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Pneumatic demultiplexer for controlling multiple assistive technology devices
Remote control system for a locomotive with tilt sensor
Method and system for device tracking
Method and apparatus for selective speech recognition
Apparatus and method for efficient TDMA bandwidth allocation for TCP/IP satellite-based networks
Bidirectional bus repeater for communications on a chip
Battery capacity indicator in a portable computing device
Low volatility formulations of microencapsulated clomazone
Golf teaching system and method
Microcup compositions having improved flexure resistance and release properties
Magnet for NMR analyzer and NMR analyzer using the same
Antenna element and antenna arrangement for magnetic resonance applications
Hybrid CSI procedure
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus with spatial coding using readout segmentation
Methods and apparatuses for streamlining the digital publishing of filmed video programs
Resin composition, gasket material and gasket integrated with metal
Block copolymer and composition containing the copolymer
Multicolor image-forming material and method for forming multicolor image
Toner for electrostatic image development
Photosensitive composition comprising a phenol resin having a urea bond in the main chain
Modified pressure sensitive adhesive
Propylene block copolymer and propylene resin composition
Antiglare and antireflection film, polarizer, and image display device
Method and apparatus of blocking ultraviolet radiation from arc tubes
System and method for reducing transitions on address buses
Redistribution metal for output driver slew rate control
Conformal thin films over textured capacitor electrodes
Proteases from gram-positive organisms
Hyaluronan synthase gene and uses therof
Intracellular glucocorticoid-induced leucine zippers modulators of apoptic cell death pathways
Short peptides which selectively modulate the activity of serine/threonine kinases
Automatic deliming process
Dimensionally stable parts having good torsional stability and compositions and methods for making s...
Biodegradable block for models
Mogul machine for manufacturing starch molded products such as candy and apparatus and starch level ...
Molding material made from recycled scrap tires
Pipeline surface preparation for inspection with debris collection
Gasket singulation and insertion apparatus and methods
Apparatus for manufacturing no-bran cereal
Water saving dual flush system of valving
Systems and methods for newspaper press cut-off reduction
Process for producing electromagnetic-wave absorber
Fluid dispenser
Methods and apparatus for a dual-outlet vapor dispenser
High performance system for the parallel and selective dispensing of micro-droplets, and transportab...
Coating apparatus and coating method of liquid for protection of recorded product, and protection pr...
Process for producing 2-alkyl-2cyclopentenones
Lightweight cementitious composite material
Print drum maintenance unit
Toner and an image formation method
Method for evaluating concentration of metallic impurities in silicon wafer
Pulse generating circuit
Semiconductor memory device having redundancy system
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a crystallized semiconductor film
Electro-optical device, method for driving the same, scanning line driving circuit, and electronic e...
Semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing nonlinear element, method of manufacturing electrooptic device, electrooptic...
Flexible substrate, electro-optical device and electronic device
Anisotropic composite comprising a mixture of a polymeric network and an inorganic material
Electroluminescence display device having a desiccant
Circuit and method for driving electro-optical panel, electro-optical device, and electronic equipme...
Method of manufacturing a thin film capacitor array
System for direct-to-press imaging
Abrasive product, method of making and using the same, and apparatus for making the same
Method for fabricating shaped monolithic ceramics and ceramic composites through displacive compensa...
Semiconductor processing system with wafer container docking and loading station
Use of protein H as cytostatic agent
Tetracycline compounds for treatment of Cryptosporidium parvum related disorders
Certain substituted polyketides, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in treati...
Angiogenesis inhibiting 5-substituted-1,2,4,-thiadiazolyl derivatives
Heterocycle substituted aminoazacycles useful as central nervous system agents
Corticotropin releasing factor antagonists
(Z)-styrylbenzylsulfones and pharmaceutical uses thereof
Method and device for preparing a hot beverage
Self-light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Pressure wave sensor using levitated mass
Test pattern printing method, information processing apparatus, printing apparatus and density varia...
Process for producing 4,4,4-trifluoro-3-hydroxybutyric acid derivatives
Flip-chip image sensor packages
IP-10/MIG receptor designated CXCR3, nucleic acids and methods of use therefor
Human Elk, a voltage-gated potassium channel subunit
Work conveying system and traveling path sealing structure in the work conveying system
Bearing device and motor with the bearing device
Wheel bearing unit with mounting openings for the brake caliper carrier
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Event-based application layer switching for high-speed protocol processing
Water resistant fabric and method for making
Film for wrapping
Preparation and use of gamma-butyrolactones as cross-linking agents
Catalyst/oxidizer-based CMP system for organic polymer films
Essentially lead free glass and a glass tube made therefrom
Flexible fire protection plate and its use for the fire protection of openings in walls, floors and ...
Combined particle filter and purifier
Method for applying hydrophobic anti-reflection coatings to lenses and lens blanks
Size compositions, sized glass fibers and their use
Solvent free silicone coating composition
Process for the purification of aromatic carboxylic acids
Flux cored wire for gas shielded arc welding
Organometal compound catalyst
Electric toothbrush
Process for making tube blanks
Protective sideshield with comfort safety wing
UV LED light projection method and apparatus
Sunscreen compositions
Menthyl benzoate formulations for external UV protection
Silver halide color reversal photographic light-sensitive material
Alkaline cleaning composition with increased chlorine stability
Use of starch dispersions as binder in coating compositions and process for preparing the starch dis...
Method of deodorizing and/or cleaning carpet using a composition comprising odor control agent
Compositions containing liquid crystalline polymers
Brightener additive and bath for alkaline cyanide-free zinc electroplating
2,4,-Hexadienoic acid, its alkali salts and/or derivatives for preventing oxidative corrosion of met...
Photosensitive material comprising reversibly decolorable colored layer and image-forming method usi...
Resorcinol derivatives
Shipping container
Electric power generation with heat exchanged membrane reactor (law 917)
Auxiliary power supply for a vehicle with a combustion engine and method for operating same
Vehicle seat, a skin material for a vehicle seat and a method of manufacturing the vehicle seat
Flowable flax bast fiber and flax shive blend useful as reinforcing agent
Method of rotational molding using a resin blend and the resulting molded objects
Porous ink-jet printed media sealed by interpolymer complex
Electrical detection of dicing damage
Translucent tonneau cover and system
Optoelectronic packages and methods to simultaneously couple an optoelectronic chip to a waveguide a...
Optical module and package thereof
Gain flattening optical filter, optical amplifier comprising such an optical filter and method for m...
2 to n optical divider with integrated optics
Differential phase shift keyed demodulator system
Thin conductor ribbon
Method and apparatus for coding of wavelet transformed coefficients
Method of adjusting output image areas
Method for data preparation and watermark insertion
Methods and apparatus for matching multiple images
Apparatus for rough classification of words, method for rough classification of words, and record me...
Endoscopic system with instrument position and orientation display
Endoscopic intubation system
Infrared clinical thermometer
Biopsy instrument having aspiration capabilities
Passive safety device for needle of blood collection set
Method for producing an aqueous dispersion of particles that are made up of polymers and inorganic s...
Apparatus for testing the state of an endoscope
System and method for prioritizing multiple health disorders for use in automated patient care
Dispenser for beverage cans or the like
Faceted gemstone
Oval faceted gemstone crown
3-aryl-substituted cyclopentadienyl metal complexes and polymerization process
Elastomer compositions for bonding to fluoropolymers
Electrostatographic recording paper
Targeted elastic laminate having zones of different basis weights
Cortisol sensor
Molding die
Pet litter collection bag and spatula
Assays for modulators of prolyl-4-hydroxylase
Lithographic method for manufacturing a mask used in the fabrication of a fiber Bragg grating
Stabilization technique for high repetition rate gas discharge lasers
Dual cure B-stageable underfill for wafer level
Method, system, and program for enabling communication between devices using dynamic addressing
Method for enhancing gas well secondary recovery operations
Method of fabrication of composite electrodes in lithium ion battery and cells
Alkaline cell with flat housing
Method and apparatus for characterizing high-energy electrochemical cells using power functions obta...
Catheter protective shield
Guidewire distal tip soldering method
Minimally invasive surgery device
Ultrasonic cannula system
Electrosurgical systems and methods for treating tissue
Stent delivery catheter assembly and method of use
Expandable stent and delivery system
Coagulation factor Viia composition
Substituted pyrazole derivatives
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Turbidity sensor having adapted transmission characteristic and method for fabrication thereof
Thermally compensated current sensing of intrinsic power converter elements
Smart wire harness for an electrical circuit
Method and apparatus for testing semiconductor circuitry for operability and method of forming appar...
Stochastic screens for printing
Method for tracking outgoing telephone calls for multiple maritime vessels
Acoustic guitar assembly
Wind chime apparatus
Switching system with a combined switching and blocking device
Method and control structure for a sensor heater
Waste glass substrate
Hinge device
Factory-installed software purchase verification key
Method, and associated apparatus, for effectuating handover of communications in a bluetooth, or oth...
Relative future activity indicators for assisting in selecting the source of received communications
Image forming apparatus
Method of automated setting of imaging and processing parameters
Simple and inexpensive high-capacity output catch tray for document production machines
Mobile feeder system
Aligning apparatus for printing units of printing presses
Slide book for viewing translucent glazes
Method and device for producing elastane threads from recycling material
Method and apparatus for the on-stream analysis of total sulfur and/or nitrogen in petroleum product...
Microencapsulated particles and process for manufacturing same
Molded electrode, method for production thereof, and secondary battery using thereof
Electron emitting device, electron source and image display device and methods of manufacturing thes...
Gold powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Vehicle convertible between a bicycle and a scooter
Polyetherester elastomer
Noctilucent polyurethane chips and methods of manufacturing the same
Electric vehicle
Cyclodial drive for exercise apparatus
Surface formed complex multi-layered polymer lenses for light diffusion
Speedometer for a bicycle
Speedometer for a bicycle
Battery pack
Bicycle whistle
Trailer lock
Handlebar shifter device for operating bicycle derailleur system
Two-piece bicycle crank set
Bicycle sidecar
Pedal-type driving device suitable for bicycle
Foldable infant jogging stroller
Packaging container for electronic components
Hydrogen storage bed system including an integrated thermal management system
Methanol fuel cell comprising a membrane which conducts metal cations
Electrochemical cell system output control method and apparatus
Tubular solid oxide fuel cell stack
Low-humidification and durable fuel cell membrane
Fuel-cell co-generation system, of electrical energy and hot water
Thermoformable polyamides
Fuel cell stack having a reduced volume
Polarized lens formed by injection/coining injection molding process
Acid functional fluoropolymer membranes and method of manufacture
Polypeptide having amidolytic activity for a serpin
Methods of treating inflammatory skin diseases
Image forming method, image forming apparatus, process cartridge and photoconductor
Charge control agent and toner using same
Cylinder lock
High density fabric for air bag and method for manufacturing high density fabric
Closing unit for tools to be pressed together against opening forces
Surface treatment process for fabricating a panel of an organic light emitting device
Massaging apparatus having pivotally supported supporting arm with therapeutic member
Organic solvent based dispersion of conductive powder and conductive coating material
Article having photocatalytic activity
Exhaust emission control catalyst element, catalyst structure, production method thereof, exhaust em...
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Fuel cell system
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Unitized regenerative fuel cell with bifunctional fuel cell humidifier and water electrolyzer
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having plural memory circuits selectively controlled by a ma...
Methods of decoupling diffusion effects from relaxation times to determine properties of porous medi...
Surface plasmon-enhanced read/write heads for optical data storage media
Method for using conventional core data to calibrate bound water volumes derived from true vertical ...
Strip loaded waveguide with low-index transition layer
Mechanical oscillator for MR elastography
High efficiency amplifier with amplifier element, radio transmission device therewith and measuring ...
Multi-beam scanning optical system with reduced interbeam displacement and image forming apparatus u...
Table top drug dispensing vial access adapter
Multiple analyte assaying device with a multiple sample introduction system
Dining table with integral dishwasher
Dispenser for cutlery utensils
Robot system
Releasing of glazing panels
CDMA modulation method and device therefor
System for manufacturing products according to customer orders
Combined screenprint and embroidering method and apparatus
Waterproof personal storage system
Fabric treatment applicator
Handheld electronic scale
Writing implement which lengthens and shortens when actuated
Method of treating a living organism to achieve a heart load reduction, and apparatus for carrying o...
Handling apparatus for structural members
Article of clothing with a novel attachment means
Plaster containing felbinac
Copper clad laminate
Vehicular system for engaging in a transaction between an occupant of a vehicle and a remote unit
Compounds that modulate PPAR activity and methods of preparation
Structure for preventing a liquid from permeating into a cell
Spin welded fluid coupling
Inert gas purge method and apparatus, exposure apparatus, reticle stocker, reticle inspection appara...
Illumination apparatus, projection exposure apparatus, and device fabricating method
Projection exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method using the same
Printing control method and apparatus
Lens system and image pickup device having the same
Method of modifying the geometric orientation of an image
Information signal processing apparatus
Position and orientation determining method and apparatus and storage medium
Communication method of a serially connected electronic apparatus
Image-forming-apparatus process cartridge having a locking portion to prevent the cartridge from dis...
Image forming apparatus and rotary body detection device
Image forming apparatus having transfer roller forming a nip with image bearing belt and regulating ...
Sheet conveying device with sensor positioned at vertical angle and image forming apparatus containi...
Proteases from gram-positive organisms
Electrochemical edge and bevel cleaning process and system
Apparatus and method for processing a substrate
Lithographic printing method and lithographic printing apparatus thereof
Fluxless die-to-heat spreader bonding using thermal interface material
Plate member separating apparatus and method
Semiconductor device including a pad and a method of manufacturing the same
Method of making a semiconductor device that has copper damascene interconnects with enhanced electr...
Method for forming patterned features at a semiconductor wafer periphery to prevent metal peeling
Method for fabrication of relaxed SiGe buffer layers on silicon-on-insulators and structures contain...
Insulated gate field effect transistor having passivated schottky barriers to the channel
Non-volatile resistance variable device
Stacked semiconductor package having laser machined contacts
Via-in-pad with off-center geometry
Multilayer wiring board with mounting pad
Composite material including copper and cuprous oxide and application thereof
Methods and apparatus for creating a high speed connection between a device under test and automatic...
Apparatus and method for controlling vehicle so as to purify exhaust emission from engine
Method for controlling the starting of an internal combustion engine
Three-point hitch having flotation
Omni direction vehicle with material handling tool
Axle driving apparatus
Phase frequency detector with a narrow control pulse
Auto-detection between referenceless and reference clock mode of operation
Frequency locked loop with improved stability using binary rate multiplier circuits
Layouts for an integrated circuit to perform time and space switching of SONET framed data
Band management circuit
Cable modem system with sample and packet synchronization
Semiconductor integrated circuit including a test facilitation circuit for functional blocks intelle...
Semiconductor device with phase comparator comparing phases between internal signal and external sig...
Method and apparatus for inducing defibrillation in a patient using a T-shock waveform
Logic optimization device for automatically designing integrated circuits
Timing path detailer
Message parser and formatter
Methods and apparatus for upgrading firmware in an embedded system
Automobile hood
Apparatus and methods for optically inspecting a sample for anomalies
Laundering aid for preventing dye transfer
Bleaching detergent formulation
Process for making detergent particulates
System and method for product yield prediction using a logic characterization vehicle
System and method for highly accurate real time tracking and location in three dimensions
Method, receiver and system for determining the time of reception of a beacon signal
Method of locating radio frequency leaks in a CATV system
Electronic system
Navigation system
Methods and apparatus for determining phase ambiguities in ranging and navigation systems
AINS land surveyor system with reprocessing, AINS-LSSRP
Method and apparatus for identifying media content presented on a media playing device
Performing a two-step read on a MAC register in a home network as an atomic read
Separator apparatus
Separator apparatus
Standpipe inlet for enhancing particulate solids circulation for petrochemical and other processes
Method and apparatus for measuring the accessibility of porous materials with regard to large compou...
Guitar body
Apparatus for dosing lubricant into an air line
Driving apparatus of a linear compressor
Vibration dampening system for a reciprocating compressor with a linear motor
Piston mounting and balancing system
Aggregate for conveying fuel
Fan with driving gear
Plastics packaging
Blood flow measuring apparatus
Method of improving a digital image as a function of its dynamic range
Ratchet wrench
Light scattering particle size distribution measuring apparatus and method of use
Optical system, and optical apparatus
Apparatus and method for electrical testing of electrical circuits
Laser-induced defect detection system and method
Piezoelectric transformer device and housing for piezoelectric transformer and method of manufacturi...
Dual crystal package
Monolithic piezoelectric transformer and method for manufacturing the same
Electro active devices
Apparatus for evaluating electrical characteristics
Electronic circuit for a method for storing information, said circuit comprising ferroelectric flip-...
Surface acoustic wave filter
MEMS enclosure
MEMS enclosure
Tunable filter, manufacturing method thereof and optical switching device comprising the tunable fil...
Multi-wavelength cross-connect optical switch
Cholesteric liquid crystal cell devices and systems
Modular optical switch fabric
Dicing method for micro electro mechnical system chip
Suspended thin-film resistor
RF switch using conductive fluid
High Q inductor in multi-level interconnect
Method for high precision printing of patterns
High performance cooling device with side mount fan
Cooling system, especially for a vehicle
Compact precooler
Cooler for electronic device
Integrated condenser/separator for fuel cell exhaust gases
Passive cooling apparatus for an outdoor cabinet
Electronic apparatus having a plurality of radiators in which liquid coolant flows
Method and system for regenerating NOx adsorbers and/or particulate filters
Combustion gas purifier and internal combustion engine
Outwardly opening, seat-sealed, force balanced, hydraulic valve and actuator assembly
Compact two-plane optical device
Memory hierarchy reconfiguration for energy and performance in general-purpose processor architectur...
Methods and apparatus for stroke patient treatment
Current determination circuit, and image printing apparatus having current determination circuit
Digital-to-analog converter with linear amplification rate
Digital-to-analog converter arrangement with an array of unary digital-to-analog converting elements...
EMI reduction of power converters by way of controlled randomized modulation of oscillating signals
Double resonance high voltage converter with start-up
Method and system for improving amplifier efficiency
Switching power amplifier, and switching control method for a switching power amplifier
Radiation curable resin layer
Detection of Legionella
Rapid generation of recombinant adenoviral vectors
Fluorimetric detection system of a nucleic acid
Streptogramins and method for preparing same by mutasynthesis
Methods for treating patients suffering from drug dependencies which lead to plasma melatonin defici...
Diaminofluorescein derivatives
Chemical compounds
Adamantane derivative
Gymnemic acid derivatives, process for the preparation thereof and use thereof as medicine
Guanidinylation, guanidinoglycosides, uses, and methods of assaying their activity
Breathing assistance apparatus
Dental measuring and machining system
Hemocompatible coatings on hydrophobic porous polymers
Ceramic based multi-site electrode arrays and methods for their production
Method of optimizing direct injector tip position in a homogeneous charge engine for minimum injecto...
System for automatic processing of fluids using combinable and interchangeable process modules
Method and apparatus for antialiased imaging of graphical objects
Deformation element
Optical diagnosis system for small animal imaging
Apparatus for generating surface pressure in an injection molding machine
Apparatus and method for monitoring the switching paths of a time/space coupling network
Method and device for filtering contaminated air
Method for operating an access control system, in particular for a motor vehicle, and access control...
Method and apparatus for laser processing
Apparatus and method for generating a human machine interface
Method and apparatus to tune rotor's torsional natural frequency by geometry of rotor winding slot
Method for providing diagnostic messages
Switching method for an electromagnetic switching device and an electromagnetic switching device cor...
Multi-ply paperboard prepared from recycled materials and methods of manufacturing same
Load cell
Semiconductor device with variable pin locations
Input buffer circuit for semiconductor device
Local bit-plane memory for spatial light modulator
Timing control means for automatic compensation of timing uncertainties
Electron beam test system with integrated substrate transfer module
Method of a continuous determination of an instantaneous position of an impeller blade tip in a roto...
Optical cavities for optical devices
Electronic controller modules and methods for making and using same
Optical waveguide and fabrication method
Vehicular shift control unit and vehicular automatic shift control method
Multiple control loop acceleration of turboalternator after reaching self-sustaining speed previous ...
Programmable coriolis flow meter electronics for outputting information over a single output port
Optically compensated bend type liquid crystal display device
Planetary gear device for vehicle, having clutch drum provided with retainer ring
Shift control apparatus for automatic transmission
Tire changing kit
Vehicle security system
Passive coatings and improved configurations for gun cartridges, solid rockets, and caseless ammunit...
Operation of a decoy against threats
Reusable grenade cartridge
Method and apparatus for reading firearm microstamping
Riding rail tie plugging apparatus
Apparatus and method for simultaneously coating and measuring parts
Pneumatic delivery system for projectiles
Pneumatic gun
Apparatus and methods for utilizing expandable sand screen in wellbores
Methods and apparatus for storing and delivering air to buildings
Polymer bonded energetic materials
Vaccine for preventing pythiosis in humans and animals
Method for removing a coating from a substrate, and related compositions
Ambient-to-cold focus and alignment of cryogenic space sensors using uncooled auxillary detectors
Luminescent device with a triarylamine compound
Nanostructured-doped compound for use in an EL element
Electroluminescent devices
Organic electroluminescent device with efficient heat dissipation and method for manufacturing the s...
Combination bank/phone card and method
Lodging entertainment system with guest controlled integrated receiver decoder
Dishwasher fine filter assembly
Rainwater collection and bottling system
Liquid filter, especially oil filter
Device for draining flat roofs, balconies, terraces or other flat structures
Passive injection control for microfluidic systems
Magnetic filter
Fuel strainer assembly
Displacement filter apparatus
Flexible dip tube filter with weight
Composite nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes and method for producing the same
Waste treatment with control over biological solids
Process for preparing reactive compositions for fluid treatment
Water treatment
Sequential swinging precoat removal and renewal system, filter so equipped and method
Solid-liquid separation system
Agent for restricting elution of phosphorus, method for producing the same, and method of restrictin...
Method of decomposing pollutants and apparatus for the same
Petal-array support for use with microplates
Compost berm
Method and apparatus for the treatment of effluent, sludge and organic substrates
Process and apparatus for waste water treatment
Wastewater treatment apparatus and system
Method for treating for-treatment water containing organic matter and nitrogen compound
Separating device, analysis system separation method and method of manufacture of separating device
Method for performing the purifying separation of crystals out their suspension in a mother liquor
Process to separate colour bodies and/or asphalthenic contaminants from a hydrocarbon mixture
Monolith filter apparatus and membrane apparatus, and method using same
Method for preventing scaling of membranes in a one-step membrane process
Method of managing the valves of a simulated moving bed separation system
Adsorption method and ligands
Vertical gas induced flotation cell
System and process for decontaminating soil
Alum pellets
Device and method for monitoring the integrity of filtering installations
Photodynamic biological fluid pathogen inactivation/filtering apparatus and method
Method of preparing sterile water containing hypochlorous or chlorous acid, package of sterile sourc...
System and method for fractionation of a centrifuged sample
Method and apparatus for filtering tap changer oil
Width expandable modular ditch liners
Chrysanthemum plant named `Maia`
Raspberry plant named `PS-1764`
Impatiens plant named `Didi Appleblossom`
Osteospermum plant named `Osantis`
Argyranthemum plant named `Supasat`
Calathea plant named `Tanja`
Anthurium plant named `Patriot`
Euphorbia milii plant named `Atlas`
Euphorbia milii plant named `Helena`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sulte Whit`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Litelaver`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Laver`
Carnation plant named `Yoder Lady`
Lighting fixture support
No smoking sign ashtray
Hair remover
Shaver handle
Disposable razor
Disposable razor
Extended reach razor
Handle for a holder for a safety razor blade
Razor handle
Frog floss holder
Ear cover
Helmet rear portion
Wrestling ear guard
Steam cleaner
Rear cover for a laundry dryer
Method of and apparatus for analyzing population distribution, and computer product
Printer or laminator supply
Communication system that provides users with the capability to record video messages that are broad...
System and method for virtual tape volumes
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named `Sweet Caroline Bronze`
Utensil metal detector
Transaction processing system using efficient file update processing and recovery processing
Coupling device for optically coupling an optical waveguide to an electro-optical element
Methods for forming and integrated circuit structures containing ruthenium and tungsten containing l...
Rule compliance system and a rule definition language
Dip stick oil wiper
Medicinal powder delivery system
Process for direct integration of a thin-film silicon p-n junction diode with a magnetic tunnel junc...
Method using wet etching to trim a critical dimension
Semiconductor latches and SRAM devices
Blocker plate by-pass for remote plasma clean
Nickel silicide--silicon nitride adhesion through surface passivation
Microelectromechanical system with stiff coupling
Field emission display cathode assembly
Structure and method for preventing process-induced UV radiation damage in a memory cell
Method of forming an array substrate for an in-plane switching liquid crystal display device having ...
Method and apparatus for etching and deposition using micro-plasmas
Deposition of tungsten films
Method of reducing an electrostatic charge on a substrate during a PECVD process
Cyclical deposition of tungsten nitride for metal oxide gate electrode
Method of forming integrated circuit contacts
Spathiphyllum plant named `Power Plant`
Composition and method for the treatment of anorectal disorders
Link discovery and verification procedure using loopback
Methods for producing hydroxy amino acids and derivatives thereof
Bezel prismatic lightpipe design
Phosphor powder and production method therof, display panel, and flat-panel display device
Air bleed control device for carburetors
Molecular pump for forming a vacuum
Hot-rolling mill
Method and apparatus for reconstruction of images in parallel MRI systems
RAID method and device with network protocol between controller and storage devices
Very low density lipoprotein receptor polymorphisms and uses therefor
Modular cage
Recombinant microorganisms expressing an oligosaccharide receptor mimic
Method of operating phosphoric acid fuel cell
Foldable label display system
Method and device for exploiting transmit diversity in time varying wireless communication systems
Actuator body for an inhalation device
Hardenable orthopaedic supports
Grafted polymer electrolyte membrane, method of producing a grafted polymer electrolyte membrane, an...
Fabric treatment compositions comprising different silicones, a process for preparing them and a met...
Double-metal cyanide catalysts for preparing polyether polyols
Thermally initiated polymerization of olefins using ruthenium or osmium vinylidene complexes
Electrolyte for a fuel cell
Low loss fuel cell configuration
Complex and method for producing epoxides by using the complex
Indolyl-urea derivatives of thienopyridines useful as antiangiogenic agents, and methods for their u...
Methods for estimating the seasonality of groups of similar items of commerce data sets based on his...
Process for the preparation of thiazole intermediate
Data transfer controller and electronic device
Magneto-optic optical device
Polarizer and optical device using the polarizer
System and method for baseband removal of narrowband interference in ultra wideband signals
Wide pass-band interferometric optical device utilizing an optical ring-resonator
Electric drive unit
Discoid machine
Sequentially joined-segment coil for rotary electrical machine with high degree of electrical insula...
Signal reception circuit, data transfer control device and electronic equipment
Electromagnetic switch and starter using the same
Fuel cell
Heating element for fluorescent lamps
3-heteroarylalkyl substituted GABA analogs
Microwave assisted continuous synthesis of nanocrystalline powders and coatings using the polyol pro...
Method of coating a luminescent material
Mineral-filled coatings having enhanced abrasion resistance and wear clarity and methods for using t...
Mechanical translator with ultra low friction ferrofluid bearings
Method and apparatus for operating networked gaming devices
Type font
System and method for automatically switching between writing and text input modes
GPS Receiver and depth sounder unit having an adjustable display screen
Optical fiber cord and manufacturing method thereof
Mailbox operated signal device
Wireless handset feature transparency between switching nodes
Method and system for determining motor reliability
Apparatus and method of using same for synchronizing film with sound
Short range RF network
System and method for retransmission of data
Compliant communications connectors
Integrated MEMS power-save switch
Cavity embedded meander line loaded antenna
Method and collapsible antenna for wireless communication
Location visit confirmation services for wireless devices
Process control
System for enhancing the quality of an image
Display device
Sewing machine with illuminating led lamp
Ornamental article
Illumination for inspecting surfaces of articles
Ultraviolet lamp assembly
Contour light projector
Track lighting attachment
Vehicle exterior mirror system with turn signal light assembly
Light radiation device, light source device, light radiation unit, and light connection mechanism
Accessory utilizing a light emitter
Count down led traffic signal
Method, apparatus and computer program product for displaying terrain in rotary wing aircraft
Differentiating between board-insertion power-on and chassis power-on
System and method for obtaining hysteresis through body substrate control
Efficient implementation for equalization of multicarrier channels
Data communication apparatus and method in multi-carrier CDMA communication system
Coding apparatus and method for orientation interpolator node
Controlling method and apparatus for transition between modes at traffic channel substrate in mobile...
Method and apparatus for providing distributed control of a home automation and control system
Method and apparatus for testing semiconductor devices using an actual board-type product
Circuit for correcting duty factor of clock signal
Isotropic antenna system and notebook computer
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof and method of repairing pixel using the...
Array substrate for reflective and transflective liquid crystal display devices and manufacturing me...
Image display device employing optical compensation film
Liquid crystal display
Method for fabricating LCD having upper substrate coated with sealant
Post-processed nanoscale powders and method for such post-processing
Methods for enhancing thrombolysis in a mammal
Electronic program guide with interactive screen game
Radio frequency filter
System for transferring image data from a camera to a printing system
Multi-path data streaming in a wireless packet data network
Assembly, and associated method, for facilitating frequency allocations in a radio communications sy...
VCO gain tracking for modulation gain setting calibration
Method for supplying reference data for a frequency update in a mobile station, mobile station, modu...
Cellular communication system handover
Multicell area paging for cellular telecommunications system
Photographing game machine, photographing game processing method and information storage medium
Sequential fast-ball bingo secondary bonus game for use with an electronic gaming machine
Gaming device having multiple identical sets of simultaneously activated reels
Feedback path for video benchmark testing
Multi-tier digital TV programming for content distribution
Secure distribution of private keys to multiple clients
Privacy preserving negotiation and computation
Content processing system
Media service delivery system providing conditional access to media content from various client devi...
Method and apparatus including special programming mode circuitry which disables internal program ve...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Estrada`
Ultra low power adaptive pulse distance ratio decoder for coded data by feedback of output data
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption of a processing integrated circuit
Functional clock generation controlled by JTAG extensions
Method and system for testing a processor
On-chip logic analyzer
Apparatus and method for error detection on source-synchronous buses
System on a chip bus with automatic pipeline stage insertion for timing closure
Method for watermarking computer programs
Semi-fragile watermarks
Method for processing a traffic channel request
Chair and ancillary apparatus with medical diagnostic features in a remote health monitoring system
Showerhead with removable electronic media device
Cross point memory array using multiple modes of operation
Method and tool for data mining in automatic decision making systems
Polymer electrolytes and lithium secondary battery containing the same
Target self-security for upgrades for an embedded device
Spine for a dusting implement
Gaming device having tease reveal feature
Pieris plant named `Katsura`
Orally administered dosage forms of GABA analog prodrugs having reduced toxicity
Multi-rate digital filter for audio sample-rate conversion
System and method for enabling multiple signed independent data elements per register
Plasma display panel and a method for producing a plasma display panel
Microwave system for heating voluminous elongated loads
Small molecule printing
Cartridge dispenser extension and extrusion system
Vehicle-mounted toll-paying device that enables a safe verification of an inserted IC card
Transgenic animals for producing specific isotypes of human antibodies via non-cognate switch region...
Non-peptide GnRH agents, Pharmaceutical compositions, and methods for their use
Stabilization of transverse magnetization in superconducting NMR resonators
Oligonucleotides for detecting male infertility
Multi-bin orientation sensitive printing system and method
Infant and child back head curve support pad
Secured financial transaction system using single use codes
Pseudo elliptically-shaped tool
Phosphite ester oxidation in nucleic acid array preparation
Vehicle license plate cover with decorative insert
Vehicle travel control system
Inhalation device
Phenyl-linked oxazole cyanates as dielectrics having good adhesive and filling properties
Aqueous or aqueous-alcoholic body-cleansing compositions comprising oligoesters
Method for producing aliphatic oligocarbonate diols
CMP pad with composite transparent window
Separator for a fuel cell
Method of outputting internal information through test pin of semiconductor memory and output circui...
Image fixing device having temperature detection Interval changing device
Use of thiamphenicol and derivatives thereof for the preparation of pharmaceutical compositions usef...
Method and apparatus for inactivating contaminants in blood products
Method to identify IRES elements
Nucleosides having bicyclic sugar moiety
Method and apparatus auto-discovering components of distributed services
Robust serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) PCB connector
Temperature dependent write current source for magnetic tunnel junction MRAM
Disk storage device having a hub sealing member feature
Spin valve transistor
Master information carrier for magnetic transfer
Data storage
Digital VFO device
Method for reproducing phase information signals in an information recording device
Apparatus and method to calibrate a servo sensor
Head positioning device and disk drive using same
Spin valve magnetic head with three underlayers
Magnetic tunnel junction sensor with a free layer biased by longitudinal layers interfacing top surf...
Thin film magnetic recording inductive write head with laminated write gap
Load beam with enhanced resistance to plastic deformation in manufacturing processes
Micro-actuator integrated lead suspension head terminations
Structure and method for redeposition free thin film CPP read sensor fabrication
Apparatus and method of multicasting or broadcasting data from one partition of a partitioned comput...
Method and apparatus for notifying a user of changes to certain parts of web pages
System and method for controlling synchronization of a time-based presentation and its associated as...
System and method for non-visually presenting multi-part information pages using a combination of so...
Method and apparatus for controlling a computing system
Child ambulation aid with enhanced maneuverability
Interferon tau mutants and methods for making them
Lacrimal secretion promoters or eye drops for treating keratoconjunctival failure containing as the ...
Method for treating soil for the control of soil borne plant pathogens
Liquid dispersion polymer compositions, their preparation and their use
Gold conjugates containing detergent
System for delivery of active substances
Pneumococcal protein homologs and fragments for vaccines
Process for the preparation of a extract rich in bacosides from the herb Bacopa monniera
Fluidization additives to fine powders
Expandable structure
Activated, coal-based carbon foam
Process for the production of synthesis gas
Recovery of copper from copper bearing sulphide minerals by bioleaching with controlled oxygen feed
Method for treating precious metal bearing minerals
Abatement of effluent from chemical vapor deposition processes using ligand exchange resistant metal...
Method of manufacturing high voltage schottky diamond diodes with low boron doping
Thermoelectric material and thermoelectric converting element using the same
Method for liquid chromate ion and oxy-metal ions removal and stabilization
Recovery process for wastes containing hexavalent chromium
Oxidation catalysts
Method and apparatus for reforming fuel
Method and system for field assisted statistical assembly of wafers
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
White-light led with dielectric omni-directional reflectors
Electrode materials with improved hydrogen degradation resistance
Semiconductor device having ferroelectric substance capacitor
Dopant barrier for doped glass in memory devices
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Edge termination in a trench-gate MOSFET
High voltage lateral DMOS transistor having low on-resistance and high breakdown voltage
Heat removal in SOI devices using a buried oxide layer/conductive layer combination
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacture method therefore
Optical component and method manufacturing the same
Semiconductor imaging device having a refractive index matching layer
Storage capacitor structure for LCD and OELD panels
Silicon carbide semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication device
Adjustment of a clock duty cycle
Method and apparatus for serving data
Method for improving multipath searcher speed
Web resource transfer acceleration system and method
Database system and method for data acquisition and perusal
Photon beacon
Circuit for controlling an initializing circuit in a semiconductor device
Compact birefringent spectrometer with electrically adjustable passband
Multiplexed, absorbance-based capillary electrophoresis system and method
Optical systems and methods for rapid screening of libraries of different materials
Optical path structure for open path emissions sensing with opposed sources
Semiconductor memory systems, methods, and devices for controlling active termination
Visualization and processing of multidimensional data using prefiltering and sorting criteria
Catheter navigation within an MR imaging device
Method and system for classifying a biological sample
Compositions and methods for generating chimeric heteromultimers
Ketolide antibiotics
Expression of the toxic portion of Cry1A in plants
Conductive container structures having a dielectric cap
Apparatus and methods for energy conversion in an ocean environment
Multinuclear wands
Transimpedance ampifier
Remote sensing using rayleigh signaling
Composite job tickets to support proofing
Method and apparatus for automatically detecting a paper user interface
Method and system for estimation and prediction of channel characteristics in mobile communications
Adaptive image enhancement filter
Optical grating-based filter
Method and apparatus for monitoring the status of manufacturing products
System for capturing information from a postal indicia producing device so as to correct improperly ...
Two layer liquid crystal display apparatus
Electrophoretic display and novel process for its manufacture
Color shifting carbon-containing interference pigments
Optical element using organic-inorganic composite material
Magnetoelectric device
Image forming apparatus that forms a toner image
Method for identifying optical contrast enhancing agents
Method and apparatus for making large-scale laminated foil-back electroluminescent lamp material, as...
Barrier movement control for mid-travel barrier movement start
Electromechanical power converter
Method for coding a sequence of data bytes via an air interface
Flat display panel with a front protection plate
Anthracene derivative and radiation-sensitive resin composition
Acetal protected polymers and photoresists compositions thereof
Electrical sensing apparatus and method utilizing an array of transducer elements
Image sensor with photosensitive thin film transistors and dark current compensation
Multilayer-film reflective mirrors and optical systems comprising same
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process-cartridge and apparatus
Stereolithographic patterning with variable size exposure areas
Radiation detector and method of producing the same
Radiation detector, radiation imaging system, radiation detecting method and radiation imaging metho...
Intrabody navigation system for medical applications
Exposure apparatus and method of fabricating a micro-device using the exposure apparatus
Computer architecture for and method of high-resolution imaging using a low-resolution image transdu...
Apparatus and method for providing a three-dimensional radiographic image of an object
X-ray CT apparatus and X-ray CT imaging method
X-ray illumination optical system and X-ray reduction exposure apparatus
Systems and methods for provisioning a host device for enhanced services in a cable system
Fundus image-taking apparatus and method
System for opening and closing a resealable cartridge
Substrate treating apparatus and method
Method for processing a black-and-white negative recording film material for motion picture soundtra...
Camera assembly having coverglass-lens adjuster
Dough dividing machine
Method and apparatus for manufacturing decorated ice cream confectionery items
Filtration of dipeptide and dipeptide derivative sweeteners
Chilsonated sucralose product
Method of preparation of adapted foods
Tofu products tolerant to freezing and process for producing the same
Nutritional compositions containing spray dried fiber
Matrix-forming composition containing pectin
Process for making stable protein based acid beverage
Method for producing high vitamin butter oil
Dietary fiber containing materials comprising low molecular weight glucan
Method for producing a jerked meat rawhide chew toy
Instantly dispersible pregelatinized starches for use in food products
Ready to use food product packaging film and production method therefor
Displacement assay for selective biological material detection
Packaging sheet material for packaging pourable food products
Utilization of histamine receptor h3 gene participating in body weight or food intake control
High viscosity xanthan polymer preparations
Glycerin fatty acid ester for palliate a symptom of premenstrual syndrome, a palliative of premenstr...
Method for preparaing water-soluble free amine chitosan
Real-time prediction and management of food product demand
iChoose video advertising
Normalized transaction processing for search engine
Method for forming an image on a screen of a cathode ray tube
Base station apparatus, mobile communication system, and method of controlling transmission power
Inhibiting oxidation of a Fischer-Tropsch product using petroleum-derived products
Indium gallium nitride separate confinement heterostructure light emitting devices
Error detection system for an information storage device
Shiftable magnetic shift register and method of using the same
Electrolyte for secondary battery and secondary battery
Air filtration system
Metering valve for aerosol container
Method of removing structure directing agents from molecular sieves
Rose plant named `POULht003`
Method of treating pruritis and composition thereof
Method and apparatus for adjusting chemical dosage of pulp processing stage
Tooling fixture for packaged optical micro-mechanical devices
Compositions and methods for modulating muscle cell and tissue contractility
Motion detector camera
Methods for inhibiting the interaction of B7-2 with its natural ligand
Method, system, and program for prioritizing input/output (I/O) requests submitted to a device drive...
Cache control method and cache apparatus
Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing the same
Compact blast furnace installation
Method, furnace shell, and furnace for rebaking and graphitizing carbon bodies
Antimisting agents
Isolated human glutamate receptor DNA
Caulk tube carrier
System for measuring a biological parameter by means of photoacoustic interaction
Regulated prostate cancer genes
System, method and methodology for reconfigurability of magnetic resonance imagers
Built-in self test system and method for high speed clock and data recovery circuit
Method of operating a motor vehicle
Swashplate holddown and adjustable centering mechanism
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and apparatus including a soft magnetic layer, an at least 2...
Compositions isolated from bovine tissues and methods for their use
Articles comprising a cationic polysaccharide and silica
Method for preparing pentaerythritol phosphate alcohol by mechanochemical synthesis
Graphic display device mountable with stretch releasing adhesive
Fluorine-modified comb polymers based on acryloydimethyltaurine acid
Image forming apparatus having intermediary transfer member and transfer member of size and hardness...
Method of using an integrin antagonist and one or more antineoplastic agents as a combination therap...
Bridged perinones/quinophthalones
Window member for chemical mechanical polishing and polishing pad
Methods of polymerizing olefin monomers with mixed catalyst systems
Audio-video control system
Method, system, and computer program product for determining properties of combinatorial library pro...
Developing apparatus having sealing member preventing toner leakage
Dual disimilar sensing object detection and targeting system
Image rendering process for displaying three-dimensional image information on a two-dimensional scre...
Solid lamp fill material and method of dosing HID lamps
Method and system for regulating background tasks using performance measurements
Practical syntheses of chiral trans-3, 4-disubstituted piperidines and the intermediates
Intaglio printing inks having improved dispersibility and chemical resistance
Resinous heat exchanger and a method of manufacturing the same
Pressless blow molding
Coating method and apparatus
Multilayer laminated structure, in particular for wrapping electric cables
Method of manufacturing organic EL element, organic EL element, and organic EL display device
Serum-free cell culture media
Complement receptor type 1 (CR1)-like sequences
Serpentine transmembrane antigens expressed in human cancers and uses thereof
Myxococcus xanthus genome sequences and uses thereof
Annexin derivatives with endogenous chelation sites
Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) extracted from Escherichia coli
Nitrogen transport metabolism
Barley gene for thioredoxin and NADP-thioredoxin reductase
Regulation of lethal gene expression in plants
Soybean cultivar 030805
Soybean cultivar S010357
Soybean cultivar 0332124
Soybean variety 93B36
Inbred corn line KW7648
Inbred corn line HX894
High efficiency, large field scanning microscope
Light scanning method and light scanning device
Method and apparatus for optical scanning capable of performing a high speed and high pixel density ...
Rubidium titanyl arsenate-silver gallium selenide tandem optical parametric oscillator
Optical amplification using polarization diversity pumping
Method of sampling wobble components and disk drive unit executing the method
Optical disk data erasing apparatus and optical disk data erasing method
Power fiber laser with mode conversion
Method and apparatus for generating frequency modulated pulses
Method and apparatus for controlling laser energy
Optical waveguide
Efficient angle tunable output from a monolithic serial KTA optical parametric oscillator
Mode-locked thin-disk laser
Methods and apparatuses for direct digital drive of a laser in a passive optical network
Laser with gain medium configured to provide an integrated optical pump cavity
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Molecular fluorine laser with intracavity polarization enhancer
Edge-facet pumped, multi-aperture, thin-disk laser geometry for very high average power output scali...
Spot size converter, semiconductor laser module and optical fiber laser device
Water soluble tooling materials for composite structures
Magnetic recording medium with multiple magnetic layers capable of being exchange coupled at elevate...
Ferroelectric composite material, method of making same and memory utilizing same
Magnetite-iron based composite powder, magnetite-iron based powder mixture, method for producing the...
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Electronic component with external flat conductors and a method for producing the electronic compone...
High permeability composite films to reduce noise in high speed interconnects
Organic electroluminescence element and image forming apparatus or portable terminal unit using ther...
Tunable monopole antenna
3-dimensional wave-guiding structure for horn or tube-type waveguides
Protective layers for sputter coated article
Air compressor
Missile system and method of missile guidance
Aircraft seat footrest system and method
System and method for an electrical de-icing coating
Method for managing in-flight refuelling of a fleet of aircraft
Shopping cart collection vehicle and method
Golf device
Optimizing nano-filler performance in polymers
Electron microscope
Vertical nano-size transistor using carbon nanotubes and manufacturing method thereof
Method for 3D object-scanning
Optically confined birefringent chalcopyrite heterostructure devices and operating methods
Filter cell, method of deriving an echo component and an echo canceling system employing the same
Digital media distribution method and system
Method, apparatus, and medium including computer readable code for processing data in a drive
Protection against master unit failure in remote network access multiplexing
Acquisition of an unevenly spaced synchronization channel in a wireless communication system
Method of repairing leaking elongate hollow members in boiling water reactors
Radio propagation model calibration software
Method and apparatus for scheduling presentation of digital content on a personal communication devi...
Integrated journey planner
System and method for stress and stability related measurements in boreholes
Method of and apparatus for processing seismic data
Guard tour system
Method and apparatus for reordering packet transactions within a peripheral interface circuit