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Catalytic systems and process for treatment of industrial process and waste streams
Combining a solvent-activated reactor and a halogen for enhanced oxidation
Composition including potassium monopersulfate and a halogen
Hydraulic or pneumatic drive system, method, and apparatus for a fluid screening system
Purifier with molecular-rearranging device
Coated activated carbon for contaminant removal from a fluid stream
Method of producing macroporous cross-linked polymer particles
Process for purifying glyphosate solutions by nanofiltration
Treatment of swine wastewater by biological and membrane separation technologies
System for the production of biogas and compost from organic materials and method of operating an or...
Method for removing heavy from media containing heavy metals by means of a lyocell moulded body, cel...
Grit removal assemblies
Filter for molten metal filtration and method for producing such filters
Skincare device for filtering tapwater
UV lamp supported filter cartridge
Method of making extended area filter
Water treatment apparatus and components
Fuel cell system provided with fluoride absorber
Composition useful for conditioning sludge derived from the treatment of an aqueous medium and uses ...
Rapid process for purification and concentration of plasmin
Method and apparatus for clarifying and/or thickening a slurry
Method for handling and disposing of drill cuttings
Methods of enhancing fine particle dewatering
Process for reducing the passive layer from the surface of a metal
Methods for characterization of polymers using multi-dimensional liquid chromatography with parallel...
Method and system for heat transfer
Method for treating wastewater/water with fixed-film microorganism on porous carriers
Magerle metal waste recovery process
Anaerobic digester
Chemical dispenser cartridge for filter devices
Microfabricated electrospray device
Filter system employing microwave regeneration
Prognostic health monitoring of fluidic systems using MEMS technology
Use of absorbent materials to separate water from lipophilic fluid
Blood-related dialysis and treatment
ADS genes for reducing saturated fatty acid levels in seed oils
DNA molecules and polypeptides of Pseudomonas syringae Hrp pathogenicity island and their uses
Nucleic acid sequences capable of improving homologous recombination in plants and plant plastids
Methods and compositions for analysis of plant gene function
Nucleic acid encoding GAI gene of Arabidopsis thaliana
Corn event TC1507 and methods for detection thereof
Hyperactive light signal related molecule of HFR1-deltaN105 and transgenic plant thereof
Imageable animal model of SARS infection
Polysaccharide gum and process for its manufacture
Processes for preparing 4'-azido-nucleoside derivatives
Novel compositions
Oligonucleotide complexes for use as anti-viral therapeutics
Process for the production of alginate having a high mannuronic acid-content
High yield S-nitrosylation process
Bi-functionalised metallocenes use for marking biological molecules
Antibody diversity generation
Novel peptide, novel adsorbent, adsorption unit and adsorption method
Synthesis of high molecular weight iron-saccharidic complexes
Inclusion compounds of fumagillol derivative or its salt, and pharmaceutical compositions comprising...
6-11 Bicyclic ketolide derivatives
Substituted indole-O-glucosides
Recombinant plant expressing non-competitively binding Bt insecticidal cryatal proteins
Method for manufacturing high-cationic starch solutions
C-pyrazole A2A receptor agonists
Materials and methods for binding nucleic acids to surfaces
Inhibitors of apoptosis
Sequences of E. coli O157
Process for the preparation of azithromycin monohydrate
Method for enumerating data pages in a stateless, distributed computing environment
System and method for condensing application software
System and method for preventing unauthorized access to electronic data
Object-oriented data storage and retrieval system using index table
Methods and apparatus for real-time business visibility using persistent schema-less data storage
Method and apparatus for routing data to a load balanced server using MPLS packet labels
Method of operating a hybrid electric vehicle to reduce emissions
Fuel cell stack
Parts for car body
Cross car duct with integrated mode doors and HVAC module
Control method for electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Method for compensating steering-torque disturbances
Electric power steering controller
Power steering system
Overlay steering system and method for motor vehicles
Electric power steering device
Anti-jackknife control for vehicle-trailer backing up using rear-wheel steer control
Kinetic energy density rollover detective sensing algorithm
Motor operated power steering device
Apparatus for controlling hybrid electric vehicle
Single wheel driving mechanism
Method for controlling length of casino game
System and method for distributing digital works, apparatus and method for reproducing digital works...
Answer collection and retrieval system governed by a pay-off meter
Method and system for proving ownership of digital data
System, method, and article of manufacture for secure transactions utilizing a computer network
Electronic bill presentment technique with enhanced biller control
Automated method for analyzing and comparing financial data
Unitary investment having interrelated assets
Electronic financial transaction system
Bi-currency debt contract system and procedure
Interactive search process for product inquiries
Product delivery methods
Method and apparatus for automatic check cashing
System and methods for integrating a self-checkout system into an existing store system
Facilitating electronic commerce through automated data-based reputation characterization
System and method for data processing by executing a security program routine initially stored in a ...
Fast authentication and access control system for mobile networking
Portable telecommunication security device
Method and apparatus for securing e-mail attachments
Accessory rack mountable on vehicle and convertible to a hand truck
Handle having a disposable cleaning head
Laundry bin
Door for a laundry dryer
Electric vacuum cleaner
Dust-collecting machine
Farm shaped litter box with removable peak roof
Chew toy for animals
Miniature house for insects and other small animals
Dog house
Belt interior rear panel ornamentation
Ornamental strip for attachment to a motorcycle helmet
Helmet ring
Hair trimmer stand/storage case
Rose plant named `POULAC012`
Rose plant named `POULac013`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sant218A`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kiecawit`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kiecalem`
Portulaca plant named `Bodhigros`
Diascia plant named `Kiedione`
Plectranthus plant named `K111201`
Campanula plant named `PKMh04`
Diascia plant named `Kieditwo`
Torenia plant named `Sunrenilahopas`
Flowering crab apple tree named `Uebo`
Impatiens plant named `Cobimpto`
Peach tree named `Klamath`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Hercules`
Gaura plant named `Walgaupf`
Alstroemeria plant named `Roselind`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Spritza Time Yellow`
Secured networks in a gaming system environment
Organic electroluminescence element and manufacturing method thereof
Hybrid display device
Fluorinated polythiophenes and devices thereof
Organic electroluminescent element and full color display
Environmentally-stable organic electroluminescent fibers
Orally available peptidic thrombin inhibitors
Methods and compositions for controlling protein assembly or aggregation
Stable protein and nucleic acid formulations using non-aqueous, anhydrous, aprotic, hydrophobic, non...
Synthetic peptides from streptococcal M protein and vaccines prepared therefrom
Therapeutic uses of keratinocyte growth factor-2
Oral cleansing: methods and compositions
Nanoscintillation systems for aqueous-based liquid scintillation counting
System and method for providing service provider configurations for telephones using a central serve...
Treatment of fibromyalgia and related fatigue syndromes using antagonists or partial agonists of 5HT...
Removal of embedding media from biological samples and cell conditioning on automated staining instr...
Automated immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization assay formulations
Use of hypo-osmotic saline solutions and medicine based on said solutions
Nonlinear optical device
Method and device for initiating and executing a deceleration of a vehicle
Systems and methods for providing alerts to a navigation device
System and method for estimating impedance time through a road network
Multi-purpose driver assist system for a motor vehicle
Method and system for entering data within a flight plan entry field
Coupling of light from a non-circular light source
Indicator panel for vehicle instrument panel and method of manufacture thereof
Scanning light source system
Liquid crystal display module
Message announcement system
Current detecting circuit AC/DC flyback switching power supply
Optically etched decorative article
Lighted ornamental device, kit and method of using
Vehicle handle assembly
Led fiber optic illuminated vehicle seat cover
Decoration fixture of ceiling lamp
Lift adjusting module
Signal receiving video recording apparatus and method
Sport monitoring systems and associated methods
Product assembly method and apparatus using wireless communication capability
Portable wireless unit
Communication system and method for performing fast symbol estimation for multiple access disperse c...
Interconnect system and method for multiple protocol short message services
Methods and systems for call routing and codec negotiation in hybrid voice/data/internet/wireless sy...
Quality of service scheduling scheme for a broadband wireless access system
Radio interface synchronization
Wireless code division multiple access communications system with channel estimation using fingers w...
Power transmission belt
Radially expandable bead molding ring for a tire mold
Tire monitoring apparatus
Tire tread
Tire tread
Rubber compound containing a polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes
Rubber compositions containing a cyclodextrin compound
Method for splicing a conveyor belt
Pneumatic tire having a rubber component containing a rubber gel and starch composite
Tire tread
Self-releasing curing bladders
Locked bead construction
Tire tread
Intermediate tread for a tire
Golf club head and method of making the same
Golf bag
Printing of electronic circuits and components
Multi-piece golf ball and method for manufacturing the same
Golf club head
Elastic crawler traveling apparatus and sprocket for crawler belt used in the same
Golf ball having a urethane cover
Golf ball
Process for producing golf ball
Golf ball
Thread wound golf ball
Head for golf club
Augmented reality guided instrument positioning with guiding graphics
Methods and apparatus for determining an interferometric angle to a target in body coordinates
Methods and apparatus for detecting threats in different areas
Method and apparatus for pest deterrence
Apparatus and method for user control of appliances
Method and apparatus for magnetic focusing of off-axis electron beam
Apparatus for inspection with electron beam, method for operating same, and method for manufacturing...
Method and apparatus to automatically determine type of gun connected to a wire feeder
Self bouncing arc switch
Method for forming partitions of plasma display panel by using sandblasting process
System and method using thermal image analysis for polygraph testing
Air-assisted air valve for air atomized spray guns
Spraying equipment
Spray gun having indexing air cap with quick release retaining ring
Apparatus for edge wrapping an aircraft interior panel
Apparatus for inhibiting fuels from flowing out of fuel tanks
Method for controlling water quality in nuclear reactor and nuclear power plant to which the method ...
Column decoder configuration for a 1T/1C memory
Method for adjusting rapid thermal processing (RTP) recipe setpoints based on wafer electrical test ...
Method and system for creating a tooling master model for manufacturing parts
Biphasic waveform for anti-tachycardia pacing for a subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrilla...
Titanium-indiffusion waveguides and methods of fabrication
Method of fabricating optical aperture and method of fabricating probe for near field light device
Digital micromirror device having mirror-attached spring tips
Polarizer and microlithography projection system with a polarizer
Display and method for repairing defects thereof
Heat tunable optical devices with linearity compensation
Electrooptical device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic equipment
Method and apparatus for generating and displaying N-best alternatives in a speech recognition syste...
Image blending by guided interpolation
Palettized image compression
Rastering arrays of MEMS optical display systems
Method and system for user sessions on personal electronic devices
Interpolation using radial basis functions with application to inverse kinematics
Gaming apparatus and method
Coin counter and voucher dispensing machine and method
Apparatus comprising electronic and/or optoelectronic circuitry and method for realizing said circui...
Memory device with a self-assembled polymer film and method of making the same
Charged particle microscope
Thermally setting substance mixture and use thereof
Polymer nanocomposite implants with enhanced transparency and mechanical properties for administrati...
11-O-methylgeldanamycin compounds
Antisense modulation of damage-specific DNA binding protein 1, p127 expression
Process for preparing hydro-desulfurization catalyst
Microfabrication of organic optical elements
Methods for producing composite nanoparticles
Surface coating spatially controlled patterns
Isolation and purification of P. falciparum merozoite protein-142 vaccine
Electrode materials with high surface conductivity
High yield method for preparing silicon nanocrystals with chemically accessible surfaces
Tan-thru sunglasses
Vehicle air conditioning system with cold accumulator
Linear motion device, rolling device and separator for rolling device
Apparatus and method for measuring the mass of vegetation or fruit supported on a trellis
Bi-ply fabric construction and apparel formed therefrom
Method of evaporative cooling of a fluid and apparatus therefor
Electrolytes for electrooptic devices comprising ionic liquids
Transflective liquid crystal display with backlight and reflection film
Optical precipitation sensor for monitoring the accumulation of precipitation upon automotive glass
Shaped nanocrystal particles and methods for making the same
Structure and a process for its production
Alkylenedioxythiophenes and poly(alkylenedioxythiophene)s having urethane-containing side groups
Camera capable of changing the number of image files stored in a current directory according to an i...
Multi-function input/output driver
Ultrasound transmitter with voltage-controlled rise/fall time variation
System and method for quantitative measurements of a material's complex permittivity with use of nea...
Clock recovery method in digital signal sampling
Method for routing information over a network
Mark detection method and unit, exposure method and apparatus, and device manufacturing method and d...
System and method for bluetooth paging with transmit power reduced according to channel metrics meas...
Optical tracking device employing scanning beams on symmetric reference
Compensation system for adaptive equalization of an optical signal
Method for updating call redirection destinations in a communication network
Method for determining echo distance using autocorrelation in time of flight ranging systems
Control device
Device for manually guided registration for overlaying two datasets
Multi-band PIF antenna with meander structure
Method and system for detecting and digitally transmitting analog output measured quantities of a nu...
Multi-energy particle accelerator
Seal assembly for a rotary machine
Oven with door
Rotation angle detector, injection system and corresponding operating method
Corrugated internal fuel rail damper
Display instrument
Sustained release hydrophobic bioactive PLGA microspheres
Surgically implantable knee prosthesis having enlarged femoral surface
Dental implants and dental implant/prosthetic tooth systems
Optical spectral reflectance sensor and controller
Detergent composition and method of using same
Open-end rotor spinning machine
High speed cooking device and method
Service unit for restarting the spinning of work stations in an open-end spinning machine
Method of making pizza
Apparatus and method for detecting abnormalities in bodily matter
Methods for producing amino substituted chromanes and intermediates thereof
Peptides modulating activities of heparin other glycosaminoglycans or proteoglycans
3-methylidenyl-2-indolinone modulators of protein kinase
Quinolones as serine protease inhibitors
Substituted indoles and their use as integrin antagonists
Serine protease inhibitors
Protein S functional assay and kit therefor
Polymer thin film, its production method, binder for bio chip, bio chip, and its production method
Radiopaque nitinol alloys for medical devices
Transdermal perfusion of fluids
Expandable medical device delivery system and method
Implantable wireless sensor for pressure measurement within the heart
Process for bending a workpiece
17-Methylene steroids, process for their production and pharmaceutical compositions that contain the...
Allomorph of isomer Z hydrochloride of alkylaminofurane derivative
Antagonists of the magnesium binding defect as therapeutic agents and methods for treatment of abnor...
Molecular target of neurotoxicity
Compounds to treat diabetes and associated conditions
Production of 5-methyl-N-aryl-2-pyrrolidone and 5-methyl-N-alkyl-2-pyrrolidone by reductive aminatio...
Center of gravity compensation of Class-D amplifier
Class-D amplifier of BTL output type using filter coil and low-pass filter
Synchronous rectifier gate drive circuits for zero voltage switching power converters
Pulse width modulation soft-switching control
Direct voltage/direct voltage converter
Computer network controller
Wind shear detection system
Apparatus and method for monitoring compaction
Method and apparatus for detection of ionizing radiation
Wind turbine generator
Variable speed wind turbine having a matrix converter
Construction material, composition and process for producing the same
Electrochromic polymeric solid films, manufacturing electrochromic devices using such solid films, a...
Process and apparatus for smelting aluminum
Liquid discharge method, liquid discharge head, liquid discharge apparatus, and method for manufactu...
Cooling system
Dynamic desiccation cooling system for ships
Cartridge assembly of a water cooled radiator
Apparatus for autonomous activation of system/chassis cooling fan
Method and apparatus using nanotubes for cooling and grounding die
Ventilation method and device
Temperature control apparatus and method with recirculated coolant
Heat exchanger tube and heat exchanger using the same
Heat exchanger
Foil structures for regenerators
Ratchet wrench
Ratchet wrench structure
Structure of a ratchet wheel having a ratchet wheel allowing a smooth teeth returning after applicat...
Damascene finfet gate with selective metal interdiffusion
Self aligned double gate transistor having a strained channel region and process therefor
Method of identifying bottlenecks and improving throughput in wafer processing equipment
Thin film transistor, fabrication method thereof and liquid crystal display having the thin film tra...
Capacitor having copper electrodes and diffusion barrier layers
Low base-emitter voltage heterojunction bipolar transistor
Enhancements for adhesive attachment of piezoelectric motor elements to a disk drive suspension
Relaxed SiGe layers on Si or silicon-on-insulator substrates by ion implantation and thermal anneali...
SRAM cell with well contacts and P+ diffusion crossing to ground or N+ diffusion crossing to VDD
Method of reducing stress migration in integrated circuits
Process independent alignment marks
Custom electrodes for molecular memory and logic devices
Semiconductor chip, wiring board and manufacturing process thereof as well as semiconductor device
Plasma polymerized electron beam resist
Method for fabricating a lid for a wafer level packaged optical MEMS device
Encapsulation method and leadframe for leadless semiconductor packages
Semiconductor device having a nitride-based hetero-structure and method of manufacturing the same
System and method for selecting an image processing path using estimated appearance of noise
System for printing correct exposure in a rendered digital image
Method and system for 3D reconstruction of multiple views with altering search path and occlusion mo...
Reflectometer arrangement and method for determining the reflectance of selected measurement locatio...
Method and apparatus for determining the polarization properties of light emitted, reflected or tran...
Spatial averaging technique for ellipsometry and reflectometry
Immunoassay method for lyzed whole blood
Method for detecting physiological condition of sleeping patient based on analysis of pulse waves
Apparatus and methods usable in connection with dispensing flexible sheet material from a roll
Web transfer mechanism for flexible sheet dispenser
Method of dispensing sheet material
System for providing consistent flow through multiple permeable perimeter walls in a casting mold
Paper towel dispenser
Octagonal bulk bin
Belt-cooling and guiding means for continuous belt casting of metal strip
Container waist
Container waist
Absorbent paper product of at least three plies and method of manufacture
Low density paper and paperboard articles
Methods of and apparatus for pressure-ram-forming metal containers and the like
Method of producing a core board product
Water-repellent and soil-resistant finish for textiles
Pump system with high pressure restriction
Seal of a vertical pump
Electric submersible pump with specialized geometry for pumping viscous crude oil
Sump liner
Noise attenuation in a hydraulic circuit
Guitar headpiece
Guitar tuner
Bowed string instrument teaching device
Catalytic system for hydroconversion of naphtha
Method of remote imaging
Apparatus and method of storing reference vector of state metric
Coding system and decoding system
Method of the ARQ type for a transmission method using turbocodes, and associated device
Extension for the advanced microcontroller bus architecture (AMBA)
Method and system for designing a network
Locating system of oxidation/reduction potential of electrolysis water and the constant output metho...
Vehicle accessory for monitoring travel distance
Systems and methods for fault detection and exclusion in navigational systems
Display method and apparatus for navigation system
Method and system for computing road grade data
Vehicle recognition support system
Navigation apparatus and information server
Work machine management device
Integration of active assist and vehicle dynamics control and method
Decision enhancement system for a vehicle safety restraint application
Tire condition monitoring system with improved sensor means
Methods for producing and using S-nitrosohemoglobins
Multi-layer coating composition and method of preparation
Methods and apparatus for bus mastering and arbitration
System, method and model for autonomic management of enterprise applications
Unified surface model for image based and geometric scene composition
AC/DC monitor system
Graphical user interface with moveable, mergeable elements
Method and apparatus for expanding and contracting graphical function displays
Optimization of abutted-pin hierarchical physical design
Electronic programming guide browsing system
Process and system for identifying wires at risk of electromigration
Responsive system for digital signal processing and method for operation of a responsive system
Method and apparatus for performing extraction using machine learning
Design methodology for merging programmable logic into a custom IC
Short edge smoothing for enhanced scatter bar placement
Interactive representation of structural dependencies in semiconductor design flows
Nitric oxide-modified linear poly(ethylenimine) fibers and uses therefor
Absorption promoting agent
Tissue specimen holder
Single-stage power factor corrected capacitor charger
System uses an interface controller for managing operations of devices that each has a unique commun...
Customizable notification user window
Method for operating a TAP controller and corresponding TAP controller
Mixer-based timebase for sampling multiple input signal references asynchronous to each other
System and method of controlling and managing voice and data services in a telecommunications networ...
Method and system for transporting packet-switched control traffic in an optical network
Stratum traceable clock driver for voice dejittering and control
Efficient multi-cast broadcasting for packet data systems
Method and apparatus for isolating faults in a switching matrix
System and method for statistical control of power dissipation with host enforcement
Multi-compare content addressable memory cell
Plasma phased array electronic scan antenna
Methods for manufacturing resistors using a sacrificial layer
Photolithographically-patterned out-of-plane coil structures and method of making
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Device having resin package and method of producing the same
High-frequency chip packages
Microelectronic 3-D solenoid of circular cross-section and method for fabrication
Wiring board, semiconductor device, electronic device, and circuit board for electronic parts
Insulation sheet, multi-layer wiring substrate and production processes thereof
Card edge connector, method of manufacturing same, electronic card and electronic equipment
Method of treating the skin of a subject
Groundwater remediation system
Method and system for mass flow balance accounting
Method for removing dissolved metals from wastewater by electrocoagulation
Blood processing systems and methods for collecting plasma free or essentially free of cellular bloo...
Controlled cooling of input water by dissociation of hydrate in an artificially pressurized assisted...
Engine block with angled oil outlets
Apparatus for treating water by means of an electric field
Photocatalyst reaction apparatus
Particle separating apparatus
Pleated filter media with embossed spacers and cross flow
Vacuum cyclone for off-loading shrimp and other small seafood
System and process for CU-CMP wastewater treatment
Oil separating apparatus for blow-by gas
Liquid purifying device
Image forming apparatus with electrostatic potential-based developer correction
System interconnection apparatus and connection method thereof
Position detecting apparatus, and optical apparatus and position detecting method comprising this
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and memory medium
Image forming system, image forming apparatus, control method thereof, image forming method, and sto...
Scanning exposure method and apparatus, and device manufacturing method using the same
Optical element with alignment mark, and optical system having such optical element
Camera operation apparatus
Viewpoint detecting apparatus, viewpoint detecting method, and three-dimensional image display syste...
Image forming apparatus
Color image forming apparatus with color registration detector
Method of determining a remaining operating time of a potentiometric measuring probe, apparatus for ...
Resin transfer molding
Fixing apparatus
Device and method for variable attenuation of an optical channel
Waveguide and applications therefor
Optical fibres with special bending and dispersion properties
Waveguide structure using polymer material and method
Optical component and method of making the same
Measuring device for determining the oxygen activity in metal melts or slag melts
Multichambered steelmaking apparatus and method of steelmaking
Ground fault circuit interrupter with indicator lamp and protective circuit powered from hot bus bar...
System for inserting field data on a web-page and method thereof
Robot with removable mounting elements
Method, system and computer-readable medium for operating a robot in an AMHS
Inspection and metrology module cluster tool
Method of fabricating composite tooling using closed-loop direct-metal deposition
Handling large, heavy workpieces using coordinated gantry robots
Transfer robot and inspection method for thin substrate
Robot blade for handling of semiconductor waffers
Robot apparatus, face recognition method, and face recognition apparatus
Work mounting device
Industrial robot
Wafer position teaching method and teaching jig
Robot system
Method for chamfering a plate-like member
Method for processing a semiconductor wafer
Method of controlling biped walking robot
Microrobot for surgical applications
Spraying device for serial spraying of work pieces
Robotic cart pulling vehicle
T-spaced equalization for 1xEV systems
DS-CDMA transmission method
Antenna phase estimation algorithm for WCDMA closed loop transmitter antenna diversity system
Display of code power levels and relationships of multiple spreading factor orthogonal codes in a CD...
CDMA mobile communications system and its random access control method and base station
Methods and apparatus for providing multiple wireless communication services having different bit ra...
Tableware and method for surface treatment thereof, substrate having hard decorative coating film an...
Lockable knife block
Sword handle
Polymer, process for producing the polymer, and curable composition containing the polymer
Photoresist composition
Direct, low frequency capacitance measurement for scanning capacitance microscopy
High voltage supply for a picture tube
Frequency margin testing of bladed servers
Control apparatus, control method and engine control unit
High-efficiency microarray printing device
Full-color image-forming method, and two-component developer kit for forming full-color images
Color image formation method
Method for improving the uniformity of a wet coating on a substrate using at least two wire-wound ro...
Running control device for watercraft
Electric watercycle with variable electronic gearing and human power amplification
Device for rotating with a multisided socket
Method and device for developing a latent image and image forming apparatus using the same
End caps on hollow magnets
Objective lens driving apparatus with reinforcing rib and restraining part for focusing coil or trac...
Open-type magnet device for MRI
Spiral magnetic transmitter for position measurement system
Reconfigurable distributed active transformers
Micro-fabricated optical waveguide for use in scanning fiber displays and scanned fiber image acquis...
Electronic apparatus including loudspeaker system
Spatial light modulator
Adjustable antenna
Energy harvesting circuits and associated methods
Method and system for calibration of a phase-based sensing system
Integrated inductor
Integrated transformer
Method and apparatus for subterranean formation flow imaging
Differential receiver architecture
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for providing a transition from one server to another server clustered together
Speech coding system with input signal transformation
Camera tracking system for a virtual television or video studio
Method and apparatus for the characterization of optical pulses and modulators
Adaptable heat dissipation device for a personal computer
Accelerometer gauge using solid state accelerometers
Method and system for transmitting signals with spectrally enriched optical pulses
Dynamic add/drop of channels in a linear-optical-amplifier-based wavelength-division-multiplexed sys...
NZDSF optical fiber with low dispersion zero and low slope
Free space duplexed optical communication with transmitter end multiplexing and receiver end amplifi...
Proton exchange membrane electrochemical cell system
Image transfer device having laminated lens array sheets
Radar beam scanning method, on-vehicle radar apparatus and radar scanning computer program
Semiconductor device having aluminum alloy conductors
Electronic device substrate structure and electronic device
Manufacturing method of carbon nanotubes and laser irradiation target for the manufacture thereof
Polishing method and polishing apparatus
Game improvement golf club using hollow technology
Manufacturing method of multilayer substrate
Apparatus and method for producing substrate with electrical wire thereon
Device for extending or shortening a network of pipes
Bonding structure having protrusions
Ink supply system and ink supply method for stencil printer and ink container
Tracking system, apparatus and method
Induction plasma reactor
Detachable adhesive compounds
Fuel cell current collector
Fuel cell, separator for fuel cell, and manufacturing method of separator
Electrochemical device
Method for producing film electrode jointed product and method for producing solid polymer type fuel...
Colloidal spray method for low cost thin coating deposition
Method of making a layered composite electrode/electrolyte
Method for deposition of a catalyst
Electrode structure
Integrated system and process for effluent abatement and energy generation
Flat panel liquid-crystal display, such as for a laptop computer
Method for fabricating microelectronic product with attenuated bond pad corrosion
Photochromic diarylethene substituted with isoxazole group
Apparatus and method for forming deposited film
Multi-focal intraocular lens, and methods for making and using same
Demand-based memory system for graphics applications
Ring-opened azlactone initiators for nitroxide-mediated polymerization
Azlactone initiators for nitroxide-mediated polymerization
Method for determining the water solubility or water dispersibility of waterborne beta-hydroxy prima...
End-functionalized polymers by controlled free-radical polymerization process and polymers made ther...
Curable composition
Selective thermal transfer of light emitting polymer blends
Methods for converting linear polyesters to macrocyclic oligoester compositions and macrocyclic olig...
Illumination and Halloween costume
Electrical connector with resilient retaining ring to restrict radial expansion
Load strap winding device
Multispout flask with pump
Suspension system for a vehicle
Detachable bicycle
Lightweight convertible car seat and stroller
Bicycle car rack and work stand
Support structure for bicycle bottles and similar containers
Handlebar timing device
Brakable wheel hub device
Outdoor-use heating mat system
Cover tape
Raisable platform for stationary bikes
Exercise apparatus with elliptical foot motion
Radiation reflector
Gelcasting polymeric precursors for producing net-shaped graphites
Toner and image-forming method
Sound absorbing and heat insulating material, and method of manufacturing same
Anti-friction bearing
Substrate comprising an abrasion-resistant diffusion barrier layer system
Catalytic cellulignin fuel
Composite container having barrier property
Process of direct growth of carbon nanotubes on a substrate at low temperature
Carbonized resin coated anode
Combination advertising and warning sign
Blanket cylinder for offset presses
Device for knocking off sheet material
Type font
Polymeric phosphite composition and hydrocyanation of unsaturated organic compounds and the isomeriz...
Black text printing from page description languages
Method and apparatus for distributing pages to individual print engines in a multiple print engine
Three-dimensional measuring method and device, and computer program
Network management equipment and communication path setting method
Liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof
Optical scanning lens and apparatus capable of effectively generating accurately-pitched light spots...
Image space display method and apparatus
Solid state scanning type optical recording device
Dynamic load balancing for a tandem printing system
Preparation method of digital print and apparatus thereof
Optical scanning device for scanning plural surfaces and image forming apparatus using the optical s...
Replacement halftoning
Method for generating three-dimensional form data and apparatus therefor
Image forming apparatus having life information
Magnet apparatus and mri apparatus
Superconductive magnet device
MRI antenna
Transmit mode coil detuning for MRI systems
Systems and methods for gradient compensation in magnetic resonance imaging
MRI coil system for breast imaging
Radio-frequency coil array for resonance imaging analysis
Permanent magnet type motor and compressor comprising it
Portable corral apparatus
Optical modulation device
Method and system for automatic reconfiguration of a multi-dimension sound system
Multiple imaging system
User interface for an information-processing system
Portable reflex comparator
Device and method for SPR detection in a Mode-S transponder
Maximum VCC calculation method for hot carrier qualification
Conductive polymer contact system and test method for semiconductor components
High contrast surface marking using mixed organic pigments
Phtalic anhydride based polyester-ether polyols and double metal cyanide catalyst system for prepari...
Process for the preparation of stanol esters
Cardiac pacing using adjustable atrio-ventricular delays
Multi-electrode catheter
Small-molecule modulators of hepatocyte growth factor / scatter factor activities
Peptides for activation and inhibition of .delta.PKC
Process for producing arsenic trioxide formulations and methods for treating cancer using arsenic tr...
Quorum sensing signaling in bacteria
Cascade polymer bound complexing compounds, their complexes and conjugates, processes for their prod...
Method of determining thrust
Negative electrodes for lithium cells and batteries
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery with a molten salt electrolyte
Decorative coatings having resistance to corrosion and wear
Electrochemical production of peroxopyrosulphuric acid using diamond coated electrodes
Cathode material for lithium rechargeable batteries
Method and device for batteries
Systems and methods for identifying and mapping conduit location
Inspection method and inspection apparatus
Wave antenna wireless communication device and method
Wireless communication device and method
System and method of transferring dies using an adhesive surface
Method for quantifying TGF-.beta.
Glass substrate and leveling thereof
Process for the preparing bromoisophithalic acid compound
Processes for preparing quinoline derivatives and intermediates thereof
Coating composition, coating method, and coated article
Silica particles surface-treated with silane, process for producing the same and uses thereof
Semiconductor device and process for fabrication thereof
Method for producing optically active 4-halo-3-hydroxybutyric acid ester
Chemically amplified resist compositions and patterning process
Process for preparing silica microcapsules
Injection mold and method for manufacturing injection molded articles
Inflator for an air bag
Method for counting foreign matter particles in vinyl chloride-based resin powder and apparatus syst...
Optical fiber having an elevated threshold for stimulated Brillouin scattering
High density semiconductor memory cell and memory array using a single transistor
Non-volatile memory with a single transistor and resistive memory element
Apparatus and method for controlling polarization of an optical signal
Line profile asymmetry measurement using scatterometry
Crash cushions and other energy absorbing devices
Spinning-reel sounding mechanism
Pet house
Kennel floor system
Birdhouse and bird feeder combination
Growing marine fish in fresh water
Animal litter and methods of fabricating same
Livestock drinking device
Adjustable height pet feeder
Fishing line spool for jug fishing
Laser pointer
Breathable composite elastic material having a cellular elastomeric film layer and method of making ...
Controlled delivery of active agents
Ion-sensitive hard water dispersible polymers and applications therefor
Methods for preparing selectively cross-linked polyethylene orthopedic devices
Thin, thermoset, polyurethane-covered golf ball with a dual core
Dual cured abrasive articles
Method of forming light dispersing fiber and fiber formed thereby
Impact absorbing material
Nontoxic vernix compositions and method of producing
Form tie sleeves for composite action insulated concrete sandwich walls
System for combined transcutaneous blood gas monitoring and vacuum assisted wound closure
Pain migration tracking and display method
Posterior retractor and method of use for minimally invasive hip surgery
Passive safety device for needle of IV infusion or blood collection set
Dual blunting needle assembly
Method and apparatus for measuring leg length in an upright position
EMG electrode apparatus and positioning system
Method for the early diagnosis of subacute, potentially catastrophic illness
3-D modeling method
Image processing method and apparatus
Image processing method and system, and storage medium
Method for enhancing a digital image based upon pixel color
Filtering a collection of samples
Method and system for context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding
Watermarking with cone-forest detection regions
Robust method for automatic reading of skewed, rotated or partially obscured characters
System and method for providing communications
Visual device
Optical transceiver module
Method and system for obtaining variable optical attenuation with very low polarization dependent lo...
Optical variable attenuator assembly
Interconnection enclosure having a connector port and preterminated optical connector
Fiber optic cable closure and assembly
Optical fiber and optical transmission line and optical communication system including such optical ...
Optical fiber for resisting hydrogen-induced loss
Optical fiber and optical transmission system
Lightwaveguide cable and process for carrying an optical signal using dispersion management
Tap couplers for fiber optic arrays
Reflector for light emitting objects
Light pipe light source with flux condensing light pipe
Multi-directional reflection decorative lighting equipment
Adjustable light
Telescopic universal flashlight
Master-satellite retrofit assembly and method of retrofitting recessed strip lighting fixtures
Pen size LED inspection lamp for detecting fluorescent material
Liquid crystal display module with an enhanced light guide device
Electronic apparatus, liquid crystal display device and light guide plate
Blended thermoformable RF sealable plastic
Weather resistant plastic composites capped with polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) for outdoo...
Electrochemical test strip having a plurality of reaction chambers and methods for using the same
Embedded piezoelectric microcantilever sensors
Agents for reducing the force-to-crush (FTC) of high support flexible foams
Motorcycle V-twin engine heat deflector
Tobacco product
Process for producing stereospecific polymers
Hybrid electrical connector for a lamp-to-harness interface
Low pressure drop reforming exchanger
Reinforced, laminated, impregnated, and composite-like materials as crosslinked polyvinyl alcohol hy...
Apparatus for providing personalized cosmetics
Photoprotective cosmetic compositions comprising inorganic UV-blocking agents
Phenyl ether-substituted hydroxyphenyl triazine ultraviolet light absorbers
Eyeglasses with retention clip
Treatment of subnormal bone mineral density
Stabilized liquid compositions
Skin protection composition
Low viscosity bilayer disrupted softening composition for tissue paper
Method of manufacturing an elasticized composite material
Couplers for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Cleaning composition, pad, wipe, implement, and system and method of use thereof
Directional coupler sensor
Water filter device
Process to produce polymers
Fischer-tropsch process
Catalyst for purification of diesel engine exhaust gas
Low pigment content polyester film and process for making the same
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry
Polishing system with stopping compound and method of its use
Hydrogen-selective silica-based membrane
Accelerometer and methods thereof
Mullite-aluminum titanate diesel exhaust filter
Dispersion comprising silicon/titanium mixed oxide powder, and green bodies and shaped glass article...
Stable aqueous solutions comprising titanium and zinc and process therewith
High solid epoxy, melamine and isocyanate compositions
Superconducting bismuth-strontium-calcium-copper oxide compositions and process for manufacture
Low activation temperature adhesive composition with high peel strength and cohesive failure
Inorganic sheet laminate
Fluoropolymer interlayer dielectric by chemical vapor deposition
Cathodic electrodeposition coating agents
Data transfer control device and electronic equipment
Sealing arrangement for a rolling-contact bearing
Baffled centrifugal lubrication spacer
Bearing assembly for a vehicle
Bearing assembly
Hydrodynamic pressure bearing, spindle motor in which it is utilized, and disk-drive device furnishe...
Coplanar camera scanning system
1xN fanout waveguide photodetector
Optically stimulated electron emission contamination monitor and method
Rotating fiber optic switch
Method for the production of optical components with increased stability, components obtained thereb...
Method for producing digitally designed carpet
Film formation apparatus and film formation method
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Electro luminescence display device and method of testing the same
Display device
Organic light-emitting device
Organic light-emitting devices
Semiconductor film, semiconductor device and method of their production
Organic light emitting diode devices with improved luminance efficiency
Display device
Light emitting device and fabricating method thereof
Multilayer with radiation absorber and touch screen
Photoluminescent floor tile
Photosensitive insulating film of organic light emitting diode (OLED)
Synthesis for organometallic cyclometallated transition metal complexes
Method and apparatus for executing plural processes on a microelectronic workpiece at a single proce...
Automated system and method for generating reasons that a court case is cited
Electrode fabrication methods for organic electroluminscent devices
Binding protein as biosensors
Boron carbide based ceramic matrix composites
Method of producing electronic parts, and member for production thereof
Laminate having mono-crystal oxide conductive member on silicon substrate, actuator using such lamin...
Induction processable ceramic die with durable die liner
Image display apparatus
Display panel driving device
Semiconductor thin film and semiconductor device
Transflective liquid crystal display device with substrate having greater height in reflective regio...
Liquid crystal display device for displaying video data
Thin film transistor organic light emitting diode structure
Method and system of providing customizable buttons
Distortion-corrected magnetic resonance measurement and magnetic resonance device
Methods and apparatus for switching frequency ripple reduction in coils
Polymeric NMR sample tubes & method for using
Apparatus for the production of radio frequency B1 fields for NMR using current sheet antennas
Rare gas polarizer apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging system
Magnetic resonance imaging interference immune device
Magnetic resonance imaging interference immune device
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a hollow interior with a gradient coil disposed therein
Magnetic resonance imaging arraratus
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a bulged interior bore filled with a mass augmentation
Cancellation of ringing in magnetic resonance utilizing a composite pulse
Magnetic resonance device comprising an eddy-current generator
Advanced slow-magic angle spinning probe for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
Inclined magnetic field generation coil and magnetic field generator for MRI
Water-soluble SHPs as novel alkylating agents
Method for safening crops from the phytotoxic effects of herbicides by use of phosphorated esters
Baculovirus produced Plasmodium falciparum vaccine
Method for providing a scent
Optical signal quality selection system
Method and apparatus for throttling audio packets according to gateway processing capacity
Semiconductor memory device
System and method for adjusting group delay
Apparatus and method for operating and controlling a textile machine
Transaction management system and method
Document production system for capturing web page content
Policy driven print engine
System and method for the simultaneous display and manipulation of hierarchical and non-hierarchical...
Ink jet printer having a dual function air cooling and drying system
System and method for controlling an end-user application among a plurality of communication units i...
Methods for inhibiting cancer growth, reducing infection and promoting general health with a ferment...
Insecticidal composition derived from plants
Composition for treating gastric ulcer and a process for preparing the same
Compositions and methods for high sorption of skin materials and delivery of sulfur
Identification of the domain of Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1 (PfEMP1) that m...
Animal attractant
Ink composition and ink jet recording method
Transparent, elastic and free-standing composition, such as for the manufacture of candles, and the ...
Methods and apparatus for text to speech processing using language independent prosody markup
Apparatus and method of interleaving data to reduce error rate
Method and apparatus for generating a sequence of optical wavelength bands
Method of fabricating a heterojunction bipolar transistor
Sample retrieval device for aerosol collection
Controlled deliveries and depositions of pharmaceutical and other aerosolized masses
Tetherless neuromuscular disrupter gun with liquid-based capacitor (spray discharge)
Firearm leveler and stabilizer
Apparatus for gun scope adjustment
Firearm recoil reduction mechanism
Passive action security systems
Wet surface adhesives
Kits for detecting swine infertility and respiratory syndrome (SIRS) virus
Method for injection molding of plastic materials using gas holding pressure in mold
Electronic chip component and manufacturing method thereof
Process for making block polymers or copolymers from isotactic polypropylene
Process for concentrating polymer latexes
Modified polyurethane foamed materials used as adsorbents
Process and apparatus for producing a golf ball with deep dimples
Golf ball
Human protease molecules
.alpha.-conotoxin peptides
Semiconductor memory device including a capacitor an upper electrode of which being resistant of exf...
Noise resistant small signal sensing circuit for a memory device
Method for fabricating Group III nitride compound semiconductor substrates and semiconductor devices
Multi-link receiver mechanism for processing multiple data streams
LSI layout method and apparatus for cell arrangement in which timing is prioritized
Method and system for inferring fault propagation paths in combinational logic circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device capable of self-testing internal power supply currents provi...
Method and apparatus to facilitate self-testing of a system on a chip
System and method for automatically analyzing and managing loss factors in test process of semicondu...
Apparatus and method to identify the maximum operating frequency of a processor
Apparatus suitable for providing synchronized clock signals to a microelectronic device
Multicolor image-forming method and multicolor image-forming material
Method and apparatus for refreshment and reuse of loaded developer
Smudge-resistant ink jet printing
Lithographic printing method and materials
Nanoporous laminates
Optical device and projector
Laser-actuatable inkjet printing system and printer
Method for producing water soluble polymer of esters from ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acids...
Printing medium
Method for the preservation of biologically-active material
Plant-activating agent
Composition for moist skin
Methods of forming a chemical casing
Method and apparatus for creating molds
Freeze tolerant friction control compositions
Method of producing porous spherical particles
Bag-in-container assembly and method
System, method and computer software products for network firewall fast policy look-up
Voice encoding/decoding device
Highly scalable system and method of regulating internet traffic to server farm to support (min,max)...
Methods of treating various cancers using melanoma differentiation associated protein
Image correction method, image correction device, and recording medium
System and method of enriching non-linkable media representations in a network by enabling an overly...
Intake air amount estimation apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Variable duration valve timing camshaft
Internal combustion engine comprising a hydraulic system
Tablet computing device with three-dimensional docking support
Landscape timber anchoring system
Combination lighting fixture with swivel and mounting post
Landscape border segment for configurable landscape borders
Landscape product that burns citronella
Vehicle stability enhancement control and method
Vehicle stability enhancement control
Device for recognizing the risk of aquaplaning which can occur during the driving of a vehicle
Automatic shift controller for a vehicle
On-board computer system having two operating modes
Apparatus and method for producing facelift-like effects on soft tissue
Device and method for the treatment of pilosebaceous disorders
Method, apparatus, and kit for onychomycosis treatment
Foldable orthosis night splint with ortho-wedge
Phenyl naphthol ligands for thyroid hormone receptor
Methods and compositions for treating amyloid-related diseases
Selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Substituted 2-phenyl benzofurans as estrogenic agents
Uses of dorzolamide
Azolylbenzamides and analogues and their use for treating osteoporosis
Nicotine receptor agonists in stem cell and progenitor cell recruitment
Antiproliferative 2-(heteroaryl)-aminothiazole compounds and pharmaceutical compositions, and method...
Methods and materials for the treatment of pain comprising opioid antagonists
Novel molecules for regulating cell death
Compounds that induce neuronal differentiation in embryonic stem cells
Pharmaceutical formulations comprising N,N'-disubstituted piperazine compounds
Arylamine-substituted quinazolinone compounds useful as alpha 1A/B adrenergic receptor antagonists
Combination of dehydroepiandrosterone or dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate with an anticholinergic bron...
Methods and compositions for the treatment of amyloid-and epileptogenesis-associated diseases
Materials and methods for the treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, and ather...
Carotenoid ester analogs or derivatives for the inhibition and amelioration of ischemic reperfusion ...
Evolution-based functional genomics
Controlled vagal blockage therapy
Gastric ring for treatment of obesity
Method, apparatus and system for treating biofilms associated with catheters
Systems and methods for using dynamic vascular assessment to improve vascular stent placement, appli...
PPAR active compounds
Reducing protein a leaching during protein a affinity chromatography
Linear and cyclic melanocortin receptor-specific peptides
Medicament for treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, hypertension and/or the metabol...
Abuse resistant lysine amphetamine compounds
Upregulation of type III endothelial cell Nitric Oxide Synthase by HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
Substituted urea neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor antagonists
Substituted dihydronaphthalene and isochroman compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders, ca...
Thiazole derivatives