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Method of preparing polymer particles having narrow particle size distribution
Microfluidic array devices and methods of manufacture and uses thereof
Semi-aqueous solvent based method of cleaning rosin flux residue
Composite particles, and tread rubber composition, paint and resin composition using the same
Acrylic adhesive compositions for polarizing film and the polarizer film using the same
Group III nitride LED with undoped cladding layer (5000.137)
Methods for improved array preparation
Memory architecture with series grouped by cells
Medico-surgical tube
Modular apparatus and method for shipping super frozen materials
Dynamic wireless internet address assignment scheme with authorization
Mobile point-to-point protocol
Internet protocol packet router
Method and wireless communication using unitary space-time signal constellations
Trapping light pulses at controlled perturbations in periodic optical structures
Structure for multiple antenna configurations
Portable dynamic positioning system with self-contained diesel hydraulic thrusters
Tiltable boat top
Surfboard construction having a hollow composite body
Stress-free mounting system for sheet material
Method for producing carboxylic acid benzyl esters
Method and device for the early detection of fire and for fighting fire indoors and outdoors, especi...
Systems and methods for presenting and/or converting messages
Customer controlled manufacturing process and user interface
Optoelectronic sensor
Biological fertilizer compositions comprising sludge
Method for producing film-type dosage
Process for purification of proanthocyanidin oligomer
Method of filtering events in a combinational computing device
Booklet maker with contact member
Method of driving ink jet recording head
Drop generating apparatus
High shear ball check valve device and a liquid ink image producing machine using same
Selective enhancement of black
Image display medium
Photoconductive imaging members
Imager for DNA sequencer
Delay locked loop circuit with convergence correction
Semiconductor memory device inputting/outputting data synchronously with clock signal
Semiconductor memory device
Cosmetic bath composition based on herbs and a foaming agent, and packaging containing the said comp...
Method and apparatus for monitoring processes in a web-processing printing machine
Rubber cylinder sleeve for offset printing presses
Method and device for supplying hydraulic fluid
Luminous double faced picture display
Method and apparatus for adjusting subpixel intensity values based upon luminance characteristics of...
Manganese superoxide dismutase regulatory elements and uses thereof
Toothbrush and toothpaste tube holder combination
Prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of infectious and other diseases with mono- and disaccharide-...
Negative-acting aqueous photoresist composition
Phosphole and dishosphole ligands for catalysis
Biological lubricant composition and method of applying lubricant composition
Method of using a small incision lens
Laser ablation nozzle assembly
Conductive (electrical, ionic and photoelectric) membrane articlers, and method for producing same
Pulsed power supply for electrochemical cell
CO sensor and method of measuring CO concentration
Autothermic reforming reactor
Membrane electrode assemblies for direct methanol fuel cells and methods for their production
Metal air cell incorporating ionic isolation systems
Apparatus for producing hydrogen
Porously coated open-structure substrate and method of manufacture thereof
Fuel processor
Fuel cell system and method for operating the same
Variable gas conductance control for a process chamber
Process for quenching a gaseous reaction mixture during the gas phase phosgenation of diamines
Catalyst composition
Systems for sensitive detection of G-protein coupled receptor and orphan receptor function using rep...
Composition for film formation, method of film formation, and silica-based film
Solid image pickup device
Vibration suppression positioning controller
Road antenna apparatus including laser-beam emitting device
Thin-film magnetic head having metal film formed on gap-depth defining layer, and production method ...
Method and apparatus for evaluating bids for scheduling a resource
Voice-based search and selection of speech recognition data
Lithium secondary battery
Toner for dry developing
Secreted factors
Thin film transistor, method of producing the same, liquid crystal display, and thin film forming ap...
S-nitrosothiols as agents for the treatment of circulatory dysfunctions
Flame retardant reinforced polyamide resin composition
Method and system to share circular buffer without using locking mechanism
User proximity sensor and signal processing circuitry for determining whether to power a computer on...
Selecting a page description language for a printer driver
Tone dependent variable halftoning with adjustable algorithm selection
Memory cell isolation
Magnetic memory devices having multiple bits per memory cell
Integrated optical disc label scanner system and method of scanning an optical disc graphic display
Method and apparatus to concurrently operate on multiple data movement transactions in a disk array ...
System and method for automatically selecting a digital sending functionality
Livelock prevention by delaying surrender of ownership upon intervening ownership request during loa...
Method and apparatus for controlling the depth of field using multiple user interface markers
Image-forming device having a patterned roller and a method for providing traceability of printed do...
Printer power management
Pre-flight estimation of cost for print jobs
Software-directed, energy-aware control of display
Method and apparatus for traversing net connectivity through design hierarchy
Noise filter
System and method for adjusting frequency response characteristics of a speaker based upon placement...
Proximity sensor with improved positioning accuracy for detection coil peripheral members
Method and apparatus for evaluating digital radiation image
Structure with switchable magnetic properties
Pen-shaped coordinate pointing device
Method and apparatus for image representation by geometric and brightness modeling
Voltage-constrained sinusoidal seek servo in hard disk drives
Optical pickup actuator performable tilting operation
Fuser for an electrophotographic printer and method of using same
Process for producing retardation film
Liquid crystal display device having protuberance with base area .ltoreq.5% of one pixel to control ...
Metathesis polymerization adhesives and coatings
Hydrogenated ring-opening metathesis copolymer and process for producing the same
Position information recognition apparatus for cleaning robot
Cold-cathode fluorescent lamp
Despreading apparatus and method for CDMA signal
Handbag having functional devices secured by magnetically attractable devices
Fire retardant and heat resistant yarns and fabrics incorporating metallic or other high strength fi...
Chemical resistant glass fusing composition and process for metal motor vehicle and building industr...
Water-vapor-permeable, watertight, and heat-reflecting flat composite, process for its manufacture, ...
Fabric softener compositions
Reactive thienothiophenes
System and method for smart clothing and wearable electronic devices
Graphics system configured to parallel-process graphics data using multiple pipelines
Makeover system
Managing interactions between computer users' context models
Grounding elements for eliminating ESD via floor coverings and devices
Sound and image producing system
Sealing structure for an oil pipe female coupler
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus, sheet processing apparatus, sheet processing method, and book-binding metho...
Image forming apparatus with transfer materials binding and trimming feature and related image formi...
Management system and management method of semiconductor exposure apparatuses
Speech processing system
Method and system for the reduction of processing time in a speech recognition system using the hidd...
Secure printing using electronic mailbox
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Recording-material type determination apparatus and method and image forming apparatus
Imaging apparatus with image fixing throughput control based on sheet size and method of operation t...
Image forming apparatus having variable/controlled timing for successive feeding of recording materi...
Image forming apparatus with intermediary transfer member
Image forming apparatus with transferring member having ion conductivity
Process for preparing trichloracetic acid and apparatus for use in such process
Wire bonding process for copper-metallized integrated circuits
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Film forming method, film forming apparatus, pattern forming method, and manufacturing method of sem...
Wiring circuit board having bumps and method of producing same
Image pickup device, radiation image pickup device and image processing system
Display device and process of producing the same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Integrated circuit cooling device
High-frequency module device
Microstructure array, mold for forming a microstructure array, and method of fabricating the same
Image display device
Method and apparatus for monitoring a chemical mechanical planarization process applied to metal-bas...
Data reception apparatus for receiving ATM data streams
Method and apparatus for assigning time slots within a TDMA transmission
Container transport for packets in connection oriented protocols
Input apparatus of a hand-held information processing device
Method and system for wafer and device-level testing of an integrated circuit
Method and system for adjusting the timing offset between a clock signal and respective digital sign...
System with virtual machine movable between virtual machine systems and control method
Semiconductor memory device suppressing peak current
Pseudo static RAM capable of performing page write mode
Diversity schemes for packet communications
High speed cross point switch routing circuit with word-synchronous serial back plane
Packet reconstruction processes for packet communications
Water soluble sheet composition
Strongback system for joining a handle to a hammer head
Development assistance for mixed-language sources
Multiple independent robot assembly and apparatus for processing and transferring semiconductor wafe...
Human cathepsin L2 protein, gene encoding said protein and use thereof
Cleaning agent containing alcoholate
Bar made by delivering composition under pressure of injector head at entry to substantially closed ...
Dockable direct mechanical actuator for downhole tools and method
Electric guitar pickguard assembly
Vapor compression refrigeration system
Vacuum producing appliance
Method and apparatus for controlling a compressor
Compressor degradation detection system
Pneumatically operated compressor capacity control valve with discharge pressure sensor
Port plate for an axial piston pump
Tappet turning-prevention structure for fuel supply apparatus
System and method for producing energy
Generator and fan
Method for providing incentive to play gaming devices connected by a network to a host computer
Process of producing diffraction gratings on the surface of articles
Image obtaining apparatus
Detector array with scattered light correction
Plasmon resonance sensor
Automated slide staining apparatus
Anatomical visualization system
Ratchet wrench
Optical pickup device
Optical switch fabric for individually switching optical paths for optical signals between input and...
Apparatus for and method of controlling electronic system for movable body, electronic system for mo...
Digital drive apparatus and image display apparatus using the same
Vibration reduction device and vibration detecting device and micro signal processing device for use...
Post exposure modification of critical dimensions in mask fabrication
Device for optically measuring distances
Data processing apparatus operable in accordance with a connected IC card
Performance test method of head gimbal assembly with precise positioning actuator
Integrated electromechanical switch and tunable capacitor and method of making the same
Integrated chip package structure using ceramic substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Universal electromagnetic resonance system for detecting and measuring local non-uniformities in met...
System and method for superframe dithering in a liquid crystal display
Latching apparatus for a MEMS optical switch
Optical module, light divider/insertor and light transmission device
Methods and apparatus for measuring the power spectrum of optical signals
Method for making a micromechanical device by removing a sacrificial layer with multiple sequential ...
MEMS encapsulated structure and method of making same
Heat exchanger
System and method for utilization of waste heat of semiconductor equipment and heat exchanger used f...
Heat exchanger having silicon nitride substrate for mounting high power electronic components
Cooling apparatus for a multiplexed capillary electrophoresis system
Tube for heat exchangers and method of manufacturing the same
Heat exchanger with integrated flow control valve
Obrin power system
Rack mountable computer component fan cooling arrangement and method
Actuation membrane to reduce an ambient temperature of heat generating device
Integrated power delivery and cooling system for high power microprocessors
Method and apparatus for cooling electrical fuses
Portable food cooling container
System and method for linear object reallocation in place
Method and a device for gas treatment
Method and apparatus for electrochemical processing
Method for machining ceramic green sheet
Chromatography material and a method using the same
Geminivirus resistant transgenic plants
Hybrid maize plant and seed
Microwave dielectric spectroscopy method and apparatus
Ranging cell detection in a noisy environment
Method of maintaining constant arterial PCO2 and measurement of anatomic and alveolar dead space
Adhesives and adhesive compositions containing thioether groups
Human G-Protein chemokine receptor HDGNR10 (CCR5 receptor)
Human collagenase inhibitor, recombinant vector system for using same and recombinant DNA method for...
Pyrimidine derivatives for labeled binding partners
Quinolinone derivatives
Carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Baby bottle
Fiber bundle alignment
Permanent, removable tissue markings
Treatment of central nervous system diseases by antibodies against glatiramer acetate
Copolymer 1 related polypeptides for use as molecular weight markers and for therapeutic use
Scanning computer files for unwanted properties
Cleaning ink jet print heads using ultra-violet and green Nd-YAG lasers
Method and apparatus for cleaning generator and turbine components
Rail cleaning method and apparatus
Surface pattern for absorbent paper
Device and method for monitoring and controlling electrical resistance at a tissue site undergoing i...
Process for growing a magnesium oxide film on a silicon (100) substrate coated with a cubic silicon ...
Method for joining conductive structures and an electrical conductive article
Method of making a composite substrate
Method of depositing in situ a solid film on a substrate
Compound having pyrrole ring and light-emitting device comprising same
Method of producing pattern-formed structure and photomask used in the same
Film forming method by radiating a plasma on a surface of a low dielectric constant film
Integrated circuit dielectric and method
Buffer layers on metal alloy substrates for superconducting tapes
Materials for optical applications
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device with layer peeling resistance
Porous integrated circuit dielectric with decreased surface porosity
Low sidestream smoke cigarette with combustible paper
Recorder, method for recording music, player, method for reproducing the music and system for ensemb...
Method for manufacturing an electroacoustical transducer comprising a membrane configuration
Absorptive/reactive muffler for variable speed compressors
Mammalian sphingosine kinase type 2 isoforms, cloning, expression and methods of use thereof
Camera having LCD panel displaying groups of camera modes
Medical instrument control system
Paired keys for data structures
Method and apparatus for partitioning a plurality of items into groups of similar items in a recomme...
File management apparatus and file management method
Method and system for managing multiple database storage units
Method and device in a telecommunication network having a communication product
Method of detecting a cancerous cell expressing an EGF motif polynucleotide
Gypsum-containing board and tile, and method for producing gypsum-containing board and tile
Interactive toy system
Device to obtain lengthening of the limbs and/or other parts of the body of a puppet, such as for ex...
Small aluminum "Fire Cup" used with a fire cracker, for entertainment purposes
Semiconductor wafer processing apparatus
Analogs of indole-3-carbinol metabolites as chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive agents
Substituted diphenyl indanone, indane and indole compounds and analogues thereof useful for the trea...
Taxol enhancer compounds
Spisulosine compounds
Hydrophilic, open-cell, elastic foams with a melamine/formaldehyde resin base, production thereof an...
Anti-spasticity of an eicosanoid analog
Tetrahydropyridine derivatives, their preparation and their use as cell proliferation inhibitors
Pharmaceutical combination for the treatment of cancer
Sulfamato hydroxamic acid metalloprotease inhibitor
Device for extracting a substance
Electroluminescent polymers and use thereof in light-emitting devices
Gravimetric measurement method and system
Optical semiconductor module
Image forming apparatus
Automated methods for simultaneously performing a plurality of signal-based assays
Process for producing optically active naphthalene derivative and optical resolver therefor
Method for quantum information processing and quantum information processor
Reflective liquid crystal displays having multilayer rear substrates
Method for evaluating complex refractive indicies utilizing IR range ellipsometry
Preform for an optical lens, an optical lens, and a method of manufacturing an optical lens
Polarization mode dispersion compensator for optical fiber communication systems
Method and system for distributing multiband wireless communications signals
Speaker system with multiple transducers positioned in a plane for optimum acoustic radiation patter...
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Alignment system and method using bright spot and box structure
Resampling sonar echo time series primarily for seabed sediment classification
Cytoplasmic inhibition of gene expression and expression of a foreign protein in a monocot plant by ...
G-protein coupled receptor
Mc1-1 gene regulatory elements and a pro-apoptotic mc1-1 variant
Red-shifted triazine ultravioletlight absorbers
Commercial production of laccase in plants
Soybean variety XB02C03
Circuit breaker including lever for snap close operation
Circuit breaker including frame having stop for operating mechanism link
Ammunition pouch
Sabot for a bullet
Anti-lash pedal bushing
Motor device
Hybrid spindle bearing
Special type bearing device
Cartridge-type thrust bearing
Separator grease retention and feed system for wheel spindle bearings
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Multilayer sliding material
Spindle motor with magnetic seal
Sports shoe with leg-piece hinged on the shell
Method and apparatus for addressing micro-components in a plasma display panel
Adjustable exhaust system for internal combustion engine
System and method for dynamic simultaneous connection to multiple service providers
Systems and methods for generating customized bundles of information
Mechanism for preserving producer-consumer ordering across an unordered interface
System and method for policy based storage provisioning and management
System and method for obtaining user preferences and providing user recommendations for unseen physi...
Hygenic absorbent article package
Hair color analyzer
Cleaning apparatus for printing press
Fibrous material comprising fibers made from linear isotactic polymers
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus assembly method
Device for compression of the neck spine for medical imaging purposes
Pharmaceuticals for the imaging of angiogenic disorders
High efficiency transfection based on low electric field strength, long pulse length
Variants of native growth hormones having non naturally occurring amino acid sequences or covalent m...
Nucleic acids encoding phosphorylated fusion proteins
AC powered oled device
Persistent client-server database sessions
Network scheduler for real time applications
System and method for a streams based network access control for a computer
Priority transaction support on the PCI-X bus
Crossbar system with increased throughput
Destructive-read random access memory system buffered with destructive-read memory cache
Data bus using synchronous fixed latency loop including read address and data busses and write addre...
Standard transportation excellent maintenance solutions
Portable motion-activated position reporting device
Meter monitoring and tamper protection system and method
Graphical programming system with distributed block diagram execution and front panel display
System and method for managing sensors of a system
Data transfer request processing scheme for reducing mechanical actions in data storage system
Method for utilizing waveform relaxation in computer-based simulation models
Collecting statistics in a database system
Magnetic circuit member
Titanium alloy and method for heat treatment of large-sized semifinished materials of said alloy
Minute copper balls and a method for their manufacture
Supermagnetostrictive alloy and method of preparation thereof
Plastic container
Periphery of cap for a tubular dispenser
Plastic container with a handle
Cottoner apparatus
Bubble level meter and related method
Thin-walled bridge mandrel
Preparation and use of composite of rubber and carbon black aggregates and articles of manufacture, ...
Sterile polymerizable systems and kits and methods of their manufacture and use
Hot-melt adhesive composition comprising acidic polymer and basic polymer blends
Blend of EPDM and SBR using an EPDM of different origin as a compatibilizer
Golf ball cover compositions
Apparatus and method for stripping parity bits from an input stream
Cryptographic key distribution using light pulses of three macroscopic quantum states
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Methods of manufacturing reagent test strips
Benzotriazoles containing phenyl groups substituted by heteroatoms and compositions stabilized there...
High power LED power pack for spot module illumination
LED-based planar light source
Patterned frame of a lighting string
Twinkling light string
Laser flashlight
Outdoor light fixture
Sideway-projecting light emitting diode structure
Lamp mounting structure
Headlight for motorcycle
Multifunctional third brake light
Automobile headlamp having a main reflector and a movable sub-reflector
Vehicle interior light
Lighting device with beam orientation adjustable support
Emergency light signal
Recessed indexing rotary multiple port turret for single or multiple port medical fiber-optic illumi...
System for forming an image
Illumination device
Light emitting device, display apparatus with an array of light emitting devices, and display appara...
Backlight for a liquid crystal display having high light-recycling efficiency
Fiber optic collimator apparatus and method
Correcting the phase of waveguide bragg gratings
Grating-based wavelength selective switch
Optical coupling structure
Optical backplane array connector
Method and device for face alignment
Fiber optic cable structure and method
Reduced weight oblique view fiber optic taper
High capacity optical waveguide fiber
Optical fiber design for secure tap proof transmission
System for bending polymer or glass optical wave guides
Electro-optic device
Fiber optics splice holder
Optical fiber cutting apparatus and optical fiber cutting method therefor
Methods and systems for generating profile curves of solid models
System and method for a single-pass multiple tap filter
Method and system for maintaining alternates in association with recognized words
Method and system for archival and retrieval of images based on the shape properties of identified s...
Sensor fusion architecture for vision-based occupant detection
Method of image coding, image coding apparatus, and recording medium including image coding program
Method and apparatus for compressing and decompressing images
Device and method for transforming a digital signal
Method and apparatus for re-ordering of a bit stream
Method of compressing data by use of self-prefixed universal variable length code
Image filter processing apparatus and method
Image reading apparatus and shading correction data acquiring method
Controlled image deterioration correction device with reduction/enlargement
Removing noise from a color image using wavelets
Section extraction tool for PDF documents
Swallowable data recorder capsule medical device
Method and device for determining the intraocular pressure, by measuring the changing of the frequen...
Comprehensive vertigo management
Foot stimulation tool
Method for generating images by means of magnetic resonance
Sensor having electrode for determining the rate of flow of a fluid
Beamformed ultrasonic imager with delta-sigma feedback control
Method and devices for inspecting and calibrating of stereoscopic endoscopes
Optical imaging system with symmetric optical probe
Pulse oximeter sensor with piece-wise function
Pulse oximeter and method of operation
System and method for selecting physiological data from a plurality of physiological data sources
Method and apparatus for determining the cerebral state of a patient with fast response
Steel pan musical instrument
Method for manufacturing a steel tire mold
High-strength steel wire excelling in resistance to strain aging embrittlement and longitudinal crac...
Method and apparatus for coating metal strip, particularly cold-rolled steel strip
Device and method for managing communications between data communications systems
Time domain measurement systems and methods
Power amplifier circuit and method using bandlimited signal component estimates
Device for use with a portable inertial navigation system ("PINS") and method for transitioning betw...
Broad band and multi-band antennas
Modular measuring or testing device
Communication device front housing
Sealed central processing unit cooling apparatus
Mesoscale MEMS switch apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for providing a distributed architecture digital wireless communication system
Method and device for controlling outliers in offered load estimation in a shared medium communicati...
Method and apparatus for optimizing data compression in a wireless digital access system
Method and apparatus for symbol independent discriminator correlator automatic frequency control
Method and apparatus for limiting storage or transmission of visual information
Intelligent repeater and method to provide increased signaling
Base for elevating a strainer or colander
Sliceable product container device
Bulk decontamination and degermination of materials in a sub-atmospheric saturated steam environment
Process of making a supplement for digestive ailment
Cooked sausage and method for making the same
Fractionation and processing of oilseed meal
Broth/stock and methods for preparation thereof
Cereal agglomeration process and agglomerated cereal product
Process for preparing starch coated potato products
Marshmallow system
Method for supplying food dough
Multi-tier rotary grill
Methods for decontaminating shell eggs
Solvent and method for extraction of triglyceride rich oil
Accessing leaf and/or stem parts of plants
Creamy ice cream products containing soy-milk and potato as the main components and process for prod...
Polyolefin oil resistant film using porous particles
Light for use in activating light-activated materials, the light having a plurality of light emittin...
Method for producing an improved catalyst for homo-and co-polymerization of olefin
Paper-plastic laminate sheeting
Stabilizers and antiozonants for elastomers
Filtration arrangement utilizing pleated construction and method
Bonding members with epoxy composition containing chain extender, toughener and catalyst
Antireflection films for use with displays
Fluorene compound, polymers thereof having a polyphenylene group, and EL element comprising the same
Optical devices made from radiation curable fluorinated compositions
Compounds for modulating cell proliferation
Propylene copolymer foams
Crosslinking of polyethylene for low wear using radiation and thermal treatments
Oligomeric and polymeric telechelics
Starch graft copolymers and method of making and using starch graft copolymers for agriculture
Method and apparatus of acquiring large FOV images without slab-boundary artifacts
System and method for reducing or eliminating streak artifacts and illumination inhomogeneity in CT ...
System and method for virtual representation of bones or a bone joint
Method and apparatus for maintenance of bird baths and other liquid containers
Method and system for measuring mobility of a tested animal
Gelled feed products, means for making the products and method for manufacture of said products
Method for fractionating cooking oil
Phytosterol compositions
Antihelminthic anthraquinones and method of use thereof
Potentiators of glutamate receptors
Homogeneous assay of vancomycin using a stable particle-vancomycin conjugate, a novel rate enhancer,...
Platform-independent programmable batch processing engine
Dynamic translation between data network-based protocol in a data-packet-network and interactive voi...
Method and apparatus for maintaining information about users sharing the cells partitioning a comput...
Method of providing concise forms of natural commands
Method and system for guiding drilling in a report generated by a reporting system
System and method for proactive caching employing graphical usage description
Intra-row configurability of content addressable memory
Table offset for shortening translation tables from their beginnings
Software management systems and methods for automotive computing devices
Transforming character strings that are contained in a unit of computer program code
Sample and hold circuit including a multiplexer
Method and apparatus for a Jones vector based heterodyne optical polarimeter
Optical system and method for performing analog to digital conversion
Methods and apparatus for optical disk drives using optical scanning
Method for determining the optimum observer heading change in bearings-only passive emitter tracking
Optical parametric devices and methods for making same
Switchable flux control for high power static electromagnetic devices
Common bit/common source line high density 1T1R R-RAM array
Subcritical reactivity measurement method
Method and system for creating task-dependent three-dimensional images
Computer aided detection of masses and clustered microcalcifications with single and multiple input ...
Spatial image processor
Optical waveguide structures
Liquid crystal display device
High index-contrast fiber waveguides and applications
Liquid crystal composition, device and apparatus
Method and apparatus for incorporating control simulation environment
Coated nanotube surface signal probe and method of attaching nanotube to probe holder
Pyrrolo[2,3d]pyrimidine compositions and their use
Dynamic real-time magnetic resonance imaging sequence designer
Epothilone derivatives
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizvio`
Anthurium andreanum plant named `Anthbnena`
Anthemis tinctoria plant named `Charme`
Santolina plant named `Sant101`
Mandevilla plant named `Sunmandecos`
Abelia plant named `Mardi Gras`
Leucanthemum plant named `Leukal 01`
Lavandula plant named `Lavsts 11`
Lavandula plant named `Lavang 38`
Lavandula plant named `Lavsts 154`
Lavandula plant named `Lavsts 08`
System and methods for permitting access to a singular network process by multiple user processes
Recording liquid, recording cartridge, recording method, recording apparatus and recording medium
Method to obtain a variety of surface colors by electroplating zinc nickel and nickel alloy oxides
Photoresponsive surfaces
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Non-sintered thin electrode for battery, battery using same and process for same
Urine collection bag
Medical lead connector
Endoscope with guiding apparatus
Catheter and guide wire exchange system
Intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation with concurrent hypothermia
Fluid reservoir piston
Method to inject and extract fluid at a treatment site to remove debris
Medical retrieval device
Systems and methods for applying a suture within a blood vesel lumen
Compressible atherectomy burr
Method for performing a surgical procedure and a cannula for use in performing the surgical procedur...
Methods and apparatus for treating vascular occlusions
Mechanical attachment method of cover materials on stents
Method for producing .beta.-titanium alloy wire
Inherently antimicrobial quaternary amine hydrogel wound dressings
Silicon compounds derived from ascorbic acid
Jar and cap
Fragrance emitting device
Hair relaxer compositions utilizing cation exchange compositions
Disposable cleaning head container
Machine for forming cheek bends in sheet metal
Container with ribbed sides
Composition, process and kit for bleaching keratin fibers comprising at least one thickening polymer...
Oxidation dye composition for keratinic fibres containing a thickening polymer with an ether plastic...
Deactivants for dust mite allergens
Hair relaxer compositions with a visual indicator
Heat activated durable styling compositions comprising C1 to C22 Substituted C3-C5 monosaccharides a...
Composition for use in a dishwashing machine
Gluing, sealing and coating compound
Multi-layered wound dressing
Emulsion polymerization method
Indolin derivaties as sun protection agents
Reagent and process for protecting nucleoside hydroxyl groups
Patterned luminaire
Table lamp
Table lamp
Table lamp
Floor lamp body
Table lamp
Combined hair detangler and stand
Hair and yarmulke clip
Hair trimmer
Pedicure tool
Cosmetic case
Cosmetic container
Face mask
Vent strip for safety helmet
Pet drinking fountain design
Bagless upright vacuum cleaner
Folding wringer
Dirt cup for upright vacuum cleaner
Multimedia word processor
Wrist-worn phone and body-worn data storage device
Device and method for detecting insects in structures
Guided wave radar level transmitter
Lenticular screen adaptor
Process for the three dimensional production of images
2-D diffraction grating for substantially eliminating polarization dependent losses
Sun tracking lighting device
Methods and apparatus for void characterization
Text input system for ideographic and nonideographic languages
Optical switch with low-inertia micromirror
Portable, self-contained data collection systems and methods
Speech synthesizer that interrupts audio output to provide pause/silence between words
Trunking in stacked communication devices
Method and apparatus for computing placement costs by calculating bend values of connection graphs t...
Pet chews and methods of making pet chews
Oxide metallic effect materials
NOx reduction composition for use in FCC processes
Chemical process
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Cathode ray tube glass, a method for producing the cathode ray tube glass, and a method for cleaning...
Light stimulating and collecting methods and apparatus for storage-phosphor image plates
Rotatable flagpole apparatus
Negative deep ultraviolet photoresist
Substrates with a self-cleaning surface, a process for their production and their use
Process of producing polymer optical waveguide
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Polyolefin production
Semiconductor device having a function block provided in a macro and operating independently of the ...
Method and system for reducing toner rub-off in an electrophotographic apparatus by using printers' ...
Discharge lamp provided with a getter
Base site and method for quickly establishing a CDMA dispatch call
Process for producing polymer rubber and oil extended polymer rubber
Bonded wafer producing method and bonded wafer
Powder coating compositions
Gapless compressible cylinder assembly
Plastic components with improved surface appearance and method of making the same
Powder coating composition incorporating a wax in post-blended form
Polyolefin sheets for thermoforming
Process for producing polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT)
Hydrolytic kinetic resolution of cyclic substrates
Annunciation of the distance to a target position in a global positioning system landing system
Control of receiver immunity to interference by controlling linearity
Doppler-based automated direction finding system and method for locating cable television signal lea...
Method for configuring cross-connections of a radio system and radio system
Multi-patch antenna which can transmit radio signals with two frequencies
Multiple-beam antenna
Method for maintaining the integrity of a mailing using radio frequency identification tags
Method for determining the speed of a wheel on a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for performing system diagnostics on a cable modem termination system using a h...
Asynchronous transfer mode packet network and method for transferring packet data in the same
Call acceptance control method for CDMA mobile radio communication system and mobile station device
Traffic distribution in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for providing a radio module for a computer system
Circuit configuration for matching an amplifier to a radio-frequency line, and use of the circuit co...
Catalyst and process for preparing color-reduced polyisocyanates containing isocyanurate groups
Lightweight tire support and composition and method for making a tire support
Photovoltaic power generating structure
Coaxial cable and method of making same
Large-area fiber plate, radiation image pickup apparatus utilizing the same and producing method the...
Wind power system
Integrated magnet body and motor incorporating it
Imaging optical system
Scattered ray removal grid and method of producing the same
Protective hearing devices with multi-band automatic amplitude control and active noise attenuation
Fiber optic cable having a low-shrink cable jacket and methods of manufacturing the same
Freestanding athermal polymer optical waveguide
Image forming apparatus which can clean auxiliary member erasing image traces
Image forming apparatus including an image carrier driving mechanism
Body-member-illuminating pressure cuff for use in optical noninvasive measurement of blood parameter...
System and method for enhancing cardiac signal sensing by cardiac pacemakers through genetic treatme...
Extractable implantable medical lead
Hand wheel actuator
Electric power steering apparatus
Control apparatus for motor-driven power-steering system of motor vehicle
Dynamic clutch control
Frames for all-terrain vehicles
Steer axle with kingpin boss
Tower and boom structure for loader bucket
Heat exchange system
Rear steering hitch/docking mode
Thumb-accessible control housing for steering device
Control of a balancing personal vehicle
Hybrid vehicle
Attaching structure of a brake fluid pressure generator
Method for influencing the torque on at least one driving wheel of an industrial truck
Device for side impact detection for a motor vehicle
Method for chart markup and annotation in technical analysis
Graphical user interface for travel planning system
Method and user interface for specifying toppings and their placement on a pizza
Business form handling method and system for carrying out the same
Distributed product development
Method and apparatus for scheduling work orders in a manufacturing process
Photomask supply system with photomask production period shortened
System and method for manufacturing semiconductor devices controlled by customer
Systems and methods for building and improving the quality of inventory load configurations
Systems and methods for predicting traffic on internet sites
Method and system for tracking a person's time at a location
IC card and IC chip module
Extruded poly (ethylene oxide) and filler composites and films having enhanced ductility and breatha...
Laminate having differential bond strengths and absorbent article made therefrom
Surgical gown with limited discrete sections of elastomeric materials
Process for manufacturing a cellulosic paper product exhibiting reduced malodor
Multilens star box and method for making same
Multi-purpose cleaning articles
Cannula having band markings
Low protein natural latex articles
Tissue products
Method of applying a foam composition to a tissue product
Process of making microcreped wipers
Catalyst enhancement
Polyolefin film with embossed surface
Continuous slurry polymerization volatile removal
Olefin polymerization process with alkyl-substituted metallocenes
Process for softening fischer-tropsch wax with mild hydrotreating
Lamination structure with a starch to plastic bond
Mineral acid enhanced thermal treatment for viscosity reduction of oils (ECB-0002)
Catalyst regeneration
Substituted naphthyl indole derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 (PAI...
Uro-genital condition treatment system
Diaryl compounds
Open architecture global sign-on apparatus and method therefor
Parameterizable and reconfigurable debugger core generators
Space based augmentation systems and methods using ionospheric bounding data to determine geographic...
System and method for analyzing vibration signals
Analysis of rotating machines
Segmentation and processing of continuous data streams using transactional semantics
Method and apparatus for data dependent, dual level output driver
Application performance monitoring expert
Demand-based memory-block splitting
Method for inhibiting c-jun expression using JAK-3 inhibitors
Method of repelling insects
Crosslinked hydrogel copolymers
Polymeric urethane ester quats and their use in personal care compositions
Peptides with increased + charge and hydrophobicity by substituting one or more amino acids of CA-MA...
Isolated peptides which bind to MHC class II molecules, and uses thereof
Leptospira vaccine antigens for the prevention of Leptospirosis
Interferon-beta fusion proteins and uses
Hydrolyzed jojoba protein
Method for making humanized antibodies
Indolicidin analogs and methods of using same
Isolated peptide of the horny layer and user thereof
Osteoclast secreted chemokine and uses thereof
Pesticidal macrolides
Method for recording plural rows of record marks in one track in magneto-optical recording device
Optical recording medium, device and method for recording optical recording medium, and device and m...
Modal discriminating and linearly polarized fiber lasers
Multiple emitter side pumping method and apparatus for fiber lasers
Method and arrangement for controlling a tuneable laser
Wavelength monitor and semiconductor laser device
Laser oscillating apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Lasing semiconductor optical amplifier with output power monitor and control
Optical source driver with output load detection circuit
Laser driver for a laser sensing system
Material systems for long wavelength lasers grown on InP substrates
Group III nitride compound semiconductor laser
Line selected F2 two chamber laser system
Laser system and method for spectral narrowing through wavefront correction
High repetition rate excimer laser system
X-ray fluorescence combined with laser induced photon spectroscopy
Mechanism and method for controlling focal point position of UV light and apparatus and method for i...
Waveguide-based optical chemical sensor
Apparatus and method for generating a mode-scrambled optical signal using a VCSEL array
Method and apparatus for reference distribution aerial image formation
Wood-based composite panel having foil overlay and methods for manufacturing
Process for the removal of sulphur compounds from gases
Method for making a uranium chloride salt product
Method of production of dielectric ceramic composition and method of production of electronic device...
Biocompatible pharmaceutical articles
Method and apparatus for intervertebral implant anchorage
Modification of surfaces using biological recognition events
Role of PPH1 gene in pulmonary hypertension
Methods and materials for the growth of primate-derived primordial stem cells in feeder-free culture
Morphogen-induced neural cell adhesion
Associating call appearance with data associated with call
Digital loop carrier system
Carrier identification codes (CIC) conversion
Method for transmission of service signaling message, switching center, converter node, and service ...
Method and apparatus for providing data to switching elements in a communications system
System and method for implementing recording plans using a session manager
Enhanced agent automatic call distribution control
Circuit and method for active termination of a transmission line interface
Devices, software and methods for passing DTMF signals under voice compression
Software configurable sidetone for computer telephony
Band unit for attaching hangers to portable appliances
Technique for effectively communicating travel directions
Cellular telephone with a changeable key arrangement
Soft keys for a mobile communications device having moveable panels
Method for detecting the connectivity of electrical conductors during automated test using longitudi...
Assistance method and apparatus
Method and system for remote retrieval of documents
Method for tracing a security breach in highly distributed content
Adjustable and linkable jewelry device
Automated voting system
Lavandula plant named `Lavsts 15`
Business card reader
Method and apparatus for synchronized previewing user-interface appearance on multiple platforms
64-bit open firmware implementation and associated api
Method and apparatus for providing field confidentiality in digital certificates
Operating system security checking system, method, and program
Method for accelerating the speed of a CPU using a system command having an operation not associated...
Apparatus and method for dynamically rerouting a network request based on shared predictive failure ...
Redundant controller data storage system having hot insertion system and method
Restoration of a computer to a previous working state
Method and apparatus for increasing the effectiveness of system debug and analysis
Low-power critical error rate communications controller
High-speed first-in-first-out buffer
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for providing automatic recognition and playback of re...
Generation of runtime execution traces of applications and associated problem determination
Capturing graphics primitives associated with any display object rendered to a graphical user interf...
Translation and transformation of heterogeneous programs
Automatic generation of fortran 90 interfaces to fortran 77 code
Object oriented database interface encapsulation that allows for chronologically overlapping transac...
Method for estimating and removing artifact noise from seismic data
Display device, producing method of electronic apparatus and display device
Formatting denormal numbers for processing in a pipelined floating point unit
Programmable multiwavelength modelocked laser
Apparatus, method and system for mobile wireless communication hand-off utilizing shared directory n...
Method and apparatus for producing duplex prints and image forming system using the same
Diffractive safety element
Crystal structure of cPLA2 and methods of identifying agonists and antagonists using same
Positional data utilizing inter-vehicle communication method and traveling control apparatus
Engine diagnostic via PDA
Scented waxed plush toys
Lithium secondary battery
System and method of dynamically optimizing a transmission mode of wirelessly transmitted informatio...
Aluminum brazing alloy
System for effecting smoking cessation
Disposable aerosol generator system and methods for administering the aerosol
Force feedback system and actuator power management
Seawater pressure-driven desalinization method using a gravity-driven brine return
Method and devices for providing network services from several servers
Polypeptides that inhibit human serum-induced cleavage of hepatocyte growth factor
Sol-gel process for the production of manufactures containing an incompressible insert and manufactu...
Computer software framework and method for logging messages
5-chloro-3-(4-methanesulfonylphenyl)-6'-methyl-[2,3]bipyridinyl in pure crystalline form and process...
Coordinated pivoting and extending vehicle mirror
System and method of verifying the authenticity of dynamically connectable executable images
Game tag holder
Method and apparatus for competitive bonus games with a player as the house
Game utilizing non-identical sequential images as a winning condition
Gaming environment including portable transaction devices for rating players
Orthopedic stabilization device and method
Method and apparatus for presenting anonymous group names
Filing system and method, and apparatus and method for reproducing image data
Use of a free space electron switch in a telecommunications network
Subwoofer assembly
Multiple-thread processor with single-thread interface shared among threads
Two-way display-type liquid crystal display device
Systems and methods with integrated GPS and dead reckoning capabilities
Apparatus to manipulate scrap in a scrap charger
Power controller, power generation system, and control method of power controller
System and method for minimizing a loading effect of a via by tuning a cutout ratio
Privacy and security for smartcards in a method, system and program
Nucleic acid comprising the sequence of a promoter unductible by stress and a gene sequence coding f...
Polyolefin graft copolymers made with fluorinated monomers
Garbage can
Peelable temporary masking coatings
Turntable for a disc-shaped information carrier, and player with such a turntable
Process for the preparation of a catalyst component for the polymerization of an olefin
Deterministic preemption points in operating system execution
Regenerated cellulose and oxidized cellulose membranes as potential biodegradable platforms for drug...
TV broadcast cooperative type data perusal apparatus, TV broadcast cooperative type data perusal met...
Human oncogene induced secreted protein I
Nondestructive characterization of thin films using measured basis spectra
Machine for diagnostic and/or therapeutic treatment, particularly a nuclear magnetic resonance imagi...
System and method for designing diverse communications circuits
Survivin, a protein that inhibits cellular apoptosis, and its modulation
Compact disc transporter
Method for delivery of proteins to plant cells
Addressless internetworking
Web guiding system and method
Removable semiconductor wafer susceptor
Pet training device
Device for recording or reproducing signals on disk and method of inserting and extracting cartridge...
High speed driving method and apparatus of pressure cylinder
System and method for personalizing electronic mail messages by rendering the messages in the voice ...
Hydrocyclone bundle
Screw/insert saver
Process for preparing a polyaromatic compound
Method for maintenance and propagation of germline stem cells using members of the TFG-.beta. family...
Polymer-enhanced foamable drilling fluid
Method of preparing indium phosphide heterojunction bipolar transistors
Printing system for generating personalized memorial items, and method for generating such items
Automatic electric toothbrush
Mixtures for organic compounds for the treatment of airway diseases
Isotropic pitch-based materials for thermal insulation
Proteins with increased levels of essential amino acids
Liquid hand dishwashing detergent
Magneto-optical recording medium
Golf balls incorporating polyamide polymers
Apparatus for preparing a coffee extract with a fine-bubble froth layer using a liquid flow decelera...
Low peak exotherm curable compositions
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Epoxy resin composition used for encapsulating semiconductor and semiconductor device using the comp...
Resin composition for lens sheet, lens sheet, and projection screen
Resistive primer coating for a display apparatus
Fluorine-containing photosensitive polymer having hydrate structure and resist composition comprisin...
Fuel cell power plant
Niobium alloy and hydrogen permeation membrane produced from it
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Catalysts used for olefine polymerization and the preparation thereof
Efficient layout strategy for automated design layout tools
Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus
MR imaging using ECG-prep scan
Methods of characterizing drug activities using consensus profiles
Outdoor speaker
Method and equipment for assessing the life of members put under high in-service temperature environ...
Oscillator controller and atomic oscillator
Distributed architecture for a base station transceiver subsystem having a radio unit that is remote...
Cellular communications system and related methods
Biodegradable compositions comprising poly(cycloaliphatic phosphoester) compounds, articles, and met...
Syntactic deformable foam compositions and methods for making
Anhydrous crystalline forms of gabapentin
Methods for solid phase nanoextraction and desorption
Absorbent article
Methods for treating HIV-infected patients by the administration of GM-CSF and a protease inhibitor
Recombinant influenza A viruses
Method for mutation detection in HIV-1 using pol sequencing
Treatment of HIV infections
Substituted 5-oxo-5, 6, 7, 8-tetrahydro-4H-1-benzopyrans
Device and method for recognizing traffic signs
Peptides as NS3-serine protease inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Therapeutic and diagnostic methods for ulcerative colitis and associated disorders
Modified forms of hepatitis C NS3 protease for facilitating inhibitor screening and structural studi...
Relevance clause for computed relevance messaging
Substrate independent superpolishing process and slurry
Glass substrate for a magnetic disk, a magnetic disk which can be formed with a stable texture and a...
Magnetic head suspension assembly with adhesion limiting structure
Disk device magnetic head slider including a contact pad, a positive pressure pad area, and a squeez...
Motion limiter for disk drive integrated gimbal suspension
Magnetic head device and lead wire
ESD-protected head gimbal assembly for use in a disk drive
Disk apparatus having inertia latch
Disk drive including a rotary actuator with thermo-conductive coil support element and coil
Unibody (monocoque) arm design for high performance disc drives
Flexible disk drive having a particular arrangement for mounting a metal fitting for a guide bar to ...
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Data storage and retrieval apparatus with thin film read head having a planar sensor element and an ...
Read head shield having improved stability
Side flux guide for current perpendicular to plane magnetoresistive transducer
Dual stripe spin valve sensor without antiferromagnetic pinning layer
Method and apparatus for improved pinning strength for self-pinned giant magnetoresistive heads
Magnetic sensor, magnetic head and magnetic recording apparatus
Tunnel magnetoresistance effect device, and a portable personal device
Nanocrystalline layers for improved MRAM tunnel junctions
Drive bracket structure
Imaging materials with conductive layers containing electronically conductive polymer particles
Thermal recording material
Image-forming material and image formation method
Pigment mixture
Decorative icing dispenser
Ink jet recording head, ink jet recording apparatus using such ink jet recording head, and method fo...
Spinnerette assembly for forming hollow fibers
Extrusion method for ceramic honeycomb articles
Solvent inkjet ink receptive films
Metallocene-produced very low density polyethylenes
Olefin-based polymer
Ink-jet ink, method of manufacturing the same, and ink jet recording method
System for authenticating access to online content referenced in hardcopy documents
Aircraft control surface drive system and associated methods
Chemical application and flight guidance control system and method
Evacuation slide having trapezoidal outline
Solar panel for space and method for manufacturing the same
Single beam aircraft passenger seat
Golf swing position trainer teaching a golfer to swing a golf club correctly
Apparatus for golf putter fitting
Golf putting/chipping instructional device and method of use
System and method for selectively presenting multi-dimensional data in two-dimensional form
Pigment preparations
Container with material coating having barrier effect and method and apparatus for making same
Games involving scratch-off cards to promote business
Method and apparatus for phase shifting an optical beam in an optical device with a buffer plug
Jitter correcting apparatus and method for video signals
Method and system for dynamic evaluation of a wireless network with a portable computing device
System and method of mobility management in a mobile communications network having a proxy switch
Efficient location of mobile radiotelephones using cellular and GPS information
Method and apparatus for interaction with broadcast content based upon position
Providing a supplementary service in a mobile communications system
Method and apparatus for determining the position of a mobile communication device
Power-conservation system based on indoor/outdoor and ambient-light determinations
Intervehicle network communication system
Method and system for tracking moving objects
System for keyword based searching over relational databases
Method and apparatus for buffer partitioning without loss of data
Passive and active software objects containing bore resistant watermarking
Circuit arrangement and method of detecting access violation in a microcontroller