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Automatic system for providing assistance to impaired drivers
Process for producing lower aliphatic carboxylic acid ester
Aqueous dispersions of fluoropolymers
Process for treating complex cyanide
Method and apparatus for selecting thread switch events in a multithreaded processor
Isomer enriched conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Interactive pager docking system
Combined razor handle and cradle
Pin toggling using an object oriented programming language
Electromagnetic interference shields and methods of manufacture
Shock isolation system for spacecraft fairing
Automatic resynchronization of crypto-sync information
Adjustable perineal harness
Multicomponent tiles and a method for manufacturing multicomponent tiles
Performance evaluation method, performance evaluation system, and information storage apparatus usin...
Method and apparatus for stream aggregation in a multiprotocol label switching network environment
Dictation system employing computer-to-computer transmission of voice files controlled by hand micro...
Method and system for anticipating salt depletion
Treated ion exchange resin and method for treatment thereof
Fluid catalytic cracking catalyst manufacturing process
Image synthesis system and method
Process for adjusting the hardness of Fischer-Tropsch wax by blending
Process for producing isobutylene and methanol
Catalyst for steam cracking reactions and related preparation process
Method of separating polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by means of chromatography
Process for co-production of metaxylene and paraxylene
Hand-driven deburring and assembly tool
Method for reducing rub-off from a toner image using a phase change composition on the non-image sid...
Lateral semiconductor component in thin-film SOI technology
Power semiconductor component having a mesa edge termination
Method and system for testing behavior of procedures
Real time monitoring system for tracking and documenting changes made by programmer's during mainten...
System for automatically converting source code from one programming language to another
Apparatus and method for improving performance of critical code execution
Method for injecting code into another process
Software migration on an active processing element
System and method of multiple-stage installation of a suite of applications
Process for preparing diketone compounds and precursors thereto
Light beam hardening apparatus for curing material
High performance, thin metal lined, composite overwrapped pressure vessel
Method for aligning quantum dots and semiconductor device fabricated by using the same
System and method for remote control of surveillance devices
.alpha.-Amylase-resistant polysaccharides, production method, use and foods containing these polysac...
Method and system for real-time control of sampling instruments in a batch operation
RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method for the operation of a magnetic resonance apparatus and magnetic resonance apparatus for the ...
Coil system
Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis of multiple samples
Apparatus, system and method for calibrating magnetic resonance receiver coils
Image forming apparatus
Green-emitting phosphor and image display device using the same
Driving device for printing machines
Device for detecting the position of a printing plate on a cylinder of a rotary printing machine
Apparatus for selectively cleaning a printing press cylinder
Lap separator for sheet-receiving pockets and method for separating laps in sheet-receiving pockets
Sheet-braking system for a delivery of a sheet-processing machine, and method of operation
Method for reducing rub-off from a toner image using a phase change composition with a rotary brush
Electrophotographic toner with stable triboelectric properties
Conveying unit for flat objects
Instrument cluster for motor vehicles with variable-color display
Dispensing device for food product
Article formed by depositing a tungsten-based and/or molybdenum-based layer on a rigid substrate
Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of optically enriched rose-oxides
Method for etching a dielectric layer formed upon a barrier layer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Glass and glass powder mixture and use thereof for the production of a glass ceramic
Indolyl-3-glyoxylic acid derivatives having therapeutically valuable properties
Molded cross vehicle beam
Vehicular towing apparatus using air lift
Methods and system for assessing limb position sense during movement
Stabilized golf club
Spiro compounds as inhibitors of fibrinogen-dependent platelet aggregation
Automatic derailleur
Method of using a clot capture coil
Graft copolymer and solvent-based water-and oil-repellant composition comprising the same
Intraocular lens
Ophthalmological surgery colorant and delivery system
Bioconjugates of nanoparticles as radiopharmaceuticals
Paint solar cell and its fabrication
Organic photosensitive optoelectronic device with a charge blocking layer
Solar cell substrate with thin film polysilicon
Method for forming electrical contacts through multi-level dielectric layers by high density plasma ...
Fuel cell stack monitoring and system control
Recovery system of heat energy in a fuel cell system
High throughput screening device for combinatorial chemistry
Electrolyte membrane for polymer electrolyte fuel cell and producing method thereof
Fuel and air supply base manifold for modular solid oxide fuel cells
Method and apparatus for producing MIIIN columns and MIIIN materials grown thereon
Drug delivery systems for photodynamic therapy
Control system for a power converter and method of controlling operation of a power converter
Fuel cell comprising dual seal assembly
Firefighter protective garment having a liner with a separable moisture barrier
DNA encoding small and intermediate conductance calcium-activated potassium channels
Nitrosated and nitrosylated potassium channel activators, compositions and methods of use
Double mutant alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Articulated multiple buoy marine platform apparatus
Dedicated riser tensioner apparatus, method and system
Cartridge casing for a magnetic tape cartridge
Protection method for preventing optical disk drives from laser leakage
Reliable reading of multiple time elements from real-time clock during update and non-update periods
Semiconductor memory device having deterioration determining function
Method and device for utilizing heat in the production of 1,2-dichloroethane
Technique for implementing a distributed lock in a processor-based device
Apparatus and method to handle power supply failures for a peripheral device
System and method for monitoring execution of privileged instructions
Multiple drive failure recovery for a computer system having an array of storage drives
Methods, apparatus, and computer program products for determining structural motion using mode selec...
Communication connectivity initialization and verification system and method of use
System for controlling the delivery of power to DC computer components
Perfecting press apparatus
System for indentifying a peripheral device by sending an inquiry thereto after receiving an interru...
Casting material
Temperature-compensated piezoelectric force motor
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Apparatus and method for blood pressure pulse waveform contour analysis
Customer self service iconic interface for resource search results display and selection
Dispersion managed discrete Raman amplifiers
Methods and arrangements for compressing image based rendering data using multiple reference frame p...
Proper name identification in chinese
Method and apparatus for the recognition of spelled spoken words
Goal-oriented clustering
Procedure and means for replacing and procedure for repairing a section of a pipe in the primary cir...
Method and apparatus for assembling optical devices
Robotically manipulable tool with on-board processor
Industrial robot
Process condition sensing wafer and data analysis system
Legged robot
Robot device and method of controlling robot device operation
Apparatus for driving a discharge lamp
Method, computer readable medium, and system for monitoring the state of a collection of resources
High data CDMA wireless communication system using variable sized channel codes
Fast neutron resonance radiography for elemental mapping
Method for motion classification using switching linear dynamic system models
Digital memo recorder
Vehicle mirror assembly communicating wirelessly with vehicle accessories and occupants
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Fluorescent fluid interface position sensor
Functionalized monomers for synthesis of rubbery polymers
High purity fluoropolymers
Sonotrode for ultrasonic welding apparatus
Cover for air bag device
Image processing apparatus, a unit used in the apparatus, and a memory device mounted on the unit
Image forming apparatus and cartridge detachably mountable thereto
System for managing temperature in an image forming apparatus by controlling printing speed
Image forming apparatus with variable waiting time conveyance feature
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus provided with same
Aloe vera glove and manufacturing method
Composition for the permanent shaping of human hair
Bactericidal gel and method for treating burns and dermal lesions
Solid solution beadlet
Apparatus and method for detection and measurement of environmental parameters
Low-power high-performance integrated circuit and related methods
Digital beam stabilization techniques for wide-bandwidth electronically scanned antennas
Omni directional antenna with multiple polarizations
Data transfer and synchronization system
Mop assembly with liquid detergent supply
Washing composition comprising particles of aluminum oxide, at least one conditioning agent and at l...
Non-foaming detergent compositions for concentrated alkaline media
System for repelling garden slugs
Map display
Single-chain polypeptides for targeted delivery of nucleic acids
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1521 daltons
Receiving apparatus, receiving method, transmission system and transmission method
Transmission system
Error correction for frames carried over multiple networks
Channel coding with unequal error protection for multi-mode source coded information
Low delay channel codes for correcting bursts of lost packets
Air cooled packaged multi-stage centrifugal compressor system
Muffler of compressor
Two-stage compressor with torque reducing crankshaft
Reciprocating compressor
Cylindrical pump housing with a fan guard mounted on each end of the housing with snap tabs engaging...
Infusion pump
Parlay side bet method
Controller for ultrafiltration blood circuit which prevents hypotension by monitoring osmotic pressu...
Method and compositions for detecting of bloodstains using fluorescin-fluorescein reaction
Ellipsometer using radial symmetry
Method and apparatus for determination of pH pCO2, hemoglobin, and hemoglobin oxygen saturation
Automated computerized scheme for distinction between benign and malignant solitary pulmonary nodule...
Method for generating intra-particle morphological concentration/density maps and histograms of a ch...
Image reproducing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing images with curves
Apparatus and method for ratchet actuator
Device for producing microscopic arrays of molecules, a method for producing microscopic arrays of m...
Dynamic control of overdrive pacing based on degree of randomness within heart rate
Method and a device for vibration control
Controlled inventory device and method using pressure transducer
Method and apparatus for monitoring rotating machinery
PCB embedded and surface mounted optical distribution systems
Apparatus and method for training high density optical cross connects
Reconfigurable free space wavelength cross connect
Method of monitoring the body temperature of human embryos and hatchlings
Apparatus and method for treating strial hearing loss
Heat exchanger
Fin and tube type heat-exchanger
Splashing oil lubrication type internal combustion engine
Air conditioner
Computer system having a chassis-level thermal interface component and a frame-level thermal interfa...
Transmission detection and switch system for hearing improvement applications
Organic slurry treatment process
Method for detecting PSA and its molecular forms using thiophilic gel on magnetic beads
Process for recovering oil and sulfonates from filtration panel
Water reservoir filtration system and method
Apparatus for biological sample preparation and analysis
Expandable beverage infusion device
Apparatus and method for sample purification and analysis
Method and apparatus for monitoring the composition of a binary breathing gas mixture
Portable oxygen concentration system and method of using the same
DC--DC converter
Method and apparatus for thermal processing of powder raw materials
Process for the synthesis of derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1,4-dioxino- [2,3-f] quinoline
Isolation of living cells and preparation of cell lines based on detection and quantification of pre...
Method for measurement of total analyte
Methods of using cytokine receptor zalpha11 to detect its ligands
Phased laser array for generating a powerful laser beam
Scanning type laser microscope
Wavelength-tunable lasers
Selective laser sintering with interleaved fill scan
Method of producing a control valve assembly
ARIP4 gene and protein
Implant supported dental prosthesis foundation bar
Carboxylic acid derivatives as IP antagonists
Surface-active photoinitiators
Insertion stabilizers for implants
Compositions produced by solvent exchange methods and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for weight compensation in guiding a movement of a moveable machine element
Device for handling individually packaged goods
Communications interface for the serial transmission of digital data, and corresponding data transmi...
Duplicable processor device
Paving binders and manufacturing methods
Ground-working tools for use in power rakes
Rotary machine and thermal cycle
Rock auger with pilot drill
Wrap-around packages
Digital camera with optical viewfinder and method of using same to visualize optical and digital zoo...
Scanning projection exposure apparatus
Method and apparatus for substrate surface inspection using spectral profiling techniques
Path to trapezoid decomposition of polygons for printing files in a page description language
System and method for generating signal waveforms in a CDMA cellular telephone system
Transit information display system
Method for selecting and writing into RFID-transponders
System and method for communicating with dormant radio frequency identification tags
Inventory system using articles with RFID tags
RFID tag with bridge circuit assembly and methods of use
Scissors handles
Image transfer method for use with water based dry erase markers
Washable coloring composition
Applicator for dispensing material
Washable coloring composition suitable for use in dry erase markers
Erasable colored pencil lead
Marking composition
Multiple wavelength photolithography for preparing multilayer microstructures
Nano-battery systems
Compositions produced by solvent exchange methods and uses thereof
Device for measuring the intra-ocular pressure
System for measuring intraocular pressure of an eye and a MEM sensor for use therewith
Method of operating tonometer
Non-contact type tonometer
Intraocular pressure measurement
Integrated surface moving map advisory system
Navigation system and storage medium
Method for displaying guide for vehicle-mounted navigator
Hand held car locator
Inertial augmentation for GPS navigation on ground vehicles
Method and device for determining a misalignment of the radiation characteristic of a sensor for adj...
Video game apparatus and method with enhanced player object action control
Gladiolus plant named `Palampur Princess`
Device and method for controlling variable valve timing of internal combustion engine
Electronic method and device for the control of gas exchange valves of an internal combustion engine...
Control system and method for an internal combustion engine
Cam phaser hydraulic seal assembly
Latched reset mechanism for engine brake
Systems and methods wherein a lottery number combination is associated with a limited number of occu...
Health care information system
Electronic coupon system and method of processing electronic coupon card for storage and redemption
Method of monitoring print data for text associated with a hyperlink
Method and apparatus for integrating print job status information and user options with implicit job...
Apparatus for and method of embedding and extracting digital information, and medium having program ...
Data processing apparatus and method, and memory medium
Halftone watermarking and related applications
Methods for determining contents of media
Application of sonic signals to detect buried, underground utilities
Method and system for facilitating networked information exchange
Method and system for collectively generating user-created designs of products and property via a co...
Methods for gamete production in birds
Process for the production of polyhydroxyoctanoate by streptomyces lividans
In vivo protein production and delivery system for gene therapy
Clavulanic acid dehydrogenase, preparation and use for the production of clavulanic acid
Polymer brushes for immobilizing molecules to a surface or substrate, where the polymers have water-...
System for conveying musical beat information to the hearing impaired
Reproducing unit for recording medium
Optical disk recording apparatus
Apparatus for the transfer of plates from a plate transport device to a plate storage rack or simila...
Remote control having an optical indicia reader
Apparatus and method for increasing application availability during a disaster fail-back
Technique for determining the age of the oldest reading transaction with a database object
Access control for a memory having a limited erasure frequency
Multiprocessor digital data processing system
Method for creating queries on version objects
Determination of records with a specified number of largest or smallest values in a parallel databas...
Graphical filter dialog window system and method for same
Electronic bathroom baton
Method and apparatus for generating a flash or a series of flashes from a multiparameter light
Mercury vapor lamp electrical connector
Apparatus removing metallic particles from effluent liquid waste
Production of low sulfur syngas from natural gas with C4+/C5+ hydrocarbon recovery
Composite sponge wound dressing made of .beta.-Chitin and Chitosan and method for producing the same
Process for the production of gasolines with low sulfur contents
Cosmetic resin composition and cosmetic using the same
Water soluble polymer composition and method of use
Synthetic fiber nonwoven web and method
High index-contrast fiber waveguides and applications
Onium salts, photoacid generators, resist compositions, and patterning process
Interconnect structure for electronic devices
Laser processing method, method for manufacturing ink jet recording head using such method of manufa...
Sizing composition
Recording liquid and image forming method using the recording liquid
Method of making SiAlON containing ytterbium
Polymeric binders for ink jet inks
Compositions for improving the organoleptic qualities of cooked foodstuffs
Photo-cured film, and photosensitive element, printed wiring board and semiconductor package using s...
Electron gun for CRT
Methylene bridged metallocenes as olefin-polymerization-catalyst components
Method of analyzing static current test vectors for semiconductor integrated circuits
Design circuit pattern for test of semiconductor circuit
Method of testing integrated circuitry at system and module level
Semiconductor laser
System, method, and product for development and maintenance of database-related software application...
Magneto-resistive device including clad conductor
Ferroelectric memory configuration and a method for producing the configuration
Mammalian galanin receptors
Methods and means to modulate programmed cell death in eukaryotic cells
Method of reducing migration of aldehyde compounds in packaging
Redox flow battery and method of operating it
Nucleic acid encoding a C5A anaphylatoxin receptor
Apparatus and processes suitable for tire degradation
Developing device using a developing liquid including a rotatable agitator in a developing liquid re...
Method for preparing nano-size particulate graphite
Process for regeneration of acid halide solutions
Method for producing sodium chloride crystals
Method for preparing barium titanate powder by oxalate synthesis
Manufacturing method of zeolite from waste
Washing apparatus
Sanitary absorbent article with positioning flaps capable of gathering the undergarment to protect a...
Comfortable safety harness
Composition comprising polymers having a star structure, the polymers, and their use
Non-rotating breast implant
Cosmetic composition
System and method for aerosol delivery of a drug
System and method for identifying the raw materials consumed in the manufacture of a chemical produc...
Spacecraft having a momentum wheel configuration that prevents zero wheel speeds
Airplane security system
Aircraft sleeper seat
System and method for flight mode annunciators
Control system for remotely operated vehicles for operational payload employment
Synchronization of signaling messages and multimedia content loading
System for using a local wireless network to control a device within range of the network
Particulate detection and air advice provision
MTT zeolite comprising crystals and crystal aggregates with specific granulometries, and its use as ...
Dynamic code allocation for downlink shared channels
Method and apparatus for compressing information for use in embedded systems
Method of wireless communication using structured unitary space-time signal constellations
System and method to provide control of music on hold to the hold party
Power and wavelength management for mixed-rate optical data systems
Space wavelength time-division multiple access optical transmission system
Autograph verification and authentication system
Security document with nano-pattern
Quantum dot security device and method
Fluorescent stripe window envelopes
Emulsifier free aqueous emulsion polymerization process for making fluoropolymers
Morphine-6-glucuronide synthesis
Humidity sensitive composition
Method and apparatus for displaying notification that a color corrected image is being viewed
Interactive television system and remote control unit
Method of interfacing on a computer network by visual representations of users, method of interactin...
Game system, commercial game apparatus, network game apparatus, client device, and recording medium
Video game terminal
Training method for the game of golf
Racquet string alignment tool
Business method and device for marketing automobile fluid replacement services
Container transfer and processing system
Inducibile plant promoters
Alteration of flowering time in plants
Inbred broccoli line VBC-406
Inbred maize line PH1GD
Inbred corn line LH295
Bearing containing and force applying device
Ink jet recording head
Multicolor image forming apparatus and method
Real-time control of tone reproduction curve by redefinition of lookup tables from fit of in-line en...
Information processing device
Digital broadcasting receiver
Method and apparatus for protecting copyright of digital recording medium and copyright protected di...
Transmitting data words
Method and apparatus for secure distribution of public/private key pairs
Micro actuator
Intelligent integrated circuit wafer handling system with fail safe system
Systemic immune activation method using nucleic acid-lipid complexes
Semiconductor light emitting element
Semiconductor apparatus having a charge pump circuit
Cross-connection architecture for SDH signals comprising time-and-space division switch groups
Compounds with analgesic effect
Cr-base heat resisting alloy
Alloy with metallic glass and quasi-crystalline properties
Pb-free soldering alloy
Processing device and method of processing material with ultraviolet light or light of shorter wavel...
OLED apparatus including a series of OLED devices
Semiconductor thin film and semiconductor device
LCD device
Threshold addressing of electrophoretic displays
Information providing system and method
Modified .theta.-Al2O3-supported nickel reforming catalyst and its use for producing synthesis gas f...
Indole derivative, material for light-emitting device and light-emitting device using the same
Structure and method for fabricating epitaxial semiconductor on insulator (SOI) structures and devic...
Reduced diffusion of a mobile specie from a metal oxide ceramic
Electro-mechanical transducer suitable for tactile display and article conveyance
Ferroelectric capacitor and a method for manufacturing thereof
Low cross-talk electrically programmable resistance cross point memory
Treatment for ectoparasites
Speech coding system with a music classifier
Air intake manifold with sudden enlargement for internal combustion engine
Casing cover having an acoustically decoupled stop
Customizable spilt stem stethoscope and a method for providing same
Sound damping filter, ear protector, and method for manufacturing a membrane for a sound damping
Nectarine tree named `Bright Sweet`
Dental drill sterilization through application of high amperage current
Method for establishing call state information without maintaining state information at gate control...
Wafer container cleaning system
Multi-process system with pivoting process chamber
Reactor for processing a semiconductor wafer
Binary registration mark detection using 3-state sensing and matched filtering
B-ring estratriene diols
Device and system for improved imaging in nuclear medicine and mammography
Semiconductor chip package having a leadframe with a footprint of about the same size as the chip
Method and apparatus for presenting information in a display system using transparent windows
Emulsions as solid dosage forms for oral administration
Method of repairing or restoring damaged or imperfect hair
Method for separating cells
Reducing adhesion
Sputtering metal ion laser
Optical microphone/sensors
Method and apparatus for switching optical signals using rotatable optically transmissive microstruc...
Apparatus and method for reading data from an optical packet header
Method and apparatus for assembling personalized electronic media into printed products
Method for checking path coverage in software tests
Suction muffler in reciprocating compressor
Database method implementing attribute refinement model
Snowmobile construction
Reservoir management system and method
Haptic feedback using a keyboard device
Method and system for transporting traffic in a packet-switched network
Method and apparatus for performing document structure analysis
Ignition device for a propellant charge
Garment including protective fabric
Unit consisting of a bearing with instrument and a housing joined by a monoblock sensor
Rolling sliding member, process for the production thereof and rolling sliding unit
Rolling bearing
Bearing device for drive wheel
Method and apparatus for providing clearance for a ball bearing outer race
Spherical sleeve joint
Retaining piece structure
Impression footwear
Image display device and its repairing method and apparatus
Image stabilization control device for use in camera system optionally including optical characteris...
Digital camera for adjusting charge accumulation time in response to object distance
Decoupling capacitance assignment technique with minimum leakage power
Verifying decoupling capacitance using a maximum flow determination of a network
Data structure for fine-grid multi-level VLSI routing and method for storing the data structure in a...
Managing bus transaction dependencies
Transaction partitioning
Cache states for multiprocessor cache coherency protocols
Communications network and method performing distributed processing of fault and alarm objects
Capturing and evaluating high speed data streams
Process for the manufacture of anhydro sugar alcohols with the assistance of a gas purge
Fluorinated crosslinker and composition
Polymerization of olefins
Heat exchanger fabrication by polymer extrusion and structures formed thereby
Method for high-speed spinning of bicomponent fibers
Plexifilamentary strands of polyester
Process for splitting water-soluble ethers
Process for preparing saturated carboxylic acids having from 1 to 4 carbon atoms
Infrared-reflecting bodies
Photolithographic pattern-forming material and method for formation of fine pattern therwith
Interfacial barrier layer in semiconductor devices with high-K gate dielectric material
Zeolite-substrate composite comprising a patterned zeolite layer on a substrate and preparation ther...
Measurement report transmission in a telecommunications system
Radio communication system, terminal equipment used therefor and service control station used theref...
Channel selection in a radio link system
Method and apparatus for performing beam searching in a radio communication system
Method for simplifying manual radio frequency entries
Apparatus for manufacturing hygienic articles
Use of a crystal growth inhibitor to reduce fabric abrasion
Couplers for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Device for producing an on-line image of a body part into which a contrasting agent has been introdu...
Head coil for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Protein secretion
Pulmonary delivery of active agents
Bone stimulating factor
Method and system for providing broadband mobile access from geostationary satellites to platforms u...
Multi-speed gear hub shiftable under load
Apparatus and method to teach baseball and softball base sliding techniques to children
User interface for simultaneous management of owned and unowned inventory
Baseball practice facility
Natural non-polar fluorescent dye from a non-bioluminescent marine invertebrate, compositions contai...
Toilet bars containing sensory modifiers comprising conditioning compound
Mole monitoring system
Composition for oral care
Enzyme containing oral composition having enhanced stability
Polyesters based on hydroxy fatty acids and lower hydroxy alkyl acids and uses thereof
Plastic container with a beaded neck
Blow molded plastic container with inclined mouth and method and apparatus for obtaining same
Method and apparatus for inspecting blow molded containers
Rapid emergency dam and method of construction
Liquid container, liquid supply system and liquid discharge recording apparatus
Surgical fastener for tissue treatment
Proteinaceous coating
Process for autothermal reforming of a hydrocarbon feedstock
Combined water gas shift reactor/carbon dioxide adsorber for use in a fuel cell system
Process for partial oxidation of hydrocarbons
Hydrocarbon fuel reformer
Generating system for a fuel cell, and heat waste recirculating and cooling system of said generatin...
Rotary blower with an abradable coating
Process for making perylene pigment compositions
Surface finish of cementitious nature and containing glass beads
Isolated human kinase proteins
.alpha.v integrin receptor antagonists
Foot controls for a bed
Materials and methods for creating waterproof, durable aqueous inkjet receptive media
Abrasion resistant electrode and device
Additive for YAG laser marking
Frangible powdered iron projectiles
Signaling device for annunciating a status of a monitored person or object
Replaceable led modules
Enhanced visibility traffic signal
Thermal control device for liquid crystal display
Photo-conductor plate reduced in light reflection, and surface emitting device and liquid crystal di...
Member mounting structure and member mounting apparatus
Reproducing apparatus having editing function
Dual band framing reconnaissance camera
Motor driving apparatus
Antenna apparatus for digital cameras incorporating wideband RF transceivers
Method and device for on-screen display of program information and means comprising code for perform...
Apparatus and method for thermally tuning an optical amplifier
Dispersion managed cable for WDM systems
Polycrystalline ferroelectric optical devices
Device including a fiber optic cable harness and associated methods
Optical cable excess handling unit and optical cable wiring method
Device for feeding optical fibres into a duct
Image collating apparatus and image collating method
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
System and method for delivering parking information to motorists
Capacitive circuit array for fingerprint sensing
Method and apparatus for fast query approximation using adaptive query vector projection
Scaled forward and inverse discrete cosine transform and video compression/decompression systems emp...
Control of data transmission between a remote monitoring unit and a central unit
Method and device for representing and monitoring functional parameters of a physiological system
Display for and method of displaying electrograms received from an implantable cardiac stimulation d...
Wearable calorie calculator
Method for optimizing parameters characteristic of an object developed in a rapid prototyping system
Lightweight dimensionally stable steel rule die
Fabrication of a high-strength steel article with inclusion control during melting
High tensile cold-rolled steel sheet excellent in ductility and in strain aging hardening properties...
Method for manufacturing high chromium system seamless steel pipe
Surface-treated steel sheet for battery case, method of production thereof, battery case formed by t...
Water-soluble composition for removing rust from steel bar and steel frame
Fender system
Spread moored midship hydrocarbon loading and offloading system
Method for installing a conductor casing through a suction substructure
Liquid pressing device
Thruster for submarine vessels
Hollow gliding board with inertial mass
Object recognition apparatus and method thereof
Rollover determining apparatus and methods
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Vehicle-mounted device control unit
Steering control device
Electric power steering apparatus
Infant toy
Vibration mechanism for motion toy
Toy figure having plurality of body parts joined by ball and socket joints
Toy vehicle
Starter assembly for an engine-operated remote-control toy car
Warming apparatus
Surface binding of an immunoglobulin to a flexible polymer using a water soluble varnish matrix
Fatty acid esters composition of a polyglycerine, and process for the preparation thereof
Calcium double salts
Heat sink with geometric arrangement of LED surfaces
Cross-linked molded plastic bearings
Microfibrillated articles comprising hydrophillic component
Retransmission procedure and apparatus for handshaking protocol
Computer implemented patient medication review system and process for the managed care, health care ...
Fiducial matching using fiducial implants
Method and system to improve projected images during image guided surgery
Targeting system and method of targeting
Non-contact photoacoustic spectroscopy for photoablation control
Pet-accessed lighted ramp assembly
Fishing spinning reel
Portable jump unit
Dual density filter cartridge
Process for the preparation of materials with a high content of long chain polyunsaturated fatty aci...
Reduced fat spreadable corn syrup compositions and methods of preparation thereof
N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and process for producing N-acetyl-D-glucosamine
Method for redundant suspend to RAM
Block based design methodology
Parallel signal decoding method
Multi-column page preview using a resizing grid
Feed-forward lithographic overlay offset method and system
Method for switching, amplification and modulation of unidirectional distributively coupled pulses a...
Frequency synthesizer using universal frequency translation technology
Method and system for monitoring the condition of an individual machine
Split file system
Persephin and related growth factors
Altering print configurations for authorized users
Method for ultra-fast MR fluoroscopy
System for the design of high-performance communication architecture for system-on-chips using commu...
Antimalarial N,N'-substituted biguanides derived from hydroxylamines
Telephone handset sanitary guard
Method for telephone broadcasting voice messages or the like into defined geographical areas
Method and an arrangement for treating subscriber data in a mobile station
Service control point location register function
Method for compression of a telephone number database in a telecommunications system, and a correspo...
System and method for a subject-based channel distribution of automatic, real-time delivery of perso...
Dianthus plant named `Neon Star`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Moza Lot 01`
Diascia plant named `Blushwpr`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Darblu`
Dahlia plant named `Dada Scarlet`
Method for manufacturing lithium ion secondary battery
Electrode active material and lithium secondary battery
Image forming method
Method for manufacturing a lithographic printing plate
Substrate improvements for thermally imageable composition and methods of preparation
Heat mode-compatible planographic printing plate
Amonafide salts
Lithium managanese oxide, cathode material for lithium secondary battery, cathode, lithium secondary...
Electrolytes and lithium ion battery using the same
Method and system for network event impact analysis and correlation with network administrators, man...
Method and system for receiving and providing access to information at a web site
Data reconciliation between a computer and a mobile data collection terminal
Vibrotactile haptic feedback devices
System for monitoring a position of a medical instrument with respect to a patient's head
Computer guided surgery for prostatic nerve sparing
Combined fire extinguisher and bag therefor
Live animal feeder
Rotatable pet anchor
Pet grooming device
Optical integrated circuit substrate and optical module
Ejectable door for aircraft
Talking book method and system
Method and system for producing interactive, three-dimensional renderings of selected body organs ha...
Fully automated vehicle dispatching, monitoring and billing
Method for identification of shallow water flow hazards using marine seismic data
Profiler business model
Communication channel employing an ECC decoder enhanced by likely error events of a trellis sequence...
Multi-component, safe biocidal complex
High temperature melting braze materials for bonding niobium based alloys
Method and apparatus for providing interactive karaoke entertainment
Expansion valve having an internal bypass
Delivery of therapeutic biologicals from implantable tissue matrices
Phosphinoamidite carboxlates and analogs thereof in the synthesis of oligonucleotides having reduced...
Microbial exopolysaccharide and uses thereof
Fiber-reinforced rocket motor insulation
Treatment of hyperproliferative skin disorders and diseases
Systems comprising organosiloxane resins for delivering oral care substances and for prolonging such...
Diffusing polarizing member and liquid crystal display
Method for the production of a particle-containing preparation of tetrahydro-3,5-dimethyl-1,3,5-thia...
Resins for lining surfaces
Process for the preparation of random propylene copolymers and products obtained therefrom
Method used in a telecommunication network, termination unit realizing the latter and a telecommunic...
Image forming apparatus with intermediate transfer member having low adhesion area
Reed-solomon encoder and decoder
Method and apparatus for high-speed access to and sharing of storage devices on a networked digital ...
Ultrasonic imaging system and method for displaying tissue perfusion and other parameters varying wi...
Apparatus and method for efficient evaluation of equations which generate frame tags in a network sw...
Methods and systems for notifying clients concerning live electronic presentations
Communications system that reduces auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
Biguanide and sulfonylurea formulations for the prevention and treatment of insulin resistance and t...
Methods and devices for detecting vulnerable plaque
One component room temperature stable epoxy resin compositions for VARTM/RTM systems
Large composite structures and a method for production of large composite structures incorporating a...
Fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite internal combustion engine intake/exhaust port liners
Method for manufacture of minimum porosity, wrinkle free composite parts
Method for forming a fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite
Method for making preforms
Process for preparing a carbon fiber-reinforced composite material having a morphology gradient
Dual-technology intrusion detector with pet immunity
Integrated individual sensor control in a security system
Network device with unified management
Intrusion detection system using quiet signal band detection
Method and system for detecting intrusions into a particular region
System, method and computer program product for automatic response to computer system misuse using a...
DNA molecules encoding the melanocortin 4 receptor protein from rhesus monkey
Systems and methods for investigating blood flow
Cyclic peptides as potent and selective melanocortin-4 receptor antagonists
DNA molecules encoding splice variants of the human melanocortin 1 receptor protein
Breast prosthesis
Method of fabricating two layer cups and brassiere
Brassiere and method of making same
Method of making molded brassiere cup and side panel
Padded straps for garments and method of making same
Stretchable and water-resistant laminated fabric composition and process for making the same
Method and apparatus for analyzing performance of object oriented programming code
Method for synchronizing UML with JAVA in a version configuration management system
Method for using a data flow net to specify and assemble computer software
Sequencing a polynucleotide on a generic chip
Storage tray
HIV vaccine
Apparatus and method for electrically conductive weight reduction
Method of making HIV protease inhibitors
Chemical process
Process for preparation of a biomarker specific for O-acetylated sialic acid useful for diagnosing, ...
Neisseria meningitidis polypeptide, nucleic acid sequence and uses thereof
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Controlled release oral drug delivery system
Silver-(carboxylate-azine toner) particles for photothemographic and thermographic imaging
Antisense modulation of IL-1 receptor-associated kinase-4 expression
Antisense modulation of sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase expression
Combinations of drugs (e.g., a benzimidazole and pentamidine) for the treatment of neoplastic disord...
System using a portable detection device for detection of an analyte through body tissue
Method of printing multi-color composition
Method of making a cosmetic sampler using bulk thin film application techniques
Plug connection device
EAS marker and method of manufacturing same
Method of making an extruded multilayer polymeric shell having textured and marbled surface
Method of controlling release of N-substituted derivatives of aspartame in chewing gum
Filled potato product
Extruded plastic lumber and method of manufacture
Holographic art applied to T-shirts or other textile products
Ink-jet textile printing ink and ink-jet textile printing process
Ink-jet textile printing ink and ink-jet textile printing process
Cloth suitable for textile printing and ink-jet textile printing method
Cloth suitable for ink-jet textile printing and ink-jet textile printing method
Ink-jet textile printing ink, printing process and instrument making use of the same, and prints obt...
Ink-jet textile printing method
Method for manufacturing pellets of hot-melt ink
Method and apparatus for perpendicular perforation of the cranium
Microsurgery tools
Flexible grasping device
Catheter guide apparatus for perpendicular insertion into a cranium orifice
Apparatus for making angled hole ventricular catheter
Removable skull mounted work platform and method of assembling same
Radiation heat shield for silicon melt-in manufacturing of single crystal silicon
Water, energy, and time efficient reactive rapid dyeing system
Systems and methods for promoting tissue growth
Systems and methods for promoting tissue growth
Device for controlling treatment administered externally with the aid of light
Device for individually and selectively displaying a set of posters
Apportionment of pay out of casino game with escrow
Electronic amusement device offering secondary game of chance and method for operating same
Gaming device having separately changeable value and modifier bonus scheme
Gaming device with signified symbols
Method and apparatus for controlling program execution and program distribution
Collection driver for collecting system data using record based requests with tag lists and pausing ...
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing triquinane ligands
Performance computer network method
Real time signal analysis of a remote block data storage device
Metal dusting resistant alloys
Apparatus for arc-melting cold iron source and method thereof
Carbon containing Cu-Ni-Fe anodes for electrolysis of alumina
Saddletree incorporating graphite layers
System and method for automatic generation of visual representations and links in a hierarchical mes...
Photographic wash solution and process
Method and an apparatus for a quick retransmission of signals in a communication system
Process for hydrogenating cuts containing hydrocarbons, in particular unsaturated molecules containi...
Magnetic memory sensing method and apparatus
Light source device
Methods and systems for determining at least four properties of a specimen
Electronic identification tag
Systems and methods for a PDA with forced layer switching based on memory constraints
Object oriented programming system with objects for dynamically connecting functioning programming o...
Methods of organizing information
Streamer and launcher
Composition for forming electrode active material of lithium secondary battery, composition for form...
Accessing, viewing and manipulation of references to non-modifiable data objects
Arrangement and process for controlling a numerical value for patient respiration
Method and apparatus for photosensitized ultraviolet decontamination of surfaces and aerosol clouds
Apparatus for and method of searching and organizing intellectual property information utilizing a c...
Control of robotic systems
Submarine mast autonomous controller and method
Hip mounted exercising device with precision tether adjuster
Method and system to remotely configure business office devices to user defined parameters
Plantable noise abatement wall
Dahlia plant named `Dada Orange`
Deltamethrin-containing water-dispersible granules
Active compensation metering system
Method of fabricating an electrostatic vertical and torsional actuator using one single-crystalline ...
Wireless biopotential sensing device and method with capability of short-range radio frequency trans...
Methods and devices for creating collateral channels in the lungs
Distance measuring device, focus detector, and camera including plural sensors and controller for se...
Nectarine tree named `White Dragon`
Self-crosslinking aqueous polystyrene-butadiene dispersions for consolidating bituminizable nonwoven...
Process for preparing optically active epoxides
System and method for securing a plate to the spinal column
Data processing device, data processing method and supply medium thereof
DIMM and method for producing a DIMM
Terminal device emulator
Relating a HTML document with a non-browser application
Apparatus and method for transporting water
Membranes of polyurethane based materials including polyester polyols
Anti-glare and anti-reflection film, polarizing plate, and image display device
Onboard training
Terminal and system for performing secure electronic transactions
Video enhanced guided toy vehicles
Method to protect the anode bottoms in batch DC electric arc furnace steel production
Methods for integration of a blast furnace and an air separation unit
Method of implementing a cardiac emergency readiness program
Method and apparatus for performing on-going gain calibrating in a communication system
Method for manufacturing a substrate-for-wiring/ wiring harness
XML encryption scheme
Piggy-backed key exchange protocol for providing secure, low-overhead browser connections when a ser...
Flume for optimization of sewer system and wastewater treatment plant capacity
Method for coating implantable devices
Bisimino-substituted phenyl compounds and their use as pesticides
Scaffold for tissue engineering cartilage having outer surface layers of copolymer and ceramic mater...
Isolated human phosphatase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phosphatase proteins, and...
Bicyclic aromatic chemokine receptor ligands
Rain barrel
Method for diagnosing bone dysbolism
Methods and systems for controlling a mailroom environment
Method and apparatus for accessing and executing internal diagnostic tests stored on a piece of equi...
Catalyst system for the polymerization of alkenes to polyolefins
Process of producing .alpha.-olefin polymers
Method and apparatus for binary-oriented set sequencing
Aircraft with electrical fly-by-wire controls, equipped with an automatic pilot
Prevention of in-stent thrombosis and complications after arterial angioplasty with stent placement ...
Method and device for reading programmes into a processor-controlled device
Integration of data processing systems
Lyocell fibers having high hemicellulose content
Choice of wavelengths for multiwavelength optical imaging
Keratinocyte growth factor-2
Magnetic resonance method
Method and apparatus for carrying data across high definition analog component video interfaces
Transgenic mice expressing human p25
System and method of controlling vehicle steer-by-wire systems
Manufacturing porous cross-linked polymer monoliths
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Flexible preamble processing for detecting a code sequence
Air circuit breaker
Cradle for cleaning fluid reservoir
Medical electrode and release liner configurations facilitating packaged electrode characterization
Integrated kite control bar and controlled tension release safety device
Apparatus and method for monitoring rumen pH
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method having telemetry modifiable control software
Vacuum and gas tight enclosure for induction heating system
Method and device for monitoring a setting of a phase in flat screens
Data encryption integrated circuit with on-board dual-use memory
Method and apparatus for encoding data in logos
Text information read-out device and music/voice reproduction device incorporating the same
Portable drill press
Patient simulator
Electrical steering system
Hydrolytic kinetic resolution of epoxides
Cord blood-derived activated lymphocytes, preparations containing said lymphocytes as main ingredien...
Automated regression testing of workstation software
Protecting groups useful in the synthesis of polysaccharides, natural products, and combinatorial li...
Tris(oxalato)phosphates, method for their preparation and their use
Rotary piston cylinder device with radially extending cylinder chambers intersecting at a rotary axi...
System and methods for an architectural framework for design of an adaptive, personalized, interacti...
Power-driven toothbrush
Multiple band wireless telephone with multiple antennas
Substituted dicinnamoylquinides and their use in augmentation of adenonsine function
Reinforced blow-molded bumpers
Electric stove to cook food, and the like
Composition for antireflection coating
Method and apparatus for creating time-optimal commands for linear systems
Substituted piperazine compounds optionally containing a quinolyl moiety for treating multidrug resi...
Articulated apparatus for telemanipulator system
Apparatus, method, and system of a moveable lighting
X-ray imaging of tumors with dextran carrier of platinum compounds
Reflective liquid-crystal display device
Sealing composition for sealing solar cell, and solar cell module and building material-integral typ...
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Carbon-oxygen fuel cell
Reproduction of spatialized audio
Phasor transducer apparatus and system for protection, control, and management of electricity distri...
Flexible, modular, compact fiber switch improvements
Active matrix electroluminescent display device
Epoxide stabilization of fluorophosphite-metal catalyst system in a hydroformylation process
High-pressure discharge lamp and method of fabricating same
Broadband communication network with low power addressable tap system for controlling subscriber acc...
Single-hand held diagnostic display unit
Fixing unit and image formation apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining oxygen storage capacity time of a catalytic converter
System, method and article of manufacture for personal catalog and knowledge management
Method of integrating an application in a computerized system
System for enabling smart card transactions to occur over the internet and associated method
External defibrillator instruction system and method
Drive system for domestic appliances
Method for producing and screening mass-coded combinatorial libraries for drug discovery and target ...
Treatment of inflammation-associated disorders using interleukin-1.beta.-converting enzyme (ICE)/CED...
Analyzing an extended finite state machine system model
Microscope having an illumination optical system which is integrated with the microscope base which ...
Method and apparatus for testing a data retrieval system
Fast acquisition module for a code division multiple access (CDMA) wireless local loop (WLL) system
Muscarinic receptor antagonists
Prostaglandin compositions and methods of treatment for male erectile dysfunction
Pentoxifylline, pioglitazone and metformin are inhibitors of formation of advanced glycation endprod...
Rinse aid surface coating compositions for modifying dishware surfaces
Electrophoretic display method, display medium, liquid and particle for display medium, display appa...
Uterus muscle controller
Theobromine with an anti-carcinogenic activity
Cell-specific adenovirus vectors comprising an internal ribosome entry site
Methods and systems for producing recombinant viral antigens
Conserved motif of hepatitis C virus E2/NS1 region
Prevention and treatment of HCV infection employing antibodies that inhibit the interaction of HCV v...
Systems and methods for invasive cleavage reaction on dendrimers
Generation of human cytomegalovirus yeast artificial chromosome recombinants
Distributed process redundancy
Magnetoresistive sensor and magnetic storage apparatus
GMR coefficient enhancement for spin valve structures
Spin valve sensor with a spin filter and specular reflector layer
Gripper assembly apparatus for interfacing with a storage device
Method and apparatus for identifying bit rate
Method and apparatus for dynamically overriding a ratings limit during playback of a digital program
Method of identifying data with same time stamps on different tracks in storage device
Thermal transfer recording material
Light-permeable thermosensitive recording material
Thermographic recording material with improved image tone
Integration type A/D conversion method, integration type A/D converter, and battery charger utilizin...
Method and apparatus for placing an intelligent telephone call using an internet browser
Lamp with anode support structure and anode surface configuration having improved heat dissipation p...
Thermal expansion compensated opto-electronic semiconductor element, particularly ultraviolet (UV) l...
Method for forming minimally spaced MRAM structures
High aspect ratio high density plasma (HDP) oxide gapfill method in a lines and space pattern
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Lithium secondary battery
System and method for advanced interfaces for virtual environments
Polyanion/polycation multilayer film for DNA immobilization
Raspberry cultivar named WSU 1090
Method and apparatus to detect that the battery gauge is out of calibration
Object-oriented communications framework system with support for multiple remote machine types
Silica based optical waveguide and production method therefor
Footwear upper portion
Display device capable of color display used in operation mode setting of image formation apparatus
Locating object using stereo vision
Molecular differences between species of the M. tuberculosis complex
Packaging composition
Optoelectronic circuit for detecting changes in fluorescence lifetime
Arrow rest
Multi-configuration munition rack
Pet dog washing apparatus
System for reading optical indicia
Hydrothermally stable metal promoted zeolite beta for NOx reduction
Cane stand
Limited articulation chain (inverted tooth or roller) created by "squaring" ends (top and/or bottom)...
Cross-linked agent for generation of a long-lasting satiety effect and method for the production of ...
Biomagnetic detecting and imaging device
Image processing method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for changeable image forming modes between a single color mode an...
Method for imaging a media sleeve on a computer-to-plate imaging machine
Rapid pressure ramp startup
Wicking arrangement to eliminate catcher dripping
Method for making long-life electroluminescent phosphor
Method and apparatus for adjusting the gib-slide clearance using a pressurized chamber combination
Rotary-blade folding unit
Method for controlling a printing process
Folding jaw arrangement on printed product-processing folding cylinders
Cylinder of a rotation printing machine having tempering medium distribution conduit
Suction roll
Process for producing folded products, and folder for this purpose
Multipurpose, reconfigurable message board for roadside emergencies
Use of GM-CSF to promote accelerated wound healing
Method and device for identifying the state of a system for effecting the automatic longitudinal and...
Collapsible, disposable MDI spacer and method
Conductive plastic compositions and method of manufacture thereof
Magnetic lens, magnetic reproducing element, reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Brake hose
Process for synthesis of polymer compositions with reduced halogen content, polymer composition with...
System, method and article of manufacture for shadow mapping
Apparatus for accelerating the rendering of images
Bifocal lenses
Surgical instrument
Device for inserting a flexible intraocular lens
Intraocular lenses
Surface-treated plastic article and method of surface treatment
Glove buddy
Process for the preparation of pharmaceutical compositions possessing neurogenic or non-neurogenic a...
Stabilization method for lead projectile impact area
Agricultural implement component rotation alarm
Chrominance signal demodulation circuit
Antipatterning printmode for matrix-based scattered-dithered images in incremental printing
Sheet reversing and discharging device and image forming apparatus using the same
Receiving apparatus, base station apparatus using same and radio communication system
Digital sub-band transmission system with transmission of an additional signal
Method for searching a database, search engine system for searching a database, and method of provid...
Process and apparatus for the gas-phase polymerization
Voltage sequencing circuit
Pseudo random address generator for 0.75M cache
Cache test sequence for single-ported row repair CAM
Method and apparatus for implementing loop compression in a program counter trace