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Xylene isomerization
Semiconductor memory apparatus
Semiconductor device having photo diode with sensitivity to light of different wavelengths
Dual-purpose anti-reflective coating and spacer for flash memory and other dual gate technologies an...
Semiconductor memory device having large storage capacity and minimal step height between memory cel...
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a non-volatile semiconductor memory and a capaci...
Circuit and method for an open bit line memory cell with a vertical transistor and trench plate tren...
Trench MOS device and process for radhard device
Vertical dual gate field effect transistor
Semiconductor device comprising first insulating film, second insulating film comprising organic res...
BiCMOS process with low temperature coefficient resistor (TCRL)
Semiconductor device including gate insulation films having different thicknesses
Field effect transistor with reduced gate delay and method of fabricating the same
Two-dimensional image detecting device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for making the same
Metal film pattern and manufacturing method thereof
Photoconductor-on-active-pixel (POAP) sensor utilizing a multi-layered radiation absorbing structure
Technique for suppression of edge current in semiconductor devices
Bonding pad for low k dielectric
Temperature measuring method and apparatus in semiconductor processing apparatus, and semiconductor ...
Power semiconductor switch
Method and system for transimpedance amplifiers with high current input while maintaining high trans...
Microstrip line having a line electrode with integral edge electrodes
System and method for canceling interference in a communication system
Gastric retention dosage form having multiple layers
Filtering and route lookup in a switching device
Media monitor system
Method and system for compressing a continuous data flow in real-time using recursive hierarchical s...
Occlusion reducing transformations for three-dimensional detail-in-context viewing
Microwave regime surface spectroscopy
System and method for polarization coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering microscopy
Method and apparatus for a derivative spectrometer
In-situ method and apparatus for end point detection in chemical mechanical polishing
Dissolution test equipment and method
Method for moire-free color halftoning using non-orthogonal cluster screens
Systems and methods for generating binary clustered, irrational halftone dots
Electro-optic spatial modulator for high energy density
On-line fiber orientation closed-loop control
Method and system for modeless operation of a multi-modal user interface through implementation of i...
Data processing system and method for mutual identification between apparatuses
Network transfer system
Semiconductor device with decision feedback equalizer
HV system for a mono-polar CT tube
Method for half tone phase matching at run boundaries
Automated placement of optical fibers
Automated meter reader applications of universal frequency translation
Methods and arrangements for providing non-modal error information in a graphical user interface
Robust capon beamforming
Liquid crystal alignment
Method for contact magnetic transfer of servo pattern to hard magnetic recording disk
Circuit synchronization apparatus and method
System and method for wireless electrical power transmission
System, computer software product and method for transmitting and processing handwritten data
Applicator element and method for electrographic printing or copying using liquid coloring agents
Device for the mapping of cardiac arrhythmia foci
Technique for manipulating medical images
Method and apparatus for analyzing measurements
Leaves of Cajanus Cajan(L.) Millsp and extract, formulation and uses thereof
Photomask with back-side anti-reflective layer and method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for using a complementary mask to clear phase conflicts on a phase shifting mas...
Charge amount detection circuit and two-dimensional image sensor using same
Self triggered imaging device for imaging radiation
X-ray detector and method of fabricating the same
Foot switch interface for operation of computer
Amplifying solid-state imaging device, method for driving the same and physical quantity distributio...
Photoelectric conversion device
Apparatus for generating partially coherent radiation
Lithographic projection apparatus, device manufacturing method, device manufactured thereby, and mea...
High density pixel array
Methods and apparatus for deconvolving imaging data
Computer tomography apparatus and method
X-ray mask and method for providing same
Combined x-ray analysis apparatus
Methods and apparatus for providing signal dependent offset and gain adjustments for a solid state X...
Method for verifying the calculated radiation dose of an ion beam therapy system
Method for determining the channel gain between emitters and receivers
Apparatus and methods for accessing information relating to radio television programs
System and method for facilitating a subsidiary card account
Apparatus and method for controlling and managing individual directed sessions in a communications s...
Machine managing method, machine managed by such method, machine managing device, machine managing s...
Vehicle light with movable reflector portion and shutter portion for selectively switching an illumi...
Illumination delivery system
Light emitting diode-based signal light
Fast switchover output protection
Laser illuminator and method
GPS correction methods, apparatus and signals
Flat panel luminaire with remote light source and hollow light pipe for back lit signage application...
Quick connector for power cord
Tire having an electroluminescent device
Passive microwave tag identification system
Vehicle tracker including security device monitoring bypass feature and related methods
Vehicle tracking unit providing direction deviation tracking and related methods
Method and system for collecting traffic information
Precision perspective flight guidance symbology system
Optical element, optical light source unit and optical display device equipped with the optical ligh...
Method of testing a randomizer
Encryption method, decryption method, encryption/decryption method, cryptographic communications sys...
Method and apparatus for encoding security information in a MIDI datastream
Digital watermarking technique
Continuous throughput blast freezer
Compounds and methods for treatment of asthma, allergy and inflammatory disorders
Xylofuranosly-containing nucleoside phosphoramidites and polynucleotides
Certain 4-aminomethyl-2-substituted imidazole derivatives and 2-aminomethyl-4-substituted imidazole ...
Apparatus and method for level-shifting input receiver circuit from high external voltage to low int...
Magnetic switching with expanded hard-axis magnetization volume at magnetoresistive bit ends
Semiconductor memory device capable of testing data line redundancy replacement circuit
Semiconductor memory device having improved replacement efficiency of defective word lines by redund...
Memory device having dual power ports and memory system including the same
Memory with address management
Optical pickup for and method of correcting aberration due to thickness variations of optical media
Near-field optical storage medium and optical data storage system therefor
FFT window position recovery apparatus and method for OFDM system receiver
Method and apparatus for acquiring code synchronization in a CDMA communication system
Parallel distributed sample acquisition system and signal acquisition method using the same
Apparatus having lower data transmission rate and less degradation of image quality and method there...
Apparatus and method of converting audio/video data storage format in digital television receiver
Electro photo multi functional peripheral apparatus
Paper discharging device of image forming apparatus and method thereof
Apparatus and method for providing dialing announcement in a telephone terminal
Method of defining short keys used to select desired functions of a communication terminal by the us...
Distributed help system for consumer electronic devices
Viterbi detector for optical disk system
Copolymer compositions for oral delivery
Method and system for dynamic registration and configuration protocol
Methods and systems for large scale controlled and secure data downloading
Cluster frame synchronization scheme for a satellite digital audio radio system
Method and apparatus for performing reverse rate matching in a CDMA system
Transmit antenna diversity apparatus and method for a base station in a CDMA mobile communication sy...
System and method for compensating for frequency offset
Satellite transmission system with adaptive transmission loss compensation
Input circuit for FM/AM radio receiver
Method of automatic gain control in base station of cellular radio network
Amplifier circuit
Mobile radio receiver with integrated broadcast receiver that fills broadcast gaps during mobile ban...
Method and apparatus for low power operation of an RF wireless modem
Method and apparatus for communication with a mobile unit
Method for setting up a connection between a mobile radio network and a destination call number in a...
Traffic bearer allocation procedure
Anthurium plant named `True Love`
Fluorescent luminous tube and method for producing same
Apparatus and method for switching service class in response to generated heat in a GPRS terminal
Noise resistant small signal sensing circuit for a memory device
Multi-output multiplexor
Linerless pressure sensitive coil of stamps having primer layer
Permission system for controlling interaction between autonomous vehicles in mining operation
System and method of separating signals
Toy vehicle with shock absorbing steering mechanism
Solidifying material for cell electrolyte solution, and cell comprising the solidifying material
Method and system for authenticating user and providing service
Methods and apparatus for point-in-time volumes
Pair of ritualistic shinto implements
Mechanically alloyed precious metal magnetic sputtering targets fabricated using rapidly solidfied a...
Methods for automated essay analysis
Exercise assistance controlling method and exercise assisting apparatus
Rose plant named `POULht001`
Wet wipes (III)
Method and device for optically crossconnecting optical signals using tilting mirror MEMS with drift...
High-frequency oscillation circuit and measuring device
Driving apparatus, light-amount regulating apparatus, and lens driving apparatus
Functional derivatives of the intercellular adhesion molecule ICAM-1 in anti-viral therapy
Dependency checking for reconfigurable logic
Methods and apparatus for executing code while avoiding interference
Air intake silencer
Process and device for evaluating the performance of a process control system
Driving method of a flat type plasma discharge display device
Manufacture of copper microalloys
Detection and diagnosis of smoking related cancers
Compounds and methods for cancer therapy
Memory interface for reading/writing data from/to a memory
Shim tray, and gradient coils system and magnetic resonance apparatus for the acceptable of the shim...
Daisy chain latency reduction
Therapeutic glutamine and N-actyl-cysteine composition
Ear piercing systems with hinged hoop earrings
Method and system for removal of resource manager affinity during restart in a transaction processin...
Robot, robot control system, and program for the same
Dog control apparatus
Mesenchymal stem cells as immunosuppressants
Tab clip badge
Cartridge for fluid material and dispensing apparatus for such a cartridge
Process for vinyl chloride manufacture from ethane and ethylene with immediate HCl recovery from rea...
Electrically conductive ceramics
18891, a novel human lipase
Method and apparatus for preventing water in fuel cell power plants from freezing during storage
System and method for multi-bit flash reads using dual dynamic references
Target system for use with position determination system
Guide roller unit including cleaning blade for guide roller
Character image display control method and apparatus, and storage medium therefor
Methods and systems for objects supporting structured language persistent state
Transmitter for mobile terminal with carrier leak suppressing circuit
Chemical compounds having ion channel blocking activity for the treatment of immune dysfunction
Prevention of power state change in response to chassis intrusion when computer system is not in pow...
Oligo nucleotides method and kit for detecting listeria monocytogenes by amplifying and/or hybridizi...
Breast cup for a bra with visual enhancement
Frameworks for accessing Java class files
Transaction processing system providing improved methodology for two-phase commit decision
Object sampling technique for runtime observations of representative instances thereof
System and method for server-side optimization of data delivery on a distributed computer network
Method for synchronizing program applied to distributed computer system
System and method for data source flattening
Apparatus and method for creating instruction groups for explicity parallel architectures
Method and apparatus for creating stylesheets in a data processing system
Composition containing a peptide and a pigment and the use thereof in darkening the skin
Systemic delivery of compounds through non-invasive bladder administration
Benzothiophenes, formulations containing same, and methods
Direct spot-on antiparasitic skin solution for domestic animals
Use of intracellular calcium chelators to increase surfactant secretion in the lungs
Pharmaceutical composition comprising entracapone, levodopa, and carbidopa
Fragments of CR1 and their use
Method for isolation and modification of proteins
Phospholipid composition and use of same
Human papilloma virus treatment
Methods of using worm castings for fungal control
Procedure of making a decorative thermal-transfer film on a flexible backing strip
Method and tool of tungsten/heavy metal alloy for hot-forging solid state copper and copper alloys
One-piece flag nut
Delivery system for pesticides and crop-yield enhancement products using micro-encapsulated active i...
Application of foam to tissue products using a liquid permeable partition
Manufacturing method for print head
Soybean cultivar 0332122
Soybean variety XB48P03
Soybean variety XB15P03
Soybean variety 93M60
Soybean variety 92M70
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33A72
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39R34
Nucleic acid fragments for the identification of dechlorinating bacteria
Inbred corn line RBO1
Methods for labeling nucleotides, labeled nucleotides and useful intermediates
Method for detection of biological related materials using biomarkers
Vascular tissue preferred promoters
Promoter derived from phytosulfokine precursor gene
Wavelength locked integrated optical source structure using multiple microcavity
Pump laser current driver
High-speed laser driver including wave-shaping circuits
Gas laser device
Laser apparatus including surface-emitting semiconductor excited with semiconductor laser element, a...
Semiconductor laser device containing controlled interface oxygen at both end facets
Semiconductor laser and semiconductor laser module
Semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing same
GaInNAsSb quantum well semiconductor devices
Surface-emitting laser having lateral current injection
Semiconductor laser device, method for fabricating the same, and optical disk apparatus
Two chamber F2 laser system with F2 pressure based line selection
Closed-loop purging system for laser
Gas discharge laser, method of operating a gas discharge laser, and use of a sintered filter
High power semiconductor laser diode and method for making such a diode
Folded tapered-waveguide CO2 laser
Distributed bragg reflectors incorporating SB material for long-wavelength vertical cavity surface e...
Optical pickup apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Adjusting device for a multi-beam source unit and image forming apparatus
Laser safety method for DC coupled parallel optical link
Optical communication system
Vehicular electronic key system
Loop-pin attaching device
Composite gradient alloy plate, manufacturing method thereof and color cathode ray tube having shado...
Electrodeposition process and a layered composite material produced thereby
Polymerizable composite material
Magnetic position sensor having shaped pole pieces at least partially formed of a non-magnetic mater...
Methods of adjusting temperatures of glass characteristics and glass articles produced thereby
Impact absorbing surface covering and method for installing the same
Video ticket counter
Furniture system supporting entertainment electronics in range of widths
Pop-up device
Preparation of .epsilon.-phase silver vanadium oxide from .gamma.-phase SVO starting material
Oxidizing additives for control of particulate emissions
Methods and systems for selectively separating CO2 from a multicomponent gaseous stream
Clathrate compounds, manufacture thereof, and thermoelectric materials, thermoelectric modules, semi...
Particles for electro-rheological fluid
Process and apparatus for the extraction and regeneration of acids from spent acids
Apparatus and method for cleaning, neutralizing and recirculating exhaust air in a confined environm...
Material with a channel structure for eliminating oxides of nitrogen
Mesoporous molecular sieve and a process for the preparation of the same
Process for the preparation of amorphous silica
Single-crystal optical element having flat light-transmitting end surface inclined relative to cleav...
Method of making carbon foam at low pressure
Hydrocarbon gas to liquid conversion process
Conversion of static sour natural gas to fuels and chemicals
Microporous crystalline material (ITQ-15), method for the preparation thereof and its use in process...
Shape memory alloy actuators for aircraft landing gear
Environmental control system
Fin-stabilized guidable missile
Augmenting flight control surface actuation system and method
Integrated air turbine driven system for providing aircraft environmental control
Attachment apparatus for injected-molded canopies
Aircraft strut
Method and apparatus for providing pneumatic energy to an ejector
Canopy release locking bar
Surface plasma discharge for controlling forebody vortex asymmetry
Method and apparatus for boundary layer reattachment using piezoelectric synthetic jet actuators
Method and apparatus for controlling airflow with a leading edge device having a flexible flow surfa...
Flap operating system
Laser guided putting aid and alignment device
Combined ball mark repair tool, multi-size cigar holder and rubber, friction-fitting ball mark holde...
Method of manufacturing nano transistors
Batch-fabricated gradient and RF coils for submicrometer resolution magnetic resonance imaging and m...
Method of immunizing humans against Salmonella typhi using a Vi-rEPA conjugate vaccine
Apparatus for and method of inputting a style of rendition
Automatic picture conditioning
Bridge construction method
Mortarless concrete wall system
Building block, system and method
Apparatus for stormwater retention and release, and method of use thereof
Duct repairing material, repairing structure, and repairing method
Methods of cementing high temperature wells and cement compositions therefor
Drilling waste handling
In-situ bioremediation process and apparatus
Apparatus for the connection and laying of the successive parts of an offshore supply line from a ve...
Internal line for fastening cables in a waste-water pipe
Internal compression buoyancy compensation device
Soil nailing system
Subterranean drilling and in situ treatment of wastes using a contamination control system and metho...
Providing location data about a mobile entity
Material handling systems with high frequency radio location devices
Method and system for locating a mobile telephone within a mobile telephone communication network
Method for remote on-line advisory diagnostics and dynamic heat rate when used for input/loss perfor...
Locating and tracking a user in a wireless network through environmentally profiled data
Globally-integrated returned material authorization information system
System and method for tracking movement of a wireless device
Method and system for downloading software managed trees in a network processing system
Identification system for mobile transceivers
Shared memory multiprocessor expansion port for multi-node systems
Hand-held cellular telephone system with location transmission inhibit
Stochastic scratchpad storage management technique
System and method for processing power management signals in a peer bus architecture
Method and apparatus for verifying error correcting codes
Method for optimizing a VLSI floor planner using a path based hyper-edge representation
System and method for monitoring software
Method, system and storage medium for providing a tool kit for a coordinate measurement system
Automated system and method for check amount encoding at a point-of-sale
Processing electronic documents with embedded digital signatures
Electronic fund transfer or transaction system
Method and apparatus for diagnosing hemostasis
Method and scale system and transducer used in such scale system for rapidly determining weights of ...
Electronic device including warranty start date
Supply ordering apparatus
Appliance supply distribution, dispensing and use system method
Apparatus and methods for inventory, sale, and delivery of digitally transferable goods
Method and apparatus for preventing duplicate transactions on batch mode failure recovery in a data ...
Dynamic portfolio benchmarking
Operation assistance method and system and recording medium for storing operation assistance method
Anthurium plant named `Exciting Love`
Microbial management in swimwear
System and method of determining and searching for patterns in a large database
Current and charge leakage balancing device for display panel
Drained-cathode aluminium electrowinning cell with improved electrolyte circulation
Aircraft location monitoring system and method of operation
Process of paraffin hydrocarbon isomerisation catalysed by an ionic liquid in the presence of a cycl...
Apparatus, method and system for mobile wireless communication hand-off utilizing shared directory n...
Systems and methods for providing continuous recording of repeating programming
Raspberry alkoxy esters as a delivery system for natural antioxidants
Operating characteristics control device for a vehicle
Applicator and method for combating pests, especially cockroaches
Decorative pumpkin kit
System and method for efficient content delivery using redirection pages received from the content p...
Signal supplying apparatus, signal processing method and record medium
Technique for locating an item of interest within a stored representation of data
Steel for machine structural use
Pulmonary aerosol delivery device and method
Method for the preparation of cathode active material and method for the preparation of non-aqueous ...
Interactive dark ride
Computer mouse accessory
Apparatus for installing a silt fence and support posts
Impatiens plant named `Balfusradn`
Method and apparatus for providing agent swarm dispersal and separation by directed movement
Moist wipes (II)
Method for the metallization of optical fibers
Nondestructive method for detecting structural anomalies in composites
Catalytic materials for selective oxidation of alcohols, process for production thereof and their us...
Data vending system
Virtualizing hardware with system management interrupts
Rangefinder apparatus and camera equipped therewith
Kalanchoe plant named `2002-0529`
Low-fidelity document rendering
Use of penetration enhancers and barrier disruption agents to enhance the transcutaneous immune resp...
Identifying and synchronizing incompatibilities between a portable computer and a docking station
Mount for underwater acoustic projector
Optical disc player with sleep mode
Systems, functional data, and methods to pack n-dimensional data in a PDA
Secure non-penetrating flat roof mount for a satellite antenna and for use with a ballast
Hand and timepiece using the hand
Isolated human dehydrogenases, nucleic acid molecules encoding these human dehydrogenases, and uses ...
Permeable polyaniline articles for gas separation
Form printing solutions web server using a java vending machine for pulling a jetsend form print job...
Sequencing of peptides by mass spectrometry
Diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms
Remote memory processor architecture
AK155 antibodies and binding fragments thereof
Self-checking multi-threaded processor
Business card reader with a replaceable charging cradle
Tunneling management messages over a channel architecture network
Display device and method for producing the same
Image shifting apparatus and method for a telerobotic system
Escape device for animal in swimming pool
Method for traffic management, traffic prioritization, access control, and packet forwarding in a da...
Multimedia optical disc for storing audio data and sub-picture data in a plurality of channels as we...
On-demand data streaming parceling
Method and apparatus for generating channel error flags for error mitigation and/or concealment in s...
Full color display structures using pseudomorphic cladded quantum dot nanophosphor thin films
Compositions for appetite control and related methods
Boron phosphide-based semiconductor device and production method thereof
Reminder for periodic tasks including taking medication
System and method for improving downlink signal quality in mobile telephone communications systems
Compositions and methods for the pulmonary delivery of aerosolized macromolecules
Lighfastness-improvement of dyeings on aluminum oxide layers
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Disposable single-use applicator with closure cap
Junction flexible wiring circuit board
Seed shattering
Process for preparing an anode catalyst for fuel cells and the anode catalyst prepared therewith
Cryogenic power conversion for fuel cell systems especially for vehicles
Olefins produced from pre-polymerized catalyst component catalysts
Electrical circuit interrupting device
Electronic torque wrench with flexible head
Predicting sample quality real time
Image forming apparatus having image carrier released from intermediate transfer body
Method of regulating power in a high-intensity-discharge lamp
Method having multiple interfaces with distinguished functions and commands for providing services t...
Method and arrangement in a radio receiver system with several standards
Inhibitors of cytosolic phospholipase A2
Non real-time facsimile system for a computing device
Method for correcting call detail record files
Telephone status notification system
System and method for enabling custom telephone features on a PBX system
Method and system for rerouting telephone calls directed to a private branch exchange via a private ...
Method and apparatus for intelligent routing of incoming calls to representatives in a call center
Enhanced end user automatic call distributor control
Local loop telecommunication repeater housing having mounting slots enabling replaceable repeater an...
Remote telephone call notification system
System and method for suppressing in-band stimuli and telecommunications infrastructure incorporatin...
Noise reduction circuit for telephones
Mobile station
Missed call notification to cellular telephone using short text messaging
Local combined telephone and alarm system
Full-duplex hands-free transparency circuit and method therefor
Electronic mail based remote historian and system
Call notification service for use with call waiting
Bit rate matching system and method
Rolling circle replication reporter systems
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive...
Enterprise integrated testing and performance monitoring software
In situ anaerobic bioremediation of earth and sold waste contaminants using organic/water emulsions
Apparatus for securing a cable assembly within an enclosed electronic system
Disk drive having a connection-blocking device for use with a serial advanced technology attachment ...
Method and apparatus for determining operational spindle rotation rate in a disk drive
Disk drive with efficient coil temperature estimation
Method for allocating disk drive spindle motors based on an operating characteristic
Sampled analog DC offset correction for data bus structures
Method of modifying on-track declaration algorithm of a disk drive based upon detection of external ...
Device comprising encryption circuitry enabled by comparing an operating spectral signature to an in...
System and method for managing information storage among plural disk drives
Method of forming a slider/suspension assembly
Method for reducing position error signal in a disk drive
Disk drive unlatching an actuator arm at a first spindle speed during a first spin-up mode and a sec...
Disk drive with self servo writing capability
Disk storage system employing a discrete-time sliding mode controller for servo control
Power strip distribution system and method for an automated robotic device in a data storage system
Method of correcting Z-height errors during assembly of a hard disk drive
Releasable disc clamping assembly
Perpendicular recording head with return poles which reduce flux antenna effect
Write head architecture for improved manufacturability
Cleaning tape for magnetic head system with magnetoresistance effect head
Head suspension for disk drive
Magnetic head actuator having finely movable tracking device
Magneto-resistive element, magnetic head, and magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
Shield electrical connections for tunnel valve sensors
Magnetoresistive (MR) sensor element with sunken lead structure
Biased CPP sensor using spin-momentum transfer
Magnetization sensor for sensing the write field characteristics of a perpendicular or longitudinal ...
Spin-valve magnetoresistance sensor and thin-film magnetic head
Magnetoresistive effect element having a ferromagnetic tunnel junction film with an oxide or nitride...
Hard disc drive heat sink and sound absorbing frame
Method of and device for encoding an information stream
Method and design for a DVD SCSI tape controller
Rotary positioning stage
Establishing access to the body
Heat-sensitive recording material and heat-sensitive recording process
Microcapsules having polyurea walls
Method for image formation and image-formed product
Parallel A/D converter
Compositions and methods for determining interactions of mitochondrial components, and for identifyi...
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain r...
Light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces
Portion of a shoe outsole
Footwear sole
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portable forced air apparel and equipment drying, deodorizing and scenting system
Footwear sole component with a single sealed chamber
Sock for detection of pressure points in feet
Knee brace skin pinch guard
Membranes of polyurethane based materials including polyester polyols
Method and apparatus for providing user specific web-based help in a distributed system environment
Measurement assisting device and measuring device using the same
Magnetic resonance apparatus with compensation of fields arising due to eddy currents
Characterization of the effect of spatial gradient field distortions in diffusion-weighted imaging
Correction of the effect of gradient field non-linearities in phase contrast MRI
Radio frequency NMR resonator with split axial shields
Nanotube cantilever probes for nanoscale magnetic microscopy
Pole face for permanent magnet MRI with laminated structure
Method for reducing spin-lattice relaxation time of silicone fluids used in magnetic resonance imagi...
Magnetic pole magnet device using the magnetic pole, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Antenna arrangement and coupling method for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Microfluidic device and method with trapping of sample in cavities having lids that can be opened or...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and image processing method
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
NMR head imaging system
Measurement and correction of gradient-induced cross-term magnetic fields in an EPI sequence
Method to determine the ADC coefficients in diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging given use ...
Gradient non-linearity compensation in moving table MRI
System and method for reducing effects of rotational motion
NMR transfer standard
Magnetic resonance imaging screening method and apparatus
Diagonal-arranged quadrature MRI radio frequency array coil system for three dimensional parallel im...
Method for scoring documents in a linked database
Protecting catalytic activity of a SAPO molecular sieve
Color image display device
Full duplex gigabit-rate transceiver front-end and method operation
Ferroelectric memory devices
Computer system including multi-channel wireless communication link to a remote station
Method and apparatus for securing a secure processor
Mobile computer with foldable keyboard
Method and system for data mining automation in domain-specific analytic applications
High molecular weight styrenic block copolymer hot melt adhesive for toy articles
Flexible electrochrome structure and methods for the production thereof
Nickel-based alloy for high-temperature technology
Delivery of muscle relaxants through an inhalation route
Nebulizer vial for aerosol therapy
Relational database system providing XML query support
System and method for providing a functional virtual environment with real time extracted and transp...
Steering system
Received-light pattern detection apparatus
Biometric identification system
Process for the manufacture of a protecting and immobilizing element of the mattress-like type, and ...
Rose plant named `POULen007`
Smart helmet
Space classification for resolution enhancement techniques
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Catalytic dehydrogenation processes and chromium catalysts for use therein
Method and apparatus for application packages and delegate packages to adopt and export standard exe...
Motor control apparatus, lens apparatus, camera system and camera
Hydrangea macrophylla plant named `Lady in Red`
Delivery device for bone cement
High speed virtual machine and compiler
Performance-based caching
Method and system for generating a characteristic identifier for digital data and for detecting iden...
Parking toll system
Security alarm system and method with realtime streaming video
Systems and methods for remote viewing of patient images
Quality of service management for voice over packet networks
Customer premises equipment for vertical services integration
Automatically establishing conferences from desktop applications over the Internet
Method for handling telephone calls via at least one telephone network using the internet
Call setup gateway for telecommunications system
Truly anonymous communications using supernets, with the provision of topology hiding
Caller information display system and recording medium
Retrieving, organizing, and utilizing networked data using databases
Systems and methods for securing extranet transactions
Gateway apparatus and network system
Method and apparatus for remote process control using applets
Secure method and system for using a public network or email to administer to software on a pluralit...
Remotely configurable multimedia entertainment and information system for vehicles
Federated operating system for a server
System uses domain managers to communicate service parameters to domain boundary controllers for man...
Network apparatus and network communication method
Concurrent switching of synchronous and asynchronous traffic
Method of optimizing risk informed inspections of heat exchangers
Covering module and anchor sheet
Crosslinked foam of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and acid copolymer
Plasma display device
Movable goalie
Rotatable removeable speaker assembly
Simultaneous induction heating and stirring of a molten metal
Remote device authentication system
Solid agricultural chemicals composition, preparation thereof and the method for scattering the same
Gene therapy using TGF-.beta.
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Polyurethane based inks for writing instruments
Coating composition
Speed typing apparatus and method
Catalyst system for ethylene polymerizations
Breaklock detection system and method
Self articulating stent
Interactive television program guide system with local advertisements
Work flow management method and work flow management system of controlling a work flow
Method for identifying polymorphic markers in a population
Methods and compositions comprising DNA damaging agents and P53
Human FGF-20 gene and gene expression products
MRI compatible guide wire
Sparse byte enable indicator for high speed memory access arbitration method and apparatus
Variable steering ratio control system and method
Leadless semiconductor product packaging apparatus having a window lid and method for packaging
Process for the purification of organometallic compounds or heteroatomic organic compounds with hydr...
Double-metal cyanide catalysts for preparing polyether polyols
Interrupt mechanism for shared memory message passing
Solidifier for a liquid
Computer with an accessible storage medium drive assembly
Portable computer with integrated PDA I/O docking cradle
Optical device
Rotation joint, especially for medical instruments
Neurovascular coil system and interface and system therefor and method of operating same in a multit...
Filtration devices
Television receiver employing V chip system and method of displaying rating information in televisio...
Poppet valve seal mechanism
Nail-hammering apparatus
Wearable computer system
Method, apparatus, and medium of digital acoustic signal coding long/short blocks judgement by frame...
Device for disinfecting water flowing through a sanitary system
Method and apparatus for preparing pure water
Self-polishing and tapping rivet assembly
Process for drying a gaseous or liquid mixture with the aid of an adsorber composed of alumina and o...
Identification and cloning of a new subfamily of sulfatases and functional embryonic techniques for ...
Soy protein product and process for its manufacture
Cell-based assay for immunodeficiency virus infectivity and sensitivity
Detection of drug-resistant human immunodeficiency virus
1,3,4-oxadiazoline derivative and an agent comprising its derivative as active ingredient
Antibodies to chemokine receptor 88C
Phosphor embedded die epoxy and lead frame modifications
Back light unit
High speed turbo codes decoder for 3G using pipelined SISO log-map decoders architecture
PP14 fusion proteins and methods for making and using the same
Plastic molding having two or more layers and antistatic properties
Fibrous crystal aggregates, preparation method thereof and use thereof
Dye composition, their production and their use
Image forming apparatus
Purification of heat shock/stress protein cell surface receptors and their use as immunotherapeutic ...
Modularity system for computer assisted surgery
Stable hygroscopic compositions and methods for stabilizing hygroscopic ingredients
Protein kinase inhibitors
Liquid crystal cell substrate including resin substrate, gas barrier layer, crosslinked resin layer ...
Transmission screen sheet and transmission screen comprising the same
Lens sheet and method for producing it
Insulation composition for an electric power cable
Method, apparatus and article to test fuel cells
Simultaneous stimulation and concentration of cells
Revenue meter with a graphic user interface being operative to display scalable objects
Data path calibration and testing mode using a data bus for semiconductor memories
Fluid deionization flow through capacitor systems
Long-life type organic electroluminescent device
Two catalyst process for making olefin
Flame retardant styrenic compositions containing oxaphospholane compound as flame retardant
Method and system for detecting a hard failure in a memory array
Power hand tool and removable grip therefor
Nonredundant split/pool synthesis of combinatorial libraries
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Temperature control pads with integral electrodes
Sensor head component
Process for the production of 5-oxy-7-oxabicyclo [4.1.0] hept-3-ene-3-carboxylic acid esters
Polynucleotides encoding alzheimer's disease secretase
Management of physiological and psychological state of an individual using images therapeutic imagin...
Multiple fusion antigens for use in immunoassays for anti-HCV antibodies
Image input apparatus
Providing binding options for component interfaces
Base station system, and wireless communication method
Process for lactonization to produce simvastatin
Piperidine derivatives and process for their production
Hybrid leaky surface acoustic wave resonator filter
Deflocculation apparatus and methods thereof
C9 hydrido and acyloxy metal alkoxides
Loop back clockspring connector having high current capacity
Electrical switch actuating element
Heater controller for an oxygen sensor
Vehicle antitheft device and program
Robotic apparatuses, systems and methods
Method and apparatus for detecting vehicle distance
Method and device for determining offset values by a regression method
Vehicular electronic control system, and electronic control unit, program, and storing member for th...
Therapy management techniques for an implantable medical device
Antagonists of RF-amide neuropeptides
Pharmaceutical composition useful in the treatment of peptic ulcers
Measurement systems and methods for determining component particle concentrations in a liquid
Stabilizing implant system
Prosthetic hip joint having a polycrystalline diamond articulation surface and a plurality of substr...
Device for subdividing stacks
Method for organizing the execution of electronically controlled switching processes
Method for producing a one- or multidimensional detector array
Method and device for coating a product
System for the registration of radiation images
System and method for removing noise from AC operated electro magnets
Controlling by means of a pc-fax link a telephone terminal connected to a fax machine
Cascadable optical amplifier arrangement
Superconducting device with inductive current limiter using a high-tc superconducting material
Intrinsically safe portable programmer for enclosed electronic process control equipment
Estimation of transmission channels in communication systems for wireless telecommunication
Method and apparatus for controlling a rotatable multi-element beam shaping device
Optical ADD-DROP module which can be expanded modularly
Multiband antenna switcher
Rock drilling rig
Methods for performing intelligent network services with an ISDN network terminator located at a sub...
Resistance spot weld checking tool
Solid state optical shutter
Pad circuit and method for automatically adjusting gain for the same
Bi-stable microswitch including magnetic latch
Exposure apparatus, optical projection apparatus and a method for adjusting the optical projection a...
Method and apparatus for metric based server selection
Nose pad for camera
Movable camera apparatus with a pan head
Slip ring assembly and method
System and method for digital film development using visible light
Method and apparatus for applying a film of fluid onto a flat surface and specifically onto a lithog...
Focal-plane shutter for digital still cameras
Apparatus and method for detecting the launch of a device in oilfield applications
Radio tag for LFM radar
Internet enabled resource constrained terminal for processing tags
Threaded syringe for delivery of a bone substitute material
Method of coating and method of bonding
EL phosphor multilayer thin film and EL device
Optical element with mirror coating and method for forming said coating
Method for producing a transformed plant with a high capacity binary shuttle vector
Synthesis of YBa2CU3O7 using sub-atmospheric processing
Increasing the susceptability of an integrated circuit to ionizing radiation
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Field emission electron source, electron gun and cathode ray tube device using the same
Device for detecting a flow of powder particles
Method and apparatus for bringing together separately created information blocks into a single infor...
Storage subsystem and information processing system
Input method for programming industrial controllers
Flame retardant resin coating
Methods for preventing or inhibiting neuronal cell death
Melt spinable concentrate pellets having enhanced reversible thermal properties
Antenna device
Method and apparatus for a customized automotive feature set
Expert-type vehicle steering control system and method
Circuit configuration for the starter of an automotive internal combustion engine
Networking system for mobile data communications
Method and system for increasing availability and proximity of base stations for cellular communicat...
System for installing control program in electronic control unit mounted on automotive vehicle
Organic electroluminescence display with improved contact characteristics
Organic electroluminescent display device, substrate of the same and method of cutting the substrate
Method and system for earning, storing, and using credits in exchange for satisfying predetermined c...
Control system of internal combustion engine
Mechanical control of the intake valve lift adjustment in an internal combustion engine
Method and arrangement for affecting engine braking
Control system and method for internal combustion engine having variable valve actuation system
Content supply system and information processing method
System and method for scheduling message transmission and processing in a digital data network
Method of integrating a watermark into a compressed image
Methods for treating rheumatoid arthritis using IL-17 antagonists
Construction of Pasteurella haemolytica vaccines
Biomaterial derived from vertebrate liver tissue
Iterative optimization in the design of binding proteins
Nucleic acid fragment and vector comprising a halogenase, and a process for halogenating chemical co...
Macrolide antiinfective agents
Fingerprint image compositing method and associated apparatus
Method and system for generating sets of parameter values for test scenarios
Optical disk and apparatus and method of recording and reproducing data thereof
Fixtures and processes for magnetizing magnetoelastic shafts circumferentially
Industrial sponge roller device having reduced residuals
Process for capturing mercury and arsenic comprising evaporation then condensation of a hydrocarbon-...
Alkaline battery
Solid colorant for keratin fibers
Stented, radially expandable, tubular PTFE grafts
Shear thinning vinyl acetate based polymer latex composition, especially for adhesives
Acrylic acid (salt) polymer, its production process and uses
Photocurable aqueous resin composition, ink, recording unit, ink cartridge, ink-jet recording appara...
Magnetic medical devices with changeable magnetic moments and method of navigating magnetic medical ...
Golf ball with multi-layered core
Ultrafine inorganic fiber, and a process of preparing for the same
Golf balls comprising glass ionomers, or other hybrid organic/inorganic compositions
Biodegradable compositions for the controlled release of encapsulated substances
Method for the formation of silica film, silica film, insulating film, and semiconductor device
Pigment composition and ink composition using the same
Optical recording medium, optical recording method and optical recording device
Fast-dry, high solids coating compositions based on acetoacetate-functionalized alkyd resins
Hot melt adhesive composition
Cationically polymerizable liquid composition and tacky polymer
Composition of polyepoxide and oxazolidine latent curing agent
Electrode structure with white balance adjustment
Light-emitting gallium nitride-based compound semiconductor device
Electrode capture of nucleic acid
Methods of small sample amplification
Non-volatile magnetic memory
Process for recycling powder coating fines
Process for removing synthetic-grass floorings, corresponding use and product
Method and apparatus for detecting consumption of ink
Inks-and-printing-media-integral-type pack, printing liquid and sheets container, sheet supplying de...
Weak alkaline organic fertilizer from organic waste including food waste and its manufacturing metho...
Delamination process
Variable-volume disposable isoelectric focusing cell and method of isoelectric focusing
Electrochemical treating method such as electroplating and electrochemical reaction device therefor
Dewaxing process using zeolite SSZ-54
Recyclable water-resistant corrugated fiberboard sheet
Block copolymer
Polarizing light pipe
Modified naphthalene dioxygenases and methods of use
Monomer containing electron-withdrawing group and electron-donative group, and copolymer and proton-...
Intubating ventilatory face mask
Equalizer system and method for predistortion
Signal predistortion using a combination of multiple predistortion techniques
System for antenna sidelobe modification
Link capacity computation methods and apparatus for designing IP networks with performance guarantee...
Planing landing craft
Portable and stowable step for water-borne vessel
Wake tower and method of making same
Bow-stern canoe box
Tie down device
Method of delivering active material within hydrogel microbeads
Hard surface cleaners containing chitosan and furanone
Cleaning wipe
Substituted nicotinamides and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis and the us...
Accumulation variation of lottery-style games of chance
Knockdown cabinet for dart game
Method and apparatus for outputting picture image data
Study aid apparatus and method of using study aid apparatus
Binder with magnetically retained pages
Imaging prevention method and system
Writing aid for children, handicap or elderly individuals and method therefor
Mathematical model and a method and apparatus for utilizing the model
Molecular models
Applying a user profile in a virtual space
Universal and precise stapling method and apparatus
Normalization of head driver current for solid ink jet printhead by current slop adjustment
Airtight waste solution sampling apparatus
Method of forming photo-catalytic film made of titanium oxide on base material and laminated materia...
Naphthalene tetracarboxylic diimide dimers
Developer replenishment unit and image formation apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Continuous preparation of alkenyl compounds
Resin composition, molding material, and molded object
Piezoelectric transformer, piezoelectric transformer drive circuit, piezoelectric transformer drive ...
Compact selfballasted fluorescent lamp and luminaire
Color conversion device and color conversion method
Solid-state image pickup apparatus for producing image signals with pixel signals mixed in a horizon...
Module for reflection type liquid crystal display device, method of manufacturing the same, and refl...
Clock switchover circuit
Negative photosensitive lithograhic printing plate
Method of manufacturing integrated circuit
Method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display panel having a gate line with at least one opening
Sheet detecting device and image forming apparatus
Solid-state image pick-up device
Method and plant for production of oxygenated hydrocarbons
Olefin polymerization process
Method of shim optimization
Magneto resistive storage device having a magnetic field sink layer
Resilient parameterized prefix codes for adaptive coding
Self-assembled molecular color switch
Tool-less latch mechanism for an enclosure panel
Method and apparatus for halting a printing device at a predetermined instant
Non-root users execution of root commands
Electronic device backplane interconnect method and apparatus
Modular MFP/printer architectures
Fast disk cache writing system
Portable modular electronic system
Static excitation system having capability of eliminating shaft vibrations of a generator and overvo...
Optically-assisted magnetic recording head and optically-assisted magnetic recording apparatus
Method of modifying one or more original head related transfer functions
Sound reproduction equipment and method for reducing the level of acoustical reflections in a room
Energy converter with two coils and two magnetic gaps
Developing cartridge and image forming apparatus using the same
Method for determination of stand attributes and a computer program to perform the method
Liquid crystal reflective display
Transparent polyester film with enhanced water vapor barrier, its production and use
Knife handle
Teaching position correcting apparatus
Method and apparatus for a protective ballast circuit
Biological and chemical defense apparatus utilizing cold plasma generated pressurized activated oxyg...
Ectoparasite asphyxiator compositions and methods for their applications
Cosmetic composition comprising a particle dispersion
Moisture-permeable waterproof fabric and release sheet-attached moisture-permeable resin film used f...
Cosmetic composition comprising a particle dispersion
Styrenic block copolymer breathable elastomeric films
Cleaning towel having a color identifying label and sanitizer release polymer composition
Charging device for charging a plurality of devices
Lenticular lens array
Device for aggregating, translating, and disseminating communications within a multiple device envir...
Method for efficiently tracking object models in video sequences via dynamic ordering of features
Outer mirror for vehicle
CXCR3 antagonists
Print system and print method
Image processing apparatus
Multi-beam scanning optical system and image forming apparatus using it
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Magneto-optical medium utilizing domain wall displacement and process of reproduction
Radiation detecting apparatus and radiographing system using it
Radiographic apparatus, radiographic method, and computer-readable storage medium
Image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and trouble state notifying method thereof
Image forming device with independent control panel
Image forming apparatus and sheet processing apparatus with a serial connection
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Image forming apparatus featuring switchable, contact and spaced, clutch-operated developing units
Clarifying tank
Assay for YKL-40 as a marker for degradation of mammalian connective tissue matrices
Proteases from gram positive organisms
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Slurry for CMP, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Process for fabricating a metal wiring and metal contact in a semicondutor device
Method for electroless deposition of phosphorus-containing metal films onto copper with palladium-fr...
Mechanically scanned wet chemical processing
Method and apparatus for reducing microtrenching for borderless vias created in a dual damascene pro...
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Matrix type piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device, process for production thereof, and electronic equipment
Structure and method of high performance two layer ball grid array substrate
Semiconductor device
Test socket, method of manufacturing the test socket, test method using the test socket, and member ...
Laser device and an optical signal amplifier using thereof
Hierarchical bandwidth management in multiservice networks
Method and apparatus for recording fault history information
Programmable controller
Method and system for network processor scheduler
High speed asynchronous bus for an integrated circuit
Service level computer security
Method and apparatus for supporting physical layer link-suspend operation between network nodes
High speed digital counters
Anti-tachycardia pacing methods and devices
Cultivar specificity gene from the rice pathogen Magnaporthe grisea, and methods of use
fohy030 nucleic acid molecules
Peptide ligands of the urokinase receptor
Method and apparatus for spectrometric analysis of turbid, pharmaceutical samples
Cool and dry soft solid antiperspirant
Vaccines with enhanced immune response and methods for their preparation
Preparations of the w/o emulsion type with an increased water content, comprising moderately polar l...
Dietary supplements for enhancing the immune system
Solid oral dosage form
Medical device having surface modification with superoxide dismutase mimic
Built-in redundancy analysis for memories with row and column repair
Method and apparatus for identifying an identical cell in an IC layout with an existing solution
Semiconductor device, and method and program for designing the same
Method of designing power vias in an IC layout
Signal routing in programmable logic devices
Fast frame error checker for multiple byte digital data frames
Cord winder
CMOS parallel dynamic logic and speed enhanced static logic
Automatic detergent dispensing system for a warewasher
Method of removing n-terminal alanine residues from polypeptides with aeromonas aminopeptidase
System and method for product yield prediction using device and process neighborhood characterizatio...
Personal surveillance system with locating capabilities
Process for the production of high quality middle distillates from mild hydrocrackers and vacuum gas...
Process for the production of high quality base oils
Polyether/polyurethane association thickeners
Sulfur transfer additive for catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons and a catalytic cracking process of ...
Liquid-phase adsorption process for removing and concentrating heteroatom compounds in hydrocarbons
Catalytic system for hydroconversion of naphtha
Integrated hydrotreating process for the dual production of FCC treated feed and an ultra low sulfur...
Multiple hydroprocessing reactors with intermediate flash zones
Verifying cumulative ordering of memory instructions
Support base for instrument components
Gas delivery system
Fuel transfer pump and control
Pump assembly and method
Device and method for producing a calcium-rich getter thin film
Fluidic pump
Tandem pump and interface for same
Motor-driven compressor cooled by refrigerant gas
Air treatment enclosure
Vacuum pump
Thick matter pump
Turbo-charger for internal-combustion engine
Inflatable product equipped with pump
Spring supporting structure for reciprocating compressor
Fluid machine
Waste minimizing paper dispenser
Method for measuring hemoglobin concentration (HGB) in the blood in a circuit of a dialysis machine,...
Method for preparing a cut surface in uncured rubber samples for measuring filter dispersion
Odd bounce image rotation system in ellipsometer systems
Film thickness measuring apparatus
Ultrasonically assisted optical media sensor system
Scatterometer including an internal calibration system
Printer with a tonality correction capability
Herbicidal substituted pyridines, their preparation, and their use as herbicides and plant growth re...
Pneumatic impact wrench
Generation of optical pulse train having high repetition rate using mode-locked laser
Panel drive
Developing-carrying member, and developing apparatus and image forming apparatus including the membe...
On-vehicle electronic controller
Lithographic manufacturing process, lithographic projection apparatus, and device manufactured there...
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Projection exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
Scanning optical system
Electromechanical valve assembly for an internal combustion engine
Optical switch
Single crystal silicon micromirror and array
Method of placing elements into receptors in a substrate
Approach to improve line end shortening
Implantation process using substoichiometric, oxygen doses at different energies
Method for fabricating a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device using a pre-patterned bridge
Wafer thinning using magnetic mirror plasma
Power amplification circuit and method for supplying power at a plurality of desired power output le...
Micro-magnetic latching switch with relaxed permanent magnet alignment requirements
Diffractive fourier optics for optical communications
Method and apparatus for driving light-modulating elements
Polarization independent magnetooptic switches
Zone demand controlled dual air conditioning system and controller therefor
Cleaning system for refrigerator condenser
High flux heat removal system using liquid ice
Rotatable roller
CTE-matched heat pipe
Heat exchanger having non-perpendicularly aligned heat transfer elements