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Buckling Arm Robot
Apparatus and method for gated transmission in a CDMA communication system
Method and arrangement of antenna system of EAS
Smart electronic label employing electronic ink
Graphics system configured to switch between multiple sample buffer contexts
Instrument assembly systems, housing and methods of mounting instrument assemblies
Real-time structured light range scanning of moving scenes
Short messaging using information beacons
Topical administration of amifostine and related compounds
Exposure apparatus and exposing method
Image forming apparatus and developer supply method therefor, and image processing board
Image forming apparatus with fixing unit having a shutter for covering same
Server device that manages a state of a shared device, and method of controlling same
Apparatus for separation of a fluid flow, especially into a gas phase and a liquid phase
Suppressed chromatography and salt conversion system
Chlorination apparatus and method
Aggrecan degrading metallo proteases
Waveguide for microwave device including a frame with waveguide grooves therein
Antenna device
Image sensor mounted by mass reflow
Axis determination apparatus, film-thickness measurement apparatus, deposition apparatus, axis deter...
Magnetic field generator for optical devices utilizing magneto-optical effect
AC/DC/HFAC/DC/AC power supply
Manufacturing method for optical recording medium and manufacturing device thereof
SDRAM read prefetch from multiple master devices
Method for reducing tuning etch in a clock-forwarded interface
Method and system for creating a customized support package for an FPGA-based system-on-chip (SoC)
Anti-tachycardia pacing methods and devices
Methods of inhibiting metastases
Process for preparing non-hygroscopic sodium valproate composition
Method for tissue perfusion
Dietary supplements beneficial for the liver
Human AZU-1 gene, variants thereof and expressed gene products
Dental acid etchant composition
Parallel capillary seal for a disk drive
Marking medium area with encoded identifier for producing action through network
Substrate transfer shuttle
Synchronous buck converter with improved transient performance
User interface for computer display
Automatic analysis apparatus
Germicidal and disinfectant composition
Apparatus and method for remote self-identification of components in medical device systems
Service providing method and system
Methods and systems for routing travel between origin and destination service locations using global...
Method of simulating the performance of a vehicle on a road surface
Method for creating defect management information in an recording medium, and apparatus and medium b...
Control panel for a guitar amplifier
Fluid system
Linear compressor drive device
Blood pump
Compressor with sealing coat
Horizontal two stage rotary compressor with a bearing-driven lubrication structure
Wet crepe throughdry process for making absorbent sheet and novel fibrous product
Stabilization of noisy optical sources in photoplethysmography
Surface plasmon resonance
Spectroscopic ellipsometer without rotating components
Thin film optical measurement system and method with calibrating ellipsometer
System and method for creation, processing and visualization of omni-directional images
Image reading apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing images with regions representing target objects
Anionic polymers composed of dicarboxylic acids and uses thereof
Method of determining non-accessible device I/O pin speed using on chip LFSR and MISR as data source...
Ratchet wrench with adjustable working size
Device and method for driving jetting head
SPR sensor system
Method and apparatus for bone sensing
Transverse-pressure-controlled fiber devices
Driving mechanism for optical head of optical disc driver
Projection image display apparatus
Method and apparatus for high speed digitized exposure
Wax decoration items and method making the same
Portable device for cooling a laptop computer
Motor-fan unit particularly for a heating and/or air conditioning apparatus for a motor vehicle
Stackable liquid cooling pump
Heat dissipating apparatus for circuit boards
Heat dissipating device with slanting engaged heat dissipating sheets and bottom plate
Regeneration control apparatus and method for vehicle
Heat transfer sheet and light-heat-conversion type image-forming material
Process for manufacturing of high iron hydraulic cement clinker
Control system apparatus for loading a value of a system parameter and preventing change thereto aft...
Scalable environmental data calculation method customized by system configuration
Digital hearing device, method and system
Hybrid implantable cochlear stimulator hearing aid system
Ventilatory stabilization technology
Method and apparatus for providing variable positive airway pressure
DC/DC up/down converter
Low cost multi-range input circuit for industrial analog input modules
Noninvasive continuous blood pressure measuring apparatus and a method of noninvasively measuring co...
Parallel connected converters apparatus and methods using switching cycle with energy holding state
Zero switching power converter operable as asymmetrical full-bridge converter
Geographic bracelet
Transfer of information between devices on different buses
Universal remote TV mouse
Circulating epstein-barr virus DNA in the serum of patients with gastric carcinoma
Use of prothymosin in the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis
Automatic call director first in first out accessory
Paclitaxel-containing formulations
Method of preparing microsphere composite of collagen and bioceramic powder
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for manufacturing the same
User bandwidth monitor and control management system and method
Device for use in maintaining a temperature in a vehicle or shipping container
Method and apparatus for scanning in scanning probe microscopy and presenting results
Mobile radio transmitting/receiving device comprising a tunable-antenna
System and method for calibrating a stereo optical see-through head-mounted display system for augme...
Multi-pole low voltage circuit breaker with one current measuring device per line
Method and system for multi-axis beamblock tray for multiple defining heads
Method for monitoring a subscriber of an intelligent network
Method and configuration for identification of a mobile station associated with a base station
Method for systematically assessing the quality of medical appliances that are in operation
Method and apparatus for wire speed IP multicast forwarding
Low-cost radio frequency (RF) link for point-to-point data transfer
Scalable domain name system with persistence and load balancing
Hierarchical storage systems for holding evidentiary objects and methods of creating and operating u...
Schema-based computer system health monitoring
Application programming interface and generalized network address translator for intelligent transpa...
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmissions having a stationary fourth gear set member
Control system of hybrid transmission
Gear speed-changing apparatus for automatic transmissions
Eight-speed automatic transmission
Transmission mechanisms with three gear sets and a stationary gear member
Method for determining whether a compound is capable of inhibiting the interaction of a peptide with...
6,11-4-carbon bridged erythromycin derivatives
Method and system for playing trivia games
Ilex interspecific hybrid named `Rutzan`
Apparatus for switching the operation of a change valve of a combustion engine
Four-cycle engine for marine drive
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Method and system for scanning images in a photo kiosk
Detecting embedded information in images
Content delivery and global traffic management network system
Interactions of Ku polypeptides and applications thereof
Protection-of-telomere-1 (POT-1) proteins
Assays, agents, therapy and diagnosis relating to modulation of cellular DNA repair activity
Method for improving plant growth
Simple electronic musical instrument, player's console and signal processing system incorporated the...
Wrist audio player system and wrist audio player device
Purchasing systems and methods wherein a buyer takes possession at a retailer of a product purchased...
Method for network address table maintenance in a data-over-cable system using destination reachibil...
Secure File Archive through encryption key management
Method for optimal driver selection
Recognizing structure information from a netlist
Raised island abrasive and process of manufacture
Method for purification treatment of environmental pollutants
Pocket sphygmomanometer
Apparatus and method of arrhythmia detection in a subcutaneous implantable cardioverter/defibrillato...
Photocatalytic reactor and method for destruction of organic air-borne pollutants
Use of 4-nitro-2,1,3,-benzoxadiazole derivatives as dyes in coloring agents for keratin fibres
Hair spray and consumer sprays with reduced volatile organic compounds
Swage mounting using surface protrusions
System and method of preparing a reinforced polymer by supercritical fluid treatment
Flame resistant ABS polycarbonate mouldable materials
Optoelectronic device with improved light extraction
Methods and apparatus for detecting variants utilizing base stacking
Semiconductor memory device
Sputter target, barrier film and electronic component
Suppressors of human breast cancer cell growth
High affinity humanized anti-Tag-72 monoclonal antibodies
Adaptive method with intercessory feedback control for an intelligent agent
Method for production of mixed alcohols from synthesis gas
Compositions for producing moldings from finely divided materials
Polyolefin compositions and method of use thereof in molded products
Process and means for reducing formaldehyde emission during the processing of thermoplastics with ad...
Manufacture of flexible thin layer electrochemical cell
Less-lethal launcher
Fluid delivery apparatus
Cosmetic compositions containing fluorescent minerals
Composition containing oat extract for increased cell renewal rate
.alpha.-bungarotoxin molecules and uses thereof
Hydroxystilbene/ascorbic acid compositions for treating skin afflictions
Face masks for use in pressurized drug delivery systems
Aerosol dispenser
Method and a system for solving dynamic problems using the dynamical system architecture
Method and apparatus for transport of control information over a data link
Encoding high-definition video using overlapping panels
Enhanced subscriber line call monitoring
Integrated wavelength-selective cross connect
Flexible access authorization feature to enable mobile users to access services in 3G wireless netwo...
Channel grouping system and method for a wireless communication system
Virtual insertion of cells from a secondary source into a FIFO
Barge system
Identification card with embedded halftone image security feature perceptible in transmitted light
Solid dispersion composition
Polymer dispersion and method to produce the same
Method and apparatus for controlling environmental conditions using a personal area network
Process for the preparation of phenylphenol compounds
Education system challenging a subject's physiologic and kinesthetic systems to synergistically enha...
Neonate dummy
Collaborative and quality control scoring system and method
Computer aided test preparation
Coatings for building products and methods of using same
Fireplace cover
Adaptive light emitting diode bar equalization
Method for assessing an end of life in a document processing system
Systems and methods to determine a contrast and a brightness adjusted system tone reproduction curve
Method and system for generating a secure wireless link between a handset and base station
Wafer heating apparatus
Magnetically levitated motor
Reduced profile drive assembly for garage door operator and method of assembly
Outline smoothing method and system
Disk cartridge
Whipped cocoa bath
Lithography system and method for device manufacture
Articles having improved residual stress profile characteristics produced by laser shock peening
Adjustable mount for optical components
Method for preparing conductive composite materials by deposition of a conductive polymer in an insu...
Operation amplifier circuit, drive circuit and method of controlling operation amplifier circuit
Heat activated adhesive
Abrasive articles having abrasive layer bond system derived from solid, dry-coated binder precursor ...
Capacitor of semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Fluorescent powder for fabricating high brightness white light emitting diodes
Digital to analog converter including a ferroelectric non-volatile semiconductor memory, and method ...
Hydrogen storage and supply system
Contents data reproducing apparatus
Muffling structure for pneumatic tool
Water resistant audible toys with sound effects
Method and system for directory assistance services having messaging or paging capability
Folding-type mobile terminal having a metal hinge, metal chassis and synthetic-resin cases
Astilbe plant named `Rhythm and Beat`
Cellular phone top cover and method of manufacturing the cellular phone top cover
Multilink point-to-point protocol network access server channel allocation method and apparatus
Method for filling recessed micro-structures with metallization in the production of a microelectron...
Patient positioning monitoring apparatus and method of use thereof
Dump truck tailgate latch monitor
Conjugates of DNA interacting groups with steroid hormones for use as nucleic acid transfection agen...
Absorbent core attachment
Vehicle monitoring system
Holographic displays
Passive optical wavelength converter
Spatially conformable tunable filter
Flip-chip package integrating optical and electrical devices and coupling to a waveguide on a board
Apparatus and method for producing a flat-topped filter response for (de)multiplexer having a diffra...
Muffler arrangement structure
Color reproduction correction circuit for color representation and a color display
Secure computer support system
Power module for providing impulses of various levels by charging or discharging capacitors therewit...
Ammunition articles with plastic components and method of making ammunition articles with plastic co...
Method and apparatus for releasably attaching a closure plate to a casing
Method of preparing a low lethality round
Method for determining if mail contains life harming materials
Pinch roller apparatus
Positioning device with a solid cylindrical pin
Foil thrust bearing cooling
Flange bearing having reinforced molded housing
Thrust bearing
Compressor crankshaft with bearing sleeve and assembly method
Multilayer material and manufacturing method of the same
Method and system for establishing a credit card transaction processing merchant account
Facility for evaluating a program for debugging upon detection of a debug trigger point
Operating system device centric agent
System, method and article of manufacture for transition state-based cryptography
Debugging kernel system
Process for making 5-formylvaleronitrile using reactivated catalyst
High temperature superconductor mini-filters and mini-multiplexers with self-resonant spiral resonat...
Circumferential air knife and applications
Process for making poly(trimethylene terephthalate) staple fibers
Thermally stable perfluoropolyethers and processes therefor and therewith
Flame retardant polyolefin compositions
Copper-catalyzed vapor phase hydrocyanation of diolefinic compounds
Decorative films for glass-paned window
Receptor medium having a microfibrillated surface
Method(s) facilitating formation of memory cell(s) and patterned conductive
Silica-based photocatalyst fiber having visible-light activity and process for the production thereo...
Catalytic wall-flow filter
Portable toothbrush case with UV lamp
Method and apparatus for communicating a subscriber message
Radio communication system
Portable mobile radio telephone apparatus
Liquid sprayers
Personal cleansing wipe articles having superior softness
Laundry detergent compositions with a cationically charged dye maintenance polymer
Preparation of copolycarbonates
Chip card with integrated circuit
Combined diffusion/osmotic pumping drug delivery system
Expandable serving tray
Venturi scrubber plate, waste capture system, and method
Optoinjection methods
Photocrosslinking of diethyl fumarate/poly(propylene fumarate) biomaterials
Shielding gas mixture for MIG brazing
Time dependent color-changing security indicator
Method and composition of disrupting feeding patterns of woodpeckers
Fiber reinforcement material, products made therefrom, and method for making the same
Leather waterproofing formulation and leather goods waterproofed therewith
Process for preparing composite, composition and article thereof
Cutting solution supplying and controlling apparatus for dicing machine
Digital amplification
Stabproof and bulletproof panel
Methods and apparatus for forming linked list queue using chunk-based structure
Light emitting device providing a collimated light beam
Combined optical light pipe and protective enclosure
Light emitting tooth brush having whitening and sterilizing effects
Environmentally-stable organic electroluminescent fibers
LED-based white-light backlighting for electronic displays
Color wheel
Electronic audio connection system and methods for providing same
Method and device passively locating a fiber stub in a groove
Fiber array alignment substrate
Cable connector and method for attachment
System and method for aggregating shelf IDs in a fibre channel storage loop
High quality digital scaling using image tags
Interpolation arithmetic method and image reader
Method and apparatus for measuring defects
Content-based image retrieval system and method for retrieving image using the same
Method for detecting deception
Magnetic device and method for determining orientation
Methods and devices for delivering exogenously generated speech signals to enhance fluency in person...
Systems and methods for diagnosing medical conditions
Multi-layer steel cable for tire carcass
Quenched and tempered steel wire with excellent cold forging properties
Zinc-based metal plated steel sheet treated with phosphate being excellent in formability and method...
Silicon steel core spacing structure for improving induction
Method of producing (110)[001] grain oriented electrical steel using strip casting
Use of a polarizing field to modify the efficacy of a bioactive agent
Targeted liposome gene delivery
Site-specific cell perforation technique
Unitary plastic boat lift buoyancy tank
Recessed line holder for a boat fender
Boat landing apparatus with removable winch
Apparatuses and methods of deploying and installing subsea equipment
Foam lined propshaft
Power distribution method and power distribution control apparatus for vehicle
Rear direction monitoring apparatus for vehicle
Shared memory control between detector framing node and processor
Method for automatic segmentation of medical images
Method and apparatus for detecting an object within a dynamic scattering media
Multimodality imaging system
Multimodality medical imaging system and method with patient handling assembly
Imaging methods and apparatus particularly useful for two and three-dimensional angiography
Dairy product and method for preparing same
Point mutant mice with hypersensitive alpha 4 nicotinic receptors: dopaminergic pathology and increa...
Dithiocarbamate liquid formulations
Method and apparatus for a nanoelectrosprayer for use in mass spectrometry
Cleavable linker for solid phase synthesis
Apparatus, method and computer program product for privatizing operating system data
Mapping circuitry and method comprising first and second candidate output value producing units, an ...
Apparatus and method of processing information for suppression of branch prediction
Method and system for scrubbing an isolated area of memory after reset of a processor operating in i...
Active watermarks and watermark agents
Discrete pattern
Diagnostics for resistive elements of process devices
High resolution time-to-digital converter
Method of emulating an ideal transformer valid from DC to infinite frequency
Method and system for automating data storage array components testing with integrated work order di...
14, 15-..alpha..-methylene equilenine derivatives, methods for producing the same and medicaments co...
Lithium battery having an electrolyte gel using a crosslinked prepolymer to form an epoxy resin
Positive active material for lithium secondary batteries and method of preparing the same
Process for preparing perfluorinated organic compounds by electrochemical fluorination
Electrolytic and electroless process for treating metallic surfaces and products formed thereby
Lithium secondary battery
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium batteries and method for preparing same
Positive electrode active material and non-aqueous secondary battery using the same
Method and apparatus for dynamically assigning usage rights to digital works
Reduction of defibrillation requirements through active pre-shock pacing with depolarization verific...
Cardiac rhythm management system with prevention of double counting of events
Interactive measurement system
Combination urn and picture frame
Automated teller machine
Automated teller machine
Multiple level access system
Gun-launched rolling projectile actuator
Input/output unit, input/output method, and receiving unit
Database query optimizer framework with dynamic strategy dispatch
Flash memory controller with updateable microcode
Testing of integrated circuit devices
Process for regenerating a used precious metal catalyst
Vaccine against lipopolysaccharide core
Laser-assisted fabrication of NMR resonators
Vehicle with a steerable wheelset
Device and method for web tension measurement
Device for guiding flat or sheet-like copies in folders
Method of adjusting dampening-solution feed in an offset printing press
Device for picking up a sheet trailing edge from an upstream cylinder and for transferring the sheet...
Folder with multiple-motor drive
Coating system for coating print carriers and coating machine having the system
Channel letter and retaining clip therefor
Liquid crystal display element with a defect repairing function
Unitary plastic boat lift buoyancy tank
Alkaline cell with improved cathode
Organometallic compounds and their use as precursors for forming films and powders of metal or metal...
Oxetane compounds containing cinnamyl functionality
Pulse width modulated push-pull driven parallel resonant converter with active free-wheel
Pneumatic oxygen conserving device
Bicycle wheel rim adapted to mount a tubeless tire of a large size
Motor vehicle integrated carrier rack system
Carrier device
Spring arrangement having a double rolling-lobe flexible member
Exercise device
Windshield assembly for an all terrain vehicle
Extended reach tie-back system
Ring-opened azlactone chain transfer agents for radical polymerization
Embossing methods
Dynamic time expansion and compression using nonlinear waveguides
Image forming apparatus capable of discriminating a service life of detachably mounted process unit
System and method for regular expression matching using index
Emergency ballast with battery heater
Methods and apparatus for implementing control functions in a streamed video display system
Precision oven-controlled crystal oscillator
Method for shaping and molding materials
Aqueous preservative
Vegetable sterol-containing fat compositions and process for producing the same
Method of fabricating low dielectric constant dielectric films
Collagen or collagen-like peptide containing polymeric matrices
Flame-resistant polycarbonate molding materials
Method for producing template-textured materials with high binding specificity and selectivity and u...
High efficiency three port circuit
High efficiency four port circuit
Dipole arrangements using dielectric substrates of meta-materials
Five and seven card stud game method and card playing surface
Methods of temporal knowledge-based gaming
GPS for telephone line records
GPS card reader
Device for evaluating internal quality of vegetable or fruit, method for warm-up operation of the de...
System and method for rendering data indicative of the performance of a voice activity detector
Methods, systems, and computer program product for remote monitoring of a data processing system eve...
Method and apparatus for resynchronizing paired volumes via communication line
Ion implantation apparatus equipped with plasma shower and ion implantation method
Method for suppressing distortion in mach-zehnder optical modulators with a chirped or variable oper...
Production of mixed acid anhydride and amide compound
Method for producing 2,3,5,6-tetrahalogen-xylyidene compounds
Joining Structure for junction box and electrical component connector block
Light emitting device and electronic appliance
Photolithography methods and systems
Acousto-optic add/drop multiplexer with retro-reflection and wavelength selective optical cross-conn...
High dispersion zero waveguide fiber
Fuel pressure regulating valve
Downhole percussion drills
Adaptive pixel management using object type identification
Optical fiber and optical transmission line using the optical fiber
Method and apparatus for accessing a remote location with an optical reader having a dedicated memor...
Promoted absorbents for the removal of contaminants
Polymer blends and their application as viscosity index improvers
Transistor having improved gate structure
Cross point memory array using multiple thin films
Lanthanum oxide-based dielectrics for integrated circuit capacitors
Antireflective coating layer
Distributed photodiode structure having majority dopant gradient and method for making same
Semiconductor photo detecting device and its manufacturing method
Multi-technology complementary bipolar output using polysilicon emitter and buried power buss with l...
Procedure for establishing communication between two information-transmission devices connected to a...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Cefreya`
Method and apparatus to manage network based return processing
Method and apparatus for browsing and storing data in a distributed data processing system
Dynamic identification interchange method for exchanging one form of identification for another
SDRAM address error detection method and apparatus
Composition of getter and field emission display using the same
Electronic equipment operating component function setting system
Method for the production of highly reactive polyisobutenes
Growth-selective structure of light-emitting diode
Thin film magnetic memory device including memory cells having a magnetic tunnel junction
Remote control device with directional mode indicator
DRAM cells with repressed floating gate memory, low tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
Indexing system package and display system
Linearized static panoramic optical mirror
Vehicle occupant detection system and method using radar motion sensor
Method for fabrication of electrodes
Methods and apparatus for implementing host-based object storage schemes
Automated teller machine
Medication dispenser
Method of making a print head for use in a ballistic aerosol marking apparatus
Multilingual system having dynamic language selection
Role playing video game using cards
Floating offshore construction, and floating element
Gypsophila plant named `Esmamerica`
Process for disinfecting a hard-surface with a composition comprising cinnamon oil and/or an active ...
Tunable distributed feedback laser
Music apparatus with dynamic change of effects
Camera with vibration isolation function
Chrysanthemum plant named `Greenspan`
Efficient storage and access in a database management system
Method and apparatus for distributing a clock in a network
Sound attenuator for a supercharged marine propulsion device
Method and system for logical partitioning of cache memory structures in a partitoned computer syste...
Plasma display panel
Laser apparatus, laser annealing method, and manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for wireless web time and expense entry via time keeping and expense tracking s...
Apparatus with bellows for calling game
Method for melting and decarburization of iron carbon melts
Markers for identification and isolation of pancreatic islet .alpha. and .beta. progenitors
Polyurethanes obtained from hydroxyalkanoates and isocyanates
Method for improving the mechanical strength of cement matrices, and cement matrices produced thereb...
Optical probes and methods for spectral analysis
Nuclear reprogramming using cytoplasmic extract
Method and apparatus for maintaining order in a pipelined process and its application
Farm equipment hitch
Security rule database searching in a network security environment
Optimal control design for aircraft antiskid brake control systems
System and method for determining winner
Device for supporting a milking member
Water quality monitoring and transmission system and method
Stabilized aqueous acidic antiperspirant compositions and related methods
Homogeneous method for detecting and/or determining phosphorylating activity in a biological materia...
Electroluminescent display apparatus
Apparatus and method for providing closed-loop transmit antenna diversity in a mobile communication ...
Manipulation device with dynamic intensity control
Self-adjusting braking device for weft feeders
Optical recording medium and optical recording method
Vacuum therapy and cleansing dressing for wounds
Silicone compositions for personal care products and method for making
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation using heat sources positioned within open wellbores
Resin composition and multilayered structure
Integrated circuit
System and method for generating spectra
Method of remanufacturing a toner cartridge
System and method for manufacturing plastic injection stack components
Method and apparatus for processing control using a multiple redundant processor control system rela...
Cardiac assist method using an inflatable vest
Literal sharing method for fast sum-of-products logic
Discrete modulation ballast operation and method of use
Trunk routing device and method for CDMA system
Buffer composition and method for hybridization of microarrays on adsorbed polymer siliceous surface...
Cost-sensitive application infusion device
Targeted cytolysis of HIV-infected cells by chimeric CD4 receptor-bearing cells
Use of parapox PP30 protein to modify immune responses to administered antigens
LIF for use in modulating inflammation and pain
Method of modulating neovascularization
Chiral fluoroquinolone arginine salt forms
Method for producing hydrogen peroxide from hydrogen and oxygen
Production of metal oxide particles with nano-sized grains
UZM-16: a crystalline aluminosilicate zeolitic material
Phosphor and imaging device using the same
Pump for a pressure washer
Dual-mode bandpass filter with direct capacitive couplings and far-field suppression structures
Dual mode band-pass filter having coupled modes
Dual operation mode all temperature filter using superconducting resonators with superconductive/non...
High frequency filter, filter device, and electronic apparatus incorporating the same
Ferrite crystal resonator coupling structure
Method of producing band-pass filter and band-pass filter
System, device, and method for determining the sampling time for a time-domain equalizer
Method and circuit arrangement for processing a signal containing interference
System and method for reducing noise in an implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for verifying evoked response in the atrium
Planar open magnet MRI system
Planar open solenoidal magnet MRI system
Thrust balanced bi-planar gradient set for MRI scanners
Planar open magnet MRI system having active target field shimming
Gradient coil assembly and method of production of same
Phased array planar gradient coil set for MRI systems
Therapeutic liposome composition and method
Method for transdermal nucleic acid sampling
Formulations for the transdermal administration of fenoldopam
Plum tree named `Suplumtwentyeight`
Pushing attribute information to storage devices for network topology access
Method and apparatus for fast and consistent packet classification via efficient hash-caching
System and method to predetermine a bitmap of a self-tested embedded array
Cesium dispensers and process for the use thereof
Image taking apparatus, control method therefor, and control program
Server-assisted position determination in a radio network
Photoresist monomers, polymers thereof and photoresist compositions using the same
Method for programming a three-dimensional memory array incorporating serial chain diode stack
Spin transistor magnetic random access memory device
Forgery-preventive identification medium and method for ascertaining the genuineness thereof
Modulated message authentication system and method
Voltage-mode pulse width modulation VLSI implementation of neural networks
Animated figure
Data processing system and method including a network access connector for limiting access to the ne...
Facilitating a restart operation within a data processing system
Coin bank
Inhalation apparatus for powder medications
Image retrieval system
Cathode active material for lithium electrochemical cells
Controller and expansion unit for controller
Method and apparatus to allow users and representatives to conduct simultaneous voice and joint brow...
Symmetrical coupler apparatus for use with precast concrete segmental construction
Miniature Rose plant named `POULra014`
Rider down emergency identification card
Variable optical attenuator
Polymerized crystalline colloidal array chemical sensing materials for use in high ionic strength so...
Optical element for scanning system and method of manufacture thereof
Programmable audible signal for enunciating imaging machine anomaly conditions
Java automation, testing, and analysis
Blur detection apparatus and blur detection method
Blackberry plant named `Clark Gold`
Method and apparatus for creation and maintenance of incident crisis response plans
Methods and circuits for securing encached information
Intermediates for vitamin D and processes for the preparation thereof
System and method for indexing and retrieving cached objects
Low pass filter
Display device
Process for depositing a porous, low dielectric constant silicon oxide film
Air travel information and computer data compilation, retrieval and display method and system
Toy building set with a measuring sensor
Method and apparatus for remote interactive exercise and health equipment
Alkynyl containing hydroxamic acid compounds as matrix metalloproteinase/tace inhibitors
Hybrid ceramic electrostatic clamp
Process for forming an ultrafine copper alloy wire
Isolated human lactate dehydrogenase proteins
Peptides having antiangiogenic activity
Pipe body and forming method of the same
Categorical electronic program guide
Adaptive autonomous agent with verbal learning
Process for obtaining transgenic leguminous plants (leguminosae) containing exogenous DNA
Staphylococcus aureus genes and polypeptides
IP backbone network reliability and performance analysis method and apparatus
Methods for treating hypertension, angina, and congestive heart failure using of optically pure (-) ...
System and method for performing batch synchronization for a test sequence
Programming language extensions for processing XML objects and related applications
Method and system for emergency escape from an aircraft
Cryptographic key, or other secret material, recovery
Apparatus for producing a foam bovine teat dip
Metalliferous storage material for hydrogen and method for producing same
Semiconductor devices and methods
One-step production of 1,3-propanediol from ethylene oxide and syngas with a catalyst with a phospho...
Pharmaceutical compositions containing anti-Fas antibody
Identification holder system
Nucleic acid and polypeptide sequences useful as adjuvants
Bone cement compositions comprising fused fibrous compounds
Method of treating upper resiratory illnesses
23-O-substituted 5-O-mycaminosyltylonide derivatives
Air-driving belt sander
Photosensitive polymer having fused aromatic ring and photoresist composition containing the same
Method and apparatus for distributing water in an array of fuel cell stacks
Gas phase polymerization process
Electrical circuit interrupting device
Method and device for testing set-up time and hold time of signals of a circuit with clocked data tr...
Method and apparatus for balancing a motor vehicle wheel
Superconducting high-field magnet coil with superconducting joints
Full-color recorder using potential split developing process
System and method for extracting knowledge from documents
Video-file based citation generation system for traffic light violations
Scan interface chip (SIC) system and method for scan testing electronic systems
Apparatus for measuring an electrocardiograph signal
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses therefor
Network management using abstract device descriptions
Electronic ballast circuit for operating a high intensity discharge lamp
Automated recovery of computer appliances
Receiver architecture for transmit diversity in CDMA system
Surface acoustic wave filter packaging
Microparticle compositions and methods for the manufacture thereof
Compositions and methods for enhanced biostability and altered biodistribution of oligonucleotides i...
Solar cell module, method of connecting solar cell module, method of installing solar cell module an...
Method and apparatus for reading a clock track with a magneto-optical clock head using the transvers...
Reduced acoustics treatment spindle motor for a disk drive
Inductive transducer with reduced pole tip protrusion
Magnetic recording media having adjustable coercivity using multiple magnetic layers and method of m...
Disk drive spindle motor speed and timing control
Disk drive comprising a notched disk clamp for improved disk balance
Transducers for perpendicular recording with inductive cancellation at MR sensor
Shared pole design for reduced thermal pole tip protrusion
Spin valve transducer having partly patterned magnetoresistance element
Magnetoresistive head and manufacturing method therefor
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic reproducing apparatus
Spin valve read element using a permanent magnet to form a pinned layer
Read head having a tunnel junction sensor with a free layer biased by exchange coupling with insulat...
Melanin concentrating hormone receptor ligands
Process for preparing electrically conductive pigments
Methods and compositions for organ decellularization
Pressure-controlled nucleic acid hybridization
Transformed cotton plants
Method for increasing stress-resistance to a plant
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39M27
GaN series surface-emitting laser diode having spacer for effective diffusion of holes between p-typ...
Laser light source apparatus
ArF excimer laser devices, KrF excimer laser devices and fluorine alser devices
Solid-state laser and optical transmitter
Laser resonator for generating polarized laser radiation
Optical arrangement
Method of making optical fiber devices and devices thereof
Image display device and display drive method
Field sequential color liquid crystal display device
Electrophoretic displays in portable devices and systems for addressing such displays
Disc recording/reproducing apparatus and disc container casing used therein
Spinal cord stimulation lead with an anode guard
Layer of high-k inter-poly dielectric
Composite etching stop in semiconductor process integration
Photographic processing composition containing bistriazinyl arylenediamine derivative
Memory device and method of making
Burst QAM downhole telemetry system
Composite insulator with an optical fiber guided between a metal end-fitting and the support rod
Shopping trolley
Hand-launched toy rocket
Distance measuring using passive visual means
Laminar flow control system and suction panel for use therewith
Rotary-wing aircraft rotors with manually folding blades and electrical connection installation
Slotted air distribution nozzle restrictor assembly
Dual motor gear drive unit
Tractor with cargo box and removable hitch ball
Subsurface imaging system and method
Mower cutting unit having an internal motor
Golf stance guidance system and method
GIS-based automated weather alert notification system
Golf ball with improved flight performance
Combination golf club cleaner and bag holder
Gold club iron head, correlated set of individually numbered golf club irons, method of matching a g...
Sports swing training apparatus
Turf cutting and handling system for golf green cup
Aim visualization, anti-torque stabilized, and resonant-structured golf putter head
Shoe and last
Traction elements for an article of footwear
Spiked shoe having a spike cleaning cushion
Golf shoe outsole
Golf shoe outsole
Method for generating and distributing telecom and internet revenue
Fixed income portfolio index processor
Systems, methods, and computer program products to improve performance of ported applications, such ...
Field programmable network processor and method for customizing a network processor
Plasma picture screen with UV light reflecting front plate coating
Imaging lens arrangement designed for low light conditions
Wireless emergency lighting system
Removal of polar contaminants from aromatic feedstocks
Optical switch and display unit
Adjustable current mode differential amplifier for multiple bias point sensing of MRAM having diode ...
Apparatus and method for driving ferroelectric memory
Antimicrobial peptides isolated from fish
Recording surface relief microstructure
Transgenic plants with increased calcium stores
Inbred corn line MNI1
Propeller de-icing system
Controller for automatic transmission
Optical pulse-coupled artificial neurons
Radio controlled toy vehicle with transforming body
Integrated fuel cell system
Method and coupling arrangement for preventing unauthorized access to a microprocessor
Combined coin bank and snack food container
Medical implant made of biocompatible low modulus high strength titanium-niobium alloy and method of...
Medicament dry powder inhaler dispensing device
Feedback loop controlled multistage aerosol removal device
Extended file system
Opto-electronic device integration
Teaching apparatus and method of enabling use of keyboard by young children
Basketball having nine to twelve cover panels
Customer care control over voice application state
Underwater tool
Miniature rose plant `POULgo006`
Sports helmet having impact absorbing crumple or shear zone
Apparatus for removing and transporting articles from molds
Neovascular-specific peptides
MEMS-based bypass system for use with a HTS RF receiver
Inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases, compositions and uses related thereto
Method and system for using process identifier in output file names for associating profiling data w...
Imaging device and digital camera using the imaging device
Floribunda rose plant named `Chrisgood`
Method and system for facilitating information exchange
Method and apparatus for configurable multi-cell digital signal processing employing global parallel...
Asynchronous hypertext messaging system and method
Debug trigger builder
Driving method of PDP and display device
Enterprise network analyzer architecture framework
Double doll figurine
Apparatus and methods for control of a material processing device
Debugger system using tracepoints for computer software
Parts mounting apparatus and parts checking method by the same
Methods and systems for monitoring quality assurance
Methods and genetic compositions to limit outcrossing and undesired gene flow in crop plants
Method for preparing acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene latex having high total solid content
Membrane for in guided tissue regeneration
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Conduit wall interface with sealant port
Web site offering specialty chemicals such as adhesives sealants coatings lubricants cleaners and re...
Rate-reducing membrane for release of an agent
Intrusion detection for object security
Methods and apparatus for controlling object appearance in a process control configuration system
Switched multi-channel network interfaces and real-time streaming backup
Remote actuation of trajectory guide
Nucleic acids encoding human serpin polypeptide HMCIS41
Reduction of malodour
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging of arteries using a magnetic resonance contrast ...
UspA1 and UspA2 antigens of Moraxella catarrhalis
Combined vessel dissection and transection device and method
Multiple cell ammunition cradle
Methods for implementing virtual bases with fixed offsets in object oriented applications
Control device and method for emergency opening of an aircraft evacuation door
Methods and systems for fingerprinting digital data
Workpiece handling end-effector and a method for processing workpieces using a workpiece handling en...
Thermostatically controlled, heated animal nurser and means for simulating a mother's heartbeat
Data reproduction circuit and voice recording reproduction apparatus comprising the circuit
Surface coverings having a natural appearance and methods to make a surface covering having a natura...
Electric parking brake control
Immersive visualization theater system and method
Printed medium activated interactive communication of multimedia information, including advertising
Timing synchronization in OFDM communications receivers
Cross-platform architecture to handle international text in internet
Lubricant sheet for making hole and method of making hole with drill
Method for preparing p-hydroxymandelic compounds optionally substituted
Light-emitting device with quantum dots and holes, and its fabricating method
Phosphorous organic compounds and their use
Peel-back, re-sealable multi-ply label
Memory array with read/write methods
System and method for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery
Polyetherimide composition, method, and article
Developer charging device
Semiconductor storage device having multiple interrupt feature for continuous burst read and write o...
Filter assembly of coffee maker
Method and apparatus for automating the conduct of surveys over a network system
Split pressure ring for lancing device and method of operation
Immunologic test method and immunologic test kit
Electrical wire insulation
Norbornene-based copolymer for photoresist, preparation method thereof, and photoresist composition ...
Anode structure having increased contact surface area for metal-air fuel cell battery
BTK inhibitors and methods for their identification and use
Full mesh interconnect backplane architecture
Energy devices and methods for the fabrication of energy devices
Electronic device and driving method
Olefin polymerization catalysts
Method and apparatus for diagnosing fuel injectors
Method and arrangement for calibration of input data
Toner removal apparatus for copier or printer
Wireless software and configuration parameter modification for mobile electronic devices
Data structure and methods for providing an interactive program guide
Method and apparatus for reducing channel distortion in a wireless communications network
Method of analysis of the electrocardiogram
Syringe plunger locking mechanism
Transgenic plants and methods for production thereof
Investigational compounds
System and method for thermal limiting of the temperature of a cooktop without using a temperature s...
Operating device for discharge lamps having a preheating device
Method and system for on-demand installation of software implementations
Searcher for CDMA receiver apparatus
Radio transmission system
Preparing method of chiral ester
Optically active quinoline carboxylic acid derivatives with 7-pyrrolidine substituents causing optic...
Method of preparing valproinic acid compounds
Process for the preparation of 1-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)-1-(4-fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydroisobenzofuran...
A/D-converter with lookup table
KD heat sink fins
Hierarchical built-in self-test for system-on-chip design
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear outsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Article of footwear incorporating a shock absorption and energy return assembly for shoes
Tension assisted ankle joint and orthotic limb braces incorporating same
Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body
Atomic ownership change operation for input/output (I/O) bridge device in clustered computer system
Service request system using an activity indicator to reduce processing overhead
Distributed cache
Cache with DMA and dirty bits
Distributed fault resilient shared memory
Method and an apparatus for volume creation in the presence of multiple aggregators
Memory access debug facility
Speaker and speaker system
System and method for a directory service supporting a hybrid communication system architecture
Gaining access to internal nodes in a PLD
Virtual dial-up protocol for network communication
System for providing web browser access to an operating system desktop
Universal positive pay match, authentication, authorization, settlement and clearing system
Method for flashing ESCD and variables into a ROM
Securely and autonomously synchronizing data in a distributed computing environment
Method and system for storing java objects in devices having a reduced support of high-level program...
Method for producing an electric lamp and foil configuration
Media mapping for customized imaging in a printer
Multiple-band wireless transceiver with quadrature conversion transmitter and receiver circuits
Multiple use integrated circuit for embedded systems
Production of meta-diisopropylbenzene
Jet print apparatus and method for printed circuit board manufacturing
Hybrid MRAM array structure and operation
System and method for event monitoring and error detection
Memory device
DNA molecules encoding hormone-dependent forms of the adeno-associated virus rep proteins
Kernel creator for creating kernel capable of executing entertainment processing using a peripheral ...
Methods and systems for marking printed documents
Remote control of video-on-demand system
Methods and systems for quickly heating items
Method and system for interactively developing at least one grid pattern and computer-readable stora...
System and method allowing for an integrated flight loads balancing process
Virtual vehicle transmission test cell
Mobile communication device having dual micro processor architecture with shared digital signal proc...
Method and system for automatic firmware updates in a portable hand-held device
Method and apparatus for hierarchically decomposed bot scripts
Mobile remote control video gaming system
Composite electrolyte for a rechargeable lithium battery
Technique for generating correlation number for use in lawful interception of telecommunications tra...
Computer-aided system and method for evaluating employees
Automated teller machine privacy surround
Free-cutting Ni-base heat-resistant alloy
Inhalator comprising a dosage counting device
Granules based on pyrogenically prepared silicon dioxide doped with aluminum oxide by means of an ae...
Techniques for finding related hyperlinked documents using link-based analysis
Aligning rectilinear images in 3D through projective registration and calibration
Odc allelic analysis method for assessing carcinogenic susceptibility
Method for manufacturing synthesis gas and method for manufacturing methanol
Sportboard fin attachment system
Game machine for simulating vibration
Artificial turf including damping material
Intelligent apparatus for sharing a user I/O interface among all intelligent modules thereof
Shoring system apparatus and method for shoring
Shrub rose plant named `AUSjump`
Elastomeric tensioning system for head and ear mounted eyewear
Food products and dietary supplements containing phenolated proteins and process for preparing the s...
Low power dissipation touch plane interface circuit
Attitude measurement using a single GPS receiver with two closely-spaced antennas
Implantable medical device affixed internally within the gastrointestinal tract
Sol-gel hybrid materials containing precious metals as catalysts for partial oxidation of hydrocarbo...
Methods and apparatus for ambient noise removal in speech recognition
Method and apparatus for converting a lightweight monitor to a heavyweight monitor
Biocompatible osteogenic band for repair of spinal disorders
Polymer/plasticizer based sensors
Air cleaner assembly for reducing pollutants from being discharged into the atmosphere
Electrospun fibers and an apparatus therefor
Acceleration control and release device
Sensor cover and method of construction thereof
Wheeled carriage having a powered auxiliary wheel, auxiliary wheel overtravel, and an auxiliary whee...
Target vehicle identification based on the theoretical relationship between the azimuth angle and re...
Technique for effectively providing maintenance and information to vehicles
Computer instructions for control of multi-path exhaust system in an engine
Prodrugs for liver specific drug delivery
Probes for the detection of mycobacteria
Flash controlling apparatus utilizing characteristics of a logarithmic function
Petunia plant named `Sumpet 03`
Modular analysis and standardization system
Sulfonyl heteroaryl triazoles as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
Valid bit generation and tracking in a pipelined processor
Trim articles with light stable covering containing invisible tear seam, and process of making the s...
Instrument and method for pulling and twisting a tie onto two separated items
(146,130) error correction code utilizing address information
Method and system for conducting a full text search on a client system by a server system
Semiconductor device for driving plasma display panel
Time keeping and expense tracking server that interfaces with a user based upon a user's atomic abil...
Reagent system and method for increasing the luminescence of lanthanide(III) macrocyclic complexes
Sweet MAO
Method and apparatus for documenting cap removal data
Small angle x-ray scattering detector
Method for separating cells using immunorosettes
Method and apparatus for automated data exchange between a user computer and a provider computer usi...
Electronic component and method of producing the same
Survivable and reusable launch vehicle
Lubricating composition for a safety support for a tire when traveling on a flat tire
Phosphorescent ink for use in an ink-jet printer
Streamer flag attachment
Polar polymeric coating
Fuel cell monitor connector
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds
Polyamide resins and process for producing the same
Pressure sensing switch
Beam homogenizer, laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method of manufacturing...
Active matrix type display device
Density correction method and image forming apparatus
Fuel cell gas separator, manufacturing method thereof, and fuel cell
Process of making rigid polyurethane foam
Method and system for determining repeatable yield detractors of integrated circuits
Catheter and implants for the delivery of therapeutic agents to tissues
Method of displaying temporal and storage media relationships of file names protected on removable s...
Liquid crystal display device having cholesteric liquid crystal
Receptionist robot system
Single workpiece processing system
Tool storage holster
End effector assembly
Security system and moving robot
Method and apparatus for arranging light-emitting diodes and light-emitting elements
Apparatus for vacuum treating two dimensionally extended substrates and method for manufacturing suc...
Discharge lamp igniter device and projector device
Transmission gap interference measurement
Polymer particles
Proximity safety switch suitable for use in a hair dryer for disabling operation
Use of isotopes to provide information to an article
Synthesis of intermediates useful in preparing tricyclic compounds
System for removing oil from foodstuffs using a membrane filter
Residential circuit arc detection
Integrated circuit package with solder bumps
Light emitting device and a method of manufacturing the same
Method for programming a memory cell
Impairment detection and interlock system with tester identification
Load detection structure for vehicle seat
Motorized traction device for a patient support
Pitch alleviation system
Snowmobile accessory attachment system and integrated snowmobile cargo rack
Tension sensing assembly
Process and device for transforming complex symbols into real data, especially for the transmission ...
Means of control bit protection in a logical partition environment
Method, system and program products for projecting the impact of configuration changes on controller...
Method of transmitting and receiving compressed television signals
Miniature support for thin films containing single channels or nanopores and methods for using the s...
Recognizing text in a multicolor image
Wavelength add drop element for configurable add drop multiplexing
Raspberry plant named `Driscoll Cardinal`
Raspberry plant named `Driscoll Dulcita`
Apparatus to treat esophageal sphincters
Apparatus for the transdermal treatment of Parkinson's disease
Alkylaryl-o-ethoxylate blends with their respective sulfates
Closed cyclone system having a flow rate distributor and use of same
Remote control of a linked computer
System and method for conducting a learning session using teacher and student workbooks
Soft drum case
Hydraulic power system
Injection system for an internal combustion engine and method for regulating and/or bleeding of said...
Nutating pump, control system and method of control thereof
Discharge valve assembly of fluid machinery
Methods for controlling a pump's flow rate by pulsed discharge
Scroll compressors
Container with improved stacking strength and resistance to lateral distortion
Herbicide combination with acylated aminophenylsulfonylureas
Apparatus for monitoring thickness of deposited layer in reactor and dry processing method
Ratchet wrench
Magnetic media with readable topographical features
Aberration correcting device and optical pickup apparatus using the same
Speaker device
Loudspeaker driver
Monopulse radar system
Reconfigurable quasi-optical unit cells
Optical system with magnetorheological fluid