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Method and apparatus for run-time memory access checking and memory leak detection of a multi-thread...
Memory management in fault tolerant computer systems utilizing a first and second recording mechanis...
Write barrier system and method including pointer-specific instruction variant replacement mechanism
Hypertext information retrieval using profiles and topics
Using sparse file technology to stage data that will then be stored in remote storage
Method and apparatus for a unified chooser for heterogeneous entities
Methods and apparatus for integrated storage of test environment context information
Stack cache for stack-based processor and method thereof
HTML integration utility for a program development environment
Transportation network system
Multi-tier view project window
Public accessible terminal capable of opening an account for allowing access to the internet and E-m...
Fingerprinting plain text information
Method and apparatus for telephonically accessing and navigating the internet
Agent-initiated dynamic requeing
Interactive music generation system making use of global feature control by non-musicians
Method and apparatus for real-time correlation of a performance to a musical score
Infant mobile with compact disc/cassette player apparatus
Infinity-projecting light assembly
Method and system for forming and using geographic data
Heterogeneous database system with dynamic commit procedure control
System for modifying a database using a transaction log
Project-based full-length biomolecular sequence database
Networked multimedia information system
Global database library data structure for hierarchical graphical listing computer software
System and method for compressing inverted index files in document search/retrieval system
Method and apparatus for mixing objective-C and C++ objects
Temporary computer file system implementing using anonymous storage allocated for virtual memory
Micro needle probe apparatus having probes cantilevered over respective electronic circuits, moving ...
Power balancing to reduce step load
Thermal dissipation and EMI shielding structure for notebook computers
Compact fluid coupler for thermal inkjet print cartridge ink reservoir
Ink delivery system for an inkjet printhead
Interconnect scheme for mounting differently configured printheads on the same carriage
Location updating in a cellular radio network
System and method for eliminating offset echo in a data connection over a cellular cordless telephon...
Method and apparatus for remotely accessing a telephone answering device
Cellular adjunct to a public wired network
System for controlling power consumption of a mobile radio communication device during standby using...
Multimode radio communication terminal
Configuration single chip receiver integrated circuit architecture
Currency anti-theft device
Alarm system for wellbore site
Method and apparatus for measuring and controlling the air-fuel mixture, E.G. in motor vehicles
Chiral aminophosphines
Transition state analogs
Process for preparing human proinsulin
Method of making a polyurethane suede-like fabric/elastomer composite
Digital information transfer system and method
SIMD TCP/UDP checksumming in a CPU
Cellular internet telephone
Session traffic splitting using virtual internet protocol addresses associated with distinct categor...
System for collecting detailed internet information on the basis of the condition of activities of i...
Utilizing pseudotables as a method and mechanism providing database monitor information
Decision support system for the management of an agile supply chain
Method and apparatus for predicting signal characteristics in a wireless communication system
Rerouting an incoming call to a ported telecommunications terminal
Dual home location registers in a mobile radio system
Method and system for preventing mobile roaming fraud
Prepaid long-distance telephone service system with flexible operating parameters
Microprocessor system for data channel extraction
Graphical image mapping using partitioned operations
Graphical system and method for invoking measurements in a signal measurement system
Method for scaling an image
Method for extending the output range of pulse-width based phase detectors
Salient integration mode active pixel sensor
Debug system with hardware breakpoint trap
Fast database failover
Headband with audio speakers
Coded modulation using repetition and tree codes
Spread spectrum receiver using a pseudo-random noise code for ranging applications in a way that red...
All metal electrode sealed gas laser
CDMA mobile communication method, system and mobile station apparatus
Method and apparatus for adapting non-cellular private radio systems to be compatible with cellular ...
Wide area mobile communication networks with multiple routing mode options
Use of flavones and flavonoids against the UV-induced decomposition of dibenzoylmethane and its deri...
Trienyl compounds
HIV protease inhibitors
Photoactivated antiviral and antitumor compositions
Protein containing cleaning compositions
Formation of superconducting devices using a selective etching technique
Methods for reducing etch rate loading while etching through a titanium nitride anti-reflective laye...
Portable-mobile radiotelephone architecture and method for mobile personal security systems
Method and apparatus enabling enhanced throughput efficiency by use of dynamically adjustable mini-s...
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus with elastic supporting mechanism for arranging a housing at ...
Recorded medium playback device with removable panel and having a lever contacting panel and detecti...
Automatically adjustable passenger mirror assembly for a trailered vehicle having a mirror position ...
Portable folding board games
Safety ball
Polo mallet and method of repair
Riding game machine
Encoder for game machine
Gaming machine and method using touch screen
Apparatus and method for real time monitoring and registering of bingo game
Method and system for connecting to, browsing, and accessing computer network resources
Intelligent, high-speed switching matrix
Method for relating indexing information associated with at least two indexing schemes to facilitate...
Method and apparatus for controlling access in a video distribution network
Navigation system drawing recommended route upon different scale display map
Enhanced distributed power
Prediction system for RF power distribution
User-friendly iconic message display indicating progress and status of loading and running system pr...
System and method for on-line multimedia access
Dynamic pulse register with scan functionality
Dynamic set/reset circuit with dual feedback
Automated storage facility including a storage and retrieval system and a floor inventory management...
Channel selection type radio transmission apparatus
Bounded-display-surface system for the input and output of computer data and video graphics
Antenna for reducing an effect of a radio wave blocking obstacle
Method and system for determining the position of mobile radio terminals
In-building modulated backscatter system
Fire extinguisher alarm system
Photoimageable composition having improved flexibility
Photoimageable composition having improved flexibility, adhesion and stripping characteristics
Diamond coated WC and WC-based composites with high apparent toughness
CoCrTa/Cocrptta bi-layer magnetic thin films
Removal rate behavior of spin-on dielectrics with chemical mechanical polish
Antisense oligonucleotide modulation of raf gene expression
Method of photographic processing
Method for updating a local switch internal database in a system having different service providers ...
Data collection system
Home weather emergency warning system
Method and apparatus for providing broadband access conferencing services
Hierarchical scan architecture for design for test applications
Programmable transaction card
Speech reproducing device capable of reproducing long-time speech with reduced memory
Communication system interconnecting telephone line and single-frequency simultaneous transmission/r...
Method for reducing use of interzone audio resources in a multizone communication system
Apparatus and method for adaptive dynamic channel assignment in wireless communication networks
Method for unlicensed band port to autonomously determine interference threshold and power level
Multiple terminal device ringing digital subscriber ISDN terminal
Radio necklace
Field emission displays with reduced light leakage
Method for producing SOI & non-SOI circuits on a single wafer
Method for forming intermetal dielectric with SOG etchback and CMP
Copper-containing plug for connection of semiconductor surface with overlying conductor
Brassica napus vegetable oil wherein the levels of oleic, alpha-linolenic, and saturated fatty acids...
NucA protein of Haemophilus influenzae and the gene encoding that protein
Antagonists of G-protein-coupled receptor
Multiple-user communication unit and method for operating in a satellite communication system
Method and apparatus for registering mobile user groups with a radio telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for transmitter identification and selection for mobile information signal serv...
Intelligent fueling
Apparatus and method for autonomous vehicle navigation using absolute data
Agricultural vehicle monitoring system
Operating device for menu-controlled functions of a vehicle
Game device
Tethered ball game apparatus
Psychological game device
Portable and compact motion simulator
Multiple tier token balance game
Dart game having an automatic player
Water column game
Database origami
System and method for delivery of video data over a computer network
Dynamic data assembling on internet client side
System for secured credit card transactions on the internet
Timer-based fee-charging system for internet
Apparatus for generating text data on the basis of speech data input from terminal
System for universal electronic mail delivery where messaging devices are notified using a particula...
Signal interpolation and decimation exploiting filter symmetry
Computer program debugging in the presence of compiler synthesized variables
Virtual address to physical address translation of pages with unknown and variable sizes
Processor having a plurality of pipelines and a mechanism for maintaining coherency among register v...
Method for compressing a data file using a separate dictionary file
Method and computer program product for classifying network communication packets processed in a net...
Method and system for controlling user access to a resource in a networked computing environment
Virtual audio generation and capture in a computer
Method for controlling video/audio modes in video/audio outputting apparatus
Software sound source
Disc music box, information disc therefor, and trick timepiece with disc music box
Sharing snapshots for consistent reads
Object graph editing context and methods of use
Heterogeneous database system with data source extensibility and alteration of database functions
Schema mapping to a legacy table with primary and foreign key support
Synchronization method applied to databases in network management system
Scene synchronization of multiple computer displays
On-chip differential resistance technique with noise immunity and symmetric resistance
Selector and decision wait using pass gate XOR
Method for controlling the impedance of a driver circuit
Radio selective calling receiver
Domestic electric energy control
Method and apparatus for synchronizing frames within a continuous stream of digital data
Coding system for digital transmission compression
Broadband communication system using TV channel roll-off spectrum
High-speed data transmission in mobile communication networks
Integrated radio communication system
Biodegradable material and process for the preparation thereof
Pharmaceutical composition
Oxazolidinone antibacterial agent with tricyclic substituents
Chemical linker compositions
Method of detection of bilirubin in urine on an automated analyzer
Instruments for chemical and microbiological tests
Sequential biological/chemical/biological treatment of organic waste
System and method for performing remote requests with an on-line service network
Method of improving store efficiency and memory allocation in code generated by a circuit compiler
Transaction replication system and method for supporting replicated transaction-based services
Embedding web access mechanism in an appliance for user interface functions including a web server a...
System and method for making function calls from a web browser to a local application
Method and apparatus for protecting data files on a computer from virus infection
Method for processing information in a microprocessor to facilitate debug and performance monitoring
Group communications multiplexing system
Multimedia information service access
Billing in the internet
Three-dimensional virtual reality space sharing method and system, an information recording medium a...
Shared modules graphical user interface
Database system with restricted keyword list and bi-directional keyword translation
Apparatus for and method of providing user exits on an operating system platform
Database system with query relaxation using type abstraction hierarchy (TAH) as query condition rela...
Queuing system using a relational database
Techniques for reducing the number of snapshots of a database
Method and apparatus for analyzing data
Quotient digit selection logic for floating point division/square root
Method for directing a parallel processing computing device to form an absolute valve of a signed va...
Framing system for flush mounting objects to a roof and method therefor
Incoming calling system
Method and an arrangement relating to telecommunication systems
Multilayer cellular mobile radio network with optimized frequency re-use plan, and associated method
Radio frequency planning and assignment in a discontiguous spectrum environment
Apparatus and method for reducing magnetic fields in radio telephones
Location updating in a cellular radio system
Analog-to-digital transition: selecting the optimal cellular radio mix
Metal wiring layer forming method for semiconductor device
Process of forming titanium silicide interconnects
Method of fabricating a shallow-trench isolation structure in integrated circuit
Variably adjustable contrast enhancement electrochromic panel adapted for curved display screens and...
Sensor arrays for detecting analytes in fluids
Hybrid seed production
Antisense oligonucleotides against human protein kinase C
Multiprocessor digital data processing system/shared memory multiprocessor system and method of oper...
System and method for reporting available capacity in a data storage system with variable consumptio...
System and method for accessing data between a host bus and system memory buses in which each system...
Software tool for indexing document made from plurality of smaller documents created using different...
Database system index selection using candidate index selection for a workload
Method for monitoring excess inventory
Adaptive paper level sensing in an imaging device
Security badge for automated access control and secure data gathering
Apparatus, methods and computer program products for conducting a persistent session with a host-bas...
Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network
Scheduling system for use between users on the web
Client/server speech processor/recognizer
System for interfacing numerous ISDN data connecting to a data network through the telephone network
Telecommunications switch including an integrated internet access server
System and method for discovering path MTU of internet paths
System and method for displaying data items in a ticker display pane on a client computer
System for selectively distributing music to a plurality of jukeboxes
Musical religious doll and singing bible nightlight
Karaoke apparatus alternately driving plural sound sources for noninterruptive play
Database system shared by multiple client apparatuses, data renewal method, and application to chara...
Defining a schema for a database representing a model of a computer network
System and method for storing and managing information
Method and apparatus for adding data storage bins to a stored computer database while minimizing mov...
Generating rules for matching new customer records to existing customer records in a large database
Multiple reference hotlist for identifying frequently retrieved web pages
Database system and method for supporting current of cursor updates and deletes from a select query ...
Loudspeaker assembly with adjustable directivity
Compiler dispatch function for object-oriented C
Method and apparatus extending coherence domain beyond a computer system bus
System and method enabling awareness of others working on similar tasks in a computer work environme...
Method and system for providing relevance-enhanced image reduction in computer systems
System and method of detecting and preventing fraudulent long distance telephone calls in a radio te...
Process for forming a semiconductor device
Composition containing a styrene/methacrylate polymer
Silver polish formulation containing thiourea
Composition method and apparatus for safe disposal of oil contaminated filter media
Switching element having an expanding waveguide core
Digital radio communication apparatus with a RSSI information measuring function
Circuitry and method for power calibration
Handset housing for radio telephone system having locking and blocking member
Radio apparatus outputting an alarm prior to a scheduled time
Method and apparatus for conserving energy in a radio communication system
Emergency telephone number alerting device
Preamble based selection diversity in a time division multiple access radio system
Silanized silica
Method for post planarization metal photolithography
Method for cleaning waste matter from the backside of a semiconductor wafer substrate
Chemical-mechanical polishing for shallow trench isolation
Method of screening to find new antibiotics
High affinity nucleic acid ligands containing modified nucleotides
Metal-air cathode can, and electrochemical cell made therewith
Apparatus and methods for determining loft time and speed
Speed calculation derived from distance pulses utilizing acceleration
Moving object controller containing a differential of acceleration measurer
Recreational vehicle water heater having centrally controlled gas and electric power sources
Mobile tele-computer network for motion picture, television and tv advertising production
Powered mirror apparatus
Breakaway mirror construction and method of assembly
Airline-based video game and communications system
Process of laying synthetic grass
Wagering game based on ranking order of game participants
Method of playing an electronic video card game
Banking card game
Substrate with hidden images and method of making such images appear
Bingo game for facilitating present opening
Method and apparatus for automatically logging compiler options and/or overriding compiler options
Deferred printing
Shielded fiber optic connector
Distributed garbage collection system and method
Checksum determination using parallel computations on multiple packed data elements
Wireless services data network translating mac address to asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) address
Internet-web link for access to intelligent network service control
Automatic and secure system for remote access to electronic mail and the internet
Method of using question writing to test mastery of a body of knowledge
Database access system with optimizable expressions
Method and system for managing computer database connections
Service interface repository internationalization
Systems, methods and computer program products for implementing a workflow engine in database manage...
Method and apparatus for communicating with a card distribution center for management, selection, an...
Device and method for object-based development of business applications software
Device system and method for processing information from hybrid optical disks
Method and apparatus for constructing a frame buffer with a fast copy means
System and method for displaying user selected set of advertisements
Method and apparatus for powering-on a computer-based system via a network interface
Method in a selective call receiver for synchronizing to a multi-level radio signal
Ultrawide-band communication system and method
Radio communication system
Methods and apparatus for blind separation of radio signals
Reception mode control in radio receivers for receiving both VSB and QAM digital television signals
Antenna metalized fiber mat reflective applique
On the glass antenna system
Electroluminescent phosphor particles encapsulated with an aluminum oxide based multiple oxide coati...
Covered roll and a method for making the same
Fluoropolymer composite tube and method of preparation
Method of depositing a thermally sprayed coating that is graded between being machinable and being w...
Process for forming a semiconductor device
Aspartyl dipeptide amide derivatives and sweeteners
Process for producing porous, controlled-release capsules and encapsulated composition
Transform coding of dense motion vector fields for frame and object based video coding applications
Technique for converting single cartridge monochrome printer to multi-cartridge color inkjet printer
Method of color ink jet printing on glossy media
Display controllers
Hardware and software for the visualization of three-dimensional data sets
On-time delivery, tracking and reporting
Automated market price analysis system
Integrated communication network for use in a field device management system
Method for generating a multi-tiered index for partitioned data
Method and apparatus for providing optimization parameters to a logic optimizer tool
Arbitration method for a communication network
Implementing digital signatures for data streams and data archives
Method for precise architectural update in an out-of-order processor
Grouping logic circuit in a pipelined superscalar processor
Latency prediction in a pipelined microarchitecture
Multiprocessing system configured to perform synchronization operations
Communications localization system
Transmitter interference rejection
Traffic control device
Communal metering system
Radio selection call receiver
Single-key security system
Electrogalvanic-powered diaper wetness sensor
Formulations and methods for reducing skin irritation
Reaction vessel for heat-exchanging chemical processes
Efficient production of particles by chemical reaction
Solid-state chemical sensor
Composition and slurry useful for metal CMP
Induction heated reactor apparatus
Gas permeable elastomer contact lens bonded with titanium and/or oxides thereof
Trace coloring system and method for a signal measurement device having a color display
Sampling timebase system
Multiple encapsulation of phosphor-LED devices
Front and rear contacting EMI gasket
Computer-system processor-to-memory-bus interface having repeating-test-event generation hardware
Data interface for high performance
Expert matcher fingerprint system
Method and structure for distribution of travel information using network
Biometric time and attendance system with epidermal topographical updating capability
System and method for registering and maintaining field equipment inventory based on individualized ...
Lithographic proximity correction through subset feature modification
Modular EMC PCI card gasket
Tamper detection for body worn transmitter
Theft preventive apparatus and radio wave receiving signaling device
Optical interface between receiver and tag response signal analyzer in RFID system for detecting low...
Remote computer security system for computers, printers and multifunction devices
Coaxial waveguide corner
Process for controlling the power of the transmission amplifier of radio equipment
Radial NMR well logging apparatus and method
Continuous cooking with a two-stage cool impregnation
Method for increasing the strength of a paper or paperboard product
Systems and methods for monitoring relative concentrations of different isotopic forms of a chemical...
Conditioning CMP polishing pad using a high pressure fluid
Cavitational polishing pad conditioner
Carrier head with a substrate detection mechanism for a chemical mechanical polishing system
Fog generator
On- the-fly partitionable computer bus for enhanced operation with varying bus clock frequencies
Radio navigation emulating GPS system
Method and apparatus for wound management
Remote computer-assisted professionally supervised teaching system
Apparatus and method for accepting return of unused medical items
Method and system for limiting the cardinality of an SQL query result
Method and apparatus for parallelizing operations that insert data into an existing data container
Method of making tubing coil assemblies for medical devices
Process for producing thin film
Transurethral radio frequency apparatus for ablation of the prostate gland and method
Acupuncture device system and methods thereof
Device and method for providing additives to a stream of water
Shut-off device for ducts and the like
Select valve purge
Wrist cooler for relief of hot flashes and similar symptoms
Solar ice cap
Carpet tack strip
System and method for efficiently monitoring quality of service in a distributed processing environm...
Disabling and enabling transaction committal in transactional application components
Fault-resilient automobile control system
Document scanner
Method and apparatus for monitoring railway defects
Subscriber database management in a mobile telecommunications system
Electronic statement presentment system
System for graphically mapping related elements of a plurality of transactions
Electronic-monetary system
Customer management terminal equipment, customer managing method, and media for customer management
Method for editing a received phone number prior to placing a call to the received phone number
Radio station arranged for space-diversity and polarization diversity reception
Digital multiplex radio system
Transmission controller for transmitters in base station for mobile telecommunication system
Method for extending the RSSI range and radio transceiver operating in accordance with this method
Method and arrangement relating to a telecommunication system
Automatic frequency control system using multiple threshold levels and method of using same
Method for forming a CVD film
Method of forming a TiN/W barrier layer for a hot Al plug
Method for producing via contacts in a semiconductor device
Method of forming recessed container cells by wet etching conductive layer and dissimilar layer form...
Low noise Raman analyzer system
Multipole ion guide for mass spectrometry
Real-time monitoring of volatile organic compounds using chemical ionization mass spectrometry
Method, apparatus and program product for updating visual bookmarks
Method and system for facilitating access to selectable elements on a graphical user interface
Synchronization of a client and a server in a prefetching resource allocation system
Method and system for dynamically adjusted training for speech recognition
Method and system for bootstrapping statistical processing into a rule-based natural language parser
Identification of words in Japanese text by a computer system
Method for automated electromigration verification
Method for data gathering around forms and search barriers
Automated capture of technical documents for electronic review and distribution
Internet browser based data entry architecture
Financial system of computers
Network apparatus and method for preview of music products and compilation of market data
Voice processing system
System and method for dynamically reconfigurable packet transmission
Network conference system using limited bandwidth to generate locally animated displays
Bibliographic music data base with normalized musical themes
Page turner
Scale-based music notation system
Disc music box
Apparatus and method for controlling an electronic press to print fixed and variable information
Drug document production system
Database reconstruction using embedded database backup codes
Method and system for generating object definitions
System and method of optimizing database queries in two or more dimensions
Method for mapping an index of a database into an array of files
Computerized on-line dating service for searching and matching people
Phase error cancellation method and apparatus for high performance data recovery
Multiplication apparatus and methods which generate a shift amount by which the product of the signi...
Multi-chip module with flexible circuit board
Pulsar desk top system that will produce 500 watts of heat
System for using a microphone in a baseball base
Booster system
Micro-controller based frequency calibration
Truncated maximum likelihood sequence estimator
Ultrawide-band communication system and method
Radio transmission with a slow transmission mode used when retransmission of a data frame fails even...
Fixed wireless loop system having baseband combiner predistortion summing table
Chemical syntheses of 2'-O-methoxy purine nucleosides
Impact resistant polyurethane and method of manufacture thereof
O-acyl-4-phenyl-cyclohexanols, their salts, medicaments containing such compounds, and their use, as...
Antipicornaviral compounds and methods for their use and preparation
Lubricant additive formulation
Method for producing organic molecules on a paramagnetic bead
Process for extracting 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin
Telephone call receiver indicator
Holographic stop sign
Movable body communication system
Road situation perceiving system
Vehicle identification and information system control device and system
Remote tire pressure monitoring system
Control equipment for difficult to see or blind spot areas around vehicles, and related method
Video game with switchable collision graphics
Electronic marketing apparatus and method
Computer system for playing competing type game with specific characteristic removable data
Method for performing derivative scenario in game program
Method for playing the game of chance and skill
Game machine wager sensor
Bi-directional data stream decompression
Circuit board guide and light conduit
Intermittent refilling of print cartridge installed in an inkjet printer
Filtering for public databases with naming ambiguities
Status monitoring systems for cable television signal distribution networks
Access system and method for providing interactive access to an information source through a network...
Method for optimizing off-peak caching of web data
System and method for internet gateway performance charting
System and method for storing and retrieving performance and topology information
Natural language information retrieval system and method
Method and apparatus for an incremental editor technology
Format conversion of storage data using an efficient division of data
Query processing system that computes GROUPING SETS, ROLLUP, and CUBE with a reduced number of GROUP...
Intelligent compilation of scripting language for query processing systems
Method and apparatus for transforming queries
Edge-supported umbrella reflector with low stowage profile
Antenna system for radio signals in at least two spaced-apart frequency bands
Fixed dual frequency band antenna
Antenna having double-sided printed circuit board with collinear, alternating and opposing radiating...
Monobit kernel function electronic warefare receiver for characterizing two input signals
Display of timer for programming mode of a radio selective calling receiver
Wireless battery charging system having adaptive parameter sensing
Polysaccharide binding fusion proteins and conjugates
Polymer for chemical amplified positive photoresist composition containing the same
Polymer for positive photoresist and chemical amplified positive photoresist composition containing ...
Stabilized fruit stones
Method of skin care using a skin care preparation containing a betaine ester and an .alpha.-hydroxy ...
Pathogen-targeted biocatalysts
Process for recovery of silver from hardening photoprocessing solutions
Wet capping system for inkjet printheads
Providing print preview of a print job using printing calls from a print driver
Encoding and progressive transmission of progressive meshes
Video frame synchronization of independent timing generators for frame buffers in a master-slave con...
3-D cursor positioning device
Method for detecting and locating open-circuit defects within digital CMOS integrated circuits
Method for testing circuit board assemblies
Dealer-locator service and apparatus for mobile telecommunications system
Method and system for producing dynamic property forms and compacting property databases
Method and apparatus for secure storage of data
Packet transfer scheme and mobile communication system
Operator interface unit for monitoring and controlling devices having dissimilar data structures
Inventory system using articles with RFID tags
Leached alumina vanadyl catalysts for hydroxylation of aromatics using molecular oxygen as the termi...
Method and apparatus for testing memory devices under load
Event notification in a computing system having a plurality of storage devices
Extensible test method and apparatus useful for rendered controls
System and method for remote buffer allocation in exported memory segments and message passing betwe...
Versatile RF terminal scanner system
Vehicle-mounted apparatus for road-to-vehicle communications and road-to-vehicle communication syste...
Plasma deposited substrate structure
Non-thermal energy treatment for the reduction of microbial population in liquid food products
Apparatus for synthesis of multiple organic compounds with pinch valve block
Insulated skull pins
Modular spacecraft development process
Reaction chamber for an integrated micro-ceramic chemical plant
Integrated micro-ceramic chemical plant with insertable reaction chambers and micro-filters
Matrices with memories and uses thereof
Oxide fluorescent glass capable of exhibiting visible fluorescence
Pulse laser induced removal of mold flash on integrated circuit packages
Solid product system and method of using same
Leaching process
Sheet media weight detector and method
Opportunistic use of pre-corrected data to improve processor performance
Inventory tracking and management apparatus with multi-function encoding unit
Method and apparatus for automatically tracking the location of vehicles
Apparatus and method for accepting return of unused medical items
Method and apparatus for monitoring conditions of a vehicle tire
Process for recovering heat energy by condensation of vapor and dilution of sodium hydroxide using a...
Chemical milling apparatus
Distribution plate for a reaction chamber with multiple gas inlets and separate mass flow control lo...
Method of fabricating optical fiber doped with rare earth element using volatile complex
Chemical mechanical polishing systems including brushes and related methods
Shimming substrate holder assemblies to produce more uniformly polished substrate surfaces
Substrate belt polisher
Downloading data while rejection of its use may be overridden
Detection of the heart response of pacemaker patients
Ultrasound signal processing electronics with active cooling
Ultrasound contrast agent detection using spectral analysis from acoustic scan lines
Heat conductive substrate press-mounted in PC board hole for transferring heat from IC to heat sink
Front panel for an autochanger
Management system for risk sharing of mortgage pools
Sales and marketing support system using a graphical query prospect database
Telephone transaction processing as a part of a call transport
Distributed on-line data communications system and method
Method for transmitting a pilot signal, and a cellular radio system
Communication apparatus having inter-communicating device for exchanging data between fax terminal a...
Methods for handling reconfiguration of radio base stations in radio local loop systems
Dual mode communication device and method
Method and apparatus for a radiotelephone system optimized for cell boundary coverage reliability
Method and apparatus for displaying signal information in a radio communication device
Recyclable cellular telephone and method and apparatus for supporting the use of a recyclable cellul...
Consistent alignment mark profiles on semiconductor wafers using metal organic chemical vapor deposi...
System for delivering a substantially constant vapor flow to a chemical process reactor
Conductive anti-reflection film, fabrication method thereof, and cathode ray tube therewith
Use of dummy underlayers for improvement in removal rate consistency during chemical mechanical poli...
Apparatus and method for analyzing chemical system data
Method of forming borderless metal to contact structure
Silicon nitride-free isolation methods for integrated circuits
Electronic module for conventional parking meter
Control system having effective error detection capabilities
Mobile portable computer docking/office station
Vehicle lamp with reflection mirror and a method of forming the same
Escape device for an inner mirror
Vehicle mirror cutline seal gasket
Speaker system for use in an automobile vehicle
Apparatus and method for timing video games
Network multiplayer game
Method of playing a dice game
Game caller
Casino games and apparatus therefor
Craps game qualified by another game of chance
Strategy board game
Tracking a user across both secure and non-secure areas on the Internet, wherein the users is initia...
System and method for conducting loan auction over computer network
Method for creating progressive simplicial complexes
Pager enhanced keyboard and system
Optimizing data movement with hardware operations
Snoop filter for use in multiprocessor computer systems
Method for inserting capitalized Latin characters in a non-Latin document
Automatic spreadsheet forms
Method and apparatus for pre-processing and packaging class files
Method and system for computing semantic logical forms from syntax trees
Method and system for loading classes in read-only memory
Hosted machine code installation
Apparatus, methods and computer program products for managing web-page-embedded sessions with a host...
Reading lamp assembly
Methods for importing data between database management programs
Database and system for storing, comparing and displaying genomic information
Autonomous intelligent agents for the annotation of genomic databases
Local logging in a distributed database management computer system
Technique for indexing information stored as a plurality of records
Method and apparatus for dynamically optimizing an executable computer program using input data
Method and apparatus for generating an optimized target executable computer program using an optimiz...
Method and apparatus for explicit rate flow control in ATM networks
Process for the production of water soluble modified rosin ester vehicles for laminating inks
Method for maintaining a group call
Method for handling collision of calls
Cellular system plan using in band-translators to enable efficient deployment of high capacity base ...
Protocol for local routing of calls coming from the switched telephone network in a cellular network
Translator for time division multiple access wireless system having selective diversity circuits
System and method of detecting and preventing fraudulent telephone calls in a radio telecommunicatio...
Radio card
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with improved control of deposition layer thickness
Method for fabricating organic thin film
Multi-step plasma treatment process for forming low resistance titanium nitride layer
Silicon wafer including amorphous silicon layer formed by PCVD and method of manufacturing wafer
Method of fabricating a thin film transistor
Safety interlock for use in handling hazardous materials
Use of calcium and strontium dopants to improve retention performance in a PZT ferroelectric film
Linking related data in a document set including a plurality of books written by different groups of...
Method and system for storing information in a computer system memory using hierarchical data node r...
Internet-based spelling checker dictionary system with automatic updating
Text normalization using a context-free grammar
Method and apparatus for performing byte-code optimization during pauses
Replicating code to eliminate a level of indirection during execution of an object oriented computer...
Adaptive halftoning based on image content
Method and system for allocating costs in a distributed computing network
Electronic procurement system and method for trading partners
System and method for providing shopping aids and incentives to customers through a computer network
Method and system for communicating between users of a productivity tracking system
Accurate market survey collection method
Independent central office which provides local and long distance calling services to new residentia...
Music apparatus using boolean and numerical parameters settable by manipulator
Music organizer and entertainment center
Marking instrument with sound producing apparatus
Tune-producing feeding utensil
Method for online revision control
Method and apparatus for synchronizing multiple copies of a database
Automatic external data synchronization method
Database and system for determining, storing and displaying gene locus information
Method for indexing duplicate records of information of a database
Method and apparatus for achieving uniform data distribution in a parallel database system
System and method for protecting use of dynamically linked executable modules
Communication controllers and methods therefor
Methods and apparatus for conspiracy between objects
Adjusting the timing and synchronization of a radio's oscillator with a signal from an SATPS satelli...
Radio channel squelching systems
Radio frequency antenna with current controlled sensitivity
Apparatus and method for detecting an interference radiation on board of an aircraft
Information signal processing apparatus and method
Transmitter and automobile audio apparatus using the same
Portable one-way radio pager with an encoded sound signal transmitter and identification method usin...
Rate nephelometer
Borderless vias with CVD barrier layer
Combined in-situ high density plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (HDPCVD) and chemical mechan...
Pressure measuring membrane with resonant element vibrating orthogonal to membrane movement
Method for changing the qualitative and quantitative composition of a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons...
Nucleic acid probes chemically modified at 5'(OH) and/or at 3'(OH) for the purpose of introducing on...
Conotoxin peptides
Method and apparatus for determining tax of a vehicle
Centralized credit interchange system of converting purchase credit awards through credit exchange s...
Method and apparatus for testing rails for structural defects
Automatic load measuring device
Laser obstacle detection method and sensor
Process for optimizing program parts for motor vehicle controllers
Vehicle driving support system which is responsive to environmental conditions
Remote-auditing of computer generated outcomes, authenticated billing and access control, and softwa...
Electron beam radiation curable inks for game balls, golf balls and the like
Configured and adjustable grip for game stick
Tablet unit
Game input device and game apparatus
Portable electronic bingo device
Gaming apparatus and method that indicates odds for winning card hands
Image compression and affine transformation for image motion compensation
Enhanced heat sink attachment
Interfitting heat sink and heat spreader slug
Spark gap for overcoated printed circuit boards
Communication method and system
Uniform control of mixed platforms in telephony
Method and apparatus for selectively retrieving information from a source computer using a terrestri...
Method and system for stopping or modifying undesirable health-related behavior habits or maintainin...
Integration platform for heterogeneous databases
Real-time distributed database system and method
Method and apparatus for industrial data acquisition and product costing
Registry information system for shoppers
Video communication device providing in-home catalog services
Performing electronic commerce on the internet providing links from product manufacturers to authori...
Standard interface system between different LCD panels and a common frame buffer output
Quaternary signal encoding
Locking of computer resources
Voice and digit compatible fully automatic radio paging system
Wireless proximity detector security feature
Radiological scaling and alignment device
Apparatus and method for efficient wireless communications in the presence of frequency error
Computer system for use with a wireless data communication network
Method and apparatus for providing wireless access to an ATM network
Method and system for radio transmission of digital signals
Fluoroelastomer and its cross-linkable composition
Color-plus-clear composite coating composition containing tin catalysts
Method of packaging air- and/or moisture-sensitive materials and for introducing the packaged materi...
Method of modulating gene expression with reduced immunostimulatory response
Method of planarizing a semiconductor topography using multiple polish pads
Techniques for reduced dishing in chemical mechanical polishing
Device and method for preventing settlement of particles on a chemical-mechanical polishing pad
Ink-jet pen with rectangular ink pipe
Passive pressure regulator for setting the pressure of a liquid to a predetermined pressure differen...
Print head servicing system and method employing a solid liquefiable substance
Caching and coherency control of multiple geometry accelerators in a computer graphics system
Reduced-tap filter in a demodulator
Speech recognition and editing system
System for capturing and retrieving audio data and corresponding hand-written notes
Synthesizing speech by converting phonemes to digital waveforms
Computerized management of plant maintenance and program therefor
System and method for configuring and registering a cryptographic device
Digital gate computer bus
Apparatus and method for secure device addressing
Insulated container
Highly available cluster virtual disk system
Instruction fetch mechanism with simultaneous prediction of control-flow instructions
Execution unit and method for using architectural and working register files to reduce operand bypas...
Security process for public networks
System, method and article of manufacture for a payment gateway system architecture for processing e...
Integrated bill consolidation, payment aggregation, and settlement system
Distributed architecture utility
Vehicular data exchange system and method therefor
Process for producing bactericidal/fungicidal plastic bodies
Carrier representing value and comprising patterns applied by a laser beam
Severe weather detector and alarm
Personal portable communication and audio system
Apparatus and method for protocol interface
Method for establishing a call in a cellular radio system depending on whether the a PBX is the home...
Transmission method and a cellular radio system
Coexisting GSM and CDMA wireless telecommunications networks
System and method of automatic call barring in a radio telecommunications network
Natural products information system
Fluorine control system for excimer lasers
Polyurethane elastomer actuator
Method of forming an electrically conductive contact plug, method of forming a reactive or diffusion...
Deposited tunneling oxide
Capacitor comprising improved TaO.sub.x -based dielectric
Testchip design for process analysis in sub-micron DRAM fabrication
Method and apparatus for hazard detection and distraction avoidance for a vehicle
Vehicle obstruction detection system
Satellite navigation method
Method for displaying map data for use in an automobile traffic guidance system
On-vehicle path guide apparatus and path search method
Vehicle control system
Electronic engine control and method of operating same
Single chip computer having integrated MPEG and graphical processors
Adjustable ball court system and method for handicapping a contest
Computer-based, interactive sports training system
Joystick adapter
Stereoscopic-image game playing apparatus
ATV-mounted game hoist
Dartboard golf game
Method, system and computer program product for updating region-dependent software using a common up...
Distributed-client change-detection tool with change-detection augmented by multiple clients
Platform independent computer interface software responsive to scripted commands
Method and apparatus for accessing and downloading information from the internet
Apparatus for and method of automatically downloading and storing internet web pages
Implementing snooping on a split-transaction computer system bus
Method for thermal overload detection and prevention for an intergrated circuit processor
Microprocessor and debug system
Generic fault tolerant platform
Relative logarithmic time stamps for reduced memory map size
Method and apparatus for duplicating tag systems to maintain addresses of CPU data stored in write b...
Method and apparatus for self-timing associative data memory
Development system with improved methods for recompiling dependent code modules
Security monitor
WWW client server interactive system method with Java (.TM.)
Method for translating graphical user interface (GUI) resource data into native java code
Music system of transmitting performance information with state information
Transmission structure for decorative objects
Sewing machine type decorative box
Audio recompression from higher rates for karaoke, video games, and other applications
Miniature multiple audio highlight playback device
Music Box
System method and article of manufacture for test operations
System for providing synchronization between a local area network and a distributing computer enviro...
Apparatus for and method of accessing a database
Multistage intelligent string comparison method
Accessing multi-dimensional data by mapping dense data blocks to rows in a relational database
Method and system for performing spatial similarity joins on high-dimensional points
Processing records from a database
Network management relay mechanism
Method and apparatus for engine analysis by waveform comparison
Method and apparatus for profile-based code placement using a minimum cut set of the control flow gr...
Remote terminal emulator with improved time accounting
Transmitter and receiver circuits for high-speed parallel digital data transmission link
Database network connectivity product
Real time bank-centric universal payment system
Virus-resistent mechanism for transaction verification to confirming user
Secure identification system
Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacture of same
Apparatus and methods for providing financial services
Method of detecting fraud in a radio communications network by analyzing activity, identification of...
Electronic exchange system for portable stations
Radio characteristic evaluating apparatus of mobile telecommunication device
Information processing apparatus
Alphanumeric paging entry system
Simulated AM radio
Packet radio system, and a terminal equipment for a packet radio system
N-[(fluoroalkoxy) phenoxyalkyl]benzamide compounds, intermediates thereof, process for producing the...
Method of using .alpha.-substituted benzylamine chiral auxiliary synthetic reagents
Preparation of aromatic hydroxycarboxylic acids and dialkali metal salts thereof
Solid aldehyde and antimicrobial compositions useful as fixatives, preservatives and embalming agent...
Triterpene saponin analogs having adjuvant and immunostimulatory activity
Multimeric polyvalent antithrombotic agents
Reactive paper and ink for indelible print
Vehicle control system
Automatic identification of field boundaries in a site-specific farming system
Steering control apparatus utilizing a hysteresis control of a steering torque
Control system for hybrid vehicles
Interactive multimedia performance assessment system and process for use by students, educators and ...
Non-contact method and apparatus for determining camber and caster of a vehicle wheel
Multi-camera video recording system for vehicles
Casino poker game
Innovative gaming apparatus
Hockey game apparatus
Weed shielding spinner fishing lure
Gaming table conversion for pool tables
Method for backing up state of progress in television game
Method and apparatus for communicating information about a called party to a calling party
System and method for using an ordinary article of commerce to access a remote computer
Computerized job search system and method for posting and searching job openings via a computer netw...
Machine, method and medium for assisted selection of information from a choice space
Wide area network system providing secure transmission
Transmission of displacement information in a web television
File system primitive providing native file system support for remote storage
Native data signatures in a file system
System and method for providing opportunistic file access in a network environment
Temporally ordered binary search method and system
Context parameters for establishing data communication patterns in a distributed control and measure...
Allocation of channels for packet data services
ATM digital radio transmission method and system therefor
Dynamic reconfiguration of a wireless network using flexible wavelenght multiplexing
Facsimile system
Universal resource locator dialog with extended top level domains
Method and system for an ambidextrous mouse
Polarization diversity antenna
Absorbent composite structure formed of a substrate and cross-linkable hydrogel polymer particles
Deposition of silicon dioxide and silicon oxynitride using bis(tertiarybutylamino) silane
Method for optimization of thin film deposition
Thin film transistor fabrication method, active matrix substrate fabrication method, and liquid crys...
Methods for protecting device components from chemical mechanical polish induced defects
Method for manufacturing a reverse crown capacitor for DRAM memory cell
Sequential oxygen plasma treatment and chemical mechanical polish (CMP) planarizing method for formi...
Color printer with shuttle type paper drive and method
Formal verification of queue flow-control through model-checking
Client side deferred actions within multiple MAPI profiles
Thermal optical switches for light
System and method for safety distributing executable objects
Method and system for installing and updating program module components
Method and apparatus for translating a static identifier including a telephone number into a dynamic...
Apparatus and method for providing multimedia messaging between disparate messaging platforms
Internet based distance learning system for communicating between server and clients wherein clients...
Apparatus and method for selecting an optimum telecommunications link
High efficiency, multi-band antenna for a radio communication device
Microstrip antenna
Radio selective calling receiver having battery saving function
Alarm reporting system
Method and apparatus for transmitting stored data and engineering conditions of a tire to a remote l...
Bird dispersing system
Power supply circuit for a power amplifier of a mobile radio communication terminal
Method of forming titanium silicide and titanium by chemical vapor deposition
Refractory metal capped low resistivity metal conductor lines and vias
Single-mask dual damascene processes by using phase-shifting mask
Method for preventing oxide recess formation in a shallow trench isolation
Method for forming shallow trench isolation
Chemical mechanical polishing of FeRAM capacitors
Method of reducing impurity contamination in semiconductor process chambers
Stacked-fringe integrated circuit capacitors
Printer color gamut optimization method
Frame buffer system with non-overlapping pixel buffer access variable interleaving, nibble replicati...
Method and system for multi-pass rendering
Window linking
Tree view control
Method of creating a tabular data stream for sending rows of data between client and server
Intelligent query system for automatically indexing information in a database and automatically cate...
Method and system aiding medical diagnosis and treatment
Apparatus and method of communicating between electronic games
Coaxial connector with bellows spring portion or raised bump
Digital detection method and circuit for PSK modulated signals
Single gradient coil configuration for MRI systems with orthogonal directed magnetic fields
Handheld atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma source
Piezoelectric switch apparatus for a communication device
Grounding and RFI isolation for control station
Synthetic fiber of acrylic series with animal-hair feeling
Step coverage and overhang improvement by pedestal bias voltage modulation
Combinatorial amide alcohol libraries
DNA encoding a human neuropeptide Y/peptide YY/pancreatic polypeptide receptor (Y4) and uses thereof
Continuous format high throughput screening
Chemical-sensitization resist composition
Chemical cogeneration process
Additive for synthetic resins and a synthetic resin composition
Retroreflective article having launderably durable bead-bond
System-provided window elements having adjustable dimensions
Method and apparatus for amplitude band enabled addressing arrayed elements
System and method for substituting an animated character when a remote control physical character is...
Bit encoding in home control systems
System and method for detecting shorts, opens and connected pins on a printed circuit board using au...
Method for detecting open circuits with a measurement device
Power supply having automatic voltage sensing
Soft-ended fibered micro vaso-occlusive devices
Detachable endovascular occlusion device activated by alternating electric current
Heart stabilization
Method of controlling pests and associated apparatus
Method and device for radio communication between mutually movable objects
Method for transmitting multiresolution audio signals in a radio frequency communication system as d...
Rapid system access and registration in mobile phone systems
Synthesis and use of heterogeneous polymer gels
Pesticidal composition and bacillus thurigiensis strain
Pesticidal composition and Bacillus thuringiensis strain
Topical oil-in-water emulsions containing retinoids
Process of making a compound having a spinel structure
Reaction control method using carbon soot molecules and organometallic complexes in excited state
Integrated micro-ceramic chemical plant with insertable catalytic reaction chambers
Element interconnections for multiple aperture transducers
Homogenization process for ink-jet inks containing fine dispersions of pigments
Reactive ink set for ink-jet printing
Increasing the frame rate of a phased array imaging system
EMI by-pass gasket for shielded connectors
Air purge apparatus for inkjet print cartridges
Regulator for a free-ink inkjet pen
Method and base station system for voice transmission via a radio interface in a digital radio commu...
Card-equipped portable telephone with a security feature
Cordless connection for a data/fax modem
Intelligent service interface and messaging protocol for coupling a mobile station to peripheral dev...
Method for forcibly disconnecting failure mobile station from cellular mobile communication network
Mobile position determination with error correction utilizing cellular networks
Cellular transceiver station with adjustable time lag
Method of extracting layout parasitics for nets of an integrated circuit using a connectivity-based ...
Low voltage screen for improving the fault coverage of integrated circuit production test programs
System for optimizing the testing and repair time of a defective integrated circuit
Distributed VLAN mechanism for packet field replacement in a multi-layered switched network element ...
Information handling system and method for maintaining coherency between network servers and mobile ...
System for routing electronic mail to best qualified person based on content analysis
Method for minimizing storage requirements for production assembly information and updates
System and method for automatically modifying database access methods to insert database object hand...
Temporary pipeline register file for a superpipelined superscalar processor
Integrated processor/memory device with victim data cache
Method and apparatus for user-level support for multiple event synchronization
Method for interfacing floating point and integer processes in a computer system
Reclaimed poly (ethylene terephthalate) coating
Selective transformation of multimedia objects
Method and apparatus for customization of information content provided to a requestor over a network...
Internet advertising with controlled and timed display of ad content from centralized system control...
Collection and integration of internet and electronic commerce data in a database during web browsin...
Internet-enabled generic application program for accessing hierarchical data
Consumer-based system and method for managing and paying electronic billing statements
Active client to communications network connection apparatus and method
Portable disc player
Karaoke apparatus improving separation between microphone signal and microphone sound effect signal
Effector differently controlling harmonics and noises to improve sound field effect
Compact personal monitor system
Cryptographic engine using logic and base conversions
Apparatus and method for automatically composing music according to a user-inputted theme melody
Musical notation system
Hard handoff system for a mobile phone and method therefor
Method for tracing centralized process position of mobile station using radio LAN
Method and system for selecting control channels from base stations located near a border between ra...
Reception method and base station receiver
Simultaneous over the air data download to multiple radios
System and method of routing emergency services calls in a radio telecommunications network
Fixed subscriber unit for telecommunications
Internet protocol filter
Method for scrolling a video signal in an internet set top box
Market makers using documents for commerce in trading partner networks
Real-time SMS application messaging using an SMSC-linked server
Telephone communications network with enhanced signaling and call routing
Method and apparatus for selective call forwarding
Internet telephone service
Optical recording medium and reproducing apparatus for optical recording medium
Universal compressed audio player
Baggage entertainment devices and methods
Method and apparatus for generating random weighted musical choices
Method and apparatus for creating a melodic repeated effect
World Wide Web-based melody retrieval system with thresholds determined by using distribution of pit...
Sound-controllable multistage massager equipped with LCD device
Radio frequency amplifier structure
Apparatus and method for amplifying a radio frequency signal
Transmitting diversity circuit for TDMA radio unit
Test circuit of base station for mobile radio communication system
Telecommunication method and system for communicating with multiple terminals in a building through ...
Satellite communications terminal location system and method