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(E)-styryl sulfone anticancer agents
Substituted chalcones as therapeutic compounds
Methods and systems for making disposable absorbent article having graphics
Coffee and tea dispenser
Plasma display panel and plasma display device
Planar laser illumination and imaging (PLIIM) systems
Glare blocking device
Mask for adjusting transmittance of a light and method for manufacturing the same
Optically active clausenamides, process of the preparation thereof, pharmaceutical composition conta...
Optically active epoxypropionate derivative, intermediate thereof and processes for their production
Process for the preparation of non-chiral and optically active organic compounds containing hydroxyl...
Active optical device
Optical scanning apparatus
Devuce and method for forming a focus error signal based on ohase difference between corresponding p...
Method and apparatus for interleaving and switching an optical beam in a semiconductor substrate
Segmented mixing device having chevrons for exhaust noise reduction in jet engines
Method and system for depleting backlog in a communication system
Tumor suppressor molecules and methods of use
Processing multiple thermal elements with a fast algorithm using dot history
Heater having imide-based slide layer and image heating apparatus using the heater
Spring-loaded firearm safety indicator
Firearm orientation and drop sensor system
Accessory mount for a firearm
Hollow charge explosive device particularly for avalanche control
Non-toxic composition for priming mixture for small caliber arms ammunition
Compliant foil-fluid bearing support arrangement
Cam bracket
Sealing device for rolling bearings
Mounting for vehicular road wheel
Mount for a piston-cylinder assembly
Spindle motor
Multi-level waveguide
Automation system uses resource manager and resource agents to automatically start and stop programs...
Method of orienting shoes in a washing machine and devices for aligning shoes in a washing machine
Absorbent article having liquid handling member which collapses under high pressures
Methods and apparatus for removal of wrinkles from fabrics
Disposable absorbent article having barrier means, and method of its manufacture
Apparatus for preventing passing off of a brewed beverage
Hair treatment compositions which provide hair body and which comprise silicon pressure sensitive ad...
Dryer-added fabric softening articles and methods
Fabric care compositions comprising an organophilic clay and a functionalized oil
Method and device to treat vulnerable plaque
Method of identifying missing domains in receptors
Clinical assay calibration adjustment method
Flat ophthalmic lens synthesized from its specifications
Device and method for inspecting hollow spaces
System, method and material for making pneumatically filled packing cushions
Domed food container
Method and apparatus for alignment of intracorneal inlay
Method of fabricating a PVC ornamental article having effects of imitated materials
Manufacturing method for differential denier and differential cross section fiber and fabric
Castor polyester as gloss agents in anionic systems
Multilayer heat shrinkable film
Solvents and photoresist compositions for short wavelength imaging
Detergent compositions comprising an encapsulated percarbonate compound
Bimodal polyethylene composition and articles made therefrom
Isolated human enzyme proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human enzyme proteins, and uses ther...
Contactless smart card with an antenna support and a chip support made of fibrous material
Light for an aircraft
Reflector/refractor light control luminaire
Light source device and projector utilizing the same
Do-it-yourself lampshade kit
Searchlight and controller therefore
Vehicle combination light with integrated accessory light for illumination
HDTV downconversion system
Method and system for processing digital images
Method and system for broadcasting a digital data signal within an analog TV signal using Orthogonal...
Apparatus and method for implementing a unified clock recovery system
Circuit and method for adjusting width of fly-back pulse in video signal processing unit realized in...
Television based on operating system and method of displaying an initial screen thereof
System and method for scaling images
Method for making color separator for emissive display
Optical device and image sensing system
Moving picture coding control apparatus, and moving picture coding control data generating apparatus
Image reading device and image forming apparatus comprising the same
System and method for encoding and decoding enhancement layer data using base layer quantization dat...
Coding apparatus, decoding apparatus, coding method, decoding method, amd computer-readable recordin...
Optical fiber cable, a method of manufacturing the optical fiber cable, and an installation for impl...
Backplane, printed wiring board, and/or multi-chip module-level optical interconnect layer having em...
Method for packaging passive optoelectric assemblies in a limited space
Optical fiber connection housing with an outlet connector element and a splice connection to an opti...
Dynamic wavelength add/drop multiplexer for UDWDM optical communication system
Endoscope system, scanning optical system and polygon mirror
System and method for effectively performing a white balance operation
Graph based thinning of graphical objects
Object recognition system
System and method for accepting disparate types of user input
System and process for optimizing false alarm probability for histogram matching
Image processing
Methods and apparatus for wavelet-based image compression
Digital information embedding/extracting apparatus and method, and medium including a program for ex...
Method and device for correcting lightness of image
Method and apparatus for reducing motion artifacts and noise in video image processing
Creating image-sharpening profiles
Image processing apparatus
Image processing method and system for following a moving object from one image to an other image se...
Adaptive image combination according to image sensing condition
Image processing apparatus and method for recognizing specific pattern and recording medium having i...
Image processing system and image processing method
Cellular phone
Method of controlling bond process quality by measuring wire bond features
Ultrasonic tomograph
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Device for examining a subject capable of marking a boundary range for insertion/retraction of an in...
Augmentation-index measuring apparatus
Portable handheld hearing screening device and method with internet access and link to hearing scree...
Apparatus and method for the collection of interstitial fluids
Medical device with shield having a retractable needle
Medical devices having full or partial polymer coatings and their methods of manufacture
inertial orientation tracker having automatic drift compensation using an at rest sensor for trackin...
Methods and tools for accessing an anatomic space
Implantable hearing system with audiometer
Diagnosis probe
Device for putting polyethylene cladding on galvinized steel plate
Method and apparatus for cutting steel to reduce slag adherence
Steel product and method for manufacturing
Ferritic stainless steel sheet for fuel tank and fuel pipe
Method for oxyacetylene-cutting a piece of steel and device for carrying out this method
Mounting apparatus and photovoltaic mounting system for a solar panel and method of mounting a solar...
Composite biosorbent for treatment of waste aqueous system(s) containing heavy metals
Polymeric hydrogen diffusion barrier, high-pressure storage tank so equipped, method of fabricating ...
Methods for conducting electrophoretic analysis
Method for producing scratch resistant, weatherproof coatings
Thermally stable, anthraquinone colorants containing copolymerizable vinyl groups
Method and apparatus for providing a policy-driven intrusion detection system
Vibrating fishing rod
Fish containment device
Pocketed hoop net
Animal feeder with storage wells
Feed distribution system for poultry
Removable cap assembly
Belt clip apparatus for portable electronic device
Spinning reel rotor
Process and apparatus for reduction of microorganisms in a conductive medium using low voltage pulse...
Methods for the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer
System and method for providing peer-oriented control of telecommunications services
Semiconductor laser device
Multiplexable fiber-optic strain sensor system with temperature compensation capability
Photon transistors
All-optical dynamic gain equalizer
Mapping reservoir rocks using frequency spectral broadening and the presence of the slow-wave
Magnetic sensor system for fast-response, high resolution, high accuracy, three-dimensional position...
Dynamically characterizing computer system performance by varying multiple input variables simultane...
Geometric display tools and methods for the visual specification, design automation, and control of ...
Coupling arrangement including drum, flange, and connector
System and method for verifying surveillance tag deactivation in a self-checkout station
Automatic rate adaptation system in a local area network
Multi-threaded random access storage device qualification tool
Humidification apparatus for fuel cells
Electrolyte for electrochemical device
Selected acid generating agents and their use in processes for imaging radiation-sensitive elements
Integrated monolithic microfabricated dispensing nozzle and liquid chromatography-electrospray syste...
Self-expanding intravascular device with protector members
Radially expandable stented tubular PTFE grafts
Stent with ring architecture and axially displaced connector segments
Flexible vascular inducing implants and methods
Ternary alloy and apparatus thereof
Amino acid composition for hemodialysis
Sterilization of bioactive coatings
Agent and methods for treating pain
Inhibitors of intestinal apical membrane Na/phosphate co-transportation
Use of pregnane-diones as analgesic agents
Thin radiation source and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for load balancing a distributed processing system
Medical cabinet with adjustable drawers
Structures having a substrate with a cavity and having an integrated circuit bonded to a contact pad...
Patient monitoring system
Device and method for SPR detection in a mode-S transponder
Optical device for helmet visor comprising a diffractive mirror
Wire grid polarizer
Capacitive sensing scheme for digital control state detection in optical switches
Method for forwarding in multi-hop networks
Transparent QoS using VC-merge capable access modules
Image reading apparatus
Cell selection and reselection in a multiple modulation cellular radio system
Methods and apparatus for control using control devices that provide a virtual machine environment a...
Method of analyzing vibration in a transmission belt and an apparatus and program useable to perform...
Method of multiplexing column amplifiers in a resistive bolometer array
Fire alarm
Spout structure of a drinking fountain for a pet
Integrally bladed rotor airfoil fabrication and repair techniques
Radio frequency magnetic field unit with aperature
Open architecture gradient coil set for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Imaging system with homogeneous magnetic field
Microcoil based micro-NMR spectrometer and method
Method and system for improving transient noise detection
Maintenance of data synchronization across large gaps in a data stream
Method of making a semiconductor having multi-layered electrodes including nickel and phosphorus and...
Sheet-processing rotary printing press with a die cutting or punching unit, and method of operation
Printing press roll having auxiliary rotation capability
Angle-bar arrangement for web-processing rotary presses
Method and device for printing with error or fault correction
Printer of an offset printing machine with separable frame modules
Dosing system for inking up rollers in a printing machine
Expanding mandrel
Collapsible traffic control sign
System and method for improved pixel rendering performance
Building structure and spacer used therein
Portable boat beaching device
Erosion control and bulkhead apparatus
Tarpaulin deployment device
Channel or pipe system, method for sanitizing a channel or pipe system and for installing a cable or...
Inhalation device
Waterborne film-forming compositions containing alternating copolymers of isobutylene type monomers
Photosensitive polymers and resist compositions comprising the photosensitive polymers
Catalyst for the production of .alpha.-olefin and .alpha.-olefin production method
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Passively shimmed principal detector elements for toroid cavity detector NMR probes
Fusing device, heat generating device, image forming device and temperature control method
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Method and device for measuring pure resistance of on-vehicle battery by periodically measuring a di...
Operating appliance and an operating method for high-pressure lamps
CDMA demodulating apparatus and method and CDMA mobile communication system
Method of robotic manipulation using fluidic patterning
Preparation of ZNS particles doped with copper
Detection and treatment of chemical weapons and/or biological pathogens
Controlled release composition
Hydrothermal treatment of nanostructured films
Tin (IV) oxide nanopowder and methods for preparation and use thereof
Glyceryl nucleotides, method for the production thereof and their use
Atomic lithography of two dimensional nanostructures
Method and apparatus to increase the resolution and widen the range of differential mobility analyze...
Method and apparatus for tool and tip design for nanomachining and measurement
Quantum computer
Method and system for storing information using nano-pinned dipole magnetic vortices in superconduct...
Toolholder assembly
Gaming machine with interacting symbols on symbol array
Apparatus and method of operating a gaming device having a central game and a plurality of periphera...
Electric field detector with GPS
Apparatus and method for controlling receiving rate of GPS signal
System for setting coarse GPS time in a mobile station within an asynchronous wireless network
Personal communications device with ratio counter
Triple multiplexing spread spectrum receiver
Optical delay device
Polarization maintaining optical fiber with improved polarization maintaining property
Fiber optic module connector cleaning slide
Isothermal fiber optic tray
Device and method for positioning optical fibers
Method of hermetically sealing a fiber optic light guide in a metallic feedthrough sleeve with glass...
Security mapping and auto reconfiguration
Technique for all-optical packet switching
Multiplexed analog control system for electrostatic actuator array
Remote control system for locomotives
Infiniband work and completion queue management via head and tail circular buffers with indirect wor...
Electrophotographic toner and method of producing same
Positive resist composition
Positive photoresist composition for far ultraviolet exposure
Serotonin reuptake inhibitor
Directly imageable planographic printing plate and production method thereof
Photothermographic material
Production method of substituted benzenes
Process for the preparation of isolated 3,4-diaminobenzenesulphonic acid
Process for producing 2-bromocyclopentanone
Drainage structure of electric parts accommodation box
Luminous display element including an optical member for reflecting light in a direction opposite to...
Method and apparatus for alarming decrease in tire air-pressure, and program for judging decompressi...
Vehicle periphery visual confirming apparatus
Optical component
Therapeutics of osteoarthritis and inflammatory joint disease
2-phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indoles as estrogenic agents
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic carboxamide derivatives or salts thereof and antiviral agents compr...
Water-free preparation process for multimodal thermoplastic polymer foam and foam therefrom
Organoclay compositions prepared from ester quats and composites based on the compositions
Method of making emulsion containing quaternary ammonium functional silanes and siloxanes
Thermosetting resin composition and process for producing the same
Fluorinated organosilicon compounds
Laser illumination apparatus
Semiconductor device
Light emitting device
Semiconductor device
Active matrix substrate, method for fabricating the substrate and liquid crystal display device
Media cassette
LED stack manufacturing method and its structure thereof
Dynamic coating with linear polymer mixture for electrophoresis
Method of preparing nitrogen containing semiconductor material
Molded product of activated carbon and a method for production thereof
Semiconductor device
Motor speed-based anti-pinch control apparatus and method with endzone ramp detection and compensati...
Color image processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, color image processing method, image p...
Wavelength locker module and wavelength controller for optical communication
Heat pipe circuit board
LCD panel
Barrier stack with improved barrier properties
Optical semiconductor housing and method for making same
Semiconductor component with integrated circuit, cooling body, and temperature sensor
Silicon-germanium devices for CMOS formed by ion implantation and solid phase epitaxial regrowth
Optical package structure
Photonic input/output port
Integrated circuit having a barrier structure
Even nucleation between silicon and oxide surfaces for thin silicon nitride film growth
Capacitor structure
Semiconductor element and semiconductor memory device using the same
Semiconductor device including transistor with composite gate structure and transistor with single g...
High-voltage vertical transistor with a multi-layered extended drain structure
Semiconductor devices including a silicon-on-insulator layer
Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) device having source/drain silicon-germanium regions
Semiconductor device using an SOI substrate
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Carrier injection protection structure
Complex high frequency components
Multi-carrier transmission system
System and method for improving the readability of text
Systems and methods for storing a plurality of video streams on re-writable random-access media and ...
Directory assistance method and apparatus
Method for generating numerical values indicative of frequencies of selected features in objects, an...
State processor for pattern matching in a network monitor device
Hybrid fiber wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for telephone messaging
Method and apparatus for telecommunications using internet protocol
Method and apparatus for scheduling packet data transmissions in a wireless communication system
System and method for reducing peak-to-average ratio of the reverse link modulator in a CDMA phone s...
Frequency diversity digital wireless system
Power saving protocol for TDMA multi-line wireless telephone handsets
System and method for gathering data from wireless communications networks
Construction method of radio network system and radio transmission device
Length indicator for a protocol data unit in a wireless communications protocol
Method and apparatus to determine mobile user's location in a wireless communication network
Systems and methods for delivering information within a group communications system
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving dynamic configuration parameters in a third gene...
Time and work tracker for servers
Volume or stacked holographic diffraction gratings for wavelength division multiplexing and spectros...
High index-contrast fiber waveguides and applications
Method of forming optical radiation beams for free-space optical communication systems
Container design process
Method and system for detection of hydrocarbon species in a gas
Method of using control models for data compression
Powdered tantalum, niobium, production process thereof and porous sintered body and solid electrolyt...
Failed cell address programming circuit and method for programming failed cell address
Techniques for selective enhancement of a digital image
Over-current control
Regulation of bi-directional flyback converter
Passive common mode filter and method for operating a passive common mode filter
Self-timed read and write assist and restore circuit
Electrically-alterable non-volatile memory cell
Apparatus and method for determining the erasability of data in a memory
Contour extraction method and apparatus
Method for correcting artefacts in a digital image
Climate control system for developer material in a developer housing
System and method for optimizing far-field r-wave sensing by switching electrode polarity during atr...
Implantable cardiac stimulator with electrode-tissue interface characterization
Socket for receiving a single-chip video controller and circuit board containing the same
Frequency change measuring device
Modular timemasking sequence programming for imaging system
Magnet roller and process for preparing the same
Metalized polyester film with heat-seal layer on opposite side for flyback transformer application
Article locator system
Inspection device for radar absorbing materials
Post-formable multilayer optical films and methods of forming
Acoustic matching member, ultrasound transducer, ultrasonic flowmeter and method for manufacturing t...
Toner supply container and stirring rotation member
Medical diagnosis, treatment and imaging systems
Audio trigger devices
Interactive systems and methods for controlling the use of diagnostic or therapeutic instruments in ...
Method and apparatus for determining a neck movement pattern
System and method for treating vasovagal syncope using cardiac pacing
Transparent flexible barrier for liquid crystal display devices and method of making the same
Optical fiber infrasound sensor
Negative resist composition, method for the formation of resist patterns and process for the product...
Compositions and methods of diagnosing, monitoring, staging, imaging and treating mammary gland canc...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture
Dielectric element and method for fabricating the same
Photoelectric converter and radiation reader
Image information read-out apparatus
Pulsed illumination signal modulation control & adjustment method and system
Production method of projection optical system
Device and methods of inspecting soldered connections
Method of reconstructing tomographic images
X-ray examination apparatus for reconstructing a three-dimensional data set from projection images
Method and apparatus for transmitting information about a target object between a prescanner and a C...
Adjustable collimator and method
Charging apparatus, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
System and method for heating the prostate gland to treat and prevent the growth and spread of prost...
Information processing apparatus for processing a photographed image of a person
Platform independent computer network manager
Method of designating multiple hypertext links to be sequentially viewed
Collaborative computer-based production system including annotation, versioning and remote interacti...
LED light module for vehicles
Linear light source device for image reading
Light generating module
Light source for ophthalmic use
OLED area illumination light source having flexible substrate on a support
OLED area illumination light source having a plurality of segments
Distributed emergency lighting system having self-testing and diagnostic capabilities
Trailer hitch mount for vehicle backup sensor
Braking response and following distance monitoring and safety data accounting system for motor vehic...
LED warning signal light and light support having at least one sector
Communication system using non-directional short range radio communications between user terminal de...
Light collimating system
Projection exposure apparatus for microlithography
Electronic component-recognizing device
Method for photographing lustrous objects, method for photographing spectacle frames, and method for...
Microstructured optical waveguide having large optical nonlinearity
Truck body hinge assembly
High temperature lighting bulb shield
Flash memory array structure suitable for multiple simultaneous operations
Flash memory array structure suitable for multiple simultaneous operations
Device for generating memory address and mobile station using the address for writing/reading data
Recording medium for storing linking type information and method of processing defective area using ...
Recording medium for storing linking type information, method of processing defective area using the...
Optical pickup actuator having a magnetic flux-controlling member
Bundle tube type optical cable
Optical disk, optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus and method thereof
Portable data collector and analyzer: apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for searching recorded digital data streams using packet arrival time informati...
Memory access device allowing simultaneous access
Method for adaptive reverse power control for spread-spectrum communications
Apparatus and method for configuring multicasting network in asynchronous transfer mode switching sy...
Cytochrome P450 oxygenases and their uses
Triazole compounds useful in treating diseases associated with unwanted cytokine activity
Compositions comprising valerian extracts, isovaleric acid or derivatives thereof with a NSAID
System and method for distributing digital data services over existing network infrastructure
Automated planning method
LED display panel and LED display apparatus
Hetero-junction field effect transistor having an InGaAIN cap film
Thin film magnetic memory device reducing a charging time of a data line in a data read operation
Mos field effect transistor and mos capacitor
Reasoning method based on similarity of cases
Alpha-beta Ti-Ai-V-Mo-Fe alloy
Retrieving documents transitively linked to an initial document
Systems and methods for monitoring an application processor
Video game in which player sets control values
Apparatus for guiding the legs of a lift boat
Compositions and methods for high sorption of skin materials and delivery of sulfur
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Back focus adjusting mechanism for imaging camera
Method and apparatus for generating bubbles
Tumbling toy
Child's safety swimwear
Simulated eye for toys
Data storage array method and system
Duplex mixer exhaust nozzle
Method for determining the equivalency index of products, processes, and services
Display device
Security document with a perforation pattern
Selectively adjustable label
Tube container with an integral panel for carrying a label
Low profile satellite antenna
Polynucleotides encoding human ion-exchanger proteins
Aryl phenylheterocyclyl sulfide derivatives and their use as cell adhesion-inhibiting anti-inflammat...
Trim-type fastener driving tool
Fully implantable miniature neurostimulator for stimulation as a therapy for epilepsy
Asymmetric ring dome radio frequency coil
Node controller for performing cache coherence control and memory-shared multiprocessor system
Large roll dispenser
Animal carrier
Hydrogen based energy storage apparatus and method
Thienopyrimidines as phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Emergency exit sign
Actuator body for an inhalation device
Adhesively bonded chip-and wafer stacks
Mechanically-driven toothbrush with improved brushing action
Hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds
Radiation sensitive refractive index changing composition and refractive index changing method
Method and apparatus for operating an electrochemical fuel cell
Data processing system having memory including mode register
Data collection methods and apparatus with parasitic correction
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Method and system for antialiased procedural solid texturing
Method for illuminating liquid crystal display device, a back-light assembly for performing the same...
Code synchronization unit and method
Breakers of advanced glycation endproducts
Methods of preventing and treating HIV infection
Sulfonamide compounds
Molded surgical implant and method
Protection of data during transfer
Content protection system for optical data storage disc
Plasma display panel excellent in luminous characteristics
LED-based modular lamp
Magnetic random access memory
Document security method utilizing microdrop combinatorics, ink set and ink composition used therein...
Method and apparatus for providing a simulation of a welding process using integrated models
Remote-controlled tractor trailer toy
Method and apparatus for establishing a negative pressure inside an enclosure that houses a fuel cel...
Die-casting brass alloy which is resistant to dezincification
Automatic actuator for aerosol containers
Method and apparatus to facilitate fast network management protocol replies in large tables
Memory device, controller, and electronic device
Multi-axis articulatable robot having a weld gun with inverted roller screw actuator
Anti-cancer compounds
Detector for magnetizable material using amplitude and phase discrimination
Barrier film integrity on porous low k dielectrics by application of a hydrocarbon plasma treatment
Strobe light-emission control apparatus
Method, system, and program for handling interrupt requests
Method and apparatus for multi-core processor integrated circuit having functional elements configur...
System for acquiring geophysical data
Methods and system for browsing large text files
Protective film for protecting a dielectric layer of a plasma display panel from discharge, method o...
Urea compounds, process for producing the same and use thereof
Anti-inflammatory compounds derived from Pseudopterorgorgia elisabethae
Spectrophotometric system and method for the identification and characterization of a particle in a ...
.beta.-amyloid peptide-binding proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
RF detector array for magnetic resonance imaging
Address release method, and common buffering device for ATM switching system which employs the same ...
Rotary mower blade sharpener
Transmission line assembly, integrated circuit, and transmitter-receiver apparatus comprising a diel...
Robotic apparatus
Stuffed toy with replaceable play-stimulation item
Lineage-restricted neuronal precursors and methods of isolation
Method for processing a mineral fillers with a phosphate, said fillers and their uses
Hazard classification placard holder
Coating composition for the production of insulating thin films
System for heating instillation or transfusion liquids
Drinks machine
Colloidal isopressing
Coating material for multifunctional superphobic layers
Process for the production of low-molecular-weight allylamine polymer or addition salt thereof
Ink including low molecular weight PVDF/HFP resin
EPDM rocket motor insulation
Method for manufacturing fuel cells, and articles made therewith
Flow control regulation method and apparatus
Fuel cell stack having intermediate plate for restricting movement of bolt members for fastening sta...
Catalyst for olefin polymerization and process for polymerizing olefin by means thereof
Associative write verify
Image forming apparatus operable in duplex print mode with heat pipe held in contact with intermedia...
Conic constant measurement methods for refractive microlenses
Device for preventing the degeneration of a photographic photosensitive material and image reading a...
Initial acquisition and frame synchronization in spread spectrum communication system
Therapeutic guanidines
Mutant human hepatitis B viral strain and uses thereof
Recombinant proteins of a pakistani strain of hepatitis E and their use in diagnostic methods and va...
Identification of a novel retrovirus associated with primary sclerosing cholangitis and autoimmune h...
System and method for real-time, personalized, dynamic, interactive voice services for book-related ...
Service deployment architecture
Magnetic tape apparatus and magnetic tape accessing method
Variable mode multi-media data object storage device
Employing off-track capability in data access operations in a direct access storage device
Circuit for estimating the speed of an electromagnetic actuator
Tape loading apparatus and tape recorder
Wide tape drive for a wide tape holding frame
Diffuser for reducing fluid velocity near disk surfaces in a rotating storage device
Deformable ring clamping device for warp-free disk stack assembly in a data storage disk drive
Disc pack assembly
Narrow top pole of a write element
Protective film for minimization of shield and pole tip recession in thin film shielded read heads a...
Low stiffness gimbal for disk drive head suspensions
Spin valve sensor with insulating and conductive seed layers
System and method for pre-stressing a read head for improving performance thereof
GMR read head having a pinned layer with an active portion oxidized to reduce the magnetic moment th...
Co-Fe supermalloy free layer for magnetic tunnel junction heads
Portable computer of multifunction type
System and method for direct write to dynamic random access memory (DRAM) using PFET bit-switch
Disk cartridge
Recording and reproducing apparatus
Disk cartridge
Heat transfer cover films
Guanidine compound and heat sensitive recording material
Sublimation transfer paper for cotton fabrics
Method for forming spacer of liquid crystal display panel
Digital camera with integral color printer and modular replaceable print roll
Vibration pickup comprising a clamping sleeve
Method for producing through extrusion an anisotropic magnet with high energy product
Method for making window panel units having in situ extruded frames
Pipe extrusion die for multi-layer pipe
Process for manufacturing polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) catheter balloons
Method for manufacturing multiple channel membranes, multiple channel membranes and the use thereof ...
Filter cloth
Electrospray apparatus for mass fabrication of chips and libraries
Polynucleotide separation method and apparatus therefor
Methods for identifying ligand binding sites in a biomolecule
Method for rapid thermal cycling of biological samples
Device for plasma incision of matter with a specifically tuned radiofrequency electromagnetic field ...
Illumination device and illumination method for a scanning microscope
Multiple reflectivity band reflector
Optical head and optical data recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
Optical pickup compatible with a digital versatile disk and a recordable compact disk using a hologr...
Reproduction and/or recording device for optical recording media having a unit for adjusting the inc...
Multiple wavelength laser source
Reduction of pulsations in DFB lasers
Laser marking system and method
Stabilized laser using multiphoton absorption to reduce intensity fluctuations
Multi-wavelength lasers
Wavelength stabilized laser module
Implementation of ultrahigh frequency emitters and applications to radar and telecommunications
Open loop control of SGDBR lasers
High power waveguide laser
Resonator array for solid-state lasers
Hermetically sealed external cavity laser system and method
External cavity laser with high spectral purity output
Method and apparatus for tunable wavelength conversion using a bragg grating and a laser in a semico...
Diamond-like carbon heat sink for reflective optical switches and devices
Chemical imaging fiberscope
Rolled sheet material dispenser with protected sheet cutting means
Method and device for lighting ultra-high pressure discharge lamps
Gaming device having a destination pursuit bonus scheme with advance and setback conditions
Combined bar code and scantron indicia scheme for golf score card and including handicap update capa...
Golf swing tracking device
Putter grip and method
Wafer-level inter-connector formation method
Apparatus and method for inhibiting dummy cell over erase
Gas insulated gate field effect transistor
Mosfets incorporating nickel germanosilicided gate and methods for their formation
Self-aligned vias in an integrated circuit structure
Method for filling structural gaps and integrated circuitry
Semiconductor device having a potential fuse, and method of manufacturing the same
ESD parasitic bipolar transistors with high resistivity regions in the collector
High permeability composite films to reduce noise in high speed interconnects
Leadless chip carrier for reduced thermal resistance
Semiconductor die package with increased thermal conduction
Pad metallization over active circuitry
Barrier material for copper structures
Tungsten-based interconnect that utilizes thin titanium nitride layer
Wire stitch bond on an integrated circuit bond pad and method of making the same
Alignment marks and manufacturing method for the same
Freestanding polymer MEMS structures with anti stiction
System and method for using a capacitance measurement to monitor the manufacture of a semiconductor
Semiconductor optical component and a method of fabricating it
System and method to improve IC fabrication through selective fusing
Game machine, game processing method and information storage medium
Metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists and their use for treating central nervous system diseas...
Methods and apparatus for facilitating data communications between a data storage device and an info...
Game ball lacing
Gene transfer methods
Biosensor method for detecting analytes in a liquid
CpG oligonucleotides and related compounds for enhancing ADCC induced by anti-IgE antibodies
Modified serum albumin with reduced affinity for nickel and copper
Fibroblast growth factor 14
Use of insect cell membrane transporters as novel target sites for inspection
Nucleotide sequence of Escherichia coli pathogenicity islands
Metalloprotease-disintegrin ADAM23 (SVPH3-17) nucleic acids
DNA encoding human JE cytokine
Compositions and methods for detecting raphidophytes
Phytyl/prenyltransferase nucleic acids, polypeptides and uses thereof
Lipoxygenase genes from Vitis vinifera
Inbred carrot line S-D813B
Rin gene compositions and methods for use thereof
Anagallis plant named `Wildcat Blue`
Anthurium plant named `Gentle Love`
Anthurium plant named `Changing Love`
Anthurium plant named `2000-22`
Sutera plant named `Balabwhiti`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Safari Time Golden`
Apple tree named `Rebella`
Verbena plant named `Bodcomros`
Anagallis plant named `Wildcat Orange`
Method for enabling an optical drive to self-test analog audio signal paths when no disc is present
Scheme to detect correct plug-in function modules in computers
Communication controlling method, communication controlling system and communication controlling app...
Two-stage protective car seat cover for child and infant safety chairs
Panoramic video
Electronic trip unit capable of analog and digital setting of circuit breaker setpoints
Wireless access to wired network audio services using mobile voice call
Packet identifier search filtering
Internet directory system and method using telephone number based addressing
Information management technique
Multi-service network switch with policy based routing
System and method for delivery of dynamically scalable audio/video content over a network
Method, apparatus, and system for providing a player with opportunities to win a feature event award
Aircraft-based network for wireless subscriber stations
System for retrieving information based on position of communication terminal
Synchronized server parameter database
Communications system and method with emulated-LAN assignment capabilities
Mechanism for reliable update of virtual disk device mappings without corrupting data
System and method for reducing network traffic between two computing devices
Method for controlling reutilization of data space in virtual tape system
Storage controller configured to select unused regions of a storage device for data storage accordin...
Interactive device network registration protocol
Secure data processing method
Method and apparatus for providing extended file attributes in an extended attribute namespace
File management method, program therefore, recording medium containing the program, and file managem...
Electro-conductive liquid crystal element and organic electro-luminescence element
Trellis-based decoder with state and path purging
Thin film magnetic memory device having an access element shared by a plurality of memory cells
Apparatus and method for providing call return service
Swing having seat units with tiltable backrests
Character information processor
Portable information communication terminal apparatus
Expert system for analysis of DNA sequencing electropherograms
Radio-controlled two-wheeled vehicle toy
Nickel-free grey gold alloy
Sealed back pressure breathing device
Method for the measurement of aerosol particles in gaseous samples
System and method for maintaining a user's state within a database table and for accommodating null ...
Exercise assisting method and apparatus implementing such method
Salvia plant named `Sunsaruoro`
Ceiling and floor mounted surgical robot set-up arms
Controlled take over of services by remaining nodes of clustered computing system
System and method for generating low density parity check codes using bit-filling
Methodology for determining the placement of decoupling capacitors in a power distribution system
Method and apparatus to reduce penalty of microcode lookup
System and method for allocating and using arrays in a shared-memory digital computer system
Circuit singulation system and method
Active armor protection system for armored vehicles
Method and apparatus for generating a voltage across a membrane
Polymer synthesis
Private branch exchange (PBX) system, private branch exchange, and method of communication using the...
Method and apparatus for routing calls by proxy using virtual transaction servers in a multi-tennant...
Communications apparatus
Emergency call load management for call centers
Method and apparatus for switching between multiple communication lines
Digital loop carrier system with enhanced call handling and method
Circuit arrangement for signaling in telecommunications networks
Stable adaptive filter and method
Information input/output system, information input/output method, recording medium of recording info...
Optical/radio local access network
Cellular phone
Financing party payment for calls with a wireless subscriber
System, method and apparatus for capturing and processing call processing failures occurring at a di...
Test system for remotely testing switches within a telecommunications network
Wireless local loop communication system using SLIC module
Method of enhacning key functions in mobile telecommunication terminal
Audio player with code sensor
Moving member holding device
Ultraviolet-light vehicle air cleaning system
Instruction address generation and tracking in a pipelined processor
Composition of polyphenylene ether, polystyrene and curable epoxy
Simulator apparatus with at least two degrees of freedom of movement for an instrument
Method and blank for providing a customizable decorative structure
Cognitive matching skill learning aid and related methods
Ergonomic motion and athletic activity monitoring and training system and method
Replaceable faceplates for peripheral devices
Toothbrush usage monitoring system
Computer-implemented method of and system for teaching an untrained observer to evaluate a gemstone
Method for measuring height of sphere or hemisphere
Book with electronic display
Method of analyzing multiple sample simultaneously by detecting absorption and systems for use in su...
Completely resorbable connective tissue distraction devices and techniques
Document pagination based on hard breaks and active formatting tags
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Operation stop control method of internal combustion engine for vehicle
Shaver handle
Electric fluff remover
Electric shaver
Self cutting hair clipper
Cuticle nipper
Safety helmet
Pet amusement device
Drain plunger
Applicator pad
Sponge handle
Gas station refuse container
Washing cart
Control lever
Cinerary urn
Early 1800's mailbox
Vibration-absorbing structure for support section of a self-vibratory electronic member
Layer materials and planar optical devices
Differential microphone
Method for controlling stationary fire-extinguishing systems
Method of making electrical contact device
Message management system
Integrated service platform
Real time sessions in an analytic application
Interstream control and communications for multi-streaming digital processors
System for collecting, analyzing, and reporting high volume multi-web server usage
Modular disc drive architecture
Integrated circuit having arbitrated switching between busses
Content-based, transparent sharing of memory units
Computer system implementing a multi-threaded stride prediction read ahead algorithm
Remote data copy using a prospective suspend command
Method and system for a timing based logic entry
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation in a hydrogen-rich environment
Probing device with microwave transmission
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation with a selected oxygen content and/or selected O/C ra...
In situ thermal processing of hydrocarbons within a relatively permeable formation
Method for performing environmental site characterization
Glyoxyl acid amides, method for producing them and their use for controlling harmful organisms
Pseudorandom number generator, stream encryption method, and stream encrypting communication method
Cryptographic communication method, encryption method, and cryptographic communication system
Network publishing authorization protocol
Process for treatment of a lactic raw material
Method and composition for regulation of blood cholesterol
Use of an acid preparation as feed additive in farm animal husbandry
Use of natural vegetable components as flavoring agents in chewing gum coatings
Peptide product
Physiological food salt product
Fried texture imparting glaze for a food intermediate and method of making a product and a product p...
Method for pre-processing of dried food
Method of making flavedo powder for enhancement of orange juice and products thereof
Method for manufacturing sauteed onion or sofrit in a rotary sauteing machine
Process for preparing a storage stable premixed batter
Low fat spoonable or spreadable food products
Production of pectin from soybeans
Health drink and method for production thereof
Polyolefin oil resistant film using polar polymer
Liquid starter cultures having improved storage stability and use thereof
Hard surface cleaning composition comprising a solvent system
Amber polyester compositions and container articles produced therefrom
Dental/medical compositions comprising degradable polymers and methods of manufacture thereof
System, method and program for augmenting information retrieval in a client/server network using cli...
Mechanism and apparatus for web-based searching of URI-addressable repositories in a distributed com...
Virtual network displaying system
Method and system for web-based analysis of drug adverse effects
Method and apparatus for dissemination of rich media
Information and control console for use with a network gateway interface
Method and apparatus for administering a server having a subsystem in communication with an event ch...
Methods and apparatus for managing middleware service in a distributed system
Enterprise network analyzer host controller/agent interface system and method
Addressing message gates in a distributed computing environment
System and method for logging computer event data and physical components of a complex distributed s...
Method of automatically instituting secure, safe libraries and functions when exposing a system to p...
Anti-virus toolbar system and method for use with a network browser
Resource sharing on the internet via the HTTP
Java classes comprising an application program interface for platform integration derived from a com...
Building business objects and business software applications using dynamic object definitions of ing...
Method for producing thin bulk acoustic resonators (FBARs) with different frequencies on the same su...
System for determining intrinsic safety status of the combination of a communication device and a ba...
Microfluidic devices having embedded metal conductors and methods of fabricating said devices
System and method for allocating logic analyzer hardware resources
Ergonomic shield for assembly to and disassembly from a substrate
Device, method, and system for detecting the presence of liquid in proximity to electronic component...
Switch and method for producing the same
Gettering agent and method to prevent corrosion in a fluid switch
Wafer-level package with silicon gasket
Devices, systems and methods for position-locking cursor on display device
Coherent analyzer for multi-port optical networks
Determination of optical properties of a device under test in transmission and in reflection
Method of reducing the effects of varying environmental conditions in a measuring instrument and mea...
Determination of properties of an optical device
Optical frequency discriminator
Network architecture, addressing and routing
Flexible correlation and queueing in CDMA communication systems
Speaker system for an electronic device
Email message confirmation by audio email tags
Method and apparatus for signal extraction in an electronic sensor
Indole derivatives and their use for the treatment of osteoporosis amongst other applications
Safety net paradigm for managing two computer execution modes
Data storage medium with stepped winding core
Bis(salicylaldiminato)titanium complex catalysts, highly syndiotactic polypropylene by a chain-end c...
Metal complexes comprising a 2,6-diacylpyridine-ligand and their use in the polymerization of ethyle...
Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices
Boolean gate definition
Plasma-derived fibrin-based matrices and tissue
High voltage transformer module and receptacle
Intelligent system for detecting errors and determining failure modes in noninvasive measurement of ...
Carnitine carrier related protein-1
Correcting geometry and intensity distortions in MR data
System for spinal and posture examination and treatment
Method, system, and apparatus to improve performance of multi-threaded computer programs
HP jornada vehicle docking station/holder
Electrochromic device with composition of epoxy resin, toughener and latent curative
Brush holder
Capsule containing detergents
Cationic oxidation bases, their use for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres, dyeing compositions ...
Composition for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres and dyeing process using this composition
Valve for a pressurized receptacle, and a receptacle fitted therewith
Device and method for applying a product
Air freshener device
Dyeing composition for keratin fibres
Air freshener device
Coating compositions for free-flowing dry materials and methods of using same
Composition and method for soil acidification
Triggered start products and processes for the production and use thereof
Solvent-free polyrethane-polymer-hybrid-dispersion and use thereof
Solid substance mixture containing bonds that can be activated by actinic radiation and the use ther...
Biphasic composition induced by polydextrose
Pre-dyeing treatment process and dyeing process for textile products containing highly crosslinked p...
Developer, image-forming method, and process cartridge
Poly (trimethylene terephthalate) and a process for producing the same
Polyurethane coated resilient surface covering having improved fidelity of texture and process of ma...
Mixture of silica sols
Radiation polymerizable compositions
Substance mixture which can be cured thermally and by using actinic radiation, and the use thereof
Coating compositions stabilized against damage by light, heat and oxygen
Oxidation colorants for keratin fibers
Lubricant compositions containing ester-substituted hindered phenol antioxidants
Platform independent memory image analysis architecture for debugging a computer program
High-frequency module and mobile communication apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for automatic pick up of hosiery articles from a container
Method of statistical binning for reliability selection
Method of maintaining packet order in multipath transmission systems having non-uniform traffic spli...
Electrodynamic linear direct drive and method for producing a coil system therefor
Air servo valve
Method for manipulating multiple multimedia objects
User equipment device enabled for SIP signalling to provide multimedia services with QoS
Multimedia patching box
Multimedia description scheme having weight information and method for displaying multimedia
Multiple-editor authoring of multimedia documents including real-time video and time-insensitive med...
Production of aiming spot with enhanced visibility in electro-optical readers for reading indicia
Method and system for providing alternatives for text derived from stochastic input sources
Power tool having a quick-release chuck assembly
Method for separating and purifying adipic acid
Multipotent neural stem cells from peripheral tissues and uses thereof
Apparatus for separating cells and producing microbial polysaccharides
Process for treating previously coated phosphor particles
Motion-generating illuminated inflatable decoration
Formulation containing anti-inflammatory androstane derivatives
Synergistic stabilizer compositions for themoplastic polymers in prolonged contact with water
Disk drive apparatus
Method and system for colloid exchange therapy
Carbon monoxide sensed oven cleaning apparatus and method
Steam structure for an electric coffee maker
Ternary mixture of biodegradable polyesters and products obtained therefrom
Process for the preparation of ethylene polymers
Bone fracture support implant with non-metal spacers
Stent delivery system
Microprocessor-based control system for gas turbine electric powerplant
Use of coupling capacitance to balance skew in a network
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Overspeed control means for pneumatic tools
Fixing device and image forming device
Alterations in the long QT syndrome genes KVLQT1 and SCN5A and methods for detecting same
Method for efficient query execution using dynamic queries in database environments
Determining update availability via set intersection over a sub-optimal pathway
Method and apparatus for mobile-initiated, CDMA-dispatch soft handoff
2-amino-4,5 heptenoic acid derivatives useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
Methods of treating disorders related to apoE
Methods for remodeling neuronal and cardiovascular pathways
Process for patching canals and ditches with a non-sagging polyurethane composition
Resin composition for bonded magnet and bonded magnet using the same
Use of waste carpet as filler
Waste polymer processing device and method
Purification of onium hydroxides by electrodialysis
Cellular molded article in mold pattern having surface skin and producing method thereof
Sleeve molding
Method of deflavoring soy-derived materials
Apparatus for making a web of paper or board containing calcium carbonate
Polyester film composite, light-diffuser plate and utilization thereof
Coated paperboard process for manufacturing the same and products obtained thereof
Sulfonated aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters and shaped articles produced therefrom
Methods and compositions relating to CD39-like polypeptides and nucleic acids
Process for the preparation of heat-stable, antimony-free polyesters of neutral color and the produc...
Method and apparatus for preparing a poly(arylene ether)
Ink-jet recording method
Concealed antenna assembly
Radio protocol for mobile communication system and method
Communication system
Adaptive beam-time coding method and apparatus
Radio FM receiver having a frequency 2-divider and a frequency 3-divider for alternatively dividing ...
Receiver noise reduction with expanding gated pulses
Data communication system utilizing a cellular phone
Cellular mobile telephone network and method of operating the same
System and method for providing telecommunications service using a wireless link
Channel allocation in the base stations of a cellular radio system
Method for synchronization of base stations which are coupled to different switching system parts in...
Frequency dependent calibration of a wideband radio system using narrowband channels
Radio communication system using variable packet length
Cellular phone terminal
Radio communication apparatus
Primary control signal bus selection for radio heads based on propagation delay
Mobile unit communication apparatus
Apparatus and method to discriminate between telemetry downlink signals and noise in an implanted de...
Vehicle activity tracking
Rare earth zeolite Y and the preparation process thereof
Method and device for electronic cyclotronic resonance plasma deposit of carbon nanofibre layers in ...
Three-dimensional carbon fibers and method and apparatus for their production
Intercalation compounds and electrodes for batteries
Consolidated amorphous carbon materials, their manufacture and use
Exhaust gas purification method and exhaust gas purification apparatus
Breaking of oil/water emulsion
Automated radionuclide separation system and method
Compound having dopant introduced into vacant lattice point while controlling position and concentra...
Overmolding insert for heat exchanger, process for manufacturing a heat exchanger, and heat exchange...
Porous hollow fiber membrane having chelate formability and method for recovery of germanium oxide u...
Selective removal of carbon monoxide
Process for the preparation of dinitramidic acid and salts thereof
Volume reduction of aqueous waste by evaporative crystallization of burkeite and sodium salts
Solid state reduction of oxides
Method of making nanotube-based material with enhanced electron field emission properties
Method for producing inorganic semiconductor nanocrystalline rods and their use
Solid golf ball
Radical polymerizable compound having at least one connecting hetero atom
Polyorganosilsesquioxane and process for preparing the same
Thermosetting polyurethane material for a golf ball cover
Aqueous coating compositions based on epoxybutene polyethers
Dental resin materials, method of manufacture, and uses thereof
Organo-titanate catalysts for preparing pure macrocyclic oligoesters
Scented adhesive bandage
Adhesive sheet for application on skin and process for production thereof
Absorbent foam wound dressing
Sorting machine
Semiconductor memory cell and semiconductor memory device
Transmission light-scattering layer sheet and liquid crystal display
Cholesteric liquid crystal color filter and process for producing the same
Electrophoretic display and novel process for its manufacture
Process for manufacture of improved color displays
Method and apparatus for reproducing information from a magneto-optical recording medium
Suspension system for use in an optical displacement detection system
Image forming apparatus method and developing device to obtain a stable image density
Ruggedized tradesworkers radio
Radian curve shaped implantable cardioverter-defibrillator canister
Wound dressing impervious to chemical and biological agents
Skid steer vehicle with direct drive
Straddle-type four wheeled all terrain vehicle
Motor vehicle with a front-mounted engine and air guide chassis
Arrangement and method for fastening to a vehicle body
Two-Wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive switching system for vehicle
Device for determining the load on a vehicle occupant
Support structure for a commercial motor vehicle
Back-drivable steer-by-wire system with positive scrub radius
Motorcycle combination clutch and brake system
Suspension system
Body structure of motor vehicles
Safety device for a remotely-activated power supplying system of a manual transmission vehicle
Power output apparatus using different torque and speed pattern characteristics and control method t...
In-vehicle pulse radar device
Method and device for detecting a detached tire
Vehicle control device with power steering device
Method and device for controlling the limiting of the speed of a vehicle