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Method of evaluating level of anxiety of person based on skin temperature
Fluid washer for a spray booth
Furthering the enzymatic destruction of nerve agents
Device and method of using explosive forces in a contained liquid environment
Detection of biological warfare agents
Device and method for generating intense and brief controlled variations of magnetic pressure in a s...
Precision direction finding sensing systems and methods
Acoustic emitters for use in marine seismic surveying
Dynamically re-configurable CMOS imagers for an active vision system
Electron beam test system and electron beam test method
Command and control system architecture for convenient upgrading
Shoe, especially shoe for small children
Shoe structure
Toe guard assembly and method
Apparatus for improving human mobility on snow surfaces
Illuminated cap and shoe set
Method of thermoforming a bladder structure
Directory read inhibitor for optical storage media
Antibacterial fiber and antibacterial twisted yarn
Portion of an article of footwear
Footwear sole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Multi-use strips for wearable articles
Collapsible outdoor footwear and backpack
Substrate with stacked vias and fine circuits thereon, and method for fabricating the same
Method for optimal search scheduling in satellite acquisition
GPS receiver module
Personal training device using GPS data
Enhanced GPS receiver utilizing wireless infrastructure
Flexure life estimating method, wire harness designing method and program thereof
Flotation device
Gaming device with moving screen simulation
Pre-buffer voltage level shifting circuit and method
Pressure washer wand
Method for producing tissue engineered meat for consumption
Methods of screening for compounds that bind to activin receptor
Thrombopoietic compounds
Inhibitors of proteasomal activity for stimulating hair growth
Cell culture medium containing growth factors and L-glutamine
Inhibitors of proteasomal activity for stimulating bone growth
Filtration process for separating viruses
Use of multiphoton excitation through optical fibers for fluorescence spectroscopy in conjunction wi...
Putter with alignment system
Putting stroke training device
Golf ball with multi-layer cover
Golf green repair tool
Performing actions identified in recognized speech
Adjustable magnetic snap fastener
Anti-slip overshoe
Apparatus for manufacturing dosage forms
Fixing apparatus for fixing a toner image onto a paper sheet
Method for transparent multiplexing of SONET/ SDH streams
Cleaning device with multiple cleaning members for a developer image carrier
Belt apparatus used in image formation, and an image formation apparatus
Transmission method of reception information on communication connection
Method and apparatus for supporting voice message services with automatic rebound in a wireless inte...
Method and system for a multicast service announcement in a cell
Temperature indicating oximetry sensor
Pulse oximetry method and system with improved motion correction
Fuzzy genetic learning automata classifier
Information storage, retrieval and delivery system and method operable with a computer network
Group data sharing during membership change in clustered computer system
TLB operations based on shared bit
Electrically modifiable, non-volatile, semiconductor memory which can keep a datum stored until an o...
System for clock synchronization
Electro-optical device and electronic equipment
Electro-optical device with undercut-reducing thin film pattern and reticle
Light emitting diode
Nitride-based semiconductor laser device and method for the production thereof
Nitride semiconductor device
Group III nitride compound semiconductor light-emitting device which emits light having a wavelength...
I/O cell and ESD protection circuit
Bipolar transistor
Dual-height cell with variable width power rail architecture
Low leakage diodes, including photodiodes
CMOS image sensor arrangement with reduced pixel light shadowing
CMOS image sensor and manufacturing method of the same
Stacked structure for parallel capacitors and method of fabrication
Memory device with active passive layers
Merged MOS-bipolar capacitor memory cell
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device for applying well bias and method of fabricating the same
Component with a label
Avalanche photodiode for use in harsh environments
Multi-trench region for accumulation of photo-generated charge in a CMOS imager
Optoelectronic material, device using the same and method for manufacturing optoelectronic material
Methods of nanotube films and articles
Method and apparatus for making particle-embedded webs
Macrocapsules containing microencapsulated phase change materials
Coating material and its use for producing highly scratch resistant multilayer transparent lacquers
Human p-Hyde proteins
3-nitroisoxazoles and their use in the protection of materials
Phthalic acid diamide, method for the production thereof and the use of the same as a pesticide
Nutrient clusters for food products and methods of preparation
Inhaleable spray dried 4-helix bundle protein powders having minimized aggregation
Antigen delivery system and method of production
Pet food product
Imaging member with microgel protective layer
Substituted benzoylisoxazoles and the use thereof as herbicides
Cleaning compositions containing multiply-substituted protease variants
Insecticidal azoles
Seed treatment with combinations of pyrethrins/pyrethroids and clothiandin
Treatments for drill cuttings
Medical devices and applications of polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers
Process for preparing functional group-containing olefinic compounds
Encapsulated electrophoretic displays having a monolayer of capsules and materials and methods for m...
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus incorporating the same
Apparatus for processing a reproduced digital signal
Electrocardiograph leads-off indicator
Double layer oxygen electrode and method of making
Ultra-wideband pulse modulation system and method
Dental restorative compositions
Fiber-bundle-reinforced composite material having a ceramic matrix, method for manufacturing a compo...
Monolithic fuel cell and method of manufacture of same
Semiconductor device having conductor layers stacked on a substrate
Field emission display device
Nucleic acids and polypeptides specific of the neisseria genus pathogenic strains
Data structures for efficient processing of multicast transmissions
Client-server multitasking
Method of speech recognition by presenting N-best word candidates
Methods and apparatus for improving content quality in web caching systems
Network transaction method
Systems and methods for highlighting search results
Method for delivering and caching preprocessed search results to improve performance of background i...
Web-based system and method for managing legal information
System and method for comparing heterogeneous data sources
Method and apparatus for improved information representation
Glide assembly for conduit bodies
Actuation and control of limbs through motor nerve stimulation
Methods and system for ultrasonic thermographic non-destructive examination for enhanced defect dete...
Method and device for predicting temperature profiles throughout the thickness of a polymer preform
Method for producing a detector array for detection of electromagnetic radiation, and a detector arr...
Rental property caching and searching system and process
Airbag deployment monitor and sensing electronics
Ultrasound information processing system and ultrasound information exchange protocol therefor
Method and apparatus for testing an electronic pet containment transmitter
Liquid crystal display device incorporating phase difference plate and liquid crystal layer capable ...
Method and system for fabricating liquid crystal cells
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and process for preparing the same
Extended discrete fourier transform and parametric image algorithms
Optical connection component
Optical fibre probe for photoacoustic material analysis
Developing device and process cartridge
Electrophysiological cardiac mapping system based on a non-contact non-expandable miniature multi-el...
Cardiac resynchronization with adaptive A1-A2 and/or V1-V2 intervals
Advertising compliance monitoring system
Consumer interactive shopping system
Hierarchical caching techniques for efficient dynamic page generation
Project organization and dissemination system for machine programming and control systems
Led illumination system
Light emitting device and arrays thereof
Illuminatable ornament
Heat-sinking apparatus for light pipe
Illuminable writing instrument
Holder for discharge lamp
Tanning module with housing
Fire assembly for recessed electrical fixtures
Ultraviolet fluorescent lamp with unique drive circuit
Method and apparatus for measuring inductance
Camera-based precrash detection system
Stopped object filtering for side object detection system
Multi-user global position tracking system and method
Safety strobe light
Liquid crystal display device having light guide with refractive surface
Positioning applications for an electronic reading device
Display method and apparatus for arranging order of listing points of interest for navigation system
Navigation system
Systems for providing zero latency, non-modulo looping and branching of test pattern data for automa...
Fusion protein for use as vector
System for using a 2-axis magnetic sensor for a 3-axis compass solution
Preparation of submicron sized nanoparticles via dispersion lyophilization
Solventless nontoxic high refractive index and low birefringence organic/inorganic hybrid materials
Process for the manufacture of nanoparticle organic pigments
Increased packing density in self-organized magnetic tray
Preparation of metal nanoparticles and nanocomposites therefrom
Light emitting diode with nanoparticles
Process for preparation of paclitaxel trihydrate and docetaxel trihydrate
Anti-TNF antibodies and peptides of human tumor necrosis factor
Compounds for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
Pharmaceutical composition containing osteogenesis-promoting substance
Systems and methods for activating a host in a cable system
Magnetic resonance imaging interference immune device
Method of optimizing NMR measurement condition
Methods and apparatus for imaging systems
Magnetic resonance apparatus and method with real-time imaging control dependent on equipment-specif...
Parallel imaging based on expanded unfolding technique
Method for the acquisition of moving objecs through nuclear magnetic resonance tomography
Synthetic aperture MRI
Magnetic gradient field projection
Process for the removal of ethylene oxide from air
Trivanadium oxide hydrate compositions
MEMS and MEMS components from silicon kerf
Method and apparatus for treating waste gas containing PFC and/or HFC
Process for recovery, purification, and recycle of argon
Metamorphosed mineral compositions having internal lattice defects and methods of making
Silica gel
Method of producing cyanuric chloride
Process for preparing a H2-rich gas and a CO2-rich gas at high pressure
Plasma synthesis of lithium based intercalation powders for solid polymer electrolyte batteries
Metal alkoxides and methods of making same
Oxysulfide photocatalyst for decomposition of water by visible light
System and method for providing dialog management and arbitration in a multi-modal environment
Integrated apparatus for degassing and blending multiple mobile phase streams
Extension and locking assembly for dripless element, and container therefore
Water treatment apparatus
Device for concentrating and purifying macromolecules
Polysulfonamide matrices
Disposal of sediment from pond or lagoon at petroleum refinery
Method and conditioning agent for treating waste water and air pollutants
Process for dewatering of sludge
Method and device for sewage treatment
Method of monitoring membrane separation processes
Method of monitoring membrane separation processes
Method and device for membrane filtering of water
Nanopore reactive adsorbents for the high-efficiency removal of waste species
Nanosize electropositive fibrous adsorbent
Oil field separation facility control system utilizing total organic carbon analyzer
Remote site chlorinator system
Flow diverter and exhaust blower for vibrating screen separator assembly
Apparatus and method for ammonia removal from waste streams
Method for linking two plastic work pieces without using foreign matter
Modifying double stranded DNA to enhance separations by matched ion polynucleotide chromatography
Automated system for rating pipe segments in a water distribution system
Treatment of arsenic-contaminated water using akaganeite adsorption
Blood purification apparatus for elevating purification efficiency
Polyazole-based polymer films
Post-modification of a porous support
Separating agent for optical isomers, method of production thereof, and separation column for optica...
Flocculation apparatus and method for treating colloidal suspensions
Method to treat water with dissolved gas
Process for selectively removing molybdenum from liquid mixtures containing it together with vanadiu...
Method and apparatus for controlling concentration of water treatment chemicals
Desalinization using a moving magnetic field
Energy-based process for fluid treatment and system therefor
Filter device with a uvc lamp and a cleaning arrangement for said uvc lamp
Process for separating particulates from a low dielectric fluid
Process for working up the waste water obtained in the preparation of dinitrotoluene
Highly concentrated bromine compositions and methods of preparation
Heating, ventilation or air conditioning water purifiers
High efficiency decontamination method and apparatus for the treatment of indoor air
Screening apparatus
Method and apparatus for a water filter backflush
Extracorporeal treatment device with automatic emptying of waste bag
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Sweet Red`
Mandarin hybrid tree named `TDE2`
Impatiens plant named `Tamar Purple Bicolor`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Swing Time Yellow`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Vulcan Time Bronze`
Apple tree named `Dalitoga`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Yowoodstock`
Hybrid Tea rose variety `POULen003`
Grapevine named `Sugratwentyseven`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sulte Laver`
Agapanthus plant named `Snow Pixie`
Fuel for use in a fuel cell system
Cycle oil conversion process
Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling of aryldiazonium salts with arylsilanes
Process for the synthesis of silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Method of removing oxygenate contaminants from an olefin stream
Process for co-producing para-xylene and metaxylene, comprising two separation steps
Low-resistance boat hull
Pivoting helm
Towing system and method for a water sports apparatus
Assembly of underwater bodies and launcher therefor
Boat rack
System and method for riser recoil control
Bird repelling device
Method to significantly reduce mounding on the seafloor
Pneumatic bilge liquid removal system and method therefor
Asymmetric tow system for multiple linear seismic arrays
Vessel transition hull
Fast military surface craft
Propulsion apparatus
Sea-island typed conjugate multi filament comprising dope dyeing component and a process of preparin...
Single-canister underwater stereocamera system with distance measurement function
Compositions and methods for the therapeutic use of an atonal-associated sequence for deafness, oste...
Tumor antigen peptide originating in SART-1
Particulate compositions for chemical synthesis
Protein AMSH and cDNA thereof
Nucleic acids encoding proteins that stimulate the proliferation of t-lymphocytes
Hansenula polymorpha mutants and process for the preparation of recombinant proteins using the same
Methods for the identification of compounds for the treatment of alzheimer's disease
Austin responsive promoter sequences and methods of using the same
Limnanthes oil genes
Soybean cultivar 0332121
Soybean cultivar 0332125
Soybean cultivar 0332120
Soybean cultivar 0332131
Soybean cultivar 19704280
Cotton cultivar DP 444 BG/RR
Inbred corn line LH289
Early warning system and methods for detection of a bioterrorism event
System and method for automatically identifying sub-grids in a microarray
Method and apparatus for performing a key update using bidirectional validation
Method for providing long-lived broadcast encrypton
Method and apparatus for managing keys for cryptographic operations
Transfer apparatus and recording control system using a transfer control method selected based on a ...
Method of managing mobile station operational parameters
Method and system for maintaining a configuration history of a vehicle
On board system comprising network interface means, and method for activating applications located i...
Cryptosystem key updating system and method for preventing illegal use of software
Image encryption method and device
Digital signal processing apparatus
Firewall system and method with network mapping capabilities
Performing authentication over label distribution protocol (LDP) signaling channels
Method for fine tuning of a robot program
Heated nozzle assembly
Apparatus for and method of transferring substrates
Arm cart for telerobotic surgical system
Microwrist system for surgical procedures
Robotic paint applicator and method of protecting a paint robot having and explosion proof electric ...
Image pickup apparatus capable of switching modes based on signals from photoelectric conversion pix...
Image pickup apparatus for high-speed photographing and method of controlling the same
Camera including multiple lenses, a ranging means, and multiple image processors
Exposure controller of a digital camera
System and method for estimating physical properties of objects and illuminants in a scene using mod...
Signal processing device and signal processing method
Video reproduction apparatus
Recovering data encoded in television signals
Feed forward error correction in video decoder
Programmably controlling video formats
Method and apparatus for eliminating motion artifacts from video
Optical apparatus and imaging apparatus using the same
System and method for providing frequency domain synchronization for single carrier signals
Arrangement of sensor elements
Method and apparatus for generating a signal that defeats illegal cable decoders
Apparatus for implementing still function of DVD and method thereof
Reproduction apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
Wireless keyboard and information processing device having the same
Method of selecting a portion of a block of data for display based on characteristics of a display d...
Tire having sidewall of rubber composition containing functional liquid polymer, polybutadiene, and ...
Method for equalizing band intensities on sequencing gels
Method and apparatus for searching and retrieving architectural information for design of architectu...
Sulphonamide derivatives as prodrugs of aspartyl protease inhibitors
Silicone rubber in the form of a finely divided powder, method for the production and the use of the...
Low clearance dual-screen particle sorter
Induction of immunoglobulin class switching by inactivated viral vaccine
Method of establishing a voice/data call over a voice/data channel
Apparatus and method for controlling an audio conference
Method and apparatus for improved conference call management
Method for differentiated treatment of calling subscribers
Ring network implemented by telephony switches and links
Method for transferring the service profile of a digital subscription to a digital terminal device
Method and apparatus to carry out resolution of entity identifier in circuit-switched networks by us...
Method and apparatus for providing local call treatment discrimination for selected calls on a switc...
Methods and systems for collapsing signal transfer point (STP) infrastructure in a signaling network
Telephony system
Echo cancellor
Method and apparatus for echo canceller automatic gain control
Sealed terminating device
Spectral optimization for communication under a peak frequency-domain power constraint
Front-cover for communication equipment and method for manufacturing the front-cover
Card connector
Phone protector and storage case
Method and circuit for interfacing a modem in a wireless communication device to a subscriber interf...
Chromatography column end cap
Open canopy roof
Acrylic window insert for a garage door
Length of fence railing
Length of fence railing
Window sash frame extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window frame member
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
Portions of a flashlight
Fan lamp
Fan lamp
Solar light
Renaissance outdoor lantern
Decorative table lamp
Luminaire bracket
Set of overlays of an elbow pad
Open center returning flying polygon
Coaster mask and method for assembling same
Reminder device
Whistle having air flow converter
Ram air inflated wing
Lox-compatible composite tank for aerospace applications
Flow control device and method of controlling flow
Microjet based control system
Aircraft rotor and aircraft
Air intake for large-size nacelle with enhanced transportability
Integrated conformal vehicle interior linings
Balance load actuator
Boom load alleviation using visual means
Dummy practice grenade
Chore buddy
Dry erase and tack display board having no frame
Lyric display method, lyric display computer program and lyric display apparatus
Computerized system for conducting medical studies
Automated travel pricing system
Internet profiling
Performance measurement method for public relations, advertising and sales events
Predictive modeling of consumer financial behavior using supervised segmentation and nearest-neighbo...
Systems and methods using a representation of a stored benefit to facilitate a transaction
Method of using an automated banking machine
Systems and methods for guaranteeing the protection of private information
Method for acquiring a customer for online postage metering
System for detecting mail pieces with duplicate indicia
System and method for weighing items such as mailpieces in the presence of external vibration
Guarantee charge processing method and apparatus
System and method for weighing items such as mailpieces in the presence of external vibration
Information processing equipment and IC card
Method and system for creating a portfolio of stock equities
Method and system for providing financial information and evaluating securities of a financial debt ...
Rescue and exploration apparatus
Control system for, and a method of, disengaging a hydraulically-driven implement from a work machin...
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Hybrid electric vehicle incorporating an integrated propulsion system
Ventilation system for electric-drive vehicle
Variable shift schedule control
Engine enclosure
Body construction of electric car
Tractor grille and grille guard
Controlled balancing toy
Motorcycle frame and a method of making same
Power distribution control method and apparatus for four-wheel drive vehicle
Brake mechanism for small vehicle
Electric power steering device
Motorcycle guard protection system
Front grille guard for vehicle
Motor integrated parallel hybrid transmission
Final control element for a vehicle steering system
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Exhaust emission control system for internal combustion engine
Lens barrel and camera
Driving apparatus, shutter apparatus and camera
Image sensing apparatus having a protection cover
Computer processed integral photography apparatus and process for large 3D image production
Shutter apparatus
Barrier opening and closing mechanism
Outside load drum processor
Disposable camera mounting bracket
Heat-sensitive recording material containing oxonol dye
Camera and a portable apparatus having a flat body
Electrically driven bistable mechanical actuator
Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Substrate treating apparatus
Lens-fitted photo film unit, flash device, and lens-fitted photo film system
Camera system, camera, accessory device and method for judging and controlling an accessory device
Camera device having posterior filter
Photography method that protects against photographer error
Distance measuring device
Wideband isolator for acoustic tools
Piezoelectric speaker
Speaker system
Earpiece light
Acoustic pyrometer
System and method for a cartridge casing catcher
Method and apparatus for cancellation of unwanted signals in MWD acoustic tools
Loudspeaker system with forced air circulation and control circuit therefor
Acoustic horn
Replaceable catalyst for exhaust system
Apparatus for treating a gas stream
Shock wave source with a coil carrier having a non-circular contour
Method and apparatus for active noise control in an air induction system
Black soybean polysaccharides
Surfactant protein D for the prevention and diagnosis of pulmonary emphysema
Atopic dermatitis treatment method
IL-6 antagonist peptides
Inactivation resistant factor VIII
Vector for expression of GPI-enzyme hybrid
Ophthalmic compositions containing galactomannan polymers and borate
Multi-arm block copolymers as drug delivery vehicles
Diagnosis and management of infection caused by Chlamydia
Non-halogenated naphthol compounds, antimicrobial compositions containing the same, and the methods ...
VPR function and activity
Test for lyme disease
Production of antibodies or (functionalized) fragments thereof derived from heavy chain immunoglobul...
Process for the preparation of .beta.-keto aliphatic acid ester
Proteins producing an altered immunogenic response and methods of making and using the same
Cloning and characterization of the FLBA gene of H. pylori, production of aflagellate strains
Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)-derived vector for selectively inhibiting malignant cells and fo...
Cells expressing fusion proteins of immunoglobulins
Site specific recombinase based method for producing adenoviral vectors
Process for manufacturing alloy powder with dual consumable rotary electrodes arc melting
High-purity aluminum sputter targets and method of manufacture
Gold colored alloy used for dentistry and jewelry
Steel cold work tool, its use and manufacturing
Lead-free solder
Steel for machine structural use and method of producing same
Slot-table game apparatus and method of playing slot-table game
Video gaming console with integral printer device
Game system, computer readable storage medium storing game program and image displaying method
Game apparatus and communication game system
Directly-driven power swing rod device without dead points
Mountain and cave role playing game
Table and method of playing a baccarat-type card game
Electronically interactive target game
Bullet trapping medium and system
Western heritage ranch sports event
Toy figure and a game comprising such toy figure
Method of playing a dual wagering game
Automatic discard rack
Method and apparatus for gaming machines with a quasi-competition play bonus feature
Great putting game
Putting practice tool and game
Practice device for a baseball pitcher
Position detecting system and method
Apparatus and method for automated game ball inspection
Ranking display method for game machine
Flow-through cryogenic NMR probe
Receiver system with electrically tuned integrated amplifier and method
High efficiency quarter-wave transformer
Methods and systems for locating subjects and providing event notification within a tracking environ...
Location measurement process for radio-frequency badges employing path constraints
Wireless loop antenna battery saver
Protable radio terminal testing apparatus using single self-complementary antenna
Antenna apparatus for transmitting and receiving radio waves to and from a satellite
Antenna for a communication terminal
TDMA-TDD/FDD radio communication system and channel selection method and apparatus for such a system
Header compression for general packet radio service tunneling protocol (GTP)-encapsulated packets
System and method for remote monitoring of a transmitter in a wireless base station
Radio transmitter
System and method of RF power amplification
Radio frequency mixer and method of operation
Method and apparatus for transmitting data over a speech channel by encoding the data using a select...
Integrated control system for radio service areas of base stations in mobile communication system
GPRS and method for controlling same
Mobile radio equipment with yoke antenna
Method for preparing soluble dietary fiber from corn hull
Cultured protein hydrolysate
Edible animal greeting cards and treats
Frozen pie dough showing good rising
Deterioration preventive agent for milk-containing foods
Process for the production of tocotrienols
Dough product rolling apparatus and method for rolling dough products
Warming composition for food and drink or for oral care preparation
Method of preparing an improved low-calorie, low-fat food foodstuff
Production process of a new appetizer and product obtained
Fatty acid compositions having superior stability and flavor properties
Instant dry mix composition for providing a beverage having a two-toned foam on its surface
Soymilk and tofu manufacturing method
Process for preparing an emulsion based food salad having freeze-thaw stability
Increasing the digestibility of food proteins by thioredoxin reduction
Optical filters
Multilayer oriented antimicrobial and antifogging films
Nutritional intervention composition containing a source of proteinase inhibitor extending post meal...
Methods and compositions for the prevention and treatment of inflammation, osteoarthritis, and other...
Fluorinated and alkylated alditol derivatives and compositions and polyolefin articles containing sa...
Household sectional oven and warmer cooking apparatus
Fluorescent ink compositions comprising functionalized fluorescent nanocrystals
Multilayered volume hologram structure and label for making multilayered volume hologram structure
Printable identification band with top strip for RFID chip attachment
Informational item bonding machine
Foam book with improved binding and method
Informational article and an associated method
Synthetic resin container bearing label
Method and apparatus for authenticating unique items such as sports memorabilia
Connection and method for setting a composite anchor with an apertured screen in a substrate
Hybrid riser configuration
Gravity watercraft lift
Nestable catch basin with integral debris trap
Fiber optic cable secured in a groove
Submersible canal bypass
Memory access methods in a unified memory system
Single-path color video projection systems employing reflective liquid crystal display devices
System for transferring multimedia information
Startup management system and method for rate-based flow and congestion control within a network
Virtual reality viewing system and method
Systems and methods for searching using queries written in a different character-set and/or language...
Extensible metadata
Representing type information in a compiler and programming tools framework
Mining dependencies for testing and risk management
Software development infrastructure
Generating software development tools via target architecture specification
Extensible type system for representing and checking consistency of program components during the pr...
Intermediate representation for multiple exception handling models
General purpose intermediate representation of software for software development tools
Managing multiple devices on which operating systems can be automatically deployed
Hardware/software capability rating system
Software image creation in a distributed build environment
Network load balancing with host status information
Media foundation media sink
Exception handling
Transaction interoperability using host-initiated processing
Compressing and decompressing EPG data
Rate change
Quick starting video content
Context-sensitive television tags
Document data structure and method for integrating broadcast television with web pages
Interactive content without embedded triggers
Network session management
System and method for interfacing signaling information and voice traffic
Transport mechanism for ISDN backhaul over IP
Method for handling telecommunications connections via a public exchange
Integrated analog/digital telephone network interface circuit design
Method and apparatus for sharing mobile user event information between wireless networks and fixed I...
Intelligent delivery agent for short message distribution center
RF shielding design for wireless high-speed internet access system
Remote tuning for gas turbines
Multiple sensing system and device
Transactional data transfer in a network system
Consumer-based system and method for managing and paying electronic billing statements
System for conducting business over the internet
Method and apparatus to provide secure purchase transactions over a computer network
Postage meter location system
Multimedia communications software with network streaming and multi-format conferencing
Web drive system
System and method for automatically discovering accessible services on a computer network and provid...
Domain encapsulation
Electronic property viewing system for providing virtual tours via a public communications network, ...
Method and system for efficiently matching events with subscribers in a content-based publish-subscr...
Efficient use of domain socket pairs in communication for tightly coupled transactions
Multi-media E-mail system and device for transmitting a composed return E-mail
Messaging system for indicating status of a sender of electronic mail and method and computer progra...
Facility for distributing and providing access to electronic mail message attachments
System and method for generating reports in a telecommunication system
User interface for managing storage in a storage system coupled to a network
Single management point for a storage system or storage area network
Re-using information from data transactions for maintaining statistics in network monitoring
Network monitoring systems for medical devices
Method and apparatus for communicating cops protocol policies to non-cops-enabled network devices
Apparatus and method to import a logical volume indicating explicit storage attribute specifications
Method for the prioritization of database entries
System and method for storage on demand service in a global SAN environment
Memory-block coalescing based on run-time demand monitoring
System for electronic repository of data enforcing access control on data retrieval
E-mail terminal automatically converting character string of reception e-mail, and e-mail system
Mechanism for displaying content using control structure for authoring systems
Method and system for time-stamping and managing electronic documents
Limited access network database system
Method and apparatus for debugging a software program using dynamic debug patches and copy on write ...
Method for the determination of cell activation
Exercise treadmill for dogs
System, method, and storage media storing a computer program for assisting in composing music with m...
Copy protection of digital audio compact discs
Room-temperature-formable magnesium alloy with excellent corrosion resistance
Host-sponsored data transmission billing system and method
Processed cheese
Cold de-aeration in production of citrus juices
Fibrous crystal aggregates, preparation method thereof and use thereof
Rapid detection of microorganisms
Novel probes for the detection of mycobacteria
Food processing method and apparatus
Cleaning compound for cleaning surfaces in a food processing environment
Nutritional supplement having a unique soluble and insoluble fiber blend and method of making the sa...
Pramipexole for the reduction of excessive food intake for children
Biologically active neopeltolide compounds
Extraction of lutein from marigold meal
Apparatus and method for bioelectric stimulation, healing acceleration, pain relief, or pathogen dev...
Gypsum casting composition and method of casting
Substrate smoothed by coating with gypsum-containing composition and method of making
Gypsum plaster compositions with improved adhesion to plastic surfaces and metal surfaces
Mixer for foamed gypsum products
Water spray for smooth surface gypsum fiberboard panels
Gypsum board having polyvinyl alcohol binder in interface layer and method for making the same
Gypsum wallboard core, and method and apparatus for making the same
Water spray for smooth surface gypsum fiberboard panels
Gypsum composition with styrene butadiene latex additive
Antifungal gypsum board
Method of providing void space in gypsum wallboard and in a gypsum core composition
Apparatus for smooth surface gypsum fiberboard panels
Gypsum product and method therefor
Fungus resistant gypsum-based substrate
Gypsum-based composite materials reinforced by cellulose ethers
Gypsum slurry compositions
Wax emulsion formulation and gypsum composition containing same
Mat faced gypsum board
Solid supported comb-branched copolymers as an additive for gypsum compositions
Acoustical panel comprising interlocking matrix of set gypsum and method for making same
Gypsum board faced with non-woven glass fiber mat
Non-woven glass fiber mat faced gypsum board and process of manufacture
Admixture and extrudable hydraulic composition
Gypsum-containing composition having enhanced resistance to permanent deformation
Method for making aluminate cement
Securing plug in over-sized holes
Protection against termites
Porous silicate granular material and method for producing it
Free form ceiling
Electrothermic coatings and their production
Paper web with pre-flocculated filler incorporated therein
Compositions and methods for treating set gypsum
Unit for drying gypsum plaster board
Additive for special plasters and mortars, compositions containing the additive and utilization of t...
Composite facer for wallboards
Managing computer resources
WAP session tunneling
Systems and methods for exploratory analysis of data for event management
Key word deriving device, key word deriving method, and storage medium containing key word deriving ...
Convergence yoke
Biodegradable composition and products prepared therefrom
Universal tester to handler docking plate
Method and apparatus for calculating the payload on a water-borne vessel
Surface optical device apparatus, method of fabricating the same, and apparatus using the same
System and method generating a trajectory for an end effector
Ferroelectric memory device comprising redundancy circuit
Semiconductor device having multilayer interconnection structure and manufacturing method thereof
Portable telephone provided with image pickup device
Satellite and terrestrial remote monitoring system for wireless handheld mobile terminals
Method for transforming SQL queries
Pentacyclic anion salts or tetrazapentalene derivatives and their uses as ionic conducting materials
Remote control and tactile feedback system for medical apparatus
System and method for tracking the use of a web tool by a web user by using broken image tracking
Poly (ether ester amide) and poly (ether ester urethane) copolymers
Parallel kinematic structure for a machine tool
Digital clay apparatus and method
Scannable mirror arrangement for an interferometer
Semiconductor PMD layer dielectric
Code wrapping to simplify access to and use of enterprise JAVA beans
Microlens array, optical apparatus, single lens reflex camera and optical finder
Front access only CPCI computer system
Bone fixation system
Object collaboration apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in a cache memory system
Radio-wave arrival-direction estimating apparatus and directional variable transceiver
Inbred corn line WICY418C
Method and system of determining well performance
Method of driving plasma display panel, plasma display device and driving device for plasma display ...
Methods and apparatus for providing an interactive musical game
Method and system for displaying text on a radial display
Alloy for hydrogen storage, method for absorption and release of hydrogen using the alloy, and hydro...
Pesticidal pyrazoles and derivatives
Electric motor winding insulation method and apparatus
Methods of synthesizing substantially monodispersed mixtures of polymers having polyethylene glycol ...
Amino polyol oxidase amine polynucleotides and related polypeptides and methods of use
Bottle-brush type coatings with entangled hydrophilic polymer
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Cathepsin cysteine protease inhibitors
Clip retention plug
Connecting structure of coaxial cable and coaxial connector
Software protection for single and multiple microprocessor systems
Polymer dispersions containing starch
Prosthetic system
Method and apparatus for delivering electronic information
Method and system for assigning and publishing applications
Biological sequence pattern probe
Mutants of Streptococcal toxin C and methods of use
Pulse imaging sequences and methods for T1p-weighted MRI
Method and apparatus for aligning a magnetic field modifying structure in a magnetic resonance imagi...
DS3 Desynchronizer with a module for providing uniformly gapped data signal to a PLL module for prov...
Biomechanical system development of a restraint system
Peanut allergens and methods
Water bottle insert for storing water bottles for a water bottle loading device
Cradle for a communication device
Scheduled alias resolution
X-ray projection exposure apparatus and a device manufacturing method
Rotary vane vacuum pump having a rotor axial seal and an axially bias rotor-drive shaft combination
Methods and systems for determining heave and heave rate of vessels
Aluminium alloys strips with high surface homogeneity and method for making same
Bandwidth enhancement for uncached devices
Method for selecting RTP element in dynamic multicast tree for multimedia conference
Optical scanner with segmented collection mirror
Voice converter for assimilation by frame synthesis with temporal alignment
Power tool accessory system
Automatic synthesis script generation for synopsys design compiler
Method for evaporating aminonitrile
Light hardening device and method for hardening a polymerizable mass for dental applications
Quantum-confined stark effect quantum-dot optical modulator
Alkali-metal-free phosphate glass with dn/dT .apprxeq. 0 for use in fiber amplifiers
Structure of a decorative article
Method for aiming and adjusting microwave antenna during installation, and apparatus
Compounds having antiviral activity
Engine with a superconductive winding arranged in a winding support and means for transmitting torqu...
Microwave oven
Conditioning of organic pigments
Automated quoting of molds and molded parts
Method for producing creped nonwoven webs
Modularity system for computer assisted surgery
Soil formulation for resisting erosion
Member for electroluminescent device containing removing agent and electroluminescent device contain...
Rear projection screen and rear projection type display including the same
Metal complex carrying a 2-phospa-tricyclo[]decyl radical as a ligand in hydroformylatio...
Polymer having butadiene sulfone repeating unit and resist composition comprising the same
Apparatus for controlling a magnetically actuated power switching device and method of controlling t...
Static noise analysis with noise window estimation and propagation
Fuel cell with patterned electrolyte/electrode interface
Organic electroluminescent device and display apparatus
Stretch wrap films
Subscriber power module for CATV customer interface equipment
Transfer roller and image-forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Detector for measuring electrocardiogram, pulse and voice sound at the same time
Allelic series of genomic modifications in cells
Alzheimer's disease secretase
High capacity bulk material transportation and discharge method and system
Ballast and method of feeding a fluorescent lamp
Recyclable locking for multi-threaded computing environments
Device and method for CDMA-signal power estimation
Compositions and methods of modulating cholesterol metabolism
Dual enhancer composition for topical and transdermal drug delivery
Process for resolution of tamsulosin and compounds, compositions, and processes associated therewith
Bicyclic amino acids as pharmaceutical agents
Osteoarthritis cartilage regeneration
Structure and method for processing optical energy
Nod2 nucleic acids and proteins
Devices, methods, and systems for shrinking tissues
Protein cluster V
Immunoassay method for the diagnosis of gastric intestinal metaplasia associated with gastric carcin...
On-chip ADC test for image sensors
Component cooling in electronic devices
Radiation-curing coating systems
Electrically conductive tire and extrusion equipment for a section with a conductive insert
Actuator device with shape-memory flexible cable
Laminated film and method of producing the same
Use of gaseous streams to aid in application of foam to tissue products
Block copolymers of lactone and lactam, compatabilizing agents, and compatibilized polymer blends
Method of manufacturing a liquid discharge head
Impedance measurements for detecting pathogens attached to antibodies
Passageway with virtual reality environment
Teleprompter with directional screen
Motion therapy device
Valve manifold assembly for oxygen mask dispensing container
Roller drive unit
Power drive unit for cargo handling systems
Fin deployment system
Vertical lift aircraft having an enclosed rotary wing
Main wing structure
Hybrid solid oxide fuel cell aircraft auxiliary power unit
Aircraft provided with carrying fuselage
Twin aisle small airplane
Articulation device for an aircraft door panel and an aircraft door integrating such a device
Telescopic wing system
Method and system for decoupling structural modes to provide consistent control system performance
Boron containing ceramic-aluminum metal composite and method to form the composite
Method of reducing stress
Shoe cleat with improved traction
Indexable shoe cleat with improved traction
Portable system for analyzing human gait
Film forming method, semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of making an integrated circuit using an EUV mask formed by atomic layer deposition
Selective oxidation for semiconductor device fabrication
Semiconductor impedance thermal film processing process
Methods for treating pluralities of discrete semiconductor substrates
Laser-irradiation method and laser-irradiation device
Passive element component and substrate with built-in passive element
Organic electronic devices with pressure sensitive adhesive layer
Active matrix organic light emitting device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having self-aligned contact pads and method for manufacturing the same
Nonvolatle memory
Methods to form dual metal gates by incorporating metals and their conductive oxides
Active matrix organic electroluminescence display device and method for manufacturing the same
Spray cooling and transparent cooling plate thermal management system
Device for coupling drive circuitry to electroabsorption modulator
Integrated circuit metal-insulator-metal capacitors formed of pairs of capacitors connected in antip...
Semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser chip and method for fabricating a semiconductor laser chip
Optical coupler with low loss interconnections
Planar optical waveguide, method for manufacturing the same and polymer optical waveguide
System and method for regulating device use among multiple users
Method for the detection and recovery of errors in the frame overhead of digital video decoding syst...
Method and apparatus for a wireless telecommunication system that provides location-based messages
Mitigating ghost signal interference in adaptive array systems
Navigation system with sign assistance
Vehicle navigation system with off-road navigation
Information processing system providing a service using electronic map information
Interactive weather advisory system
Method and system for accessing data in legacy applications
Method for determining the shape of objects directly from range images
System for network addressing
Low loss optical switch using dual axis piezo actuation and sensing
Method and apparatus for controlling e-mail access
Purchasing configured photographic film products
Mechanism for debugging a computer process
Imaging apparatus and remote management system of the same
Methods of testing a digital frequency synthesizer in a programmable logic device using a reduced se...
Methods and apparatus for establishing a fixed wireless telephone service
Methods and systems for message translation and parsing of data structures in a distributed componen...
Method for applying different charge rates and for indicating location of mobile station in cellular...
Internet bingo game method and system capable of promoting perception and studying ability
Method and system for path identification in packet networks
Business model, system and method for voice and/or data communications with local business
Call hold with reminder and information push
Wireless communications device with network cache function
Maintenance system for machine tool
Internet-audiotext electronic advertising system with anonymous bi-directional messaging
System and method for secure and address verifiable electronic commerce transactions
Enterprise web mining system and method
Method and apparatus for terminal server addressability via URL specification
VoIP network
Hybrid electronic e-mail server system and method
Automobile light
Lighting device
Decoration lamp
Starlight solar light
Light fixture
Work lamp
Reflector for light assembly
Cigarette lighter
Rigid hinged-lid container for tobacco articles
Manual razor
Manual razor
Razor handle grip
Hair trimmer housing
Clipper lid with insert
Biker's belt
Protective glove
Knee pad
Access control through secure channel using personal identification system
Communications security and trusted path method and means
Method and apparatus for synthesizing and reducing the effects of video copy protection signals
Optical controller
Efficient greatest common divisor algorithm using multiprecision arithmetic
Active stream format for holding multiple media streams
Wireless receiving device and method jointly used by computer peripherals
Coreopsis plant named `Limerock Ruby`
Petunia plant named `X00-155-1`
Petunia plant named `X00-154-1`
Anthurium plant named `Rijn200121`
Nemesia plant named `Balarcomwhit`
Method for preventing undesired polymerization in a mixture of substances containing ethylenically u...
Production of low sulfur/low aromatics distillates
Ethylene-base copolymers, process for producing the same and lubricating oil compositions containing...
Low energy method of pyrolysis of hydrocarbon materials such as rubber
Alkylation process operating at high recycle ratios
Catalytic production of light olefins from naphtha feed
Nanostructured titania coated titanium
Hydrated iron phosphate electrode materials for rechargeable lithium battery cell systems
Quartz glass member and projection aligner
Nanotube junctions
Portable hydrogen generation using metal emulsions
Non-aqueous secondary battery and a method of manufacturing graphite powder
Process of recovering valuable metals from waste secondary batteries
Magnesium oxide particle aggregate
Zinc-modified composite polybasic salt, process for producing the same, and use
Iron-carbon composite, carbonaceous material comprising said iron-carbon composite and process for p...
Synthesis of molecular sieves of CHA framework type
Quasi-crystalline carboxylates
Crystal growth
Chemical derivatization of single-wall carbon nanotubes to facilitate solvation thereof, and use of ...
Single step process for the synthesis of nanoparticles of ceramic oxide powders
Doubly doped lithium niobate crystals
Molecular sieve CIT-6
Fuel storage tank leak prevention and detection system and method
Transporting a ship over shallows of a watercourse
Receptacle assembly and method for use on an offshore structure
Riser tensioning arrangement
Staple for securing geo-textile material to the ground
Method and apparatus for remediating wastewater holding areas and the like
Dsl- compatible pots line card
Clamp device integrating test device for telephone and network cables
System and method for real-time, personalized, dynamic, interactive voice services for information r...
System and method for transmitting a facsimile via a network
Machine remote monitoring system and management method
Systems and methods for offering a service to a party associated with a blocked call
Communicating apparatus
System and method for processing ported calls
Operating surface for class functions in a telephone
Sidestone reduction in full duplex transceivers
Communication system, exchange and communication holding control method
Apparatus and method of coupling home network signals between an analog phone line and a digital bus
Protecting an echo canceller against random transitions in echo paths
Module specific interface for cellular phones
Portable communication apparatus with voice/character conversion direction switch
Speakerphone accessory
E-mail system and incoming e-mail check method
System, method and computer program product for network record synthesis
Operations architecture to implement a local service activation management system
Backplane system using incident waveform switching
Data driven communication system
Billing system and method
Method and apparatus for tracking user profile and habits on a global network
Object persister
Method for sensing the readiness of a driver to brake
Laser transponder
Roll over stability control for an automotive vehicle
Tire imbalance detection system and method using anti-lock brake wheel speed sensors
Method for adaptive target processing in a motor vehicle radar system
Direct acting differential two-step valve train
Valve system for internal combustion engine
Valve timing controller of internal combustion engine
Variable duration camshaft
Vegetable oil based wax compositions
Methods for producing L-amino acids using a corynebacterium glutamicum with a disrupted pgi gene
Rate matched copolymerization
Differential pressure level control
Corrugating method and means
Computer system interface surface
Distributed traffic scheduler
Therapeutic and diagnostic methods and compositions based on Jagged/Notch proteins and nucleic acids
Infectivity-enhanced conditionally-replicative adenovirus and uses thereof
Method for the mutagenesis of nucleotide sequences in plants algae or fungi
N-sulphated hyaluronic acid compounds, derivatives thereof and a process for their preparation
Footwear tread
Footwear upper