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System and method for calculation using formulas in number fields
Image output apparatus and method
Telephone system integrated text based communication processes, apparatus and systems
Apparatus and method for providing simultaneous local and global addressing with hardware address tr...
Pick for a stringed musical instrument
Combustion-driven hydroelectric generating system with closed loop control
Exhaust gas turbocharger for an internal combustion engine
Connecting rod apparatus of hermetic compressor
Articulated seal
Compressor with built-in motor, and mobile structure using the same
Speed control of variable speed pump
Oil free screw compressor operating at variable speeds and control method therefor
Power transfer system apparatus
Fluid separation devices, systems and/or methods using a fluid pressure driven and/or balanced appro...
System for detection of malignancy in pulmonary nodules
Method and system for detecting small structures in images
Adaptive data differentiation and selection from multi-coil receiver to reduce artifacts in reconstr...
Multispectral taxonomic identification
Notch inspection apparatus and method based on shading pattern matching
Analysis of chemical data from images
Pharmacy pill counting vision system
Herbicidal oxadiazolidines
Ratchet socket
Optical translation measurement
Optical axis adjustment method, and storage medium recorded with a program that executes said adjust...
Plant variation compensation for piezoelectric microactuator in dual-stage servo of disc drives
Power modulator having at least one pulse generating module; multiple cores; and primary windings pa...
Positioning system
Low profile dielectrically loaded meanderline antenna
Motion picture subtitle system and method
Reentry vehicle interceptor with IR and variable FOV laser radar
Device having a light-absorbing mask and a method for fabricating same
Integrated micro-optical systems
Deflectable micromirrors with stopping mechanisms
Microwave heating applicator for heating a moving fluid
Current inrush limiting and bleed resistor current inhibiting in a switching power converter
Touch screen controller
DC-DC converter
Switched power supply converter with a piezoelectric transformer
Operating device for lamps with a regulated SEPIC converter
Method and apparatus for a high-drive current digital-to-analog converter
Microprocessor-controlled DC to DC converter with fault protection
DC feedback control circuit
Derivatives of laspartomycin and preparation and use thereof
Ubiquitin ligase assay
Method of treatment of cardiovascular injuries
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising thiram
Meta-benzamidine derivatives as serine protease inhibitors
Methods for detecting lesions in dense breast tissue using LHRH antagonists
Particle formation
Method for aiding a global positioning system
Portable physiological monitor including body-part-encircling GPS antenna
GPS weather data recording system for use with the application of chemicals to agricultural fields
GPS-based anti-blinding system for active night vision
Planar Inverted-F-Antenna (PIFA) having a slotted radiating element providing global cellular and GP...
GPS video mapping system
Dry toner
Light emission apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Method for producing toner by mixing colored particles and outer-additive by mixer with stirrer of h...
Recombinant adenovirus
Method of making sulfur containing organosilicon compounds
Inverter apparatus
ADSL transmission in the presence of low-frequency network services
Recording medium for storing write protection information and write protection method thereof
Optical waveguide module optically connected with an optical fiber
Competitive rewards benchmarking system and method
Color image display apparatus and method
Semiconductor device, semiconductor laser, their manufacturing methods and etching methods
Data memory with a plurality of memory banks
Flexible rule-based communication system and method for controlling the flow of and access to inform...
Delivery of .beta.-blockers through an inhalation route
Use of adaptive resonance theory (ART) neural networks to compute bottleneck link speed in heterogen...
Bacterial receptor structures
Aerogel substrate and method for preparing the same
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 5`
Sanitary liquid dispenser
Method and apparatus for efficient transfer of data packets
Security method, security software and security system for electronic communications
Display device
Real time design, development and delivery collaborative apparel solution digital platform
System and method for designing a component
Boom curtain with zipper connections and method of assembling boom
Automated filling machine and associated method
Thickened aqueous coating compositions containing film-forming polymeric binder
Nutritional supplement or pharmaceutical preparation comprising triglycerides with seven-carbon fatt...
Data server with hot replaceable processing unit modules
Optical recording medium having short wobble period length
Flight control surface control unit
Method of setting encryption for a connection in a radio system
Determination of biologically active forms of proteolytic enzymes
Methods for the identification of inhibitors of histidinol-phosphate as antibiotics
Sign for a vehicle and process of using sign
Cutting tool with linear oscillating drive
Carrier for developer for electrophotography
Method for carrying out the catalytic gas phase oxidation of propene to form acrylic acid
Coated fuel cell electrodes
Method and apparatus for generating a clock signal having a driven oscillator circuit formed with en...
Method and system for reporting automotive traffic conditions in response to user-specific requests
Image reading device, method for controlling the image reading device, and storage medium storing pr...
Hop overlay signal structure for including additional signaling channels in code division multiple a...
Current perpendicular to the planes (CPP) spin valve sensor with in-stack biased free layer and self...
Magneto-resistive head and magnetic tunnel junction magneto-resistive head having plural ferromagnet...
Magnetic sensor and production method thereof, ferromagnetic tunnel junction element, and magnetic h...
Magnetic head device and recording/reproducing apparatus using the magnetic head device
Method and apparatus for moving carriage assembly from initial position to target position and optic...
Thermal transfer image-receiving sheet
Sequence-based anomaly detection using a distance matrix
High pressure pump having integral start valve
Pneumatic tool
Oilless high pressure pump
Portable air compressor having stable base and tie-down points
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Catalytic oxidation of organic substrates by transition metal complexes in organic solvent media exp...
Piezoelectric electroacoustic transducer
Entrance deterrent for airplane flight crew compartment
Scorpian toxins
Hydrogen/oxygen generating system with temperature control
Hydraulic motor with disc valve commutating slots complimentary in shape to port plate ports
Skein label
Toy article
Method for tuning an adaptive leaky LMS filter
Aqueous dispersions, their production and use
Design support apparatus, design support method, and program
Organoborane amine complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Camping coffee maker
Edible film formulations containing maltodextrin
Epoxy optical sheet and process for producing the same
Process for separating reaction mixtures and recycling quaternary salts and bases
PEM fuel cell with alternating ribbed anodes and cathodes
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Forward error correction codes for digital optical network optimization
Image reading apparatus and illumination driving method therefor
Apparatus and method of adaptive weighted parallel interference cancellation system for CDMA
Farnesyl protein transferase inhibitors
Surface acoustic wave apparatus and communication apparatus
Maintaining a local backup for data plane processes
Chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll derivatives, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions c...
Surface-mineralized spinal implants
Porous polymeric membrane toughened composites
Organometallic monoacylalkylphosphines
FED driving method
HF vapor phase wafer cleaning and oxide etching
Beam shaped film pattern formation method
Electron beam apparatus
Method for ATM communication statistical multiplexing
Method and circuit configuration for establishing data signal connections
Telecommunication system for wireless telecommunication with a CDMA, FDMA, and TDMA multiple access ...
Method and system for form processing
Low redesign application-specific module
Bi-directional piloted solenoid-operated valve
Circuit for receiving an AC coupled broadband signal
Dual mode bluetooth/wireless device with power conservation features
Exposure apparatus and its control method, stage apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus with improved exposure area focus, device manufacturing method, and device ma...
Magnetoelectronic memory element with inductively coupled write wires
Lamp lighting controlling apparatus and light emitting apparatus
Methods, apparatus, and systems for detecting partial-shading encodement filtering
Lens-fitted photo film unit and method for manufacturing lens-fitted photo film unit
Lens assembly
Camera system having a communication system between a camera body and a photographing lens
Amplifier modulation
Antenna matching circuit
Method and apparatus of weather sealing adjacently jointed building panels
External thickness control and method
Flame-retardant polyamide-based protective sheet
Press-formed grain snacks and process therefor
Preparation of low-dust stabilisers
Recording liquid for ink printers, method of the manufacture thereof, and method of image recording
Apparatus for cleaning filters
Radiation image storage panel and process for reading radiation image information
Cathode ray, tube including an electron gun having specific relation of axial length of focus electr...
Method of generating an audible indication of data stored in a database
Optical transmission system implementing encrypting by deterministic chaos
Methods for detecting propensity for fibrillation using an electrical restitution curve
Microwave oven
Method and system for improving a placement of cells using energetic placement with alternating cont...
Method and apparatus for detecting prospenity for ventricular fibrillation using action potential cu...
Apparatus for preparing and disseminating novel fire extinguishing agents
System for detecting distances using chaotic signals
Tamper resistant institutional shoe and method
Shock absorbers for footwear
Sports footwear with improved flexibility
Method of stress testing footwear
Heeling apparatus and method
Ambient cure fast dry solvent borne coating compositions
Method for reducing rub-off from a toner image using a phase change composition
Process for making wood composite employing blast-furnace slag as the binder
Surfaced cellulose composite panel and panel forming method
Biocomposite material and method of making
Biocomposite material and method of making
Mezzanine floor panel
Composite article including modified wax, and method of making same
Panel performance test system
Composite materials for cookware
Pretreating method before plating and composites having a plated coat
Cable with coating of a composite material
Process for reducing hydrogen contamination in dielectric materials in memory devices
Tunable dipole antenna
Tunable waveguide antenna
Key locking device
Antilock braking system based roll over prevention
Vehicle driving force control apparatus
Navigation system with figure of merit determination
Vehicle navigation system with off-board server
Analytical tire model for vehicle durability and ride comfort analysis
Method and device for playing a game in which a player is charged for performing game playing action...
Bonus accumulator for chance game
Method and apparatus for maintaining security in a push server
Control system for direct injection spark ignition engines with a cam profile switching device
Method for estimating engine parameters
Hydraulic valve actuation systems and methods
Compression ignition internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for controlling variable valve operating mechanism
Actuating device for securing a camshaft of an engine of a motor vehicle in a start position
Valve timing adjusting apparatus
System, method and apparatus for conducting a phrase search
System and method for efficient and adaptive web accesses filtering
System and method for retrieving data from a database system
Method for dynamically creating a profile
Cosmetic compositions containing amphoteric polyurethanes
Carbon-containing additive for foodstuff fermentations and food compositions containing it
Composition for enteral nutrition comprising fibres
Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction informat...
Method and system for performing information extraction and quality control for a knowledgebase
Method for improving performance in computer networks based on lossy channels
System, method and computer program product that pre-caches content to provide timely information to...
Method for supporting mobility on the internet
Reformatting with modular proxy server
Method and apparatus for identifying a data communications session
Method to keep a persistent trace of weblink use per user
Separating and recovering components from plants
Engineering of living cells for the expression of holo-phycobiliprotein-based constructs
Quantitative transient protein expression in plant tissue culture
Treatment of dyskinesia
Process for ascorbic acids using alkaline earth silicate catalysts
Management, data link structure and calculating method for flash memory
Dynamically configured processing of composite stream input data using next conversion determining s...
Use-sensitive distribution of data files between users
Handling packet fragments in a distributed network service environment
Mercury-containing material, method for producing the same and fluorescent lamp using the same
Method for determining the amount of chlorine and bromine in water
Process for increasing hydrogen partial pressure in hydroprocessing processes
Sensitivity adjusting method for pattern inspection apparatus
Flood light lamp removal misorientation alarm
Method and composition for the gradual permanent coloring of hair
Indole/indoline based hybrid dyes and indole/indoline based hybrid dye intermediate products
Hair-colorant preparations and methods of using the same
Hair care compositions and improved hair quality
Coating color
Printing plate precursor, image forming method employing the same, and printing method
High solids emulsions of elastomeric polymers
Solid cosmetics
Removal of volatile organic compounds from polymer dispersions
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording mode using floppy disk
Method for shrinking critical dimension of semiconductor devices
Multi component controlled delivery system for fabric care products
Rubber compositions and methods for producing the same
Fuel system part
Resin molding
Liquid crystal displays having multi-domains and a manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus for providing light shielding in a liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal film structures with phase-retardation surface regions formed therein
Stereoscopic liquid crystal display device using a liquid crystal polymer film and fabricating metho...
Shelf life extension of microemulsions containing active aza biocide
Insulated door assembly with low thermal deflection
Light emitting device and camera having the same
Biasing circuitry for generating bias current insensitive to process, temperature and supply voltage...
Semiconductor laser
Method and apparatus for detection of fluorescently labeled materials
Background operation for memory cells
Multilayer polymeric/zero valent material structure for enhanced gas or vapor barrier and uv barrier...
Flame-resistant thermoplastic molding material
Magnetic memory device and magnetic substrate
Runout correction rifle barrel
Delivery of antihistamines through an inhalation route
Aerosol can body
Compiliable language for extracting objects from an image using a primitive image map
System for automated problem detection, diagnosis, and resolution in a software driven system
Interworking of addressing in an internetwork
Elimination of operational loop-around trunks
Telephone switch-integrated modem pool and broadband access concentrator providing improved local lo...
Method and system for sending a data response from a called phone to a calling phone
Method and apparatus for locating a wireless mobile unit
Adjustable centerline foot brace system
Folding rigid-bottom boat
Portable dock structure
Boat with swing seating
Reconfigurable boat deck
Tensioner/slip-joint assembly
Security feature comprising a perforation pattern
Medium for identifying matter to be identified and method for production thereof
Polycarbonate blends
Method for the preparation of oleanolic acid and/or maslinic acid
Sulfur compounds and intermolecular compounds containing the same as the component compounds
Process for the manufacture of polyurethane foam, amine polyesterpolyol used in this process and foa...
Input device, data processing device, data processing method, game device and medium
Portable recoil wall
Weight holder attachable to athletic ball striker
Synthetic turf game surface
Roller functionality in joystick
Terminal for taking bets
Method and system for accelerated data navigation
Methods and apparatus for providing high speed connectivity to a hotel environment
Method and apparatus for determining whether to wake up a system by detecting a status of a push but...
Electronic educational toy appliance teaching letters words and numbers
Teach-aiding weight set
Educational play apparatus and system
Distributive processing simulation method and system for training healthcare teams
Rotary exercise device
Learning activity platform and method for teaching a foreign language over a network
Film laminates as high barrier films and their use in vacuum insulation panels
System and method for automatically detecting edges of scanned documents
Method and apparatus for formatting OCR text
Logic based tagging for hyperacuity rendering of an input image with a 5.times.5 context
Peripheral device for image forming apparatus, image forming apparatus, image forming system and its...
Printer feature information board
Cam motion design without drivetrain backlash reversal
Method for monitoring and encouraging community activity in a networked environment
Work transfer device
Positioning-controlling apparatus and positioning-controlling method, and part-mounting equipment an...
Natural robot control
Method and system for identifying software revisions from memory images
Photo-induced electron transfer fluorescent sensor molecules
Multi-bank memory array architecture utilizing topologically non-uniform blocks of sub-arrays and in...
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor storage device formed to optimize test technique and redundancy technology
Integrated data input sorting and timing circuit for double data rate (DDR) dynamic random access me...
High purity cobalt, method of manufacturing thereof, and high purity cobalt targets
Ni-Cr-Mo alloys resistant to wet process phosphoric acid and chloride-induced localized attack
Nickel-base superalloy
Hydrogen-absorbing alloy for battery, method for producing the same, and alkaline storage battery us...
Solder compositions for attaching a die to a substrate
System and method providing seamless transition of operating system environment
System and method for leak rate testing during adiabatic cooling
.alpha.-WO3-gate ISFET devices and method of making the same
Method of manufacturing a ferroelectric thin film
Optical microspectrometer
Organic thin-film transistor and manufacturing method for the same
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
Room temperature curable organopolysiloxane compositions
Mechanical handset lift for a telephone
System and method for securing voice mail messages
Near-field speaker/microphone acoustic/seismic dampening communication device
Method and system of offering wireless telecommunication services in a visited telecommunication net...
Method and apparatus for reducing echo feedback in a communication system
System and method for automatic, real-time delivery of personalized informational and transactional ...
Video amplifier with integrated DC level shifting
Mono- and di-fluorinated benzothiepine compounds as inhibitors of apical sodium co-dependent bile ac...
Billing systems and methods for communication networks providing differentiated services
Alpha-substituted pyridazino quinoline compounds
Directory-based volume location service for a distributed file system
Firewall for controlling data transfers between networks based on embedded tags in content descripti...
Navigating network-based electronic information using spoken input with multimodal error feedback
Subsystem and method of reorganizing multiplexed data
Quarternary ammonium compounds
Frame assembly for a motor vehicle
Code-division-multiple-access mobile communication system accomodating increased number of mobile st...
Digital multi-subscriber radio telecommunication system working with frequency jumping
Fade margin test
Method and apparatus for interfacing among mobile terminal, base station and core network in mobile ...
Radio-like appliance for receiving information from the internet
Method of authorizing access to a cellular mobile radio network from a simplified telephone and an a...
Homepage information production system
Automated semiconductor processing system
Fluid heating system for processing semiconductor materials
Method and apparatus for treating a vertebral body
Dedicated apparatus and method for emission mammography
Microstructured time dependent indicators
Cover material with improved fluid handling properties
Instant musician, recording artist and composer
Beverage making cartridge
Imaging media containing heat developable photosensitive microcapsules
Apparatus for laser flash photolysis
Process for generating multilayered particles
Anti-bacterial methods and materials
Use of proteasome inhibitors to treat dry eye disorders
Thermally stable mounting for a diffraction grating device
Tracking signal generating device and method, and magnetic recording/reproducing system
Laser irradiation apparatus and method of treating semiconductor thin film
Transparent paramagnetic polymer
Synchronous digital communications system
Object oriented fault tolerance
Method and device for judging aiming errors of a weapon system and use of the device
Feed mechanism for paint ball gun
Tungsten-precursor composite
Composition and method for waterproofing explosive materials
Arm and safety switch
Plasma torch incorporating electrodes separated by an air gap and squib incorporating such a torch
Bearing unit
Spindle motor and bearing assembly
Bearing device
Bearing provided with rotation sensor and motor employing the same
Sliding member with composite plating film
Slide member
Footwear sizing database method
Plasma display panel using helicon plasma source
Pipette with improved pipette tip mounting shaft
Deputization in a distributed computing system
Method and apparatus for analyzing performance of data processing system
Time stamping method using time delta in key certificate
Checkerboard parity techniques for a multi-pumped bus
Method for cement clinker production using vitrified slag
Three-dimensional articles of indeterminate axial length
Oral compositions
Process for producing particles of amine reaction products
Ultra high temperature rapid cycle induction furnace
Directly cooled magnetic coil, particularly a gradient coil, and method for manufacturing conductors...
Acoustic gating monitor for magnetic resonance imaging system
Systems and methods for assessing vascular effects of a treatment
Substituted 8-arylquinoline phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors
Method for treating thyroid disorders with a botulinum toxin
Substitutional variants of APO-2 ligand
Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes
Near point of use laser water treatment systems and methods
Method and apparatus for reliably communicating information packets in a wireless communication netw...
Interactive play fountain
Indoor walking workout facility
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Dual receiver for a on-board entertainment system
Sugar derivatives of hydromorphone, dihydromorphine and dihydromorphine, compositions thereof and us...
System and method for instrumenting application class files with correlation information to the inst...
Inter-application data transmitting/receiving system and method
Method and system for secure debugging of a secure software module
Neck-through the top carton
Container body portion
Folding finger tamper-indicating band arrester
Insulated apparatus for injecting and removing compressed air from a cooled mold cavity
Molding system and related method using a side-gated injection mold with vacuum assist and resulting...
Container with improved neck portion and method for making the same
Tissue-engineered ligament
Myocardial grafts and cellular compositions useful for same
Matrix for tissue engineering formed of a hyaluronic acid ester and hydrolyzed collagen
Solvent free coating compositions for soiling-resist ant facades
System and method for providing a distributable runtime
MIB integrative management method for an ATM server
Cap closure and detachable liner
Flame resistant polycarbonate/ABS plastic molding materials
Filtration aid for the bayer process
Fire suppressant having foam stabilizer
Method for making printed and/or embossed decorative grass
Chemical attractants for yellowjacket wasps
Photoresist compositions comprising blends of ionic and non-ionic photoacid generators
Soft polypropylene melt spun nonwoven fabric
Wafer dicing device and method
Computer-implemented and/or computer-assisted web database and/or interaction system for staffing of...
System and method for connecting to a device on a protected network
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, data recording medium, and informat...
Apparatus and methods for preventing denial of service attacks
Distributed protocol for secure communication of commercial transactions and decentralized network e...
Software security mechanism
Antibody against hypoxia proteins
Electrostatic dissipating polymeric multi-layer article or laminate
Display element
Use of zwitterionic compounds as mold release agents in thermoplastics
Product packaging having a non-thermoformed blister-like compartment and methods for making same
Polyester having improved crystallization behavior and extrusion blow molded articles made therefrom
Light-emitting device for optic fiber decoration
Pointer position detection using light emitting diodes
Low profile combination exit and emergency lighting system having downwardly shining lights
Array lens, lighting optical system, optical unit and imaging apparatus
Elastic support assembly for disk device for disk recording apparatus with video camera
Associating image and location data
Image recording/reproducing apparatus in monitor system
Optical cable adapter or connector
Optical fiber clamping apparatus to hold fiber cable while providing retractable distance across mod...
Optical fiber management system and method
Optical fiber holder with fiber engaging protrusions, and associated methods
Process and device for connection/disconnection of an optical fiber with an optoelectronic component
Efficient light distribution system
Optical cross-connect device and system having the device
Feature correspondence between images using an image pyramid
Method and apparatus for interpolation
Image sensing apparatus which intentionally retains longitudinal chromatic aberration
Virtual navigation system and method using moving image
Method and structure for calibrating scatterometry-based metrology tool used to measure dimensions o...
Method and apparatus for estimating degree of neuronal impairment in brain cortex
Insulated concrete wall system and method for its manufacture
Load bearing wall
Method for continuously casting between two rolls austenitic stainless steel strips with excellent s...
Method of continuously casting electrical steel strip with controlled spray cooling
Molten steel producing method
Active steel repassivator for corroded steel in chloride contaminated reinforced concrete structures
Soft Cr-containing steel
High strength steel for induction hardening
Method for making a joint between copper and stainless steel
Bone precursor cells: compositions and methods
Method and apparatus for remotely managing data via a mobile device
Condiment dispensing nozzle apparatus and method
Branched polyolefin synthesis
Method of distracting vertebral bones
K-space based graphic application development system for a medical imaging system
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional imaging in the fourier domain
Fish hook
Water dispenser for small animals or pets
Hummingbird feeder having removable vessel unit
Calcium fortified products and methods of preparation
Automated foot bath apparatus and method
Opto-mechanical assembly
Optical interconnection circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
Optical waveguide structures
Interference-based DWDM optical interleaver using beam splitting and selective phase shifting and re...
Fermentation-based products from corn and method
Electrically powered postage stamp or mailing or shipping label operative with radio frequency (RF) ...
Water jet flossing apparatus
Verbena plant named `Sunmaref TPPW`
Lily plant named `Soldera`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Pastel`
Erigeron plant named `Spindrift`
Impatient plant named `Fify Orantwo`
Heuchera plant named `Obsidian`
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Light-receiving device and image sensor
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Methods for producing diene-based rubber/inorganic compound complexes and rubber compositions contai...
Tetraketopiperazine unit-containing compound as an active material in batteries
Method of making a lithium polymer battery and battery made by the method
Process for producing a lithium transition metal sulphide
Electrochemical cell with carbonaceous material and molybdenum carbide as anode
Transistor provided with first and second gate electrodes with channel region therebetween
Nucleic acid transfer phage
Water-soluble homopolymers and copolymers having an improved environmental acceptability
Wheelchair table with ergonomic aid
Multiple trough coil car
Apparatus and method for presenting periodic data
MR device and MR method for localizing and/or visualizing a medical instrument provided with a passi...
Enclosure for sweeper vehicle
Body of vacuum cleaner
Trash can with bag removal assist vent
Trash can assembly
Wheelbarrow chute
Motorized coin sorter
Component-based source code generator
Image forming apparatus, and process cartridge for use in image forming apparatus
Data management system
Electric-component mounting system
Circuit and process for regulating the speed of universal electric motors
Travel tracker
Electronic apparatus and method for treating human pain through application of an electrical stimulu...
User-definable communications methods and systems
Method and system of deploying an application between computers
System and method for implementing a generic enhanced network driver
Free-flow fluid measurement meter
Memory access circuit and memory access control circuit
Secure hinge mechanism for portable computer
Computing device to allow for the selection and display of a multimedia presentation of an audio fil...
Multimedia documents integrating and displaying system
Quality of service monitor for multimedia communications system
Internet capable browser dispenser architecture
Content management and sharing
Sales transaction system with electronic coupon processing
Apparatus and accompanying methods for visualizing clusters of data and hierarchical cluster classif...
Bone allograft packaging system
Device for measuring the oxidizable carbon of a liquid and a method for the use thereof
Catalyst compositions employing sol gel particles and methods of using the same
Method for removing H2S and CO2 from above ground hydrocarbon streams
Anthracene compound and chemiluminescent composition comprising the same
Process for treatment of C4 hydrocarbons that comprise butadiene and acetylene compounds that compri...
Integrated process for aromatics production
Alkylaromatic process with catalyst regeneration
Security device comprising a stop member for drilling instrument used in particular in dental surger...
VCT solenoid dither frequency control
Information management of supply flow of dispensed objects
Nickel-base alloy
Means for optimizing the disc valve in a gerotor motor
Light resolution element for irradiating dental replacement pieces with light to effect the hardenin...
Incubation method for obtaining solid culture of Zang Zhi, solid culture obtained therefrom, process...
Method of producing a birdcage superconducting coil
Electron spin resonance measurement method and measurement device for measuring ESR within the inter...
Vertical field type MRI apparatus with a conical cavity situated in the main magnet
NMR microsample holder which allows safe and simple exchanges of the sample tube
Can end, tooling for manufacture of the can end and seaming chuck adapted to affix a converted can e...
Printing press
Offset lithographic printing press
Method and apparatus for reversing sheet material in sheet-processing machines
Supporting or guiding device for sheets in a sheet processing machine, particularly a printing press
Printing machine provided with a cleaning device
Cladding for a printing machine
Method and device for separating printing plates
Printing unit
Distribution drive for a roll in a processing machine such as a printing press
Roller with axial travel
Folder superstructure with a copy diverter, and process for dividing up a product stream into two su...
Resilient road sign
Dog toy and toothbrush system and method
Resistive film
Fluorinated cyclopenta[a]naphthalenes and their use in liquid-crystal mixtures
Method, system and storage medium for arranging a database
Polymer nanocomposite comprising a matrix polymer and a layered clay material having a low quartz co...
DNA encoding human apoB48R: a monocyte-macrophage apolipoprotein B48 receptor gene and protein
Method for protecting metals against corrosion and non-polluting reactive composition therefor
Coffee-making device with pressure control
Relational text index creation and searching
Displaced subdivision surface representation
High refractive index, optically clear and soft hydrophobic acrylamide copolymers
Photocurable siloxane polymers
Apparatus and methods for measuring accommodation of a lens in an eye
Intraocular lens
Electronically tunable dielectric composite thick films and methods of making same
Microwave noise testing circuit for a disc drive
Method of manufacturing carbon nanotubes
Method for making articles from nanoparticulate materials
Article comprising aligned nanowires
Purification of fibrinogen from milk by use of cation exchange chromatography
Optical diffusion sheet, optical element, and viewing display
Changeable process window
Elastic substantially linear olefin polymers
Thrombin inhibitors
Gasket for bypass type prefilled syringe
Suppository and composition comprising at least one polyethylene glycol
Method of cryopreservation of tissues by vitrification
Method for the production of mucin-type glycopeptide
Fish test circuit and method for evaluation of waterway barrier fish bypass systems
Method of installation of electrically heated pipe-in-pipe subsea pipeline
SCR top connector
Waterstop for foundation elements and method of installation
Cement compositions with improved fluid loss characteristics and methods of cementing in subterranea...
Damping of conductor tubes
Enhanced dissolved oxygen groundwater remediation method and system
Disk drive apparatus
Data communication method between base station and mobile terminal in mobile radio communication sys...
Coding apparatus for audio and picture signals
Image forming apparatus
Rule based expert system for consumer preference
System and method for storing and retrieving data by keywords converted into divided long integers
Microprocessor and cache controlling method
Distal protection device
Crossover fault classification for power lines with parallel circuits
Repeatable swizzling patterns for capacitive and inductive noise cancellation
Semiconductor device
Making an olefin product from an oxygenate
Secure flexible plugin software architecture
Conditional carry encoding for carry select adder
Request acceptor for a network application system and a method thereof
System and method for managing data flow and measuring service in a storage network
Method and apparatus for supporting concurrent system area network inter-process communication and I...
Parallel scan test software
System and method for evaluating functional coverage linked to a verification test plan
Method and apparatus for fixing a location
Selection method for odorants
Method for determining electrical characteristics of a multiple conductor device
Audible feedback from positional guidance systems
Notch filtering as used in a disc drive servo
Athermapeutic apparatus employing electro-magnetic fields
Audio speaker for use in an external magnetic field
Multi-function cleaner blade assembly
Method and apparatus for dynamic information transfer from a mobile target to a fixed target that tr...
ECG system with minute ventilation detector
Electron density measurement and plasma process control system using a microwave oscillator locked t...
Semiconductor device
Ethylene styrene copolymer with isolated styrene
Method, system, and program for generating a deterministic table to determine boundaries between cha...
HBV/HCV virus-like particle
Folding knife
Customizable apodized chiral fiber grating apparatus and method
System of sample medium carriers with built-in memory elements and information input/output station ...
Industrial Robot
Spatially-arranged chemical processing station
Two-axis robot for specimen transfer
Prevention of robot damage via capacitive sensor assembly
Spotting and picking processes and apparatuses
Home robot using supercomputer, and home network system having the same
System, method and computer program product for web-based integrated circuit design
Degradation control of environmentally degradable disposable materials
Apparatus and method for rapid thermal processing
Method and apparatus of joint detection of a CDMA receiver
Low density acrylic fiber
System and method for outsorting suspect mail from an incoming mail stream
Low cost antennas using conductive plastics or conductive composites
Elliptically-shaped tool
System and method for electronically evaluating predicted fabric qualities
Automatic mattress selection system
System and method for reducing excess capacity for restaurants and other industries during off-peak ...
Method for producing high-purity sulphuric acid
Gas generating system for a fuel cell system and method of operating a gas generating system
Titanium dioxide particles
Graphitic polyhederal crystals in the form of nanotubes, whiskers and nanorods, methods for their pr...
System and method for preparing fuel for fuel processing system
Attrition resistant Fischer-Tropsch catalyst and support
Control of leachable mercury in fluorescent lamps
Low EMI multiplexed dual display
Methods for treating otic and ophthalmic infections
Antimicrobial agent
Exposure method and device manufacturing method using this exposure method
Image processor and image processing method
Recording apparatus having a pause mode in which video signals are written to memory by cyclically d...
Image forming apparatus with function of cooling sheet
Charging system, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Network system and terminal apparatus
Communication apparatus
Downhole gas/liquid separator system and method
Automated system for de-oxygenating and dispensing solution
Multiple downcomer fractionation trays having liquid distribution devices
Process for preparing chitosan particles
Method and apparatus for processing blood and blood components
Medical electrical lead having variable bending stiffness
Biochemical methods that eliminate corneal scars, opacification and haze
Pyrimidine carboxamides useful as inhibitors of PDE4 isozymes
Wide-band RF signal power detecting element and power detecting device using the same
Contact carriers (tiles) for populating larger substrates with spring contacts
High frequency power amplifier and wireless communication module
High-frequency circuit element having means for interrupting higher order modes
High-frequency semiconductor device
Optical integrator, illumination optical apparatus, exposure apparatus and observation apparatus
Thermally-assisted magnetic recording and reproducing device having an electron beam thermal source
Control apparatus of an automatic transmission and a method for controlling a shift operation of an ...
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Motor having a rotor with interior split-permanent-magnet
Method and apparatus for automated collection and transfer of collision information
Flexible tool for handling small objects
Hybrid vehicle control apparatus
Accessory control interface
System and method for controlling remote console functionality assist logic
Real-time I/O processor used to implement bus interface protocols
Device containing a multi-port memory
Lookahead register value tracking
Redundant devices in a process control system
Transgenic animal having a disrupted PDE7A gene and uses thereof
Method and system for the creation, application and processing of logical rules in connection with b...
Pharmaceutical tablets comprising an NSAID and a prostaglandin
Oligosaccharide aldonic acids and their topical use
Reduced form of Cenzyme Q in high bioavailability stable oral dosage form
Variant TLR4 nucleic acid and uses thereof
Compositions for giving the skin a coloration similar to that of a natural tan, based on a pigment o...
Anhydrous pigment paste and its use in cosmetics
Methods of increasing the efficacy of peroxides
Use of an organometallic compound to protect and/or strengthen a keratin material, and treatment pro...
Descrambling a scrambled television signal using a cable box for authentication
Systems and methods for advertising television networks, channels, and programs
Electronic television program guide with calendar tool
Video screen module endcap wireless signal transmitter
Method and apparatus for enhancing periodic ranging for cable modems
Upstream bandwidth allocation map (MAP)-initiated channel change method for data-over-cable systems
Method and system for encoding data in the horizontal overscan portion of a video signal
User interface for computer display
Hybrid carnation plant named `CFPC Charm`
Hybrid carnation plant named `CFPC Mindy`
Carnation plant named `CFPC Yellow Lacy`
Quick connect hot melt unit
Protected substrate structure for a field emission display device
Method of providing an interface to a plurality of peripheral devices using bus adapter chips
Process for treating textile materials
Diols and polymeric glycols in dishwashing detergent compositions
Processes for making substantially anhydrous structured surfactant pastes and other detergent ingred...
Process for manufacturing industrial detergent and components thereof
Multiphase laundry detergent and cleaning product shaped bodies having noncompressed parts
Base services patterns in a netcentric environment
Method for air-fuel ratio sensor diagnosis
Infrared road line detector
Signal process apparatus for an on-vehicle radar and method thereof
Method for particulate filter regeneration in vehicles having an automatically controlled transmissi...
Vehicle running control apparatus and map information data recording medium
Composite intake manifold assembly for an internal combustion engine and method for producing same
Pharmaceutical compositions to tetrac and methods of use thereof
Delivery of compounds for the treatment of migraine through an inhalation route
Process for improving the pour point of feeds containing paraffins using a catalyst based on a bridg...
Feed injection system for catalytic cracking process
Chemical synthesis of layers, coatings or films using surfactants
Stripping process with fully distributed openings on baffles
Modified electrochemical hydrogen storage alloy having increased capacity, rate capability and catal...
Process for the preparation of a catalyst useful for liquid-liquid sweetening LPG and light petroleu...
Immunization of dairy cattle with Mig protein
Method and apparatus for scheduling to reduce space and increase speed of microprocessor operations
Method and apparatus for determining availability of a queue which allows random insertion
Dual-block discrete consine transform method
Fiber channel connection storage controller
Vector transfer system generating address error exception when vector to be transferred does not sta...
Method and apparatus for representing variable-size computer instructions
Restructuring of executable computer code and large data sets
Universal guitar pick
Electrical bus powered cooling fan
Control valve and variable displacement compressor having the same
Air sampler with compensating pump motor speed
Fuel pump with contamination reducing flow passages
Compact turbocharger
Credit system for gaming machines and gaming tables
Method for cashless gaming
Process for applying a softening or emollient lotion to a paper product and paper product obtained a...
Metabolism monitoring of body organs
Device and method for determining analyte levels
Infrared endoscopic balloon probes
Devices, systems and methods for patient infusion
Method for determination of analytes using near infrared, adjacent visible spectrum and an array of ...
Method for determination of analytes using NIR, adjacent visible spectrum and discrete NIR wavelenth...
Measurement of waveplate retardation using a photoelastic modulator
Small spot ellipsometer
Method of determining bulk refractive indicies of fluids from thin films thereof
Integrated wafer cassette metrology assembly
Sensor utilizing attenuated total reflection
Spectroscopic ellipsometry analysis of object coatings during deposition
System and method for analyzing and processing data on an object
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image recording apparatus
Apparatus and methods for investigation of radioactive sources in a sample
Appearance inspection method and appearance inspection apparatus having high inspection processing s...
Method for selecting representative endmember components from spectral data
Method and system of local color correction using background liminance masking
Method and apparatus for efficient stenosis identification and assessment using MR imaging
Side wall supported armrest for aircraft
K-spar configuration for bonded wing construction
Aircraft weapons bay acoustic resonance suppression system
Reusable module for the storage, transportation, and supply of multiple propellants in a space envir...
Method and apparatus for providing an aircraft emergency safety control system
Inflatable three-dimensional display
Traction vehicle for aircraft and engagement and hoisting device therefor
Fungicidal composition containing N-(.alpha.-cyano-2-thenyl)-4-ethyl-2-(ethylamino)-5-thiazolecarbox...
Method for relating photolithography overlay target damage and chemical mechanical planarization (CM...
Ratchet one-way clutch and stator using ratchet one-way clutch
Signal detection techniques for the detection of analytes
Head phone
Method and apparatus for processing image files
Piezoelectric optical relay
Basket catheter with improved expansion mechanism
Implantable cardiac device for managing the progression of heart disease and method
Vaginal probe and method
Communication navigation system and method, program storage device and computer data signal embodied...
Control of MEMS and light modulator arrays
SLM display data address mapping for four bank frame buffer
Condenser microphone assembly
Optical switch device
Optical switch
Mobile phone with interactive printer
Cooling system for working fluid used in automatic transmission of automotive vehicle
Liquid cooling system and personal computer using thereof
Cooling method and apparatus for handheld devices
Heat dissipating assembly
Refrigeration cooling assisted MEMS-based micro-channel cooling system
Reusable thermal solution attachment mechanism and methods of using same
Portable electronic apparatus with replaceable built-in external power supply module
Two-stroke internal combustion engine with air injection system
Engine operation controller for hybrid electric vehicle
Process for converting oxygenates to olefins with direct product quenching for heat recovery
Energy generation device for mobile carriers
Electro-magnetic archimedean screw motor-generator
Driving circuit of display for preventing electrostatic discharge
Power saving circuit for display panel
Hearing aid
Protection and solvent washing of in-canal hearing aids
Time-controlled hearing aid
Hearing aid with adaptive matching of input transducers
Digital hearing aid with a voltage converter for supplying a reduced operation voltage
Affixed behind-the-ear child resistant volume control cover
Methods and compositions for stabilizing microtubules and intermediate filaments in striated muscle ...
Inbred maize line PH77V
Inbred maize line PH7JB
Inbred maize line NP2316
Inbred maize line PH70R
Analog computation using hybridization-capable oligomers
Database and system for storing, comparing and displaying genomic information
Stacked redundant blowers
High speed switching driver
Search engine interface system and method
Informing apparatus and method for exchange time of expendable supplies in refrigerator
Method and apparatus for optimizing controlled positive airway pressure using the detection of cardi...
Arrangement and method for feedback control of a gas flow in a breathing assist apparatus
System and method for transient response and accuracy enhancement for sensors with known transfer ch...
Adhesive film for semiconductor, lead frame with adhesive film for semiconductor and semiconductor d...
Cationic coating composition
Phosphorus element-containing crosslinking agents and flame retardant phosphorus element-containing ...
Multi-layered sealant
Method of de-allocating multiple processor cores for an L2 correctable error
System and method for controlling access to computer code in an IC card
Photolithographic molecular fluorine laser system
Micro-cavity laser
Optical transmitter having optically pumped vertical external cavity surface emitting laser
Ridge waveguide distributed feedback laser
Optical data transmission apparatus and method
Image capturing apparatus with laser-framing viewfinder and laser pointer functions
Modified transfer-roll system and method for electrophotographic printing of the like
Methods of isolating the androgenic sex hormone from crustacean prawn and marine shrimp and methods ...
VMP-like sequences of pathogenic borrelia
Method for preparing cyclohexane carboxylic acids
Prostaglandin derivatives
Thiolalkyl benzoic acid derivatives
Hydrodynamic device
Porous particles comprising excipients for deep lung delivery
Nucleic acids corresponding to 46798 a novel human matrix metalloproteinase and uses thereof
Cytokine receptor and nucleic acids encoding the same
Sustained release compositions, process for producing the same and utilization thereof
Compositions and methods for drug delivery using amphiphile binding molecules
Cyclic hydroxamic acids as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases and/or TNF- .alpha. converting en...
Cardiovascular system associated protein kinase 2 (CSAPK-2) antibodies
Device for the transvenous cardioversion of atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter
Assessment of gastric emptying disorders
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging of arteries using a magnetic resonance contrast ...
Acoustic logging tool
Speaker system
Evacuated enclosure mounted acoustic actuator and passive attenuator
Low-noise pressure reduction system
Muffler hanger
Speaker diaphragm and method of manufacturing same
In-wall loudspeaker system
Confectionery compositions containing fiber
Coated paperboards and paperboard containers having improved tactile and bulk insulation properties
Method for preparing zinc-oligopeptide easily absorbable by the human body
Cleaning composition
Oxygen scavenging high barrier polyamide compositions for packaging applications
Process for isolating and purifying proteins and peptides from plant sources
Programmable slow-cooker appliance
Squeezable elastic toy
Method and articles for providing education and support related to wildlife and wildlife conservatio...
Ultrasonic remote aeroplane for air-battle game
Dynamic energy converter
Torso exercise methods and machines
Method of making installation zone for ceramic doll eye and structure thereof
Child-friendly personal computer housing and system
A/D conversion method for serial/parallel A/D converter, and serial/parallel A/D converter
Method of forming low dielectric constant insulation film for semiconductor device
Enhanced scanning probe microscope and nanolithographic methods using the same
Broadband impedance transformers
Dynamic multi-wavelength switching ensemble
Replaceable prism for applanation tonometer
Coin counter and voucher dispensing machine and method
Gaming method and host computer with ticket-in/ticket-out capability
Chaining actions for a directed graph
Implantable medical device telemetry processor
Method for providing dimensionally corrected and functionally enhanced parts to manufacturers
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, and method for...
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets and six torque-transm...
Family of multi-speed transmissions with three planetary gearsets
GPS receiver with emergency communication channel
Generic satellite positioning system receivers with selective inputs and outputs
Method and apparatus for substituting sensor data for satellite signal in GPS receiver
Vector extended range correlation tracking of global positioning system (GPS) signals
Measurement fault detection
Flat cable and a manufacturing method therefor
Microwave filter and a telecommunication antenna including it
Liquid crystal display device
Optical filter functioning as both a gain equalizer and noise-light blocking filter
Optical amplifier gain control method for optical amplifier and gain control circuit for optical amp...
Gate insulated field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Thin-film transistor, liquid-crystal display device, and method of producing the same
Advanced BEOL interconnect structures with low-k PE CVD cap layer and method thereof
Splitter assembly with inverted pots and line connectors
Composite cable units
Furcation kit
Semiconductor substrate structure
Power supply for an automotive vehicle using DC-to-DC converter for charge transfer
Method and apparatus for image display
Optical transmission system
Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Semiconductor laser
Decision-directed carrier frequency detector and method for QAM
Audio-contents demo system connectable to a mobile telephone device
System and method for monitoring performance of a server system using otherwise unused processing ca...
Performing predictive maintenance on equipment
Methods and apparatus in a logging system for the adaptive logger replacement in order to receive pr...
Cathode ray tube apparatus
Radio communication system
Devices related to electrode pads for p-type group III nitride compound semiconductors
Magnetic random access memory
Parallel inverse discrete wavelet transform
Airplane fuel supply system and airplane wing pipeline assembly method
Solid state thermal synthesis of lithium cobaltate
Conditional access via secure logging with simplified key management
Reliability assessment method, apparatus and system for quality control
Sputtering target, A1 interconnection film, and electronic component
Nebulizer pump adapter
Aerosol can body
Autonomous citation indexing and literature browsing using citation context
Computer enabled training of a user to validate assumptions
Football target practice apparatus
Mobile telephone comprising a detachable connector between its body and its battery pack
Structural modular interconnectable subsoil drainage cell
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S51`
Control of cancer growth through the interaction of [MET5]-enkephalin and the zeta receptor
Ceramic microelectromechanical structure
Agonist antibodies
Music recorder and music player for ensemble on the basis of different sorts of music data
Camera system and accessory device
Variety of Sanvitalia plant named `Wessastar`
Method and apparatus for encouraging timely payments associated with a computer system
Anonymous location service for wireless networks
Plasma display device and method of producing the same
Method and apparatus for acquiring, maintaining, and using information to be communicated in bar cod...
Hair styling doll head having color change hair crimper
Use of isochronous packets to eliminate redundant acknowledgments
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Methods of separating cells, transplanting cells and engineering tissue using fibrin microbeads
Cationic polymers and their use
Method, system, and apparatus to minimize exception handling overhead from invoked functions
Data display method and apparatus for use in text mining
Chicken interleukin-15 and uses thereof
Manganese superoxide dismutase exon 3-deleted isoforms and nucleic acid molecules encoding the isofo...
Optical memory apparatus having a base with a unitary and integral optical component mounting portio...
Method for manufacturing elements of composite materials by the co-bonding technique
Aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy foil, container and method of preparing aluminum alloy foil
Pyrrole derivatives as phosphodiesterase VII inhibitors
Tag encasement
Induction of programmed cell death by N5 gene
Photosensitive composition
Proteinaceous animal chew with dentally therapeutic cation
Method for producing surfactant alcohols and surfactant alcohol ethers, the resulting products and t...