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Computer virus detection and removal
Linker using relocation sequences
Method of communicating with subscriber devices through a global communication network
Communication system and method in a communication system
Internet phone-based private exchange and call signal exchanging method thereof
System for accessing, distributing and maintaining video content over public and private internet pr...
Universal IP-based and scalable architectures across conversational applications using web services ...
System and method for conference call consolidation
Device and system to facilitate remote customer-service
Method and apparatus for providing intelligent emergency paging
System and method for controlling an automated fueling station
System and method for online dispute resolution
Method and apparatus for finding information on the internet
Data processing system and method for accessing files
Method, system, and product for self-directed distance learning
System for remote management of applications of an industrial control system
Method for evaluating quality of service of a digital network connection
Distributed server cluster with graphical user interface
Streaming-media input port
Laser frequency modulation tactical training system
Abstract artwork and apparatus for making same
System for teaching children about the use of money
Taxidermy head mannequin and mouth assembly
Modular confined space rescue training simulator
Picture board with array of individually pivotable color transmission members and pigment sheet and ...
Interactive learning appliance
Learning support method and learning support program
Trenchless water pipe replacement device and method
Segmented concrete piling assembly with steel connecting rods
Filled synthetic turf with ballast layer
CMOS integration sensor with fully differential column readout circuit for light adaptive imaging
Control apparatus for an optical device
Automatic focusing camera with moving mirror between fixed lens and fixed image sensor
Video and/or audio digital data processing
Variable delay channel scan
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and method using key frame
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image recording apparatus
Pixel based gobo record control format
Method of converting a packetized stream of information signals into a stream of information signals...
Method and apparatus for image signal encoding
Optical body tracker
Gate control device
Method and apparatus for producing communication data, method and apparatus for reproducing communic...
Real-time image resizing and rotation with line buffers
Camera apparatus
Camera using beam splitter with micro-lens image amplification
Combining signal images in accordance with signal-to-noise ratios
Methods, systems, and software for performing measurements
Method and apparatus for segmenting a multi-media program based upon audio events
TV signal receiver
Control device, control method, electric apparatus, control method of an electric apparatus, electri...
System and user interface supporting user navigation and concurrent application operation
Multimedia processor employing a shared CPU-graphics cache
Multifunctional intelligent optical modules based on planar lightwave circuits
Multimedia two-way communication terminal
Device and method for intelligent wireless communication selection
Automatic software downloading from a computer network
Method and system for generation of medical reports from data in a hierarchically-organized database
Antidepressant indolealkyl derivatives of heterocycle-fused benzodioxan methylamines
N-substituted 4-((-4'-aminobenzoyl)-oxymethyl)-piperidines having gastric prokinetic properties
A/D conversion method and apparatus therefor
Integrated circuit configuration and method of fabricating a dram structure with buried bit lines or...
Process for the selective formation of salicide on active areas of MOS devices
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same and liquid jet apparatus
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Apparatus and circuit having reduced leakage current and method therefor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of making a polycide interconnection layer having a silicide film formed on a polycrystal sil...
EMI and noise shielding for multi-metal layer high frequency integrated circuit processes
RF passive circuit and RF amplifier with via-holes
Multiple oxide thicknesses for merged memory and logic applications
RuSixOy-containing adhesion layers and process for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having amorphous barrier layer for copper metallurgy
Selective underfill for flip chips and flip-chip assemblies
Ring oscillator with embedded scatterometry grate array
Thin film transistor, liquid crystal display panel, and method of manufacturing thin film transistor
Overlay mark, method of measuring overlay accuracy, method of making alignment and semiconductor dev...
Electronic organic substrate
Substrate selector
Digital interactive network appliance and system
Methods and compositions for blood pool identification, drug distribution quantification and drug re...
Method and device for correcting organ motion artifacts in MRI systems
Flow imaging using balanced phase contrast steady state free precession magnetic resonance imaging
Fast method for dynamic MR imaging
Method for obtaining multi-dimensional proton density distributions from a system of nuclear spins
Imaging arrangement and process for locally-resolved imaging
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging method
Psychic seeds entertaining growth system
Modified chess game
Layered archery target
System and method for saving status of paused game of chance
Method of conducting an interactive competition
Deactivatable biocides for hydrocarbonaceous products
Emergency fuel
Catalytic destruction of perchlorate in ferric chloride and hydrochloric acid solution with control ...
Methods to control H2S and arsine emissions
Processes for treating iron-containing waste streams
Non-caking sodium chloride crystals, a process to make them, and their use in an electrolysis proces...
Process for stabilizing aqueous aluminate and zirconate solutions
Method for treating a gas containing a boric acid component
Process for the preparation of hybrid mesoporous molecular sieve silicas from amine surfactants
Doped precipitated silica
Method for producing potassium fluoroniobate crystals and potassium fluoroniobate crystals
Short contact time catalytic sulfur recovery system for removing H2S from a waste gas stream
Process for the preparation of nanosized iron oxide by biomimetic route
Process for the preparation of ZSM-5 catalyst
Crystals comprising single-walled carbon nanotubes
Nickel hydroxide coated with cobaltous hydroxide
Low-silanol silica
Process for producing anionic clay using boehmite which has been peptized with an acid
Suspension of multimetal cyanide compounds, their preparation and their use
Gold catalysts supported on graphitic carbon nanostructures
System for printing information on a mailing medium
System for verification and association of documents and digital images
Combined serial and infrared port for consumer electronic devices
Apparatus and process for improved aromatic extraction from gasoline
Electrodeposition display device
Cells for the electrowinning of aluminium having dimensionally stable metal-based anodes
Steering control system for vehicle
Method, system and program products for defining nodes to a cluster
Flexible dolls and posable action figures
Method and apparatus for providing calculated and solution-oriented personalized summary-reports to ...
Apparatus and method for computerized data collection, monitoring, analysis, and control of grouting...
Operation confirming method and device for industrial machinery
Loudspeaker coil suspension system
Apparatus and method for automated protein design
Methods for enhancing immune responses by fibroblast growth factor receptor 5 polypeptides
Cable-type steering device
Methods and instruments for fluorescence detection
Superimposing circuit module for reducing spurious electromagnetic wave emissions and small variatio...
On-board testing circuit and method for improving testing of integrated circuits
Communication terminal apparatus
Replacement of externally mounted user interface modules with software emulation of user interface m...
Collaboration between wireless LAN access points using wired lan infrastructure
Method and apparatus employing a vocoder for speech processing
Integrated circuit inductors having high quality factors
Circuit for active decoupling of transmit coils in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatuses, p...
Phosphorus-containing flame-retardant hardeners, epoxy resins, advanced epoxy resins and cured epoxy...
Method for compensating for mechanical oscillations in machines
Gear train for a machine for processing flat printing materials
Plate cylinder with splined shell
Method and device for driving a printing press
Reversible angle bar for a web printing press
Signature delivery device and method
Imaging of printing forms using a laser diode bar which also includes non-activatable laser diodes
Image-recording device for a printing form, having an array of VCSEL light sources
Process for producing a chemical-resistant protective layer for a rotary body having a base body mad...
Luggage rack flag mount
Two-domain in-plane switching mode LCD
Self-extinguishing cable and fire retardant composition used therein
Anti-spatter coating for laser machining
Quantum well intermixing in InGaAsP structures induced by low temperature grown InP
Sulphured-metallic coordinated complexes in polyadditive catalysis
Low cross-linking-density gel and process for producing the same
Treatment of fluorocarbon feedstocks
Three electrode ceramic metal halide lamp
Method and device for organizing and coordinating the combined use of liquid medications for continu...
Optical recording method and medium
Aqueous primary dispersions, method for preparation and use thereof
Wheel assembly with spoke-covering members
Ventilated glasses with a removable pad
Fan with cross-bar holding arm
Kayak paddle with safety mirror
Rear derailleur device for a bicycle
Stationary exercise bicycle
Stationary exercise cycle
Multi speed bicycle transmission including eccentric cranking assembly
Facile ergonomic computer pointing device
Waste water recovery and utilization system
Air filter for engine
Device and method for displaying track characteristics
Multi-configuration GPU interface device
Aspheric soft lens
Holders for intraocular lenses
Process for the preparation of stabilized polycarbonate
Method for preparing leucocyte-free blood preparation and blood administration set
Small and intermediate conductance, calcium-activated potassium channels and uses thereof
Synthesis of a novel paramagnetic amino derivative (epm-5) for labelling chemical and biological mac...
Centrifugal casting method, centrifugal casting apparatus, and cast alloy produced by same
Method of manufacturing pulp mold formed body
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Fuel cell and fuel cell device
Fabrication of p-channel field-effect transistor for reducing junction capacitance
Methods of producing and polishing semiconductor device and polishing apparatus
Method of polishing copper layer of substrate
Orthogonal ion sampling for APCI mass spectrometry
Semiconductor light emitting element
Watertight brushless fan motor
Vehicle AC generator having vibration-resistant stator
Image forming method and system with a finishing capability
GSM cellular terminal
Process for producing a coating film and process for producing a solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
System and method for the intelligent management of archival data in a computer network
Peripheral device exchanging data with one of higher-order devices by switching interfaces
Dynamic control of switching reference voltage
Apparatus and method for reducing smear in digital images captured using frame-transfer CCD sensor
Method and apparatus for underprinting pixels
Heat sink hold-down with fan-module attach location
Low cost detection of wobble inversions using a tuned circuit
Electromagnetic transponder with a frequency detuning
System for checking wiring configuration of printed circuit board
Disc driving apparatus
Controller circuit connectable to an actuator designed to position a head in a recording medium driv...
Fixing device, method for temperature control of the same, and method for manufacturing rollers of t...
Disk conveying mechanism
Breast carcinoma-associated gene
Modified DNA-polymerase from carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans and its use for coupled reverse trans...
Analysis method with sample quality measurement
Information presentation apparatus with meta-information management function
Redeposition or backstain inhibition during stonewashing process
Leather therapy treatment
Use of thinnings and other low specific gravity wood for lyocell pulps method
Method and apparatus for high denier hollow spiral fiber
Nonwoven composite with high pre-and post-wetting permeability
Cordless soldering iron and electrical continuity testing device
Hems, edges, patches and seams for durable, water repellant woven fabric, and methods for making the...
Fexible electronic device
Wireless transmission communication system and portable microphone unit
Method for testing studs and corresponding device
Method for the connection of pieces of textile fabric
Projection type display device
Image data encoding and decoding using plural different encoding circuits
Printing system and printing apparatus
Dual coil permanent magnet motor having inner annular member
3D image reconstructing apparatus and 3D object inputting apparatus
Printer head and printer apparatus
Halftoning at multiple different resolutions
Multi-beam scanning optical system and image forming apparatus using it
Scanning type display optical system, scanning image display apparatus, and image display system
Illumination apparatus with light shielding near an exit plane of an optical pipe and projection exp...
Process for mixing treatment additives to contaminated liquids
Integrated fluidics system for simplified analysis of aerosolized biological particles and particle ...
Reagents and methods for the detection and quantification of vancomycin in biological fluids
Flip chip in leaded molded package with two dies
Semiconductor device having semiconductor element with copper pad mounted on wiring substrate and me...
Semiconductor device, mounting and method of manufacturing mounting substrate, circuit board, and el...
Multilayer electronic part, its manufacturing method, two-dimensionally arrayed element packaging st...
Power device and direct aluminum bonded substrate thereof
Semiconductor device having radiation structure
Electronic component and method of manufacture
Apparatus and method for warpage compensation of a display panel substrate assembly
Image recording apparatus
Liquid crystal display
Fixing apparatus for fusing and fixing toner image on transfer material in image forming apparatus
Flip chip assembly structure for semiconductor device and method of assembling therefor
Chip structure and process for forming the same
Module with built-in electronic elements and method of manufacture thereof
System and method for the measurement of service quality in a communication network
Method and apparatus for interconnection of flow-controlled communication
Communication packet processor with a look-up engine and content-addressable memory for updating con...
Testing system
Branch amplifier card
Calibration of a loss of signal detection system
Generalized I2C slave transmitter/receiver state machine
Arbitration within a multiport AMBA slave
Piezoelectric charged droplet source
Electrically insulated component sub-assemblies of implantable medical devices
Composition for determining pyrimidine metabolizing activity
Document processor
Dynamic event information table schedule window
Shark guitar
Method and apparatus for removing standing water from flat and contoured surfaces
Method and apparatus for multi-channel sound system calibration
Apparatus for washing and disinfecting-sterilizing endoscope
Dynamic configuration of a time division multiplexing port and associated direct memory access contr...
Program guide with selectable advertisements and pseudo-ads
Apparatus and process for separating fine solid particulates from a gas stream
Hydrocracking process for the production of high quality distillates from heavy gas oils
Catalytic cracking process using a modified mesoporous aluminophosphate material
Spent catalyst distributor
Layers, coatings or films synthesized using precursor layer exerted pressure containment
Electronic tuner for tuning a musical instrument
Air conditioning systems and vehicles comprising such air conditioning systems
Membrane pump
Delivery valve device for a fluid compressor
Turbine fuel pump
Ejector and negative-pressure supply apparatus using the same
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Axial piston engine
Fuel injection pump
Pumping system and method with improved screen
Low power electromagnetic pump
Fuel injection pump having throttled fuel path for fuel lubrication
Dispensing apparatus
Method and apparatus for treating fluids
Method and apparatus for membrane recirculation and concentrate energy recovery in a reverse osmosis...
Electromagnetic wave absorbing materials
Energy-efficient and environmentally helpful power conversion system and method
Child-resistant packaging for tablets
Image obtaining method and apparatus of an endoscope apparatus
Polarization dependent loss measuring apparatus
Imaging ellipsometry
Multiple beam ellipsometer
Measuring module
Means and apparatus for analysing and filtering polarized light and synthesizing a scene in filtered...
Robust integrated surface plasmon resonance sensor
Methods and apparatus for predicting oxygen-induced stacking fault density in wafers
Batch/lot organization based on quality characteristics
Ratchet wrench
Liquid-jet head and liquid-jet apparatus
Exposure period control device for electronic still camera
Photolithography apparatus and exposure method
Electronic tags incorporating a customer attracting annunciator for use in electronic product inform...
Pressure actuated solid slug optical latching relay
Method and apparatus for reducing the wavelength dependency of an integrated optical filter
Flexure with integral electrostatic actuator
Systems and methods for overcoming stiction
Piezoceramic shaft-driving type ultrasonic motor
Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) analog electrical isolator
Lateral motion MEMS Switch
Micro electromechanical switches
Optical head using micro-machined elements
Active wavelength locking
Optical switching system and optical switching method
Variable transmission multi-channel optical switch
Zero static power optical switch
Heat exchanger
Vehicle battery charging and air conditioning operating unit
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle
Method and apparatus to prevent metal dusting
Semiconductor circular and radial flow cooler
Single or dual buss thermal transfer system
Heat sink module
Heat exchanger inlet tube with flow distributing turbulizer
Cooling circuit
Vehicular air conditioning apparatus
Method for cleaning a cooler apparatus
Compact light weight autothermal reformer assembly
Liquid cooling system for all-in-one computer
CPU cooling structure
Liquid cooling module
Chassis conducted cooling thermal dissipation apparatus for servers
Electromagnetic interference and heatsinking
Uncoupled, thermal-compressor, gas-turbine engine
Method and apparatus for odor-free operation of an air conditioning system
Dewatering sand with surfactants
Oxy-fueled aluminum recovery method
Turbine wind energy generator structure for the same
Method for forwarding in multi-hop networks
Directional microphone assembly
Ventilator monitor system and method of using same
Respiratory apparatus with flow limiter
Semiconductor integrated circuit device including logic gate that attains reduction of power consump...
Wavelength converter
Switching regulator control circuit for a PFM control
Receive band rejection for a digital RF amplifier
DC-DC converter
Half-bridge converter with high power factor
Delta-sigma modulation apparatus and signal amplification apparatus
Switched amplifier
Cooler and a method for cooling hot bulk material
Flavivirus detection and quantification assay
Homogeneous photosensitive optically variable ink compositions for ink jet printing
Vehicle structural beam and method of manufacture
Optical recording medium
Mass spectrometric screening of catalysts
Copolymer sealant compositions and method for making
Detection of analytes in aqueous environments
N-alkoxyalkyl-N,N-dialkylamine derivatives or salts thereof, and remedies for nerve degeneration dis...
Peptide deformylase inhibitors
Test methods, systems, and probes for high-frequency wireless-communications devices
Implatable device including a polyamino acid component
Cream and sugar display stand and dispenser
Tryptase substrates and assay for tryptase activity using same
Magnetorheological piston and damper
Automated complete exercise system
Low-cost MR fluids with powdered iron
Workout assistant
Collapsible exerciser
Device for extracting a dental appliance
Antimicrobial sol-gel films comprising specific metal-containing antimicrobial agents
High-temperature fuel cell
Plastic frame for the mounting of an electronic heavy-current control unit
Extended rotary handle operator
Turbine power generator including supplemental parallel cooling and related methods
Device including component, which is ferromagnetic in cryogenic temperature range and can be subject...
Series connector for winding ends of a dynamoelectric machine and associated methods
Glass cover and process for producing a glass cover
12/42 volt DC brush motor control system
Method for synchronizing magnetic resonance imaging data to body motion
RF antenna for an open MR system
Welded AC electromagnet lamination assembly incorporating shading coil
Connector rail made of profiled semifinished products for electrical devices and appliances for vari...
Method and arrangement for compensating for cross phase modulation
Circuit arrangement for operation of a relay
Priority administration method
Method and arrangement for fast synchronization of two carrier signals
Recording apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Characterization of self-timed sequential circuits
Packet processor
Apparatus and method for manipulation of an object
Display having a grid electrode with individually controllable grid portions
Output buffer circuit
Buffer circuit with programmable switching thresholds
Mechanism for splicing trees
Physically scoped multicast in multi-access networks
Engine generator set systems and methods providing load power fault protection
Control apparatus and control method of automatic transmission for vehicle
Methods and apparatus for operating gas turbine engines
Method and system for on-line monitoring of bearing insulation in an electrical generator
Method and apparatus for solidification-controllable induction melting of alloy with cold copper cru...
ESR of solid electrolytic capacitors using conductive polymer cathodes
Three speed rotary power tool
Laser desorption and detection of explosives, narcotics, and other chemical substances
Electron beam system using multiple electron beams
Multi-column FIB for nanofabrication applications
Lightweight underwater acoustic projector
Method and system for custom closed-loop calibration of a digital camera
Method of and apparatus for applying visual indication means to a surface
Burner assembly having a detachably coupled flame jet forming ring
Energy management system and welding process therefor
Method for providing a web of thermoplastic filaments
Device at distillers adapted to distill solvents for recovery of pure solvent from impure solvent
Efficient snowmaking with polymer drag reduction
Multicolor gelatin ribbons and manufacture of soft gelatin products
Superconductor methods and reactors
Method for depositing a fluorine-doped silica film
Method and apparatus for ion mobility spectrometry
Self-replicating episomal expression vectors conferring tissue-specific gene expression
Signal transition and stable regions diagram for positioning a logic analyzer sample
Critical dimension statistical process control in semiconductor fabrication
Branch ordering buffer
Roller fuser system with intelligent control of fusing member temperature for printing mixed media t...
Process cartridge detachably mountable to an image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus inc...
Method for mapping poor coverage areas
Apparatus and process for sending a wireless directional signal containing personal information
Reliable congestion control in a CDMA-based mobile radio commmunications system
Mobile positioning within an AMPS/TDMA system
Integrated railroad system
Use of printing and other technology for micro-component placement
Bleeding control and healing aid compositions and methods of use
Methods of producing anti-angiogenic proteins
Device for floating an automobile and communication in an emergency
Device for warning the driver of a motor vehicle of dangers by radio
Traffic surveillance radar using ranging for accurate target identification
Rollover stability control for an automotive vehicle using rear wheel steering and brake control
Method for programming flash EEPROMS in microprocessor-equipped vehicle control electronics
Automatic climate control with tunable transient response
System and method of controlling a vehicle steer-by-wire system applying robust control
Door lock device and control method thereof
Control system and method for maintaining a constant engine idle speed of an automatic transmission-...
Vehicle control apparatus
Method and arrangement for controlling the drive unit of a vehicle
Resource manager architecture
Controlling publication of presence information
Display apparatus and method capable of rotating an image by 180 degrees
Hybrid drive system
Method and apparatus for calculating minimum valve lift for internal combustion engines
Line control arrangement for continuously variable valve timing system
Method and apparatus for modifying a hard copy image digitally in accordance with instructions provi...
Coupling device for a vehicle rack
Hitch assembly for attaching a trailer to a bicycle
Orientation sensing device with memory
Apparatus and method for determining bank note fitness
Method and apparatus for watermarking video images
System, apparatus and method for marking and tracking bulk flowable material
Deleted adenovirus vectors and methods of making and administering the same
Phaseolamin compositions and methods for using the same
Somatic cells with ablated PrP gene and methods of use
Method and apparatus for sharing code containing references to non-shared objects
Noise canceller
Variable bit rate speech encoding after gain suppression
Cache management system for a network data node having a cache memory manager for selectively using ...
Method for imaging and erasing an erasable printing form
Ceramic arc tube by annealing
Method for removing mercury and mercuric compounds from dental effluents
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Locally-switched reversible electrodeposition optical modulator
Coating composition for metal substrates
Thermoplastic resins with a low proportion of coarse particles
Insulating glass unit with structural primary sealant system
Planographic printing plate precursor and its fixing method on plate cylinder
Electrostatic image developer
Dye type polarizing plate
Virtual shadow registers and virtual register windows
Detecting and mitigating memory device latchup in a data processor
Layout versus schematic (LVS) comparison tools that use advanced symmetry resolution techniques
Integrated circuit layout method and program for mitigating effect due to voltage drop of power supp...
Method and apparatus to control memory accesses
Method of heat-treating nitride compound semiconductor layer and method of producing semiconductor d...
Asymmetric dot shape for increasing select-unselect margin in MRAM devices
Protein tyrosine phosphatase PTP20 and related products and methods
Nucleotide sequences which code for the tal gene
Alarm related peptides and nucleic acids and diagnosis using them
Nucleic acid encoding CLK2 protein kinases
Processes of mixing, compatibilizing, and/or recycling blends of polymer materials through solid sta...
Method for manufacture of floor panels
Structured Fischer-Tropsch catalyst system and method
Thermoplastic resin composition
Recycle process for polycondensation resins
Multilayer wiring board, semiconductor device mounting board using same, and method of manufacturing...
Air-breathing direct methanol fuel cell with metal foam current collectors
Method for producing a barrel marking
Centralized video controller for controlling distribution of video signals
Circuit card package including a parent card and capable of accommodating at least one child card
WDM optical networks arranged for internetworking with packet networks
Extender card with insertion/removal arrangement
Architecture for a faster max* computation
Direct optical N-state phase shift keying
Method and apparatus for controlling power transients in an optical communication system
Self-cooling unit
Method and apparatus for providing integrated broadband polarization control
Enhanced multiframe alignment for tandem connection trials
Multimedia call routing in an IP network
Solid colorant for keratin fibers
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratinous fibres containing a 3-aminopyridine azo derivative and d...
Triacylglycerol based wax for use in container candles
Solid cyanoacrylate adhesive composition and method for its use
Process and apparatus for purification of oxygen-containing gas
Device and methods for modifying an atmosphere
Film forming compositions for topical use and delivery of active ingredients
Water-absorbing composites, preparation processes thereof and water-absorbing articles
Traction fluid with di-acid ester bridged dimer
Biosolvent composition of lactate ester and D-limonene with improved cleaning and solvating properti...
Resorcinol derivatives
Process for producing porous polymer
Polymer composition for bottle screw caps
Organic polymers and novel polymerizable compounds
Input device provided with manipulating member that slides
Marker device
Interconnected block puzzle
Game with commonly moved enemy
Method for providing a blackjack insurance wager
Dynamic reading instruction
Behavior determining apparatus, care system, care residence and behavior information specifying appa...
Reflective insulation
Coating apparatus and processes thereof
Imaging member
Hot melt inks containing styrene or terpene polymers
Systems, methods and graphical user interfaces for printing object optimized images using virtual pr...
Image encoding apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method including line segment data extraction
Digital camera
Method of forming image on card and apparatus therefor
Opto-electronic package for integrated sealing of optical fibers
Method for removing impurities from process gas stream
Process for the production of a braking band with venting passages and braking band obtained with sa...
Cemented carbide and cutting tool
Semiconductor device having contact electrode to semiconductor substrate
Lecithin-containing drift reduction composition for use in spraying agricultural acreage
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Physical vapor deposition target
Fluorescent cobalamins and uses thereof
Illuminating device, display device having the same, and light guide plate
Organic light-emitting device structure using metal cathode sputtering
Functional film having functional layer and article provided with functional layer
Organic EL device and method of manufacturing organic EL device
Simultaneous screening of multiple analytes
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Metal coordination compound, luminescence device and display apparatus
Active matrix substrate and display device
Electroluminescence display unit
Display apparatus and method of driving the same
[Driving circuit of display device]
Integrated digitizing tablet and display apparatus and method of operation
Thin film transistor for supplying power to element to be driven
Light modulating device wherein colored/uncolored state of color filter is electrically controlled b...
Fully solid electrochromic element
Electronic timepiece
Polycarbonate automotive window panels with coating system blocking UV and IR radiation and providin...
Process for producing microlens array, array master, electrolytic solution and microlens array resin...
Methods of making low haze coatings and the coatings and coated articles made thereby
Contact planarization using nanoporous silica materials
Image display device
Method of measuring sol-gel coating thickness using infrared absorbance
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and method of producing the same
Magnetic disk apparatus and method of controlling the same
Composite substrate and EL device using the same
Speaker apparatus equipped with means for producing complicated waveform of low frequency with highe...
Muffler having isolated dual flow baffle structure
Spray nozzle system for a semiconductor wafer container cleaning aparatus
Process for producing particles for diagnostic reagent
.alpha.-conotoxin peptides
Aromatic nitrogen-containing 6-membered cyclic compounds
Substituted amino-furan-2-yl-acetic acid and amino-thien-2-yl-acetic acid derivatives and their use ...
Padded absorbent article
Analogues of camptothecin, their use as medicaments and the pharmaceutical compositions containing t...
Phorboxazole derivatives for treating cancer
Prodrugs of a 3-(pyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives
Controllerless modem
Apparatus for determining particle size
Terminal locking system
System and method of measuring and controlling temperature of optical fiber tip in a laser system
Process for producing optically active 1-(fluoro- or trifluoromethyl-substituted phenyl) ethylamine ...
Process for preparing rac-bicalutamide and its intermediates
Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
Optical data throughput protection switch
Optical system for inputting pointer and character data into electronic equipment
Fiber optic circuit and module with switch
System and method for optically communicating information between a display and a camera
Method to deskew parallel optical links
Method of forming optical thin films on substrate at high accuracy and apparatus therefor
Fiber optic apparatus for detecting light scatter to differentiate blood cells and the like
Method and apparatus for an improved optical window deposition shield in a plasma processing system
Method for intensifying the optical detection of samples that are held in solution in the through-ho...
Sensor and method for detecting fiber optic faults
Optical filter elements and methods of making and using same
Double substrate reflective spatial light modulator with self-limiting micro-mechanical elements
Optical communication systems, optical communication system terminal facilities, optical communicati...
Exhaust system baffling apparatus
Caspase-14, an apoptotic protease, nucleic acids encoding and methods of use
Compositions and methods of use of 8-nitroguanine
Managing calls over a data network
Firearm safety device
Firearm magazine grip
Guide trough
Instrumented antifriction bearing provided with a sealing device
Rolling-bearing unit for wheel support
Silicon nitride wear resistant member and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for correcting positional deviation of finite linear rolling guide
Method for manufacturing plasma display panel
Camera including barrier mechanism
Focal plane shutter
Shutter for camera
Image processing method, image processing device, recording medium, and transmission medium
Shutter device of lens-fitted photo film unit
Camera system including a camera mounting apparatus for obtaining close-up photographs
Slave flash controlling device and slave flash device
Prefetch instruction for an unpredicted path including a flush field for indicating whether earlier ...
Method and apparatus for restraining connection request stream associated with high volume burst cli...
Power generating mechanism that has a duct, heat pipe, or heat sink to efficiently diffuse heat gene...
Timing analysis of latch-controlled digital circuits with detailed clock skew analysis
WTA based over the air management (OTAM) method and apparatus
Management of multiple non-standard networks and systems with smart agents
System and method for performing interactive server load testing through use of one or more virtual ...
Memory manager for a common memory
Dynamic storage management
Method for fertilizing cultivated plants for optimizing the quantity and quality of the yield
Water purification apparatus
Azeotrope mixtures with perfluorobutylethylene
Slush molding process
Method and apparatus for thermal processing a photosensitive element
Genes involved in cyclododecanone degradation pathway
Meltblown web
Biological method for the production of adipic acid and intermediates
Aminobenzophenones and photopolymerizable compositions including the same
Electrophoresis display
Optimization of in-mold coating injection molded thermoplastic substrates
Pigment treatment in paper coating compositions for improving ink-jet printing performance
Additives for low VOC aqueous coatings
Cloth-like nonwoven webs made from thermoplastic polymers
Low temperature sinterable and low loss dielectric ceramic compositions and method thereof
Catalyst for selective hydrogenation, its preparation process and application
Method and system for mobile communications
Disposable urine collector
Low viscosity bilayer disrupted softening composition for tissue paper
Three dimensional structures useful as cleaning sheets
Solid bodies
Concentrated, preferably biodegradable, quaternary ammonium fabric softener compositions containing ...
Methods and compositions for enhancing magnetic resonance imaging
Paramagnetic polymerized protein microspheres and methods of preparation thereof
Planar radio frequency coil for open magnetic resonance imaging systems
Synthetic receptors
Protein purification
Communication apparatus and method for reception notifying using the arrival notification and the en...
Polar solvent compatible polyethersiloxane elastomers
Mascara comprising a particle dispersion
Ordered liquid crystalline cleansing composition with benefit agent particles
Method of reducing the viscosity of fabric conditioning compositions
Handle for container
Hot fillable container having separate rigid grips and flex panels
Web of material having layers and a method of forming one or more carton blanks from the material
Apparatus and method for production of synthesis gas using radiant and convective reforming
Plasmatron-catalyst system
Fuel processor for fuel cell
Fuel cell apparatus with compressor means for reducing fuel leakage danger and improving efficiency
Power generation device and operation method therefor
Fuel cell system
Plasticizers derived from vegetable oils
Article, including tires, having component or rubber composition which contains particles of pre-vul...
Non-dripping, flame retardant, fluoroelastomer insulative compositions for telecommunication cables
Rubber composite containing in situ formed filler reinforcement, article and tire comprising thereof
Method of improving the melt processing of thermoplastic polymers and compositions produced thereby
Thermoplastic composition
Blends of fluoropolymer and plasticized polyvinyl chloride
Phenolic/polyurea coating co-polymer compositions and process
Generating animation data using multiple interpolation procedures
More controllable fibrous patch spray
Non-stick food processing, domestic and industrial equipment and process of using same
Plasticiser nails
Method and apparatus for detection of microscopic pathogens
Open pore biodegradable matrices
Two shot molded inkjet printhead lid for laser welding
Polymer blends for use in making medical devices including catheters and balloons for dilatation cat...
Determination of sample volume adequacy in biosensor devices
Color shifting film articles
Wrinkle resistant infrared reflecting film and non-planar laminate articles made therefrom
Heat transfer labelling systems
Magazine for bullet-shooting pneumatic firearm
SLA monitor calendar buffering
Method of processing signals and apparatus for signal processing
System and method for creating a series of online snapshots for recovery purposes
Variable color lighting with linear fluorescent lamps
Color-corrected hollow prismatic light guide luminaire
Luminaire globe having low glare bandless seam
Waterproof Christmas light bulb
Image projection apparatus and method
LED light source
Indicator lamp able to generate an inclined flux, for a motor vehicle
Vehicle headlamp with solenoid-actuated movable shade
180-degree adjuster
Vehicular signal lamp
Vehicular lamp employing LED light sources
Video system for integrating observer feedback with displayed images
Method of processing signals and apparatus for signal processing
Television receiving apparatus
Photograph printing and delivering method, camera to be used in this method and photograph printing ...
Corrector optic compensating spherical and coma aberrations generated by a prism
Device for transmitting television pictures and device for receiving said pictures
Real time image registration, motion detection and background replacement using discrete local motio...
Method of processing signals and apparatus for signal processing
Surveillance apparatus and recording medium recorded surveillance program
Surveillance apparatus and recording medium recorded surveillance program
Image pick-up device on board a space craft, space craft and image sensing method comprising same
Wavelength router with a transmissive dispersive element
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Alignment apertures in an optically transparent substrate
Optical cable with indicator
Optical fiber cable
Cable with a high density of optical fibers
Optical fiber and optical fiber wiring board using the optical fiber
Low loss fiber optic jumper with electronic presence detection
Dense wavelength division multiplexer module
Fiber array with support post
Fiber array, method for fabricating the same and optical device using the fiber array
Method and system for fuzzy clustering of images
Apparatus and method of program classification based on syntax of transcript information
Image processing device and image processing program
Neural-network-based method of image compression
Method for image designating and modifying process
Image transmission method and image transmission device for realizing the same
Apparatus and method for providing panoramic images
System and method for displaying an image indicating a positional relation between partially overlap...
Method and apparatus for calibrating an image acquisition system
System and method of pointed position detection, presentation system, and program
Conversion of pixel data for interpolation or image reduction, using a small memory
Image recording apparatus
Decoding method and decoding apparatus
Image input apparatus, image processing apparatus, image input method, image processing method and i...
System and method using edge processing to remove blocking artifacts from decompressed images
System and method for providing a scalable dynamic objective metric for automatic video quality eval...
Viscera retainer
Brain rescue instrument and method
Device for measuring physical quantities, especially for measuring pressure in the eye
Display for subtraction imaging techniques
Intravascular imaging guidewire
Arteriostenosis inspecting apparatus and ankle-blood-pressure measuring apparatus
Method for evaluating vestibular response
Guide wire installation device for catheter
Variable graft tensioner
Device, assembly and method for mitral valve repair
Coated electrode and method of making a coated electrode
Strip of hot rolled steel of very high strength, usable for shaping and particularly for stamping
Resin-coated steel for fuel tanks of automobile and method for manufacturing the same
High tensile strength hot dip plated steel and method for production thereof
Galvanized steel sheet, method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing press-formed...
Zero moment furling swivel
Balancing device for low tonnage ships
Sailboat rotatable keel appendage
Elastomeric ejection system with acoustically improved check valve
Subsea deployable drum for laying lines
Structural flotation device
Watercraft cover and trailer system
Book with display-changing device
Structure of a toy car
Model toy train track
Contact activated sound and light generating novelty food containers
Swingable toy
Indicating device and method for operating such a device
Method of making a food product colorant
Desalting method for nutritional supplements with animal protein
Composition for preserving fresh cut flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables without the use of refrige...
Fungicide compositions for protecting fruits
Environmentally compatible processes compositions and materials treated thereby
Carotenoid extraction process
French press coffee maker with assembly to selectively reduce contact of grounds with liquid coffee
Manufacturing process of tea beverages
Roller manifold for forming a continuous sheet of viscous material
Method for preparing an oat product and a foodstuff enriched in the content of .beta.-glucan
Stabilization of cooked pasta compositions using whey from nisin-producing cultures
"Peanut butter batter" pancake mix
Process for producing glycosides
Carrot antifreeze polypeptides
Adjustable recessed light fixture
Methods and apparatus for reducing the size of code with an exposed pipeline by encoding NOP operati...
Ultrasonic medical system
Image guided spinal surgery guide, system, and method for use thereof
Microprobe system for stereotactic neurotherapy
Retractable fishing net
Float supported fishing apparatus with automatic hook set
Refuse collection device
Illuminative fishing lure with hook/weed guard circuit switch
Phytopharmaceutical food products or integrators
Fishing pole holder mounting system
Enriched milk with capsules containing nutrients
Soluble, moving, sound producing bait apparatus and method
Food product portioning
Fishing lure
Automatic bean curd manufacturing apparatus
Food drying machine
Device for automatically milking an animal
Teatcup liner and family
Methods for systematic identification of protein--protein interactions
Precise position controlled actuating method and system
Method of estimation of wafer polish rates
Synchronizing databases
Mechanisms for efficient message passing with copy avoidance in a distributed system
Method and apparatus for detecting a match in an intra-row configurable cam system
High-performance modular memory system with crossbar connections
Memory interface with fractional addressing
System and method for synchronizing data transfer from one domain to another by selecting output dat...
Hydraulic clamping device for a variable gauge track vehicle
Walk-behind, self-propelled working machine
Hood locating isolator
Skateboard with a power driving unit
Personal transporter
Method of activating a passenger safety application in a motor vehicle
Round-circular vehicle and method therefor
Automobile driving control device for braking a driving shaft
Electric power steering mechanism control method and electric power steering mechanism
Suspension system for a wheelchair
Method for designing low vibration omni-directional wheels
Plastics-covered metal plate for car
Force transducer for a motor vehicle seat that includes a housing surrounding an extension member of...
Motor control device
Collision detecting apparatus for vehicle
High voltage electrical packaging box structure
Laser device and light signal amplifying device using the same
Wideband digital predistortion linearizer for nonlinear amplifiers
Guides lithographically fabricated on semiconductor devices
Packaged optical micro-mechanical device
Method and apparatus for modulating an optical beam in an optical device
Method for finding optimal set-points for machines and processes
Design of new materials whose use produces a chemical bond with a descriptor of said bond
Storage mapping and partitioning among multiple host processors
Material for organic electroluminescent device and its manufacturing method
Opportunistic parts marking management system
Local RF MRI coil using metal foil construction on a double-sided substrate with holes that directly...
Dynamic association of endpoints to media gateway controllers
Abelia plant named `Saxon Gold`
Verbena plant named `Bodcomburgeye`
Cherry tree named `Glenare`
Gypsophila plant named `Dangypday`
Miniature rose plant named `POULulv`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizorcbut`
Blueberry plant denominated `Aurora`
Dahlia plant named `Montana`
Polemonium reptans named `Stairway to Heaven`
Interspecific Diascia plant named `Balwhiswhit`
Gardenia plant named `Kimberly`
Miniature rose plant `POULra023`
Nectarine tree, `Burnectfourteen`
Miscanthus plant named `Gold Bar`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mega Time Amber`
Watertight, low power L.E.D. flashlight
Optical sensor for utility meter
Method for preparing lithium ion polymer battery
Electrochemical cell having an electrode of silver vanadium oxide coated to a current collector
Negative image-recording material and cyanine dye
Filter assemblies and systems for intake air for fuel cells
Liquid laundry detergent with emulsion layer
Seed layer repair
Microgel-containing rubber compounds with phosphoryl polysulfides and vulcanizates or shaped article...
Method for recovering and separating metals from waste streams
Programmable sub-surface aggregating metallization structure and method of making same
Lithium anodes for electrochemical cells
Electrolyte system and energy storage device using same
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium batteries and method of preparing the same
Heart valve repair apparatus and methods
Carboxyl substituted chroman derivatives useful as beta 3 adrenoreceptor agonists
Use of rhein or diacerhein compounds for the treatment or prevention of vascular diseases
Antimicrobial polymer
Transparent film dressing and a method for applying and making the same
X-ray catheter
Methods for making encapsulated stent-grafts
Compositions and methods for achieving immune suppression
Process for impregnating a porous material with a cross-linkable composition
Polypeptide and DNA thereof
Method of treating prolonged critical illness and other conditions having a similar neuroendocrine p...
Lamp assembly
Porch light
Garden light
Ashtray apparatus having a removable handle
Hand-held electric hair dryer
Hair pick/comb
Nail polish removal tool
Device for holding nail polish bottle in tilted position
Mascara unit
Cosmetic case
Make-up compact
Cosmetic case
Aeration apertures of a hockey helmet
High pressure cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Portable wringer
Tire sidewall protectant dispenser and applicator head
Trash can
Method for fabricating an array of ultra-small pores for chalcogenide memory cells
Hydro-power generation for a water treatment system and method of supplying electricity using a flow...
Moisture/mold detector
Method for testing semiconductor wafers
Single package multi-chip RF power amplifier
Ergonomically designed tool handle
Elevated input device
Position detection system
Micromirror systems with open support structures
Solder ball collapse control apparatus and method thereof
Method and system for determining a network topology
Piezoelectric tunable filter
Routing optical matrix switching method and device
Smart resolution valve pressure control
Method and apparatus for providing logical unit definitions for telenet servers
Switching current water director (SCWD) for aquariums
Wafer temperature measurement method for plasma environments
Real imaging system with reduced ghost imaging
Medicinal product and method for treatment of conditions affecting neural stem cells or progenitor c...
Phosphoric acid isomerization of A 5 (10), 9 (11)--diene steroid to the corresponding 4, 9-diene ste...
Inhalation device
Optical recording medium having address pits in the header region connecting with each other
Endo-tracheal tube securement system
Multi-metal oxide materials with a two-phase structure
Layered film and packaging product thereof
Method for dynamically adjusting a memory page closing policy
Imaging equipment acceleration apparatus and methods
Use of glutamate antagonists for the treatment of cancer
Apparatus, and kits for preventing of alleviating vasoconstriction or vasospasm in a mammal
Methods and compositions for inhibiting angiogenesis
Aqueous composition that can be hardened physically, thermally or thermally and with actinic radiati...
Scanning atom probe
Enhanced field emission from carbon nanotubes mixed with particles
Multiple local probe measuring device and method
User friendly analysis system
Multi-component substances and processes for preparation thereof
Nanoparticle having an inorganic core
Gaming device having a bonus scheme with multiple potential award sets
Gaming device having achievement criteria for advancement
Gaming device having a method for randomly generating a bonus round outcome
Gaming device including awards that generate another award
Gaming machine with increased large prizes
Method of scoring a video wagering game
Gaming device having improved award offer bonus scheme
Reducing cross-interference in a combined GPS receiver and communication system
Systems and methods for correlation in an air traffic control system of interrogation-based target p...
Aromatic liquid-crystalline polyester metal laminate
Fiber/resin composite and molded article formed from the same
Electronic device assembly and a method of connecting electronic devices constituting the same
Magnetic recording medium
Coil apparatus
Magnetic read/write system and magnetic recording medium
Display device with a light-reflective polarizer and electronic apparatus employing the same
Coated molding of thermoplastic resin composition and production method therefor
Raman amplification method, raman amplifier, and optical transmission system
Stain resistant coating compositions, methods of coating and coated articles
Parallel light emitting device--photosensitive device module
Plastic film for medical liquid container
Non-aqueous electrolytic battery and manufacturing method
Radiation-sensitive composition, insulating film and organic EL display element
Radiation sensitive composition for forming an insulating film, insulating film and display device
Polyolefin resin for hot-melt adhesive
Modified natural rubber
Quinoline derivatives and quinazoline derivatives
Ion beam processing method and apparatus therefor
Water-based adhesive
Electrodepositing solution for low-potential electrodeposition and electrodeposition method using th...
Alkenyl polyorganosiloxane, organohydrogensiloxane, organosilicon or silane treated silver particles...
Polymeric composition for friction elements
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent device with improved lifetime
Current control device
Current control device
Spatial light modulator
Method and apparatus for integrating optical fibers with collimating lenses
Succinate compounds, compositions and methods of use and preparation
Coupling system to a microsphere cavity
Broadband access optimized fiber and method of making
Fiber management frame for securely retaining optical fiber connection trays
Chemical imaging of a lithographic printing plate
Method of making aluminum matrix composite wire
Optical connector
Electrical junction box
Magnetic resonance apparatus with sound insulation
Acoustic echo cancellation equipped with howling suppressor and double-talk detector
Semiconductor laser apparatus and fabrication method of same, and semiconductor laser module
Lumped raman amplifier for adaptive dispersion compensation
Process for producing thin metal oxide film
Metallic plate material for electric/electronic instrument and electric/electronic instrument using ...
Methods of forming integrated circuitry, semiconductor processing methods, and processing method of ...
Gate oxide stabilization by means of germanium components in gate conductor
Heat transfer fluid comprising mixture of phenylcyclohexane and bicyclohexane
Anthracene derivative and organic electroluminescence device using the derivative