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Devices and methods for forming magnetic anastomoses and ports in vessels
Stent delivery system
Stent aneurysm embolization method using collapsible member and embolic coils
Bifurcated stent delivery system having retractable sheath
MRI stent
Vascular inducing implants
Endovascular stent-graft with flexible bifurcation
Method for treating morbid obesity
Method for imparting a bio-active coating
Peritoneal dialysis solution with taurolidine
Bachmann's bundle electrode for atrial defibrillation
Graphical user interface including zoom control box representing image and magnification of displaye...
Optical printing head of side-printing device for printing data on photosensitive material
Arrangement for the detection for relative movements or relative position of two objects
Compact lens assembly for the teleportal augmented reality system
Method of and device for inspecting images to detect defects
Optical spectral power monitors employing polarization deversity scheme
Fiber collimator coupling assembly
Natural language agent for monitoring a threaded discussion
Method and apparatus for constraining tap coefficients in an adaptive finite impulse response filter
Identifying link failures in a network
Network and method for call management
Absorbent mat for excreta treatment
Temperature compensated magnetic circuit
Preparation of lithium phosphate catalysts
Method and device for preventing uncontrolled spread of powder in a printing machine
Inkjet printing system and inkjet printing process
Printing device
Medicine minder
Travel toothbrush with dental cream included
Method for preparing mesoporous TiO2 thin films with high photocatalytic and antibacterial activitie...
Ceramic electrolyte coating methods
High power density solid oxide fuel cells
Method of forming self aligned contacts
Process for producing fluorinated ketone
On-chip vacuum microtube device and method for making such device
Method of producing zinc oxide thin film, method of producing photovoltaic device and method of prod...
Integrated circuit ferroelectric infrared detector and method
Tracheostomy valve
Process for the preparation of alk(en)ylphosphoric ester salts
Vehicle steering head
Brushless motor and electric appliance or vehicle equipped with the same
Folding bicycle
Closure member for an opening in an assembly, situated on a bicycle gear box
Method for making a molded polymeric article
Retractable portable shelter with an attachment for vehicles
Electrically powered vehicles having motor and power supply contained within wheels
Adjustable front suspension device
Seat post cushion assembly
Integral resilient pocket clip and eyeglass frame
Four bar exercise machine
Method for producing a connector element for connecting frame parts at a joint location in a bicycle...
Compositions and methods for odor and fungal control in ballistic fabric and other protective garmen...
Reflection media for scannable information system
Magnet motor device
Magnetic actuation and positioning
Active steering for handling/stability enhancement
Golf ball containing graphite nanosheets in a polymeric network
Preparation of supramolecular polymers by copolymerization of monomers containing quadruple hydrogen...
Multifocal contact lens pairs
Progressive cylinder ophthalmic lenses
Paraelectric thin film material and method statement of government interest
Quantum processing system for a superconducting phase qubit
Protective tape applying and separating methods
Computer-implemented neural network color matching formulation applications
Fuel cell
Polymerization process for improved reactor performance of metallocenes
Electrophotographic apparatus
Operating circuit for a discharge lamp with early EOL detection
Reliable, rotating, illuminated advertising unit
Electric oven
Rethermalization system and method for use with food trays having a hot food side and a cold food si...
Food dispensing machine and method of use
Dispensing device
Pivotal handle for a food service table
Calcium fortified beverage compositions and process for preparing the same
Method and apparatus for making smoked food
Sanitizing food products
Method of preparing and using a scoopable dough product
Highly soluble, high molecular weight soy protein
High barrier antifog laminate for case ready meat packaging
Cooking vessel used with microwave ovens
Anti-diarrheal and method for using the same
Ingestible chewing gum for animals
Process for producing hydrolyzed protein
Building structure utilizing modular building elements
Container with associated puzzle
Light illuminated toy device
Diaphragm water gun
Developmental toy
Orbital spinning dancing light toy with connectors for mounting light emitting elements
Vehicle image capture system
Melanocortin-4 receptor gene and use as a genetic marker for fat content, weight gain, and/or feed c...
Thermal bus for electronics systems
Method for optimization of memory usage for a computer program
Migrating a memory page by modifying a page migration state of a state machine associated with a DMA...
System, method and article of manufacture for storing an incoming datagram in switch matrix in a swi...
Apparatus and method of reducing physical storage systems needed for a volume group to remain active
System and method for application-level virtual private network
Method and template for developing device-centric network management applications
Online content provider system and method
Identifying and tracking object references in a java programming environment
Method for detection of drug-selected mutations in the HIV protease gene
HIV integrase inhibitors
MPR-related ABC transporter encoding nucleic acids and methods of use thereof
Method of delivering antigens for vaccination with a live vector
Gene delivery vectors with cell type specificity for primary human chondrocytes
Antimicrobial polymeric compositions
Agents for controlling plant pests
Process for the preparation of iopamidol
Angiogenesis inhibitors and pharmaceutical and cosmetic use thereof
Radiation curable nail coatings and artificial nail tips and methods of using same
Lipidic microparticles linked to multiple proteins
Technical field
Method and composition for treating viral outbreaks
Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant with increased activity
Foot powders and methods for their use
Anti-tumor metallocomplexes of crude extracts from Canavalia ensiformis
Composition to boost libido
Photostabilization of dibenzoylmethane derivatives
Particle forming method
Composite profile containing solid or hollow plastic profiles
Fluid transport assemblies with flame retardant properties
Composite film made of particles embedded in a polymer matrix
Method of producing pattern-formed structure and photomask used in the same
Multicomponent system that can be cured thermally or by actinic radiation, method for producing the ...
Coating compositions having improved scratch resistance, coated substrates and methods related there...
Photosensitive detection unit, in particular for automatic connection of lighting equipment
Low-friction moving interfaces in micromachines and nanomachines
Tank cover system with substantial gas seal
High throughput process for reactive extrusion of epoxy resin
Process for manufacturing a high strength container, particularly an aerosol container, and the cont...
Flexible compositions based on propylene polymers
Method for molding ceramic sheet
Method for making window panel units having in situ extruded frames
Compositions and methods for preparing multiple-component composite materials
Manufacturing apparatus for plasma display panel
Shredding machine, and method of providing a time delay in a shredding machine
Rotary reel unit for game machine
Video gaming machine having first and second chance means displayed on a video monitor with sequenci...
Gaming device having an element and element group selection and elimination bonus scheme
Method and program product for producing and using game play records in a bingo-type game
Image alignment gaming device and method
Gaming apparatus and method with operator-configurable paytables
Condrapable hydrophobic nonwoven web and method of making same
Warping text along a curved path
Method and system for garbage collection using a dynamically tuned write barrier
System and method for dynamically adjusting data values and enforcing valid combinations of the data...
Methods and systems for reducing requantization-originated generational error in predictive video st...
Pattern detection methods and systems, and face detection methods and systems
Event data acquisition
Methods for optimizing the installation of a software product onto a target computer system
Methods and systems for assigning human-readable and unique uniform resource locators to objects
System uses test controller to match different combination configuration capabilities of servers and...
Insect sodium channels from insecticide-susceptible and insecticide-resistant house flies
Candida albicans two-component hybrid kinase gene, CaNik1, and use thereof
Method for making a biochip and biochip
Glass substrates coated with a stack of thin layers having reflective properties in the infra-red an...
See-through light transmitting type screen
Write once read only memory employing charge trapping in insulators
Nonvolatile memory cell, operating method of the same and nonvolatile memory array
Electrostatic and electrolytic loudspeaker assembly
Image forming apparatus with test pattern for image control
Image forming apparatus provided with a cleaning blade
Catheter having mapping assembly
System and method for efficiently capturing and reporting maintenance, repair, and overhaul data
Sensor error detection and compensation system and method
Sensor failure accommodation system
Methods and systems for performing integrated analyzes, such as integrated analyzes for gas turbine ...
Single actuator lost motion shift assembly
Automatic transmission of motor vehicle
Laser amplifying system
Compact electrically and optically pumped multi-wavelength nanocavity laser, modulator and detector ...
Heat sink and semiconductor laser apparatus and semiconductor laser stack apparatus using the same
Gas supply path structure for a gas laser
Semiconductor laser device which removes influences from returning light of three beams and a method...
Gas laser device
Ultrashort pulse amplification in cryogenically cooled amplifiers
System for optimizing alignment of laser beam with selected points on samples in MALDI mass spectrom...
Pixel depletion technique
Method of using a computer with a laser drilling system
Eye-safe optical fiber transmitter unit
Method and system for conducting airborne gravity surveys
Evaluation and adjustment of laser losses according to voltage across gain medium
Semiconductor laser based on the effect of photonic band gap crystal-mediated filtration of higher m...
Semiconductor laser device
Disk-brake disk
Use of high-K dielectric material in modified ONO structure for semiconductor devices
ONO fabrication process for reducing oxygen vacancy content in bottom oxide layer in flash memory de...
Tungsten carbide coating and method for producing the same
Functional fluoropolymers and thermosetting compositions containing same
Method of attaching a fiber optic connector
Integrated mode converter, waveguide, and on-chip function
WDM optical transmission system
Supervisory system of optical amplifier repeater system and supervisory method of optical amplifier ...
Apparatus and method of pulsed frequency modulation for analog optical communication
Transmitter and method using half rate data streams for generating full rate modulation on an optica...
Data transfer
Method and system for delivering wireless messages and information to personal computing devices
Media-on-demand flexible and adaptive architecture
Optical fiber and optical fiber cable having a first jacket layer and a second jacket layer and a co...
Test structure and method of step coverage for optical waveguide production
Fiber panel with integrated couplers
Electrical variable optical attenuator
Flexible and low cost wavelength management for optical networking
Magnetic recording medium, non-magnetic acicular black iron-based composite particles and process fo...
Toner for electrophotography, developing agent for electrophotography using the toner, image forming...
Positive resist composition
Information recording material
Alkaline proteases
Evaluation method of IG effectivity in semiconductor silicon substrates
Photoprotective and lightfastness-enhancing siloxanes
Impact modifier and polyester composition containing the modifier
Elastomer molded article and crosslinkable fluorine-containing elastomer composition for semi-conduc...
Optically active 4-(tert-butoxycarbonyl)piperazine compound, and method for producing the same
Process for producing .alpha.-phenylethyl alcohol
Electrical conductor assembly
Ion beam mass separation filter, mass separation method thereof and ion source using the same
Polysilicon processing using an anti-reflective dual layer hardmask for 193 nm lithography
Probe for a wire inserting detection jig
Optical amplification fiber, fiber optic amplifier, and optical communication system
Diffraction grating device manufacturing method, diffraction grating device manufacturing apparatus,...
Chromatic dispersion compensation device
Method and apparatus for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure, and program for judging decompress...
Radiation curable aqueous compositions for low extractable film packaging
Magnetic black toner
Facile detection of cancer and cancer risk based on level of coordination between alleles
Preparation for use in cell culture in which an interfering compound is absent or depleted
Diagnostic system for monitoring catalyst performance
Double-layered low dielectric constant dielectric dual damascene method
Inhibition of abnormal cell growth with corticotropin-releasing hormone analogs
Non-peptide inhibition of T-lymphocyte activation and therapies related thereto
(R)-Chiral halogenated substituted n,n-bis-phenyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting chole...
Rigid polyurethane foams
Silicone liquid crystals, vesicles, and gels
Semiconductor device and process for production thereof
Polyorganosiloxanes having alkoxylated side chains
(Meth)acryloyl group-modified ethylene-alpha-olefin copolymer, production method thereof and rubber ...
Removal or mitigation of artifacts in incremental printing
Control device for motor fan of vehicle
Head restraint assembly for motor vehicle
Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory peptides for use in human immunodeficiency virus
Low temperature formation of backside ohmic contacts for vertical devices
Method of making an integrated photodetector in which a silicon nitride layer forms an anti-reflecti...
Semiconductor light-emitting element
Light modulation apparatus and image pickup apparatus, and drive method thereof
Semiconductor laser module and method of making the same
Surface emitting laser apparatus, its fabrication method, and its driving method
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Optical fiber, optical fiber component and optical transmission method
Tray cover for vertically mounted optical disc drives
Sponson tow plate-mounted helicopter armament apparatus and associated methods
Ornithopter with flexible fuselage
Advanced high turning compressor airfoils
Flight surface actuator
Latch device, in particular for latching an airplane landing gear or an airplane landing gear hatch,...
Blast deflector
Overhead stowage bin on aircraft
Flammable fluid line shroud
Systems and methods wherein at least one set of possible input parameters to a physics simulation wi...
Golf ball having a sinusoidal surface
Slip-on moccasin-style golfing shoe
Brake and accelerator pedals for golf and utility vehicles made of molded plastic
Image printing apparatus including a microcontroller
Series connected photovoltaic module and method for its manufacture
Bipolar device having non-uniform depth base-emitter junction
Compact non-linear HBT array
Solar-cell-installed structure, and photovoltaic power generation system
Image sensor with charge recycling
Photodiode having voltage tunable spectral response
Indirect monitoring of semiconductor light source within a photonic package
Insulated gate field effect semiconductor devices and method of manufacturing the same
Single step pendeo- and lateral epitaxial overgrowth of Group III-nitride epitaxial layers with Grou...
Method to GaAs based lasers and a GaAs based laser
Surface mountable light emitting device
Bipolar high-voltage power component
Solid-state imaging apparatus and camera using the same apparatus
Vertical charge control semiconductor device
Reverse-blocking power semiconductor component having a region short-circuited to a drain-side part ...
Photo-semiconductor module and method for manufacturing the same
Integrated filter balun
Method for equalising a receive signal
Decision feedback loop apparatus and method for channel estimation and de-rotation using burst pilot...
Approach for processing data received from a communications channel
Method and apparatus for frank lead reconstruction from derived chest leads
Nanotweezers and nanomanipulator
Low dielectric constant material reinforcement for improved electromigration reliability
Encoding semi-structured data for efficient search and browsing
Detecting and tracking new events/classes of documents in a data base
Method and apparatus for reassembly of data blocks within a network processor
Receiver including frequency down-converter and analog-to-digital converter for a wireless telecommu...
Wireless communicator link from towed/surrogate decoy transmitter to the host aircraft
Method and system for reporting outside temperature
Communicating in the presence of periodic microwave noise
System and method for re-routing communications based on wireless communication link quality
Transportable infrastructure for airborne cellular system
Wireless communications interface
Method and arrangement for controlling a mobile subscription in a module communication system
System and method for interfacing a wireless telephone to a personal computer
Forward link inter-generation soft handoff between 2G and 3G CDMA systems
Multi-beam antenna system for high speed data
Wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for rapid photo-thermal surfaces treatment
Si-based resonant interband tunneling diodes and method of making interband tunneling diodes
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Magnetic tunnel junction MRAM with improved stability
Magnetic memory element having controlled nucleation site in data layer
MRAM configuration having selection transistors with a large channel width
Semiconductor memory device
Stabilization in device characteristics of a bipolar transistor that is included in a semiconductor ...
MIS field effect transistor with metal oxynitride film
Optoelectronic semiconductor package device
Heat dissipation device having a load centering mechanism
Apparatus for suppressing packaged semiconductor chip curvature while minimizing thermal impedance a...
Patterning layers comprised of spin-on ceramic films
Electronic component and semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same, circuit board mounted...
Semiconductor package
Off-chip inductor
Process-robust alignment mark structure for semiconductor wafers
Method and apparatus for determining contact opening dimensions using scatterometry
Predicting manufacturing process failures
Enhanced process and profile simulator algorithms
Pulse train, nuclear magnetic resonance tomograph and imaging method
Method and system for retrospective phase correction for fast spin echo magnetic resonance imaging
High-speed sample spinner for solid NMR spectroscopy
Differential capacitance sense amplifier
Narrow bandwidth, pico-second, beta barium borate-master oscillator power amplifier system and metho...
Nonimaging concentrator lens arrays and microfabrication of the same
Cognitive packet network
Color magnetic resonance imaging
Method and a system for coding rois
Apparatus and method for automated protein design
Focus control system
Method and device for controlling voltage provided to a suspended particle device
Digital rating plug for electronic trip unit in circuit breakers
Security system with portable timepiece and methods for use therewith
Wireless communication system having network controller and wireless communication device connected ...
Transmitting station for wireless telephone system with diversity transmission and method
Filtered back projection (FBP) algorithm for computer tomography
Method, system, and program for decompressing and aligning line work data from multiple objects
Photoconductive member for asynchronous timing of a printing machine
Irradiation system and its irradiation target movement monitoring method, and irradiation target pos...
Reply mail processing system
Similar image retrieving apparatus, three-dimensional image database apparatus and method for constr...
Method for reducing skew in a real-time centroid calculation
Space management in compressed main memory
Flexible imaging member seam treatment apparatus
Enriched macromolecular materials having temperature-independent high electrical conductivity and me...
Technique for removal of picket fence effect in PET imaging systems
Method for position emission mammography image reconstruction
Pet and spect systems with attenuation correction
Image processing method and apparatus, recording medium, and imaging apparatus
Waveguide and process for the production thereof
Process cartridge and developing device detachably attachable to image forming apparatus main body a...
Sensor for transcutaneous measurement of vascular access blood flow
Method and apparatus for non-destructive thermal inspection
Data processing apparatus, method, system, and storage medium
Thermal transfer sheet, method for image formation, method for image-formed object formation, and im...
Method of forming crystalline silicon film by CVD
Photomask and method for forming an opaque border on the same
Multi-tone photomask and method for manufacturing the same
Methods of generating information about materials present in compositions and about particulates pre...
Silicon containing material for patterning polymeric memory element
Photoinitiator formulations
Heated patient diagnostic table
Apparatus and methods for secondary electron emission microscope with dual beam
Position detection method and position detector, exposure method and exposure apparatus, and device ...
Photonic processors and optical guiding structures for lightwave applications, systems, and techniqu...
Non-linear optical thin film, non-linear optical device using the same, and optical switch using the...
X-ray image converter, device and method for recording, processing and illustrating images using X-r...
Mask pattern magnification correction method, magnification correction apparatus, and mask structure
X-ray phase contrast imaging using a fabry-perot interferometer concept
X-ray diagnostic installation and high-resolution data storage method therefor
Method and system for computerized high-rate image processing
Energy-depleted radiation apparatus and method
Remote controller capable of submitting real and virtual channel number entries to a cable box, SAT-...
System method and article of manufacture for internet based affiliate pooling
Facilitating content viewing during navigation
System and methodology for providing fixed UML layout for an object oriented class browser
Systems and methods for providing electronic document services
Illuminated translucent devices
Illuminated recreational board
Light system for use especially by operating theatre
System for control of devices
LED array and LED module with chains of LEDs connected in parallel
System and method for especially graphically monitoring and/or remote controlling stationary and/or ...
Blind spot alert system
Method and apparatus for active isolation in inductive loop detectors
Cockpit control systems and methods of controlling data on multiple cockpit instrument panels
Vehicle tracking unit with fault condition diagnosis and related methods
Communication system
Liquid crystal display apparatus
System and method for the acquisition of automobile traffic data through wireless networks
Navigation system
Vehicle tracker with user registration reminder and related methods
Method for measuring distance
Cryptographic isolator using multiplication
Block cipher for small selectable block sizes
Apparatus for generating recording signal including image data and copy condition information
Countermeasure to power attack and timing attack on cryptographic operations
Can end manufacturing system and press therefor
System and method for providing telephone service having private branch exchange features in a voice...
Method and apparatus for channel determination through power measurements
Multiple-element lens systems and methods for uncorrelated evaluation of parameters in parameterized...
Page printer and control method thereof
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with improved program inhibition characteristics and method...
Semiconductor memory device for reducing chip size
Optical disc drive
Data transmitting method in a CDMA system
Pilot signals for synchronization and/or channel estimation
Apparatus and method for increasing definition of digital television
Method and video recording apparatus for recording a television program
Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and ...
Printer to control power supply via a host
Toner cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus adopting the same
Active steering system and method thereof, and method of seeking a balance point
Information system for a traveler information service and method for providing the service
Method for measuring quantity of usage of CPU
Analog/digital display adapter and a computer system having the same
Method for determining a type of memory present in a system
Computer booting method
Method of verifying defect management area information of disc and test apparatus for performing the...
Two-piece music stand accessory for large books
Apparatus and method for embedding nanoparticles in polymeric medical devices
Method, compositions and kits for increasing the oral bioavailability of pharmaceutical agents
Enteric coating, comprising alginic acid, for an oral preparation
Broadcast tuner, broadcast system, program, and recording medium
Subterranean drainage system
Void-maintaining synthetic drainable base courses and methods for extending the useful life of paved...
Advanced containment system
Installation for very long term storage of heat-generating products such as nuclear waste
Leachate distribution system
Tunnel boring with foamed composition
Arrangement for feeding soldering material
Two stage wall connector
Radio controlling apparatus
Method for conformance testing of radio communication equipment
Temporary service interruption for high speed data transfer
Handover in cellular system utilizing narrow and wide beam antennas
Method and apparatus for facilitating two-way communications between vehicles
System for coordination of TDD transmission bursts within and between cells in a wireless access sys...
PC card integrated radio communication apparatus
Sleep modes in peer-to-peer communications
Method for continuously controlling the quality of distributed digital sounds
System and process to ensure performance of mandated safety and maintenance inspections
Radio protocol for mobile communication system and method
Radio communication system
CDMA mobile station apparatus
Partitioned radio-frequency apparatus and associated methods
Method for influencing the level of a radio-frequency transmitted signal in a base station in a fixe...
Apparatus and method for use in the multicast of traffic data in wireless multiple access communicat...
Real time total asset visibility system
Flight management system and method for providing navigational reference to emergency landing locati...
Notification systems and methods with user-definable notifications based upon vehicle proximities
Property prediction using residual stepwise regression
Calibration method for system performance validation of automatic test equipment
Methods for aligning measured data taken from specific rail track sections of a railroad with the co...
Scalable Content management system and method of using the same
System and method for determining the location of remote devices
Extensible database
Fast eye diagram analyzer uses nearest neighbor transverse to quickly discover basic eye diagrams
System and methodology providing compiler-assisted refactoring
Providing quality of service by transmitting XML files indicating requested resources
Method and system for relocating files that are partially stored in remote storage
Method and system for optimizing data storage and retrieval by an audio/video file system using hier...
Technique for reducing memory latency during a memory request
System and method for transferring information over a network
Method and apparatus for encoding with unequal protection in magnetic recording channels having conc...
Facsimile apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium
System and method for establishing long distance voice communications using the internet
Method and apparatus for connecting local subscribers to a LAN
External CPU assist when peforming a network address lookup
Method and device for dynamic message delivery based upon identification of originating caller
Selection of alternate sources for audio broadcast signals responsive to embedded source identificat...
Content based web advertising
Method and apparatus for query and analysis
Identifying and locating lost or stolen personal digital assistant devices via a landline- or wirele...
System and method for monitoring and analyzing internet traffic
Mobile internet access
Method for universal transport encapsulation for Internet Protocol network communications
Data quality assurance
Paint tray activity desk
Educational game apparatus and method for playing a game
Teaching method and device
Fuel spill firefighter trainer
Image forming apparatus
Optical coding system
Method of and apparatus for measuring horizontal frequency
Digital TV receiver and method for receiving digital TV signal
Generating multiple ramps
System and method for synthesizing images
Video signal processing apparatus for digital video decoder
Digital television receiver with match filter responsive to field synchronization code
Projection type video display device that prevents color nonuniformity
First pass encoding of I and P-frame complexity for compressed digital video
Hierarchical authentication system for images and video
Method and apparatus of registering a printed circuit board
Method for compressing digital documents with control of image quality subject to multiple compressi...
Electronic calibration for seamless tiled display using optical function generator
Method and apparatus for providing an image to be displayed on a screen
Method and apparatus for transceiving audio data stream through a digital interface
Distributed manufacturing with feedback
Production management system and system for checking operating conditions of product processing appa...
Retained hardware system and method
Instant photographic film pack
Transfer assembly and a dryer operationally associated with the transfer assembly
Multi-eye image sensing apparatus
Lens turret with back focal length adjustment
Flash apparatus and auxiliary battery apparatus
Camera provided with eyepiece
Illuminated tweezers
Portable reading light
Light fixture
Lotion applicator
Nail buffer
Nail clipper
Handle for a disposable dental floss holder
Full-face helmet
Insect-resistant pet feeding device
Animal chew toy
Hummingbird feeder shade
Pool cleaner cover
Mop head
Mop head
Mop head
Waste receptacle panel
Cart having wheels
Surface ornamentation for caskets
Surface ornamentation for caskets
Method of muffling the noise of successive components as well as a noise absorber for successive com...
Muffler with external water trap
Silencer or noise damper
Multi-density sound attenuating laminates and methods of making same
Outlet silencer structures for turbine
Exhaust system for watercraft
Halogen scavenger for olefin formulations
Mn4O4-cubane type catalysts
Method of making photosensitive monolithic glass apparatus
Benefication of titania slag by oxidation and reduction treatment
Process for removing SO3/H2SO4 from flue gases
Compacted carbon black pellets
Molecular decomposition process for the synthesis of nanosize ceramic and metallic powders
Method of making stoichiometric lithium niobate
Process for reducing metal catalyzed coke formation in hydrocarbon processing
Carbon fiber binder pitch
Silver vanadium oxide having low internal resistance and method of manufacture
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell, method for manufacturing the same, and carbonaceous material ...
Gallium complex composition, process for doping silver halide emulsion grains with gallium complex c...
Methods of making cytoplasmic male sterile chicory plants comprising the ORF 522 of helianthus annuu...
Maize cellulose synthases and uses thereof
Genes encoding proteins regulating the pH of vacuoles
Methods for making plants tolerant to glyphosate and compositions thereof using a DNA encoding an EP...
Soybean variety AP98041-2-333
Soybean variety S02-AP98041-2-262-02
Soybean variety S02-AP98041-2-333-01
Soybean cultivar 0332148
Soybean cultivar S010361
Soybean cultivar 928070
Soybean variety XB34N03
Compositions and methods for reducing radiation and drug resistance in cells
Bovine polynucleotide vaccine for the intradermal route
Polyhydroxyalkanoate polyester having vinyl phenyl structure in the side chain and its production me...
GBS toxin receptor
Nef-attachable protein
Adipocyte-specific protein homologs
Multi-dimension liquid chromatography separation system
Chromatography apparatus
Preparative chromatography system and separation/purification method using same
Fluid treating device
Specialized hollow fiber membranes for in-vivo plasmapheresis and ultrafiltration
Microporous hollow fiber membranes from perfluorinated thermoplastic polymers
Microporous hollow fiber membranes from perfluorinated thermoplastic polymers
Method and device for producing biogas, which contains methane, from organic substances
Method for biological effluent treatment
Organic sulfur reduction in wastewater
Method for obtaining powder from highly concentrated high viscous solutions
Process for environmental recovery in urban regions
Composition and method for treating polluted waters and water sediments
Arsenic removal in conjunction with lime softening
Method for purification and disinfection of water
Blood processing systems and methods using red blood cell hematocrit as a process control parameter
Preparation of high performance silica slurry using a centrifuge
Poultry processing water recovery and re-use process
Device and method for separating components of a fluid sample
Method for removing pyrogens from plasma and blood for treatment of septic shock
Compositions and methods for the release of nucleic acid molecules from solid matrices
Curb-and-grate inlet filter
Filter Device Having More Than One Filtration Compartment
Coalescing filter for oil
Self-cleaning filter
Laminated edge filter structure and method of making
Method of rapid bio-cycling an aquarium
Microbial generator for bioaugmentation of wastewater streams, wastewater bodies, groundwaters and o...
Method and apparatus for producing particles using supercritical fluid
Blood filtration methods and blood filtration apparatus
Narrow I.D. monolithic capillary columns for high efficiency separation and high sensitivity analysi...
Method for controlling an evaporative light scattering detector which is coupled to a liquid chromat...
Process for controlling operation of a flotation cell
Use of chlorine dioxide and ozone for control of disinfection by-products in water supplies
Methods and systems for uniform control of bromine concentrations in water
Gutter to hose coupling device for rain water diversion
Extraction of metals with diquaternary ammonium salts
Apparatus for sterilizing and sanitizing water circuits
Filtration apparatus for polymer processing and method
Filtering method
Liquid/solid separator and method
Ditch liner system
Grapevine plant named `Sugratwentyeight`
Rose plant named `POULtw002`
Lavandula plant named `Thumbelina Leigh`
Rose plant named `POULcs011`
Dahlia plant named `Sabinas`
Lonicera nitida plant named `Briloni`
Peach tree named `Crimson Rocket`
Willow oak tree named `QPMTF`
Zoysiagrass plant named `Southern Gem`
Dogwood tree named `Rutnut`
Bidens ferulifolia plant named `Bidantis`
Hydrangea hybrid plant named `Sweet Chris`
Impatiens plant named `Fitam Light Pink`
Variety of begonia plant named `BBVeronica`
Peach and nectarine rootstock named `P30-135`
Shumard oak tree named `ACNRT1`
Azalea plant named `Robleg`
Peach and nectarine rootstock named `K146-43`
Toluene disproportion process
Separation of olefinic hydrocarbons from sulfur-containing hydrocarbons by use of a solvent
Inflatable restraint module
Method for associating semantic information with multiple images in an image database environment
Sensing, interrogating, storing, telemetering and responding medical implants
Computer system with multiple heaps
Method for managing pages of a designated memory object according to selected memory management poli...
Method and system for automatic address table reshuffling in network multiplexers
Unified buffer for tracking disparate long-latency operations in a microprocessor
Method and apparatus for using past history to avoid flush conditions in a microprocessor
Software image transition aid comprising building a disk image based on identified hardware
Hierarchical watermarking of content that is distributed via a network
Manipulating an integrated circuit clock in response to early detection of an operation known to tri...
Method and test tool for verifying the functionality of a software based unit
System and method for setting new values for configuration parameters on a device
Method for testing integrated logic circuits
Redundant via rule check in a multi-wide object class design layout
Resistance and capacitance estimation
System and method for remote and local diagnosis using automatically identified symbol libraries to ...
Integration mechanism for object-oriented software and message-oriented software
Systems and methods using multiple tuners
Electroluminescent light source and display incorporating same
Time constant-based calibration circuit for active filters
Wireless portable adaptive electronic device capable of receiving signals
Process for selectively producing propylene in a fluid catalytic cracking process
Hybrid semiconductor--magnetic spin based memory
Method for non-destructive readout and apparatus for use with the method
Organic electroluminescence device emitting white light
Transmission system and method signal adjusting apparatus and method and routing apparatus
System and method of communicating between an implantable medical device and a remote computer syste...
Methods and apparatus for user-centered class supervision
Single action audio prompt interface utilizing binary state time domain multiple selection protocol
Solid electrolyte capacitor having transition metal oxide underlayer and conductive polymer electrol...
Back-channeling in a memory vault system
Managing data in compliance with regulated privacy, security, and electronic transaction standards
Stator core containing iron-aluminum alloy laminations and method of using
Delivery of erectile dysfunction drugs through an inhalation route
Aerosol generator having heater arranged to vaporize fluid in fluid passage between bonded layers of...
Multidimensional repositories for problem discovery and capacity planning of database applications
Extended virtual table: an optical extension for table-like projection systems
Irregular PRT deconvolution method and systems, and its uses
Volleyball practice system
Method for recombining soil
Interspecific plum tree named `Plumsweetthree`
Use of biodegradable microspheres that release an anticancer agent for treating gliobastoma
Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) with improved beam suspension
System and method for defining a semiconductor device layout
Method and apparatus for thermally insulated and earth cooled electronic components within an electr...
Method and apparatus for adding captions to photographs
Salvia plant named `Sunsarupin`
5-aryl-1h-1,2,4-triazole compounds as inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2 and pharmaceutical compositions...
Using type bits to track storage of ECC and predecode bits in a level two cache
Implant for bone connector
Method and system for handling production problems in an extended enterprise environment
Electronic music apparatus capable of connecting to communication network
Detection of biological molecules using chemical amplification and optical sensors
Methods and systems for global sales forecasting
Inbred corn line 9SM990
Programmable microprocessor cache index hashing function
Anchor sheet framework and subflooring
Method for computer aided orthotic inlay fabrication
Method and apparatus for manufacturing liquid crystal display device using serial production process...
Learning system and method for teacher load balancing
Speaker having a laser vibration diaphragm
HIV/FIV protease inhibitors having a small P3 residue
Adjustable canopy of a swing set
Water backpack and gun assembly
Apparatus for producing a fire special effect
Swing including a seat unit with a tiltable backrest and a footrest movable relative to a seat frame
Uniform molecular weight polymers
Methods and compositions for the production of stably transformed, fertile monocot plants and cells ...
Methods for multiplexed biochemical analysis
Surface ornamentation for caskets
Methods of measuring enzyme activity using peelable and resealable devices
Hand-held device for the application of a total tape onto a substrate
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution secondary battery
Arrangement for generating control commands for actuating flaps and slats of an aircraft
Orthopedic implant
System, method, and user interfaces for managing genomic data
Voltage testing and measurement
Multiple contrast echo-planar imaging for contrast-enhanced imaging
Radio frequency leakage detection system for CATV system
Antibodies associated with alterations in bone density
Collision avoidance system and method utilizing variable surveillance envelope
Pattern-aligned carbon nanotube growth and tunable resonator apparatus
Method, system, and computer program product for a data propagation platform and applications of sam...
High specific activity platinum-195m
Circuit breaker with a visual indication of a trip
Advertising quadrate carrier assembly with premium cradle
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording apparatus using same
Optical-electrical wiring board, mounted board and method of manufacturing optical-electrical wiring...
Robot moving on legs and control method therefor, and relative movement measuring sensor for robot m...
Multi-functional pet carrier
Generating a three-dimensional mesh for finite element analysis
Assembling verbal narration for digital display images
In-band Qos signaling reference model for QoS-driven wireless LANs
Multimedia information coding apparatus, coding method of multimedia information, and recording medi...
Network based knowledgeable assistant
Scanning actuator assembly for image projection modules, especially in portable instruments
Information-object designation system
Power tool comprising a securement flange
Hydrostatic cylinder block and method of making the same
Catalysts for hydrosilylation reactions
Quantum dot white and colored light-emitting devices
Digital watermarks and postage
Prostacyclin derivative containing compositions and methods of using the same for the treatment of c...
Microwave food covering assembly
Additives based on components present in petroleum for improving the cold flow properties of crude a...
Protective cover for optically read digital disks
Package assembly with applicator and container for adhesive materials
Inhibition of angiogenesis and tumor growth
Process for producing optical element, optical element, optical films using optical element, and ill...
Composite lenticular lens sheet and projection screen
Computerized voc and solvent usage warning system
Gas diffusion structures and gas diffusion electrodes for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Apparatus for recycling waste from an absorbent article processing line
Low-power consumption semiconductor memory device
Highly stable and efficient OLEDs with a phosphorescent-doped mixed layer architecture
Catalyst for olefin polymerization and method for preparing polyolefins
Catalytic composition and process for the oxychlorination of ethylene using such a composition
Tap device of cable broadcasting system
Holster for a personal digital assistant
System for surveillance of spectral signals
Image forming apparatus with a cleaning mechanism for the fixing device
System and method for providing continuous, expert network critical care services from a remote loca...
Tandem fluorescent protein constructs
Alpha amino acid derivatives--inhibitors of leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Remote procedure calling expression generation system
High-efficiency adaptive DC/AC converter
Video on demand methods and systems
Method and apparatus for detection of forward and reverse DTX mode of operation detection in CDMA sy...
Power-mixer architecture for a transmitter
Model for Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases
Microencapsulated 3-piperidinyl-substituted 1,2-benzisoxazoles and 1,2-benzisothiazoles
Compounds for the treatment of ischemia
Micro-fluidic valve with a colloidal particle element
Cytokine receptor zalpha11 polypeptides
Teleconferencing system
System and method for providing no answer detail service for telephone calls that are not completed
Procedure for establishment of communication between two data transmission terminals and terminal fo...
Method for destination control in an intelligent network
Telecommunication network having a VPN inter-connection to foreign exchange service
Virtual contact center with flexible staffing control
Staged predictive dialing system
Replacing telecommunications carrier equipment
Circuit for echo-cancellation in an asymmetric, two-way time-and frequency-shared communication medi...
Hybrid transceiver circuit
Method and apparatus for improving echo cancellation in non-voip systems
Method and apparatus for detecting a compatible phantom powered device using common mode signaling
High circuit density pots splitter assembly
Splitter assembly with high density backplane board
Method and system for providing secure subscriber content data
Mobile internet access
Method mobile station and radiocommunication system for controlling safety related functions in comm...
Noise monitoring system
Method and device of communication through web page
Method and apparatus for managing call processing services in an intelligent telecommunication netwo...
Method of delivering an audio or multimedia greeting containing messages from a group of contributin...
Drug profiling apparatus and method
Method of regulating glucose metabolism, and reagents related thereto
Nucleic acids and new polypeptides associated with and/or overlapping with hepatitis C virus core ge...
Ricin-like toxin variants for treatment of cancer, viral or parasitic infections
Compounds useful for treating hepatitis C virus
Method and control system for controlling a plurality of robots
Variable gain amplifier controller
PLL circuit and recording and playback apparatus using same
Logical expiration of media having embedded non-volatile memory
Method and device for entering test mode in an integrated circuit for use in a floppy disk drive, an...
Method and apparatus for reinitializing a tape drive after a power loss
Apparatus and method to expedite data access from a portable data storage cartridge
Written-in repeatable run-out compensation in embedded servo disc drives
Media carousel changer for data systems
Structure having pores and its manufacturing method
Disk drive having a front shutter attaching structure capable of preventing a front shutter from com...
Thin-film magnetic head provided with smear-preventing layer
Magnetic tape cassette having reduced friction against tape reels
Hard drive system interface between a disk surface and a transducer contacting the surface during co...
Unitary crystalline slider with edges rounded by laser ablation
Head suspension assembly having an air deflector
Thin film magnetic head, manufacturing method thereof and magnetic storage
Yoke-type magnetic head and magnetic recording/reproducing device
Ferromagnetic tunnel junction element exhibiting high magnetoresistivity at finite voltage and tunne...
Thermally assisted magnetic recording medium having non-recording areas
Device and method for selective recall and preservation of events prior to decision to record the ev...
System and method for security of information in a memory
Low profile adaptor for use with a medical catheter
Thermal paper with preprinted indicia
High temperature heap bioleaching process
Interleaving A/D conversion type waveform digitizer module and a test apparatus
Isolation of glycoproteins from bovine milk
Dental implant
Fuel injector having a modified seat for enhanced compressed natural gas jet mixing
Injection valve comprising an optimized surface geometry between a nozzle body and a retaining nut
Passive infrared detector
Current limitation process of brush and brushless DC motors during severe voltage changes
Mobile phone
Buffer circuit
Mobile phone
Method for diagnosing an exhaust gas cleaning system of a lambda-controlled internal combustion engi...
Method for functional checking of an exhaust recycling system on an internal combustion engine
Ignition device, controller and ignition unit for an internal combustion engine
Retainer element for electrical components for assembly on circuit supports
System and method for distributed call signaling in telephony-over-LAN networks
Method for checking the presentation of components to an automatic onserting unit
Filtered e-beam inspection and review
Method of evaluating deteriorated state of hydrocarbon adsorbent
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling tractor/trailer vehicle systems
Method for manufacturing an electrostatic actuator
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with differential output driver circuit, and system for semi...
Network addressing scheme for reducing protocol overhead in an optical network
Camera arrangement for motor vehicles
Lens protector
Light intercepting member driving mechanism
Plasma enhanced method for increasing silicon-containing photoresist selectivity
Developer unit having metering roller for wet-type color image forming apparatus
Method of providing for an automated split runcard processing
Processing method and processing apparatus
System and method for recycling developer solution containing tetra-methyl-ammonia hydroxide (TMAH)
Motor and optical apparatus using the same
Reusable camera for use with pre-exposed and conventional film
Flash control device, electronic flash device, and photographing system
Rfid-label with an element for regulating the resonance frequency
Epoxy resin compositions, solid state devices encapsulated therewith and method
Icon for a display screen
Layout of data structures based on relationships between the data structures
Efficient graphics pipeline with a pixel cache and data pre-fetching
Optical modulator
Communication system and method for communicating between an implanted medical device and another de...
Shift control system of continuously variable transmission
Exhaust gas control in an engine having a two-stage turbocharger
Method and device for determining the quality of an oil well reserve
Selective potting for controlled failure and electronic devices employing the same
Electrolytic capacitor for use in an implantable medical device
Semi-conductor interconnect using free space electron switch
In-line type electron gun and color picture tube apparatus using the same
Power conversion in variable load applications
Spread spectrum radar with leak compensation at baseband
Method and apparatus to control power state of a display device
Assembly line control system
Methods of improving productivity of black liquor recovery boilers
Device for dispensing viscous liquids
Burn protection attachment for a soldering tool
Compositions and methods for sensitizing and inhibiting growth of human tumor cells
Footwear outsole
Portion of a footwear sole
Footwear sole
Aluminum-extruded multi-cavity flat tube having excellent brazing characteristics for use in automot...
Magnetic recording medium
Image-receiving sheet for electrophotography
Porous ceramics and method of preparing the same as well as microstrip substrate
Synthetic resin leather
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Photothermographic material
Aniline-derived ligands for the thyroid receptor
Pyrimidine derivatives having antitumor effect
Basic magnesium sulfate fiber-reinforced polypropylene resin composition and injection molded articl...
Catalyst for acidolysis of aromatic hydroperoxy compound and process for producing aromatic hydroxy ...
Gypsum board having improved flexibility, toughness, abuse resistance, water resistance and fire res...
Thin cell gap microdisplays with optimum optical properties
Streak camera system for measuring fiber bandwidth and differential mode delay
Composite and process for producing the same
Metastin derivatives and their use
Inhibitors of human phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta
Pyrazine derivatives or salts thereof, pharmaceutical composition containing the same, and productio...
Bicyclic inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase 3
Durable water repellent and coated articles
Methods for making silicone-organic copolymers
Hydrazine-based and carbonyl-based bifunctional crosslinking reagents
Low k dielectric composite layer for integrated circuit structure which provides void-free low k die...
Manufacture of metal tubes
Nozzle plate member for supplying fluids in dispersed manner and manufacturing method of the same
Optical connector for connecting a plurality of fiber ribbons to one another
Axial gradient transport apparatus and process
Modified factor VIII cDNA
UDP-galactose: .beta.-N-acetyl-glucosamine .beta.1,3galactosyltransferases, .beta.3Gal-T5
Method for forming bottle-shaped trenches
Vertical transistors, electrical devices containing a vertical transistor, and computer systems cont...
Electric motor having brush holder with axial movement limiting armature contact member protector
Formation of patterned silicon-on-insulator (SOI)/silicon-on-nothing (SON) composite structure by po...
Circuit device for solar energy application
Semiconductor device and electronic device
CMOS process for double vertical channel thin film transistor
Active matrix electro-luminescent display device with an organic leveling layer
Field-effect type compound semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Nitrogen controlled growth of dislocation loop in stress enhanced transistor
Semiconductor integrated circuitry and method for manufacturing the circuitry
High-voltage transistor with multi-layer conduction region
Semiconductor photodetector device and manufacturing method thereof
Push-pull configurations for semiconductor device having a PN-Junction with a photosensitive region
Method of fabricating a polysilicon capacitor utilizing fet and bipolar base polysilicon layers
Tracking circuit
Heterojunction bipolar transistors with extremely low offset voltage and high current gain
Reflection type liquid crystal display
Silicon-germanium hetero bipolar transistor with T-shaped implantation layer between emitter and emi...
Method of producing an organic light-emissive device
D-hydantoinase from Ochrobactrum anthropi
Modified BDNF
Resonator of radio-frequency filter
Multi-carrier receiver including an analog-to-digital converter for a wireless telecommunication sys...
Method and apparatus to prepare listener-interest-filtered works
Three dimensional face identification system
Method and system for delivering a time-efficient mobile vehicle route that encompasses multiple lim...
System for creation of visual representation of data
Signalling method and telecommunication system
Systems and methods for dimensioning a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for power control in a wireless communication system
Wireless mouse unit, wireless mouse and receiver
Magnetic disk storage apparatus
X-ray tube cathode cup structure for focal spot deflection
Audio buffer station allocation
Computed tomography fluoroscopy system
Device for switching a connection according to the state of an apparatus to be monitored, especially...
Image forming apparatus
Enhanced pointing device for handicapped users
Image recording method and an image recording apparatus
Liquid crystal display device with spacers integrally formed at plastic substrate
Portable smart card communication device
Method for communication with a transportation system
Vehicle pre-crash sensing based conic target threat assessment system
Method and system for recording of information on a holographic medium
Telephone network signal conversion system
Method and apparatus to generate a monitoring signal for an optical recording/reproducing system
Solid immersion mirror type objective lens and optical pickup device adopting the same
Developing apparatus of electric photographic printer
Locking and unlocking method in mobile telephone
Method for giving navigation information to navigation terminal user
System and method for enhancing MPEG audio encoder quality
Multiple user computer system and method for remote control thereof
Apparatus and method for synchronously decoding video data and sub-picture data in DVD player
Device discovery and configuration in a home network
Apparatus and method for performing handoff in a mobile communication system
Forward power control apparatus and method for use in a multi-carrier communication system
Porous COX-2 inhibitor matrices and methods of manufacture thereof
Substituted azabicyclic compounds
Stable protein and nucleic acid formulations using non-aqueous, anhydrous, aprotic, hydrophobic, non...
System and method for automated conference call setup
Call pod for having conference calls in a portable environment
Display device, light emitting device, and electronic equipment
Organometallic luminescent materials and organic electroluminescent device containing same
Organic electroluminescent device
Field effect transistor
Apparatus for use in a computer systems
Radio frequency shield for nuclear magnetic resonance procedures
Wideband NQR system using multiple de-coupled RF coils
Detection with evanescent wave probe
Valve deactivation system with free motion spring
Method and apparatus for actuating a cam phaser
Valve timing control for marine engine
Method and apparatus for representing and searching for color images
Read prediction algorithm to provide low latency reads with SDRAM cache
Method and apparatus for authenticating content
Method and apparatus for authenticating content in a portable device
Recording apparatus, transmitting apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
Combine air system for cleanout
Lentiviral-mediated growth factor gene therapy for neurodegenerative diseases
Regulated expression of PKC and/or SRB1/psa1 in yeast
Contact-free display peripheral device for contact-free portable object
Switch-based acceleration of computer data storage employing aggregations of disk arrays
Data output system, mobile terminal, data output method, data output program, and computer-readable ...
Database system providing methodology for property enforcement
Method and apparatus for creating and recording management information for digital data streams
Recording apparatus with jump destination position information
Recorded program viewing support method
Method and system for managing documents in a system using at least one database
Modularized infusion pump apparatus
Filter made of porous ceramic sintered body
Mercury recovery method
Method for removing photoresist and post-etch residue using activated peroxide followed by supercrit...
Superior stain resistant decorative floor covering and its method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for frangible projectiles