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System, method, and computer program product for a network-based content exchange system
Method of real-time optimization of control device equipped with fuzzy inference system
Alkoxylation process using antimony catalyst
Tactile display system
Digital watermarks and trading cards
Routing T-37 E-mail over an H 323 (VOIP) network
3-D sandwich preforms and a method to provide the same
Diascia plant named `Diastara`
Cephalotaxine alkaloid compositions and uses thereof
Telematics system
Heterogeneous chromium catalysts and processes of polymerization of olefins using same
Device for side impact detection in a motor vehicle
System and method for delivering web services using common object request broker architecture
Camera having transverse optical encoder
Hibiscus plant named `Robert Fleming`
Method and system for monitoring use of digital works
N-benzenesulfonyl L-proline compounds as bradykinin antagonists
Computerized diagnostics and failure recovery
Method and apparatus for issuing commands to a network processor configured to provide a plurality o...
Exhaust processor with variable tuning system
Method and system for reducing taken branch penalty
Basketball return apparatus
Additives made from polymeric surfactants for water-based adhesives
Ac-discharge plasma display panel
Garden novelty with upright wing supports
Ceramic envelope for high intensity discharge lamp and method for producing polycrystalline transpar...
Position measurement device, terminal provided therewith, and position measurement method
Stretch-resistant pipe liner
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Activated flame retardants and their applications
Single-chip microcomputer with hierarchical internal bus structure having data and address signal li...
Systems and methods for dispensing medical products
Theobromine synthase polypeptide of coffee plant and the gene encoding said polypeptide
Apparatus and method for magnetic resonance imaging employing partial parallel acquisition with form...
Computer system using disk controller and operating service thereof
Gene-targeted non-human mammal with human fad presenilin mutation and generational offspring
Data reordering mechanism for high performance networks
Electrified mortise lock having a solenoid cradle
Method and apparatus for integrating data from external sources into a database system
Printer with a process diagnostics system for detecting events
Method of boarding passengers on regional aircraft and transferring passengers between a regional ai...
Syringes, syringe tubing and fluid transfer systems
Somatotropin composition with improved syringeability
Use of particulate polymers as filter aids for aqueous liquids
Water treatment method for heavy oil production
Petroleum coke melt cover for aluminum and magnesium alloys
Post-evisceration process and apparatus
Isolation of lineage-restricted neuronal precursors
EL phosphor laminate thin film and EL device
Illuminated interior article system utilizing a Y-branch waveguide
Throat lozenges for the treatment of Hemosphilus influenza
Electrical stimulation device and methods of treatment of various body conditions
Indole compounds as minimally invasive physiological function monitoring agents
Methods of forming conductive thermoplastic polyetherimide polyester compositions and articles forme...
Camera panel assembly having one-piece lens cover/slider
Compositions and methods for inhibiting cellular proliferation
Coffee pot
Cellular uptake of bioactive agents
Compounds and therapies for the prevention of vascular and non-vascular pathologies
Optical diffusing plate, optical element and liquid crystal display
Process for the separation of reaction mixtures and the recirculation of quaternary salts
Method of manufacturing fuel cells and fuel cells manufactured by the method
Organic light emitting device (OLED) with multiple capping layers passivation region on an electrode
Catalyst pretreatment in an oxygenate to olefins reaction system
Cost saving methods using pre-defined integrated circuit modules
High spatial resolution scintigraphic device having collimator with integrated crystals
Image forming apparatus with current-controlled transfer voltage feature
External storage device and method of accessing the same
LUT-based system for simulating sensor-assisted perception of terrain
Analytical signal method for analysis of T-wave alternans
Starch synthase polynucleotides and their use in the production of new starches
Electronic-endoscope light quantity controlling apparatus
System and method of deskew buffering signals
Implant forming method
Synergistic composition for the treatment of liver and liver associated ailments and a process for p...
Diagnostic reagents for human cytomegalovirus and methods of use
Nucleic acid encoding 15571, a GPCR-like molecule of the secretin-like family
Recovery of nickel from nickel bearing sulphide minerals by bioleaching
Spin valve sensor with a metal and metal oxide cap layer structure
Read head sensor with a reactively sputtered pinning layer structure
Triangular magnetic field sensor
Electronic device
Adaptive data slicer
Method and apparatus for remote projector administration and control
Reversible thermosensitive recording material, and image recording and erasing method using the reco...
Curable resin composition
Dispensing edible frozen products from cartridges
Pore structures for reduced pressure aerosolization
Method of manufacturing a tubular member made of synthetic material, and a tube and a sheath manufac...
Method for producing a moulded body from foamed metal
Method for promoting hair growth
Extrusion coating process for making protective and decorative films
Car body formed by friction stir welding
Ink-jet head, method of manufacture thereof, and ink-jet printer
Canola line 44A04
Soybean 11939
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33T17
Inbred maize line PH48V
Gas discharge laser with means for removing gas impurities
Passively mode-locked optically pumped semiconductor external-cavity surface-emitting laser
High power gas discharge laser with line narrowing unit
Control rod for boiling water reactor and method for manufacturing the same
Fused fiber interleaver
Optical waveguide module
Electrophotographic or ionographic printer with variable printing speed
Process for developing, image-forming apparatus, and image-forming process cartridge
Sheet operative member, and sheet conveying apparatus and image processing apparatus using the sheet...
Electro-acupuncture device with D-shaped stimulation electrodes
Heat-sensitive material coated with powder paint
Process and system for determination of layer thickness swell of wood composites
Method for forming edge sealant for wood
Re-generating a displayed image
Motorcycle cornering simulator
Method and system for diagnosing network intrusion
Lease termination method
Method of providing direct user task access to operating system data structures
Multipurpose lens holder for reading optically encoded indicia
Active matrix display device
Vibration correction apparatus, lens apparatus, and optical apparatus
Multiple-band wireless transceiver with quadrature conversion transmitter and receiver circuits
Audience rating system for digital television and radio
Recovery of tertiary butyl alcohol
Semiconductor luminous elements and semiconductor laser
X-ray exposure method, x-ray exposure apparatus, fine structure and semiconductor device
Circuit and method for implementing a write operation with TCCT-based memory cells
Verifying the authenticity of printed documents
Integrated sensing and processing
Enhanced sample processing devices, systems and methods
Combination personal data assistant and personal computing device
Process for producing olefins and diolefins
Network policy management and effectiveness system
High corrosion resistance aluminum alloy
Method of generating uniform pores in thin polymer films
System and method for collecting samples of atmospheric aerosol particles for near-real time analysi...
Transparent parameter marker support for a relational database over a network
Method and apparatus for automatic search for relevant picture data sets
Jet propulsion boat
Method and apparatus for messaging between disparate networks
Method of reducing the availability of heavy metals in plants and the use of cross linked poly(meth)...
Lily plant named `Rousillon`
Composition for treatment of constipation and irritable bowel syndrome
Multiple adapting display interface
Optical configuration and method for differential refractive index measurements
Fabricating an embedded ferroelectric memory cell
Data superimposing device in camera
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 4`
Electrokinetic delivery of medicaments
Method and system for recovering a failed device on a master-slave bus
Seating structure having a backrest with a flexible membrane and a moveable armrest
Apparatus and method for attaching soft tissue to bone
Method and apparatus for system call management
Compile method frame detection method and device code discarding method and computer
Method and apparatus for suppression of packets during silence periods in a packet telephony system
Text in anchor tag of hyperlink adjustable according to context
System for bandwidth allocation in a computer network
Method and apparatus for determining the size and shape of a foot
Heat sink for electronic devices, and circuit board and plasma display panel assembly each equipped ...
Display apparatus
Flying-object launching toy gun
Speaker damper
Long wearing composition for making up eyes, skin, and lips
Production of high titania slag from ilmenite
Device for producing a glass melt
Substituted amidine derivatives as inhibitors of cell adhesion
Defibrillator enclosure with alarm signal
Middle ear hearing aid transducer
Method and system for providing home shopping programs
Apparatus for attaching or mounting a laser diode module
Personal simulator
Captive propelled model
Magcanet the magic cane and card to table
Amusement device
Anti-reversal end cap for universal passenger control unit
Method for providing entertainment to portable device based upon predetermined parameters
Method of forming a trenchless flowline
Polyaminoester and their application in dental compositions
Method and system for providing a user-selected healthcare services package and healthcare services ...
Arthroscopic impedance probe to detect cartilage degeneration
Methods and compositions for treating or preventing bacterial infection
Top frame
Ferrocenyl boronate derivatization of chemical compounds undergoing mass spectrometry analysis
Methods of diagnosing and monitoring endometrial glandular development
Hand-held device comprising a movably mounted application member for transferring a film from a back...
Multithreaded microprocessor with asymmetrical central processing units
Method for controlled free radical polymerization or copolymerization of ethylene under high pressur...
Relaxed lock protocol
Aircraft flight and voice data recorder system and method
Prosthetic grafts
Installation planning window
Method and system for providing an electronic horizon in an advanced driver assistance system archit...
Method and apparatus for automatic tissue staining
Rhamnosyl-transferase gene and uses thereof
Therapeutic methods and apparatus for use of sonication to enhance perfusion of tissue
Vascular endothelial growth factor 2 proteins and compositions
Hetero spiro compound as perfuming and flavoring ingredient
Focused ultrasound system with MRI synchronization
Method and apparatus for improving bus efficiency given an array of frames to transmit
RF diathermy and faradic muscle stimulation treatment
Brake control system for vehicle
Process unit monitoring program
Method and apparatus for high performance access to data in a message store
Predictive test for pre-eclampsia
Automatic headset hookswitch
Cradle-installation type digital camera, control method therefor and cradle-installation type digita...
Method for collecting data using compact internetworked wireless integrated network sensors (WINS)
Device for fastening a first part to a second part
System and method for providing information from a syringe to an injector
Sensor for analyzing components of fluids
Forward error correcting code encoding equipment, forward error correcting code decoding equipment, ...
Softening lotion composition, use thereof in paper making, and resulting paper product
Distributed computing system clustering model providing soft real-time responsiveness and continuous...
Ultrathin cylinder
Encryption and decryption of multi-media data
Cryptographic method and apparatus for restricting access to transmitted programming content using h...
Method and apparatus for wireless outdoor environment communications networks
Optoelectronic device and process for acquiring symbols, such as bar codes, using a two-dimensional ...
Editing system for translating displayed user language using a wrapper class
High speed surgical instrument
Methods for manufacturing hydrogen storage tanks
Reduced dead volume hollow piston
Method of treating aqueous effluents containing peroxidized compounds
Method for forming silicon quantum dots and method for fabricating nonvolatile memory device using t...
System and method for handling orphaned cause and effect objects
Cross-linking process of carboxylated polysaccharides
Low-pressure gas discharge lamp with phosphor coating
Hitch-mounted warning sign apparatus for a vehicle
Dental illumination device
Method of reducing aluminum levels in the central nervous system
Lifestyle management system
Novolak resin mixtures and photosensitive compositions comprising the same
Organic articles
Robot cleaner, robot cleaning system and method for controlling same
Automatic coffee beverage machine, in particular automatic espresso machine
Nucleic acid molecules encoding enzymes from wheat which are involved in starch synthesis
Antibodies against a secreted polypeptide that stimulates release of proteoglycans from cartilage
Plane light source unit and liquid-crystal display device
Monocotyledon plant cells and plants which synthesise modified starch
Process for producing foamed rubber
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell, electrode for it and method for producing it
Circuit arrangement for electronic data processing
Power meter having an auto-calibration feature and data acquisition capabilities
Method for optimizing a cell layout using parameterizable cells and cell configuration data
Computational protein probing to identify binding sites
Image forming apparatus with adjustable removal and developing nips
Motion picture editing and distribution
Home network gateway apparatus and home network device
Cardiovascular support control system
Hybrid ceramic material composed of insulating and structural ceramic layers
Wireless communication encoding and decoding techniques using variable length codes
Coniothyrium minitans .beta.-(1,3) exoglucanase gene cbeg 1
Visible light sensor mechanism for constant brightness projection systems
Method and computer-readable medium for installing an upgrade to an application program
CDMA receiver
Exo-S-mecamylamine formulation and use in treatment
Method and system for endotracheal/esophageal stimulation prior to and during a medical procedure
Fully implantable miniature neurostimulator for stimulation as a therapy for headache and/or facial ...
Bioerodable polymeric adhesives for tissue repair
Microfluidics and small volume mixing based on redox magnetohydrodynamics methods
Nanocrystalline based phosphors and photonic structures for solid state lighting
Brushite hydraulic cement stabilized with a magnesium salt
Preparation of orlistat and orlistat crystalline forms
Digital cancellation of D/A converter noise in pipelined A/D converters
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe outsole
Footwear upper portion
Ceramic arc tube assembly
Radiation emitting semiconductor device
Magnetoresistance effect device
Breathing-controlled inhalation device for dry powder and method for the even distribution of the dr...
Antibodies to truncated VEGF-D and uses thereof
Apparatus and method for thermal performance testing of pipelines and piping systems
Optimizing an aggregate join query
Plasma display panel having pressure adjusting means and method of adjusting pressure
Toilet gasket
Particulate group 4 metallocene-aluminoxane catalyst compositions devoid of preformed support, and t...
Total error multiplier for optimizing read/write channel
Method and apparatus of enhancing an MRI signal
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Expandable corral for attachment to a horse trailer
Method for producing n-(phosphonomethyl) glycine
Handy encasement
Method and apparatus for reducing the low frequency cut-off of a wideband meander line loaded antenn...
Oil-less shaft coupling utilizing carbon-carbon composite and method of fabrication thereof
Method and apparatus for differentially perfusing a patient during cardiopulmonary bypass
Electrical contacting device for an electrochemical fuel cell
Analog MOS semiconductor device, manufacturing method therefor, manufacturing program therefor, and ...
Powder or toner accommodating container
Method of automatically migrating information from a source to an assemblage of structured data carr...
Electrode-less lamp equipment
Method for optimally allocating channel power in W-CDMA WILL system
Support for sustaining and/or forming a dental prosthesis
Dental implant
Medical articles prepared for cell adhesion
Prosthetic devices employing contacting oxidized zirconium surfaces
Plug-in connector for an electrical device
Medical system for monitoring a measured value of a patient relating to blood-clotting
Two dimensional array and methods for imaging in three dimensions
Compressed gas-blast circuit breaker
Electric machine with improved cooling feature
C-arm calibration method utilizing aplanar transformation for 3D reconstruction in an imaging system
Programmable line terminator
Flexible DMA engine for packet header modification
Network printer with watch dog timer
Segmented multilevel screening for printing files in a page description language
Transmission apparatus, network transmission system, and transmission method
Virtual loop carrier system
Ophthalmic photographing apparatus
Fixture for fixing camera and the likes capable of adjusting the pitching angle of the camera
Omnidirectional RFID antenna
Tire to wheel data transfer system
RFID tracking method and system
Wrist watch containing tag
RFID tag having multiple transceivers
Method and apparatus for efficiently querying and identifying multiple items on a communication chan...
Processed neural signals and methods for generating and using them
Corrosion prevention in biomedical electrodes
Workscope mix analysis for maintenance procedures
Multi-speed transmission mechanisms with three planetary gearsets and clutch input
Automatic gearbox
Planetary transmissions with three interconnected gear sets
Surface control alloy substrates and methods of manufacture therefor
Cystic fibrosis gene
System and method for detecting, localizing, or classifying a disturbance using a waveguide sensor s...
System and method for retrieving information using position coordinates
Ambient adaptable optical combiner
Sound detection
Control system for air vehicle and corresponding method
Method and apparatus for vehicle control, navigation and positioning
Engine warm-up model and thermostat rationality diagnostic
Park-brake monitoring-system for a vehicle
Wireless diagnostic system for vehicles
Dice game
Methods for providing a jackpot component in a casino game in which an initial set of cards and addi...
System for converting a bed into a play area
Kit and method for building a wall of a log structure, such as a log cabin
Floor element with guiding means
Bobbling head figure magnet
Twirling dip tube
Method and apparatus for parallel execution of trigger actions
SQL access to system specific data
Method and system for sample size determination for database optimizers
Method for listing search results when performing a search in a network
Information storage, retrieval and delivery system and method operable with a computer network
Compositions for controlled release
Methods for the preparation of propylene glycol fatty acid esters
Method of improving the properties of a flour dough, a flour dough improving composition and improve...
Method and system for printing a document
Apparatus for and method of embedding and extracting digital information and medium having program f...
Selective admission control in a network device
Optimizing delivery of computer media
Methods and systems using multiple watermarks
Water-mark embedding method and system
Automated data extraction and reformatting
Collaborative browsing of the internet
Dahlia plant named `Patricia`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACbeau`
Floribunda rose plant named `Jacnewpu`
Petunia plant named `Sunbelre`
Systems and methods for generation of ascorbic acid with reduced color
Fabric treatment composition
Identification of target structures E.G. in vivo selection method for a phage library
Method and system for dynamically managing data structures to optimize computer network performance
System and method for processing and display of geographical data
Adaptive filtering and learning system having increased convergence speed and stability
Distribution limiter for network messaging
Catalytic partial oxidation using staged oxygen addition
Production of pure molybdenum oxide from low grade molybdeniteconcentrates
Methods for the production of ammonia from urea and/or biuret, and uses for NOx and/or particulate m...
Sol-gel process for the manufacture of nanocomposite photoluminescent materials
Ink composition and inkjet recording method and apparatus using the ink composition
Method for producing acrylic acid and acrylic acid esters
Methods and apparatus for characterization of polymers using multi-dimensional liquid chromatography...
Protecting method for semiconductor wafer and surface protecting adhesive film for semiconductor waf...
Method of preparing a higher solids phenolic resin
Releasable pressure sensitive adhesive composition
Elimination of weld in ceramic metal halide electrode-leadwire
Enhanced brightness light emitting device spot emitter
Dual pseudo spin valve heads
Method of forming SiGe gate electrode
System and method for determining reticle defect printability
Object segmentation with background extraction and moving boundary techniques
Method and apparatus to distinguish deposit and removal in surveillance video
Scalable predictive coding method and apparatus
Human vision based pre-processing for MPEG video compression
Image filter circuit and image filtering method
Non-nuclear effects of thyroid hormone
Rubber compositions containing ground curing bladder rubber
Heat-resistant separator
Barrel blocking device
Serial multistage aerosol diluter and control system
Modular on-board inert gas generating system
Propulsion system for a vertical and short takeoff and landing aircraft
Method and apparatus for implementing a register scan process
Automatic speech recognition caller input rate control
Method and apparatus for exchanging routing information in a packet-based data network
Solder electroplating bath including brighteners having reduced volatility
Pump monitoring and control in a fiber Raman amplifier
Lost packet replacement for voice applications over packet network
Method and apparatus for propelling a surface ship through water
Customizable boat T-Top and method of installation
Portable cover unit
System and technique for monitoring and managing the deployment of subsea equipment
Gaming machine with payout meter and animated payout display
Method and system for controlling a complementary user interface on a display surface
Calendar-display apparatus, and associated method, for a mobile terminal
Method and apparatus to facilitate data updates between a base processing unit and a portable proces...
System and method for information browsing using multi-modal features
Different features of the globe
Electronic educational toy appliance and a portable memory device therefor
Phonetic instructional database computer device for teaching the sound patterns of English
Method of manufacture of structural insulating building materials
Lead-free solder, and paste solder composition
High storage capacity alloys having excellent kinetics and a long cycle life
High performance fault tolerant memory system utilizing greater than four-bit data word memory array...
Manufacturing a tire tracking identification unit
Method of manufacturing a motor vehicle antivibration device comprising a metal insert for bonding t...
Daisylink pattern for absorbent sheet
Embossed, non-woven fabric
Embossed, non-woven fabric
Flower and ribbon pattern for absorbent sheet
Feather pattern for absorbent sheet
Portable telephone
System and method for context association
Retractable cord for a mobile phone or other wireless device
Network apparatus for switching based on content of application data
Intercepting I/O multiplexing operations involving cross-domain file descriptor sets
Concurrent access scheme for exclusive mode cache
Washing high pressure equipment
Washing high pressure equipment
Steam cleaner
Tub surround for a laundry appliance
Trash receptacle
Garbage can
Hydraulic binder resulting from mixing a sulfate binder and a binder comprising the mineral compound...
Method and apparatus using a binary search pattern for identifying an interfering mobile terminal
Method and apparatus for minimizing image power in the output of a receiver circuit
Direct conversion circuit for radio frequency signals
Apparatus and method for controlling data transfer transmitted via radio communication applicable to...
Apparatus, and an associated method, for displaying packet-based data at mobile station
Two-way pager for providing communication of alphanumeric messages over the GSM/GPRS network
Variable width parallel cyclical redundancy check
Transparent substrate and hinged optical assembly
Optically active compound and liquid crystal composition containing the compound
Attenuated embedded phase shift photomask blanks
Method, vessel and device for monitoring metabolic activity of cell cultures in liquid media
Chemical and biochemical assay method and apparatus
Progressive sustain method of driving a plasma display panel
Low latency system bus interface for multi-master processing environments
Intraluminally directed anvil apparatus and related methods and systems
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation by controlling a pressure of the formation
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation using a distributed combustor
Vehicle arresting bed systems
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation with a selected ratio of heat sourc...
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation with a selected vitrinite reflectan...
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation and ammonia production
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `BAIpeace`
Power generation system and method of construction
Golf ball of unitary molded construction
Continuous ink jet printing ink composition
Document processing method and system
Method of determining the best mix of regular and contract employees
Treatment of bone cancer
Steel wheel for a vehicle
Method of making thick film pressure and temperature sensors on a stainless steel diaphragm
Method and apparatus for crushing cans
Corrosion resistance treatment of condensing heat exchanger steel structures exposed to a combustion...
Method of making a steel crossbeam which crossbeam forms a component of a bumper for motor vehicles,...
Processing received data in a distributed speech recognition process
Reduction of periodic signals in pseudo-random noise produced with direct digital synthesis
Dual-role compatible USB hub device and method
Test vector compression method
System and methods for placing clock buffers in a datapath stack
Single strength juice deacidification incorporating juice dome
Method and apparatus of coating articles
Method for preparing sauteed vegetables
Methods for using lipases in baking
Slurried confection preparation and flavor-injected blending system and method
Polymer resins having reduced frictional properties
Aqueous n-butyl acrylate copolymer dispersions for use as laminating adhesives
Method for tuning nonlinear frequency mixing devices through degeneracy
Dual write cycle programmable conductor memory system and method of operation
Identification card printer formed from a sheet feed printer
System and method of determining the power relationship among devices
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising porphyrins and some novel porphyrin derivatives
Network node with plug-in identification module
Electronic tongue
Method for regeneration of used halide fluids
Analysis of HIV-1 coreceptor use in the clinical care of HIV-1-infected patients
Fastener driving tool having improved bearing and fastener guide assemblies
Implantable prosthetic valve
Percutaneous implantation of partially covered stents in aneurysmally dilated arterial segments with...
Medical device for delivering a therapeutic substance and method therefor
Annuloplasty devices and related heart valve repair methods
Methods of diagnosing early-onset menopause
Composition for use in a dishwasher
Composition for use in a laundry washing machine
Compositions for oxidation dyeing of at least one keratinous fibre and dying processes using these c...
Patch, a kit constituted by a patch and a receptacle and a method
Composition for a dishwasher in the form of a tablet
Composition for dyeing keratinous fibers containing 3 amino pyrazolo- [1,5-a] pyridines, dyeing meth...
Washing active preparation
Antimicrobial agents
Ceramic structure using a support sheet
Slurry for carrying zeolite and method for manufacturing zeolite-carrying adsorption element
Coating material and its use for producing filler coats and stone impact protection primers
Process for reducing odor emission in aqueous polymer dispersions and in polymer powders
Image forming method, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Wireless diagnostic system for characterizing a vehicle's exhaust emissions
Robot, identifying environment determining method, and program thereof
Closed loop solder wave height control system
Method and system for robot localization and confinement
Robot arm mechanism
Apparatus and method for inspecting a substrate
Object conveying system and conveying method
Robot cleaner, robot cleaning system and method for controlling the same
Management system for a contact centre
Method and apparatus for lighting a discharge lamp
Multipath propagation delay determining means using periodically inserted pilot symbols
Polymer impregnation process
Method and machine for manufacturing printing paper or paperboard
Elbow brace
Wrist bandage
Sanitary napkin
Method for manufacturing a magnetic disk comprising a glass substrate using a protective layer over ...
Photocatalytically-activated self-cleaning article and method of making same
Method for air-cooled reinforcing of glass sheet
Assembly of a vehicle window glass with a contiguous element
Method for bend-shaping a glass sheet
Protective glazing laminate
Low-E matchable coated articles, and methods
Plasma mass filter with axially opposed plasma injectors
Flats bundle collator
Electrical power assisted steering systems
Apparatus and method for controlling electric power steering system
Structure and method for supporting electromagnetic coupling
Folding steering assemblies for wheeled devices
End module assembly for installation on a vehicle
Brake lever dimmer switch
Multi-wheel-drive vehicle with a front transaxle device
Methods and apparatus for saving and restoring scatter/gather list processing context in intelligent...
Expanded addressing for traffic queues and prioritization
System with control data buffer for transferring streams of data
Can device featuring advanced can filtering and message acceptance
Process for controlling reading data from a DRAM array
Memory device for transferring streams of data
High threonine producing lines of Nicotiana tobacum and methods for producing
Inbred corn line LH254
Soybean variety 92B84
Soybean cultivar 0332142
Soybean cultivar S010349
Local store for a wafer processing station
Under-the-ear mounting headset
Distributed database management system
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a portable computer system with a desktop computer system
Hollow ball having openings distributed about exterior surface
Method for washing a vehicle
Purified adenoviral compositions
Lubricants containing a bimetallic detergent system and a method of reducing NOx emissions employing...
Luggage locating system
Guitar pick holder comprising a flexible magnetic body
Constant pressure pump controller system
Applied plasma duct system
Displacement control device for variable displacement compressor
Hydraulic pump manifold
Oil pump and gears
Method of using isotropic plasticity to model the forming of anisotropic sheet
Imaging registration system and method using likelihood maximization
Inhibitors of plant peptide deformylase for use as broad-spectrum herbicides and method for identify...
Ratchet assembly for use in tie down
Suspension for disc drive
Methods for reducing ringing of ultrasonic transducers
Transducer-supporting structure
Optical amplifier and method
Method of fabrication to sharpen corners of Y-branches in integrated optical components and other mi...
Highly configurable capacitive transducer interface circuit
System and method for reducing colinearity effects in manufacturing microdevices
Dynamic gain flattening in an optical communication system
Disk drive with a pivot embedded torque generating track follow actuator and method therefor
Slider and head assembly
Overdrive structures for flexible electrostatic switch
Image forming apparatus having suction holes formed in grooves of the paper supporting surface
Hydroelectric powerplant
Controller for variable pitch fan system
Advanced aerobic thermophilic methods and systems for treating organic materials
Air UV disinfection device and method
Plasma processing apparatus
Integrated blood handling system having active gas removal system and methods of use
Print producing system and prints
6-methoxy-2-naphthylacetic acid prodrugs
Dual inhibitors of cholesteryl ester and wax ester synthesis for sebaceous gland disorders
1-(aryloxy)propionoyl-2-arylsulfonyl hydrazines, process for preparation thereof and use thereof as ...
Alkoximino acetic acid amides
Biopsy localization method and device
Delivery systems for periadventitial delivery for treatment of restenosis and anastomotic intimal hy...
Fabrication method for semiconductor device
Tail-braced wing aircraft and configurations for achieving long supersonic range and low sonic boom
Apparatus and method for maintaining and transmitting secret contents of a signal
Output-powered over-voltage protection circuit
Radiographic apparatus
Dual emitter transistor with ESD protection
Symbol Classification with shape features applied to neural network
Frozen aerated confection
Apparel mounted picture securing and displaying apparatus
Modular drain and drain system
Testable sump apparatus
Flow diverter system and method
Back pain/back health protocol
Epoxy nitrile insulator and seal for fuel cell assemblies
Self-cleaning systems and methods
Process for reducing pollutants from the exhaust of a diesel engine using a water diesel fuel in com...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
DRAM device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Motor-driven system with stator provided with inductors
Piezoelectric element and process for production thereof
Exposure method and apparatus, and method of fabricating a device
Method, computer system, and computer program product for monitoring objects of an information techn...
Verifiable random number generator using chaos
Duplex image registration
Method and apparatus for accumulating partial quotients in a digital processor
Interleaved tandem printer and printing method
System and method for loading data onto carriers
Synchronization channel with cyclic hierarchical sequences and method for cell site search with low ...
Dual color guest-host polarizers and devices containing guest-host polarizers
Biodegradable recycled polyester resin and production process therefor
Method and device for decontaminating polycondensates
Disk player, and self-compensating-dynamic-balancer (SCDB) integrated turntable, SCDB integrated cla...
Surfactant systems for personal care products
Disposable absorbent garments having fluid handling characteristics that encourage toilet training
Method and apparatus for assembling refastenable absorbent garments
Self-contained viscous liquid dispenser
Mandrelless center/surface rewinder and winder
Cloth-like mechanical fastener
Alkyl polyglycerol emulsion compositions for fuel cell reformer start-up
Hydroalkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons
Low ash, low phosphorus and low sulfur engine oils for internal combustion engines
Liquefied natural gas storage tank
Method of fabricating one or more tiers of an integrated circuit
Purification of plasmid DNA of pharmaceutical quality
High efficiency directional coupler
Efficient loop antenna of reduced diameter
High efficiency printed circuit array of log-periodic dipole arrays
Slot machine
Gaming device having touch activated alternating or changing symbol
Portion of an attachment arm
Apple tree named `Burchinal Red Delicious`
Extended range pixel display system and method
Location-based web browsing
Navigation data prediction for GPS and GLONASS weak signal tracking
Location services system that reduces auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
System for radiating a reference laser beam and utilizing GPS units for installing an article
Deeply-integrated adaptive GPS-based navigator with extended-range code tracking
GPS receiver having improved signal acquisition at a low signal to noise ratio
Optical linkage device
Optical fiber
Radiation image conversion panel
Connector inspection apparatus
Non-reciprocal circuit device and wireless communications equipment comprising same
Protection circuit for field effect transistor
Bulk internal Bragg gratings and optical devices
Dispersion compensating optical fiber
Over-the-air programming method for wireless communication device
Voice-enabled user interface for voicemail systems
Treatment of dermal tumors, warts, and viral infections of the respiratory tract in humans using hea...
Human homologue of yeast helicase and uses thereof
Screening and use of reagents which block or activate intein splicing utilizing natural or homologou...
High-throughput in vitro screening assays for modulators of nucleic acid helicases
Subfamily of RNA helicases which are modulators of the fidelity of translation termination and uses ...
Inhibitors of HPV E1 helicase enzyme
Light emitting apparatus
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Predicting values of a series of data
Processing aid, vinyl chloride resin composition containing the same, and process for producing mold...
Pressure regulator
Indicating device for aerosol container
Method and communication system for handling alarms using a management network having a number of ma...
Nutraceutical mangosteen composition
Alcohol concentration test delivery system
Rosa plant named `Selquest`
Plasma display panel with low firing voltage
Catalytic converter unit with dirt pre-filter
Magnetically shielded room with internal active magnetic field cancellation, and its use
Pneumatic wave generator
Isolated human drug-metabolizing proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human drug-metabolizing p...
Methods for inhibiting oxidative modification of proteins
Toroidal and compound vortex attractor
Halosulfonic acid treated catalyst support for olefin polymerization
Method for providing matching and introduction services to proximate mobile users and service provid...
Energy beam guide for an electrophoresis system
Providing a header checksum for packet data communications
Numeric teaching device
Method and apparatus for controlling a test cell
Short runway aircraft launching and landing system
Split-key cryptographic system and method
Apparatus for identifying plants
Toothbrush assembly with toothpaste dispenser
Portable telephone apparatus and control method thereof
Dental bleach
Chassis measuring apparatus and method of measuring a chassis
Hand held physiological signal acquisition device
Industrial lighting control system and method
Lattice and method for identifying and normalizing orthographic variations in Japanese text
Device and method for generating quasi-orthogonal code and spreading channel signals in mobile commu...
Chameleon measure and metric calculation
Systems and methods for generating and transmitting event information and follow-up event coordinati...
Montgomery multiplier with dual independent channels
Method of forming a thin film in a semiconductor device
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Nebulizing catheter system and methods of use and manufacture
Rotary aerosol product
Method and apparatus for generating a data classification model using interactive adaptive learning ...
Multi-arm block copolymers as drug delivery vehicles
Method to form a cross network of air gaps within IMD layer
Chrysanthemum plant named `JMay02`
Method for comprehensively verifying design rule checking runsets
Method for performing flash memory file management
Method of driving ac-discharge plasma display panel
Flow velocity enhancement system
Isolated human kinase proteins
Treating gas separation membrane with aqueous reagent dispersion
Methods for forming amorphous ultra-high molecular weight polyolefins and drag reducing compositions...
System and method for generating de-identified health care data
Method and apparatus for collecting patient compliance data including processing and display thereof...
Optical information recording medium and method of manufacturing optical information recording mediu...
Flight control device for improving the longitudinal stability of an automatically controlled airpla...
Method for securing video images
Nutritional composition which contain non-digestible polysaccharides and use thereof to reduce trans...
Boron phosphide-based semiconductor light-emitting device, production method thereof, and light-emit...
Stiff composite structures
Impact modifier compositions which enhance the impact strength properties and lower the viscosity of...
Relational text index creation and searching
Pressure-proof process window
Catalyst and process for olefin polymerization
Self-calibrating 3D machine measuring system useful in motor vehicle wheel alignment
Fixing and image forming devices comprising thin heated sheets
Method and apparatus for detecting arterial stenosis
Multiple ballast and lamp control system for selectively varying operation of ballasts to distribute...
System and method for creating a customizable network diagram
System and method for delivering a message waiting indicator message to a wireless system
Antihistaminic piperidine derivatives and intermediates for the preparation thereof
Network-based three-dimensional multiple-user shared environment apparatus and method
Circuit board capable of protecting an MR magnetic head therein against electrostatic breakdown and ...
Current-perpendicular-to-plane spin-valve sensor with metallic oxide barrier layer and method of fab...
Spin-valve thin-film magnetic element with a ferromagnetic underlayer of hard bias
Disc recording scheme for enabling quick access to disc data
Adaptive bi-directional write skip masks in a data storage device
Information recording medium, and method and apparatus for managing defect thereof
Heat-sensitive recording material
Transfer sheet for adhesive layer and use thereof
Live capture automated milking apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for decreasing contaminants present in a flue gas stream
Methods for anti-tumor therapy
Beam as well as method and equipment for specimen fabrication
Punching unit
Open hand gripped exercise device
Pedal mechanism for cycles
Apparatus and method for providing insurance products, services and/or coverage for leased entities.
Compact, elliptical exercise device
Sport jump apparatus
Inclining tread apparatus
Exercise machine
Dumbbell support device and system for using the same
Abdominal exercise machine
Polymer foam plank with densified skin, method and apparatus for producing a densified skin on a foa...
Dual weight stack exercising machine with coupling arrangement
Adjustable weight exercise methods and apparatus
Multi-trench region for accumulation of photo-generated charge in a CMOS imager
Method and apparatus for processing materials by applying a controlled succession of thermal spikes ...
Method for duplex data transmission with QAM and demodulator for use in the method
Method of changing from a first transmission path and/or transmission mode to a second transmission ...
Apparatus and method for intelligent conference call codec selection
Computer telephony audio configuration
Method and arrangement for testing the stability of a working point of a circuit
TDM over IP (IP circuit emulation service)
Automatic sorting system and method for electronic telephone directory
Multi-tier caching system
Multi-component lacrosse stick head
Methods of fabricating articles and sputtering targets
Nozzle apparatus having a scraper for the application of the foam treatment of tissue webs
Method and apparatus for stabilizing material physical properties of recyclable bumpers
Energy absorber for absorbing impact energy
Multiple level printing in a single pass
Identification of optical ribbons
Ink jet recording apparatus
Protective footwear against landmine
Footwear upper
Footwear upper portion
Shoe sole structures
Footwear having a shell of injection moulded plastic
Mud walking shoe
Intermediate transfer unit
Elastomeric enclosure
Iontophoretic electrode with improved current distribution
Vector engine with pre-accumulation buffer and method therefore
Pneumatic tool
Full power switch assembly for portable generators
Two stage oil free air compressor
Portable air compressor
Pressure washer engine idle controller
Air compressor manifold assembly
Air compressor
Implant for application in bone, method for producing such an implant, and use of such an implant
Adhesive protein foam for surgical and/or therapeutic uses
Adjustable pedal assembly for a motor vehicle with a safety feature
Computer readable program product, program, game control method, and game processor for controlling ...
Method for displaying an interactive game having a pre-determined outcome
Multi-protocol data classification using on-chip CAM
Rotatable easel
Internal combustion engine having variable valve control system and NOx catalyst
Apparatus for controlling at least one engine valve in a combustion engine
Reference position learning apparatus and method of a variable valve-timing controlling system
Internal combustion engine with variable cam timing oil filter with restrictor arrangement
Variable valve lift device
Fuel injection control system, fuel injection control method, and engine control unit, for internal ...
Method and an apparatus for the processing of queries to a database
Method and system for database queries and information delivery
Systems and methods for performing temporal logic queries
Method and apparatus that evaluate an expression based upon database results
Method for reducing required memory capacity and creation of a database
Self service kiosk
Vendor push cart kiosk to resemble a familiar object
Methods of using wireless geolocation to customize content and delivery of information to wireless c...
Additional information superimposing apparatus, additional information superimposing method, additio...
System and method for generating color digital watermarks using conjugate halftone screens
Securing encrypted files in a PC and PC peripheral environment
Internet-enabled service management and authorization system and method
Method for providing customer treatment based on specified rules in conjunction with network source ...
Web interface to an input/output device
Method and system for controlling a vehicle occupant safety system based on crash severity
Process for obtaining insulin precursors having correctly bonded cystine bridges
Water soluble paclitaxel derivatives
Computerized music teaching instrument
Address table overflow management in a network switch
Software programmable calendar queue cache
Set-associative cache memory having variable time decay rewriting algorithm
Method and apparatus for object code compression and decompression for computer systems
Presbyopic branch target prefetch method and apparatus
Superconducting cable and current transmission and/or distribution network including the superconduc...
Ceramic metal halide lamp
Mercury-free metal halide arc lamps
Formation of planar strained layers
Sulfur-containing and sulfur-nitrogen-containing catalysts for polymerization of olefins and polar m...
Gradual permanent coloring of hair using dye intermediates in a shampoo base
7-Nitro-2,1,3-benzoxadiazole derivatives and 7-nitro,2,1,3-benzthiadiazole derivatives and dyes, whi...
Hair care composition comprising a polypropylene glycol and an ester oil
Cleansing cosmetic compositions and use
Cross-linkable polymer powder compositions
Heat curable binders
Aqueous polymer compositions
Aqueous cross-linkable polymer composition for use in coatings and process for producing the same
Carbodiimides with carboxyl or carboxylate groups
Thin film capacitor using conductive polymers
Wafer-scale assembly of chip-size packages
Salt of a melamine condensation product and a phosphorous-containing acid
Light beam measurement of absorption by substrates
Low-pressure gas discharge lamp with a mercury-free gas filling
Method to smooth transitions in an ADC for current regulation
Compound semiconductor device, production method thereof, light-emitting device and transistor
Isoforms of starch branching enzyme II (SBE-IIa and SBE-IIb) from wheat
Isolated nucleic acids encoding a wheat glutathione transferase, plants transformed therewith and me...
Validation of nearest neighbor classifiers
Method for improving dye stability in colored acidic rinse-aid formulations
Blow-moldable water-filled freeweights
Method for producing fiber-reinforced composite semi-hardened product having joggle, and method for ...
Transdermal delivery devices containing polydiorganosiloxane polymers to regulate adhesive propertie...
Elastically stretchable composite sheet
Method and apparatus for creating facial images
Lightweight directory access protocol interface directory assistance systems
Wavelength bus architecture for ultra-high speed dense wavelength division multiplexed systems
Method and apparatus for identifying access technologies
System for efficient mobile subscriber station paging in cellular mobile telecommunication networks
Method and apparatus for use in specifying and insuring policies for management of computer networks
Warm start software recovery
Adhesive leaflet assemblies
Duplexing ties
Business model algorithm and apparatus for creating and executing original documents at remote locat...
Debit card having applied personal identification number (PIN) and scratch-off coating and method of...
Room lamp fixing structure
Divider pocket
Method for production of porous cross-linked polymer material
Plant trichome gland specific promoter sequence
Billiards practice table
Golf club head with filled cavity
Foul ball basket for baseball backstops
Table tennis table, conversion kit and associated method
Image processing device, image processing method, game device, and craft simulator
System and method for browser definition of workflow documents
Automated diagnostic system and method including multiple diagnostic modes
Field addressable rewritable media
System, method and article of manufacture for a call back architecture in a hybrid network with supp...
System and method for interconnecting secure rooms
E-Critter game for teaching personal values and financial responsibility to a child
Currency handling system employing an infrared authenticating system
Learning system and method for engaging in concurrent interactive and non-interactive learning sessi...
Battle method with attack power based on character group density
Learning disabilities diagnostic system
Hot-melt adhesive
Transfer roll engagement method for minimizing motion quality disturbances
Developer handling apparatus
Collaborative searching by query induction
Meta-document management system with user definable personalities
Digital video content transmission ciphering and deciphering method and apparatus
Associated information adding apparatus and method, and associated information detecting apparatus a...
Image recording apparatus
Method of deciphering ciphered data and apparatus for same
Synchronous semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory and method of testing semiconductor memory
Optical disk recording apparatus in which data recording on the disk is suspended when stored data t...
Quadrature demodulation circuit capable for canceling offset
Service request processing in a local service activation management environment
Test interface for verification of high speed embedded synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDR...
Neutron absorbing alloys
Nickel-base alloy
EL display using a semiconductor thin film transistor
Display source unit for display device in vehicle
Display device
Level shifter
Active matrix light-emitting display apparatus
Low temperature chemical vapor deposition process for forming bismuth-containing ceramic thin films ...
Therapeutic agents for inflammatory diseases of intestine
Oxidative reactions using membranes that selectively conduct oxygen
Semiconductor device including acrylic resin layer
Method of manufacturing a electrode of capacitor
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Sphingosine kinase enzyme
Aminoheterocyclic derivatives as antithrombotic or anticoagulant agents
Water-based metallic coating composition
Instant virtual copy technique with expedited creation of backup dataset inventory from source datas...
Method to authenticate a network access server to an authentication server
Method, software and apparatus for recovering and recycling data in conjunction with an operating sy...
Method of disaster recovery testing and storage system
Wall panel system
Retrograde plunger delivery system
Process for the preparation of pyrazolopyrimidinones
Ion beam system for irradiating tumor tissues
Disc drive apparatus utilizing opposable bases with adjustable proximity
Magnitude programming for implantable electrical stimulator
Media-enhanced greetings and/or responses in communication systems
Device and method for making coffee and espresso drinks
Automatic equipment for vending whole-grain products such as coffee or other products
Method for producing a coffee beverage
Long wavelength optical amplifier
Optic disk protective assembly
Tuning mechanism for a tunable external-cavity laser
Optical switch with optically-induced grating
Method for monitoring the operation of optical fibers
Leaving a broadcast channel
Free-flowing paintball hopper
Mountable modular utility storage tray
Preparation of strengthened ammonium nitrate propellants
Adaptive scheduling technique for mission critical systems
Coupling device for adding a shoulder stock to a handgun
Compressed gas-powered gun simulating the recoil of a conventional firearm
Modular combat load system
Metal bearing liner and axial flow fan motor provided with the same
Retained polymer bushing bearing
Retention of ceramic bearings
Step bearing for axial support of an open-end spinning rotor
Unit consisting of a bearing with instrument and housing joined by a coupling piece
Tire wheel bearing apparatus
Speech analysis and therapy system and method
VCR webification
Photographic processing drum having a metering blade assembly
Distance measuring apparatus
Photocoupler driving system and camera using system
Photographing apparatus and monitoring system using same
Electrical connecting structure in lens barrels of cameras
Adaptive resource allocation in multi-drive arrays
External bus transaction scheduling system
System and method for performing remote BIOS updates
Priority and security coding system for electronic mail messages
Calcium reactants in blends containing copolyether ester elastomers and ethylene(meth)acrylate/unsat...
Liquid dispersion device
Low temperature alkali metal electrolysis
Plant choline phosphate cytidylyltransferase
Genes encoding plant adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate reductase
Process for generating a computer image of a coated three-dimensional object
Filler-containing polymer dispersion, method for its production and its use
Spatially modulated reflector for an optoelectronic device
Encapsulated electrophoretic displays and methods and materials for making the same
Apparatus for treating waste water
Dental restorative composition, dental restoration, and a method of use thereof
Portable wireless equipment
Mobile telephone system having a detachable camera / battery module
Radio communication system, mobile terminal unit thereof, and azimuth determining method
Portable radio communication apparatus with improved power-saving function
Antimicrobial compositions for hard surfaces containing biguanide compounds
6,7-dihydro-5H-pyrazolo[1,2-a]pyrazol-1-ones which control inflammatory cytokines