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Fuel additive composition for improving delivery of friction modifier
Method and apparatus for producing cleaning agent
Method of removing N-terminal alanine residues from polypeptides with Aeromonas aminopeptidase
Carbonate based liquid laundry detergent booster
Apo-AI/AII peptide derivatives
Method for efficiently identifying errant processes in a computer system by the operating system (OS...
Pick guard with electronic control housing and interface for acoustic guitar
Diaphragm-type pumping apparatus
Tire pressure maintenance and monitoring system
Linear compressor with vibration canceling spring arrangement
Device for delivering single-phase or multiphase fluids without altering the properties thereof
Hydraulic pump with flow guider
Implantable drug delivery device with peristaltic pump having retracting roller
Paper towel dispenser
Signal processing apparatus
Balancing planarization of layers and the effect of underlying structure on the metrology signal
Simplified polarization independent optical sampling using a spatially split waveplate
Ellipsometer and precision auto-alignment method for incident angle of the ellipsometer without auxi...
Heat seal position measurement device for plastic film
Object-correspondence identification without full volume registration
Apparatus and method for processing contrast correction of image
Method and apparatus for tissue dependent filtering for image magnification
Substituted N-aryl nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds
Microfluid driving device
Optical scanning lens, optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Single-sided unipolar device driver for a piezoelectric transducer in a disc drive
Near-field optical head
Frequency sensitivity analysis and optimum design for MEMS resonator
Testing circuit and method for MEMS sensor packaged with an integrated circuit
Micromechanical tunable capacitor and an integrated tunable resonator
Cooling system for a cabinet
Pre-assembled front unit for motor vehicles
Heater apparatus for a motor vehicle
Cassette for delivering fluids, especially dialysis fluids
Variable length and directional cooling duct
Heat dissipating device
Hearing aid
Electrical probe
Pretreatment method for enhancing tissue adhesion
Method of making microencapsulated DNA for vaccination and gene therapy
Bioabsorbable multifilament yarn and methods of manufacture
Radiation-hardened static memory cell using isolation technology
System and method for defining, refining, and personalizing communications policies in a notificatio...
Inflatable packing material
Container body portion
Individual package bagger and process
Light-weight reinforced, tubular plastic footing form members and assemblies
Process for devitalizing soft-tissue engineered medical implants, and devitalized soft-tissue medica...
Sports shoe
PVC management system and method
Process for production of molecular sieve adsorbent blends
Preparation of flame retardant expandable poly(arylene ether)/polystyrene compositions
Low viscosity alkyl diphenyl oxide sulfonic acid blends
Implantable medical catheter having reinforced silicone elastomer composition
Dicing machine
Method and apparatus for remote sales of vended products
Transparent or translucent tubular structure
Solid surface products
Laminate for coffee packaging with energy cured coating
Discharge lamp with improved light distribution characteristics
Setting device with rotating actuator and illuminated index display
Field sequential liquid crystal display apparatus
Shaped illumination geometry and intensity using a diffractive optical element
Lighting fixture
Optical module with metal casing accommodating electrically insulative holder for holding semiconduc...
Optoelectrical transceiver module with de-latching mechanism
System and method for controlling variable optical attenuators
Pressure vessel
Optical switching matrix
Method for image alignment under non-uniform illumination variations
Method, apparatus and recording medium for generating an image file having hierarchical image data r...
Content-based image retrieval apparatus and method via relevance feedback by using fuzzy integral
Apparatus and method for simultaneously managing paper-based documents and digital images of the sam...
Method, data processing equipment and program for correcting scanning errors as well as associated t...
Retail terminal utilizing an imaging scanner for product attribute identification and consumer inter...
Automated template generation algorithm for implantable device
Electronic wrist-worn device and method of controlling the same
High definition electrical impedance tomography
Method and apparatus for detection of premature atrial contraction
Current-controlling electrode with adjustable contact area
Rapid prototyping material systems
High-strength high-toughness precipitation-hardened steel
Steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
High resistance steel band or sheet and method for the production thereof
Jewelry piece with a changeable decorative article setting
Catalyst systems for the polymerization of olefins and the stereoregular polymerization of alpha-ole...
Fuel cell power system and method of controlling a fuel cell power system
Construction board materials with engineered microstructures
Benzoxazines, thermosetting resins comprised thereof, and methods for use thereof
Tomographic segmentation
Endoscope apparatus
Measurements with CT perfusion
Fishing line feeder spool support
Therapeutic agents for achondroplasia
Acidic oil-in-water type emulsion composition
Production of membrane proteins in the milk of transgenic mammals
Feedstuffs and methods for obtaining them
Method for selecting an optimal level of redundancy in the design of memories
Methods and apparatuses for signal analysis
System and method for incorporating concept-based retrieval within boolean search engines
Class switched networks for tracking articles
Electrochemically stable onium salts and electrolytes containing such for electrochemical capacitors
Methods for protection of stratified squamous epithelium against injury by noxious substances and no...
Process of making polymer articles
Actuator cap for radially locating a can in a holding device
Ultrashort-pulse source with controllable wavelength output
System and method of generating a low-pain multi-step defibrillation waveform for use in an implanta...
Method, system, and program for providing status in a multi-processing node system
Method for forming a magnetic pattern in a magnetic recording medium, a magnetic pattern forming dev...
Adaptive cancellation for wireless repeaters
Pipe inspection systems and methods
Generating in and exists queries using tensor representations
Decorative background assembly with illustrated display panel, fluorescent light, and mirror, for us...
Production of complex carbohydrates
Compositions and assays utilizing ADP or phosphate for detecting protein modulators
Modular sign
Lung assist apparatus and methods for use
Method of completing a well in an unconsolidated formation
Fiberoptic splice closure
Selective liquid phase hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds to give the corresponding alcohols in the...
Transition metal compounds, polymerization catalysts for olefins, olefin polymers and process for th...
System for automatically selecting clock modes based on a state of clock input pin and generating a ...
Apertured polymeric film web with diol/surfactant additive
Method of determining liquid toner depletion
Tone generating electronic device with paging module for verification of energy curtailment
Sealed beam high intensity discharge lamp system for aircraft
Base station for detecting short codes
Pharmaceutical compositions containing plasma protein
Pyrrolothiazine and pyrrolothiazepine compounds having serotonin-2 receptor antagonistic and .alpha....
Method and apparatus for solar heating a mining leach solution
Method of determining the position of geostationary satellites by transit time measurements of satel...
Parallel precise time transfer to multiple GPS units
GPS based tracking system
Unbiased code phase estimator for mitigating multipath in GPS
Determining desired pseudolite locations based on predicted GPS coverage
Enhancements for GPS based bi-static radar
Superconductor cables and magnetic devices
Maintenance method and system for plasma processing apparatus etching and apparatus
Poly vectoral reverse navigation
Semiconductor die package including cup-shaped leadframe
Wire harness system
Monitor for display re-imaging and display re-imaging system
Communication system between road and vehicle
Waveguides and method of making them
Distributed Raman amplification system
Acoustical noise reducing enclosure for electrical and electronic devices
Non-linear optical material
Method and system for low-dose three-dimensional imaging of a scene
Ported loudspeaker enclosure
Method for automatic carrier suppression tuning of a wireless communication device
Mobile communication system
Multilayer optical bodies
Thin wall fastener
Method and apparatus for accessing a remote location by scanning an optical code
Lead-free amber-colored electric lamp
Nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device and method of forming the same
Semiconductor memory device capable of preventing oxidation of plug and method for fabricating the s...
Petroleum exploration and prediction apparatus and method
Expansion shell assembly
Viral recombinant vectors for expression in muscle cells
Resonant operation of MEMS switch
Structures and methods to enhance copper metallization
Verbena plant named `USBENAL11`
Method for insertion of test points into integrated circuit logic designs
Parallel spatial join index
Barrier ribs material for a plasma display panel
Sparger configuration for fluidized bed hydrocarbon partial oxidation reactors
Process for the removal of pollutants from the soil
Human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Non-cellular adhesive for composite roof structure
Process for early detection of reactor fouling in gas phase polymerization
Mass spectrometric data analyzing method, mass spectrometric data analyzing apparatus, mass spectrom...
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Synchronization of plural databases in a database replication system
Pallet jack stop
Semiconductor laser with multiple quantum well active layer including modulation-doped barrier layer...
Method and apparatus for geographically limiting service in a conditional access system
Absorbent animal bedding material and method of manufacturing and using same
Conductive electrolyte system with viscosity reducing co-solvents
Method for combined fabrication of indium gallium arsenide/indium phosphide avalanche photodiodes an...
Pyrrolopyridazine compounds
Advertising system
Side plug for an ink-jet cartridge, and cartridge assembly methods
Small diameter low watt density immersion heating element
Iontophoretic apparatus
Thermoelectrically active materials and generators and Peltier arrangements containing them
Fuel cell system and method for operating same
Methods for forming amorphous ultra-high molecular weight polyolefins for use as drag reducing agent...
Contact for vacuum interrupter and vacuum interrupter using the contact
Methods for generating a calibration product for an image producing device having a plurality of ton...
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
Intelligent electronic device with assured data storage on powerdown
Operating circuit for a discharge lamp with preheatable electrodes
System for detecting short codes
Co-cured composite structures and method of making them
Self-cleansing bladder drainage device
Methods of using cyanovirins to inhibit viral infection
Bidirectional sequential interaction designation scheme for a chained and bussed array of integrated...
Method and apparatus for detecting nonlinearity and chaos in a dynamical system
Card battle game
Optimum edges for speakers and musical instruments
Method of plasma incision of matter with a specifically tuned radiofrequency electromagnetic field g...
Game machine and game parlor
Enciphering/deciphering apparatus and method incorporating random variable and keystream generation
Method and apparatus for determining a representative Z values in a video graphics system
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Condensate removal protection apparatus and method therefore
Air compressor assembly
Graftless spinal fusion device
Dynamic implanted intervertebral spacer
Methods for stabilizing biologically active agents encapsulated in biodegradable controlled-release ...
Method for spray-coating a medical device having a tubular wall such as a stent
Wiring designing method
System and method for presenting information to passengers in conveyance
Self service system for web site publishing
System and method for tracking and reporting pesticide and fertilizer use on agricultural products
Discharge light-emitting device and method manufacture thereof
Single crystalline aluminum nitride film, method of forming the same, base substrate for group III e...
Local thermal enhancement of magnetic memory cell during programming
Method of fabricating integrated circuit devices having dielectric regions protected with multi-laye...
RuSixOy-containing barrier layers for high-k dielectrics
Facilitating agent apparatus and agent system equipped with the same
Super-node normalized belief propagation for probabilistic systems
Structure for fastening soil nails to reinforced soil retaining walls
Electronically scanned antenna system, an electrically scanned antenna and an associated method of f...
Magnetizable bead detector
Astilbe plant named `Rock and Roll`
Microprocessor with instructions for shuffling and dealing data
Barrier rib structure for plasma display panel
Credit card referral methods
Build-up mold for continuous casting
Rapid fluorescence detection of binding to nucleic acid drug targets labelled with highly fluorescen...
Infiltration and gas recovery systems for landfill bioreactors
Directional acceleration vector-driven displacement of fluids (DAVD-DOF)
Sterilized cyanoacrylate solutions containing thickeners
Method of making a wall system
System for electronically managing, finding, and/or displaying biomolecular interactions
Inspection apparatus using nuclear-magnetic-resonance
System, method and program for determining the availability of interfaces to a device from informati...
Apparatus for convenient and comfortable cursor control device
High throughput high performance chromatography system
Staggering call stack offsets for multiple duplicate control threads
Cradle mounted turbine nozzle
Disposable oximetry sensor
Receiver estimation engine for a chaotic system
Encoding of syringe information
Initiator for polymerizing and/or cross-linking polyorganosiloxanes with cross-linkable functional g...
Alkyne-aryl phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors
Device for displaying information
Six sector antenna structure
Use of calcitonin gene-related peptide in the prevention and alleviation of asthma and related bronc...
Fireproof thermally insulating barrier, a method of fabricating such a barrier, and a garment compri...
Non-contact laser capture microdissection
Cyclic .beta.-amino acid derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases and TNF-.alpha.
Method for purifying a thermoplastic norbornene resin, a substrate using such a resin, and a magneti...
Oxygen isolation and collection for anode protection in a solid-oxide fuel cell stack
Silver-zinc alkaline rechargeable battery (stacking order)
Catalyst pretreatment in an oxgenate to olefins reaction system
Coder with error correction, decoder with error correction and data transmission apparatus using the...
Remote diagnosis method and system, and portable information processor therefor
Apparatus and method for performing surveillance prior to boot-up of an operating system
Wheel mounted power generator and wheel condition sensing apparatus
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus and lamp apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing signal interference in satellite broadcast systems employing terre...
System and method for a shared memory architecture for high speed logging and trending
Spindle motor having inner and outer ball bearing sets
Piezoelectric actuator and shock sensor
Converting asynchronous packets into isochronous packets for transmission through a multi-dimensiona...
Method and apparatus for controlling write current in writer drivers
Disk drive for dynamically allocating memory accessed concurrently by a host interface and a disk in...
Air bearing slider with an angularly disposed channel formed between a side rail and a leading side ...
Write/read head supporting mechanism, and write/read system
Method and system for making TMR junctions
Low particulating latch for a disc drive
Guide shaft support mechanism and recording medium recording and reproducing apparatus
Dual plane actuator
Exchange biased self-pinned spin valve sensor with recessed overlaid leads
Heat-sensitive recording material
Thermal transfer image-receiving sheet and process for producing the same
Pigment mixture comprising BiOCI pigments
Method for machining slots in molding die
Method for attaching resonator part
Pasta, pastry, cookie, and hors d'oeuvre maker
Melt-extruded orally administrable opioid formulations
System for continuously producing gum with improved texture and flavor release
Fep pellet
Thermoelectric material improved in figure of merit, process for producing thereof and peltier modul...
Process for forming varistor ink composition
Laser oscillating apparatus with slotted waveguide
High brightness laser oscillator with spherical aberration
Edge emitting lasers using photonic crystals
Single mode operation of microelectromechanically tunable, half-symmetric, vertical cavity surface e...
Linear filament array sheet for EUV production
Radiation insensitive fiber light source for interferometric fiber optic gyroscopes (IFOGS)
Diagnostic device, diagnostic method, and network system having diagnostic facility
System for marking the locations of imaged tissue with respect to the surface of the tissue
Submarine optical cable, optical fiber unit employed in the submarine optical cable, and method of m...
Method of winding optical fiber on reel
Web conditioning charging station
Distribution apparatus
Method for reduction of formaldehyde emissions in wood composite panels
Methods and appartaus for non-destructing evaluation of the mechanical properties of composite mater...
Method of making dimensionally stable composite board and composite board produced by such method
Nonwoven fabric having three-dimensional printed surface and method for producing the same
Method of manufacture of ceramic composite wiring structures for semiconductor devices
Snowboard binding system
Methods and apparatus for recycling asphalt shingle material into landscaping, ground cover and eros...
Method of metallizing a substrate part
Oxide superconducting conductor and its production method
High up/down ratio GPS antennas with serrated absorber
System and method for providing cacheable smram
Algorithms for determining path coverages and activity
Methods and systems for managing farmland
Electrodeless lighting system and bulb therefor
Selective filtering of wavelength-converted semiconductor light emitting devices
Magnetoresistive memory (MRAM)
Expert system adapted data network guidance engine
Electrode materials derived from polyquinonic ionic compounds and their use in electrochemical gener...
Neo-natal oxygen delivery system
Method and device for determining the layer thickness distribution in a paint layer
Manhole debris-catching system
Fluorescent polymer-QTL approach to biosensing
Heat-resistant composition
Petunia plant named `Ustuni153`
Death domain containing receptor 5
Several improvements for timing diagrams
File system with access and retrieval of XML documents
Plasma display panel
Hot airflow generation device
3-nitropyridine derivaives and the pharmaceutical compositions containing said derivatives
Construction and method for interconnecting flexible printed circuit and wiring board, liquid crysta...
Method for connection of underwater pipelines and a tool for such connection
Bone stimulating factor
Writing instrument with display window
Product and method for organizing and searching digital images
Polymerization catalyst
Polyolefin compositions having high tenacity
Bus architecture for system on a chip
Tape cast multi-layer ceramic/metal composites
Apparatus and method for minimizing liquid infiltration into subterranean openings
Method of cell culture using neurturin
Process for the preparation of ruthenium compounds
Magnetic resonance method for forming a fast dynamic imaging
Procedure and machine for electro-inducing/stimulating deep-layered muscle contractions using a biph...
Extraction of sterols from cocoa hulls
Deflection compensation for numerical controlled manufacturing
Injector systems and syringe adapters for use therewith
Catheter with integral anchoring means
Method for dynamically switching fault tolerance schemes
Piezoelectric bending transducer and use thereof
Method and apparatus for recognizing from here to here voice command structures in a finite grammar ...
Multiple well plate with adhesive bonded filter
Clamping jaw
Dicarboxy functionalized silicone
Shade determination apparatus and method for specifying and determining colors for teeth and dental ...
Therapeutic methods relating to human carbamyl phosphate synthetase I polymorphism
Apparatus for pulling single crystal by CZ method
Rail fence flag holder
DRAM cell having a capacitor structure fabricated partially in a cavity and method for operating sam...
Method and apparatus for signal equalization in a communication system with multiple receiver antenn...
Miniature personal and area radon and thoron monitor
Iontophoretic drug delivery system
Soft anvil apparatus for cutting anastomosis fenestra
Coffee maker structure
Remote prescription refill system
Molecules that home to a selected organ in vivo
Light pipe, plate light source unit and reflection type liquid-crystal display device
Crosslinkable rubber compositions and uses thereof
Tissue scaffold anchor for cartilage repair
Delivery apparatus for a self-expanding stent
Memory redundancy implementation
Copolymers of vinylidene fluoride and hexafluoropropylene having reduced extractable content and imp...
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
High polymer solids slurry polymerization employing 1-olefin comonomer
Authentication chip with protection from power supply attacks
Liquid-development electrophotographic apparatus
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
System and method for milling materials
Computer apparatus, program and method for determining the equivalence of two algebraic functions
Multicolor lamp system
Multichannel multiuser detection
Method for preventing and treating peripheral neuropathy by administering selegiline
Medicines for the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Process for the production of piperidine derivatives
Isokinetic paint brush handles
Hand-held isokinetic exercise device and method of use
Apparatus and method for collection, sorting, concentrating and impinging particles on a surface
Nutritional supplement for increased energy and stamina
Run specific training method
Ion generating device
Hybrid passive/automated flow proportional fluid sampler
Exercise apparatus with elliptical foot motion
Wedge gripper
Exercise resistance methods and apparatus
Exercise device
Dynamic tensioner incorporating stepless ratchet device
Method and apparatus for treadmill with frameless treadbase
Leg press
Self-emulsifiable polyisocyanate with high functionality and process for producing the same
Dental implant fixture
Dental restoration apparatus
Lysyl-oxidase HOHEC84 polynucleotides
Artificial salivary gland
Naphthyridine derivatives, processes for their preparation, their use and pharmaceutical composition...
Technique for measuring small distances between, and for measuring the flatness of, electrically con...
Fractal device for mixing and reactor applications
Polymer, polymer microfiber, polymer nanofiber and applications including filter structures
Priorty communication system and method of operation
Method and device for safely monitoring a speed of an electric machine
Learning process for a neural network
Programmable logic controller method, system and apparatus
Method for controlling the message flow in a communication network
Semiconductor integrated circuit with input/output interface adapted for small-amplitude operation
Emergency stop warning system
System for sampling a signal in an electronic instrument using a unipolar A/D converter
Time sequential lookup table method for a display
Position measuring apparatus and exposure apparatus
Data processing system
Cache coherent protocol in which exclusive and modified data is transferred to requesting agent from...
Multi-frequency communication system and method
1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyrimidine-2-one compositions and therapeutic methods therewith for pain and infla...
Single-chain antigen-binding proteins capable of glycosylation, production and uses thereof
Single-chain antigen-binding proteins capable of glycosylation, production and uses thereof
Single electron devices
Direct growth of nanotubes, and their use in nanotweezers
Intelligent metering system
Method and apparatus for operating a gaming device to dispense a specified amount
Gaming device having changed or generated player stimuli
Note acceptor-dispenser validator
Table bonus game
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using repeating precomputed schedules on discretely sch...
Method and system for restricting the load of physical address translations of virtual addresses
Method and system for controlling the rate of acknowledgment of communication packets
Negotiated/dynamic error correction for streamed media
Multifunctional and multispectral biosensor devices and methods of use
Mobility-modified nucleobase polymers and methods of using same
Multi-variable matrix process control
Energy distribution network
Power generator controller
Majority component proportion determination of a fluid using a coriolis flowmeter
Method for detecting heat exchanger tube failures when using input/loss performance monitoring of a ...
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmissions having output shaft interconnected with three gear m...
Family of multi-speed planetary transmissions having a clutched input and one stationary member
Family of six-speed dual-clutch transmissions having two stationary planetary gear members
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmission mechanisms having three interconnecting members
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmission mechanisms having four gear sets and a stationary mem...
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmissions having three continuously interconnected gear member...
Planetary transmissions with clutched input and three brakes
Planetary transmissions with three interconnected gear sets and a stationary member
Seven-speed planetary transmissions with a stationary interconnection
Planetary gear set
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Flexible traction system for common shoes
Supplementary fiber structure for leather and leather gloves, shoes, garments and upholstery with su...
Method of using lectins for contraception, prophylaxis against diseases transmittable by sexual cont...
Rotor type sprinkler with turbine over-spin prevention
Aliphatic polyester multi-filament crimp yarn for a carpet, and production method thereof
Hole cutting device
Putter head with visual alignment indicator
Golf ball retriever
Packaging box for golf ball
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Method and device for marking golf balls
Shoe midsole, method for preparing same and shoes using same
Golf shoe brush
Golf ball mark repair tool containing a scoring pencil
Rubber gels and rubber compounds containing phenolic resin adducts
Systems, methods and apparatuses for manufacturing dosage forms
Method and apparatus for golf instruction
Vehicle-mounted electronic control apparatus
Method and system for determining a navigating vehicle location
Systems and methods for delivering feed rations to feedbunks using a global positioning system
Method and device for determining correction values for wheel speeds
Circuit arrangement for a motor vehicle
Remote diagnostics and prognostics methods for complex systems
Data collection and manipulation apparatus and method
Automated failure recovery service
Toy top game unit
Ring airfoil launching system
Baby's play gym for suspending toys, reconfigurable as a magazine rack or a chair
Whipping top based bubble toy
Child feeder apparatus
Whirling amusement device and associated method of operation
Assisting device and method for variable valve mechanism
Device for relative rotational angle adjustment of a cam shaft of an internal combustion engine to a...
Cam phaser locking pin assembly guide
Device for adjusting the rotation angle of the camshaft of an internal combustion engine in relation...
Method of operating an internal combustion engine
System and method for online agency service of data mining and analyzing
Method for visualizing data backup activity from a plurality of backup devices
System and method for providing a multi-tiered hierarchical transient message store accessed using m...
Structured-text cataloging method, structured-text searching method, and portable medium used in the...
Method of indexing and searching feature vector space
Method and system for facilitating viewer navigation through online information relating to chemical...
Environmental permit web portal
Facility management services defining, scheduling, executing series of tasks performed by service st...
Methods and systems using multiple watermarks
Image capture methods and devices employing steganographic processing
Method and apparatus for generating status flags in a memory device
Efficient buffer rendering
User terminal for channel-based internet network
Method and system for migrating configuration settings into a computing system
Method and system for deploying smart card applications over data networks
Petunia plant named `Mediopimo`
Hypericum plant named `Esmfire`
Raspberry plant named `Driscoll Francesca`
Variety of Petunia plant named `Sumpet 08`
Variety of pelargonium plant named `Pacburg`
Tumor suppressor encoding nucleic acid, PTX1, and methods of use thereof
Process for the preparation of substituted 3-phenyl-propanoic acid esters and substituted 3-phenyl-p...
Linoleate isomerase
Estrogen receptor modulators
Nematode MDH-like sequences
Electronic device to detect and generate music from biological microvariations in a living organism
Digital audio signal player having a simulated analogue record
Information processing apparatus and information processing method, and program storing medium
Time series analysis and forecasting program
Methods and systems for generating and managing offerings
Method and apparatus for identifying propagation for routes with diagonal edges
Palette management for display of regular graphic objects
Premium channel promotion system and method
Method and device for error correction coding and corresponding decoding method and device
Projector device
Carboxylic acid and amino acid or amino condensate reactants and manufacturing method therefor
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce formation fluids having ...
Compositions comprising undecamantanes and processes for their separation
Process for selective production of propylene from hydrocarbon fractions with four carbon atoms
Method for the dehydrogenation of triisopropyl benzene and diisopropyl benzene
Method for oligomerizing olefins to form higher olefins using sulfur-containing and sulfur-tolerant ...
Olefin production utilizing whole crude oil
Primary reactor liquid water and air injection for improved management of a fuel processor
Thermal annealing process for producing silicon wafers with improved surface characteristics
Hollow carbon fiber and production method
Hydrogen gas generating systems, fuel cell systems and methods for stopping operation of fuel cell s...
Sparingly soluble alkali metal silicate
Gradual permanent coloring of hair using dye intermediates dissolved in alkaline water with a gellin...
Transparent conditioning shampoo
Hydrophilic polymers and methods of preparation
Fuel cell using variable porosity gas diffusion material
Tunable wavelength add/drop multiplexer based on integrated optic devices
Method of using heat-depolymerizable polycarbonate sacrificial layer to create nano-fluidic devices
Embedded metal nanocrystals
Method of modifying a surface molecules, adhesives, articles, and methods
Carrier for electrophotographic developer
Modification of asphalt cement
Spill resistant carpet backing
Polymeric binders for ink jet inks
Ion accelerator
Slow release formulations comprising anionic polysaccharide
Glycerolipid compounds useful for the transfer of an active substance into a target cell
Poly(bromoaryl)alkane additives and methods for their preparation and use
Serial interface for reprogramming multiple network interface cards and method of operation
Thin film LED
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Circuit and method for reading a toggle memory cell
Aspergillus fumigatus profilin
Nucleic acids for the diagnosis and treatment of giant cell arteritis
Isolated human Ras-like proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding these human Ras-like proteins, and...
PPP2R1B is a tumor suppressor
Human proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Nitroimidazole derivative and diagnostic imaging agent containing the same
Hand-held fingerprint scanner with on-board image normalization data storage
Multiple mode digital X-ray imaging system
System and method for locating image features
Method and system for generating a three-dimensional object
Image processing apparatus and method for interpolating missing pixels
Video scene grabber
System and method for locating and using a peripheral device
Method and system for clustering optimization and applications
Auto-calibrating force and direction sensing scoring system for fencing
Polyamide based thermoplastic silicone elastomers
Method for producing ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer resin composition
Preparation of high octane alkylate from Fischer-Tropsch olefins
Liquid crystal display device
Robotic paint/surface coating removal apparatus
Hybrid power system for an electric vehicle
Die for extruding flowable materials and having a static mixer therein
Method and apparatus for skin absorption enhancement and cellulite reduction
Surgical incise drape
Decorative bowling ball and method therefor
Devices and methods for enhanced microneedle penetration of biological barriers
Method of treating onychomycosis with urea and an antioxidant
Carbonic emulsion skin care compositions and method for removing chemically bound residues and miner...
Processing animal tissues by decellularizing, increasing surface area and acylating
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising poly-.beta.-1.fwdarw.4-N-acetylglucosamine
Delivery of anti-migraine compounds through an inhalation route
Suspension aerosol formulations
Object framework and services for periodically recurring operations
Unmanned air vehicle and method of flying an unmanned air vehicle
Device and process for regulating the power of the engines of a rotary wing multi-engine aircraft
Aircraft seat
Actuation mechanism for swinging an aircraft door
Autonomous satellite docking system
System, method and apparatus for searching geographic area using prioritized spacial order
Method and apparatus for managing inter-domain addresses between a plurality of domains
Call party profile presentation service in a multimedia-capable network
Methods, apparatus, and systems for storing, retrieving and playing multimedia data
Fuzzy-neuro method for discriminating optical disk type
Proteosome influenza vaccine
Method and apparatus for enabling database privileges
Time division multiple access communication system
Method and system for adaptively managing a communications network
Method and apparatus for servicing emergency calls from a data network
ASR talkoff suppressor
Adaptive filter utilizing proportional affine projection algorithm
Methods and system for ensuring royalty payments for data delivered over a telephone network utilizi...
Replaceable, reflecting kayak rudder system with pedal and trim adjusting features
Cable clip with integral connectivity log
Fiber optic light assembly and mounting apparatus for boats
Device and method for handling a boat sundeck
Flowline jumper for subsea well
User interface for a distributed messaging framework
Photo album constructed from a strip of images
Editorial or stationery article, such as diary, exercise-book, book, magazine, newspaper, file-holde...
Menu book and method for its manufacture
Method of charting a racecourse
Compositions based on dimethyl disulphide with a masked smell
Selective liquid phase air oxidation of toluene catalysed by composite catalytic system
Electric cooking apparatus
High fidelity image delivery with color correction notification
Olfactory special effects system
Device for reduction of thermal lensing
Biomagnetic field measuring apparatus
Biometric enabled casino gaming system
Game controller
Wireless game control units
Interactive electronic game system
Memory card device, video game apparatus, and program providing medium
Portable game machine
Boom curtain with expandable pleated panels, containment boom containing the same, and use thereof
Composite form with imprintable magnetic card
Method and system for compiling and using placebot agents for automatically accessing, processing, a...
Identification of material inclusions in pulp and paper using Raman spectroscopy
Refreshable braille display system with a flexible surface
System and method for automated self measurement of alertness equilibrium and coordination and for v...
Swim stroke trainer
Question-response processing based on misapplication of primitives
System, method and computer program product for generating software cards that summarize and index i...
Miniature rose plant named `JACposun`
Air mask for a helmet of motorcycles
Stereoselective synthesis of nucleoside analogues
Artificial chromosomes, uses thereof and methods for preparing artificial chromosomes
Methods and compositions to reduce or eliminate transmission of a transgene
Hybrid maize plant and seed 34N16
User interface for navigation and control of a printing system
Color adjustment apparatus and method
Robust colorimetry transform
Document scanner having replaceable backing and automatic selection of registration parameters
Method and structure for nitride based laser diode arrays on an insulating substrate
Blade seal for a xerographic module
Cradle for a fusing assembly
Single crystal seed alloy
Data management system
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium storing program codes realizing such metho...
Contents information recording method, contents information processing unit, contents information de...
Efficient exponentiation method and apparatus
System for securing electronic mail
Authentication process including setting up a secure channel between a subscriber and a service prov...
Cartridge type coating system
Console display mounting system
Semiconductor wafer, method for producing the same, and wafer chuck
Quadrature ring oscillator
High-frequency diode oscillator and millimeter-wave transmitting/receiving apparatus
Asynchronous input data path technique for increasing speed and reducing latency in integrated circu...
Use of parovirus capsid particles in the inhibition of cell proliferation and migration
Non-oriented electrical steel sheet with ultra-high magnetic flux density and production method ther...
Aluminum alloy structural plate excelling in strength and corrosion resistance and method of manufac...
Method for producing AlMn strips or sheets
Fiber tap monitor based on evanescent coupling
Scheme to define laser fuse in dual damascene CU process
Method of determining physical properties of wood
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Smectic polymer liquid crystals, process for production thereof and electronic device
Family of discretely sized silicon nanoparticles and method for producing the same
Method for producing indium tin oxide film
Method of manufacturing an electro-optical device
Organic electroluminescent device
Circuit for detecting valid range of video signal
Document end detecting unit, document reading unit, and facsimile apparatus
Process of forming thin film and precursor for chemical vapor deposition
Composites made using functionalized nanoparticles
Multilayer electrode for a ferroelectric capacitor
Cholesteric liquid crystal display
Optical disk and optical disk drive
Wafer-scale package for surface acoustic wave circuit and method of manufacturing the same
Molded foam resin, process for forming the same and speaker diaphragm consisting of the same
Apparatus and method for increasing downward force exerted on a spinning vehicle
Method for adjusting a brake system of a vehicle
Modularly-constructed vehicular transmissions
Theft resistant system for vehicles equipped with combined starter-alternators
Method of estimating quantities that represent state of vehicle
Steering angle sensor for vehicle
Power-limiting control method and system for a work vehicle
Keypad module and electronic apparatus with keypad module
Complex acoustic path and gasket for use with microphones
Communications interface for wireless communications headset
Personal computer-based paging system
Portable telephone
Multiple service provider prepaid wireless service card
Device and method for promoting the selection and use of a transaction card
Recreational vehicle seat with storage pocket
Swivel joint apparatus and method for utility supply to a rotatable building
Aquatic platforms
Slide apparatus
Random path flume ride
Managing access to set-top box objects using television conditional access system
Broadcast receiving apparatus
Saintpaulia plant named `Butterfly Blue`
Blue luminous ink composition
Web based integrated customer interface for invoice reporting
Method and apparatus for analyzing domain name registrations
Finding named EJB homes via life cycle support
Data synchronization of multiple remote storage
Real time local and remote management of data files and directories and method of operating the same
Method of allocating clusters of computer readable medium to a file while minimizing fragmentation o...
Method and system for recovering data from an optical write once read many (WORM) medium with both d...
Debug and data collection mechanism utilizing a difference in database state by using consecutive sn...
Imidazole derivatives with anti-inflammatory activity
Enhanced security communication system
Method and computer program product for implementing parental supervision for internet browsing
Reduction in polystyrene foams with dibasic esters
Omnidirectional moving surface
Virtual reality warehouse management system complement
Modular instrument for positioning acetabular prosthetic socket
Antisense modulation of PTPN12 expression
2-aroylimidazole compounds for treating cancer
Method for producing 1-substituted-1,2,3-triazole derivative
Portable underwater mass spectrometer
Emg electrode apparatus and positioning system
Electrical tissue stimulation apparatus and method
Helical and pre-oriented loop structures for supporting diagnostic and therapeutic elements in conta...
System of objects and program components
Bat with composite handle
Encryption using a user-known and personally valuable key to deter key sharing
Battery powered electronic device and control method therefor
Additive for hair growing agent and hair growing agent composition
Keratinocyte growth factor-2 products
Interface for iontophoresis
Multifunctional polymeric tissue coatings
Nucleic acids and polypeptides
Methods for delivering compounds into a cell
Interferometric source of multi-color, multi-beam entangled photons with mirror and mixer
Thermal-assisted magnetic storage device and method for driving the reading/writing head thereof
Wavelength stabilization of tunable lasers by current modulation
Authentication system and method
Optical coupling module having a first and second ferrules
Correlators and cross-correlators using tapped optical fibers
Waste bin
Escalator decking
Two-tone moving step panel for escalator
Charcoal container with cover
Surface ornamentation for caskets
Lower portion for a coffin
Methods of separating particles using an optical gradient
Indexing system for protocol analyzers
Guided munitions electronics package and method
Method and apparatus for pilot estimation using a wiener filter
Goal based educational system with support for dynamic characteristic tuning
Electronic mail priority alert service
Communication apparatus managing inserted package mounting states and communication network manageme...
Decontamination and contaminant processing system and method
Machine gun
High-mobility artillery cannon system
Automatic loading process and system for a weapon mounted on a ship
Building system for support device for goods carriers
Method and apparatus for generating electrical energy
Networked computer game system with persistent playing objects
Method and system for integrated wireline and wireless services in a switching system
Rolling ball separator structure of a linear drive member
Axle bolt
Bearing and method of assembling the bearing
Rolling bearing and spindle apparatus for machine tool
Roller bearings and chain incorporating the roller bearings
Fuel pump having rotatably supported pipe member between bearing members and fixed center shaft
Low-profile pivot assembly
Footwear with a power generator
Plasma display panel having reduced addressing time and increased sustaining discharge time
Imaging device
Electronic camera that synthesizes two images taken under different exposures
Lens-fitted photo film unit
Enclosure for wildlife surveillance system and security apparatus therefore
Camera with diaphragm restriction clearing section
Distance-measuring device of camera and focusing method of camera
Apparatus and method for representing gated-clock latches for phase abstraction
Method and apparatus for annotating static object models with business rules
Anticipatory optimization with composite folding
Fixing incompatible applications by providing stubs for APIs
System and method for preloading classes in a data processing device that does not have a virtual me...
Method for using a transaction service synchronization interface to perform internal state clean up
Muffler for internal combustion engine
Pipelined memory controller
Electronic certificate signature program
Method for detecting unauthorized network access by having a NIC monitor for packets purporting to b...
Glitch detection circuit for outputting a signal indicative of a glitch on a strobe signal and initi...
CORBA wrappers for rules automation technology
Early warning mechanism for enhancing enterprise availability
Expanded object model including roles
Method and system for printing with an inkjet printer to simulate screen printing
Antistatic powder coating compositions and their use
Process for repairing coated substrate surfaces
Nonaqueous electrolyte lithium secondary batteries
Expoxy functionalized ethylene copolymer asphalt reaction products
Coating agents which can be used for multi-layer enameling
Modification of PI-TA gene conferring fungal disease resistance to plants
Colored contact lenses and method of making same
Self-constrained low temperature glass-ceramic unfired tape for microelectronics and methods for mak...
Production of 5-methyl-N-aryl-2-pyrrolidone and 5-methyl-N-cycloalkyl-2-pyrrolidone by reductive ami...
Electrochromic display device
Color shifting carbon-containing interference pigments and foils
Magnetic recording medium and method for reproducing magnetic recording
Lighting apparatus having quantum dot layer
Apparatus, and associated method, for adaptively selecting a handoff threshold in a radio communicat...
Method of protecting a limited local area against electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile radio ...
Synchronization of wireless communication between devices
Integrated antenna coupler element
System and method for using a wireless enabled portable computer system as a wireless modem
Sim manager API
User interface assembly, and associated method, for alerting placement of a call to a mobile station
Process for the production of ceramic tiles
Suspensions of particles in non-aqueous solvents
Nutritional supplement for the management of stress
Indole derivatives, process for preparation of the same and use thereof
Conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Semi-rigid hand-held food package
Machine and system for packaging food products
Calorie control apparatus with voice recognition
Registration system for phasing simultaneously advancing webs of material having variable pitch leng...
Method for manufacturing shaped components from web materials
Reduced fat lipid-based fillings
High elongation splittable multicomponent fibers comprising starch and polymers
Mask for differential curing and process for making same
Method for the one step preparation of textiles
Laundry composition
Sulfonylalkanoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Method and apparatus for performing satellite selection in a broadcast communication system
Detection of suspect software objects and signatures after failed authentication
Skin and hair darkening composition
Sunless tanning products and processes
Methods and devices for dispensing a product with a varying concentration
Package system for storing cosmetic effervescent cleansing sachets
Isotropic cleansing composition with benefit agent particles
Plating bath and method for depositing a metal layer on a substrate
Method for the application of durable press finishes to textile components via the use of hydrophobi...
Fuel cell system and method for regulating liquid fuel for the same
Chemical hydride hydrogen generation system and an energy system incorporating the same
Process for the production of synthesis gas in conjunction with a pressure swing adsorption unit
Press pad containing fluoroelastomer or fluorosilicone elastomer priority claim
MDEA ester quats with high content of monoester in blends with tea ester quats
Method of making silicone resin emulsions
Flame retardant polyester compositions
Golf aiming and alignment system and method
Golf balls with thermoplastic silicone-urethane copolymers
Full service research bureau and test center method and apparatus
Method for processing information through a clearinghouse
Method and apparatus for enhanced, high speed updating and storing of E-commerce orders in a server
Self-contained multi-function system for preparing mail
Method and apparatus for dynamically determining a printing location in a document for a postage ind...
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
High carbon steel pipe excellent in cold formability and high frequency hardenability and method for...
Slag detector for molten steel transfer operations
Folding conference/training table with bent steel tube leg
Stainless steel canister for propellant-driven metering aerosols
Device for lateral containment of liquid steel between crystallizing rolls of a casting machine for ...
Apparatus and method for forming casingless sausages
System for packaging, storing and transporting agricultural produce
Automatic pear processing machine
Low contaminant polyester wiper
Organic compositions
Flame retardant polycarbonate/graft copolymer blends exhibiting heat aging stability
Manufacture of alpha-olefins
Expression systems for functional nucleic acid expression
Distributed computing document recognition and processing
Displaying multiple document abstracts in a single hyperlinked abstract, and their modified source d...
Optical recording medium and optical recording and reproduction apparatus
Semiconductor elements for stabilizing laser output
Method and apparatus for preventing theft of replaceable printing components
Method and apparatus for supercritical processing of multiple workpieces
Cationic reagents of transfection
Composition comprising polymers having a star structure, the polymers, and their use
Monocarboxylic acid esters of propoxylated fatty alcohols as pigment dispersants
Coated powder and cosmetic prepared by blending the same
Low-contaminative hose and rubber composition for use in making the same
Method of forming copper interconnects
Planographic printing plate and method of producing the same
Organic fuel cell methods and apparatus
Seal for an electrochemical cell
Treatment of pulmonary hypertension
Computed tomography system with integrated analogic computer
Distributed network traffic load balancing technique implemented without gateway router
Dirigible balloon rigidified by helium tanks
System and method for converting data into a noise-like waveform
Retainer for an adjustable balance ring in a disc clamp assembly
Fabry-Perot laser with wavelength control
Fiber optic device with enhanced resistance to environmental conditions and method
Bulk milk tank with adjustable ladder
Level shift circuit and image display device
Expert color management settings method and interface
Method of manufacture of phosphate-bonded refractories
Ornament with a snowing-scape device
Interlocking erosion control block with integral mold
Self-flushing gutter pipe
Apparatus, and associated method, for forming a signal for communication upon a fading channel
Spraying method to form a thick coating and products obtained
Methods for the preparation of polyesters, poly(ester amide)s and poly(ester imide)s and uses of the...
Preparation of organochlorosilanes by the silylation of conjugated dienes with trichlorosilane
Method for production of 3D laser-induced head image inside transparent material by using several 2D...
Orthodontic appliance
Method and system for generating an exercise program
Motorized stationary bike for lower body rehabilitation
Process for reducing protein allergens in latex products
Bicycle control apparatus that communicates power and data over a single transmission path
Electric device and method for charging and discharging battery unit of the same
Controlled free-radical polymerization products using new control agents
Polymer composition, cured product, laminate and method for producing the cured product
Optoelectronic unit and transparent conductive substrate of the same
Process for coating silicon shot with dopant for addition of dopant in crystal growth
Fluorochemical adhesive material and laminate comprising the same
Method and apparatus for controlling a combined heat and power fuel cell system
Cooling system for fuel cells
Compound-type energy generation system
Preparation of N-acylamino acid esters and N-acylamino acetals
Image forming apparatus
Thermal fixing device for image forming apparatus
Calculation method of discharge and transfer amount of chemical substances and server and system the...
Communication and control model for field programmable gate arrays and other programmable logic devi...
System, method and computer program for mapping a hierarchical display of process data of multi-data...
Control of access by multiple data processing units to multiple memories
Operation unit for an image forming apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Servo circuitry for counting tracks on an optical storage medium
Semiconductor memory device
Insulating layers in semiconductor devices having a multi-layer nanolaminate structure of SiNx thin ...
Parallel in serial out circuit having flip-flop latching at multiple clock rates
Metal current collect protected by oxide film
Polymerization of polyethylene having high molecular weight
Information reproduction apparatus and information reproduction method
Apparatus and method of making an electrical connection in a high voltage/high current lamp
Plastic clip construction
Nip safety guard
Circuit board tester probe system
Detachable truck body/semi trailer
Device for defining a handle in a tubular covering for a food product
Inventory control apparatus and method for a data storage system
Method and automatic organization of data
Method and system for validity checking a computer file of content for acceptable permitted design a...
Apparatus and method for increasing performance of multipliers utilizing regular summation circuitry
User interface for electronic controller and timing sensor
Illumination optical system and projector
Magnetic tape cartridge
Parallel loading of arrays
Atmospheric robot handling equipment
Automated lapping system
Spring-loaded contour following end effectors for lapping/polishing
Contour following end effectors for lapping/polishing
Hand/eye calibration method using projective invariant shape descriptor of 2-dimensional image
Production line of liquid crystal display device having shield of UV blocking material
User equipment for detecting short codes
External device diminishing odds of patient disengaging hip replacement
Method and devices of inflammation control, and therapy
Polyester fiber
Antistatic compositions
Macrolides with antibacterial activity
Assembly for supporting and drivingly connecting a wheel
Vehicle seat
Rolling wheel support structure for crawler traveling apparatus
Vehicle engine cooling system without a fan
Auxiliary wheel conversion assembly for a motorcycle
Electrically powered two-wheeled vehicle
Acquisition unit and method for infrequent capturing of data samples with associated timing informat...
Method of indexed storage and retrieval of multidimensional information
System and method of linking user identification to a subscriber identification module
Automatic upgradeable UART circuit arrangement
Developmental regulation in anther tissue of plants
Brushhead replacement indicator system for power toothbrushes
Insulated hose for transmitting hot liquids
Data package including synchronization data
Keymat for a handset
Operating/controlling structure of detergent-mixable sprinkling gun
Composition and method for cleaning and disinfecting a garbage disposal
Induction of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses
Method and system for using real-time traffic broadcasts with navigation systems
Real time pavement profile indicator
Accident point locating system