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Recombinant human mannan-binding lectin
Method of producing a recombinant adeno-associated virus, suitable means for producing the same and ...
Genetically modified fibroblast cells
Selective control of lignin biosynthesis in transgenic plants
Ethanol production in recombinant hosts
Isolated and purified human soluble guanylyl cyclase .alpha.1/.beta.1 (hsgc.alpha.1/.beta.1)
Highly efficient gene transfer into human repopulating stem cells by RD114 pseudotyped retroviral ve...
Control function employing a requesting master id and a data address to qualify data access within a...
Method of noninvasively determining a patient's susceptibility to arrhythmia
Equipment inspection and evaluation system, equipment management system, and computer-readable recor...
Full service secure commercial electronic marketplace
Selection of coding parameters based on spectral content of a speech signal
Query optimization by sub-plan memoization
Method, system, and program for merging query search results
System and method for optimizing queries using materialized views and fast view matching
Adaptive search engine query
Automatic index term augmentation in document retrieval
System and method for providing selective data access and workflow in a network environment
Automated on-line information service and directory, particularly for the world wide web
Method and structure for relationally representing database objects
Information retrieval support method and information retrieval support system
System and method for persistent and robust storage allocation
Background fetching of translation lookaside buffer (TLB) entries
Image display apparatus and method
Method for producing silicon nitride filter
Method of making an antimicrobial sintered porous plastic filter
Control of mercury emissions from solid fuel combustion
High pressure discharge lamp starter device and an automotive headlight device
Method for analyzing dip in seismic data volumes
Method using selected carbons to react with Al2O and Al vapors in the carbothermic production of alu...
Metalothermic reduction of refractory metal oxides
Process for the preparation of magnetite particles and their use
Snow and ice-melting granules and method for preparing same
Nickel mixed hydroxide, method for the producing the same, and the use thereof as a cathode material...
Device and method for depositing one or more layers on a substrate
Porous silica granule, method for producing the same, and method for producing synthetic quartz glas...
Catalysts for the gas-phase oxidation of ethylene and acetic acid to vinyl acetate, a process for pr...
Method for producing highly-pure granular silicon
Catalysts for producing narrow carbon nanostructures
Solid state synthesis of lithium meta arsenite
Gas generating process for propulsion and hydrogen production
Porous crystalline material (zeolite ITQ-21), the preparation method thereof and use of same in the ...
Catalyst for selectively oxidizing carbon monoxide
Silver- and vanadium-containing multimetal oxide and its use
Photovoltaic cell using stable Cu2O nanocrystals and conductive polymers
Process for the production of anhydrous hydrazine and device for its implementation
Joined body and high pressure discharge lamp
Apparatus and method for drug screening
TRAF-3 deletion isoforms and uses thereof
Absorbent compositions
Diagnosis of spongiform or de-myelinating disease
Monoclonal antibodies to the human LDL receptor, their production and use
Viral pseudo-capsids including assembly agonists and antagonists
Modified bovine adenovirus having altered tropism
Hybrid cells
Methods for activating natural killer (NK) cells and means for carrying out said methods
Combination drug therapy
Phytochemotherapy for cancer
Implantation of biological pacemaker that is molecularly determined
Combinatorial strategies for polymer synthesis
Computer software for genotyping analysis using pattern recognition
Method of overwriting data in nonvolatile memory and a control apparatus used for the method
Automated process guidance system and method
Communication system for radio controlled toy vehicle
Aerosol delivery apparatus with positive expiratory pressure capacity
Aerosol systems and methods for mixing and dispensing two-part materials
Pseudorandom assignment between elements of the image processor and the A/D converter cells
Automatic system for collecting, weighing and releasing solid particles
Heatsink for cooling power components
Elliptical step exercise apparatus
Exercise methods and apparatus
Exercise methods and apparatus
Condensation evacuating window sill
Methods and apparatus for extruding foam through orifices
Method and system for designing a profile extrusion capping die
Antistatic polyurethane elastic fiber and material for producing the same
Ink-jet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Pop-up irrigation sprinkler having bi-level debris strainer with integral riser ratchet mechanism an...
Multi-function golf training device
Dimple pattern for golf balls
Foam of thermoplastic urethane elastomer composition and process for producing the foam
Methods and systems for providing variable rates of service for accessing networks, methods and syst...
Modulators of peroxisome proliferator activated receptors
Infiltration of capsaicin into surgical sites and open wounds
Sulfide and disulfide compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses
Methods and compositions for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Heteroaryl fused azapolycyclic compounds
Methods of enhancing radiation effects with metal nanoparticles
Atraumatic sensor lead assemblies
Non-invasive detection of endothelial dysfunction by blood flow measurement in opposed limbs
Method, system and device for treating disorders of the pelvic floor by delivering drugs to the pude...
Method, system and device for treating disorders of the pelvic floor by drug delivery to the pudenda...
Surgical closure instrument and methods
Nasal congestion and obstruction relief and breathing assist devices
Surgical stabilizer devices and methods
Treatment of conditions through modulation of the autonomic nervous system
Gastrointestinal electrical stimulation
Apparatus and method for closed-loop intracranial stimulation for optimal control of neurological di...
Apparatus and method for closed-loop intracranial stimulation for optimal control of neurological di...
Atraumatic sensor lead assemblies
Systems, methods and computer program products for guiding selection of a therapeutic treatment regi...
Interactive motivation systems and methods for self-care compliance
Interactive product selection system
Transgenic animals harboring appallele having swedish mutation
Recording/reproducing device
Micromirror having counterbalancing structures and method for manufacturing same
Variable rotational assignment of interconnect levels in integrated circuit fabrication
Optical beamsplitter with electro-wetting actuation
Managing feature interaction among a plurality of independent feature servers in telecommunications ...
Method for closed-loop subspace transmission and reception in a two transmit N-receive antenna syste...
Access to communications systems
Method and system for sending a data message to a calling phone while communicating with a first pho...
Low-overhead fault-tolerance techniques for optical and other cross-connect systems
Optical fiber transmission system with polarization multiplexing to reduce stimulated brillouin scat...
Method and apparatus for generating an interleaved address
Floatable vessel lift
Tension rod constructions and method of making
Portable dynamic positioning system with self-contained electric thrusters
Personal watercraft
Underwater motive device
Forward osmosis pressurized device and process for generating potable water
Control system for a wind power plant
Anhydrous antiperspirant composition containing polysaccharides
Light-transmitting and/or coated article with removable protective coating and methods of making the...
Hard surface cleaners containing chitosan
Structured liquids made using LAB sulfonates of varied 2-isomer content
Therapeutic compositions comprising bactericidal/permeability-increasing (BPI) protein products
Synergistic and residual pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils
13-substituted methacycline compounds
1,4-diamino-2-alkenylbenzene derivatives, and dyes containing these compounds
Fraction extracted from archaebacteria for cosmetic purposes
Desk calendar leaf
Desk calendar leaf
Siloxane-containing compositions curable by radiation to silicone elastomers
Personal biometric key
Method and apparatus that allows a low-resolution digital greeting card image or digital calendar im...
Color-coded tactile data-entry devices
Method and system for assisting memory
Low cost, high performance cable-connector system and assembly method
Decorative removable helmet cover for ski, showboard, skateboard and various types of helmets
Recording sheets containing purine, pyrimidine, benzimidazole, imidazolidine, urazole, pyrazole, tri...
Image structure and image-forming system
Photosensitive apparatus wherein an initial charge on a photodiode is sampled and substracted during...
Method of forming an out-of-plane structure
Automatically elevating sheet tamper and sheet input level for compiling large printed sets
Platen cover positioning system for an input scanner or copier
Black ink for ink-jet recording having dispersed particles with specific volume mean diameter, ink s...
Light waveguide forming method, electrolyte solution, light waveguide forming apparatus and light wa...
Compounds of formulas (5) and (6) to stabilize liquid crystal domains
Toner process
Flexible imaging member seam treatment apparatus
Systems and methods for providing original document orientation, tone reproduction curves and task s...
Print engine scheduling method and apparatus
Optical element and method for producing the optical element
Image-forming apparatus with standard and gloss fixing devices
Toners and developers
Method and system for choosing a queue protection key that is tamper-proof from an application
Method for preventing key share attacks
Method and device for generating approximate message authentication codes
Data embedding apparatus, data extracting apparatus, and method therefor, and recording medium havin...
Method for controlling installation of a head stack assembly
Industrial robot with a balancing device
Spray device
Robot apparatus and control method thereof
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
IC chip and semiconductor device
Vibration isolation system for garage door opener
Electrophoretic display and manufacturing method
Transmitter-receiver control system for an actuator and method
Microscope optical system with a stationary sample stage and stationary viewing ports suited for vie...
Method of depositing silicon thin film and silicon thin film solar cell
Standard-cell type semiconductor integrated circuit device with a mixed arrangement of standard cell...
Composite aluminium panel
Nb3Sn-system superconductive wire
Mixture of two particulate phases used in the production of a green compact that can be sintered at ...
.alpha.-.beta. type titanium alloy
Micro-actuator structure for improved stability
Anisotropic conductive sheet
Vertebrate telomerase genes and proteins and uses thereof
Silent-operating device for feeding water into a tank, in particular for filling a lavatory flush ta...
Shock wave source with a wave damping coil carrier
Machine protection device
Exhaust enhancement for aftermarket motorcycle exhaust pipes with a straight pipe type design and wi...
Sound transmission device for a motor vehicle
Tuning cable
Intelligent vending system and method
Process for assigning a called number to customer premises equipment
Methods and apparatus for providing speech recording and speech transcription services
Telecommunications device and method for providing information during a call waiting condition
System and method for code routing in a telephony network
End user automatic call distributor network control
Method and system for providing information to an external user regarding the availability of an age...
Frequency error detection methods and systems using the same
Telephone receiver circuit with dynamic sidetone signal generator controlled by voice activity detec...
Central office interface techniques for digital subscriber lines
Transparent billing and display of multiple directory numbers in wireless telephone systems
Method of charging for telecommunications links within the context of call forwarding services
Mail notification apparatus and a mail notification method
Antenna system for a wrist communication device
Methods and apparatus for mitigating the effects of microphone overload in echo cancelation systems
Modular two-body design for integration of mobile computing device features with a wireless communic...
System and method for generating a dynamic interface via a communications network
Content routing service protocol
System and method permitting customers to order products from multiple participating merchants
Bifunctional polyaddition compounds as crosslinkers for polyurethane powder coatings
Automated method and system for selecting and procuring electronic components used in circuit and ch...
Frame synchronization and detection technique for a digital receiver
Time and frequency diversity in FH/TDD systems
Direct conversion receiver
Radio having adaptable seek sensitivity control and method therefor
Mixer circuit with on-chip transformer
RF front end with reduced carrier leakage
Radio set and frequency converting method therefor
Tunable low noise amplifier and current-reused mixer for a low power RF application
Reducing signaling in RNSAP protocol upon cell change in cellular telecommunications network
Method for determining the position of a mobile station
Method and mobile communications system for controlling a short message service
Method and apparatus for adaptive measurement of round-trip time in ARQ protocols and using the same...
Transmit power control (TPC) pattern information in radio link (RL) addition
Portable communications and data terminal operating to optimize receipt of both incoming CDPD and AM...
Vehicle network system and a method of controlling states of vehicle apparatuses
Method and system for a building database manipulator
Method and antenna arrangement for coupling external antennas to a communication unit
Multi-band radio terminal apparatus
Electroplating reactor including back-side electrical contact apparatus
Soccer training system
Multiple channel system
Complex fluorene-containing compounds
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Emergency traffic signal attachment
Liquid crystal display with reflecting polarizer
Apparatus for inspecting surface strain of magnetic tape
Optical stack of laminated removable lenses for face shields, windows, and displays
Transmission of free-space optical communication signals through windows
Method and apparatus for acoustic imaging of objects in water
Optically induced total internal reflection X-junction waveguide optical switch, network and optical...
Continuous wave infrared optical parametric amplifier
Re-connectable optical interface system and method for optically interconnecting and disconnecting o...
Method and apparatus for an optical multiplexer and demultiplexer with an optical processing loop
Method and device for identifying and expelling foreign material in a stream of fibers consisting of...
Laser programmable electrically readable phase-change memory method and device
Illuminated Halloween costume
Optical module
Process for making optically active .alpha.-amino ketones and selected novel optically active .alpha...
Process for preparing rac-bicalutamide and its intermediates
Ammunition articles with plastic components and method of making ammunition articles with plastic co...
Bullet with an internally carried sub-projectile
Utility vehicle with foot-controlled mobility
Replaceable blank firing barrel
Underwater weapon system having a rotatable gun
Snatch bar for release handle on jack stands
Methods for identification and verification using digital equivalent data system
Cam follower with roller
Low torque seal assembly
Sintered bearing and production method therefor
Play-free radial ball bearing
Method and apparatus for varying the critical speed of a shaft
Linear guide apparatus
Pullout guide for a drawer
Foil bearing and spindle device using the same
Hydrodynamic bearing arrangement for a spindle motor
Oil-circulating structure for fan
Rotation shaft support structure of a motor/generator
Surface-treated rolling bearing and manufacturing method thereof
Drive device
Motor having a magnetic bearing
Shock absorption system for a sole
Method for providing consolidated specification and handling of multimedia call prompts
Soy protein as an emulsifier for starch-based salad dressing
Process for producing juice from buckwheat buds and flowers
Meat tenderization with a thermolabile protease
Sealed cartridge for making a beverage
Light stable hop fraction and method of making the same
Soybean meal with a reduced fat and soluble sugar content, and methods of making and using the same
Effervescent caramel product
White biaxially oriented film made from a crystallizable thermoplastic and having a high level of wh...
Cleaning composition
Apparatus and methods for cutting fibrous food products
Calorically dense nutritional composition
Method and apparatus for treating goods
Fluorinated and alkylated dibenzylidene alditol derivatives
Coated gum and methods of producing same
Method for obtaining purified hydroxytyrosol from products and by-products derived from the olive tr...
Apparatus and method of rapidly and evenly heating a packaged food product
Household food warmer for keeping foods and beverages warm
Process for making low surfactant, high sugar bars
Fatty acid soap/fatty acid bars which process and have good lather
Dry cleaning process comprising a non-aqueous step and a low aqueous step
Bar with good user properties comprising acid-soap complex as structurant and low levels of syntheti...
Fabric conditioning compositions
6,7-dihydro-5H-pyrazolo[1,2-a]pyrazol-1-ones which control inflammatory cytokines
Antimicrobial quinolones, their compositions and uses
Alkyl-capped alkoxylated esters and compositions comprising same
Continuously adjustable apparatus for repositioning discrete articles
Liquid removal system having improved dryness of the user facing surface
Method of making multi-layer female component for refastenable fastening device
Hair care composition comprising a polypropylene glycol
Food product suitable for reducing low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels
Treatment of B-cell associated diseases
In Vivo production and delivery of erythropoietin or insulinotropin for gene therapy
Mammalian selenoprotein differentially expressed in tumor cells
Method for the synthesis of analogs of parathyroid hormone and parathyroid hormone related peptide
Tool belt with spaced receiver blocks selectively receiving both complimentary tool holders and tool...
Safety glasses and attached reading glasses
Cloth accessory
Integrated, adaptable theater, club and multiplex
Rotating display holder for VCR tapes, DVD's and video games
Animation actuator and related devices
Gaming device with sound recording changes associated with player inputs
System and method for establishing viewer shopping preferences based on viewing and listening prefer...
System and method for managing denial of service attacks
Race detection for parallel software
Software application and associated methods for generating a software layer for structuring semistru...
Method and apparatus for automatically configuring a network switch
Data driven detection of viruses
User control of web browser user data
System and method of processing computer form data
Apparatus and method for detachably securing a device to a natural heart
Methods and compositions for enhancing cartilage repair
Tissue regenerative composition, method of making, and method of use thereof
Surfaces with gradients in surface topography
Purification and use of human recombinant cartilage oligomeric matrix protein
Implantable prosthetic or tissue expanding device
Electrode materials for electric lamps and methods of manufacture thereof
Carpeted floor tent
Method for the producing of a floor covering
Process for producing and purifying 1,1-difluoroethane, and product thus obtained
Flexible truck bed tie-down system
Bimodal catalyst-urea SCR system for enhanced NOx conversion and durability
Polymer blend for automotive flooring applications
Method for making articles by cold compaction molding and the molded articles prepared thereby
Hot-melt adhesives based on polyamide-block graft copolymers
Low shrink force shrink film
Refrigeration expansion valve with thermal mass power element
Composite particles
Method for improving bone mineralization
Fluoropolymer blends and multilayer articles
Undirectionally cold stretched nonwoven webs of multipolymer fibers for stretch fabrics and disposab...
Composite laminate structures especially useful for automotive trim components, and methods and tie ...
Molded soft elastomer/hard polyester composition with noise damping properties
Thermoplastic composition having low gloss appearance
Relational database for producing bill-of-materials from planning information
Real-time financial search engine and method
Automated price improvement protocol processor
Using smartcards to enable probabilistic transactions on an untrusted device
Active data hiding for secure electronic media distribution
Method for the secure distribution of security modules
Method for administering certification data
Revocation information updating method, revocation informaton updating apparatus and storage medium
Method for controlling distribution and use of software products with net-work-connected computers
Portable electronic charge and authorization devices and methods therefor
Methods and systems for sharing an online shopping cart
Computerized dispute resolution system and method
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and recording medium
Method of providing subscription based information services through an information service provider
Method and apparatus for service authorization in a communication system
Method and apparatus for facilitating secure anonymous email recipients
Apparatus for display of memorabilia
Polyester resin compositions for calendering
Preparation of defect-free polyacrylamide electrophoresis gels in plastic cassettes
Plastic card
Suppressor for a paintball marker
Combination fastener and lighting device
Portable lantern
Edge light source for a flat panel display or luminaire
Reflector lamp
Lampshade assembly
Lighting fixture mounting system
Vehicle headlamp
Marine anchor and navigational light system
Exterior mirror
Interior mirror assembly for a vehicle incorporating a solid-state light source
Vehicle handle assembly with cup lighting
Light-emitting diode arrangement
Vehicular lamp employing led light sources
Transaction tray with communications means
Motor vehicle lamp, back cover of motor vehicle lamp, and method for manufacturing back cover of mot...
Light guide within recessed housing
Light emitting diode
Light emitting device for generating specific colored light, including white light
Projector optic assembly
Incoming light convergence and light guided reflection display device
Electronic camera
Pop-up mechanism of flashing apparatus and camera apparatus equipped with the flashing apparatus
Image trap filter
Rearward viewing system for use with vehicles
Information processing system and control method
Camera and mobile equipment using mobile memory
Method and apparatus for decoding audio and video information
Method and apparatus for providing additional information to a selective call device about a broadca...
Control device for automatically storing information from memory of one receiving device into memory...
System for dissipating electrical charge from a cabinet of an electronic apparatus
Apparatus for providing programming
Apparatus and method for dynamically controlling the frame rate of video streams
Embedding supplemental data in a digital video signal
Effective motion estimation for hierarchical search
Systems and methods for MPEG subsample decoding
Process for separating dynamic and static components of a sequence of images
Photographing device, iris input device and iris image input method
Variable group delay compensating unit and variable group delay compensating module
Package for optical filter device
Method and apparatus for controlling waveguide birefringence by selection of a waveguide core width ...
Light source for fiber optics
Optical device
Optical fiber block photo mask for loss reduction
Method and system for dispersion maps and enhanced distributed gain effect in long haul telecommunic...
Microstructured optical fiber and method of making
Chromatic dispersion compensating fiber for use in U band optical fiber transmission systems
Radiation-curable flame retardant optical fiber coatings
Resin composition for coating optical fiber and coated optical fiber and optical fiber unit using th...
Three dimensional optical circuits
Termination panel with pivoting bulkhead and cable management
Machining an insulated optical fiber
Optical fiber retaining clip
Lighting arrangement for automated optical inspection system
System for naming faces and vertices in an adaptive hierarchical subdivision surface
Pattern recognizing apparatus
System for decoding packed coded image data while depacking same
Image encoding using reordering and blocking of wavelet coefficients combined with adaptive encoding
System and method for recompressing a jpeg image using requantization
Tactile kinesthetic assistant
Image processing apparatus
Dynamic histogram equalization for high dynamic range images
Data extracting method, information processing apparatus, and recording medium
Methods and apparatus for collateral risk monitoring
Compact palmtop computer system and wireless telephone with foldable dual-sided display
Cooling system for molded plastic fuel tanks
Orphanin FQ receptor nucleic acids
Methods and apparatus for harvesting vaccine from eggs
Custom conformable device
Reel seat for fishing rod and fishing rod incorporating the reel seat
Biodegradable chum container
Insect terminating pet dish
Drinking system for providing drinking liquid to poultry
Cat litter box
Method and structure for enhancing aquariums
Pet toys and method and apparatus for their manufacture
Fishing reel bearing and component support structure
Rotor braking device for spinning reel
System for determining position and velocity of targets from signals scattered by the targets
Operating method for active matrix addressed bistable reflective cholesteric displays
Systems and methods for optimizing geometric stretch of a parametrization scheme
Apparatus and methods for determining velocity of oil in a flow stream
Cross point memory array with memory plugs exhibiting a characteristic hysteresis
Magnetic memory device and method
Multiplexor having a reference voltage on unselected lines
Assymmetric distributed Bragg reflector for vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Mammography cassette holder for patient comfort and methods of use
X-ray generating mechanism using electron field emission cathode
Optical waveguide coupler and its characteristic adjusting method
Reduced four-wave mixing optical fiber for wavelength-division multiplexing
Low-loss waveguide and method of making same
Method and apparatus for extraction of nonlinear black-box behavioral models from embeddings of the ...
Method, system and apparatus for a computer subsystem interconnection using a chain of bus repeaters
Sensor drift compensation by lot
Substituted naphthoic acid derivatives useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycem...
Helleborus plant named `HGC Double Surprise`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sunny Yogretchen`
Cherry tree named `Glenrock`
Geranium plant named `Fisrodark`
Begonia plant named `Gum Drop Red`
Dracaena plant named `Goldream`
Lantana plant named `Balandpawn`
Pyracantha plant named `Cadvar`
Pentas plant named `Lava Rose`
Diascia plant named `Coditer`
Pachycentria formosana plant named `Gifu Variegated`
Ilex.times.koehneana plant named `Conayule`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S69`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sizzleness Yellow`
Lobelia plant named `Loboudtis`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S63`
Tiarella plant named `Candy Striper`
Interspecific Diascia plant named `Balwincor`
Electro-chemical machining appartus
Sulfur dye protection systems and compositions and methods employing same
Method for making lithographic printing plate
Silicone rubber formulations with hydrophobic silicas
Transparent label with enhanced sharpness
Liquid treatment equipment, liquid treatment method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and ...
Waste water treatment material, waste water treatment method, sludge dehydrating agent and sludge tr...
Positive heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate
Composition containing a cationic polymer and water insoluble solid material
Potassium channel inhibitors
Methods of making porphyrins and related compounds with Lewis acids
Process for synthesizing ionic metal complex
Photovoltaic cell
Positive electrode for rechargeable lithium batteries and method of the same
Negative electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery employing the same
Lithium secondary battery
Magnetically shielded assembly
Nonaqueous electrochemical cell with improved energy density
Polymer electrolyte composition for improving overcharge safety and lithium battery using the same
Circuit breaker operating mechanism with a metal cradle pivot
Methods for sterilizing cross-linked gelatin compositions
Method of forming gas-enriched fluid
Vascular coating composition
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and treatment of iron misregulation diseases
PGRP-L polynucleotides, polypeptides, and antibodies
Microfabricated devices for the storage and selective exposure of chemicals and devices
Compositions for alleviating neuropathic pain with prosaposin receptor agonists
Tissue factor antagonists and methods of use thereof
Heterocyclic compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting .bet...
Protection of endogenous therapeutic peptides from peptidase activity through conjugation to blood c...
Muteins of hypoxia inducible factor alpha and methods of use thereof
Antibody to an IL-17 receptor like protein
Non-nucleotide containing RNA
Passive force feedback for computer interface devices
Implantable medical device with a recharging coil magnetic shield
Table lamp
Bar lamp
Ceiling fan light fixture
Slidable hair retainer for a hair coloring apparatus
Eyelash curler
Nail art trainer
Waist binding strap
Belt exterior rear panel ornamentation
Litter box housing
Steam cleaner
Cleaning implement
Sweeper handle
Fluid nozzle
Corrugated display cart
Set of components for a load bearing harness
Ossuary vessel
Portions of a post supportable mail box
Star in circle array for coin display
Method of adhesive bonding by induction heating
System and method for monitoring changes in state of matter with terahertz radiation
Monitoring dust deposition
Control object positioning using an optimum jerk profile to reduce excitation of mechanical resonanc...
Circuit for protection against heating of a protection element of equipment
Optical circuit having legs in a stacked configuration and an associated fabrication method
Image stripping member, and image stripping apparatus and image stripping method using the image str...
System for multi-dimensional data analysis
Apparatus and method of merchandizing products
Head rail-mounted actuator for window coverings
Method for aligning a lens train assembly within a head-up display unit
Flaw detection device for steel bar
Method and apparatus for rapid characterization of diffusion
Method and apparatus for measuring body fat in animals
Methods and apparatus for monitoring collateral for lending
Connector piece for flexible plastic conduits, comprising a sensor assembly
Methods and apparatus for training a pattern recognition system using maximal rank likelihood as an ...
Arsenic removal media
Process for generating hydrogen-rich gas
Method and apparatus for a declarative representation of distortion correction for add-on graphics i...
Method for the continuous hydroformylation of polyakenes having 30 to 700 carbon atoms
Process for the utilization of refinery C4 streams
Quick BET method and apparatus for determining surface area and pore distribution of a sample
Ratcheting pivot arm tensioner with backlash
Programmed loading of dispenser with supply of dispensable objects
Carbon-curable silicone/adhesive complex whereof the interface has release force capable of being mo...
Galectin recognized photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy
CD4-independent HIV envelope proteins as vaccines and therapeutics
Regulatory/unfolding peptides of ezrin
Inhibitors of serine protease activity, methods and compositions for treatment of viral infections
Cell based binning methods and cell coverage system for molecule selection
Local radio-frequency antenna for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Methods to potentiate intravenous estramustine phosphate
Stock lifter for metal forming dies and method for making the same
Automatic transmission of data from the pre-press stage to a printing press
Device for registering a printing plate position
Device for changing the operating state of a gripper-control device in a sheet-reversing device of a...
Drive for a cylinder of a rotary printing machine
Varnishing apparatus
Quick release fastener for flags and flag staffs
Antiinflammation agents
Methods and compositions for treating IgE-related disease using NNT-1 inhibitors
Antibodies to the metalloproteinase inhibitor
Integrin inhibitors and their methods of use
System for monitoring sensing device data such as food sensing device data
Combination SPO2/temperature measuring apparatus
Polymerization process
Treatment of abnormal increases in gastrointestinal motility with (R)-verapamil
Pigment compositions with modified block copolymer dispersants
Method and apparatus for providing a decoupled power management state
System, method and computer program product for texture address operations based on computations inv...
Fluid handling component with ultraphobic surfaces
Methods for using porogens and/or porogenated precursors to provide porous organosilica glass films ...
Self-supporting laminated films, structural materials and medical devices manufactured therefrom and...
Method of forming a masking pattern on a surface
Antiangiogenic drug to treat cancer, arthritis and retinopathy
Cholesteric layered material having improved color stability, and the production thereof
Protective device for the median and ulnar nerves
Elastic substantially linear olefin polymers
DNA encoding mammalian neuropeptide FF (NPFF) receptors and uses thereof
Ambient pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) apparatus and method of analysi...
Compositions having improved delivery of actives
7-Oxo-DHEA compounds for treating keratinous conditions/afflictions
Y-panel anchoring system for boom installation
Multi-gimbal marine communication cable to ocean buoy transition interface
Interlocking slab leveling system
Shoring device
Sediment control
Supporting structure for a respiratory air container or other objects
Adjustable boat lift stanchion
Composite pond apparatus
Maintenance apparatuses for permeability improvement in fluid containment basins
Liquid dispenser and printer
Spot and chamfer drill insert
Polishing composition
Inorganic particles as a dental material and a method of producing the same
Gas concentration measuring apparatus designed to minimize error component contained in output
Surface treating method
Ice thermal storage medium
Endosomolytic agents and cell delivery systems
Method of manufacturing semiconductor capacitor
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device that includes planarizing with a grindstone that con...
Therapeutic uses for nitric oxide inhibitors
Spark plug and method for manufacturing the spark plug
Electric motor controller
Process for carrying out videoconferences with the simultaneous insertion of auxiliary information a...
Light diffusing plate, optical element, and liquid-crystal display
Flash memory with sensing amplifier using load transistors driven by coupled gate voltages
Image forming apparatus and imaging method
Expert system
Word importance calculation method, document retrieving interface, word dictionary making method
Memory tester has memory sets configurable for use as error catch RAM, Tag RAM's, buffer memories an...
Gas insulated device and failure rating method
Noise reduction technique for transistors and small devices utilizing an episodic agitation
Process for producing esters
Transmitter, receiver, and coding scheme to increase data rate and decrease bit error rate of an opt...
Coil on plug inductive sampling method
Processes of determining torque output and controlling power impact tools using a torque transducer
Mobile communication antenna and mobile communication apparatus using it
Contrast medium injector and diagnosis system equipped with the same
MR imaging using nested pulse sequence involving IR pulse
Methods and equipment for the measurement of the three-dimensional distribution of the temperatures ...
System and method for determining the required decoupling capacitors for a power distribution system...
System and method for enabling transactions between a web server and an automated teller machine ove...
Vibrator and manufacturing method thereof
Form-in-place gasket height variability control for a disc drive
Crowned disc clamp
Single frequency laser source for optical data storage system
Recording medium, recording apparatus and recording method
Progressive updating approach for volumetric CT image reconstruction
Radiation exposure limiting scheme
Method for analyzing texture of digital image
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern inspection
Induction heating roller apparatus, fixing apparatus and image formation apparatus
Method and apparatus to optimally measure cardiac depolarization/repolarization instability
Control apparatus and control method for a forklift and forklift
Photoisomerizable compounds
Tamper evident syringe barrel
Photoresist monomers, polymers thereof and photoresist compositions containing the same
Polymers and photoresist compositions comprising same
Photosensitive polymers, resist compositions comprising the same, and methods for forming photoresis...
Copolymers and photoresist compositions comprising same
Photosensitive polymer containing silicon and a resist composition using the same
Method to prevent pattern collapse in features etched in sulfur dioxide-containing plasmas
Impact modifier compositions for rigid PVC compositions of hydrocarbon rubbers and chlorinated polye...
Secure manipulation archiving retrieval and transmission system for electronic multimedia commerce
Monoclonal antibody
Method and apparatus for compressing textual documents
HCV combination therapy
Cookware device and cover
Method of manufacturing improved corn zein resin films, sheets, and articles
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sercia`
Apparatus and method for acquiring PN sequence in multicarrier CDMA mobile communication system
Medical tele-robotic system
Apparatus for cycle-skipping power control
Rare gas discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Method for preparing compounds derived from thiazolidinedione, oxazolidinedione or hydantoin
Microcapsule matrix microspheres, absorption-enhancing pharmaceutical compositions and methods
N-phenpropylcyclopentyl-substituted glutaramide derivatives as inhibitors of neutral endopeptidase
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Liquid ejecting head having a plurality of groups of ejection openings, and image-forming device usi...
Image forming process, image-recorded article, liquid composition and ink-jet recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for manufacturing image displaying apparatus
Electron-emitting device, electron source, image-forming apparatus, and method for producing electro...
Plasma processing method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Photoresist, photolithography method using the same, and method for producing photoresist
Printed wiring board and electronic apparatus
Substrate for electron source, electron source and image forming apparatus, and manufacturing method...
Solid-state image pickup apparatus
Automatic focus adjusting device with distance measuring area selection based on discrimination of a...
Remote control of image sensing apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
Lighting apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Image reading system, image reading setting determination apparatus, reading setting determination m...
X-ray image photographing apparatus and grid device
Image forming apparatus, cartridge, image forming system and storage medium
Image forming apparatus using multiple removable cartridges, information processing apparatus used t...
Image forming apparatus and printer driver program
Image forming apparatus
Compressor/drier system and absorber therefor
Horizontal reaction chamber comprised of nested, concentric tubes for use in water purification
Process for disposing biocide-containing cooling water
Method of manufacturing an edge reflection type surface acoustic wave device
Inorganic dopants, inks and related nanotechnology
Regulation of target protein activity through modifier proteins
Quartz crystal microbalance with feedback loop for automatic gain control
Board-level conformal EMI shield having an electrically-conductive polymer coating over a thermally-...
Semiconductor chip, chip stack package and manufacturing method
Laser irradiation apparatus
Chemical processor
Method of making radiation emitter devices
Semiconductor memory device, nonvolatile memory device and magnetic memory device provided with memo...
Vertical transistor comprising a mobile gate and a method for the production thereof
Semiconductor capacitive element, method for manufacturing same and semiconductor device provided wi...
Forming submicron integrated-circuit wiring from gold, silver, copper, and other metals
Semiconductor device with uneven metal plate to improve adhesion to molding compound
Lead frame
Semiconductor mounting device and method of manufacturing the same
Dielectric film for printed wiring board, multilayer printed board, and semiconductor device
Ceramic substrate for semiconductor production and inspection
Electronic component package and method of manufacturing same
Thin stacked package
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Probing method
Assembly for testing silicon wafers which have a through-via
Apparatus for coupling an optoelectronic device to a fiber optic cable and a microelectronic device,...
Motorized skateboard-type vehicle
Lubrication system for a four cycle engine
Lubricant tank for snowmobile lubrication system
Hydromechanical speedchange device and vehicle having speed change device mounted thereon
Drive system for small vehicle
Transmission control systems
Drive system for tandem axles
Electric power steering apparatus
Transmission ratio variable mechanism
Leg direction-control mini-tricycle
Rack assist type electric power steering system
Method of triggering a vehicle occupant restraining device
Vehicle structure for pedestrian protection
Seat weight measurement system
Weight sensor device
Magnetically driven wheel for use in radial/rotary propulsion system having an energy recovery featu...
On-board vehicle system and method for receiving and indicating driving-related signals
Damage alert device
Method for suppressing deployment of an inflatable restraint based on sensed occupant weight
Customer service request allocations based upon real-time data and forecast data
Automatic playback overshoot correction system
Method and apparatus for an improved security system mechanism in a business applications management...
Security system and methodology for providing indirect access control
Downloadable code in a distributed process control system
System, method and computer program product for constructing a network-based filtering and aggregati...
Intelligent call platform for an intelligent distributed network
Message gates in a distributed computing environment
Control unit selectively connected with a first bus and a second bus for controlling a displaying pr...
Coherency coverage of data across multiple packets varying in sizes
Integrated packet bus with enhanced bandwidth
Semiconductor memory
Synchronous flash memory with concurrent write and read operation
System and method for processing memory requests
Disk storage system including a switch
Audio, fax and modem capabilities with a digital signal processor of a sound card of a computer syst...
Providing secure network access for short-range wireless computing devices
Method and program for supporting register-transfer-level design of semiconductor integrated circuit
LNP, a protein involved in the initiation of mycorrhizal infection in plants
Methods and vectors for site-specific recombination in plant cell plastids
Method for producing high methionine corn seeds
Plants resistant to cucumber mosaic virus strain V34
Starch synthase isoform V
Plant biotin synthase
Soybean cultivar S010347
Soybean cultivar 93831526
Soybean cultivar 0120311
Soybean variety 92M80
Soybean variety 91M90
Soybean variety 93M80
Inbred maize line PH6CF
Controllable frequency-reducing cross-product chain
Local multi-scale fourier analysis for MRI
Ocular analyte sensor
Selective brain stimulation using conditioning pulses
System method and apparatus for localized heating of tissue
Method for adhering substrates using adhesive devices containing silicone gels
Control of process humidity to produce large, porous particles
Pharmaceutical compositions for buccal delivery of pain relief medications
Calcium phosphate composition and method of preparing same
Liquid composition with fungicide, bactericidal and bacteriostatic activity
Method for producing a tablet made of isomaltulose, isomalt or isomalt variants
Modifying tissue surfaces by liquid crystal formation
Method of incremental recharacterization to estimate performance of integrated disigns
MOSFET modeling for IC design accurate for high frequencies
Placement method for integrated circuit design using topo-clustering
Management system for automated wire bonding process
Method for computing and using future costing data in signal routing
System and method for programming using independent and reusable software units
Method and system for generating, applying, and defining a pattern
Object oriented optimizing code generator with user selection of use or do not use for dynamic gener...
Software development tool with instant updating and simultaneous view of graphical and a textual dis...
Verifying intermediate language code
Process and system for dynamically compiling a partially interpreted method
System and method for class loader constraint checking
Virtual machine support for multiple applications
Secure shell protocol access control
Method for improving the performance of safe language multitasking
Software-based architecture for communication and cooperation among distributed electronic agents
System for optimally distributing processing performance of Av apparatus
Supplanting motif dialog boxes via modifying intercepted function calls from an application
Remote object access
Method and apparatus for adjusting an embedded portion of a television signal
Apparatus and method for combining realtime and non-realtime encoded content
Audio/visual greeting device
Semiconductor wafer processing system with vertically-stacked process chambers and single-axis dual-...
Breast stabilizing and positioning device and kit
Multi-chambered, compliant apparatus for restraining workpiece and applying variable pressure theret...
GERD treatment apparatus and method
Thin film magnetic recording disk with ruthenium-aluminum layer
Methods for improving seeds
Shared management of a network entity
Dynamic depth recovery from multiple synchronized video streams
Diffraction-based optical switch
Antirrhinum plant named `Sulte Litpinka`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sulte Redyel`
Laser alignment device providing multiple references
Bicycle seat post assembly
Surface mount IC stacking method and device
Interpolating sense amplifier circuits and methods of operating the same
System, method and article of manufacture for decompressing digital camera sensor data
Hair dye and hair-dyeing methods using the same
Vaccines containing a saponin and a sterol
Laundry detergent compositions comprising hydrophobically modified polyamines
Production process for detergent tablet
Fabric care composition comprising an epichlorohydrin resin and anionic polymer
Washing and drying machine and dry-cleaning machines
Reverse transcriptase assay kit, use thereof and method for analysis of RT activity in biological sa...
Liquid or gel laundry detergent which snaps back at the end of dispensing
Process for producing granules for supporting surfactant
Microcapsule preparations and detergents and cleaning agents containing microcapsules
Modular service payroll system
Separation process and apparatus
Gasoline sulfur reduction in fluid catalytic cracking
Gas-solid separation process
Gelled hydrocarbon compositions and methods for use thereof
Low-sulfur fuel
Method, system and recording medium for image processing
System and method for recovering from memory failures in computer systems
Guitar pick stickers which impart a magnetic attraction to synthetic guitar picks
Fuel injection system
Blood component processing systems and methods using fluid-actuated pumping elements that are integr...
Cylinder housing for air compressor
Rotary fluid machine having rotor segments on the outer periphery of a rotor core
Multi-cylinder compressor having plural intake ports in a bearing plate and a cover member forming a...
Hydrostatic machine
Reciprocating diaphragm pump with degassing valves
Turbocharger with magnetic bearing system that includes dampers
Pump with an electrodynamically supported impeller and a hydrodynamic bearing between the impeller a...
Diaphragm pump and anode stream recirculation system using such pump for a fuel cell
Compressor device and control method for the same
Fuel injection pump
Fuel feed unit
Sensor for a variable displacement pump
Oil utilized as motor protector trip for scroll compressor
Pump assembly
Screw compressor having bearings for the drive shaft of the compressor screw and the motor
Oscillation-type compressor
Compressor check valve
Amalgam retainer
Game of chance using patterns of symbols having at least two defining criteria
System to determine casino offers
Formation of metal nanowires for use as variable-range hydrogen sensors
Low density paperboard articles
Transcutaneous bilirubin concentration measuring apparatus and a measurement data checking plate for...
Monitoring of physiological analytes
Method and apparatus for reducing speckle in optical coherence tomography images
Apparatuses and methods for analyte concentration determination
Determination of an optical parameter of an optical signal
Method and apparatus for measuring locally and superficially the scattering and absorption propertie...
Variable-wavelength light source unit
Image generation system and program
Devices and methods for reading and interpreting guaiac-based occult blood tests
Image processing apparatus, method, and storage medium for processing a radiation image
Moire correction in images
Single actuator direct drive roll control
V/STOL biplane aircraft
Ground effect airplane
Electro-hydraulic thrust reverser lock actuation system and method
Aircraft heater
Operating and/or display unit for vehicles
Modular offset aisle overhead crew rest
Frameless aircraft canopy actuation system and method
Ice protection system
Antenna direction finding in mobile phones
Method and apparatus for testing semiconductor wafers
Unidirectional ratchet wrench
Cellular kinases involved in Cytomegalovirus infection and their inhibition
Focused acoustics for detection and sorting of fluid volumes
Self-powered long-life occupancy sensors and sensor circuits
Communicative glove containing embedded microchip
Brushing behavior reinforcement toothbrush and enclosed electronic game switch with grid
Method and apparatus for LWD shear velocity measurement
Capacitive sensing and data input device power management
Exposure method, exposure apparatus and its making method, device manufacturing method, and device
Zoom lens, and electronic imaging system using the same
Memory cement bond logging apparatus and method
Dimensioning system and method of dimensioning
Mode-locked pulsed laser system and method
Optical resonators with orthogonally polarized modes
Signalling system
Parametric loudspeaker with improved phase characteristics
Mapping methods for cardiovascular reflex control devices
Surgical system
Barrier layers for microelectromechanical systems
Thin film resonator and method for manufacturing the same
Method of making high-voltage bipolar/CMOS/DMOS (BCD) devices
Method of etching a deep trench having a tapered profile in silicon
Replication and transfer of microstructures and nanostructures
Systems and methods for improving the performance of sensing devices using oscillatory devices
Wide band cross point switch using MEMS technology
Reticle inspection
Electrode configuration in a MEMS switch
Image texture mapping camera
Apparatuses and methods for flexible displays
Locally enhanced raman spectroscopy with an atomic force microscope
MEMS optical components
Monolithic MEMS device for optical switches
Optical multilayer structure and its production method, optical switching device, and image display
Optical switch for reciprocal traffic
Base, payload and connecting structure and methods of making the same
Method and apparatus for controlling a vehicular component
Method and system for searching information using coded marks
System and method for liveness authentication using an augmented challenge/response scheme
Phase-change refrigeration apparatus with thermoelectric cooling element and methods
Reversible two-phase and refrigeration loop
Control system for an aircraft galley cooler
Vertical counterflow evaporative cooler
Wood lathe with a cooling fan
Gas heating apparatus for chemical vapor deposition process and semiconductor device fabrication met...
Temperature control apparatus
Heatsink with multiple, selectable fin densities
Heat exchanger for a portable computing device utilizing active and passive heat dissipation mechani...
Intra-body flow distributor for heat exchanger
Cooling system for pulsed power electronics
Rotating fluid evaporator and condenser
Method for preventing plate type heat exchanger from blockage
Electronic apparatus having cooling unit for cooling heat-generating component
Method and apparatus for warming and storage of cold fluids
Adjustable air vent for a vehicle
Color space quantization descriptor structure
Ink-jet image forming method
Image display apparatus
Flexible LED lighting strip
Series drive clutch
Hydrofluorocarbon compositions
Resonant motor system
Methods for enhancing plant growth using hydrogen gas
Gas transfer energy recovery and effervescence prevention apparatus and method
Packaged chilling systems for building air conditioning and process cooling
Biosensor materials and methods
Separation of dienes from olefins using ionic liquids
Portable radiometry and imaging apparatus
Intelligent electronic appliance system and method
Method and apparatus for ultra-fast aperture exposure
DC-DC converter
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Fine-grained thermal control in memory subsystems
System for programming hearing aids
Determining suitable ventilator settings for patients with alveolar hypoventilation during sleep
Classifier for the classification of granular material
Cytotoxic N-unsubstituted indoles and cyclopent(B)indoles and method of making and using same
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Heat shock protein inducer
Biocidal agents and methods of use
Ceramides, compositions thereof and methods of use thereof
Synthesis of 3-aminomethyl-1-propanol, a fluoxetine precursor
SRAM cell and integrated memory circuit using the same
Method for treating a patient having metabolic syndrome
Method and apparatus for electrophysiological testing in an implantable device
Process for the preparation of protease inhibitor using novel alkalothermophilic bacillus sp
Forced convection heat sink system with fluid vector control
Threaded intraosseous dental implant
Prefabricated components for dental appliances
Method and apparatus for extracting bone marrow
Magnetic resonance method and apparatus for generating respective images from spin ensembles exhibit...
Procedure for producing an initiation signal after the current differential protection principle arr...
Gas chromatograph
Regulated linear purge solenoid valve
Force emission control valve
Device for applying labels to flat objects
Spray pattern and spray distribution control with non-angled orifices in fuel injection metering dis...
Honeycomb structure thermal barrier coating
Power electronics component
Winding arrangement with a winding body and an optical wave guide introduced therein or therethrough
Brushless motor
Method and device for controlling piezo-driven fuel injection valves
Contactless hall-effect angular position sensor