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Herbal vaporizer
Flame-resistant, mineral-reinforced polycarbonate compositions with a high flow line strength
Method for producing (1,1',4, 11")-terphenyl compounds
Low cost storage device and method of using the same
Processing method for localization of acoustic image for audio signals for the left and right ears
Programmable coffee maker capable of automatically canceling a preset brewing time
Nucleic acid molecules coding for debranching enzymes from maize
Process for the copolymerization of alkylene oxides and carbon dioxide using suspensions of multi-me...
Key top for pushbutton switch and method of producing the same
Gas-insulated switch
Noise reduction system and method for reducing switching noise in an interface to a large width bus
Integral organic light emitting diode fiber optic printhead
Process for preparing an alcohol from an olefin
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data using a self clocking link protocol
Method for enhancement in screening throughput
Fixing apparatus
System and method for using ancillary processors and storage to speed time critical data capture
Passive immunization treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Integrated circuit card with data modifying capabilities and related methods
Sequences of hepatitis C virus genotypes and their use as therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Method and apparatus for controlling a plurality of locomotives
Constant light output circuit and electrical components based thereon
Method and apparatus for adjusting power control setpoint in a wireless communication system
Metal catalysts and methods for making and using same
Mass spectrometer
C2-substituted idan-1-ones and their derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as p...
Hemostatic sandwich bandage
Thermal solution for a mezzanine card
Compositions and methods for analysis of nucleic acids
Methods and apparatuses for characterization of single polymers
Method of determining cholesterol and sensor applicable to the same
Polynucleotides encoding polymorphic human GABAA receptor .alpha.-6 subunit
Membrane derived caspase-3, compositions comprising the same and methods of use therefor
Miniaturized multi-chamber thermal cycler for independent thermal multiplexing
Side element of a shoe upper
Athletic shoe upper
Portion of an article of footwear
Device adapted for use in donning a ski boot and method of using said device
Method for forming a metallized composite
Carbon black, process for its production and its use
Internal circuit structure of semiconductor chip with array-type bonding pads and method of fabricat...
Parallel test board used in testing semiconductor memory devices
Micro electromechanical switch having self-aligned spacers
Electro-optical device and method of manufacturing the same
Methods and systems for controlling the concentration of a component in a composition with absorptio...
Capacitor compatible with high dielectric constant materials having two independent insulative layer...
Method of optimizing the design of electronic systems having multiple timing constraints
Lightweight public key infrastructure employing disposable certificates
Method and device for transmitting information to the DVB network
Portable telecommunication apparatus for controlling an electronic utility device
Event-triggered notification over a network
Apparatus and method for monitoring progress of customer generated trouble tickets
Data reallocation among storage systems
Call establishment method for dial-up internet telephony appliances
Heavy oil-solid composition and method for preparing the same
Liquid crystal display device with electrodes on barrier ribs and fabricating method thereof
Model registration method and image processing apparatus
Modified folded cascode amplifier
Method and system for controlling a robot
Apparatus for dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene
White light source and display apparatus using the same
Local probe of magnetic properties
Semiconductor device having ferroelectric capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Modified vitamin K-dependent polypeptides
Entertainment apparatus, storage medium and operation method of manipulating object
Process for manufacturing multi-ply labels
Visual control robot system
Irradiation apparatus and method
System and method for validating quadrature signals
Reserved request type of searched information distribution server
Mining emergent weighted association rules utilizing backlinking reinforcement analysis
Rechargeable system for movable toy
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Method and system for searching a microelectronic device physical layout
Method of ensuring that the PC is not used to make unauthorized and surreptitious telephone calls
Intelligent transfer of multimedia data files from an editing system to a playback device
Endotracheal tube with tip directional control and position preserving mechanism
Aerosol can body
Method and system for updating a search engine
Weighted wedge defuzzification for conceptual system design evaluation
Treatment of chloralkali feeds containing hydrogen peroxide and base
Methods and systems for detecting gas turbine engine fuel leaks
Kudos scoring system with self-determined goals
Integrated customer interface system for communications network management
Personal water rescue device
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Wezaprt`
Electric machine, electric machine system
Robot teaching apparatus
Methods for treating a patient undergoing chemotherapy
Microelectromechanical system artificial neural network device
Substrate for light emitting device, light emitting device and process for production of light emitt...
Convention checking apparatus, convention checking system, convention checking method, and storage m...
Film alignment mechanism and frame counter resetting mechanism
Plum Tree named `Mann`
Hydrophilic polypropylene fibers having antimicrobial activity
System and method for dynamically amplifying a delayed analog signal based on amplitude information ...
Impact tool control apparatus and impact tool using the same
Impact resistant thermoplastic molding materials comprised of syndiotactic polystyrene, glass fibers...
Transverse connector
System and method for automatically generating a graphical program to perform an image processing al...
Accurate wire load model
List building system
Method and apparatus for voice port hunting of remote telephone extensions using voice over packet-d...
Methods and systems for avoiding unnecessary retransmissions associated with automatic retransmissio...
Driving device for plasma display panel
Heightened realism for computer-controlled units in real-time activity simulation
Graphical user interface system and method for automatically updating software products on a client ...
Interactive teaching mat
Speaker enclosure
Methods and systems for predicting and/or tracking changes in external body conditions
Advanced high temperature corrosion resistant alloy
5-pyrimidinecarboxamide derivatives and the pharmaceutical compositions containing said derivatives
Automatic client/server translation and execution of non-native applications
Cable exit trough with insert
Method of constructing a capacitor stack for a flat capacitor
Self-protecting documents
Method and apparatus for authenticating users
Waterproof cladding construction and method of providing the same
Organometallic compositions
Reinforced molded implant formed of cortical bone
Spirocyclic ligands for sigma receptors, and libraries and methods of use thereof
Single-molecule selection methods and compositions therefrom
Alginate layer system for chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells
Modifying program execution based on profiling
Patient classification
Low emission polyurethane polymers made with autocatalytic polyols
Method of making a catalyst for polymerization and co-polymerization of ethylene
Super-coherent multiprocessor system bus protocols
System, bypass apparatus and method of operating a store of a first predetermined type
Glenoid component of a shoulder prosthesis and complete shoulder prosthesis incorporating such a com...
System and method for a digital television electronic program guide
System and method for connecting to and viewing live data using a standard user agent
Object-oriented knowledge base system
Plant stearoyl desaturases
Method and apparatus for detecting vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque
2,4,7-decatrienal as perfuming or flavoring ingredient
Dihetero-substituted metalloprotease inhibitors
Firelog grate for retaining fire starters
System and method for Viterbi decoding on encrypted data
Thymidine phosphorylase gene sequence variances having utility in determining the treatment of disea...
Mobile crushing apparatus
Vivid Christmas deer toy
Constant beamwidth high gain broadband antenna
Preparation of tetrahydrogeraniol
Information reproduction apparatus
Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus employing it
Control system communication server for transmitting files via multiple communication paths
Plant-gene promoter and methods of using the same
Continuously tunable photonic crystal drop filter
Robot apparatus and motion controlling method therefor
Method and device for controlling movements in the case of manipulators
Production cell
Artificial intelligence robot toy and control method thereof
Industrial robot
Three-dimensional measuring device
Methods, systems and devices for automated web publishing and distribution
Discharge lamp lighting circuit for detecting failure of a switching element
Cell searching in a CDMA communications system
Flexible thermal control composite
Headset and method of manufacturing headsets that utilize a single transceiver form-factor design wi...
Automatic dimming mirror using semiconductor light sensor with integral charge collection
Mirror actuator electrical connector
Packaging for artificial nails
Color image processing apparatus capable of detecting a color or monochromatic image
Method and apparatus for configuring quantum mechanical state, and communication method and apparatu...
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Diffractive optical element and optical system having the same
Flipping stereoscopic radiographs
Developing device having a cover with partition member
Three-phase separator and installation for biological purification of effluent
Purification of phosphoric acid plant pond water
Blood processing systems and methods employing fluid pressure actuated pumps and valves
Method for quantifying BPI in body fluids
Medical use of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors for inhibiting tissue contraction
Cosmetic composition
Dietary supplements for improving kidney function
Mixture for transdermal delivery of low and high molecular weight compounds
Methods for treating AVM's using radioactive compositions
Carnation plant named `CFPC Mango`
Combined picture frame and digital voice recorder
Hybrid carnation plant named `CFPC Essence`
Surgical instruments for stabilizing a localized portion of a beating heart
Reverse biasing logic circuit
Flash EEPROM system with simultaneous multiple data sector programming and storage of physical block...
Excipients for use in adeno-associated virus pharmaceutical formulations, and pharmaceutical formula...
Use of an amide to reduce lubricant temperature
In-vehicle accessory system utilizing region-based automatic function setting method
Navigation apparatus having numerical display
Route guiding method for in-vehicle navigation device
Heterocyclic piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Method and apparatus for implicitly generating and supporting a user interface
Methods and compositions using liposome-encapsulated non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Data processor
Supporting device for music instrument
Floating pump assembly
Dual capacity compressor
3D array of integrated cells for the sampling and detection of air bound chemical and biological spe...
Pumping or mixing system using a levitating magnetic element, related system components, and related...
Process for determining a reference characteristic for controlling a pump
Multi-stage internal gear/turbine fuel pump
Electromagnetically driven diaphragm pump
Enhanced payout feature for gaming machines
Process for cleaning and purifying molten aluminum
Methods of use of fibroblast growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor and related proteins ...
Ribbon cable substrate pulse oximetry sensor
Oximetry system for detecting ventilation instability
Low coherent reflectometer
Microarraying apparatus, pin head therefor and spotting method
Method for generating a unique and consistent signal pattern for identification of an individual
Method for improved contrast mapping of digital images
Nonlinearly modifying a rendered digital image
Flash artifact suppression in two-dimensional ultrasound imaging
Bromoxynil component-containing herbicidal preparations with enhanced penetration and methods of usi...
Ratchet wrench having cover positioning device
Compressor terminal fault interruption method and apparatus
Passive voice-activated microphone and transceiver system
All-fiber depolarizer
Birefringence compensated integrated optical switching or modulation device
Microactuator with offsetting hinges and method for high-resolution positioning of magnetic read/wri...
Scalable optical router/switch and method of constructing thereof
Heat sink and its manufacturing method
Dissipating heat using a heat conduit
Temperature control strategy for a rear control system
Work machine having a hydraulic liquid cooling and heating system
Air partitioning device for air conditioning system
Ultraviolet curing system and bulb
Color picture tube device in which YH misconvergence is corrected
Multi-layer balun transformer
Piezoelectric injector drive circuit
Automatic telephone switch for hearing aid
Switching mode power supply with forward-looking regulation for a pulsed load
Step-down buck converter with full bridge circuit
Method and control circuitry for a three-phase three-level boost-type rectifier
Phase-locked loop with dual-mode phase/frequency detection
Soft start for a synchronous rectifier in a power converter
Method and apparatus for measuring lead impedance in an implantable cardiac rhythm management device
Class D amplifier energy control
Self-oscillating variable frequency closed loop Class D amplifier
Method and apparatus for producing a modulated signal
Class-D amplifier with digital feedback
Compositions of iodonium compounds and methods and uses thereof
Method for quenching of polycarbonate and compositions prepared thereby
Method enabling use of extracellular RNA extracted from plasma or serum to detect, monitor or evalua...
Compound as cholinesterase inhibitor and its isolation from fungus sporotrichum species
Apparatus and method for indicating mechanical stiffness properties of body tissue
Wheel speed sensor, method for producing the same, terminal and method for welding terminal and elec...
Gaming device having multiple displays
Secure transmission system
Alkaline protease
Food condiment, composition, method of molding, and method of using
Periosteal distraction
System and method for oral treatments
Mammalian pro-.alpha.3(V) collagen chain genes
Method of depositing thin films for magnetic heads
Method for controlling a matrix converter
Verification of mlc leaf position and of radiation and light field congruence
Method for establishing a protected communication segment between two network elements of a telecomm...
Private user mobility (PUM) update and private integrated services network PUM alternative identifie...
Method and apparatus for determining a position of a transmitter in three dimensions
Method and implementation of process control
Method for operating a navigation appliance, and arrangement for carrying out the method
Web server replicated mini-filter
Externally supplied interface adapter
Machine readable label reader system for articles with changeable status
Automated shelf management system and process for tracking and purging file folders in a file storag...
Method and apparatus for determining position in a pipe
Combination magnifying device, particularly a microscope comprising a measuring device
Coin counter and voucher dispensing machine and method
Gaming device and method
Gaming device including choices having varying probabilities of contributing to game's termination
Gaming device having risk evaluation bonus round
Method and apparatus for performing two pass quality video compression through pipelining and buffer...
Method for flagging and relating information in a computer system
Fast start voice recording and playback on a digital device
System and method for processing data obtained from turbine operations
Method for interconnecting modular computer system components
Data central for manipulation and adjustment of down hole and surface well site recordings
Automotive AC rotating machine
Family of six-speed dual-clutch transmissions having a stationary planetary gear member
Integrated assembly comprising a hydraulic clutch and a planetary gear train, in particular for auto...
Automated domain reflectometry testing system
Hand held gaming and data entry system
Method and apparatus for performing knowledge level conversion of hierarchical charts created as a l...
X-ray source and method having cathode with curved emission surface
Inhibitors of papilloma virus
Process for desulfurization of exhaust gas with seawater
Method of synthesizing carbon nanotubes and apparatus used for the same
Spark-ignited internal combustion engine oxide gas absorbing arrangement and method
Method and device for introducing a gaseous reducing agent of a nitrogen oxide into a gas mixture
Flue gas desulfurization process and apparatus for removing nitrogen oxides
Method for making a hydrazine by hydrolysing an azine
Infrared transmission codes for wireless keyboard and PC remote controller
Apparatus and method for providing an interface between legacy applications and a wireless communica...
Method for forming acknowledgement data in a wireless communication system and a wireless communicat...
Solution separation method and apparatus for ground-augmented global positioning system
Electronic compass
Method of integrating computer visualization for the design of a vehicle
Method for decreasing downtime in vehicle identification number stamping operations
System for determining and supplying stabilized voltage from a power supply to a data processor afte...
Constructed wetlands system, treatment apparatus and method
Apparatus for purging and excluding air from a hydraulic manifold assembly for variable deactivation...
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus to control a variable valve system
Valve timing control device
Method and apparatus for controlling a variable valve system for an internal combustion engine
Search-on-the-fly/sort-on-the-fly search engine for searching databases
System and method of managing metadata data
Computer implemented automated remote support
Identity verification and enrollment system for self-service devices
Method and system for environmental control during film processing
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Optical memory card in the form of a disk
Integrated circuit that processes communication packets with scheduler circuitry having multiple pri...
Watermarking methods and media
Halftone watermarking and related applications
Toxin-phage bacteriocide antibiotic and uses thereof
Method for large scale mutagenesis in tomato plants
Computer method for providing optimization for business processes
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Multi-layer assembly of stacked LIMMS devices with liquid metal vias
Optical detection system
Lamp unit for a projector and a process for the light control thereof
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Friction control composition with enhanced retentivity
Gradual permanent coloring of hair using dye intermediates in a shampoo base
Structurally-modified polymer flocculants
Decorative method using a blank for a decorator's tool
Use of molecular weight-enlarged catalysts in a process for asymmetric, continous hydrogenation, nov...
Thermoelectric materials, thermoelectric device, and method for producing thermoelectric materials
Coated abrasive article
Multicolor image forming material and method for forming multicolor image
Method for reuse of loaded developer
Silicone compound, and a makeup containing this compound
UV resistant resin for paraffinic solvent based paint
Multi-grid ion beam source for generating a highly collimated ion beam
Process monitoring methods in a plasma processing apparatus, monitoring units, and a sample processi...
Sense amplifier and method for performing a read operation in a MRAM
Kits ands compositions for the detection of haemobartonella
Copper-catalyzed formation of carbon-heteroatom and carbon-carbon bonds
Hydrate-based decontamination of toxic gases
Fluidic cartridge end piece
Fabric sanitization process
Firearm rest having shock absorbing line
Lens for an inhaler
Storage management across multiple time zones
Methods and apparatus for identification and user prompting for storage of frequently used data item...
Method and apparatus for network speech enhancement
Power monitoring arrangement for optical cross-connect systems
Soft feature decoding in a distributed automatic speech recognition system for use over wireless cha...
Spatial median filter
Packet for articles of elongated shape
Folding booklet
Apparatus, method, and system for analyzing samples using triboluminescent technology
Input apparatus for game systems
Prize redemption system for games executed over a wide area network
Method and apparatus for calendering paper
Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Macro uniformity correction for x-y separable non-uniformity
Method and system for mapping color to texture in a copier
Multi-level semi-vector error diffusion
Method and apparatus for extracting short runs of ambiguity from finite state transducers
Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor memory having a voltage step-down circuit steppin...
Broadcasting system, broadcast receiving hardware systems, and navigation terminal
Image processing method and device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Conductive integrated circuit metal alloy interconnections, electroplating anodes; metal alloys for ...
Method of aligning mirrors in an optical cross switch
Surface finishes on laser rods and slabs for laser peening systems
System for laser shock processing objects to produce enhanced stress distribution profiles
Method of adjusting characteristics of electron source, method of manufacturing electron emission de...
Driver circuit of a display device
Integrated digitizing tablet and color display apparatus and method of operation
Intersubband light emitters with injection/relaxation regions doped to different levels
Method of manufacturing a transistor
Circuit structure, manufacturing method thereof and wiring structure
Fiber grating optical waveguide device
Anthurium andreanum plant named `Anthbnem`
Composition and method for treating the effects of diseases and maladies
System and method for communication between airborne and ground-based entities
Relay device
Design method of semiconductor device
Beverage brewing devices for preparing creamy beverages
Enhanced color deposition for hair with sequestering agents
Anti-angiogenic proteins and methods of use thereof
Compositions and methods for enhancing drug delivery across and into epithelial tissues
Crystalline silicon die array and method for assembling crystalline silicon sheets onto substrates
Diamond supported photocathodes for electron sources
Image reading apparatus
Multiple data layer optical discs for detecting analytes
Device for imposing a field tilt for approximating the inherent field curvature of a focusing elemen...
Magnetic tape cartridge for housing a reel
Method of dynamic prioritization of time sensitive packets over a packet based network
Super predictive-transform coding
Discrete time trajectory planner for lithography system
Remotely activated armored incinerator with gas emission control
Pinch roller device
Bearing member and method for manufacturing the same and dynamic pressure bearing device
Integrated oil transfer sleeve and bearing
Plasma display panel production method
Liquid proportioning method and apparatus for implementing the method
Switching core controller for digital cross-connect system, and modes of operating a switching core
Method and camera for image capture
Reporting hard disk drive failure
Method and system for prefetching utilizing memory initiated prefetch write operations
Single-phase or multi-phase continuous polyamide polymerization processes
Manufacture of 3-methyl-tetrahydrofuran from alpha-methylene-gamma-butyrolactone in a single step pr...
Method for preparing imides from sulfonyl fluorides
Magnetic recording medium comprising urethane binder of specific Tg
Multilayer article characterized by low coefficient of thermal expansion outer layer
Fischer-tropsch processes and catalysts with promoters
Catalyst and process for the preparation of hydrocarbons
Surface-modified inorganic oxide powder, process for producing the same, and use thereof
Methods and systems for utilizing delayed dilution, mixing and filtration for providing customized b...
Compositions and methods for stabilization and enhanced viscosity
Detergent compositions
Fabric softening compound
Indole nitriles
System for determining the position of an agricultural vehicle
Toner for development of electrostatic image and production process thereof
Scanning device and image forming apparatus
System and method for optimizing tissue barrier transfer of compounds
System and method for evaluating agents which prevent oxidative damage
Oil-containing personal wash liquid compositions or emulsions comprising particles of high refractiv...
Process for making cosmetic compositions using polyether siloxane copolymer network compositions
Method for slowing the decomposition of a cosmetic composition
Chewing gum formulations including encapsulated aspartame and sodium pyrophosphate
Wrinkle reduction laundry product compositions
Toned black offset inks exhibiting excellent chromatic characteristics
Melanin production inhibitors and skincare products containing such inhibitors
Antiperspirant compositions containing film-forming polymers
Beverage carton with strap type carrying handle
Pallet container with grid support structure
Edge seal closure
Biodegradable poly (propylene fumarate) networks cross linked with poly (propylene fumarate) -diacry...
Liquid fuel compositions for electrochemical fuel cells
Water recovery for a fuel cell system
Plate construction of high temperature air-to-air heat exchanger
Method and apparatus for oversubscription of permanent virtual circuits
Magnetic recording medium
Adhesive tapes
Method for recognizing blends in solid models
Method for washcoating a catalytic material onto a monolithic structure
Thermoplastic resin composition and injection-molded object thereof
Thermoplastic resins modified by copolymers based on heavy acrylates
Method and device for protecting micro electromechanical systems structures during dicing of a wafer
Method and device for clotting time assay
Guide assembly for a missile
Compact fluorescent lamp
Transmission structure for animated ornamental lightings
Light indicator
Illuminator and method of making same
Wireless remote control bulb device
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Digital filtering of DTV I-F signal to avoid low-end boost of the baseband signal resulting from in-...
TV tuner unit having a resonance network
Cascading of up conversion and down conversion
Three-dimensional tapered optical waveguides and methods of manufacture thereof
Fiber cable connector clip
Optical fiber distribution frame with outside plant enclosure
Optical device having dynamic channel equalization
Optical adhesive composition and optical device
Fiber scope and cleaning tool
System and method for generating a three-dimensional model from a two-dimensional image sequence
Apparatus and method for image data interpolation and medium on which image data interpolation progr...
Efficient checking of key-in data entry
Representation and retrieval of images using content vectors derived from image information elements
Method and apparatus for discriminating between tachyarrhythmias
Automobile spider wheel having a stainless steel face layer and a process for manufacturing the whee...
Alloyed steel powder for powder metallurgy
Grain oriented electromagnetic steel sheet exhibiting extremely small watt loss and method for produ...
Cast steel composition for railway components
Catheter positioning system
Fender retrieval system
Pontoon boat fender
Streamer cable connector
Unsinkable vessel system
Foot pedal kit for trolling motor
Rapid hardening, ultra-high early strength portland-type cement compositions, novel clinkers and met...
Combined sign and parking meter
Aqueous alkyd and vinyl polymer dispersions
Molecularly imprinted polymers grafted on solid supports
Method for producing aqueous polymer dispersions
Ventilatory assistance using an external effort sensor
Bird feeder with removable bird seed reservoir
Method for producing acidic milk beverages
Method to enhance agrobacterium-mediated transformation of plants
Position-measuring device
Coplanar integrated optical waveguide electro-optical modulator
Automatic train handling controller
Electrostatic chuck for ion injector
Wake up device for a communications system
Transporter polypeptide and method of producing same
Gel electrolyte battery
Photosensitive composition and planographic printing plate precursor
System and method for determining and controlling contamination
Anticancer conjugates of camptothecin and unsaturated fatty acids
Electrochemical capacitor and methods of fabricating same
Primary lithium electrochemical cell
Epidural stabilization device
Adaptive calibration pulsed oximetry method and device
Tissue discrimination and applications in medical procedures
Non-invasive localization and treatment of focal atrial fibrillation
Method for improving cardiac function following delivery of a defibrillation shock
Cardiac rhythm management system with staggered pulses for coordination therapy
Fault tolerant local area network connectivity
Multilayer ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method thereof
Device for implementing a block-ciphering process
Method for matching golfers with a driver and ball
Device and method of calculating a residual value of an apparatus based on a history of use of the a...
Apparatus for indicating strength of building structure, and recording medium for strength indicatio...
Data processing system with on-chip FIFO for storing debug information and method therefor
Store data in the system memory of a computing device
Method and apparatus for providing OSD data for OSD display in a video signal having an enclosed for...
Tour group notification method
Apparatus and method for DC/DC converter having high speed and accuracy
Weight member for a golf club head
Apparatus and methods for translating test vectors
MR coil module
Phenolic phosphite antioxidants and polymer compositions containing said antioxidant
Method and apparatus for the retention of ink profile for printing
Device for linking two webs of material
Flexible face sign
Method of preparing human stem cell factor polypeptide
Ceramic sheathed-element glow plug with electrically conductive powder pellet contacting element and...
Coil-embedded dust core production process, and coil-embedded dust core formed by the production pro...
Composite carbon fiber material and method of making same
Extensible cargo rack for vehicle bed
Restoring device of a skateboard-like exerciser
Remote center positioner
Moving vehicle comfort, security and safety signaling system
Integral skin foams employing pentafluorobutane blowing agents
Resin composition
Simultaneous reverse and normal initiation of ATRP
Hardware-implemented cellular automata system and method
Back-end image transformation
Poly(2-oxazoline) biomedical devices
Methods and apparatus of joining optically coupled optoelectronic and fiber optic components using e...
Method for forming low dielectric constant interlayer insulation film
Allergenic proteins of natural rubber latex, their production and use in assays
Device and methods for subdividing and filtering gel material and extracting molecules therefrom
Ion channel modulating agents
3-(Imidazolyl)-2-aminopropanoic acids
In-situ process for detoxifying hexavalent chromium in soil and groundwater
Subsurface materials management and containment system
Stacked stator core and method of manufacturing thereof, and rotary motor and method of manufacturin...
Spark plug
Methods and apparatus for facilitating the sharing of computer graphics operations
Colorimetric imaging system
Electrophotographic cluster printing system with controlled image quality
Image forming apparatus
Check weighing apparatus and method
Device that scans both sides of a photo and associates information found on the back of the photo wi...
System for and method of toner flow control
Automatic information collection system using most frequent uncommon words or phrases
Computer system including software for converting dates at the turn of the century
Domain validation process that is transparent to a device driver
Method and apparatus executing power on self test code to enable a wakeup device for a computer syst...
Inline ferromagnetic-composite isolator and method
Communication connectivity verification and reporting system and method of use
Disk reproducing apparatus
Imaging system with user-selectable prestored files for configuring communication with remote device...
Developing device using a two-ingredient type developer and image forming apparatus using the same
System, apparatus and method providing adaptive write policy for disk array controllers
Compositions based on vanilloid-catechin synergies for prevention and treatment of cancer
Method and apparatus for importing and exporting directory and calendar information to and from pers...
Paper white cholesteric displays employing reflective elliptical polarizer
Promoter and regulator sequences Ha ds10 G1: a gene lea of sunflower expressed exclusively in seeds ...
Cutlery set
Cutlery fork
Folding knife casing
Detergent composition containing a primary surfactant system and a secondary surfactant system, and ...
Operating circuit for a discharge lamp with frequency-variable ignition
Apparatus and method for measuring quality of a reverse link in a CDMA system
Electronic device having a multi-mode acoustic system and method for radiating sound waves
Tuned Helmholtz resonator using cavity forcing
High estrogen-sensitive medaka fish
Electronic toy with a point of sale demonstration
Polymer nanocomposite foams
Polycarbonate nanocomposite optical plastic article and method of making same
Synthesis of hyperbranched organometallic polymers and their use as precursors to advanced ceramic m...
GPS-enhanced system and method for automatically capturing and co-registering virtual models of a si...
Multipath processing for GPS receivers
Autonomous navigation system based on GPS and magnetometer data
System, method and apparatus for communicating via sound messages and personal sound identifiers
Generating and implementing a communication protocol and interface for high data rate signal transfe...
Maintaining a soft-token private key store in a distributed environment
System having both externally and internally generated clock signals being asserted on the same cloc...
Resin powder for molding and preparation process of same
Rear projection screen
Three-piece solid golf ball
Circuit board, method for manufacturing same, and high-output module
Miniature electronic device
Nonlinear polarization amplifiers in nonzero dispersion shifted fiber
SNR booster for WDM systems
Multiple -port optical package and DWDM module
Optical device for compensating chromatic dispersion
Chalcogenide doping of oxide glasses
Heterojunction bipolar transistor
Storage element and SRAM cell structures using vertical FETS controlled by adjacent junction bias th...
Temperature compensating device with integral sheet thermistors
Method, system, and computer program product for providing voice over the internet communication
Controlled dispersion optical fiber
Substantially monostatic, substantially confocal optical systems for examination of samples
Light emitting semiconductor package
Illumination device with at least one LED as light source
Isolation of alpha silicon diode sensors through ion implantation
Thin film transistor array substrate
Bipolar junction transistor and fabricating method
Multiply-complexed one-dimensional structure, multiply-twisted helix, multiply-looped ring structure...
Stacked type dielectric resonator
Resonator, filter, duplexer, and communication device
Method of producing band-pass filter and band-pass filter
Band-pass filter
Small size cross-coupled trisection filter
Resonator, filter, duplexer, and communication device
Dual-mode band-pass filter
Signal clipping circuit
Dynamic pilot filter bandwidth estimation
Adaptive signal processor using an eye-diagram metric
Block decision feedback equalization method and apparatus
Sensor and method for measurement of physiological parameters
Surface gradient assembly for high speed nuclear magnetic resonance imaging
Dosage form comprising therapeutic formulation
Formulations for transdermal delivery of pergolide
Device and method for enhancing transdermal flux of agents being sampled
Neutral lipopolymer and liposomal compositions containing same
Method for preventing crystal formation in a dispersion of a liquid in a matrix
Enhanced circulation effector composition and method
Method, product, and apparatus for processing a data request
Method and apparatus for processing network frames in a network processor by embedding network contr...
Method and system for optimally dispatching internetwork traffic
Web based agent backed system that provides streaming multimedia support
Microwave stripline applicators
Camera frame assembly having dogged lens mount and recycling method
Monolithic surface mount optoelectronic device and method for fabricating the device
Method and apparatus for establishing a reference voltage in a memory
Simultaneous projected presentation of client browser display
Buried strap formation method for sub-150 nm best DRAM devices
Indexing system package and display system
Compensation system and related techniques for use in a printed circuit board inspection system
Doll having changeable eyes and removable alternative face
Proton conducting polymer membranes
Process of forming a metallic article having a black oxide/ceramic surface and articles produced by ...
Simple nitric oxide generator for ambulatory and/or bedside inhaled no treatment
Gasketed aerosol mounting cup
Framework for storing metadata in a common access repository
Method and apparatus for maintaining game state
Buoyancy compensator jacket with weight-bearing device quick release mechanism
System and method for transmitting communication signals to an automated robotic device in a data st...
Soft-gelatin capsule comprising S-adenosylmethionine and a method for producing the same
Optical switch and servo mechanism
System for cell-based screening
Transparent thermal insulation device
Karaoke board game
Viewfinder mounting structure for camera
Dahlia plant named `Bronze Amazon`
Methods and compositions relating to CD39-like polypeptides and nucleic acids
Ensuring referential integrity when using WebDAV for distributed development of a complex software a...
Combination sound-deadening board
FFT pointer mechanism for FFT memory management
Method of addressing a plasma display panel
Centralized processing of digital speech data originated at the network clients of a set of servers
Shaped balloon having transparent portion
Method and system for proxying telephony messages
Robot control system and method for introducing robot control software
Human kinase and polynucleotides encoding the same
Band braking device, and method of manufacturing annular brake band
Electro therapy method and apparatus
Plants having enhanced gall resistance and methods and compositions for producing same
Protein kinase A and carney complex
Magnetic member, circuit breaker employing the same, and method of manufacturing the same
Magneto-optical storage apparatus having the relation between numerical aperture and recording mediu...
Rocket engine nacelle
One's complement cryptographic combiner
High speed pick and place apparatus
Freeze resistant animal watering installation
Glassware forming mold and method of manufacture
Culturing pancreatic stem cells having a specified, intermediate stage of development
System for and method of reading out storage phosphor screen using pulsed semiconductor light source...
Collapsible structures supported on a pole
Preparation and use of biofilm-degrading, multiple-specificity, hydrolytic enzyme mixtures
Receiver and method therefor
Metal foil laminated plate and method of manufacturing the same
Organic carbonate additives for nonaqueous electrolyte rechargeable electrochemical cells
High density polyethylene packaging
Integrated circuits with scalable design
Magnetic resonance imaging method and device therefor
Image forming apparatus
Method and mechanism for performing improved timing analysis on virtual component blocks
Automatic application restart in an embedded environment
Scan interface chip (SIC) system and method for scan testing electronic systems
Method and apparatus for P-wave enhancement in ECG recordings
Method of suppressing gene expression in plants
Power control method for CDMA wireless communication networks
Microchip arrays of regulatory genes
Multipurpose flow control device
Relocatable storage tanks for liquids and granular materials
Glycosylated, low antigenicity low immunogenicity factor VIII
Defibrillator with shock energy based on EKG transform
Semiconductor laser device with a diffraction grating and semiconductor laser module
Jitter suppression techniques for laser driver circuits
Semiconductor laser
Application of Yb:YAG short pulse laser system
Line-narrowing optics module having improved mechanical performance
Grating-outcoupled surface-emitting lasers with flared gain regions
System and method for passively aligning and coupling optical devices
Large effective area optical fiber
Resin coated optical fiber
Image forming apparatus and method in which a transfer medium transfers a developer image at a diffe...
Composite sheet material for brazing
Apparatus and method for repairing popped wallboard nails
Venting system for use with composite structures
Planetary traction drive mechanism and throttle valve assembly
Use of an array of polymeric sensors of varying thickness for detecting analytes in fluids
Coating compositions having improved scratch resistance, coated substrates and methods related there...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Two Kis`
Petunia plant named `Bodtruplmice`
Petunia plant named `Red MP101`
Petunia plant named `Bodtrubluice`
Portable information system for receiving information via a communication network
Techniques for using a web based server provided in a vehicle
System to support mobile visual communications
Caching mechanism for a virtual heap
File mapping system and related techniques
Storage system making possible data synchronization confirmation at time of asynchronous remote copy
Recoverable methods and systems for processing input/output requests including virtual memory addres...
Illuminated graphics system
Falsification discrimination method for iris recognition system
Digital-to-analog converter with a shifted output and an increased range
LED light source with lens and corresponding production method
Universal parallel processing decoder
Content addressable memory device capable of comparing data bit with storage data bit
Method of forming dielectric layers
Adaptive predictive model in a process control system
Toy police car with realistic light and sound display
Method and apparatus for using logical volume identifiers for tracking or identifying logical volume...
Hydrogen-absorbing alloy, method of surface modification of the alloy, negative electrode for batter...
Aromatic travel mask
Aerosol valve actuator
Methods and systems for distributed failure detection and recovery using leasing techniques
Portable mobile unit for conducting communication using one of character and picture information whe...
Segmental retaining wall system
Compact floribunda rose plant named `POULac017`
Training of autonomous robots
Trough adjusted optical proximity correction for vias
Workload management method to enhance shared resource access in a multisystem environment
4-Hydroxyisothiazole compounds
Method and apparatus for cleaning generator and turbine components
Fiber optic switch process and optical design
14815, a human kinase family member and uses therefor
Apparatus and method for television program scheduling
Foldable peripheral equipment for telecommunication attached to a steering wheel of vehicles
System and method for improved mobile phone functionality
Apparatus for providing information services to a telecommunication device user
System for generating speech and non-speech audio messages
System and method of monitoring video and/or audio conferencing through a rapid-update web site
Rangefinder apparatus and camera equipped therewith
Poinsettia plant named `Gala Red`
Calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinase
Event vector table override
Apparatus and method for monitoring the validity of a molecular model
Computer enhanced play set and method
Installation instruction conveying device (electronic components) mechanical
Method of controlling video game, video game device, and medium recording video game program
System and method for highlighting of multifont documents
Folding speaker bracket
Buffer circuit for a peripheral interface circuit in an I/O node of a computer system
Drive circuit of plasma display panel unit
System, method and apparatus for data processing and storage to provide continuous operations indepe...
Support plate
Twin grocery cart seat
Fork lift truck
Forklift vehicle
Rider pallet truck
Coil rack
Pneumatic driven propeller related vehicles
Automated processor generation system for designing a configurable processor and method for the same
Method for converting a logic circuit model
Production of synthesis gas from a hydrocarbon containing formation
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation using a controlled heating rate
Method for performing wedge analysis for assessing wedge instabilities in underground openings
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using a relatively slow heating rat...
Method and apparatus for adjusting the quality of digital media
Custom character-coding compression for encoding and watermarking media content
Mobile IP authentication
Method for identifying betrayers of proprietary data
Radiation image readout method and apparatus
Breakfast cereal biscuit comprising waxy grain
Aseptic cream substitute
Shaped, center-filled confectionery products
Laminated plastic molded body
Microbe, microbial exopolysaccharide, and uses thereof
Combination regimens using progesterone receptor modulators
Coordinated application monitoring in a distributed computing environment
Embedded software update system
Determining browser type in an open Java environment
Mobile communication system with improved base station control
Method and apparatus for waveform measurement instrument
On-screen tools for eye diagram measurements
Virtual speech interface system and method of using same
Systems and methods for linking a graphical display and an n-dimensional data structure in a graphic...
Emulsion polymerization methods involving lightly modified clay and compositions comprising same
Photocurable composition, cured product and process for producing the same
Method and system for selecting content in a media stream
Method and device for measuring tissue oedema
Barstar gene
Adjuvant comprising a lipopolysaccharide antagonist
Magnetic resonance imaging method with adherence to SAR limits
Algorithm for resynchronizing a bit-sliced crossbar
3,5-di-iso-propyl-heptatrienoic acid derivatives having serum glucose reducing activity
Messaging API framework
Method for securing a headset
Process for producing female sterile plants
Shipping and display carton
Spray container device
Device and method for applying a product
Polymer polyol composition, process for producing the same, and process for producing polyurethane r...
Packaging and dispenser device enabling variable quantities to be dispensed
Cosmetic or dermatological composition comprising at least one alkynyl carbamate and at least one po...
Detergent for vitroceramic surfaces
Endothelial monocyte activating polypeptide II: a mediator which activates host response
Pigment dispersions containing styrenated and sulfated phenol alkoxylates
Water repellent textile finishes and method of making
Lazy compilation of template-generated classes in dynamic compilation execution environments
Substrate unit for optical head and method for manufacturing the same
Generating a key hieararchy for use in an isolated execution environment
Precise positioning of an object
Modular pet house
Method for making differential gloss coverings
Safety valve
System and method for cyclic carrier de-rotation for earliest time of arrival estimation in a wirele...
Approximate query processing using wavelets
Method of plasmid recovery and apparatus for doing so
Machine-tool with closed structure and ergonomic arrangement of parts of said machine-tool
Dental set plates
Low oxygen culturing of neural crest stem cells and methods of use
Surfactants that mimic the glycocalyx
All optical display with storage and IR-quenchable phosphors
Apparatus for supporting flags, banners and the like
Bleach stable toothpaste
Piperidine and pyrrolidine derivatives comprising a nitric oxide donor for treating stress
Fluorinated cyclopenta[b]naphthalenes and their use in liquid-crystal mixtures
Electrode assembly and method of using the same
Antimicrobially active acesulfame complexes, process for their preparation and their use
Process of producing a polarizer, polarizer, polarizing plate, and visual display
Glass reinforced nylon blend with improved knitline strength
E-Z nail lifter
High throughput assay system
Crossover fault classification for power lines with parallel circuits
Using transition time checks to determine noise problems on signal lines of an integrated circuit
Electro-optical device and electronic device
Epoxidation process using a supported niobium oxide catalyst
System for information on demand
Picture image forming apparatus with intermediate transfer belt trained around two rollers of differ...
Implantable multi-chamber cardiac stimulation device with sensing vectors
Database operation processor
Image scanning apparatus
Pyrrolidinone derivatives, their preparation and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
Iontophoresis system
Foam material comprising linear, isotactic polymers
Thermoplastic polyurethane-silicone elastomers
Fluidized bed methods for making polymers
Process for the polymerization of ethylene and interpolymers thereof
Brightness enhancement film
Waterproof radio enclosure
Receiving system having a plurality of frequency converters for use with a vehicle
Method and apparatus for stabilizing communication in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for streamlining in a communication system
Method and apparatus for selecting a base station
Portable radio transceiver having shared power source for audio and RF amplifiers
Liquid distributor internal baffling
Evaporator with air cooling backup
High impact communication and control system
Drop seal actuator
Sealing member and toner container provided with such a sealing member
Apparatus and method for treatment of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders using programmerle...
Lightweight, adjustable-height, axle
Weight sensor assembly with overload spring
Seat load measuring system with zero point-adjusting capability
Electric vehicle using a motor
Remote lock operation apparatus for light vehicle
Ultrasonic obstacle detector and method of assembling the same
Augmented system and methods for computing to support fractional contingent interests in property
Process and products produced thereby, apparatus, and articles of manufacture, for computerized conv...
Merchant owned, ISP-hosted online stores with secure data store
Smart card which temporarily stores transactions in non-secure memory and consolidates the transacti...
Methods and apparatus for securely conducting and authenticating transactions over unsecured communi...
Pulp and synthetic fiber absorbent composites for personal care products
Disposable sheet dispenser
Dispenser for multiple rolls of sheet material
Acoustical energy transfer component
Method of making a high utility tissue
Olefin plant recovery system employing a combination of catalytic distillation and fixed bed catalyt...
Branched peptide linkers
Human neuronal attachment factor-1
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Antibodies to human G-protein chemokine receptor HDGNR10 (CCR5receptor)
IBD-associated microbial nucleic acid molecules
Hydroprocessing using bulk group VIII/group vib catalysts
Method for post processing compensation of amplitude for misaligned and misstacked offset seismic da...
Method for time-aligning multiple offset seismic data volumes
Detection of human hepatitis B virus surface antigen mutants by specific amplification and its appli...
Fluorogenic or fluorescent reporter molecules and their applications for whole-cell fluorescence scr...
14189, a novel human kinase and uses thereof
Enzymes for the detection of specific nucleic acid sequences
Single-chain multiple antigen-binding molecule, its preparation and use
Substituted diphenyl heterocycles useful for treating HCV infection
Multi-layer network device in one telecommunications rack
Message sequencing for ordered multicasting of a message across a routing network
Lapping sensor for recording heads having guide element kept
Magnetic multilayered films with reduced magnetostriction
Read/write head assembly employing independent read/write shield-pairing and charge-clamped magnetor...
Spin-valve thin-film magnetic element suitable for track narrowing and thin-film magnetic head using...
Magnetic tunnel element and its manufacturing method, thin-film magnetic head, magnetic memory and m...
Method and apparatus for cache management for a digital VCR archive
Optical disc, a recorder, a player, a recording method, and a reproducing method that are all used f...
Dual-sided imaging element
Thermographic recording material with improved print archivability without loss in printability
Thermally imageable elements and processes for their use
Thermal dye transfer print bearing patterned overlayer and process for making same
System and method for treating process material
Additives for special effect appearances in plastic parts
Apparatus for coating metal strip
Rice-flour hydrolysates fat substitute
Thermoplastic monofilament fibers exhibiting low-shrink, high tenacity, and extremely high modulus l...
Lenticular lens card and method for manufacturing
Semiconductor-on-insulator thin film transistor constructions
Inbred maize line PH6ME
Inbred maize line NP2171
Inbred maize line PH87H
Interactive education system for teaching patient care
Redundant array control system for water rides
Method for providing customized interactive entertainment over a communications network
System and method for interactive game-play scheduled based on real-life events
Jet engine suspension
Apparatuses and methods for attaching engine nacelles to aircraft
Electromagnetic aircraft arrestor system
Store ejection system with replaceable pressure vessel
Guided parafoil system for delivering lightweight payloads
Method for observing and stabilizing electrodynamic tethers
Method and apparatus for conditioning coins prior to discrimination
Electronic throttle/brake control system for motorized wheel hub
Battery-powered walk-behind greensmower
Indexed, extensible, interactive document retrieval system
Putting training aid and calibration device
Golfing aid
Golf ball putting return apparatus
Adjustable glare shield for brim caps
Apparatus and method of dynamic inertial balance for golf clubs
Golf club swing aiding device
Golf club grip in combination with ball marker and divot repairer
Golf shoes
Shoe with level and method for determining grade
High speed melt spinning of fluoropolymer fibers
Polybenzazole fibers and their utilization
Golf shoe cleat
Display assembly for placement on clothing apparel
Device and method for nondestructive inspection on semiconductor device
Molecular wire crossbar flash memory
Perpendicular magnetic recording media and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
Chlamydia antigens and corresponding DNA fragments and uses thereof
Chlamydia antigens and corresponding DNA fragments and uses thereof
DNA immunization against chlamydia infection
Use of poxviruses as enhancer of specific immunity
Method to universally connect applications data streams to VRML content
Vertically expanding intervertebral body fusion device
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Bandaging system
Comprehensive pharmacologic therapy for treatment of obesity including cysteine
Programmable input range SAR ADC
Apparatus and method for contacting device with delicate light-transparent pane
Multistage electrophoresis apparatus and method of use for the separation and purification of cells,...
Polymorphic markers of prostate carcinoma tumor antigen-1(PCTA-1)
Shoe upper
Footwear structure with outsole bulges and midsole bladder
Changeable footwear
Footwear outsole
Footwear with integrated stitchdown/athletic bottom construction
Multi-dimensional galois field multiplier
Method and apparatus for automatic sending of E-mail and automatic sending control program supplying...
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for establishing communications between an adapter c...
Memory region based data pre-fetching
Capture file format system and method for a network analyzer
Code generation for a bytecode compiler
Methods to partially reduce a niobium metal oxide and oxygen reduced niobium oxides
Method and installation for carrying out a three phase chemical reaction under pressure
Operating states for fuel processor subsystems
Silicon oxide powder and making method