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Acousto-micro-optic deflector
Automatic gain control and dynamic equalization of erbium doped optical amplifiers in wavelength mul...
Hydraulic regeneration system
Substrate bending stiffness measurement method and system
Poppet valve with heater
Use of polyimide for adhesive layers, lithographic method for producing microcomponents and method f...
Conveyor and fixing unit for substrates
Multi-web business form having moisture proof wristband, identification labels and web joint
Bisphosphonate conjugates and methods of making and using the same
Bridged tricyclic analogs of 2-(carboxycyclopropyl)glycine as inhibitors of glutamate transport
1,4,5,6-tetrahydropyrazolo-[3,4,-c]-pyridin-7-ones useful as factor Xa inhibitors
Modification of biopolymers for improved drug delivery
Waterborne soft-feeling coating composition with high gloss
Modulated release from biocompatible polymers
Fluidal machine
Method of preparing packaged food articles
Healing post for intrasurgical immobilization of dental implants for immediate loading
Design and planning system for improving the survival rate of injected structures
Tap-selectable reduced state sequence estimator
Method of testing computer software
Alternate telephone call routing system
Tunnelling voice over the internet protocol in a cellular network
Dynamic adjustment to preserve signal-to-noise ratio in a quadrature detector system
Arrangement for clock supply of high bit rate switching network structures
Nomadic computing with personal mobility domain name system
Method and apparatus for improving end to end performance of a data network
Providing a reliable operating system for clients of a net-booted environment
Exterior case of electronic appliance
Method and apparatus for using RFID tags to determine the position of an object
Intraocular pressure measurement system including a sensor mounted in a contact lens
System and method for monitoring and control of processes and machines
Method and system for identifying a tyre of a vehicle
C-4 carbonate taxanes
Resistance welding electrode
High performance axial gap alternator motor
Collaborative speed detection warning device
Method of tracking a target and target tracking system
Compression of image data associated with two-dimensional arrays of pixel sub-components
Method for suppressing noise from seismic signals by source position determination
Golf ball
Method and apparatus for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure, and program for judging decompress...
Golf ball and method of manufacturing thereof
Radial tire for heavy load with specified metal carcass cord
Golf ball
Tire tread
Camouflage tire sidewall
Tire tread die
Bead loading method and apparatus
Tire tread
Tire Tread
Tire tread
Lane tracking control system for vehicle
Delivery system for omeprazole and its salts
Transflective electrophoretic display
Electrophoretic display and novel process for its manufacture
Filled silicone composition and cured silicone product
Travel controlling apparatus of unmanned vehicle
Method for controlling a damper of a vehicle
Method, computer program, and control system for operating a motor vehicle having an internal combus...
Firewall providing enhanced network security and user transparency
Track structure for construction toy set
Method of bounding cam phase adjustment in an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control for marine engine
Methods and apparatus for tuple management in data processing system
Adhesive and use thereof
Method of making sized paper, a sized paper grade, and a paper size
Composition based on cross-linked starch and depolymerized starch suitable as gelatine replacement
Die attach adhesives with epoxy compound or resin having allyl or vinyl groups
Method for generating a dispersed message for data embedding
Digital authentication with digital and analog documents
Digital watermark detecting with weighting functions
Simulating web cookies for non-cookie capable browsers
Apparatus and method for providing information about two-way computer communication services
Methods of treating disorders of the eye
Product derived from milk substantially free of beta casein from non-human mammals and relative use
CTLA4-immunoglobulin fusion proteins having modified effector functions and uses therefor
Multi-configurable portable desk companion
Mode-enhanced hindustani music
Beverage distribution and dispensing system and method
Information processing apparatus, information transmitting method, computer readable recording mediu...
System wide flow aggregation process for aggregating network activity records
Multiple microprocessors with a shared cache
Matrix band for use in dentistry
Topical compositions and glove for protection against radiation exposure
Method and device for studying the effect of a supercritical fluid on the transition of a material f...
Periodic optical poling of waveguides for quasi phase matching
Semiconductor laminated substrate, semiconductor crystal substrate and semiconductor device and meth...
Piezoelectrically actuated liquid metal switch
Separation of propylene and dimethylether from hydrocarbon mixtures
Catalyst allowing conversion of natural gas hydrate and liquid CO2 to CO2 hydrate and natural gas
Hydrodealkylation processes
Hair care compositions
Aqueous dispersion and coated product
Infrared-sensitive image forming material
Method for fabricating membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell adopting the membrane-electrode ass...
Method for hot stamping chalcogenide glass for infrared optical components
Lyophilized tubulins
Ink set, process for forming colored portion and ink-jet recording apparatus
Squarylium compounds, filters for plasma display panels employing them, and plasma display panel dev...
Aqueous ink composition
Thermal transfer medium and method of making thereof
Reflection type liquid crystal display
High-pressure discharge lamp having a ceramic discharge vessel with a cermet lead-through
Semiconductor wafer and production method therefor
Single ended row select for a MRAM device
Lens-fitted photo film unit and method for reusing the same
Providing window updates from a computer to a network interface device
Automated operation and security system for virtual private networks
Acoustic modeling system and method using pre-computed data structures for beam tracing and path gen...
Optical fiber communication system employing wavelength converter for broadband transmission
Wireless communication terminal having a video image capability
Method for simultaneously conveying information to multiple mobiles with multiple antennas
Foil system device for vessels
Submersible marine vehicle
Telescopic gangway for boats with a simplified construction
Heat exchanger assembly for a marine engine
Flotation device for all-terrain vehicle
Aqueous emulsion polymerization in the presence of ethers as chain transfer agents to produce fluoro...
Salicyl alcohol derivatives
Image forming apparatus for forming an electrostatic latent image
Display method and apparatus for displaying probability controlled orders of dynamic movements
Method of the game for one to many persons on the online
Centralized gaming system with modifiable remote display terminals
Tire cord
Locating dig alerts on the map by choosing an area on the map
Website promotional applet process
Game system and information storage medium
Print media information system with a portable print media receiving unit assembly
High solids, low shrinkage coating
Method to program bit vectors for an increasing nonlinear filter
Compliant backer bar
Toner purging development apparatus and a method of producing custom color on demand using same
Block cipher method
Method and system for preventing reproduction of professional photographs
Digital data reproduction device
Semiconductor device having a semiconductor thin film containing low concentration of unbound hydrog...
Decimation filter and interpolation filter
Electro-optical device, method of driving the same and electronic instrument
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Measurement system of torsion vibration for reactor internal pump
Method and apparatus for error processing in optical disk memories
Methods for preparing an estrogenic preparation and isolated estrogenic compounds from a plant and u...
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Microporous glass waveguides doped with selected materials
Devices for creating collateral channels
Transportable bell arrangement
Turn around cellular telephone
Apparatus for operating the cover of a folding type mobile device
Method and system for predicting understanding errors in a task classification system
Data processing system with block attribute-based vocalization mechanism
Device having a voice or manual user interface and process for aiding with learning the voice instru...
Kalanchoe plant named `Country`
Method of producing a car body having an outer surface formed from a pre-formed patterned plastic fi...
Method and an apparatus to dynamically order features and to resolve conflicts in a multiple-layer l...
Body of vacuum cleaner
Steamer body
Trash can assembly
Garbage can
Trash bin lid
Power- and bandwidth-adaptive in-home wireless communications system with power-grid-powered agents...
Radio communication permission control system
System and method for using corrected signals from a global positioning system to perform precision ...
Digital portable telephone device
Integrated tools with transfer devices for handling microelectronic workpieces
Microelectronic workpiece transfer devices and methods of using such devices in the processing of mi...
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Lipoxin compounds and their use in treating cell proliferative disorders
Digital instant printing camera with image processing capability
Programmable camera system with software interpreter
Coffee having a nicotine composition dissolved therein
Method and apparatus for performing fixturing in a machine vision system
Diimino compounds for use as modulators of cell regulation
11,12-oxidoarachidonic acid derivatives and methods of their use in treating dry eye disorders
Method and apparatus for laser protection of photosensitive material
Test question response verification system
Sleeve and a manufacturing method thereof
Ammunition magazines with integral handles
Organic cargo handling system
Device for firing a primer
Ammunition round assembly with combustible cartridge case
Steel ballistic shot and production method
Arrangement of a cover band on a linear guide
Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and spindle motor having the same
Lubricant reservoir for gas bearing
Ball bearing
Bearing system, especially for yarn feed devices
Wheel drive unit
Field emission display device
Composition of materials for production of acid resistant cement and concrete and methods thereof
Compositions for treating shoes and methods and articles employing same
Fabric enhancement compositions
Method of sequentially dispensing a consumable layered liquid composition and product containing the...
Methods of identifying compounds for regulating muscle mass or function using vasoactive intestinal ...
Couplers for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus and method for separating fat and water images by correction...
Fat suppression in MRI using oscillating steady-state free precession
Molecularly imprinted polymer solution anion sensor
Formulation for spray-drying large porous particles
Protein stabilized pharmacologically active agents, methods for the preparation thereof and methods ...
Installation for feeding a plurality of loads/cells of aluminum melting furnaces with bulk material ...
Preform and method for manufacturing a multi-layer blown finish container
Polyvinyl chloride resins
Polyamide-containing polymer compositions and films produced therewith
Shutdown battery separator made with a blend of polymer and oligomer
Melt blended high-density polyethylene compositions with enhanced properties and method for producin...
Porous non-friable polymer film
Thermoplastic filled membranes of propylene copolymers
Digital content distribution system and protection method
Method and system generating query form, assigning and comparing risk designation of chemical produc...
Web-site consistency administration among inconsistent software-object libraries of remote distribut...
Human ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme homologs
Collection assembly
Transaction card
Dental articles including post-formable multilayer optical films
Modular infusion device and method
Multilayer structures of poly(1,3-propylene 2,6 napthalate) and poly (ethylene terephthalate)
Solution drying system
Pressing process for tungsten articles
Headlight, in particular for a motor vehicle
Vehicle headlamp
Apparatus for generating electrical energy
Information display system for at least one person
Reflector providing particularly high reflectance in an intended viewing angle and reflection type l...
Waveguide, edge-lit illumination arrangement and display comprising such
Methods and apparatuses for video segmentation, classification, and retrieval using image class stat...
Image recording and reproducing device utilizing attribute information to identify image type
Method and apparatus for producing program information and receiving apparatus for processing the in...
Optical systems incorporating waveguides and methods of manufacture
Cable management system for connector assemblies
Optical wiring connection structure enabling optical cross connect utilizing continuously extending ...
Sleeve insert and sleeve for guiding optical waveguide elements and for accommodating a splicing dev...
Integrated optical devices and method of fabrication therefor
Methods of imaging based on wavelet retrieval of scenes
Image analysis systems for grading of meat, predicting quality of meat and/or predicting meat yield ...
On-site agricultural product analysis system and method of analyzing
Method for organizing map data
Method and apparatus for optimizing the operation of a cochlear implant prosthesis
Process for producing a cold-rolled strip or sheet of steel and strip or sheet which can be produced...
Method of inhibiting cold-rolled steel sheet edge cracking, and method of producing the steel sheet
Tin-plated steel sheet
Welded steel pipe having excellent hydroformability and method for making the same
Cycle of fifths steel pan
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor and methods
Sign post
Piggy-backed key exchange protocol for providing secure, low-overhead browser connections to a serve...
Butterfly-processing element for efficient fast fourier transform method and apparatus
Recombinant dimeric envelope vaccine against flaviviral infection
Cheese yield enhancing method
Pan spray formulation and delivery system
Fruit and vegetable preservative
Packaged emulsified beverage
Systems and methods for rapidly and accurately indentifying live eggs within a stream of eggs
Radiographic assessment of tissue after exposure to a compound
Compositions and method for determining the presence of human PTTG peptide in a sample
Rock classification method and apparatus
Non-invasive pipeline inspection system
Antenna system and method for reading low frequency tags
Apparatus for supercritical processing of multiple workpieces
Imaging member with polyester base
Planographic printing plate precursor
C7 carbamate substituted taxanes
Method for production of porous cross-linked polymer
Lithium metal oxides
System and method for multilayer fabrication of lithium polymer batteries and cells
Compounds active at a novel site on receptor-operated calcium channels useful for treatment of neuro...
Retractable coil stop mechanism for railroad coil car
Controlling haptic feedback for enhancing navigation in a graphical environment
Method for the reconstruction of the geometry of the inner surface of a cavity
X-ray diagnostic apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Aircraft advertising system
Infrared thermometer
Method and process for prediction of subsurface fluid and rock pressures in the earth
Neural net controller for noise and vibration reduction
Methods and systems for process rollback in a shared memory parallel processor computing environment
Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite bonded to wood
Process for treating animal habitats
Precious metal based amorphous alloys
Compositions for the regulation of cytokine activity
Synthesis of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroxybenzenes and 1,2,3-trihydroxybenzenes using myo-inositol-1-phosphat...
System component, system and method for aerating of compost and the draining of excess liquid contai...
Remediation of contaminates including low bioavailability hydrocarbons
Nebulizer apparatus and method
Tube clip for a coiled toothpaste tube
Tetralin isocyanates
Preparation of polyethylene
Ceiling mounted heating device and method therefor
Receiver for wireless telecommunication stations and method
Substituted polycyclic aryl and heteroaryl pyrimidinones useful for selective inhibition of the coag...
Meat product having effect of inhibiting increase in blood cholesterol
.beta.-Glucan process, additive and food product
Confectionery product made of protein and carbohydrate materials present in a relative weight ratio ...
Bag for bone-in meat packing
In vitro digestibility assay
Scent emitting soft toy
Device for connecting plural multi-shaped bodies utilizing magnets
Sound producing apparatus
Binding agents modified with nanoparticles, for coatings, and use thereof
Polyurethane and its use in aqueous painting plastic
Surfactant copolymers based on methylidene malonate
Molecular memory & logic
High efficiency interdigital filters
High efficiency antennas of reduced size on dielectric substrate
Device with an electrode, a spongiform permeable layer, an electrolyte and a means for applying a vo...
Hole punch quick-change die assembly with positioning system
Gaming device having multiple selection large award bonus scheme
Simulated poker for use with predetermined outcomes
Method and system for detecting object inconsistency in a loosely consistent replicated directory se...
Method and system for replication in a hybrid network
Method and system for loading fonts by caching font-loading information
System and method of transmitting encrypted packets through a network access point
Efficient algorithm for processing GPS signals
Integrated GPS-inertial system
Resin composition and articles molded therefrom
Process for producing an aromatic polycarbonate
Polyether aromatic ketone resin composition and its film and sheet
Process for racemizing optically active vinyl-substituted cyclopropanecarboxylic acid compound
Protecting device
Display device
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Gas discharge ultraviolet wavemeter with enhanced illumination
Surge protected coaxial termination
Multimode fiber laser gratings
Organometallic composition coatings for electrode members in a developer apparatus
Antibacterial optically pure benzoquinolizine carboxylic acids, processes, compositions and methods ...
Semiconductor laser device and method for suppressing fabry perot oscillations
Silicon germanium hetero bipolar transistor
Method and apparatus for E-commerce by using optional fields for virtual bar codes
System and method for tracking, monitoring, and supporting self-procuring principals in real estate ...
Mercury-free arc tube for discharge lamp unit
Camera film cassette assembly apparatus and method
Method for adaptively writing a magnetic random access memory
Column repair circuit in ferroelectric memory
Methods for sputter deposition of high-k dielectric films
Method of controlling device, transmission device, and medium
Construction of trainable semantic vectors and clustering, classification, and searching using train...
Multi-configurable toy vehicle
Cleaning wet sheet
Work bench
Silver containing copper alloy
Methods and apparatus for therapeutic treatment of respiratory, cardiac and other pathologies
Method and apparatus to facilitate accessing data in network management protocol tables
Control information output apparatus and information system
Rotating bill acceptor for use with a gaming device
Multi-stage large vocabulary speech recognition system and method
Auto-correcting part measurement system
Optics alignment and calibration system
Method of making through hole with laser, copper-clad laminate suitable for making hole, and auxilia...
Camera assembly having travel stop
Lantana plant named `Robmornrog`
Ripple scheduling for end-to-end global resource management
Information server systems and methods of rendering information pages
Process and system for sparse vector and matrix representation of document indexing and retrieval
Field emission display device
Business form with imaging compatible punch-out card and method
Method of advertising and distributing sales incentives on a useful device
Combination static cling and product label assembly
Data carrier
Human semaphorin homologs and polynucleotides encoding the same
Compositions and methods for promoting internalization and degradation of urokinase-type plasminogen...
Power roller bearing for toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Method and system for secure delivery and printing of documents via a network device
Method and apparatus for testing network, and recording medium
Gastrokinetic monocyclic benzamides of 3-or 4-substituted 4-(aminoethyl)-piperidine derivatives
Separation system, components of a separation system and methods of making and using them
Policy engine which supports application specific plug-ins for enforcing policies in a feedback-base...
Container handling apparatus
Loose tube optical ribbon cable
Composite assembly with integrated composite joints
Duplex stainless steel
Vehicle driving arrangement
Medicine for treating apoptosis dysfunction containing oligosaccharides
Direct type back light device
Inhalation device
Toothbrush with integrated winding key
11-C-substituted ketolides
Adhesive and semiconductor devices
Content addressable memory having redundancy capabilities
Method and apparatus for selecting a first clock and second clock for first and second devices respe...
Inertial camera stabilization apparatus and method
Universal electrocardiogram sensor positioning mask with repositionable sensors and method for emplo...
System for generating thermographic images using thermographic signal reconstruction
Method and means for protecting an aircraft against disturbances of electrostatic origin
Back-light control circuit of multi-lamps liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for beam switching in a wireless communication system
Porous inorganic substrate for high-density arrays
Extrusion die
Extrusion apparatus for three-dimensional modeling
Device for producing extrusion blow-molded containers with at least two chambers
Method for preparation of solid state electrochemical device
Bubble-jet type ink-jet printhead and manufacturing method thereof
Process for producing aryl ether
Method of producing cement clinker and electricity
Closure device for a protective suit
Ratchet-type buckle and snowboard binding
Shoe sole structures using a theoretically ideal stability plane
Sport footwear component construction
Utility rack
E-field-modulated bistable molecular mechanical device
Fiber grating and method and apparatus for fabricating the same
Image forming device and detachably loaded process unit
Intermediate transfer member comprising charge transport layer
Electronic display materials associated with products
Armrest mounted video display screen
Method for changing viewpoints using pressure-sensitive means, recording medium providing software p...
Entertainment apparatus and monitor device used therein
Automatically actuated hidden compartment apparatus
Transformer remote control
Novelty item and associated entertainment method
Chemical vapor deposition system for polycrystalline silicon rod production
Mesoporous carbonates and method of making
Carbon nanotube coatings as chemical absorbers
Process for reforming hydrocarbon
Hydrogen to steam reforming of natural gas to synthesis gas
Two stage oil free air compressor
Wobble piston and seal assembly for oil free compressor
Double hotdog
6-gallon pancake
Single hotdog
Site boss
Wobble piston and seal assembly for oil free compressor
Drug release from polymer matrices through mechanical stimulation
Contoured spinal fusion implants made of bone or a bone composite material
Coated prosthetic implant
Methods, compositions and kits for promoting recovery from damage to the central nervous system
Phosphinate peptide analogs for the treatment of fibrotic disorders
Speech recognition apparatus and speech recognition navigation apparatus
Weight holder for attachment to golf club head
Wrist angle brace
Electric generator and motor drive system
Puck retriever and carrier
Posture training device and methods for using same
Golf ball having improved heat resistance
Systems and methods for altering game information indicated to a player
Golf ball retrieval device
Golf greens speed and contour teaching device
Portable golf greens speed meter
In-pipe wastewater treatment system
Process of and apparatus for making a nonwoven web
Golf course sign
Detachable cleat system
Method and system for scheduled activation of system information tables in digital transport streams
Method, system and computer program product for using an instantaneous memory deficit metric to dete...
System for responding to a power saving mode and method thereof
First level cache parity error inject
Method and apparatus for pipeline hazard detection
Display having universal active matrix
SCR devices in silicon-on-insulator CMOS process for on-chip ESD protection
Dual metal gate process: metals and their silicides
Photodiode stacks for photovoltaic relays and the method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having a plurality of wells, test method of testing the semi...
Apparatus for localizing production errors in a photovoltaic element
Active-passive imager pixel array with small groups of pixels having short common bus lines
Manufacturing of a thin film inorganic light emitting diode
Pattern forming method for a display device
Carbon-graded layer for improved adhesion of low-k dielectrics to silicon substrates
Organic thin film transistor
Organic electroluminescent device
Transistor design for use in the construction of an electronically driven display
Method and system for expanding the I/O on I/O limited devices
System and method for adaptive trade specification and match-making optimization
System and method for disabling and recreating a snapshot volume
Hyperbranched polymers by coordination polymerization
High lamp-power lighting system and fluorescent lamp
Lens barrel
Signal active percentage monitor
Electronic recording device
Process for purifying ammonia
Magnetic tunneling junction antifuse device
Voice-actuated generation of documents containing photographic identification
Method for describing robot structure and part of robot
Polymerizable molten salt monomer, electrolyte composition and electrochemical cell
Server for searching for information in a network of databases
Oxidation resistant rhenium alloys
Modulated release particles for lung delivery
De-agglomerator for breath-actuated dry powder inhaler
Method of creating authenticated verifiable reproductions of electronic documents
Fuzzy inference system for simplifying mesh
Device for practicing golf
Efficient dynamic home agent discovery algorithm and system
Inertial vibration transducers
System and method for managing the persistence of EJB components in a directory accessed via LDAP
Stereo camera and stereo slide mount
Respiratory infection treatment device
Formable orthopedic fixation system with cross linking
System and method for sampling audio recordings on a wireless communication device
Detection of biological molecules using boronate-based chemical amplification and optical sensors
System and method for creating a transaction usage record
Method and apparatus for implementing CORBA compliant name services incorporating load balancing fea...
Stretchable laminate
Display device using single liquid crystal display panel
Apparatus and method for selecting target educational course
Method and apparatus for monitoring contractor performance
Corrosion-resistant coatings for steel tubes
Wireless mobile telephone system with alternative power instruments and DTMF Capability
Solid state capacitors and methods of manufacturing them
Outdoor changeable message sign
Tracking electronic component
Homologous recombination-mediated transgene alterations in plants
Stable near-infrared (NIR) marker dyes based on benzopyrylium-polymethines
Surface ornamentation for caskets
Calcium receptor-active compounds
Writing instrument
Arrangement for data transfer between a computer and peripheral device or other data processing devi...
Endoprosthesis for a shoulder joint
Authentication executing device, portable authentication device, and authentication method using bio...
Multi-target links for navigating between hypertext documents and the like
Electrical stimulation to reduce free radical levels
Method and system for handling errors in a data storage environment
Methods for producing films using supercritical fluid
Metal vanadium oxide particles
Method to protect and recover a write ahead log from interruptions
Method and apparatus for performing distributed object calls using proxies and memory allocation
Apparatus and method for laminating a print medium in a printing device
Method and apparatus for digital signature authentication
Method of operating a component holding head
Method of cancer screening primarily utilizing non-invasive cell collection, fluorescence detection ...
Method and apparatus for clock synchronization between a system clock and a burst data clock
Method and device for compensating the phase for flat screens
Solenoid for solenoid valve
Method and system for multimedia network based data acquisition, recording and distribution
Multimedia data keyword management method and keyword data structure
Information processing apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium
Flexible interchange of coded multimedia facilitating access and streaming
Intelligent end user devices for clearinghouse services in an internet telephony system
Multimedia multiparty communication system and method
Antenna assembly
System and method for topic-based document analysis for information filtering
Apparatus for the purification of water
Method and system for using single OSD pixmap across multiple video raster sizes by using multiple h...
Event linked insertion of indicia into video
Sulfer-reduction treatment in catalytically processed gasoline and intermediate distillates of crude...
Fiber-based flat and curved panel displays
Stay for furniture
Wrist brace for anglers
Overflow downdraw glass forming method and apparatus
Method to vent air from a cam phaser with a center mounted spool valve
Integration of systems management services with an underlying system object model
Frameworks for efficient representation of string objects in Java programming environments
Method of optimizing an MPI procedure by altering to a procedure other than the invoked MPI procedur...
Using value-expression graphs for data-flow optimizations
System and method for software installation
Aircraft in-flight entertainment system having enhanced antenna steering and associated methods
Method and system for non-contact sensing of motion of a roller drum
Semiconductor device with quantum dots having high carrier injection efficiency, its manufacture met...
Intelligent patch checker
Mucosal cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses
Methods and compositions for inhibition of membrane fusion-associated events, including HIV transmis...
Chemokine receptor binding heterocyclic compounds
Dolly having multiple supports hingedly joined together
Planar, circular RF antenna for open MR systems
Integrated quadrature splitter-combiner and balun
Knee/foot/ankle combination coil for MRI systems
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating and decoding a visually significant barcode
Memory consolidated image processing LSI, image processing system with same, and image accessing met...
Color image processing method with thin-line detection and enhancement
Weldable coating of phosphated epoxy polymer, curing agent and electroconductive pigment
Lithographic web-fed rotary printing press
Printing press having an inking unit and method of operating an inking unit
Method and device for controlling one sheet-material guiding element independently of the other
White balancing method
Operating panel for a printing machine, inking control system for a printing machine, and inking con...
Device for adjusting at least one register element in a printing machine, and corresponding method
Multiple layer labels for application to non-planar surfaces and apparatus and methods for productio...
Method and apparatus for completely hiding refresh operations in a DRAM device using clock division
Method and apparatus for estimation of forward path geometry of a vehicle based on a two-clothoid ro...
Method and apparatus for MOCVD growth of compounds including GaAsN alloys using an ammonia precursor...
Thermal dissociation of allophanates
Sampling and analysis of airborne particulate matter by glow discharge atomic emission and mass spec...
Inhalation device
Melt-infiltrated pitch-pan preforms
Microwave oven
Black trisazo metal complex dyes
Lens layout setting apparatus for lens grinding process and display apparatus for the same
Wheel resistance exercise device
Force-retarding device for a stationary bicycle
Motor controller system for battery-powered motors
Image processing apparatus
Composite pallet member
Flameproof polymer composition
Silicone resin compositions and molded products of silicone resins
Cache line converter
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACadnof`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Annecy Lemon`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Bradford Orange`
Dianthus plant named `DEVON PP 11`
Geranium plant named `Fisdream`
Geranium plant named `Fisrosalm`
Apparatus for preparing coffee
Methods for increasing leptin levels using nicotinic acid compounds
Composition and treatment agent
Multiple device frame synchronization method and apparatus
Apparatus for environmental testing of a device in situ, and method thereof
Method and system for performing enhanced lighting functions for texture map data
Methods for reducing postoperative intraocular pressure
Application of wavefront sensor to lenses capable of post-fabrication power modification
Pre-crystalline intraocular implant
Dielectric device having multi-layer oxide artificial lattice with lattice directional feature
Abrasive particles containing sintered, polycrystalline zirconia
Precision integral articles
Method for growing continuous fiber
Silver halide color photographic material
Intermediate transfer member with high planarity and method of making the member
Integrated module for solid oxide fuel cell systems
Composite electrodes for solid state devices
Kappa agonist compounds and pharmaceutical formulations thereof
Guanosine triphosphate (GTP) binding protein-coupled receptor proteins
Environmental filter and flow control device
Orifice shield for a drainage conduit in a wastewater treatment drain field
Design, monitoring and control of soil carburetors for degradation of volatile compounds
Equipped balancing jacket
Buoyancy compensating jacket
Pile guide
Underground shell-pile continuous wall job practice and its special drill
Optical film
Magnetic tape cartridge with urging member acting on reel brake radial outer periphery
Semiconductor memory system having dynamically delayed timing for high-speed data transfers
Spatial light communication equipment comprising angle error detection and alignment units
Charging member, facing member, and image forming apparatus using the same
Developer replenishing device and developer container for use therewith
Developing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Apparatus for control of cryptography implementations in third party applications
Time piece
Signal distribution circuit
System for generating unique identifiers in a computer network
Method and apparatus for allowing a secure and transparent communication between a user device and s...
Automated transfer of a data unit comprising a plurality of fundamental data units between a host de...
Scalable multiprocessor system and cache coherence method
Method and system for detecting and resolving virtual address synonyms in a two-level cache hierarch...
Broadcast invalidate scheme
User interface for initiating the export of an optimized scanned document using drag and drop
Method of fast and reliable tissue differentiation using diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imagi...
Inherently de-coupled sandwiched solenoidal array coil
Physiological monitor including an objective pain measurement
Method and system for display of well log data and data ancillary to its recording and interpretatio...
Efficient excitation quantization in noise feedback coding with general noise shaping
Image forming apparatus
Method and system for periodic trace sampling for real-time generation of segments of call stack tre...
Service method, service system and manufacturing/inspection apparatus
Apparatus and method for non-invasive, passive fetal heart monitoring
Electronic control systems for marine vessels
Catalyzed reinforced polymer composites
Propylene polymers incorporating polyethylene macromers
Pathogen-resistant plants transformed with a DNA encoding sarcotoxin 1A linked to a signal peptide a...
System and methods for blood glucose sensing
Syringe barrel and plunger assembly having ellipsoidal configurations
Optical sensor for in situ measurement of analytes
Antibodies for detection of water treatment polymers
Reagent preparation containing magnetic particles in tablet form
Method and system for teaching music
Colorants, colored articles and methods of making them
Chrysanthemum plant named `Kohana`
Dispersion and dispersion slope compensating fiber and optical transmission system utilizing same
Device and method for handling molded articles
Robotic apparatus for painting
Method and apparatus for controlling a surgical robot to mimic, harmonize and enhance the natural ne...
Robot apparatus and control method thereof
Tele-robotic system used to provide remote consultation services
Article pickup device
Method and system for combating robots and rogues
Digital camera having battery life determiner
In situ processing of remote procedure calls
Short code detection method
Tetrakisazo dyes, their production and use
More useful man machine interfaces and applications
Digital watermarks and methods for security documents
Method and apparatus for aligning and comparing images of the face and body from different imagers
Endopelvic fascia treatment for incontinence
Information display apparatus of a loom
Rearview mirror with integrated microwave receiver
Preparation of pharmaceutically acceptable atorvastatin salts in non-crystalline form
Preparation of risperidone
Pramipexole as a treatment for cocaine craving
Apparatus for forming and/or sealing a packaging unit
Ultrasonic welding and cutting device for use in the manufacture of a flat cable
Ultrasonic welding method and apparatus for welding reinforcing tape piece to fastener tape
Ultrasonic-welding apparatus, optical sensor and rotation sensor for the ultrasonic-welding apparatu...
Thermal data automatic service system
Flatware box with tabs
Process for the synthesis of organomagnesium compounds using catalysts
Manufacture of cyclohexane from benzene and a hydrogen source containing impurities
Automatic welding device and welding skill training device
Image processing method and apparatus, and recording medium
Image processing apparatus and method
Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image-forming method in high-speed mode and in low-speed mode
Image forming apparatus, control method and program for the image forming apparatus, and storage med...
Image forming apparatus, control apparatus and control method for the same, and storage medium produ...
System for sharing image input device on network
Production method of electronic parts and water treatment apparatus
Bolted collector for vapor liquid contacting vessel
Method and apparatus for removing hydrocarbons from water
Methods for sterilizing preparations of digestive enzymes
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Substituted amino acids as erythropoietin mimetics
Method of inhibiting hair growth
Thiol sulfonamide metalloprotease inhibitors
Interferon-beta use in the treatment of ewing's family of tumors
Go-kart assembly
Electric power assisted rack and pinion system
Electric drive for a vehicle
System and method for providing feedback to a driver of a hybrid vehicle
Controller for motor power steering system
Vehicle steering control system
Corrective control system and method for liquid pressure control apparatus in automatic transmission
E1/T1 to asynchronous communications interface
Interface circuit and method for transmitting data between a serial interface and a processor
Multiprocessor node controller circuit and method
Method and apparatus for testing and debugging a circuit
Field programmable gate array and microcontroller system-on-a-chip
Preparative separation of mixtures by mass spectrometry
Spectral imaging methods and systems
Color shifting carbon-containing interference pigments and foils
System for mapping a heart using catheters having ultrasonic position sensors
Apparatuses and methods for extravasation detection
Cardiac rhythm management system with defibrillation threshold prediction
Photoprotective cosmetic compositions containing aromatic amide, sulphonamide or carbamate derivativ...
Inhibition of pigmentation by inhibition of fatty acid synthase
Liquid foam builder containing hydrolyzed grain protein
Cosmetic compositions containing electrically conductive polymers
Fragrance-containing insect repellant compositions
Controlled release oral preparations of esculetin and its derivatives
Disposable plate electrode with biologicalactive film and manufacture method thereof
Cosmetic composition comprising at least a film-forming polymer and at least a regulating agent
Stabilized pharmaceutical composition
Acidic aqueous chlorite teat dip providing shelf life, sanitizing capacity and tissue protection
Etched metal oxide film
Methods for treating bipolar mood disorder associated with markers on chromosome 18p
Sponge-derived terpenoids and methods of use
Damascene capacitors for integrated circuits
Programmable display controller
Methods and systems for predicting IC chip yield
Light duty liquid cleaning compositions consisting of anionic surfactant mixtures
Liquid detergent container and dispensing
Compositions and methods for enhancing fiber digestion
Detergent-impregnated article
Cleaning composition
Surfactant, process for producing the same and detergent composition
Navigation apparatus
Navigation system for vehicle
Rugged, waterproof, navigation device with touch panel
Utility mapping and data distribution system and method
Map database apparatus
Apparatus for viewing information in virtual space using multiple templates
Method, system, and program for mining data in a personal information manager database
Use of aromatic aldehydes as insecticides
Film-forming agent for drug delivery and preparation for percutaneous administration containing the ...
Humanized and chimeric N-terminal amyloid beta-antibodies
CD3 specific recombinant antibody
Oligosaccharide-supplying compositions
Real time monitoring of small particle dissolution by way of light scattering
Method of preparing high specific activity platinum-195m
Antisense modulation of insulin-like growth factor binding protein 5 expression
Method and apparatus for uninterrupted packet transfer using replication over disjoint paths
Context redundancy system on a wireless and packet-based telecommunications network interface
Method, system, and program for monitoring system components
Method and apparatus for personalized multimedia summarization based upon user specified theme
System and method for optimizing an integrated circuit design
Graphical programming language for representations of concurrent operations
System and method for growing a hierarchical structure with new virtual base classes while preservin...
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Essential bacterial genes and their use
Stringed instrument stand
Method of installing valves in a micro-pump
Piston pump
Magnetic force type pump driving apparatus in vehicular engine
Peristaltic pump having a variable effective radial length impeller for metering liquid chemicals
Rotary vane hydraulic power device
Ultrasonic pump with non-planar transducer for generating focused longitudinal waves and pumping met...
Anti-cheating device for a gaming machine
Gaming machine with player selected events
Gaming device having a multi-characteristic matching game
Method of utilizing sol-gel processing in the production of a macroscopic two or three dimensionally...
Box container with protective beam support
System and method for displaying medical process diagrams
Noninvasive method of measuring physiologic parameters
Static attitude measurement system for head suspension assemblies
Manufacturing method for a field-effect transistor, manufacturing method for a semiconductor device,...
Method for blood infrared spectroscopy diagnosing of inner organs pathology
Differential numerical aperture methods and device
Method and apparatus for digital image defect correction and noise filtering
Reducing background in hybridization reactions
Mutation analysis by PCR and mass spectrometry
Enhanced projector system for machine vision
Pixel resampling system and method for text
Hydrodynamically and aerodynamically optimized leading edge structure for propellers, wings, and air...
Low energy method for changing the inclinations of orbiting satellites using weak stability boundari...
System and method for controlling model aircraft
Diagnostic system and method for enabling multistage decision optimization for aircraft preflight di...
Aircraft taxi planning system and method
Agrochemical composition
Method and apparatus for preventing contamination during a process flow
Impact wrench
Ratchet wrench having socket adapter securing device
Method for generating molecular arrays on porous surfaces
Methods for detection and diagnosing of breast cancer
Image processing system
Methods and systems for treating patients with congestive heart failure (CHF)
System and method for bi-chamber stimulation using dynamically adapted interpulse delay
Method and system for direct writing, editing and transmitting a three dimensional part and imaging ...
Methods of altering the resonance of waveguide micro-resonators
Aerial vehicle controlled and propelled by oscillatory momentum generators and method of flying a ve...
Method of aligning a driving force with respect to a movable element using mechanical resonance
Four-port wavelength-selective crossbar switches (4WCS) using reciprocal WDM MUX-DEMUX and optical c...
Micro-electro-mechanical variable optical attenuator
Reduction of polarization-dependent loss from grating used in double-pass configuration
Controlled reactant injection with permeable plates
Fan control module for a system unit
Cooling unit including radiator for radiating heat of heat generating component, and electronic appa...
Heat-radiating structure co-usable with heat-radiating window of a housing of an electronic applianc...
Heat sink for a radiographic sensor device
Coated heat spreaders
Radio base station
Reversible pivoting vane rotary compressor for a valve-free oxygen concentrator
Diffractive pigment flakes and compositions
Electron beam apparatus having a low loss beam path
Achromatic multilayer diffractive pigments and foils
Method and system of amplitude modulation using dual/split channel unequal amplification
Wavelength division multiplexing with narrow band reflective filters
Hearing aid with improved percentile estimator
Hearing aid and method for processing microphone signals in a hearing aid
Vibration-dampening receiver assembly
Process for preparing purified nucleic acid and the use thereof
Amine compounds and combinatorial libraries comprising same
Maize H3C4 promoter combined with the first intron of rice actin, chimeric gene comprising it and tr...
Isolated nucleic acid moelcules encoding the Dw3 P-glycoprotein of sorghum and methods of modifying ...
DNA constructs and methods to impart resistance to papaya ringspot virus on plants
Soybean cultivar S37-N4
Hybrid maize plant & seed 39R62
Heat and material balance method of process control for petrochemical plants and oil refineries
Fault diagnosis in CPAP and NIPPV devices
Flow diverter for controlling the pressure and flow rate in a CPAP device
Tracheal tube
Method for controlling a matrix converter
Multiphase integrated DC-to-DC voltage converter
Switching power supply circuit
Switching power supply
Power conserving regulator having intermittently connectable controller
Display apparatus
Cross current control for power converter systems and integrated magnetic choke assembly
Machine insertable promotional card
System, device, and method for detecting and recovering from failures in a multicast communication s...
Watch bracelet
Network communication device identification in a communication network
Antimicrobial sulfonamide derivatives of lipopeptide antibiotics
Method for alteration detection
Nitro-substituted non-fluorescent asymmetric cyanine dye compounds
DNA encoding human serine protease D-G
M2GlyR derived channel forming peptides
Aromatic sulfone hydroxamic acid metalloprotease inhibitor
Aromatic sulfone hydroxamic acid metalloprotease inhibitor
Analyte measuring biosensor chip using image scanning system
Processes for solubilizing organometallic compounds in fluorinated solvents by addition of a fluorin...
Reaction and separation methods
Surface emitting semiconductor laser and surface emitting semiconductor laser array
Quantum cascade laser with optical phonon excitation
Single mode vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Buried ribbon semiconductor laser and a method of fabrication
Micromechanically active reconfigurable add-drop filters
Continuous optoacoustic monitoring of hemoglobin concentration and hematocrit
Wind turbulence prediction system
Non-dairy creamer jar
Mold clamping apparatus
U-shaped float tube with stabilizing frame
Information reproduction apparatus and information reproduction
Voice messaging system
Estrogen receptor modulators
Multiple viral replicon culture systems
Assembly of a graphical program for accessing data from a data source/target
Streaming media subscription mechanism for a content delivery network
Stacked sheet shock absorbing elastomeric device
Heat-insulating and soundproofing lining for an engine compartment of a motor vehicle
Remotely controlled beeper and method
Seismic sensor
Miniature plastic battery assembly for canal hearing devices
Speaker system
Method and apparatus for improved attachment of a micro-actuator to a slider device
Thin film magnetic head and method for fabricating the same
Thin film magnetic head comprising magnetoresistive element having shield layer formed by plating an...
High magnetoresistance spin valve sensor with self-pinned antiparallel (AP) pinned layer structure
Tunneling magnetoresistive element and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic memory having antiferromagnetically coupled recording layer
Rate (M/N) code encoder, detector, and decoder for control data
Multicolor heat-sensitive recording material
Heat sensitive recording material
Unidirectionally penetrable ornamental film
A/D conversion technique using digital averages
Remaining distance meter
Navigation system equipped with portable sub-navigation unit
Speed monitoring device for motor vehicles
Game animal transport device
Ergonomic input-device holder
VCT cam timing system utilizing calculation of intake phase for dual dependent cams
Variable valve actuating mechanism having torsional lash control spring
Air venting mechanism for variable camshaft timing devices
Valve control mechanism
Pneumatic valve return spring
System and method for content retrieval
Method and system for database manipulation
Graphical representation of disorganized database records in an IMS database
Pulverulent mannitol and process for preparing it
Thermally converted starches and the method of preparation thereof
Interactive terminal kiosk case
Apparatus and method for producing images without distortion and lateral color aberration
Item delivery and retrieval system
Method and apparatus for testing thin material
High molecular weight polymer additive for coating and protective products
Absorbent tissue products having visually discernable background texture
System for selling a product utilizing audio content identification
Nucleic acid sequence detection employing probes comprising non-nucleosidic coumarin derivatives as ...
Use of a cytokine-producing lactococcus strain to treat colitis
FTA- coated media for use as a molecular diagnostic tool
Assays, methods and means for modulating nuclear localization
Sound activated liquid display device
System for protecting anonymity of parties involved in a person-to-person electronic commerce transa...
System and method for linking information in a global computer network
Initiative passing in an I/O operation without the overhead of an interrupt
Storage device and method for data sharing
Methods for treating and preventing alopecia
Polyvinylacetal-grafted polymers
Process to prepare pressure-sensitive hybrid composite latex adhesives
Method for radical aqueous emulsion polymerization
Methods for micronization of hydrophobic drugs
Electronic devices comprising thin film transistors
Method of making ink jet recording media
Photosensitive resin composition
Color image forming method and digital image forming method
Wax-impregnated towelette
Crosslinked rubber particles and rubber compositions
Controllable bandwidth polarizer
LCD having a particular light-shield and connection
Power supply network analyzing method, computer program for executing the method, storage medium and...
Apparatus and method for removing effects of phase abstraction from a phase abstracted trace
Programming programmable logic devices using hidden switches
Active trace rerouting
System for simplifying the programmable memory to logic interface in FPGA
Method of using filler metal for implementing changes in an integrated circuit design
Collets for bonding of light emitting diodes having shaped substrates
Determining signal transduction pathways
Optical system with variable dispersion
Multi-purpose work knife
FeRAM having BLT ferroelectric layer and method for forming the same
Methods and compositions for detection of mycobacterium avium complex species
Geminivirus resistant transgenic plants expressing a mutant geminivirus AL3/C3 coding sequence
Method for making a semiconductor light source
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus incorporating the liquid crystal display
Automatic currency processing system
Replacing part containing consumable part and image forming apparatus using replacing part
Laser device for use in adjusting a firearm's sight
Method and apparatus for skin absorption enhancement and transdermal drug delivery
Anti-estrogenic steroids, and associated pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use
Rubber composition for a tire, based on diene elastomer and a reinforcing titanium oxide
Apparatus and method for providing a conscious patient relief from pain and anxiety associated with ...
Method, system, and program product for permission to access software
Method and apparatus of monitoring optical power level in waveguiding structures
Integrated optical dual dispersion compensator for compensating both chromatic and polarization mode...
Optical ring network having enhanced security and reduced loss
Method for transferring data using permanent identifier including routing information
Information storage device
System for preventing parallel marketing of retail items
Substituted indole-2-carboxylic acid benzylidene-hydrazides and analogs as activators of caspases an...
High-stiffness propylene polymers and a process for the preparation thereof
Caps lock notification
Method and apparatus for sending boot programs to workstation computers over a network in a controll...
Assisting a player to contact an object by adjusting timing
Game system, game machine and game data distribution device, together with computer-usable informati...
Automated diagnostic system and method including encoding patient data
System and method for browser creation and maintenance of forms
Information perception apparatus, information transmission system, and memory medium in which progra...
Method of selecting colors for pixels within blocks for block truncation encoding
Systems and methods for interactively using and training an automatic image processing technique
Printer driver user interface and system
Modular machine having distributed fault recovery-assist user interfaces
Document communication systems for use in automobiles
Method and system for transporting and storing multiple reagent packs and reagent packs used therein
Nano-ionic products and devices
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device, memory system and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display
Electrostatic drive
UV curable overlays for laser peening
Assay for nucleoside diphosphate using a modified nucleoside diphosphate kinase comprising a fluores...
Electroluminescent light arrangement
Image processing apparatus and method of the same, and display apparatus using the image processing ...
Dual display arrangement and a terminal device
Optical element including an absorptive and reflective polarizer having particular orientation
Drive circuit for an organic EL apparatus
Glazing with optical and/or energetic properties capable of being electrically controlled
Image formation method, replenishing toner used in this method and method of producing the same, and...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Dielectric ceramic composition and multilayer ceramic capacitor used the same
Organosilicate materials with mesoscopic structures