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Process for separating unsaponifiable valuable products from raw materials
Transparent access of stb mhp digital tv middleware to ip video content
Dispersant composition
Acoustical sound proofing material and methods for manufacturing same
Heat-conducting plate of expanded graphite, composite and method for production
Animal feed and methods for reducing ammonia and phosphorus levels in manure
Board product and method for the preparation of the same
Gypsum wallboard
14790, novel protein kinase molecule and uses therefor
Bacterial fimbrial system for presentation of heterologous peptide sequences
Human kinase and polynucleotides encoding the same
Process for the preparation of (e)-5-(2-bromovinyl)-2'-deoxyuridine
Modified viral surface proteins for binding to extracellular matrix components
Plant protein disulfide isomerases
Nucleic acid molecule encoding homer 2a protein
Engineering disease resistance with pectate lyase-like genes
Transgenic plants that exhibit enhanced nitrogen assimilation
ACC synthase gene
Method of identifying and treating invasive carcinomas
Agent for treating visual cell function disorder
Amine salt of lignan compounds
Method for treating retinal degeneration with purinergic receptor agonists
Anhydrous crystalline 1-[4(S)-azido-2(S),3(R)-dihydroxy-4-(hydroxymethyl)-1(R)-cyclopentyl]cytos ine...
Anilide and cyclodextrin complexes, their preparation and their use as medicine in particular for tr...
Hypoallergenic transgenic soybeans
Dipeptidylpeptidases and methods of use
MinK-related genes, formation of potassium channels and association with cardiac arrhythmia
Novel peptides
Osmotic stress-inducible protein functioning as a negative regulator in osmotic stress signaling pat...
Immunotoxins comprising ribosome-inactivating proteins
Methods and apparatus for processing temperature sensitive materials
Intraflagellar transport
Proteases producing an altered immunological response and methods of making and using the same
Thymosin augmentation of genetic immunization
Method for generating influenza viruses and vaccines
Compositions and methods for preparing short RNA molecules and other nucleic acids
Method for manufacturing cellulose carbamate
Engineered rna translocators
Methods and compositions for regulation of cell death in plants
Plant regulatory element
Gene controlling life span of leaves in plants and method for controlling life span of plants using ...
Stress-responsive genes, regulatory elements, and methods of use for same
Small-scale hydrogen-oxidizing-denitrifying bioreactor
Tidal vertical flow wastewater treatment system and method
Membrane bioreactor, process and aerator
Method and apparatus for treating wastewater using membrane filters
Water treatment method
Monolithic sorbents with fibre-reinforced plastic coating
Shear-enhanced systems and methods for removing waste materials and liquid from the blood
Method and apparatus for parallel desalting
Inverted air box aerator and aeration method for immersed membrane
Chromatography method and device with recovery of solvent
Process for removing arsenic from aqueous streams
Animal waste effluent treatment
Solar powered portable water purifier
Process for separation and recovery of polyethylene glycol (PEG) from spent aquesous two-phase syste...
Anti-bacteria agent made from shell, and methods for purifying and desalinating water and for washin...
Dual layer tablet, method of making and use thereof
Filtration device
Sterilization of pharmaceuticals
Enhanced iodine treatment of drinking water
Coated biperiodic metallic mesh arrays with molecular monolayers and lipid bilayers thereon
Method for detecting nucleic acids
Electrodialysis method and apparatus for trace metal analysis
Biological fluid filtration apparatus
Fiber-fiber composites
System and method for treatment of acidic wastewater
IC-processed polymer nano-liquid chromatography system on-a-chip and method of making it
Regenerant reuse
High capacity adsorption media for separating or removing constituents and methods of producing and ...
Material and method for water treatment
Water treatment cartridges and processes related thereto
Apparatus and method for removing phosphorus from waste lagoon effluent
Method and apparatus to measure blood flow in hemodialysis shunts
Viral inactivation using ozone
Ozone delivery system including gas-fluid contacting devices and methods of use
Large area catch basin filter
Method and system for beneficiating gasification slag
Arrangement and method for collecting oil
Method for using auxiliary filtering agents for filtration purposes
Coalescer media flexible container and method of use
Prion clearance using particulate metal oxides
Control device for the separate collection of blood components in output from a blood centrifugation...
Separation of compounds using tagging moieties including varying numbers of repeat units
Method of forming and using solid-phase support
Production of olefin polymerisation catalysts
Pseudotyped retroviral vectors
Method of decreasing radiation or radio-mimetic chemotherapy for hematopoietic pluripotent cell engr...
Therapeutic and diagnostic applications based on the role of the CXCR-4 gene in tumorigenesis
Polynucleotides and proteins encoded thereby
Treatment of AIDS with antibodies to gamma interferon, alpha interferon and TNF-alpha
Mycobacterial sulfation pathway proteins and methods of use thereof
Puncture proof material with capture devices
18891, a novel human lipase
Peptides acting as both GLP-1 receptor agonists and glucagon receptor antagonists and their pharmaco...
Bovine immunodeficiency virus (BIV) based vectors
Device for performing an assay, a method for manufacturing said device, and use of a membrane in the...
Kinase inhibitors and methods of use in screening assays and modulation of cell proliferation and gr...
Endothelial-monocyte activating polypeptide III
Biocompatible poly-.beta.-1.fwdarw.4-N-acetylglucosamine
N-acylated lipophilic amino acid derivatives
Hydrazinyl and nitrogen oxide pyrazoles
Chemokine receptor binding heterocyclic compounds
Compounds and methods for use thereof in the treatment of cancer
Crystalline pharmaceutical
Benzylcycloalkyl amines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Extended port sample processing device
Simple roof greek key design barzebo
Independently adjustable height work support
Extruded organizer bar
Front combination lamp for an automobile
Rear combination lamp for an automobile
Cabana solar light
Cocktail lamp
Hair dryer
Rotary shaver
Color service station
Mouth guard
Combined dish washing machine and drying machine
Upper handle of a floor care appliance
Scrubber holder
Steam iron
Steam iron
Planter cart
Funeral urn
Utilization-based power management of a clocked device
Logical partition management apparatus and method for handling system reset interrupts
Method and apparatus for fault isolation on network loops using low level error counters
Robust system bus recovery
Enduser diagnostic system and method for computer-based error interpretation
Method and apparatus for reduced error checking of data received by a server from a client
Apparatus, program product and method of annotating a hypertext document with comments
Method, system, and program for generating a progress indicator
Accelerated scrolling
Method of automating chip power consumption estimation calculation
Method for insertion of test points into integrated logic circuit designs
Method and system for integrated circuit design
Object oriented framework mechanism for discovery of computer systems in a network
Interprocedural analysis and optimization of an object oriented program in the presence of dynamic c...
Method and computer program product for testing application program software
Providing an embedded application specific web server
Standardized interface between Java virtual machine classes and a host operating environment
Method and apparatus for performing byte-code optimization during pauses
Remote software installation and maintenance
Method and apparatus for managing independent asynchronous I/O operations within a virtual machine
Determining completion of transactions processing in a dynamically changing network
Treatment of diabetes with thiazolidinedione and sulphonylurea
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in the treatment of disease
Indole compounds and medicinal use thereof
Non-steroidal ligands for the glucocorticoid receptor, compositions and uses thereof
3a,4,5,9b-tetrahydro-1H-benz[e]indol-2-yl amine-derived neuropeptideYreceptors ligands useful in the...
Dihydroindol-2-one derivatives as steroid hormone nuclear receptor modulators
Compounds, compositions and treatment of oleoylethanolamide-like modulators of PPARalpha
3-Substituted oxindole beta3 agonists
Multi-system therapy for diabetes, the metabolic syndrome and obesity
Vinyl phenyl derivatives as glk activators
Therapeutic treatment for the metabolic syndrome, type2 diabetes, obesity, or prediabetes
Novel human kinase protein and polynucleotides encoding the same
Photostimulation method and apparatus in combination with glucose determination
Method and apparatus including altimeter and accelerometers for determining work performed by an ind...
Method for altering insulin pharmacokinetics
Methods for accelerated release of material from a reservoir device
Device and method for endoluminal therapy
Devices and methods for pyloric anchoring
Acid phosphatase (acp1)gene as a susceptibility locus for hyperlipidemia
Compounds for treatment of copper overload
Novel anti-inflammatory androstane derivatives
Substituted indoles as inhibitors of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP)
4-Cycloalkylaminopyrazolo pyrimidine NMDA/NR2B antagonists
Corticotropin releasing factor antagonists
Activator of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor
Treating neurological disorders using selective antagonists of persistent sodium current
4-(4Methoxybenzyl)-n'-(5-nitro-1,3-thiazol-2-yl)urea and its use in the treatment of conditions asso...
Phenyl naphthol ligands for thyroid hormone receptor
4-Fluoro-N-indan-2-yl benzamide and its use as a pharmaceutical
Human diaphanous-3 gene and methods of use therefor
Chimeric molecules to modulate gene expression
Neurothrophic componentss of the adnf 1 complex
Pyrrolo pyrimidines as agents for the inhibition of cystein proteases
Process for the preparation of aniline-derived thyroid receptor ligands
Oxygen enhancing membrane systems for implantable devices
Optical image-based position tracking for magnetic resonance imaging applications
Skeletal implant
Expandable fastener with compressive grips
Methods and apparatus for femoral and tibial resection
Small intestine and colon genes
Method and arrangement for telemonitoring an elevator to determine its need for maintenance
System and method for producing educational material
Learning method and system based on questioning
Aggregation of sensory data for distributed decision-making
Adaptive constraint problem solving method and system
Neuron network modeling
Method and system for printer suggested training
Rule-based personalization framework for integrating recommendation systems
Approach for re-using business rules
Method and apparatus for playing Blackjack with a five card Poker wager ("21+5")
Matching card game and method for playing the same
Child walker
Support for passenger entertainment and personal electronic devices mounted in aircraft seat tracks
Animated workout simulating figurine
Collapsible throwing toy and its associated method of manufacture
System for collecting and displaying images to create a visual effect and methods of use
Stepless music rack and musical instrument equipped with the same
Ensemble system, method used therein and information storage medium for storing computer program rep...
Communications architecture for a high throughput storage processor providing user data priority on ...
System and method for industrial controller with an I/O processor using cache memory to optimize exc...
Program store compare handling between instruction and operand caches
Segmented distributed memory module cache
Dynamic cache partitioning
Data structure for write pending
Method and apparatus for pre-fetching data during program execution
System and method for hierarchical data storage
Method and system for optimizing translation buffer recovery after a miss operation within a multi-p...
FIFO with undo-push capability
System and method for dynamic power management using data buffer levels
Device for interfacing asynchronous data using first-in-first-out
Methods and apparatus for backing up and restoring data portions stored in client computer systems
Method and system for efficient transfer of data between custom application specific integrated circ...
Garbage collector for a virtual heap
Nonvolatile data management system using data segments and link information
Using short references to access program elements in a large address space
Method and apparatus for generating deterministic, non-repeating, pseudo-random addresses
Processor pipeline cache miss apparatus and method for operation
Methods for optimizing memory resources during initialization routines of a computer system
Static cache
Method and device for electronically controlling the beating of a heart using venous electrical stim...
High capacitance anode and system and method for making same
Connector top for implantable medical device
Apparatus and method for automatically sensing threshold histogram with differentiation of sinus fro...
Method and apparatus for measurement of mean pulmonary artery pressure from a ventricle in an ambula...
Cardiac stimulation device for optimizing cardiac output with myocardial ischemia protection
Method and apparatus for automatic capture verification using polarity discrimination of evoked resp...
Cardiac stimulation method and associated system using a stimulation histogram as an integrity diagn...
Implantable medical device with voice responding and recording capacity
Implantable intravascular pressure determining device and method
Implantable heart stimulator
Pediatric rate varying implantable cardiac device
Audio receiver
Optical link device
Image display unit and production method thereof
Apparatus for manufacturing flat cable and method for manufacturing the same
Color filter array having a yellow filter layer
Circuit for charging supplemental battery in portable electronic device
Stereoscopic display system for viewing without spectacles
Apparatus and method for high dynamic range imaging using spatially varying exposures
Display control system for controlling a display screen formed of multiple display units
Method and system for periodically displaying a clock on a viewing screen
Picture encoding apparatus and method
Image exposure-recording device and image exposure-recording method
Single reel tape cartridge and recording and reproducing device using the tape cartridge
Semiconductor laser light emitting device
Image signal quantizing device and its method
Error concealment of video data using motion vector data recovery
Method and apparatus to detect watermark that are resistant to resizing, rotation and translation
Robot device and method of controlling robot device operation
Synchronization control apparatus and method, and recording medium
Sag compensating device for suspended lines
Electronic drinking mug
Optoelectronic device with reflective surface
Method and apparatus for fabricating self-assembling microstructures
Three dimensional device integration method and integrated device
Fluid power generator
Hydrogen production from hydro power
Method and system for transmitting and displaying information on a wireless device using plastic ele...
Method of tuning a circuit for energizing a cold cathode fluorescent lamp
Vehicle speed and safety warning system
Wireless spread-spectrum telesensor chip with synchronous digital architecture
Apparatus and method of using satellite ranging channels for transmitting 3-D video signals for spac...
Satellite locator system
Head up display with adjustable transparency screen
Liquid crystal display panel and method of fabricating the same
Method for measuring of gaseous emissions and/or flux
Electronically-enabled housing apparatus for a computing device
Interference management of a processing communications satellite
Location adjusted HVAC control
Schedule-based load estimator and method for electric power and other utilities and resources
System for providing control to an industrial process using one or more multidimensional variables
Self-contained devices for detecting biological contaminants
Pharmaceutical product comprising anti-secretory protein from egg yolk
Antiallergic composition and antipruritic composition
Universal sauce base
Cream-based food composition
Inorganic particles-containing additive composition, manufacturing method thereof and food compositi...
Bakeable, lubricious, sweet, creamy, low-moisture filler products and process for preparation
Shrimp and surimi tray
Food preparation process using bulk density feedback
Stable, aqueous dispersions and stable, water-dispersible dry powders of xanthophylls, and productio...
Aerated flake shortening
Apparatus and methods for making frozen food products
Ready-to-use food product
Infant formula with improved protein content
Method for the enzymatical preparation of flavors rich in C6-C10 aldehydes
Concentrated, non-foaming solution of quarternary ammonium compounds and methods of use
Moldable compositions
Electric oven applying an induction heating at both sides of the cavity
Microwave oven with bread toaster
Exhaust and ventilation system for mountable type microwave oven
Method for providing gastronomic information and instruction with an internet server using mobile co...
Milker unit detacher for rotary milking parlor
Modular milking parlor and transport system
Milk flow meter for a milking system having a substantially stable vacuum level and method for using...
Milk flow meter for a milking system having a substantially stable vacuum level and method for using...
Notification method and system
Method and apparatus for determining parameters of a flowing liquid
Method of judging efficacy of biological state action affecting bioligical state, judging apparatus,...
Controller for monitoring and controlling pulsators in a milking system
Milk measurement and milk collection
Method of and an apparatus for somatic cell count
Automatic milking device comprising a controlled stimulation device and system for stimulation
Pulsator controller for monitoring and controlling a designated pulsator in a milking system and met...
Spectroscopic fluid analyzer
System and method for milking animals
Inhibitors of spermidine synthase for the treatment of osteoarthritis and cartilage rehabilitation
Graft rejection suppressors
Methods of managing animals and milking station
Milking and application teat cup, system, and method
Milker unit detacher for rotary milking parlor
Substituted 2-amino-1,3,5-triazines, their preparation, and their use as herbicides and plant growth...
Distributed optical amplifier, amplifying method, and optical communication system
Method and apparatus for a four-way hash table
System and method for selecting repeaters
Computer-aided optimization of substance libraries
Searching databases that identifying group documents forming high-dimensional torus geometric k-mean...
Method and apparatus for managing session information
Fullerene addition in photoresist via incorporation in the developer
Cyclone sampling nozzle for an ion mobility spectrometer
Polishing pads for chemical mechanical planarization
Color filter and liquid crystal display device
Pressure sensitive adhesive composition and adhesive product using the same
Derivatives of UK-2A
Oligomeric dispersant
Resins curable with actinic energy ray, process for the production thereof, and photocurable and the...
Measuring system and a method for measuring particle velocity and/or particle velocity distribution ...
Cold cathode fluorescent flat lamp
Method and device for identifying failed devices in computer
Apparatus and method for testing memory in a microprocessor
System and method for testing high pin count electronic devices using a test board with test channel...
Method and program product for designing hierarchical circuit for quiescent current testing
Methodology of generating antenna effect models for library/IP in VLSI physical design
Reconfigurable programmable logic system with peripheral identification data
Group III nitride compound semiconductor light-emitting device
MRAM data line configuration and method of operation
Ferroelectric thin film processing for ferroelectric field-effect transistor
Therapeutic anti-melanoma compounds
Transcriptional intermediary factor-2
Skin cream
Method of making downlink operational measurements in a wireless communication system
Electroless plating processes
Ammonium hydroxide scavenged binder for low TMA fiberglass insulation products
Thermoplastic resin composition
Microbial spray for animal waste
Oxazinones and methods for their use and synthesis
Substituted 1, 4-thiazepine and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis and the ...
Aqueous emulsion polymerization in the presence of ethers as chain transfer agents to produce fluoro...
Processes for the preparation of macrocyclic ketones
Ultraviolet ray lamp and sterilizers and cleaners using the lamp
Rotatable plug assembly including an extra outlet
Method and system for network processor scheduling outputs based on multiple calendars
Utility line support member
Infant car seat system
Parquet underlay material
Lightweight table with unitized table top
Uniform interlocking foam packing material/building material apparatus and method
Fire protection containers incorporating novel low free-water insulation materials
Reinforced phenolic foam
Lost-foam casting apparatus for improved recycling of sprue-metal
Heat insulating wall member, and method of manufacturing the same
Piezo-film speaker and speaker built-in helmet using the same
Ink container
Phase change inks containing branched triamides
Phase change inks containing colorant compounds
Priming mechanisms for drop ejection devices
Systems and methods for integration of heterogeneous circuit devices
Holder for bottles
Receptacle, in particular for single-use cosmetic products
Digital single-lens reflex camera body
Immobilization of biopolymers to aminated substrates by direct adsorption
Stator structure of motor
Biocidal compositions comprising an aerated gel containing hydrophobic silica
Disk drive having a ramp used for the controlled loading of a head of a head stack assembly onto a d...
Translucent solid matrix assay device for microarray analysis
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and image forming method, image forming apparatus and process car...
Deposition mask and method of preparing the same
Semiconductor device having multi-layer wiring
Organic electroluminescence display device having sealing structure and method of fabricating the sa...
Electrooptic device and electronic device
Image display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating silica glass using sol-gel process
Alkylated urea and triaminotriazine compounds and phase change inks containing same
Environmental and thermal barrier coating for ceramic components
Method of making a SDI electroosmotic pump using nanoporous dielectric frit
Branched polyphosphonates that exhibit an advantageous combination of properties, and methods relate...
Methods of creating patterns on substrates and articles of manufacture resulting therefrom
Methods and apparatus for electropolishing metal interconnections on semiconductor devices
Substituted aromatic policyclic tertiary-heteroalkylamines useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester t...
Variety of Dicentra plant named `Ivory Hearts`
Network transmitter with data frame priority management for data transmission
Method and apparatus for processing a microelectronic workpiece including an apparatus and method fo...
Head portion of a sports racquet
Sole plate of a golf club head
Self-assembly of organic-inorganic nanocomposite thin films for use in hybrid organic light emitting...
Dual fiber collimator assembly pointing control
Optical transmission module
Multi channel optical transmitter/receiver module and manufacturing method thereof
Transceiver for LC connector
Assembly for aligning an optical array with optical fibers
Tissue dissecting board assembly
Process for preparing rac-bicalutamide and its intermediates
Electron beam detector, scanning type electron microscope, mass spectrometer, and ion detector
High performance micromirror arrays and methods of manufacturing the same
Optical lens, optical pickup apparatus, and optical disk apparatus using the same
Ammunition magazine coupler
Positioning device for a slide-aiding member for a drawer track device
Dynamic pressure bearing
Bearing arrangement
Spherical bearing
Rotator with bearing, and method for manufacturing the same
Tapered roller bearing
Redundant storage for multiple processors in a ring network
Network management system equipped with event control means and method
Method and apparatus for eliminating the software generated ready-signal to hardware devices that ar...
Computer program product for automated fatigue and structural analysis of an element
Ink jet printing with uniform gloss
Alkyl cobalt (III) dioximates and process for forming the same
Thickeners for paper dye compositions
Selective removal of tantalum-containing barrier layer during metal CMP
Releasable adhesive for attachments of substrates and joints
Doped aluminum oxide dielectrics
Windshield wiper assembly having a winter boot
Method to embed thick film components
Molding tool construction and molding method
Charging and capture of particles in coronas irradiated by in-situ X-rays
Dentifrice compositions having reduced abrasivity
Recording material for back-printing
Catalyst support material and use thereof
Organically modified metal oxides for polymer grafting
Liquid crystalline polymer compositions containing small particle size fillers
Electrostatic spraying of a cosmetic composition
Patterned paper machine clothing
Coupler for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Polycrystalline diamond partially depleted of catalyzing material
Therapies for chronic renal failure
Multiple bifocal or trifocal lens
Edge coated ophthalmic lenses
Methods and apparatus for generating a data structure indicative of an alarm system circuit
1,2-propylene glycol skin preparation solution and method of use thereof
Stabilization of vitamins in water-in silicone oil (W/O) emulsions
Pharmaceutical compositions using semi-solid delivery vehicle
Compositions having enhanced deposition of a topically active compound on a surface
Brightening/passivating metal surfaces without hazard from emissions of oxides of nitrogen
Oral treatment devices that include a thin, flexible barrier layer and an endoskeleton treatment or ...
Silver halide color photographic photosensitive material and image forming method
Method for making abrasive compositions and products thereof
Method of preventing darkening of skin or inhibiting melanization of melenin monomer and polymerizat...
Additive and inkjet recording medium using additives
Pressure sensitive adhesives
Oligomeric hydrophobic dispersants and laundry detergent compositions comprising oligomeric dispersa...
Assays for compounds modulating human serine protease C-E
Preparation method of biodegradable porous polymer scaffolds having an improved cell compatibility f...
Method of using fish plasma components for tissue culture
Flexible pouch fitment structure
Polyolefin connectors
Surface finish of cementitious nature and containing glass beads
Zinc blende type CrSb compound, method for fabricating the same, and multilayered structure
Tissue products having reduced lint and slough
Method and system of manufacturing special event mementos
Rear projection screen, optical component thereof, and method for manufacturing the optical componen...
Polyelectrolyte derivatization of microfluidic devices
Weatherable, thermostable polymers having improved flow composition
Ultraviolet light writing system
Compact luminaire
Asymmetric distribution luminaire
Tree torchiere with fully flexible arms
Light unit having light emitting diodes
LED module and methods for producing and using the module
Illumination apparatus for use in association with utility structures
Lamp apparatus for lighting and heating
Light system
Reflective fishing light and heater bracket
Transparent optical switch
Cross-connect optical switch
Arrayed optical device
Fiber alignment using a channel incorporating a fulcrum structure
Optical fiber drop cable
Optical transmission line, and optical fiber and dispersion compensating module employed in the same
Techniques for scratch and date removal from scanned film
Artificial vision method and system
Method and apparatus for edge detection
System for and method of sharpness enhancement using coding information and local spatial features
Image processing method and apparatus
Image reading device
Multi-detector microscopic inspection system
Image data encoding device
Ventilator patient synchronization
Tissue sampling and removal apparatus and method
Method of determining the efficiency of a dialyzer of a dialysis machine and a dialysis machine for ...
Method of interventional surgery
Heart stabilizer support arm
Implantable cardiac stimulation device having automatic sensitivity control and method
Erythema measuring device
Selective potentiation of serotonin receptor subtypes
Therapeutic method and apparatus
Assembly for converting a catamaran into a trimaran
Canoe pontoon assembly
Method for muffling discharge water from marine vessels
Flexible fluid containment vessel
Technique and platform for fabricating a variable-buoyancy structure
Watercraft and inflatable flooring therefor
Tubular boat having modular construction
Convertible deck yacht
Self-propelled personal watercraft
Method and device for low-noise underwater propulsion and for reducing hull drag
Catalyst systems based on transition metal complexes for carbon monoxide copolymerization in an aque...
Compositions for pre-treating shoes and methods and articles employing same
Method for preparation of an anthraquinone colorant composition
Process for manufacturing a floor covering having a foamed backing formed from recycled polymeric ma...
Interchangeable instrument
Method and an apparatus for examination of milking animals
Process for the actuation of a carrying and withdrawing device as well as a carrying and withdrawing...
Milking cup for milking machines
Locking preset knob for fishing reel
Multiplier type fishing reel
Spring stem
Device for training cats to go on a toilet
Commercial poultry litter enhancement with citrus sources
Litter for cats and small animals
Animal litter composition containing silica gel and methods therefor
Apparatus for creating a pathway in an animal and methods therefor
Bird perch
Methods for isolation of osteoclast precursor cells and inducing their differentiation into osteocla...
Spin valve transistor, magnetic reproducing head and magnetic information storage system
Antifuse structures, methods, and applications
Dielectric stack without interfacial layer
Magnetoresistive element
In-situ randomization and recording of wafer processing order at process tools
Method and apparatus for measuring a variable in a lubricant/coolant system
Fuel filter including slow release additive
Multistage inflating-type hybrid inflator
Polishing plate
Porous polypropylene film, process for producing the same, and absorbent article employing the film
Gas barrier film having excellent flexibility
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Negative resist material and pattern formation method using the same
Composition for production of flame-retardant flexible polyurethane foams
Process for producing a urethane-modified polyisocyanurate foam
Two component, curable, hot melt adhesive
Catalyst for bulk polymerization
Process for producing a vinyl chloride-based polymer
Polyester process using a pipe reactor
Production method of 4'-bromomethyl-2-cyanobiphenyl
Process for producing mixture of dihydroxydiphenylsulfone isomers
Process for producing 1-chloro-4-arylbutane
Methods for collecting body fluid
Multi-loop antenna for radio-frequency identification
Behavioral translation of datalink messages between different protocols and platforms
Nucleic acid detection using structured probes
Wound bipolar lithium polymer batteries
Method for rapid charge control in lithium batteries
Recovery and re-use of anode oxygen from electrolytic cells
Image forming method
Method for treating photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Fabric care compositions
C7 heterosubstituted acetate taxane compositions
Reinforced designed cellular coal
Nonaqueous electrolyte and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Method of applying a laser beam around the circumference of a catheter
Pump for low flow rates
Radioiodinated sulfonated phenols and process therefore
Treatment of cerebrovascular disease
Interlinked solid polyethylene glycols and copolymers thereof
Imaging catheter assembly with distal end inductive coupler and embedded transmission line
Lacquers containing highly branched copolyester polyol
Self-powered remote control device, electrical apparatus and installation comprising same
Motor control drive circuit
Inspection apparatus for conductive patterns of a circuit board, and a holder thereof
Parallel plate septum polarizer for low profile antenna applications
Communication devices incorporating reduced area imaging devices
Apparatus for latching a magnetic disk
High density fibre coupling
Mechanism to improve performance in a multi-node computer system
1,3,5- trisubstituted-1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-trione compounds and libraries
Article having a lotioned topsheet
Depth measurement and depth control or automatic depth control for a hollow to be produced by a lase...
Method and apparatus for conducting heat in a flip-chip assembly
Animal spray monitor and method
Purified water supply system for high demand devices and applications
Method and apparatus for validating cross-architecture ISA emulation
Method and apparatus for software features synchronization between software systems
Multi-mode speaker operating from either digital or analog sources
System and method for eliminating write back to register using dead field indicator
Method and apparatus for making and using wireless test verbs
Process and apparatus for adjusting traces
Register allocation in code translation between processors
Diagnostics method and apparatus for use with enterprise controls
Weldable aluminum stud
Filter device and filter element comprising at least one negatively charged membrane
Microspore-specific promoter and method for obtaining hybrid plants
White point adjusting method, color image processing method, white point adjusting apparatus and liq...
Coordinate input apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable memory
Method and system for automatically selecting a vertical refresh rate for a video display monitor
Color display system
Imaging systems and methods
Disc media marking
Determining a type of print data to be sent to a printer based on the number of unprocessed files re...
Network print system, and information processing apparatus and its control method
Fast building of masks for use in incremental printing
Parity-grid steganographic method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
Method of compressing images of arbitrarily shaped objects
Skew compensation for raster image transfer device
Image forming apparatus of ink-jet type and image forming method of ink-jet type
Method of manufacturing color filter, color filter, and display
Image display device
Image displaying method and image forming apparatus utilizing a reversible image display medium havi...
Information transmitting apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image data transmitting apparatus and image data receiving apparatus
Image reading apparatus and an image processing system having a dirt trapping device
Document scanning apparatus and document scanning method for sequentially scanning documents and gen...
Light-condensing device, light-condensing system and image reading apparatus
Image detecting method, image detecting system, program, and recording medium for image detection
Non-permanent inkjetted flexographic mask
Imaging method for printing forms
Form cylinder of a rotary printing press, in particular of an offset printing press
Melt-spun ceramic fiber filter and method
Porous thin film heater and method
Method for isolating polyphenylene ether polymer resins from solution
Apparatus for manufacturing ultra-fine particles using electrospray device and method thereof
Papermaker's forming fabric
Negative working photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Low-resistance contact to silicon having a titanium silicide interface and an amorphous titanium car...
Carboxylic acid fluorides as pesticides
Polyester resin composition
Macromolecular ketoaldehydes
Flexible piezoelectric films
Bicycle rack
Tubular structure arrangement
Convertible clipless binding/unbound bicycle pedal
Beverage bottle carrier
Pedal scooter
Apparatus for loading and unloading a component detachably mounted on a vehicle
Magnetic resistance system for a roller-type bicycle trainer
Drive mechanism for a bicycle transmission assist mechanism
Children's cycle
Bicycle saddle
Arching mechanism and method of use
Pavement marking article and raised pavement marker that uses pressure sensitive adhesive
Medical testing system with an illuminating component
Amphipathic polymer particles and methods of manufacturing the same
Oral hygiene preparations; associated methods and kit
Method of marking ophhalmic lens by using laser radiation of femtosecond pulse width
Insertion system for intraocular lens
Hydraulic configuration for intraocular lens system
Hydrogel from polysiloxane-containing urethane prepolymer, tris (trimethylsiloxy) silylpropyl methac...
Method for applying a coating to a medical device
Digital micromirror device having a window transparent to ultraviolet (UV) light
Adaptive optic lens system and method of use
Method of producing intraocular lenses in vivo
Electro-active multi-focal spectacle lens
Bipolar plate assembly, fuel cell stacks and fuel cell systems incorporating the same
Turbine equipment
Two-color molding and molding method thereof
Electrochemical apparatus with retractable electrode
Fuel cell resuscitation method and apparatus
Gasket assembly
Current-collecting structure in fuel cell system
Catalyst layer edge protection for enhanced MEA durability in PEM fuel cells
Noble metal-containing supported catalyst and a process for its preparation
Textured graphite sheet infused with a sealant
Procedure for shutting down a fuel cell system using air purge
Reversible fuel cell power plant
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell assembly, fuel cell stack, and method of supplying reaction gas ...
Separator for fuel cell and fuel cell
Method of purifying alkoxysilanes
Multilayer conductive appliance having wound healing and analgesic properties
Method for preparing zinc oxide semi-conductor material
Electrophotographic apparatus
Latent inkjet formulation and method
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Method of uniformly applying a paste on a paste applying body
Method for producing a ceramic body decorated with an inorganic pigment
Magnetic recording medium possessing a magnetic layer having plural oxygen-containing regions
Dry toner for developing electrostatic images
Method of manufacturing electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Method for creating thick oxide on the bottom surface of a trench structure in silicon
Vacuum processing method and semiconductor device manufacturing method in which high-frequency power...
Process for preparation of a salt-like chemical compound and its use in catalyst systems for prepari...
Printed circuit board with wiring pattern formed thereon by screen printing and process for manufact...
Ceramic heater
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Vertical probe card and method for using the same
Signal transmission circuit and electronic equipment
Low equivalent weight ionomer
Manufacture of trialkylaluminum compounds and .alpha.-alcohols
Method of making a Mach-Zehnder interferometer, and related device
Method for audibly measuring optical efficiency in an installed fiber optic link
Apparatus, method and system of liquid-based, wide range, fast response temperature control of elect...
DLL circuit taking acount of external load
Radiometric temperature measurement system
System and method for associating historical information with sensory data and distribution thereof
Method of labeling alarms to facilitate correlating alarms in a telecommunications network
Accurately tuning resistors
Generation of synthetic nuclear magnetic resonance signals
Electron density measurement and plasma process control system using changes in the resonant frequen...
Peizoelectric microactuator and sensor failure detection in disk drives
Nonreciprocal circuit device including two series resonant circuits having differing resonant freque...
Superconductive magnet device
High frequency communication device
Plasma display panel and method for driving the same
Imaging SPR apparatus
Method of measuring dielectric constant using light in a plurality of wavelength ranges
Method and apparatus for reducing the effect of bleed-through on captured images
System for directed molecular interaction in surface plasmon resonance analysis
RF transmission circuit, complex digital synthesizer, and MRI apparatus
Control apparatus of variable valve timing mechanism and method thereof
Electric vehicle
Method and apparatus for mass spectrometric analysis of samples
Foldable alpha numeric keyboard
Empirical mode decomposition for analyzing acoustical signals
Device for treating tissues with an electromagnetic field
Distal anastomosis system
Expandable stent and method for delivery of same
Specially shaped balloon device for use in surgery and method of use
Self-expanding stent with enhanced delivery precision and stent delivery system
Method for treating neurovascular aneurysms
suPAR stimulating activity of tcuPA-mediated fibrinolysis and different uses thereof
Tissue regenerative composition, method of making, and method of use thereof
Methods of treating p38 kinase-mediated disorders with pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-7-one compounds
Platelet adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonists
Near IR sensitive photoimageable/photopolymerizable compositions, media, and associated processes
Dental and medical cement
Hardware I/O control block array for mirrored data transfers
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Transport system for cargo containers, in particular for baggage containers
Method of providing a heat shield in an electric motor
Feed device for conveyor belts loaded with pick-and-place components
Splicing device for joining component belts
Arrangement for axial slack compensation
Seat belt force sensor system
Rotary drive used in conjunction with a mechanical and self-energizing coupling system
Method for cooling a hot-rolled material and corresponding cooling-line models
Method and device for laser drilling organic materials
Contact block assembly and a method for assembling the same
Device for measuring the internal resistance of a linear lambda probe
Method and device for bridging brief power outages in a matrix converter
Device for filtering a ray bundle
Method for processing a sensor signal of a knocking sensor for an internal combustion engine
Suspension control apparatus
Stepper motor controller system and a method thereof
Method and circuit for detecting the state of a switch
System and method for partitioning address space in a proxy cache server cluster
Sunscreen formulations
Semiconductor element, and method of forming silicon-based film
Organic electrolyte capacitor
Compound, compositions and use
Construction element for building that accumulates latent heat
Onboard hydrogen storage unit with heat transfer system for use in a hydrogen powered vehicle
Long-Term sputtering method
Zinc oxide with acicular structure, process for its production, and photoelectric conversion device
Segmented glass laminate
Corrosion-resistant coated copper and method for making the same
Process for preparing resorcinol derivatives
Apparatus for the disinfection of aqueous media
Reversible electro-optic device employing aprotic molten salts and method
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Electronic component, circuit device, method for manufacturing the circuit device, and semiconductor...
Memory device having a thin top dielectric and method of erasing same
Semiconductor memory device
In-cycle shuffle
Systems and methods of producing hydrogen using a nuclear reactor
Reactor core cooling structure
Silicon-based high speed optical wiring board
Low-loss compact reflective turns in optical waveguides
Coated optical fiber and curable compositions suitable for coating optical fiber
Optical waveguide element, manufacturing method for optical waveguide element, optical deflecting el...
Color image forming apparatus
Transmitter filter arrangement for multiband mobile phone
Multi-site cardiac stimulation device and method for detecting retrograde conduction
Method, computer program and control arrangement for operating an internal combustion engine
Gun sight system
Ceramic bodies and ballistic armor incorporating the same
Projectile launching apparatus and methods for fire fighting
Compressible shot shell
Paintball loader
Paintball guns
Door edge protection system for conventional autorack railcars
External fixation apparatus and method
Synfuel composition and method of using same
Apparatus for simultaneously coating and measuring parts
Wearable protective system having protective elements
Method of epitope discovery
Smooth, flexible powder coatings
Welding electrode for aluminum sheets
Stabilized and controlled electron sources, matrix systems of the electron sources, and method for p...
Motion-based input system for handheld devices
Decentered field lens with tilted focal plane array
Human desaturase gene and uses thereof
Organic electroluminescence devices using pyrazolo[3,4b]quinoxaline derivatives
Aromatic compounds and organic light emitting diodes
Polymers, their preparation and uses
Compound display
Semiconductor light emitting element and method for fabricating the same
Color filters for organic light-emissive devices
Tuned microcavity color OLED display
Organic electroluminescence panel
Organic electroluminescent display device driving method and apparatus
Display apparatus
Gaming device having a countdown indicator associated with an award indicator
Content inspection in secure networks
Method and apparatus for implementing a shared message queue using a list structure
Coil antenna/protection for ceramic metal halide lamps
High reliable reference current generator for MRAM
Method of forming a ferroelectric film and fabrication process of a semiconductor device having a fe...
Electrolyte composition for electric double-layer capacitor, solid polymer electrolyte, composition ...
Process for producing arsenic trioxide formulations and methods for treating cancer using arsenic tr...
Semiconductor device
Sensors for the detection of an analyte
Deposition of fluorosilsesquioxane films
Rose plant named `POULpm001`
Transfer switch including a circuit breaker housing
Process for producing granules for being molded into ferrite, granules for being molded into ferrite...
System and method for introduction and stabilization of genes in Thermus sp.
Cascade polymer complexes, process for their production and pharmaceutical agents containing said co...
Information distribution apparatus
Iontophoretic drug delivery device and reservoir and method of making same
Method for pet training device
Display device for an object
Continuous process for the cyanoalkylation of compounds having one or more NH functions
Method for identification of faulty or weak functional logic elements under simulated extreme operat...
Method of particle formation
Compositions and methods for treating hyperimmune response in the eye
Method for the delivery of a biologically active agent
Method for spray-coating a medical device having a tubular wall such as a stent
Compositions for aqueous delivery of self-emulsifying fluorinated alkoxysilanes
Highly luminescent color selective nanocrystalline materials
IGF-binding protein-derived peptide
Ionomeric nanocomposites and articles therefrom
Scanning probe microscopy inspection and modification system
Electroluminescent device
Apparatus and method of optical transfer and control in plasmon supporting metal nanostructures
Encoding conversion fallback
Method and system for communicating with a virtual circuit network
System and method for parallel execution of data generation tasks
Computer with cover removal detection
Capacity planning for server resources
Enhancing application performance in dynamic networks
Method and apparatus for detecting anomalous measurements in a satellite navigation receiver
Method and apparatus for reducing electromagnetic interference and jamming in GPS equipment operatin...
GPS correction methods, apparatus and signals
Low emissions F-T fuel/cracked stock blends
Process for the hydroprocessing of hydrocarbon feedstocks
System and method for handover execution in a wireless environment
Remote communication system for use with a vehicle
Billing control methods in wireless hot spots
Reducing interference in cellular mobile communications networks
System and method for piggybacking data across an open data channel of a wireless device
Efficient communication with passive devices
Systems and methods for improving range for multicast wireless communication
Method and apparatus for a mobile station application to receive and transmit raw packetized data
Direct conversion spread spectrum time division duplex radio
System and method for processing data relating to conditions in a manufacturing process
LED replacement for fluorescent lighting
Lamp assembly device with detachable lamp rod
Light source for flat panel display device and backlight module using the same
Back light unit including a diffuser with various diffusion effects
Vehicle wireless alarm system
Short range radio continuous communication method and system
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus having a substrate that functions as a light guide p...
Coaxial illumination system
Ruggedized forensic light source
Methods for communicating between elements in a hierarchical floating car data network
Robot and method for bending orthodontic archwires and other medical devices
Impatiens plant named `TiCoPur`
Helleborus plant named `HGC Lady Freckle`
Double Impatiens plant named `Didi Carmine Two`
Rose plant named `POULen010`
Miniature rose plant named `POULhi017`
Verbena plant named `Lan Bluwhit`
Verbena plant named `Lan Depur`
Petunia plant named `USTUNI207`
Phlox plant named `USPHL01`
Rose plant named `POULcs008`
Verbena plant named `Lan Roypureye`
Phlox plant named `USPHL02`
Miniature rose plant named `KORamgat`
Poplar tree named `Gnarly Poplar`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S64`
Helleborus plant named `HGC Josef Lemper`
Geranium plant named `Cante Dereds`
Encapsulation method
Methods and apparatus for providing a lottery game
Fast timing acquisition for multiple radio terminals
Monolithic vibration isolation and an ultra-high Q mechanical resonator
Tracking medical products with integrated circuits
Help and/or risk signaling means for the traffic of vehicles and pedestrians using a short range inf...
Object detection apparatus and method
Independently mounted on-glass antenna module
Reflector antenna having low-dielectric support tube for sub-reflectors and feeds
Method and apparatus for generating transmission signal by processing which includes digital quadrat...
Audio production, satellite uplink and radio broadcast studio
Mobile radio set of a cellular network for the transmission of speech and/or data, and a method ther...
Antenna impedance matching device and method for a portable radio telephone
Antenna system for a wireless information device
Secondary carrier messaging and advertising method for wireless network portable handsets
Resetting signaling link upon SRNS relocation procedure
Cellular radio signal with additional channel assigned to downlink, corresponding method, system and...
Signalling radio service requirements
Directivity control apparatus
Method for implementing a secondary game in a gaming machine
Video game having smooth character control
Game ethod and system for indicating input device orientation relative to game space
Gaming machines and systems offering simultaneous play of multiple games and methods of gaming
Detecting and thwarting imaging systems at theatrical performances
Stream cipher encryption method and apparatus that can efficiently seek to arbitrary locations in a ...
Message reconstruction from partial detection
Optical disc label with phosphorescent material
Apparatus for separating label assembly
Link tree forming apparatus, link tree forming method, and link tree forming program
Software-based methodology for the storage and retrieval of diverse information
Rapid parameter passing between multiple program portions for efficient procedural interaction with ...
Method, system, and program for transforming files from a source file format to a destination file f...
File management system, file management method, and storage medium
Removable data storage device having file usage system and method
Method and apparatus for verifying the identity of individuals
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
Dynamic RDF system for transferring initial data between source and destination volume wherein data ...
Personal website for electronic commerce on a smart Java card with multiple security check points
Rock drilling machine
Verbena plant named `Lan Bule`
Method and apparatus for tracking documents in a workflow
Mechanism for synchronous interprocess communication over transparent external monitors
Scalable and portable disc player for various optical disc sizes
Method and system for master boot record recovery
Redundant component system and method for facilitating endsystem functionality
System and method for setting and executing breakpoints
Super-high pressure discharge lamp of the short arc type
Interconnect exhibiting reduced parasitic capacitance variation
Systems and methods for magnetic resonance imaging elastography
Spiro compounds, and their use
Semiconductor device
Method to modify 0.25 .mu.m 1T-RAM by extra resist protect oxide (RPO) blocking
Verification of prescription information and warning label
System and method for performing diagnostics using a portable device displaying diagnostic data usin...
Solid electrolytic capacitor and its producing method
Band nasal dilator
Controlling the dissolution of dissolvable polymer components in plural component fibers
Nectarine tree named `Burnectfifteen`
Heparan sulfate D-glucosaminyl 3-O-sulfotransferases, and uses therefor
Window portion with an adjusted rate of wear
Geranium plant named `Solstice Purple`
2,3-diaryl-pyrazolo[1,5-b]pyridazines derivatives, their preparation and their use as cyclooxygenase...
Systems and methods of cross-over current calculation within electronic designs
Catalyst precursor for the polymerization of olefins and polymerization process using the same
Contrast-enhanced diagnostic imaging method for monitoring interventional therapies
Antibodies to Ret and RetL3
System and method of monitoring, predicting and optimizing production yields in a liquid crystal dis...
Apparatus and method for detection of estrus and/or non-pregnancy
Methods for producing highly phosphorylated lysosomal hydrolases
Special-purpose light-guiding seat for pilot lamps of an electronic machine
Device and method for determining analyte levels
Aqueous slurries useful for cleaning the tongue and throat
Image forming apparatus and image forming method having pressing members for pressing a belt-like me...
Image formation apparatus, sound quality evaluation method, method of manufacturing image formation ...
Half bridge with constant amplitude drive signal
Automotive computing devices with emergency power shut down capabilities
Method and apparatus to discover services using flexible search criteria
Adaptation of service applications to heterogeneous execution context by means of smart cards
Web page monitoring system and methods therefor
Method and apparatus for directing a flow of packets based on request and server attributes
Method and apparatus for real time network communication
Data processing system and method for managing memory of an interpretive system
Method and system for protecting native libraries
Method and apparatus in a data processing system for the separation of role-based permissions specif...
System and method for software certification
Method and apparatus in a data processing system for providing an interface for non-intrusive observ...
Net zeroing for efficient partition and distribution
Stable non-dihydrate azithromycin oral suspensions
Method for producing a coenzyme Q10/.gamma.-cyclodextrin complex
Photoprotective and lightfastness-enhancing siloxanes
Polyhydroxyalkonoate and method of producing same, and .omega.-(2-thienylsulfanyl) alkanoic acid and...