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Polycarbonate resin composition
Biphenyl sulfonamides as dual angiotensin endothelin receptor antagonists
Water dispersible polyisocyanate composition and its uses
Method for producing ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and saponified product thereof
Conformable wound dressing
Tamper resistance apparatus for an electrical device and an electrical device including the apparatu...
Package and method for making an underfilled integrated circuit
Low-profile stepping motor with two coils arranged flush with each other horizontally
Elliptically polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Solid golf ball
Method of preparing various multifunctional materials using limited starting reactants
Hydrogenated modified polymer, process for producing the same and composition containing the same
Polyol polymers, meso-erythritol polymers and their aliphatic acid esters and aliphatic ethers
Hybrid vehicle and energy storage system and method
Power transmitting system for four-wheel drive vehicle
Vehicle-mounted four-cycle engine control device
Vehicle entrance-door safety-system
Engine cover with internal vibration damping plates
Vehicle steering apparatus
Body structure for a motor vehicle having assembled members
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Load sensing assembly for a vehicle seat
Auxiliary power control system for series-type hybrid electric vehicle
Stepper motor for vehicle propulsion by direct wheel drive
Electric motor with modular stator ring and improved heat dissipation
Motor-assisted drive unit for motor-assisted vehicle
Vehicle seat
Restraining system comprising a restraining device for protecting at least one passenger and a metho...
Automotive bumper active energy absorption system
Method and system for controlling a vehicle
Cylinder device
Motor vehicle cooling system and motor vehicle embodying same
Automobile and controlling method for automobile
SONET physical layer device having ATM and PPP interfaces
Refresh controller and address remapping circuit and method for dual mode full/reduced density DRAMs
Method and apparatus for improving asynchronous transfer mode operation over noisy, high speed wirel...
Acknowledging broadcast transmissions
Physical layer router system and method
Pipelined packet processing
Central processing unit
Two-step synchronization method in which two modules are synchronized first by frequency followed by...
Method of indicating wireless connection integrity
Method for operating a brushless direct current motor
Apparatus and method of error detection and correction in a radiation-hardened static random access ...
Enhanced CPLD macrocell module having selectable bypass of steering-based resource allocation
Hard phase alignment of clock signals using asynchronous level-mode state machine
DCVSL pulse width controller and system
Data resynchronization circuit
Integrated circuit with a high resolution analog to digital convertor, a microcontroller and high de...
Human lysophospholipase
G protein-coupled receptor up-regulated in prostate cancer and uses thereof
Process for producing kiss-1 peptide
Heterodimeric fusion proteins useful for targeted immune therapy and general immune stimulation
Nucleic acids encoding anti-CD40 proteins and methods of producing recombinant anti-CD40 proteins
Targeted fusion proteins and methods for the characterization of cellular membrane domains
Antisense modulation of survivin expression
Methods for screening compounds that affect IL-1 epsilon activity
Heterocytes as inhibitors of leucocyte adhesion and as VLA-4 antagonists
Process for making absorbent articles with single-piece panels
Dual capillary spinneret for production of homofilament crimp fibers
Low tack slip-resistant shoe cover
System for aperturing and coaperturing webs and web assemblies
Method of making tear-resistant adhesive/combination bond pattern
Wood pulp fiber morphology modifications through thermal drying
Method for weakening a portion of a web
Fibrous layer providing improved porosity control for nonwoven webs
Breathable, biodegradable/compostable laminates
Coating for treating substrates for ink jet printing including imbibing solution for enhanced image ...
Pulp fiber absorbent composites for personal care products
Method and apparatus for examining absorbent articles
Ion sensitive, water-dispersible fabrics, a method of making same and items using same
Antimicrobial nonwoven webs for personal care absorbent articles
Method for transitioning from a catalyst to an incompatible catalyst in a gas-phase reactor
Wide cut Fischer Tropsch diesel fuels
Composition for tire sidewalls and other rubber constructions
Block data storage within a computer network
Integration of a database into file management software for protecting, tracking, and retrieving dat...
Information management system
Layered resource structure and method
Configurable space-time performance trade-off in multidimensional data base systems
Method and system of remote monitoring and support of devices, extracting data from different types ...
Wire lug/arc vent barrier molded case circuit breaker
Transformer with forced liquid coolant
Power supply with low loss making current limitation
Image reconstruction method for computed tomography
System and method for positioning an electric portal imaging device
System and method for electronic shaping of X-ray beams
Method for establishing a communication on a standby link in optical transmission facilities
Wake up system for electronic component supported on a vehicle
Stall protection based on back EMF detection
Low-noise amplifier device having negative feedback via a controlled current source, and method of u...
Wireless packet communication method and system for transmitting packets between base station and ra...
Method and apparatus for using unintended radio frequency propagation in a network
Multi-modulation radio communications
Ultra-wideband pulse modulation system and method
Control device for a communication system of an aircraft, in particular of a transport plane
Radio reception apparatus capable of selecting from adaptive array reception mode and single route r...
Method of controlling directional antenna and apparatus of the same
Radio antenna in the form of a transmitting antenna or a receiving antenna, and radio mobile system
Method of and apparatus for detecting vehicle speed pulse drop, on-vehicle navigation system, progra...
Positive directed movement of termites by radio waves as a basis for control procedures
Display system upgrade for a full face mask
Brake system diagnostic using a hand-held radio device
Method, system, program, and data structures for mapping logical blocks to physical blocks
SIMD datapath coupled to scalar/vector/address/conditional data register file with selective subpath...
Portable computing device with specialized operating system
System for controlling power of computer depending on test result of a power-on self test
Method and system for selecting data sampling phase for self timed interface logic
Debugger capable of providing warnings for unreachable breakpoints
Connection device for a computer
Method, system, and program for writing files to zone formatted storage media to improve data transf...
Shared cache line update mechanism
Priority management of a disk array
System and method for partitioning a storage area network associated data library employing element ...
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device having resistive element formed of semiconductor film
Structures for increasing the critical temperature of superconductors
Dual damascene bond pad structure for lowering stress and allowing circuitry under pads
Interlocking conductor method for bonding wafers to produce stacked integrated circuits
Integrated starter generator drive having selective torque converter and constant speed transmission...
Aircraft starter generator for variable frequency (vf) electrical system
Wind energy capturing device for moving vehicles
Brush holder for dynamoelectric machines
Low-pressure discharge lamp with a device for switching it off at the end of its service life
Power generating system including permanent magnet generator and shunt AC regulator
Fuse circuit for semiconductor integrated circuit
Integrated, single collar measurement while drilling tool
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus provided with the same
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescence element and display
Methine compound, material for organic luminescence element, and organic luminescence element using ...
Gas discharge tube and display device using the same
Switching element having insulative film and organic film and electroluminescent element display dev...
Biochemical devices and their methods of manufacture
Organic light-emitting diode
Circuit for and method of driving current-driven device
Efficient organic electroluminescent devices with red fluorescent dopants
Case and integrated luminescent panel
Organic EL display device
Information processing device and peripheral devices used therewith
System, method and computer product for predicting biological pathways
Information processing apparatus and method
Herbicide tolerant cotton plants and methods for producing and identifying same peptide
Filters and methods of making and using the same
System for reclaiming water softener brine waste
Method for land improvement and microorganisms therefor
Process for the recovery of fluorosurfactants by active charcoal
Multi-stage photo-catalytic oxidation fluid treatment system
Methods and apparatus for treating animal manure
Method of separating suspension, in particular for waste water treatment, and an apparatus for perfo...
Method of treating digested sludge
Alum pellets
Method and device for flocculating setting
Internal UV treatment of potable water systems
Component separating device, method of manufacturing the device, and method of separating fine solid...
Fluid treatment system
Ultrasonic transducer system
In situ water treatment
Process and apparatus for the throughflow sterilization of liquids
Method and apparatus for extracting liquid present in a humid mass
Suspension screen raking system
Filtration device with cross-flow function and its filtration method
Centrifuge with a variable frequency drive and a single motor
Thermally stable perfluoropolyethers and processes therefor and therewith
Reaction and separation methods
Apparatus and method for separation of liquid phases of different density and for fluorous phase org...
System and method for editing web pages in a client/server architecture
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Flat-folded personal respiratory protection devices and processes for preparing same
System and method for providing a breathing gas
Methods for purifying radiolabelled compounds
Rapid restoration of file system usage in very large file systems
Parallel high speed backup for a storage area network (SAN) file system
Efficient method for copying and creating block-level incremental backups of large files and sparse ...
Dishwasher basket
Compositions for golf equipment
Method of, system for, and computer program product for providing efficient utilization of memory hi...
Method and arrangement for predicting measurement data by means of given measurement
Memory system having control circuit configured to receive data, provide encoded received data to ma...
Single-chip data processing apparatus incorporating an electrically rewritable nonvolatile memory an...
Electrolytic capacitor
Automatic transfer regulator for hose-line respirator
Ionic silver complex
Isolated DNA molecule encoding rank ligand
Semiconductor device
Full color surface discharge type plasma display device
Protein transport-associated molecules
Method and system for detecting intrusion into and misuse of a data processing system
Medical devices for contemporaneous decision support in metabolic control
Media converter and failure detection technique
Tablet air cooling dock
Adjustment of luminance balance of red, green and blue light emissions for plasma display by using d...
Arrangement utilizing a magnetic attractive force
Oxygen enriching apparatus, controller for the oxygen enriching apparatus, and recording medium for ...
Morphatides: novel shape and structure libraries
Highly permeable composite reverse osmosis membrane and method of producing the same
Memory device with pointer structure to map logical to physical addresses
Method and system for monitoring state of lead acid battery
Adaptive DS-CDMA multi-user receiver with diversity combining for interference cancellation
RF signal repeater in mobile communications systems
Technique for establishing a virtual backbone in an ad hoc wireless network
System and method for reporting an emergency situation
Virtual dynamic cellular infrastructure based on coordinate information
System and method of providing information to a subscriber through a wireless device
Method and system for detecting and discriminating multipath signals
Determining support locations in a wireless fixture of a printed circuit assembly tester
Determining via placement in the printed circuit board of a wireless test fixture
Increasing the dynamic range of a MEMS gyroscope
Peptides having an amino acid sequence from the fimbrial protein of porphyromonas gingivalis and the...
Integrated security system
Picture ball
Dice scanner
Projectile catching target
Information signal copy managing method, information signal recording method, information signal out...
Image processing system and method, and image display system
Method of decreasing delay through frame based format converters
Control device, control method, electric apparatus, control method of an electric apparatus, electri...
Apparatus and method for correcting distortion of image and image displayer using the same
Imaging module
Method and apparatus for processing or compressing n-dimensional signals by foveal filtering along t...
Image adjuster of projector and image adjusting method of image display
Method of fabricating a solid-state imaging device
Photodetector, photodetecting method and storage medium for measuring a luminance characteristic of ...
Variable bandwidth correlated doubling sampling circuits for image sensors
Video data error detection
Image file generation
Remote server switching of video streams
Monitoring device for security in automatic teller machine
Image forming device and image forming method
Apparatus, method, and program for implementing garbage collection suitable for real-time processing
Conductive spacer for field emission displays and method
Drive circuit of display and display
Method and system to cache metadata
Nanostructure, electron emitting device, carbon nanotube device, and method of producing the same
Light emitting device and method of extracting light from light emitting device
Self-generation of certificates using secure microprocessor in a device for transferring digital inf...
Polystyrene as a resist for making patterned media
Discharge electrode structure of plasma display panel
Human G-coupled protein receptor kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Composition for molding thin-walled parts, and injection-molded squeeze tube made thereof
Spinal vertebral fusion implant and method
Magnet control system for battery powered living tissue stimulators
Breakaway leg sling
Embedding digital signatures into digital payloads
Operating system debugger extensions for hypervisor debugging
Bus repeater for coupling a first and second bus
Audio-decoder apparatus using a common circuit substrate for a plurality of channel models
Light measuring device avoiding influence of fluorescence or phosphorescence of lenses and filters i...
Adhesive used for polarizing plate and optical member
Method and apparatus for performing error correction on data read from a multistate memory
Image forming element and image forming device
Toner layer regulating member and developing device using the same
Array substrate for IPS mode liquid crystal display device
Power feeding apparatus for discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for coherent detection in a telecommunications system
Method for making perpendicular magnetic recording head having inverted trapezoidal main magnetic po...
Ferromagnetic double tunnel junction element with asymmetric energy band
Inner-force providing input device having a power-operated actuator for generating a click feel
Video cassette recorder
Disk cartridge, a method of manufacturing same, and a recording/reproducing system
Method and apparatus for determining read-to-write head offset of a disk drive
Disk drive apparatus and method for generating servo sector pulse
Method and apparatus for enhanced phase alignment for direct access storage device (DASD)
Magnetic track following servo algorithm using signal quality
Apparatus and method to calibrate one or more transducers in a noisy environment
Picker mechanism with turntable having hand and slider mechanisms and turn table driving motor provi...
Disk drive including electrical traces integrally formed upon disk drive housing
Small magnetic disk cartridge
Head gimbal assembly with a ground or source voltage lead conductor
Magneto-resistive device, and magnetic head and head suspension assembly using same
Planar filters having periodic electromagnetic bandgap substrates
System and method for cleansing addresses for electronic messages
Storage area network (SAN) device logical relationships manager
System for rapid manufacturing of replacement aerospace parts
Method and apparatus to perform poly-phase instrumentation with single-phase instruments
Authenticating method between a smart card and a terminal
System and method for the use of reset logic in high availability systems
Method and device for operating an electronic communication network game
Photographing system for producing VR editing
Process for the production of plant ingredients
Method for preparing an extruded food product
Apparatus and method for pasteurizing products
Sprayable cookware release composition with reduced heat induced browning
Food intermediate having enhanced shape retention and organoleptic properties and methods of produci...
Method for enhancing post-processing content of beneficial compounds in beverages naturally containi...
Compositions containing green tea catechins and one or more polyvalent mineral cations
Process for producing acids-enriched juice and acids-reduced juice
Shelf stable vitamin C in oatmeal products
Vegetable protein meat analog
Methods and materials for high dextrin dry food coatings
Method for obtaining hot-formed products from the liquid and dense fractions of antarctic krill
Insulated beverage or food container
Anti-infectious carbohydrates
Endoscopic balloon insertion device for treatment of obesity and insertion technique of the same
Method and device for weight management of humans
Unitary absorbent multilayered core
Elevation of oil levels in plants
Delta4-desaturase genes and uses thereof
Production of increased oil and protein in plants by the disruption of the phenylpropanoid pathway
2-Dimension channel coding system
Electric circuit of electric vehicle
Digital signal to pulse converter and method of digital signal to pulse conversion
Power management system and method for an automobile
Keyless access control device and method for motor vehicles
Vehicle-trailer backing up jackknife detection and warning system
Vehicle display system
System and method for remote tire pressure monitoring with low frequency initiation
Vehicle locating system
Multi-mode in-vehicle control unit with network selectivity for transmitting vehicle data for fleet ...
Method and apparatus for estimating mass of vehicle, and method and apparatus for estimating gradien...
Driving force transmission control system for automotive vehicle and the method thereof
System for controlling a fueling governor for an internal combustion engine
Vehicle control system
Flowmeter and flowmeter system
Game apparatus for supplying power to playing elements
Gaming machine with player operable changing graphical bonus amount indicator
Routing protocol based redundancy design for shared-access networks
Intake air amount control apparatus and method of internal combustion engine
Three dimensional cam, grinding method and grinding apparatus
In-cylinder injection type spark-ignition internal combustion engine and control method thereof
Engine valve actuator assembly with automatic regulation
Dual valve lift and valve deactivation
Variable valve distributor for load-controlling a spark-ignited internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Cylinder bank work output balancing based on exhaust gas A/F ratio
Method and apparatus for storing sparse and dense subtrees in a longest prefix match lookup table
System and method for managing hierarchical objects
Method for streamlined representation of roads in a geographic database
Hitmask for querying hierarchically related content entities
Information apparatus, table retrieval apparatus, table retrieval method, and recording medium
Systems and methods for representing and editing multi-dimensional data
Metamodel-based metadata change management
Water based adhesive composition with release properties
Wafer spin drying apparatus with a plurality of supply nozzles and methods for using the same
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Audio to video timing measurement for MPEG type television systems
Detecting halftone modulations embedded in an image
Digital watermarking method and apparatus for audio data
System and method for distorting a biometric for transactions with enhanced security and privacy
Cheque processor
Carrier of information, and ID card
Grain compartment cleanout arrangement
Antibodies against rat pituitary tumor transforming gene carboxy-terminal (PTTG-C) peptides
Method of genetic modification of a wild type viral sequence
Herbicidal Compositions
Photometric glucose measurement system using glucose-sensitive hydrogel
Use of medium chain triglycerides for the treatment and prevention of alzheimer's disease and other ...
Vermiculture compositions
Overproduction hosts for biosynthesis of polyketides
Antibody recognizing a small subset of human hematopoietic cells
Method and system for using a universal serial bus (USB) as a peer-to-peer network
Keypad illuminating system for a data processing device
Apparatus and method for high energy photodynamic therapy of acne vulgaris and seborrhea
Phase change inks containing colorant compounds
Microporous filter media, filtration systems containing same, and methods of making and using
Lossy fiber UV curing method and apparatus
Apparatus for inline continuous and uniform ultraviolet irradiation of recording media
Discharge lamp
Polarization recovery system using light pipes
Bolometer and method for producing bolometer
Method for producing a silicon nitride filter
Cobalamin conjugates useful as imaging and therapeutic agents
Asphaltene aggregation in petroleum oil mixtures determined by small angle light scattering
Direct hair dyes and use thereof
Cleaning towels for hair care
Methods of manufacturing personal care products
Cosmetic compositions having improved tactile and wear properties
Coated substrate for use in ink-jet printers
Peelable protective film
Aqueous nanocomposite dispersions: processes, compositions, and uses thereof
Polymers which exhibit thermothickening properties and process making same
Light emitting device and manufacturing method therefor
Natural query interface based on concept selection
Optical cross connect employing a curved optical component
Optical amplifier for quantum cascade laser
Receiving apparatus for electromagnetic signals
Method to control uplink transmissions in a wireless communication system
Divider circuitry
System for reverse sandboxing
Control channel for time division multiple access systems
Method and apparatus for packet network tunnel management
Softener composition
Scented paints, paint scenting additive mixtures and processes for producing scented paints
Methods and apparatus for a discrete vapor-dispensing device
Conductive and roughening layer
Mixtures of quaternary compounds
Soap composition
Bathroom cleaning composition
Apparatus for forming image
Detecting overlapping images in an automatic image segmentation device with the presence of severe b...
Wax dispersions and process thereof
Image forming apparatus, normal image forming unit, special image forming unit and image forming met...
Alkylated tetrakis(triaminotriazine) compounds and phase change inks containing same
Public key distribution using an approximate linear function
Optical encoder for detecting changes in diffraction interference patterns
Method of manufacturing an image display medium capable of displaying an image repeatedly, and image...
Print engine scheduler with configurable traverser
Mode switch and adjustable averaging scheme for tandem top edge electronic registration
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Ink compositions
Current switching architecture for head driver of solid ink jet print heads
Fuser member having platinum catalyzed addition cured silicone layer
Toner for developing electrostatic image, process for producing toner for developing electrostatic i...
Retractable pin array identification apparatus and method
Tactile interface device
Image reader and image reading method
Locating edges of a scanned document
Terminal structures for motor with brush to connect motor to external circuit
Step-up circuits
Chemical mechanical polishing for forming a shallow trench isolation structure
Charge/discharge current detection circuit and variable resistor
Methods and systems for using reference images in acoustic image processing
Apparatus for connecting a longitudinal member to a bone portion
Phosphorescent material and electroluminescent device using thereof
Planar laser illumination modules (PLIMS) employed in a planar laser illumination and imaging (PLIIM...
Peak brightness improvement for LC/DLP based RPTV
Process for producing optically active azetidine-2-carboxylic acids
Process for the preparation of enantiomerically pure 3-phenyl-3-hydroxypropylamine
Light spot position sensor and displacement measuring device
Optical near-field second surface recording
Information recording and reproducing apparatus
Pseudo-reflective read inhibitor for optical storage media
Optical assembly for coupling with integrated optical devices and method for making
Apparatus and method for transmitting optical signals through a single fiber optical network
Method for referencing time-related entries in different files in a planning program
Limiting request propagation in a distributed file system
Lockable mounting and storing device for long barrel firearms
Tubular gas generator
Small caliber munitions detonation furnace and process of using it
Safety device for a breechblock of a firearm
Flash suppressor apparatus and methods
Propelling charge increment protector for 120mm mortar ammunition
Bullet with spherical nose portion
Labyrinth grease hub seal
Motor with dynamic pressure bearing
Spindle device using dynamic pressure bearing
Shaft bearing-seal assembly penetrating the wall of a pressure vessel
Fan apparatus for chamber of handler
Ultrathin-walled rolling bearing and cage therefor
Roller vane pump incorporating a bearing bush
Spindle motor using hydraulic bearing and disk drive on which spindle motor is mounted
Bearing device for a motor having a bearing set including multiple bearings of different materials
Control valve assembly of valve assembly-injection-molded control valves or modules
Bearing seal
Rotor bearing for increased lubricant flow
Dynamic pressure bearing apparatus
4-point contact ball bearing
Bearing cage, ball bearing comprising such a cage and process for assembling such a bearing
Method for the production of a part of a rolling bearing
Plasma display panel and manufacturing method thereof
Dispensing device for dispensing scents
Electrochemical method and system for dyeing hair
Compounds for hair coloring compositions
Non-irritating antiperspirant compositions containing acidic antiperspirant active
Replaceable head electric toothbrush and connection structure therefor
Ovaloid bottle with overcap
Protection tampon and method of making
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Controlled release encapsulated bioactive substances
System for presentation of multimedia content
Measurement and correction of gradient-induced cross-term magnetic fields in an EPI sequence
Method for high resolution magnetic resonance analysis using magic angle technique
Sensitivity encoding magnetic resonance imaging method and system
Lower abdomen RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for NMR imaging
Processing NMR data in the presence of coherent ringing
Method for evaluating a time signal that contains spectroscopic information
Solid state NMR method with inverse detection
Magnetic resonance imaging method for an angulated cut plane with respect to a reference frame
Method and apparatus for monitoring superconducting magnet data
Circular pole piece and MRI system
Method and device for abrading skin
Compositions comprising an active agent
Process for making substituted 8-arylquinolinium benzenesulfonate
Antibodies and peptide antigens for producing antibodies having a selective binding specificity to b...
Vehicle windshield
Apparatus and method for diagnosing faults in hot strip finishing rolling
Tropane linked benzofuran derivatives
System and method for providing data communication in a device network
Enclosed container carton convertible into a tray
Use of organic carbon-containing minerals
Polymersomes and related encapsulating membranes
Human lineage committed cell composition with enhanced proliferative potential, biological effector ...
Process for the living radical polymerization of chlorine containing monomers
Thermoformable polarized lens with substrate having adjusted glass transition temperature
Process for improving glucose and insulin metabolism in pet animals with a food composition
Method of operating a combined cycle power plant
Method for making biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymers having improved crystallization prop...
Tire with configured rubber sidewall designed to be ground-contacting reinforced with carbon black, ...
Multilayer golf ball and composition
Adhesives for fluoropolymer films and structures containing same
Forming defect prevention trenches in dicing streets
Optical switching apparatus, optical transmission system and method of setting up for optical signal...
High-capacity multimode optical fiber systems
Tunable optical filtering device and method
Optical fiber for single-mode operation
Optical device for compensation of multiple wavelengths and working distances in dual-fiber collimat...
Chiral fiber grating
Athermal, optical-fiber device comprising an integrated component
Tunable resonant cavity based on the field effect in semiconductors
Micro-electrodes for electro-optic control of optical waveguides
Method of making sequential coupler arrangements and resulting devices
Multi-layer dispersion-engineered waveguides and resonators
Packaging device for optical waveguide element
Optical connector mount with six degrees of freedom
Dual stage fiber optic cable design
Poled waveguide structure with stabilized internal electric field
Optical fiber cable swivel for fiber optic distribution frames
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and recording medium
Multiple pen stroke character set and handwriting recognition system with immediate response
Method of compressing digital images
Scaling of multi-dimensional data in a hybrid domain
Pattern evaluation method, pattern evaluation system and computer readable recorded medium
Control system for image input device, especially fingerprint image input device
Processing apparatus for discriminating various types of paper and control method of procressing
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional shadow lightening
Method and apparatus for obtaining blood for diagnostic tests
Implant syringe
Needle holder for use with safety needle assembly
Safety shield assembly
Biological fluid sampling and analyte measurement devices and methods
Device for cell transfer
Reducing effects of magnetic and electromagnetic fields on an implant's magnet and/or electronics
Disposable tissue probe tip
Method and apparatus for minimizing spectral interference due to within and between sample variation...
Rate-adaptive therapy with automatic limiting of maximum pacing rate
Rapid-prototyping method and apparatus
Multicolored steel sheet manufacturing method and a multicolored steel sheet manufacturing system
Alloyed galvanized steel plate having excellent slidability
Stainless steel separator for fuel cells, method for making the same, and solid polymer fuel cell in...
Multi-layer steel cable for tire carcass
Apparatus for electrically coating a hot-rolled steel substrate
Method of making siloxane-based polyamide elastomers
Optical element driving device having two permanent magnets and one magnetic substance
Method, system and computer readable medium for identifying chest radiographs using image mapping an...
Miniature bone-mounted surgical robot
Catalytic system for aldol reactions
Flat-panel display mounting system for portable computer
Cradle for supporting a monitoring camera
Methods for delivering, repositioning and/or retrieving self-expanding stents
Lung assist apparatus and methods for use
Pulmonary administration of chemically modified insulin
Film-forming compositions and methods
Methods for in vitro fertilization
Coding sequences of the human BRCA1 gene
Use of HIF-1a variants to accelerate wound healing
Treatment of sepsis with TAFI
Inhibition of inflammatory cytokine production by cholinergic agonists and vagus nerve stimulation
Methods and devices for providing anti-infective activity to a medical device
Information processing system and peripheral apparatus
Identification of recording media
Packaged microelectronic devices with interconnecting units
Proximity detection circuit and method of detecting small capacitance changes
Method and system for probing, testing, burn-in, repairing and programming of integrated circuits in...
Support surface that utilizes magnetic repulsive forces
System and method for manipulation and interaction of time-based mixed media formats
Optical profilometry of additional-material deviations in a periodic grating
Domain based congestion management
Cask and production method for cask
Giant composites
Pipeline depth controller for an instruction processor
Apparatus for manufacturing management using a wireless device
Video signal selecting device
Organic/inorganic-oxide multilayer materials
Control device for a proportionally adjustable hydraulic pump and a variable displacement pump for a...
Compliance tracking method
Generation and distribution of annotation overlays of digital X-ray images for security systems
Integrated fixation systems
Hybrid model and method for determining mechanical properties and processing properties of an inject...
Power supply and ultracapacitor based battery simulator
Powder Composition for nasal administration
Nucleic sequences coding for an AT2 interacting proteins interacting with the AT2 receptor and their...
Aromatic polyimide film for electro-conductive sealing element of packaged semi-conductor device
Production method of silver halide photographic emulsion and production apparatus thereof
Semiconductor device manufacturing method wherein electrode members are exposed from a mounting surf...
Semiconductor devices having a non-volatile memory transistor and methods for manufacturing the same
Plasma-resistant member for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method for manufacturing the s...
Resin composition for automotive exterior parts
Ion trap type mass spectrometer
Semiconductor device having noise immunity
Semiconductor device having a separation structure for high withstand voltage
Chromate film-containing plug metal component and method for producing the same
Plasma processing apparatus
Display apparatus
Method and apparatus for multi-beam optical scanning capable of effectively adjusting a scanning lin...
Holder for magnetic transfer apparatus
Optical waveguide platform and method of manufacturing the same
Control system for plant using an identified model parameter vector
Devices and methods for preventing distal embolization using flow reversal by partial occlusion of t...
Bus total overcurrent system for a protective relay
Process transmitter with wireless communication link
Electroluminescent device
Process for the epoxidation of olefins
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of breast biopsy to determine pathology, vascularization and nodal i...
Fuser roller for an image forming device
Transflective liquid crystal display device
Light transmitting plate
Olefin polymerization catalysis with aryl substituted carbenium cationic complexes
High activity metal carbene metathesis catalysts generated using a thermally activated N-heterocycli...
Salts of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
Drawer insert
Robotic loading cell for molded utensils
Handle attached to three knives
Positioning device and method
Liquid crystal display device
Preamble using Golay sequence for access channel in cellular communications systems
Merchandise inventory management system
Office chair
Breast cup construction
Containment flaps for absorbent article
Method for the production of a synthetic leather
Creped materials
Quilting method and system
Method of stain removal from garments worn on the body
Olefin polymer and production processes thereof
Undergarments made from multi-layered fabric laminate material
Heated mirror
Method for controlling motorized storing door mirror
5-(alkylidene-cycloalkyl)-and 5-(alkylidene-heterocyclyl)-pyrazoles
Estrogen receptor modulators
Light emitting device having a dopant in a light emitting layer and method of producing the light em...
Method and apparatus for controlling motor
Image display apparatus and image display method
Data communication apparatus and method for receiving and displaying information from first and seco...
Image forming apparatus, and memory control method for image forming apparatus
Virtual image sensing and generating method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus with image bearing member particle collection using timed voltage applicatio...
Image forming apparatus with improved conveying unit positioning
Developer supply container
Image forming apparatus and developer supply container removably mountable in image forming apparatu...
Developing apparatus
Method of loading initial program in processor system
Data management system, information processing apparatus, authentification management apparatus, met...
Mask manufacturing method
Image processing method, apparatus, and medium storing program for checking for copy-prohibited obje...
Information data reproducing apparatus
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Audio signal processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing an image, and storage medium
Deferred writing of data to be synchronized on magnetic tape employing a non-volatile store
Step agglutination immunoassay
Methods, products and treatments for diabetes
Immunoassay for C-reactive protein
Frequency difference detector with hysteresis
Plug and play reconfigurable USB interface for industrial fieldbus network access
Data modem
Logical pipeline for data communications system
Microprocessor protected against parasitic interrupt signals
Smart integrated circuit
Method for processing an electronic system subjected to transient error constraints and memory acces...
Mixed hardware/software architecture and method for processing xDSL communications
System and method for compressing data
Method and apparatus for a multi-purpose domino adder
System for and method of interfacing expansion modules with programmable logic controllers (PLC)
Preloaded sensor holder
Method and apparatus for treating cardiac arrhythmia using electrogram features
Method and system for analyzing biological response signal data
System for normalizing spectra
System for osmotic delivery of pharmaceutically active agents
Decorative front bumper
Automobile front bumper
Tissue dispenser
Antiferromagnetically coupled magnetic recording media with CoCrFe alloy first ferromagnetic film
System for communicating labeled routing trees to establish preferred paths and source routes with l...
Laser initialization in firmware controlled optical transceiver
Surfboard-shaped stringed musical instrument body
Octopus toy
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) active pixel sensors with the photosite implemented in the substrate
Antihelminthic anthraquinones and method of use thereof
Low velocity, high pressure thrust pump
Capturing and producing shared multi-resolution video
Black reflector plate
Method and apparatus for accelerating detection of serial bus device speed signals
Liquid automatic dishwashing detergent
Alkaline detergent containing mixed organic and inorganic sequestrants resulting in improved soil re...
Laundry detergent compositions with a combination of cyclic amine based polymers and hydrophobically...
Useful mutations of bacterial alkaline protease
Plastics compatible detergent composition and method of cleaning plastics
FCC process and apparatus with automatic catalyst recycle control
Method for reducing the sulfur content of a sulfur-containing hydrocarbon stream
Process and apparatus for the production of catalytic cracking gasoline with a low sulphur content
Process for the preparation of MFI-type zeolitic catalysts
Isolated and recombinant antimicrobial peptides thrombocidin-1 (TC-1) and thrombocidin-2(TC-2) or va...
Automated on-line capacity expansion method for storage device
Method of data backup in a computer system and a storage system therefor
Horizontally structured manufacturing process modeling for fixtures and tooling
Register file backup queue
Readily transportable musical instrument stand
Turbine for an exhaust gas turbocharger
Overheat protection for fluid pump
High internal pressure forming process
Rotary vane pump
Ion pump having secondary magnetic field
Rotary pump with integral hand pump unit
Occlusion detector for rotary peristaltic pump
Refrigeration suction mechanism for a piston type compressor and a piston type compressor
Reciprocating compressor
Self-priming centrifugal pump with internal series of diffusers and impellers and laminar valve
Motor with impeller/rotor combination
Fluid-pumping system employing piston-driven pump and employing at least one pulsation dampener
Suction valve assembly of reciprocating compressor
Hydraulic pump unit with orifice plate for vehicle brake control system
Check valve
Inlet port for a reciprocating compressor
Motor structure for reciprocating compressor
Electron tube with a ring-less getter
Sterile fluid pumping or mixing system and related method
Non-invasive blood glucose monitor
Adaptive calibration for pulse oximetry
Optical probes and methods for spectral analysis
Rheo-optical indexer and method of screening and characterizing arrays of materials
Detector configurations for optical metrology
Apparatus for evaluating metalized layers on semiconductors
Ultrasonic blood vessel measurement apparatus and method
Method and system for assessment of biomarkers by measurement of response to stimulus
Method for contrast-enhancement of digital portal images
Adaptive filtering method and apparatus for descreening scanned halftoned image representations
System and method for providing information for detected pathological findings
System for accurately obtaining a contour and/or quantitative information from an echo image with re...
Bone measuring method
Image segmentation method
Herbicidal 5-benzyloxymethyl-1,2-isoxazoline derivatives
Semiconductor device
Reversible ratchet wrench
Apparatus and methods for infrared calorimetric measurements
Integrated sample-processing system
Flow cell humidity sensor system
Plug and play electric machine
Method for optimizing an illumination source using full resist simulation and process window respons...
Cavity-enhanced liquid absorption spectroscopy
Method and apparatus for compensation of time-varying optical properties of gas in interferometry
Laser interferometer displacement measuring system, exposure apparatus, and electron beam lithograph...
Method of activating optical communication system, channel increasing/decreasing method, and compute...
Electronic component and method of producing the same
Multiparallel three dimensional optical microscopy system
Method for detecting Cheyne-Stokes respiration in patients with congestive heart failure
Disk drive
Method and apparatus for reducing the parachuting of a probe
Probe card assembly
Packaging methodology for duplexers using FBARs
Nozzle guard alignment for ink jet printhead
Self-actuating connector for coupling microcomponents
Method and apparatus for etch processing with end point detection thereof
Method and apparatus for sorting biological cells with a MEMS device
System to enable photolithography on severe structure topologies
Method for adjusting a micro-mechanical device
MEMS element manufacturing method
Flip-chip micromachine package using seal layer
Process for manufacturing a through insulated interconnection in a body of semiconductor material
Separation microcolumn assembly for a microgas chromatograph and the like
Focused ion beam microlathe
Electrostatic control of micro-optical components
Water-level package with bump ring
Longitudinal electromagnetic latching relay
Hand-drawing capture via interface surface and processing sensor
Optical range finder having a micro-mirror array
Optical switching system based on hollow waveguides
Optical switch
Fiber devices using GRIN fiber lenses
Variable constant volume cooling/heating unit
Apparatus for cooling a battery in an outdoor equipment cabinet
Thermal water treatment
Supersonic vapor compression and heat rejection cycle
Computer system having a plurality of server units transferring heat to a fluid flowing through a fr...
Method and apparatus for force transfer via bare die package
Power management of a computer with vapor-cooled processor
Mechanical control head system
Internal water tank solar heat exchanger
Integral-type heat exchanger
Heat exchanger plates and manufacturing method
Carbon-carbon and/or metal-carbon fiber composite heat spreaders
Vehicle air conditioner with driving mechanism of single hot water valve and plural air mixing doors
Hydrogen supply device
Heat dissipation from a hand-held portable computer
Fan-less housing
Cooling device and an electronic apparatus including the same
Embedded heat pipe for a conduction cooled circuit card assembly
Voltage control device for vehicular alternator
Light guide plate, surface light source device and liquid crystal display
Vacuum thermal insulation product and method for making same
Head lamp for bicycle
Light reflecting polymeric compositions
Compositions of a hydrofluoroether and a hydrofluorocarbon
System for excitation leadless miniature marker
Non-thermal plasma reactor for lower power consumption
PEMF stimulator for treating osteoporosis and stimulating tissue growth
Fuel cell with cooling system based on direct injection of liquid water
Toner, developer and image forming method using the toner
Low voltage high efficiency illuminated display having capacitive coupled electrodes
Signal generator
Driving circuit of display
Airflow management in cold storage appliances
High propane recovery process and configurations
Heat pump hot-water supply system
Hearing aid with sound replay capability
Synchronized binaural hearing system
Method for adaptive triggering of a breathing device, and breathing device with adaptive triggering
Method and apparatus for determining respiratory system resistance during assisted ventilation
Pressure support system having a two-piece assembly
Adhesive, adhesive member, interconnecting substrate for semiconductor mounting having adhesive memb...
Wooden bars arranged for percussion instruments
Proximity fuze
Cyclone separator
Method for making carbon blocks highly resistant to thermal shock
Laser light source
Apparatus and method for visualizing an automatic laser shutdown state in an optical transmission sy...
Laser crosslink methods and apparatus
Monitoring distributed gain in an optical transmission system
Cobalt-doped saturable absorber Q-switches and laser systems
Digital control of actively mode-locked lasers
Feedback control loop operating system for tunable source
Light wavelength converting system
Laser frequency control using dithered control signal
Light source comprising laser diode module
Dipolar organic materials producing highly efficient laser-like emission
Surface emitting semiconductor laser device
Optoelectronic device using a disabled tunnel junction for current confinement
Combined single-frequency laser and linear amplifier
Gas discharge ultraviolet laser with enclosed beam path with added oxidizer
Ultra-narrow band flourine laser apparatus
Barium fluoride high repetition rate UV excimer laser
On-line quality control of the key optical components in lithography lasers using laser induced fluo...
Method of monitoring calls in an internet protocol (IP)-based network
System and method for controlling a wireless packet switched voice call
Method and apparatus for mapping data packets between lines of differing capacity at a router interf...
Method and apparatus for setting user communication parameters based on voice identification of user...
Network support for subscriber access to mobile caller location information
Graphical user interface and method for displaying messages
Network support for access to location information of a mobile device
Audio file transmission method
Video-telephony system
Method and system for data communication
Call prevention device and method
Imidazoles with anti-inflammatory activity
Lactacystin analogs
Amino acid derivatives and their use as thrombin inhibitors
Amidine inhibitors of serine proteases
Composition containing sucrafate and a topical anesthetic for humans and animals and method of use t...
Fungicidal composition
Sulfonated amino acid derivatives and metalloproteinase inhibitors containing the same
Formulations comprising selective androgen receptor modulators
Glutathiaone conjugates with distamycin derivatives having antitumoral activity
Dicarba-closo-dodecarborane derivatives
Opioid derivative
Semiconductor laser module and method for forming semiconductor laser module
Biomedical devices with hydrophilic coatings
Positional audio rendering
Motilin Homologs
Clam shell blood reservoir holder with index line
Protein kinase deficient, immunologically active CMVpp65 mutants
Cytotoxic T-cell epitopes of the papilloma virus l1-protein and use thereof in diagnosis and therapy
Antigenically reactive regions of the hepatitis a virus polyprotein
Imidazolidinones as NS3-serine protease inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Substituted benzoic acid amides, their preparation and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Thermally-responsive record material
Composite positioning imaging element
Multi-channel A/D converter and system using the same
Artiodactyl epimorphine
Photosensitive compositions
Carbonated fortified milk-based beverage and method for suppressing bacterial formation in the bever...
Manufacture of non-standard cheese products
Use of oxandrolone in the treatment of burns and other wounds
Drosophila melanogaster p70 S6 kinase
Speed-controlled exercise method and apparatus
Process for preparing a creatine heterocyclic acid salt and method of use
Folding treadmill
Rowing weight training machine
Exercise apparatus with elliptical foot motion
Ergonomic handheld exercisers
Low back stretching sleeper
Apparatus using multi-directional resistance in exercise equipment
Exercise device and method of using same
Exercise device
Fuel heater
Analyte detection system
Antagonist derivatives of the vitronectin receptor
Centrifuge tube assembly
Antimicrobial cationic peptides and formulations thereof
Multi-layered gate for a CMOS imager
Method for handling concrete retaining wall blocks
Versatile RSDS-LVDS-miniLVDS-BLVDS differential signal interface circuit
Reducing swing line driver
I/O cell configuration for multiple I/O standards
Integrated high-voltage switching circuit for ultrasound transducer array
Differential output structure with reduced skew for a single input
Programmable phase shift circuitry
Redundant switch fabric methods and system for switching of telecommunication signals
Message system for asynchronous transfer
Method and apparatus for providing interface to original equipment engine control computer
Method and apparatus for motor-driven throttle valve, automobile, method of measuring temperature of...
Alignment method and exposure apparatus using the method
Dual stage level shifter for low voltage operation
Method to provide dynamic internet protocol security policy service
System and method for distributing multicasts in virtual local area networks
Mirroring in a stacked network switch configuration
Method for establishing secure communication link between computers of virtual private network witho...
Method and apparatus for BIOS control of electrical device address/identification assignments
Hierarchical functional verification
Radio frequency data communications device
Radio frequency data communications device
RFID transponder having active backscatter amplifier for re-transmitting a received signal
Control system for a cogeneration unit
Load balancing content requests using dynamic document generation cost information
Computer system having an authentication and/or authorization routing service and a CORBA-compliant ...
Pre-processing code to identify and modify format of keys
System and software for database structure in semiconductor manufacturing and method thereof
Configurable persistence in applets
Dynamic adaptive tenuring of objects
System and method for performing virtual device I/O operations
World wide contextual navigation
System, method, and computer program product for administering channels, content, and data for mobil...
Network tomography using closely-spaced unicast packets
Stub search loading system and method, server apparatus, client apparatus, and computer-readable rec...
Cantilever-free magnetic resonance force microscope
High resolution heat exchange
Method for the rapid determination of the optical quality of combinatorial libraries
Optical elements and methods for making thereof
Automated video-microscopic imaging and data acquisition system for colloid deposition measurements
Electric field orientation of carbon nanotubes
Contact element and a contact arrangement
Ion beam apparatus, ion beam processing method and sample holder member
Enhanced sampling rate in time domain imaging using MOEMS scanning optical delay line
Chemical functionalization nanolithography
Hybrid circuit having nanotube electromechanical memory
Water-insoluble drug delivery system
System and method for controlling deposition parameters in producing a surface to tune the surface's...
Print product on demand
Tray for hydroponic and aeroponic cultivation
Multilayer coextrusion die and method
Method and an apparatus for adjusting an extrusion die in an extruder
Post formation profile processing
Structural carrier non-thermal plasma reactor
Carbon microrod and method of producing the same
Extrudable polycarbonate molding compositions
Method of manufacturing organic EL element, organic EL element, and organic EL display device
Racing game and method of playing thereof
Game and method of playing
Gaming device having a cash out menu screen and a system and method for enabling a player to retriev...
Mesh connected electrical rotating machine with span changing
Liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide composition
Method and system of handling the selection of alternates for recognized words
Usage semantics
System and method providing subpixel-edge-offset-based determination of opacity
Using a derived table of signal strength data to locate and track a user in a wireless network
Installable schema for low-overhead databases
Method and system for building a dataset
Methods and systems for controlling access to presence information according to a variety of differe...
Methods and systems for authentication through multiple proxy servers that require different authent...
Mapping connections and protocol-specific resource identifiers
Method and system for compiling multiple languages
Method and system for editing software programs
Platinum silicide permeation layer device with microlocaions
Combiner and on-vehicle display unit including the same
Optical near-field generating element and optical apparatus including the same
Combination perpendicular magnetic head having shield material formed at both ends of an upper pole ...
Electromagnetic wave shielded write and read wires on a support for a magnetic media drive
Magnetic head having raised element and magnetic head apparatus using the same
Surface structure and method of making, and electrostatic wafer clamp incorporating surface structur...
Laminate for forming capacitor layer and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having different types of memory cell arrays stacked in a vertical direction
Optical pickup
Memory array with continuous current path through multiple lines
State-of-device remote monitoring system
Extension of operating range of feedback in CVT ratio control
Stop-start control apparatus of internal combustion engine, and control method thereof
On-line rotating equipment monitoring device
Polyester film for releasing polarizer
Reflection type diffraction grating
Composition and method of making high-reflection silver mirrors or thin-film optical filters
Apparatus for controlling a plurality of synchronizers in a manual planetary transmission
Automatic transmission
Continuously variable transmission system
Structure of gear cluster for a bicycle
Six-speed dual-clutch transmissions having four planetary gear sets and two brakes
Apparatus and method for filling cavities with metered amounts of granular particles
Intelligent perforating well system and method
Cap feeding apparatus for a fastener gun
Plastic fastener, fastener clip, fastener dispensing tool and method of fastening objects