for the hydrogenation of phenyl acetylene in a styrene-containing medium with the aid of a c...
Silicone polymer, silicone composition, and cosmetic preparation containing the same
Peptide inhibitors of HIV entry
Phosphorylated fusion proteins
Antibodies against the tumor suppressor gene ING1
Human monoclonal antibodies specific for hepatitis C virus (HCV) E2 antigen
Azo compounds for type I phototherapy
Use of amine compounds with improved biodegradability as adjuvants for pesticides and fertilizers
Hydrothermal drilling method and system
Method for controlling deposit formation in gasoline direct injection engine by use of a fuel having...
Polypropylene-based adhesive compositions
Production of alkylated aromatic compounds using dealuminated catalysts
Spacecraft and aerospace plane having scissors wings
Unbalanced gyroscopic apparatus for producing unidirectional thrust
Aircraft sensor pod assembly
Pressure rate of change sensitive latching method and apparatus
Integrated tankage for propulsion vehicles and the like
Method of controlling the attitude and stabilization of a satellite in low orbit
Ceramic matrix composite structure having integral cooling passages and method of manufacture
Low molecular weight polymannuronate
Isoxazoline derivative and a process for the preparation thereof
Method and apparatus for automatic exposure control in CT scanning
Method for switching a first communication link to a second communication link between two communica...
System for the control and monitoring of functional device for the disabled with energy from outside...
Method and apparatus for switching between input clocks in a phase-locked loop
Semiconductor component for direct gate control and monitoring of power semiconductor switches
Voltage output differential (VOD) correction circuit for differential drivers
Apparatus for processing photographic materials
Photographic film developing apparatus
Photographic processor having an exposure section with an inclined media path
Dentition image reading apparatus
Shading device and lens barrel
Fire-rated dome housing for security cameras
System and method of providing multiple installation actions
Hand-held personal computer
Dynamic throughput allocation in a converged voice/data services network interface
Apparatus and method for recognizing color space of a digital video input
Dynamic information format conversion
Photoelectron linear accelerator for producing a low emittance polarized electron beam
Methods and apparatus for radar data processing
Apparatus and method for real-time testing/adjusting of television picture colors
Image processing apparatus
Method and system for autoflight information display
System for providing information and an apparatus which receives the information
Motor vehicle trajectory measurement
Ignition timing control system and method, and engine control unit for internal combustion engine
Toy support apparatus
Space frame structure made by 3-D weaving of rod members
Wearable drink holder
Magnetic levitation device with mechanical stabilization, especially for models, toy, or design obje...
Long range flying disc sporting toy
Hybrid air boost vehicle and method for making same
Apparatus and method for traversing compound curved and other surfaces
Snowmobile planetary drive system
Engine mounts, such as for a skid steer loader, having internally snubbed shocks and vibration isola...
Power steering system with vehicle braking state input for vibration reduction
Electric power steering device and control method thereof
Method of triggering a gas generator for an air bag in a motor vehicle
Data supply controlling device, method, and storage medium which facilities information searching by...
Method and system for retrieving data from multiple data sources using a search routing database
Graphical query analyzer
Internet based method for facilitating networking among persons with similar interests and for facil...
Gamma watermarking
Method and system for generation of multiple viewpoints into a scene viewed by motionless cameras an...
Interactive TV using remote control with built-in phone
Verification data encoding method, original image verification method and apparatus, and computer re...
Digital watermark embedding method and apparatus, and digital watermark
Daylily plant named `Just Plum Happy`
Information card and information card system
Internet/telephone access device
Method and system for enterprise service balancing
Multi-layer food products
Salt substitute compositions
Sweetening composition and its uses
Reprocessed batter and method for continuous rework fermentation
Tomato raisin
Calla lily plant named `Tahiti`
Verbena plant named `Usbenal5`
Petunia plant named `USTUNI218`
Animal feed containing polypeptides
Selective modification of plant fatty acids
Auxiliary drive for combine augers for cleanout
Polynucleotides differentially expressed in adenocarcinomas, polypeptides encoded thereby, and metho...
Network control system, controller, and device
Content addressable memories having entries stored therein with independently searchable weight fiel...
Interface architecture
Process for the removal of oxalate and/or sulphate from Bayer liquors
Method for the catalytic decomposition of N2O
Low temperature sorbents for removal of sulfur compounds from fluid feed streams
Hydrogen cyanide synthesis process
Alkali metal fluorozincate and method for producing it
Stable aqueous polymer dispersions and a process for their preparation
Coating material for forming titanium oxide film, method for forming titanium oxide film and use of ...
Method for preparing a plastic surface for printing with toner
Self heat sealable packaging and a method for making same
Preparation of nondusting free-flowing pigment concentrates
Microwave thawing apparatus and method
Nano-size imprinting stamp using spacer technique
Silica reinforced rubber compositions of improved processability and storage stability
Method of adding water insoluble organic chemicals to styrene-butadiene rubber latex dispersions and...
Reaction of carbon black with diazonium salts, resultant carbon black products and their uses
Thermoplastic polymer propellant compositions
Tire construction method for improving tire uniformity
Methods for the identification of fungal glucose utilization inhibitors and antifungal agents
Compound semiconductor light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Current switched magnetoresistive memory cell
Damascene capacitor formed in metal interconnection layer
Video switching apparatus for switching between a plurality of channels
Imaging apparatus having video memory function
Updating transmitter data stored in a preset channel memory
Image sensor having black pixels disposed in a spaced-apart relationship from the active pixels
Solid-state image pick-up apparatus, driving method therefor, and image input apparatus
Method for synchronizing audio and video streams
Traffic density analysis apparatus based on encoded video
Waste stream digestion system
Method of spin etching wafers with an alkali solution
Catalyst for the low-temperature pyrolysis of hydrocarbon-containing polymer materials
Method for predispersing compounding ingredients
Laminate sheath type battery
Neonatal valved manifold
Mobile ballistic missile detection and defense system
Fin lock system
Towed airborne vehicle control and explosion damage assessment
On-board inert gas generating system optimization by pressure scheduling
Genetic motif extracting and processing apparatus, genetic motif extracting and processing method, a...
Dynamic resource reallocation
Optical cross-connect switch using programmable multiplexers/demultiplexers
Display of a hiearchical telecommunication network
Double helical-S fiber tray
Method for flood paging in a telecommunications network
Mobile telecommunications system with improved management of its radio resources
Dynamic variation of class of service in a communication network based on network resources
Stowable integrated motor propulsor fins
Method for discharging waste gas from submarines without a signature
Subassembly designed to produce an aquatic gliding board
High-speed supercavitating underwater vehicle
End portions for a flexible fluid containment vessel and a method of making the same
Boat hook attachment
Lottery ticket bar code
Process management system
Autograph ball
Archery bow stabilizing scent dispenser
Skate board maze
Baccarat game methods and electronic device for playing the same
Gaming device and method having an internally-based competition-type bonus event
Make up application kit
Method and apparatus for training a shooter of a firearm
Method and apparatus for aircraft-based simulation of variable accelerations and reduced gravity con...
Card for representing color applied to facial features
Monoclonal antibodies that suppress B cell growth and/or differentiation
Sugar modified nucleosides
Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
Method & apparatus for W-CDMA handoff searching
Methods for producing transgenic plants containing evolutionarily significant polynucleotides
Stacked fill structures for support of dielectric layers
Filter system and method to suppress interference imposed upon a frequency-division multiplexed chan...
Speaker-phone system change and double-talk detection
Acoustic echo processing system
Line interface circuit with event detection signaling
Subscriber circuit for public telephone set
Verbena plant named `Usbenal8`
Method and system for verifying and correcting data records in a database
Preferential caching of uncopied logical volumes in an IBM peer-to-peer virtual tape server
Method and apparatus to facilitate testing of garbage collection implementations
Dual handle attachment for an appliance
Washing high pressure equipment
Washing high pressure equipment
Handle for upright vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner head
Handle for folding upright vacuum cleaner
Cleaning device
Electric iron
Gate entry system using short range radio communications with user terminal devices
Vehicle-mounted apparatus of a dedicated short range communications system
Radio local area network
Cellular mobile radio network and method for operating such a network
Time-of-day call forwarding in a wireless centrex services system
Transmission link optimization
Method for estimating number of internationalization faults in software code
Low Vt transistor substitution in a semiconductor device
Staphylococcus aureus polynucleotides and sequences
Long-term three dimensional tissue culture system
Malleable paste for filling bone defects
Sutureless anastomosis systems
Chiral catalysts for asymmetric acylation and related transformations
Process for producing optically active aminoalcohol
Optically controlled switches
Optically coupled sensor for application to combustible liquids
Heads-up display system with optical rotation layers
Monitoring of vapor phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Method and a device for enabling intercommunication among user processes in a communication manageme...
Intelligent network providing network access services (INP-NAS)
Method and apparatus for network caching and load balancing
Apparatus and method in a network switch for modifying a bandwidth request between a requestor and a...
Methods for differentiating and monitoring parathyroid and bone status related diseases
Mounting structure for lenses and a frame of an eyeglasses
Coupling system for securing a one-piece lens to temples
Litter box
Method for determining catalyst cool down temperature
Precision cutter for elastomeric cable
Magnetic field correcting method, magnetic field generating apparatus, and magnetic resonance imagin...
Image forming apparatus using a single optical fiber to transmit electrical signals
Eyelid operation for an ink jet printer
Dry-in-place zinc phosphating compositions including adhesion-promoting polymers
Method of controlling a supply of ink in a printing machine, and a printing machine for performing t...
Method for presetting an ink feed in multi-color printing
Method for modifying an image surface of a printing plate
Treating composition and process for toner fusing in electrostatographic reproduction
Printing device
Vehicle display unit
Shock wave aerosolization method and apparatus
Thin-walled reinforced sleeve with integral compressible layer
System and method for using and collecting information from a plurality of depth layers
Metal hydride storage canister design and its manufacture
Method and apparatus for collecting condensate in an integrated fuel cell system
Monopolar cell pack of proton exchange membrane fuel cell and direct methanol fuel cell
Method for manufacturing a foam panel
Process for the preparation of meso-zeaxanthin
Interfacial and edge seals for unitized electrode assemblies of fuel cell stack assembly
Communicative glove containing embedded microchip
Method for installing conduit or the like on mountainside
Erosion control and bulkhead apparatus
Side-slotted nozzle type double sheet spacer grid for nuclear fuel assemblies
Wavelength multiplexer and optical unit
Printer with video playback user interface
Computerized system for generating a tool path for a pocket
Solid catalyst component and catalyst for olefin polymerization, process for producing olefin polyme...
Apparatus and method for synchronizing multiple accesses to common resources
Multi-processor computer system with lock driven cache-flushing system
Method for evaluation of scalable symmetric multiple processor cache coherency protocols and algorit...
Method and system for privilege-level-access to memory within a computer
Apparatus and method for conditionally flushing a pipeline upon a failure of a test condition
Computer system having peripheral device look
Early error detection using ECC
Method for checking beam generation and beam acceleration means of an ion beam therapy system
Method for control of a plant
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Disk array control device with an internal connection system for efficient data transfer
Retardation film and process for producing the same
Multiple layer film of a new non-PVC material
Photoresist compositions
Homologous recombination antibody expression system for murine cells
Cutting blade
Connecting device for connecting at least two optical waveguides, in particular optical waveguides o...
High pressure die cast process
Industrial robot
Device for carrying and fastening a robot
Robot audiovisual system
Substrate processing method, substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing system
Apparatus for processing wafers
Metal halide lamp with reduced change in color temperature
Control of forward link power CDMA mobile communication system
Stretchable interconnects using stress gradient films
Portable gas alarm device
Intelligent fabric
Pivot with a detent
Image processing apparatus and method that determines the thickness of characters and lines
Data communication control apparatus and its control method, image processing apparatus and its meth...
Sheet winding detecting device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with environmentally-controlled first and second charging members
Information processing apparatus and method
Management method for fiber processing and a management apparatus thereof
Immunological methodology for discerning human papillomavirus
Method and system for bypassing memory controller components
Three level direct communication connections between neighboring multiple context processing element...
Method of masking corrupt bits during signature analysis and circuit for use therewith
High efficiency transmit antenna
System and method for imaging an object
Insulin pump having missed meal bolus alarm
Sunscreen for animals
Deodorant pad system
Low temperature coatings
Apparatus and method for coating implantable devices
Hybrid carnation plant named `CFPC SARI`
Surgical instruments and procedures for stabilizing the beating heart during coronary artery bypass ...
Topical testosterone formulations and associated methods
Character input interface for compact electronic devices