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Laser resonator
Method and apparatus for tuning a laser with a Bragg grating in a semiconductor substrate
Arrangement method of metal electrode and transparent electrode in optical waveguide device and opti...
Index modulation in glass using a femtosecond laser
Lane-keep control system for vehicle
Wipes with a pleat-like zone along the leading edge portion
Absorbent articles with refastenable side seams
Implant with proliferation-inhibiting substance
Magnetic head producing method
Storm curtain apparatus
Moldable preform with B-stage thermoset polymer powder binder
High performance solid electrolyte fuel cells
Negative electrode including a carbonaceous material for a nonaqueous battery
Noise filter
Integrated circuit inductor with a magnetic core
Substrate within a Ni/Au structure electroplated on electrical contact pads and method for fabricati...
Method and apparatus for a write behind raster
Expansion constraining member adapted for use with an expandable interbody spinal fusion implant and...
Interbody device and method for treatment of osteoporotic vertebral collapse
Fabrication of a polymeric prosthetic implant
Coated endovascular AAA device
Adjustable bone fusion implant and method
Reinforced foam implants with enhanced integrity for soft tissue repair and regeneration
Metabolites of (3-{[4-tert-butyl-benzyl)-(pyridine-3-sulfonyl)-amino]-methyl}-phenoxy)-ac etic acid
Transgenic circulating endothelial cells
Method of inducing or enhancing chondrogenesis with extracellular matrix containing GDF-5
Golf ball with textual instructions positioned thereon
Golf ball lifter
System and method for deriving symbol timing
Method and apparatus for clock recovery and data qualification
Apparatus for cleaning optical fiber connectors and fiber optic parts
Method for regenerating charging member, charging member and device for regenerating charging member
Device for removing image disfiguring substances and image forming apparatus using the same
Liquid image developing system forming a space with a development roller and having depositing plate...
Pipeline control for power management
Monitoring system and method implementing a channel plan and test plan
Methods and systems for analyzing the degradation and failure of mechanical systems
Method of controlling the flow of information between senders and receivers across links being used ...
Speculative execution control with programmable indicator and deactivation of multiaccess recovery m...
System and method of memory management for providing data storage across a reboot
Command interface to object-based architecture of software components for extending functional and c...
Identity verification system
Metabolite from streptomyces strain NRRL accession No. B-30145 and mutants thereof for controlling p...
Method and device for protection of wooden objects proximate soil from pest invasion
Method for prevention of solid dissolution through covalent ligand bonding
Methods of identifying compounds which inhibit binding of SLIC-1 to PSGL-1
Anti-angiogenic peptides and methods of use thereof
Methods using proton pump inhibitors and nitric oxide donors
Semicarbazides and their uses
.alpha.-phenyl-.beta.-keto sulfones
Thioketals and thioethers for inhibiting the expression of VCAM-1
Fabric with heated circuit printed on intermediate film
Color display with molecular light valve
Field addressable rewritable media
Golf ball
Self-assembled nanobump array stuctures and a method to fabricate such structures
Lectin-derived progenitor cell preservation factor and methods of use
Hyaluronate synthase gene and uses thereof
Human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Purified populations of stem cells
Human kielin-like proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Method for transforming plant, the resultant plant and gene thereof
Method of use of transgenic plant expressed antibodies
Chemokine with amino-terminal modifications
Heat-inducible promoter
Site-directed mutagenesis of Escherichia coli phytase
Process for providing electrical connection between a semiconductor die and a semiconductor die rece...
Semiconductor package using a printed circuit board and a method of manufacturing the same
Single substrate hydrogen and microwave absorber for integrated microwave assembly and method of man...
Packaged die on PCB with heat sink encapsulant and methods
Die-down ball grid array package with die-attached heat spreader and method for making the same
Copper-containing C4 ball-limiting metallurgy stack for enhanced reliability of packaged structures ...
Method for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and structure for integrating metal insulator metal capacitor with copper
Method and device for securing a multi-dimensionally constructed chip stack and chip configuration
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Non-stick detection method and mechanism for array molded laminate packages
Liquid crystal display device
Method of fabricating liquid crystal display
Charge control circuit for a micro-electromechanical device
Vertical NROM having a storage density of 1 bit per 1F2
Attenuator having reduced optical loss in the pass mode
Operating method of vacuum processing system and vacuum processing system
Enhanced throughput of a metrology tool
Metrology hardware adaptation with universal library
Communication setting apparatus and method for communicating tone performance data
Real-time monitoring system for codec-effect sampling during digital processing of a sound source
Measure minder
Page turning arrangment
Strainer for a drum
Apparatus and a method for more realistic video games on computers or similar devices using visible ...
Microfluidic device with multiple microcoil NMR detectors
Correction of magnetic resonance images
Adiabatic radiofrequency pulse schemes for use in performing nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Fluid monitoring arrangement
Open peripheral vascular coil and method of providing peripheral vascular imaging
Artifact reduction in SSFP MRI using weighted sum of combined signals
Methods for multiple acquisitions with global inversion cycling for vascular-space-occupancy dependa...
Methods and apparatuses for fast chemical shift magnetic resonance imaging
Enhancement of NMR and MRI in the presence of hyperpolarized noble gases
Method and apparatus for forming a pseudo-range model
Force reflecting haptic interface
Automatically uploading and organizing documents in a document server
Multi-location management system
High availability file server for providing transparent access to all data before and after componen...
Protocol for a remote control device to enable control of network attached devices
Method and system for classifying mobile terminals
Location/status-addressed radio/radiotelephone
Dual mode terminal for accessing a cellular network directly or via a wireless intranet
HVAC system monitoring
Method and means for reading the status of and controlling irrigation components
Method and system for communicating vehicle location information
Vehicle tracking telematics system
Downloading geographical data to a mobile station and displaying a map
Device for generating and/or processing navigational information
Electronic-acoustic guitar with enhanced sound, chord and melody creation system
Electromagnetic humbucker pick-up for stringed musical instruments
Operation detection switch, musical instrument and parameter determination program
Key depression detection apparatus for keyboard instrument
Guitar pickup support assembly
Drum acoustic wire assembly and a drum using the same
Dielectric cellular electret film and procedure for its manufacture
Construction and method of wind musical instrument
Automatic accompaniment apparatus and a storage device storing a program for operating the same
System and method of producing thin-film electrolyte
Method for removing COS from a stream of hydrocarbon fluid and wash liquid for use in a method of th...
Extra high voltage generator
Process for producing chlorine
Process and device for waste pyrolysis and gasification
Method of treating residual acid
NOx reduction composition for use in FCC processes
Water-repellent porous silica, method for preparation thereof and use thereof
Process for preparing silica or silica-based thick vitreous films according to the sol-gel technique...
Method for producing silane
Carbon monoxide removing apparatus and process for operating the same
Method of using molybdenum carbide catalyst
Fine tungsten carbide powder and process for producing the same
Process for the production of hydrogen sulphide from elemental sulphur and use thereof in heavy meta...
Process for making durable rutile titanium dioxide pigment by vapor phase deposition of surface trea...
Apparatus and method for characterizing fiber crimps
System and method for confirming electrical connection defects
Camera and portable equipment with camera
Component for evaporators of active substances
Dilatation balloon catheter
Assay card for an assay chamber
Flask holder
Flask holder
Palm design barzebo with overhang
Simple roof hourglass design barzebo
Step stool
Fluorescent lamp
Vehicle head lamp
Automobile light
Fluorescent utility light with halogen spotlight
Fluorescent utility light
Ceiling fan light fixture
Catcher's leg guard
Electric steam iron
Electrical steam iron
Garbage can
Nanotet sphere
Z-transform implementation of digital watermarks
File table copy protection for a storage device when storing streaming content
Video on demand pay per view services with unmodified conditional access functionality
Method and apparatus for performing a key update using update key
Transmitting data words
Digital video recorder employing a unique ID to interlock with encrypted video programs stored on a ...
Method and system for coupling an X.509 digital certificate with a host identity
Method and apparatus for medium access control in powerline communication network systems
Phosphorus-sulfur based antifoulants
Concerted process for the production of an alkenyl substituted aromatic compound
Process for the preparation of lower olefins
Method for producing oligomers
Process for producing isobutylene and methanol
Method for carrying out a metathesis reaction of unsaturated organic compounds
Process to isomerize 1-butene to 2-butene
Compounds for altering food intake in humans
Antiadipose topical treatment composition based on garlic bulbs extracts, and cosmetic and therapeut...
Herbal composition for treating CD33+ acute and chronic myeloid leukemia and a method thereof
Viral proteins capable of binding LAR
Methods of screening for agents that promote nerve cell growth
Method to determine an engrafting cell dose of hematopoietic stem cell transplant units
Dynamically formed rotors for lock-in amplifier detection
Methods for ameliorating icthyosiform skin diseases
Orally active fraction of momordica charantia, active peptides thereof, and their use in the treatme...
Resorcinol derivatives
Compositions and methods for treatment for glucose metabolism disorders
Antimicrobial concentrates containing non-yellowing agents
Frozen food product
Methods for functional kidney imaging using small dendrimer contrast agents
Omega-3 fatty acids in the treatment of depression
Reverse gene therapy
Marine vessel construction
Axial adjustable tie-down stretch cord terminus
Articulated multi-hull water craft
Portlight assembly
Marine dock hitch
Disconnectable mooring system and LNG transfer system and method
Airborne mine neutralization system, neutralizer pressure relief valve
Automatic registration of images in digital terrain elevation data
Floating collapsible utility trailer
Multi-purpose support plate
Modular hybrid multi-axis robot
Navigation method and system for autonomous machines with markers defining the working area
Autonomous multi-platform robotic system
Haptic rendering of volumetric soft-bodies objects
Robot cleaner, system thereof and method for controlling same
Six degree of freedom position ranging
Welding robots for spot welding
Diagnostic imaging interventional apparatus
Robot controller
Medical manipulator and method of controlling the same
Autonomous action robot
Robot information processing system
System for encoding and manipulating models of objects
Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant cobalt-based alloys
Ni-based alloy improved in oxidation-resistance, high temperature strength and hot workability
Magnetic powder and isotropic bonded magnet
Cast iron with improved oxidation resistance at high temperatures
Metal hydride alkaline storage cell and manufacturing method thereof
Raised garden block
Reinforced interlocking retention panels
Advanced containment system
Organic slurry storage basin cover
Marine impact-absorbing structure
Portable mooring dock for a boat
Deep water TLP tether system
Methods of and apparatus for mooring and for connecting lines to articles on the seabed
Remedies for hyperammonemia
Biologically useful polyphosphates
Artificial chaperon kit
Fusion peptides isolatable by phase transition
Human protocadherin proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Method of identifying toxic agents using NSAID-induced differential gene expression in liver
Viral amplification of recombinant messenger RNA in transgenic plants
Canine and feline B7-2 nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
DNA isolation method
Resistance in plants to infection by ssDNA virus using inoviridae virus ssDNA-binding protein, compo...
Process for producing female-sterile plants
Soybean cultivar 0322581
Soybean variety 90M90
Inbred corn line HC53
Inbred corn line LH283BtMON810
Particles for electrophoresis, a production method thereof and a display using the particles
Power steering system
Motor-operated power steering device
Easy-to-assemble structure of electric power steering device
Rear-wheel steering device for vehicle
Worm driven ball screw actuator for traction clutches
Device for transferring data and/or energy to restraining means in a vehicle
Drivetrain for a vehicle
Methods for operating a motor vehicle driven by an internal combustion engine and by two electrical ...
Planetary gearbox with integral electric motor and steering means.
Drive system for motor vehicles
Catalytic oxidation process with flow control system
Seat belt alarm
Vehicle positioning device
Method and apparatus for mobile robot motion control
Method of estimating quantities that represent state of vehicle
Strategy to control a clutch to connect an engine to a powertrain of a hybrid electric vehicle
Electronic control system for torque distribution in hybrid vehicles
Occupant labeling for airbag-related applications
Motor vehicle dynamic stability control
Method for reducing repeat false alarm indications in vehicle impact detection systems
End-to-end network testing
Apparatus for direct communication with a phone entry system
Telephone call messaging device
Method for adding context to communications
Communication apparatus connected to an exchange network having a service of notifying identificatio...
Apparatus and method for providing enhanced telecommunications services
Provisioning of subscriber services
System and method for identifying a participant during a conference call
Method and apparatus for eliminating unwanted telephone calls
System and method for efficient telephone call transfer
Provision of media content to telephony callers on-hold
Software call control agent
Contact center autopilot architecture
System and method for automating customer slamming and cramming complaints
High impedance polarity detector
Cascade low-pass filter to improve xDSL band attenuation for POTS splitter
Method and apparatus for off-hook management of plural subscriber premises devices connected to same...
Automatic speaker volume and microphone gain control in a portable handheld radiotelephone with prox...
Motor vehicle navigation system that receives route information from a central unit
Performance analysis of distributed applications using automatic classification of communication ine...
Blood product delivery system
Process control loop analysis system
Dynamic process for identifying objects in multi-dimensional data
Vehicle dynamics production system and method
System for aiding the preparation of operation and maintenance plans for a power generation installa...
Method for categorizing, describing and modeling types of system users
Computer method for providing optimization of design processes, with dynamic constraints
Configurable and stand-alone verification module
Workflow system, workflow control method and storage medium
Method of rating employee performance
System for selecting, distributing, and selling fonts
Food and drink serving system for eating and drinking place
Content personalization based on actions performed during a current browsing session
Electronic settlement system using separate communication channels for settlement between sales and ...
System and method for the selective activation of one or several software and/or hardware functions ...
System and method for manufacturing and configuring intelligent electronic devices to order
Media information distribution and recording system, and apparatus and program-recorded medium for t...
Arrangement and method for generating a security imprint
Centralized authorization and fraud-prevention system for network-based transactions
Cryptographic server with provisions for interoperability between cryptographic systems
System and method for selecting and accounting for value-added services with a closed system meter
Franking and prepayment machine
Digital certificate proxy
Extensions and generalizations of the pedal steel guitar
Methods and apparatus for creating three-dimensional motion illusion in a graphics processing system
Systems and methods for efficient processing of multimedia data
Dynamically adjusting a sample-to-pixel filter in response to user input and/or sensor input
Video frame rendering engine
Graphics system with a buddy / quad mode for faster writes
Image generating system and program
Optimized packing of loose data in a graphics queue
Method for determining measuring positions and method for planning measuring tracks for measuring an...
Magnified texture-mapped pixel performance in a single-pixel pipeline
System and method for performing scale and bias operations by preclamping input image data
Head-mounted display and optical engine thereof
Portable device
Catalyst for hydrocarbon reforming reaction
Installing and controlling trial software
Loadshedding uninterruptible power supply
Method and system for achieving high availability in a networked computer system
Hot-upgrade/hot-add memory
Method and apparatus for providing write recovery of faulty data in a non-redundant raid system
Debugger program time monitor
Simultaneous and redundantly threaded processor store instruction comparator
Partitioned random access memory
Techniques for mapping graphical user interfaces of applications
Method and apparatus for reactivation of a system feature by using a programmable reactivation butto...
Reducing variation in randomized nanoscale circuit connections
Balanced accuracy for extraction
Method and apparatus for deterministic replay of java multithreaded programs on multiprocessors
Tool for converting .MAP file formats
System and method for obtaining scratch registers in computer executable binaries
System and method for the automatic installation and configuration of an operating system
Using a virtual machine instance as the basic unit of user execution in a server environment
Process persistence in a virtual machine
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for tracking processes
Accessing a ERP application over the internet using strongly typed declarative language files
Method, system, and program for mapping standard application program interfaces (APIs) to user inter...
Image display apparatus and method, and storage medium
Video, audio and graphics decode, composite and display system
Method and system for real-time video communication within a virtual environment
Kitchen appliance with video display
System and method for correcting aberration of lenses through which images are projected
Digital camera having specifiable tracking focusing point
Combined multiplexing and offset correction for an image sensor array
Electronic view camera for tripod mounting
Camera lens system for image pickup devices
Structure for guiding flexible printed wiring board through a hinge portion between a body and a swi...
Optical object recognition system
Signal processing apparatus and method for reducing generation of false color by adaptive luminance ...
Broadcast receiving and failure resistant recording apparatus
Printed sheet protector system and method
Mailing form for non-impact printing
Sobriety testing apparatus having OBD-II connection capability
Berth system, especially for means of transportation
Non-coherent fresnel direction finding method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for actuating movable components, including canards, over multiple ranges
Portable catapult launcher for small aircraft
Ball screw actuator for aircraft control surfaces
Methods and systems for controlling wheel brakes on aircraft and other vehicles
Tri-body aircraft and methods for their manufacture
Constellation of spacecraft, and broadcasting method using said constellation
Graphical user interface for project data
Camera system for providing instant switching between wide angle and full resolution views of a subj...
Quantity-of-light adjusting device
Lens apparatus and camera
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Method and apparatus for removing organic films
Digital camera having a self-timer shooting function
Test apparatus and method to check the exposure quality of exposed film
Focusing method selectable zoom optical system
Lens system
Camera remote system and methods associated therewith
Camera with an exposure control function
Imaging device and digital camera using the imaging device
Drive assembly for acoustic sources
Modular microphone array for surround sound recording
Tangential stress reduction system in a loudspeaker suspension
Outlet silencer and heat recovery structures for gas turbine
Soundproofing panel, in particular structural or lining panel for a rotorcraft
Wireless physiological pressure sensor and transmitter with capability of short range radio frequenc...
Air cleaner and resonator assembly
Solid marine seismic cable
Shape memory alloy actuator
Collapsible structures
Multiple chair workstation
Interactive LED device
Beach wave playset
Portable apparatus with performance monitoring and audio entertainment features
Pop-up advertising piece
Computer simulation control frame
Hand assembly for a crash test dummy
Karaoke device with built-in microphone and microphone therefor
Launching game apparatus and method
Video and reel card game
Gaming device having rate dependent game
Prolonged casino game method and apparatus
Method for retrofitting gaming machines to issue and redeem tickets
Gaming device having risk evaluation bonus round
EZ pay smart card and tickets system
Game machine, method of performing game and computer-readable medium
Game device
Self-storing standard for a game net
Method and system for automatically evaluating physical health state using a game
Football measuring device and method
Containers with additional functionality
Operation bar for a game table
Pachinko stand-alone and bonusing game with displayed targets
Laser imageable RFID label/tag
Radio-opaque polymeric biomaterials
Conductive trace with reduced RF impedance resulting from the skin effect
Display device, computer terminal, and antenna
Antenna means
Polarization plate
Mobile telephone including a multi-band antenna
Method, system and radio base station for paging a mobile station in a third generation general pack...
Method, apparatus, and system for enabling communication between second generation and third generat...
Proximity-based magnetic field generator for controlling operation of RF burst-transmitting tags of ...
Method and apparatus for channel estimation with transmit diversity
Spatial diversity wireless communications (radio) receiver
Polar loop transmission circuit
Method of antenna-weight estimation and mobile communication terminal
System and method for using mobile station signal strength measurements to collect radio frequency i...
Method and apparatus for positioning a mobile station
Color image processing method and apparatus thereof
System and method for using a compressed trie to estimate like predicates
Selective file purging for delete or rename
Method and system for logging test data
Directory service for a computer network
Directory service for a computer network
Directory service for a computer network
Replication protocol for data stores
Management information to object mapping and correlator
System and method for enhancing a server's ability to withstand a "SYN flood" denial of service atta...
Method and system for transmitting data for a shared application
System and method for managing objects stored in a cache
Method and system for backing up and restoring data of a node in a distributed system
System and method for facilitating the design of a website
Modeless child windows for application programs
System and method for dynamically processing display information to combine display focus and contex...
Method and system for program editing
System and method for a transport independent gaming API for mobile devices
Method and apparatus for providing and integrating high-performance message queues in a user interfa...
System and method for synchronizing streaming content with enhancing content using pre-announced tri...
Video on demand methods and systems
Visualization of multi-dimensional data having an unbounded dimension
Wearable communication system
Facsimile apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium
Apparatus and method for actuating a mechanical device
System and method for selecting a packet-switched telephony service provider
Method of dynamically transmitting data packets using RTP and RTCP protocols
Reverse call origination via a packet switched network
Converged home gateway
Client-server network for managing internet protocol voice packets
Method and system for obtaining user feedback regarding geographic data
System and method for testing the load of at least one IP supported device
Method and apparatus for credit card processing via facsimile
System and method for merging web based on-demand SNA application selection and TN3270 client launch...
Networked computer system
Data transmission protocol and visual display for a networked computer system
Method and apparatus for optimizing network service
System and method for accounting management in an IP centric distributed network
System and method for a web based trust model governing delivery of services and programs
Communications between partitions within a logically partitioned computer
Methods and systems for interfacing small devices to computer networks
System and method for automatically pre-setting form field values
System for isolating ethernet network traffic
Method for marketing goods and services
Fuzzy logic system with evolutionary variables rules
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Pand565`
Geranium plant named `Balcolreim`
Chrysanthemum plant name `Stereophonics`
Verbena plant named `Lan Peachy`
Geranium plant named `Clips Scarl`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Interyassor`
Mandevilla plant named `Sunmandecrim`
Anthurium plant named `Rijn200128`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sulte Lityel`
Plectranthus plant named `P000607`
Plectranthus plant named `K011101`
Rhaphiolepis plant named `Corleyscourii`
Diascia plant named `Codilav`
Angelonia plant named `Balangbeke`
Prune tree named `D6N-72`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S65`
Rose plant named `POULcs014`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sizzleness Green`
Hibiscus plant named `Denver`
Strawberry plant named `Bish`
Plum tree named `Holiday`
Extracellular/epidermal growth factor-like protein
Host cells containing multiple integrating vectors
Methods and interferon deficient substrates for the propagation of viruses
Human and mouse uroplakin II gene transcriptional regulatory elements
Rapid quantitative analysis of proteins or protein function in complex mixtures
Inhibitors of glycosaminoglycans
Tumor targeted vector
DNA vaccines for farm animals, in particular bovines and porcines
HIV protease inhibitors
Substituted-aryl compounds for treatment of disease
Compounds useful as anti-inflammatory agents
Glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Benzimisazo[4,5-f]isoquinolinone derivatives
Pyrazolidinol compounds
Benzenedicarboxylic acid derivatives
Biologically active linderazulene terpenes
DNA molecules and polypeptides of Pseudomonas syringae Hrp pathogenicity island and their uses
Molecules of the herpesvirus-entry-mediator-related protein family and uses thereof
Fhm, a novel member of the TNF ligand supergene family
Non-oligomerizing tandem fluorescent proteins
Semiconductor device, semiconductor packaging method, assembly and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for interfacing synchronous core network with asynchronous radio network
Internet protocol telephony security architecture
Gypsum slurry compositions
Compositions and methods for preventing coagulation of water-in-oil emulsion polymers in aqueous sal...
Solid free-form fabrication methods for the production of dental restorations
Simulated stone block and aged artist's canvas articles and method
Method of removing entrained sulfuric acid from alkylate
Plant recombination proteins
Plant fatty acid amide hydrolases
Method and apparatus to establish and optimize sedimentation and methane fermentation in primary was...
Waste treatment system for treatment of organic waste and digested liquid thereof
Flow-through media
Method and apparatus for purifying untreated water
Method for preparing high-purity ionic liquids
Method for the manufacture of compositions containing low concentrations of salts
Spin-hemodialysis assembly and method
Down flow radial flow filter
Metal-collecting apparatus and method for elution and recovery of metal from metal-collecting materi...
Apparatus and method for in situ burning of oil spills
Method and apparatus for preventing scale deposits and removing contaminants from fluid columns
Method and apparatus for controlling water system fouling
Method for improved recovery of metals
Layered tablet water treatment compositions and method of use
Energy-efficient duct, head cell with duct and methods
Methods and apparatus for determining analytes in various matrices
Multi-well apparatus
Production of ultrapure bismuth-213 for use in therapeutic nuclear medicine
Process of extracting nucleic acid and process of simultaneously carrying out extraction and purific...
Apparatus and method for the measurement of cells in biological samples
UV-assisted grafting of PES and PSF membranes
Organic porous material, process for manufacturing the same, and organic porous ion exchanger
Water treatment apparatus
Seaweed-based product for treating liquid waste, together with method for making and using the seawe...
Periodic aeration in an activated sludge reactor for wastewater treatment
Method and device for purifying wastewaters
Hydrophobic compositions and methods of use in water applications
System and method for automatically purifying solvents
Filtration system with enhanced cleaning and dynamic fluid separation
Struvite crystallization
Channeled polymer fibers as stationary/support phases for chemical separation by liquid chromatograp...
Filtration apparatus and method
Composite filter and method and apparatus for producing high purity water using hte composite filter
Methods and systems for improved dosing of a chemical treatment, such as chlorine dioxide, into a fl...
Nets for bodies of water
Oil filter mounting plate assembly
Electrochemical sterilizing and bacteriostatic method
Method and apparatus for treating oil-water emulsions
Liquid control structure
Subsea oil collector
High performance filter media with internal nanofiber structure and manufacturing methodology
Solid/liquid separation system for multiphase converters
Method and system for processing customer requests and generating associated information correlated ...
Preparation of 2S,3S-N-isobutyl-N-(2-hydroxy-3-amino-4-phenylbutyl)-P-nitrobenzenesulfony lamide hyd...
Tire tread
Diaryl compounds
New imidazopyridazinone and imidazopyridone derivatives, the preparation thereof and their use as ph...
Pyridyloxymethyl and benzisoxazole azabicyclic derivatives
5HT2c receptor agonists
Substituted n-phenyl 2-hydroxy-2-methyl-3,3,3-trifluropropanamide derivatives which elevate pyruvate...
3,7-dihydro-purine-2,6-dione derivatives as CRF receptor ligands
Cyanoamide compounds useful as malonyl-CoA decarboxylase inhibitors
GSK-3 inhibitors
Heteroaryl substituted pyrazole modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptor-5
Heterocyclic compounds useful as malonyl-CoA decarboxylase inhibitors
New heterocyclic oxime compounds
Zonisamide use in eating disorders
Imidazole compounds and uses thereof
Substituted thieno [2,3-c] pyrazoles and their use as medicinal products
Use of central cannabinoid receptor antagonists for the preparation of drugs
Treatment and prevention of cardiovascular events
Nutrient compositions and methods for sustenance and promotion of positive metabolic energy levels i...
Serotonin reuptake inhibitor formulations
Structural and cytoskeleton-associated protein
Methods, systems, and apparatus for monitoring within-day energy balance deviation
Minimally invasive surgery placement of stimulation leads in mediastinal structures
System and methods for processing analyte sensor data
Droplet polymerization method for synthesis of molecularly imprinted polymers
Screw for dental implants
Arrangement comprising a spacer element for an implant, such a spacer element and a screwdriver for ...
Method and device for producing a model for a prosthesis in the human body
Multidirectional control switch and multidirectional input device using the same
Expansion module and personal digital assistant equipped therewith
Atmospheric data measurement system
Handheld device with electrostatic discharge protection
Personal digital assistant vehicle interface and method
Adapter unit having an ergonomic grip for a personal digital assistant
Adapter unit having a handle grip for a personal digital assistant
Drive devices for interrupter units in power supply and distribution switchgear
Method and system for determining electronic commutation in brushless DC machines irrespective of th...
Device for measuring the motion of a conducting body through magnetic induction
TDMA transmit frequency generator suppressing frequency jumps caused by feedback
Device for controlling a security device
Method and device for protecting motor vehicles against theft
Circuit for the selective activation of a plurality of antennas from a common end stage
System and method for automatic re-closure and re-closing device
Inverter with a line-side and load-side freewheeling pulse converter using SiC switching elements
Pulse generating drive circuit for an electromagnetic source for generating acoustic waves
Mammography apparatus with vibrating compression plate
Method for measuring the dose distribution in a computed tomography apparatus
Method for monitoring the operation of optical supply line fibers
Method and apparatus for determining calibration options in a motion control system
Address assignment method for at least one bus device that has recently been connected to a bus syst...
Current driven serial bus system having an energy saving mode
System and methodology providing coordinated and modular conveyor zone control
Method of measuring motor speed
Method and system for protecting frame relay traffic over SONET rings
Method of reducing traffic during path restoration
Methods and apparatus for providing and obtaining resource usage information
System and method for configuring a logic analyzer to trigger on data communications packets and pro...
Adaptive retry mechanism
System and method for selective communication with RFID transponders
Gemstone inventory and detection system
Organic electroluminescent devices with high luminance
Long lifetime polymer light-emitting devices with improved luminous efficiency and improved radiance
Electrode and thin film EL device including the same and methods of fabricating the same and display...
Light-emitting element using the polymer and process for producing the same
Electroluminescence display apparatus with opening in silicon oxide layer
Inbred corn line G3601
Organic electroluminescent device and method of manufacturing the same
Non-volatile semiconductor device having a means to relieve a deficient erasure address
Method for cascading vehicle system targets to component level design objectives
Eye protection device
Method to counter oxidation of LDL, decrease triglyceride or cholesterol and inhibit atherosclerosis...
Methods and compositions for polynucleotide analysis using generic capture sequences
Prunus tree rootstock named `Piku 3`
Anti-icing coatings and methods
Portion of a shoe upper
Adaptive fuel control for an internal combustion engine
Modifications of the VEGF receptor-2 protein and methods of use
Biaromatic compounds and pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions comprising them
Method and apparatus for filling containers with piece goods
Encapsulated long life electroluminescent phosphor
Composite drug delivery catheter
Brush section for an electric toothbrush
Fuel cell stack having correction plates for correcting deformation of metal separators
Apparatus for preparing polyolefin products and methodology for using the same
Method and device for near-field measuring of non-controlled radiation
Microwave powered lamp with reliable detection of burned out light bulbs
Pharmaceutical composition containing citalopram
Pressure sensor assembly
Electronic writing and erasing pencil
Cigarette filter using intermetallic compounds
Fluorescent X-ray analysis apparatus
Adhesiveless microfluidic device fabrication
Optical materials and optical devices
Charge trapping device and method of forming the same
Compounds possessing antibacterial, antifungal or antitumor activity
Portion of a display screen
Universal file format for digital rich ink data
Responsive user interface to manage a non-responsive application
System and method for maintaining network system information
Method for determining status of a computer device and detecting device behavior in response to a st...
Nb solid electrolytic capacitor and method for preparing the same
Synchronous and bi-directional variable frequency power conversion systems
Pulsed write techniques for magneto-resistive memories
Triple redundant control device and method
System for diagnosing delta pressure sensor operation
Method and system for assessing combustion noise in an internal combustion engine
Device for determining thermophysical properties of a multi-component gas at arbitrary temperature a...
Fluid flow monitor and control system
Method and apparatus for calibrating a metrology tool
Method and apparatus for predicting a characteristic of a product attribute formed by a machining pr...
Starting clutch and method of controlling the same
Automatic transmission
Forward-link scheduling in a wireless communication system
Two tier hi-speed wireless communication link
Methods and apparatus for extending the transmission range of UTOPIA interfaces and UTOPIA packet in...
Pre-phase error correction transmitter
Fingerprint detecting wireless device
Apparatus and method for improved connectivity in wireless optical communication systems
Method for conveying application data with carrierless ultra wideband wireless signals
Method and apparatus for reception quality indication in wireless communication
Information processing apparatus and clock control method
Method and system for allocating bandwidth in a wireless communications network
Voice activated wireless locator service
Wireless device with vibrational communication capabilities
System and method of frame scheduling for QoS-driven wireless local area network (WLAN)
Method and system for identifying a selectable portion of a digital version of a mass-produced print...
Method and system for managing and providing sales data using world wide web
Emergency traffic signal device
Method, system and control device for controlling light signal transmitters at intersections
Waterway shielding system and method
Processes and intermediates for preparing benzyl epoxides
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device with particular dielectric frames
Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
Method for measuring step difference in a semiconductor device and apparatus for performing the same
Spiral lens disk and projection system employing the same
Fuse box including make-link and redundant address decoder having the same, and method for repairing...
Apparatus and method for generating (n, 3) code and (n, 4) code using simplex codes
Navigation system for providing real-time traffic information and traffic information processing met...
Apparatus and method for exchanging variable-length data according to a radio link protocol in a mob...
Scheduling apparatus and method for packet data service in a wireless communication system
Encoding/decoding apparatus and method for orientation interpolator node data
Contact shock dampening and development nip forming apparatus for developers
Liquid developing unit using high density ink
Insulinotropic hormone and uses thereof
Levo-monosaccharide in a nucleoside analog for use as an anti-retroviral agent
Methods and systems for remote execution of game content and presentation on a wireless portable dev...
Automated wagering recognition system
47153, a human glycosyltransferase family member and uses therefor
N-(azabicyclo moieties)-substituted hetero-bicyclic aromatic compounds for the treatment of disease
Aliphatic nitrogenous five-membered ring compounds
Indazolyl-substituted pyrroline compounds as kinase inhibitors
Polymerized oligopeptide-surfactant chiral micelles
Method of preparing retroviral protease inhibitor intermediates
Assay devices and methods of analyte detection
Security facility and uses thereof
Beverage label and method of making same
Methods for increasing cache capacity utilizing delta data
Swapping data storage volumes
Methods and systems for efficiently managing persistent storage
Information system and data access method
Backup system, backup method, database apparatus, and backup apparatus
Method and apparatus for populating multiple data marts in a single aggregation process
Creating multiple sets of data by spawning a secondary virtual machine
Storage system and control method
Scalable browser
Apparatus and method of repairing a processor array for a failure detected at runtime
Conditional highlighting of given cells in a dynamic HTML table
Optimizing an executable computer program having address-bridging code segments
Plasma display panel assembly and method for manufacturing the same
Exchanging operation parameters between a data storage device and a controller
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device having multi-bit control function
Method and apparatus for image acquisition, organization, manipulation, and publication
Signal detector and method employing a coherent accumulation system to correlate non-uniform and dis...
Business logic support
Magnetic nasal tube bridle system and related method
Capillary waveguide fluorescence sensor
Chemical treatment of low-k dielectric films
Kalanchoe plant named `2000-0716`
Side element of a shoe upper
Portable navigation device with integrated GPS and dead reckoning capabilities
Electric heater for molten aluminum
System and method for high-capacity electronic switching
Method of producing a wobble die
Processes for transitioning between chrome-based and mixed polymerization catalysts
Horse owner's and farrier's stand
System for multipoint infrastructure transport in a computer network
Process for sizing paper
Human hypoxanthine-(guanine) phosphoribosyl transferase-2
Ornament having liquid therein
TWEAK receptor
Silicone compositions for personal care products and method for making
Separated flow liquid catholyte aluminum hydrogen peroxide seawater semi fuel cell
Pigment concentrates and method for producing them
Device for inserting and extracting a support ring in a tire
Facial image processing methods and systems
Discharge lamp circuit for ignition time control and overvoltage protection receivers
RRAM memory cell electrodes
Master information carrier/magnetic recording medium defect inspection method
Method and apparatus for providing quadrature biasing for coupled-pair circuits
Method for registering a defect map within a hard disk drive
Stackable connector system for automated removal/addition in a storage media library
Apparatus and method for reducing data loss in tape media due to media edge damage on thrown wraps
Method for wear reduction of a disc surface through stimulated take off of a head for a disc drive
Disk drive comprising current sense circuitry for a voice coil motor
Disk drive comprising oscillators and counters for sensing current in a voice coil motor
Repeated servo runout error compensation in a disc drive
Apparatus and method for forming a magnetic fluid seal
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Design of a rigid disc plastic substrate with high stiffness insert
Direct joining of stainless steel suspension to aluminum actuator arm
Magnetic head including a magneto resistive film connected to a yoke portion
Thermally developable emulsions and materials containing triazine-thione compounds
System and method for intrusion detection data collection using a network protocol stack multiplexor
Method for fabricating a radiation-emitting semiconductor chip based on III-V nitride semiconductor,...
Crosstalk reduction in a crosspoint thyristor switching array using a shielded dielectric stack
Power semiconductor device
Optical semiconductor device comprising a multiple quantum well structure
Group-III nitride based high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) with barrier/spacer layer
Strained SOI MOSFET device and method of fabricating same
Strained Fin FETs structure and method
CMOS image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for weak inversion mode MOS decoupling capacitor
Integrated circuit including an inductor, active layers with isolation dielectrics, and multiple ins...
Light sensitive semiconductor package and fabrication method thereof
Flip chip on glass sensor package
Photovoltaic element
Semiconductor circuit structure and method for fabricating the semiconductor circuit structure
Trench MIS device with active trench corners and thick bottom oxide
Semiconductor device
Efficient source diffusion interconnect, MOS transistor and standard cell layout utilizing same
Organic gate insulating film and organic thin film transistor using the same
Helical filters and methods for specifying assembly thereof
Releasable linkage and compositions containing same
Evaluating queries with outer joins by categorizing and processing combinations of relationships bet...
Electrophoretic display with color filters
Packet handler
Electromagnetic wave absorber
Methods of thermal transfer printing and thermal transfer printers
Method and apparatus for tracking moving objects using combined video and audio information in video...
Virtual conference room for voice conferencing
Security and support for flexible conferencing topologies spanning proxies, firewalls and gateways
Method and system for conducting fantasy sports games on a wide area computer network
Floor-mounted camera device
Systems and methods for film processing quality control
Cross plane wide-gap motor system for gimbal
Focal-plane shutter for digital still cameras
Camera having lens barrier
Camera and light-receiving sensor of the camera
Method for Producing a Wafer Article for a Fat-Containing Confectionery Product
Processed barley food products
Method of removing pericarp from grain in recoverable form
Cylindrical rolled up snack chip product, method of making and using
Mogul machine for manufacturing starch molded products such as candy and apparatus and starch level ...
Spreadable butter product
Non-dairy whippable food product
Baked goods having extended shelf life
Low phosphorus animal feed and method for making same
Treatment composition for reducing acrylamide in food products and food intermediates
Sausage product and method for producing sausage
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein liquid compositions
Process for the granulation of an animal feedstuff additive
Candy having a syrup composition dispersed with chocolate
2-Aminoquinoline compounds
Methods of therapeutic treatment using retinoids to achieve consistent bioavailability
Composition comprising lactic acid esters of mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, an emulsifier con...
Resin composition and method for producing the same
Sulfonated aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters and shaped articles produced therefrom
Method and apparatus for programing food product status and holding systems
Closed-loop control system for recycling products
Network camera supporting multiple IP addresses
On engine trim for fuel injectors
Method and system for customizing a distribution network based on market conditions
Method facilitating data stream parsing for use with electronic commerce
Multiparty conference authentication
Gas-filled arc discharge lamp and a method of making thereof
Method of utilization of a data storage array, and array controller therefor
Information processing system, information processing method and readable-by-computer recording medi...
Methanol reforming catalyst
Damascene interconnect structures including etchback for low-k dielectric materials
Method for transmitting source encoded digital signals
Footwear, such as a sandal, with replaceable upper
Timely organized ad hoc network and protocol for timely organized ad hoc network
2-pyrrolidone derivatives as prostanoid agonists
Vapor-phase fluidized-bed process and ethylene homopolymers and copolymers produced thereby
Polymerization catalyst activator and its use in a polymerization process
System for remotely controlling power cycling of a peripheral expansion subsystem by a host
Synthesis of clasto-lactacystin .beta.-lactone and analogs thereof
Two stage dumper apparatus and method
Control of arthropod vectors of parasitic diseases
Phosphoric acid free process for polysilicon gate definition
Identification badge assembly
Insulator and seal for fuel cell assemblies
Silicone compositions for personal care products and method for making
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for fixing a joint portion and method of using the same
Catalyst component comprising magnesium, titanium, a halogen and an electron donor, its preparation ...
Coil on plug capacitive signal amplification and method of determining burn-time
Emergency life support system
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized dynamic and interactive ...
Master-slave latch with transparent mode
Grin lens based astigmatism correcting optical coupler
Non-flammable land and sea marker
Optical single sideband transmitter
Polarization mode dispersion measuring device and polarization mode dispersion measuring method
Controller for a laser using predictive models of materials processing
Dual stage defect region identification and defect detection method and apparatus
System for introducing optical tweezers and/or a treatment beam into a laser scanning microscope
Optical pickup device and focus control method
Optical disc device and method for controlling the same
Optical recording medium
Wavelength tunable light source
Driver circuit
Nitride based semiconductor laser device and method of fabricating the same
Light source device for pumping solid-state laser medium
Complex coupling MQW semiconductor laser
Low dielectric constant composite material containing nano magnetic particles, and optical and semic...
Contact structure and manufacturing method thereof
Method for operating a coin actuated entertainment automat
Engineered material buoyancy system and device
Method and system for transparently extending non-volatile storage
File transfer system and method
Reduction of network server loading
Lock-free file system
Approach for caching electronic products
Systems and methods for distributing information to a diverse plurality of devices
Cache management instructions
Reordering hardware for mass storage command queue
Extensible system recovery architecture
Semiconductor memory device having ECC type error recovery circuit
Controlling memory usage in systems having limited physical memory
System and method for securely delivering installation keys to a production facility
Delegating certificate validation
Application identification and license enforcement
Expression-based access control
Administrative security systems and methods
Organization-based content rights management and systems, structures, and methods therefor
Robust recognizer of perceptually similar content
Multi-layered firewall architecture
Multi-layer based method for implementing network firewalls
Advanced URL and IP features
System and method for providing a webpage
Description language for an extensible compiler and tools infrastructure
Method and system for fast application debugging
Interlaced protocol for smart card application development
Flow of streaming data through multiple processing modules
Changing user identities without closing applications
Synchronization of controlled device state using state table and eventing in data-driven remote devi...
Configurable event handling for an interactive design environment
Secure method and system for handling and distributing digital media
Admixture for minimizing the presence of surface dust on cement and concrete structures
Cement composition
Mortar composition
Antimicrobial composition comprising a mixture of lactic acid or a derivative thereof and an inorgan...
Filler for architectural panel joints and tool
Gypsum-containing board and tile, and method for producing same
Method of levelling a floor
Anti-collision safety system for vehicle
Air leak detection system and method
Apparatuses, methods, and computer programs for displaying information on vehicles
Apparatus for detecting passenger occupancy of vehicle
Housing for an electronic monitoring device on a vehicle part
Network server platform (NSP) for a hybrid coaxial/twisted pair local loop network service architect...
Lane recognition apparatus for vehicle
Image processing method for preventing lane deviation
System and method for executing diagnosis of vehicle performance
Method for controlling a transmission
Driving force control system for four-wheel drive vehicles
Method for describing and generating road networks and corresponding road network
Method and system for obtaining lane data
System and method for remote inbound vehicle inspection
Electronic shopping system
Vehicle sharing system and method for allocating vehicles based on state of charge
Online game method and game system
Amusement device and its associated method of play
Network game system, game device terminal used in it and storage medium
Hanet ball game and method
Priority-based virus scanning with priorities based at least in part on heuristic prediction of scan...
Pendant positioner
Children's water toy
Sanitary shopping cart seat cover
Article of furniture formed from slotted planar members
Visual stimulation attachment for use in vehicles
Transformable toy
Internal combustion engine adjusting the rotation angle of a camshaft with respect to a crankshaft
Gas exchange valve mechanism for an internal combustion engine
Valve timing adjusting device
Methods and apparatus for providing variable valve lift for camshaft-actuated valves
Internal combustion engine
Oil pressure control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Control system and method for internal combustion engine with variable valve mechanism
Method of using a computer to facilitate decision making
System and method for automatically retrieving proprietary and standard directory object formats
System and method for managing file system extended attributes
Method for transforming words to unique numerical representation
Systems, methods and apparatus for creating stable disk images
System and method for dynamically evaluating an electronic commerce business model through click str...
Rapidly expanding starches with altered crystalline structure
Strains of Rhizopus oryzae and uses thereof
Process for the production of anhydrosugar alcohols
Network switch
Linked network switch configuration
Methods employing multiple watermarks
Method and apparatus for obtaining and storing data during automated data processing
Adaptive flow control method and apparatus
Hologram laminates
Method and system for characterizing color display monitor output
Communication system and communication control apparatus
Distributed power generation system, and maintenance system and maintenance method utilizing the sam...
Method for tracking information and title history of selected equipment
Card payment method and card payment system for door-to-door delivery
System, method, and computer program product for managing access to and navigation through large-sca...
Computerized medical diagnostic and treatment advice system including network access
Method and system for implementing URL scheme proxies on a computer system
Welding-type power supply with network software update
Network control method and apparatus for home appliance
System and method for data traffic redirection
Packet redirection and message stream management
Method and apparatus for effecting a handoff between two IP connections for time critical communicat...
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless termi...
Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) network performance monitor
Multi-service network switch
Single cell electroporation
Selection methods
In vitro ischemia model