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Biocompatible apparatus for ultrasensitive and rapid detection of contaminants in liquids
Method and composition for detecting bacterial contamination in food products
Oven with a spraying device
Food amount detector of a microwave oven, a microwave oven employing a food amount detector and a co...
Consumption controller
Method for determining bag size and case pack configurations
Lighting system observable by humans but not turtles to protect turtle nesting environment
Bilge pump monitor and alert system for boats and other vessels
Tilting mechanism for outboard motor
Marine signaling device
Engine compartment for personal watercraft
Ventilation system for watercraft
Lateral control of vehicle for lane following
Method for reducing braking distance
Apparatus and method for estimating maximum road friction coefficient
Vehicle slip control
Constant vehicle speed maintaining device for motorcycle
Vehicle speed control apparatus
Doll case
Display device for novelty item
Method of calling game using a diaphragm game call having an integral resonance chamber
Splattle paddle
Interactive toy
Device for creating ball spins
Process for the preparation of toluylene diisocyanate, specific mixtures of toluylene diamine and wa...
Utility lighter
Information guidance system
Gas-phase polymerization with direct cooling
Polycarbonate resin having low tendency of releasing environmental endocrine disruptors
Serial-concatenated turbo codes
Process for the production of styrene compound, and styrene compound free from biphenyl
Steering column switch
Apparatus and method for tactile feedback from input device
Method and apparatus for physical characteristics discrimination of objects using a limited view thr...
RF active balun circuit for improving small-signal linearity
Interchangeable differential, absolute and gage type of pressure transmitter
Method and system for testing a layer-2 tunnel in a data communication network
Apparatus and method for delivering compounds to a living organism
Process of coating a mineral molding with an aqueous preparation comprising, as film-forming constit...
Freeze monitoring device
Dispersant-viscosity improvers for lubricating oil compositions
Radiation curable adhesive for digital versatile disc
Compositions for making an artificial prosthesis
Polyolefin composition with improved impact properties
Microencapsulated electrophoretic electrostatically-addressed media for drawing device applications
Generating hypermedia documents from transcriptions of television programs using parallel text align...
Concrete column forming tube having a tear strip therein
System and method for constraint based sequential pattern mining
Diesel engine exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system and method
Load/store unit having pre-cache and post-cache queues for low latency load memory operations
Partition of on-chip memory buffer for cache
Snoop resynchronization mechanism to preserve read ordering
Method and apparatus for initializing a computer system that includes disabling the masking of a mas...
Fault resilient/fault tolerant computing
Method and apparatus for encoding of bitstreams using rotation
Lyocell fibers, and compositions for making the same
Device and method for self-verifying temperature measurement and control
Low power two-wire self validating temperature transmitter
Clock circuit and method of designing the same
Wire routing to control skew
Audio CODEC with programmable psycho-acoustic parameters
Process for producing adamantane
Respiratory profile parameter determination method and apparatus
Device for broadcasting digital information via satellite from a plurality of earth stations
Medical device GUI for cardiac electrophysiology display and data communication
Extended wear canal hearing device
Method for providing directory assistance services via an alphanumeric page
Earpiece acoustics
Method of displaying alternating transmitting and receiving phases of voice communication in a mobil...
Method and apparatus for powering a wireless headset used with a personal electronic device
Video swivel phone
Data acquisition and remote administration system
User system for a distributed network
Porous intervertebral distraction spacers
Process for hydroformylation using a catalyst based on cobalt and/or rhodium employed in a two-phase...
Semi-pure and pure monocrystalline silicon ingots and wafers
Use of an ionic conductor in order to improve photochromism, and composition comprising it
Method of estimating rate of nicotine metabolism in individuals
Bonded metal-hydroxide-organic composite polymer films on lamellar pigments
Nail enamel composition having fluorosilane coated particulars
Flavonoide esters and their use notably in cosmetics
Wax free transparent lipstick composition
Campanula plant named `Pink Chimes`
Ilex plant named `Foster's Purple Gem`
Geranium plant named `Free Salmon`
Dianthus plant named `Bewitched`
Variety of geranium plant named `Tikpink`
Campanula plant named `Camgood`
Variety of geranium plant named `Fiwosal`
System and method for dynamically updating memory address mappings
Automatic vehicular velocity control apparatus for automotive vehicle
Lithium ion secondary battery and method of fabricating the same
Electrochemiluminescent rhenium moieties
Niobium containing zirconium-cerium based soild solutions
Control of acidic gut syndrome
Non-aqueous electrolyte electric double-layer capacitor
Composite sensor
Peptide parathyroid hormone analogs
Lead frame and method for plating the same
Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof
High energy density vanadium electrolyte solutions, methods of preparation thereof and all-vanadium ...
Methods of fabricating electrochemical cells
Lithium secondary battery with sealed casing members
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
High energy density boride batteries
Active material having extended cycle life
Composite polymer electrolytes containing electrically non-conductive chopped fibers
Travel case with deployable table
Invasion associated genes from Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B
Thermal printhead
Portable double level cradle rocking bassinet
Keratinocyte derived interferon
2-(substituted-phenyl)amino-imidazoline derivatives
N-guanidinoalkylamides, their preparation, their use, and pharmaceutical preparations comprising the...
Three dimensional image reconstruction from single plane X-ray fluorograms
Method and x-ray device using adaptable power source
Removable cap for tissue-insertable connections
Method of and device for determining the position of a medical instrument
Pet bed
Front of a dishwasher
Ironing press
Power waxer
Vacuum cleaner upper portion
Device for wringing a mop
Bag cart
Wire basket with suction cups
System for establishing plan to test components of web based framework by displaying pictorial repre...
Capacitor unit, method for producing the same, and solid electrolytic capacitor
Noise elimination in a USB codec
Method for direct hydrocarbon reservoir detection and delineation by low frequency acoustic spectros...
Method and process for prediction of subsurface fluid and rock pressures in the earth
Automatic prunning for log-based replication
Optical fiber transmission-line
Process control system and method with automatic fault avoidance
Fluid delivery systems, injector systems and methods of fluid delivery
Animal boots
3-D modeling of prototype garments
Cancellation method for an automatic ticket system
Dual stroke cylinder
Portable handheld terminal housing
Method and apparatus for determining pitch synchronous frames
Method and system for calculating term-document importance
High performance communication controller for processing high speed data streams wherein execution o...
System for invocation of CICS programs as database stored procedures
Data storage device providing communication between processing units
Method and system for providing universal memory bus and module
Content addressable memory (CAM) engine
Data driven, dynamic language document assembly system
Process for the plasma-catalytic production of ammonia
Pattern-matching for transistor level netlists
Spiropiperidine derivatives as melanocortin receptor agonists
.alpha.V integrin receptor antagonists
Compounds as PDE IV and TNF inhibitors
Conformationally restricted aromatic inhibitors of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein and meth...
Methods for treating, preventing, and reducing the risk of the onset of alzheimer's disease using an...
Response element
Protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors
System and method for integrated singulation and inspection of semiconductor devices
Light conduit for a storage device carrier assembly
Add/drop multiplexer and method, and Bi-directional line switcher ring featuring such multiplexers
Optical switch and optical disk drive
Optical component
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Multi-stage fiber amplifier with flattened gain curves
Method and apparatus for selectively controlling the quantum state probability distribution of entan...
Balancing assembly for a rotating member
Sialylation of N-linked glycoproteins in the baculovirus expression vector system
Coating composition for steel--product, a coated steel product, and a steel product coating method
Reading teaching aid
Information objects system, method, and computer program organization
Dynamic runtime and test architecture for Java applets
Aspect-oriented system monitoring and tracing
Field configurable embedded computer system
Method and system for graphically generating user-defined rules for checking language quality
Method and apparatus for generating multiple processor-specific code segments in a single executable
Compressor with control and protection system
Adaptive control for a refrigeration system using pulse width modulated duty cycle scroll compressor
Fluid delivery system
Process for the manufacture of multifunctional polyorganosiloxanes (POSs) by dehydrocondensation and...
Methods for promoting growth of bone using ZVEGF4
Method for compiling and selecting data attributes
Paint tray
Nonionic surface active oligomers as coating aids for the manufacture of photographic products
HIV protease inhibitors
.alpha. and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitor...
Retroviral protease inhibiting compounds
Methods for the preparation of intermediates in the synthesis of HIV-protease inhibitors
Configuration for testing chips using a printed circuit board
Method and apparatus for capturing magnetic resonance signals, recording medium and system for magne...
EPR imaging device using microwave bridge translator
Superconducting heavy-current disconnector
Image manipulation for a digital copier which operates on a block basis
Information display device and display control method
Image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus having heating and cooling units
Information processing apparatus for sending and receiving written data with identification informat...
System using internet email for communicating status information from business office printing devic...
Vibration monitoring system and method
Method for mutual spatial registration of inkjet cartridges
Method for converting vertical resolutions to printer-based resolutions
Method and device to update data transfer count for disc drive
Methods and apparatus for regenerating track crossing signals for searches across unrecorded areas o...
Transgenic cotton plants with altered fiber characteristics transformed with a sucrose phosphate syn...
Force severity monitor for a press
Device and method for reducing aircraft noise
Vertical take-off and landing vehicle configured as a compound autogyro
Airship shaped space craft
Method for deploying a parachute on a drone
Satellite attitude control system
Jet actuators for aerodynamic surfaces
Method, apparatus and computer program product for estimating airplane attitude with reduced sensor ...
Method for engraving printing blocks
Device for continuous folding of flat material
Scanner with prepress scaling mode
Method of obtaining colorimetric values
Device for braking sample and defective sheets of a sheet-processing machine
Rotary press with a five-cylinder printing unit
Led warning signal light and light support
Method and system for providing implicit edge antialiasing
Compensating for aperture parallax distortion in tiled displays
Hydrokinetic generator
Watercraft lift assembly
Method and apparatus for injecting steam into landfills
Spar construction method
Rotary displacement piling equipment
Reduced skin friction bore casing
Method and preparation of stable bitumen polymer compositions
Mobile phone with increased transmitter efficiency employing two transmit antennas
Formoterol tartrate process and polymorph
Cathode indentations in alkaline cell
Remote ordering system
Process for the preparation of thiazine-indigo compounds and of new intermediates therefor
Lighting apparatus having low profile
Game system and information storage medium
Front derailleur for a bicycle
Method for applying print to an elastomeric cushion
Method for forming an electrical contact with a semiconductor substrate
Barbituric acid derivatives, processes for their production and pharmaceutical agents containing the...
Vehicle surrounding viewing system
Apparatus for printing information automatically combined from two different sources
Method for preparing a supported catalyst system and its use in a polymerization process
Polymer composite material and process for preparing the same
Particles comprising amphiphilic copolymers, having a crosslinked shell domain and an interior core ...
Process for the solid phase synthesis of aldehyde, ketone, oxime, amine, hydroxamic acid and .alpha....
Immune response modulator alpha-2 macroglobulin complex
Methods of modulating matrix metalloproteinase activity and uses thereof
Methods for the prevention or treatment of alzheimer's disease
.alpha.-2- macroglobulin therapies and drug screening methods for Alzheimer's disease.
Robot, servo circuit, actuator, robot control method, and actuator control method
Automatic coffee maker with grinder
Iridaceae extract and compositions containing it
Generating color text
Method and apparatus for co-processing video graphics data
Method and apparatus for improved concurrent video graphic processing
Method and apparatus for a graphics controller to extend graphics memory
Method and apparatus for full scene anti-aliasing
Method for efficiently rendering color information for a pixel in a computer system
Situation awareness processor
Dealer inventory management system
Method and system for detecting and localizing sensor defects in motor vehicles
Confined occupant detection apparatus and transportation vehicle having same incorporated therein
Game device
Tactile-force generating apparatus
Security system for video game system with hard disk drive and internet access capability
Video game device and method of displaying images of game, and storage medium storing programs for c...
Game machine and information storage medium
Validating connections to a network system
Method to dynamically attach, manage, and access a LAN-attached SCSI and netSCSI devices
Color-coded ornamental article
Information coding method and devices utilizing error correction and error detection
Self-verifying security documents
Methods and apparatus for providing identification information about a user
System and method for interactive distance learning and examination training
On-line educational system for display of educational materials
Chemical fluidification process and conversion process of starchy materials, and new cationic starch...
Polyolefin insulation compositions having improved oxidative stability
Apparatus and method for proving transaction between users in network environment
Method and system for communicating with a postage meter through a web-browser in a postal or shippi...
Remote computation framework
Record carrier and method of labelling an article of value
Paper sheet feed mechanism
Data recording/reproducing apparatus, data recording/reproducing method applied to the apparatus, an...
Digital watermark insertion system and digital watermark characteristic table creating device
First-order authentication system
Method and apparatus for facsimile capable of communicating with data processing and facsimile machi...
Method to impose execution of a predefined command, first terminal and second terminal realizing suc...
Process for the production and use of lysine base dry powders
Nutritional product for a person having ulcerative colitis
Begonia plant named `00/2`
Begonia plant named `01/2`
Verbena plant named `Oxena`
Malt beverage having stabilized flavor and methods of production thereof
Compositions and methods for ovarian cancer therapy and diagnosis
Method for enhanced protein stabilization and for production of cell lines useful for production of ...
Genetically modified plants with altered starch
Starch debranching enzymes
Steam iron
Steam and spray iron
Trash can receptacle
Working container
Portion of a conveyor
Seat stand for industrial vehicle
Radiopharmaceutical products suitable for the selective labeling of lymphocytes, and their preparati...
Process for the preparation of crystalline and solvent free iohexol
Process for preparing an aqueous composition in gel form and compositions obtainable from this proce...
One-step purification process for organophosphorus hydrolase enzyme
Ornamental display assembly
Data storage apparatus and data storage method with quality degrading features
Object-oriented framework for managing access control in a multimedia database
Steerable endoscope and improved method of insertion
Method and system for data processing system self-synchronization
Extracting ordered list of words from documents comprising text and code fragments, without interpre...
Method for the performance of an integer division
Wireless communication device with markup language based man-machine interface
Time-stamped tamper-proof data storage
Apparatus and method for probabilistic population size and overlap determination
System, method and computer program product for searching for, and retrieving, profile attributes ba...
Knowledge extraction system and method
Document retrieval apparatus
Document image search device and recording medium having document search program stored thereon
Method and system for simulating a database table in response to a database query
Implementing persistent object services (POS) on top of a relational database
Antisense modulation of bifunctional apoptosis regulator expression
Integrated proxy interface for web based telecommunications management tools
Process for mass production of GMP paclitaxel and related taxanes
Inbred sweet corn line 1784S
Display panel filter and method of making the same
One-time-use camera with accessory belt clip connected to film door and that avoids being broken whe...
Pipelined analog-to-digital converter using zero-crossing capacitor swapping scheme
Light-emitting gallium nitride-based compound semiconductor device
Magnetoresistive trimming of GMR circuits
Method for producing a semiconductor memory device with a multiplicity of memory cells
Methods of forming thin films by atomic layer deposition
Multilayer structure containing cavitated materials for use in the production of security documents
Lost-in-space stellar attitude acquisition using multiple star trackers
Multimedia information audiovisual apparatus
System and method for predicting computer system performance and for making recommendations for impr...
Artificial neuron on the base of B-driven threshold element
Collapsible car
Ion-conductive polymer electrolyte composition of polyglycidol
System and methods for generating and displaying web site usage data
Water-soluble luminescent quantum dots and biomolecular conjugates thereof and related compositions ...
Pantyhose under garment
Stabilized compositions containing oxygen-labile active agents
Topical compositions containing lotus for skin treatment
Multilayer thermally bonded nonwoven fabric
Laundry detergent and/or fabric care compositions comprising a modified enzyme
Composition for pain mediation and apparatus and method of use thereof
Structured composition containing tertiary amide-terminated polyamide for personal care products
Method for smoothing contour irregularities of skin surface
Non-aqueous aerosol formulation comprising rosiglitazone maleate, a non-aqueous carrier, and an amin...
Molecular weight increase and modification of polycondensates
Millenn golf
Method for controlling lateral position of an underwater towed body
Greeting card having a conceptionday wheel
Automated diagnostic system and method including synergies
Solid having reversibly invisible/visible thermochromic construction enclosed therein
Magnetic susceptible markerboard
Apparatus for demonstrating a skeletal surgical technique
Component feeder with load position alignment recognition
IC wafer handling apparatus incorporating edge-gripping and pressure or vacuum driven end-effectors
Waveguide structures
Fluorescent protein indicators
Device comprising thermally stable, low dielectric constant material
Dual-socket interposer and method of fabrication therefor
Sound absorbing material, muffler using the sound absorbing material, and method for forming sound a...
Authoring system and method, and storage medium used therewith
Cardiopulmonary exercise testing apparatus and method
Automatic valved filter assembly
Dual-structure helmet and method of manufacturing the same
Automatic safety garage door closer
Locking device for tools and equipment
System and method for enhanced online transactions using shopping games
System and method for acquiring and quantifying vehicular damage information
Calendar cube apparatus
Multipurpose advertisement device
Apparatus for attaching or mounting a laser diode module
Pop-up device
Power and data distribution in lighting systems
Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of electronic entertainment devices in an enterta...
Photographic and video image system
Aqueous pigment dispersion and process for producing the same
Tertiary alcohol compounds having an alicyclic structure
Unicompartmental replacement instrument and method
Class loader
Controllable equipment mount
Conformable magnetic articles for use with traffic bearing surfaces methods of making same systems i...
Method and data processing system for managing a mutual fund brokerage
Automated banking machine apparatus and system
Methods and apparatus for reducing false hits in a non-tagged, n-way cache
Optical switching element and image display device
Interface device and method for interfacing instruments to vascular access simulation systems
Monolithic integration of control elements and micro-mirror in an optical switch
Tunable external cavity semiconductor laser incorporating a tunable bragg grating
Process for crosslinked branched polyesters
Container, primarily for perfume
Hair conditioning composition comprising high molecular weight ester oil
Multi-purpose absorbent and cut-resistant sheet materials
Automatic electrode positioning apparatus
Portable information-providing apparatus
Two-component developer, container filled with the two-component developer, and image formation appa...
Developer stirring member, assembly method and recycling method for the same
Managing isochronous processes in a heterogenous work environment
Desmethylolanzapine compositions and methods
(R)-hydroxynefazodone antipsychotic therapy
Heater assembly and heated trough for molten aluminum
Device for resetting guide segments of continuous casting or continuous casting and rolling plant
Coordinated extendable system for logging information from distributed applications
Pin management of accelerator for interpretive environments
Eliminating memory fragmentation and garbage collection from the process of managing dynamically all...
Enabling conformance to legislative requirements for mobile devices
Reconstruction of missing coefficients of overcomplete linear transforms using projections onto conv...
Methods for determination of single nucleic acid polymorphisms using bioelectronic microchip
Cyclic and substituted immobilized molecular synthesis
Use of procyanidins in the maintenance of vascular health and modulation of the inflammatory respons...
Fastening element
High-power well logging method and apparatus
Gas flow headers for internal combustion engines
Practical stethoscope cover and dispenser therefor
Spark arresting muffler with exhaust path parallel to muffler centerline
Spark arrester with spark filter
Adjustable shear valve mud pulser and controls therefor
Dialkyl phenyl halide-substituted keto-enols for use as herbicides and pesticides
Expression of cloned genes in the lung by aerosol and liposome-based delivery
DNA vaccine for protecting an avian against infectious bursal disease virus
Compositions and methods for polynucleotide delivery
Flea allantoinase nucleic acid molecules, proteins and uses thereof
Method for providing time discrimination in the world wide web
Synthetic bone matrix
Treatment of female sexual dysfunction using phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Set of forks with markings for a low-lift pallet truck
Method and apparatus for identifying errors in a detected sequence of values
Wind guard for open flame gas lantern
Lamp with a mechanical base
Led warning signal light and light support having at least one sector
One-time-use camera with electronic flash having film identifying indicia
Image coding apparatus and its motion vector detection method
Camera, image correcting apparatus, image correcting system, image correcting method, and computer p...
Obstacle detecting apparatus and method, and storage medium which stores program for implementing th...
Personal computer system, compact disk and method for interactively viewing the earth
Information processing apparatus and method in which an executable file in an incorporated memory is...
Dispersion compensating optical fiber, and wavelength division multiplexing transmission line using ...
Photonic band-gap light-emitting fibers
Modular cable management trough section
Highly-halogenated low optical loss polymer
Optical hinge apparatus
Diagnosis and treatment of cancers using in vivo magnetic domains
Ultrasound transducer temperature compensation methods, apparatus and programs
System and method for continuously monitoring classified atrial arrhythmias
1,3-diheterocyclic metalloprotease inhibitors
Apparatus and methods for manufacturing hot rolled steel sheets
Composite concrete and steel floor/carrier for modular buildings
Machine and method for continuous casting of steel
Method and apparatus for vacuum decarburization refining of molten steel
Oxygen arc cutting with plasma pre-heating of ferrous materials, such as structural steel workpieces
Dendrimeric polymers for the production of paper and board
Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly...
Catalyst system for the polymerization of alkenes to polyolefins
Method and apparatus for loading a cache with data with a subsequent purge of stale cache informatio...
Cartilage repair unit
Electronic television program guide schedule system and method with scan feature
Endoscope adapter which can be detected using computer assisted surgery
Intracavity probe for MR image guided biopsy and delivery of therapy
Medical instrument for insertion into an examination subject, and medical examination/treatment devi...
Addition tomographic image producing method and X-ray CT apparatus
Navigational guidance via computer-assisted fluoroscopic imaging
Method and device for centrifugal skimming of whey
Process for preparing a spread
Food product with a fibrous texture obtained from whey proteins
Chemotherapy of cancer with actyldinaline in combination with gemcitabine capecitabine or cisplatin
Eukaryotic transposable element
Flexible medical container with selectively enlargeable compartments and method for making same
Methods for in vivo reduction of free radical levels and compositions useful therefor
Contaminant reduced marine oil
Methods for obtaining transfer factor from avian sources, compositions including avian-generated tra...
Fuel dispensing and retail system for preventing use of stolen transponders
Digital disease management system
Molecules of the card-related protein family and uses thereof
Collision warning system
Japanese plum tree named `Aphrodite`
Pulmonaria plant named `Northern Lights`
Campanula plant named `Snowball`
Rose plant named `Yolitor`
Parallelization of resynthesis
Luggage case attachable to a briefcase (hand and shoulder bag)
Genetic immunization
Antiviral indoleoxoacetyl piperazine derivatives
Cyclohexenyl-ethyl-thiourea compounds for inhibiting HIV reverse transcriptase
No dry master batch for polyester resins
Antigen/antibody specificity exchanger
Succinoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Antipruritic patch
Drawer-type line thermal printer
Reduced size gravimetric blender
Integrated sample return capsule
Method and apparatus for effecting secure document format conversion
Heated watering bucket
Hosting a network service on a cluster of servers using a single-address image
Method of data transmission in implant monitoring
Electronic component, in a particular for a control device provided with valves
Internal pressure regulating system for flexible bag body, flexible membrane dam using the same, and...
(Cycloalkyl)methyl silanes as external donors for polyolefin catalysts
Process for isolating cyclopentane and/or cyclopentene
Polymers derived from olefins useful as lubricant and fuel oil additives, processes for preparation ...
Process for preparation of substituted aromatic compound
Process for manufacturing alkanes
Delaminated microporous solid
Hinge jig
Method of display of video images of exercises
Low overhead speculative selection of hot traces in a caching dynamic translator
Production of nitriles via hydrocyanation of ethylenically unsaturated organic compounds
Enriched central nervous system stem cell and progenitor cell populations, and methods for identifyi...
Contextual data representation and retrieval method
Cellulosic composite product and a method of producing the same
Ethylene copolymer and process for producing the same, resin composition containing the copolymer, a...
Flat metal conductor principal detector element for NMR analysis of a sample
MRI apparatus
Inherently decoupled magnetic resonance reception coil arrangement
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a soundproofing structure
Apparatus for patterning a phosphor screen, having a main lens with flat elements replaceable by sub...
Breakaway signpost
Method and apparatus for positioning an input image into interlaced video
Systems and methods for generating high addressability images
Image display panel employing a broad-band polarizing/reflective backlighting structure and a pixela...
Super-resolving imaging system
Device, method and storage medium for recognizing a document image
Pulse width position modulator and clock skew synchronizer
Materials and methods to inhibit Hodgkin and Reed Sternberg cell growth
Analogs of NT-3
Reduced topography DRAM cell fabricated using a modified logic process and method for operating same
Water-stabilized organosilane compounds and methods for using the same
Method and apparatus for modeling a smart antenna in a network planning tool
Method for making MgO buffer layers on rolled nickel or copper as superconductor substrates
Method for thermal protection of a surface against a thermally and mechanically aggressive environme...
Detection of nontransient processing anomalies in vacuum manufacturing process
Golf ball cover compositions
Method for depolymerizing polymethylmethacrylate
Selective hydrogenation of dienes
Jasmonate pharmaceutical composition for treatment of cancer
Chain extension for thermal materials
Surface active N-Halamine compounds
Preparation of azo colorants in microreactors
Method and device for determining the surface friction coefficient in bodies
System and method for controlling master and slave manipulator
Multiple direction holder and beverage making apparatus
Method and system for managing storage devices over a network
Quality of service improvement of internet real-time media transmission by transmitting redundant vo...
Device controller with intracontroller communication capability, conveying system using such control...
Gas discharge lamp
Method and means for simulation of communication systems
Method for manufacturing aluminum extruded outer frame for LCD display
Developing apparatus having foreign matter accumulating space
Development device and development method, and image-forming device
Multi-beam optical system
Film coated optical lithography elements and method of making
Viewing optical instrument
Laser modulating device
Medical tube assemblies
Control system
Radiopaque stents
Interfacially polymerized, bipiperidine-polyamide membranes for reverse osmosis and/or nanofiltratio...
Graded metallic leads for connection to microelectronic elements
Structured voicemail messages
Bi-material assembly adhesively bonded at the ends and fabrication method
Method and apparatus for calculating the predistortion function from a power amplifier model
Apparatus and method to overcome dispersion limitations in high speed communications systems and net...
Method and device for carrying out work on an object which is present under water
Method and apparatus for suction anchor and mooring deployment and connection
Collapsible depth controller for mounting in relation to seismic cables or similar device
Thermal control apparatus for high pressure product swivel
Buoyancy device
Sponson and rigid inflatable boat incorporating the same
Rotational molded article and method
Particulate-shaped, expandable styrol polymers and method for the production thereof
Device and method for driving symmetric load systems
Sensor for measuring a bioanalyte such as lactate
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Delstriro`
Removal of biological contaminants
Absorbent structure with improved absorption properties
Absorbent article having an improved cover layer
Client authentication by server not known at request time
Method and system for a wireless communication system incorporating channel selection algorithm for ...
Protective sheet for solar battery module, method of fabricating the same and solar battery module
GPS and telemetry antenna for use on projectiles
Dispersion compensating optical fiber and optical transmission line
Gun disabling mechanism
Electronically and mechanically-operated ignition delay for cartridge-type pyrotechnic decoy flare a...
Densification of composite preforms by liquid resin infiltration assisted by rigid-barrier actinic g...
Rolled-up plain bearing bush
Ultrathin walled rolling bearing
Roller bearing
Hub assembly for automotive vehicles
Polycrystalline glass bearing
High load capacity bi-directional tapered roller bearing
Machine tool
Portion of a shoe outsole
Structure of liquid crystal display device for easy assembly and disassembly
Piezoelectric filter device with a ground electrode that is not centered in the thickness direction ...
Dusting-inhibited cement composition improved in strength
Method for producing a wood-like molded resin product
Oxidation of a cyclohexanone derivative using a Brevibacterium cyclohexanone monooxygenase
Plant caffeoyl-coa o-methyltransferase
N-end rule pathway enzymes
Lubricant composition for use in snow sliders
Membranes, membrane electrode assemblies and fuel cells employing same, and process for preparing
Imaging member containing heat sensitive thiosulfate polymer on improved substrate and methods of us...
Alkali-free aluminoborosilicate glass, its use and process for its preparation
Heat resistant catalyst sheet and process for producing same
Selective hydrogenation catalyst and processes therefor and therewith
Charge gain/charge loss junction leakage prevention for flash technology by using double isolation/c...
Eyeglasses with improved lens tilting support structure
Ophthalmic lens synthesized from its specification
Natural mixture composed of higher primary aliphatic alcohols obtained from bee wax for the treatmen...
Comparative fluorescence hybridization to oligonucleotide microarrays
Device for interconnecting vessels in a patient
Current perpendicular to plane spin valve head
Method for inhibiting bone resorption
Compounds and methods for modulating cell adhesion
Caulking guide and reinforcing tip
Method for drying and degassing polyolefins
Method of accessing service resource items that are for use in a telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for providing quality of service using the internet protocol
Telecom service identification transponder apparatus and technique
Trainable database for use in a method and system for returning a non-scale-based parcel weight
Apparatus and method for efficient arithmetic in finite fields through alternative representation
Unified power architecture with dynamic reset
Method of diagnosing nutritious condition of crop in plant field
Method of preparing metal powders, metal powders prepared in this way and compacts that include thes...
Lithium secondary cell with a stannous electrode material
Polymeric solid electrolyte and electrochemical element using the same
Radiation-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Preparation of surface modified silica
Gel electrolyte and gel electrolyte battery
Water sources for automotive electrolyzers
One handed shovel for handicapped
Server based configuration of network computers via machine classes
Method of preparing a broadband reflective polarizer
Overhead galley/crew rest facility
Method and apparatus for switchably selecting an integrated circuit operating mode
Hoist device
Wafer type probe card with micro tips for testing integrated circuit chips
Mass flow measurement methods, apparatus, and computer program products using mode selective filteri...
System based on a biocide and on a polyether silicon for disinfecting hard surfaces
Collapsible safety sign
CDMA base station having an improved antenna system
Rear projection screen with reduced speckle
Polymer/clay intercalates, exfoliates; and nanocomposites having improved gas permeability comprisin...
Polymer/clay intercalates, exfoliates, and nanocomposites comprising a clay mixture and a process fo...
Clear, high-barrier polymer-platelet composite multilayer structures
sPS nanocomposite and processes for producing the same
Polymer-organoclay composite compositions, method for making and articles therefrom
Polymeric photonic band gap materials
Anesthetizing plastics, drug delivery plastics, and related medical products, systems and methods
Composition and method for treating disease by increasing activated .alpha.2 macroglobulin in the bl...
Combinations for use in increasing the potency of a substrate for multidrug resistance related prote...
LDL receptor signaling pathways
Class BI and CI scavenger receptors
Modulation of nitric oxide production
Drying apparatus for coffee beans and similar crops
System and method for secure provisioning of a mobile station from a provisioning server using IWF-b...
Level control device for a wastewater collection basin
Cured calcium silicate object with high strength
Method for separating and treating exhaust gas of carbon fiber
Multi-wavelength semiconductor image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Electronic devices with diffusion barrier and process for making same
Navigation apparatus
Scan driver of LCD with fault detection and correction function
Plasma display panel
Method and apparatus for submicron IC design
Capturing an evolving wafer fabrication method and system
Debugging system for computer program, method for checking target program and information storage me...
Method of making ZnSe based light emitting device with in layer using vibration and pressure
ESD robust silicon germanium transistor with emitter NP-block mask extrinsic base ballasting resisto...
Multiple-walled fuel container and delivery system
Pediatric prepatory and induction anesthesia device
Plug-in aerosol dispenser
Neural network system for estimation of aircraft flight data
Broadening the linewidth of a semiconductor laser
Rigging assembly methods and apparatus for trawling nets
Breakaway coupling
Method and apparatus for creating personal autonomous avatars
Graphics processing apparatus and graphics processing method
Adjustable developer ratio forming method and apparatus
Uses of modafinil and its D/L enantiomers
High resolution current sensing apparatus
Method and apparatus for side wall passivation for organic etch
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Silicate-containing alkaline compositions for cleaning microelectronic substrates
Semiconductor processing methods
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACmpiad`
System and method for communicating video data in a digital media device
Herbal immune system stimulant
Graphics system interface
Apparatus, method and system for using cache memory as fail-over memory
Automatic frequency allocation (AFA) for wireless office systems sharing the spectrum with public sy...
Portable radio listening status recorder
Yellow developing agent
Swept continuous wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy
Integrated optical transmitter
Head suspension having tapered processing holes and method for aligning tooling during suspension ma...
Prepit detection unit
Method and apparatus for electro-optic delay generation of optical signals
Single device for both heating and temperature measurement in an oximeter sensor
System and method for communicating telecommunication information between a telecommunication switch...
Table look-up method for dynamic control
Bladder and method of making the same
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Ozone processing apparatus for semiconductor processing system
Surface acoustic wave resonator and filter using the same with specified distance between an interdi...
Method and system for an INUSE field resource management scheme
Method and apparatus for reducing processor bus loading
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of checking memory
Wire protocol for a media server system
Cell selection in a radio network
Method and apparatus for controlling the molten metal level in a mold in continuous casting
Photothermographic materials containing backside image stabilizing compounds
Methine compound and silver halide photographic material
Aqueous cleaning composition with controlled PH
Liquid crystal display with a liquid crystal orientation controlling electrode and processes for man...
Integrating ultraviolet exposure detection devices
Radio frequency data communications device with adjustable receiver sensitivity and method
Suspension air packaging device
Fitment having removable membrane
Method of treatment of halogenous, organic waste material
Grip material
Anionic waterborne polyurethane dispersions containing polyfluorooxetanes
Engineered polyolefin materials with enhanced properties
Blending image data using layers
Method and apparatus for pixel filtering using shared filter resource between overlay and texture ma...
Compositions and methods for altering cell migration
Method for identifying compounds RNA/RNA binding protein interactions
Nucleic acid molecules encoding CASPR/p190
Uses of indolo-2 [2,3b] -quinoxalines
Apparatus and methods for spectroscopic measurements
Gun rack for ultrasonic cleaning
Apparatus and method using compressed codes for scheduling broadcast information recording
Disk assembly incorporating therein usb connector and computer case having therein same
Medical uses of a selective estrogen receptor modulator in combination with sex steroid precursors
Apparatus for retaining a canister
Polymerization catalyst and process
Solvent based adhesive composition
Anionic and cationic silicone emulsions
Plastic material
Low compression, resilient golf balls including an organosulfur catalyst and method for making same
Taxol derivatives
Multipath processing for GPS receivers
Species specific DNA sequences and their utilization in identification of viola species and authenti...
Method and apparatus for processing visual information
Method of fabricating optical nonlinear thin film waveguide and optical nonlinear thin film waveguid...
Optical disk and reproduction apparatus for producing optical disk
Methods and apparatus for monitoring gas turbine engine operation
Methods for adapative spectral, spatial and temporal sensing for imaging applications
Odor evaluation method
Multilayer coextruded material for medical grade products and products made therefrom
Multithreaded, mixed hardware description languages logic simulation on engineering workstations
Aircraft and aircraft manufacturing method
IC card equipped with elliptical curve encryption processing facility
Animal restraint device and method
Photonic crystal and its fabrication
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Water dispersible granulates comprising an active hydrophobic substance
Anionic or cationic dendrimer antimicrobial or autiprotozoan compositions
Adaptive system for optimizing a physical connection in a communication session
Method and apparatus using a distributed system structure to support bus-based cache-coherence proto...
Modulated cache for audio on the web
Third party host packet replication
Pressure oil energy recover/regenation apparatus
Flap operating device
Clamping device for locking-up or mounting printing forms
Fluid-loaded tensioning device for printing forms on rotary printing machines
Device for detecting a printing plate position
Process for calibrating a scanner
Container and tag assembly
N-alkyldiethanolamine hydrofluorides and oral hygiene compositions containing them
Uplink transmission and reception techniques for a processing satelliteation satellite
Pump liner
Data storage cartridge with read/write selector switch
Method and apparatus for temporarily immobilizing a local area of tissue
Design support apparatus for semiconductor devices
Elastomeric doll head, molding method and mold therefor
Apparatus for controlling position of electromagnetically operated engine valve
Mechanical assist actuation bracket for deactivation and two-step roller finger followers
Customer history management method and system in online shopping
Apparatus and method for producing electronic messages in a vending terminal
Sulfur dioxide abatement method
LaMO3 type composition, M being aluminium, gallium or indium, in powder or sintered form, method of ...
Method for hydrogenating an anthraquinone compound
Method and composition for preventing surgical adhesions
Heat-sensitive recording material
Synthetic crosslinked copolymer solutions and direct injection to subterranean oil and gas formation...
Use of polycationic condensates as color transfer inhibiting and color release reducing additive to ...
Process for achieving decor on a surface element
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the prostate
Targeted molecular bar codes and methods for using the same
UV protected electrochromic device
Radio frequency data communications device
Pine oil cleaning composition
Photocurable composition, method for production of photocurable composition, photocurable pressure-s...
Potentially hydrophilic resins and compositions comprising the same
High efficiency process for the recovery of the high pure sterols
Method for monitoring the quality of a protective coating in a reactor chamber
Channel allocation in a mobile communications system
Bonding type semiconductor substrate, semiconductor light emitting element, and preparation process ...
Model helicopter
Sports related combined noisemaker and visual display device
Gas separation membrane and method for its use
System for providing an estimate of the location of an undersea object
Use of spatiotemporal response behavior in sensor arrays to detect analytes in fluids
Breath alcohol measuring apparatus having a sample intake channel and a temperature sensor mounted t...
Zeolite SSZ-59 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
System and method for displaying and manipulating multiple calendars on a personal digital assistant
Data base synchronizing system with at least two host databases and a remote database
Semiconductor memory device capable of performing data writing or erasing operation and data reading...
MI element made of thin film magnetic material
Location services system that reduces auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
Buffer circuit, and semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device including same
Composition for desorbing bacteria
Method, chip, device and system for effecting and monitoring nucleic acid accumulation
Multilayer composite material and method for evaporative cooling
Phalaenopsis plant named `(Brother Sophia) Pine Ridge #1`
On-board clock-control templates for testing integrated circuits
Rotor blade operating device in airplane and flaperon operating device in airplane
Liposome-entrapped topoisomerase inhibitors
Method for inhibiting tumor invasion or spreading in a subject
Four component copolymers and the ocular lens made thereof
Vectors and methods for gene transfer to cells
Multi-language document search and retrieval system
Interrupt routing mechanism for routing interrupts from peripheral bus to interrupt controller
Sideband transfer of redundancy bits for reduction of redundant cacheline transfers
Memory transceiver to couple an additional memory channel to an existing memory channel
Method of using removable cleat system
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device having plurality of pixel regions
Multi-axis planar slide system
Pedestrian push button assembly
Real image type finder
Strobe circuit, lens-fitted film unit, camera and printed-circuit board for strobe
Method for treating pain by peripheral administration of a neurotoxin
Composition for the in vivo production of therapeutic products
Transcription factor regulatory protein
Pharmaceutical compositions of chitosan with type-A gelatin
Sunscreen composition
Film-forming cosmetic composition
Antimutagenic compositions for treatment and prevention of photodamage to skin
Remediation method
Method for facilitating absorption of pharmaceutically active compounds
Thermoplastic silicone elastomers employing radical cure
Apparatuses and related methods of use of a universal visor cover
Osmotic pump delivery system with flexible drug compartment
Computer bezel having pivotable drive cover
Polyolefin nanocomposites
Method and apparatus for processing an image of a tissue sample microarray
Multiplexed PCR assay for detecting disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex infection
Method and apparatus for implementing locking of non-data page operations
Computer storage system controller incorporating control store memory with primary and secondary dat...
Methods and apparatus for simulating external linkage points and control transfers in source transla...
1-alkoxy and 1-acyloxy substituted cyclohex-1-ene compounds and sulfur and 1-alkoxycarbonyl analogs ...
High density plasmas
Soft sided portable safe construction
Ink jet printing apparatus with balanced thermal actuator
Miniaturized motor
Optical fiber head for providing lateral viewing
Device for the mapping of cardiac arrhyhmia foci
Laser assisted wire end forming process
Method of processing a noisy multidimensional image and medical imaging apparatus for carrying out t...
Branched polymeric surfactant reaction products, methods for their preparation, and uses therefor
Ink jet recording material and process for producing same
Sheetlike article for washing
Radiopaque cationically polymerizable compositions comprising a radiopacifying filler, and method fo...
Acrylic emulsion coating for films, paper and rubber
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Magnetic head, method for making the same and magnetic recording/reproducing device using the same
Leading edge channel for enhancement of lift/drag ratio and reduction of sonic boom
Cipher processor, IC card and cipher processing method
Cleaning tool for optical fiber connectors
Processor reset generated via memory access interrupt
Controlled reissue delay of memory requests to reduce shared memory address contention
Simple totally adjustable back closure harness
Photonic crystal microcavities for strong coupling between an atom and the cavity field and method o...
Low loss resonator
Optical component for generating pulsed laser radiation
Method for wireless information transfer
Optical filtering method and device
Method of producing phase mask for fabricating optical fiber and optical fiber with bragg's diffract...
Latex made with crosslinkable surface active agent
Biologically active substance and process of preparing the same
Image processing apparatus
Reversible DCT for lossless--lossy compression
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus to record digital data on non-volatile memory card for recording in units of blocks of dig...
Integrated DVD/CD controller
Method for updating a printer firmware
Detailed die process severity analysis and optimization methodology
Operator cabin of power shovel
Image display craft
Soil decontamination apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for raising buried housings
Interlocking segmental retaining wall
Desensitizing dentifrice containing potassium and tin salts
Polymeric delivery and release systems for oral care actives
Spread-spectrum, space diversity and coding antenna system and method
Power transmission shaft
Aromatic aldehyde resins and their use as emulsion breakers
Multi part disk cage apparatus
Route guidance device
Vehicular navigation system
System and method for maintaining a ski slope using snowmaking apparatuses
Measuring device for electrically decoupled function testing of working systems
Method for selecting a tire set from a group of experimental tires
Gravimetric rotation sensors: dead reckoning, velocity, and heading sensor system for vehicle naviga...
Master/slave control system and method
Mathematical game of amusement
Pedagogical children's doll
Magnetic coaching board
System for improving search text
Precision polymer dispersion application by airless spray
Gene encoding phosphoglucoisomerase
Oils with heterogenous chain lengths
Associative thickener for aqueous fabric softener
Method and apparatus for displaying a customized advertising message with a retail terminal
Power and telecommunications access vending machine
System and method for capacity shaping in an internet environment
System and method for providing desired service policies to subscribers accessing the internet
Method using an assigned dynamic IP address and automatically restoring the static IP address
Method and apparatus for providing dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) tagging
Notification subsystem
Polymorphic human PC-1 sequences associated with insulin resistance
Mammalian myeloid progenitor cell subsets
Methods for producing and preparing cells for cell therapy
Peanut shell shaped scrubber sponge
Hydrophilic somatostatin analogs
High-affinity response-selective C-terminal analogs of C5a anaphylatoxin
Monohydrate lisinopril
Method and apparatus for teaching music theory
System and method for supporting real-time computing within general purpose operating systems
Method and apparatus for securing digital communications
Apparatus and method for dynamically verifying information in a distributed system
Tool for aligning vehicle fender on vehicle during assembly
Substrate transport apparatus
Apparatus and method for determining a reference position for an industrial robot
Method and apparatus for verifying the identity of a participant within an on-line auction environme...
Method for providing stand-in objects
Job brokering apparatus and recording medium
Parallel frequency searching in an acquisition correlator
System and method for collecting and analyzing information about content requested in a network (Wor...
Cache memory system and method utilizing doubly-linked loop of cache lines and a single pointer to a...
Method for supporting optical international language modules flashed into ROM
Method and system for transparently caching and reusing query execution plans efficiently
System and method for implementing group policy
External system interface method and system
Methods of fabricating microelectromechanical and microfluidic devices
Capped electric lamp and low-pressure mercury-vapor discharge lamp
Apparatus and associated method for communicating multimedia information upon a communication link
Camera remote control
Methods and arrangements relating to a radio communication system
Low power MRAM memory array
Ferroelectric film property measuring device, measuring method therefor and measuring method for sem...
Controllable camber windmill blades
Method and apparatus for idea development and evaluation
Composite polymer membrane, method for producing the same and solid polymer electrolyte membrane
System for connecting drive unit for host apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing a constant medicine dose for an inhalic application at low inhali...
Content management tool and service table database with unique service entries each associated with ...
Computer user aiding system, computer user aiding method and storage medium storing program therefor
Training apparatus for walking
Flame-retardant thermoplastic resin compositions and their injection moldings
Process for preparing vinylpyrrolidone polymer
Video gaming symbols provided on a continuous virtual reel
Sound generating device and video game device using the same
Game unit
Automatic bowling scoring apparatus and bowling alley management system
Impact-activated interactive toy
Gross pollutant trap
Helmet with safety light
Messaging application layer over ethernet to transport layer (TCP) communications method and apparat...
Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy sensor and methods for using same
Organic luminescence device with spiro compound having silicon spiro atom
Fluorescence conversion medium and display device comprising it
Electroluminescent device with anthracene derivatives hole transport layer
Transparent conductive film and process for forming a transparent electrode
Method of manufacturing an electro-optical device
Cold cathode field emission device and display
Plastic substrates with improved barrier properties for devices sensitive to water and/or oxygen, su...
Embedded LSI having a FeRAM section and a logic circuit section
Resin-encapsulated semiconductor apparatus and process for its fabrication
Method and apparatus for improved electrodeless lamp screen
Multi-planar volumetric display system and method of operation using psychological vision cues
Glazing with variable optical and/or energetic properties
Laser tube for high-frequency laser and laser incorporating same
Phasar athermalization using a slab waveguide
Three dimensional structure and method of manufacturing the same
Data coding for multi-bit-per-cell memories having variable numbers of bits per memory cell