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Use of heat-treated electrodes containing a polyamic acid-PVDF binder mixture
Interior surface modifications of molecular sieves with organometallic reagents and the use thereof ...
Methods to treat undesirable immune responses
Antidepressant drugs and methods
Ginsenoside chemotherapy
Chimeric analgesic peptides
Anti-inflammatory androstane derivative
Acyclic and cyclic guanidine- and acetamidine derivatives, their preparation and their use as pestic...
Light receiving array, method of manufacturing the array, and optical encoder using the array
Bipolar junction transistor compatible with vertical replacement gate transistor
Composite ceramic board, method of producing the same, optical/electronic-mounted circuit substrate ...
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for identifying high metal content on a semiconductor surface
Means to erase a low voltage programmable and erasable flash EEPROM
Identification method for an article using crystal defects
Interactive memory archive
Method and system for establishing a security perimeter in computer networks
Data processing with policed object union
Transition metal catalysts containing bidentate ligands and method of using and preparing same
Adjustable height automotive seat
Method and system for migrating stored data to a build-to-order computing system
Computer system and process for transferring multiple high bandwidth streams of data between multipl...
Method for advertising real estate over the internet
Light source device
Stable inert anodes including a single-phase oxide of nickel and iron
Providing a payment schedule for utilizing stored images using a designated date
Liquid phase adsorptive separation with hexane desorbent and paraffin isomerization
Multiple level built-in self-test controller and method therefor
Charge pump circuit adjustable in response to an external voltage source
Optical device and method therefor
Remote control for activating household video products and services
Genealogy registry system
Interactive conference content distribution device and methods of use thereof
Cooking system for sensing the status of a food item
PDA case
Information processing system which understands information and acts accordingly and method therefor
Radio controlled vehicle with a system for selectively lifting portions of the vehicle frame
Acid-base polymer blends and their use in membrane processes
File editing system and shared file editing system with file content secrecy, file version managemen...
Delivery of rizatriptan and zolmitriptan through an inhalation route
Aerosol separator and method
Devices, softwares and methods for preemptively updating expiring entries in a cache memory to antic...
Image-based virtual reality player with integrated 3D graphics objects
System and method for determining the effectiveness of production installations, fault events and th...
Synthetic particulate vectors and preparation process
Multi-functional system for demagnetizing ferromagnetic objects
Point of sales systems for vehicles
Method for performing subscriber loop disturber recognition by comparing measured sample power spect...
Method and reactor for decontaminating ground water
Petunia plant named `Bodtrubur`
Robot and control method for controlling the robot's motions
Apparatus for controlling internetwork communications
Electro-optical programmable true-time delay generator
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Method for integrating low-K materials in semiconductor fabrication
Camera having display device
Nephrolepis plant named `Nr.21`
3,4-dihydro-(1H)-quinazolin-2-ones and their use as CSBP/p38 kinase inhibitors
Automatic retransmission request layer interaction in a wireless network
Compact recliner assembly for a vehicle seat
Interbody spinal fusion implants
Simulator of dynamic circuit for silicon critical path debug
Planar speaker for multimedia laptop PCs
Method for alignment of DNA sequences with enhanced accuracy and read length
Modulo addressing
Digital processing system
Fibrous electret polymeric articles
Attachment film for electronic display device
Instructional system grouping student terminals
System and method for using a standard composition environment as the composition space for video im...
Self-acting valve
Speaker system for display
Coated metal articles and method of making
Method and system for inserting probe points in FPGA-based system-on-chip (SoC)
Virtual memory system and methods
Control circuit of brush-less motor, control circuit of sensor-less brush-less motor, brush-less mot...
Cellular communication system with virtual antennas
Auxiliary material for superconductive material
Method, system and computer program product for producing and distributing enhanced media downstream...
Compositions and methods for treating or preventing diseases of body passageways
Dialkyl-halogenophenyl-substituted ketoenols
Cell culture systems and methods for organ assist devices
Bulk bag
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Planar diaphragm loudspeakers with non-uniform air resistive loading for low frequency modal control
Method and apparatus for resolving overlaps in a layout containing possibly overlapping designs
Olefin polymerization process with alkyl-substituted metallocenes
Process of operating a processor with domains and clocks
Momentum control system and method
Soft tissue xenografts
Method and apparatus for recordable media content distribution
Method and systems for invoking methods of objects over the internet
Enhancing biological knowledge discovery using multiples support vector machines
Hybrid maize plant and seed 37Y15
Metalloporphyrins and their uses as radiosensitizers for radiation therapy
Magnetic resonance method and apparatus for spatially resolved presentation of change in the functio...
Mode selection for data transmission in wireless communication channels based on statistical paramet...
5,6,7,8-tetrahydronaphthalen-2-yl 2,6-difluoroheptatrienoic acid derivatives having serum glucose re...
Electric power assisted steering system having a single integrated circuit with two processors
Solid phase microextraction fiber structure and method of making
Method for decomposing chlorine-containing organic compound contained in exhaust gas and catalyst fo...
Method for detecting lymphoid tissue in tumor progression
Powered stapler and adjustable base assembly
Zoom lens and optical equipment using the same
Nail extractor
Hinged adjustable component holder for electronic component cabinet
Coated hard alloy
Compression and decompression system with reversible wavelets and lossy reconstruction
Burst error correction on CD data
Vaccine composition comprising a polysaccharide conjugate antigen adsorbed onto aluminum phosphate
Shock, vibration and acoustic isolation system
Method of printing unique prints or individually assembled printed products on rotary printing machi...
Cleaning system for a rotary press and method of controlling the introduction of cleaning fluid
Display units
Protective hooded respirator with oral-nasal cup breathing interface
Ophthalmic optical elements and methods for the design thereof
Iris fixated intraocular lenses
Intraocular lenses to correct aphakia
Method for the production of propylene oxide
Diaminorhodamine derivative
Liquid flow controller device
Device for repairing underground sewers
Developing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of performing a stable sheet transfer operation
Model-free refraction statics solution
Process management system
Self resetting high speed redundancy circuit and method thereof
Data recording method of rewritable recording medium
High-availability, highly-redundant storage system enclosure
Hardware independent implementation of computer system BIOS recovery
Image forming apparatus
Cyclic olefin-based resist compositions having improved image stability
Optical scanning device having a deflection mirror to scan a scanned surface at a constant velocity ...
Narrowband resonant transmitter
Measurement device for non-contact detection of oscillations of an object
Food processing device driven by one single motor
Active-constraint robots
Motion editing apparatus and method for legged mobile robot and computer program
Robot system
Robot control apparatus and method
Method for compensating rotational position error of robot cleaner
Method of delaying and sequencing the starting of inverters that ballast lamps
Low back haul reactivation delay for high-speed packet data services in CDMA systems
Imaging system
Image forming apparatus and method having trial copy mode
Image forming apparatus
Data transfer method, data transfer apparatus and recording apparatus
Version control system for software code
Continuous naphtha treatment method
Method for removing hydrogen peroxide from spent pickle liquor
Linoleic acid diol and glucuronide conjugate levels as diagnostic markers of disorders of abnormal r...
Semiconductor manufacturing line monitoring system
Shunt resistor configuration
Micro-machine electrostatic actuator, method and system employing same, and fabrication methods ther...
Electronic circuit equipment using multilayer circuit board
Method of recording and reproducing information and apparatus for recording and reproducing informat...
Sustained release drug delivery devices
Dietary supplements for improving memory
Diagnostic methods and gene therapy using reagents derived from the human metastasis suppressor gene...
Plum tree named "Suplumthirtyfour"
Personal sauna in shower or in bathtub enclosure
Management server for synchronization system
Universal serial bus interfacing using FIFO buffers
Boom stiffening system
Cyclipostins, process for their preparation and use thereof
Pneumococcal vaccines formulated with interleukin-12
Fast branch misprediction recovery method and system
Drum trigger
Inlet throttle valve
Miniature pump, cooling system and portable equipment
Linear compressor
Valve body for a traveling barrel pump
Fuel injection pump having one-way valve for supplying fuel into pressurizing chamber
Apparatus for compressing fluid
Securing means for a compressor's terminal box
Method of controlling metal strip temperature
Method and device for measuring thickness of liquid crystal layer
Method of determining an illuminated surface
System and method for helping to determine the condition of tissue
Method for determining features from detections in a digital image using a bauer-fisher ratio
Methods of processing tagged MRI data indicative of tissue motion including 4-D LV tissue tracking
Image enhancement method with simultaneous noise reduction, non-uniformity equalization, and contras...
Picture processing apparatus, picture processing method, learning apparatus, and learning method
Anionic polymers composed of dicarboxylic acids and uses thereof
Ratchet wrench having a positioning structure
Nucleoside derivatives with photo-unstable protective groups
Capacitance type moisture sensor and method of producing the same
Bragg grating filter optical waveguide device
Piezoelectrically driven, liquid-actuated optical cross-bar switch
MEMS reflectors having tail portions that extend inside a recess and head portions that extend outsi...
Optical grating mount
Active heat sink structure with directed air flow
Refrigerator and control method thereof
Cooling device for electronic unit
Electronic apparatus
Heat sink and package surface design
Method and apparatus for producing compact of rare earth alloy powder and rare earth magnet
Dehydrogenation catalysts
Optical device having a wide field-of-view for multicolor images
Method and apparatus for reordering packet data units in storage queues for reading and writing memo...
Fluid sterilization apparatus
Adjustment of ventilator pressure-time profile to balance comfort and effectiveness
Process and device for eliminating harmful volatile elements, in particular chlorides and/or sulfate...
Molecules of the card-related protein family and uses thereof
Methods for producing chiral chromones, chromanes, amino substituted chromanes and intermediates the...
Isolated proteins and nucleic acid molecules having homology to the NIP2 protein and uses thereof
Detecting unwanted properties in received email messages
Natural peanut butter
Stabilization of particles and reduction of sample discordance in immunoassays using casein coating ...
Method and apparatus for clearing moisture in milking system pulsation monitor
Imidazolinyimethyl aralklsulfonamides
Device for reconstructing teeth
Apparatus and method for harvesting bone
Self assembling proteins
3D structural siliceous color pigments
Method for controlling additional service functions in a communications network, as well as an assoc...
Automation system for merging automation components
Distributed operating system for controlling network element in a data or telecomunication network
Bus system for a highly scalable multiprocessor system and method for transmitting information in th...
Bus master switching unit
Method and system for automatic computed radiography (CR) image composition by white band detection ...
Configuration of transmit/receive switching in a transceiver
Cache server having a cache-data-list table storing information concerning data retained by other ca...
Method and apparatus for using ranking to select repair nodes in formation of a dynamic tree for mul...
Logic circuit and semiconductor device
Product display system using radio frequency identification
Method for growing single-wall carbon nanotubes utilizing seed molecules
Method for growing continuous carbon fiber and compositions thereof
Use of indices for queries with comparisons on a function
Method and system for client-side caching
Buffering data in a hierarchical data storage environment
System and method for environmental data acquisition
Computerized electronic runout
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmissions having three gear members continuously interconnecte...
Speed-change control apparatus for automatic transmission
Electric actuator
Obtaining a high refresh rate display using a low bandwidth digital interface
Video surveillance system
AGS proteins and nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Fermentation medium and method
Method and device for controlling operational sequences
Vehicle navigation server for obtaining traffic information for mesh unit on travel route
Speech detection system and method
Control device for four cycle engine of outboard motor
Variable valve timing apparatus for vehicle engine
Valve control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Electromechanical valve drive incorporating a nonlinear mechanical transformer
Adaptive control for engine with electronically adjustable valve operation
Method and apparatus for indexing document content and content comparison with World Wide Web search...
Alerting users to items of current interest
Method of downloading web content to a network kiosk in advance
Preparation of chemical pulp and xylose, utilizing a direct acid hydrolysis on the pulp
Electrodialysis of salts for producing acids and bases
Method of crystallizing maltitol
Information insertion/detection system
Steganographic image processing
System, method and computer program product for secure communications using a security service provi...
Data-output-control apparatus and data-output-service providing method
Obtaining a destination address so that a network interface device can write network data without he...
Methods for treating cancer using PSCA antibodies and fragments thereof
System for cell-based screening
Escherichia coli having accession No. PTA 1579 and its use to produce polyhydroxybutyrate
Waveform signal generation method with pseudo low tone synthesis
Automatic music composing apparatus and automatic music composing program
Method and system for display advertisement qualification and notification
Method for use of hierarchy in extraction
Information processing apparatus for performing processing dependent on presence/absence of user, an...
Method for determining an optimal partitioning of data among several memories
Apparatus having a cache and a loop buffer
Pipe replacement method and rotary impact mechanism for pipe bursting
Color wheel assembly and color sequential display device using the same, color wheel unit and color ...
Method of forming a metal seed layer for subsequent plating
Piezoelectrically actuated liquid metal switch
Network-based photosharing architecture
Topical composition, topical composition precursor, and methods for manufacturing and using
Apparatus for completing wells in unconsolidated subterranean zones
Photonic polymer-blend structures and method for making
Well service composition and method
Method for producing an aqueous dispersion of particles made up of polymerisate and fine inorganic s...
Process for reducing the odor of vinylaromatic-1,3-diene copolymer dispersions stabilized by protect...
Binder compositions for direct-to-metal coatings
Process for the preparation of water-soluble polymers containing polyalkylene glycol ether side chai...
Thin film metal oxyanion coated substrates
Aqueous conductive dispersions of polyaniline having enhanced viscosity
Dental bonding compositions for adhering amalgam restoratives to dental substrates
Non-migrating metallized disazo green shade yellow pigment
Electron tube device mounted with a cold cathode and a method of impressing voltages on electrodes o...
Zoom lens of a camera
Triple sample sensing for magnetic random access memory (MRAM) with series diodes
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for manufacturing the same
MIM capacitor with metal nitride electrode materials and method of formation
Toy with correlated audible and visual outputs
Compositions for coatings based on (per) fluoropolyethers
Electromagnetic wave absorber
Flame-retardant polymer composition comprising polypropylene and an ethylene copolymer having high s...
Membrane electrode unit comprising an integrated sealing edge
Muzzle brake
Aerosol container and cap combination
Methods and apparatus for providing short RACH frames for fast latency
Robust double-talk detection and recovery in a system for echo cancelation
Methods and devices for improving the performance of wireless devices using speed and noise metrics
Towed line floater
Kayak paddle holder and cockpit tray
Compactable boat ladder
Powered watercraft
Indexing system package and display system
Methods of forming informational items
Coloring composition, ink-jet ink, and ink jet recording method
Alicylic epoxy compounds and their preparation process, alicylic epoxy resin composition, and encaps...
Chemical grafting onto a substrate and coating composition
Coloring composition, ink for ink-jet, and ink-jet recording method
Communication game system and processing method thereof
Communication device and method between an audiovisual information playback system and an electronic...
Display control with fewer amounts of data in game system
Music puzzle platform
Memo clip with mounting pins
Manipulative teaching aid
Method and system for performing adaptive test
Method for presenting most suitable question and apparatus for presenting most suitable question
Method and system for implementing a multi-way game
Automated imaging and harvesting of colonies on thin film culture devices
Inflatable insulating liners for shipping containers and method of manufacture
Method for producing temperature-tolerant plants
Inbred corn plant 5750 and seeds thereof
Inbred maize line PH6KW
Resolution conversion for anti-aliased images using loose gray scale template matching
Media clearance member
Component fault detection
Self-contained indexing system for an intranet
Digital watermark embedding device, digital watermark detection device and recording medium recordin...
Transform domain image watermarking method and system
Secure mutual network authentication protocol
Dielectric porcelain and resonator using the same
Shape measurement method and apparatus
Image forming device
Synchronous type semiconductor memory device
Disc clamping device
Programmable microcontroller for controlling multichannel sequences of states to be processed in eac...
Optical MEMS switch with converging beams
Two-component polyurethane binders as primers
Use of sol-gel as inorganic adhesive for high stability, hermetic bonding of optical fiber to an ali...
Micromachine and manufacturing method therefor
Methods and apparatus for a monitoring service
Wristwatch type wireless telephone
Low-cost medical image transfer and control system and method
Rich calling line handling in call setup signalling
Wireless mobile call location and delivery for non-geographic numbers using a wireline SSP+SCP/wirel...
Method and devices for dialling services
Camera assembly having forward and return cam surfaces for a turret on different parts
Kalanchoe plant named `2002-0516`
Process for preparing a monoazo metal complex salt compound for charge control agent and toner for d...
Coating composition and a process to form a coating film with use thereof
Method for memory heap and buddy system management for service aware networks
Method and system in an electronic spreadsheet for adding or removing elements from a cell named ran...
Automatic table detection method and system
Common document editing apparatus
Apparatus, and associated method, for communicating packet data in a network including a radio-link
Predistortion linearizer using even order intermodulation components
Apparatus and method for measuring mass in a microgravity environment
Methods and apparatus for analyzing biological samples by mass spectrometry
Apparatus for generating power from passing vehicular traffic
Prosthetic corneal graft and method
Topically applied idebenone-containing agent with protective and regenerative effect
Bioadhesive, closed-cell foam film, sustained release, delivery devices and methods of making and us...
Methods and compositions based on inhibition of cell invasion and fibrosis by anionic polymers
Solutions and films of glycated chitosan
Method and apparatus for precision alignment and assembly of opto-electronic components for fiber-op...
Device for optically scanning a moving web of material and method for adjusting said device
Cascaded semiconductor optical amplifier
None-mechanical dual stage optical switches
Magnetic transfer apparatus and magnetic recording medium
Bar code scanner and software interface interlock for performing encrypted handshaking and for disab...
Displaying hierarchial relationship of data accessed via subject index
Drought tolerant plants and methods of increasing drought tolerance in plants
Field emission display utilizing a cathode frame-type gate and anode with alignment method
Method and apparatus for allowing selective disposition of an incoming telephone call during an inte...
Plasma enhanced circuit component attach method and device
Magazine loader for ammunition preloaded with striper clip
Low lethality projectile flight shape
Locking action holster
Hunter's chair
End bearing and one-way clutch device
Tape guide post mechanism
Single piece hub with integral upper and lower female cones and method for making the same
Rotational and bearing structures and a seat-weight measuring apparatus
Antifriction bearing
Linear stepper motor
Dustproof bearing device for a motor
Display device and method of driving a display panel
Doll having self-contained storage compartment for accessories used therewith
Hiding refresh of memory and refresh-hidden memory
Method to modify that an operation needs to be done on a file system
Synchronization for system analysis
Absorbent article with improved surface fastening system
Soft tissue paper having a softening composition containing bilayer disrupter deposited thereon
Wrinkle reducing composition
Method to enhance and/or prolong the effects of a primary challenge to a responsive system with a se...
Detergent compositions or components
Therapeutic agent for cartilaginous diseases
Method and apparatus for the packaging of articles
Stimuli-responsive hybrid materials containing molecular actuators and their applications
Control samples for use as standards for evaluating apoptosis in a selected tissue
Adjustable corner roof membrane and method of making the same
Chlorine-free polyolefin-based plastisol or organosol and method for producing the same
VLAN trunking over ATM PVCs (VTAP)
Vehicle headliner and laminate therefor
Plant growth hormone compositions
Filled weatherable compositions having a good surface appearance
Ionomer/polyamide blends with improved flow and impact properties
Engineered polyolefin materials with enhanced surface durability
Tension band with tension adjusting features
Method and system for modifying host application functionality based upon downloaded content
Method and system for data transmission between wearable devices or from wearable devices to portal
Nucleic acid encoding retinoic acid receptor
Process for producing polymer
Long chain hindered amines and compositions stabilized therewith
System and method for preventing cheating in a simulated combat exercise
Illuminating apparatus for image processing type measuring machines
Remote control test apparatus
Light emitting diodes surrounding a vehicle lamp
Information display system for a vehicle
Electric fireplace with light randomizer, filter and diffuser screen
Object-based quad-tree mesh motion compensation method using greedy algorithm
Region-of-interest tracking method and device for wavelet-based video coding
Apparatus for reproducing still picture from recording medium
Temperature insensitive optical waveguide device
Faceplate combination
Optical fiber block assembly for minimizing stress concentration and contacting device therewith
Optical waveplate and an optical device using the waveplate
Optical fiber arrays with precise hole sizing
Optical fiber and planar waveguide for achieving a substantially uniform optical attenuation
Image manipulation for a digital copier which operates on a block basis
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and computer program
Methods and systems for processing anti-aliased images
Negotiated image data push processing
System and process for bootstrap initialization of vision-based tracking systems
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program storage medium
Method and apparatus for manipulating data during automated data processing
Objective pain measurement system and method
System for and method of detecting polygraph countermeasures
Ophthalmologic apparatus
Electrode sensor
Stainless steel tube for automobile structure
Low-alloy heat-resistant steel, heat treatment method therefor, and turbine rotor comprising the sam...
High-strength, high corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic stainless steel
Surface treated steel material, a method for its manufacture, and a chemical conversion treatment li...
Anti-corrosion paint for steel with polyaniline
Knitted fabric of steel fibers with increased number of stitches
Beverage bottle with sidewall detail
Cellulose casing for food products
Protein-deamidating enzyme, microorganism producing the same, gene encoding the same, production pro...
Conjugated linoleic acid powder
Photocuring device with axial array of light emitting diodes and method of curing
Colored articles and compositions and methods for their fabrication
Photographic recording material for accelerated development
Golf balls comprising highly-neutralized acid polymers
Method and system for fragmenting and reconstituting data
Display of patient image data
Method and apparatus for defining a three-dimensional imaging section
Teatcup liner mouthpiece lip with controlled deflection and slip reduction
Display aquarium for small fish
Disk biasing for manufacture of servo patterned media
Increasing the memory performance of flash memory devices by writing sectors simultaneously to multi...
Program debugging system for secure computing device having secure and non-secure modes
Data processor having 2n bits width data bus for context switching functions
WDM optical network with passive pass-through at each node
Kalman filter state estimation for a manufacturing system
Phenomenological orbital debris impact risk assessment model and software
Visual inspection and verification system
Flash EEprom system
Reader and response control system for discrimination between multiple surface acoustic wave identif...
Integrated test apparatus and method therefor
Miniature rose plant named `POULhi009`
Slack fetch to improve performance in a simultaneous and redundantly threaded processor
Image forming method, image forming apparatus, and a set of inks and liquid composition
Niobium powder for capacitor, sintered body thereof and capacitor using the sintered body
Electrochemical treatment of integrated circuit substrates using concentric anodes and variable fiel...
Three-electrode fuel cell
Transparent/translucent bottles
Binder composition for electrode for lithium-ion secondary battery and utilization thereof
Fire sprinkler mount
Position location system
Cardiac rhythm management system with ultrasound for autocapture or other applications
Toy ball
Washing machine control panel
Dish rack
Stiffness controlled disk drive suspension with limiter feature
Fabric closure for open-end cargo containers
Method for checking the content of pockets in a blister package
Method and apparatus for exchanging data between transactional and non-transactional input/output sy...
Adaptive cache coherence protocols
Aquarium cleaning system
Titanium target for sputtering
Method and system for synchronous operation of linked command objects
Sucrose phosphate synthase
Advertisement delivery system for overhead garage door entryway
Brushing behavior reinforcement toothbrush and enclosed electronic game switch with grid
C12 modified erythromycin macrolides and ketolides having antibacterial activity
Method for producing tert-butyl esters of aliphatic c1-c4-carboxylic acids
Semiconductor memory, memory device, and memory card
Image forming apparatus and method using a magnetic toner brush
Vehicle expression operation control system, vehicle communication system, and vehicle which perform...
Apparatus and method for eliminating striation of fluorescent lamp with dimming control
Client-side boot domains and boot rules
Method for providing a data service in a CDMA communications system
Methods and materials for protecting against myocardial cell damage related to coronary intervention...
Method and device for the extractive triboelectric measurements of dust and aerosols in streaming ga...
Belt-like corset
Polymerization method from the combinatorial synthesis and analysis of organometallic compounds and ...
Exercising using a public communication network
Interlock apparatus for fitness equipment
Upper body exercise machine
Cross training exercise device
Weight selection methods and apparatus
Exercise apparatus
Method for constructing a magneto-resistive element
Carbon nanobimorph actuator and sensor
Slot machine face
Casino style game
Gaming machine having bonus game
Gambling game system and method for remotely-located players
User interface for a computer screen
Method for rapid location determination using parametric values obtained in a previous location dete...
Method of and apparatus for detecting angular velocity, method of and apparatus for detecting angle,...
Communication control system and method, communication system, and recording medium
Self-stabilizing, portable and efficient computer arithmetic using mappings of D Scale points
One-part, room temperature moisture curable resin composition
Method and device for determining backgate characteristics
Method and apparatus for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure, and selecting program for the thre...
Power supply system by use of vehicle
Optical fiber cable and method of producing the same
Fire resistant resin composition and electrical wire having fire resistant covering
System for selecting an appropriate optical fiber type for a communication network
Low dielectric constant silicon oxide-based dielectric layer for integrated circuit structures havin...
Semiconductor device
Fringe pattern discriminator for grazing incidence interferometer
Optical waveguide module
Multifunctional printer and copier
Mounting structure including communication system for transmitting multiplex control signal to vehic...
Integrated optical component and optical pick-up device
Stability Fischer-Tropsch diesel fuel and a process for its production (LAW725)
Ethane extraction process for a hydrocarbon gas stream
Integrated dimerization process
Emission silicate waveguide compositions for enhanced L-band and S-band emission
Oxynitride gate dielectric and method of forming
Thin film structure that may be used with an adhesion layer
Lens cap for transistor outline package
Design of telephone line interface circuits using a two chip opto-coupler with LEDs integrated onto ...
CMOS-compatible metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector
Method of preparing a semiconductor having controlled crystal orientation
Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescent device
Continuous transmission line with branch elements, resonator, filter, duplexer, and communication ap...
Method for manufacturing filter using coupling coefficient function
High frequency super conductive filter
RF strip line resonator with a curvature dimensioned to inductively cancel capacitively caused displ...
Resonator, filter, oscillator, duplexer, and communication apparatus
Evanescent resonators
Data transmission method
Method and apparatus for decoding a digital signal
Filtering device
Method and apparatus for implementing wavelet filters in a digital system
Serial data communication receiver having adaptive termination resistors
Radio receiver and method for preloading an average DC-offset into a channel filter
Biplanar gradient coil for magnetic resonance imaging systems
Elliptical cross section gradient oil
Magnetic resonance imaging system
Torque-balanced gradient coils for magnetic resonance imaging
Actively shielded planar gradient coil for pole plate magnets of a magnetic resonance imaging appara...
Rigidized gradient coil
Planar superconducting MRI magnet
Closure system for an active agent delivert device
Controlled release liquid active agent formulation dosage forms
Releasable linkage and compositions containing same
Methods for providing effective reboxetine therapy with once-a-day dosing
Sustained delivery of an active agent using an implantable system
Transdermal drug delivery device package with improved drug stability
Method of communication
Method and apparatus for improving channel utilization
Distributed transport communications manager with messaging subsystem for high-speed communications ...
System and method for enabling secure connections for H.323 VoIP calls
Error control method for video bitstream data used in wireless communication and computer program pr...
Hydrangea serrata plant named `Okan`
Electronic registration system for product transactions
Computer system and its operation environment switching method
Content authorization system over networks including searching and reporting for unauthorized use
Alternating phase shift mask design with optimized phase shapes
Floribunda rose plant named `JACarobe`
Diving harness system
Method and apparatus for representing database and query information using interval hash tree
Organic electroluminescence display panel
Control apparatus for image blur correction
Reception method and receiver
Dehydrogenation process using layered catalyst composition
Integrated circuit with vertical transistors
Method for fabricating capacitors in semiconductor devices
Hybrid maize plant and seed 35Y54
Locally connected neural network with improved feature vector
Remotely operable game caller
Fuel cell system
Indigenous authentication for sensor-recorders and other information capture devices
Wheeled carrier
High expansion dental alloys
Methods and apparatus for storing chemical compounds in a portable inhaler
Filtering process for stable and accurate estimation
Method of visualizing data
Method and controller for providing a location-based game associated with a plurality of mobile stat...
Methods and apparatus for adapting transmission power of a remote wireless device
Multi sensor transducer and weight factor
Gas sensor
Apparatus and method for coordinated music playback in wireless ad-hoc networks
Photometric apparatus and method for evaluating backlight
Begonia plant named `Kaya`
Graphical representation of impairment or other conditions in a data-over-cable system
Stack switching mechanism in a computer system
Method and apparatus for processing video picture data for display on a display device
Modular network interface system and method
Machine detectable document of value
Extended text wrap label and method of manufacture thereof
Packaging element with printed marking, use thereof and method for making same
Box games and activities
Energy management system and methods for the optimization of distributed generation
Underwater signalling devices
Electro-chemical analysis device with integrated thermal sensor and method for monitoring a sample u...
Curing light
Functional trifluorovinyl monomers and their copolymerisation with fluorinated olefins
Method for including a self-removing indicator in a self-removing message
Measurement of cardiac output and blood volume by non-invasive detection of indicator dilution
Open type magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
System signaling for payload fault detection and isolation
Human Zven1 proteins
Air launch system interface
High strength Mg based alloy and Mg based casting alloy and article made of the alloy
Process for preparing conjugate vaccines including free protein and the conjugate vaccines, immunoge...
Human secretory type phospholipase a2
One piece elastomer keypad with integral light pipe
Space diversity and coding, spread-spectrum antenna and method
Method for delivering benzindene prostaglandins by inhalation
Crucible made of carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite material for single crystal pulling appara...
Compounds and methods for modulating claudin-mediated functions
Automatic dispensing system
Degradable plastics possessing a microbe-inhibiting quality
Method for producing 2-alkyl-3-chlorophenols
Fuel cell having a non-electrolytic layer
Process for producing oxygenated products
Audit vehicle and audit method for remote emissions sensing
High volume targeting of advertisements to user of online service
Method for encoding regular expressions in a lexigon
Image reading apparatus and control method thereof
Channel estimation unit, and CDMA receiver and CDMA transceiver with channel estimation unit
Intermediate and processes for its preparation and conversion into a pharmacologically-active agent
Process for manufacturing resin-based composite material
Imidazole compounds
Method and apparatus to selectively define java virtual machine initialization properties using a br...
Dynamic CORBA gateway for CORBA and non-CORBA clients and services
State management of server-side control objects
Method for making and handling an intraoral x-ray film packet
High pressure adjustable spray nozzle apparatus
Well water filtration apparatus and system
Microbiological removal of bromine salts from fluid streams
Antiviral compounds
Isolated mammalian membrane protein genes; related reagents
Nucleic acid sequence and uses thereof
Methods for detecting propensity for fibrillation
Optimization processing for integrated circuit physical design automation system using chaotic fitne...
Method and apparatus for encrypting and decrypting information using a digital chaos signal
Alert air conditioning control method for air conditioner for enhancing learning efficiency
Game machine with chaotic number generator
Chaotic neural circuit and chaotic neural network using the same
32N +D bit key encryption-decryption system using chaos
Control of current spreading in semiconductor laser diodes
Structure for nitride based laser diode with growth substrate removed
Corona preionization assembly for a gas laser
Four KHz gas discharge laser
Optical transmitter and optical signal transmitter
Device and method for configuring a cache tag in accordance with burst length
Slippage prevention apparatus of belt-drive continuously variable transmission for automotive vehicl...
Speaker resonance voicebox
Employment of sound dampers in household appliances and electrical appliances with sound dampers
Controllable muffler system for internal combustion engine
Method for producing a panel comprising an adapted acoustically resistive layer and panel so obtaine...
Semi-passive two way borehole communication apparatus and method
Electronic stethoscope
A/C bus assembly for electronic traction vehicle
Hybrid type vehicle drive control apparatus, hybrid type vehicle drive control method, and program t...
Operation control apparatus and operation control method with second mode of control during detector...
System and method of controlling a steer-by-wire system having a road wheel reference angle generato...
System for determining the occupancy state of a seat in a vehicle and controlling a component based ...
Dispersion compensation optical fiber and optical transmission line using same
Image formation apparatus using a dry two-component developer for development
Image carrier and damping member therefor
Transdermal delivery system (TDS) with electrode network
Methods and apparatus for treating fibrillation and creating defibrillation waveforms
Glass composite materials containing alkoxosilane derivative having alterable charge, hydrophobic an...
Method for transferring a thin film comprising a step of generating inclusions
Hydrophilic compositions for use on absorbent articles to enhance skin barrier
Orientation sensor arrangement and method for use in a system for monitoring the orientation of an u...
Integrated circuit inductor with a magnetic core
Tunable slot antenna
Thermal management system
Method of initiating lighting of a discharge lamp, circuit for lighting a discharge lamp, light sour...
Method of preparing graphite intercalation compounds and resultant products
Continuous hydrogenation process
Molecular sieves of faujasite structure
Crystalline aluminosilicate zeolitic composition: UZM-8
Vapor-deposition material for the production of high-refractive-index optical layers, and process fo...
Display FIFO memory management system
Controlled release composite
Methods for making proteins containing free cysteine residues
Long time drug-sustained release preparation
Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial uses for bioactive glass compositions
Compositions and methods for treating osteoporosis and lowering cholesterol
Communications systems for aircraft
Profile service architecture
Method and apparatus for creating and displaying user specific and site specific guidance and naviga...
Content addressable memory with selectable mask write mode
Digital graphic signature system
Astilbe plant named `Country and Western`
Method and system for verification of checks at a point of sale
Remote services management fault escalation
Method, apparatus and articles-of-manufacture for network-based distributed computing
Method for generating a software module from multiple software modules based on extraction and compo...
Shrub rose plant named `AUSbite`
Riser impact protection
Electron gun for color cathode ray tube
Detecting/setting the on/off state of a display in a video camera with manual and automatic function
Nitride semiconductor growth method, nitride semiconductor substrate, and nitride semiconductor devi...
Thin film magnetic memory device sharing an access element by a plurality of memory cells
Method of producing a ferroelectric memory and a memory device
Method of forming a quantum dot and a gate electrode using the same
Making a variety of L-lysine feed supplements
Heat-sealable laminate
Digital broadcasting system, digital broadcasting apparatus, and a reception apparatus for digital b...
Cold start cooking system
Inbred maize line PH951
Method and device for situation-dependent and driver-dependent attenuation of ESP stabilization meas...
System and method for providing wireless device access to scheduling applications
Method for optimizing formulations
Method and apparatus for enabling partial replication of object stores
Lighted mechanics creeper
Therapeutic composition
Securing device for an endotracheal tube
System and method for adaptive control of uncertain nonlinear processes
Cathode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell and process for producing the sam...
Inflatable sleds, watercraft, and other objects
Object displaying method, a recording medium and game apparatus
In-car hydration systems
AnB block copolymers containing poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) units, medical devices, and methods
Detection of pump cavitation/blockage and seal failure via current signature analysis
Low dielectric constant shallow trench isolation
Adaptive filter for reducing ingress noise in CATV return signals
Coordinating pivoting and extending vehicle mirror
Molecular scale electronic devices
Adjustable surgical guide and method of treating vertebral members
Buffer management system for managing the transfer of data into and out of a buffer in a disc drive
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Quality assurance and training system for high volume mobile identity verification system and method
Loud speaker, diaphragm and process for making the diaphragm
Device for melting or purifying of inorganic sustances
Noise reduction apparatus and method
Method and embedded bus bar structure for implementing power distribution
Autonomously secured image data
Apparatus for preventing or minimizing decompression illness in a scuba diver
Polymerization process
Double-layer capacitor components and method for preparing them
Microfluidic systems with inter-channel impedances
Modulators of receptors for parathyroid hormone and parathyroid hormone-related protein
Writing instrument
Curing light
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Water based emulsion copolymers incorporating vinyl ethylene carbonate
Method for preparing an implantable prosthesis for loading into a delivery apparatus
Microprocessor with instructions for shifting data responsive to a signed count value
Medical system using biomolecular treatment
Gene controlling fruit size and cell division in plants
Method and apparatus for segmentation of a left ventricular epicardium
Television viewer interface system
Method and telecommunications center for recognizing connection requests at a subscriber line
Violin shoulder cradle
Method and system for setting expressions in network management notifications at an agent
Conveying device
Methods and apparatus for producing animal sounds to lure animals
Method and apparatus for transferring information using a constant frequency
Masking agent for iodine stains
Plug-in connection
Working cylinder
Personal communicator
Text-based communications over a data network
Water-soluble copolymer and its production process and use
Multi-tool boring head and process for boring
Nickel-based single crystal alloy and a method of manufacturing the same
Display selection in a video-on-demand system
Method for producing dental restoration elements
Scar reduction
Nucleoside hydrogen phosphonodithioate diesters and activated phosphonodithioate analogues
Carrier coupler for thyristor-based semiconductor device
Base station beam sweeping method and apparatus using multiple rotating antennas
Nicotinamide derivatives useful as PDE4 inhibitors
Fiber-reinforced recycled thermoplastic composite and method
Tandem image forming device, image forming apparatus and method for using the same
Oxygen scavenging polyamide compositions suitable for pet bottle applications
Method and apparatus for dynamically reprogramming remote autonomous agents
Coffee spray head
Platelet inhibitor eluting ablation catheter
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Polarizer, polarizing plate, and visual display
Control of multiple fuel cell power plants at a site to provide a distributed resource in a utility ...
Detecting faults in dual port FIFO memories
Electrochemical fuel cell with non-uniform fluid flow design
Distributed bragg reflector, organic light emitting element, and multicolour light emitting device
Treatment of acid catalysts
Wireless music and data transceiver system
Unauthorized modification of values in flash memory
High-speed heat and pressure belt fuser
System and method for developing customized integration tests and network peripheral device evaluati...
Multi-level transformer and line loss compensator and method
Gamma-secretase inhibitors
Fixing device in an image forming apparatus having multiple heater lamps
Flexible interface for communicating between operating systems
Bit rate agile third-generation wireless CDMA, GSM, TDMA and OFDM system
2-amino-2-alkyl-4 hexenoic and hexynoic acid derivatives useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
Azacyclic compounds
Organic acid salt of amlodipine
Cinnamic acid salts, processes for their preparation, and their use as medicaments
Portable vehicle humidifier
Surface acoustic wave filter and communication apparatus
Method and device for photothermal imaging tiny particles immersed in a given medium
Systems and methods for determining an authorization threshold
Instant messaging via telephone interfaces
System and method for determining a location relevant to a communication device and/or its associate...
Mobile navigation of network-based electronic information using spoken input
Systems and methods for determining collecting and using geographic locations of internet users
Method and apparatus for providing access to a legacy application on a distributed data processing s...
Object driven software architecture method and apparatus
Oligonucleotide for highly sensitive detection of hepatitis C virus and method for detection thereof
Enabling a zero latency enterprise
Displayed complementary content sources in a web-based TV system
Object-based on-line transaction infrastructure
Methods and apparatus for remote configuration of an appliance on a network
Method for manufacturing a GMR spin valve having a smooth interface between magnetic and non-magneti...
Disk drive comprising a snap-on disk clamp
Electrostatic microelectromechanical (MEM) microactuator for precise read/write head positioning
Disk drives and disk drive-containing devices having selectively controllable and/or adaptive quiet ...
Method and apparatus for automatically synchronizing data from a host computer to two or more backup...
Perpendicular recording write head with a ferromagnetic shaping layer
Magnetoresistive effect element with a magnetic sensing region and outside regions thereof, and manu...
Magnetoresistive effect element, its manufacturing method, magnetic head, magnetic reproducing appar...
Flux guide read head with in stack biased current perpendicular to the planes (CPP) sensor
Fingerprint verification system and fingerprint verifying method
Recovery of user data from partially incorrect data set in tape data storage system
Imaging element containing a blocked photographically useful compound
Pearlescent pigments
Apparatus and method for airbag inflation gas distribution
Apparatus for producing continuous extrusion molding
Micro coaxial cable connector assembly with improved contacts
Method of manufacturing a release-controlled pipe
Moldable pellet based on the combination of synthetic cellulose fibers and thermoplastic polymers
Process for producing thermoplastic resin composition
Method for improving fiber dispersion and orientation in let-downs of long fiber reinforced composit...
Method of manufacture of active matrix substrate and liquid crystal display device
Interactive training system and method
Spas having a retractable entertainment unit
Dynamic toy device
Free-fall tower for a roller coaster
Bubble generating assembly
Microwave radiometric guidance system
Anti-Torque and yaw-control system for a rotary-wing aircraft
Method and apparatus for controlling aircraft devices with multiple actuators
Dual control horn
Apparatus for observing and stabilizing electrodynamic tethers
System and method for controlling a space-borne propulsion system
Packet modulation for DSL
Hydrostatic transmission
Sports skills training arrangement
Adjustable stator for rotor type sprinkler
Putter head design
Golf ball having a controlled variable moment of inertia
Computerized system and method for practicing and instructing in a sport and software for same
Golf ball testing apparatus
Golf handicap smart card system
Putting trainer device and method
Device and method for wireless material handling systems
Bio-mechanically extended heel for golf shoe
Systems and methods for displaying and recording control interface with television programs, video, ...
Silicon-based dielectric tunneling emitter
Integrated magnetic buck converter with magnetically coupled synchronously rectified mosfet gate dri...
Micro-casted silicon carbide nano-imprinting stamp
Flat panel display and method of fabricating same
Chlamydia antigens and corresponding DNA fragments and uses thereof
Method and device for cell lysis
Two-step immunization procedure against Chlamydia infection
Nucleic acid molecules encoding inclusion membrane protein C of Chlamydia
Nucleic acid molecules encoding POMP91A protein of Chlamydia
Satellite communication system for broadcasting audio-visual programs and multimedia data
Apparatus, and associated method, for communicating streaming video in a radio communication system
Method and system for caching streaming live broadcasts transmitted over a network
Decompression bit processing with a general purpose alignment tool
Methods and systems to control a shaping tool
Imidazole derivatives
Intragastric prosthesis for the treatment of morbid obesity
A/D converter, method of A/D conversion, and signal processing device
Heat storage type heater and method of controlling input and output of heat of the same
Shoe cushioning system and related method of manufacture
Article of footwear including a tented upper
Method for stitching a work piece using a computer controlled, vision-aided sewing machine
Process for producing fabric articles having water-resistant and/or antimicrobial characteristics
Clothing material with foamed strand welded together therein
Polybutadiene composition
Adhesive latex based on carboxyl-functionalized polychloroprene with low water retention
Channel error protection implementable across network layers in a communication system
Method and system for reducing the computing overhead associated with thread local objects
Optical layer multicasting using a single sub-carrier header and a multicast switch with active head...
Calibrachoa plant named `USCALI11`
High-temperature solution process for polyolefin manufacture
Automatic nail fastening device
Storage of data entries in digital devices and methods
Apparatus and method for providing measured rate system in IP network
Method and system for locating and assisting portable devices performing remote diagnostic analysis ...
Methods and apparatus for enabling local Java object allocation and collection
Guzmania plant named `Georgia`
Plastic lined canal
Preprocessed applications suitable for network streaming applications and method for producing same
Method for automated horizon transfer and alignment through the application of time-shift volumes
Implosion resistant cathode ray tube with mounting lug having a compound bend
Vibration isolator for TV camera
Leading bit prediction with in-parallel correction
Total radio network solution for GSM/EDGE
Lower alkane oxidative dehydrogenation catalysts and a process for producing olefins
Semiconductor light emitting device resistible to ultraviolet light
Magnetic recording element, magnetic memory, magnetic recording method, method for fabricating a mag...
Magnetic random access memory with memory cells of different resistances connected in series and par...
Nanolayer thick film processing system and method
Adenovirus vectors for the transfer of foreign genes into cells of the central nervous system partic...
Wall-hanging entertainment system
Volume hologram laminate and label for preparation of volume hologram laminate
Method of verifying the usabilty of photosensitive film product just prior to use
Chemical structure identification
Blowout latch
Adaptive safety system for a bumper-bag equipped vehicle
System and method for wireless data performance monitoring
Electronic provider--patient interface system
Information fusion of classifiers in systems with partial redundant information
Projectile shooting toy
Dye-sensitized solar cells including polymer electrolyte gel containing poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Hyper video: information retrieval using text from multimedia
Internet set-top box having an in-band tuner and cable modem
Channel server functionality
Flexible container support frame
High temperature corrosion resistant alloy, thermal barrier coating material, and gas turbine using ...
Stowage systems, particularly for oxygen masks
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium batteries and method of preparing same
Image displaying method, device, and computer-readable storage medium
Chrysanthemum plant named `Matisse`
Method and apparatus for using fire decoder to correct burst errors in a real-time communications sy...
Temperature controlling system for olefin polymerization reactors
Method of and system for image processing and recording medium for carrying out the method
Protein-protein complexes and methods of using same
Electro-optical panel and electronic device
Low mass flow reaction jet
Method for tracing the distribution of physical digital media
Deer feeder
Display sign
Graphite polymers and methods of use
Optical information recording medium, and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing information...
Dental impression tray
Process for the preparation of aldehydes
Method and apparatus for automatically detecting intrusion object into view of image pickup device
Mobile communication system having a learning-type handover control method
Memory controller and a cache for accessing a main memory, and a system and a method for controlling...
Latent image carrier and image forming apparatus having a noise and deformation preventing member
Authenticated firewall tunneling framework
System and method for managing vertical dependencies in a digital signal processor
Functionalized monomers for synthesis of rubbery polymers
Method and apparatus to allow dynamic variation of ordering enforcement between transactions in a st...
Computer resource management and allocation system
Self managing fixed configuration raid disk in headless appliance
Providing data in response to a read command that maintains cache line alignment
Control of magnetorheological engine mount
System and method for designing a printed board adapted to suppress electromagnetic interference
Method and system for providing cryptographic services in a distributed application
Secure authentication and authorization for transaction processing
Utility cutting tool having toggle link mechanism field of the invention
Layer-by-layer assembly of photonic crystals
Method for foaming in place headliner structures
Apparatus and method for manufacturing plastic products with EMI/RFI/ESD shield
Electronic device having touch sensor
Density estimation-based information fusion for multiple motion computation
Workpiece taking-out apparatus
Legged mobile robot and method of controlling operation of the robot