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Device for wireless transmission of a trigger signal
Method and apparatus for flat surface treatment
On-demand transfer case with controllable bi-directional overrunning clutch assembly
Remote lock operation apparatus for light vehicle
Motor-driven bicycle and brushless motor thereof
Control unit and control method for controlling vibration of an electric vehicle
Seat belt shifter lock system
Underhood electronic integration
Verbena plant named `Bodcompin`
Weak record locks in database query read processing
Distributed execution coordination for web caching with dynamic content
Cache memory management system and method
Multiprocessor environment supporting variable-sized coherency transactions
Interleaving read and write operations on a bus and minimizing buffering on a memory module in a com...
Method and apparatus for efficiently generating, storing, and consuming arithmetic flags between pro...
Preserving the content of a first register without affecting the content of a second register
Method for fast reinitialization wherein a saved system image of an operating system is transferred ...
Method and apparatus for implementing enhanced LBIST diagnostics of intermittent failures
Encryption keys for multiple drive fault tolerance
System and method for mapping bus addresses to memory locations utilizing access keys and checksums
DDR-II driver impedance adjustment control algorithm and interface circuits
System and method for input/output module virtualization and memory interleaving using cell map
Inter-signal proximity verification in an integrated circuit
Robust delay metric for RC circuits
Efficient data transfer during computing system manufacturing and installation
Light source device with discontinuous electrode contact portions and liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for cutting devices from conductive substrates secured during cutting by vacuum...
Structure and method for transverse field enhancement
Methods and systems for determining at least one characteristic of defects on at least two sides of ...
Digital image recording system
Bone-strengthening agents, food compositions for strengthening bone and feed compositions for streng...
Power assist vehicle
Methods and systems for computing singular value decompositions of matrices and low rank approximati...
Electrolytic composition with polymer base for electrochemical generator
Control handle for a material handling vehicle
Fluid product dispenser
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `Forever Young`
Fiber-coupled optical attenuator
Method for composing a dielectric layer within an interconnect structure of a multilayer semiconduct...
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 7`
Content addressable information encapsulation, representation, and transfer
Memory address checking in a proccesor that support both a segmented and a unsegmented address space
Method of and device for detecting pattern, method of and device for checking pattern, method of and...
Method and apparatus for virtually partitioning an integrated multilevel nonvolatile memory circuit
Convertible shoe
Method for producing plasma display panel and the plasma display panel
Contactor having contact electrodes formed by laser processing
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Vortex attractor with vanes attached to containing ring and backplate
Polycyclic, fused ring compounds, metal complexes and polymerization process
Active ion-doped waveguide-plasmon resonance sensor based on upconversion of active ions and imaging...
Method and apparatus for determining blood oxygen transport
High-frequency volume coil/surface coil arrangement for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Programmable interface controller suitable for spanning clock domains
Data processing control system, controller, data processing control method, program, and medium
Method for making X-ray anti-scatter grid
Livestock weighing and sorting apparatus
Hydraulic steering system
Method for producing fine monofilaments consisting of polypropylene, fine monofilaments consisting o...
Functional chitosan derivative
Anti-g pressure regulator for supplying breathable gas to a pilot's face mask and method
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery having a negative electrode containing carbon fibers and ca...
High-resolution photosensitive resin composition usable with i-line and method of forming pattern
Pump dispenser plug
Waterstop sealing material
Multimetal cyanide compounds, their preparation and their use
Battery charger
High solids slurry polymerization using heat exchange to condense the flashed diluent
Extensible speed wrench crowfoot wrench head
Device for generating RF signals at multiple frequencies
Multi-function machine having multifunctional cover
Road profile prediction
Device for operating discharge lamps
Methods and arrangements for providing multiple concurrent desktops and workspaces in a shared compu...
Integrated spectral encoder/decoder for optical CDMA communication system
Methods for HIV sequencing and genotyping
Causative agent of the mystery swine disease, vaccine compositions and diagnostic kits
Method and apparatus for communicating among a network of servers
Method of fabricating a magnetic transducer with a write head having a multi-layer coil
Thin permanent-magnet film and process for producing the same
Magnetic detecting element having .beta.-values selected for free magnetic layer and pinned magnetic...
Method and apparatus for dubbing a recording tape loaded with information
Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Magnetic recording process
Disk drive having a structure for preventing a front shutter from coming off from a main frame
Ruthenium as non-magnetic seedlayer for electrodeposition
Core center for magnetic disk
Wiring member of suspension for disc drive having electrically conductive substrate with slit betwee...
Enclosed piezoelectric microactuators coupled between head and suspension
Single domain state laminated thin film structure for use as a magnetic layer of a transducing head
Magnetic read head wherein the shields are used as electrical leads and have a minimized anisotropic...
Magnetic sensor with reduced wing region magnetic sensitivity
Dual spin-valve CCP type thin-film magnetic element with multi free layers
System and method for determining video clip boundaries for interactive custom video creation system
Data recording apparatus, data recording/reproducing apparatus, data recording method, and data reco...
Non-endogenous, constitutively activated known G protein-coupled receptors
Method for drying microstructure member
Continuous method and apparatus for separating polymer from a high pressure carbon dioxide fluid str...
Precise monitor etalon calibration technique
Semiconductor laser device and drive control method for a semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser device
Laser module
Controlling the extinction ratio of optical transmitters
Systems and a method for generating blue laser beam
White-light laser
Semiconductor laser
Integrated laser and electro-absorption modulator with improved extinction
Two-section distributed Bragg reflector laser
Circular laser
Tuning a laser
Laser module and optical subassembly
Laser housing having integral mounts and method of manufacturing same
Polished polyimide substrate
Optical lenses
Reconfigurable optical beamformer for simplified time steered arrays
Device for regenerating optical signs
Fractal jean manufacturing
Rough terrain tire
Light weight golf ball
Method of arranging cyclic patterns in tire tread
Pneumatic tire including blocks each provided with cut-slope
Paper feeding roller
Bias tire with specified tread rubber loss tangent
Metallic cord and carcass ply of pneumatic tire including same
Core bar for rubber crawler and rubber crawler
Wireless event-recording device with identification codes
Three-piece solid golf ball
Solid golf ball
Method of molding elastomeric article
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Underlay structure for increased crown stiffening
Precision longitudinal registration of tire building drum to automated tire building system work sta...
Tire tread
Pneumatic tire having an overlay reinforcement
Cold environment endless rubber track and vehicle containing such track
Dual chamber orifice mixer and method of use
Process for synthesizing functionalized styrene monomer
Water sources for automotive devices
Fuel processor thermal management system
Large size single crystal seed crystal fabrication by intergrowth of tiled seed crystals
System for NOx reduction in exhaust gases
Co-shift device
Method for producing crystalline, zeolitic solid matter
Positive electrode active material, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell and method for preparatio...
Photolithographic element blank calcium strontium fluoride UV transmitting mixed fluoride crystal wi...
Grain oriented ceramics, thermoelectric conversion element and production process thereof
Exchanged zeolites X, in particular exchanged with lithium, their process of preparation and their u...
Method and apparatus for compressing and storing image data
Protective membrane for reconfiguring a workpiece
Phosphate based biodegradable polymers
Method and apparatus for provisioning a soft switch
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information for subscribers that inte...
Sequential calling system with prioritization of the last dialed telephone number
Call management implemented using call routing engine
Apparatus for providing data to switching elements in a communications system
Method and apparatus for bypassing the common control and switch matrix of a digital switching syste...
Call routing from manual to automated dialog of interactive voice response system
Folding portable telephone apparatus
Portable telephone
Mobile communication system
System for associating user selectable information in wireless devices
Telecommunication equipment with at least one storage location reserved for operator-managed data an...
Mobile communication terminal with unanswered incoming-call notifying function
Communication system for telephone
Keyboard with multiple indicia sets
Oscillator providing waveform having dynamically continuously variable waveshape
Evnironment information server
Method and apparatus for implementing timers for enterprise javabean components
System and methodology providing automated selection adjustment for refactoring
General purpose interpreter and database for accessing enterprise servers over an internet protocol ...
Measuring maximum memory requirement of an application at any point through continuous use of garbag...
Utilization of information "push" technology
Automatic teleconferencing control system
Pre-loading of web pages corresponding to designated links in HTML
Accessing network databases
Method and apparatus for content personalization over a telephone interface
System and method for network log-on by associating legacy profiles with user certificates
Method and system for retrieving documents via an electronic data file
Method and reactor for production of aluminum by carbothermic reduction of alumina
Casting material for indefinite rollers with sleeve part and method for producing the same
Yttrium modified amorphous alloy
Shaped part made of an intermetallic gamma titanium aluminide material, and production method
Internal beam buoyancy system for offshore platforms
Gutterless drainage system
Method of in situ soil remediation for volatile organic contaminants
Soybean variety XB10G03
Soybean variety XB29X03
Antisense oligonucleotide modulation of raf gene expression
Hybrid maize plant & seed 38T27
Inbred maize line PH5TG
Plants and seeds of corn variety 1501150
Plants and seeds of corn variety I390186
Microfluidic apparatus with integrated porous-substrate/sensor for real-time (bio)chemical molecule ...
Purification process for large scale production of Gc-globulin, the Gc-globulin produced hereby, a u...
Peptide inhibitor of TGF-.beta. growth factors
Hormone receptor compositions and methods
Methods of enhancing functional performance of nucleic acid arrays
pH dependent ion exchange matrix and method of use in the isolation of nucleic acids
OAR polynucleotides, polypeptides and their use in PHA production in plants
Soybean cultivar S010345
Soybean cultivar S010354
Soybean variety XB38D03
Method, system and holder for transferring templates during imprint lithography processes
Universal surveillance camera holder and adaptor
Image capture device door mechanism
Focal-plane shutter for cameras
System and method for digital film development using visible light
Electrostatic actuator and camera module using the same
Battery holder
Optical system with shutter assembly having an integral shutter-mounted actuator
Verbena plant named `Bodcompur`
Method and apparatus for selective and quantitative rights management
Light source device and liquid crystal display device
On-chip resistance to increase total equivalent series resistance
Apparatus and method for mobile communications
III nitride compound semiconductor element an electrode forming method
Array containing charge storage and dummy transistors and method of operating the array
Blueprint caddy
Injection molding polymer
Steering wheel position compensating apparatus in steering apparatus
Navigation system, hand-held terminal, data transfer system and programs executed therein
Mixtures of Bayesian networks
Polymeric solid electrolyte and lithium secondary cell using the same
Watermarks for customer identification
Lead-free tin-silver-copper alloy solder composition
Delivery of diazepam through an inhalation route
Ocular aerosol goggles
Database system with methodology for distributing query optimization effort over large search spaces
Motion object video on film detection and adaptive de-interlace method based on fuzzy logic
Catalyst for exhaust gas purification, process for producing the same, and method of purifying exhau...
Computer readable program product, game control method, and video game system
Garment integrated multi-chambered personal flotation device or life jacket
Peach tree named "Sugarpeach"
Intravaginal devices containing progesterone for estrus synchronization and related processes
Method and apparatus for monitoring integrated circuit fabrication
Electrochemical biosensor test strip, fabrication method thereof and electrochemical biosensor
Solid materials for removing metals and fabrication method
Display system enabling dynamic specification of a movie's temporal evolution
Methods and apparatus for facilitating security in a network
Stereoscopic imaging apparatus and method
Hydrangea hybrid plant named `Sweet Carol`
Processor, method and apparatus with descriptor table storing segment descriptors of varying size
Decoupling capacitance estimation and insertion flow for ASIC designs
Disconnecting a device on a cache line boundary in response to a write command
High speed selective mirroring of cached data
Manufacture of footwear
Plasma display panel
Movable barrier operator
Human kinase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Combined sign and parking meter
Process of parallel sample preparation
Dry clouding agent for dry beverage mixes and method for manufacture thereof
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
Recovery path designing circuit, method and program thereof
Branched substituted amino derivatives of 3-amino-1-phenyl-1h-[1,2,4]triazol, methods for producing ...
Image forming apparatus
Ultrasound quality inspection of avian eggs
Device for accommodating cartridge storage device and disk recording or playback apparatus
Three-ply absorbent paper product and method of making
Poppet valve with heater
Method and apparatus for retrieving multimedia data using shape information
Method and system for parsing section data
High speed laser scan module with folded beam path
Method and system for information retrieval based on parts of speech conditions
Chuck with additional cutting elements
Hydraulic valve system
Use of lamellar crystallites as extreme pressure additives in aqueous lubricants, lamellar crystalli...
Method of transluminal application of myogenic cells for repair or replacement of heart tissue
Photosensitizers with ligand targeting properties for tumor therapy
2-deoxyglucose-6-phosphate (2-DOG-6-P) phosphatase DNA sequences as selection marker in plants
Container time indicator
Selective antagonists of A2B adenosine receptors
Optical and electrical systems and apparatuses including line interface assemblies and methods of op...
Process for preparing (metal) alkylphosphonites I
Optical pic-kup
Amine organoborane complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Mouthwash dispenser
Medical adhesive tape or sheet, and first-aid adhesive tape
Electrochromic device and novel electrochromic compounds
Low internal impedance current pool for a charging/discharging device
Combined hand scraper and brush
Coordination complexes, and methods for preparing by combinatorial methods, assaying and using the s...
Plausibility checking of voltage transformers in substations
Digital true random number generator circuit
Light-emitting body, light emitting device and light-emitting display
Alternator testing method and system using ripple detection
Evaluation of tumor angiogenesis using magnetic resonance imaging
Image forming unit and image forming apparatus
System for reducing signal disturbances in ECG, which disturbances are caused by cardio-pulmonary re...
Stabilized pharmaceutically effective composition and pharmaceutical formulation comprising the same
Data distribution system and data distribution method
Lamp monitoring and control system and method
Method and system of an application program interface for abstracting network traffic control compon...
Method and a device for maintaining the performance quality of a code-division multiple access syste...
2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine derivatives, process for preparing them and their uses
Process for the preparation of aniline-derived thyroid receptor ligands
Humidifying apparatus for fuel cell
Materials and methods for improved bone tendon bone transplantation
Field effect transistor with gate layer and method of making same
Process for preparing leflunomide form I
Triple array defibrillation catheter and method of using the same
Use of a dihydrochalcone-rich phenolic fraction in a cosmetic treatment
Sample-and-hold amplifier circuit and pipelined A/D and D/A converters using sample hold amplificati...
Coated substrates for computer printers
Sealing mechanism
Cylinder for a twin-screw extruder with a helical channel of varying depth
Compression formed connector for a composite conductor assembly used in transmission line installati...
Feed supplement for livestock
Separator for solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell and process for producing the same
ABS molding materials with enhanced working properties
Method of shared erotic experience and facilities for same
Demand data distribution system
Storage structure for sailplanes and small aircraft
Variable-lift dirigeable balloon
Aircraft landing gear with highly offset strut pivot axis
Device for mooring an aircraft
Multiple-position seat
Pneumatic parachute riser control
Alternate methods of parachute construction
Surface plasma discharge for controlling leading edge contamination and crossflow instabilities for ...
Electronic dart golf game
Adjustable golf putting practice device
Target for a rolled ball
Golf swing training aid
Golf swing training apparatus, and method of using same
Magnetic memory
Tv rf switching system
Method and apparatus for partial and course frequency offset estimation in a digital audio broadcast...
Method and system for billing remote calls as if made from a primary line
Exchange and telephone exchange system
Object recognition using binary image quantization and hough kernels
Clustering method for rosette scan imges
Optical switching system, optical switch, and electro-optical mechanical device
Subsurface fibre optic cable network installation
Communication and presence spanning multiple access networks
Radio terminal and information reception control method suitable for push type information distribut...
Electric field sensor
Sewer flow monitoring method and system
Aircraft identification and docking guidance systems
Methods and systems for providing random access to structured media content
Scheme for managing nodes connected to a home network according to their physical locations
Method and apparatus for maintaining order in a queue by combining entry weights and queue weights
Managing a data storage array, a data storage system, and a raid controller
Method and apparatus for providing diagnosis of a processor without an operating system boot
Processor-controlled mixture with weight sensors
Instant messaging system using voice enabled web based application server
Method for doing business with collision centers
Real-time positioning internet protocol method and apparatus
Scalable real-time quality of service monitoring and analysis of service dependent subscriber satisf...
Gateway for internet telephone
Method and system for providing data communication with a mobile station
Computer, internet and telecommunications based network
System and method for providing telephony services to remote subscribers
Method and apparatus for integrated wireless communications in private and public network environmen...
Process and an apparatus for preparation of petroleum hydrocarbon solvent with improved color stabil...
Method for recovering pigments from algal cultures
Lube base oils with improved stability
Substituted polycyclic, fused ring compounds, metal complexes and polymerization process
Synthesis of condensed phases containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons fullerenes and nanotubes
Free fall and game simulator
Erasable graphic panel
Pharmaceutical delivery system for vitamin C and vitamin E and use of a combination of vitamin C and...
Multiple unit controlled food effect-independent release pharmaceutical preparations and method for ...
Therapeutic fractions of sources of HCG
Food products containing polyphenol(s) and L-arginine to stimulate nitric oxide
Method for the application of hydrophobic chemicals to tissue webs
HIV envelopolype peptides
Fluorescent capture assay for kinase activity employing an anti-phosphotyrosine antibody as both the...
Ubiquinone composition and methods related thereto
Use of bacterial extracts of the pseudomonadaceae family as cosmetic agents
Methods for compositions for in vivo gene delivery
Disposable wash cloth and method of using
Method of treating pain
Hyaluronic Acid in soft gel form
Opioid analgesic
Proliferous copolymer of vinyl pyrrolidone and vinyl acetate
Methods and compositions for inducing autoimmunity in the treatment of cancers
Stable polymer aqueous/aqueous emulsion system and uses thereof
Portable sign
Collapsible dog toy
Toy driving simulator
Electrically conductive block toy
Inflatable expanding doll
Scented doll with the appearance of an aged person
Directionally adjustable turkey pan call
Spring powered car with lockout mechanism
Skateboard simulator
Personal water craft
System and method for reducing or eliminating sailboat heeling
Modular floating swim platform
Contour stern flap
Hydrofoil system for lifting a boat partially out of water an amount sufficient to reduce drag
Finger pinch guard for handrails
Liquid natural gas transfer station
Nanotweezers and nanomanipulator
Web-based method and system for managing account receivables
Trusted and anonymous system and method for sharing threat data to industry assets
Parking regulation enforcement system
Automated, electronic network based, project management server system
System and method for converting a stored value card to a credit card
Prepaid card payment system and method for electronic commerce
Method and apparatus for automated management and display of booking status
Electronic payment process and system for implementing this process
Baggage transportation security system
Method for analyzing product information
Method and apparatus for remote commerce with customer anonymity
Support system for making decisions on medical treatment plans or test plans
Lobe mixer for jet engine
Engine cover
Apparatus and method for selecting viewers' profile in interactive TV
Panic button IP device
Dynamic private network
Necklace and bracelet pendant-clasp
Linear actuator
Data access component providing transparent access to a plurality of medical imaging databases
Light emitting device addressed spatial light modulator
Wireless communication apparatus for portable electronic devices
Process for removing mercury from liquid hydrocarbon
Free-space optical communications with partially coherent beams
Adjustable offset differential amplifier
Cobalamin conjugates useful as antitumor agents
Passenger entertainment system, method and article of manufacture employing object oriented system s...
Security label having security element and method of making same
TV program usage information setting method and apparatus using the same
Apparatus and method of controlling a microwave oven
Recipient selection of information to be subsequently delivered
Animated toy utilizing artificial intelligence and fingerprint verification
Memory device
Method of robust semiconductor circuit products design using rational robust optimization
Fe-Ni-Cr- based alloy strip having improved press-formability and used for electrode of electron gun
Delivery of sumatriptan, frovatriptan or naratriptan through an inhalation route
Method and device for detecting and identifying bio-aerosol particles in the air
Method and system for determining and graphically representing frame classification rule relationshi...
Sol-gel processing with inorganic metal salt precursors
Long-term feed for aquatic animals
Automatic and selective assignment of channels to recipients of voice chat data
Information retrieval system with a search assist server
Sports playing surfaces for realistic game play
Calla lily plant named `Hot Lips`
Transdermal administration of ACE inhibitors
Process for stabilizing the optical output power of light-emitting diodes and laser diodes
Performance of integrated circuit components via a multiple exposure technique
Compounds and methods for modulating adhesion molecule function
Preparation of hydrophobic organic aeorgels
Systems and methods for performing clock gating checks
Illumination device and photographing apparatus having the same
Miniature rose plant `EVERgreen`
Secreted protein HBJFE12
Processor which overrides default operand size for implicit stack pointer references and near branch...
Planocentric disc recliner
Method of modulating factor D, factor H and CD4 cell immune response with a polystyrene sulfonate, a...
Method and system for fusing a spinal region
Method and apparatus for improved interaction with an application program according to data types an...
System for removing and replacing core I/O hardware in an operational computer system
Using digital signatures to validate trading and streamline settlement of financial transaction work...
Knowledge tree medical enablement
Apparatus and method for providing a cyclic buffer using logical blocks
High activity carbenium-activated polymerization catalysts
Apparatus and method for driving plasma display panel
Computer assisted learning system, storage server used for computer assisted learning system and com...
Speaker and speaker device
Device for atomizing and granulating liquid slags
Retention mechanism for heating coil of high temperature diffusion furnace
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Electroactive polymer rotary motors
Coordinated robot control from multiple remote instruction sources
Content provider system
Digital signature system
Method and apparatus for measuring fiber properties
Method for preparing of weatherability thermoplastic resin
Methods and materials relating to alpha-2-macroglobulin-like polypeptides and polynucleotides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Plastic mailbox
Individually addressable micro-electromagnetic unit array chips
Authentication system and methodology
Objective lens driving mechanism in optical storage device
Process for polymerizing ethylene, higher alpha-olefin comonomer and dienes, especially vinyl norbor...
Increased computer peripheral throughput by using data available withholding
Passive radar detector for dualizing missile seeker capability
Surface features of an implantable medical device
Methods of formatting data to maximize the readability and the amount of song identification informa...
Method of soliciting a user to input survey data at an electronic commerce terminal
Method and apparatus for combining gene predictions using bayesian networks
Immunodulatory complex and use thereof in helicobacter diseases
Use of fatty alcohol in a perfume composition
Ceramic reinforcement members for MRI devices
Method for DNA mixture analysis
Method for controlling the speed and distance of a motor vehicle
Apparatus and method for performing an instant copy of data based on a dynamically changeable virtua...
Method and system for on-line unsupervised adaptation in speaker verification
Method for preparing a CsX photostimulable phosphor and phosphor screens therefrom
Sign support for retail merchandising shelves
Method and apparatus for electrostatically depositing a medicament powder upon predefined regions of...
Golf balls including a layer with reinforced fibers and methods for forming such golf balls
Toothbrush with oppositely reciprocating brush heads
Method of processing a semiconductor wafer
Cleaning tool
Musical tone generating apparatus, plucked string instrument, performance system, electronic musical...
Probe opening fabricating apparatus, and near-field optical microscope using the same
Semiconductor circuit having an input protection circuit
Matrix type ultrasonic probe and method of manufacturing the same
Material for shadow mask, method for production thereof, shadow mask and image
Method for generating a fault signal in a voltage regulator and corresponding control circuitry for ...
Imaging system with memory and control system
Image forming apparatus and image processing apparatus including the same
Inverter device and current limiting method therefor
Input distribution type packet switch network and an input distribution type packet switch
Process for preparing a catalyst support for polymerization of .alpha.-olefins, and support thus obt...
Method and system for link level server/switch trunking
System providing for multiple virtual circuits between two network entities
Methods and apparatus for controlling a fuser
Bus access arbitration based on workload
Coherent memory mapping tables for host I/O bridge
Integrated helix coil inductor on silicon
Simulatneous dual polarization radar system
Antenna unit and communication device including same
Ultra low cost position and status monitoring using fiber optic delay lines
Digital recording apparatus non-influenced by recording data rate and low frequency cut-off, and enh...
Isolated drive circuitry used in switch-mode power converters
Speaker apparatus
Electroacoustic transducer
Speaker capable to playback in wide frequency range
Antenna for miniature implanted medical device
Selective ring-opening cross-metathesis of cycloolefins
Data recording medium, data recording apparatus and method, and data reproducing apparatus and metho...
Set of cutlery
Motion controlling apparatus and method and remote controlling apparatus and method for legged mobil...
Carrying cases having amusement features
Triangular pyramid type cube-corner retroreflective element
Emergency floatation jacket
Ostomy coupling
Spinneret hole configuration for preventing bending of bicomponent extrudate
Water-and oil-repellency imparting urethane oligomers comprising perfluoroalkyl moieties
Process for producing a tetrafluoroethylene polymer having high strength
Cellulose acetates and process for producing the cellulose acetates
Removing color aliasing artifacts from color digital images
Method of manufacturing an article
Wireless communication system and method of controlling same
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for hierarchically encoding and decoding an image
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for compensating for irregular recording material
Image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridges
Communication apparatus capable of connecting information processing apparatus
Data communication system and node, and method of using the system and the node
Apparatus and process for conditioning organic fluid
Combinational strategy for identification of biological agents
Methods and systems for spatial processing
High volume uplink in a broadband satellite communications system
Trunked radio repeater communication system including home channel aliasing and call grouping
Electromedical implant
Synchronization circuit for read paths of an electronic memory
Systems and methods for transmitting bursty-asnychronous data over a synchronous link
Modem control
Two step memory device command buffer apparatus and method and memory devices and computer systems u...
Sincalide formulations
Computer housing
Biodegradable machine tool coolant
Event data protection method for a flash programmable microprocessor-based control module
Tide staff system
Lock system
Correction data signal diplexing onto the AM band
System and method for the detection and compensation of radio signal time of arrival errors
System for collecting and storing email addresses with associated descriptors in a bookmark list in ...
Computing system and method for migrating a mobile computing environment
Method and apparatus for improving efficiency of operation of a hard disk drive by deferring command...
Firewall providing enhanced network security and user transparency
Method of stopping an operation, maintaining the network connection of the data terminal, and warnin...
External storage apparatus and control apparatus thereof, and data transmission reception apparatus
Working method of bar block and manufacturing method of thin-film magnetic head
Air conditioning systems for vehicles, vehicles comprising such air conditioning systems, and method...
Multistage compressor unit and method for regulating such multistage compressor unit
Variable-delivery, fixed-displacement pump
Port cover for protecting not only a port of a compressor but also a pipe fixing portion thereof
Motor mounting structure
Oil supplying apparatus for opposed type reciprocating compressor
Suction valve assembly of compressor
System for analyzing surface characteristics with self-calibrating capability
Overlay measurements using zero-order cross polarization measurements
Method and apparatus for image processing capable of efficiently performing a gray-scale correction
Power ratchet wrench
Acoustic ejection of fluids from a plurality of reservoirs
Liquid-jet head and liquid-jet apparatus
Device manufacturing-related apparatus, gas purge method, and device manufacturing method
Fiber optic sensing instrument and system with fiber of adjustable optical path length and method of...
Wollaston prism phase-stepping point diffraction interferometer and method
Method for producing highly accurate frequency and FM of a laser
Optical interference filter having parallel phase control elements
Electronic component and method for manufacturing the same
Speaker apparatus and electronic apparatus having speaker apparatus enclosed therein
Optical switch
Dynamic laser printer scanning alignment using a torsional hinge mirror
Optical switch
Bipolar operation of light-modulating array
Multilayer hinge structures for micro-mirror arrays in projection displays
Fresnel lens for use with rear projection display
Various methods and apparatuses for a tunable chromatic dispersion compensator
Wide-band tunable optical filter using electroholograms written into photorefractive crystals
Interference filter fabrication
Tunable high-frequency capacitor
Laser beam delivery system with trepanning module
Connection verification for all-optical cross-connects by signal cross-correlation
Membrane for micro-electro-mechanical switch, and methods of making and using it
Frequency tunable resonant scanner
Respiratory humidification system
Heat exchanger for the evaporation of water from pond liquid and method therefor
Ceiling panel structure for a ceiling-mounted air-conditioning apparatus or the like
Fin with elongated hole and heat pipe with elongated cross section
Flat type heat pipe with opening
Method for assembling the plates of a plate pack and resulting plate pack
Swage method for cooling pipes
Temperature control system for a workpiece chuck
Refrigerator quick chill and thaw control methods and apparatus
Personal cooling system for shipboard firefighters
Heat dissipation apparatus
WDM add/drop multiplexer module
Method and means for miniaturization of binary-fluid heat and mass exchangers
Apparatus for producing hydrogen
Rotating wave dust separator
Method of manufacturing rigid polyurethane foam material, method of manufacturing refrigerator, and ...
Process for the purification of mixtures of toluenediisocyanate
Electrodeless lamp and lamp bulb therefor
Movable-body apparatus, optical deflector, and method of fabricating the same
Noninvasive continuous blood pressure measuring apparatus and a method of noninvasively measuring co...
Multiphase synchronous buck converter with improved output current sharing
Optical information recording medium
Detection of glucose in solutions also containing an alpha-hydroxy acid or a beta-diketone
Chemical amplification type photoresist composition, method for producing a semiconductor device usi...
Compositions and methods for polynucleotide sequence determination
Photoimageable composition
Fluorous tagging compounds and methods of use thereof
Footwear sole
Cushioning system for footwear and related method of manufacture
Shoe and method for decorating
Enhanced video programming system and method for incorporating and displaying retrieved intergrated ...
Method and apparatus for rapid tomographic measurements of the electrical conductivity distribution ...
Fusion of multiple imaging planes for isotropic imaging in MRI and quantitative image analysis using...
Whey protein retarder
Lithium disilicate glass-ceramics
Method of use of quinolone compounds against pneumococcal and haemophilus bacteria
Device for maintaining an electronic card in a reading device
Dynamic phoneme dictionary for speech recognition
Electromechanical actuator
Method and apparatus for processing a sound signal
Speed-based open-loop start-up method for brushless DC motor
Passive magnetic position sensor
Switchgear for low-voltage switching units with a linearly displaceable contact support
Methods and apparatus for enabling a non-DID station of a PBX or MLTS to receive a PSAP call back
Real-time object-oriented database for TAPI service providers
Method and apparatus for overload-free driving of an actuator
Method for reducing average current consumption in duty-cycled RF systems
Method and apparatus for connecting circuit boards for a sensor assembly
Method for transmitting data via a number of interfaces
Frequency phase detector for differentiating frequencies having small phase differences
Exposure apparatus and pressure correction method
Projection exposure apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
System and method for transmitting compressed frame headers in a multiprotocal data transmission net...
Apparatus and method of detecting interfaces between well fluids
Silicon wafer and method for manufacture thereof, and method for evaluation of silicon wafer
ZnO/sapphire substrate and method for manufacturing the same
System for controlling right of access to a vehicle
Invader detector and controller
Electrical system for detecting and correcting loss of vehicle control caused by wheel slipping
Incident-aware vehicular sensors for intelligent transportation systems
Navigation device and navigation method
Adjustment of vehicle-implement trajectories to compensate for lateral implement offset
Electronic apparatus and data recording method in electronic apparatus
Vehicle-mounted information device
Data-driven software architecture for digital sound processing and equalization
Automatic locating system for a vehicle crash pad and a method thereof
Encapsulation of an organic electro-luminescence element for a display device and method thereof
Electroluminescent (EL) waveform
Apparatus for driving light-emitting display
Apparatus and method for controlling automatic adjustment of power supply of display panel driving s...
Method and system for emulating an HTTP server through a broadcast carousel
Valve timing control system for an internal combustion engine
Valve mechanism, in particular for internal combustion engines
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Communication device with forwarding database having a trie search facility
Method and apparatus for discovering knowledge gaps between problems and solutions in text databases
Information processor, processing method therefor, and program storage medium
Method for automatically finding frequently asked questions in a helpdesk data set
Non-blocking parallel band join algorithm
Arrangement for automatic setting of programmable devices and materials therefor
Master medium cleaning method
Method for generating a watermark on a photo picture using a thermal printer
Network switching architecture utilizing cell based and packet based per class-of-service head-of-li...
Integrated circuit that processes communication packets with co-processor circuitry to correlate a p...
Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, data processing system, storage medium, ...
Method and system using renormalized pixels for public key and compressed images watermarks on print...
Relating to watermarks
Electronic watermark detection apparatus and method
Equipment employing watermark-based authentication function
Detecting information hidden out-of-phase in color channels
Hyaluronic acid derivative based cell culture and biodegradable three-dimensional matrix
Network system for transmitting overwritten portion of client side node cache image to server site t...
Content addressable memory having sections with independently configurable entry widths
Encoded-data database for fast queries
Filter for checking for duplicate entries in database
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with leveling of a surface of a semiconductor film th...
UV water disinfector
Vaporizable gelled composition
Process and device for the manufacture of mouldings and mouldings manufactured in accordance with th...
Ink for ink jet recording, method of producing ink for ink jet recording, and ink jet recording meth...
Process for the production of aqueous polymer dispersions
Acid catalyzed copolymerization of water and epoxy resin and uses thereof
Thermal imaging system
Thickeners for aqueous dispersions
Method for depositing an adhesion/barrier layer to improve adhesion and contact resistance
Multi-channel microfluidic chip for electrospray ionization
Solid sensor
Multi-layered macromolecules and methods for their use
Radiation curable adhesive
Moisture curable polyurethane and/or epoxy resin composition and storage stabilizer contained therei...
Automatically generating embroidery designs from a scanned image
Preparation of lithographic printing plates
Moisture curable hot melt sealants for glass constructions
Method and apparatus for detecting pipeline address conflict using compare of byte addresses
System for controlling a switchmode power supply in a computer system by first coarsely and then fin...
Coordinating protocol for a multi-processor system
High performance battery backed ram interface
Error condition handling
Write clock and data window tuning based on rank select
Electronic device and its repairing method
Method of characterizing an electronic device having unbalanced ground currents
Process for layout of memory matrices in integrated circuits
Depopulated programmable logic array
Methods and compositions for detecting signals in binding assays using microparticles
Memory cell sensing system and method
Sequence characterized amplified region (SCAR) test for the authentication of traditional Chinese me...
Polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase and gene encoding the same enzyme
Polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase and gene encoding the same enzyme
Protein glycosylation modification in Pichia pastoris
NPY-Y7 receptor gene
RPTP-.beta. antibodies
Nonaqueous electrolytes based on organosilicon ammonium derivatives for high-energy power sources
Tetherless neuromuscular disrupter gun with liquid-based capacitor (liquid dielectric)
Medication delivery system having selective automated or manual discharge
Aerosol spray can with pressure reducing valve
Method of fabricating a GRIN fiber
Controlled collapse of depressed index optical fiber preforms
Method and apparatus for video frame selection for improved coding quality at low bit-rates
Automatic generation and regeneration of a covering test case set from a model
Integrated circuit fault insertion system
Gift card form and method of fabrication
Label Applicator Construction
Methods and products employing biometrics and steganography
Biodiesel sulfur slurry
Method for maintaining or improving skin health
Curable composition comprising a photochromic compound
Storage apparatus
Flexible variation of haptic interface resolution
Method and apparatus for treating diaper rash
Portable scent delivery system
Process for maintaining fragrance perception in the presence of an absorbent material
Hard way true odds craps
Card game
Bad beat video poker game feature
Marketing lottery card and on line marketing method using the same
Entry ticket in the system of numerical games of chance and method of completing the said ticket
Method and system for network processor scheduling based on calculation
Organ preservation system including articles comprising a super-coolable composition having long-dur...
Method for cutting a member to form a desired structure
Optical storage medium, optical storage method; optical storage apparatus, optical reading method, o...
Use of softproofing to assist in the rendering of images of unknown colorimetry
Printer and its control method for creating link information between a transfer data position and a ...
Printer, data processing apparatus, data transmitting apparatus, print control apparatus, printing s...
Toner processes
Single and multiple layer packaging of high-speed/high-density ICs
PWM/linear driver for an electromagnetic load
Compact, shared route lookup table for a fiber channel switch
Method for providing telephonic services
Multi-layer barrier preventing wood pest access to wooden structures
MEMs switching circuit and method for an implantable medical device
Apparatus for multiplexing two surface plasma resonance channels onto a single linear scanned array
Light-emitting devices
Organic electroluminescence device
Organic electroluminescent device
Light emissive materials incorporating quinolinolato metal complexes
Organic electroluminescent device
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus, photoreceptor therefor and method for manufacturing the...
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Process using self-organizable polymer
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Organic electroluminescent display device and method for packaging the same
Integration of organic light-emitting components into the keyboard of an electronic device
Method of producing complex oxide thin-film and production apparatus
Process for producing a surface layer
EL device
Polymer and light emitting element using the same
Organic EL element and organic EL display
Catalytic composition for the upgrading of hydrocarbon mixtures
Method and apparatus for processing three-dimensional structure, method for producing three-dimensio...
Piezoelectric element and method of manufacturing same
Abrasive particles, abrasive articles, and methods of making and using the same
Geranium plant named `Fisblipur`
Waterborne thermosetting compositions containing alternating copolymers of isobutylene type monomers
Methods to identify modulators of the mevalonate pathway in sterol synthesis
Method for identifying endocrine disruptors and kit for carrying out the same
Imidazo[1,3,5]triazinones and the use thereof
Purine inhibitors of protein kinases, G proteins and polymerases
Water-swellable hot-melt-type adhesive
System and method for vehicle axle load measurement with hysteresis compensation and acceleration fi...
Processor with register file accessible by row column to achieve data array transposition
Organic light emitting diode and organic luminescent materials thereof
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Package form and method of making a package
Method and apparatus for adapting a miniature form-factor connector to a standard format fiber optic...
Electrical connector for opto-electronic modules
Transparent aqueous compositions comprising hydrophobic silicone oils
Process for optically erasing charge buildup during fabrication of an integrated circuit
Optically controlled MEM switches
Scintillator for electron microscope and method of making
Laser beam scanner having an optical path adjustment system
Optical test structure for measuring charge-transfer efficiency
Device for measuring spatial distribution of the spectral emission of an object
Signal delay apparatus, leakage signal removing apparatus and information processing apparatus
Efficient fiber-semiconductor tunable laser source
Optical Head
Wireless optical system for multidirectional high bandwidth communications
Signal noise reduction using magnitude-domain spectral subtraction
Circuit breaker including independent link to operating handle
Method and device for irradiating ions in an ion cyclotron resonance trap with photons and electrons
Magnetic transfer method to prevent dropout of servo signal
Electrochemical double layer capacitor having carbon powder electrodes
Apparatus and method for continuous speech recognition on a PCMCIA card
Device for firearms and firearm
Method of administering first-aid in a vehicle
System and method for neutralization of mines using robotics and penetrating rods
Sponson tow plate-mounted helicopter armament apparatus and associated methods
Conveyor roller bearing housing
Sliding bearing
Sliding element, sliding structure including the sliding element, and method for producing microscop...
Longitudinal plunging unit having a material with a uniform wall thickness
Composite shims having a laminate structure
Seal end plate
Linear rolling bearing
Lace-up tightening device for an article of footwear, and an article of footwear equipped with such ...
Plasma display device and method for controlling the same
Measuring system for optically determining concentration of turbid liquid samples
Response and data phases in a highly pipelined bus architecture
Method and apparatus for detecting and recovering from errors in a source synchronous bus
Multidimensional method and system for statistical process control
System and method for gathering and analyzing database performance statistics
Method and apparatus for heating nonwoven webs
Preservation of paper and textile materials
Thermosetting electroconductive paste for electroconductive bump use
Interlayers for laminated safety glass with superior de-airing and laminating properties and process...
Polymeric bearing with elastomer
Plant branched-chain amino acid biosynthetic enzymes
Process for crosslinking of ethylene/acrylic ester copolymers
Copolymerization of olefins
Segmented induction electric machine with interdigitated disk-type rotor and stator construction
Color sample holder to enhance repeatability of instrumental color readings
Use of plastic films for printing with organic inks in an inkjet process
Methods for the deposition of high-K films and high-K films produced thereby
Polyvinyl acetal composition roller brush with abrasive outer surface
Solid compositions for selective adsorption from complex mixtures
Temperature stabilization of dielectric resonator
Catalyst for removing dioxin and preparation method thereof
Process for the preparation of 3,3-dimethylbutanal
Substrate for reflection type liquid crystal display element
Non-thermoplastic starch fibers and starch composition for making same
Process for preparing quinolone antibiotic intermediates
Digital electrode observation
Bile acids conjugates with metal ion chelates and the use thereof
Nucleic acids encoding modified parathyroid hormone
Method of estimating system dynamics by subsystem transfer function testing
Treatment of neuropathic pain or fibromyalgia
Method of and apparatus for automatically coating the human body
Photostabilizers, UV absorbers, and methods of photostabilizing a sunscreen composition
Emulsifier-free finely dispersed systems of the water-in-oil type
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Dye-forming coupler, silver halide photographic light-sensitive material, and method for producing a...
Laundry detergent compositions with fabric enhancing component
Toner compounds and compositions for black offset inks
Pomegranate fruit extract compositions for treating dermatological disorders
Colored rubber composition for a tire
Specialized hollow fiber membranes for in-vivo plasmapheresis and ultrafiltration
Cooling fan system for a vehicle with fuel cell propulsion
Hydrogen supply system for fuel cell
Moisture absorbing/releasing and heat generating inner cloth and method of producing it and moisture...
Aqueous polymeric emulsion compositions and their use for the sizing of paper
Photoresist compositions comprising blends of photoacid generators
Polyolefin powder, processes for making and using slush molded articles made from the same
Human kinase and polynucleotides encoding the same
Decorative laminate assembly and method for producing same
Manufacturing process for laminated cards with intermediate PETG layer
Method of a high stability selectable hydrogenate catalyst producing and using for DMCHD manufacturi...
Masterbatch method for processing polyester resin and articles thereof
Assisted trigger mechanism
Method and apparatus for automatically synchronizing data to destination media
Method for physical backup in data logical order
Disc access apparatus and disc access method
Memory allocation system and method
Voice message managing method, in particular for a voice data recording/playing/editing electronic d...
Flashlight with convex lens assembly providing multiple focuses
Light seat for a portable light with an adjustment capability for a light fixture
Tailcap and bulb holder for a flashlight
Track lighting system including lamp clips with separate locking and connection means
Directional luminaire
Vertically downward type back-light module
IEEE 1394 or USB powered computer lights
Outdoor lighting device
Vehicular light-emitting device
Flashlight mounting apparatus for a sailboat
Wave configuration of a pipe-type lamp
Reconfigurable wavelength multiplexers and filters employing micromirror array in a gires-tournois i...
Pluggable optical transceiver array having wavelength division multiplexing and demultiplexing featu...
Optical add-drop multiplexer
Optical pulse pattern generator
Multi-channel optical equalizer for intersymbol interference mitigation
Method for relaxing mechanical tolerance in an opto-electronic unit
Optical waveguide platform and manufacturing method thereof
Waveguide including at least one photonic crystal region for directing signals propagating therethro...
Region-based scalable image coding
Shape information coder and decoder dividing shape information into lower-resolution subsets
Method of image processing
Method for enhancing a digital image with noise-dependent control of texture
Method for contrast mapping of digital images using a variable mask
Optical correlator
Image processing device and method for combining images obtained from separate-pickup
Image status detecting apparatus and document image correcting apparatus
Method and system for aligning geometric object models with images
Petite size image processing engine
Image processing method and apparatus
Information retrieving system and method
Devices and methods for cervix measurement
Apparatus and method for shielding tissue during tumor ablation
Self-referencing enzyme-based microsensor and method of use
Method and device for measuring concentration of glucose or other substances in blood
Rod lens system for rigid endoscopes
Sentinel lymph node detection method and system therefor
Method and apparatus for the early diagnosis of subacute, potentially catastrophic illness
Multi-site ventricular pacing system measuring QRS duration
Automated endoscope system for optimal positioning
Inflating watercraft flotation device
Ball-and-socket assembly
Closeable thatched umbrella
Container tranfer terminal system and method
Braking device for straddle-type all-terrain vehicle
Propulsion mechanism having spherical ball
Pedestrian safety device
Automatic vehicle ventilation device
Slot mechanism and smart ignition system
Control system which carries out the model-supported safety monitoring of an electronically regulate...
Four wheel steering compensation for low coefficient of friction surface
Controller for occupant restraint system
Method and device for firing at least one firing element for a restraining device of a vehicle
Snowmobile exhaust system
Powerstart logic for a traction control system
Vacuum sealed containers
Vacuum collection bag and method of operation
Catalyst composition for polymerization of olefins and process using the composition
Runner for injection molding
Cellulose copolymers that modify fibers and surfaces
Cellulosic materials having composite crystalline structure
Method of making elastic articles having improved heat-resistance
Composition for anti-reflective coating or radiation absorbing coating and compounds used in the com...
JTAG instruction register and decoder for PLDS
Medical therapeutic and/or diagnostic apparatus having a position detecting device
Fish cutting device and method of using
Fishing rod holder
Method and apparatus for preventing tangling of a fishing line
Rotary parlour for milking of animals
Water-sealing component assembly
Multi-slide assembly including slide, frame and strip cap, and methods thereof
Read-modify-write memory using read-or-write banks
High density phase-change type optical disk having a data efficiency of more than 80 percent
Method for determining the roll angle of a vehicle using an estimation of road bank angle
Self-pulsating laser diode and a method for causing a laser diode to output light pulses
Method and apparatus for generating high output power gas discharge based source of extreme ultravio...
Method and device for selectively targeting cells within a three-dimensional specimen
Sequence control mechanism for enabling out of order context processing
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and process for the preparation thereof
Flat lithium cell
Electrically heated smoking system and methods for supplying electrical power from a lithium ion pow...
Tantalum-silicon and niobium-silicon substrates for capacitor anodes
Apparatus and method for controlling plating uniformity
Diaminopropionic acid derivatives
Two-phase, water-absorbent bioadhesive composition
Method and system for origin-destination passenger demand forecast inference
File system management with user-definable functional attributes stored in a token action log
User customizable secure access token and multiple level portable interface
Care engine
Electrosurgical working end with resistive gradient electrodes