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Delta-sigma pulse width modulator control circuit
Bottom fill inkjet cartridge through bubble generator
Prober interface card for shortening the settling time
Low cost current mode control switching power supply without discrete current sense resistor
Database computer system with application recovery and recovery log sequence numbers to optimize rec...
Apparatus and method for maintaining integrated data consistency across multiple databases
Retrieval system for frequently updated data distributed on network
Viewing entity relationship diagrams using hyperlinks
Method of structuring a database of a control system for access by third party software
Image database browsing and query using texture analysis
Method and apparatus for detecting causality
System, method, and program for using direct and indirect pointers to logically related data and tar...
Autonomous knowledge discovery system and method
Write through virtual cache memory, alias addressing, and cache flushes
Method and apparatus for conflict-based block reordering
Method and apparatus for dynamically deoptimizing compiled activations
Thread switch on blocked load or store using instruction thread field
High-performance band combine function
Central processing unit with integrated graphics functions
Mesh buffer for decompression of compressed three-dimensional graphics data
User-controllable persistent browser display pages
Child window containing context-based help and a miniaturized web page
Method and apparatus for creating and using an encrypted digital receipt for electronic transactions
System and method for providing and using universally accessible voice and speech data files
Accessing data fields from a non-terminal client
Personal journal
Methods and apparatus for disseminating product information via the internet
System and method for pseudo cash transactions
System for determining data transfer rates in accordance with log information relates to history of ...
Query selection for a program development environment
Sleeve for a music stand
Music apparatus with complete replay session after incomplete play session
Chorus effector with natural fluctuation imported from singing voice
Harmony effect imparting apparatus and a karaoke amplifier
Musical instrument system with note anticipation
System and method for applying a role-and register-preserving harmonic transformation to musical pit...
Flying block assembly for speed regulation of music box
System and method for arranging and invoking music event processors
Vertical wavetable cache architecture in which the number of queues is substantially smaller than th...
System for custom recording
Method and apparatus for synthesizing musical sounds by frequency modulation using a filter
Music playing data fetch circuit
Network interface circuit including an address translation unit and flush control circuit and method...
System and method for performing scalable distribution of process flow activities in a distributed w...
Global control flow treatment of predicated code
Manufacturing functional testing of computing devices using microprogram based functional tests appl...
Method and apparatus for improving ink-jet print quality using a jittered print mode
Micro-photonics module with a partition wall
Arrangement for securing a user-installable unit inside a computer housing
Integrated cleaning and leader tape
Auto-play apparatus using processing to thin out tone generation control data
Music data processing apparatus with communication interface and graphic user interface
Method and apparatus for generating musical accompaniment signals, and method and device for generat...
Computerized music apparatus composed of compatible software modules
Light enhanced sound device and method
Automatic accompaniment apparatus with concurrent change of music style and acoustic effect
Sound reproducing apparatus which utilizes data stored on a recording medium to make the apparatus m...
Tooltips on webpages
Ink delivery system for ink-jet pens
Flexible frame onsert capping of inkjet printheads
Method for fast downloading of textures to accelerated graphics hardware and the elimination of extr...
Phase detection apparatus and method
Elevated image sensor array which includes isolation between the image sensors and a unique intercon...
Portable optical scanning device with a recessed optical window
Structure for capturing express transient liquid phase during diffusion bonding of planar devices
Music drum mute device
Automatic player piano exactly reproducing acoustic sound produced under manipulation of sostenuto p...
Device for enabling listeners to preview music recordings
Electronic musical instrument
Music trivia game
Musical potty trainer
Method of extending capability of music apparatus by networking
Method and apparatus for execution and preemption control of computer process entities
Ink-jet inks for improved print quality
Method and apparatus expedited log-on to an application program
Microfluidic structure assembly with mating microfeatures
Ultrasonic transducer having elements arranged in sections of differing effective pitch
Compact electrical connections for ultrasonic transducers
Fine-pitch paper adjustment guide for image forming devices
Notebook scanner
Banner advertising display system and method with frequency of advertisement control
On-line advertising system and its method
Method and apparatus of secure server control of local media via a trigger through a network for ins...
System and method for retrieving internet data files using a screen-display telephone terminal
Computerized medical diagnostic and treatment advice system including list based processing
Method of managing information files in a communication karaoke apparatus and a communication karaok...
Digital sound generating system permitting a shared use of a hardware resource between different typ...
Karaoke scoring apparatus analyzing singing voice relative to melody data
Ear protector
Control structure for a high-speed asynchronous pipeline
Single ended match sense amplifier
Encoding schemes
Mechanism for embedding network based control systems in a local network interface device
Automatically generating a topic description for text and searching and sorting text by topic using ...
Data base development system with methods facilitating copying of data from one data source to anoth...
Data audits based on timestamp criteria in replicated data bases within digital mobile telecommunica...
Method of transforming graphical object diagrams to product data manager schema
Integrating relational databases in an object oriented environment
File system interface to a database
On-line database updating network system and method
Apparatus for bleaching a de-activated link in a web page of any distinguishing color or feature rep...
System for enabling access to a relational database from an object oriented program
Database system with improved methods for filtering duplicates from a tuple stream
System for ATM/ATM transfers
Media server system for preventing FIFO buffer underflow during multiple channel startup by waiting ...
System for multiple-client software installation and upgrade
Method and apparatus for initializing a device
Selection from multiple fetch addresses generated concurrently including predicted and actual target...
Method and apparatus for dynamically calculating degrees of fullness of a synchronous FIFO
Method and system for maintaining strong ordering in a coherent memory system
Image forming and office automation device consumable with memory
Distributed branch logic system and method for a geometry accelerator
Method for storing and decoding instructions for a microprocessor having a plurality of function uni...
System and method for on demand registration of tasks
Printing driver and printer which utilize adaptive object banding
Waveguide array document scanner
Head cleaner for linear tape drive
Robust recording head for near-contact operation
Actively stabilized magnetoresistive head
Micro-photonics module integrated on a single substrate
Optical assembly and method based on TEC fibres
Method and apparatus for obtaining multiple views from one scan window
System and method for efficiently generating cubic coefficients in a computer graphics system
Light source for tristimulus colorimetry
Beam deflecting for enhanced laser printer scanning
Printing system with single on/off control valve for periodic ink replenishment of inkjet printhead
Method for operating an ink jet printer and ink jet printer using the method
Acoustic and ultrasonic monitoring of inkjet droplets
Miniature digital assistant having enhanced host communication
Personal digital assistant module having a broadcast pointer device
Tour schedule processor for moving bodies
Isolation of non-secure software from secure software to limit virus infection
Electronic device with display and display driver and method of operation of a display driver
Satellite digital assistant and host/satellite computer system wherein coupling the host and the sat...
Integrated backlight display system for a personal digital assistant
Protocol and system for transmitting triggers from a remote network and for controlling interactive ...
System and method for displaying local messages over a satellite television picture
Apparatus for and method of providing consumers with local access carrier
Apparatus for television display of telephone audio and data dialog
Laser scanning optical microscope
Television receiver having multiple communication capabilities
Interactive television game system
Portable radio telephone set
Electro-developing type camera
Hanging, positionable, speaker enclosure
Sound field expanding apparatus with improved tone control system
Method for frame quality detection and a receiver
Keyboard for inputting to computer means
Shoelace warning system
Middleware for enterprise information distribution
Method and apparatus for publishing hypermedia documents over wide area networks
Draw-based editor for web pages
Software and hardware for publishing and viewing products and services for sale
System and methods for automatically distributing a particular shared data object through electronic...
Hierarchical structure editor for web sites
Database network connectivity product
Computerized method and system for providing guaranteed lifetime income with liquidity
System for expediting the clearing of financial instruments and coordinating the same with invoice p...
Method and apparatus for determining an optimal investment plan for distressed residential real esta...
Combination pager, organizer and radio
System and method for providing a line of credit secured by an assignment of a life insurance policy
Distributed matching system for displaying a book of credit filtered bids and offers
Method and system for using intelligent agents for financial transactions, services, accounting, and...
Automatic selection of statistical quality control procedures
Method and system for updating replicated databases in a telecommunication network system
Systems, methods and computer program products for applications traffic based communications network...
Electronic message forwarding system
Secure computer system
Method of utilizing variable data fields with a page description language
Knowledge-based document analysis system
Imaging flame detection system
Service bureau caller ID collection with ISDN BRI
Mechanism for a system and method for detecting fraudulent use of collect calls
Method and apparatus for sensing external alarms using a standard telephony interface
Method for converting an integrated circuit design for an upgraded process
Method for locating critical speed paths in integrated circuits
Method and system for speech recognition using continuous density hidden Markov models
Method and apparatus for creating storage for java archive manifest file
Circuit arrangement for translating platform-independent instructions for execution on a hardware pl...
Network computer emulator systems, methods and computer program products for personal computers
Host processor and coprocessor arrangement for processing platform-independent code
Efficient computer based virtual machine object structure
Method and system for on demand downloading of module to enable remote control of an application pro...
Autonomous star identification
System and method for representing parameters in a work site database
Learning method and system based on questioning
Method and system for pattern recognition based on dynamically constructing a subset of reference ve...
Apparatus for recording user behavior in an inputting scheme
Method and apparatus for enhanced logged supergroup/multigroup call retrieval
Method and apparatus for providing telecommunication services based on a subscriber profile updated ...
Microbuffer used in synchronization of image data
Method and apparatus for creating a secure connection between a java applet and a web server
Method and system for drop guides for visual layout in Java layout managers
Method and system for optimizing non-native bytecodes before bytecode interpretation
System and method for carrying out information-related transactions using web documents embodying tr...
Method for debugging a Java application having native method dynamic load libraries
Method for managing globally distributed software components
Code certification for network transmission
Method and a device for mobile telephone supervision
Software manager for administration of a computer operating system
Method for writing modified data from a main memory of a computer back to a database
Method and apparatus for multi-resolution image searching
Handwritten keyboardless entry computer system
`Virtual` encryption scheme combining different encryption operators into compound-encryption mechan...
Method and system for accessing and displaying a compressed display image in a computer system
Method and system for loading classes in read-only memory
Process for running applets over non-IP networks
Database development system with methods for java-string reference lookups of column names
Method and system for generating a computer program test suite using dynamic symbolic execution of J...
Distributed asynchronous workflow on the net
Internet-enabled portfolio manager system and method
Methods and apparatus for substantially memory-less coherence transformer for connecting computer no...
System and method for determining relative cache performance in a computer system
System and method for automatically correcting multi-word data entry errors
Fault-tolerant system and method of managing transaction failures in hierarchies
Compressing sets of integers
Methods and apparatus for managing a database in a distributed operating environment
Language independent optimal size-based storage allocation
Automatic web page generator
Telecommunications network to internetwork universal server
Data security method and system
Statistically-predictive and agent-predictive call routing
Method and apparatus for detecting and recovering from call waiting interruptions to modem communica...
Internet upstream request compression
Communication system and method via digital codes
Directed stick radiator
Music sound correcting apparatus and music sound correcting method capable of achieving similar audi...
Harmony generating apparatus and method of use for karaoke
System for accessing databases with different character sets
Methods and apparatus for a universal tracking system
Dynamic database structuring method and apparatus, and database clustering method and apparatus
Adaptive similarity searching in sequence databases
Information processing apparatus and method
Encoding method of members related by multiple concept or group hierarchies and identification of me...
Method for creating a single binary virtual device driver for a windowing operating system
Control circuit and method for a first-in first-out data pipeline
Carrier extension for gigabit/second ethernet networks operable up to at least 200 m distances
Method and apparatus for changing the appearance of icon images on a computer display monitor
Data merge unit
3D array optical displacement sensor and method using same
Optical fibre microlens and optical radiation source employing the same
Global title translation in a telecommunications signalling network supporting local number portabil...
Cartridge hand off selection mechanism
Integrated system and method of data warehousing and delivery
Automated on-line information service and directory, particularly for the world wide web
Allowing inconsistency in a distributed client-server application
Communication system switching means and method for setting-up calls of different types between a ca...
Cell control system for cellular, digital mobile communication system
Data transmission method and apparatus of mobile radiocommunication system
Radio communication system having re-send control method
Infrastructure transceiver and method for configuration based on RF operating circumstances
Portable telephone system and method of performing communication using portable telephone sets
Radio communications systems and methods for jittered beacon transmission
Position based personal digital assistant
GUI apparatus for generating an object-oriented database application
Attribute-based access for multi-dimensional databases
Apparatus and method for automatically matching a best available loan to a potential borrower via gl...
Computer executable workflow resource management system
Itinerary making system
Digital disease management system
Voice-operated services
Package construction for integrated circuit chip with bypass capacitor
Method and apparatus for branch target prediction
Central processing unit with integrated graphics functions
Search engine architecture for a high performance multi-layer switch element
Load balancing and failover of network services
Garage door decorative cover assembly
Backing plate for gate arrays or the like carries auxiliary components and provides probe access to ...
Resistive media size sensing system
System and method for dynamically allocating data among geometry accelerators in a computer graphics...
Isolated pulse mode driver for power transistor
Graphical system and method for automatically scaling waveforms in a signal measurement system
Universal probe interface
Inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopic apparatus
Arrangement for remotely programming a cellular telephone terminal
Licensing management system and method in which datagrams including an address of a licensee and ind...
System and method for providing directory assistance information
Programmable call processing system and method
Self-provisioning names database for caller identification services
System and method for initializing ISDN terminals
Method of extracting a call set-up failure probability and a premature disconnect probability by usi...
Absolute position detection within 1 revolution using 3-channel incremental encoders with high resol...
Circuit for lateral photoeffect position sensor
Sheet media weight detector
Retention time-locked spectral database for target analyte analysis
Method and system for extended addressing plans
System and method for identifying an unidentified caller
Telephone system integrated text based communication apparatus and system to enhance access for TDD ...
Method and apparatus for analyzing a fabrication line
Parallel database system retrieval method of a relational database management system using initial d...
CMOS integrated circuit testing method and apparatus using quiescent power supply currents database
Methods and apparatus for determining gas-oil ratio in a geological formation through the use of spe...
Method and apparatus for estimating power in electronic integrated circuits
System and method for encapsulating legacy data transport protocols for IEEE 1394 serial bus
System and method for monitoring server performance at a client computer
Route generation in a vehicle navigation system
Speed detection and image capture system for moving vehicles
Pain management system and method
Apparatus and method for minimally invasive blood sampling
Guide rail having similarly sized ribs and shoulder
Method for assembling an ink-jet pen having a double-sided electrical interconnect flexible circuit
Document printer
Computer mouse
Determination of array padding using collision vectors
System and method for solving general global data flow predicated code problems
Microprocessor, method for transmitting signals between the microprocessor and debugging tools, and ...
Control circuit of mutual exclusion elements
System, method and article of manufacture for processing a plurality of transactions from a single i...
Calendar clock circuit for computer workstations
PCI riser card support
Methods for developing and instantiating object classes using a java virtual machine extension
Eliminating redundancy in generation of association rules for on-line mining
Methods and systems for computerized bill consolidating, billing and payment authorization, computer...
System for immediate popup messaging across the internet
Smart token system for secure electronic transactions and identification
Automated calling of multiple numbers using directory assistance
Method and apparatus for sending and receiving facsimile transmissions over a non-telephonic transmi...
Tone generator with diversification of waveform using variable addressing
Tone generation method with envelope computation separate from waveform synthesis
Collapsible and rechargeable music sheet scroll
Karaoke apparatus with a personal data reading function
Folding music or copy stand
Automated database back-up within a data storage system using removable media
Temporal displacement icon in a graphical user interface
Sparsity management system for multi-dimensional databases
Synchronization of recurring records in incompatible databases
Data structure representing an interface definition language source file
Configuration programming system for a life safety network
Compensation for security procedures in different database management systems
Method and apparatus for expanding and contracting a window panel
Graphical image reformatting
Current-regulated, voltage-controlled oscillator with duty cycle correction
Differential receiver including an enable circuit
Reusable media inkjet printing system
Programmable retargeter method and apparatus
Fast technique for converting binary numbers into values expressed in an engineering unit format
Method and apparatus for testing a graphic control area
System for detecting open circuits with a measurement device
Data processing method and system utilizing parallel processing
Cellular radiotelephones including means for generating a search request data signal and receiving a...
Copy utility method and apparatus for non-stop database applications
Relational emulation of a multi-dimensional database
Method and apparatus for optimizing queries across heterogeneous databases
Method and system for performing conceptual joins across fields of a database
Method for resolving differential signals
Tunable threshold SOI device using back gate well
Memory device including a memory array having a combination of trench capacitor DRAM cells and stack...
Drilling fluid system containing a combination of hydrophilic carbon black/asphaltite and a refined ...
Method and system for achieving high availability in networked computer systems
Branch instruction prediction method
Apparatus for handling register windows in an out-of-order processor
Higher pressure ion source for two dimensional radio-frequency quadrupole electric field for mass sp...
Oven cavity insert in an analytical instrument
Growth of electroluminescent phosphors by MOCVD
Reloading state analyzer
Out-of-order execution using encoded dependencies between instructions in queues to determine stall ...
Method of making multiple lead voltage probe
Treatment of a titanium nitride layer to improve resistance to elevated temperatures
Method of fabricating a passivation layer for integrated circuits
Method for extended ion implanter source lifetime with control mechanism
Information delivery system and method including restriction processing
Closed loop financial transaction method and apparatus
Estimation method and system for complex securities using low-discrepancy deterministic sequences
Electronic-monetary system
User interface for a financial advisory system
Automatic recognition of periods for financial transactions
Self-service system
Financial information intermediary system
System for prioritized operation of a personal financial account comprising liabilities and investme...
System for managing financial accounts by a priority allocation of funds among accounts
Shipment transaction system and an arrangement thereof
Mobile cellular phone
Mobile radio communication system and automatic frequency allocation method
Radio channel test system for mobile telecommunication system with test terminals in radio service z...
Mobile radio communication device using plurals authentication parameters
Radio receivers
Transmission power control with dynamic step values
Electronic camera system with programmable transmission capability
Method and system for creating site specific coupons at a plurality of remote locations which are co...
Systems and methods with identity verification by comparison and interpretation of skin patterns suc...
Apparatus and method for optimizing wireless financial transactions
Method and system for secure online transaction processing
Bank-centric service platform, network and system
System and method for updating security information in a time-based electronic monetary system
Terminal for portable IC card
Orthogonal code synchronization system and method for spread spectrum CDMA communications
Orthogonal polarization and time varying offsetting of signals for digital data transmission or rece...
Direct conversion receiver
Spread spectrum radio communication system
Method and apparatus for formatting synchronous and asynchronous data
Radio communications device and method
Method for implementing virtual private wireless telecommunications networks
Document image display system and method
Integrated interface for vendor/product oriented internet websites
System and method for determining optimal sweep threshold parameters for demand deposit accounts
Annuity value software
System for communicating with an electronic delivery system that integrates global financial service...
Debit card fraud detection and control system
System for managing financial accounts by reallocating funds among accounts
System, method and program product for managing and controlling the disposition of financial resourc...
Interactive smart card system for integrating the provision of remote and local services
Electronic transaction method and system
Pension planning and liquidity management system
System and method for processing multiple electronic transaction requests
Limited-traceability systems
System for the operation and management of one or more financial accounts through the use of a digit...
System and method for electronically providing customer services including payment of bills, financi...
Computer method and system for intermediated exchange of commodities
System for electronically managing and documenting the underwriting of an excess casualty insurance ...
Telephone transaction processing as a part of a call transport
High volume financial image media creation and display system and method
Targeting advertising in a home retail banking delivery service
Tokenless biometric transaction authorization method and system
Apparatus and method for batch processing of wireless financial transactions
Data transmission method, transmitter, and receiver
Code division multiple access mobile communication system
Method and arrangement for transmitting data between a cellularly constructed mobile radiotelephone ...
Arrangement for repeaters in a radio-based communications system
Communications method for a code division multiple access system without a base station
Detecting degradation in telecommunications local loop networks
Credit bandwidth allocator for a radio system
Method and apparatus for payment processing using debit-based electronic funds transfer and disburse...
Data processing system and method for financial debt instruments
Monitoring device for financial securities
Sporting event configurable radio receiver/scanner
Mobile communications
Method for updating a radio affiliation database
Communication process in a radio cummunication system with mobile terminals using the radio interfac...
Method and apparatus for providing cellular telephone service to a macro-cell and pico-cell within a...
Method for subscriber registration in a radio communication system
Recyclable cellular telephone and method and apparatus for supporting the use of a recyclable cellul...
Portable radio apparatus having a slot antenna
Reduced-radiation radio signal receivers
Internal wrap test circuit in radio equipment and test method thereof
Chemical vapor deposition of titanium from titanium tetrachloride and hydrocarbon reactants
Telephones with talker sidetone
Receiver circuit for a mobile communications system
Apparatus, and associated method, for transmitting and receiving a multi-stage, encoded and interlea...
Combined in-situ high density plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (HDPCVD) and chemical mechan...
Method for preventing alignment marks from disappearing after chemical mechanical polishing
Fabrication of thin film effect transistor comprising an organic semiconductor and chemical solution...
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
Apparatus for scanning a chemical array
Vibration dampening material and process
Automobile pivotal mirror mounting assembly
Natural gas detection apparatus and method operable in a moving vehicle
Display unit
Learn mode for remote transmitters
Apparatus and method for navigating vehicle to destination using display unit
Light fixture with object detection system
Apparatus and method for executing a game program having advertisements therein
Enhanced function board for use in processing image data and image processing apparatus using the sa...
Apparatus and method for stand-alone scanning and audio generation from printed material
Computer software delivery system
Method, apparatus and pull-tab gaming set for use in a progressive pull-tab game
Multi-ply label
Method and apparatus for preventing fraud with instant game tickets
Method of determining the unique ID of an object in a peer to peer configuration of object indexes
Automated storage system
Method and apparatus for centering an image on a display monitor
Method and apparatus for adding and altering content on websites
Outside access to computer resources through a firewall
Client-server architecture using internet and guaranteed quality of service networks for accessing d...
Computerized resource name resolution mechanism
Sectored virtual memory management system and translation look-aside buffer (TLB) for the same
Database computer system with application recovery
Rapid transfer of HTML files
Object property lists
Method of presenting, storing, and updating a filing identifier for a data record
Global mount mechanism used in maintaining a global name space utilizing a distributed locking mecha...
Identification of words in Japanese text by a computer system
Controlling incoming calls via the world-wide web
Asynchronous computation of tone parameter with subsequent synchronous synthesis of tone waveform
Music crystal ball structure capable of rotating in alternating directions
Game of identifying music from television shows
Savings coin box with controllable music box
Method and apparatus for preserving non-current information that can be overwritten in a computer fi...
Apparatus and method for transparent application of service to business objects
Distributed database system and method of detecting contention in data update involved in replicatio...
Method and system for providing computer-network related information about a calling party
Document retrieval system and method employing a preloading procedure
Method of determining the unique ID of an object through analysis of attributes related to the objec...
Apparatus and method for cross-compiling source code
Fiber optic system with open fiber safety interlock
Superscalar processor for retiring multiple instructions in working register file by changing the st...
Partial parity correction logic
Persistent executable object system and method
Fast carry-sum form booth encoder
Anti-fraud pull tab system for printing products
Method and apparatus for using parameters to simulate an electronic circuit
Printing with text enhancement: recognition by sensing paired edges, or by disqualification in picto...
Ducted high aspect ratio heatsink assembly
Reliable high performance drop generator for an inkjet printhead
Method and apparatus for increasing object read-back performance in a rasterizer machine
Tap selectable decision feedback equalizer
Digital wireless speaker system
Method and an equipment for transmitting a file-based multimedia and hypermedia service to a mobile ...
Hybrid access system utilizing credit/done polling protocols
Method for transmitting packet data with hybrid FEC/ARG type II
Allocation of time slots in a mobile communication system
Memory card assembly having an integral antenna
System and method for isotope ratio analysis and gas detection by photoacoustics
Process for the chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides
Chemical-sensitization photoresist composition
2-alkyl-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Vehicle and method for storing ozone
Biosoluble pot and marble-derived fiberglass
Chemical mechanical planarization system and method therefor
Separate shape and texture coding of transparency data for video coding applications
Method and system for data entry of handwritten symbols
Operating methods for a universal client device permittting a computer to receive and display inform...
Method and apparatus for priority queuing of telephone calls
Interactive advertising system and device
Method for storing and forwarding short messages to mobile subscribers in a cellular communications ...
Application-level, persistent packeting apparatus and method
Groupware system having agent function
Floating-point multiplier circuit for generating the sticky-bit from the input operands
Garage door decorative cover
Pictograph-based method and apparatus for controlling a plurality of lighting loads
Multilevel, client-server, large model traverser
Digital baseband modulator adaptable to different modulation types
Block segmentation of configuration lines for fault tolerant programmable logic device
Loaded-board, guided-probe test fixture
Multibroadcast receiver
Window glass antenna apparatus
Antenna assembly for telecommunication devices
Retractable antenna assembly for a portable radio apparatus
Antenna sleeve having means for blocking a rod antenna from sliding off the housing
Synthetic doppler direction finder for use with FSK encoded transmitters
Scanning array antenna using rotating plates and method of operation therefor
Device for preventing assay interference using silver or lead to remove the interferant
Screening system for identifying compounds that regulate steroid and orphan receptors mediation of D...
Uniformly mixed dry photographic developing composition containing antioxidant and method of prepara...
Chemical-sensitization positive-working photoresist composition
Method for forming fiber reinforced composite bodies with graded composition and stress zones
Method and device for introducing precursors into chamber for chemical vapor deposition
Low dielectric constant amorphous fluorinated carbon and method of preparation
Video coding using adaptive coding of block parameters for coded/uncoded blocks
Interactive entertainment network system and method for providing short sets of preview video traile...
Wireless input device, for use with a computer, employing a movable light-emitting element and a sta...
Agent-level network call routing
Method for updating a local switch internal database in a system having different service providers ...
Apparatus and method for testing digital communications circuits
PBX data retrieval and reporting system and method
System and method for automatically maintaining a computer system
Security and password mechanisms in a database system
Method and apparatus for using the unused bits of a data packet to transmit additional information
Method and system to optimize software execution by a computer using hardware attributes of the comp...
Microprocessor with versatile addressing
Floating mount apparatus for coaxial connector
Minimum voltage radio frequency indentification
Data logging tire monitor with condition predictive capabilities and integrity checking
Synchronizing method of distributed reference oscillation systems and reference oscillation generati...
Low noise amplifier
Radio frequency test probe with integral mount for circuit board under test
Communication system for wireless bar code reader
Fluoropolymeric substrates with metallized surfaces and methods for producing the same
Fresh vegetable product having long shelf life and method of making thereof
Method for customizing dermatological foundation products
Welding material for low chromium (Cr) ferritic steel having high toughness
Silicon carbide reinforced reaction bonded silicon carbide composite
Optical polarizer material
Polymer/hydrogen peroxide complexes
Large scale DNA microsequencing device
Method and apparatus for providing a web site having a home page that automatically adapts to user l...
Method for automatically finding postal addresses from e-mail addresses
Interactive network directory service with integrated maps and directions
Network message redirection
Method for determining connection quality in a receiver utilizing a Viterbi decoder
Controlled detachable vasoocclusive member using mechanical junction and friction-enhancing member
Fueling nozzle for an automated fuel management system, components therefor and methods of making th...
Wet station apparatus having quartz heater monitoring system and method of monitoring thereof
High-efficiency solar cell and method for fabrication
Cleaning solution apparatus and method
Substrate carrier having a streamlined shape and method for thin film formation
Method for the heat treatment of ZnSe crystal
Articular cartilage xenografts
Chemical mechanical polisher
System and method for composing an image with fragments which conform to the size and shape of a gri...
Method and system for personalized directory assistance services
Method for routing an NP call
Network assisted callback system
Chemical mechanical polishing with a small polishing pad
Sensing device and method of leveling a semiconductor wafer
Rechargeable dispensers
Isolation and protection system for preventing a source of ultra-purified water from being contamina...
Computer-implemented securities trading system with a virtual specialist function
Affiliation-based arrangement for billing
Rotatable antenna for financial transaction terminal
Method and apparatus for funds and credit line transfers
Two-way in-flight radio telecommunication system and method
Method and apparatus for increasing the answering probability of calls to mobile radio terminals
Method and apparatus for fraud control in cellular telephone systems
Continuous integration digital demodulator for use in a communication device
Data communication system and radio IC card system
Encoding/decoding scheme for communication of low latency data for the subcarrier traffic informatio...
Method and system for conserving battery reserves in a navigation receiver by slowing and/or stoppin...
Relational database mangement system for chemical structure storage, searching and retrieval
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device involving forming two silicon oxide layers by CVD an...
Method of forming an interconnect
Process for improving device yield in integrated circuit fabrication
Method for fabricating CMOS transistor with self-aligned silicide (salicide) structure
In-situ real-time monitoring technique and apparatus for endpoint detection of thin films during che...
NOx sensor and method of measuring NOx
Word spotting using both filler and phone recognition
System and method for resolving symbolic references to externally located program files
Multiprocessing system employing a three-hop communication protocol
Variably-sized kernel memory stacks
Interactive records and groups of records in an address book database
Database system index selection using cost evaluation of a workload for multiple candidate index con...
Method and system for displaying a variable number of alternative words during speech recognition
Generalized security policy management system and method
System and method for delivering consumer product related information to consumers within retail env...
Automated visiting of multiple web sites
Method and apparatus for requesting and processing services from a plurality of nodes connected via ...
Computer performance monitoring and graphing tool
Method, apparatus and computer program product for querying by image colors using JPEG image format
AIN based Internet FAX routing
Interactive workstation for creating customized, watch and do physical exercise programs
Multimedia linked scent delivery system
Remote interactive multimedia preview and data collection kiosk system
Electronic musical instrument and music performance information inputting apparatus capable of input...
Musical blocks
Compact music box
Fiber guide
Computer network system and method for process safety management (PSM) including facilitator display...
System, method, and computer program product for accessing a note database having subnote informatio...
Method and system for workload based group committing for improved performance
Database row version differentiation process
Computer based multimedia medical database management system and user interface
Virtual reality network with selective distribution and updating of data to reduce bandwidth require...
Computerized design automation method using a single logical PFVL paradigm
Method and apparatus for customizing a software component
Integrated of a third party software tool
Filtering an object interface definition to determine services needed and provided
Compact computer having a redundant air moving system and method thereof
Quorum mechanism in a two-node distributed computer system
Method of efficiently modeling tri-state gates
Correlating cyan and magenta planes for error diffusion halftoning
Method and apparatus for halftoning of images in a printer
Reconfigurable convolver circuit
Method and apparatus for providing a service in a switched telecommunications system wherein a contr...
Communications system for establishing a communication channel on the basis of a functional role or ...
Down-line transcription system having real-time generation of transcript and searching thereof
Dynamic, self-modifying graphical user interface for relational database applications
Retrieval system and method
Database system with methods for executing system-created internal SQL command statements
Document retrieving apparatus and method thereof for outputting result corresponding to highlight le...
Data transmission method, and transmitter
Hierarchical communication system using premises, peripheral and vehicular local area networking
Office communication system
Conference call on a personal handy phone system portable station
Eyeglass locator system
Method and apparatus for tuning channels for CATV and television applications
Method for testing vehicle electrical system during manufacturing
Method for data transfer in vehicle electrical test system
Method of designing and developing engine induction systems which minimize engine source noise
Exterior rear view mirror with cable pull adjustment
Speech actuated control system for use with consumer product
Child view safety mirror
System and method for improving fitness equipment and exercise
Positionable basketball backboard
Portable folding basketball goal system
Multisite multiplayer interactive electronic entertainment system having a partially player defined ...
Flight simulation game apparatus
Three-dimensional game apparatus and image synthesizing method
Method and apparatus for wagering
Method and system for negotiating capabilities when sharing an application program with multiple com...
Ultrasound image management system
Web browser detection and default home page modification device
Computer remote control system
Internet monitoring and input pager
Method of delivery, targeting, and measuring advertising over networks
Distributed internet monitoring system and method
Apparatus and method for approximating frequency moments
Indexing a database by finite-state transducer
Method and apparatus for automatically constructing a data flow architecture
Method to maximize capacity in IC fabrication
Object-oriented programmable controller
System for thermal overload detection and prevention for an integrated circuit processor
Execution unit and method for executing performance critical and non-performance critical arithmetic...
Method and system for facilitating the exchange of information between human users in a networked co...
Garage door assembly
Regenerative clamp for multi-drop busses
Alignment and latching mechanism in a drive for magnetic data tape mini-cartridges
Method and apparatus for securing an ink container
Mixed resolution printing for color and monochrome printers
Print mode and system to alleviate wait-banding
Fiber cleaning system for inkjet printhead wipers
Electronic-monetary system
Gaming machine system operable with general purpose charge cards
Method for transmitting items of speech information
Mobile telephone apparatus with power saving
Fixed wireless communication system and method for originating a call
Method of establishing a connection between a calling subscriber of a telecommunications network and...
Arrangement in a mobile short-range communication system
System and method for priority group access
Arrangement for providing cellular communication via a CATV network
Interlayer dielectric with a composite dielectric stack
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Suppression of tungsten film deposition on a semiconductor wafer bevel edge with a halogenide purge ...
Method for fabricating semiconductor wafers
Self-aligned silicidation technique to independently form silicides of different thickness on a semi...
Global planarization method using plasma etching
Electric double layer capacitor