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High performance multi-purpose frigate
Wafer holder
Vehicle air bag system
Method and apparatus for restructuring of personalized data for transmission from a data network to ...
Device and method for outputting stochastic processes, and data recording medium
Method for controlling bill-processing machine
Power back-up unit with low voltage disconnects that provide load shedding
Plants and seeds of corn variety I181664
Apparatus and method implementing repairs on a memory device
Thermoplastic elastomer composition with superior oil resistance
Image display device
Terminal apparatus, information service center, transmitting system, and transmitting method
Fiber optic switch using MEMS
Extravascular hemodynamic acoustic sensor
Construction system
Source waveforms for electroseismic exploration
Enhanced precooked egg product and process for formulation of precooked egg products
Process for preparing foamed meat processed foods
Polymerization of mono and disaccharides using low levels of polycarboxylic acids
Oral and injectable nutritional composition
Method of preparation of products which absorb water intermolecularly
Water soluble sachet with a dishwasher composition
Method of making water-softening and detergent compositions
Treatment for fabrics
Imidazo-benzazepine compounds, their compositions and uses
Antimicrobial hydrogel forming absorbent polymers and process for making the same
Absorbent articles having cuffs and topsheet with skin care composition(s) disposed thereon
Providing access to physical memory allocated to a process by selectively mapping pages of the physi...
Electron beam gun with grounded shield to prevent arc-down and gas bleed to protect the filament
Method and apparatus for capture detection
Heat sink and electronic assembly including same
Data model for supply chain planning
Scalable DSL access multiplexer with high reliability
Method and apparatus for adaptive control of forward error correction codes
Automated processor generation system for designing a configurable processor and method for the same
Azaindole derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Methods of using sibutramine metabolites in combination with a phosphodiesterase inhibitor to treat ...
Process for the production of a strip of hot rolled steel of very high strength, usable for shaping ...
Process for melting sponge iron and electric-arc furnace for carrying out the process
Optical pulse synthesis using brillouin selective sideband amplification
Microbiological method for eliminating a nitroaromatic compound
System for performing load management
True breeding transgenics from plants heterozygous for transgene insertions
Methods for the production of non-covalently complexed and multivalent proteosome sub-unit vaccines
Genes and gene expression products that are differentially regulated in prostate cancer
Polynucleotides, materials incorporating them, and methods for using them
Expression of sucrose phosphorylase in plants
Polypeptides having interferon-.gamma. inducing activity
Bidirectional communication system, client terminal, client management server, and broadcast server
Enamelled projection screen and method for the manufacturing thereof
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Methods and materials relating to CD39-like polypeptides
Luggage cart
Toner cartridge identification system for a printer
Software patch selection tool
Garment having elastomeric laminate
Apparatus and method for performing microfluidic manipulations for chemical analysis and synthesis
Caulking gun holster with tool punch
Sensor array for rapid materials characterization
Easy processing linear low density polyethylene
Aqueous coating composition
Noise screen for attitude control system
Ionic polymer sensors and actuators
Method and apparatus for transmitting, storing, and processing electronic program guide data for on-...
System and method for heating the prostate gland to treat and prevent the growth and spread of prost...
Safety cap for fluid dispensing cartridges
Cellular array for implementing the set merging function
Use of bacterial acetate kinase and their genes for protection of plants against different pathogens
Non-invasive blood glucose measurement techniques
Compounds for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis
Secreted protein HNFGF20
Perfume compositions
Method for determining the reliability of fMRI parameters
Data link layer quality of service for UMTS
System, method, and article of manufacture for environment services patterns in a netcentic environm...
Cloning and characterization of FLBA gene of H. pylori production of aflagellate
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Twisted flat cable
Sulfite treatment of spent industrial wastes
Hyperbranched polymers or dendrimers containing a particular group, preparation process, use and com...
Anhydrous cosmetic compositions
Color shifting film glitter
Multi-layered, ceramic-based hardwood finish
Drugs, foods or drinks with the use of algae-derived physiologically active substances
Pyridazine derivatives and related composition
Alkoxylated fatty alcohol dicarboxylic acid esters
Geranium plant named `Fisrocoral`
Geranium plant named `Fisroyal`
Geranium plant named `Fisrolisa`
Campanula plant named `Bowl of Cherries`
Geranium plant named `Fisblufort`
Rose plant named `Yohopi`
Helianthus plant named `Low Down`
Methods and compositions for modulating the interaction between the APJ receptor and the HIV virus
Method of forming a glass ceramic material
Use of a vector expressing DNA polymerase .beta. as medicine
Method for control and treatment of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
Antiviral azaindole derivatives
Chemokine receptor antagonists
Inhibition of cytokine production
Thermal transfer printer
Bioelectrode having a crushable hydrating assembly and associated method
Cradle frame
Method and system for remote device monitoring
Microbench and producing method therefor, and optical semiconductor module using same
Warren portal identification and tunnel resident disgorger system
Digital video content transmission ciphering and deciphering method and apparatus
System and method for providing information from a syringe to an injector
Method and device for controlling the movement of a movable part
Method and system for broadcast transmission of media objects
Optical disk device
Three-position stop type swing actuator
Device with pistons for locking in position linear elements movable translationwise
Environmentally compatible archway for road building
Adaptive travel purchasing optimization system
Method for manufacturing and designing a wiring of a channel of an electronic device and electronic ...
Technique for partitioning data to correct memory part failures
Biphasic controlled release delivery system for high solubility pharmaceuticals and method
Assay for screening agents that alter angiogenesis
Aromatic heterocyclic compounds as anti-inflammatory agents
Ophthalmic composition
Isoxazoline fibrinogen receptor antagonists
Transgenic tilapia comprising a humanized insulin gene
Method for designing a power supply decoupling circuit
Method and system for adaptive control of turning operations
NiMnGa alloy with a controlled finish point of the reverse transformation and shape memory effect
Reference training tools for development of reading fluency
Bytecode program interpreter apparatus and method with pre-verification of data type restrictions an...
Scroll compressor with deflector plate
Radiation concentrator for a photovoltaic device
Method of gathering and utilizing demographic information from request-based media delivery system
Facilitation of repair of neural injury with CM101/GBS toxin
Dimensioning of additional current paths to optimize the disturbance behavior of a superconducting m...
Method for parallel spatial encoded MRI and apparatus, systems and other methods related thereto
Devices equipped with tribostimulable storage phosphors
Poster-style novelty item
Method and apparatus for performing conservative hidden surface removal in a graphics processor with...
Tartar control denture adhesive compositions
Measurement of process product dielectric constant using a low power radar level transmitter
Biodegradable triblock copolymers and process for their preparation
Aromatic poly(1,3,4-heterodiazoles) for use in optical devices, especially electroluminescent compon...
Synthesis of 2-cyanoaziridine-1-carboxamide
Processes for the preparation of organoluthenium compounds useful for thin film formation by CVD
4 F2 folded bit line dram cell structure having buried bit and word lines
Electronic appliance
Circuits and methods for a static random access memory using vertical transistors
Budesonide particles and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Current limiter having a high-temperature superconductor
Susceptor for heating a garnished flat dough in microwave oven
Positively photosensitive resin composition
Autoacceptertube delivery system with a robotic interface
Matte-finished polymethacrylate films
Gripper for supporting substrate in a vertical orientation
Water and coffee distributor for coffee machine
Method and apparatus for automating the conduct of surveys over a network system
Accelerated full screen video playback
Generating text strings
Optimized color space conversion
Method and apparatus for co-processing multi-formatted data
Method and apparatus for improved double buffering
Method and apparatus for multiple co-processor utilization of a ring buffer
Oxygen scavenging polymers in rigid polyethylene terephthalate beverage and food containers
Light bulb
Hexaazaisowurtzitane derivative and method for producing the same
Antenna device
Electronic endoscope
Multi-beam optical system
Optical disc apparatus
Method and apparatus for operating an electrochemical fuel cell with periodic reactant starvation
Automatically optimized combustion control
Low loss synchronous rectifier for application to clamped-mode power converters
Apparatus for cleaning optical fiber endfaces
Small waterplane area multihull (SWAMH) vessel
Automatic inflating watercraft flotation device
Device for storing fenders on a boat
Interlocking system, apparatus and method for connecting modules
Side element of a drilling template
Automated verification systems and methods for use with optical interference devices
Prototyping of patterned functional nanostructures
Helianthus plant named `First Light`
Natural, non-allergenic, immune system stimulant
Signal enhancement for voice coding
Track control mat and method of making the same
Electron emission light-emitting device and display apparatus using the same
Optical network for actuation of switches in a reconfigurable antenna
Piezoelectric electro-acoustic transducer
Chromium picolinate compositions
Methods for using-co-regulated genesets to enhance detection and classification of gene expression p...
Rotary head assembly
Electron microscope
Non-peptide NK1 receptors antagonists
Communications system for an implantable device and a drug dispenser
4-halogenated steroids, their preparation process and intermediates, their use as medicaments and th...
Iron core and electromagnetic driving mechanism employing the same
Poultry feeder
Method of forming titanium silicide and titanium by chemical vapor deposition and resulting apparatu...
Digital circuit layout techniques using circuit decomposition and pin swapping
Method and apparatus for the production of industrial filament yarns by swirling and a polyester fil...
Prefabricated retroreflective sign
Elliptic to circular polarization converter and test apparatus incorporating the same for accommodat...
Peptidyl heterocyclic ketones useful as tryptase inhibitors
Extrusion profile for transport and drive belts
Composition for light absorption film formation containing blocked isocyanate compound and antirefle...
Microorganism reduction methods and compositions for food cleaning
Polyspecific immunoconjugates and antibody composites for targeting the multidrug resistant phenotyp...
Self-scaling method for exploiting cached resources across organizational boundaries to enhance user...
Method for treating a patient with neoplasia by treatment with a paclitaxel derivative
Nonevaporable getter system for plasma flat panel display
Semiconductor structures using a group III-nitride quaternary material system with reduced phase sep...
Magnetic element with an improved magnetoresistance ratio and fabricating method thereof
Intelligent advisor system and method
Methods to control organic contaminants in fibers
Method for reducing moisture content
Compressor with enhanced oil changing cover
Reducing humping of roofing shingles
Liquid dispensing apparatus and methods
Cartridge for use in a ballistic aerosol marking apparatus
Flow cell and method of operating therefor
Biosensor with modified precious metal surface and process for the preparation thereof
Moisture-curable silicone composition
Heuchera plant named `Florist's Choice`
Thiadiazole compounds useful as inhibitors of cysteine activity dependent enzymes
Elastomeric compounds with improved wet skid resistance and methods to improve wet skid resistance
Method of driving plasma display panel and a plasma display device using the method
Outboard motor cooling and exhaust system
MEMS package with flexible circuit interconnect
Piezoelectric acoustic components
Virtual dimensions in databases and method therefor
System and method to automatic equipment placement at remote sites
Process for casting a continuous metal strand
Bonding agent for cells and cell using the same
Compositions and methods for therapy and diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Compact device for curing dental compositions and method of curing
System and method for providing MMIC seal
Pharmaceutical composition
Method and apparatus for storing image information in an ultrasound device
Industrial component rack assembly
Sheet post-processing apparatus having offset mounting means
Nest pads
Semiconductor package including stacked semiconductor dies and bond wires
Crawler belt type traveling system
Two-position vertically adjustable sign
Array antennas with notched radiation patterns
Low monomer containing laminating resin compositions
Method for forming resist pattern
Wheeled coffee maker device
System for detecting conductive contaminants and method of use
Method and system for interactive communication between two telephone sets via the internet
Plasma display panel
Semiconductor structures using a group III-nitride quaternary material system with reduced phase sep...
Method for manufacturing a ferroelectric capacitor having improved polarization characteristics and ...
Method of verifying pretrained neural net mapping for use in safety-critical software
Separator for fuel cell and manufacture thereof
Breath-based control of a therapeutic treatment
Ballistic aerosol marking process employing marking material comprising vinyl resin and poly (3,4-et...
Robot having a body unit and plural component units connected thereto
Labeling apparatus and method
Wide field-of-view imaging system using a reflective spatial light modulator
Paper product
Nonwoven fabric
Nonwoven fabric
Compounds and methods for modulating OB-cadherin mediated cell adhesion
Absorption media for irreversibly gettering thionyl chloride
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Meidebenne`
Semiconductor memory device
Footwear closure fastener replacement system
Method of depositing titanium nitride thin film and CVD deposition apparatus
Prognostic health monitoring of fluidic systems using MEMS technology
Controlled effective coupling coefficients for film bulk acoustic resonators
Process for the isolation of aromatic hydroxycarboxylic acids
Method for multi-layered coating of substrates
Graft copolymer pigment dispersant
Clear coating composition having improved early hardness and water resistance
Spandex with high heat-set efficiency
Process for making nylon 6,6
Production of 1,2-dihydro and 2,2-dihydro hexafluoropropanes and azeotropes thereof with HF
Ink jet recording sheet
Combination continuous woven-fiber and discontinuous ceramic-fiber structure
Photocatalytic nuisance organism inhibitor agents
Inorganic/organic compositions
Catalyst and use thereof in the production of vinyl acetate
Property linking in object-oriented computing environments
Method of Producing a cooling plate for iron and steel-making furnaces
Treatment of rosacea using lipoic acid
Dual hybrid magnetic tunnel junction/giant magnetoresistive sensor
Exhaust ventilator
Catalyst composition and methods for its preparation and use in a polymerization process
Fluid collection device with protective shield
Radiation image detector and radiation image forming system
Defoaming compositions
Heat development system
Trace level detection of analytes using artificial olfactometry
Decorative chrome electroplate on plastics
NOx reduction sensor coating
Proton conducting membrane using a solid acid
Method and apparatus for preparing electrochemical cells
Multi-position articulating mounting apparatus for an electronic device
Animal waste management system and method thereof
Ball grid array type semiconductor device
Vehicle having apparatus for monitoring forward portion of blade and method of monitoring forward po...
Connecting assembly for joining two panels and mounting the joined panels on a support
Channel estimation for OFDM systems with transmitter diversity
Method of manufacturing a steering wheel
Shear damped fiber optic sensor
Beverage maker-funnel combination and method of use
System and method for providing soft audio and soft modem copy protection for hardware interfaces an...
Non-obtrusive weapon detection system
System, method and computer program product for achieving local number portability costing and netwo...
Light emitting device
MRAM configuration
Chain type ferroelectric memory with isolation transistors coupled between a sense amplifier and an ...
Multi-channel video pump
Process for estimating a dominant motion between two frames
Method and apparatus for processing video pictures, especially for false contour effect compensation
Method and apparatus for video coding at high efficiency
Portable text capturing method and device therefor
Method for detecting an image edge within a dithered image
Recording and reproduction of an information signal in/from a track on a record carrier
Neural network trajectory command controller
Hybrid fuel cell reactant flow fields
Gas mixing apparatus for a ventilator
Rotary blade of helicopter
Aerodynamic control surface system
Aircraft display with potential thrust indicator
Solid state modulated beacon tracking system
Automatic freeway incident detection system and method using artificial neural network and genetic a...
Superalloy weld composition and repaired turbine engine component
High strength powder metallurgy nickel base alloy
Application package and system for permitting a user to use distributed application package on the t...
Method and apparatus for superimposing a level changed spectrum spread additional information signal...
Method for controlling remote reproduction of an information-stored medium in a reproduction apparat...
Symmetrical microactuator structure for use in mass data storage devices, or the like
Compounds and methods for modulating adhesion molecule function
Method of using aerogel honeycomb catalyst monoliths for selective catalytic reaction of gas phase c...
Begonia plant named `Monella`
Scaleable and robust solution for reducing complexity of resource identifier distribution in a large...
Audio system, in particular for motor vehicles
Neurological event detection procedure using processed display channel based algorithms and devices ...
Test executive system and method including automatic result collection
Method and system for modifying text files for computer configuration
Method of treating rhinoviral infections
Method for estimating connection quality, diversity combination method, and receiver
Wide band alias resolving digitally channelized receiver and a memory for use therewith
Signaling using phase rotation techniques in a digital communications system
Method and apparatus for modeling transmitter bandwidth for telecommunications analysis
Most cost-effective asmmic-based universal microwave and millimeter wave transceiver
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Method for producing hydroxycarboxylic acids by auto-degradation of polyhydroxyalkanoates
Esterase gene and its use
Lifetime-based sensing of sodium and potassium
Configuration for triggering a restraining device in a motor vehicle
Voice selection apparatus voice response apparatus, and game apparatus using word tables from which ...
Measuring device and process for its manufacture
Device and method for tassels
Light emitting display device and driving method therefor
High etch rate method for plasma etching silicon nitride
Encapsulated microelectromechanical (MEMS) devices
Longitudinally coupled double mode resonator filters using shallow bulk acoustic waves
Method and apparatus for private and restricted-use electronic addresses
Agent system
Remote maintenance and servicing of a network peripheral device over the world wide web
Method of integrating application programs to form or modify suite, and a suite integration toolkit ...
Multi-threaded, multi-cast switch
Apparatus for use in a logic analyzer for compressing digital data for waveform viewing
Method for monitoring product performance
Control of heat flux in continuous metal casters
Methods for retroviral mediated gene transfer employing molecules, or mixtures thereof, containing r...
Fabric coating compositions providing excellent resistance to seam combing, particularly for use on ...
Crosslinked compositions containing silane-modified polypropylene blends
Galvanized metal corrosion inhibitor
Method of tracking produce selection data
Method and arrangement for controlling a dynamic scale
System, method and apparatus for providing an executive compensation system
Multiple-person buying information system with application to on-line merchandizing
Process for the production of esters from alcohols using acetic acid as acetylating and clays as cat...
Sequence-dependent gene sorting techniques
Method for minimizing excess collagen deposition
Ob polypeptides, modified forms and compositions thereto
Modulatory binding site in potassium channels for screening and finding new active ingredients
BCL-XY, a novel BCL-X isoform, and uses related thereto
Chemokine receptor obtained from a cDNA library of fetal liver-spleen
Audio level matching of different radio input sources
Merged magnetic head which includes a write head with single-sided notched first pole piece
Polymerization catalysts
Negative photoresist composition using polymer having 1,2-diol structure and process for forming pat...
Catheter with multilayer tube
Copper complex bactericide/fungicide and method of making same
Statistical comparator interface
Information storage device having transducers operating in a pulse mode in synchronism with a timing...
Slope drift and offset compensation in zero-if receivers
Nanocapsules containing charged particles, their uses and methods of forming same
Method and apparatus for interference cancellation for a high data rate user in a CDMA system
Metal complexes that contain perfluoroalkly, process for their production and their use in NMR diagn...
Human tumor suppressor
Method and apparatus for selectively allocating and enforcing bandwidth usage requirements on networ...
Methods for protecting cells from amyloid toxicity and for inhibiting amyloid protein production
Correction of spacecraft steering control law for unexpected orbital inclination effects
Method and device for accessing sets of data contained in mass memory
Collapsible window enclosure for pets
Method and system for storing load balancing information with an HTTP cookie
Method for in-line testing of flip-chip semiconductor assemblies
Zeroing device for a hydrostatic piston/cylinder unit
Precipitated silica used as reinforcing filler for elastomers
Oligosaccharide encapsulated mineral and vitamin ingredients
Circulation fan apparatus and circulation-fan driving motor
Label holder for shelf channels
Data transmitting method and data transmitting apparatus accompanied with a plurality of transmittin...
Method and apparatus for providing and controlling oxygen supply
Time synchronizing method for switching system
Flying disk
Toy vehicle with wireless battery switch
Object display method and apparatus
Yo-yo structure
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Kingpin independent front suspension
Illuminated exhaust tail pipe assembly
Fuel cell system and method for supplying electric power in a motor vehicle
Electric clamp apparatus
System for routing electronic mails
System, method and computer program product for achieving local number portability network managemen...
Silicon oxide particles
Ozone-oxidized carbon black composition with low conductivity and improved color
Disproportionation of sulfuryl chloride fluoride
Hydrogen storage materials and method of making by dry homogenation
Pumpable multiple phase compositions for controlled release applications downhole
Blank for a decorator's tool
Methods of treating inflammatory diseases with anti-IL-8 antibody fragment-polymer conjugates
Controlled release dosage form of [R-(Z)]-.alpha.-(methoxyimino)-.alpha.-(1-azabicyclo[2.2.2]oct-3yl...
Aqueous film coating with improved properties
Photothermographic material
Topical medicament comprising phenolic biocide and choline
Method of forming structure having surface roughness due to nano-sized surface features
Multifunctional nanodevice platform
Compositions and methods for treatment of neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases
System and method of delaminating a layered silicate material by supercritical fluid treatment
Apparatus and method of delivering a focused beam of a thermodynamically stable/metastable mixture o...
Photocatalyst, manufacturing method therefor, and gas decomposition method
Tall oil pitch-modified phenolic resin and methods related thereto
Computer-to-cylinder type lithographic printing method and computer-to-cylinder type lithographic pr...
Process for manufacturing electronic circuit devices
Ink composition for a meltable ink and a method of printing a substrate with such an ink composition
Pigment dispersants and pigment compositions containing the same
Configurable safety shutdown for an optical amplifier using non-volatile storage
Silica glass member
Silica glass optical material for projection lens to be utilized in vacuum ultraviolet radiation lit...
Touch panel substrate having transparent conductive film
Near field optical head having flexible structure
Cathode ray tube
Hepatocyte growth factor for treatment of diabetes
Combination therapy for eradicating detectable HCV-RNA in antiviral treatment naive patients having ...
Endometrial function
Timing verifier for MOS devices and related method
Magnetic memory device
System for implementing rules
Pernasal application of aerosol medication
Suppression of malignancy utilizing ribonucleotide reductase R1
Use of YNES, essential bacterial genes and polypeptides
Image control system
Throw-away tip with abrasion sensor
Complex of human kallikrein 2 (hK2) and protease inhibitor-6 (PI-6) in prostate tumor tissue and met...
Method of evaluating blood clot lysis condition
Isolation in micromachined single crystal silicon using deep trench insulation
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor memory and method for accessing semiconductor memory
Pharmaceutical formulations
System and method for handling instructions occurring after an ISYNC instruction
Gold code backup for corrupt boot code recovery
Deposition of organosilsesquioxane films
Ornithogalum plant named `Chesapeake Sunset`
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp controller
Polystyrene beads for drainage fields
ECC code mechanism to detect wire stuck-at faults
Active hedgehog protein conjugate
Medical suctioning methods
Climbing shoe with concave sole
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Electromechanical memory cell
Motor-drive device for sensors in a receiver and/or transmitter with spherical electromagnetic lens ...
System and method for growing differential file on a base volume of a snapshot
Method for operating a navigation system
Devices and methods for transmuting materials
Method, apparatus, and composition for automatically coating the human body and skin preconditioning...
Compositions comprising at least one UV screening agent and at least one flavylium salt which is uns...
Biphenyl-substituted triazines
Absorbable copolylactides and their use
Cosmetic composition including at least one silicone-grafted polymer and at least one combination of...
Permanent-waving process comprising the preliminary application of a composition comprising at least...
Brightener for zinc-nickel plating bath and method of electroplating
Sunscreen composition containing sol-gel microcapsules
Low residue liquid antiperspirant composition
Systems and methods for rapidly identifying useful chemicals in liquid samples
Methods and compositions for inhibition of angiogenesis with EM-138
Minimally invasive intact recovery of tissue
Systems and methods for rapidly identifying useful chemicals in liquid samples
Method for the asymmetric dihydroxylation of olefins, using osmium catalysts
Isolated human enzyme proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human enzyme proteins, and uses ther...
Read head with leads to shields shorts for permitting a thinner second read gap layer and improving ...
Doped conducting polymers applications and methods
Externally mounted window spring balance replacement device assembly
Accelerator and medical system and operating method of the same
Method for determining the content of predetermined ingredients with stochastic distribution in good...
Filling valve for a gas bag
Technique to monitor drug delivery noninvasively in vivo
Methods and apparatus for managing objects and processes in a distributed object operating environme...
Device and method for performing a biological modification of a fluid
Use of therapeutic dosages for nitric oxide donors which do not significantly lower blood pressure o...
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds
Analogs of cocaine
Microbiologically sound and stable solutions of gamma-hydroxybutyrate salt for the treatment of narc...
Depicting hierarchically related graphical components
MIP mapping based on material properties
Processing of graphical objects with distinct stretch and compression properties
Integrated proxy interface for web based alarm management tools
Local communication system and apparatus for use therein
Pet toy
Insulated power multichip package
Projection lens
Catadioptric lens barrel structure having a plurality of support platforms and method of making the ...
Electro-optical light beam deflector
Optical lens support and method for using same
Method for manufacturing an optical pickup
Prism optical system and image pickup apparatus using the same
Beam deflector
Single-adjustment, dual-null pressure setting for an electrohydraulic valve pilot stage
Driving control device for vehicle device
Illumination apparatus for edge lit signs and display
Self-regulating weirs and fishways
Method and apparatus for feeding a tunnel roof support system from the roof shield of a TBM
Method for redeveloping or renovating sewer drains and sewer ducts
Foundation supporting and lifting system and method
Composite pile with tapering lower portion and method for driving pile into granular soil
Stain removing chewing gum and confectionery compositions, and methods of making and using the same
Method and apparatus for measuring reporting channel state information in a high efficiency, high pe...
System for in vivo sterilization of a respiratory circuit
Fiber-composite material and method for producing the same
Radiation absorbing polymer, composition for radiation absorbing coating, radiation absorbing coatin...
Localized use of nitric oxide-adducts to prevent internal tissue damage
Brewing apparatus for electric coffee maker
Oral composition
IOL for inhibiting cell growth and reducing glare
Anterior chamber implant for treating the phakic eye
Ophthalmic molding
Intraocular lens and additive packaging system
Hydrophobically-bound, hydrophilic coating compositions for surgical implants
Insertion system for intraocular lens
Method for navigating a vehicle
Three-dimensional space curve comparison using spatial angle variance metric and applications thereo...
Navigation device for displaying an approaching intersection
Device for determining a roadway gradient quantity
Device for exchanging data and process for operating it
Systems and methods to facilitate games of skill for prizes played via a communication network
Customized wrapping paper kiosk
Individual adjustment of pit and land transition locations in an optical disc mastering process
Large capacity steganography
Security entrance system
Electronic commerce using a transaction network
Method for automatically retrieving and installing device drivers across a network
Immunity against Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae's RTX toxins APX
DNA vaccine and methods for its use
Methods and compositions for genetically modifying primate bone marrow cells
Portable communication terminal apparatus with music composition capability
Method and architecture for interactive two-way communication devices to interact with a network
Matching/merging two data warehouse physical data models
Method and apparatus for record addressing in partitioned files
Method and system for aggregation and exchange of electronic tax information
Adaptive query execution in a distributed database system
Method and apparatus for defining search queries and user profiles and viewing search results
Three-dimensions measuring method and surveying equipment using the same
Polyamides for binding in the minor groove of double stranded DNA
Nucleic acids encoding human CIDE-B protein and polymorphic markers thereof
Filter, regeneration and soot-removing systems and applications
Soil reinforcement
Cassette with integral separation device
Method and apparatus for displaying a connection status of a device based on connection information
Apparatus and method for determining bus use right
Dynamic association of input/output device with application programs
Data processing system having a network and method for managing memory by storing discardable pages ...
Laser cathode ray tube
Nasal epidermal lifting mechanism
Method for selecting among equivalent files on a global computer network
Techniques for facilitating identification of candidate genes
Calendar current day indicator
One-way hash functions for distributed data synchronization
Multiple object support means for walls and method of use
Bone substitute for training and testing and method for making
Model of complex structure and method of making the same
System for implementing collaborative training and online learning over a computer network and relat...
Simulation game machine
Method and apparatus for executing grade change in paper machine grade
Air filter
Method for forming storage node contact
Alternating-current-driven-type plasma display
Illuminating arrangement with reflector having inclined irregularities or corrugations
Method for fabricating a reflection type liquid crystal display
Process for recycling spent pot liner
Method for growing p-n homojunction-based structures utilizing HVPE techniques
Gallium nitride group compound semiconductor
Process for realizing an intermediate dielectric layer for enhancing the planarity in semiconductor ...
Spark plug with a corrosion impeding layer
AC plane discharge type plasma display panel
Film having transmissive and reflective properties
Lens arrays
Semiconductor memory device and various systems mounting them
Electrically variable multi-state resistance computing
Wire bonding to copper
RNase L activators and antisense oligonucleotides effective to treat telomerase-expressing malignanc...
Signal compressor for audio apparatus
Wireline acoustic probe and associated methods
Apparatus and method for eliminating electrical noise in the fire detect timing signal of an air gun
Countable electronic monetary system and method
Begonia plant named `Leonie`
Infrared reflective visually colored metallic compositions
Segment aggregation and interleaving of data types in a geographic database and methods for use ther...
Virtual LAN interface for high-speed communications between heterogeneous computer systems
Dosage form exhibiting rapid disperse properties, methods of use and process for the manufacture of ...
Stabilized, finely disperse low-viscosity polymer polyols with a high content of polystyrene or poly...
Lactone compounds having alicyclic structure and their manufacturing method
System and method for protecting data and correcting bit errors due to component failures
System and method for managing file content
Structure high speed zigzag stitch industrial-use sewing machine
Reflective liquid crystal display device using a reflective plate having light weight
Method for delay-optimizing technology mapping of digital logic
Piezoelectric disk latch
Lens system and camera system composed of camera provided with lens system
Lens barrel having facility for maintaining meshed relation between movable lens drive means and mov...
Camera having illumination device and control function for same
Process automation system
Toner for developing electrostatic image and image forming method
Quasicrystalline phase-reinforced Mg-based metallic alloy with high warm and hot formability and met...
Method and apparatus for continuous casting of aluminum bearing alloy
Controllable ion-exchange membranes
Method and apparatus for transmitting programs
Arm sheath for use with a stringed instrument
Human transferase
Giant magnetoresistive sensor with a high resistivity free layer
Medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging system with a rotatable user interface element having a non-ro...
LED tubular lighting device and control device
Control for projector lamp heat dissipation
Pool safety lighting system
Split-phase PED head signal
Apparatus and method for signaling using a light pipe stylus
Apparatus for holding and engaging micro-machined objects and method for making same
Optical Fiber
Apparatus for inspecting integrated circuits
Image synthesis method, image synthesizer, and recording medium on which image synthesis program is ...
Process and system for detecting bend angle
Image sensor
Image processing apparatus with an image and binding positions display feature, related method, and ...
Variable-length correlation method for motion correction in SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging
System and method for integrating a plurality of diagnostic related information
Method and apparatus for measuring body fat
Method and apparatus for assessing cardiac functional status
Rate management during automatic capture verification
Fluid filled microphone balloon to be implanted in the middle ear
Selective activation of electrodes within an inplantable lead
Lead anchor
Vibration control apparatus for steel processing line
Joint structure for strengthening steel pipe stability
Flexible all-steel shaft coupling
Process for the production of oriented-grain electrical steel sheet with high magnetic characteristi...
Method and apparatus for heat treating steel
Dynamic umbilicals with internal steel rods
Molecular recognition at surfaces derivatized with self-assembled monolayers
Combined two stone oval gemstone arrangement and setting
Coupling assembly with intumescent material
Method and apparatus for HASS testing of busses under programmable control
Imaging and analyzing parameters of small moving objects such as cells
Probe position sensing system and method of employment of same
Device for guiding puncture needle
Medical imaging at two temporal resolutions for tumor treatment planning
Collapsible frame for ensnaring animal waste
Milk-based powder for pets
L-carnitine agent
Plasmid-based mutation detection system in transgenic fish
Method and apparatus for automated rolling leukocyte velocity measurement in vivo
Progestin-regulated gene
Metabolic calorimeter employing respiratory gas analysis
Optical detection of transmembrane potential changes
Synthesis of 3-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzoyl]-2-aryl-6-hydroxybenzo[b]thiophenes
Method of fabricating a remote intelligent communications device
Queue sharing
Corn, callus and wart removing pads
Multichannel communication protocol configured to extend the battery life of an implantable device
Method and apparatus for user level monitor implementation
Retractable handle assembly
Thick-film thermal print head and its manufacturing method
Head cradle
Object load balancing
Monolithic ceramic electronic component
Escape slide
Animal confinement device
Method and apparatus for broadcasting data with access control
Method and apparatus for NOx abatement in lean gaseous streams
Television broadcast transmitter/receiver and method of transmitting/receiving a television broadcas...
Three-dimensional magnetic memory array with a minimal number of access conductors therein
Teaching device for indicating structure of various organs in a body
Method for regulating a delivery variable of a pump
Synergistic pesticidal composition of pyrethroid and N-phenyl-pyrazole
Method for amplification of RNA
Pen having a 3-dimensional pattern thereon
Adaptive array communication system and receiver
Formulation and method for treating neoplasms by inhalation
Non-flammable polymer composite panels
Halogen-free, flame-retardant rigid polyurethane foam and a process for its production
Cross-linked polyolefin tape
Automatic vending machine with functional water generator
Toothpaste compositions containing cetylpyridinium chloride
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser device
Security assembly particularly for electrosensitive protection equipment
Automatic virtual private network internet snoop avoider
Barrel lock with push tab
Adjustable bracelet and method of adjustment
Method, apparatus and system for estimating user position with a satellite positioning system in poo...
Direct injection variable valve timing engine control system and method
Variable valve timing system for vehicle
Cylinder head structure
Method for operating an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
Direct injection variable valve timing engine control system and method
Clear adhesive sheet
Process for the production of acetic acid
Coating for a luminescent material
Fluorescent colortone lamp with reduced mercury
Adsorbent biocatalyst porous beads
Propylene impact copolymers
Process for preparing 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene
Methods for optimizing Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of hydrocarbons in the distillate fuel and/or lube ...
Process for increasing the yield and selectivity of a dehydrogenation process using side-by-side rea...
Silicoaluminophosphate material, a method of making such improved material and the use thereof in th...
Method of reversibly storing H2 and H2 storage system based on metal-doper carbon-based materials
Hot gas reactor and process for using same
Enhanced boro-aluminosilicate EU-1 (law 962)
Synthetic porous crystalline material ITQ-12, its synthesis and use
Preparation of zeolite
Synthetic porous crystalline material ITQ-13, its synthesis and use
Cosmetic or dermatological preparations based on emulsifiers which are free from ethylene oxide and ...
Aqueous polymer dispersions based on unsaturated heterocyclic monomers and use in crosslinking proce...
Synthetic fiber nonwoven web and method
Method of dispersing water insoluble photographically useful compounds
Preparation of polymer powders
Continuous preparation of alkyl esters of (meth) acrylic acid
Solid hybrid polymer electrolytes
Methods of adhesion promoter between low-K layer and underlying insulating layer
Oil- and water-repellent finishes for textiles
Electrode for use in electro-optical devices
Photon transistors
Neodymium, ytterbium and/or erbium containing organic fluorescent compositions
Cataplasm and tape-aid containing a plasticizer
Filter substrate and display device
Dry toner, and its production process
Applying x-ray topography and diffractometry to improve protein crystal growth
Dual optical communication network for class 1E reactor protection systems
Device and method for filtering optical wavelengths
Optical switch having equalized beam spreading in all connections
Micromechanical optical switch
Manufacturing machine of original design watch or original design dial
Thin film optical waveguides
UV-absorbing film and its use as protective sheet
Plasma display panel drive method and apparatus
Method of producing a high gloss coating on a printed surface
Prebinding of fiber materials
Medicinal plant dry extracts
Active topical skin protectants containing S-330
Diaphragm device
Method for accelerating java virtual machine bytecode verification, just-in-time compilation and gar...
Isomerization with adsorptive separation and dividing wall fractional distillation
Organic light emitting device incorporating a waveguide
Analysis of genetic polymorphisms and gene copy number
Memory device having memory cells with magnetic tunnel junction and tunnel junction in series
Virtual channel synchronous dynamic random access memory
Method for manufacturing zirconium oxide film for use in semiconductor device
Camera and information processing apparatus
Multiple channel upconverter having adjacent channel output and method of implementing the same
Image processing system, apparatus and method in a client/server environment for client authorizatio...
Oven-stable edible moisture barrier
Contact-type charging device having a plurality of projections over the surface of the charging devi...
Grasping parts
Process for recycling polyesters
Lactic acid production, separation and/or recovery process
Lens-fitted photo film unit having auxiliary module
Polymeric compound, polymer for polyelectrolyte, and composition for ionically conductive polyelectr...
Pattern for a soft, flexible disposable wipe
Capsule opening arrangement for use in a powder inhaler
Aerosol powder with improved skin adhesion
Communication system and method
Method and apparatus for providing a mobile switching center intranet function
Method for processing the output of a fiber optic gyroscope to reduce the effects of vibration there...
Automatic gain control of a closed loop fiber optic gyroscope using non-linear control laws
Dosing and delivering system
Process for the preparation of low chloride stabilizers
Layered group III-V compound semiconductor, method of manufacturing the same and light emitting elem...
Two-color holographic recording apparatus
Fabrication of metallic microstructures by micromolding nanoparticles
Microprocessor structure having a compound semiconductor layer
PTC composite material
Method for overload control in a multiple access system for communication networks
Lightwave communication systems using semiconductor optical amplifiers
Apparatus and method for reducing the effects of intermodulation interference in a cellular radio sy...
Method and apparatus for protecting fiber optic connectors
Method for controlling dopant profiles
Banknotes incorporating security devices
Image forming apparatus method
Networking card
Banknotes incorporating security devices
System and method for manipulating movement of an energy emitting device within a body cavity
Liquid cleaning composition comprising a salt of polycarboxylic acid
High foaming, grease cutting light duty liquid composition containing at least one natural extract
Cyclic diamine compound with 5-membered ring groups
Vinyl alcohol polymer and its composition
Game method and device therefor
Game machine and method that adjusts stop instructions of reels with random numbers
Game machine having individual difference in same machine kind
Cashless method for a gaming system
Non-banked gaming system
External operation device and entertainment system
Styrene-butadiene copolymer and rubber composition comprising the copolymer
Flame retardant compositions
Production of membrane proteins in the milk of transgenic mammals
Nuclear-encoded transcription system in plastids of higher plants
Image information coding system
Image encoding apparatus and image decoding apparatus
Communicating dispensing article
Developing unit and image forming apparatus using the same
Movable charge-metering member for a single component development system
Word phrase translation using a phrase index
Coating containing NiAl-.beta. phase
Stress relaxation resistant brass
Refined aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors
Fin material for brazing
Hydridable alloy
Copy protection schemes for copy protected digital material
Spread spectrum signal generation method, spread spectrum signal generator, stream encryption method...
Auto-recoverable auto-certifiable cryptosystems with unescrowed signature-only keys
Active topical skin protectants
Integrated circuit performance and reliability using angle measurement for a patterned bump layout o...
Method and system for equivalence-checking combinatorial circuits using interative binary-decision-d...
Inclusion of global wires in capacitance extraction
Method of automatically generating repeater blocks in HDL and integrating them into a region constra...
Methods for inhibiting microelectronic damascene processing induced low dielectric constant dielectr...
Sifter screening to identify biologically active molecules
Camera having flexible circuit board
Pivotal and retractable armrest assembly
Method and apparatus for providing content on a computer system based on usage profile
Process for recycling gypsum-based waste material into readily crushable members for use in the manu...
Method and means for determining a handover in a radio communication system
System for allocating radio resources in a multiservice mobile radio cellular system
Mobile communication system and mobile communication method
Common intermediate frequency broadcast radio front end
Method and system for generating a secure wireless link between a handset and base station
Method and apparatus for processing a microelectronic workpiece including an apparatus and method fo...
Apparatus for processing a microelectronic workpiece including a workpiece cassette inventory assemb...
Bone screw having bioresorbable proximal shaft portion
Oligonucleotides for the inhibition of human eg5 expression
Imidazole derivatives having an inhibitory activity for farnesyl transferase and process for prepara...
Method and apparatus for locating implanted receiver and feedback regulation between subcutaneous an...
Method of simulating broadband internet content downloads
Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Cosmetic treatment method for fighting against skin ageing effects
Wound dressing
Angiogenesis inhibition
Markup language to allow for billing of interactive services and methods thereof
Ink composition comprising first and second optically variable pigments
Process for the preparation of optically active 2-[6-hydroxymethyl)-1,3-dioxan-4yl]acetic acid deriv...
Process for preparing a complex of a ligand, metal and base
Apparatus and method for color illumination in display devices
Optical crossbar switching and/or routing system
Optical head, and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Apparatus for superimposition of X-ray and video images
Chlorine dioxide generator
Apparatus and method for data conversion and load balancing in a computer network
Overlapping subdocuments in a vector space search process
Development roller and developer unit using the same
Adhesive sheet and electrostatic chucking device
Apparatus and method for a custom soft-solid hearing aid
Device for forwarding large-caliber shells to a heavy weapon, especially in an armored howitzer
Semi-automatic firing compressed-gas gun
Soft-sided sports bag for carrying outdoor sports and activities accessories
Beverage container in a housing
Munition article with antenna for satellite navigation
Vehicle bearing device
Coated rolling element bearing
Self-containing full-complement roller bearing cage
Assembly structure for a turbo compressor
Bearing material
Linear motion unit
Bearing protection assembly for motors
Scheduling of direct memory access
Adjustable fit in-line skate
Liquid crystal display device and a method for manufacturing a grounding device
Process for adsorbing and desording oxides of nitrogen
Telemanagement system with single point of entry
Processing method for motion measurement
Device for protection against the sun and application of substance to the skin
Modular muffler with end plate adaptors and spark arresters
In-band/out-of-band alert delivery system
System for indexical triggers in enhanced video productions by redirecting request to newly generate...
Scalable interruptible queue locks for shared-memory multiprocessor
System for combining plurality of input control policies to provide a compositional output control p...
Centralized boot
Image processing apparatus, method, and system, and computer-readable storage medium having program ...
Method for manufacturing an intracutaneous microneedle array
Oral composition
Cleansing compositions
Laundry detergent compositions comprising zwitterionic polyamines and xyloglucanase
Multiple component hard surface cleaning compositions
Detergent compositions in tablet form
Declarative permission requests in a computer system
fMRI signal processing
Radioactive therapeutic seeds
Radiofrequency irradiation schemes and methods of design and display for use in performing nuclear m...
Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging with a variable repetition time in conjunction with a varia...
Real-time shimming of polarizing field in magnetic resonance system
Tetrahydroisoquinoline analogs useful as growth hormone secretagogues
Apo-2LI and Apo-3 polypeptides
Hybrid matrix implants and explants
Cardiotrophin-1 defective mouse
Method for analyzing impurities in a gas stream
Efficient synthesis of alkyl carbonates
Electromagnetic-wave shielding and light transmitting plate and panel laminated plate
Method and apparatus for data communication
Cap and center pole apparatus and method of coupling
Remote control of electronic devices
Monolithic surfacing system and method for making same
Signal input selector for television set and method of implementing same
Custom installation television receiver with variable front panel configuration
Curved and/or spherical element for a skating ring
Open top swing
Electric furnace for steel making
Light modulation in whispering-gallery-mode resonators
Reel assembly
Conveyor system with diverter
Hot-fillable grip container having a reinforced, drainable label panel
Packaging sealer printer
Neckform for displaying jewelry
Valve bag
System and method for temperature compensation of external antenna units
Biodegradable targetable microparticle delivery system
Loading station assembly and method for tissue engineering
Polymer scaffold having microporous polymer struts defining interconnected macropores
Implantable drug delivery catheter system with capillary interface
Biocompatible prosthetic tissue
Non-contracting tissue equivalent
Three-dimensional polymer matrices
Low gravity electrochemical cell
Fuel-reforming apparatus comprising a plate-shaped reforming catalyst
Absorptive-filtration media for the capture of waterborne or airborne constituents
Methods for the reduction of bleeding of lignosulfonates from lignosulfonate-treated substrates
Method for treating fibrous webs
Feline cytokine protein
Stimulation of an immune response with antibodies labeled with the .alpha.-galactosyl epitope
Plasmodium falciparum antigens inducing protective antibodies
Rat PEG-3 promoter
Method and system for implementing interactive broadcast programs and commercials
Light stable fluorescent vinyl suitable for use as a highway retroreflective roll-up sign
Building a hierarchy in an asynchronous transfer mode PNNI network utilizing proxy SVCC-based RCC en...
ATM based VDSL communication system having meta signaling for switching a subscriber between differe...
Chlorinated vinyl chloride resin composition
Controlled stable free radical emulsion polymerization processes
Low VOC solvent-based polychloroprene contact adhesive
Compatibilized resin blends and the preparation thereof
Green emitting phosphor for use in UV light emitting diodes
Inverse texture mapping using weighted pyramid blending
Polypropylene base porous film and production process for the same
Phase stable polyol composition containing hydrocarbon as the blowing agent
Highly filled thermoplastic compositions
Reception apparatus for authenticated access to coded broadcast signals
Postage meter having delayed generation of cryptographic security parameters
Apparatus and method for trading electric energy
Network system for serving information to mobile terminal apparatus
Method and apparatus for intergrating wireless and non-wireless devices into an enterprise computer ...
Information distribution and processing system
Method and apparatus of displaying bit stream data, method and apparatus for generating bit stream d...
Quantified fluorescence microscopy
Osmotic pump drug delivery systems and methods
Apparatus and method for shielding tissue during tumor ablation
Semi-transparent high barrier film
Powder coating compositions and method
Use of selective DNA fragment amplification products for hybridization-based genetic fingerprinting,...
Comparative phenotype analysis
Cytosolic forms for .beta.-lactamase and uses thereof
Inhibitors of collagen assembly
Phthalocyanine compositions
Cartridge follower for shotgun magazine
Visible firearm safety and dry-fire device
Combination barrel adjustment and magazine cutoff for a takedown firearm
Surgical microscope and stand assembly
Robot for production machine
Automated priming station
Noise reduction and range control radio system
In-stack single-domain stabilization of free layers for CIP and CPP spin-valve or tunnel-valve read ...
Detergent compositions or components