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Apparatus and method for counting errors in an optical compact disc storage system
Magnetic resonance fluid analysis apparatus and method
Dynamically reconfiguring clock domains on a chip
Dynamically anti-aliased graphics
Radio base station for a CDMA mobile communication system
Method and composition for treating irritable bowel syndrome using low doses of opioid receptor anta...
Non-intrusive gathering of code usage information to facilitate removing unused compiled code
Chiropractic aids for use accompanying chiropractic therapy
HIV immunogenic compositions and methods
Trimer of HIV env gene expression product
Sterically hindered poly(ethylene glycol) alkanoic acids and derivatives thereof
Solid golf ball
Tire for automobile
Pneumatic tire
Pneumatic tire with specified bead portion
Apparatus and method for judging road surface gradients, and program for judging gradients
Tire mold and a method of rapidly depressurizing the mold
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Cutting segment for a false drum
Modification of asphalt cement
Process for pyrolyzing tire shreds and tire pyrolysis systems
Removal of sulfur from a hydrocarbon through a selective membrane
Method for extracting lutein from green plant materials
Oxidation-protective coatings for carbon-carbon components
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Porous ceramic
Cutting tool of a cubic boron nitride sintered compact
Method and apparatus for identifying changes made to a computer system due to software installation
Method of downloading application programs on the editing system platform of an electronic communica...
Raspberry plant named `Driscoll Maravilla`
Inbred maize line PH3PV
Methods and apparatus for creating and storing secure customer receipts on smart cards
Apparatus and method for directing internet users to health care information
Deflection yoke and cathode ray tube device
Camera cowl assembly
Radio base station
Method and system for reducing decomposition byproducts in a methanol to olefin reactor system
Nitride semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Power-on reset circuit and IC card
Photograph vending machine
Food compositions for reducing insulin resistance
Drinking straw prepared from flattened polymeric tubular conduit, method of making same and dispense...
Rolling and standing toy doll
Humidification device for polymeric membrane fuel cells
Method for testing communication line to locate failure according to test point priorities in commun...
Corrosion-resistant chromium steel for architectural and civil engineering structural elements
Delivery of drug esters through an inhalation route
Device for generating an aerosol
Generic command interface for multiple executable routines having character-based command tree
Solid acid catalyst, production method thereof, and method for hydrodesulfurizing and isomerizing li...
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation manikin
Collapsible structures
Speech recognition system for interactively gathering and storing verbal information to generate doc...
Precast safety end and form therefor
Chrysanthemum plant named `Artist Yellow`
Modulation of T cells to regulate airway hyperresponsiveness
Detection of orthostatic hypotension using positional data and cross-check data
Tuning the properties of conjugated polyelectrolytes and application in a biosensor platform
Low dielectric constant shallow trench isolation
Voice controlled electronic musical instrument
Apparatus and method for system resource object deallocation in a multi-threaded environment
Chrysanthemum plant named `MC Brian`
Network presence indicator for communications management
Approach for accessing large objects
Teaching method and learning aid(s) to speak any foreign language
Printing paper and method for printing
Adhesive image transfer labels and method of manufacture thereof
Continuous supply edge-to-edge laminate for plastic cards and method of fabrication
Toy building set with interconnection by means of tenons with snap
N,N-substituted cyclic amine derivatives
Ceramic-molding binder
Self-timed transmission system and method for processing multiple data sets
Nucleic acids comprising regions of the rat PEG-3 promoter that display elevated expression in human...
Biosensor, iontophoretic sampling system, and methods of use thereof
Method of reducing or preventing malodour
Imaging of enzymatic activity
Receptor-mediated uptake of an extracellular BCL-xL fusion protein inhibits apoptosis
Mattress caddy
Semiconductor device with multiple laser resonators
Variable area nozzle for gas turbine engines driven by shape memory alloy actuators
Power signature attack resistant cryptography
Mechanical roping steer apparatus with enhanced stride simulation
Multi-ply cellulosic products using high-bulk cellulosic fibers
Method for preparing melamine salt of bis-(pentaerythritol phosphate) phosphoric acid
Fixture of indication tag or the like having a magnetic body for marker
Methods and apparatus for weighting radar return data
Mucin synthesis inhibitors
Photoresist composition for deep ultraviolet lithography
Image forming device regulating sheet conveying timings
Methods of screening for a multi-drug resistance conferring peptide
Bandage composition containing a phage associated lytic enzyme
Process for the production of a dinitronaphthalene isomer mixture with a high proportion of 1,5-dini...
Generator with DC boost for uninterruptible power supply system or for enhanced load pickup
Method for polymerising olefins in the presence of water
Digital data recording and reproducing apparatus
Empirical mode decomposition apparatus, method and article of manufacture for analyzing biological s...
Electro kinetic geosynthetic structure
Use of small molecule radioligands to discover inhibitors of amyloid-beta peptide production and for...
Array substrate for IPS mode liquid crystal display device
Apparatus for receiving signals in a base station for cellular radio telecommunication system
Aryl substituted pyrazoles, imidazoles, oxazoles, thiazoles and pyrroles, and the use thereof
Shadow function block interface for use in a process control network
Heap bioleaching process for the extraction of zinc
Piezoelectric microactuator for slider side actuation
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same and thin-film magnetic head material and me...
Perpendicular magnetic recording head with a magnetic shield to reduce side reading
Thin film magnetic head and magnetic transducer
Structures and materials to stabilize active layers in VGMR head using AFM transverse bias
Spin valve/GMR sensor using synthetic antiferromagnetic layer pinned by Mn-alloy having a high block...
AP-pinned spin valve design using very thin Pt-Mn AFM layer
Subcutaneous infusion set
Protective layer transfer sheet and print
Thermally developable emulsions and materials containing heterocyclic disulfide compounds
Method for producing a housing for a ball joint
Thin wall header for use in molten salt solar absorption panels
Heat exchanger header and tank unit
Molding unit and extrusion-blow molding machine equipped therewith
Replacement semilunar heart valve
On-line weatherstrip insertion and staking apparatus and method of use
Wireless security sensor systems for windows and doors
Ink used for ink jet, and methods for manufacturing conductive film, electron-emitting device, elect...
Turbine part mount for supercritical fluid processor
Supercritical extraction of taxanes
Precision measurement of wavelengths emitted by a molecular fluorine laser at 157nm
Semiconductor laser light emitting apparatus and solid-state laser rod pumping module
Mode-locked laser apparatus
Line narrowed laser with bidirection beam expansion
Supporting structure for optical fiber fixing and submicron fine alignment
Optical imaging using the temporal direct reflective signal from a minimized pulse width laser
Apparatus and methods for the controllable modification of compound concentration in a tube
Method and apparatus for applying a film adhesive to a perforated panel
Muffler sock
Ducted aerodynamic front section of a vehicle
Motor-vehicle door locking system with quick unlocking
Circuit arrangement for the power supply of protective devices for the passengers of a vehicle
Motor retractor system
Driver tailgating and following aid
Developing device with exchangeable toner box
Image forming apparatus using a developing liquid
Developing device with developer bearing member overlying developer containing chamber
Oxidized transport transfer member adhesives
Implantable coronary sinus lead with mapping capabilities
Method of determining the efficiency of an absorbent article having two absorbent layers that each c...
Method of forming a surfaced cellulosic composite panel
High level loading of borate into lignocellulosic-based composites
Movable wall for ball court
Ultrasonic monitoring of resin curing in a press for the production of particle board and similar ma...
Panel performance test system
Decorative structural panel
Method for bonding glass fibers with cross-linkable polyester resins
Entertainment assembly for a caged animal
Pneumatic tool
Pressure washer
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Method to enhance healing of sternum after sternotomy
Anchoring devices and implants for intervertebral disc augmentation
Polypeptide variants with altered effector function
Apparatus and method for automatically adjusting optical axis of vehicle headlights
Imaging system and method with dynamic brightness control
Image processing system to control vehicle headlamps or other vehicle equipment
Method and arrangement for communicating between vehicles
Method and apparatus for distributing public key certificates
Floribunda rose plant named `JACtosam`
Database system for predictive cellular bioinformatics
Method of using a network of computers to facilitate and control access or admission to facility, si...
Efficient write-watch mechanism useful for garbage collection in a computer system
Method for benchmarking standardized data element values of agricultural operations through an inter...
Function disabling system for a camera used in a restricted area
Method for detecting and redirecting major mailer's special service mail
Hydrocarbon upgrading process
Light emitting device
Thin film magnetic memory device with high-accuracy data read structure having a reduced number of c...
Contact structure for semiconductor devices and corresponding manufacturing process
Image forming apparatus and copy management system
Omnidirectional visual camera
Trans-lutein enriched xanthophyll ester concentrate and a process for its preparation
Aircraft fluid delivery device
System and method for initializing autoguidance for a mobile machine
Electronic location system
Amusement device
Maintaining a soft-token private key store in a distributed environment
Method and system for dynamic generation of web site content for specific user communities from a si...
Sulfur-containing free-cutting steel
Delivery of alprazolam, estazolam, midazolam or triazolam through an inhalation route
Method and mechanism for extending native optimization in a database system
Mesoporous carbons and polymers
Audio and visual message center
Image based touchscreen device
Adaptive bucket indexing mechanism to effectively manage service activation requests
Removal of decks from offshore structures
Chrysanthemum plant named `Artist Pink`
SOX-9 gene and protein and use in the regeneration of bone or cartilage
Apparatus and method for fabricating arrays of atomic-scale contacts and gaps between electrodes and...
Semiconductor device containing copper diffusion preventive film of silicon carbide
Apparatus and methods for image processing using mixed display objects
Extensible distributed enterprise application integration system
Camera and shutter device
Chrysanthemum plant named `Marvine`
Graphical development system and method
Air intake silencer
Method and apparatus for error correction
Plasma display panel having pads of different length
Universal cart and interchangeable attachment system
Pyrrole derivatives
Method and system for installing cable in pressurized pipelines
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding human lanosterol synthase proteins, and related products an...
Antiangiogenic peptides and compositions thereof
Tag for intravenous infusion systems
Aluminum-oxy compound, catalyst component for polymerizing olefin, and method for producing polyolef...
Nitric oxide-modified linear poly(ethylenimine) fibers and uses thereof
Compiling device, computer-readable recording medium on which a compiling program is recorded and a ...
Molecular methods of hybrid seed production
Hernia implant, method for its manufacture and use in surgery
Classification and screening of test subjects according to optical thickness of skin
Determination of the hydrophobic pulmonary surfactant protein SP-C
Use of (1-ethoxyethoxy)cyclododecane in a perfume composition as perfume fixative and/or enhancer
Human genes relating to respiratory diseases and obesity
Palmtop computer expansion using shared memory access
Multilayer radio frequency interconnect system
Aft in flight entertainment cooling system
Method of imaging a vasculature of a patient
Footplate for treadmill
Parallel mask generator
Splitting device for pressure medium ducts and a duct component having same
Apparatus supporting multiple memory card formats
Point-of-sale system with real-time database access and printing of human-readable price information
Using a resource manager to coordinate the comitting of a distributed transaction
Method of engine cylinder bore enlargement
Low-pressure gas circuit for a compressor
Method for preparing polyorganosiloxanes by polymerization catalyzed by a catalytic system based on ...
Aqueous based zirconium (IV) crosslinked guar fracturing fluid and a method of making and use theref...
Phosphonite ligands and their use in hydrocyanation
Web of record members
Electrical dentifrice-dispensing toothbrush with replaceable bristle unit and refillable cartridge
Compositions containing and methods of using N-acyl-1H-aminoindenes
Blow molding method and blow molded product
Radiation absorbing polymer, composition for radiation absorbing coating, radiation absorbing coatin...
Miniature implantable connectors
Methods for screening for transdominant intracellular effector peptides and RNA molecules
Relational text index creation and searching
Organic-inorganic composite graded material, method for preparation thereof and use thereof
Photoresist monomers containing fluorine-substituted benzylcarboxylate and photoresist polymers comp...
Modular, integrated power conversion and energy management system
Exhalation evacuator
System and method for memory characterization
Telematics system for vehicle diagnostics
Method for oligomerizing C6-olefins
Micro-particulate and nano-particulate polymeric delivery system
Single pump lubrication and starter system
Password protected memory on replaceable components for printing devices
Video pedestal network
Method and system for transmitting data among various memory units of position measuring devices
Counterpulsation device using noncompressed air
Electrolytic substance infusion device
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses thereof
Method for neutralizing a transmitter tube
Method for preparing HCV E2 binding protein
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge detachably attachable to the same
Method for enhancing voice quality in CDMA communication system using variable rate vocoder
Compounds to treat Alzheimer's disease
Mutual prodrug of amlodipine and atorvastatin
Nanomaterials and magnetic media with coated nanostructured fillers and carriers
Microwave polymerization system for dentistry
Treatment of obesity
Methods of using analogs of human basic fibroblast growth factor mutated at one or more of the posit...
SD-ADC with digital dither signal processing
Heat sink
Apparatus for generating a temperature gradient and methods for using the gradient to characterize m...
DNA chip and its preparation
IAPs associated cell cycle proteins, compositions and methods of use
Substrate measuring method and device
Gene encoding short integuments and uses thereof
Boot cleaning apparatus
Soccer shoes having an improved structure capable of allowing a user to kick a ball farther
Cotton footie and stocking
Multi-valve delivery system
Locking device for a detachable skate of sport shoe
Perforated retroreflective film
Robust digital watermarking
Trace information in a virtual machine
Method and apparatus for providing client-based network security
Polyolefin block copolymers
Credit card rental-cost payment method
Memory devices and methods for use therewith
Proxy browser providing voice enabled web application audio control for telephony devices
Phone sync
Method for attenuating noise in seismic data
Halogen lamp coupling structure for electric heater
Composite products comprising cellulosic materials and synthetic resins and methods of making the sa...
Lens device and vibration-proof adapter
Communication interface between a TTL microcontroller and a RS232 Device avoiding level translation
Process for the separation of 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene from mixtures containing it
Technique for sensing the state of a magneto-resistive random access memory
Ferroelectric memory device and method of forming the same
Delivery and expression of a hybrid surface protein on the surface of gram positive bacteria
Swing for handicapped persons
Method for publishing certification information certified by a plurality of authorities and apparatu...
Lens information display apparatus
Non-invasive method and low-coherence apparatus system analysis and process control
Method, apparatus and computer program product for helicopter tail strike warning
Vehicle steering system control based on a model-matching strategy
Method and apparatus for processing document requests at a printer server
Smart card controlled internet access
Modular, hierarchically organized artificial intelligence entity
Sports fan's noise maker
Encapsulated lithium alloy electrodes having barrier layers
Method and system for alternate internet resource identifiers and addresses
Method for securing data relating to users of a public-key infrastructure
Computer readable medium and a method for representing an electronic circuit as a routing-resource g...
Aerosol composition
Composition for a hair treatment preparation in the form of an aerosol foam
Virtual reality peripheral vision scotoma screening
Indexing of knowledge base in multilayer self-organizing maps with hessian and perturbation induced ...
Carbon nanotube array RF filter
Topically applied synthetic ocean water mixture and method of using same
Image processing device, image processing method and recording medium
System and method for tracking records in a distributed computing system
Method and apparatus for reducing the pollution of boat harbors
Impatiens plant named `TiLipII`
Exercise monitoring system and methods
Control handle for intelligent assist devices
Treatment of helicobacter with isothiocyanates
Crossover fault classification for power lines with parallel circuits
Vehicle self-carried positioning method and system thereof
Surface plasmon resonance sensor
Multilayer extreme ultraviolet mirrors with enhanced reflectivity
Class sharing between multiple virtual machines
Display device and an optical device provided with same
Artichoke plant named `PS-IG0092`
Methods and compositions for the pulmonary delivery insulin
General access system
Anchoring device
Method and system for uniform resource identification and access to television services
Compiling for multiple virtual machines targeting different processor architectures
Watermark detection via cardinality-scaled correlation
School observation and supervisory system
Method for measuring a degree of association for dimensionally referenced data
Iteration terminating using quality index criteria of turbo codes
Apparatus and method for measuring the maximum speed of a runner over a prescribed distance
High resolution and high luminance plasma display panel and drive method for the same
Comparator for time-temperature indicator
Method and system for providing electronic discovery on computer databases and archives using artifi...
Image processing apparatus
Apparatus, method and system for ultra short range communication
Chill tube for the continuous casting of metals
Non-pyrophoric hydrogen storage alloy
Electric meter cover including an integrally molded optical port with lens
Unified data type system and method
Remotely controlling a servant aircraft
Electronic power module and a power component designed to equip such a module
Marking of electronic documents in order to expose unauthorized publication
Method and apparatus for targeted advertising
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation, in situ production of synthesis ga...
Polymerization process
Amino polyol amine oxidase polynucleotides and related polypeptides and methods of use
Implant for repairing cartilage having outer surface layers of copolymer and ceramic material
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Macrophage derived chemokine (MDC) and chemokine analogs and assay to identify modulators of MDC act...
Implantable device and method for the electrical treatment of cancer
EP4 receptor selective agonists in the treatment of osteoporosis
Automated transformation from American English to British English
Search unit, search system and search method
Dynamic preamble configuration on a shared bus
(1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinolin-8-yl)-heptatrienoic acid derivatives having serum glucose reducing activ...
Tamper-resistant device for coin accepting machines
Magnetic head and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
High-lift, low-drag, stall-resistant airfoil
Method of ghost reduction and transmission enhancement for a real image projection system
Method and system for installing a software product to a computer with authorization
Image processing apparatus and method for recognizing specific pattern and recording medium having i...
Use of phosphate group-containing polymer dispersions as adhesives
Method for producing an effect upon an emulsion in a printing machine
Device for cleaning a cylinder of a printing-material processing machine
Device and method for folding newspapers with flexible inserting position
Method for the thermal stabilization of a laser diode in a recorder
Pump inking unit
Device for providing a cylinder with a packing and registers
Illuminated display assembly
Composition and method for treating inflammatory diseases
Portable adjustable stand for satellite dish antennas
Resist composition
Method of treating benign prostatic hyperplasia and other benign prostate conditions
Synthesis of [2.2.1]bicyclo nucleosides
Electrical switch device for bicycle
Apparatus for generating power from passing vehicular traffic
Synergistic body positioning and dynamic support system
System, method and article of manufacture for an interlock module in a computer graphics processing ...
Graphics processing unit with transform module capable of handling scalars and vectors
Intraocular lens manufacturing apparatus
Optical system, in particular intraocular lens, contact lens
Cataract extraction apparatus and method
Intraocular lens insertion apparatus
Electrophoresis chip
Method for producing asymmetrical 4,6-bis(aryloxy)pyrimidine derivatives
Environmental remediation system and method
Living body variable measuring apparatus equipped with a display capable of presenting a graphic rep...
Method of magnetically transferring information signal from master medium to slave medium
Method of deciding error rate and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Ultra-high density storage device with resonant scanning micromover
Data structure and storage and retrieval method supporting ordinality based searching and data retri...
Method and apparatus for TLB entry tracking, collision detection, and address reassignment, in proce...
Method and system for providing advanced warning to a data stage device in order to decrease the tim...
Apparatus and methods for cache line compression
Power control circuits with enhanced nonlinear current sensing
Detection and treatment of breast disease
Methods and apparatus for measuring arterial compliance, improving pressure calibration, and computi...
Diagnostic method for detection of molecular forms of eosinophilic cationic protein (ISO-ECPS)
Clear rinsing agents
Cu film deposition equipment of semiconductor device
Robot apparatus and method and system for controlling the action of the robot apparatus
Pathcorrection for an industrial robot
Method and apparatus for controlling a tray changer incorporated in a robot control system
Vision-based obstacle avoidance
Home robot using home server, and home network system having the same
Robot system
Monitoring and management system for lighting networks
Orthogonal code division multiple access waveform format for use in satellite based cellular telecom...
Body scanning equipment
Electric artificial larynx
Musical telephone with near field communication capabilities
Method and apparatus for ultrasonically stomping slider end stops on zipper
Process cartridge and remanufacturing method therefor
Sheet postprocessing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method of remanufacturing process cartridge and developing device
Process cartridge mounting mechanism, electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and process cartr...
Developing device featuring a first developer bearing member and a second, swingable developer beari...
Apparatus for treating fluids
Method of treating an electroless plating waste
Method for identifying a mycobacterium species
Human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Arylpiperazines and their use as metalloproteinase inhibiting agents (MMP)
Method and system for a customized patient report in imaging systems
Methods and compositions for the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy
Carrier with solid fibrinogen and solid thrombin
Plastic films, especially for use in a dermal or transdermal therapeutic system
Coated, platform-generating tablet
Moisture-sensitive preparation of percutaneous absorption type
Temperature controlled solute delivery system
Topical composition for antiseptic and analgesic purposes
Method and apparatus for polymer application to intracorporeal device
Apparatus for melting thermoplastic material
Maintaining pre-computed aggregate views incrementally in the presence of non-minimal changes
Ligand for vascular endothelial growth factor receptor
Multipoint TDM data distribution system
Method and device for reconstructing acoustic data and animation data in synchronization
Detection error estimation and method
Fingertip musical tap assembly
Fluid-handling systems and components comprising a bladder pump, a methods therefor
Hydraulic air compressor having an automatic water valve regulation mechanism
Air pumping/extracting duplex pump
Tube pump and ink jet recording apparatus using the tube pump
Device for producing consumables
Dual cylinder apparatus for reciprocal hermetic compressor
Implantable drug delivery device with peristaltic pump having a bobbin roller assembly
Focused beam spectroscopic ellipsometry method and system
System for analyzing surface characteristics with self-calibrating capability
Vacuum measurement device
Hydrogen contamination monitoring and sensor evaluation system
Methods and apparatus for image recognition and dictation
Method and apparatus for early detection and classification of retinal pathologies
2-methoxyimino-2(pyridinyloxymethyl)phenyl acetamides useful as fungicides
Feedback method utilizing lithographic exposure field dimensions to predict process tool overlay set...
Ratchet one-way clutch and stator using ratchet one-way clutch
System for automatically certifying the accuracy of a manufacturing machine
Rotatable counterbalanced actuator
Electroptic device
High efficiency heat dissipated power supply
Heat dissipation apparatus
Thermal management apparatus for horizontal electronics enclosures
Heatsink with improved heat dissipation capability
Porous CPU cooler
Heat-conducting device for circuit board
Method and apparatus for separating mixtures of gases using an acoustic wave
Nixtamalized corn flour process and apparatus improvement for recovering heat and reducing particula...
Process for producing sintered aluminum nitride furnished with via hole
Toner and electrophotographic method
Hearing aid, and a method and a signal processor for processing a hearing aid input signal
Behind-the-ear hearing aid
Intermodulation control device and method in mobile communication system
Sample and hold method to achieve square-wave PWM current source for light emitting diode arrays
Device for turning on light and illumination apparatus
Buck regulator with monolithic N- channel upper FET and pilot current sensing
Protection switch to support redundant application of converter units
Power amplifier
Method and plant for manufacturing cement clinker
Battery backup system with remote switch for actuating backup battery
Detection of bacterial kidney disease
Optical microfluidic devices and methods
Micromonospora echinospora genes coding for biosynthesis of calicheamicin and self-resistance theret...
Regulation of human transmembrane serine protease
Oligonucleotide labeling reagents
Baby nurser with plunger device
System and method for providing asynchronous SRAM functionality with a DRAM array
Unitary dental implant
Implant with internal multi-lobed interlock
Universal implant
Controlled release anti-microbial hard surface wiper
Location of lost dentures using RF transponders
Method for coating medical implants
Revolution counter
X-ray computed tomography apparatus and multi-spectra correction using a radiation pre-filter
Medical x-ray installation and method for the operation thereof
Rotating anode X-ray tube with meltable target material
Polynomial and spline interpolation of machine tool orientations
Hardware independent mapping of multiple sensor configurations for classification of persons
Method for accessing data in network elements
Method and device of controlling a rock drilling machine
Oscillation based cycle time measurement
Method of automatically adjusting exposure in a shutterless digital camera
Systems and methods for packet filtering
Packet transport method device utilizing header removal fields
Method and apparatus for detecting collisions on a network using multi-cycle waveform pulses
Hybrid bluetooth/RFID based real time location tracking
Radio telemetry system and method
Radio frequency identification tag device with sensor input
Radio frequency identification system and method
Identification tag utilizing charge pumps for voltage supply generation and data recovery
System and method for implementing a user interface in a client management tool
Method and apparatus for discriminating between documents in batch scanned document files
Method and system for automated integration of design analysis subprocesses
Apparatus for controlling vehicle drive system including drive power source and automatic transmissi...
Hybrid automatic transmission
Methods and apparatus for conversion of radar return data
3-D prestack/poststack multiple prediction
Integrated system for quickly and accurately imaging and modeling three-dimensional objects
Control device for a vehicle engine
Methods and apparatus for telephoning a destination in vehicle navigation
Windshield display for a navigation system
Navigation method and system of a vehicle
Conditional lottery system
Patron and croupier assessment in roulette
Power mode based macro-models for power estimation of electronic circuits
Lash adjuster with locking balls deactivation
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Camshaft phaser having an external bias spring
Engine phaser control system using phaser instability measurement
Valve-operating assembly of driven rotation member and cam
Pre-load cursor in a database method and system
Accessing a database using user-defined attributes
Food ingredient containing wheat gluten, soy grits and soy flour
Coating composition for inkjet applications
System enablement of automatic fare collection devices using a network
Digital film processing solutions and method of digital film processing
Disk substrate and manufacturing method therefor, and disk manufactured by the disk substrate
Identification data insertion and detection system for digital data
Method for search engine generating supplemented search not included in conventional search result i...
System and method for automatically determining whether a product is compatible with a physical devi...
System and method of smart card for managing transmissions of multimedia data via an internet-type n...
Process for the stabilization of proteins in complex mixtures during their storage in aqueous solven...
Transfection, storage and transfer of male germ cells for generation of transgenic species and genet...
System and method for evaluating a selectable group of people against a selectable set of skills
Map information providing method, map information providing system, and recording medium on which th...
Apparatus and method for optimizing access to memory
Error correction structures and methods
Lubricant compositions and methods
Granules for carrying surfactant and method for producing the same
Metal backed printed circuit board assemblies
Low-pressure mercury-vapor discharge lamp and amalgam
Near infrared chemical imaging microscope
Therapeutically improved salts of azelaic acid
Microcapsules and processes for making the same using various polymers and chitosans
Microwave assisted bonding method and joint
Radio frequency data communications device
Hydrophilic treatment of a carbon fiber construction
Block copolymer hot-melt processable adhesives, methods of their preparation, and articles therefrom
Rosin-fatty acid vinylic polyamide polymer resins
Sunlight dosage indicator
Method and apparatus to facilitate global routing for an integrated circuit layout
Method and architecture for dynamic device drivers
Nitride-based semiconductor element
Computer-aided visualization and analysis system for sequence evaluation
Expression monitoring for gene function identification
Hybridization device and method
Memory device with row and column decoder circuits arranged in a checkerboard pattern under a plural...
Multilayered ceramic micro-gas chromatograph and method for making the same
Valve control system for atomic layer deposition chamber
Artificial neural network based universal time series
Holder for electro-pneumatic components
Plastic recycling
Buoyancy-driven electric power generator
Process and apparatus for making papermaking belt using extrusion
Method and apparatus for friction bonding portions of plural workpiece layers
Methods and apparatus for producing granular compositions
Laser treatment apparatus
Method of making absorbent article employing surface layer with continuous filament
Portable, handheld, pneumatic driven medicinal nebulizer
System and method for dynamic content retrieval
System for on-orbit correction of spacecraft payload pointing errors
Combined propulsion system intended for a spacecraft
Steer-by-wire tiller with position feel system
Method and apparatus for dynamically varying a packet delay in a packet network based on a log-norma...
Mobility management techniques for use in an internet protocol-based multimedia mobile network
Apparatus and method for automatic port identity discovery in heterogenous systems
Method and apparatus for terminating optical links in an optical network
Method and apparatus for swapping telephone numbers between switching modules
Methods and apparatus for compressed gas
Convertible pontoon/camper/trailer construction
Isolongifolenyl ethers, their preparation and their use
Solid adhesive composition
Mobile terminal, method for controlling games, and computer readable recording medium
Method and apparatus for boresighting a laser with a forward looking infrared device
Chitosan enhanced erosion control rolls
Computerized help system with modal and non-modal modes
Process and apparatus for the on-line calendering of SC-A paper
Apparatus and method for a combination personal digital assistant and network portable device
Method and apparatus for an extensible markup language (XML) calendar-telephony interface
Learning system for enabling separate teacher-student interaction over selected interactive channels
Learning system and method for holding incentive-based learning
Instructional device
Heat radiation shield coating composition
Image formation apparatus and image formation method
Method and apparatus for determining halftone line frequency estimates using MIN/MAX detection
System for determining the position of an object on a transport assembly from its boundary points
Post-launch process optimization of replaceable sub-assembly utilization through customer replaceabl...
Information processor and information processing method
Technique of password encryption and decryption for user authentication in a federated content manag...
Cryptographic method for restricting access to transmitted programming content using .function.-redu...
Slide apparatus and its stage mechanism for use in vacuum
Escorted shopper system
Methods for encapsulating nucleic acids in lipid bilayers
Electromagnetic heads, flexures and gimbals formed on and from a wafer substrate
Dry surface cleaning apparatus
Method and laser system controlling breakdown process development and space structure of laser radia...
Organic electroluminescent component for an organic light-emitting diode
Annealed organic light emitting devices and method of annealing organic light emitting devices
Current driving circuit
Constitution and fabrication of flat-panel display and porous-faced structure suitable for partial o...
Organic electro-luminescence device and method for fabricating same
Discharge vessel with excimer fill, and associated discharge lamp
Multi-pass sintering of a sol-gel body through a hot zone
Grapevine plant named `13-19-30`
Process for printing a metallic security feature on identification cards and cards produced therefro...
Logical volume data structure determining configuration status of logical volume based on comparing ...
Method for storing and retrieving data objects
Method and apparatus for synchronizing not-logged application temporary tables in a multi-node relat...
Chemical solutions methods for processing semiconductor materials
Electrochemical processing method
Doppler flow imaging using optical coherence tomography
Insert for a bat having an improved seam orientation
Organic polymers
Apparatus and methods for evaluating performance of endoscopy devices and systems
System and method for wavelength conversion using traveling-wave polymers for WDM applications
Method and apparatus for setting recording parameter on non-used area of optical recordable disc
Waveguide-grating router with output tapers configured to provide a passband that is optimized for e...
Pattern inspection apparatus
Waste bin
Waste container
Trash can assembly
Trash can assembly
Forwarding table incorporating hash table and content addressable memory
Time-of-flight mass spectrometer with multiplex operation
Integrated circuit package
Flexible schemes for applying properties to information in a medium
Apparatus for and method of pattern recognition and image analysis
Method and apparatus for invalid state detection
Firearm mechanism having slide with interchangeable breech face
Systems and methods for storing data
Method of manufacturing dynamic pressure bearing device, and dynamic pressure bearing device
Bearing unit
Rolling bearing
Constant velocity joint
Gear assembly for a power tool
Power roller for a toroidal continuously variable transmission
Spindle motor
Shoe inserts with built-in step indicating device
Plasma display panel and fabrication method thereof
Flash control circuit
Unidirectional verification of bus-based systems
Method and apparatus for altering data length to zero to maintain cache coherency
Acid-dyeable polymer compositions
Tufted pile structure having binder concentrated beneath the backstitches
Sodium copper titanate compositions containing a rare earth, yttrium or bismuth
Single dosage oxidizing treatment
Process for the high-speed rotary application of liquid coating agents
Non-symmetric, partially fluorinated lubricant additives
Materials and methods for the purification of hydride gases
Hydrocarbon hydrogenation catalyst composition, a process of treating such catalyst composition, and...
Disposable serving plate with sidewall-engaged sealing cover
Polymer compound containing silicon ester moiety and composition therefrom
Roll having glass coating
Portable information terminal and power supply control method therefor
Onboard system in a vehicle and central system for locating the vehicle accurately
Processes for manufacturing particles coated with activated lignosulfonate
Isolated human Ras-like proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding these human Ras-like proteins, and...
Goggle with side arm for wearing with a helmet
Treatment for substrates
Method and apparatus for use of computer aging to demonstrate a product benefit
Personal care composition with color change indicator
Paper products treated with oil-in-water emulsions
Laundry detergent compositions with certain cationically charged dye maintenance polymers
Treatment of fabric articles with specific fabric care actives
Fungicidal mixtures
Induction foil cap sealer
Article carrier and blank therefor
Movable defensive apparatus
Nanoporous silicon support containing macropores for use as a bioreactor
Process for decellularizing soft-tissue engineered medical implants, and decellularized soft-tissue ...
Hydrogen generating apparatus
Rhodium foam catalyst for the partial oxidation of hydrocarbons
Fuel cell power plant with electrochemical enhanced carbon monoxide removal
Floor-covering material using phenol composite resin
Polyester-based resin composition and shaped articles
Vehicle laundry element and method of making same
Process for preparing value-added RPET-containing polymer blend component
Co-curable blends featuring bromine-and iodine-containing fluoroplastic polymers
Linear low density polyethylenes with high melt strength and high melt index ratio
Urethane composition for sheet transport roll, and sheet transport roll produced by employing the ur...
Dicing machine
Dicing method and dicing apparatus for dicing plate-like workpiece
Matrix metalloproteinases
Portable bullet trap
Method and system for certifying authenticity of a web page copy
Methods and apparatus for restricting access of a user using random partial biometrics
Electric discharge lamp device
Illumination device having a single light source and liquid crystal display device
Viewing and inspection box
Holding device for an image-influencing optical component of an optical image-forming device and ima...
Electronic circuit card ejector handle that provides visual status indicia
Loudspeaker enclosure mounting above listener
Base assembly for video display appliance
Image processing apparatus and method utilizing motion vectors
Illumination light conducting optical-fiber configuration for endoscope cable
Optical delay device
Hollow optical fiber and method for manufacturing the same
Waveguide for an optical circuit and method of fabrication thereof
Optical fibre connector
Channel power monitor
Efficient macroblock header coding for video compression
HD fourier transforms for irregularly sampled data
Method and apparatus for text extraction from cut image
Apparatuses and methods for mapping image coordinates to ground coordinates
Method and system for dual spatial or temporal scaling
Document composite image display method and device utilizing categorized partial images
Method and system for detecting defects
Electrocardiograph system and its communication device
Method and system for detecting seizures using electroencephalograms
Apparatus and method for obtaining data for diagnosing condition of living body using UHF signal
Method for the treating stainless steel refining slag
Method for producing grain-oriented silicon steel sheet not having inorganic mineral film
Nitrided maraging steel and method of manufacture thereof
Ferritic stainless steel sheet with excellent workability
Method and apparatus for cooling hot rolled steel strip, and method for manufacturing hot rolled ste...
Process for treating steel-, zinc- and aluminum-based metals using a two-step coating system
Flux-cored wire for stainless steel arc welding
Serotonin potentiation by oleamide analogs
Synthetic salicylihalamides, apicularens and derivatives thereof
Sailing craft
Tool to remove weeds from items located on aquatic vehicles
Trimaran type wing effect ship with small waterplane area
Reel type pipeline laying ship and method
Motorcycle stand control mechanism
Automotive electronic safety network
Combined tailgate and hinged engine cover
Vehicle anti-theft system with tampering indicator
Talking action figure having facial expressions
Styrene-acrylate copolymer composition suitable for surface size
Non-polyvinyl chloride, interpenetrating network epoxy/urethane acrylates
Production of polyester carbonates
Synthesis of spiro esters, spiro ortho carbonates, and intermediates
Die attachment with reduced adhesive bleed-out
Melt processable thermoplastic polymer composition employing a polymer processing additive containin...
Computer system and method for operating a computer unit and a peripheral unit
Implantable stimulator system and method for treatment of incontinence and pain
Biomagnetic field measuring method and apparatus
Outside watering troughs for livestock
Protein foam remover for aquarium
Food composition suitable for shallow frying comprising sunflower lecithin
Fly fishing reel with a device for enabling or disabling a preset amount of drag
Acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase 2 as a target in the regulation of fat burning, fat accumulation, ener...
Static memory processor
Method and apparatus for performing extraction using a model trained with bayesian inference
Modifying a hierarchical representation of a circuit to process features created by interactions bet...
Nano-magnetic head and nano-magnetic head device using the same
Device for compression of the lower extremities for medical imaging purposes
Data processor and data processing method
Compositions and methods for promoting nerve regeneration
Mobile telephone connector module
Methods and systems for providing mobile telecommunications network services in a routing node
Blackberry plant named `Driscoll Cowles`
Metal oxide electrode coated with porous metal film, porous metal oxide film or porous carbon film, ...
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for manufacturing the same
Systems and methods for facilitated feed supplementation
Lithium anodes for electrochemical cells
Negative image-recording material
Voltammetric reference electrode calibration
Method of preparing an anode material for lithium secondary battery
Seal for pressurized container with a rupturable seal
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution secondary battery with electrodes having a specific thickness and ...
Anodically bonded elements for flat-panel displays
Ceramic materials for capacitors with a high dielectric constant and a low capacitance change with t...
Hinge for pivoting a flap and a method of using and making same
Friction stir heating/welding with pin tool having rough distal region
Lotion application device
Method and system for tracking employee productivity in a client/server environment
Apparatus for delivery of impact-sensitive articles
Self-calibrating optical imaging system
Method and apparatus for infrared imaging in small passageways
Systems and processes for refining a registered map of a body cavity
Stabilizer for a propeller related vehicle
Interactive wagering system with promotions
Removal of noise from seismic data using limited radon transformations
Sideband signal transmission between host and input/output adapter
Integrated animal crate and grooming table
Electric resistance material
Combination shelf and display unit
Optical device
Endolumenal prosthesis delivery assembly and method of use
Separation of impurities and/or valuable substances from solutions containing diaryl carbonate by so...
Fuel cell membranes
Flash memory device with a novel redundancy selection circuit and method of using the same
Lens-fitted photo film unit with flash device and method of flash lighting thereby
Light source device
Method of reducing dimensionality of a set of attributes used to characterize a sparse data set
DS/CDMA reverse link structure for high data rate transmission
Method of fabricating nanostructured materials
Fluorinated dendrons and self-organizing ultrahigh density nanocylinder compositions
Antisense modulation of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 expression
High efficiency printed circuit LPDA
Fluorous triphase and other multiphase systems
Probe scanning device
Gaming device having an adjacent selection bonus scheme
Gaming device having a first game scheme involving a symbol generator, a second game and a first gam...
Method and apparatus for team play of slot machines
Reduced noise touch screen apparatus and method
Hand-held milling machine
Self adjustment of a frequency offset in a GPS receiver
Asset and personnel tagging system utilizing GPS
Mode determination for mobile GPS terminals
Guiding vehicle in adjacent swaths across terrain via satellite navigation and tilt measurement
Process and system of coupled real-time GPS/IMU simulation with differential GPS
Method and apparatus for calculating altitude based on barometric and GPS measurements
Polypropylene-based calendered article and injection-molded article
Polyurethane resin composition and optical lens having impact resistance
Method of enhancing pit replication in optical disks
SiC wafer, SiC semiconductor device, and production method of SiC wafer
Reflection liquid crystal display capable of displaying pictures in improved color purity
Method of magnetic recording/reproducing
Communications network
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display component and transparent conductive substrate suitable for the same
MEMS mirror and method of fabrication
Device forming a snorkel mouthpiece or diving regulator
Modular wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) connector
Overhead cable
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor laser diode module
Orthogonal transform processor
Angled port loudspeaker
Arrayed waveguide grating optical multiplexer/demultiplexer and method for manufacturing the same
EU-1 zeolite catalyst and a process for the reduction of the pour point of feeds containing paraffin...
Process for the selective hydrogenation of alkynes
Oligomerization of alpha olefins in the presence of carboxylic acids
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S46`
Compensation data prediction
Transferring constraint descriptors between light-weight devices for document access
Method and apparatus for testing batteries on a golf car
Metal halogen electrodeless illumination lamp
Viewing apparatus having a photographing system
Spatially resolved and spatially aware antenna for radio navigation
Semiconductor light receiving element
Magnetoresistive memory devices and assemblies
Method of forming a shallow trench isolation structure featuring a group of insulator liner layers l...
Adhesive-backed label and process for producing the same
Pressurized camera housing
Apparatus for suspending a covering over a container in a microwave oven
Method, system, and computer program product for tactile cueing flight control
Control system and method for a parallel hybrid electric vehicle
Fourier series-based automatic generation system and method for multi-variable fuzzy systems
Toy device responsive to visual input
Carbonaceous material and lithium secondary batteries comprising same
Method system, and program for dynamic resource linking when copies are maintained at different stor...
Tool storage cabinet
Hydrogen absorbing alloy and nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery
Medical mechanical compressor nebulizer
Method, article of manufacture, and apparatus for generating a multi-dimensional record management i...
Reversible colorful writing apparatus
Dynamic illuminated display
Automatic number capture
Devices of providing efficient revegetation and greening structures for landscaping and decoration
Raspberry plant named `Driscoll Madonna`
Surface receptor antigen vaccines
Monitoring and control of all-optical cross connect fabrics using multiple laser sources
Method for producing cavities with submicrometer patterns in a semiconductor device using a freezing...
Motion detector camera
Chrysanthemum plant named `Hutch`
Digital content protection using a secure booting method and apparatus
Color-stabilized electrochromic devices
Engine acoustical system
Apparatus and method for address calculation
Napped leather-like sheet material and method of producing same
Plasma display panel
Apparatus for holding an object to be processed
Mechanically joined sputtering target and adapter therefor
Systems and methods for spectral corrected lightning detection
Pressure-containing plug for a tubular passageway
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Method of producing electrical double layer capacitor and method of mounting electrical double layer...
Ziegler-natta catalyst for tuning MWD of polyolefin, method of making, method of using, and polyolef...
Method and apparatus for serial communication with a co-processor
Method for the automatic measurement of acoustic resonance of a magnetic resonance tomography appara...
System and method to eliminate race conditions in input/output operations for high bandwidth archite...
Neublastin neurotrophic factors
Charging cradle with business card reader
Reusable pulse oximeter probe and disposable bandage apparatus
Use of Emu Oil and its various fractions as a carrier for antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral m...
Cobalt-based industrial cutting tool inserts and alloys therefor
Apparatus and method for initial load balancing in a multiple run queue system
Blood separation system particularly for concentrating hematopoietic stem cells
Coated phosphor filler and a method of forming the coated phosphor filler
Exhaust gas recirculation control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Optical integrator for an illumination device
Cleaning compositions comprising an oxidoreductase
Cranberry seed oil, cranberry seed flour and a method for making
Antenna for air-to-ground communication
Multi-function sensor device and methods for its use
Use of multivalent chimeric peptide-loaded, MHC/Ig molecules to detect, activate or suppress antigen...
Oral care confections and method of using
Spiral wound membrane element, spiral wound membrane module and treatment system employing the same ...
Method for producing o-chloromethyl benzenecarbonyl chlorides
Fuel cell system for low pressure operation
Gas diffusion backing for fuel cells
Fuel cell
Catalyst for olefin polymerization
Hybrid circuit breaker with a transmission
Method for the correction of a bit in a string of bits
Insulated wire
Image forming apparatus having test pattern transfer prevention control
Dynamic side to side brake proportioning
Modified CRE recombinase gene for mammals
Color display having sequential primary color generation
System and method for the automated migration of configuration information
Sequence generator
Surface acoustic wave device and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-platform sequence-based anomaly detection wrapper
Low fluorescence nylon/glass composites for micro-analytical diagnostic applications
Treatments for obesity and methods for identifiying compounds useful for treating obesity
Compounds for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction
Method and system for SMP profiling using synchronized or nonsynchronized metric variables with supp...
Record medium and method for analyzing a source file
Enhanced first generation adenovirus vaccines expressing codon optimized HIV1-gag, pol, nef and modi...
Polyolefin compositions and articles comprising novel fluorinated and alkylated alditol derivatives
Interleukin-5 specific recombinant antibodies
Esters of fatty acids and juvenoid alcohols, and a method of their preparation and use
Divided pressure vessel apparatus for carbon dioxide based systems and methods of using same
Sustaining chaos by using basin boundary saddles
Apparatus and method for discriminating a time series data
Game system
Connector for a decorative light string hanging on an outdoor umbrella
Preparation of sulphides
Production of dielectric particles
Method and apparatus for activating a hydrogen-absorbing alloy
Molecular sieve SSZ-63 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
Rare earth hydroxide and method for the preparation thereof
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Air compressor assembly including a lifting handle
Air compressor assembly including a handle capable of attaining a plurality of positions
Pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tool
Air compressor
Intelligent assistant for use with a local computer and with the internet
P.F. 28-007 peach tree origin of variety
Buyer-driven targeting of purchasing entities
Media search and continuous playback of multiple media resources distributed on a network
System for maintenance and management of health
Image taking apparatus having a distance measuring device
System and method for predicting radio wave propagation characteristics
Process for enriching cis or trans-isomers in an olefin stream
GaN-based compound semiconductor EPI-wafer and semiconductor element using the same
Non-contact hysteresis measurements of insulating films
Unitary absorbent system
Bank note processing machine
Internal monitoring system with detection of food intake
Satellite commanding using remotely controlled modulation of satellite on-board telemetry parameters
Four wheel steering system and method for trailering
Vehicle playset with remote control
Disk drive comprising encryption circuitry selectively enabled by verifying a circuit that provides ...
Apparatus and method for checking component compatibility in a build to order computer system
Chair for stair elevating lift
Reversible hydrogen storage composition
Inhalation device and method