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Method and apparatus for address decoding of embedded DRAM devices
Establishing a pointer at a valid address location that is representative of a valid entry point of ...
Control system for multihead weigher
Method of making a hidden image game piece
Measurement synchronization method for voice over packet communication systems
System, method and computer-program product for transferring a numerical control program to thereby ...
Method for initiating internet telephone service from a web page
Apparatus for and method of secure ATM debit card and credit card payment transactions via the inter...
System and method for network auto-discovery and configuration
Dynamic topology notification extensions for the domain name system
Method and system for secure communication over unstable public connections
Method and device for determining corrected color aspects of a pixel in an imaging device
Solid-state imaging device with voltage followers formed by selected row transistors and column tran...
Charge transfer device and solid-state image pickup device
Exposure control in electronic cameras by detecting overflow from active pixels
Solid-state image sensor and method of driving same
Image pickup apparatus
Ticker tape picture-in-picture system
Multi-standard video decoder
Using a reduced memory look up table for gamma correction through interpolation
RF converter having multiple AV/S terminals
Channel selection device for use in broadcasting receiver and broadcasting receiver equipped with th...
Image projection in television off position
Bracket for CRT
Seamless rear projection screen
Stereoscopic display apparatus, endscope and microscope both using the apparatus
Video encoding method and video encoding apparatus
Method for optimizing off-line facial feature tracking
Method and device for determining the position of an object within a given area
Image mosaicing system and method adapted to mass-market hand-held digital cameras
Image retrieval system for retrieving a plurality of images which are recorded in a recording medium...
Segment formed flexible fluid containment vessel
Underwater deposit-recovery scooper and specimen storage container
Rare earth permanent magnet
Titanium-based and zirconium-based mixed materials and sputtering targets
Cold water infusing leaf tea
Water containing fullerenes and method for producing the same
Powered beverage mix with rapidly dissolving calcium
Method and an apparatus for shaping a dough piece
Green vegetable purees, process for producing the same and foods containing the purees
Method and apparatus for processing vegetable oil miscella, method for conditioning a polymeric micr...
Spray -dried bacteriocin powder with anti-microbial activity
Pectins, process for producing the same, acidic protein foods with the use of the same and process f...
Soybean jam
Pucker resistant film and package
Detection and removal of chitinous material in a biological sample
Process for producing transglutaminase
Lactose hydrolysis
Method for culturing agaricus edible fungus
Method for maintaining or improving the synthesis of mucins
Method and composition for the accelerated in vivo removal of ethanol
Block copolymer compositions
Heptanonic acid and furanone compounds and compositions
Method and steaming oven and collector plate
Apparatus and method for controlling a vehicular component
Automatic electric power generating device for wheels
Method and device for determining a speed variable of at least one driven wheel of a motor vehicle
Self-propelling vehicle
Abnormality detecting apparatus for a driving system of an automotive generator-motor device
Internal combustion engine
Cooling module with air dams
Loader frame and bolt-on track drive
Retrofit kit for motorizing a collapsible mini scooter
Delashing mechanism for fixed parallel based gear pairs
Electric motor assist type power steering apparatus
Safety system for opening the trunk compartment of a vehicle
Hydraulic power steering system with reservoir and method of operating same
Ear coupler
Clampless hose retainer mechanism
Exhaust gas muffler
Flexible headliner for automotive vehicle
Increasing motion smoothness using frame interpolation with motion analysis
Computer media synchronization player
System and method for maintaining network system information
Quality control in frame interpolation with motion analysis
Object recognition using binary image quantization and Hough kernels
Automatic video object extraction
System and process for generating representations of objects using a directional histogram model and...
Palettized image compression
Palettized image compression
Still image extraction from video streams
Technique for discovery using a wireless network
Method and apparatus for training a translation disambiguation classifier
Electronic shopping basket
Access control and metering system for streaming media
Method and system for restricting the usage of payment accounts
Log parser
Mechanism for evaluating security risks
Extensible peer-to-peer graphing messages
Power factor correction circuit
Preventing packet flooding of a computer on a computer network
Mechanism to safely perform system firmware update in logically partitioned (LPAR) machines
Continuous slurry polymerization process and appparatus
Structure of electron gun for color cathode ray tube
Hot melts utilizing a high glass transition temperature substantially aliphatic tackifying resin
Frequency comparator circuit
Method and device for cellular base station antenna optimization
Low energy method of pyrolysis of hydrocarbon materials such as rubber
Light emitting diode with heat sink
Nonvolatile memory device having data read operation with using reference cell and method thereof
Building a learning organization using knowledge management
Wave transmission mobile
Halogenated aromatic compound, (co)polymer thereof, and proton-conductive membrane comprising same
Copyright protection system for data storage and transmission
Non-plated aluminum based bearing alloy with performance-enhanced interlayer
Ink jet aerosol control using carrier movement as a piston pump
System and method for verifying logical, arithmetic and timing dependencies of system behaviors usin...
Laundry detergent compositions with cellulosic polymers to provide appearance and integrity benefits...
Flexible corrosion-inhibiting cover for a metallic object
Educational reading aid
Soap dispenser hand wash interval timer
Cyperus plant named `Perkamentus compact`
Cycle wheel safety lighting system
Computer program and method for automatically setting up call routing for a metropolitan statistical...
Method for operating a private telecommunications network
Call control system and method
Telephone apparatus
Method for improving acoustic noise attenuation in hand-free devices
Method and apparatus for mitigation of disturbers in communication systems
Method for improving the performance of USSD transfer in a cellular communications system
Portable telephone with an exchangeable data input apparatus
Method and apparatus for voice dictation and document production
Authentication system using information on position
Intrusion detection radio appliance
Apparatus for remotely controlling a digital processing system
Internet telephone apparatus and method for an internet telephone set
Distributing local services telecommunications switching system
End-user communications test system
Voice over IP method for developing interactive voice response system
Ain based call retry and enhanced call waiting services
System and method for controlling transfer
Caller control of call waiting services
Formulation for the prevention and treatment of multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating condition...
Apparatus and method for imaging
Methods for fabricating polymer light emitting devices by lamination
Method and apparatus for automated native code isolation
Camera system having at least two first cameras and two second cameras
Microprocessor with branch-decrement instruction that provides a target and conditionally modifies a...
Rod for cervical vertebra and connecting system thereof
Method of forwarding messages to mobile objects in a computer network
Multilevel cache system having unified cache tag memory
Heat-dissipation structure of plasma display panel device
Operating guidance system for medical equipment
Guidance with feature accounting for insignificant roads
Loudspeaker system
Use of immunosuppressants for MMP mediated diseases
Digital data recording apparatus, digital data recording method, and computer-readable recording med...
Compositions and methods for the modification of gene transcription
Human caspase-12 materials and methods
Agent for the treatment of bone diseases
Vehicle-use rolling bearing device
Method and apparatus for efficient handling of product return transactions
Method for prioritizing bus errors
Aircraft heated floor panel
Information processing apparatus that can suspend processing and method therefor
Method for creating master recipes
Apparatus and method for isolating cells from organs
Unbleached pulp for lyocell products
Staphylococcus aureus polynucleotides and polypeptides
Method and system for controlling a transfer case clutch to avoid wheel slip
Direct pressure apparatus and method for dispensing coatings
Parallel and selective growth method of carbon nanotube on the substrates for electronic-spintronic ...
Algorithmically programmable memory tester with breakpoint trigger, error jamming and 'scope mode th...
Ceramic wound treatment device
Visual signalling device for service
System and method for utilizing dispatch queues in a multiprocessor data processing system
System and method for integrating optical layers in a PCB for inter-board communications
Neurovascular coil system and interface and system therefor and method of operating same in a plural...
Livestock chute scanner
Automatic shock lead gain adjuster
Optimized bus connection for managing bus transactions
Electro-optical assembly for image projection, especially in portable instruments
Apparatus and method for determining a most likely code word in a digital data transmission system
Apparatus for the purification of water
Multi-station electrical discharge machining with manufacturing interrupt reduction
Integrated real-time data tracing with low pin count output
Functionalties of axially movable spool valve
Method for using a carbamoyl fluoride as fluorinating agent
Polymerizable dental material based on chromophoric xerogels
Making neural cells for human therapy or drug screening from human embryonic stem cells
Modification of polysaccharides
Regulating metabolism by modifying the level of trehalose-6-phosphate
Point drive stake system
Monitor system of vehicle outside and the method thereof
Inhalation net for dogs
Calibrating body
Network topology for food service equipment items
Method for producing formylphenylboronic acids
Software for the display of chromatographic separation data
Methods for screening for transdominant effector peptides and RNA molecules
Apparatus and method for recognizing self-position in robot system
Tooth shade analyzer system and methods
Methods for tissue repair using adhesive materials
Process for making a polarizing film
Method for producing isocynates
Adhesive for semiconductor part
System display apparatus and storing medium
Methods and devices for identifying, sensing and tracking objects over a surface
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Process for production of alcohols
Impact modifier, process for producing the same, and thermoplastic resin composition containing the ...
Automated EMC-driven layout and floor planning of electronic devices and systems
Method and apparatus for delivery of data over a network
Developer agitating member
Transmission cable for medical signal values
Process for preparing simvastatin
Method for binary-level branch reversal on computer architectures supporting predicated execution
Method of treating anemia caused by ribavirin treatment of hepatitis C using erythropoietin alpha
150W-1000W mastercolor ceramic metal halide lamp series with color temperature about 4000K, for high...
System and related interfaces supporting the processing of media content
Method in a packet data network of negotiating reporting mechanisms and reporting accounting records
TNF-.alpha. inhibitors
Deacetylase inhibitors
Encapsulation of crystals via multilayer coatings
Biocompatible, biodegradable, water-absorbent material and methods for its preparation
Process for analyzing pressure variation in a perfusion apparatus comprising several units
Multichip package
Genes involved in stroke response and/or regulated by FK506, proteins encoded thereby, and methods o...
Methods to identify modulators of FKHL7 DNA-binding activity
Methods for detecting and sorting polynucleotides based on size
Tissue collection devices containing biosensors
Polymer brushes for immobilizing molecules to a surface and having water-soluble or water-dispersibl...
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Tongue for footwear
Portion of a shoe midsole
Floor covering with borders and method of making same
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Pneumatic tire having asymmetric block pattern
Golf ball
Golf ball
Method of manufacturing pneumatic tire
1,2,4-Benzotriazine oxides as radiosensitizers and selective cytotoxic agents
Simulation method for estimating performance of product made of viscoelastic material
Method and apparatus for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure and program for judging decompressi...
Tire for automobile
Wood-type golf clubhead
Method of removing cover of golf ball from core
N,N-dinitramide salts as solubilizing agents for biologically active agents
Method and system for estimating the accuracy of inference algorithms using the self-consistency met...
Method of measuring rotation of sphere
Tire tread
Tire tread
Resonant sensor for dip
Process for synthesizing tackifier resin
Tire tread
Radially expansible tire assembly drum and method for forming tires
Method of folding tire breaker ply edges
Tire tread
Tire tread
Apparatus and method for monitoring a condition of a tire
Tire tread
Tire sidewall
Tire preparation using partially pre-cured component
Self-aligned planar double-gate process by amorphization
Structure comprising an insulated part in a solid substrate and method for producing same
Curvature anisotropy in magnetic bits for a magnetic random access memory
Method for manufacturing field effect transistor
Latch-up resistant CMOS structure
Electrode means, a method for its manufacture, an apparatus comprising the electrode means as well a...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Sensitivity enhancement of semiconductor magnetic sensor
Device having electrically isolated low voltage and high voltage regions and process for fabricating...
Fabrication of a heterojunction bipolar transistor with integrated MIM capacitor
Semiconductor device and packaging system therefore
Bridge connection type of chip package and fabricating method thereof
Metal gasket for a semiconductor fabrication chamber
Semiconductor topography having an inactive region formed from a dummy structure pattern
Enhanced barrier liner formation for via
Surface-mount crystal oscillator
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing thereof
Integrated passive components and package with posts
X-ray defect detection in integrated circuit metallization
Pinhole defect repair by resist flow
Multiprobe blob test in lieu of 100% probe test
Event based charging in a communications system
Analytical instrument and processes
NMR measurement method and NMR apparatus
NMR measuring system
System for concurrent MRI imaging and magnetic field homogeneity measurement
Method for sorting particles
Transformation-based method for indexing high-dimensional data for nearest neighbour queries
Method and system for inclusion hash joins and exclusion hash joins in relational databases
Systems and methods for determining semiotic similarity between queries and database entries
Method and apparatus to support multi-node direct access to file system data
Logical and constraint based browse hierarchy with propagation features
Data compression/decompression apparatus using additional code and method thereof
Process and system for providing name service scoping behavior in java object-oriented environment
Computer system for portable digital data capture and data distribution
Method and system for representing and accessing object-oriented data in a relational database syste...
Classification engine for managing attribute-based data
Content-based similarity retrieval system for image data
Information processing system and storage area allocating method
System and method for developing a cost-effective reorganization plan for data reorganization
Method and system for automating the configuration of a storage area network
System and method for configuration, management, and monitoring of a computer network using inherita...
Method and apparatus for creating a network audit report
Socket tool having data transfer control codes, file transfer control codes, and data and file trans...
System and method for improving flash memory data integrity
Authentication methods and systems for accessing networks, authentication methods and systems for ac...
Secure information handling system
Internet web browser with proximity sensitie hyperlink history report
Fender with compact spring element
Bio-hydraulic turbine testing system
Installation vehicle
Modular seabed processing system
Floating plant for liquefying natural gas
Method for injecting of foamed concrete and a foamed concrete
Optically-based methods and apparatus for performing sorting, coding and authentication using a gain...
Method and apparatus for maximizing an advertising effect using a control unit to detect if advertis...
Mega pyramid stadium complex
Simulated steering feel system
Vehicle theft prevention device
Remote velocity sensor slaved to an integrated GPS/INS
Conversion of single phase to multiple phase alternating current
Vehicle security systems and methods employing facial recognition using a reflected image
Obtaining vehicle usage information from a remote location
Method and device for controlling a drive unit of a vehicle
Drive train vibration control system
Activating apparatus for vehicle passenger protection devices
Vehicle engine control system having wireless and automatic engine start operation
Sewerage pipe inspection vehicle having a gas sensor
Engine valve train
Diesel engine with intake cam phaser for compression ratio control
Method and system for storing and querying of markup based documents in a relational database
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Pipelined multiple issue packet switch
System and method for image tamper detection via thumbnail hiding
Reliable detection of LSB steganography in color and grayscale images
Biological fertilizer based on yeasts
Biological fertilizer compositions comprising garbage
Methods for producing polypeptides in aspergillus mutant cells
Polynucleotide strands operably linked to nanocrystals functionalized to be water soluble
Herbicidally active benzoylcyclohexanediones
Anti-inflammatory compounds and uses thereof
Method of modifying a xylan-containing carbohydrate substrate having hexenuronic acid groups attache...
Heat-sensitive medium for separating species in a separating channel and use thereof
Lentiviral vector system for high quantity screening
CaMK-X1 and its uses
Nucleic acid encoding GAI gene of arabidopsis thaliana
Method and database arrangement for inspection and requalification of vehicles used for transporting...
Method for supporting user level online diagnostics on Linux
Audio playback apparatus and method for resuming interrupted playback recording
Interleaved n-way set-associative external cache
Server system operation control method
Methods and apparatus for detecting heap smashing
Measuring network performance parameters in data communication networks
Spread spectrum system assigning information signals to message-code signals
Method and apparatus for efficient use of communication resources in a CDMA communication system
Playback equipment
Circuit and method for determining battery impedance increase with aging
Method of and apparatus for measuring mercury contained in hydrocarbon
Electric pepper mill
Solid lamp fill material and method of dosing HID lamps
Chemical vapor deposition of titanium
Chemical vapor deposition of titanium
Zinc/air cell
Method and apparatus for automated, in situ material detection using filtered fluoresced, reflected,...
Polymeric binders having specific peel and cure properties and useful in making creped webs
Process for the preparation of water-soluble granules or particles of saldimine-type manganese compl...
Heat-sensitive adhesive material, method of preparing same and method of using same
High solids emulsions of silylated elastomeric polymers
Sulfonyloxime compound, and radiation sensitive acid generator, positive type radiation sensitive re...
Polypeptides having .beta.-1,3-galactosyl transferase activity
Anti-tumor antibody compositions and methods of use
Functionalized monomers for synthesis of rubbery polymers
Resin structure and use thereof
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, preparation method thereof, image forming process, appara...
Multi-layer imageable element with a crosslinked top layer
Multicolor image-forming material and method for forming multicolor image
Carrier for electrophotography and developer using the same
Bis(cis-3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexyl) phthalate, process for producing the same, and thermoplastic resi...
Plastified novolaks as additive to rubber mixtures
Oil-base ink composition, writing utensils and dyes to be used therein
Ink for ink jet recording
Nucleic acid probe libraries
Integrated nucleic acid diagnostic device
Device and method for producing metal diecast parts, particularly made of nonferrous metals
Inks-and-printing-media-integrated pack, ink-jet printing apparatus and method
System for repairing distressed roads that includes an asphalt interlayer
Method of manufacturing an item and apparatus for manufacturing an item
Filtering method for swimming pools with water flow rate multiplying unit
Method and apparatus for manufacturing products through the use of waste materials of various kind, ...
Transmissive and reflective type liquid crystal display
Powder inhaler
Method and system for reconstructing 3D interactive walkthroughs of real-world environments
Fault protection for hitless and errorless switching of telecommunications signals
Push-pull thermooptic switch having single control signal
Method for processing silicon workpieces using hybrid optical thermometer system
Delayed interference wavelength converter and/or 2R regenerator
Method for relaxing human beings using personal care compositions
Partially oxidized polyalkyleneimine antioxidant for photographic developers
Pyrazoline derivative or tetrahydropyridazine derivative and medicinal use thereof
Vaishnavi, a high yielding self-pollinated Cymbopogon martinii
Projection image display apparatus
Bowling ball slice display face
Method and apparatus for visual silent alarm indicator
System and methods for object-oriented control of diverse electromechanical systems using a computer...
Method and system for real time cellular network configuration
Module for monitoring vehicle operation through onboard diagnostic port
Systems and methods for monitoring and displaying I/O data for plurality of I/O devices
Process for automatically installing video display software upon detecting new video display control...
System and method for rupturing encapsulated adhesive in sheet media
T20/DP178 is an activator of human phagocyte formyl peptide receptors
ABCB9 transporter and uses thereof
RGS-containing molecules and uses thereof
Apparatus for preparing microparticles using liquid-liquid extraction
Chimpanzee erythropoietin (CHEPO) polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Ink jet recording head driving method and circuit therefor
Fluorosilicone release agent for fluoroelastomer fuser members
Toner compositions and processes thereof
Piezoelectric element driving circuit and driving method
Receptacle, in particular for single-use cosmetic products
Receptacle, in particular for single-use cosmetic products
Fuel cut control method
Photo detect element and an optical semiconductor device
Error correcting latch
Multilayered optical thin-film filter, method of designing the same and filter module utilizing the ...
Method for coating a semiconductor material using high remanent induction, coated superconductor mat...
Substrate-guided optical beam expander
Fabrication of inclusion free homogeneous glasses
Method of manufacturing a sugar-inorganic hybrid composite
Method of liquid deposition by selection of liquid viscosity and other precursor properties
Highly filled, pasty, composition containing silicoorganic nanohybrid and/or microhybrid capsules fo...
Technique for ensuring authorized access to the content of dynamic web pages stored in a system cach...
Method and apparatus for wireless transfer of chemical-mechanical planarization measurements
Wafer container cleaning system
Methods for cleaning semiconductor surfaces
Heterocyclic substituted pyrazolones
Methods and compositions utilizing quinazolinones
Salt forms of 3-(4-bromo-2,6-difluoro-benzyloxy)-5-[3-(4-pyrrolidin-1-yl-butyl)-ureido]- isothiazole...
Water-absorbing agent, method for the production and the utilization thereof
Pulverulent, crosslinked polymers which absorb aqueous liquids and blood
Coffee, tea, and herbal tea maker
Optical module
Method of making a cube
Retarders and circular polarizers
Processing of photographic material
High-throughput-screening method for determining enantioselectivity
Light emitting ceramic device and method for fabricating the same
Method for optical module packaging of flip chip bonding
Imaging device
Optical component and fabrication of such a component
UV-curable, non-chlorinated adhesion promoters
Nuclear myosin I .beta.with a 16 amino acid N-terminal extension
Guide rail for a driver
Method of manufacturing rolling element string
Rotation-speed sensor device
Thrust bearing assembly with preload spring
Axial roller bearing
Side element of a shoe upper
Plasma display panel
Mechanism to guarantee forward progress for incoming coherent input/output (I/O) transactions for ca...
Fabric cleaning
Method for the use of hydrophobic bleaching systems in textile preparation
Elastic laminate web
Compositions and processes for reducing water solubility of a starch component in a multicomponent f...
Hair conditioning compositions in stick or bar form containing cationic surfactant and fatty alcohol
Pouched compositions
Degenerate birdcage resonator for magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus provided with an open magnet system
Magnetic resonance apparatus with excitation antennae system
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus probe having a solenoid coil and a saddle coil and nuclear magn...
Multiple packet paths to improve reliability in an IP network
Process for manufacturing thin film strips
Preopened bags for automated baggers and related methods
Plastic container having depressed grip sections
Grooved adjustment strap for a cap
Method for producing metallurgical coke
Multiple component spunbond web and laminates thereof
Ion-exchange membrane
Automobile parking verification system (APVS)
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Package with insert for holding allograft implant to preclude lipid transfer
Method for making coPEN/PMMA multilayer optical films
Printed substrate made by transfer of ink jet printed image from a printable transfer film
Protected lenticular product
Solar lighting system for outdoors umbrella
Polarized light recuperation apparatus
Optical system and display device using the same
Aperture fluorescent lamp, surface illuminator, manufacturing methods thereof, liquid crystal displa...
Refractive sheet lighting assembly for an elevator
Magnifying and illuminating lectern or lectern adaptor
Duplex reflective re-configurable optical add/drop multiplexers
Impedance control devices for use in the transition regions of electromagnetic and optical circuitry...
Optical modifier and method for the manufacture thereof
Optical fiber connection system
Siloxane optical waveguides
Inspection system for circuit patterns and a method thereof
Automatic segmentation-based grass detection for real-time video
Method of iterative segmentation of a digital picture
Image coding apparatus and image coding method
System and method for controlling image compression based on image emphasis
Method and apparatus for improved image interpolation
Image processing apparatus
Filing system and method for avoiding filing of identical document data
Method and apparatus for measuring sound that takes hearing characteristics into consideration
Urethral support for incontinence
Ophthalmoscope laser attachment
Methods and devices for transcranial magnetic stimulation and cortical cartography
Tube gripper integral with controller for endoscope of borescope
Method for analysis of ongoing and evoked neuro-electrical activity
Attachment devices for surgical instruments
Active medical device able to diagnose a patient respiratory profile
Stair step voltage actuated measurement method and apparatus
Body fluid measuring instrument and body fluid sampler thereof
Artificial sphincter
Arrangement for holding beverage cans or similar receptacles in the interior of vehicles
Passivating of tin, zinc and steel surfaces
Use of helium/nitrogen gas mixtures for the laser welding of stainless steel pipes
Lactic acid bacteria, fermented seasoning liquid containing the same, and a method for producing bre...
Decal removal apparatus and method
Catalyst compounds with .beta.-diiminate anionic ligands and processes for polymerizing olefins
Process for producing polymers
Optimization of milking
Gear shift mechanism for fishing reel
Level wind mechanism
Beehive feeder
Quality assurance program and method for meat production
Removal of a paper strip for rearing hatchlings
Training collar for animals
Pressure pulse probe for animal behavior correction
Gene and methods for diagnosing neuropsychiatric disorders and treating such disorders
Computer, recorded medium on which address validity checking program is recorded, and address validi...
System in a broadband network
Methods, systems and computer program products for kernel based transaction processing
Address translation
System and method for providing forward progress and avoiding starvation and livelock in a multiproc...
Microprocessor with repeat prefetch instruction
System and method for assigning storage in a storage network in accordance with stored management in...
Method for recovering memory
Instruction fetch buffer stack fold decoder for generating foldable instruction status information
Distortion cancellation for RF amplifiers using complementary biasing circuitry
Current steering circuit for amplifier
Apparatus and method for computing multiple integral, and recording medium
Methods and apparatus for moving data elements within a data communications device
2,3-olefinic epothilone derivatives
Mixing apparatus
Positive-type image-forming material and planographic printing plate precursor
Planographic printing plate precursor provided with an image forming layer containing a fluorine mac...
Method for making lithographic printing plate
Cleaning compositions containing hydroxy mixed ethers, methods of preparing the same, and uses there...
Method and device for displaying the deployment of an endovascular prosthesis
Device for replacing a cardiac valve by percutaneous route
Percutaneously deliverable heart valve and methods of implantation
Recombinant P53 adenovirus methods and compositions
Adsorbent for oral administration
Systems, methods, and compositions for achieving closure of vascular puncture sites
Insulated intravenous administration tubing
In-vitro method for detecting and diagnosing acute coronary syndromes
Cinnamide derivatives as KCNQ potassium channel modulators
Non-steroidal ligands for the glucocorticoid receptor, compositions and uses thereof
Feed-through filter capacitor assembly
Multi-stable magnetic article
Guided waver radar level transmitter
Surface mountable vertical multi-layer capacitor
Interleavers for AWGs
Modeling and rendering of surface reflectance fields of 3D objects
Solid-state image pickup device
Method for attenuating water layer multiples
Gate driver for power device
Animal collar
Variable length decoder and decoding method
Method and apparatus to permit efficient multiple parallel image processing of large jobs
Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase polypeptides, polynucleotides and modulating agents and methods of use...
Excimer laser apparatus
Device for monitoring safety-relevant processes in machines
Method and apparatus for printing on substrates for preparing packaging blanks
Method and apparatus for processing a printing ink containing inhibitors and oligomers in a printing...
Radio receiving apparatus, and method for detecting a delay differential between branches in the app...
Method of making composite electrode and current collectors
Image forming apparatus including a maximum charge quantity of toner particles forming useless toner
Polymer-containing organo-metal catalysts
Multimetallic catalyst compositions for the polymerization of olefins
Ophthalmic lens
Multi-functional second instrument for cataract removal
Deformable molds and methods for their use in the manufacture of ophthalmic lenses
Semiconductor device with selectively diffused regions
Method for producing solar cells and thin-film solar cell
Composition of crosslinkable polyether, crosslinkable vinyl polymer and compatibilizer
Static bathtub or swimming pool cleaning device
Method and apparatus for atomizing fluids with a multi-fluid nozzle
Fuel cell and method for preparation thereof
Replaceable fuel cell apparatus having information storage device
Fuel-cell system for moving body and control method thereof
In-situ resistive current and temperature distribution circuit for a fuel cell
Electrode catalyst composition, electrode, and membrane electrode assembly for electrochemical cells
Operation method for polymer electrolytic fuel cell
Hydrogen purged motor for anode re-circulation blower
3-heterocyclypropanohydroxamic acid PCP inhibitors
Method for the hydrogenation of maleic anhydride and related compounds in two serial reaction zones
Method for the production of para-hydroxybenzoate in Pseudomonas mendocina
Semiconductor integrated circuit having high-speed and low-power logic gates with common transistor ...
Method and apparatus for producing bonded dielectric separation wafer
Image forming apparatus with selectively lockable intermediate members for supporting developing and...
Polymeric modifying agents
Hardener particle, manufacturing method for hardener particle and adhesive
Process for producing diphenyl sulfone compound
Multilayer printed circuit board
Wire electric discharge machining device
Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Spark plug
Spark plug with glaze and marking
Electronic device, or dimmer, for regulating the power supply applied to a load
Fuel cell system and method of controlling the same
Circuit simulator
Optical element, method for producing the same, and optical pickup
High-voltage transformer
Switching power source circuit with drive frequency variably controlled by switching element
Programmable power supply to simultaneously power a plurality of electronic devices
Behind-the-ear hearing aid and attachment module for same
Liquid crystal display device
Compensation films for LCDs
Hub portion of a pair of jaws for a tool
Preform for composite material and composite material
Robot movement control system
Electromagnetic shielding plate and electromagnetic shielding structure
Light source device of a liquid crystal display
Channel assigning device and method in CDMA communication system
Merchandise tag
Backscratcher with a telescopically adjustable shaft and with a plurality of screw-on attachment end...
Fiber assisted irradiation system and method for biostimulation
Bleaching method of natural fibers without dewaxing
Fabric care compositions
Method and apparatus for producing folded labels having rounded corners
In Vivo stain compounds and methods of use to identify dysplastic tissue
Psoriasis patch
Hydrophilic polymer treatment of an activated polymeric material and use thereof
Treatment of natural polymer based materials and the products based thereon
Fabric softener compositions
Bandage for wound or incision closure
Concealed object detection
Method for packing rectangular strips
Integration of speech recognition and stenographic services for improved ASR training
Recovery of metal values from cermet
Method for treating brass
Porcelain enamel having metallic appearance
Sensor configuration for substantial spacing from a small aperture
Integrated semiconductor light sensor device and corresponding manufacturing process
Process for splicing a continuous strip of packets
Image reading apparatus
Light scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Image reading apparatus and method, and storage medium
Developing device, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Charging apparatus, process cartridge and image forming apparatus having electroconductive particles...
Image forming apparatus driving conveying medium or intermediate transferring medium and control met...
Card having communication function
Speech synthesizing method and apparatus
Machine interface
Projection exposure apparatus using wavefront detection
Diffractive optical element and optical system
Color management architecture using phantom profiles to transfer data between transformation modules
Slurry tray and slurry tray assembly for use in fractionation towers
Method of forming an electrical contact
Surface mounting type planar magnetic device and production method thereof
Optical head and optical head feeder
Method for producing group III nitride compound semiconductor and group III nitride compound semicon...
Method for producing group-III nitride compound semiconductor device
Method for packaging a low profile semiconductor device
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor apparatus using chemical mechanical polishing
Circuit substrate device, method for producing the same, semiconductor device and method for produci...
Semiconductor device having an elastic resin with a low modulus of elasticity
Interconnects containing first and second porous low-k dielectrics separated by a porous buried etch...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Electronic devices with semiconductor chips and a leadframe with device positions and methods for pr...
Image processing device
Raster engine with bounded video signature analyzer
Non-synchronous hardware emulator
Method and apparatus for distributed resequencing and reassembly of subdivided packets
Methods and apparatus for control of asynchronous cache
Host-fabric adapter and method of connecting a host system to a channel-based switched fabric in a d...
Contention priority control circuit
Transfer of SONET traffic over a packet-switched network
Method and system for switching between multiple clock signals in digital circuit
Implementation of basic call setup transporting layer address and logical point in backward directio...
Mast cell-specific signal transducing molecules and cDNAs thereof
Thromboresistant coating composition
Method of sterilizing a radiation-resistant medical adhesive product
Crosslinked gelatin gel preparation containing basic fibroblast growth factor
High-level synthesis apparatus, high-level synthesis method, method for producing logic circuit usin...
System and method for allowing a user to quickly navigate within a program guide to an established r...
System and method for updating and distributing information
Data processing apparatus, method, and storage medium for transmitting data to a predetermined desti...
Method and apparatus for resuse of a thread for different programmed operations
Automobile front bumper
Reconfigurable filter architecture
Method for photocatalytically rendering a surface of a substrate superhydrophilic, a substrate with ...
Stable solid block detergent composition
Process for preparing fine alkaline earth metal zeolite particles
Method and apparatus for monitoring microcomputer in electronic control unit
Guitar body
Compressor arrangement, particularly for commercial vehicles, having an auxiliary compressor unit
Plunger enhanced chamber lift for well installations
Hybrid compressor
Electric fuel pump with universal relief valve installed in the pump inlet
External rotor brushless DC motor
Valve for downhole pump
Method and apparatus for supporting wide area gaming network
Apparatus for treating molten metal having a sealed treatment zone
System, method, and apparatus for non-intrusively determining concentration of a solute in a solutio...
Analysis method and system therefor
Broadband spectroscopic rotating compensator ellipsometer
System and apparatus for sequential processing of analytes
Image processing apparatus and method
Handle body of a ratchet wrench
Oscillator arrangements with improved frequency stability
Method of adjusting an AV and/or PV delay to improve hemodynamics and corresponding implantable stim...
Non-invasive method and apparatus for cardiac pacemaker pacing parameter optimization and monitoring...
Evaluating a vortex flow-meter signal
Fail safe fault interrupter using secondary breaker
Piezoelectric speaker
Method for fabricating microelectromechanical structures for liquid emission devices
Piezoelectric bimorphs as microelectromechanical building blocks and constructions made using same
Integrated method for release and passivation of MEMS structures
Method and apparatus for dicing released MEMS wafers
Low inertia latching microactuator
Push-mode latching relay
Micro-electromechanical inductive switch
Antenna system
Apparatus and methods to achieve a variable color pixel border on a negative mode screen with a pass...
Preprinted print rolls for use in an image processing device
Digital camera with interactive printer
Optical mirror module
Backplane wire and noise eliminator tube
Dynamically reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer
Liquid crystal adaptive coupler for steering a light beam relative to a light-receiving end of an op...
Method and apparatus for multi-sensor processing
Method for producing a structural member from plates stacked on top of each other and soldered toget...
Heat exchanger
Heat pipe for differential assembly
Combination tower and serpentine fin heat sink device
Heat pipe fin stack with extruded base
Extruded manifold
Cooling system for working fluid used in automatic transmission of automotive vehicle
Apparatus for carrying out a heterogeneously catalyzed reaction
Assembly process and heat sink design for high powerd processor
Impact device
Ink jet recording head
Shroud for the infeed impeller of a rotary combine
Point of use water purification method and apparatus
Compositions of a hydrofluoroether and a hydrofluorocarbon
Gas-insulated switch
Tiltable-body apparatus, and method of fabricating the same
Dual use of an induction furnace to produce hot metal or pig iron while processing iron and volatile...
Sigma delta modulator having enlarged dynamic range due to stabilized signal swing
Auxiliary antenna for wireless handset
Feedback cancellation in a hearing aid with reduced sensitivity to low-frequency tonal inputs
Directional microphone assembly
Insect pest eradication system
Reductive alkylation process
Inhibition of p53 degradation
Cross-linked hyaluronic acids and medical uses thereof
Cephalotaxane derivatives and process for their preparation
Lipoxin A4 analogs
Trisubstituted-N-[(1S)-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydro-1-naphthalenyl]benzamides which inhibit P2X3 and P2X2/3 co...
Systems and methods for wideband single-end probing of variabily spaced probe points
Urokinase inhibitors
Blender jar
Catalytic oxidation module for a gas turbine engine
Sensor device for registering strain
Method and device for controlling a vehicle engine
Fuel injector and fuel rail check valves
System and method for comparing electronics manufacturing data
Air mass flow controller valve
Vacuum generating method and device including a charge valve
Cooling of combustion turbine airfoil fillets
Drive train for a displaceable contact on an electrical power breaker
Method for sorting items according to distribution address
Magnetic bearing
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus having damping laminated sheets for reducing vibrations
External actuator interlock mechanism for circuit breaker
Device and method for safely recognizing switch positions of a rotary switch
Interference suppressor
Steerable horizontal subterranean drill bit having an offset drilling fluid seal
Diagnostics, protection, and isolation system for electronic devices on a vehicle data communication...
Information inquiry support apparatus, information inquiry support method, information distribution ...
Proximity as an aid to caching and secondary serving of data
Radio frequency identification device for increasing tag activation distance and method thereof
Industrial data capture system including a choke point portal and tracking software for radio freque...
Encoded SAW RFID tags and sensors for multi-user detection using IDT finger phase modulation
Nanoimprinting apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for forming low dielectric constant film
Direct printing of thin-film conductors using metal-chelate inks
Fully depleted silicon-on-insulator CMOS logic
Vertical nanotube transistor and process for fabricating the same
Method for redirecting the source of a data object displayed in an HTML document
Method and system for indicating the existence of a control object
PCI bar target operation region
System and process for automatically explaining probabilistic predictions
Adaptive encoding and decoding of bi-level images
Liquid crystal device, method for making the same, and electronic apparatus
Roll and development apparatus using the same
Compression-bonded probe window
Nonradiative dielectric waveguide and a millimeter-wave transmitting/receiving apparatus
Method for rendering, evaluating and optimizing a surface quality based on CNC program data
Method and apparatus for controlling diesel engine
Electronic whiteboard using electrophoretic display
Semiconductor memory device having a latch circuit and storage capacitor
Memory member, unit, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus featuring dual polarity, multiple timing bias applying means
Method of signal shredding
Apparatus and methods of controlling surface charge and focus
Grenade launchers and methods to secure a grenade launcher to a firearm
Electron gun having short length and cathode-ray tube apparatus using such electron gun
Gravity-sensitive locking assembly and weapon container
Track fastening hammer
Firearm buffer system
Skeletonized sabot
Pneumatic ball projecting apparatus
Collapsible decoy bag
Method of and system for automatically producing digital images of a moving object, with pixels havi...
Ambidextrous reserve magazine holder for a firearm
Small arms weapon bipod
CDMA system which uses pre-rotation before transmission
Code division multiple access wireless system with closed loop mode using ninety degree phase rotati...
Wireless communications system with combining of multiple paths selected from sub-windows in respons...
Initialization of handsets in a multi-line wireless phone system for secure communications
Wireless database environment
Dual event slotted paging
Fast adaptive power control adapter for a variable multirate communication system
Fast adaptive power control for a variable multirate communications system
Method and system for controlling an electronic utility device using an electronic reading device
System for remotely controlling energy distribution at local sites
Data communication system and method
System and method for narrowing the range of frequency uncertainty of a doppler shifted signal
Compact matrix code and one-touch device and method for code reading
System and method for aiding in antenna selections
Method and system for tracking and reporting time spent on tasks
Illuminated holiday vehicle wreath
Preferred embodiment to led light string
Illuminating or indicating device
Portable, LED illuminator
Formed lighting fixtures
Attachment for retaining lenses on a reflector lamp
Glow tube illumination device and illumination system for bicycles
Vehicle light assembly
Outdoor artificial tree
Delineator lighting apparatus
Safety vehicle and system for avoiding train collisions and derailments
Rotating periodic color-regulating module of an image display device
Exhaust system for a microwave excited ultraviolet lamp
Graphical system configuration program for material handling
Composite mobile digital information system
Driving assist system
Skateboard hanger
Disc holder adapted for attachment to a bottle
Automated generation of fundus images based on processing of acquired images
Propionibacteruim vector
Packaging for firecrackers
Flame-resistant polycarbonate blends
Use of IL-12 antagonists in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Heterocyclic compounds, materials for light emitting devices and light emitting devices using the sa...
Image display apparatus having voltage application structure
Organic electroluminescence device
Electroluminescent device having a very thin emission layer
Organic electroluminescence device and display device
Display device with minimal color deviation for various view angles
Organic light-emitting device and fabricating method thereof
Driving method for liquid crystal display
Organometallic complexes as phosphorescent emitters in organic LEDs
Fused polynuclear compound and organic luminescence device
Semiconducting hole injection materials for organic light emitting devices
Light emitter for a display
Polymer compound and polymer light-emitting device using the same
Organic light-emitting device based on fused conjugated compounds
Organic light emitting devices with host-guest bonding
Limiting interaction between parties in a networked session
Filter cartridge support
Fuel strainer assembly
Integrated hydroponic and wetland wastewater treatment systems and associated methods
Process for removing phosphorus from wastewater utilizing a triple basin wastewater treatment system
Two-stage high synthesis activated sludge system with intermediate bio-solids removal
Method and device for removing particles from liquid
Processes using solid perm-selective membranes in multiple groups for simultaneous recovery of speci...
System and method for inoculating a biological reactor
Amino acid composition for hemodialysis
Method for mixing and processing specimen samples
Method for setting up a dialysis treatment in a dialysis machine
Method for separating components from liquid and gaseous media with nanocomposites
Treatment of spent pulping liquor with lignin separation to recover alkali pulping chemicals in manu...
Fluid treatment system, radiation source assembly and radiation source module
Free radical generator and method
Method of separating protein from animal milk
Method and apparatus for high pressure liquid chromatography
Separation system and process
Cast-to-shape electrokinetic trapping medium
Systems for column-based separations, methods of forming packed columns, and methods of purifying sa...
Method and apparatus for deionizing water
Method for reducing hydrogen sulfide emissions from wastewater
Method for treating soybean refinery wastewater
Water filter control unit
Fluid treatment apparatus
Method of wastewater treatment and wastewater treatment apparatus
Electrocoagulation system
Spin filter system
Method for killing organicsms in the course of conveying ballast water in ships and apparatus thereo...
Solid liquid filtration apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating fluids containing multiple components
Desludging device and method for desludging a liquid
Effluent distribution system
Polymer for coating leukocyte removal filter material and the filter material
Conductive polymer materials and applications thereof including monitoring and providing effective t...
Wearable ultrafiltration device
Clematis plant named `EVIpo015`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Esperanto Happy`
Lomandra plant named `LM300`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Stella`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Kepa`
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `Heartbeat`
Argyranthemum plant named `Supaanem`
Argyranthemum plant named `Supamon`
Argyranthemum plant named `Supait339`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Pur`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoprovidence`
Bougainvillea plant named `Vera Pink`
Verbena plant named `Comivpec`
Scaevola plant named `Wesscaedia`
Euphorbia milii plant named `Apollon`
Brighamia plant name `Kirsten`
Light guide plate
Light fixture trim
Cigarette lighter
Gas lighter head
Vibrating attachment for a liquid and lotion applicator
Depilatory device
Blade for safety razor
Electric hair clipper
Angled shaver
Sports belt
Wrestling ear guard
Pressure washer
Vacuum cleaner canister
Single agitator nozzle for vacuum cleaner
Compact ice scraper
Thermal ice scraper
Base leg wheel cover for a material handling vehicle
Cryptographic accelerator
Random number generator and method for same
Information transceiver system
Encryption key management system using multiple smart cards
Transmission mechanism for vehicles having HST and pressure oil supply system therefor
Vehicle chassis having systems responsive to non-mechanical control signals
Drivetrain for a motor vehicle
Net for covering front grill of automotive
Floor working machine with a working implement mounted on a self-propelled vehicle for acting on flo...
Fuel economizer system
Vehicle yaw management system with driveline torque control
Vehicle driving position adjusting device
Power splitting transfer cases for changing vehicle traction drives
Direction/distance sensing vehicle function control system
Scooter with a shock-absorbing unit
Manual transmission for four-wheel drive vehicle
Rear collision warning system
Vehicle operation control method and vehicle operation control apparatus
Pedestrian collision protection system and collision site detecting apparatus for use in vehicle
Snack product
Flexible mould for confectionery, bread-making and similar, with support and stiffening element of t...
Polydextrose as anti-staling agent
Fiber-containing animal feed gel
Process for the production of a dairy product containing gelatine and cream
Protein supplemented processed meat composition
Cleaning/sanitizing methods, compositions, and/or articles for produce
Flip and drain pan
High protein foodstuff
Method for constrain-frying snack pieces having intact surface features